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VOL 82.
I have sold my iHiHinnu known
M th Riilge Uiratre at Ridge,
which was recently burned, to Mr.
R. G. Clarke, tlie "Briscoe man,”
who will conduct it under the name
of the "Ridife Motor Co.” The
new fire-proof buil ling is ma>*,li
larger than the old one and in now
open and ready lor busioe**. Ki
|iert mechanic* from Washington
will always In; on tii job to look
after the customers’ wants It will
be an usual, "The shop where you
get the most for your money.”
Trespass Notice
A number of land owners of the
Seventh District of St. Mary’s (>).,
have lea*>ed the hunting privileges of
their properties to the Tidewater Hunt
Club, an organization formed for tlie
purpose- of protecting the (fame for the
land owners and their guests. Ap
propriate signs have l**eo placed upon
said prooerties and the public is here
by requested not to hunt upon this
reservation, and are warned against
destroyi hi; or in any way defacing
Ihe-e sign*. for by doing so they an*
subjecting themselves to prosecution
according Pi law. (Signed)
Order Nisi
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s
County, in Kquity. No. 1 .*H N. K.
.las. Joshua Holly, et al.,
Bertha Kiimia K. Curtice, et al.
Ordered this 25th day of <k*t., in ibe
year 15121, by the Circuit Court for St.
Mary’s county, in Kquity, that Un
auditor’s report and account, made
aod re|M>rted by Wm. Meverell Loker,
trustee, filed in the aitovo entitled
ease, be ratified and confirmed, unless
cause to the contrary lie shown on or
before the 4th Monday in November,
1021; provided a copy of this order lie
Inserted in some newspa|K-r printed
and published in said St. Mary’s
County, ones' a w*ek for three successive
weeks lief ore the said fourth Monday in
Novemlier. lirii
*'.N<> II It AMKft.. Clerk.
True Coin -Te-t;
KN*x:ii It A HELL Clerk
4,*A/t Watkins men an- making
money selling 175 siauuartl.
nationally advertised products direct
from manufacturer to farmers. Why
he idle? Here’s your life chance. II
you own learn or auto, are under 50, can
give liond, we start you with big stock
of goods, all farmers need Nearby
territory open. .1. K Watkins Co..
Dept. 112. Wi noun. Minn
Klamina (ion
f for *5 h Head..
4 ■ | j|inL . N M -art
stomueb. UtiT, kidney s. mines, joints
cancer, tumors, blander, bowels oi
appendix as seen with your own eye.
Our expert operator is a physician
and surgeon. Consultation free I IK.
St. N. W.. Washington, I), i’.
No Mrre Trouble
Wilh Your “Lizzie"
Don’t sacrifice a minute's time to
worry or work >n your Kurd ear.
Whatever the matter with it. we
w ill fix it in reeor I lime at mum
mam cost, ami have it hack to you
Pol patched, liu* i< jrnuil as new.
You’ve been looking for sis ever
sinee you bought your car. Call us
on the phone, or come in to see the
quickest, niftiest and liest repair
men that ever put tepairs on a Kuril.
Genuine Ford parts I‘ainlw. Chains.
Gartains, To|w, Grease, Oils and
(’apitol 11.11, M l.
Wanted to hear from owner of a
farm or good hind bn- sale; price rea
sons hie. L. Jt>NKS.
Uox 551. Olney, 111.
Tidewalei’ Lines, Inc.
Pusetgcr. Express end FrarH| Service
M .-tin Terminal and General Ottic-->
rtCI ft St. N. \V.
Washington, I) (’
Division i*oint and Service Station,
Waldorf, M l.
Between Washington .V I.x'onardtown
I*nvn Washington
7 45 am. 12 noon 1 pm.
Arrive liconardtown
II 05 am. .7 00 pro. 7 *<o pm.
i,v. 1 M-onardtow ii
7 45 am. I to pm. J 40 pm,
Ar. Washington
10 45 am. 6 40 pm.
Leave Washington MOD am.
Arrive Leonardtown 2 .'*o pm
Leave Leouardiown. 2 :t0 pm,
Arrive Scotland 4 30 pro.
