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I.Ntt l.-TIIN. MIIITII IllUll).
FKIDAY .....................Ai;«l ST IOth 1878.
One 1« Afraid and Other's dare not.
It is a little amusing to see how ten
derly some of our eotemporaries in East
erti Washington treat the subject - of a
State Constitution. They seem afraid
to oppose it lest they may run counter
to public opinion. They hesitate to ad
vocate it lest-they may be found in a
minority when the vote is taken, and
yet if they were told they were not in
dependent journals, they would take of
fense. They seem to have no fixed
opinions of their own to express upon
the measure. They se.cui to trim their
sails for the purpose of catching what
ever breeze that blows the strongest.
Wow are the people to be enlightened
upon the reasons pro and con unless the
press discuss the question. Do not the
people look to the press to advocate both
the points in favor and against tor their
consideration. We have none too much
time between this and November, the
time of the election, to canvass this ques
tion, and for our part wo would he
pleased to have the objectors to a State
government, for Washignton put those
objections in print that they may be
fairly considered and answered, if thev
are answerable, if not then lot them tri -
umph. There is nothing mythical
about the question that men need fear
to discuss it before the people, and in
our judgement there is no question
which more deeply concerns the people
of Washington than docs that of wheth
er or not they shall nssutno the duties,
obligations and advantages of a State
government. Hence wo would he glad
to see our eotemporaries discuss it fully,
calmly and fairly.
The most thoroughly contested meas
ure in the Constitutional Conventiol
was the article on boundary; one party
contending for the extension over the
northern counties of Idaho, and the
other for submitting the question to
Congress, pledging the State to either
of the present boundaries of the Terri
tory or that contended for. Dennison
leading the party who was for extend
ing the boundary unconditionally, and
Larrahoo the party lor accepting such
boundary us Congress might designate.
Three weeks of the convention was ex
pended on this question, when, on a
final vote, the I.arrabee party won by !S
to 7.— Smith- Dispatch.
That there was a contost on the ques
tion of boundaries, is true, that it occu
pied three weeks of the (Jonveutiou is
not. true. Early in the (louvontion the
question was settled in favor of the pres
ent proposed boundaries by a vote of 11
to !l, one not voting. A subsequent
question whether the Convention should
by its schedule indicate to Congress that
in ease that, body should sec fit to admit
the State without including the counties
of northern Idaho, the people would
give their assent, was more closely con
tested, nltho' it, occupied but a short
time of the Convention. Col. Larrahoo
headed the party that wished for such
assent to be given, and Deutiison was
prominent on the other side. Four days
before the Convention adjourned a vote
was taken which gave the l.arrahoe
party a majority of one. Hut when the
schedule was submitted with the assout
ing provision in it for final passage, it
was voted down by a majority of one.
The same schedule, omittingthat provis
ion. was then introduced asa new bill, the
rules'were suspended and the schedule
passed on a filial vote by a majority of
one. Dennison, Henry and Hanna
from the Sound, always stood firmly in
favpr of taking the couuties of Idaho or
have no State under this Constitution;
The Eastern Washington delegation with
one exception, also at all times stood
tiriu upon this position, and that one at
last came to the conclusion that the
counties of Idaho must form a part of
the State wheu she is to be admitted.
Such was the only proper course to
adopt, if it was hoped or expected to iu
duoe Congress to embrace these counties
within the boundaries of the State. In
faet the people of Eastern Washington
in many localities had fully expressed
themselves averse to a State government
unless thuso counties could form a part
of the new State. Our Puget Sound
friends will also lie great gainers by this
arrangement, aud betöre twelve mouths
roll round they will be able to see the
wisdom ol the policy adopted by the
Convention on the final vote, if they
desired to embrace these eouutios of
Idaho uuder any circumstances, which
object thiy all professed to seek through
their delegates jo the Convent!in.
Cjn ' i\'\i if ryjhl < ■ t '
Tlio county of Lewi*—one.
The **ounty of Thur-'ton - ! w •
The connti'»* ot F irifi • und
The courtly t. f fierce—ore.
The counties of fierce anti Mason—one.
The county ol King —three.
Tio; county of Snohomish—one.
The county of Kitsap — one.
The counties of Kitsap anti Jefferson—
The county of Jefferson—one.
