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A. P. KING . . . Editor
L. F. ABELL . . . . . Baainces Manager
Entered at the Leonardtown Poetofice as second
laes matter under ihe Act’ ot May, 1898.
Notice to Correspondents;
©nr correspondents are requeeted to eend in their
communications in time for current issue. We
are most anxious to publish all communications,
but copy must be in this office by 4 p. m. Tuesday. ’
The hog cholera meetings which are being
held in this county by Dr. Atherton, o£ the
Maryland Extension Service, should meet
with the hearty co-operation of the farmers.
No man of even ordinary intelligence can fail to
benefit by the illustrated lectures which he is
giving, and which will continue at different
points in the county during next week and the
one following.
Dr. Atherton places the blame for the spread
of hog cholera squarely where it belongs—on
the neglect and indifference on the part of the
farmer whose herd is first affected and on the
carelessness of himself or his neighbors in spread
ing the germs to the adjoining farms. He
plainly shows the methods and precautions that
will prevent its spread, and points the way to
profitable hog raising. His lecture is illustrated
with highly instructive views showinc the pre
paration of hog cholera serum and demonstrat
ing its use through vaccination. Sanitation, and
disenfecting pens and animals is also portra>ed,
and every phase of the handling of this dread
disease is discussed in away that is not only
scientific, but thoroughly practical and intensely
Baltimore was visited last week by Sir Walter
Roper Lawrence, one ol the best informed of
the commissioners who have been sent to this
country by England since America joined forces
with the other democratic nations of the world.
This distinguished representative of our British
ally, in summing up the factors upon which de
pend the winning of the war, places them in
three classes, and the first and most important
of these is ships.
That upon the building of a sufficient tonnage
to transport our troops and keep them supplied
depends the hope of America, has been ap
parent ever since the submarine warfare began
the destruction of allied shipping. Sir Walter’s
statement only emphasizes a condition that we
have long recognized, but coming from a man
who has been a close student of the war ever
since it started, it has made a deep impression
and gives us a comfortable feeling of satisfaction
to know that a program to which our govern
ment is bending every effort and resource, is en
dorsed and approved by the nations who are
fighting with us.
The opinion of the British emissary is especial
ly striking, following so closely the inauguration
of a vigorous campaign for shipyard volunteers
that is being prosecuted in every State in the
Union. That ships may be built, and built
quickly, to carry supplies to the men already in
France and to transport other troops to reinforce
them, the Maryland Council of Defense is Call
'S! upon to secure the registration of 5230 men
out of a total national call for 230,000, every
one of whom is needed in the shipyards.
St Mary’s county is asked to furnish 7 0 men
for this work. They will not be called to ac
tive duty at once, but only as housing facilities
are supplied for them. What we are expected
to do now is to get them enrolled so that they
can be reached when wanted.
An advertisement in this issue give the offi
cers and places of enrollment. The wages will
be high and men volunteering from this county
will not have to go far from home, and all will
be enrolled in the Shipbuilding Reseive, a great
honor body of patriotic Americans.
It is not promised that volunteers for this ser
vice will be exempted from the selective draft,
but the men now in shipyards have been given
a deferred classification, and undoubtedly they
will receive special consideration.
The Railroad Situation.
Editor of The Bbacon; Sir :-I >■
asked by Mr. Herbert, of Mechsnies
villa, to write to the Director-General
of Railroads, and In answer to my let
ter, received the following :
“General Counsel to the Director-Gen
eral of Railroads, Washington;
January 81, 1918.
Dkar Sib Answering your letter
Co the Director-General in re twenty
two mile road between Brandywine end
Mechanicsville, now stopped.
What do you suggest 7
Is it your thought that Ihe railroad
which could not be operfttrd by its
owners should now be operated by the
Government T
If you have any sufficient reason for
this suggestion, will you be good enough
to give as the benefit of same.
Yours vary truly,
John Babton Payne
To Elbert Wakeman,
Sand Gates, Maryland.’’ .
I also wrote to Sydney Mudd and be
replied that both Senator Smith and he
would do all In thei' power to have our
R. H. resume.
I n w ask such organizations as now
exist- such as Partners’ Alliances and
Unions and Granges—Bank Preaidents,
leading merchants and editors of coun
ty papers-all write to the Director-
General of the necessity of this rail
road. He puts it up Ip ua to let him
know—sorely a great opportunity. If
we have no sufficient reason why the
R. B. ia not properly stopped—if we
have, then state why.
