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If 4C” {s> 9
Thursday 'Morning, May 5, mill.
— " ■ ■■
Localwise 6t Otherwise
f Mrs. KaU) Haydbn Is very 111 at her
homo at Maddox.
If’ Capt. Win. W. Clark, of Ridge, was
a couoly-soat visitor on Tuesday.
Mr. “Bud” Adams, of St. George’s
Island; s(sint part of Monday In Leon
|!, ' If you are a baseball player or even
. a baseball “fan” attend the meeting
at Leonard Hall on Sunday, May 8,
at II p. in.
On Saturday last Judge Gamaliel'
||gjS drew the jury for the next term of Court
ftqjGharles County, which convenes
■B on May Kltb.
Mrs. F. O. Margan, who has I men
spending the winter in Washington
with Mr and Mrs. Roach Abell, has
to-iiqr home in Leonardtown
for the summer.
There will ho an important meeting
of the St. Mary’s Academy Alumnae
at the Academy on Sunday! May 15th,
at 3p. in. All members arc urgently
requested to attend.
£ Miss Louise Hayden and Miss Cath
erine Johnson havo returned to Mor
ganza alter spending a week with their
X uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John .1
Hess, of Tbompklnsville, Charles coun-
High tide on luosday loosened some
blocking under the warehouse at
Hrome’s Wharf, St. Mary's City, and
caused the building to slide off its
foundations into the water, damaging
a quanity of fertilizer.
Mr. Charles L. Uobrecht, of the
Bureau of Ungearing and I‘rinling,
M ashingtoo. l>, C., returned home on
Baturdsy last at'r a visit to his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Ro
brccht, of St. George’s Island.
My stock is complete, my prices are
low; I handle quality goods as you
nil know. So when you are out for a
t spin, and no place to go, drive down
to P. B. Bong's and I'll thank you so.
Some very exceptional values in men’s
and boy’s clothing. Just arrived.—
Report has it that a whiskey ship is
afloat in the I ’atuxent river, laden w ith
the real article. Detectives Mudd,
Kdclen and Gardiner left La Plata
promptly on Tuesday in quest of the
craft, but havo not Imen heard of since.
Another searching uarty is being or
gan! zed. —Times C -rescen t.
All who arc Interested in the organi
zation of a base ball team for Leon
ardtown are asked to attend a meet
ing at Leonard Bail on Sunday, May
Btb, at ;t p. m. Teams are being or
ganized at several towns in Southern
Mary land amt a good season is as
sured if a team can tie formed here.
, Tim Charlotte Ball baseball team
* will [day Hel Alton Athletic Club at
Charlotte Hall on Saturday, May Ith,
_gmo to be called at 3. .to p. m. Bel
Mton claims a strong team. Among
the moUidsiiion is Alan (Lefty) Her
bert, ex-taunard Hall, Ml. St Joseph
and Oriole staTr-tic will be caught by
Bruco Matllinws, of Mttrylwwl Slate
Another of the Art Association pic
turns Will lie given at the Town Hull,
Leonard town, on Thursday, May Hi,
afternoon and evening, by St. Aloysln*
& Church. The picture, betides showing
lioa.iitifully the wonderful life of Joan
of Arc, her triumph and death, gives
In detail Uie ostial scene in {he Vati
can when she was canonized by His
Holiness, I'upe Benedict XIV. The
lilm is the Ops; and ouly one ever tak
en in the, Vatican, and gives in minute
the ranonization, presenting a picture
p. of pomp and muguificenec such ns can
lie seen only In the great Basilica of
St. Peter’s.
Chaplico item*
After undergoing an operation of
the throat, little Miss Kraucis Key
has returned from Washington and is
quite well again.
There will lie a dance at Cbaptico
Hall Thursday evening. May ft. The
proceeds of this entertainment will lie
for the iicnelit of St. Mary’s Hospital.
Miss Ursula Hancock, who spent
last week in Chaplico. lias returned to
her home in Washington.
Mr. Sprigg Beeves, Jr., a Charlotte
Hall cadet, is confined to his home
with measles.
Mrs. Lucy Russell, of Cleipnnts, has
returned to her home after spending
two weeks with her daughter, Mrs.
Woodley F. Aliell, of Washington.
Mr, Clarence Hoover, who has been
operated on for appendicitis, is much
The Community Club of the Fourth
District held its April business meet
ing and entertainment at Chaplico last
Thursday evening.
Immediately after the business meet
> lug Mr. Peter Chichester, of College
I’ark, favored the Club with a most
Interesting ftnd enjoyable address.
This was followed by a display of the
talent Of Mr. Willie Herbert, of I)y
--nard, who gave two charming vocal
selections—“ Songs My Mother Used
to Sing” and “Hiawatha's Melody.”
A short play, “The Snow-Capped Mis
ters,” was then produced. The cast
was as follows:
Mistress Snow-Miss Mary H. Kow
Miss Ella Know, elocutionist- Mrs.
