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Arkansas democratic banner. [volume] (Little Rock [Ark.]) 1851-1852, December 30, 1851, Image 3

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Tk* «w> Sn«f*** Or***r.
n who when he "•*
n__ _L ,k n( $hlkOK>!f >
^,-j h.& ®iracfiO.e *« —-*
^ fcu: hu iatet eTwt •- Birmaf*** P“>
:'?'-r.‘^ o* thought. “£**!"tShMto
.with wbica he sdaptt k,m« t to *•*£*"*
,-,-rt u (jail*- *i n>*ne ••>«* « r , j
* t* the »»u TJZTfsf #/vo
.,, nSaeoc.r of mao*c«P»> .tu*..tiH**os os.
*wem*Mi of « *» CSfrftt.'
if LowdrtU k* wpoke of the
'r- ■» ■ Set-, -rf on
r „ ,;1> ,,mnen - the coawin, r.e <He»hfed
£.\ •»-. > -*H to* the hber.ro/
;,wn- ■•an set die P uc order and urn
, J., * - . .* now «•» »■• Manner and
1 „ ,Vi ; ifcr <*» ktf OWTi
a-lvpenden.-tf, anti lae *ppea!* to tie
Vj ue peojde f-jt owr? taan a bnrwa
" -isiie* these were e’.abora e »ad ton*!
y%. K wsuth tu rep >ed to f t i*e8d* f* ~J
.** ft,.3 w*it«. MW-.-I and individuals, and
:; ale ness and
v? » case wit: the Mine apprtpna
T.... sor.v-d kaJfv n wb.ea t-eC xn pared ;
< l ti j-* d.vripies at Peateeost. whee toe
.' w;j« « s' p -n-i oat upon them, «
|;»M«w.-r»*ion of *•* r‘n*t,i,t!BfMLn'
, * *., nr- ; si * ns'ioos. B it wbaj J s.i J
irxabic , these events is, ihe pt r,*.et sn*
ipfv ,*i to I re to 1.: » ar.--t.es
•■* . . >*. parte. Radical. whnes ahd **!•»
([r it xutsvoemet «c «of idi»»t.*w »ben
.-. of tbei i-itrioiis T..eLun
. ,.* r, a s'.: >:i< Oiinistena, journal,
« —Cm. iiiu
Pm; :>-,e ihfi j»v* eroantttaf from the (fen. ir
\ i*>.' f. laid bare becotw *.hu» »ide.» ■* (■
V . t:iu.a*.>: if, under a.i e-reumsuncea, by
*. jJrpri<!.*u. when it j« rtsnerabereO *.ial
.• i. ;rrs»fd h ase.f to a pe rpie riaapteaoot
• |. .. toon of omatoii »*-tiae—ao i :• a:.
* i» (tie powers of rhetors, *ewknn,
: * ,:e the leeflaorable day* et Ue
> ".raes. Ft-jta the frwjpeec ** already de- ,
• s» fc i rney a.riee the hour of ha
-e a tie Br.:43 sh-;re< at Soatoamptonur.^ht;
J e-t piSsMel S4ta 1! it w Jtd bediffiCiU to
i »Vusi,* *jrpa»»e-i t r pran-ie r of etpres
r irresistible, pa*i «. or forora-.or.al beauty,
u »art hr,.* we M. ft nanipie. he more ton*
. ,j ia •* r«e respeeu tran the «• itences >a .
a Wednesday fc" resouaPo! u s iamoaa ap
* I *,be Use: » :.er* four fc jo.: • i r- pr* *eaut:rrs
ur cne man. and . e cir r rht anaa towards
-, dr; - *" : ‘ . t> »n oath. * r rrt
j:I* i: * -*rd ft . e n'.e:,':*.:o«ta, :••
i t r p-r :, /•'"sv :ar»*'y of restore
a., e *.:► wat'iv't*- Mt^rration was r.rea
,:-*i. \t ne ar.: r.j'tr *H?e" expected, powerful
? .pj.n the assets': i». Then, ConUa jtnp ha
:■. y. even-j, sa.4 Kiwsutfc *‘ Ti ar the**
h an: *. - v swore .a a ca.m ani >..*-a: toa.es
a*i - . «r*at further woed.anight fail f? hb toy
A■ far ravself it was n:. du'« uswik,
:*:r "an .are of the iar.sr.eat. an.: the r.shinr
es of aeatitr.ert benuote} a., tongue. A
. ;p tear fell from at* eyes, a suh ot astmtioa
:,e Almtphty Led fl jttered oo say ups. and,
,%i i-jw bet. ;e : f xs,ci!y .»f ia» people, as 1
• sow >for» vo i. rentieosen, I left tile triba
i entry, spftmb.esa mate.'" the short
. ar te: .nterrupa bis reeons to,remark that
•r r here paused for a few moments, *»»er
. h< r..s eaio*.. a. » ... »- :u ’he coatpa
.e**p v sympathised. T*..-n, •*■?. .. ,4—par- r
::: •: 'S. « i4 . w;t • a « **.:- f ,.. «.
— * toe shad s; w» >t : . r iaaryr pi.-sr: he fire
- <—! beard the .n. : .ns o: er native IsaJ
ssoof.3g. Liberty or uepUi”’ Than
» I*; •*• .-. .:„ tu m.:e tou- * nr 1 ie-aut :•:)
* * . ..e raae.- A .xit.rv, ,\;1i ,t has beta
iv.are thus eiesated and persuasive, that
..as opened r.is bean to r.is svmpaihirers
.: *n 1—;> » y a< to tnetr. .3 words of horn.nr
'. 1 e. tr.o gt. m to ;.v. acceht aadiprofi,ac.
. of a foreigaef.”
;L>-... - *'Lea.ier ’ says of t s last speech :
!i.s .pe'i.ng sentences rose to the hiehest sub
* a* when be spose of the re ation of this
-■» of Ei* and to fc;s life. And when ae
d r •: and saw the names ou -e walls,
.- s wb eh reea .ed tie xfh.’r of fc.s down
.en nat.ve rand, ie uttered ae f the tons’.
'i of e". 1, .rs"r, roarnled %*.:.. as jrar.d a
• it, u we remcaiher*’.
£^ng many fine things he sa.d .
*ui taajue of nun is powerfulenourh to ren
,* .Las watch the human .nteliec;ewtaires,
—c rea.ui ..{ it and -^eep senumet.t .. j
a w'-at uiterprcter.”
ie continu'd:
r. * i an w, but an .atperfect jtmw'rdg*eof
• i ..* *aue, and if l am ah e to address . ■ j at
* J »:ca i-se there u a hidden sent.nscv and a
:ra tparb .n use ‘ reast. which unees our
st s Caeers.] B it 1 am sure you w.ii
. : ;n*e for .e accent an-t pnnua ration
1 • r.‘ ner Hear, hear.. VV a^a 1 came
3 . but ■; J:te ijfaorant of your Un
-■*•• *« Holy Gaost seemed to be poured oat, }
er*’ 1 e n tax— oui caeer< — tna*
• c**n’'eraen. which being tne common nond
■ ■ constitutes tue union of hearts—
—and therefore w ;rds of fsee-tom and bb
. u?* uttered w.t . a fatter.ag tou^ue, are j
i s apprec.ated. 'Cheers^
. . ;ie* *er >f ysur in-i ustry makes ate con
.* Bmaiagham as a real seat of that suanriy- 1
> r t > independence and frecdoia waica
’ it .* r. arci my fc.,pc. Hear Myself, i
wander.nr soa of a bleeding nat.on. fe**ls, *
it **a oar* years, for tie first tune, m.* ueart '
*'• ■ ■■ '-h toy, because on see,nr the En.gljit '
1;‘d >n .nr,snog :r,e.r puunc spirit *... ray
* - *°*- I can*. * T'-iar to be.icce that the free
- .3 a aat.:». most be the pu.ss’oaafi
’t trs. approacb.ng t.jerty. and that t e part
■ * .03 a prrart.d A c *,*...s*::yn
- * * ruffled * . .* prey Kuss.ai
'.a i despots. 1 tubers. You r»*:'.rr.. sri*
.R.. is, whose *,- umph b> a warn of
.* »*as ;■ iced between *. ,e •■.aha of fc;,;«•,sc,ns.
r.cmaer h.s R cam w ;r-L — *Cudem
mi m-w veatra firiiciUs cuasoutur.’ Went
3‘ - • ■ * • a Ma
1 a- . at the nssfrtane of his fatherland, here
’ * P'*f« wncre 1 w- i d repeat the words o!
