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Lewiston teller. (Lewiston, North Idaho) 1878-1900, December 03, 1891, Image 4

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The Lewiston Teller.
c. A. FORESMAN. Edltor»ud Prop'r
Om y oar
8 M year, in advance.................... 2.«»
z months...................................1 'J?
me months............................ .. - 70
Adnrtaing rate* made known on ap
hlicetio-. Locals continued and
■barged for until ordered out.
Mo Advertisement* discontinuai
■util paid ior.
Entered at the Lewiston Postoflice as
Second Class Mail Matter.
The people of the United States will
he Interested in learning whether the
resolution in Brazil has been engin
eered In British interests or whether
the new regime will maintain the pul
ley of trade extension «iwith this
country. _
Prom well Informed quarter informa
tion has Men recently received that
•Rher the eroporor of Germany or the
ptmMent of the Swiss^repubiic will be
aaknd by the British government to
rupremnt Great Britain In the arbitra
tion committee to be appointed to settle
the Behring sea question.
Mo matter liow many railroads are
built, the question of an open river
will always be one of importance to the
people of the Inland empire. The whole
aeetlon of the interior is drained by
(Ms great artery of commerce, and an
open water-way will prove the cheap
est means of transportation for all the
products of the rich and fertile soil.
Warden Mack has made open declar
ation that hence forward ho will run
the penitentary in suit himself. It
now appears that he lias discharged
Gnard Roberts, son of Idaho's attorney
general. This is construed by some us
open war upon the authorities. It may
happen that Warden Muck wilt be
open for bids in managing flstie en
counters outside the prison walls if not
outside the state.
A Kansas professor comes forward
with a new theory of rain making. He
thinks tbe explosive idea succeeds lie
cause of tbe dost kicked up by tbe bom
bardment and not by the concussion of
tbe dements. Therefore be proposes to
supply min by firing carbon sulphur
and silica dust Into the air. The pro
fessor should by ail means come to
Idaho to experiment. All he would
need to do would be to seatter sulphur
and carbon along our highways in sum
mer; a pack train or a stage cuach
would do the rest
Tbe ample provision for educational
privileges in tbe northwest made by
tbe public laud endowments, will tend
to boom the cause of^ education, espec
ially In new tbe states. All five of tlie
new states have already founded univer
sities, agricultural colleges and miuiug
schools. The school lauds are selected
fTona the best in tlie state and sell read
ily when offered. The fund derived
from this ample source will bring tlie
new states to tbe front rapidly in the
development of learning, aud make an.
other attraction for eastern emigration.
Tbe Chilean government has come
down from Its high and* lofty perch,
and now seeks some means to make
reparation for the outrageous assault by
tbe mob upon tbe sailors of the Balti
more. It has been agreed that a court
of inquiry shall be instituted aud all
evldeuce be reviewed In a frill investi
gation of tbe matter. There is but lit
tle doubt that English Influence had a
great deal to do m determining the at
titude assumed by Chill, but the firm
and determined stand made ny the
United States and the prompt dispatch
of tbe American war vessels to the Pa
cifie squadron bad a salutary effect on
the Chileans and lead the compromise
on tbe proponed plan.
Next week congress meets and tbe
meh of public bosiuess will be on again
at tbe capital of the nation. There are
questions of interest which will absorb
the attention of the people from the
first. Tbe democrats will hare full
sway iu tbe organization of the House
and tbe people are anxious to know
just bow it will effect the législation of
the coining winter. Who will be elected
speaker? This is another querry which
just now Interests and excites the pub
lie. The speaker's immense power in
the organization of the House and in
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
the appoiniting of the various commit
tees makes him a personage of some
considerable importance. The contest
has now narrowed down to Cr sp and
Mills, both of whom claim the superior
place. The people of Idaho are espec
ially interested In the outcome of the
Claggett-Dulmis contest. The people
everywhere in the statt? are familiar
with the facts and know the arguments
pro and eon each respective candidate,
but the final descision is with the Hen
ate ami the time for the verdict is near
at hand.
Minnesota and the Dakotas are hav
ing a tussle now with a grain blockade.