Deland Higgs.
Miss Dummy Hnow, deaf and dumb—
Mi Mary Welch.
Miss Susan Daplora Hnow, who
mourns a lover—Miss Mary Slone.
Miss Johanna Jemima Snow, suffra
gette —Miss Ella Simpson.
Miss Patti Lind Hnow,, warbler—
Mrs. John B. Lyon, Jr.
Miss Sappho Sonatina Snow, poet
ess-- Miss Virginia Reeves.
Misses Loutsy and Loueezy Snow,
twins —Misses A. Louise Fowler and
Margaret Youaiski.
Miss Marie Elsie Snow, French—
Miss Addle Swann.
Miss Wing Foo Snow, a sweet celes
tial—Miss Jean Gibson.
Miss Bertha Lee. Turner, daughter
Of Rev. apd Mrs. Barker Turner, was
married at her home at Adaiqslown on
Wednesday, Aprfl 20th, to Mr. Ashton
O. Snouffer, of Frederick The bride,
who is verv popular In Leonardtown
where she lived for several years, is
the sister of Mrs. John J. Duke and
was given away by Mr, Duke, her
father, Rev. Darker Turner performing
the ceremony The Bkacon extends
Every district In the county should
be well represented at the meeting of
the St. Mary’s Tobacco Growers’ As
sociation to bo held at the Court
House, Leonardtown, on Saturday,
May 7, at 1.30 p. m. The meeting is
a most important one and as the deci
sion taken on subjects presented will,
in large measure, define the policy of
Slate Association, every member
should make a special effort to attend.
£> .sV.iL.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius JolitisOiii <>i
Blair's Purchase, are receiving cup
. gratulations on the birth of a due baby
boy. Father Julius Is some proud
I Col. and Mrs. J. Marshall Dent, of
Oakley, spent last week with their son,
W. Gilbert Dent, of Clinton, and Mrs.
Wade H. Blaoklstone, of Washington.
The stork visited Mr. and Mrs. Con
i pad Morris, of Abell, and left a fine
baby girl. Our congratulations.
Mr. Jos. H. Dent, of Burlington, Is
painting his dwelling. Messrs. Bul
lock and Russell are contractors.
Dr. I. K. Atherton * and Frank
i Wathcn were In this section last week
f butchering hogs.
' Mr. J. W. Thompson, of While’s
Neck, lost a valuable milk cow last
. week.
t Mr. Ernest Pilkerton, of Maiden
i Bower, was so badly frightened while
returning from a visit to bis sweet
heart byway of Knotlny Hail hill that
’ he ran Ins horse all the way home and
1 his father found the horse in the stable
• the next morning with the harness on.
1 Ernest’s hair Is still standing up, and
he Is very weak in the knees. He says
r if there's such a thing as a devil, it
‘ was surely after him last Sunday night.
The Seventh District Community
1 Club will meet Tuesday next. May 10,
the meeting called for Tuesday last
haring been postponed.
Mr. and Mrs, James Tbotnas, of
! Washington, are guests of Rev. and
Mrs. Henry Saunders, of All Saints'
Rectory. —Oaiuuki,,
Mrs. Linda Morris, wife of Beavans
, Morris, a prominent farmer of the
• First district, died at her home. “Jut
land.” on Wedmalay, April 27<h,
aged 35 years, leaving her husband
' and four children surviving her.
Funeral services were held on April
1 29th, at Trinity Church, St. Mary’s
l -■■■
Died at his home near Park Hall on
' Tuesday, April 26, Daniel A. Hammett,
1 aged about 03 years. Ho leaves a
widow and four grown children.
1 Funeral services were held on April
27 at St. George’s, Valley Ixsi.
* _ _
Robert Dean, aged 54 rears, died at
California, In the Eighth District,
Tuesday, May 3rd, after a long illness.
Be was employed on Dr. Ilodgdon's
farm, “Dana-on the-Patuxont.” and
was a very industrious man. Deleaves
a wife and eight children.
Funeral services were held on Wed
nosdav, May 4lh, at St. John's Chapel,
George A, Simms, Hr., a native of
this county, died at his residence In
Baltimore on Thursday, Anrll 28th, in
the 84lh year of his age. Mr. Hiram's
home place in St. Mary's was “Thorn -
ly,” now the site of Ivonard Hall.
About 1880 he mood to Baltimore,
where he resldrel until his death.
Sdrvivingjifm are his widow, who
*4a D. Combs; three sons,
George A ■ Hugh and Jack Simms, of
Baltimore, and one sister, Mrs. Car
rie Spalding, of Lumarduiwn.
Funeral services were held on Sat
urday, April 31*1, with Requiem Mass
at St. Martin’s Church, Baltimore.
May he rest In peace.