H 'han nib f Hear, hear Bit, a:as 1
» ho »)■; .: .tap. aie f,r t • esea here where
;** 4'*' *° surroinieit u ! , a. 4{1U 1 lnv_
» vne.es* eti.e— hear, b-ir and, a . that
back ry*. *
A .»
3. that the
iieosity of
range :t ma appear
-fii a m . seif.
the§t to flBV 1' tilt#*
■> m4 H'Mt Lear
*■ « ■**’** •‘‘*9*' w b:.nan breasts than
' "*e at ist be an ev.e, and the :. n< of tie
•* es 'e aw be nf-rsj as ns.ne
■•art of man can feci tae 00
*e nave of *. eoe. However str;
you. the r»ts of my iAt are
*, .- Jja. sabwarbid at:..1.fit,-Free
1'** *" 1 ** ■ ' [Cheea fim u :
v- * - t pen; >
AT * J • 5 • r p a a i
■3. a-vt con-teen . .*.«,» be'cic:,, ; „
anier.., , wnj .1 _ ,
■ ’ •**«! f!.«e»o£*rsee. au.-.Os ,* fast,
1, -ted 6v toe deluge of caiumn-ee,, « w-—
V: ’ f r.e t ot. and}
*‘ * '. r “be . ana* ‘ >-rat.^ rn- ,,a
*' .
.xe.. - 1. .. rs 1^ a. . ; «a
- - naturii that the woes ct mt p.-pie
’/.*.* •< »!,-l nart-if 1 . - c.,a
• • • woes ,-t a . ms uf Mi.-no .4 ■*,
, A*J * --w me, *-••.. -4,, a j
I “ "''•“"■I* -r.atrwsp. t Tr« p- ,
' » ■ '
1 * ' • -» w* he ■ ■
- ....
■£LL .*T£ V ’ ' are
: ,0 -ae *** *“■ ***» »'» *-b the man
' *4' *’* And *>*.« tans the
. . * -•*-*. ■. . . . .
»» Hear. near.
f:W , ,a- **? ^ 1 p human ty
'** *“ ■ of it- Tf<- bass 3 the
■' 1 •«* •- - 1< If. lie*; t.
I ■
of W. j
'* ,:,,r •' 1 f ■ : ■* re -r- ; „
1 2 ’ * ' - ■—*w . re .
^ I a ‘"* *a! ' ■'* fc ’• > r*. si. uu —
! . i.ttiii -v w - *—r-: rtt » n-_.
ir. w-, -s b -fi s a Biitiit, -eau. »\at
he li.s perwna; ffleri’a puts—and n
' rrcalest pr.de ■ a the idea to he
. Batata. sUa. a..o*
-s r.ght
b eitutea
“ to prostrats mtseii
tl'*w •» to k»r Wfoet ?*•. that** peo
ple of Magyar eaa tan*, with *aW* atlf *ti*«,
; pUee ,7ibe (treat famUy <* •*to» *•;
ere. in »« of toot great!**. to proclaim that I
fori proud Vo br a Hartar [Oreat ctvoenag.y
Wbile, donna our holy maggle. wc were seclud
ed fro® (he world. oura4emmt. waating to com
tacit crimes by »■<*. told you (be tale, that we are
m Hungary bat an insignificant party. and this
party farumcised by myself- H efi. I feel proud
at aty cMtat'i streagth. [Hear, bear ] Toey
suited jjjp by foul delusions. to the fury of cml
nrar. out Croat, W*nt< h, Serb and Siovsck breth
ren tg* nst ul It did not suffice. [fleas. heal,
;,r»r Tw houae of A usrna poured all bis force*
■Kami still it would not do. [Cheers.] We
beat them down [Cheer*-] The proud dynasty
was forced to stoop at the fool of the Caar. He
thrait f*it legions upon us, sod still we could
hsye been s match for them. One thing there
was that we—the plain children of straiyhl up
ruhtness, could not match—that is, the intnrtiej
of Rowan diplomacy, which knew how to intro
duce treason into our ranks. Cries of'* fihame !”]
This caused o* to fail, combined with Russian
tens. B it *tdl we were styled to be only a party
fu3attcss»"l by me. Well, “ 1 thank them for the
w ltd.' You may judre by tbtswbatw.il then be,
when not a ra-re part* but together ail the Magy
ars. also ail the Croats. Wsllacha, Serbs, and Slo
racks me.tcd in one body, will range under the
it so lard of freedom and ngbC Hear, hear.; And
be sure they will. [Cheer*. Humanity with its
chudish faith, can be deluded for a raiment. but
the bandage toon falis from its eyes, and it will be
cheated no more. And yet, though we are op
pressed, they are oppressed and deceired. Loud
cheers Afterward the tcofned party turned out
to be a nation and a yaiiiant one. But sull they
said, it is 1 who inspired it. Perhaps there ra gbt
be some glory in inspiring such a nation, and to
such a decree. [Cheers.'; But 1 cannot accept the
praise. N’o: it tsuotl who inspired the Hungari
an people—it was the Hungarian people who in
spired rae. [Loud applause.} Whatever I thought
I stiil think—whao-.cf 1 fey, and suit feel—it a
hot a feeble pu/aat-oa of thklg heart which in the
breast of my people beats. [Hear, hear.. The
giory of battles u ascribed to the leaders m history
—theirs are the la urea of immortality. And yet
on meeting the dangeSdhev knew that, dead or
alive. their name will opAw the Ups of the people
f irerer ..ve How differen\ how much purer, .s
tie light spread on th • tmagt of ihouaandsof peo
ple s sons. who knowing thal where they fall they
w -i lay unknown, their names unho^red and un
sung, but who nevertheless,yaftnu^hed by the love
of freed tn and fatherland, Jtesi m calmiy, smg
.ag uationa: anthem*. against toe batteries, wnaee
cross tire Taunted death and destruction on them,
and rook taem without firing a shot—[hear, hear]
—they who fell, failing with the shout, “Hurrah
for Hungary [Crest cheering. And so they died
by thousands, the unnamed demi-gods. More
cheering. Such is the |ieopie of Hungary. .Hear.]
Stiil, the> say it is I who have inspired tnem. No;
a thousand times, no ' It >s they who have in
spired tix-. Enlhusiasne cheering.] The moment
of death, gentlemen, is a dreary one. Even the
featuri-i of Cato partook of the impressions of
this dreariness. A shadow passed over the brow
of Socrates on dr.tik ng the hemlock cup. M .th
us. those who beheld the name ess victims of the
iove f country, lying on the icath-Seld beneath
Buda * waits, met but the impression of a sm.le
. i the frozen lips of the dead, and the dying
answered those who would console bat by the
w iris. “ Never mind; Buda i* ours. Hurrah l *c
the fatherland ?’ So they spake and died. He
w ho witnessed such scene*, not as in exception,
but as a constant rale, as thousands of the peo
ple's nameless sons: he who saw the adolescent
weep when told he was yet too young to die for
h.s land: he who siw the sacrifice* of spnntaaity;
he who heard what a fury spread over the people
tm hear.nr of the catastrophe; he who marked his
e'arior towards tnev.etors, after ».! was last; he
who knows what sort of curse a raned m the
prayers of the Magyar, ami knows what sort of
senti.-nent is bum.nr si ike ta the breast of the old
and of the child, of the strong man and of the ten
der wife, and ever w,U be burning on. till the
hour of national resurrection strike*; he who is
aware of a this, Wiil surety bow before this peo
0 - with respect, and will acknowledge wuh me.
that such s people wants not to be inspired, but
ihat it is an everlasting source of inspiration itself.
[Great cheers.: Thut is the people of Hungary.
Cheers.' And for me ray own glory •*, that this
people found in iavself tue personification of their
wo sentiments 'Hea' Thu is all he can tell
of himself, w out mi are honor:ag with ao many
■„ ler.jof * > ir sympathy. Let me. therefore, hold
. e cufijouag fs.’h. that in hon.ot.ar me by your
lyapsV'.v. ».-•; »-'« v. agio give your sympathy
. hue pe-.p.e of the Mayyar.”
Public Meeting at Memphis on the irkai*
ia* and Mesnpai* Road.