The county of Whatcom—two.
The counties of Clallam itrul San Juan—
The county of Islam}-—one.
The county of Whitman—two.
The county of Walla Walla—four.
The county of Yakima—one.
The county of Stevens—one.
Sue. 17. The first general election tin
tier this Constitution rliall lie held on the
Tuesday next succeeding the sixtli Monday
alter the admission of the State: at wliicii
there'shall he elected, the Governor, Secre
tary of State, Stale Treasurer, State Super
intendent of Public instruction. Judges of
the Circuit Courts, Judges of the Probate
Courts, members ot the legislature, Circuit
Attorneys, and for each county, three
County Commissioners, a County Clerk,
Sheriff, Treasurer, County Superintendent
of Schools, Surveyor, Coroner, and all pre
cinct officers; and no further m tice of said
election shall he required.
Ssr. 18. The legislature, at its first
session, shall provide by law for the expir
ation of the terms of all officers first elected
and qualified under this Constitution, on a
day designated as the commencement of the
political year; proridnt, the several terms
of office shall not be thereby lessened nor
extended more than one political tear.
Sec. 11 ». This Constitution, when en
rolled and gign-d, sltnll he deposited by
the President of this Convention, in the of
fice of the ( lovernor of this Territory; ami
in the event of its adoption by the people,
the Governor shall send a copy thereof to
the President of the Coiled States, with
the request that he submit the same to
Congress, together with otir request that
tile State of Washington he admitted into
the Union. There shall he sent, at the
same lime, a copy of the Act of the Legis
lative Assembly of this Territory, entitled,
"An Act to provide fur calling a conven
tion to frame a Constitution for a State of
Washington, and submitting the same to
the people for ratification or rejection:"
approved November ath, 1877; am! also a
certified abstract of the votes cast for and
against this Constitution.
Skc. 20. This Constitution ; sep
arate article, No. 1 ; separate article,
No. 2 ; and separate article. No .7— I
shall be submitted for adoption or rejec -1
lion to the qua lifted electors of this Terri- i
tory, at an election to be h»dd on the Tues- !
day next succeeding the first Monday In
November, A. I*.. 87«. It the same he
adopted by the said electors, it shall be
come the Constitution of the [State of
Washington. On such of the ballots ns
are for the Constitution, shall be written
or printed the words, "For Constitution ,"
and on such ns are against the Constitu
tion, the words, "Against the Constitu
tion nml on such of the ballu!« ns arc in
favor ot separate arliele, No. 1 , the. words,
For separate article No. 1 ," and on such
as are against separate article No I, «li»{j
words, "Against separate article, No. 1 •
and also on auch ballots as are in favor of
separate article, No. 2, the words, "For
separate article, No. 2 ,'' pud on such as
are against separate article. No. 2 , the
words, "Against separate article, No. 2 ;''
and also on stub ballots ns are tit favor of
separate article, No [!, the words, "For
separate article No. ft," and on such as
are against separate article, No. ;s, the
words, "Against separate article. No
The election shall be conducted iu the
manner now prescribed by law for the
election of delegate in Congress; and the
votes counted and returned to lb Secre
tary ol the Territory, in the same manner
and at the same lime as are the votes for
said delegate. The Secretary shall canvass
and certify the result to the Governor with
in sixty days after said election, who shall
make known the result by proclamation.
The several elections provided lor iu this
schedule shall be conducted according to
the existing laws of this Territory.
Tile journal of this convention shall be
deposited by the President in the office of
the Secretary of the Territory.
Sec. 21 . This Constitution shall be
submitted tu t he qualified electors of the
counties of • Nez Force, Idaho aud Sho
shone, in Idaho Territory, or that por
tion of them embraced in the boundar
ies us defined in this Constitution, on
the Tuesday uext alter the first Mouthy
iu November, IS78, for their adoption
or rejection. William Ewing and
Haien Nquier, of Nez Ferco County, ,1
M. Crooks and Frank Kenn, of Idaho
Fuuiity, aud K. M. (J. Bradley, of She
shone County, are hereby appointed a
Board ot Commissioners, any three of
whom shull constitute a quorum, and
may fill'any vacancy that may occur in
sail] Board; which Board shall have an
office at. Lewiston, Idaho Territory, for
the transaction of the business of said
Board; and shall have full authority to
appoint judges aud clerks iu each and
every proeinet throughout those coun
ties above named, for said election; und
the lull returns of the votes in all the
precincts in those counties shall be made
by the respective judges and clerks of
election so appointed, under oath, to the
said Board of Commissioners, at Lewis
ton, within ten days after stud election;
which Board shall open said returns,
canvass the votes and certify the result
ol the same, and transmit forthwith said
result to the Secretary of Washington
Territory, at Olympia, W. T., toboeau
vassed at the time of canvassiug the re
sult of the vote of the people of the Ter
ritory of Washington and the separate
and aggregate result of the vole iu lolh
Territories made known. The -ail
Board of Commissioners shall give at
least ten days' previous public notice of.
