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j&int JJaifs Beacoq.
Thursday Mossing, March 4. 1909.
gggßßßgßg'l.li U f."". ! !R1
Washington Day attha Academy.
Washington's birthday was duly
osisbrstsd at Si. Mary’s Academy,
Leonardtown, both in patriotic songs
and speeches, and particularly in a
spirited conversation carried on by
a group of pupils who on the school
stags gave the history of tbfi origin
of our flag and told of the labor of
Betsy Boas in making the first of
oar national ensigns. Old Glory
was in evidence every where in the
Academy Hall; and when the inspir
ing stanzas of The Star Spangled
Banner welled forth on tbs trained
voices of scores of St. Mary's fairest
and moat cultured daughters, the
entire audience, following the ex
ample of the visiting clergy from St.
Aloysios’ Church arose sod stood to
do honor to the flag In whiohall true
Americans glory and for which they
are taught to gladly lay down their
Hveq. The Sisters are to be con
gratulated on the spirit of un
affected patriotism they imparted to
the occasion. These highly educat
ed, refined and self-sacrificing ladies
who have made teaching the great
object of their Uvea and their only
ambition era benefactors not only
of our oounty but of the whole Re
public. The education they impart
la the bulVark of our constitution
and the source of genuine civilization,
while it perpetuates our national life
and greatness. The Sisters not only
develop the Intelligence and enrich
the mental faculties of their pupils
with ell tbs necessary knowledge
that tbs times demand, but they go
beyond this mars sharpening of the
children’e wits; they reach down to
Iba vary souls, they train the con
science in each one of these souls to
dssosrn sod follow the rectitude of
the ten commandmentsapd the law of
self denial, and they mould the
the children's manners. That Is,
they Improve not merely the brain,
but the heart also; they not only
build up the intellect but they do
vastly more, they culture the will.
To make the ignorant or the young
know something and to make them
know what Is right is only half the
triumph of the educator end repres
ents only hts work on the Intellect.
But to make those subject to instruc
tion love to do whet is right, (ogive
them an inclination for virtue, and
a horror for Vice, that is the full
triumph of the teacher and shows he
has cultivated the will of his pupils
end has developed their spiritual
capabilities to the utmost. This is
tbs elm of St. Mary's Academy, and
this faaore then mars learning makes
tor the good of the Individual, tbs
sanctity and prosperity of the family
tbs State, the nation. With these
ideals and helpa before them little
wonder that among the Academy
glrlslovsofGodand love of country
Dare easily blended. Enduring patrio
tlam is the outcome of these twin
loves, as patriotism Is best founded
on religion, end not on mere science,
or martial Impulse, or self Interest
or animal bravery; but on that re--
llglon which teaches man to render
toOsessr the things tbstsre Caesar’s,
and to God the things tbatsrsGod's.
Such a religion along with leUers
and science flourishes In St. Mary’s
class rooms, end ofir girls are to be
oongrstulitsd for being under its
influence. May the friends of our
boys and young man speed the day
when a similar Academy or College
for them conducted according*!# the
principles of true education will
arias |r mr midst to make the sons
of our old oounty good men and oiti
aana, practical and patriotic men:
man who will love farm life and
scientific farming; men who will
promote business and elevate busi
ness standards and methods by their
honesty, integrity, fair play and
square dealing; men who will shine
in the sanctuary and tha pulpit, or
In the chairs of medicine or on the
rounds qf mercy visiting patients, or
fluMp in tbs courts of lew sod on
the bench defending rights, masting
out justice, or punishing proven
But, torsturnfromourdigression,
wa cannot close our account of Wash
ington Day at the Academy without
making some brief reference to the
speeches given on that day by (be
Jesuit fathers from St. Aloysius’
church who were the guepta of the
pupils on the suspicious occasion.
Of especial value were tbs remarks
of Rev. Father Fink, one of the most
enthusiastic patrons of tbs Academy
end himself a veteran educator among
After complimenting the young
ladles on the excellence of their pro
gramma he pointed out two great
lessons for them from the career of
Washington. These lessons were
founded upon the augnanimity and
self sacrifice of the Father of our
country and upon his versoity, his
love of the truth. Few of as nowa
days, said Father Fink, realize how
tremendous end almost crushing
was the task that rested upon Wash
ington at the oloss of the Revolution
of keeping the American army pa
tient under the delay of the Con
tinental Congress In paying the war
worn heroes what was their due and
nsadful for their existence and that
of their families. Discontent was
every where rife end breaking out
among our troops and even the offi
oara muttered mutiny or olvil war.