A meeting of tbe c.tuer.s of Memph j was belli,
i: Ovid Ft. .w't Hi . on toe ?th .on., a: wh.ea
bj Hon. E. Hui-mn. Mayor of tue city. officiat
ed as Cba.rrain. Gen. J-1 R. Riliiaxu, and G.
L .Saewi*, as V,ce Pres, dents, and Col. G. W.
Licit as Secretin, at which the fallowing pream
ble tad reso' at labs w-re unaa.mousiy adopted:
Whuiaj tie eniii-as of Memphis hare ob
served with dee p interest the awakening cf the
spirit of ra: r>ad jap*o»eiaeiit .3 our sister Stale
jf Arkansas, as man.Tested by the proceeding* >f
tie Convention of .sternal impro'. rmeat eocsot.s
‘.osera. as well is :n the proceeding of the popu
lar Convention he.d a few days sabsetjuentlig
•r.ereefter, at Little P.ea, with a view to promote
the enterprise cf 6 . id.ar a railroad from Little
Rock to the Mcss-ssipp. r.rer; and rW-oa. in t£e I
bel.ef of this ineet.ng the geographical relatibni
of Tennessee and Arkansas, as well as the ten
dency of d.rec-. n if the grra: works of Internal
Improve men's pr-J.ec bed, or ia progress, in other
piits of the Ci. ««. bate established an identity
>f interest between Memphis and the ra.iioad
system of Arkansas; therefore be it.
RttulemJ. That we bail with pecdlur pleasure
the er.ii- n e tr.it tie peop e of the s'ate of Ar
>• .
by means of ra. r -menis. of
tbe nugc. her at resources wrth which that territo
ry has been an bountifu.lv sippLed by the liberal
snd of Nature, and w:. i -.-ed oni* the aid of
art and industry to be coaterte-i itnmed.ate:y into
the eirm-vots ut wealth, luxury.comfort and .ade
pe ode ace.
Rttahmd, That the cilv of Memphis, from her
local pns.’ion, .s inseparably der.titied .n s-mpa
thy and .a lateo-st with toe system of raurnad
I:cpt ivean. Vs ,n Arkansas nd.cated by the wants,
t-i- interests and the convenience of the people
>f that rr.iw.ng community and that oar pe pie
are imbued with the ..tei.es: dispositioru to snare
in the burthens as well aoJt.Vr heaSts of uaca
R toitr/, That, regarding the vmmnhau con
rtrietwjo of the Main Trunk L.nc of this system,
r jia cast to west, u depeodaht, on some portions
of the route, tipja cont.ng-nces which cannot now
e pissmtly know a jr caicuiaied upon, the ciu
terts of Memphis, far frma regard.nr the under
tsung and succesaful prosecution of any of the
i alt m this great cha n of communication with
-a in > or .11 w.'.lj bail such enterprise as an
■ np.ci u tegma»ir—the end of which is fet
i i '.i p f .« n direct comm a mention wi'h the
- ntrai portiorw and westctmsjs: l.mits of Anan
A’vaotrW, That the peoevse of complete success
a >i levy ng systcni, now artheiv gr.-.ng on.
i5.ritr.aad tnc. rapid,tv with which em gallon is
.r 11 .vo t&r cas ern portions of Area max. far*
r. so evtfinds of L‘-pe that the da> oi near at
ivl wnen tne rmmnrarirmr il rf the w-oik on the
Mate a trunk i m w:J be called for by the wants
iiid rbe abua.ian.re of prod icuons grown there,
lad jutiSed by the adc-., .acy of the mesas to
tarry it Jarcearuu.;» through
Rrt*irrd. That a comm.'tee of £ve be appe,ri
led, to raise foods to defray the eipesaea „t a
ore .-i..aary sorter. wdh a i« r to atrcTtaia the
pr.. ‘icatiiity and pirobabi* cost of a La..mud
Lr t -tn ta'j city to L.tt> Rock.
kmind, T .at a permanent coc-m. ’-ce of
> -y.rss be appointed, whose duty it shall be cor
• - • id ar.m the friends >f internal .mpr-iv.minI
Arams3. and fren turn. to lime comainn cate
.e pabu- here saca information a* ioa* be rr
■r -d of interest, and to ca.i pub. c mer .gs
>f t -ie c .rco. to rrev i*itn-.r rej» n. when deem
m ticcessury as cxpc-Uicnt to promote the iaf:(<x: ia
i iew.
ii-nirri, That copies c.f these reiati .ns be pab
shed ia the newspapers of this City, ard a iao fur
ra.-i-iu to the Chx.raiaa cf the several cuavea
. ins held a: Little Rock.
■p* ’STsax Sind of Ski '« « r«’sng iaeir f«ri rrf *
der-r.ngs. ,
N.voxen a? I.axr—Ainor.g toe ntarrage notices,
n ne of the German Beffalo papers, we not.ee
.".at •• Gottfried Teufel 'ieia.au foe ucv.i usl
«■ »'-..
- ~ TT. -V ’ '
A» by far tk* amt iaietestsag amttcr the and*
contain. ve present oar reader* »**m Uw morn
ing with aaolber speech from Knesnlh—©ae of I*
P. P. C.'s to the Eagtwb prepli. *a«r the
maf rewsrkabto trail* of tfea Italy remarkable
man. to* gift of ttmgtie* m tbe as aotieeoble.—
The report* at k* speeches are evidently daguer
(retype* of tin actual utterance* of tba orator,
taken by the moat aeeuratc reporters far there i*
a fretboeaa. a (error, a raeiise** aboat them ail.
which prove them. to be tbe productions of ao
common an. And ret. under ait the disadvan
tage* of apcrtiag ia a language ao new to ban.
Korn nth wreidt that weapon with a power and an
affect rival ted only by a farmed few am., a* t!»«e
whose mother tongue «t m. The chief art of the
orator, too—(hat of relieving the weightier part*
of hi* speech by brief but hr,(..act flashes of fan
cy—he poWran in aa eminent degree: and as
we bare before remarked whaterer rarytag opin
ions may be entertained of ha strategy as a gen
eral, no one now can deny him tbe palm of ora
The press of tba comtry. with exceptions lew
and far between, has done justice to tbe great
Magyar; and its conductor* echoed the serveral
rrnce of welcome to this true votary of freedom,
standing true to the fiuth that a m him. in des
pite of tbe Jure* or the threats of deapota—as firm
in esile a* white flashed with the hope of coming
com;nest. Tbe •* latetiigene**.” tbe New Vork
“ Courser," foliowevMir their faint and feeble echo,
the Rtchmand “ Whig,” affect to sneer at the en
thusiasm which ha advent to our shores hss excit
ed in tbe breasts of our people. But as soon
could the Nile be dammed op with bull rushes, as
those puny effort* a: disparagement prevail in turn
ing back the current of popular admiration setting
ao strongly towards him. Both as a pd'.rcot
and an orator—st ar hate of tyranny and tyrants
I “ though baffled, is yet burning *Ull"—we wel
come tbe illustrious exile, who reared under the
. shadow of a despotism, has yet worked out hu
own deliverance from that pit of darkness, and
comprehends and teaches th« true doctrines of
constitutional freedom, respect Tor law. and ration
al liberty. More especially do we admin- these
eloquent outpourings of his, because in them ail
he indicates the great truth that eentraliration
and despotism are synonymous terms, and that
the former lends to produce tbe latter as in
variably and meViJsbiy si the report follows the
flash of tbe engine of destruction. Thu lessor,
| we too, and the advocates of strict construction :n
; this country, have sough: to inculcate, for it ap
plies as forcibly here as in Hungary. In a popu
| lar government especially, the encroachments of
I the central power are to be dreaded, lecause it
j adopts indirect modes of action, and while most
rapidly stealing power from the sections to strength
! cn itself, loud,* proclaims the largest liberty of
each, and the “ general welfare” as its pretext
| and apology.
: Hence it is that the antiquated organs of ancient
! federalism, tbe disciple* of the consolidation school,
i and the eager apologist* for foreign as well av d-i
mest.c despot urn, and all the swarm that fatten
while they dottier around “the eourt,” attempt
to prejudice tbe public mind against Kossuth, first
bv retailing slanderous gasaip. anti afterwards by
indirect iasiuuai.oa and muendo. Again, there
fore. we say- tbr.ee welcome Kossuth.—Sutiker,a

What ikf Ladies caa do.