Try to have meeting, called at
Hugheaville, Mechanicavllie and leon
ardtown and petition the Director-Gen
eral at once.
Show him why !
Wi.hbkt Wakeman.
Sand Galea, Maryland,
February 2. 1818.
Hwr‘a this 7
- Wo offer One Hundred Dollars re
ward for any case of catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medi
Hall's Catarrh Modicum ha* been
taken by catarrh sufferers for tho past
thirty-five years, and has become
known as the most reliable remedy (or
catarrh. Hall's catarrh medicine acts
thru the blood on the'mucous surfaces,
expelling the poison from the blood
and healing the diseased portions.
Alter you have taken Hall’s catarrh
medicine (or a short time you will see
a great Improvement In your general
health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh
Medicine at once ana get rid of ca
tarrh. Send for testimonials, tree.
P. J. CHENEY A Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 76c.
Departed tills life. Jan 8, 1919, little
THOMAS EDWARD, beloved baby
of Peter and Marla Cameron, aged 9
The little crib Is empty now,
The little elotties laid by;
A father’s hope, a mother's joy
In death's cold bands doth lie.
In his little white oasket
Beneath the dewy sod,
in old St. Nicholas' graveyard
ile sleeps with the angels of his Out).
Day by day we saw him fade
And slowly sink away.
Yet often In our hearts we prayed
That he might longer stay.
His hands are folded on his breast—
We have kissed his pale white hrow;
And In our aching heart* we know
We have no baby now.
-Papa and Mamma.
(’ New Advertisements |
Ships !
Ships !
Our Government moat have
ship* that our fighting force*
in France and those of our
Allies )*• supplied with food
and other necraaariea We
must have BIIIPB to transport
our troops. Men without ahi|ia
cannot win the war.
Today the call ia fur men who
will volunteer for shipyard
work. The nu in Iter needed ia
980,000. Maryland’s quota ia
5250. This county's quota ia
70. Apply for particulars to
lal Dial UvrtKt P Willaaa Wyaas
34 Dial. Atcxsadvr Sksabaa. Porta Hallo
3d Dial. Harry E. Crevaa, Leoaardlawa
3d Dial. Low ■P. A ball. Laaaardlawa
4lh Dial. Ww. E. Oou,b. Chapins
Slk Dial. W. P. Chaster. Charlotte Hall
Alh DIM —Coo. L. Bachlar, Lavra) Crova
7th " -Adam T. Wibla. Abril
Olh - JaaMS P. A ad. C a lifers ■.
91b “ - Jos C. Hobbs, St. Gaorgr'* la d.
Main Office for Maryland;
2D and 28 Commerce Street,
Baltimore. John K. Shaw,
chairman in charge of Irabor
and Employment Bureau.
-By order, Francis K. Waters,
Chairman of Executive I enisilUi o
of Maryland Council of Itefenaa.
Want to rent an Improved
farm with the privilege of buy
ing after the first year. Please
send at once description and
location, also terms of rental
and selling price. Will enter
tain any other proposition.
Searsdale Avenue,
Tuchahok, N. Y.
fife Baltimore News
Morning or Evening Edition.
25c Per Month
$3.00 Per Yar
Complete commercial and financial
markets, v T
AH ' the. news coin Ie page—short
stories and other good fuaiurely
One cent per copy from a,)P-.news
Sample cbpy on request. *’ l
Mall orders received’ by Poshpaaters
and Newsdealers, or direct to
The Baltimore News,
Circulation Gvor 100,000 Dally.
I • ' B
The Man with a Bank Account I
Knjoys freedom fiotu worry regarding financial fl
H problems. He knows just what he Is doing and gels ■ ;
a receipt for every dollar paid out by cheek.
We Invite Cheeking end Savings accounts. It is a
■ pleasure to place the oomnlete faeilities of this Insti- |
tutloo at the service of our depositors.
B <'all and talk matters over. See how we can help I
'J you-. ■; 1
"Th* Bank of Service”
Lsonsrdtown, Md.