What would have happened, bad not
Washington kept the American
forces loyal to the high ideals for
yes re they fought, he who runs may
easily read. There never would
have bean any Republic at all. Tak
ing ad vantage of internal dissensions
England would have rallied and
would soon have rendered void .and
nugatory all that American valor
had up to the su: render at Yorktown
so gloriously achieved. Washington
pointed to hie eyes grove dim and
to and to bis heed grown white in
(he service of the colonies, and bade
hia assembled officers to urge their
men to welt sod suffer awhile longer
MU a grateful country reared by
them world remunerate their 101 l
and reward their heroism. His ad-
vice prevailed, bis example steadied
the wavering hosts, and out of the
dee Deration, of a nascent nation still
bleeding from its wounds was born
its inTinotbla life and subsequent
Father Stanton followed Father
IJPink and had a word to say on the
I advantages the Academy girls bad to
learn In their early school days the
patrotism which should dihtkiguish
ell real Americans. I too, he said,
participated in my school boy days
in the celebration of Washington’s
birthday in the public schools of
Boston: but I never was soimbueti
with the love of our flag and country
as you are here. The blood of many
of my kin was shed in defence of it,
but your conversation on the origin
of America's banner has in ten
minutes awakened within roe more
appreciation of its worth than any
thing I ever beard in.all my early
school career. Father Stanton next
remarked that if Washington, were
standing on the Academy stage to
day be would applaud the method
or system of education employed by
the Sisters. Oeorge Washington
regarded as a monstrosity, or as
some thing pernic|ous any system
of education that left out a training
in morality and religion. He be
lieved religion was essential to edu
cation; be believed in equal civil
rights for all Americans; that Catho
lics should encounter no civil disa
bilities because of their faith, and
be rebuked bis soldiers for saying
and doing things offensive to Cath
olics, because such conduct was
against justice and the gratitude
that America owed to the Catholic
nation of France without whose help
the colonies would never have
achieved independence or the pur
suance of that life, and liberty they
signed the Declaration of Independ
enoe to enjoy. Washington the pa
triot, par excellence, nourilhed bis
love of country by prayes when amid
horrors worse even than those of
Valley Forge be petitioned heaven
for sustaining oourageand persever
ance in adesperate struggle. Turn
ing to a beautiful American flag that
bung in drapery over c picture of
Martha Washington Father Stanton
exclaimed; “American women are
safe under the folds of this flag as
long as it continues to stand for re
ligion justice purity, home life un
ndfiled and valor. Butalasi its folds
are being steadily soiled by the scan
da Jpus decisions of some American
divorce courts. A million divorces
in twenty years, and under our flag!
What does that! presage? Only the
ruin of the Bepublic following in the
wake of the ruin of American family
life and honor.
By volod and pen check this un
utterable evil; use all your influence
to abolish It in the land of Washing
ton. The flag in bis day knew it
not. Father Killy brought the exer
cises to a close by again commenting
on the work of the church in help
ing on the construction of our Re
public and maintaining untropared
the three elements .which must pre
vail if our county is to endure.
These elements are respect for
authority, Education that insti'fi
morality based upon jreliglon, and
the defence of the indissolubility of
the marriage bond.
There is, and there has been a
conspiracy of silence in many quar
ters, in many school boobs and his
tories in regard to the part taken by
the church, and notably tbeOatholtc
church In the formation and growth
of our country and its national great
ness. On Washington’s birthday
then it behooves us Americans to
give that church its measure of our
gratitude as ha did; to address to it
the words used by our Washington
when replying to a letter sent to him
after his election to the presidency
of the United States by such Catho
lics and lovers of American liberty
and independence, as John Carroll,
the first Archbishop of Baltimore,
and Charles Carroll of Carrollton,
MaryianS’s favorite son among the
signers of the Declaration of Inde
pendence. Among other things the
first of our Presidents says; “I pre
sume that our fellow' citizens will
not forget the patriotic part which
you took in the accomplishment of
their revolution and in the accom
plishment of theirgovernmentortbe
important assistance they received
from a nation in which the Roman
Catholic faith is professed.”