Leave Scotland 5 .1" am.
Leave Leonardtown 8 00 am
Arrive Washington 2 00 pm.
-r 4
i hmm —— i
rVW 906 908 Green mourn Ave
c o
• French “Bluebaard” Con
• victod of Murdering Eleven
Henri laimlrti, inU-g. d l-'rcm-n "itiue
b.*nrd,’* convicted ,f the murder of
eleven persons. Ten of bis alleged
victims were women to wlioin lie i>
said to have promised marrlnge.
“Order on Last Legs,” says Of
ficer Who Asked Clarke's and
Mrs. Tyler’s Removal.
Atlnnta.—Four Grand Goblins of
the invisible Knipire, Knights of the
Ku Klux Klaii. who came to Atlanta
to demand of the Imperial Kloiiclliuin
of the order the summary removal u|
Ilu|N*rial Kleugk* Kdwnrd Yoiinu
Clarke have been themselves removed.
The men are Henry It. Terrell, be.nl
of the donmin of the Capitol and the
Great Lakes; Lloyd I’. Hoojier, of New 1
York, F. W. Atkin, of the Alianlb
domain and Andrew J. I’mlon. Jr. oi
tlie Non hoisttTii domain.
Terrell, who gat beside lni|terlil
Wizard W. J. Simmons throughout
the Congressional Inquiry into tl
charges made by The World lasi
September, declared that the “aUnits
of the KJun are running low, (but !• !
new memlters ire lining received and
tlmt Its flininclal dal ns lias bis.,
i weakened.**
Hooper added more bluntly Unit
i • Klnnsmcn are leaving “In droves'" and
lliui the order was actually Insoiven .
with an indclicioJncss to Clarke
s;il ,ixmi showing on the hooks.
in a statement to the newspapers
* Terrell added that tlie protest again-1
Clarke's continuance hi olTice was
i ; made liecause the cliarges laid by The
World against him and Mrs. Kl|7.hlh*i h
, 1 Tyler, bis business partner and as
soclale in Hie propaganda department
of Hie Klan, had remained unanswered
' ' and unchallenged, and the two had
: de< (tied to liegln 111 .1 anils against
r | the newspapers carrying the cliarges.
*i “This condition of affairs nulurall.v
• leads the public to believe that The
r World's cliarges were true In Into.*'
lie declared.
Goblin lloi|M*r in a statement of fits
j own, concurred hi every statement
> nmde by Terrell.
y o
;o o
VIENNA.—The police declare that
| the tierce rioting In progress for more
, . ii.m twenty-four hours Is tiuceable t >
- i i revolutionary plot to proclaim a
' •••l.illsllc rcpubll • The crowds
i stormed faslilonald* lot els and wreck
•d and plundered a nuni'ver of stores.
PARIS —A receivership for Germany
' ts a bankrupt, with an autononioua.
i probably Rhineland, to be exploited by
the Allies for reparation purposes, will
I be proposed by France ns an aller-
I i.dive to any moralcrluni or repara
-1 Moiis that limy be sugges'ed by Great
, | i'.riliiln. It was said hi official circles
BERLIN.—The fall In the price of
j .bc dollar .viis further accentuated
j with a corresponding reaction on tlie
n -Seek market, where panic offering* of
•oi k produced a general break In price
1 • *\%*ls. It Is said that If the hope of a
•• , o irnloi-luia proves vain (’hancellor
irtli will Ik* broken.
1 O’NEILL, NE3.—The O’Neill Elec-
J"'lc l.’ghl nml Power O.inpeny begun
| . burn corn for fuel instead of coal
'■ | .i its light plant, one > f tlie largest
;' Its khi'l iu ihi cctlon of the c Hu
1, 1 tv. The company found corn was
( henper ami that its heating quality
j .as satisfactory,
i. LONDON.—The rapid strides which
i 1 I’olshevisni Is maklug tliroiiglioiit the
>•! large towns of Portugal have so
*• iilarmeil the powers that they are coii
)• .-mplating hiterventbn. It is slntrsl
b here.
