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saint tyanj’g Beacoq.
THURSDAY Morning October 24, 18117.
of Caroline county.
\of St. Mary’s county.
of Prince George’s county.
I of Clmrlcs county.
For the Senate.
For the House of Delegates
For Clerk of the Circuit Court.
’*For Sheriff.
For Register of Wills.
For County Commissioner.
For County Surveyor.
All proper diligence Ims been used to make
our registration accurate and complete. In
the counties you have proved your appre
ciation of the siKnlHcancc and inportanco of
the coming election by turning out In your
strength and registering your full vote. And
in Baltimore City it Is believed that the regis
tration Indicates a great awakening of the De
mocracy and a resolute purpose to do their
whole duty to their party and their State.
Democrats who have neglected to register
cannot help us with their voles, but they can
be of service by devoting at least some part of
election day in doing everything In their pow
er to bring our voters to the polls. This ser
vice 1 earnestly urge them to render.
Maryland is a Democratic State' The ad
ministration of Its affairs ought not. to lie In
the hands of the Republicans. Rut she can
not bo redeemed without vigorous, systematic
and enthusiastic work, nor without the hearty
and generous co-operation of all who t.re anx
ious to put her where she really belongs—ln
the Democratic column.
Our registered voters should therefore feel
the necessity of being at the polls in full force,
ami as early on the morning of election day as
reasonably practicable.
Hub-committee* In each precinct should pro
vide themselves with a full list of the voters,
and see that none of our friends neglect to
vote. This requires organization, and It means
labor and vigilance. Hut the stake is worth
all the time—all the labor—all the energy it
shall cost to win It.
Two years ago the Republicans elected the
Governor and Comptroller and a large majori
ty of tho House of Delegates, Hut our major
ity In tin. Senate enabled us not only to check
• vicious legislation, but to impress our views
upon tho measures which were enacted.
Tho consent of the Republican House and of
the Democratic Senate being equally necessa
ry to the passage of every law, we must take
our full share of rosponslbility for errors and
short-comings and are fully entitled with the
Republicans to credit for whatever gissl was
accomplished In the way of legislation.
Their majority on Joint ballot enabled them,
however, to send a Republican lo tho United
States Senate and to elect a State Treasurer
and two members of the Hoard of Police Com
missioners of HalllmoreCity.
The election of our State ticket this year
will give us one member of the Heard of Pub
lic Works; and a majority on Joint ballot In
the legislature will restore to us control of tho
Hoard of Public Works by giving us the Stale
Treasurer and put It In our |Hiwer also lo elect
a United Slates Senator.
It Is of the utmost Importation, therefore, that
our full registered vote shall be oast. The re
tntrts which come to us from all parts of (lie
Slate are full of encouragement, and alt (lint
Is needed to secure a most gratifying triumph
is harmonious and well-organised effort.
Should we be ao unfortunate as to bate our
State ticket and both branches of the legisla
ture, the (tower of the Hepulilleitiia will he ab
solute. W(. may In such event look for the
calling of a Convention to remodel and revo
lutionise our Coiiatltiitlnn and the people of
Halllmore City will have put upon them a
“New Charier" framed with a view to the
per]ietuation of Hepiihllean control of their
munlelMl affairs.
These considerations, so obvious to all who
are at all acquainted with the plans ami pur
poses of the Republican party of Maryland,
should stir you to a deep determination to re
gain your political control of the State. You
can do Hits If you will heartily mid harmoni
ously address yourself to the work. Put aside,
I bpg of you, all personal disappointments a 1 d
differences. Think only of the consist lienees
of complete Republican supremacy, and go t
the polls on election day in all the strength of
a thoroughly reunited parly.
Make your X mark hi the blank square to
right of emblem of "Jackson ami Lfbery,"and
thus give yourselves the right lo personally
and Individually share In the glory of Mary
land's potlttval regeneration.
Mt'tiHAv Vanpiveh, Chatrninn of
Democratic Central ( ommlttee.
"I bel'eve that Henry William! will be elect
ed Mayor of Baltimore by a large maj- rlty
“I have thought so from the beginning and
I think eo now- As to the Legislative Ticket
that is anybody's light at I regard the condi
tions at present.
"The Republicans have defeat staring them
in the face, and the cause is due to their own
wilfulncss and inrompe'ency. This, of course,
is my individual view of tho aituation. but it
is nevertheless my candid opinion.— V. 8. Sen
ator Wellington In Baltimore Sunday Herald.
Despite the storiuv weather n goodly
number assembled in the Court House
Tuesday last to listen to the Democratic
speakers. The audience was highly en
tertained by Hon. .1. E. R. Woo'd, of
Frederick City, who made an eloquent
and ringing Democratic speech. Mr.
M mid is one of Hit* most effective speak
ers that have ever visited ouroountyand
we sincerely regret that the weather was
so had that hut few could attend and
hear him.
