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Saint Kj®l £ bsacfln. s
JiiJ _JSL_L--L! i-i-i- T
J_ .■_ ■— ot
localwise and Otliervise. Ul
■ SC
J. Ford HSdeWm, o( BaHimore, is fr
visiting relAlivas in Le. >tmi dtowti. cl
Miss Mary Kt-snan o: Brynnlown
is visUintr v 'ls Matidn .larhvH* nar <i
M Median ichv in g,
Missus H n and Marie Smit'’, ’>
ot lUlUu.oim. arc visiting MAd '
die Lynch, Leonardtown. f"
• I
The Lsonardtown Junto s itofea- %
pd ihe HoMvwotd nine, in a hal ;■
game Sunday last, by the score of d
27 U> 15 w
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boyd* son
and daughter, formerly of Leonard- 11
town now of Washington, are visit t 1
ing their old home.
A Cedar Point Solomon's Ul.mi „
ciinbi nation dr tea Uni the Leo iar.i
Item Scrubs, in a game of b.tst bill,
by a score of 5 to 111.'
There will be a joint Institute for
the five lower counties at, Anna|>o
Its on Sept. tith. All teachers are .
required by law to attend.
Charles Connolley, is installing a r
gasoline engine in his fast canoe. (
The new boat will bo an addition to ,
the Britton Bay fleet. 1
A game of ball between the Leon- t
ardtown nine and some of the old
timers resulted in favor of the new
ones. Score 30 to 1.
Mr. Frederick Turner, of Ow- 1
ings Mills, who has been visiting his (
brother, Rav. W. R. B. Turner, Leon 1
ardtown, hss returned to his homo.
Miss Mollic Pox well and Raymond
Fox well, of LeOnardtown, who have
been spending so(ne time at Moun
tain Lake Park, Pa , have returned.
The roads through the county at'
present, are in good shape, butthore
are a number of bridges that should
be looked to. as they are dangerous.
The little hay is becoming p po
lar with yactiters and severnl par
ties have been in to look the town
ovjer. They pronounce it a very
desirable place for an outing.
On Thursday last Mr Tom Mat
tingly, while driving Prince B, a
hobbled pacer in the 2:40 nee wi-s
thrown and had his arm broken.
He has the symia'by of nl’, and best
wishes for a spee ly recovery.
Candidates for nomination should
file an account of their expenditures
before me 30ih if thio month, in
order to comply with the Corrupt
Practices Aet These statements
moat b ■ i clcnowl. dge l before some
officer authorized to administer
The untor cynle races over the
Leon ardtown course werewell at
tended and the boyß~lfhowSH-..itttto
speed really is. A few accidents
were'scored up again-l toe meal;
one of the riders broke his collar
bone and two machines were slight,
ly damaged. Thomas took the laur
ela. Keonard, the local man. won a
pretty mile go Id fast time.
Saturday last the Gov. McLano,
Capt. Turner commanding, came to
Leonardtown. and remained a few
hours. She hud an excursion party
composed of: —Jos. P. Burnett, T,
A. Murry, Dr. Kirby, of Baltimore.
L. H. Gadd, H J.. H. P. and C. F.
Hopkins, Annapolis, P Z. Wilier.
Westminister, J. R. Jarrell and J.
Prank Turner, of Easton. The party
seemed favorably impressed with
the town.
Od Friday, AiiKUßt2oth, Governor
Crothers and party, on a tour in
specting the work of the Shell Pish
Commission, came to Loonardtown.
The Governor drove out to see the
bridge, which has been prononnc ><i
dangerous and therefor closed.
Ue promised to use his influence to
have the Good Beads Commission
take up the matter as soon us possi
ble. It is rumored he is in fav
or of letting a contract to build 21
miles of road leading from town,j
which will take in the bridge and
so remedy the difficulty.
Combs sml Schultz.