“ Gel out of the may you young rascals This
address was made by a gentleman with a eery
impenoas athadji someth.ng naval officer-!tke ;n
bn costume mi manners, who was seated in a
handaoroe open carriage, witba fashionably dressed
lady by ms side. ‘‘The young rascals” whom he
thus honored with his notice, were two boys, ten
; or twelve yesrs old. dealer* n shingle shavings,
• sn article very mncu used is ‘.hi* c;iy for kiodiin*
coal fires. The .ads were wheeling six or eight
j bundles of their commodity in a hand-cart, and
•hey happened to meet the gentleman ln h.s rsr
j r ag* m the par. of the street which wssotwtructed
; by a large pile of Crewpod, wiuct* made il imp*
• sib’e for the two vet:ic.es to pass each other unless
one of the drivers should have the compla-sance
Ho draw ba--k. “ Get out of the way, you young
rascals," said the rent.eman .a his carnage. The
roung shingle-shaving merchants looted at the
. speaker with und&t iise-d astonis rascal, and be
was obliged to repeal the order before tbev seemed
to rea,je the fact that they werelbe party spoken
At last one of the young gentlemen made an
swer. •• get out of the way yourse.f ani be b.ame.
: to you.” It was now the turn >f the man m tae
carr iee to be astonished. Pa.e w.ih rare, heea
claimed, ‘ do you kiuow who t am. you villains
, • No, we don't,” answered one of the boys; ‘‘some
Englishman, 1 guess. Do you know who we are"”
The gentleman was obliged to confess ha lgno
ran-. and he did it ma tone of supreme contempt,
i •• We are American citizen*,” said the voting
shingle merchant. with great d.gn.ty. “ Is tfcal
aav rea«>n that you should block up the streets’”
said the imperious gentleman, very excitedly.—
"To be sure .t is.” rep .ed the juvenile, *• w'd
• bus a better right to tbe streets ’ We are the
majority, two to cne, I guess, and the majority
carries everything in tn.a country.” The aristo
cratic man seemed disposed to be verv violent, b«!
' <bs*-rving. probably, that :ne bystanders, who were
i bow ffumeroiiS. sympathised with toe republican
party, he swallowed tits wrath and sat si.entty for
>cveral m..nates as if reflecting wbar cou-se rw
shou'd purs ,e n ile se perplexing c.rc ints’s.ic^j.
T..e .ad y who sat by 11* s n now spok- f ■: the
first time, and in a sweet and gentle • :>."« sfe
said la the boys : “ Will you not obi ee me by
i allowing us to pass “ Certa.aiy, madam,” sun.
i the st urdy yo.iig republican, “ we'11 do anyth.nr
' f ;r a iad*. cr for a rani who snowy how to behave
hunr-eif like a gentienta -, but a* f t giving way to
a stuck up ro* rr ke turn, blamed if I wouldn't
rather stay her- till nett fourth of Jt y " They
turn drew back and si. wed the carnage to pass
w.ibout further hiouran.'e—fVviMylrimnnv
JjrThe “Lofeiwaa* Conner" thua refers to th«
defence set up for M». F.ixwcak by the ticptib
| Be:—
GmutJiaics—The “Wash ?.z‘ a Repul, c”
.a defence of Mr. F. imore fuf coaaeon.pg, aa i of
Concha x summarily p-.nyh,ag as p.ra.cj, the
followers of Loper. say* :
•* In one f hj ,ai despatches, Gea'I Jack
son descnbedJAan ntvJT and Auniru as “ aa
pnnc.pltd Thorns. ' for reason :..a; taw had rn
l teted urn a war ara.nst toe I'u.ted State*, a rouq
try with which their own was a: peace. We re
i flcl to see teat !h t gre.it man failed *o aignauy ;e
tse inculcation of sound political ooraj ,n fcj
private secretary; that the ialter should approve
and stint i.ate advent ires which the inter so ca
pfcaticai'y tc n > u nerd."
This is a pretty fair rpeesmen of the whig shuf
fling of the day. They have now found oat that
General Jarkson was a “ great man;-’ but r,-5w
was it at the t.tne General Jackson desrr.bed Ar
fc imoot and Anaonater as unprincipled v . jaa’
Every bortv knows, that 'hert, and afterwards, the
whig* vtlhfied Gen. Jackson beyond measure for
pun.ji.io; these “ unpr.Hs.ped nlitana.'-' The
wkigscouiu uottben lint jnguage sufficiently abu
sive to liter ata.nat Genera; Jacfcjoa. Now he
j the •• great man.” General Jackson was in
deed a/real man—loo great to descend to toe low
an.ficewtha: pass current w th 'he vsb.gv.
We may add. that as toe cases of Lope* and
Arbwthaot h Go . are not parallel ones, tt.e wu js
can find no .utf .jH-»;,on n the conduct of G-nerai
Ja. ason for trial of Concha and M...ard F...taore.
Taa Floorer *r Tmul—In refertsce to tr Sight
of tixae. Lit Spr ue oaee closed a discourse in
the follow ,i,g aispctc language:
" 1 shall never aditre»s to j audience agsm —
I shall never again meet them bnt at the bar of
God. That interview seems indeed far diaianc
Bat d Will he aa soon as Time, w.th hia eagle
w ngt. iha.: hare finished the little r-mnact of
his short career.
‘ Af*er death the jjdgmeaC' We die; but
intervening a*-v j-wat pm».~i ov»r tixme whoa.cep
a the 4 -jvc There j no p.are there >n whies *o
count the hours of time. No longer .a it told
by days, or months, or ream . for the plane's
which mark these pcr.oda are b.JJcn from their
tight.- it* -
perceived bytaeacn.se*. lor the ear m deaf and
the eveia closed. TW baav world ofi.fe, which
wage* as eKi morning and ceases every sight,
goes on above them, but to la-rm t.l is iijcnt sold
unseen The greetings of joy imt the voice of
grief, the revolution of empire* »ad the lapse of
afces send no aouad within -h.ir rurr.ow cell, t.c
aeration after generatem are brought and Laid hy
the-.* aide ; the laacrpuon upon their monument*:
«wW lidtsr-ss»t~nw* that have pasted away;
buf to the alerpoig dead, the long rrrtes**; a t<v
observed. Luke the dream of a night, with the
quickness of thought, the uatjf range* luae and
space almost w.ibout a luacL There m bet a mo
meat netweea the hour when the ere is domed m
th* grave «nd when *1 wah.es to th* Judgment."’
stances of hie
brig ef-war Erprew, at
interesting at Una junet ora.
(u Jr,
Chnilrmm: !e etdct to
meats that may be made of
the English brjf uf war Ei press
metheus, I beg of ton to ;
an .aaertsoo ta your
At 2 r m. I went to my a tup
to sea, bating hot just
oof-poaieiaim from the Pacific
in all about *00. At tb a
nues of Greytowc, constituted,
the authority of tbefilus^wwo
the atop with a poiire f ■ret
of atlaehmeoton the ship and
of *123. claimed by the anti
anenrage port due*. <-v*jyed
supposed to be illegally dma
<juently refuted to pay them,
sen? instance.
The port due* are mafe a:
anreorare to the harbor, by
porta. feea aod pilotage.
I bore up my turbot and
harbor with theeunent, fan
1 wench to pro
teed the laat of
thatijy astho
atated. by
state oa board
a proeea*
if tor the amount
for present and
hip, which we
and had eonte
did ta the pre
ropped down the
»k>orr*i e one of
the riter veamerr, receiriag f n her to* baggage
of the pasaetigers. The £**)•
a abort distdjure from tie. iso iiateiy *vt under
wegh, suds tail for ua. aad
ter of hiaiie from ua, £red a l ind abot orer the
rms the night of
captaia of the
brig of war. lying
n within a q-.iar
;!• bouse over io
shot an find.
foreeartle, not clearing the
feet—in a few minute* snotl
which pnxaed over the ttern so rar thrt the force
of the bail wta diatiaclly It it r aereral passen
ger*. 1 tent a boat on board ie brie to tor, a ire
the cause of their firm* into**. The captain
acated it waa tc protect tbeauthhtiesof Greytowr.
in their demands, and if we d.fnot named atefy
anchor he would fire a borsbdeli into us. awl
ordered ha runs loaded with/tape and canister
ah,U; at the same time, our Wa<i steamer left tta,
and 1 proceeded, under stearf bach loan anchor -
arc and anchored. The bn^toid np the harbor
and anchored »ery near us-tui? a boat on board
of us with orders that our f.ri should be put out.
aad that an officer would bef-at on board to see
that the fires were ertinguuil The authorities
then came on board, and. ujh-r the trtruntstah
res of the case, the amount ttsnanded waa pa,A
under protest, ar.d we were ^emitted ,$o j^rucaed
to te a !