Our present "reform” election law
makes provision for divers things to be
done by the Supervisors of Elections,
hut carefully eliminates all provisions
for punishing said supervisors for any
dereliction of duty. As we read the
law, the Supervisors may disregard any
of its provisions for their guidance and
no punishment is provided to fit the’r
case. Such is reform The law places
the people at the mercy of the Supervi
sors of Election. We trust no Supervi
sors will place themselves in such posi
tions us to have to implore the mercy of
the people. The darling people, when
amused, have no mercy.
On cur fourth page we print an
article from the Maryland Demo
cratic Kditorial Association, under
the headline, “Mudd is the Man.”
The article purports to state perti
nent facts in Mr. Mndd’s political
career and places him in anything
but an enviable light. We cannot
personally vouch for the accuracy
of the statements made, for we have
not seen the proofs. The authors
of the piece in question are, how
ever reputable, truthful gentlemen
who would not, we are satisfied,
willfully slander any man. It looks
to as as if some one high in the
councils of the Republican party,
some great officer in the Lodge, us
it were, has been giving away the
party secrets and was revenging
himself on Mr. Mudd by telling the
writers of the Democratic Kditorial
Association points against the Fifth
District Congressman.
Jarboksvillk, Mi>., Get. 2S, 1897.
Follow Democrats of St. Mary's Hut
a few days now remain in which to la
bor for the interest of our county and
Slate, If, by apathy and neglect we al
low the election to go by default, who
are we to blame? Cannot each good
Democrat influence at least outride. If
we do, there will be no doubt as to the
result. Let us see and reason with our
wavering neighbor. Show him that the
best interest of himself and family is ad
vanced by voting the Democratic ticket.
If we do this we will have the satisfact
ion of feeling wo have acted right and at
tiie game time insure the success of the
Suppose that the personclo of our tick
et does not meet the entire approbation
of each one of our party; Suppose that
our State platform does not measure up
to our expectation or desire of what our
State platform should be; is that any
valid reason that wo should again turn
over our county or State lo Republican
rule? Speaking for myself (and I am
personally acquainted with every candi
date upon our Stale and county ticket
except the gentleman for Comptroller),
I can say i.ur ticket is made tip of most
excellent men. Men who have the true
interest of our people and party at heart
and for whose deeds we will not have
cause lo blush. Our candidate for Clerk
of the Court of Appeals, our fellow
countian, J. Frank Ford, has made an
enviable record. This either friend or
foe must admit, and it is attested by the
fact that in our State convention he had
no competition. While he has held of
fice for a number of years, be is a com
parltively poor man, and the money he
has earned has mostly been spent in the
county of his birth. Many a poor man,
without regard to party, can point to ,1.
Frank Ford us the one who lent him a
helping hand.
The candidates for Associate Judges,
C. C Magruder and John If. Mitchell, of
I'rince George's and Charles respectively
arc learned and able men and will, if
elected, bo an honor to tho Bench.
At the head of our county ticket stands
Dr. Waller H. Dent, our candidate for
the State Senate. Can anything bo said
against him, either as regards his ability,
his integrity or his love of party ? Then
we have for the lower House, Messrs.
Geo. W. L. Buckler and Win. S. Coppage,
The Dinner I have known from the days
of my infancy. He is true, tried, hon
orable and unflinching. The storms of
of political adversity have swept around
and about him. His silvered hairs and
furrowed brow have been lorn and
battered by the foe, but in all tho years
that have passed, while others around
him have bartered their principles for
lucre, he has ever stood Annas adamant,
battling ever for the benefit of his petty
rather than his pocket and if, unfortu
nately for his county, should he in the
present conflict go down, if go down he
must, he will rise again as in the past,
with his fact' ( () the foe. If integrity,
consistency honesty and courage go for
aught, t!" no Democrat or any other
citizen who really has our county's in
terest at heart can, as I understand it,
wilhold Ids vote.
His colleague upon the ticket Mr. Cop
page 1 have known for some years. He
is a gentleman several’ycars lib junior,
a successful business man, interested in
tho success of his county, a man of push,
ability and a good Democrat. So what
more do wo want ?
For Clerk of our Circuit Court we have
Mr. James J. Grecnwcll. He is too well
and favorably known lottccd any eulogy
at my band. So well and efficiently bus
be managed the office that Ids rc eleol
ion to the same is but a just and merited
reward for duty well performed. Like
his predecessor he has generously and
considerably aided, to the best of his
ability, the needy without regard to par
ty and 1 am persuaded that may a poor
man at the polls will remember bint for
bis kindness.
Mr, Wm, 0. Mattingly for Sheriff is
a man of the people, good, honest and
will make an efficient officer. He is fa
vorubly known and deservedly popular.
For Register of Wills, after an exett
ing and well contested vote in the pri
maries by his worthy and popular com
petitor, the people by a few votes decided
in favor of Philip H. Dorsey, the old
timid and life long Democrat. Without
any disparagement to the gentleman who
failed, it is lilting that he Dorsey should
have an endorsement and I believe that
bis unsuccessful rival and bis friends
will accord him the same generous sup
port that 1 am sure Mr. Dorsey and his
friends would have given Mr. Greenwell
had he been the successful candidate.