In the deaths of George H. Combs
and B’rank R. Schultz, that occured
at Duke’s Wharf, Sheridan Point,
• Calvartcounty, Sunday, Julyß, 1909,
ends the career of two young men,
who were most highly esteemed by
all who knew them. Companions
for a number of years they were
seldom seeu without each other;
friends that were lasting and true,
and their devotion was manifest'on
all occasions. , Enjoying tbc’r vaca
tlon together, they met the terrible
fata that awaited them. Venturing
out into the water, unconscious of
danger, the grim destroyer was
there to usher them into that cur
rent that has no mercy, but drags
its victims to an uu.tmely end,
quenching that little spars of life
that means so much to us of this
earthly kingdom. In their strug
gles, we can but pity, for we can
never know the bitter anguish of
their last struggle. Which showed
the hero will never bn known, but
we are aw-re of the fact that as true
friends in life, they died together.
The waters of the Patuxent alone,
could they speak, could divulge the
last utterances of these two boys as
they sank to their watery grave.
“Was it of home ar d motbar ?’’
No one cau ever toll, now that their
dear lips are sealed fo ever. Their
sufferings are over ; their spirits
have fled, leaving ihn b >d cs thirt w>
knew so well in life behind to be
borne to their final rr si lug places.
Their friends mou-n their demise,
relatives grieve and yearn for their
home coming, byt,alas! never again
will their dear faces bo revealed;
gone, bet not Into forgetfulness,
for tboir memory will be tenderly
.cherished by those who held them
• so dear in life. Lovable and kind,
their hearts burned with kindness,
unselfish in their convictions, true
and self-respecting, they made hosts
of friends, who sadly mourn them.
Two heart broken parents are catl
■S-V' ■■ Mfei SSfe ■ 'i
g for their boys to ‘ocu e home.’
it off in the b’oom of yottth, leav
g ••sweei-leiHs.” whom their
-aths have Elected very dee ply.
wo k>r <• v mounds entomb the *un- *>•
ine of hap,-y hm> s. While one > K
as but;®! a- f.-udnn PtWt, *hu d ‘
her bolv was on its v> ly t- ■ St. (*“
ary’s c.untv. The ch -ch toll
lied as the tuUesa 1 cortege slowly to
iproachrd and as the mournful
,und died aav. tho sorrowing
lends passed qumtly into the
lurch where the last-sad riles were ai
■a 1 iid tho tor non preached over
ie remains oi George Harry Combs.
Sin and death a..d 'be Virtues of H
yid Ohr ! s*ian ondinr with a trib-
be to the deceased IP'S eyes moist
U,i tears, it was wi'h much difli
iltv be concluded his remarks for , A
ie deaths of two so yqung appealed g
reatlv to his priest'v h htrt. Alone ~
i their s ; !ent grav s, separated by u
eath rest those two dear hoys, ai
horn to meet was to live. Their u
arcs in this sad world are over, j 1
jelr sufferings are o'ss. Calm and |
eac f ,1, they arc no# in the hands (
f their Maker, in that haven of ey A
rlast.ing haupinoss where there is
o more suffering nr ''e-th a
Bohkkt B Hanrahan, o
Cousin ;nd Friend.
„,, . t
Religious. °
There will be Preaching at St. t
•aul’s M R Churoh, next. Sunday, *
in gust 39, "a* 11. a. M Tho Sacra- |
sent of the Lords Supper will be 1
elebrated immedia'ely after the ser- t
oon. All Christians are invited to ,
>e present and take part in this sa- (
ired ordinance. i
Levinson, the Jeweler. '
Don’t forget to cell on Saul Ltvl'tion, I
iconanitown, if in need of jewelry, eye i
tlaueeH, spectacles or anything In that
ne. (live Levinson a call. I
Dental Notice.
DB Alan S. Boarman will beat bis
iffloe in Mechanicsvillo on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, and in
Chaplico, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, tho lest full week of each
g by taking
■rial in summer |
i you are weak H
i it will give you g
build you up. y
> eol! nulli r water H
Saul Levinson.
