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TflVKSBAT..................MARCH 21, 1889.
K, of l*. meet« every WeJnes
day at Masonio Hall, at Lewi*
Ftnn, Idaho, at 8, P. M. So
journing members in good
standing are invited to attend.
J.D. McConkkt. C. C.
K.of R. à S.
m REGULA R Cemmanicatloni of Nex
a Perce Ledge No. I®, A. F. A A. M.,
jKSn^are held at Masonic Hall tbe secon
/Y^\Saturday in each month. Sejourning
* hrethers are cordially invited.
f, 3. McCeiiair, D. KEMP,
* Secretary. W. M.
ledre No. 8. Regular
nceting Tuesday even
ing* Members el ether
N. G.
•If es invited te attend.
I. M. Ridos,
II, meets in the liasenie Hall the first and
ÉMand Thnrsday of eaoh meatk at 8 o'clock,
M. All visiting brethern in good staad
Inc will reeeivo a cordial welcome.
W. W. Baown, J. D. McCONKEY,
Rood der. AI. VY.
JL Foster, pastor
(nth nt U a. m., ai
iohool at 12 m.
pastor. Services every Sab
, and 7:ÎÎ0 p. m. Sunday
ieo. H. Lake jeweler, Lewiston. T-7-tf
fcourt next month.
Did you sec the buck?
Oeod growing weather.
\fho was turned over last evening?
$rotit fishing is good iu the rivers.
Steamers will hereafter run regular twice a
Remember dog Tray was caught In bad com
You should wear the high water shoe and
then you will not get your feet muddy.
WAJfCRRS.—Goo. 11. Lake is agent for the
salahrated Reckford VYatohos.
At the 0. R. A N. Exchange you enn get
* If aero" Whiskey. Wo mean Josse Moore.
Mr. Detnott, of Genesee, was in the city
on Tuesday.
Sunday was St. Patricks day and it
passed off quiet hereabouts.
K, VV. White, sheriff of Idaho comity,
arrived in this city last evening.
R. J. Monroe and family returned from
Oregon City on Sunday's steamer.
Felix Warren is now negotiating for the
■tage line between here and Daytuu.
Louis Levy,of Genesee t was a visitor
here duriug the latter part of lust week
The iron for the uew jail to bo erected
here arrived on the steamer on Sunday last.
Sam Phinney returned from a trip
through the northern country a few days
Mrs. S. R. Smith arrived in the city last
week and will remain here duriug the &um
M. J. Groenburg left Ia9t Saturday for
hit trip east and will be absent about 30
E. E. Lari mo re is now manager of the ag
ricultural house of Frank Brothers in this
Mr. Kelley, of Kelley's bar, came up on
tha ate. mer un Thursday, and went tu
Asotin on business.
Superior birb wire for sale in any <i«an
tities at the U. S. Sture, Julietta, I. T.
Henry Grostein, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Grostein, of this city, came over front Col
tfax on Monday on a visit.
Geo. P. White left here this week for
Wallace, Idaho, where he will remain dur
ing tbe corniug summer.
The grass in this section has begun to
E ow quite thrifty and the stock of all kinds
.ve began to gain in flesh.
The stone and sand is now being hauled
ou the ground for the new Court house and
.work has began in good faith.
^Stuttz Theatrical troupe played here on
{Wednesday and Thursday eveoiugs and had
k good audieacea each night.
The new court room in the Vollmer
ibuilding is now ready to receive the court
,«nd ia a very commodious room.
Mr«. C. C. Cram, of Wa-wa wa, arrived
on the steamer ou Thursday, on a visit to
her daughter Mrs. Reed, of this city.
Billy Randall, formerly of Camas Prairie,
but lately of Montana, returned Iasi week
.and proceeded to the Prairie Monday.
Call and see the "Superior" barb wire for
•aïe at the U. S. Store, Julietta, I. T.—200
.feet eaved on every 100 yards. 25*tf
A new strike has been made in the mother
lode near Murray. Five tons taken out
that averages $1,000 per ton in free gold.
