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I« TKL1. SR hat Ike largctt circulation oj
any paper ir. North Idaho,
ENTERED at ids Lewiston Pott Office
t tecond clast matter.
TdUH8U.*Y.................MARCH, 21, 18t?J
Only one Chlo! Opposes the Conaollad
tlon Scheme.
fetOKANE Falls, March 11.— Major
ft. D. Gwjtiir, Indian agent st Colville,
arrived here Sunday. lie expresses
himself well pleased with the result of
the council with the various Indian tribes
nnder his charge, held at Colville ageuey,
Saturday, March 4. Major Gwydir
opened the conference, explaining that
by uniting under one government the
the Indians would become a strong
people once more ; that it was the desire
of Washington and all friends of their
race that they should abandon 'he old
habits of having oach chief the possessor
of almost unlimited power. He ex
plained the composition ol the court to
be submitted for the old form of govern
Moses, Joseph, Whistle, Poo-Som,
Barnaby, 0 Kid Pa Kin and other chiefs
•poke in favor of consolidation. The
only objector was Sholaakin, chief of
the lower San Pnclts, who suid his peo
ple had nothing in common with the
other tribes ; he and his people wanted
no aid from the government, or any
Other sourco.
Agent Gwydir informed the council
that Washington would not allow the
obiectious of the man to etaod in the
Way, and that the wish of the majority
'Would be oarried out.
Washington'» Gift to the Nation.
"What gift will the people of Wash
ington make to the nation in roturn ior
the great favor ?
"They will present tho sisterhood of
states a prosperous, enterprising common
wealth with a population considerably
over 200,000. Iu my report to the
interior department I estimated the
population at 185,000. This was in
September, 1888. Our population is
now over 200,000, and bcfoie the end of
tho year immigration will run it up to
-210,000. The people of Washingtoo
will ever remember the year 1889 as one
of the greatest in the history of the
commonwealth, as a year of admission to
statehood, of a mild winter, and of great
progress. The uew state is exeoedingly
prosperous. It has developed with
phenomenal rapidity, and the growth has
been steady and substantial. Last year
onr taxable property looted up about
984,000,000 ; this year it will come
dose to 8100,000,000. The people that
•re coming among us to make homes art
people of means, who have well defined
ideas of what they wnut. Home take up
land and farm fur a living ; others go
into busiuess, and all manage to find
some occupation."
"How large a legislature do you think
-the uew state will need ?"
"One of about ninety members, the
nine number as Orepou has. The terri
torial legislature, which has thirty-six
members, is too small for a state."—
New York, March 10. —The World
'to-moirow will contain the following:
A steamer arrived at this port yesterday,
bringing news of a bloody battle between
Legitime's and Hippolyte,! forces, and a
masacre by the victors. Captain Frazer
brought a copy of La Patrie, the
Hippolyte organ, published February 23,
at Gonaircs, containing the following
account ol the battle and of the massacre
•t Grand Baline :
The Hippolyte forces in this city were
commanded by General Mum Point and
Jean Meseraus, Legitime's army betan
the attack on tho outposts euriy iu
February. They were repulsed several
times, but finanly succeeded in canyin
them, aud a few days later were masters
of the city, aud General Meseraus' sword.
Legitime's men were so elated over
tbuir success that they immediately
began to pillago the town. Drucken
soldiers shot ona of the prisoners for
some trilling matter. This was a signal
for a general outbreak on the part of the
soldiers. They rushed at the prisoners
shooting and stabbing them right and
left, ths prisoners begging hard and
piteously for mercy, but their cries were
laughed at and the killing went ou,
quarter being allowed to none. Never
before had such a pitiable sight been
presented. The murdered ntcu lay
huddled about iu scores. Some were
frightfully bached aud mutilated, many
of the blood frenzied soldiers havirg run
amuck even among the corpses, plunging
the swords again and again into the
bodies of the slaiu.
Geoeral Meseraus tried to Btay the
slaughter, but the soldiers laughed at
him aod warned him not to interfere if
he wished to live. When a lack of
victims stayed the botchers they robbed
tho 4<o*d md looted and burned the
town, iïrarly tho whole place, says
La Patrie , is iu ruin*. Captain Frazer
thinks the city mart have been burned
hvtwten Febtuury 28 and March 1.