’• EAST ST. LOUIS, lll.—Employe?*
of bwal brunches of three large |>ack
ing i>l:iiifs have voted. 2.11)7 to 71, for
a strike In protest agaluai prupanl
wage reductions.
LONDON—In government circles it
was feared that liefore long civil war
would be raging ngaln throughout Ire
land. the |wave iiegcKialtous breaking
For Sale
30 Bflktdi Mi Caereser Cm Hafcn,
1 Repricrai SSurt Hen M.
T* vmi wkrtiat I fl ad uj Dvec
jmeyjged Bear, which h as 6m as aaj ■
He Brim, Hamer mi VUbss.
James Hall & Son
Will Cease Philippine and Guam
Fortification Work if Japan
v Limits Her Forts.
Abandonment of Alliance Between Ja
pan and England Forecast—Under
standing aa to Pacific Peace
Aoparently Reached.
Washington. Secretary of State
Hughes, Arthur J. Balfour and Ad
miral Baron Kuto, after a prolonged
conference ut the State Department,
brought the negotiations of the United
States, Great Britain and Japan upon
naval reduction to a crucial stage,
which foreshadows the announcement
of a complete agreement on every es
sential point.
From a semi-official source It was
hanted (hat the outlook for a navui
! agreement was “very favorable.”
There Is good reason to believe that
the agreement which It Is believed lim
it' >n praclbiilly completed will go fur
ther than an acceptance of the 5-5-3
naval ratio promised by Secretary
There are indications that Great
I’.riliiln and Japan have agr**d upon
Ihe iibamloniiicnt of the Anglo-Jupa
m-Me alliance and the substitution of
an understanding among the United
States, Great Britain and Japan. That
will not ha In the form of an en
tangling alliance, but will be iiih- the
less a guaranty of future peace in the
Pacific. It will be based ujmiii mutual
iinderstandin agml good will.
Future conferences to Iron out any
differences that may arise, with the
understanding that the three leading
naval |mwers will act together to pre
serve peace, are to he the basis ut the
new understanding.
The Anglo-Japancse alliance has
naturally played a most Important pari
In the Washington conference. As tin*
ally of Japan, England would be
obliged to stand loyally by Japan in
support of uny effort Japan might
1 make hers to obtain recognition from
the United States of Japan's special
Interests in the Far East as they arc
represented to be in the terms of the
alliance. The treaty provides for ev
ery necessary consultation between the
two gov *rnments on questions nlTeci
ing the interests of either and which
j are comprehended In the alliance.
Tlie theory of the alliance as an ex
planation cf Ja|ian's position In regard
to naval ratio Is u<*cepte<l In sonic welt
informed quarters, and It has received
support from British Intimations that
It might lie reasonable to give to .la
1 pan certain assurances in order to ob
tain Japan’s adhesion to the naval
; irmnmeats limitation proposal.
! Fon versa I lons between Chinn and
•Inpain on Shantung entered the crucial
singe and were believed to he making
good progress toward complete un
; dcrstnnding.
It was decided that the conference
should tnke up the question o.’ aboil
thin of poison gas In warfare after the
j projected Christmas recess.
Widely Known Authority on Health
States Reasons.
New York. —The woman who favors
the use of the corset may have no fear
of dire physical results, according to
Dr. Itoynl B. Co|ielarid. Health Com
uilssioner of Greater New York, and
the most widely known authority on
general health In America. In reply
I to a query put to him recently. Dr.
i Cojieland said:
“I believe the present style corset,
whin properly fitted. Is of distinct
benefit to Hie average woman. It Is a
I flexible affair, containing no heavy
stiu‘l stays, and covering only the hips
and abdomen. It serves us a brace for
i the wearer and. at the same time, gives
a slight waist line which lends smart
! ness to the figure. It does not Inter
fere with deep breathing, nor does it
! compress or distort tlie organs as did
; the tight-laced corset of years gone by.
I tun sure It tends to trimness and a
1 sense of being well dressed. When a
; woman Is well dressed her mind in at
1 ease, and an easy mind ts conducive
to health.
! Arms Conference and Assassination of
Hara Have Excited Activities.