Tbe railroads aresaid to lie doing every
thing within their power tu supply
cars and engines, but their capabilities
are wofully inadéquate ht the require
ments. There is danger that cold
weather may put a stop to threshing
and bring 1< as and ruin upon thousands
of farmers unable to market their crops.
Commissioner Carter of the general
land office has issued u form of permit
to be granted to persons applying to
cut timber from public lauds. Among
the stipulations is one forbidding cuts
ting more than So per cent of the tim
ber of each class growing on any acre,
Monthly statements, under oath, are,
required, giving descriptions of the j
tract from which the timber is cut, the ]
nmount cut and how disposed of. No
tree shall be cut and removed less than
a specified number of inches in diam
eter, except for needed roadways
through the tlmbei. The persons cut
ting timber are required to cut, remove
and burn or otherwise dispose of the
tops and brush of trees, etc., to prevent
forest fires, and he is held liable for any
damage from any fire attributed to his
neglect. ,
This week another dictator and
usurper steps down and out. President
Fonseca, who last week sought to dis
miss the civil power in Brazil and es
tablish military rule and lord it like
another Napoleon, tlds week resigns by
request. Warned by the fate of Balma
eeda, lie deems discretion the lietter
part of valor and resigns to prevent
bloodshed. Tlie South American states
ure sailing on a rough sea Just at pres
ent, but it will lie noticed in all the
revolutions there is no movement back
wards. The republic still survives the
uprising and comes up a better govern
nfent than the one overthrown. It is
protest of the people against despotic
politicians and perverted governments,
and in every instance the cause of the
people lias triumphed und tlie abuses
have been at leastmodified if not en
tirely obviated.
Idaho lias a good reputation in finan
cial circles it seems. Recently when
her state bonds were ottered for sale on
the markets, bids were lively and the
bonds were sold at a good premium.
The state Itonds were taken by Denver
parties. The design was to sell 822,000
of the bonds and reserve 824,000 In
which the school funds of the state
could lie Invested. Home dispute
arose in the liuard as to the constitu
tionality of investing school funds in
state bonds, as the legislature had
made no provision for carrying out the
provision of the constitution on this
1 ., » ......
subject. It was agreed that the sue
subject. It was agreed
cessful bidders could have as much us
was intended to Lie bought by the
school funds. Tlie desired bonds draw
6 per cent Interest. The 822,000 was
taken at a premium of 81,W0 by Ital
iens A Hons, Denver.
Now that the session of Congress is
so uear at baud, it is well to agitate
with vigor that some concerted action
be taken by the citizens in regard to
opening the Nez Perce ludiuii reserva
tion. Tbe survey and allotment are
practically so nearly completed that
that obstacle does not stand In the
way. The people of all this Clearwater
country are interested in the opening
of the reservation. Home of tbe best
lands In the state are locked up here
by tlie government. It might be well
said that the Nez Peree reservation is
the key to the development of all the
Clearwater busin. It blocks railroad,
by causing eudless delays In seeking to
comply with all tlie regulations neces
sary. It retards immigration and eon
sequently the development of wealth
and enterprise. Lastly, but by no
means lerst, it locks up the fairest and
most terttle of our broad acres from the
bands of i ndustry. Thousands of acres
of as tine laud as lies in any state is
locked up in the Nez Perce reservation,
fuiiow and unproductive. It could
yearly produce millions of bushel* of
wheat, and feed thousands of head of
cattle for the markets. Ail of which
produce would add to the wealth and
development of this section and of this
city. Senator McConnell while In
Par* Havana Filler,
Sumatra Wrapper.
Men Cigar Stamped
In Wrapper L. W.S.
Wholesale Dealer»
Spokane Falla, Wnah.
For Sale by Dent A Butler.
Congress introduced a bill to open the
reservath n north of Clearwater, but
this is not enough. The whole reser
vation should lie thrown open. The
growth of the country demands
all the broad aeres possible, opened to
attract immigration. With the reser
vation opened, tietter communications
and tietter facilities would open to all
points now isolated because of this vast
expanse of vacant lands. It Is time
for vigorous concerted action, and the
citizens from all sections should at once
take some steps in the matter.