From Spokane Fells to Post Falls, tho
Lakes and MlBsonla.
Articles of incorporation have been
filed io the office of the county recorder
at Rathdrum for a railroad, tho western
terminus of which will bo at Spokane
Falls. It is des'gncd to construct a line
from this city to the navigable water at
Post Fails, thence to the steamboat land
ing on lake Pen d'Oreille, along the
south shore of the lake to the mouth ot
Gold creek, and on by way of Clark's
Fork to Missoula, Montana.
There are several branches projected,
the most important of which is from the
mouth of Gold creek up that stream t<
Webber aud Chloride, thence by the
most practicable route to Murray, Idaho.
The company also includes within the
artioles of incorporation the navigation
of Lakes Coeur d'Alene and Pen
d'Oreillo and their tributaries.
The incorporators are Messrs. Cannon,
Palmer and others of Spokuue Falls, F.
Post, George A. Maiming and others ot
Idaho. A meeting of the stockholders
will be held at Post Fails March 25, foi
the election ot officers and tho transac
tion of other important busiuess.—
Fight of ths U. P. and N. P. in Jefle
•on Canyon.
Helena, March 13, Special —The
Uuion Pacific Railroad Company has
now about 500 men at work in Jefferson
canyon. They are protected by tin
sheriff and arc strong enough to hold
the canyon. Tho opposing forces tire
camped ia sight of each other. The
Union Pacifie has pickets scattered about
over the mountains to give wanting it
the Northern Pacific makes an effort to
surprise their graders and attack them.
There is plenty of room in the canyon
for the tracks of both roads, but tin
Uniou Pacific has the pick of the grad
ing and the Northern Pacific, if it has to
take what is left, will have (if work in
rocky ground. A corps of Union Pa
cifio engineers has gone into Missouri
river canyon to revi.-o the lines already
surveyed, pro paratory to putting a
larger force of graders at work on its
proposed line from Dillon to Helena vie
Rodder aud Jefferson vullejs and
A report has just come in from Boul
der that the forces of the II. P. and N.
P. R. R., have conic into collision am
that s watchman of the (7. P„ was killed
at Jefferson canyon.
A recont circular from the general
land office has instructed the local land
officers that final proof in pre emptioo
and commuted homesteads are to bt
made much fuller by them than hereto
fore, aud new blanks for that purpose
have been furnished. Formerly the
local land offices would make the pre
scribed examination, properly certify
thereto, and the papers would be tor
warded to the commissioner, wl.o mad
examination to see that everything had
been properly red taped, when patent
would be issued. Much of this verifica
tion work, uuder this circular is left to
the local officers, the intention being to
expedite (lie issuance of patents. It
many cases this .will bo ths result ; but.
occasionally, where former proof made
has bceu rejected and the party has been
ordered to make sn other publication
and proof, the lapse of time has removed
the witnesses to o her sections, sometimes
celestial, and it is a difficult matter for
new proof to be properly made. In a
casa like this, about the only way is to
appeal from tho decision of the com
missionrr, when the claimant stands a
good show of getting his patent without
further trouble, the general land office,
apparently, hoing satisfied that it save
trouble to pursue thut course, ignore the
appeal and issue patent on the first
proof.— Union.
Not content with forbidding the
voraoious but mild eyed town cow the
liberty of the streets and the citizens'
garden, the city fathers of McMinnville
have risen to the necessity of the occa
sion aud passed a "thicken law." Uy
the provisions of this ordinance domestic
fowls turned out to scratch for a living
are deemed a nuisance aud the owners of
such fowls are peremptorily ordered to
shut them up or pay a fine. The people
of that wide awake town are to be c m
gratulated. There is but one thing
more annoying the villagers than the
neighborly cow, and that is the bustlin
busy hen, with a brood of hungry chicks,
that proves, before the owner of the
garden is up in the morning, her ability
to "scratch for ten."— Oregonian.
The Seattle Times of Marth 9th said:
Private advices received from \Va»bin.
ton Ibis morning states that our delegate
to congress has recommended to Presi
dent Harrison for appointment the
following names : For governor, Miles
C. Moore, of Wal!« Walla; for chief
justice, C. II. Hanford, of Seattle; for
collector tf custom", J. C. Ilorr, of
! Olympia.