Will now and hereafter continue to b
in Leonard town for the accommodation
of the people of Bt. Mary's. 1 will tie in
loonardtown one week in every two
months and will do all kiudof repairing,
1 have also estatdisbed a branch with
K 'lwell A Johnson to receive at any
time all repairing necessary, any one de
siring repairing can apply at Pox well A
Job in-on, any orders cent either to I/eon
ardtown or to ray store H 24-. K. lialtl
more Street will receive prompt atten
my City Bto~e is at 834 E. Baltimore Bt.
April I—tf Baltimore, Md.
Notice to Creditors.
Orphans’ Court of Ht Mary's County, Hct:~
August 10, 1009.
A. Richardson, ndm infiltrator of Henry <
Wibie, late o(Mt. Mary’Hcounty, Md., demean
ed, Kivu the not U-e required by law to tni
deceased s creditors to exhibit tholr claim*
and that the name be pohllshcd once h weel
for six saocewlte weens In the Ht. Mary
Test: J. PMltir Uhkks w
Reg later of Wills for Hi. Mary s County.
In pursuance of the above order, 1 herob;
give notice that I have obtained from the Oi
phans’ court of Ht. Mary’* county; Md., lei
ter* of administration on thepersonai estate c
! ate of said county, deceased. All person
having claims against the said deceased ar
hereby notified to exhibit the same with th
i proper vouchers attached thereto, to the sul
briber on or before the UHhdajr of Februar
i 191 U, they will otherwise by law he exclude
from the benefits of ti e sain estate. All pei
•one Indebted to the dobeaeed arc required t
make Immediate payment to the subscribe!
August Ife—tf. Administrator.
For Hale.
ft 175 will buy nit- two utory Owellini
in H. W., Baltimore !n good repair; cor
vcnicntly Inrntod Kmf ermsil dcnirei
Con- W. W flrnn,
July I—lm. Urayihsn, Md.
Iw. 0. Mattingly’i
; Uonardtown Livery Stable.
Bones that are Bones to Eir
Uorset taken to board.
1 * Reduction made on horsee ******
■ i left by the month.
* t Driver when wasted. Give me
’ all. Wm.;C. Mattuiolv.
Proclamation. I"
I mi
■ *“ ' ill
WHKRBA.S. at (to January He- *u ol 'ho ULI
ene-al As-'-mhly oi Maryland, -6 In ths g,
car of our Lord one thousand 111* had
red and audit, an Act was p.ssod pro- l>r
usluti an annodmont to Brnoo 1 ol
, rtlcK- 1 (.t tho Constitution Tl iha Stuia, a ,
.hli.u -aid Act trt In tho folloa o# word', m
o-wlt * ni
. v hi
, CHAP'rKU 26. la
IN ACT to aiueud Section one of Article ci
one, tide. 1 Klactlvo t- raiu 111 -a", ol the d
Constllulloa ot thi. Stats, aud to provide tt
lor the KUbiularion ot oalu Amendment ai
to the qualified voters of mis Suto for s |
atleptiou or rejection. a
Skcvkin 1. Ho It enacted by the General ~]
Assembly of Maryland, three lltlha ot all tl
Hie member, of each of the two House* u
: mie’irrlnfc that the follewlng *:tion be
aud tho *ame la hereby proposed a eu tt
amendment to Section one ot Article one, u
title, "Kloctlve Krauchlse”, ot the Cunwll- u
tutlon ot tbl. State, aud It adopted by tho t
lep.l and quallflcd thereof, a* bore-
In Ifrovid-d. it shall supercede and stand In t
the place and aloud of Section one of aald *
Article one. I
bwt. if All elections shall be by ballot, t
and "every male cltiseii of -the Hulled Slnlca t
of the use of iwemy-ene years or upwards, ,
who has been a i-osident of tho Slate for ,{
two yours aud of the Legislative District .