Mrs, Eliza V, Weems, wfflo* oMlt
late Francis W. Weems, died at her
homo near La Plata. Charles couutv,
on Friday, April 22, at tlie trge of 9t
years She was a daughter of the late
John Harris and Eliza Prill, of Balti
more. Mrs Weems was eel) known
in St. Mary's, especially in Leonard
town, where she spent a winter about
throe years ago with her niece, Mrs.
Mattie M. Key, She was also the
aunt of Mrs. Robert cole and Miss
Della Maddox, of Washington, and
Mr. John W. Harris, of Leonardtown.
The strike of marine workers which
lie.gan in Baltimore on Monday, May
2, in protest against a IS prr rent cut
in wages, is assuming serious pro
portions. Already 2,000 men are out
and 15 shins are tied up in port. Gal
veston and Nr.w York report a similar
0 0)1
Monday. May 3-, ushered in the
crabbing season, but lew crabs ap
liearod on the Baltimore market. A
lew were shipped in from Virginia, the
soil variety selling from 12 to 13 per
dozen and hard crabs bringing from
75 rents to ti per dozen.
inspectors and captains of the “oys
ter navy” have been Instructed to
strictly enforce the law against the
■ taking of soft crabs nr “peelers” un
der three inches or hard crabs under
five inches in length. The Conserva
tion Commission Is quoted as estimat
ing that this will Ik) a record year as
far as .the number of crsbliers is con
cerned, and there are Indications that
the catch will be a good one.
La Pld l *> Md., May 3.—A number of
farmers in Ibis county have received
checks from the Maryland Tobacco
Grower*’ Association for their Jorlion
of tobacco In the i,Tip hogsheads of to
bacco sold by the association to one
consumer a few weeks ago. This it
said to have been the largest single
sale of tobacco ever made on the
Baltimore market.
Crlafleld, Md., May I.—The first
strawberries shipped to Northern mar
kets from Somerset were made tills
week, and commanded high prices.
The berries wore shloped from Marl
on, the largest strawberry renter In the
world, and it is said the first crate sold
for *19.20, which is equivalent to OOcts.
a quart. Thirty-four crates left Marl
, on yesterday and sold for prices rang
ing between *9 and s{3, which compares
favorably with last year’s opening mar
ket. It is said that the highest price
paid ior a crate of berries fn 1920 was
, 110, and that the average the season
i through waa *B. Because of the short
age In the berry crop it is thought
, there Is a possibility of last year's re
cord prices being maintained this soa
, son.
The acreage under cultivation l ex
ceptionally largo, four r five times
greater, it is said, than that of 1920.
The growers sav, however, the crop
has been damaged 50 per cent by re
cent frosts in this section, and they do
1 not look for a large yield. Some of
( the growers escaped with small losses
■ because their berries were located un
i der the edge of wdbds and thickets,
which afforded a protection to the tend
i er blossoms, it Is said the “Horsey
• Favorite,” which Is a local variety,
, withstood the climate changes better
F than many of the other berries and
■ that these have not been damaged
- - i*: •’ ■ i, ••••£/ .
muMS'K *; i’ * ' "■
( The closing of itvi Maryland oyster
season last week will give workbouls
Of the Chospcako Bay an opportunity
I to prepare for the races to lie staged
off Claiborne on July 2. Some of the
. boats already havo stopped work, but
1 the last will be In by Saturday, with
’ nothing to do except a little lumber
’ hauling or Ifght freighting.
The boatmen are now looking for
• ward to the races, not only because of
) ihc prizes to he offered, but because
they are interested in the proposal to
, revive all the old competition that once
. prevailed. A generation ago there
wore several bugeyes that claimed the
hay championship, and no trouble was
! ever met with in arranging a contest
1 between them, nor was any hew chal
lenger ever neglected,
i The bugeves, being a lyiie of boat
l exclusive to the diespeake, are consid
ered the principal attraction of Hie
, races, and for that reason Thk Bvbn
. lN<rStlN and TIIK SON are offering a
, first prize of *IOO, a second of *3O and
[ a third of #25 for ll.e plots) winners in
I that rare, while the Chespeake Bay
, Yacht Club, which is to manage the
races, will give a silvercupto thowin-
I nlng boat. The first prize in Hie skip
, jack class will lie *75, with the second
. and third prizes of *SO and -425. res
liectivoly. The Cliespeake Hay Club
will present a ciqi to the first-place
winner in this class also.
All bugeyes and skipjacks of the
’ Chesneake and its tributaries may en
ter, providing they are used as work
-1 boats part of the year They must
carry only their regular working sails
In the raves and must lie rigged Re
cording to their type of boat. This
will mean that bugeyes cannot enter
with schooner rigs or carrying any of
the large gaff headed sails, as this
would give them an advantage over
those boats with the triangular sails,
which have a smaller area.
The entries for the races are living
received bv the racing editor ofTIIK
EVENING SUN and will lie lurni d over
to the regatta committee of the I 'be
... i
On April 20, as trustee. Waller J.