The only two men, yet living in this
eity, who were in tbeStc-ptoe Dutte fight
with Col. Steptoa in 1S55, are Mike
Kiomy, the' police officer, and j-dohn
Singleton. They say, the story of caD
nons being buried at Steptoo Butte, is
all a hoax. They didn't come within
twenty miles of Steptoo Rutto, and, yet,
newspapers will talk, while wind is cheap.
— Journal.
A project is announced tor building a
railroad from Farmington to tho Put 1 sich
via deep crock. It is not known if it
will res erialize.
The Teacher
Who ivlvisMl her pupils to Btrcngthen
their minds hy the iu>e of Ayer's Sar
Hapr.iilia, Appreciated tho truth that
bodily health ia essential to mental
vigor. For persons of delicate and feeblo
constitution, whether young or old, this
medicine is remarkably beneficial. Bo
sure you p t Ayer's Harsaparillo.
" Every spring end fall'I tuke a num
ber of burtii-s nf Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and
am greatly hcnciited." — Mrs. James H.
Eastman, Ston 'baiu, Mass.
"I have tal.cn Ay<r's Sarsaparilla
with great 1 eiif-iit t > :ny pourrai health/*
—-Miss Thirza L. t.'re rar, 1'altnyra, Md. )
"My dau^'itiT, twelve years of ago#
has Buffered for the past year from.
General Debility.
A few weeks ßinre, wo began to giva
her Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Her health haa
Ï xcatly linprov< d." — Mrs. Harriet H.
tattles, Bouth Cludxuttford, Mass.
"About a year ago I began using Ayer's
Sarsaparilla as a svia. dy for debility
and uuuml^ia r< suiting from# malarial
exposure in tho army. I was in a very
bad condition, bur ; ix botf't n of the Sar
saparilla, \> i n < c< - ^ ;..il dus*. a of Ayer's
Pills, have greatly in'] i<» ;cd my health.
I am now able to v.«Irk, and fed that I
cannot say too much h r y< ur excellent
remedies." — F. A. I'inkham, South
Molimcus, Me. g
** My daughter, six tern y tara rid, iS
Using Ayer's £ ■ ; , -i!!a w.th good ef
fect. *— 1U v. B. J• « p.Vhi.-n, United
Brethren Church, Buckhcnaon, W.Va.
suffered from
Nervous Prostration,
with lame back i
been much ben Kit«.! If,
Sarsaparilla. I : m r .
and am finü-fi d t:. : :
and prolonyt I
to, and havo
i. f* t f Ayer's
of age,
f-f-unt. health
. tho use of
Avor's Bars'] aille.." — Lucy Molli It,
Killingly, Conn.
Mrs. Ann IL F:vi...... ■ -'h. a lady 70
vears old, B . Y.b .1., writes:
"After bov*".:J v • ' *»..*>.• ing from
nervous pr; U >!'. f r.>r \ <1 1 bottlo
of Ayer's f ar. ij». rilln, m l before I
bail taken half ot i< : vj 1 . \\'A health
returned." *
Ayer's Ssrsr.rarifia,
rn?s:\» iv;
Or. J. C. Ayer Ct Ce., Lcwc*!, M?s3.
Trice fl; six bottlo:-, <5. Worth $5 a bottle.
Their Htihiues* Rooming.
Probably m> odd thing li«i8 paused such a
general revival of trad© at Dr. .Î. (>. Moxley'e
drug store ns their giving sut ay to their cus
tomers of ft na ary (ice trial bottles *-f Dr.
King's New Discovery for (cnsuiuption.
Their trn-lc is sim; !y t-normou* in thi.» very
vnlu tble article fr»-m th* ia. t that it always
cures nml ium disappoint*, Crush«, Colds.
Asthma, bronchitis, Croup, i»r«l all throat
diseases quickly cured. You enn test it before
bujio£ by gutting 1 trial houle free large size
$1. B very bottle Tvarrcqted.