ol UalUmoro City or of the county in Which ,
ha may ulter to vote, for one year next i
preceding the election, and who, moreover,
is duly registered as a quulinud voter as i
provided In this Article, ahull bo entitled ,
to vote, In the ward or ejection district la i
which ho reside*, at all olectlona horooftor j
to be held in this state, and In case any ,
county or city shall be no divided ae to i
form portions ol dniurout electoral districts ,
fur the election ol Representatives In Con
gress, Senators, Delegates or ether officers,
then to entitle a person to vote for ouch ,
officer, he must have been a resident ol
that part ol the county or city which shall
form a part of the electoral district in
which he offers to vote, lor one year next
preceding the election; but a person who'
shall have acquired a resident* lu such
comity or city, entitling him to vote ot any
such election, shall be entitled to vote in
the election district from which be removed,
until bo shall have acquired a residence
lu the part of tho county or oily to which
hp has removed.
hlvery male cltlien ot the United States
having the above prescribed quantisations
of nge and residence shall bo entitled to be
registered so. as to heeoms a qualifled voter
If he ho, Urst; a person who, on the first
day ol January In the year olghtncu hun
dred aud alxty-uluo, or prior thereto, was
entitled to vote under the laws of this Slate,
or any other State of tho United States,
wherein he then resided: or second ; a male
descendant ot eucb last mentioned person j
or third; a foreign born oltiaou of tho
United States naturalized between the first
day of January In the ye&r eighteen hun
dred and sixty nine and the date of the
adoption el this section of this Article; or
fourth: a male descendant uf such last men
tioned person; or tlfth; a person who, In
the presence of tho officurs of registration,
shall, In hts own bandwriting, with pen aud
ink, without any aid, suggestion or annuo
rand in whatsoever, and without any ques
tion or direction addressed to him by any
of the officers of registration, malts appli
cation to register correctly, staling lu such
application his name, age, dale and place ot
birth, residence aud occupation at the time
aud for the two years next preceding, the
name or names of his employer or em
ployers, if any, at the time and lor the two
years next preceding, and whether be has
previously voted, and If so, the State, county
or city and district or precinct lu wbloh be
voted last, and also tho name In full of tho
t resident of the United States, of one ot tho
Justices of the Supreme Court of the United
Slates, of tho Governor ot'Maryland, of one
of tho Judges ot the Court of Appeals of
Maryland and of the Mayer of Baltimore
City, if the applicant resides In Baltimore
sOlly, or uf one u( tho County Commissioners
of the county lu which tho applicant resides;
and any person who Is unable to comply
with the aforegoing requirements os to mak
ing application lor registration In his own
handwriting, solely because he Is physically
dhikblad from so doing; or sixth: s per
sun, or the husband of a person, who at -the
Urns ot bis application lor registration. Is a
bona tide owner of real or personal property
In au amount ot not less than five hundred
dollars. Is assessed therefor on the tax
hooks of the City of Baltimore or ot one of
the countlea of this Stste, has been such
owner and so assessed for two years next
preceding his application lor registration;
shall have paid aud shall produce receipts
for the taxes on said property for said two
,* years and shall at the Uine of bis applt
cation make affidavit before, the officers of
registration tbot ho is, or that no Is the
£ husband ot the person who la the bona /Ida
_• owner of the properly so assessed to him or
* her, as the case may be, and that be or
stie has been such owner for two years next
preceding his application.
Mr* risnuin rial miMllfind undnr HUlliA OIU? of
No person nel qualified under Mine one or
the above clauses shall be antltlud to bo reg
istered as a (junl 1 Dud voter or bo entitled to
vole. Every written application to bo reg
istered, presented to lire officers of registra
tion by nny person applying to be registered
under the above fifth clause, shall bo care
fully preserved by said officers of registra
tion and aba 11 bo produced In any Court, If
required, as hereinafter provided.
,Tho affidavit of any applicant for regis
tration, duly made to the officer* of regis
tration or in Court, that ho, the applicant.
Is a person who was entitled to vote on or
before the first day of January In the year
eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, ae afore
said, or that be baa become a naturalized
citizen of the United State* between the
first day of January in the year eighteen
hundred and sixty-nine and tbe date of the
adoption of thl. section of this Article, a*
aforesaid, or bis affidavit upon information
and belief that he is a descendant of a per
son who was entitled ,to vote on or before
the first day of January In tbo year eighteen
hundred and sixty-nine, or that be I* a
descendant of a person who has become
a naturalized citizen of the United States
between tbo first day of January In the year
eighteen hundred end sixty-nine and the
date of the adoption of this aoctlon of this
Article, shall be prime facie evidence of any
of said faute so sworn to.
