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Comer of Second and "C" Street«, Lewiston, Idaho,
Mme. Le François, ----- Proprietress
. ......O......
Uni Chus in Every Particular. Extra Accommodation for Commercial Men.
Louis Grostein,
ji New and Fresh Stock of Groceries constantly kept
on hand. Fruits. Canned Fruits, Cot fees. Teas
and Spices. A comvlete stock opTobaccos
and Cigars. Cheap for Cash. .
Remember the place on Main St., in the Greenburg building.

The 8. B. Remedies are the best family med
lclnes made for the Immediate relief of Sick
Headache, Liver and Rodney complainte,
Coughs, Croup, Cramp 1
Bronchitis, Etc.
Ç\ T% Headache and Liver Cure.
\ Il Cough and consumption cure
Ui MJ % Alpha Tain Cure.
They are unequaled for immediate relief and
final cure of the diseases for which they are
The 8. B. Headache and Liver Cure, for the
cure of Stomache, Liver and Kidney
_______ . I you
you will feel well, hearty and ready for your meals.
The 8. B. Cough and Consumption Cure, for Coughs, Colds and Consumption,
la ao pleasant to taste that we often have to cautlon*people against drinking it,
bat It will do the work all the same, and don't you for get it.
Prepared by S. <3. Mediciue Manufacturing Company,
(Dufur, Oregon. Sold by every (Druggist.
Blankets, Flannels, Yarns, and a lull line of
Bty Goods and Notions, Underwear and Furnish
Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps,
and also a Complete Stock of Groceries, Glass
ware, Queensware and Lamps.
V. W. Brearley, Pres.
S. Alexander, Vice Pres.
W. F. Kettenbach, Cashier.
F. W. Kettenbach, Aaa't Cash
Lewiston National Bank
Co-oar ot Seoood and Main 8treets.
Lewiston, ------ Idaho.
W. Brearley, W. F. Rettenbach, J. Q. Moxley, J. Alexander,
B. F. Morris, George Glass, C. C. Bunnell.
Main Street, Opposite J. P. Vollmer A Co's block,
Lewiston, ------- Idaho •
Neat Fitting Clothes a Specialty, made in all the latest
Styles, and satisfaction guaranteed or
Money Refunded.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Saddlery Hardware, Spurs and Stockmen*s
Goods in General.
Orders from the Country promptly attended to. Repairing of 8addles tod Har
ums doue on short notioe. Prioe« u Low as the Lowest and Terms Liberal.
-Dealer In
Watches and Jewelry,:
Solid Silver and Silver Plated Ware, Waltham,
Springfield and Landcaster Watches.
Repairing of Watches and Jewelry a Specialty.
Nez Perce Addition
Is the most beautiful addition to Lewiston.
Most charming view for resident property in the
city. A complete system of waterworks will be
completed within Ninety days. This is the near
est, the cheapest and the best located addition now
on the market. Every lot good level land. Wide
streets and alleys in every block. Investors of
either large or small means can now acquire lots
and blocks at such prices as will defy competition.
This land lies directly between the land controled
by the Portland syndicate and the present city.
All the improvements contemplated by them will
add rapidly to property in this addition. Prices
for a short time only—Inside lots $100, corners $125
One-third cash, balance on easy payments.
E. W. Eaves, Gen. Beal Estate Agent.
Office at First National Bank.
Gleaned From the Columns of Varions
Idaho Exchanges.
Mr. Chas. Flinn left a piece of sand
stone in the Leader office the other
day, containing a large leaf that much
resembles that of a maple. The leaf
was evidently about nine inches across.
It was found in a quarry near here.
Some who examined it claimed that it
was the fig leaf which mother Eve
used for an apron, and that we are now
occupying the former sight of the
Garden of Eden.— Weiser Leader.
While coming from Nampa last Sun
day night in the cars, Jas. Sullivan
was so unfortunate as to cut his hand
on the glass from a broken window,
Inflicting a deep and painful wound.