FOR SALE.—A lot of good household
•and kitchen furniture for sale cheap.
.Apply to J. Seeds, Lewiston, Idaho. 25-3
Meurs. Lambert ^ Lathrop, of Waha,
told a band of beef cattle laet week to par
ties near Spokane' and on Monday they
Cook them up the hill.
A rumor was in circulation in this city
this week that A. J. Shaw was lying dan
gerously ill at Spokane Falls, but we are
informed he it now much better.
W. B. Cooper made a trip to Camas
Prairie last week and purchased a flu*) team
■of work horaee, which he calculates working
while constructing the new Court house.
A full and complete stock of general
merchandise always on hand at the U. S.
Store, Julietta, I. T. New goods constant
ly arriving, 25- tf
The Lewiston National Bank have had
their building refitted during tbe past week
which adds muck to the looks of the build
Wilbur Lcland, postal clerk between
Hnntington and Green river, came up on
the steamer on Thursday and remained
here till Monday on a visit home.
L. Stannus. W. B. Palmer, J. Williams
and the Junior took a flying trip to Sweet
water on Suhday and returned with a good
lot of fiah.
Mr. R. P. Steen, a large owner in sheep
in this section, returned from a visit to the
lower country and says this is as good a
oountry at you will find anywhere.
Rev. Mr. Aah took for hie text Sunday
morning, "Now are ye the Sona of God"
and spoke of the privileges o( the Christian,
In the evening "Thou fool this night thy
soul ehall be required of thee." and treated
of the dangers ef the unrepentant. Ser
vicet-uext Sabbath morning and evening.
Enumeration of a few, of our many
'Creme «le la Creme" gastronomie goods
just receivedl Butter from Smiling Peta
luma—Comb Honey from flowery Los An
gelos—Breakfast Bacon (sugar cured ) from
the El y sic —Mushroom from the Slope of
Mt. Vesuvius—Lobsters from the Nile
Hiver —Olives and Raisins from the ?ite of
Hurculaneiun —Oysters lrom the .Reran
Sea—Cheese ftom the Historic City of Lim
burg—Etc. E'o. A. Damas.
Mr. TY. .Scott, of the firm of Scett J*
Vollmer, of Mt. Idaho, returned on Tues
day evening from a trip east.
(jus. Erickson returned from Portland
on Thursday where he has been during the
past winter. He returned to his home in
Pie rce City, on Monday,
3 he Pomeroy Theatrical Troupe are ex
pected to give* one of their performances in
this city in about three weeks and the name
of tiie play »ill be "Streets of New York."
A. F. M Lite who has be p n at work on
the river below here, helping to clear i'
• ut, returned home on Saturday evening,
having finished there for the season.
Mr. Tilling!)«st who has located at Mos
cow and practising law gave cur city a visit
during the past week and s«y9 he is much
pleased with IPs new location.
News was received from It. Yantis this
week by Dr. M. A. Kelly of this city that
he was gradually growing worse and but slim
hopes of his recovery whs entertained by
his attending physicians.
50,000 pounds of Bacon, Ham and Lard
for i 5 ale. at the meat market of Cliuditming
Jf Dubuc. 23tf.
The past few nights a heavy rain has
fallen much to the satisfaction of farmers,
merchants and all who are interested in the
crops of the country.
Report from Pasco soys that a boat from
that place will be at Lewiston this week
«nd that the chances are there may be two
to run regularly, alternately with each
The question is of'en asked, where a
good drink could be got, and it is most al
ways answered that "at the Palace Saloon,
where the A No. 1 Cutter Whiskey is for
The steamer arrived on Thursday and
Sunday with passengers and freight for
this point. Ou Sunday she went to the
shute warehouse, just above Asotin and
there to >U on board a load of wheat,
GREAT BARGAINS.—Tricot and Dress
Flanels, Clonks, Short Wraps and Overcoats
at cost, to close out. A rare chance to se
cure bargains iu the above lines.