Washington.—Opening of tlie Con
ference on Limitation of Armament
and the assassination of Premier Hara
• of Japan have revived the Nationalist
i movement throughout Corea, according
l to advices received In Japanese circles
here. No disturbances have occurred
the dispatches said, which called for
i direct jKillce Interference, hut the sit
nation was said to be causing some
Number of Jobless Cut 1.500,000 Our
I Ing November.
Washington.—Unemployment In the
i United Statei was decreased approxi
mately 1,5 0,000 durl .g November,
r Secretary of Commerce Hoover an
I nounced. He said: “While the de
crease was not wholly permanent In
t character. It reflect* Improved condi
r thms. The reaction* we are receiving
from all over the country is Indicative
t of the Improved trade and business
condition* generally.”
To Remove Paint From Cloth.
To remove paint from cloth, lava
pad of blott'ng paper on the side of
the material on which the paint fell,
and rub the other side gently with
> a soft piece of flannel dipped In chloro
■ form or benzol, both of which arc
t>alnt solvent*, as the paint dissolves
It naturally passes Into the most ab
sorbent material In contact with It—
which '.* the blotting paper—not Irto
the adjacent cloth. Deep stains can
‘ be completely removed by this method.
( : 1 < 1
Leads Japan's Naval De’e
gation at Arms Conference.
I O— -d
jEtm* \
A \
I ■ . \
,*\ A PySßi
r ■
v -ifc^E
New j>l ■• •t• >^r:i(>li uf Vliv Ail sural
Toiimsiilinru Ksitu, minister of mar! us
who Is <ne of I lie liiree principal dcle
rates from Japan to the conference
on the limitation of arinattiert*
Descend in Columns Upon Cafes,
Stores and Stock Exchange,
Pillaging Right and Left
Vienna. —In widespread rioting
which look place in Vienna m-mv
Americans were nilacki-d and some oft
rlteni were roughly treated. V. •;. (
Hand, tin* wife of a Colonel ol me ,
I‘nited Slates Army, and her daugii-j
ter were rohhed of fin s and clothing, i
dill on llie same floor Colonel ai d Mrs. !
Miller. U. S A . displayed the American)
lag and spoke English and the Holers!
.vithdrew from their room.
Of the In lels, the New itrtKt• >| and
ho Old I’.rlstol suffered most. They
were part I}- w reeked ami were looted
a (lie second llixir.
Many attests were mlili{|tl
..ltd Jewels, in
jewels being torn from the"ear*.
Seemingly the most rowdy elemental
swept through the Inner city. They >
were Joined hy t e worst erltidnal i
lassos. <• mmilting alt kinds of ex- <
An American <-orres|iondetit usk*d .
"Be uf a squad of |M‘lii-emrn. wli • idly
walelied the w re Willi: of the Hotel Im
p-rial. if there were not sufficient!
police U. liandie the sit tuition. He re-;
plied: “We are tired of sho ting -nidi
Irina shot. These people are hungry 1
and desperate, so are many of us"
The disturbances were the mist
serious sii.ee the downfall of the
monarchy. They spread thnmxh nit
ttie inner city am' practically every,
ii’ishntlered wind) w was sinaslied All
the famous rest a rants ami h-lels :ic
qneuted hy forei .ners w ere elite:
looted and partly wrecked, and Hn 1
iu\ury siiop- iolil.ee! while tile poio c ’
watched without inierferiag.
Ihe statement of Kataro Mocinzuk
leader of the Japanese cppcriLon,
declaring there was no further n?ed
for an Anglo Japanese .* ..mcc, ;ru
proposing a new triple all.anca v itl
Japan, Gier.t 3.tain and the Un.’c 1 ■
Stales, ir re t r ij.J as a forecast ol !
liberal Japan's future aims.
A loan of $2 rCOCCO to Hie Kansas
City, ftevico &. Orient Railroad
was authorized by the Intcrsta-
Commerce Corrnns.s’on to enable ; be
ccmpr.ny to renew a loan of a l.ko
amount now due.
