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.......JULY 19 \?84.
K, of 1*. meets every WcJnes
dsy at Masunic Hull, at Lewi*
rtnn. Lhtbo, at 8. 1*. M. So*
juureing members in Rood
■ landing are invited to attend.
J.D. McCosaar. C. C.
. of B, à 8.
REGULAR Commameatiene ef Ne»
.Perea Ledge Ne. 10, A. F. A A. M.,
-are held at Masonie Hall the second
^.-Lturday in each month. Sojourning
brothers are cordially invited,
j. ». McCoaasT, W. P. UKLL.
Secretary. W. M
.lodge No. 8. Regular
|meeting Tuesday even
ting, Members of other
N. G.
edges iavited to attend.
3. L, Citrsa.
R. 8
II, Masts i* the Massais Hall the first and
(Mead Thursday of eaoli month at 8 o'clock,
f. M- All visiting hretbsrn in gaud stand
«ill reeeive a cordial welcome,
w. Ws Baews, J. D. McCONKEY,
Kecoider. M. IT.
See. H. Lake jeweler, Lewiston. T-7-tf
8till warn.
The hew kay la good.
Who oarrles the plume T
Beofl be watermoloo time.
Spot is a racer but no one knows it.
Raid last week did not hurt the new hay«
The game law expired on Sunday the 15th.
Seo-I dry cord wood for sale by 0. J. Parker
Lsw is tea, Idaho. 9tf«
watches. —fleo. M. Lak« is agoni for the
ooloWrated lUoWfonl Watohaa.
Prompt delivery made of all kinds of
freight by J. Akin»' express wagon. Blue
flag. lw
H. B. Hndgins, o{ Genesee, was in the
eity on Friday.
Jaa. T. Gale was in thu city from Union
town on Thursday last.
Mr. M. L. Ward, of the Big Potlatch was
in ths eity on Tuesday.
Wit}. Benner ceme down Clearwater last
Saturday with a largo wood raft.
Mrs. W. W. Brown is visiting at Cotton
wood. the guest of Miss Josie Welch.
R. L. Yantie and family arc on Craig
mountains escaping the hot weather.
A large amount of freight is being hauled
to Camas Prairie by teams this Bummer.
Three runaways occurred io the city the
paet few daye but no great damage done.
Goo. Chamberlain was down from Grange
Tills on Saturday looking as well as ever.
Judge Bice made a trip to Craig's moun
tain last week and r ports a pleasant time,
Fred. Kroutinger has been on Craig's
mountain the past two weeks looking after
tiii »took.
A. A. Harris eamc down from Orangeville
tin Thursday a id returned home again on
L. Stamms, of this city and Mr. Cornwell
of'Colfax arc on Camas Prairie on a busi
ness visit.
The steamer aud stages bring in a large
number of passengers every trip from all di
D. M. White and family left on the steam
er on Thursday for Oregon, on a visit, to be
absent several weeks.
Geo. H. Lake, who hai been to New
York on a visit the pest six weeks, returned
home on Monday evening.
W. P. Edmonson returned to the Pot
latch country last week and says it is the
best country out of doors.
Whit* mice have made their appearance
In this eity, Stannus caught one in a- trap
and is atiil lookiug for more,
Frank Kettenbach and C. E. Mnnteilh
left on Monday last for a trip to the moun
tain* hunting and fishing.
Mr, O. P. Benefisl, of Rustic, gave us a
call on Saturday and lays everything it
proiperous in that taction.
LOST.—A pair nf gold eye glaesea. Any
•a* finding the same will he suitably ra
wardsd by lssyiog them at this oifioe.
Mils Rena Poe, who has bean in New
York the past eight moeths, attending a
•auaieal college, returned home on Thun
R. Qrostein and wife, Mita Phoebe Bin
card hud Master Dsn. G rose burg, left on
Tuetdty afternoon for Warrens camp, on a
pleasure trip.
Th* stsamsr haa again changed time, it
now arrive* hare on Snaday and Thursday
of each wsekand departs ths days following
at 1 1. II.
A. Ban son and son left on Taesday for
Warnas, Rev, J. D. MoTookey also ac
eompauied them. They will be abeent for
some weeks.
If You art troubled with hivee or any
thing slat, go into tha Palaes Saloon end
try the A No. 1 Cutter Whiskey. It ie a
ire thing.
t good
- geth
------------ Pisrce
City, a grand ball was given aud other
amusement* were indulged in. E. Church,
•> this oily furnished tb* music.