14-tf Bkllus J* Case.
Report reached here this week that the
parties who ore now workivg the Butcher
Boy Mine up Snake river, had struck it
richer than ever and wo hope to soon have
the report confirmed,
I. 0. HUtabaugh, ex-county Auditor of
this county hut now in the real est «te busi
ness at Moscow, gave us a call last week
and remained in the city tn a visit to his
family and many friends several days.
Deputy U S. Marshal, A. D. Greene,
arrived from his home near Cottonwood on
Monday and proceeded to Montana on offi
cial business on Wednesday and will return
here and be in attendance on court in April
P, M. Davis of this city has been ap
pointed, by Governor Stevenson, of this
Territory, as a Notary Public, and any and
all business in his line will be promptly at
tended to.
All those interested in base ball are re
quested to meet on the grounds, on the
hill, on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 for the
purpose of organizing a permanent base ball
Howard Coburn has taken the position
of Mr. R. Schleis her, ns clerk iu the Ray
mond House m this city, Mr. S having
gone upon his ranch near this city, and
will, during the corning summer, make a
trip to Europe. #
Bunnell keeps a full line of all kinds of
stoves. If you need a stove or house fur
nishing goods will save money by calling
on him. Bar iron of assorted sizes for sale
cheap, 1
A Ciiallïïnoh. —T he Lewiston Base
Ball Club hereby challenges t lie Genesee
Base Ball Club tor a game of Base Ball, or
the Lewiston grounds, on Sunday April 7th,
18S9. Consideration —a*purse of $25.00.
President, Lewiston B. B. C
The agent, Mr. Peabody, informs us that
the company have made all things satisfac
tory with the strikers so that there will be
no more interruptions in the regular trips
of the boats on the Snake river. This
leaves our people to anticipate time of ar
rival and departure with some degree ot
FLEMING THE ARTIST has opened up
his new photograph gallery and fitted it up
with new instruments, accessories, back
grounds. etc., and is now prepared to do all
kinds of first class work from a card to a
life size Portrait. Cabinets a specialty.
Old pictures copied'and enlarged in either
crayon or ink and satisfaction guaranteed.
Give him a trial aod be convinced that what
we say ia true. 25-tf
Hon. Fred T. Dubois in a letter of
recent date writes to II. S. Attorney
Hawley that ho is satisfied that Idaho
will be admitted as a state at the next
session oi congress. Fred states in said
letter that he proposes to devote his time
and attention to the matter of statehood,
and that he considers all other matters
sink into insiuuificnnce as compared with
this. —Idaho Democrat.
Shoshone county repudiates the ex
penses incurred by Nez Perce county, in
the trial of tho Guthrie brothers, as
appears from tbe proceedings of the
Shoshone county board of commissioners
taken from the Wardner News :
It appearing to the board, from the
representations of the District Attorney,
that the bill of Nez Perce county for the
sum of $1.782 60 expenses of th
Guthrie trials, is exorbitant and illegal in
many particulars, it was ordered that the
action of the board, heretofore taken
allowing said bill, be reconsidered, ana
said bill was disallowed aod the Auditor
was ordered to cancel warrant No. 518
heretofore drawn in payment ot said bill
and now in Ilia possession, and not to
deliver said warrant or any other warrant
forsaid claim or any part thereof, until
further orders of the board.
Wasuinuton, March 12.—Tbe pres
ident to-day sigoed an order extending
tbe time from March 15 to May 1,
1889, within which the railway mail ser
vice shall be brought under the operation
of the civil service law and rules.
The extension is made upon the repre
sentation of Civil Service Commissioner
Lymau that the organization could not
, te accomplished earlier than Mey 1.