St. Mary's County Needs Rail*
Read Facilities.
Says our esteemed contemporary,
the St. Mary’s Beacon: “Between
the Patuxent, the Potomac, the Wi
comico and the bay we have a terres
trial paradise, but In this swift age
men will not come to our Eden when
it takes them four days to .get here
andbaok. We must have a railroad.”
The Beacon also informs us that
there is an enterprise afoot to gel a
railroad. At the present-time the
only railroad in St. Mary's county
Is the Washington, Potomac and
Chesapeake road, extending from
Brandywine, on the Pope’s Creek
branch of the Pennsylvania system
to Meobanlosvllle, a village near
Charlotte Hall. This road penetrates
into the upper part of the county
only a few miles, leaving the great
body of the county inaccessible ex
cept by water. The original design
when this road was constructed was
to make Point Lookout, at the mouth
of the Potomac, the Southern termi
nus. Now it seems to be consider
ed best to run it to the mouth of the
Patuxent, especially since the agita
tion for a naval drydook at that place.
In order to reach the St. Mary'sslde
of the Drum Point harbor it will be
necessary to build about 20 miles of
road where construction will nut be
costly, where It it believed the right
of way will be given, and where
orossties and timber are cheap and
abundant. It is believed that many
of the farmers along the line will
subscribe to the stock which is be
ing offered and will pay for it with
croestles or other material. It the
United States should determine to
put a drydock at Drum Point, this
road, making one section with Wash
ington, would bea valuable property.
And in any event it is believed by
the advocates of the road that good
transportation facilities would so
stimulate production on the farms
and oyster lots that a paying amount
of traffic would be offered.
[ | St Mary's county has s soil spies -
i [ dldly adapted to fruit growing and
i the production of vegetables. It
has inland waters where oysters of
i fine quality and in great quantities
can be grown O-urn Point harbor
la a place w here nun v v seels gather
In the winter season, and these would
i doubtless supply a considerable
traffic to a railroad. There are few
counties in any State which have
more beautiful stretches of land and
; water than St. Mary'e. Its climate
is mild and delightful, its soilessily
' improved, and some of it vsry fertile.
Lands are cheap, and the county in
.rites capital and intelligent develop
ment.— Sun, Feb. 26.
I . .... ..i-,. mm,...,
la* AdngsemaDtg.
Store at s California For Rant.
Good building! Good standi
For terms ahply to
Walter R. Jab box.
California. Md.
I am coming, coming, coming, direct
to Leonardtown. The well known
Watch Maker and Jeweler during March
term of Court to do rid kind of work in
Wactbee. Clock* and Jewelry and will
have a full and comylete line of the latest
Gold and Silver Watches. Chain* and
Bracelet*. Aleo a fine and eeiected stock
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old. All my work folly guaranteed.
Work done while yon wait
. The well known Watch Makar.
834 E. Salto. St.
Baltimore, Ud.
Id. Del. 4 Ya. Ry. Go.
In Effect Monday, March 1, 1903.''
■■■m-bbtw sBN-aaam
Baltimore, pier 8, Light street
wharf, weather permitting, at 6p. m.. .
every Monday, Wednesday and Satur- I
day, for the following River Landings,
Alexandria and Washington.
Baltimore, 5 p m., Miller’*, Bronte's,
Porto Bello, Grason’e, Goan, 6 a. m.,
Bundlck’e, Lakes, Walnut Point, Cow
arts, Lewieetta, Klnsale, Lodge, Mundy
Point, .Cintra, Fluey Point. 10 a. m.,
Leonardtown, 13 noon, Abells, Cobrume.
Stone’s, Bush wood, Lancaster’s. 4p. m.,
Riverside, Liverpool Point, Olymont,
Alexandria and Washington.
"Stops only on Signal.