Mitchell sold at La Data the property
known as 'Wbortlelierry, upon
which Is located the same dwelling
house In which the lain Thomas A,
Jones resided woen he aided John
Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Presl
dent Lincoln, to cross the Potomac.
For several days, under the direction
of the lab) Col. Samuel I Ox, Jones [
carried food to Booth from this, his
dwelling place, to a wooded spot which j
ix now the site of the town of Bel A I-j
ton, a point about midway iietweea the ;
resiiectlve homes nl Cox and Jone. j
Sleeping upon the damp earth had j 1
tendency to complicate Booth's suffer- i
ing from his broken limb, and Han
finally decided by Cox mid Jones to j
put him across the river. It was Joi.es
who executed Ibis (eat, and the point
from which Booth embarked was op
pnsib- the property sold on Tuesday,
along the hirtoric I’otouma.
Wednesday morning, April 27, sev
iieal small robberies were discovered j
on Solomon's, which occurred during
the previous night. The K*-kar store
whs entered and the cash drawer rifted '
of about *ls. Tim store of Webster a
Bro. Was also vtsip>d and a number of
articles taken. When the cashier ar
rived at the hank it was found that the
door of the building bad been forced,
and the Uilef stole a lot of stamps and
other articles, Including the pistol kepi
In the bank. A mimlcr of burned
matches were strewn about the floor
around the vault, showing that the
thief was not well prepared for the job.
It was evidently tlie work of an ama-, (
fetir and a nearby resident. ~
Federal agents eame down on Tues i *
day on a hunt for a vessel and Its car- j'
go of liquor smuggled Into the county
and landed In thu river at Holland ,
Point and Benedict on Saturday and '
Sunday last. The boat and principal 1
part of its cargo had disappeared for 1
parts unknown, but about 109 eases
stored away at Benedict, In one of tlie ,
oyster houses on shore was seized by (
the officers, ferried across' pi till* side
and hauled away Tuesday night Pi
Baltimore. ’Hie yacht or veswl came j
in the river Friday and grounded lor !
sevifral hours near Sheridans Point, f
Getting off, it proceeded to Holland .
Point, where live large trucks were
awaiting It. 77m trucks arrived ls>- '
fore the boat on Friday and were Hiv
ed up behind the barn to await the ar- I
rival of boat 77m bulk of the cargo '
wa landel and loaded on the trucks, .
which left during Sunday night, going .
north. It Is said that Monday night !
two motor Imat loads, about s<)o cases. |'
were taken up the river Pi iai landed '
at souk- point, perhaps Hill's Bridge,
where ft waa to lie taken on trucks. '
Notion Ivlng given that Government '
authorities were getting wise, the boat* 1
remaiiM'd In hiding all day Tuesday '
and tapir discharged their cargo with- '
out making known the place.
The goods captured at Benedict were
packed up six quart tuitllns to the bag ,
and 195 bags were found and several ,
cases of boar. An export stamp on the '
bottles IndicaP'd-- that the goods were
sliip|MHl in from some outside port,
probably the West Indies It Is also
reported that Government officials had ‘
wind of the movement and were ov'!
watch but missed the trail. When the
trucks and automobiles reached Hol
land Point it is said they aceounpid for
their presence by staling they came to 1
take the equipment of the eonlraePir f
building the State road st Benedict Pi .
Ml. Hanqony, in this county, where he
is said 4° have contracted to build
the road b) Chespeake Beach
The cargo of the Imat Is estimated to
have been from 1300 to 1500 cases, val- '
ued around *50,000: Tlie smugglers
had the trip well timed and all arrange
ments made for a prompt transports
• Mon of tfielr goods and except for the
boat getting around the lob would ,
probably havo been completed with 1
even leas delay.—Calvert Gazelle. *
Thursday. May 5 Supper and dance
at St. George’s Hall, Valley lice.
Music by Imula Guy's Orchestra.
Thursday, May 5-Chaptloo Hull. ,
Dance for benefit of St. Mary's Ibis- ,
Saturday, May 7—Moving pictures
at Oakley Hall, and every Saturday
Saturday, May 7—Dance Community
Hall. Cedar Point. Music by Karl
Berryman’s Orchestra.,
Sunday. May Bth.-Now Hall, Med
ley’s Nock, Rally and blessing of
1 corner stone, 3p. m. Oration by Rev.
W. J. Stanton, 8. J., Admlßion free.
Tuesday. May 10-Dance at Mat
thew’s Hall, Jarboesvllle Good mu
sic and refreshments.
Thursday, May 12-Town Hall, Loon
ardtown, Benedict XIV Canonizing
Joan of Arc. Dancing.
Monday, May 10—St. Mary’s Ac
ademy Hall. 3-act play, “Mrs. Tubbs
of Shantytown.
Tuesday, May 17—Town Hall. Leon
ardtown. Comedy, ‘ Diamonds and
Hearts,” benefit Medley’s Neck hall.
Monday. May 30th.—Leonard Hall.
Moving Pictures and Da nee for benefit
of Leonard Hall. Kefiyshments.