John Bnohanan, was in from the Palouse
last week and said the prospects tor a large
«rop *f all kiada of grain is batter this year
thaii it had been for many years past.
®- M. Poor, who aold the Asotin StHtmtl
a fsw days ago, iaft on the steamsr on Moo
day morning for Redding California, when
he oalculatss making hie boon hereafter.
®<har King waa down from Camas
Prai rie on Sunday. He haa almost re
from the injury he received on hit
■*g by a horse falling with him over a year
Bonbon, who haa been in San
th* pa»t Ihre* months, Uking in
in tha photograph bufioeaa, rs
oa Thursday's steamer.
, M L. Smith badly sprained her knee
lay whil* in the photograph gallery
her child's piéton token. In *t
dng to set down in n chair th* acci
' gava tha knee nap a seven twist.
RECEIVED and offered at Eastern
Prices: Extra fine, all Wool, Merriuo,
Cashmere, Alpacas, in white and fancy
Colors, tieesuekers, Chambéry« in all the
latest faucy shades. Huttons "aud all trim
mings to match.
The body of Csrnelius Gready who fell
from the feny boat at Wa-Wa-Wa about
two mouths ago wlulo ferrying soote cattle,
anil drow ned, was found near Celilo by a
mail named Van Pelt.
E. TeSirr lias had his stote neatly fitted
up inside ami a new glass front put in and
will now sell you any kind of fruit, grocer
ies, tobacco, etc , that you want, at rca
■nimble prices.
The bridge across the Snake river at Hi
paria for the railroad is rapidly being built,
although s temporary delay was ha l on ac
count of the shortage of ties, hut they im
mediately commenced work on the iron
work thereby losing no time.
The following officers were duly installed
in Excelsior Lodge, No 27, K. of 1'., in
this city, on Wednesday, July 11th: S.
Leslie Thompson, 0. (,'.; O. K. I.eland, 1'.;
J. H SchumU, M. at A ; Joint Robinson,
O G.; I). O. l'owcll, 1. O.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Binnard and Ike
Binnard arrived from Psl-nise City on S it
urday evening and report Palouse fast build
ing up since the fire; ns fast as material
van be had buildings are going tip. Mrs
B. is yet in the city on n visit, but the two
gentlemen returned home on Sunday,
We are informed that the postotfices at
Waha and Tammany have been discon
tinued. The reason, as we ttnderstand it,
is that no one eared to be postmaster
This is to ho regretted by a Urge number in
that vicinity who were accommodated by
tb« two oificss.
As we had uo Fourth celebration, we
thiuk that those interested should start at
once and try and have races this fall. If
a start is made soon we think a good pro
gramme could be gotten up and an induce
ment made to bring a number of good
horses here from abroad.
CALL —The members of the Democratic
Central Committee of Noz I'oroe County are
requested to meet at my office in the city
of Lewiston on July 25, '88 nt 2, P. M.
Chairman Central Com,
Lewiston, Idaho, July IS, 1888.
A number of new buildings and additions
are being built at the new town of Genesee,
everything looks prosperous throughout the
entire country north of the rimrock and a
large amount of grain will lie ready for ship
ment from Genesee this fall, by rail. The
8. A P. tiaiu arrives there every evening,
from Spokane Falls and leaves every morn
Dr J B PILKINGTON.—Surgeon, Oc
ulist aud Medical Specialist, of Portland
Oregon, will be at Raymond House, Lewis
ton, all day Sunday, July 22nd and will
give sp'-cial examinai ian. /rre, to all suffer
er» from A'yr, Ear, Laug, Eervou », Ohronic
or Rectal Disease. 300 cases of latter,
treated successfully, within past thirty
month», without once using knife or liga
ture. A largo number of references given
The sounty commissioners of this county
adjourned on Tuesday night about eleven
o'clock having he.en in session since the 9th.
They failed to agree upon a man to fill the
vacancy m the hoard H, J. Bundy offered
his resignation as commissioner and it was
accepted, so we are uow left without a
hoard of commissioners, only one beiug left.
We will give full proceedings next week
they having adjourned teo late for this
School Mketino. —At the annual meet
ing of the board of directors for Indpendent
school district No 1. held May 2nd 18S8. in
this oity, the following proceedings were
had; Minutes read and approved, J. D.
McConkey, member elect, sworn in. D. D.
Bumioll. elected president of the board. K.