Leave Washington, Seventh St. Whorl,
i weather permitting,) 4 p. m., every
londay, Wednesday and Saturday lor
the following River Landings and Balti
Washington, iMexandrta, 4.46 p. m.,
Olymont, Liverpool Point, Riveeside,
Bush wood, Lancaster, Cobrums, Stones,
Leonardtown, 0 a. in., Abell’s, Piney
Point, "Cintra, Lodge, 10 a.m., Mundy
Point, Kluaale. tßnoon,Cbsa,Bnndlek’s,
Lakes, Walnut Point, Cowart's, Lewi*,
etta Miller’*, 4 p. m , Oraeon’e. 6 p. m.,
Brome’s, Porto Bello, 6p. m.,Baltimore.
"Stops only on Signal.
Arriving in Baltimore early Wednes
day, Friday and Monday Mornings.
Freight received daily in Baltimore
on sailing day* until 4.00 r. u. /
This time-Table show* at times which
steamers may be expected to arrive at
and depart from the several wharves,
but their arrivals of departure at tbs
times stated is not guaranteed, nor does
the Company bold itself tor
any delay or any consequences arising
WU.LABD Thompson, General Manager.
Rkardon A Qrimes. Agent.
Telephone 80, Alexandria, Va.
Stephenson A Bao., Arte.
Telephone 746, Washington, D. C.
T. Murdock. Gen. Fit. ssdPsee, Agt.
I have the greatest horse in my
possession this county ever knsw:
Those who desire his services,
Apply to
Feb. 25. ’o9—tf. Pesrson, Ud.
I will serve Oysters during March
Court as heretofore.
A big Stew, with Coffee, Bread/‘Butter, I
Crackers and Pickle. 35 cents. Also J
Scalded and Raw. lam better prepared
to serve the public than ever before.
Give me a call while in Town.
Leonardtown, Md.
By breeding to the Imported GERMAN
COACH STALLION, Predo, No. 4667,
which the St. Mary’e Stock Improvement
Association of the county, has recently
purchased direct from the importer, at a
cost of 88000.
He wUI make the following stations
daring the season:
First Week,
Mechaniceville, Chaptico, MUeetown.
Second Wbk.
Leonardtown. Valley Lee, Great Mills,
California, Hollywood.
Fee |3O. Insurance, |36 *
Visits repeated at these stations every
other week during the season.
Artesian Wells.
Having purchased a new Gasoline En
gine and outfit for drilling ARTESIAN
WELLS, would like to notify the peo
ple of St. Mary’e County that we are
better fitted now to do each work than
ever before. Having drilled well* in all
sections of the County we feel confident
that we can give better satisfaction lor
the money than any drillers in the State,
37 years experience. Well* eaesd to the
bottom with IX Inch pips. For further
particular*, Address,
Feb. 36—3 m, Xilghmaa, Md. j
‘ TO
. 1025 WEST MUL
, . 1 >
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Before Moving to Larger Quarters.
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L. A. Jones, lam selling off my complete stock of UP TO-DATE
GOODS regardless of Cost before moving. i
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Coma one and all, I will be pleased to see you.
Thanking yon for pant favors. 1 am, yours truly.
L. Gendason & Co.
Give your patronage to the
first of St. Mary’s, Leonardtown.
v ' '-arv.
’-.r, V * ' ; '■ : " ' w ' [gy,
“So rjSf&i.',, 'I“U3S? S
It deservaa your patronage, for bee It dot done much in the peat
six years for our people and our county? Is it not your institu
tion? To day is our birthdsv, sod a good way to show apprecia
tion of your Bank ia to open an account at your earliest, byway
of % birthday present.
The security of a bank,lies in its CAPITAL. SURPLUS, UN
DIVIDED FROFITS,QPersenaI Liability of each Stockholder,
aod In the soundneea.oUte loans and investments. Every loan
mads by this bank on personal security is backed by the endorse
ment of one or!more persons whose financial responsibility is
fully known to tbs officers of the bank.
For the past six yearn we have adhered to certain rules and
banking principles, and .experience bee proven that we have done
We Sincerely, hope and trust that our people will be with
u this year, as in the past six.
i L. J. STERLING. Cashier.
W WBfcSSHf % JBk\
■ 1 *Si#l
mk B B
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f Remington 1
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A Remington Typewriter Company I
A New York and B
IFF;; :
■ • I
Insure In Stock Companies.
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Resilience, Hiatts villi. Long Distance Pboao.
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0 f A
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