Karl Berrym an’* Orchestra.
lit* 'm' iadtaftt'*?* c ‘ ! th’o , y
that It may o*> <ou lime hcl lie ap
point* tt successorto H£aiWi’>iiC!ifi"!H(r
A (font Alltort R. VVehr, who has an*
nonncod his intention of resign ini;
He lias no one paHlcirfbrtr in
yet and has received no applieutidns
for the place.
LaTEII. AUvert n. Wet)r was Ukou
suddenly ill in his office on Monday n{
.1 p. in. and died early the loHowing
morning at his home in Mhupt Wash
- -
Iriow’a This ?
We offer lIUO.OO for any capo of catarrh
that cannot ho cured Uy HALL H
en Internally and acts through the Wood
on tho Mucous Surfaces of th System.
Bold by dnißatpts fur over forty years.
Trice 75c. 'reatimontalK free.
F. 1, Choncy &. Co., TolceJ, Ohio.
ft A L
Sunday, lllay 8,3 PM.
Rev. W. J. Stanton. K. J.
Bles' inft of Corner Stone
Music Admission Free
Notice to Creditor*.
Orphans' Court of St. Mart 's (Shinty,
Set:-April ZH, 1021.
This l to give notice that the xul,
serilwr has obtained from tho Orph
ans’ Court for Ht, Mary's County, tot
ter* testamentary on the rstate of
lain of said county, deceased. Ail
persons having claim* agnliitt said
deceased an* Hereby arned to exhibit
til* same with the* rourhrra tlicna>f, to
the sultnorilsir on or Itefore tie* 2;*th
day of iXtlsMirr, 1921; limy r. i *’• ■<*
wiwt hy law in- exclud'd H ub aI! !*ifl
iltof said rstllt*' All p . on iiep bl#
i'U to said "State am mptf tf to make
Immediate na •- im-tii.
4 2JMU. Executrix.
—Corn ftwd Milled H,,.
John h a hit 'i.
flaysi.h* Farm,
.4-17 Hi iJttVdv -i-f.
For - v rjr■> * *!
U. 11. I'KMiißv KK.
t it It. I'..rii H i , M.)
. Tax Sale
- OK
Rea! Estate
“*l* 1
Si. Marys County.
By virtue of authority vv*,#il in o ;
• Kale Conoty Toast!' • f-.r ‘ ( j
Mary' Count* l,y Adcle 59 •?'m C*
i ( Kuhlir L'-'"*l lav.* Ti if ‘ -i-j
Vary "a I'atuiy, snbttflg ’ t -ui ty j
Treasurer”, • amentha) i v .< •• -r
237 of the A"t of the Omierst fit cm
hlv of IWth. Chapter .tutt: • A* I of
19t. Chanter 762 of tin* Art* . I 1!> ' .
and Chapter 32fi of the Acta of l*i|2e S
Lawrence I*. William*. doH "h ud
County Tmtuo-r fo* St. Mary'* Umo
ly for the year* 1916 and '957, on N.
em*-cr 2. I'.th), a*d da'y ,
*u*-h on Auttosi C.tb. 19lti. •.)•> hert-lvy
give notice that. May tnn fnfore j
notified .ieh'opK'ivta * fnijlc Ih/ I,*,
that their taxes for .aid y.-srs -ver.
due and In arrears I ih - !t j u
lie aoettoo t the hijflmat r f..y j
cah. at tho ( ourt limy do t at Luoc 1
ardtowo. on
MONDAY, Mhj m, 1921.1
between the hour* of 1 I*. M. and 4 I’, j
M , on that day. and helwe* ti tin name ;
hours on each .<urr<o-dln(f day, if
saury, until )< tb property hereby ad J
vertlced shall have beer >i'h tt* ■ *■ i |
rral Iraela of land or parrel* of prop-1
erty h.rejnaltvr dt-wrlbol, to *ti*fy
•nd pay''tale and County tvx*‘s, due!
and in artwara on -. ; l ,r n■ n fo> ti
year or y ar* mentioned, loifeUi* r with
inton-at thereon, and nil < ets. arerti .1
or to a.-eruu.
The nfrrrwn tnude to { ite r 0.1
Folio are hi the I/out fe nirda of Si
Mary’a County, Maryland.
rnisr nitrrimr.
Bennett, Eufftme. Hoswi and lot. No
deed. 8m liber J KF No ti, fo'io dtlß
and liber K B A 3, fho ?7 f I‘HT
Ttntea, Inin eat and . st* * (> 17
Holler, Wi'd -yif* I! a hi i ,
100 acre* and Itmv'ovenn ids, tJihi'f J r
Fit. folio hf. 11117. Taxra, ii I r ,
anti met*, s.!r> 92.