Mr. Sullivan fainted away but by dili
gent application of bandages the flow
of blood was stopped and he '»as fixed
up until this city was reached when a
physician served the wound up. Mr.
Sullivan will not have the use of his
hand for some time.—Boise Sun.
Thursday afternoon Judge Piper ap
peared before Judge Hodgins and took
the oath of office iu the presence of
several persons and entered upon the
duties of the second Judicial District.
Through Judge Piper we learn
that it has been decided that District
Court cannot be legally held until after
the state legislature meets and sets the
time. The juries summoned to appear
next week will be discharged.—Moscow
The Boise Water Works company
have nearly finished their large arched
reservoir. It is 50x200 in the clear and
15 feet deep. The depth of water on au
average is seven feet and the reservoir
contains 650,000 gallons. Seven artes
ian wells supply the reservoir. The
wells are each from 60 to 140 feet deep.
A number of men are now employed
on the work and the reservoir will be
completed throughout in a few days.
—Boise Sun.
News was received in this city yes
terday on an accident which befell
Fred Halburg, a farmer living on Rey
nolds creek. Mr. Halburg has been
doing considerable freighting of late
and while driving over the summit be
tween Reynolds creek and Booneville,
he was thrown under the wagon and
the wheels ran over his leg breaking it
in a terrible manner. He was taken to
his home and a physician from Silver
City summoned to attend him.—Boise
Judge William H. Clagett arrived
yesterday from the Potlatch country
where he has been for the past two
weeks. He reports that tha grain
crops of that region this year have been
enormous, the average yield having
been 70 bushels to the acre, and in
many cases as high as 100 bushels have
been produced to the acre. There is
more grain In that country at present
than the railroad company can carry
out in three months.—Coear d'Alene
On Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs.
Thad. Smith were returning in their
buggy from a trip to DeLamar, and
while coming up the Lone Tree grade,
a mile below town, their hone took
fright and turned in the road, upset
ting the buggy and throwing the occu
pants out Mr. Smith escaped with a
few slight bruises. Mrs. Smith was
caught in the top of the buggy and
dragged some distance, being cut and
bruised considerably. She received
quite a serious cut in the face and was
hurt in the side. Under the care of
Dr. Richer we are glad to report that
Mn. S. is rapidly recovering.—Idaho
E. McCammon, of Spokane, called at
the Times office on Saturday last. He
was in the city for the purpose of com
pleting arrangements for instituting
his sash, door and furniture factory
He has leased the water works build
ing for a term of eight months. The
machinery will arrive this week and
in about three weeks from now, Mr
McCammon says his company will be
prepared to furnish sash, doors and
blinds manufactured here in Coeur
d'Alene City.—Times.
The Red Cloud mine paid its first
monthly dividend of $10,000, Oct. 15,
The company expect to pay monthly
dividends regularly hereafter. Divi
dends could have been paid before, but
the management having paid $150,000
for the property, preferred • o do con
siderable development work before
commencing to pay dividends. The
mine is now in shape for a steady out
put for months to come.—Bellevue
Thursday night a man named Mc
Glnley was held up at the point of
revolver by two men at Louse Creek
on the Rocky Bar road, and relieved of
$200. The footpads, who were after
wards discovered to be F. Campbell
and "Kid'' Ballentine, well known
here, made good their escape. They
got horses from the place of David B.
Ethel! and came to tuis city, remained
a few hours and left about four o'clock
in the morning. Sheriff Robbins was
notified but not until later was the
identity of the robbers known, or they
might nave been caught here. They
went to Nampa, shaved clean and
otherwise sought to disguise them'
selves, and left on the Western train
Constable Taylor, of Nampa, has
started in pursuit. The sheriff of El
more county has authorized a reward
of$100. Campbell at onetime lived
here, and posea as an alleged detective
He gained an unsavory notoriety from
his queer connection with tne at
tempted robbery of the safe of Hollister,
Bisnoprick A Co., for which Harry A.
Cramer was sentenced for three years
imprisonment at the March term of
court in 188».— Boise Statesman.