Portland is to Have a Smelter,
Ch ii'ttgo company
mado preparations to build
smelling plant at Tacoma lias gone back
on that point and selected Portland,
providing the people of tbe latter place
take >0,00(1 of the stock, which will no
doubt be quickly done. The cause of
the change is attributed to th' fact that
one company controls all the rail Irans
portation to Taeotua, while competing
lines run to Portland. Owners of Coeur
d Alone mines, principally Portland men,
have agreed to supply all the ore neeex
S'.rv to keep the stacks smoking, up to
400 Inns pir day, although the furnaces
will have copy n capacity of ! 50 tons a
day. If Spokane had an opportunity to
bid for these suie'tcrs and did not take
hold of the opportunity she lost a great
pr,7.c, tor she would have had practical
onntnd of the Coeur d' Alênes, Pend
d'Orcillc, Colville and Okanagan ores,
and those uf tbe smaller districts adjacent.
The completion of the O. 1>. A N., to
Wardner will be the signal for an
increased output of ores Horn the camp,
and with a smelting plant at Portland
there will bo sufficient competition to
warrant better prices — Sun.
The territorial supreme court Mon
day rendered a decision in the mandamus
case growing out of the acts of the late
b gislaturc in regard to tbe formation ol
the counties of Elmore and Logan. The
court sustains the demurrer and refuses
the writ of mandamus. Chief Justice
Weir and .Justice J.ngan assenting;
Justice Berry dissenting.
The pith of the decision is contained
in the following excerpts :
"There is no dispute that the law
places no obligation upon Curtis as
secretary other than that he mu-t
receive (ho journal from the clerks of the
legislature and record the same. From
the language of the statutes it is clearly
the duty of the clerk to make up such
records as lie deems proper to bo deliv
ered to the secretary and deliver the
same. This lie has done, and that is the
only du y imposed upon him by the
statue. * * The question wheth
er the papers so delivered by the clerk to
the secretary are correct or not, is one
which this court cannot entertain."
"It ia contended with great zeal by
the counsel for the relator
that the journal so delivered is
not the journal of the legislature, and as
so corrected, that the same be liled with
the secretary. This position is wholly
untenable. Certainly this court would
not correct so important a document as
the journal of the legislature, or what
purports to be the journal of a legisla
The principlo of law is settled beyond
controversy that a court will not go
behind tho journal of a legislature to
ascertain what was done by that body."
Under this decision the counties ot
Elmore and Iaogan will immediately
The Ilailey News Miner says the
case has been appealed to the U. S.
Supreme court.—Caldwell Tribune.
which had I
, 8250,000 1
News has readied this city that two
boats are at Pasco in readiness to come
up Snake river as tar as Lewiston, in
case the stage of water will permit
and that probably one of them, the
smaller one, will be here this week
charge ol Capt. S. R. Smith, who has
been engaged by the government in
blasting out the channel of Snake river
below Riparia, and that the larger boat,
the J. M. Buckley, will also come up
here as soon as there has beeu a foot or
two more rise iu the river. Dispatches
have been sent up to Irarn whether
either of these boats will have to forego
transit through till the new bridge
is finished, with f he draw in place, and
in working trim. From what wo can
learn a man named Jones and two other
gentlemen are now tho owners of these
boats, and design to run them on Snake
river in opposition to the O. R. & N.,
boats, aod carry passengers and freight
regularly betweeo Lewiston and Pasco,
and connect with the Northern Pacific
railroad, either 'going east or weat.
More will be developed at an early date.
Since writing the above we have
learned, through a reliable source, that
the two steamers, spoken of above, the
J. M. Buckley, of 500 tons burden, and
Thomas L. Nixon, of 350 tons border,
l>ave been purchased by a company who,
have plenty of capital to bsok them, for
the purpose of establishing an indepen
dent line between here and Pasco, to run
in conjunction with the Northern Pa
cific, taking eastern and western freigbta
as it cornea over the Northern Pacific,
and delivering it at any point on Snake
river as far as Lewiston, and receiving
wheat at any of these pointa and deliver'
ing it at Paseo for abipment east or
west. That when the Idaho Transit is
built to Camas Prairie, of which there is
quite a certainty it will be built before
the 1st of December, 1889, these boats
will take all the grain which tbe people
desire to ship from point* between Lew
iston and Camas Prairie. This fact
assured as far as can t>e by a gentleman
who knows what tho company have
pledged themselves to do. A more ex
tended explanation will be given next
Tbe Oklahoma Land.