A wilfully false statement npon tbe part
of any applicant for registration In relation
to any of tbe matters aforesaid sbail be
perjury, and punishable as perjury ie pun*
Ished by the lews of Ibis State.
Any person who fools aggrieved by the
action of any beard of officers of registra
tion lo refusing to register him ae a quali
fied voter, or In registering any disquali
fied person, may at any time, either before
or after the last session of the board of
officers of registration, but not later than
tbe Tuesday next preceding tbe election, file
e petition, verified by affidavit, in the Cir
cuit Court for the county In wblcb the
cause of complaint arises, or. If tbe cause
of complaint arlsae in Oaltlmore City, in
any court,of common law jurisdiction In
mid city, setting forth tbo grounds of bis
application and asking to have tbo action
oi tbe board of officers of registration cor
rected. Tbo court sbail forthwith set the
petition for hearing and direct summon* to
fee leaned requiring tbe board of officer* of
registration complained against In said peti
tion to attend at the bearing In person or
by counsel; and when the object of the
petition ie to strike efl tbo same of any
person *ii —nai shall aha be la— i Ist
nch person. which "hall he served by
Uerltt within tho time therein designated; | j
ud said several courts shall have full Juris- I
notion and power to review the action of |
oi* board of o(Beers of registration aud to
srsnt or withhold, ns it may deem lawful
md proper, the relief prayed for In the
lu delerni in lug whether any person who
ippllod to bo registered under the above
Sun clause of thin section was or was
lot entitled to be registered under said
lllth clause, the court shall require the
board of unirers of registration complained
against lo produce the written application
cups red and submitted by such person at
Ibe lime be presented blm.-eK for registra
tion to said board of officers of registration,
and upon said writtan application tbe court
aboil determine whother or not said person,
when be presented himself for registration,
complied with tho roqulrouienta oi said fifth
clause; and It the court shall determine
that said written application, so prepared
and eubmttted by snld person, complied
with the requirements ol said tilth clause,
and that said person was not disqualified
under any other provision ul this Article
of the Constitution to be registered upon
tbe books of registry In question, then the
court shall older said per.on to be regis
tered as a qualified voter, but If the court
shall determine that aald written applica
tion ul said person fatlud hi comply with
the reqlurements of said .fifth clause, or
that said person was hi any othur respect
under this Article of tho UousUlullun dis
qualified to be registered upon the books ul
registry lu question, then the court shall
order that said person shall not be regis
tered upon said books o( registry.
The court may enforce any order by at- ..
taehmeut tdr contempt la said cases;
neither party shall have auy right of re
moval ; exception may be taken to any rul
ing of the court at the hearing ul uald
cases aud an I be allowed to the
Court of Appeal!'us la other eases; all
such appeals shall bo taken within five days
from the data of the declelon complained of,
and shall be heard and decided by the
Court of Appeals upon the original papers, i
or otherwise, as tho Court of Appeals may
by rule prescribe, as soon as may be prac
Tho Ooneral Assembly shall have power
to provide mure fully by legislation not
niconalstunt with this sec tion ul this Article,
for the hearing and doiorailuutlufi of all
such eases.
Hue-. 2. And bo It furthor enacted by
tho authority aforesaid. That the aforego
ing section hereby proposed as an amend
ment to the Constitution of tbU Btntu shall
bo at the noxl Osnrrul Blectlon fur mam
burs of the General jcssembly to bo bold In
this mate, submitted to tbe legal and quali
fied voters thereof for their adoption or re
jection, In pursuance of tbe directions con
tained In Article XIV of the Constitution of
this Blate, and at said general election tho
vole ink the said proposed amendment shall
be by ballot, and upon each ballot there
shall bo printed tbe words "fur tbe Consti
tutional Amendment" and "Against the
Constitutional Amendment" as now pre
scribed by law, and tmmedlutuly after said
oloetiun due returns ahull bo made to tbs
Governor of the vote fur kud against said
proponed amendment, as directed by the
uald Article XIV of the Cunslltutlen.