The national mining congress which
hail a session recently at Denver de
clared almost unanimously in favor of
j n their resolutions
j UI%re< t t |, e political parties to make the
] H( | ver ( | Ues tion a domnatit issue in the
next camjiaigii. The resolutions de
clare further that certificates of tbe
government, backed dollar for dollar
by gold or silver coin on deposit in the
treasury of the United States, is a sa'e
and sound currency and has been ap
proved by the people; that tlie first
national mining congress is unalterably
in favor of the principles 'of bimetal
lism; that gold and silver, not one to
the exclusion of the other, are money
metals of the constitution; that gold
and silver should have by law equal
rights to lie used in all monetary pur
poses and to that end it is demanded of
the congress of the United States the
enactment of laws by which silver shall
be coined free in all mintsequally with
gold and to have with it full .nd unre
strained monetary power, and that
they lie In the ratio of 1« to 1, and when
the coinage is represented by treasury
notes each dollar shall represent 412}
grains of standard silver or 25.8 grains
of gold.
The republicans have started tbe
presidential campaign by locating tbe
republican national convention, which
was done by the national committee
last week. A dozen prominent cities,
represent!ve of tbe east, south and west
contended for tlie prize, which fell by
lucky fortune to Minneapolis. Cincin
nati was the second choice of the con
vention, with New York, Han Fran
cisco, Omaha and Chicago scarcely in
tlie race. The choice of Minneapolis is
just rcognltion of the merits of the
west. The admission of the new states
and their consequent rapid growth and
development is making them a consid
erable factor in national politics, a fac
tor, indeed, of such importance as to
demand recognition from the party
leaders. Hince the silver question is
assuming such formidable proportions
the west becomes more than ever
vital force in the next campaign. This
recognition of the claims of the west
will strengthen the party in the north
west. It will stimulate the leaders in
the states which have shown them
selves shaky and uncertain, and great-j
ly enhance the party's chances for the
coming year. The east and tlie west
ought, by all means to pull amicably
together next year, for the campaign
issues are balanced equally between
them. Each has an ax to grind—tbe
west, free coinuge, the east high tariff—
and tbe west is to be congratulated
that thus early in the contest its claim
has been recognized. It Is a good omen.
Senator McConnell goes to record
with tlie following review of the silver
question: "I doubt whether anything
will be accomplished on the silver
question during the coining session.
My observalion last session led me to
believe that the only true friends of
silver are to be found west of the Mis
sissippi river. It is true southern dem
ocrats spoke and voted for remonetiz
ation, hut It was too apparent that
they were working for political advan
tage rather than the general welfare of
the country. They would not allow a
vote to lie taken on tbe bill which pro
vided for the free coinage of American
sliver, but forced upon tbe senate In
stead a bill which threw our mlntt
open for the coinage of all silver which
might be sent to us from any pari ol
the globe. It was evidently their ob
ject to send a bill to the president for
his signature which he would feel in
duty bound to veto, thereby placing
the responsibility on tbe republican
party. We cannot expect the capital
ists in the east, through their represen
tatives, to vote an Increase in our cur
rency, owing to their being such a
limited amount per capita of money in
circulation. A tew wealthy capitalists
in New York and Riston can at any
time lock up a sufficient amount of
money to produce such a stringency as
will compel tbe "shorts" to realize at
any sacrifice, something which they
do as regularly as the farmer gathers
his harvest. The immense capital
controlled by a few iqdlviduals makes
this possible at their option. The peo
ple, however, will leant this in a few
years, and will look to it that the sen
ators and members of the house are
such men as will represent not the few,
but tin- many."
time lock up a sufficient amount of
J. B- Morris, M. D.
Office in Hale A Cooper's building.
E. O'Neill,
Attorney - at - law
All Business carefully attended to.
Will practice in all court« of Washing
ton and Idaho. Office oil Main street,
Lewiston, opposite Bunnell's Store.
Attorney - at - Law,
Orangeville, Idaho.
Special attentions given to Collections.
Notary Public.
Band &Howe,
Will practice in all the courts of Idaho
Idaho Territory and the State of Wash
ington. Will give prompt attention to
nil business entrusted to our eure. Of
fice on E street, Lewiston, Idaho. Real
Estate and Loan Agents.