I Washington, March 15.—The cabi
1 net to-day
bad under discussion the
the opening of Oklahoma, or at least a
portion of the territory included within
its limits. The president is authorized!
by the terms of the recent legislation to
open to settlement about 8,000,000 acres
of land, and tbe opinion prevails that he
will shortly issue bis proclamation adding
that acreage to tbe publie domain.
Dallas, March 14 — U. I*. Beardsly,
of Kola, shot and killed T. L. Perryman,
. f the same place, to day. The killing
was the result of au old feud, in which
Bcardsly h >s always come out on top.
Beardsly came to town today and
delivered himself up to the sheriff, lie
claims that the killing was in self defense
and has retained It. Williams, of Port
land, aud John J. Daily, of Dallas, to
defend him.
Beardsly fired two loads of buckshot
into bis victim, either ot which would
produce death. Beardsley is a well
known hopgrower, and is very unpopular
in the neighborhood. Opinion in Eola
is divided, as is also the testimony, some
claiming that Beardsly shot without
provocation, and others that Perryman
threw a big rock at him. Beardsly im
mediately went to Dallas and gave him
self op, and ia in jail for examination
Th^Idabu contingent nt the national
capitol present a beautiful spectacle at
present. Idaho's Pride is on the ground
for Governor of this territory and he bus
strong backing in Senators Frye and
Dale, of Maine. Col. Slump is on tbe
ground to see that Gov. Stevenson is not
ousted before bis time expires, and will
also take a han 1 iu trying to down
Pride. Delegate Dubois is in for any
thing to beat Pride, and at last accounts
the Shoup-Dubois crowd were on top of
tho heap. Go in, lemons !—Caldwell
The president sent the following nom
inations tn the Senate March 18 :
Smith A. Whitcfield, of Ohio, second
assistant postmaster general ; Ahraham
D. Ilazen, of Pennsylvania, third assss
tant postmaster general ; John W.
Mason, of West Virginia, commissioner
of internal revenue ; William A, Thomas
Jr., of Maine, minister to Sweden and
Norway ; Samuel R. Thayer, of Min
nesota, minister to the Netherlands ;
Nathan Murphy, of Arizona, secretary
of Arizona ; John P. Ward, of Oregon,
appraiser of Merchandise in the district
of Willamette in Oregon and Washing
ton.— Review.
The arrangement for consolidating the
Utah & Northern and O. 8. L. railroads
has been completed.
The smelting works at Anaconda,
Montana, have recently been destroyed
by fire. Loss estimated at $2,000,000.
Tbe O. It. & N. company have just
completed C00 new freight ears of 9,000
tons capacity, for their wheat traffic tbe
ensuing year.
ng i
FOR RENT—The building in re*r of tbe
Universal'iBt church, formerly occupiedby
Mr. Fleming as » photograph gallery. Ad
plv to Jas. \V. Rkid, Attorney. 22tf
girl to do general house
work. Enquire of Mrs R. Groatein, Lewis
ton, Idaho.
Jessie Moors Whiskey, uf 1882. for salt at
the O. R. j- N, Exchange. Call in and
sample it. tf
If yot want a goods'eel engraving cheap,
call at this > dice and you can gel it.
Go to H. K. Barnett fer the celebrated
Bain Wagon.
The best assortment of clocks In Lswiaton
can be found at Geo. H. Lake's. 10-tf,
Brighter Rsngs is first slat», aad the heat
rangs in ths world. Bunnell has it. 1
New Orleans Molasses on draft at S.