J. Monro«, re-elected clerk ot the board,
salary $100 per year. 3. Q. Moxley sleet
ed superintendent of the District, salary
$100 per year. L B. Boice elected t sSes
aor and census marshal. Tax levy, ten
mills, school purposes and two mills on re
deiuptiou of bonds.
Call meeting July 7th, 1888.
Treasurer's report read and filed, balance
in treasury, $09 49. Letter from the Gov
ernor of Idaho calling for special report
read aud clerk ordered to report. Report
shows as follows :
Cash on hand at commencement of
fiscal year....................... $505 88
Collected during year........... 5,756 34
Total.......................$6,262 22
Disbursed during year$6,200 73
fialaueo on hand...... 0179
Total..................$6,262 22
Number of pupils in attendance daring
the tenu, 137. Number of children of
school age in district, 317.
Indebtedness of the district is eleven
thousand dollars. Bond*, at eight par cent,
per annnm, $2,500, due Sept, 1889.
On motion the following teachers were
elected; C. A. Woody, of Wichita, Kan
sas, principal of high school, $125 par
school month. Mias L. Cornelius, Gram
mar; Mre M. A. Wayland, Intermediats;
Miss Ngttie Moore, Primary, salary, $60
per school month. Miss Oronoco Randall,
of Mt, Idaho, Crites School, $30 per mouth.
Mr. Wightman engineer in charge of
the party who are surveying a line to
reach the Clearwater via Potlatch croek
was in town yesterday and the day be
fore to inspect the maps of the country
now in the land office, and obtain such
other information as desirable for the
completion of his work. He saya that aa
far aa he knows that company desires to
reach Lewiston on a grade that will be
practicable for traffic in the producta of
the country, and they may extend their
line to Camas Prairie. Mr. Wightman
appears to be a modest and intelligent
gentleman and is well received by our
A special telegram to tho Review
from Spokane Bridge, which is about
twelve miles from the city, tells of a
shocking death that befell James
Graham yesterday afternoon. The un
fortunate' man was engaged hauling logs
in the vieinity of the Idaho line when
his wagon upset and the logs roiled over
him, crushing bis body beyond recogni
tion. The deceased waa in the employ
of James Barnett:
The man was twenty-seven yean of
age, a native of Ireland, and has no
relative*, as far aa known, in this
oonntry. Hia, farm residenoe waa
burglarised last Monday night, and all
papers relating to the deceased or his
friend* in Ireland, were stolen. Mr.
Bassett and J. W. Galbraith, to whose
residenoe the remains were taken, will
inter the deceased at Post Falls oemetry.
— Review .
Proapoctlve RailOids.
Spokane Falls, July 13.—It is da
fiuituly announced th i: thu Manitoba
road will connect v. ill. the Seattle k Lake
Shore, the through line to be completed
in two yours. The Manitoba route will
be from llutte to Silver lluw, thence to
Anaconda, ai d to Mhsouiu by the way
ot Phillipsburg. The route from Mis
soula has net been definitely located, fur
ther than to determine that it will pass
the mountains at Lolo pas», and come up
tho Palouse valley to Spokane. A june
lion with the O. It- A N. Co. will be
made, mid the line in this way opened to
l'ortlaud. This fact is at the bottom of
the rejection of the joint lease project, a«
of course the Northern Pacific would not
have let the Manitoba road io, and it is
to the interest of the Union Pacific to
■ncourago, by every means in its power,
such a dangerous rival of the Noitbcru
Pacific as the Manitoba is. It is f'urtfiur
understood that the Manitoba will use
tho O. II. & N. road through the Pal
ruse valley, to reach this eily. This will
give the Manitoba a much shorter line
from Spokane east than the Northern
Pacific 1ms, aud this is the reason which
is influencing, among other considéra
lions, tho Northern Pacific to push
through the Coeur d' Aleuc country so
rapidly, as it can cross the mountains
there by an easier grade and save the
long detour around Pend dOreille lake,
It is possible that the Mauitoba may not
go through the Lolo pass, but may cross
the tnountaius ou the O. R. & N., aud
pass through the Coeur cl' Aleno via the
Washington k Idaho railroad, the name
under which tho Coeur d' Alene exten
sion is being built. The Big Bend
branch of the Northern Pacific will be
130 miles shorter between Spokane and
the Sound,
The Northern Pacific and the Seattle
it Lake Shore are having a contest over
the grade through the Grand Coulee,
fifty miles west of here. An act of con
gress provides that the first company to
construct a railroad through a ravine or
gulch of such a character that railroads
in tbat section must pass through it shall
not have exclusive right of way to the
extent of shutting out a rival road, and
the supreme court of the United States
has held that when there is only room
for a single track, this track must be
held iu common; but the first road has
the right to establish its own grade, and
the other lines must conform themselves
to it - This is the difficulty between the
roads, There is a difference of as much
as seven feet between the two roads,
which pass and repass each other in a
short space, and each wants its rival to
change its grade to suit it. The North
ern Pacific is even hauling rails by teams
from Sprague, so as to have its line con
structed before its rival.—Telegram to
A Race between Railroads.