I iwiKOfu^^^n'irnir»«^ ; -•* wr^ou v am
raitl oluction in cadi ami every j-re- ;
duet in sai l enmities, by publication ;
in <nme tn wspaper circulating therein, i
tut■! by posting printotl noth
at (be plums d'holding the cieetion.
The members ul seit! B aril of (' iintnis
Stoncrs, ami the several judges and
clerks of election sltali severally take
and subscribe an oath before some per»
son authorized to administer oaths, to
weil and truly discharge the duties of
their respective offices, which oaths shall
be transmitted, with the returns of said
election, to the said Secretary.
All laws in force in that portion of
Idaho Territory, included within said
boundaries, at the time of t^e admission
of the State, not inconsistent with this
Constitution, shall continue in force un
til altered or repealed.
All officers exercising their functions
of office under the laws of Idaho Terri
tory in that portion thereof embraced
in the boundaries defined in this Consti
tution, when it takes effect, shall con
tinue in office and in the exercise of
jlicir respective duties and authority un
til superseded by the State authorities,
aud shall take an oath to support, the
Constitution of this State. The first
general election for the officers designat
ed in sections Id and 1" of this Sched
ule shall be conducted in every respect
according to the existing laws of Idaho
Territory, and returns thereof shall bo
made to the Secretary of the Territory
of W ashington acting as Secretary of
State and shall be canvassed as provid
ed iu sections 12 and Id. The coun -
ties of Nez Perce, Idaho and Shoshone
shall be counties of the State and shall
constitute the Tenth Senate District.
They shall constitute one .Representa
tive District and shall elect one member
ot the House of Representatives from
the county of Nez Perce, one from the
counties of Nez Perce and Shoshone,
and one from the county of Idaho. All
the provisions of the Schedule, in so far
as they are applicable, shall apply to
that portion of the Territory of Idaho
and to the people thereof, included iu
the boundaries of this State. The Leg
islature shall have power to pass laws
assenting to and confirming such pro
visions as may be made by Congress in
r to the conservation of public and
j, j
i private rights oi every kind and uotur
! whatsoever, founded upon law or * r row
iu out , the iu t J 10
. ..... . ..........
latioua of that portion of Idaho, or of
the municipal divisions thereof', or of the
people who may be included within the
boundaries of this Stale. Tlio Slate of
Washington hereby pledges its laid to
pay to the Territory of Idaho the just
proportion of Territorial indebtedness,
for which the said people, or the coun
ties, or other municipalities shall be
u ,,| ¥ bound. In the 'levying ol taxe
• - - - -
that A the gams
toria 1 shown
a separate and ndditiou-il State lax o!
one half mill on every dollar ol assessed
valuation of property within the coun
ties of Nez I'(tree. Shcahouo and Idaho
shall be annually imposed and collected
iu the same maimer as other taxes are
collected, until an amount equal to said
indebtedness shall have been so collec
To hr ( \»n tinned .
I*orta^e It ail roads.
During our abacncc a copy of the
Oregon City Enterprise, of dato .July
11th, was received with mi article en
titled "The opportunity of the people ol
the Fpper Columbia," so marked as tv*
call our 'special attention. The article
is well writon and contains many facts
of importance touching the course pur
sued by the people of the Willamette
valley, to relieve themselves from the
lore« of a monopoly attempted by the ( ).
S. N. Company upon the Willamette
river. The article further suggests that
the portage railroads which D. F.