Wildentballer's. by the quart or gallon, tf
Good lead, pencils for 25 cents per dozen,
envelopes 5 cents a hunch atlauman S[ Co'.*
H. K. Barnett is agent for the celebrated
Bain Wagon, in this city*
APPLES.—E. Texier has a large quan
tity of fine Apples for sale, by the sack,
at a reasonable price. Give him a call
if you want good winter Apples. 10-tf
If yon want to borrow money go to S. ,S
Rogers and get it at ten per cent. lOtf
Tbs A Boms Deed iv Escrow.— The
Mootana Investment company, under
whose auspices tbe $400,000 Aborn House,
located at Des Moines, Iowa, is being dis
posed ef by drawing at Helena, M. T„ nn
der the lawt of the territory has deposited
the deed ot the property with tbe First
National bank of Helena in escrow for the
benefit of the holder ot tbe winning ticket
Best values always given, in Piano*
Organs, Sewing Machines, Books. Station
ary, wail Paper <fc., at C. A. Thatcher's
No new Piano or Organ has been sold by
anyone else here, for several years, that
Im would not have sold for from $50 to
$300 leas than paid for it. Good Organ*
*nd Sawing machines to rent. 12-tf
Additional Homestead Scrip, which can be used
in purchasing Government Lands.
We buy and sell TERRITORIAL, County,
City and School Bonds, and Transact a general
banking business. Write for further particulars.
S. A. KEAN & CO.,
Alfred Damas.
Wbolci&l* aal ftatafl
Storage, forwardlag aid Cm
Money and goods advanced on
consignment« ef sreel,
wheat, fax aad kid«*.
■ SALT: '
Li.srpssl, Lia, Ink ia SOO. • 4 00
" Fias earing i* lft.a.I 75
•• DarylaSO. a -....... 10«
Rod Brand, Tabla in 6. » and SI- ■ " 1 Oil
Coarse in SO aad ISO. s.................'• 1 25
Stock, oanraa in 125. a.......-......... " 1 50
TOBACCO!!, in abaat 2* posed caddies :
P. Lerillard aad Ca.'i celebrated broods.
Clininx grnda, kangb aad Ready 14 aa pla-a,
* © 50oti par pannt.
** Caaaath. Î4 aa plaga (9 4Stts
•* " Raegb 5 'a psend plag @ St'ata
Bullion Saie.tb 14 ai plaga <jf 4Sota
AraiT and Nary grada rsaaalb 14-a p 0 i^a'a
Mechanic's delight " ran gh lC«tp(Â4Sat>
Catwaba grade, ssi.oth, 14 ai plag 0 4iots
Hark ktajaalia, grada, sms.th Mai p 40ala
C. I)........-......................................07 k
Kitra C............................................." S »
Graaatatad.........................................."8 H
Prioaa liabla taakanga any day and ba leas.
Mason's k Qailaa Frail Jara Paroaiain liaad,
por damn.........................................$2 50
llan'a lntnat atyla Oaakaaara anita S T 00
A lot of Mult and Horan Shaat • $5 per
A lot ef manned Finiakiag Haifa 0 $4
per hundred.
N. W. IjRealley, Pres. W. F. Kettenbach, Cashieï
F. W. Kettenbach, Assistant Cashier.
Corner of 2nd and Main Sta. I^wistcn I- T.
N. Vv\ Brearley, W. F, Kettcnlach, J. Q. Moxlcy
J. Alexander, B. F. Morris, Geo. Glass.
Is desired and admired by all. Among
tho things which may best bo done to
enhance personal
beauty is tho daily
uso of Ayer's Hair
Vigor. Ko matter
what tho color of
tho hair, this prepa
ration gives it a lus
tre and pliancy that
adds greatly to its
charm. Should tho
hair bo thin, harsh,
dry, or turning gray,
Ayer's Hair Vigor
will restore tho
color, bring out a
new growth, and
ronder tho old soft and shiny. For
keeping tho scalp clean, cool, and
healthy, there is no better preparation
iu tho market.