Approved February 2b, lima.
OF MARYLAND, lu pursuance of tbe pro
visions of Section I, of Article 14 of tho
Constitution of tbe State of Maryland, do
hereby order and direct that a copy of said
Act proposing an amendment to Section 1
of Article 1 of the Constitution of snld
State, bo published In at least two news
papers In each of the counties of tho State
aud In three newspapers In tho Oily of
Ualtlmoro, one of which shall ba published
lu the German lunguiy;q, ollco a week for
nt least three months preceding tho next
General Flection, which election will be
i hold on November 2nd, ISOO, at which elec
tion tho saltT proposed amendment shall h
■ submitted. In the form and manner pre
t scribed by tbe General Assembly, to the
I legal and qualified voters of tbs State, for
i tbolr adoption or rajeotlon.

GIVEN under my hand and the
i * Croat Seal of tho flats of
■ (Beal.) Maryland, Done at tbe City
j. of Annapolis, tbia Ist day of
r duly, one thousand nine hun
dred anfi nine,
a Ov Tint OoVKKNob;
d Seoratarp ol State.
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card giving the number used.
W. H. Moon John Mudd
W. H. Moore & Co
mecEss AND
Commission Merchants,
ot Country Produce.
General Merchandise

Dry Good*, Notions, Shoes, I I
I Hots, Oops, Groceries, Con- I
ned Goods, Hardware, 01*- I
gore, Whiskies, Wines, | |
And everything necessary
to make up a flrst-olssa
store. We solicit your pa
A& elegant line of Kcn’e Shirt*, Tlee
and Boee.
Loker & deWaal,
Prices to Suit the Times.
Genuine Silver King
Full nickel trimmed leather ITop
Buggy, 800.
Full Leather I Top Buggy, S4B.
Full Rubber Top Buggy, S4O.
Runabout leather trimmed, S4O
1 Roadoerts, $lO to S2O.
Theea.l ha ve on band and oanjivu?:—
ply at onoe. Gall and aaa me.
Yours respectfully,
Dluestone, Md.
Come And See
We extend a special Invitation
to our friends and the general
public during this shopping sea
son to give us a call and examine
our stock and get our prices be
fore buying elsewhere.
Our Stock of Dress Goods, Waist
Goods, Dry Goods and Notions,
generally are right up-to-date,
and the prices are the very low
est in fact there is not a better
stock to select from In the coun
ty, also our line of Shoes are
right up to the scratch all the
way through and you will find
that our prices are a* low If not
lower than any other place.
We always keep a fine line of
Groceries that are New and
Clean and of the very best qual
ity lor the money asked tor
We have candy galore as fine a
stock as you will find in South
ern Maryland and we will match
prices with the lowest.
In fact our whole Stock of Goods
are full and up-to-date In every
line. Call and see for yourselves
and we will be glad to show
our goods whether we can please
you or not.
Drury & Bounder*,
Leonsrdtown, Md.
Nov, 22. o—tf.
Store For Rent.
Will rent my store on the road near
Compton. Possession given at once.
Old established stand.
July IB— tf. Compton, lid.
For Sale Cheap.
One 0 H. P. Gasoline Marine Engine,
standard make.
1 82 ft. canoe ft tied for engine.
1 HO ft. canoe fitted for eng tne.
1 100 bushel bugeye. All sound and
in A1 condition. For particulars apply
H.AO.V. Wshbskiu,
July IB—U. Compton, Md.
Hotel Lawrence.
Pox well * Johnson, proprietors
of Hotel Lawrence, Leonsrdtown,
are prepared to look after the com
forts of their friends and the public
in general. Give us a call when in
our town and we will do our best to
make you happy. Special rates per
Fozwnx * Jos*son.
Leonard town, Hi.

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