Tho 0. II. it N. have let the contract
for the branch from Farmington to Mu!
Ian and are pushing the work with all
possible rapidity. The Northern Pacific
is pushing its liue into tho mines, and
thus a war between the two mighty rail
road corporations is in progress. Fifteen
hundred men are now at work on the
tivo roads between Coeur d'Aleno City
aud Mullan aud us a result much excite
meut prevails. Additional forces are be
ing sent iu by the car load aud soou the
country will bo flooded with railroad
men. There is uo longer any doubt as
to tho intention of the Northern Pacific
people. The original survey of the line
was through the Coeur d' Alene and into
Spokaue. This is the road tbat is uow
being built and it is generally believed
that about sixty miles of the main line
east of this place will be abandoned some
day for tho route through the Cœnr d'
Alene, Anyway work on the grade is
being pushed with vigor, aud it is a race
iho finish between this sompany and
the O . R. & N. as to which will be the
first to run traius out of tho Cœur d'
Aleue There is much rivalry between
the two companies. As fast as men are
brought in by the oontractors of one
ro id they are bought up and placed at
work on the competing lino.—Spokane
Review July 12.
Judge Haynes.
Judge Haynes, who, it is reported,
was killed by Indians, was well known
in this section. He resided st Sooyuos
lake for a period of twenty-tour years
and while on the bench waa s terror to
all offending Indians. It is thought that
members ot a certain band, who were
down on the Judge because of the rigid
manner in which he dealt with them,
waylaid and murdered him. There
seema to be no doubt as to tLe death of
the Judge. The information came
straight from Sooyooa to Marcos by
Indians who were friendly to the
deceased. The Indians in the district in
question have been very friendly to the
whites in the past and the redmen have
been equally well treated by the fann
dreds of prospectors and miners who have
gone into the British Columbia country
Ibis year. So there is no danger of the
starting on the war path. They are
rather numerous in the north, however,
and in case they should become unruly
there would doubtless be a lively time
in suppressing them. Judgo Haynes
had an extensive ranch at Sooyoos.—
Mrs. T. A. Clark snd daughter ar
rived hero last Sunday morning from
Council Bluffs, Iowa. They left yester
day in company of Cal White for the
Meadows, where they will remain for a
time daring the heated term.-— Weiter
We people down this way would like
to know where Mr. T. A. Clark is
about now, who was expected at Lewis
ton about the first ot May.
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Moore Whisk
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sample it.
If you want a good steel engraving cheap,
call ut this otlice and you can got it.
Now Orleans Molasses ou draft at S.
Wildenthailer'a. by the fpiurt or gallon, tf
MONK Y TO LOAN, reduced rates of in
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Apply to L. Ntanuus. *J7tf
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Blood Preparation known. It will posi
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Constitution, llemcxubcr, wo gu^roiitoe it.
For sale by J, Q, Moxlejr« Druggist, Lewiston
Fresh Lard for sale nt the meat market of
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Go to ft. K. Harnett for tins celebrated
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Th« best assortment of clocks in Lawixton
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Complaint, iu consequence of which I
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Brightncy, Henderson, W. Va.
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Alfred Damas.
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^UX-Rspailing of Watches and Jewelry a spent
N. W. Brearlet, Pré«. W. F. Kettenbach, Cashior
D. D. Bunnell, Vice. Pres,
r,h- Corner of 2nd and Main Sts. Lewlaten, I. T.
Direct oru:
N. W. Brearley, D. D. Bunnell, W. F. Kettenback
Jasper Rand, Joseph Alexander, H. Squier, L. P. Brown
'Henry K Barneit
General MercliancLise.
. Coraer B tmé trdltreeto.
fin th« Building formerly oeoupied by Loewenberg Bro a)
I weg lea we to inform the public that I have
with a new and complete stock of GCBCrftl
dise» Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats m
Caps, et c«, etc

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