Thompson oilers to build on certain con
ditions, will if sanctioned and encour
aged by the people of the Upper Colum
bia with their means, constitute a for
midable barrier to further monopoly up
on the waters of the Columbia aud
Snake rivers. Those interested (and
who of this country is not , shoul 1 read
this exposition and act upon its sugges
New Governor lor Idaho.
Washington, Aug. 7.—John F.
Hoyt, of Michigan, has been appointed
tlovernor ol Idaho.
Tho other appointment would not
stick. Now the Senate has adjourned,
wonder if this one will stand lire. It
is said that (lov. Bray man has warm
friends at Court despite his enemies iu
Southern Idaho. From our stand
point we thiuk Brayniuu lias bueu ma
, ,
cal was made ot au attempt to arrest a do
Euuoa.~Iu our issue of July 2 Ctb, a lo
server which failed. The
has ;ts>urtd u»« that he no vu*
hh «1 houuu i-* i>o deserter,
it hi«
party charged
a .is ia the army t
aud we learn
i: b- cn SrtttsfAC*
•nmc Slutislirs ol Nor I'croe County.
Tins Assessor of this county lias furnisli
cl ns wrtb statistics of population ami prop
ertv'jast gathered by him while assessing
the property of the county. We publish
the following:
I nhabitants................................
Voters........................................... 142
Inhabitants.................................... 11
Inhabitants............... 61
Voters........................................... 26
Inhabitants.................................... os
Voters........................................... 45
Inhabitants.................................... 994
Voters..........V................................ 265
Total inhabitants...................
Total voters...........................
No. of horses in county...........
No. of cattle l * " ...........
No. ot mules " ............
No. of hogs il " ...........
No. of sheep " " ...........
Real estate valuation...............
Personal property...................

02 r
..... 270
..... 2 785
.....14 G00
..$180 138
.. 327 504
Total valuation of property.........S507 642
No. of property tax pa**rs.................. 577
'1 bus it will he set -11 that our voting pop
ulation has been largely increased over that
ol two years ago, and our property subject
to taxation has increased over that of last
year nearly £200,000. The ratio of inhabi
tants to voting population is small. This
is owing to the fact that tiie Indian excite
ments have caused worsen aniLchildren to
stay away ar:d to leave temporarily, while
the men have come and remained to care
for their property. We think the above tin I
excellent showing for this small county un- !
dor the circumstances, llad we not been !
alliicted with Indian scares, we have reason |
to believe the showing would have been
much better. This will readily be seen hv
comparing the voting population of Lewis- !
ton to the inhabitants where there has al
ways been ccinpnralim safety from Indian
raids, which has been only aboutone-fourtli
while in the country precincts the voters
bave been ono-ibird the population. Or
dinarily the voters to the entire population
should he about as 1 to four and a half or
They alt Take it.
When the system is run down to thui
extent that you pus 3 sleep ness lights, hit
nervous a ad irritable, have gloomv f re
hodinga, sour stomach, sick hmtdiudip and
! routed longue, do not enroll yourself as
I high private, in the rear rank, under (Jen
I era! Debility, but cheer up and try While's
Prairie Flower, i'ho (iront Liver Panacea,
j mow for sale in every city and town on 1 In
continent. No medicine ever compounded
is half its equal for the eure of DYSPEP
specific power over ihe liver, and Ly cur
ing the liver, Dyspepsia and all oil, er dis
eases arising from it, vanish asifoy uogie.
Sample bottles are sold at the small price
of 25 cents that will convince you uf its
merits. Large si/.e bottles 75 cents fur
sale everywhere. 4 l-if.
Dissolution Notice.
H Adams lias been this day disolved by mu
tual cfii'cnt. The business will hereafter l»ce«*n
bo't.ed »>y .Messrs, Crawl'ord «L Drookp, who
will adjust all demand'd against the late firm
imtl collect all debit« due the firm.
M. It. Adams. •
Moscow, I. T. # August 5th 1878«
41-1 -w.
Special Notice.
not to trust my wife Faroline on iny ac
count, she having left my bed ami beard, as J
will pay no debts of her contracting after this
«late. August Miklk.
Aug. Mil, 1S78. 43 3 w.
ment roll for tho county of Nc* I'ercc for the
year 1878, has been returned to thet'lerk of tho
Hoard of County Cominissioacrs of «aid county,
ami is now in his hands for examination, The
Doard of Equalisation will meet on the third
Monday in August, 1878, for the purpose of
equalization. Thomas Hudson,
43-2w . Clerk of Hoard of Co. Com.