1 protest, and we were ^emitted to on>
thy the captain of them, '
Respectfully yoar 4'twrr't. \
Ii*rr Cm arnfu,
Captain, ste^fitp Prometheus.
th *
Norn. Scrr aso H*»ri
f) M tcheli, of St. Lou a. K
that one of the courts of
judgment unn!* him for
spoliations id Mexico, dur
appears th.« am-tunt was cl.
men; for forage for the use
Got Mitchell. The rovei
to i.iov the claims, suit w
M.. wh» considered it to
defend h.cise.f, end hence
nd x
liaiai—C"l. D.
i Mauvext is tell retire
*» York tie* gintn
an of *t87,f«\ for
the late war. It
from the rovem
•nay. taken ty
it having refused
••ought inuotCol
ous that .he did not
1 Mi j
t tie
IT The Rochester Amme4 as he* the follow, ng
fee. mg observation:
“ If you wiaii to earn ‘fisropeet and eterlast
.1! grat tude of an editor, If 4* u.'Iagrv oiawe.
Or, i tlo i h a paper. He hi a d tira where he
can fond wr.at he wants ^htbe !e»«t possible
trouble. A!! he tsks is thg you an', keep your
hands off. W sen he wwfeefynn to read a paper,
reiy upon if be wnl give tt fgrii. * • • •
He can't endure your pitch Irking bis pile of ex
changes ah about the r.yiaj
P»raoa»o* to Pamirs.!.-*■ 13 said that the day
after General Jackson’s .naifuration, twenty-four
editors'of newspapers marked in procession to
t:.e President, ’• ’o pet theirny.” Poor old man’
he was to be p'.ed. Amnia them was Noah, of
the Advocate, and Hi sith* Patr.ot. Noah
was a mao of ease, ami to ap-l-ice, well fed.
Hill was lean and ,sn’<—a «ty tas*- is. N<xab,
a cunn ns. shrewd follow, Kdpec the pfoeesr.nn
and professed a different orir. “ Her"”’ said
be—”H.ll, you are tr,e as :estof fie car,, and of
l.angry aspect enough: I am. it asdp: imp. You
shall lead is on ; and as soonts is old President
S"trs tiu picture of starvation!<e »i.i surrender at
once.’" Weil, it worked to a fcara. They' er
cJ'the palace ;n tins order I'ifce Presides. ,s
sect for end entered the room! Hestanedback—
“ Good Oort! gentlemen, tax* til you want.”—
The oW :,er>, the. ,<n his nerw’Aever forsook h.ra
m bait e. could not stand ihu.fr. surrendered a:
or.ce. and twenty-mree of the ti.aty-foux obtain
ed off,re ; and the twenty-fo Jh, for be.ng left
out, let out the whole slury.
"cwouy s —The Sp
Oaxar Bain s sn » So» rn tjous s—The Spe
cial Committee o.f the Legalaie of .-south Caro
lina, of wbmhl Mr Maxyck sii.iittun, to whom
*»s referral The commas v: Jon of the British
Consul, G. B. Matthew. Enc relative to the law
of that State, to prevent freftiefroes and other
pr-r*oos of coior trow enter j into it. state 111
their report that the >aw doesmt conlict with the
treaty of Commerce Petard Great Britain and
toe I'nited States. »or any isjniade m pursuance
thereof, and that tnerefore it inexpedient to re
peal or alter the oid law. lot they request the
Government in coammaacati tae resolutions of
the Ley is attire to tti* eff« to the British Go
vernment, through its Com i> to assure it that
this iv ay maintained been ’ it is deemed tmpor
taut to the internal peace led security of the
State, and not from any d«A to einbsrTasa their
Commerce or to off-nd tiiej 1st prude—that the
. peop.e of '.Sc State are atta ed to the pr ncpies
f tree trade, sad fully app’ late the ore eminent
importance of an unrestnet eaesmerce with the
s jfoc a of her Br,tannic ) iestv. but, if they
are compelled to caoose b veen a eaoaasercisi
interest and an esse>rual awbute of independent
prefer the
ehotee will corn
f the Go
»w York “ Dty Book-'
rue, »."3* Time
I are you here your
I many years; 1 ear.'
At Ot.» W--T be '
pi pinked the following m
J j ,je.—" How many je
' self
1 Witaesa —WeU. ap
tell hiw many.”
J a .r —” Wat sesset |
Witness.—” Toe .rf * > 3
Jndge.—“Indeed! tbiL____ _
the v>-!!.<-: that brought LhlFiigrim fathers to this
W mess, wi'h a racal unintelligible look
i —“ ^ ’•», yer honor, I oaraj.a the uar afc.p with
•.hem !
i you unite ta ’
the same name
IT" W me mer-haati tesfbeif port by a pair of
glass globes connected bylr.eek, through which
the w no has to past fra^e upper to the lower
globe. It is like an ho t.-tiass. the upper part
taring a reck to poor m pe Iwjjor. The tower
giobe Icing filled with weer. the upper naif re
cenes the w ;!*t. If the writ- ha* been adulterat
ed with jer-:pigs, the iaiugfaifs immediate)y into
the ••wet gidbc. If tne ^-ae has been imperfect
ly fermented and bedevdd with brandy to coeer
me fault, oae-'rurf of thgeater in tte tipper part
the lower g.obe wits fceome discolorddu If the
wir,e poured .tsta tae ugptr gtobefankwfcp* tt-re,
the »;ne r.-s been pcrfccgj lerme'-nfml, and is ftee
><xa «<Ialteration. Jtnjyi' it an nhiiterauoa
recognised by the Portuflwe getters me a.’. It is
eomprwrd th us: to hf'r s* pounds of eluer bemes
at- added ‘ » poo o i $ tvai ie, aereutyeight
<ra. long of uu fermented nge ;uice. and thirty-su
(n., .ns of Strong -raodyj-/3ui.y IKipotek.
^^“Fal4.er. • sa d i sporting youth to hj
re*ered parent, “they *y trout mil bit* now”.
’•Well, we. I,” was the«mjo»iig reply, “mind
your wars, asd you i. k suie they won’t bite
At the residence of Ca*. Aster's in this ».c; s.ts,
on the eeemn* of tV dm tftM., by Mr. C L.
Jrif.-e*. Mr, Annas'* J. tanuus, to Mm Visit
A. ilcho-nt.
__ At Baless ..e. on the'2d iiwh. Mr W» T
Cmmaan, ed.’ >r of the “ is«.seaport White Hirer
LummercisJ,” ;u Mm Gaunt* 0»r, ol th* for
u>er piace.
In tbj p are on Pataaby the ifilb inst . Joss*,
•nfhat son of the H>e i/.n asd Mrs. Mary J
Tut id, aged 3 years and 11 months.
Fresh layortri.
Bt’tdKH-s Etaaiuag ftwiu.Iix>claths. Tulips,
Crocus, etc.., etc. -JL.‘
J cut recennd .a «tcc!**t state of premrrataoa,
and fat asie at th* thug tea* at
Dw. 2*. tSK J W TXFft
Ordmarr ..
Low_ MaUbrf. | fair. „.
*MCia*.n4»lS I M far....» d -
Sujar— EVnaaad U\i, m'ua.tOQ hkda at tm *
pr>re»: fcir - -
Miinm a ukmkI active: aalae 1400 hbis.. tear- !
«»» ROM >» «r*t hernia aneoJd, prune Mi leadUr
UoiirM 23e.
C*r%—1800 mki white and yetlew were laid
•t «V»4f. »rtd (M» frtwa tfewe at iOc.
Oeta—240 m< ki Oh*. Kid it Me . 400 St. Lmi
at M and jflO at 40e.
W'Aarte—Sties 300 Kbit. icetiSed it 17. 600 at
17!*. 340 m fi*e iota at 174, tad 40 at 10.
/V*—.S66 1 b!s, new sw-aa were laid m bar tola
at 111 SO and 46 old mesa at 0)3 54.