" I am freo to confess that a trial ot
Ayer's Hair Vigor has convinced mo
that it is a genuino article. Its uso has
not only caused tho hair of my wife and
daughter to bo
Abundant and Glossy,
but it has given my rather stunted mus
tache a respectable length and appear
ance."—R. Britton, Oakland, Ohio.
" My hair was coming out ( without
any assistance from ray wife, either).
I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor, using only
ono bottle, and I now have as nno a
head of hair as any one could wish for."
— R. T. Schmlttou, Dickson, Tenn.
" I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor in my
family for a number of years, and ro
f ard It as the best hair preparation I
now of. It keeps the scalp clean, tho
hair soft and lively, aud preserves the
original color. My wife has used it for
a long time with most satisfactory re
sults. — Benjamin M. Johnson, M. D.,
Thomas Hill, Mo.
"My hair.was becoming harsh and dry,
but after using half a bottle of Ayer's
Hair Vigo# it grew black and glossy. I
cannot express the joy and gratitude I
fool."— Ma oel C. Hardy, Del a van, 111. •
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Dr. J. C. Ayer St Co., Lowell, Mats.
Bold by Druggists and rerfnmcrs.
meat market.
-{ CLiNDtMNU A llUBliÜT { -
The best of meats from the block aad by the
quarter, end served iu good style*
Prices Lew. IStf
GEORGE H. RILEY—lid. 016.
Lewiston Idaho Fob. 12. 1880.
InI following name«! settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof in support of
his claim and that said proof will be made at
this office, on March 27» J8811, Yin: George
II. Riley for the lots 1 and 2 And seit oe ?4
sec 5 tp 36 n r ft w BM. He names the follow
lowing witnesses to proyo bis continuous resi
denco upon, and cultivation of, aaid land« vis.*
Henry II. R«cs. tGcorge Reea, Paul B. An
nony* all of Unioatowo, W. T., and Saadford
l. of Genesee, Idaho.
Any person who desires te protest against
tho allowance of sueh proof, or who knows of
any substantial reason, ander tbe laws and the
regulations of the Interior Department, why
such prooi should not be allowed, will be given
an opportunity at the above mentioned time
and place to cross-examine the witnesses of
said claimant, and to offer evidence in rebnttol
of that submitted by claimant.
20 Register.
Lewiston, I. T., Feb. 11.1889.
N otice is hereby given that t an
following named settler has filed notioe ef
his intention to make final proof in «appert ef
his claim, and that said proof will be made
at this ofllce, on March 22,1889. vis: Henry C,
Baechler for theswj ee£ s£sw£ see 11 and seise|
see 10 tp 30 n r 5 w BM. He names the follow
ing witnesses to prove his oontioooas residenee
upon, and cultivation of, said land, vise
John Kam bitseh, Christopher I. Ceoper, Dan«
tel H. McKenzie, Louis Delsol, nil ef Lewie«
Any person who derives to pretest against
the allowance of such proof, or wbe knows er
any substantial reason, under the law and the
regulations of tbe Interior Department, why
snob proof should not be allowed, will be giv«
en an opportunity at tbe above meatleaed
time and place to cross-examine the witnesses
of said claimant, and to offer evidence in f
battal of that submitted by claimant
20 Register.
Stage Line
Carrying Ü. 8. nail betweaa
Leaves Moscow at..................• A M
Arrives at Uwidon. n . n ... MM H...lI N
Leaves Lewiston nt...............J P M
Arrives nt Mos«tv....H*- H ...... H 7 P M
pm' Passengers wilt ffnd accommodating aad
treaty drivers and a wall equipped Ha*.
Lewiston office, HOTEL D1 PRANCE.
If aeeow office, BARTON HOU8R.
o. C- BLANDEY, M. B.,
Fhys'c an and Surgecn,
S. W. CiT., Fitst and Main Firent»
X skillful wbeclriglit is located cn 1st street
nsd is p re j-n red to perform good work
iu tiis line upon short notice.
made a specialty,
Call and see him. Otf.
yv h \
i n
Engine made of iron The simplest, ths
strongest uu l most durable in use. Gives inoro
power in a light vviud than any other mill
known, Also
I>. SPURBECK, Agent.