JL Valuable Medical TrcAti«#. *>
The edition for 1889 of the sterling Medical
Annual, known as Hostetter's Almanac, La
now ready, ami may be obtained, free of coat
of druggieta and general country dealer in au
parts of the United States, Mexico, and indeed
In every civilized portion of the Western
Hemisphere. This Almanac has lieen issued
regularly at the commencement of every year
for over one-flftb of a century. It combines,
With the soundest practical advice for the
preservation and restoration of health, a large
amount of interesting and amusing light read
ing, and the calendar, astronomical calcula*
lions, chronological items, Ac., are prepared
with great care, and will be found entirely
accurate. The issue of Hostetler's Alnmnao
for 1889 will probably be the largest edition
of a medical work ever published in any
country. The proprietors, Messrs, llostetter
A Co., Pittsburgh, P»., on receipt of a two
cent stamp, willforward a copy by mail to
any person who cannot procure UA6 Aft tÙB
neighborhood* __ r*
Brace Up.
You are feeling depressed, your appetite is
poor, you aro bothered with iler.dncho, you
nro fi Igetty, nervous, anil generally aut of
sorts, and w;:nt to brave up. llrnc« up but not
with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters,
which have for their basis very cheap, bad
whiskey, and which stimulate you ft-r sn hour,
aud then leave you in w-rse condition than
boforo. What you want is r.n alterative that
will purify your l*loed, .-tart healthy action of
Liver and Kidneys, rostt.ru your vitality, and
give renewed health and strength. Buch a
me Heine you will find in Klectric Litters, and
*i»!y 50 cents a bottlo ut Dr. J. Q. Mcxlev's
drug f tore.
Shiloh's Catarrh Kemedy*
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, a marvelous euro
for Catjurh, Diptberia, Canker Mouth, and
Head-Ache. With curb bottle there is an
ingenious Nn?al Injector for tho more fnccess
ful t*eatmeut of the re complaints without
extra charge. Price M) cents.
Sold l y Daman A Co., Lewi t» n, Idaho.
Answer This Question.
Why do so man) people wo fee around us
seem to prêter to suftVr and be made miserable
by Indi<*f*Ftion, C'>nstipati<>n, l>ix/iness, Los
of Appetite, Cutting: Up of the Food, Yell*
Skin, when for 75 cents we will sell them
tShiH.ii*» System A italixeis guaranteed to cure
St.Id hr Tainan & Co.. Lewiston, Idaho.
' —- >»d other« suffering from
sf-iy -k S o. i-v. ris d.biuty .vxUtsttcU*«»
' ' \r- ri-r.te cIukwo-»-*, j ..maiur,
,V— M Bill. Thuusnnri»
'o every » • state lu tk- I - luive bot-n cttrvd.
rilt-vu-l.t •>.-<•- 1 y ii-'trniij- ï - I'vo.iiciiunl soW le
' VVh.,.;e fivnHy r.vi v- :tr »tune hell. Fleelrle
ft-.-t: tvitJi : Us Avoid v orUtlue» «m
1 -UMT -• an ; i ; cC.-: w f - rüoetric Trusses f«sr
Iiuiiturr. . ..iihI in"-- .. v ; I mump for pnropnleL
Lh. Vt. J. HtShI, iK/chTOS, loi Vi'AUèN AV., CMU60.
n. 1>. I5UNNELL, agent at Lcwieton
Idaho ' 31. ly.
CoueunipUou Cure
This is beyond question the most successful
Cough Mediciue wo have ever sold, a few
dojte« iuvf.rirbiy cure the w. rst eases t.f Cough,
Croup and i■ r.r-el• i*i j#. while its wonderful
success in the cure *f Cousumption is without
a parallel in the history of medicine. Since
it's fist diaevery it bus beeu sold ou a
guarantee, a test which no other medicine can
stand. If you have u Cough we earnestly a.-k
you to try it. Price 10 cents. 50 cents and
$1 00. If your Lungs are sore, Chest or
Rack lame, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster.
Sold by Unman A Co., Lewiston, Idaho.
J\ 23. ^jEZSTOIMrX',
Furnished at short nutio© arid at Ta»*»abl%
JUtula St. at 7 ' .pi, Ts vision.
The Lewiston Teller
Published Weekly bj
jê, LELm®& SOÙ»
This Journal is a non-Partisan, Independent pap*r, devoted
to the interests of the people of North Idaho
and surrounding country. The
In the whole of North Idaho.