Carroll. Alex Home and I*l n* d ,
foreat lan*!, tltvcr J F F , folio C l,
1916 and MC7 Taxes, interest and
coal a. |l4 S7
Clayton, Win L Jhats" and lot N"
deed. See ,1 J (i it folio i’lii id 6 t
1917. Taxis, inteieat anu et>*t, *ll :,il
Caurine, Map,bill Hou‘ tind to
lilor EB A, (olio Ml 1;'10 nd MM7
Taxea. interat and r mis, f s> ii i.
Grocnwell, Jhs Jr. Hoo-e and It.
No deed. IlUftjtnd 19*7. Tax? a, In** r-"
eat and costs, slh 91
TarlUm, t)aoi*:l. House and lot, no
deed 1917, Taxon, Interest and coat*,
$6 98.
Voopr, John W, Ron -e nd bit from
H, Smith. li* er EUA 6, folio 19 1957
Taxer, Interest and eo*la, $9 17
Zaee, A M. Part lookout. 321 acres
arid improvein nt. IMier J K FB, folio
489 and 498; libi" K 8 A 9, folio 215'J,
*Bl. 1916 and 1917. Taxea, interest,
and costa $230 36.
Carter & Trice. Part Plney Polr l,
132 acrea and improve menta. liber K II
A3. folio 499. 1917. Taxc*. inU-. Pi
and coate. SB2 32.
Garner, Geo W House find Jot and
Improve me nta.no deed. 1916 and 191.7.
Taxes, interest and costa, sl2 *6.
Gladden. Fred. Part of Surprise. 1
acre, liber E B A 12. folio3B. initiat'd
2917. Taxes, interest and coats, $7 49.
Johnson, William. ttooae and lot
and storehouse and lot ami iirprove
menta, liber JJG 2. folio lIHI. 1917.
Taxes, interest and coats. $lO 76
Middleton, James E. Hnuae-and lot.
liber EHA 2, f01i0440 1917 Taxes.
Interest and coals. $7 60. —'
Miles,- Anne. House and lot, no deed.
1916 and 1917. Taxes; interest, and
costa, $9 00.
Morgan. Arthur. House and lot, li
her Ell A 18, folio 13,1. 19.7. Ta* -,
interest and coats, $9 HI
Smith, AF. Lot and buildings no
deed. 1916 and 1017. Taxes, Interest
and coats, sll 01.
Barnes, Oeortfcanna. Paft Logan’s I
lilli'll V" M
10 cigarettes for 10 cts
Handy and convenient; try
them. Dealers now carry
both sizes; 10 for 10 cts;
® It’s Toasted
The Firs! National Bank of SI. Mary’s
At Leonardtown, Maryland
In the construction of this new modern fireproof building we
have endeavored to anticipate the needs of our customers as
v oil us the large growth of this hank. Nothing has been ne
' gtocted that would contribute to up-to-date bank service to our
customers, including modern fire and burglar proof vault with
deposit boxes. The outside door to this vault alone
weighs gix tons.
Special provision for comfort and convenience of all custom
ers, and especially lor lady patrons, has been provided. '
Tl is the sincere wish of the Direction and Officers of the
First National Bank of St. Mary’s that every one in St, Mary's
County consider this HIS or HER BANK. It has been built
fen y<n; and to render SERVICE to you. We have not said
•nidi during the enetion of this building, hut have left each
step of H construction to speak for itself. We believe that in
*. (hja building the community can well take pride. It shows,
fir t of all, our appreciation for your hearty co-of>eration and
patronage, and our faith in this community arid county.
ft will fas recalled that this bank is the oldest and only
National Sank in St Mary’s County, and that it was this bank
1 ! < : made it possible for our people to enjoy, to know, banking
/'• .eniencoa. We trust that we have provided a service that
. ves grid a protection that protects.
Upon the foundation of honest and careful service and fair
dealings. The First National Bank has grown into a large bank
and our people may rest assured that no effort will be spared
1 1 givc-i uch service ns will continue to merit your undivided
support, '
At Lkonakdtown
J’fains. 38 set i s ri>r Improvcrnsstt*.
No {ford ’9BI und MH7, ‘fa****! in
|rjV*l and cost*. *9 S'.
Hv.ckistorn*. Wm tv House and kit
god !■!, )•<>■ units Liber J ft KNo
1$) folio 13J. lutfi and 1917. Taxes,
interest and c fit '>4.
HeUtcbn*. I‘ (4. Houybl of I*l4l
Key. fio aer- and Improvement* 1,1-
>rr Kll A 13. folio 463. 16SJ7. Taxes,
Interest and dost*. *l3 30.
Canter, fovlah Estate, 4’arl Kdln-
T*oi*o'. 2> acrv-s .d Improvements.
Lila. 17 II ANo 17. folio 127 ttaxi
auti (o? m < TiarloUr Hail. Liber 1-7 *t
A No 1. folio 4.(1 lOll! and li*n.
T i ml t nail $,
Dyson, Clarke. Lam) from Alirv.
No deed, 1916 and 1917 Taos, In
and bMk, *ls it.