Messrs. James R. Raley and Joseph
11. Jones, candidates for Commissioner
and Surveyor respectively are gentle
men well qualified for the positions to
which they aspire. •
So much then for the pernohtl of our
ticket. Now with regard to the plat
form as enunciated by our Slate Con
vention in Baltimore, candor compells
me to say it did not measure up to my
expectations or rather my desires. 1
thought and still think the better plan
would have been to rest our claim for
popular support equally upon the Chi
cago platform. I think I know and un
derstand the position of those who
shaped the Baltimore platform. It was
done to placate and enlist the support
of the Gold Democrats and I’ress that
antagonized our party last fall. This
action of our leaders I have no doubt
was well meant, still I doubt its wisdom.
The public like nothing so well asa bold,
manly and determined stand for prin
ciple. Even should our party gain a
present advantage I fear it will be at
our future success. I am satisfied the
vast bulk of the Democrats of Maryland
anchor their faith and hopes upon our
platform of principles as enunciated by
the assembled wisdom of our party at
Chicago in IWMi and whenever they are
left forced from party “expediency” and
“entangled alliances” will so declare yet
because some us should differ as to the
well meant action of our leaders, it is no
reason we should antagonize our party.
I am just one who believes our party
immaculate. Had men may get into her
councils; but whatever the short com
ings of out party as to men and measures
may he, it is always better than the Re
publican party.
And now as to Hon. Arthur P. Qor
i man, the leader of the Maryland Democ-
I racy and reputed author of our late Hal
| timore platform, the man who for all
I these years has uncomplainingly braved
j the malicious onslaught of designing
; men and a virile press, masquerading
I under the cloak of Democracy, what
I shall be said ? I have never claimed that
i Mr. Gorman .is a saint, neither have I
| endorsed his every political action in
j the past. He is but human, and it may
be that his own political aspirations in
some eases have influenced his course.
But be is a hundred times better than
those who have persistently abused him.
At every State and National election lie
lias always buckled on his armor and
worked valiantly for the party, Have
his deriders, those'who claim to be the
quinteseence of Democracy, done the
same? Did they do it last fall ? Arc
they doing it now ? I have no doubt
that .his inccssout denunciation of Sen
ator Gorman, led by a hostile press, has
misled many honest men. It could
hardly be otherwise, whim the Baltimore
city press, almost without exception, has
persistently misrepresented his every
act. Chief among these is the Sim, a
weathy gold-monametallie organ, built
up and sustained mainly by the Demo
crats of the State, now and for some
years enlisted heart and soul in an ef
fort to destroy the party who has built
it up. Like the adder in the fable it is
stinging the hand of its benefactor who
warmed it into life. And all because of
its feigned hostility to “Oormanistn.”
But the people are getting their eyes
open. They are fast learning that. This
animosity to Gorman is only a subtl
fuge. The Sun needed some excuse, ami
“Gormanism" lias furnished it. Hut its
light against the party would be all the
same if Gorman were in his grave. An
other pretext would then be batched.
The “sil ,cr craze" or some other objec
tion would be put forward as its contin
ued and wanton light against the best
interest of the party and the people.
Tin Sun i/ihh not intend cither loop or in
the future to Hopport the Democratic partp.
Make a note of this. Gorman’s manly
and open letter to the Senior Editor of
this paper a few days ago, coupled with
the Soo'p rejoinder, clearly portrays this,
and sooner we, who in the past patron
ized and believed in, understand it the
better. We had better have an open foe
than a covert enemy.
The position of tiie Maryland Democ
racy in tiie present canvass is, lo say the
least, unique. They ale conducting n
manly, determined and 1 believe a sue
cessful light in the teeth of an almost
unanimously hostile city press. The
Hi raid, it is true, is advoeating the elec
tion of Mr. Henry Williams, a worthy
gentleman, for Mayor. Hut she, in com
mon with tho other daily papers of the
city, is a gold organ, and lias unmistaka
ble leanings to Republicanism upon gen
eral principles. We all know where to
place the American. She is a straight
Republican paper and a goltl-monomet
allist. So also are the Sun and Xnm.
and more violent in their light against
Democracy than the American As yet
the majority of the people of the city
are Democrats, and 1 believe will so
'prove unless "boodle" shall convince
them of the error of their ways. Frant
ic efforts are being made by the Repub
lican leaders to raise it, and, as in New
York, they are going outside of the city
and State to do so. Let ns trust the peo
ple of Baltimore, and especially the Dem
ocrats of St. Mary's are not for sale.
We owe it to ourselves, our w ives and
the little ones, who of necessity will
Soon take our places, to do all in our
power to right the many wrongs under
which we labor. Our government, both
State and National, should be known
rather by its blessings than its burdens.
Let not the promise or hope of some lit
tle office or reward today make us barter
our birthright for this, a mess of potnge.