The Belgian Crtholic party has lost
control in the senate
Adr.nsions by seme delegates to the
Armrmen* Confe ence coofi' rn ep
the tcn-yer.r naval build.ng holidiy
p|-’n will be ebrnmai J boc-'.ure n
that psnctJ, Jegidmitt rei>laremc *8
would be .mpoiaib’e, the r ich tes
for war ship const'■u' - tion ru red and
skied labor dec :n-;ted.
Secretary Mellon announced the gov
ernment has accepted invitation *o
serd a representative to a meeting
of the financiers of the wcrld row
ers under auspices of thr Allied
Reparations Cctimis on to discus*
mean* of stabilizing the exchange of
the world.
Agricultural members cf Congress will
not take part in the movement
against the American valuation plan,
according to Representative Camp
bell of Kansas.
The question of Shantung is being set
tled by negotiation between the dele
gates of China and Japan, with Sec
retary of State Hughes and Arthur
J. Ba'four, head of the British dele
gation, as advisers.
1 The State Department was advised the
Colombian congress adjourned with,
out ratifying the treaty between the
United States government and that
* of Colombia.
Not Negro Bongo.
Most people fancy la a vague way
i ihat Stephen Foster's songs are ne*
f droid or were Inspired by tbe negro
mu>lc. Hut “OJd Folks at Home" and
i the other Foster melodies are about as
unlike negro music as anything could
t possibly Ik*. That their word* are
often In negro dialect and express ne
• gro sentiments is simply a historic ac
cident due to the fact that In Foster’s
> day the negro minstrels, real or
i “corke* 1," were the only means of
bringing music heft re ttie public.
'SSSBg lig'-lIL 1 — ■
Coren tie Two
t F eoo” c ’ S f > as
1 at a 3lance.
ch Picture Executive
ve Activities et the
it and State
a pita's.
over announced there
ss unemployed In this
pre were a few weeks
ago. m
Nelson B. (ius!;lll of New Jersey be
came *halni':ii of the Federal Trade
f*r a term of one year.
Mr. Gasklll who was vice chairman
during lm > ’ptst year, succeeds to the
the rule of tin
pr.*vdcs f*.r rota
tb<n in iEe office of chairman among
the Severn ; commissioners.
• jpposit n to au> tinsliflctition of
the tautl decree which prohibits the
“Big Five * packers train engaging In
unrelated lines of business will be
voiced b IliiHimt Thompson, chuir-
I rivti •fr I N* l‘*"ci -ii Trade •'<<li‘luis
.-. a Ik* , v the I-., in liik-iil of Jus
j i* <dMii!tec wi.ii !> is Iniidittg hear ‘
I logs on In- propo i on
-lapan jls prepa id to accept the
: H 'die-i Man for a.-. n year naval Imli
del e 1 though It involves the scrap-1
pi::g oi Aim capital Imltlestiip Matsu. !
accord;A to Information from tlie Jap
anese d.legal ion hea hiuartera,
Age Iral survey of public opinion on
the q<:ißlon of the abolition of “viper"
insiruiiEDts of warfare Is being con
ducted l*y the American advisory c.wn
miltee-Tif the conference for the Urn
Itatioii'bf armaments.
T* - y|
If f O;
Gro&iu Inm Works of Groton. Conn., j
filed .1 petition in hnnkruptcy in tin 1
, Lnititl Stales Court. Charles VV.j
s*- iSiJlvu.- president of the company,
j niJUii- first time iu tile history ut
I tl*e Uescrvc system and per- 1
liiiJ'ffjrthe country every dollar of cir- 1
<go.if j wLrO Inary notes a Host in this
t >uiitis- V secured by over UX) ecu..-
Jn j lig cunso!'.(luted 'niali state-
BUoitfi I riiiiyj\jw lalio of Xrvv gold to
j li ns November, according to i
I Ili? n 'fllhiy review of general bust- j
j D s uA itiiiiiicial conditions issued by
j tlie Iks' ml Uescrvc Gourd. The |
boardls ins lliui the general situu-l
’ lion Jr trade and tiuiusiry is unniis-j
tak.ds.v more li<>|N-in>. altlHoigii no ini-1
mediate expansion or l> >m is in sighi. ]
Itecovery in the steel and iron trade
has come to a hail for tlie lime being.