‘ W>nter, l3ir(i*. While Marsh,
IS *-& acr> * and b-tprovenM ids. Liber
J-7 (i A tt. folio 4" I '.ft7. Tax. is, Ip
u-ri'dt ultt] C-sls. til Vti.
.• If’Wlea, D*n i. Lot from
*Uron. Li> >■ 17 f! A I. folio
4.117, im--is"*t uml costs, fo 72.
C-tirtney. Mary A. House and lot
and InDßHrwtili, I Alar J !•* F A,
folio 1 22. If IK ami lft>. Tat', in
tew-xt and emf, *l2 *l. ■**
* 4. Ellas Addition, RS acre* and
ftftbrovriaontx Ltbor J.1(1No 3, fo
Jio XV'., (-7 0 A 12. folio lilt. 17 H A HI,
folio 1271. 191? and If!". Taxes, lu
ll • -t and co,-In, *22 do.
Fenwick, Harry. Ilouae and lot.
No deed. Iflli and 1917. Tax.--, in
tin est .md main, *U 30.
fsiron, f iroripi lot mid IrttlUMus*. I
No dii'd. Ifld and I(tl7. 'ltalics, h -
Uffl'.'l and cans, *l3 22.
Carter, Mltey. ItoiOM! and lot and
Ikiuw atti) lot Iron. Lovo and ‘ burltv
Kociely. Uher K. 11 A Ni>B, folio I.V.i
fold and Iff7, Tax**, Interest and
coni-, *2.1 'it
i onntor', floury. House and lot. i
Liber 17 I! ANo 2. folio 717-1. IWI7. ,
Taxes, Incarvat and didx, *7 83,
M.ii'0 1 , Jerome Hurt St<'iitlnuici:'' 1
Ulm-il, known a Hullock's f'oinl,
tioU’ii and Improvements, Liber Kit
A 1(1, folio 1710. I!H7. Taxc, l. iMetiiit
and oortw, *l4 lit.
Wilson, Ho bind. Land, I acre, No
d-i'ii. loifl and If 17. Tuxes, io to rest
and i ostx, *7 m. !•; BA,
Brown. Andrew, House and lot, 11
licr EIfA 4. folio 13b 1917. Tax .
interest and cost*. 17117
C-ileniHii, John. Rod-a and lot, no
d>*i'd ISH7 Taxo*, inlon- at and roata,
7 *4.
Duvall, Carter & (7<>. flßramrlt land
8H acrß. Hhrr L H A 9, folio 212 7917,
Taxea, lotand coat*. sl2 98
Cor rest, (icornu {’art CroathUra
Plilina, 10 arrex and in:|irovenivnU ( It.
Iter JJfl 4, folio Tt. 19(6 and 1917.
Taxf*, Intrroat and rode, *lO 94.
Karrcat, Kamuel J|7 Land from On
V Barber, 17 acre?, liber E D A 4, folio ]
{fi9 1917. I’axea. intorcat and rodtr,
7 39
Johnson, EMashnih AE. House and
lot, liber KII A J. folio 461. 1917.
■taxes, interest and rests, $8 24.
MuHfm, Geo T. House and 10 arree
no deed. 1917. Taxes, In-crest and
coat*. $9 till.
Nelson, Jno W. Salisbury, 2*lo acres
liber .! F F 12. folio 663. 11117. Tuxes,
interest and costs, S2O 90. >
Crowdor. Oliver L. Iftt 33 10 cr, s
liber J.IG 2. folio 803 111 l ami 1917.
Taxes, interest and cOsta, *9 00
Moore, Jerome. House sod lot,.
Moore’s Island, liber .1 AGS. folio 133.
1916 and 1917. Taxes, interest and
costa, *7 64. -
Trice, Jos B. land, 5 seres sod Im
provements. liber K B A 4, folio 266
1917, Taxes. Inter-iit and coats, 123’til
Lute County Treasurer for St, Marj '
Countv, Maryland. ,
. , - t
, -vv. : ■ X .v
3K-.- ‘V*®?’.'. CiSgiii .
Wanusl tn bear- from owner of a
farm or good i<u.d for sale for fall dc-
4-H- ti Ho* &>L OliMty, HI.
Moving Pictures and
- AT-
Leonard Hall
Monday, May 30th
Music by Karl Iforryman’
Orchestra. $
For Hencftt of Leonard Hull
Notica to Creditor*
Ofpbiin ’ Court of St. Mary’s I."ounty,
Kef. March 22. IfliM.
Tl4s is to give notice that the mite
sitHs r bn* obtained from the < Indians*
font for St. Mary’* County, letters
testamentary on the estate of
.late of said county, dceeused. All
(wsrsons having ela-ms against said
-i-ren iid arc b-'tajbv named to exhibit
j the same with the vonebers llmtvof, to
Hie subseriher, on or liefore the 22d
day of Sept., 1921', they may other
wise by bis Is- excluded from all bene
llt of said estate All persons indebt
ed to said -state are requested to make
Immediate (>ttyumnt.