The most reliable published
in the North, and has the
Largest Circulation!
wtmnnTi 1 mm 1 min i hhh i t t—
$U®$dRIPTI0$ Q3. PBft TSAR.
Is complete in every particular. The best improved presses
used. Up with the times in job material. Charges
reasonable, and none employed but
Visiting Cards,
Wedding Cards,
Business Cards,
Ball Programs,
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Note Heads,
Circulars, Tags,
Bills of Fare, Envelopes,
Programs, Funeral Notices*
Receipts, Tickets, Posters,
Dodgers, &c., &c., &c.
In fact anything from a visiting card to a three-shee t
poster. S^-GIVE US A CALL.
£Üo EtMILsùIÎM <& 3(D2J 9
Publishers and Proprietors.
Saddle and Harness Shop
a. a. aeauMa,
—Manufacturer of and Dealer in_
HAHN ESS § Saddles.
1A11 kinds of SADDLES and
HARNESS on hand and
everything pertaining to a first
class Saddle and Harness Shop.
Repairing of Saddles and Harness
Done on Short Notice.
^orders from Uic tonnir/ Promptly Attended to-^j
i^*Prices Low as the Lowest and Terms Liberal.-^
Maim Stree t, ^opposite Vollmers brick) - - LEWISTON
s. G. ISAMAN, D s dent
\SAMAA^ <g ç
8 ® un ^ e8 ' ^ Articles, Stationery and Fancy
jaBPOrdera froai th* country promptly attende* to *S^
Lumber ! Lumber !
Constantly oh hand
Rough Lumber......$16 per M. Rustic......$30 per M
Flooring......$30 per M. Clear dress 2 sides. .$35 ""
Apply to J. B. MENOMY, Lewiston, I. T., Lumber yard
at foot of Fifth street or A. E. SNELL, Potlatch. 52tt
2L* sä»
I am also agent for Wb, Fairish, aid keep
a full assortment of hit .lumber aa hand for
•ale. Abordera prompt!; intended te. 26tf.
While money ie close, wage* anrl prices
low, expenacg should be cut down in every
household. Economy the watch word tor
Mothers, head off Doctor bill», by always
keeping in the house, a bottle of Dr. BoS
anko's Cough and Lung Syrup. Stops a
Cough instantly, relives Consumption, cures
Croup and pain in the Cheat iu one night.
It ia just thu remedy for hard tinica. Price
50 eta, and $1.00. Samples free. Sold by
Dr. J. Q. Moxlcy.
Tutfs Pills
Malaria, Dumb Chills,
Fever and Ague, Wind
Colic, Bilious Attacks.
SfAî'* 4 *** ■«tarai seas.
ÜÏ.iÏk"' l !"* r U''P* ** r Interfere with
«■tally buelueea. Aa a t aiully medlrlua.
•boy •liottld be in every buu*ebold.
B read, pies and cakes; also oro
eeriet, Cenfeetionarr, Liquor« aod Cigara.
Family Groceries, Etc.,
Northern Pacific.
R. R.
JL 1'alace Sleeping Care, Magnlfloeal
Coache« and Elegant Emigrant 81aepiDg
with bertha free of of oharga.
Ooly Tranacontineni
Line Running
Muc ai,w
Erar Made from the coart over the
St. Louis, Chicago
And all pointa thron ghout tho East
Pullman alaoping aoeommndationa oan be Se
cured in aavanoe.
Fmlgrant Sleeping can, Blrtks,
Hauled on regular axpraaa train« evar ths «»
tira langtb of tha
Northern Paoiflo Rallioad
i'rain leaves Genesee .5 A. M.
Arrive* 7:5, P. M. Arrives at Spo
kane 10:50, A. M., Leaves 1:50. P.M.
Conneotinn at Taooma with tha O. R. • N
c«.'« boats and tha P. 6. 8. By. tar all peiats
in Puget Bound,
Tickets ou sale to «Il points la ths USi
ted states and Canada. Far rates,
etc., apply to E. A. McKIMA»
Tiekot Agaot, Oooaeoo. Idaho
Aut, 0«n Pmub|#i Ag'l, Ko. S WuWif*
too ilioet, Partland, Or«., IÜ

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