The best salve In the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction, or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sale by J. Q.
Tt daaire to aaj to osr eitiuns, that for
year« wo bars boon aelling Or King'i New
Diieovery for Coaaumptien, Dr. King'i Now
Lifo Pilla, Bnoklan'i Arniea Salve and Kioetrie
Bitten, nod boro novor handled ramediee
that aail aa well, or that bare given »eh uni
▼onal aatitfaetion, Wa do not hesitate t, guar
antee them ovary time, and wa otand ready to
refund tba parehaie prioe. if aatiafaetory ref
ait« do not follow tbair uao, Then re a ad lea
have wan tbair great popularity purely aa
tbair aerlto. J Q Mosley, DruggUt.
Ii one whieh it guaranteed to bring you cat
isfaetory résulta, or in ease of failuro a return
of pumhaae price. Oo tbia aafe plan yon oan
bay from onr advertised Druggist . battle of
Dr- Kiog'a Now Disoovory for Consumption,
It is guarenteod to bring nliaf in every ease
when used for any aflhetion of Throat. Lange
or Chut aoeh aa Consomption, Inflammation
ef lungo brraohitio, aotbma, whooping oongh
ereopjote. It io plouaot nod j agreeable to
taste, perfectly safe, and trial bottlu free at
J. Q. Moaiay'a drugstore.
No. 4220.
land oppioe at
Lewittoa, Idaho, November 12, 1800.
iy otioa if hereby given that the following
named settler baa flled notioa of hie in
tention to make flaal proof in aupport of bis
elaim, and that Mid proof will be made
before U. S. Land Office at Lewiston,
Idaho, on Dec. 20,1890, viz: Thomas
L. Meadows for the nwJ sec 24 twp 32
n r 2 w B M.
Hs names tbs following witnesses to prove
his oontionooa reaideaea upon and cultivation
of, «aid land, via:
William H. Payne, William R.
Dixon, Stonewall f. Craig, Albert L.
Thorne, all of Mason, Idaho.
C. M. DAT.
7 Register.
Sole Agent For The
Mather Kid Glove, the
Best in the Market.
Mrs. R. Saux & Co., Proprietors.
Corner Fifth and Montgomery Streets, Lewiston, Idaho.
This Hotel is newly built, hard finished throughout,
has all the Modern Conveniences for the comfort
of Guests, and is kept as a first class House.
And headquarters for all Express Lines running to and from Lewiston.
mitgHell & Lewis,
Have just received a Car load of Wagons, Spring
Wagons, Carriages, Phaetons, Carts, Etc., which they
will offer for the next few weeks at remarkably low
figures . Naw is the time to get Bargains .
Lewiston, Idaho.
Ijvçry, peed apd Saleable,
Between Raymond House sod Hotel De France,
Lewiston, ...... Idaho.
Either for Business or Pleasure. Terms Reasonable.
Jacob Elchenberger
Will make Special Reduction on hi« Stock in order to makt
room for Fall and Winter Goods. A full line of Buckingham
k Hechts celebrated Boots and Shoes, a special quality of
men's $3 and $1 Shoes, and a complete stock of Button, Lace
and Gaiters, for sale at reduced rates. Opposite Raymond
House, Lewiston, Idaho.
No more use for Wooden Pipe. Manufacturers are willing
to share the middlemen's profits with us. Look at
these prices; surely the age of iron is at hand.
Lap Welded Iron Pipe Dipped in Coal Tarr:—Two Inch 15 cents per * 00 *>
and one-half inch 20 cents per foot, three inch 25 cento per foot In oar load tot»
10 per cent from the above prioe delivered in Lewiston or any railroad «toUon 1*
the northwest. L. A. POETIK.
General Pacific Coast Agent Pulsometer Steam Pump Co., Lewieton, 1
Lewiston Roller Hills,
Bknj. Booth, Proprietor. Manufacturer of
An guaranteed to be the heat on the market Middling!, Vtoed, Bia» * Ba
Shorto always on hand.

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