.-. ... —
* ~~T *"• *'•*» *+* -
VJHpTT Mr *•. *. *■*••**' W «.
u * **"* *
A.A Wui.Hm C
"*■ womi.r mam i
h eiH.LMii, m. r.
i. o. o r.
Pw ttr«M U>dtf »«. J ■«■ nary anarSar m,
c« nfesaint *» * awu M« in, M “„i
TWH«t «tM »«ar*mnatk- * n ADKtimr r
ti. * Pan, *en*a. * - *" r
TF.wn.e r.r hosoil
•j*1 feek Tew*,of bom* g, , awrtl,w„ Tw~fev
TV lip*™* f.lufli# MtMM,.,
Concert. 4
THE Mbs* Pupils of tie Little ifc*-k female
Academy. will g *e a Concert at the Metbo
Chare(L,b’* *Tenin* Tuesday earning
a. < g^cloct. The public Jpmecaliy «r* :nTiT*d to
Dec. 30th. 1 SSI.
, If. fBUril*r*v Celebrated. Pile Blatant.
F»r Salt at tie "\rm Drug Start," LtUlr Hack.
T1/** w!» m '"(Vo** »rh Du. truaMewmm ,nj
rHw! “* V PPnM, b. aTm,
**"«'«* fp«*n» *i a Sumo#., bT «atnw An- w ..
lea« Uv#y bar. tolSerut. <■*». b, .-m-Waiot P,™ l«ua™. tr4
.' rt< liir .'.tjiw* * Hot* i>. ..._ _a
«"»•*« u>r pp*™*-. "bum V v„ a, wy. **». *,
-—-■— BiTTKibvmrrH
r'”"^ r^rt __ -__
»i(tWMVnbr T#*»*___
tub# Bo*. A*.. Dpc ».
J'bV3r*!T^ ‘T ’*’* "*'* *ro*»t*’ *' Mbonc'ken
«.sne B«« am, ! Hi,Wh Ci*»™ : Ut B.„™ vw mmrtr*
)zu ^.'r p»« *•«*••««. * h**
i 8W* ,Vl*'Vd Vn, ; 5S ftoie, ; a lb,,,, r*. • 1
Sw*;. <££*»:
J *■* ; i Rbl t. iirrmti; 3 6m p•*•#>«• •
n rb., AW,*., . apo* Lonerr.-. CmX*
^TT-Tr!-!^ ^ rrart! J '•“we: rt
»»*. St. Jntim MpAoc flamt; 9 tVia CVn* Bnum s
"« CS7™ l I V»f Apr Frrnrb
*»“***/ «!>p* frpwb t »*an*r p >™
^ : * *—rM> ’*«tPT« H m-: 4 «M. twT*
10 “lunaa; « BMa. Mactrrai , i (M TlA, .V
F™ ml# pbcan. by y T A VT;
Lito Barb. £>«. 3), j<:#ambwi< t ..', -T
Bearer, White eoaatr, Arfcaata*.
Dee. if), :»5i. :f
Bbis. " O' Fauon Xiiit," Extr
SUGAR—5 Bbis. Prwdereti tod Crashed
Receded sad far sale by
Dee. 29th, lMO. »M. B. TTAIT.
A Runaway Mavr.
\ NEGRO m*n. a ranairsy sisve, •*** hee
*“V. cmcnistted to Lewis Huddleston, Sheriff <
fbfcc county, who says his aassr ,s Anthony, an
that he beiohys toBet'is Alston of Johnson eouati
near Clarksntie. Said atfro at about *A years ou
rather incimed to be yellow, 9 feet 8 ot 10 iacf«
high, bad oa a itr ped summer cost sod s his
crowned far nst, s good deal worn, and rid me
small black horse pony, reached mane, paces sn<
shod ail iwjnd. 7 or i years aid, sod the negro s* .
thst he stole the pony somewhere in the rf.tectio
of Li wi[»rt on Rcti nter. The owner of owtic
art requested to tsie ssid boy and ponv sway m
Dec. 23. Sheriff of Pike eoua'y.
TT Camp street. Hew Orleaas, ’
CROflERT. fMJ.Vi, 11B GL1$S-W1RE.
H i \ E on han-l, aa.j ai* ircmataatly pppptring. *9* of Uw
rarrnM «*n h Cn*-S*ry er#r unp,*c#e Mtn tb* ( '*,
-.-.I '-.or « - vi.ii!«a« m fee nead •... •„ r.
C»a< »»av. Seaomd#a bv lb# naiiry troir. tlrr bart «•» '
#ral n#w «4 twy ■Imr.ttar paarrru in ci-Siam out low
po##s warn, to wbwh Uwv p*u w amu, of crummy utn
' «•»» AWO, • rtry imr arbrW of Itlw • rmmmr a im,
fTwi—Ittun* Tre bn. v*fy low y/ued—i :;,a* tboio*
" »W“«0*r wait u iwa, Mirk of li cumn —#
l ..Map* im ronomm. Kiumud
F<wS», imi *' turret and V me,.#tt. iluuou
of cxrry ib'erWK*. « <™«ar reitueed prier,
Tb#y lornr Uki» nut <■»m,n ud coimtry m#r#buw
|*n#ntly. u, cimmmc iseur m l. >w> *w *e,.r m»«* m
mpu-tc m it am pr-mnt wonmiH, aod wbm* wih b# mt,|
II rrmtouobt* prt,.#*, >h pwtM at »#tr moat mi# —..
lam, S3, that. i)
>EW Fllll'TIZ* Fttii PmSffJG HCIII
Robert brodie
would ret>ra ha
thanks to i-i name rout
inrruto MU wr.nt tor 3w,r ikwmxr literal iMlnwaf'. «sd
Ufci atcavor" m u«n.v«m »• aval. an! th- 7wuu»- 4. rvr
lilt-. »M be hu rec*aU;, it jr-u ei;xrw, uj.j » nr.* —.
Stir>»<til| Tiniiti; Uthf
to tin MtiMvftm.tnt. uni .* «*.w pt~ptml at rt -<-me tvtrr
of tumor- V'muunx t > i«nrhui*ry for »ili». ,
<o»». or uui *-r»» <-alJn»j. from But
; *rv~ar t"*~ gig UtT salt y.j. ry' ;
Bdtn *>« *11 'OO Hr « no. u»*y«.e.t u, », ui luoilr of
* ■<( Vuuunt, ml o Kioto Ji 15, -a the m-t ~-.11
lity vector. «mt.a< 1 jMa tas.no, arfwU to w«B to
••«.! 01 him M V 1» * ;«riicil Martuoiu. nil ;>:t» malo ill
fw irrwcon.onu to mv<*? aM no n w.tl tnrm on Jo
beet of 1STOI* tl 1 a .11 tro. * Ifm lit Off, 1.0010 irm ittl.'JO ^ "
•aywSM.nito/tt a th rojpud to wire, rtf . i-l/.
•ho> 'usnoot -priro pud Sir otl kri.,«, rod Comtrr
Lftae goes, Oec. BM, HU. l«_ij
■ f ru .
PritfftiM iatarsact CampaaT *f Hartford, Ct.
hrorymwUU, 1S2A. Capital Suxi, .l.noo)
Promou. ni Wtti'nt Fund. $1,000,000.
THE Merchants and Hiuaehuiders of Lottie
Koch ami Puiaski county aft respectfully*e
frrretl to the auper.of a.‘rant»?*-« offered fot’f'in
Insurance by Wit. B. WAl’T, \uc autboraed agent
of vhis Com pant.
By the etubfaMiseaf. 2ft rear* nace of a Cen
tral OSLce at Cincinnati, for th* prompt jer..araen»
of wester# ami tou'-h-western .oases. a caref.il
aeiection of raw, the most unremitting attention.
to their dispersion. and pride tu-e and eeoooav m
a:I us transaction*. the officers of vha Company
hare had the saavfac.iea of seeing .a uefuloeaa
and pruapenty constantly on the increase d uring a
loa* period of war, Many other 1'orcpanies fare
10 the iueaat.a* failed to d-sekarge their joat ha
bit:t.es. ti»iu< been atatened and tna. »icmaer
, ed bankr .pt. by a :eck!«** course of ...is.or**.
losuiaacr Cofltpia.es of this stamp and char
acter are eont.aual.’y tpraging op ,-n vac.ous part#
of the conn'ry. it is not oar purpose by accept -
ia< prem oJM natJe^oate to eo*erth* aeera«e an
nual iass; to compele e.th auch iraspoaaibie of ,
Sees, waune object would aeem to be to collect a
i cuaKderab.- istr. from the operation* of one or
| two aemaoea. deride the paoceedt, and paf tm-r
! tonae*. or ast, aa etporfieAcy may dictate. Os the
contrarr, u»e Rwtect>m ioaura w e t .tspany, of
liartforu, will ma nta a ita bsasnena apoe a per
Et-incnt ijrf fteprias.Me $T~. *M rnewo* w-ttvr
a c mfmtianee of the patnnagt ehaca haa aaher
to beensd Ubetady titeoH.