-( Capital lAO'Otil). Resources 1818,000.00. i - j
] Surplus ami Undivided Profits $30,000. r |
f 4 Per Cent Paid on Having Account*. 1
<• 9 ** ' * ppa|
■■■■■■ - ■■l 11. I.n. lit. II II etna
~, IM -„.), fl ~ —^
Horses and Mules
** ]!■•• • "
For Sale
■' -■ 1
Owing to the railroad haring discontinued operation,
I will sell the followingyoung work stork
2 Pairs of Hflavy Work Horses
2 Pairs of Heavy Work Moles
6 Pairs of 3-year old Moles
This is all good straight slock, and any one in need of
work horses or mules will*do well to see them before buying.
All Yonng sod in Good Condition.
Sold Under a Guarantee.
Can % ,jt ft#m •* at n\j rr*idn<*. M*< hftnui*vill<', Ml.
t! • a. A " f
George C. Peverley
_...- ... . ,
1 t
— * - - ■'
YOU’LL enjoy this real
Burley cigarette. It’s
full of flavor —just as good
as a pipe.
The Burley tobacco is
toasted; makes the taste
delicioup. You know how
toasting improves the flavor
of bread. And it’s the
fk n same with tobacco exactly.
t •, t
■' -"
-• vs . ui.
■ The Hi. Mary’s Co. Cigar Factory offers you the Ireat Two
vfor-Five Cigar ever made. Why? Because it is made from
St. Mary’s County Tobaotio and made by St. Mary’s girls, in
clean, bright farm factory, They cost a dollar amPaiaty |
cents a hundred. Send us an order by postal card, and we
will ship them to you by partial post.
IHT - !szf.
in Charlotte Hall. %
Very desirable borne.
Charlotte Hall, Md.
A email Waterfront Farm.
Name price, terms, when pos
session can be given and full
particulars of same. Write
5416 Master St.,
Phila. Pa.
Wood’s Seeds
For 1918
The patriotic duty of farmer* and
gardeners everywhere is to Increase
crop and food production. Inten
sive farming and gardening, and
the liberal use of fortillxers, togethe r
with proper rotation of crops, so
as to Increase end Improve the fer
tility and productiveness of the *
land, are all vital and necessary
considerations at the present time.
Wood’s Descriptive Catalog
For 1418 gives the fullest and most
up-to-date Information In rckard
to all
Farm and Garden Seeds
And telle about the best crop# to
grow, both for profit and home use.
Write foe Catalog sad prices of
Grass and Clover Seeds. Seed
Potatoes, Seed Oats, or any
Farm Seeds Required.
Catalog Melted Free On asqaest.
SEEDSMEN. Richmond, Va.
1 " - ."-t-Ll 1 Ul
i> > ’ * i -/■
™ JM tJWi PI wm IL w jm B |MI ram
I Over 40.000 owners of farms, country homes
and stores, throughout the world, representatives B
of over sixty different lines of business, are finding B
DELCO-LIGIIT to be a dependable and trust- I
worthy electric light and power plant H * vs
■I *ti~< -
Leonardtown Implement Co., I -
““ I 1
f r? v>&
r> i *&s
~•’>% j f.
, * v ,/.
t i r n>
Look Here!
—if you want to
find real bar- JpMhJ/l X
gains in Men’s *
and Boys Apparel wB JjßMf
From our
igently seek clearance of our /
plus stock.
We do that by making special re- j |
No matter what you want— j ' - J ..-i
Suits, Overcoats, Hats,
Furnishings and Shoes
• i
for yourself or the boy—you will find splendid opportunities here—in insured J
At Prices That j
inprigbts (BranDe placers
Estawjshsd 1842.
1108 F St. N. w.. : ■
i ( . 1
Second-Hand Pianos at all prioes,
including some of our own make.
Slightly Used Player Pianos at Low Figures.
Timing by Factory Ecperta. Telephone Main 2990
J C. CONLirr, Manager
Slearn and Hot Water Heating. Tin Roofing and SpoutW
Licensed Sanitary Plumber and Gaa Fitter
Mail Order* Promptly Attended To.
Great Mills, St. Mary's County, Md.*i
3-22-17-1 v C. * P.'Phonk. ■ Si “i

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