Hut, like men who value our rights mid
heritage, and knowing them dare main
tain them, labor in every honorable way
to wrest our county and State from a
parly w hose only incentive is the spoils
of office. Many Democrats in the last
two elections, under the specious cry of
“reform," enabled, by their votes, the Re
publicans to wrest our State from Dem
ocratic hands. Hut these two short
years have taught them the folly of their
course. They wanted to down bossism
and struck at Gorman. No sooner was
he shelved titan up bobbed Wellington,
who at once eclipsed Gorman in his
palmiest days. No sooner was the city
of Baltimore turned over to the Repub
lican party than the Mayor and City
Council inaugurated a bitter person
al conflict that is kept up tothis day.
"Boss” Wellington wanted to be Sen*
ator, and in order to get this, got
his party to violate a law that has ob
tained for nearly a hundred years —that
of electing a United States alternately
from the Eastern and Western Shores of
our State. No sooner was Mudd made
Speaker of the House than lie aspired to
have M. ('. written after his name, and
began intriguing for the same. No soon
er was he elected to Congress than he
began laying the wires to run him into
the Senate of the United States to till the
vacancy of onr Senior Senator upon the
expiration of his term. Our worthy
Governor was also moved hy the same
laudable desire, and hence the Tobacco
Warehouse scandal which lias been con
summated and unearthed in their strug
gles “to get there." Think of it, fellow
citizens of St. Mary's. 00 some names (I
write from memory) according to a Re
publican expert, carried upon the rolls
of two warehouses and drawing their reg
ular pay and never doing a day's work—
not even going to draw their pay, but
hud their checks regularly forwarded to
them! And worse, if possible, than this,
of this number some twenty names were
fictitious—names of persons who never
lived! And vet it seems these salaries
were regularly drawn and forwarded—
to wdiom ?
In all probability this “misappropria
tion” of the State's funds would have
never been discovered if these two wor
thies had not fallen nut. Now that it is
known the party, I believe, is endeavor
ing to palliate it by saying they were
only carrying out a Democratic custom.
Why, I thought they were elected upon
a “reform” platform. The other ware
houses, 1 trust and believe, are run upon
honest methods.
In conclusion, as 1 have extended this
letter iirueb longer than I intended, let
us do our duty as we understand it in
the coming election, and when our coun
ty and State is redeemed the fact will
he gratification enough; or, should we
fail, we shall at least have the consola
tion of an approving conscience. *
Mr. Charles Penn, formerly of St, Ma
ry’s county, passed peacefully away Sun
day, October 10th, al the "esidence of
his daughter, Mrs. .lane Ward, near
Dentsville, Charles county, in the 7-ii'd
year of his age. His funeral took place
on Monday at Bethel church where lie
had been a member for forty-eight years.
For three years and five months he
had been paralyzed, during which time
he patiently endured his affliction, and
often said he wanted to die.
Mis noble sympathizing character, true
and loving heart, gentle nature, patient
disposition and nmdfectcd piety endear
ed him to a large circle of relatives and
friends who will long cherish his mem
ory and he the better for remembrance
of bis Christian piety. He leaves behind
him .a faithful wife and six children to
mourn his loss, Jos, H, Penn, Pomfret,
Charles county, Jas. T. Penn, Salem,
Va., dims. J. Penn, Williamsport Pa.,
•I. W. Cenn, Minefield, West Va., Mrs.
bonis Brook bank and Mrs lames Ward,
both of'Oharles county. All of whom
are members of the Methodist Church
and on their way to Glory.
In IH4O be .enlisted in the Mexican
War and remained there for eighteen
months, saving bis country.
ills Cochin.
New Advertisements.
Tin* nominee* of ihe 1 ndependent Itepubll
ean* were summoned to input the Hoard of
Kleetlon Siiihtvlhh* in litfonardtowM on Mon
diy, thelMth Inst. We were on hand punctually.
tnt tin* Hoard did not meet u*. Onr commit
tal* saw Mr. Oscar Wallien, president of the
Hoard, but he would Rive us no satisfaction
nidilu*r telliiiß n- thiii our names would be on
the official lui I lot nor that they would not tie.
Neither would he say that the ticket* publish
''l In the county newspaper* were ollieiul, but
ilwavH to onr direct questions on that point
returned ns an equivocal answer (m Tuesday
we a train called at the t 'ourt House and de
manded to he shown certain paper*on ill*- with
the Supervisor* of Kleetlon* Their clerk in
bu rned un that he *.ad not the key of tho office;
that none of the Supervisor* were presen and
we eould not pee the pa (ter*.
Now. it Is currently reported by the llliir Ke-
P'dilleaiiM that onr movement is nead and that
"Ur ticket will not appear upon t heollteial bal
lot. If this he ho, tin l UiiiK ItepnhlieanH know
more than we have ocon able to Mud out, for
we hav • been persistently refused informa
tion, on (his point and tin- whole endeavor of
the majority of tin- Hoard seems t have b en
to keep ns In the dark a* to their intentions in
(he matter. One thing’ we do know, however,
nui that is, that we ate in fids light to the fin
ish. We will not tamely bow d .wn to pliant
tools of a corrupt ring even though they l>e
dressed in a little brief authority. Wn know
our rights and we dan* mointatn them. We
intend to tell the people how we have lawn
Ireate , and for that purpose wo Invite them
to meet ns at the times and places which we
will hereafter designate.