James W. Reid,
Attorney at Law,
Lewiston, Idaho.
Practices in the Htate and Federal
courts of Idaho and Washington.
Will attend the resrular terms of Court
at Moscow, Mt. Idaho, Asotin, Coltax
and the District and Supreme Courts
at Lewiston. Collections receive
prompt und diligent attention. Of
fice, room No. 6, Vollmer Block, up
Farm and town property bought and
i. Office ~
sold on commission
ce on Main Ht
Why Send Your Work East?
Ed. Smith, Artist,
Lewiston, Idaho,
Is prepared to execute all kinds of
Artistic Work in the best possible style.
Your photos enlarged life size and paint
ed in oils, water colors or pastel. Tbe
finest work in the northwest guaran
teed aud lowest prices. Give me a trial,
Stone - Cutter
Contractor Builder
Lewlston, ...
Cemetery Work a Specialty.
Estimates furnished on short notice
satisfaction guaranteed.
Moscoiv - (Business - College,
Merchandise, Raiiroadiug, Etc. Bliort
* J "--------— - ---
A high-grade Commercial, Short
hand «nul University Preparatory
School. 11 lustra teil circulars and spec
meus of Penmanship free. Address,
as above.
Spokane - (Business - College,
Cascade Block, Riverside Avenue.
Departments in session day and night
throughout tbe yeur.
Commercial—Covering Bookkeeping,
Banking, BusinessPractiee, Insurance,
Commission, Wholesale and Retail
Mercnanaise, naiiroauiug, cite. Short
hand aud Typewriting—The best field
for young ladles, a speed of 125 words
r minute guaranteed in three months.
English Branch—Classes sustained in
all grades. Telegraphy in all its
branches. Penmanship—under one of
tbe most expert penmen on the Coast.
Our graduates are In demand; over 200
placed In responsible positions in tbe
last two years. For circulars and terms
iddr»- .Ixo. R. f'ASSiN, Pres.
it. S. DENT.
DEffS Ö BÜ5I£F{,
Pore Drugs and Medicines.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Day A Night
Druggist's Sundries, Toilet Articles, Stationery
and Fancy Goods. Headquarters for
Books, Gold Pens, Novelties and
Motions- Also Proprietors of
Lewiston Soda Water Works.
Orders from the Country Promptly Attended to
As an Irrigating Pump, the
leads them all. For mines or contractors m
it has no equal. Call on or address
L. A. Ports*
Gen'I Agent Pacific Coast, Lewiston, uSSt.
Saw and- Plaining Mills
Hituutid S miles east of I<ewlston, keeps em
stoutly on hand Rough and Dressed lumkwd
all sizes. Bill stuff cut on Bhnrt notice. Wt
receive our mail daily and will deliver maiL*.
ders for lumber or fruit boxes promptly]
L. A. Porter, Lewiston, Idaho.
Dealer In
Spectacles, Etc , Etc.
Engraving and Repairing at Reasonable Prices
Call Special attention to the Oregon Giant Bar
ley Crusher. Will crush 2000 bushels in a day.
Road Carts from $25 to $65. The Canton Clip
per Gaug Plows are the best. The Railroad $
coming and we will sell cheap to make room for
new goods. Come and see us, or write for prion
before flgureing lsewhere.
» Lewiston, IfeM
e. A. TtiATSriER,
Dealer in Beal Estate,
Books and Stationery, Music, Pianos, Organs,
Sewing Machines. Wall Paper a Specialty•
Money Loaned at Lowest Rates. Local Agent for Stanley's Darkest At**
The Boss Meat Market
J. Ctir. lining. Proprietor
LEWI -■> r >N,
Beef, Mntton, Pork, Veal, Bacon, Hama and Sausages. The b*st
from the Block and by the Quarter, served In good style. Prices Low.
8. WILDENTHALLER, Proprietor.
Montgomery Streets Lewiston, Idaho
Bread, Pies and Cakes, also Groceries, Confectioneries, Liquors esà
Gouts Furnishing Goods, Family Groceries, Eet.

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