Adaptation of tlie banking machinery
of l ie country to the credit require
j men’s of the farmer and reduction o|
free,id rules on fai.n products were
ndv. iatt-d in an dd.es.-, ai I'incimiaii
by IteprescnUiiive Sydney Anderson.
An earnest ajipcai to ru.-di I lie per
manent tariff bill to completion will lie
made. While iiio President is known
ito lie dissatisfied witii ilie lux trill jusi
passed, he does not contemplate ask
ing for new tax legislation at once.
1 eel ing that business should not lic
hen! in further uncertainty
If *
1 undman I‘.mi hers' Jewelry store.
So 'lb SI. i'ulll, .Xi.nii., was held up I.v
lv < masked tuimitis, who look jyio.om;
| Worth of gems.
j Gold amalgam valued at lieiween
, Kdiru and .sTi>.<Mn was taken from tin
Ai gon.-uit .Malic- Jai’kson, Cal., by
, eight men. who boom! two mill men
i •*!•* ojien tlie safe and esiup<-d in
I uo.onioltileM.
profit sliarin r plan for employees
j will Ik* put into etleet soon l.y tin*
Pierce Oil CorjMiij,*;..n, the latter an
i ln> lined. Snl-'ci i 111 inns totaling To.imo
; Were fs-eived b. M.e ismipany from
ol oration ollieials and emplo.vees.
Postmaster Ha; s announces a cen
If; I |M>sl ollhv in every stale will be
j esiabiidied.
1 iuiirman l.imK* i aske*l S*s*rela*’v
Weeks |*r |k** i Issi .n i„ operate tlie
j ■ouy lr:i.is|K.ri service in ill,. Pacific
l.leien iligil School students and
tin driver .d an automobile I.us in
( "Inch I hey were riding were killed
' n-uth of Ib-d dull. Cal., u: the Pm
| i in*rla Cnsmng winii Southern i’acltb
I 1 ruin 15. a 1 1 1 bo.ml. struck tiie <**in
i veyancc in wliich iney were riding
r l"cb>sed in He* cal. the child,vn were
unable to es*a|K- and tiieir iMaiiex
I W ere iiurled in all diivi li.ins.
t Al Wheeling acd •■timr river t- wn*
far as Cincinnati flood warnings
; La ve iieen *u: out.
After u tbr*i* day downpour tl,e
Ohio river li-g:: i Tickling over iu
. banks In half -i do? n places.
Japanese delegates ..t Wasfilngt n
, have indicated tlmt Japan is prepared
. to remove her troops from Shantung
provilwe. Comfit; as uttadied to tin
, projs.se, 1 agree. ~t m . however, l.ave
. fl*d!iMker! the ■•■imaitUe Japan
I Wishes I settle t: mailer outside the
I conference, but C,! a ; set ii|Hin hav-
Ing the wlioic- sir- ion thm-l *,J ~ut In
the ofKH
I Contractor for sinking
i Artesian Wells, Erectors
of Tanks and Towers.
Hydraulic Rams a Spec
r ialty. Write for prices.
■ ■ '\A ”
Quiet.-diver wm advanced to”f, V
per tlask in the New York market. *9^/
According to the United State*
logical Survey there are probably less
j than SOU wolves.
Tlie pound sterling readied new high
for the year when It sold at (4.08 In
j New York. Franca and marks were
higher. Previous high for sterling was
f4.0T.8-* on April 5, 1930.
Major General C. C. William*, chief
of ordnance, who tin* been a member
of the French Legion of Honor for
some time, was promoter! to the grade
of commander hy a representative of
the French embassy at Washington.
For the Itrst time In the history of
Annapolis midshipmen will Ire allowed
Christmas lll>erty trr visit their homes
providing they are efficient In their
studies and their r-onduct Is good.
The estate of Mr*. James J, Hill,
who died at St. Paul last week, was
esflimited at $18,000,000. She left no
will, ami the pro|ierty will be divided
among nine children.