Wm ii. Dawson,
Wti.i.Aiin Moiuik,
Oet. ~7, ISO*. tiah . H. Lkankhton.
The campaign enters its final stage
this week, ami both parties will pul forth
supreme efforts to encourage their own
followers ami to bring to their support
voters who may still i>e undecided. Ow
ing to the condition of the campaign the
proportion of voters who have not vet
Billy made up their minds is probably
larger than is generally tbe ease so late
m the canvass, and a good deal of missi
onary work may still lie done. Not the
sort of missionary work that is accom
plished by means of bribery and upon
which the machine Is credited as reiving
greatly if not mainly for success" but
that which is directed to the reason and
conscience if reasonable and conscienti
ous citizens Voters of this class who
still hesitate, draw n this wav and that
by coullietiag sentiments and considera
tions, are not likely to be intlucnced in
their final choice by partisan harangues
or violent declamation. There will be
plenty of this kind of tiling this week,
but such voters w ill make up their ver
dict quietly for themselves after a care
ful and conservative weighing of tbe
whole ease on its merits, w ithout regard
to party prejudices or narrow political i
Tills is a campaign in w hich the de
mands of patriotic duty make peculiarly
strong and earnvst claims upon every
intelligent and public-spirited man. No
man who loves his State and city can
afford to close his ears to these demands
or to surrender himself blindly to the
leadership of prejudice or passion. The
evil result which will surely flow from
the triumph of Germanism and Rasin
ism will inevitable carry with them keen
reproach and regret for ail conscientious
men who may be misled into helping to
reinstate these dangerous and debasing
In addition to the important point
that the election of a Democratic Legis
lature means the re-election of Mr. Gor
man to the United States Senate, and
means, therefore, a direct blow to the
cause of a stable and sound currency dem- j
ocrals should not forget what the suprem
acy of Gorman and Basin means j
Democratic party itself in this State. It
means the indefinite continuation of Un
political absolutism and despotism which
has so long prevailed in Maryland, the
crushing out of all manhood and honor
able independence inside the parly, the
re-establishment of a cold yet corrupt
tyranny under which no man can hope
for preferment or prominence who is not
willing to bend his knee and stifle bis
conscience. It means the revival in fresh
strength and and vigor of the shameful
era of barter and sale jobbery and cor
ruption in Legislatures and City Coun
cils, the holding up by political highway
men of all public measures from which
it may be possible to force a heavy mon
etary tariff, the shameless employment
of public places and power for the en
richment of the machiueand those close
ly connected with if It means in time
the permanent ailienation from the par
ty of its best intellectual and moral ele
ments, who will in vitahly be driven from
it by the disgust which these things will
create. Can true and thoughtful Demo
crats lend themselves to such a consum
mation? Can they permit themselves to
he induced to aid in handing over their
party to those who have in the past
proved themselves so unworthy to lie its
leaders, and who in the future will more
deeply sully its name and stain its lien
or? if they can suffer themselves to do
this, they will have only themselves to
thank for the result, and they will have
no right hereafter to complain of what
they may have to hear. If they vote to
renew the Gorman-Rasin tyranny, they
will he acting with their eyes wide open
against reason and experience, and they
will deserve and will have to hew the
If the Gorman-Rasin combination is
overthrown at this election, its fate will
he sealed forever. It will fall to 7 pieces
never to he reunited, and thedeniocratic
party, purified of this source of corrup
tion and relieved of this incubus, will
have before it new hopes and aspirations
and the jirosjiect of honorable service
and splendid public achievement. In
no other way can the Democratic party
lie dcliverci. from its present bondage
and enabled to stand erect once more as
its own master, free to do the will of the
people and to do honor to its great prin
ciples and traditions. Il is the oppor
tunity of ir lifetime. Patriotic Demo
crats who love their party truly and de
sire to see it great and useful in the fu
ture will uot throw this opportunity
away. —Haltimurr Sun of OrtnUr Mth.
Senator Wellington in an authorized
and correct interview published in the
Baltimore .s Un on Tuesday, October “(i,
said ;
“I cannot believe that the people of
Maryland will reverse the tremendous
majorities of twin and 1W)(! when they
have this year two vital issues at stake
instead of one, us in each of those two
years. This year, hy their vote, they are
to determine, first, whether the Gorman-
Rasin ring is to he revived and again
placed in possession of the Slate; and,
secondly, whether Maryland is to he rep
resented in the Senate of the United
States by a man know to ho absolutely
for sound money.
“You may say for me that when Hie
votes arc counted on the second of No
vember that Maryland will he found oc
cupying Hie same position she did in
tsitd—safe in the sound-money column,’
In the mutter of the Deed of Trust from Jhh.
T. Pill-sons to Jo. F. Myi-sun.
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s eonntv, Bit
ting ns a Court of Ripply, No. sai x. R.