I 7t-24-(lt. Executors.
Notice to Creditor*.
Or|)bans* Court of 81* Mary's (kumty,
Bi*f(-April 12, 1921. .
This is fo give notice that the sub
scriber has ohUlucd from life Orphans'
Court for St Mary's County, letters
testamentary on the estate of I
lute of said county, .deceased. All
persons having claims against raid
deceased arc hereby warned to exhibit
tl-c same with the vouchers thereof, fo
the subscriber on or before the 12th
day of October, 1921; they may other
wise by law Is; excluded from all beue
(H of said estate. All persons Indebt
ed to mi id estate are requested fomako
imm-'diutc payment.
4 14-fit. Executor.
I ... I'ul'i '_ ' .
‘ Wm. D. Mattingly,
Blacksmith and IWheclwright,
i '
' tL e
Agent lor
Ontario Wheat Drill,
/ Corn Planters,
fj .*■*•■
il Mowers, Wagons,’
: I Rakes, etc.
j And all Farm Implements.
Also Agent for
"'I ’ .A*-.*) -jw -d
--fe;: ..*:*!
409-10 N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C.
® (§)
Of the Eastern Shore Trust Co.
# 4 Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings, IK
j|| Computed Semi-Annually. Sj
: Modern Service to Check Accounts. S
[Resources Back o( this Bank Over
jg $10,000,000.00 I
at We take this opportunity to thank our patrons and St
{K friends for their patronage the past year. ah
k Make this bank your bank, as it is strictly run by a
S HOME PEOPLE, with the advantage of the resources S
of fifteen other banks of the company. *
S officers IP
CHAS. V. HAYDEN. Jr ■.. President
8. M, JONES Cashier ■
W. E. DRURY Asst. Cashier Sj
3|C Attorney £
2? JOS. H. CHINO &
Proof of Good Carburetion j
I There’s one thing wa like about handling the Zenith Car- §
I burotor—wo don’t have to make claims about what we can Z
do—we can point to >|h achievements and let them sneak tor *
themselves. J
When we can point to the fqct that Zenith was used on ?
De Palma’s ‘‘Packard )>O6” when it made the world record J
for acceleration—we don’t have to make claims about its
quick PICK UP. i
When we can show that Zenith was chosen for every ■
Liberty engine and for the trans-Atlantic plane “NU-t”, Z
where lives literally depended upon fuel saving, it is un- ;i
necessary to argue about Zenith economy. Z
When we can tell you that Zenith was used on all the 1
large French and British tanks and is now used on the 3ft- ?
ton Baldwin locomotive—we don’t need to say that Zenith §
gives POWER, |
When we can prove that Zenith is now used by more than ■
7o |sir cent of all European automobile builders and by Z
more than 100 American manufacturer* of cars and trucks— g
we need say no more about Zenith EFFICIENCY and 1
What Zenith has done is the best proof of what Zenith ?
can do. If your car or truck is not Zenith-equipped, see us. f
7 Penn*. A. N. W. WASHINGTON, D. 0. I
I No Mystery About Our Moderate Charges §
A perfectly equipped Labratory on the premises, the adoption of a
the latest labor saving devices, and common-sense business man- 5
agement, enable us to provide the highest grade of work at these 8
remarkable prices. A
without fain rnriri s
Bridge Work on Tooth without Plates our sjiocialty. Per tooth, $5 i
Ful! Sets IS UP Gold Crowns, 22 karat... .15
Silver Killings 60c Gold Fillings $1 UP
All work guaranteed 20 years. Wo do exactly as wo advertise.
Washington, O. C. DR. WALDO, Mgr.
Over 20 Years Actual Experience. 1
S. W. Corner 7h end E. Su. N. W. Entrant* 434 7th St. N. W.
Phone Franklin 2547, Over Kreefe’e.
I An Artistic Roof I
I for Your Home— I
I The possibilities for artistic treatment afforded by Johns- fl
Manville Transite Asbestos Shingles have thus far been ■
■I but partially developed. The different colors, shapes, B
fl sizes and thicknesses of this modern roofing and the 1
■ opportunities to vary methods of laying to obtain distinct I
and attractive roof effects, prove this a rich field for study, j ,[?
Nor is it difficult to foresee the time when inflammable I
fl roofings will be generally prohibited by law, as evidenced I
I by many recent city ordinances.
I In Johns-Manville Transite Asbestos Shingles you can 1
fl have a distinctive roof, free from the threat of communi- S|
fl cated fire. It will neither burn, rust, rot, nor demand I
fl periodic and costly repairs.
■ Johna-Manvllle Transit© Asbestos Shingles areexamined, Approved,and labeled . H
B by the Underwriter*’ Laboratories, Inc., under the direction ol the National B
■ Board of Fire Underwriters,
I Let ua show you samples and quote prices,
I Mitchell - Oliver Co. I

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