23 Genesee, 1. T
t\ Boss, Proprietor.
Koeps constantly on hand
Tbe 1 No. 1 Coder Whiskey.
Martel and Jlennesy "Brand
tes fot family use.
• <
lewiston, Idaho.
Boarding and d iy ichool conducted by ths
Sisters of St. Francis from Pbilidelphia.
Studies were resumed Monday, September
10th. Special and constant attention is paid
as well in the lower as in the higher classes,
to English composition, as also in musio, plain
and ornamental needle work, wox work, ete.
Terms very moderate. For further portion*
iars apply to SISTER. SUPERIOR, *1
Notioe of Sale of Real Estate.
Natiae is kareby gi.aa that in purintneaaf
an ordtr of the Probata Court uf Na* Para*
r .unty, Idaho Territory, made on th* 13th.
day of Maroh. 18H9. ia tba matter of the guar*
disnship of tha estate ef th* heirs of Charts*
Carlton d.oeaied, ths undersigned the guar*
die* ef eaid estate wilt sell et prirate est* ta
the highest bidder far oaih gold coin of th*
United States or part cash and balanea of par.
ehas* money secured by mertgage an tha real
estate seid aad snbjeet to eeeflrmstinn by seid
Probate Ceurt ea Saturday the 80th, day *(
March, 1889, all tha right, title and intereat
af th* eaid heirs in aad to all those certain
lots, pieoes or parcel! of lend situated, lytag
and beiag in Noi Perea County, Idaho Terri
tory. daeoiibed at fellows, to wit: Tha w4
nwj section 34 sn.l lot 6 of section 27 tp 86
nr 6 W. U. M., containing one hundred aad
twenty-sis and twenty one-hundredth naraa.
Offers or bids must be ia writing and will h*
recetred by th* nadersigned et his office la th*
eity ef Lewiston, I. T., or in my be Hied with
the Clerk of the Probate Coort. A deposit af
ten par eeat will b* required from tbe higkaat
bidder on the day of tbe sale end the balaae*'
ea eenSrmstian by the said Probata ' CoufL
Deed at tbe expease af the pnroheser.
Guardian af th* estais sf ths heirs of Chari**
Carlton, decease«) -
Dated Marsh 13,1889. 24-lw
DANIEL W. ROBY, hd 1017.
Lewiston, Idaho, Maroh 1st, 188$.
VJ" slice it hereby given that th* felluwiag
IV named aettler baa Sled notiea ef hi* ia-*
Hatten to make tnal proof in support of hi#
eltim, and that said proof will be aud* at
this *•**, aa April 13, 1889, »ia : Daaial W;
Roby fer tha wH swk aad alt ewig ee*27
tp 38 a r 2 w B. M. H* names tbe tsllowiag
witnersea te prose bUeeniiaaoat res idea aa
open aad enltivation ef said lead, »ia i Jsaspk
K. Corner so. Uaorgs Wandoheer, Jeha
Jaeksoa aad William Frey tag. ail of Camara«,
Any peraoa who desires to preteat against
the allowance of seeh proof, or whs knew* af
any substantial ramson, under tha law aad 1$*
régulation* af th* Interior Depart Staat, why
sash proof should not be allowed, wilt
gives aa opportunity at the above i
time aad ale** t* area* nxaatiaa the t
of said claimant, aad te o«hr avldaaaa l
rebuttal af that submitted I
THE naderaigaad bava —
aattla far sal*. Tkaraagkbnd ,
balls have baa* with th* baadfer tba
year*. Tbaaawh* darin* te
ef aattla should avail 7*
opportunity. Per partieaiai*
site ar aatba - Crttoa raneh
Lawiataa. 81-6

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