Oroered this -7th day of Oet., I HOT, that the
Auditor’s import, tiled In the above muse, la,
ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the con
trary ta-shown on or ta-forethe ath Monday 1 ..
November. IstiT, provided a copy of ttusorder
ta- published In (he St.Ma.y's liKAcos once
a week fur three successive weeks prior to ttie
said .'all Monday of November. ISU7.
JAM vs J. CURES’WELL, Clerk.
True copy Test :
Keeps constantly on hand
n lull line of Roods. which I
ntn prepared to dispone of i t
lowest priced. I defy coinpe
tintk’khies, imv noons, notions, li-
Granulated surhu, ft cents.
M ’ i ! .
White astral oil, LiO (ext, 10 “
Calicoes. 4 and ft “
Ginghams, 4 am) ft
Soap, “
'i Rah*. cider vinetrar at -ft “
oHit; ano iik 4 oNvi*rri.
Oct &S If#
You Can’t Afford to
Miss an Opportunity.
Hear in mind that I hnVe the largest assort
ment of Roods in Southern Maryland, and if
von want to lm convinced of this statement
call and see. Now j* the time to buy; cold
weather is com Ihr and yon must have neces
sary wears. Don’t put it off until Hie last mo
ment. hut huy now while we are selliiiß Roods
so cheap. My stock is new and com pi te with
full and winter wear. These Roods will Riiar
antce themselves, and you will easily convince
yourself that nommchaiit has the advantiiße
over us in low prices.
Hundreds of yards of Dress Goods, (V>ttons,
Outlnßs, from 4to lit cent* per vard Cloth bv
the roh for men's and hoys' suits. Cotton and
Woolen Underwear. Notions. Hats and 'aps
Nobby and up to dale. 1.000 pairs of limit*
and Shoes In Leather and Huhher to select
from for the infant Hi the old woman, from
tho l)ov to the oldest ami larßest man. Groce*
rics of ouperior quality. (Hass and Crockery
wear. Hope, all sizes. Hurd ward hy the tons.
Shiußles. Lime and Hair at bottom prices.
Keystone salt the best for paekliiß moats, etc
11.30 sack and better. Got 1 rhl. Porto Hleo
molasses 1 rul. pure white oil and 1 lb Arbuc
kle’s coffee for ft* cents or I rhl. same mo
lasses, 1 oral, same oil and Ji lbs. Rran. surui* for
ftl et. Kliir Heater stoves are a home comfort
and money savers. Hums knots and stumps,
keeps tin* for mouths, no ashes to move for
weeks, nor sparks to burn your house down.
Hundreds are being sold daily. They are all
the ro and if you fall to buy one you lose com
fort and wealth. Try one. Kept constantly
on hand by
W. P. Powell.
I ay you tho same lor poultry, crrs ami but
ter that you Ret in the cities.
Oet 2K IKI7-tf
®AKUB% 553 B.
BLACK SMITHING, Wheel w righting
ami all kind of repairing done cheap.
Good work guaranteed. Special atten
tion paid to horseshoeing and painting.
Oyster tongs a specialty. Guns and pis
tols also repaired. Terms cash
Aug 12—y.
Real Estate Notice.
'j'HK undersigned have formed a eo-
I partuership, for the purchase and sale
of real estate in this and adjoining coun
ties, and have formed connections with
agents in the North, West and with State
Immigration Agent. Parties desiring to
sel. land or exchange, will find it to their
advantage to communicate with the un
dersigned. MORGAN & LUCAS,
May o—tf*0 —tf* Leonardtown, Sid.
5 gallons bast coaloil for 60 cents at
Grand Concert !
Mr. SAM PEL HAYDEN, assisted by
Mrs. WM. REDDER, will give a concert
in Cliaptico Hall on
THURSDAY. October 28. 1897,
AT H () ( !,()( a, I*. M.
The music will consist of solos, duets,
trios and quartetts. Thrift will also he
two tableaux and one recitation by a
very little'child during the performance.
The services of the following local tal
ent lias been selected :
Miss Lola Garner, Sop. Solist.
Mrs. .las. A. Dorset, Con. Soloist
Mrs. Win. Reeder, Alto “
Miss Eleanor Garner, Sop. “
Mr. Charles Foxvvell, Ten. “
Mr. Sam. Hayden, Basso “
Mrs. John Reeder, Pianist,
The selections have been so arranged
as to suit the different tastes, such as
comic, pathetic descriptive, sentimental
and sacred. There will tie two imper
sonations in the songs. These amateurs
promise the public a rare treat, al) for
the sum of 25 cents. Reserved seats, 35
cents. There will he a supper served af
ter the performance.
Oct 7—lit,
coi.. i lakkmt, Hudson President.
AMiiiKW il, Coffman Cashier.
The Bank
—OF— i
Southern Maryland.
CAPITAL, 525.000.
j Commercial Bank.
Account* of Firms, Corporations
ami Citizens of Prince George’*, Sr. Ma
ry’s, Calvert, and Charles comities and
vicinity are respectfully solicited on the
most favorable terms consistent with
safe banking.