The tendency to crowd the cities
ami deplete the farms Is a problem as
Important as war or peace and a prin
cipal cause of unemployment and un
rest, according to Miss Evangeline
Brroih, commander of tbe Salvation
The Executive Committee of the na
tional Prohihirlon party decided to en
ter anti-alcohol candidates in every
city, slate and national campaign.
Tributaries <>f ttie Ohio river skirting
residence districts overflowed at Hunt
ington, W. Vu., causing heavy property
• harles C, Ituell of Hartford, Conn.,
was unanimously elected captain uf
the Harvard varsity eleven.
An ordinance was Introduced In Chi
cago city council providing a tax on all
. professional, semi-professional and
I public athletic games tu provide funds
for physical training of school chil
Regarding boxing in France, Hurd
inan-Lucus writes; “Paris is boxing
mud. The Cirque de Paris and the
Continental 11. C. (Sail,* Wagram) each
are running one slew a week. What
with oilier smaller slews there will he
boxing every night in the week and at
j three different halls on Sundays.
There isn’t a franchise In either ma
jor league that cun be purchased now
adays for less than fl,uoo.uuo.
Plans for the next professional golf
; era* championship tournament will lie
discussed at a meeting of the Na
tional Executive Committee uf the Pro
i fessional Golfers’ Association, which
! will take place in New York December
! l.i. The limitation of the held so that
a 30 hole qualifying round cun be
, played in one day uf the tournament
wilt also he discussed, together with
dates and courses fur other events in
which ttie professionals are interested.
The presence of Judge ianidia at the
| Huffalu convention it calculated tu es
tablish friendlier business relations be
-1 tween the majors and the niin-rs.
1 'iVis Sjieuker, who lias signed u new
s2.i,unu contract to manage the Cleve
land Indians next year, has purchased
the release of Wallace Hammond, man
ager of the littsheid Eastern League
Cornell is adopting every possible
i means of developing new athletic stars.
| In addition to its varsity and fresh
man liaskcthall teams the lied man
agement lias laid plans fur u lengthy
Intercollegiate court series.
Johnny Dundee, newly crowned Jun
ior lightweight champion and holder
of the Tex llickard 130 pound cham
pionship belt, engaged in ids first bout
I as a title holder at the Broadway Ex
| liihition Company in Brooklyn and
i emerged victorious. Dundee's opponent
| was Eddie Wallace, Brooklyn veteran,
j who lias n w encountered live cham
pions in his iKixing career. The bout
! was all Dundee's from the outset.
0 O
| r rench government is considering
j counter-proposal to German repara
tions' inoriiiorSuiii plan.
• According to a rejsirt from p.ueiios
'j Aires, trade relation-, between Argen
i tinu and Soviet Russia will he re
| sinned.
Society of Voting Haiti tit Port-au
11 Prince demands immediate abrogation
■f mart!: ' law ami lie* restoration oi
absolute if ill.in independence.
Aeeoi- .i.„ to report from .Madrid,
l- r : -. *. six and Spain were invited
i ;• .niervee • iii IV tugal and restore
1 •• tier. Ere-pient disorders are r-|M>rt
•-I : mm •i- seet ois o| Portugal
'! !■ I.a> heeti into Spa ii
J 'torn ..m ' .-a.- in Mori ecu. and
1 ae sji 11 --ii i ::n -) as s* a : lolls
j .v hieikdown it i. Ir. 'i peace m
ig > ll' ns aiiin • no. isli.;i< e\
.i...-d as . I -i lac Sinn Fell, re
| l- I !•> lak- 1. • •• i nl e_ ani e in
1 I I;e ■ ’ll'' n, V. !<•< ' .. ' . olatltleli Ilf the
p. i mis l.loyd Ge-a ge !a> made
! I'ii delegates at I. inion.
,i - ..uthoritatively stated ihai Put
.alers and treasury olhcials
■ .•si with Dr. Wa del Rulhe
nil. ti e German repre ciiiative, m
s ii • . ; ,upon a moratorium for tier
man rej Mirations.
f Mmneipal e , lo_v.*e in Herlin went
s on strike. a.g tip tiie gas, telephone
-•nd sti.-et rad.va. erv n-e.