Notice to Teachers.
lualo teacher, fur the l'uhlic Krtiuul at
Lewiston, 'I. T. Scbuul to coinincuec Septem
ber liith, 1878, nml continue (i mouths ami per
chance y months. The salary /or the male
teacher will he #sil nor inonlli ami that of the
female toucher *:!» per month. Tho Roaril of
trustee« will examine all applicants on Monday
the 2 d day of September at tho office ot the
Auditor of Nez l'crco County.
l!y order of the Trustees. John Clark,
Aug. Uth, 1878. tf. Clerk.
1 plained of in relat ion to keeping hogs up in
the northwest part of town, as affording a nuis
ance. 1 hitvo hud parties go and examine the
. premises and they pronounce my pen as no
j nuisance, but a pen belonging to some ( bina
tuen they say emits most of the bad odor that
I permeates I h;# t portion .of the town. Other en
closures nearby aïs.» emits bad odor. All 1
i>k is lair play and lei some parties authorised,
examiue and report, and I will abide their de
•Lion. A. I>iTTNri:,
August .Mh, Is;*.. j ; o w
rr.oi'iti lirons or ti:u
Stage Une.
Transacting business with W KLl.S, I 4 ' Alt» l
CiO *v CO*S„ Expni?*«. Also carrying the V.
S. Mail fruin Lewiston to the above minimi ;
places, anl intermediate points.
Always supplied WHH Tlie Best j
«1 ri vers."
on Time*
liorsrs, conches and * "accommodating !
>. M Never Failing to Cio Through
M ade a specialty, and any and
all business entrüstet! to them will be
attended to promptly. We are making Tri
weekly trips to and from Lewiston, I. T., and
Mount Idaho J. T. Leaving Lewiston at -I
o'clock a. m., on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, and leaving Mount Idaho at 5
o'clock a. m ., on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays of each week. Making weekly oon
nectiuns with the c.\pressmen from the upper
mining camps.
The best of references given if require L
L. T. I)I nwell,
<). Moitmi.t,.
15 -.v K 1-2 R 'V,
1*1 ES,
'-Cl JACK II i
soME'i i\ew
THE GEIST ttiisœ:
O g Si»«, k KAI* SL
PRsemui HßfüSBS
\ iltCi'i
■:ckiy 1 ; t »
Lu« ist, a
f ici n if v.
2 fl pictinv!.
' Premium pi
f lit- no
hf A M CI
my )
m»w to ihn
public fur
re:-peel fully
call the
t h 080
who have n
ut a va ile I
nit v, t<
» please le
ave Urtier-,
.and pla
**o, nt the
. T. S.
P.iHings, Lew
i-tciii I.T.,
ves.s "Oil Or:«|*h
and making
tlio same, [
attention «»1
the njqiortu
with name
MOU E of Mr
who bus kinti!v offered t• »
meat Walla Walla W. T.
1\ \»:w YORK CITY,
Ami ivi!l ho ilelivi rivl in g „.,4 comlitinn.
nr t«-*) can la, taken nut ul' groups.
lTieu list. v. it.li black walnut 1 rs
ly mutinied, it, //)-< .*7 :
»rward the mu
These piétines
el e gent
, Sx!0.....
12 xlL...
A liberal reduction above lour picture.«
n dollar green
cure atteutiun euelosu «
tut this out fur future
N. Tit
Si*!e usent, Walla Walla W
Also livrent for ihe new iuiprured paient STOVE
Best Thiny: Out.
It cun be neon nml erde» left with Mr. E. A.
itowley Ecwistun i. T., hardware dealer.' Frier
S5 51)
T'T (let iu orders early in order to secure
prompt attention, (iiders received at Walla
Walla will be promptly forwarded, money ad
N. THWlNi;,
eut Walla Walla
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v Piti'iiuM' lo keep in ihi* Lctiintoii agency aft
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to the
!. One Trill! YTII! OnnliHii
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IT adr W i(!i !'s.- -.t
187 $.
Wholesale k Retail Denier in
du t received an«l purchased at the
Jl-ly Lewiston, May 17tk

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