Safe Deposit Vault.
We have a special steel-lined Safe
Deposit Vault, with private boxes—two
keys and sentinel key—for rent at 35
cents and 13 cents n month, according
to size. You should have one for title
papers, contracts, policies and wills.
Saving Departments.
Our Savings Bank Department al
lows I! per cent interest
Ladies, Children and Artisans are
especially invited to patronize this feat
ure, where their savings will lie safe mid
pay as much us such high-class security
usuqlly does.
Sept it '!)*—ly,
Tate collector’ sale,
D V vlrfiit of authority \rated In me as Gollee
u tor of State and county taxes of the 2nd < 'ol
lecllon District of ,st. Mary's county, Md., for
the years I*9lll, IS'.R and 1H95, I will offer for
sale by public auction, to the highest bidder for
cash, at the (.’ourt Hmifle door, Leonardtown,
Maryland, on
TUESDAY, November 9, 1897,
between the hours of 1,2 o'clock. M., and 2
o'clock, I*. M., the following real property, to
That tract or pared of laud called and
known as
containing 872 Acres, more or loss.
or sti much thereof as may Is* necessary to sat
isfy the State ami county taxes due 'thereon
for tin* years above named, as follows ;
To Go. Taxon $341(5, rate n:l cts. s.‘ll 77
“ t V ooinmlssion on same. 1 27
“ State Tax on $141(1, rate I7J cts. OB
“ 10 y commission on same. til
Interest from .luuuary I. I KM.
On this bill there is a credit leaving a halanee
due of sll4, with interest from .Inn. 'IWS.
IMO 4. To Go. Tax on sll4lO, rate 107 ets. $.‘M5 55
“ 4 G eomiiussii'M on same, I 4t>
“ State Tax on sl4hi, rate 17J cts.. oca
“ 10 jt corn mission on same. 01
Interest from January J, isos.
1805. Ti Go. Tax on $3410, rate 100 cts. $34 Hi
" 4 (4 commission on sunn*. 1 37
“ State Tax on sl4i(>, rati- 17| cts, ii 00
** 10 y commission on Knmo, 01
Interest from January I, 1300.
The above described reality is ass*ssed in tin*
name of Peter Dulap and Is situated in tin
3rd election district of St. Mary's county, Ma
ry lad, and will la* sold by the undersigned to
satisfy the count y and State tax and costs due
or to necome due under the sale by virtue of
authority \ested in me under Article xi of the
4'tsleof Public General Raws of Marvland.
JOHN W. WI RR| ,\ Ms.
, I /ate Collector
Oct 14.1807—ta*
In the matter oft e petition of Mamie G.
Donibs for widow’s d.*wer in the real estate ol
the late Lewis P. Gombs.
In the Gin’ii t Court for St Mary's county,
.N’•. in*. Petitions.
Ordered tliis P'lh day of October, 181)7. that
the report of the < 'ommH.-donerg to lav off th*
widow’s dowel and tiled in the above'eut if le I
ease, be and the same is hcreliy nit I lied and
'•ontinned, nnle-s cau-f to the eoMr.ry b
shown on or before the !slh day of November,
IKT. provided a copy of this order be insert* <1
in the SI. Mary’s 18. m on once a week for three
successive weeks prior to the said lath day ol
November. ISP',.
True copy—-Tost:
Oct 12- :w*
Everything Cheap at Factory
Bhi., $5.00
1-18 sucks, at, 80, SI cts.
5 bbl if sitcks are furnished, $2 0
Bran, 2 Inn-hcls foi 25 cents
Middlings, 20 and 2,7 eedt
Meat, 5 cents
f u g*r, 5 and 51 cent
Coffee, Arbucklc’s, Leverinjt'p, En
terprise. 12‘ cents
Mo'asses, Porto Rico, 20 cent*
2! to 0 cents
Boots* as low as jl 2.
Womens' line shoe*. v j m,
Men's Suits, <K.oft
Children'a " '2.110
Overcoat#, Overshoes, Arctics, Hats and Caps
verv cheap.
Groves Taste.ess Chill Tonic. 25 ce it*
i*T Call and examine before buyinjrel.se
I ,„ ;i;IJ . joHN t - cecil
HAVING located nt CUfton Factor)
Md., with a lino HEARSE ami a ful
I am proparetl to serve funerals at the
shortest notice and upon reasonable
terms. Cloth-covered caskets furnished
for S4O; plain caskets, S3O; coffins in
proportion. Thanking my friends for
past favors I ask a continuance of same
Oct 11—tf
Mrs. L. A. Jones lias again selected
for her second opening all the new
styles in Millinery, Notions, Dress Goods
Coats and Capes. Come and see them.
Attention Farmers
i Hohatian’s Loader
Tor Cubarrn uiifl (ifiifr.il I'ropN.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Ammonia, -* rji
\Vttll. Pht is. Acid, - ut
Soluble ** ** 7DO
Hoi crti"!" ** Ite
Potash im tuub - Ml
Coni]inre analysis oi Leader with
goods you are paying from S3O to $35
for. W e sell the above brand for cash
only. Add freight to remittance to in
sure prompt shipment. Cash must ac
company all orders for above.