* l.amlni, so eaiicd P.luelieard, >n trial
* it W-issiilles, Fra 1 for llie slaying
■>f ten ••omen and a yoiitli vv lw all
11 mvsl .’l'loiisi disap|<ealed after vlsit
.ng ids country villa, lias tieen sen
) i.-tiets) (o the guillotine.
1 •: •• s.-Ufar . ptsnii elothe* policeman
s Hie i idy g mid watching ex-Einperor
11 txarl and h ; s ■ i.si.rt, Zita, In their
* exile at FuitciiHi, .*• ideim. The royal
•xiujile are treated as honoroi guests
0 I y t lie governor. Major Acaciu Correa
Traction Entrine, Saw Mill and
Can be seen at Piney Point.
Also one Roller Mill, (Plan Sifter
System) pruaranteed to prrind as
fine flour as any mill in the State
of equal capacity and with same
grade of wheat.
4t Valley Lee, Md.
$1.50 Per Year in Advance
\t Christm .s-What ? $
When gift lists for Christmae are made 8
out this question is always asked--and M|
often a puzzle.
Solve it by presenting a newly.opened
Savings ccount book, that will bring
happiness to girl or boy, woman or man, IB
Aid or young.-a practical and senaibla 8
Include some on your list.
The Mechauicsville Bunk i
of the Eastern Shore Trust Co., S
Mechanicsville, lld. 9
The Bank That I.ends A Helping Hand. 8
u JEBBETrUNKII.IVfsiiI.nI U. T. DIXON. V loe-IVesidrat 5
< . I’i \ KitLLV, Vice-I’royidonl. ||l
K. li. SOTHoIiON, Caviiior J. ' IIUIS. Wnu|), Cashier 9
***•*♦ * v * * * * * ;<*
Courtesy % e .7‘ t ce stability
Setting a goal, a definite object, and then
keeping evrHasting at It is the eacrat off
success >ou can achieve anything you da>
sire if you have sufficient determination.
A substantial bank account increases your
chances tor early success many fold. Ap>
ply half the persistency to saving that you
devote to other accomplishments and your
bark account will grow by leaps and bounds
Ways and means will be gladly suggoatod
cy our officers..consult them freely*.have
the benefit of their experience
Che first 'national Sank of St. marp’e
L. E. MUMIORD. Picwdcni GEO W. JOY. Vice.Prrdii
L. J. STERLING. Csfiiier B. K ABELL. Ami. CmK.
GEO. W. JOY, Ji., lioulkfr|r.
L. K. Ml’MFulli) L. J. STERLING
During the war we filled 90 per cent of our orders
Today we are filling from 90 to 100 per cent
Service Price Quality
We Have Many Satisfied Customers and
Would Like to Have You.
422 E. Saratoga St. Baltimore, Md.
3061 M St N. W. WASHINGTON. D. C.
Harry M, iff rut, - . Leonard town. Md.
Leonardtown. Md. Mechanicsville, Md.
Leonardtown Meat Market E. Trice & Co.
J. B. Drury C. D. Sasscer& Co.
F. 0. Morgan Dept. Store C. C. Wood
Foxwell &. Co,
J. J. Norris Oraville, Md.
J. G. Nuthall K. T, Turner
D. P. Johnson Mrs. M. F. Hopkins
T. C. Cullins (Red Gate)
D. T. Dixon, Laurel Grove, Md. 1
[ H. S. Johnson, Helen. Md,
I j Jas. Stewart, lyjveville, Md.
Harrison Hobbs, Valley Lee. Md.
\ Geo. B. Cecil, Valley Lee, Md.
j J. VV. Dent &. Sons, Drayden, Md.
P. B. Long, Clements. Md.
R. M. Palmer, Palmers, Md.
A. J. Morris, Abell, Md.
Z, M. Fowler & Co., Chaptico, Md.
E. T. Oliver. River Springs, Md.
! J. C. Bailey, River Springs. Md.
No. 5089

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