W. B. KOB^-Sa.
G-nerxl Pruucium Unruan-u C».
The andera cned. local a^eiit. k dapn ed erth
blank policiei aad renewal rece.pu, •hich'W.il be
uaneti, covering approved tiu upon reaeaaable
tcraa. tk M B WAIT,
Agt. Fro Am- Co., jar LtUlr Sort
a and fiilnih emeaAy.
i Xov. 3ft, 1«1. 13-2a».
For Brat
: it££. t~vr, «n»a» end aemf-vtaH.e »*er-:
v ‘ deace, oa Hock aliee t. p tea tar on given aa
medaneiy H. & ALUM.
Dee. », mi.
cocimr or scma.
sydary H
aad 1mm
to Mi W. M j
Am Rifaaam. Ito wife.;
IT appear*** to tto Ceart tor*, to** tto
aiaiaaata al&ferit AM in Uua mow. ttoi tto
•atd XMpnt HowRm aad Jain IM wl IRw?
Reed, bet wife. are aoa nredrata to tto Stare to
brkanaM: it «. therefore. oa rent** to read mm
ordered tbM tto reto M»rf«r»t Hoaaton.
Job* Heed awl Ninry Reed, bn ntfr. to antiM
they to oHjeet aad peadeney to tbn Ml • to to
taiaa rf.*tr(beti*e itore to certain aleres tolonf
raftn tto aatat# to Joatto Heoetn*. deeeaaad, to
p*ibiir»*KM> la tto Arkaaaae Banacr. a aewtpaper
pnHintod at Little tot, >* tbia State. fair •*
lra«tH to War and w lhm tb* ton* prescribed to
Ian. aa4 that naira* ttoy appear before tltn ronrt
beta, on at to for* ’to third day of tto aetl Feb
ruary Tana. To to Hotdea at tto Coart-tourer in
the tow* to Piraelifti, oa ttonl Monday mi Feb ,
narr. AD, Ift.VZ, and plead, a never of dearer to j
■ato Kit. the nans* wilt to taken aa i1 wfaaa
them, a ad daetca arcrwdia*ly.
A tm earn from tto reared.
A treat * H. WV9WORTHY. CM.
Dee. 23. 16. 2t
Printer* fee N.
f 1TCIE*. IITrtll. "UIW M Wf
TDK fmrst Stork tad O-rateat aariatp rfC«M
m»4 l#t« tMl Uri*« Watch**
ever brought •<» thw State, amt I Moal? pee my
•ritfn (uaraaee* for ail Wjfttom mM .a ary
establishment, bat aiao witil Umar pi fm —in
far hr-toe wn.'k and which eaa be bad item Alt
to 9'J00. J jmi drop m. seat door to the Annum
H.* «. at a C. FCLTOJT*.
Licit* Rock. Dee. IS, |M|.
I AM rowf to Maw Orleans to nettle up and
replenar. my Store, and of course. will have
to rati upon those who are indebted to me. I am
»■'*» Braking out my areoants. and hope all will
be reaiiy t,, par mfhoot rivme me the dimgreraMe
«««*•> cf asking them the termed new.
Little Roe It, Dee. 14, |*i.
it iuan mine.
'L'MPLuYMENT will be *rven uwned.ately. to
■I-d active men willing lo eraeag* is tha work.
The highest prices for nek labor will be paid, and
the rath ready, when the terriera are rendered.—
Apply to W. O. WILSON,
about I mi 'ey abort Lewwborc.
Little Rock, Perils. Ida I. H-4w.
Proclamation by the Governor
STATE Of ARKANSAS. To the Sheri* of
the several Count**. composing the I at Di- i
*a:en of Arkansas Mrlttia.
Whereas, Caere w a raeanry ta Ore office af
Major General of the 1st Dinaron of Arkansas
M litis, oee a* need by the rent nation of Gewerai I
barr.uei D.tRiackbttrn.
Now. tbeiff.ee,!, Jobe SeWen Rowne, Gwswraor!
of t!ie State of Arkanaaa. a ad f mmaialm in ilmf
of the Mi itia thereof, by vistu* of the autbor.tr
;n me rested hr law. do hereby nomat a ml vou to
ape* and hold an elecum at the Coo* house m
yonr respective counties, on the l»th day of Feb
ruarr. 1*52. for the election of a Major General
•o fill the vacancy aforesaid. And 1 do require
that you conduct t»,d e'eetioa and make return
thereof. aeeordrtnt to the statute itt ruck ease.
In testimony whereof, I hare hereunto
rar handind caused the seal of m»| 3-ate
,i_ a. to be affixed at Little Rock oa the iStk day
of December, A.D.. 195}.
By the Governor.
Divio B. ftm*, f«.y af State.
Norn.—" Major General xhall he eleeteii b*
the Kr./ad.er Gener.il.x and 6eid officer* af their
reaper a »e dua.ooa." — Cm Art. see militia
iaw. Aet* of 1412. v
Pee. ld. lh.5l. 14 »t
- A select aavornrent of Light Literature, Just
received, and for sale by
I've IS 1451 D RENDER A Co.
I BIG leave to return *v grateful thanks to the
eitixeiiaof Littie Rack and viciatty 'or their li
bera; patronage, and to inform them that Ike Ex
ercises of the ruv.if year will be resisted on
Tkanday the Ird day af Jnaaary aeit.
P opus are reu nested to be punctual m -<■—f-hrT
Terms foe the Eogtwh bjatKUua, per quarter, %\
“ ClasBKal ** ** 49
V.-’-ry attest*un mil 4* patd to ike more la amd da
partmeni v( the schemes, in am] out of school, and
amantUp report rendered af titer TTrn daiin. pro
grtaa. deportment, fit.. He.
Providence permit! me. we w II have a public Jf*b
lary Drill on the iast Friday mevery month. (Pa
rents ami others are .avited to review.) A pubi.c
Mtoiary parade on the iast Friday laMarnh; and on
the 4th of July next a public military parade, aa !
or at... a. and aa exhiUuofc at ntfht.
Parents, etc , are reapectf uiiy solicited to farmah
their c-Uidsea with the prtper uuluary untfarma
J E- LAND, Pnaopl
Dec. Id. 1891. _ lj .tt _
City and Cowwty Prwperiy
ONE HOUSE and Lot, a.xd twokuildiny lota.
Non. 1, 2, ami 4. in Mock 12, known aa
BwU‘4 bleed. 3 hits Jtl hr 440 feet. N.ia. 10, 11.
and 12, n N. E turner of block 104, wppoaitc the
jail, all m the city of Little Rock.
!3's4 acres at Rceif a bridge. 12 miles from the
city, pertly improved, iaelndkd m S. W. <jr. sec.
31. T. 3. V R. ID W 40acres unimproved lead,
wat- W-A3t. E. <**.&. i
sec. No. 2S. T 2, N R. 12 W. Both tracts are ;
rood land, and title indisputable. Cal! oc J. R.
BETTISON at the Anthony House, or Col, T. D.
MERKXCK at «teamt><wt landing.
Dec. _ ___i_
c. v. +*?**'*•
Auction^ and Commission Store.
r[A wtetnhm tew <h»iW mi Anrlum m4 ('mmbMwmi
ii-NM in UtM • *>. <tu ***** -***rrM*r *#<' Vnn a«i Cheery
Mnttt. w'wr*1 liwv w*» uipm nm4y u* "•*••** tad vll at **«•.