We have on hand and at low prices,
In writing for prices of which always
state whether yon wish to buy for cash
or on time, and', if the latter, give refer
Hunts, ffrtilinn ami tunimission Merchants,
|3l E. Pratt St, BALTIMORE, Md.
Consignments of Tobacco, Grain
and Produce Solicited,
July 15—tf,
Weems’ Steamboat Co.
Patuxent River Route.
BEGIN N1 X(1 Si; NDAY, Septcmby 12tii,
Will leave Pier 8, Light Street, every
i Saturday ami Wednesday at 0.110 a. m,,
; for Pair Haven, Plum Point, Governor’s
Run and Patuxent Liver, as far upas
Benedict. Returning, will leave Bene
dict every Monday ami Thursday at 5.110
a. in., Sotterly at Ba. m. and Millstone
Landing af 10 a. m , Governor's Hun at
I'l in., Plum Point 1 p. in., and Fair Ha
ven at 't.l 10 p. nr for Baltimore.
Prc i iht r. reived at Pier 8. Tin -day and
Friday until 0 p. m.
Steamers Westmoreland and Essex
Will leave Pier 3, Light Street, every
Sunday and Wednesday at 0 p. in., for
Patuxent Kiver direct, as far up as Bris
tol, Returning, will leave Bristol at 13
m. on Monday and Friday at 0 a. m. and
Millstone H p. m. for Baltimore, calling
at no wham s on Monday below Leitch’s,
except when signalled from wharves on
Hie river for passengers and perishable
freight. On Friday will rail at all
wharves, and only lake on passengers
and perishable freight from those below
Freight received at Pier 3, Wednesday
and Saturday, until if p, m.
Office—Pier 3, Light St.
Sept I—tf,
Orphans’ Court of St, Mary s County,
Set: Sept. 30, 18i)7.
Ordered by the Court, That Richard
11. Garner, ndinini irator of John H.
Herbert. late of St. Mary’s county, Md.,
deceased, give the notice required by
law to I he deceased's creditors to exhib
it their claims and that the same he pub
lished once a week for six successive
weeks in tin; St. Mary’s I’m: won.
.Test: Philip H. Doitsiov,
Register of Wills for St. Mary's county,
In pursuance of the above order, I
hereby give notice that 1 have obtained
from the Orphans' < ourt of St. Mary’s
county, Maryland, letters of adminis
tration on the personal estate of
late of said county, deceased. All per
sons having claims against the said de
ceased are hereby notitfed to exhibit the
same with the proper vouchers attached
thereto to the suhacrih'-r on or before
the 83rd day March, isitu, they will oth
erwise by law be excluded from the ben
efits of the said estate. All persons -in ■
dobted to the deceit i d arc icqncstcd to
make immediate payment to the suh
c riber.
Sept 23 !)t—6wJ
■■ I- ' ' ~
Potomac River Route, •
Beginning 'I I'ESDAY, October. 13th,
the St camels 1 ’olonmc and Sue will Icuv
I'ieril, Light Street, Baltimore, at 5 p. m.
FRIDA’, mid SATURDAY for Wash- '
ingtim, Alexandria and the following
landings on the rivt Mi] er's, Bro te s.
Bacon's Grasoh's, Lewiselta, Bundiek’s,
1 lowan’ . VVslant Point, t < n, Kin-ale,
Mundy’s Point. Lodge. Adam.-’. Piitey
Point, Abell's, Leonardtown, Cobrum'a,
Howard-, Stone' Lancaster, Bush
wood, Riverside, Liverpool Point; Oly
mont. Will leavi on TUESDAY at 5
p. m., for all of the above mimed wtiar
,es a- ne’s. •
Will have TCi In I wliarf, Wa-liing
ton, at t p. m. SUNDAY and MONDAY
for Baltimore, calling at all of the above
mentioned wharves, leaving Leonard
town il u. m. MONDAY. TUESDAY
md THURSDAY. K inside, 13 in.,
Millers’ -f p. m,, Grason's at 5 p. m., Ba
ton's at (f p. m , arriving in Baltimore
FRIDAY mornings.
Freight received Daily at PierO, Light
May 20—tf Agent.
Stepiiknsos Buns., Washington, Agt.
Rum i:. Oct. 13, 1!I7.
1 take tliis means of returning ray
heartfelt thanks to.mv kind neighbors,
white and colored, who tried so hard to
save my house and effects at the terrible
tireof October 3rd. Their heroic efforts
and kind sympathy will ever lie remem
bered by us. A. S. BENVILLE
Owing to our crowded condition we
have concluded to reduce our large stock
by selling Ladies Hals, Wraps and Shoes
below cost. A S. BENVILLE & CO.
V will keep constantly <m hand at Leonard,
town wharf u full supply of
All orders for Lumber, Dr.on*. Sash, Laths
Lime and Hair promptly attended t.i.
July I—tf F. NEAL.

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