"ww nr on >*o«mi—rn>. r**ry 4««>*rtUMi of n-rr- h»nSttr ,
•Inn, \'«fr•►**«, vw**d***t« sim! jdropruy of every fluid,
nteti !>e ^wimiUH M Aw*n hjv «n4r« oa Mi yr»Md
«* «»* -K..M UrtNO Ml U>« SSMtK TV* Jr jrOM» —
van MI Hut vim4> M> ittMjr te httMVhm
-tcru re -
S. H Tcfhi, » A, I Hctt, | Or. A- W W*»«,
C. i Kiiim, ? A P.s«. r*4 , t I C 4 w Mius,
L. C«MC« ii o. *•***, 5 A H Kiel
T u ««*»'-■ «L Cm.
Liiu* fcnefc, Dee t. IMi —14—ly
GOOD e'ttk to who* .ter*. npi ndl Im i
Apply *t that office.
Little Rock, Dee. I, t*El.
Black*nilli,i Tael*
X BELLOWS ; 3 Vli-e* Sledge «i»d Haod Ham
tJ lucra, jttet taceited had for la.e, by
Dec. 9. iSAi.
Sieambo*; Landtag.
Ctolhing! Hoiking! t
A VERY »rje end beaarsful aelee' :oo of Fail
j\. and Wmur ClatMmg, j j«t Wri«d and fat
Dec. 9, ISM. Steamboat Loading.
J. D. FITZGERALD, Auctioneer, j
ROOMS—Next *** to to* Pool o®«ce. Maui
■otter*-. Lutte Hat*. AAifim
Sole* of Dr* G-«M >ad CiutBiaf three e.eiuagt
io exnry week. Par.eaiae etteatwa pud to tie
Milrsif PradiKe. !*.»>**, Euraiturr, etc., etc.
December *. 1*61 —14—ly.
CKKUti. 6W» ii» tim iiti.
RECEIVED, per - Exchange. •• the l««H*t
»u»e4 oft-RX KERY. OI.AS8 and CHIHA
•V ARE. **er offered a lU mathet—-xaeit ag af
terry thing uevjuty cai-ed tor ta taat ~n*. aan
itiu rear ur»—cail aad Me
Dee. to IMl.
BLSANIL mCoHDH. a good artMie. eutahia
foe Ceutf Cwilii. to* aato by
an* II, l»l
- Iff ALUS VIU PUl VH fill."
SCWI CTOT©* 1. ft AH* baa Mi M—m W
-teen?* ’aw- !m
fc? cm* ar wad? pay.' AM b* Mn Mil fm
•M «U attic lea ante at tM P*wtaa**ry. a MU#
rkaapat t» uak, ear*. pact, tar, ala., thaa rear
bafcrt aaM. m4 af fowl MMtlk.
Dae. >. I Sit.
Ox the am. «r
► ifjto
'•nr fall area. aM apaaka »#ry %a«kl? *ln
*pnk«a ta, «M aaba«< twain* ycataald. Daataa
* • Mas cbo«» *kwt?- •»- v«#i* alt Meal but
dark ruMplartiA. wuk Mart bait aM Mow* rpm,
•M M UMp MiclAwad, aM am Mad of bent
* *m iwitiai »taa MaaaMed. Aar
vkawl e*a fat km at
rella, ta Draw eanata.
Woatarrtla, Dm. I, IMi. I«-Cf.
US, MetifW tad for alt low bf
wa. a wait.
m Ni% »
Asa, tMl. |
to* 1 Mi.
Otne* a tn
UttlMt. i«
PiOpOAALR will to received a
the It day «f Jiwn mt, Im
iw»«c*t of ««tak** laqsired hr law a
«* Tto pi*n—n w« auto tto —oof
•oeh Mtin. DAVID
Dee. X 1J
That tv»e Iin fiwi Qniim va I
t«d Fancy Dim Sonia, m (bo Ui
foods a tto kind i» this Stair am to to
bad next door to Uk* Anthony Hoot*, at
no* at. mi. ta
Milrlt, nrawm. latter Ifctrtet
J7*VLTON’» Slock i* tbta war <* aoporiot, and
M. iar Slock Larger. aed'ttoir earvaty g—ar
(ban ever be for*.
Little Rock, Vo* 2*th, iSEl. 13—
FImt Ml Cl«lk.
*LOOR iHL CLOTH, from 11* it* foot wide
jaat received aad far aato by
to* IS. lSSt. D. BE.VDEA A CO.
A POOP awoffwk of Wiairr
JTL the ft neat m tow*, at
no* IS. 1851. D BENDER A
Tranks! Tranks!!
\ LARGE amortises* of Tn*«liag Trasks, At
aoto low for cask, by
so* IS, Ml. 0. RF.NDtR A CO.
LIUte Rak sal Wkiti KHtr I
4 LL pen— am iw*tf«d to tmm
A*\ enter their aomaoat aubearttoas At STOCK
m the pmpnetd mod fmm Littto Rack to White
nver. Eeberrprroaa can be rn—a toil At took
work With materials or provisions as stay bo re
quired is the r.nwrru tirm of The rood, sailer tuck
yeaetai rues aa aball be hereafter aotafciiahed;
ihua pieeia* it m the power of all who am dis
poned. to eootnbato their ante to aid of sa aOder
takiKf which a to be of lacstoatoMt boneflt to
the whole Stole.
A aubacnpuow list is in the bands of each of the
following persona, appointed a CornwuMte fortkto
purpose by the late " .*«*§ MrHimgattk* fpiOl.''
Little Rock, No*. 10. 1 Ml. U-tf
FIOM th* ritlabratod ettabhahsarat of Chari y
Oakford, Philadelphia. Call aad take a nrkt
at FULTON1*,
no* 3A. SI. 13
JUST received 50 Caeca Boola asd Shoes. sad
for tale !«w fja cash, by
IjHlks1 Mixes.
RVAN’S Philadelphia Sbaw. the quality of
which needs so in—iislo. for aoto low At
cash, by D. BENDER A CO.
am* IS, lSSt.
3 PLY »t»l ["*»•* Carpets, new pattern*. ;a*t
tenei«»l ami for tale to* (or seen hr
an* 19, 1841. D BENDER 4 CO.
HEAOTH RIGS and Cfoatile feet Mala, jast
raeeired and for sale low for caak by
aov 19. IM1 D. SENDER * CO.
" Take jr«
T length, after jreat iron-,
Me and aipaaaa, I har# ]
rneeaadod >» pnccunag the a* |
j'ttaane of a ■ompeivat workman Ann
ptua, to take charge of nr Clock and Watch de
partment.. and am no* prepared to attend to ail
a am new -n tnta tine, took aa rwpataag Ine ctacka
and waleu*. muaieat laetrummis and ;«w«llryi
and aa I an iitiermmed in prra 'hta kniwl of ny
business wrist sMaatioa. 1 hare laaatvad to har«
noihitt* to dn with watches and clocks. asaopt
•uca aa I at ill wwTrat ;w naadae aoili after ra
All w ate be* srpaiyad in my flora for the laat
year, which do not give seuafeetio*. 1
teadr to make pood my fuarantaa aakiaaf *****
-No*. U. »t » D. C. PCLTO.N,
Neat door t# the Aatb—y Hooae.
without aoadanaatna or i
volume* bound in throe, and rout at i
oflisperaart Tbn aditma • «%uetm every a»>
«p«*t to the eastern «duum. the pane of want m
Ike Catalogue* will ba turned ad are be
For tale by D. HNDUT ft CO .
Nu*. 4.14*1. Agents for thoi
rT,HR auhaardwa arw a
X aad Winter Slock.
which Urey .n*.C# Urea _ -.. ......
Thankful for pact fovoca, wa RepecifuUy asto
c;t a coot mwa nee of patronage, aa ** aaa dater
a.M tu aril aa In* aa aay other hours t* town.
.No* 4. 19*1. D. RRNDSK ft DO.
I’J ST ncerted a vary
J of Boots aad Shoes.
» tun awnlaawaW aatf
1 •* f* fort *•
9 *• *
1 - 8
5 “ Mud
1 “ Boyaf aad children*’ call and Jk.
10 « ituaaatt. uwek aad fop b*»«ii*»;
3 .. vfoak **d kip “
•» pain y»uf> aawar' self
Ladies' Mums' aad ettrid
woes aad aocen All at lo*
ay, at JOHN 0.
No*. *, UN.
k.Mte, adtag RautV
la aad bora* CoUan.
W Saddles ad aftl
Ira MU
i. ihad^eaad «t
Trust*, tea aheap ski
mb aad Coach Wfopa,
, *c.. ft*., ft*.; *

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