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The 3£_ewiston Teller.
j£OI-\J7V£Er 16.
additi onal
Nu7umei% h.
and Around Lewiston
lly Gathered by our Scribe and
Prepared in a Choice Manner
for onr Beaden.
flie bank building is still progressing
■y. It will soon overtop all build
on the street.
.If you wish to examine a line of
iy goods tbat are new and cheap,
on Dent A Butlers.
Hose company No. 1 will have
meeting Thursday night. All
-bers urged to be present.
Winter sits on the hill-tops, but
1 the exception of cold, crisp morn
», the valley here is very pleasant
George B. Riggs bought the old Jack
ver ranch from Ruddle Bros, this
k. The farm contains 320 acres
the consideration of the sale was
A füll attendance of all members of
l. O. O. F. is requested for next
ay night, as there will be work
the second degree. Bear this in
'All members of hose company No. 2,
ho desire a uniform nrc requested to
to their measure for a shirt to Mrs.
Darr, and measure for a belt to T. 8.
Mrs. Helen Down, aged 38 years, 4
"ths and 2 days, died Tuesday, Dec.
Funeral will take place this
lng at 10 o'clock, from the Epis
The rainfall still continues In abun
Next year's crop will require
railroads to couvey it to .mar
The ground has not been in such
condition for five years.
Mrs. Mary Davis met with a painful
dent on Sunday last, in the nature
a foil which resulted in a broken
ankle. Doctor Morris was the
diug physician and reports the
eat doing nicely.
The proposition of putting water on
hill grows in favor. A pipe line
there will receive many patrons
~d a building and improvement boom
be inaugurated on the hill in the
ng in consequence.
The stockholders in the Lewiston
nesia Stone Co., will hold a meet
in J. H. Robinson's harness shop at
p. m. Friday evening. A full at
~dance is desired as some important
ness is to be transacted.
Joe Alexander has just returned
a business trip to Union town and
"le. He reports copious rains
re and that the outlook for a big
is good, and predicts tbat the
1 will boom next year.
Geo. Young has suffered terribly
his wounds this week, being
t of the time raving with pain,
requireitig the force of several
to keep him in bed. He is, how
better and with proper care may
Bid Arant has been fitting up the
rty of D. 8. Dent on Main street
of the Raymond House. A fine
of paint and some needed repairs
placed the building in fine con
»• In the future the building
be occupied by Jas. W. Reid as a
w office.
The first issues of the Moscow Dally
> came to hand this week. They
crisp, bright and newsy, indicate a
1 patronage and show well for the
polls of the Palouse valley. The
y Empire is a prouounced advo
°f republican doctrines and is al
prompting arrows preparatory to
ooming conflict
B. Leak, advertiser and business
ager, while on his visit here this
very unexpectedly discovered
George Lake was an old aequain
and early school friend of his.
■ Leak and wife took dinner with
friend and family. The visit
~h short and unexpected was ex
Q gly pleasant.
The Fireman's annual ball will be
ven on Christmas night The pro
go to buy uniforms for the hose
The uniforms are being made
and will make brilliant the corn
event The citizens should con
fute liberally to the enterprise, and
that our fire department is clothed as
ta a city. The companies are com
' of energetic men who have the
interests of the city at heart, and
id receive their united support.
additi onal locals.
That Will Entertain the Reader fb*
a Short Time.
A grand ball will be given at the
Lake House, at Lake Waha, on Christ
mas night. The best of music Will be
furnished and an elegant supper pro
vided. Those who have before been
entertained by the hospitality of Land
lord Faunce, will need not to be
assured that everything provided will
be first class. All are cordially invited,
Rev. 8am') Woods delivered an ex
cellent lecture, last Thursday on the
subject "Daniel in Babylon.'' He
showed very clearly the excellent
character and sterling worth of Daniel.
His trials and temptations were shown
to be those common to humanity, and
his steadfast endurance was given
as an example to ail. Rev. Woods
shows the ability to so vividly present
a subject as to be interesting to every
The new wagon road to Kendrick
will in time draw oflT much of the
Weippe trade, but if the Lewiston road
into that section is kept in repair, we
still shall receive a,good trade, and for
a time the bulk of the trade. This
toute has a ferry, is well worn and
smooth. It will be to the interests of
Lewiston to contribute to keep it in
the test of to pair. The Weippe trade
is valuable and can be retained if pro
per measures are put in force to keep
up the present communication with
that section.
The council met Monday hight and
went through the usual routine of
business. The treasurer reported the
receipts of the month to be $1003.60
and the disbursments $62.73, leaving a
total on liarid of $»40.87. This will be
divided among the varioüs funds, and
used in the redemption of warrants.
The council considered the advisability
of electric lighting, and decided to
open correspondence.with parties upon
the matter. They also discussed the
question of sewerage at length, but
decided on nothing.
J. M. Harrington has returned from
his camp on Clearwater and is now
busy with a considerable force in get
ting ready his mill site here on the
slough. A great deal of earth work and
piling must be put in before everything
is ready to receive the logs from next
spring's freshets. Mr. Harrington
finally made winter camp at George
White's old cabin on the north fork of
Clearwater, about twenty miles above
Chapman's mill. Here he will work
until spring, at which time he will
push back further up the stream to get
out cedar for a big contract of shingles.
The party got started too late this sea
son to reach the locality they wished
this winter, and ^they labor under
many disadvantages in consequence.
Improvements still continue along
Main street. Chuck holes and mud
puddles are being filled up with loads
of gravel and sand. This is a good
move and the Teller is glad to note
it, but still urges that a complete
grade be made on the main streets.
Give them a good coating of gravel,
say about eighteen inches, leave good
side drains that can be cobbled, then
the water falling will run off iuto the
drains which can be graded to empty
into the river. The city may not be
ready for sewerage, but there is no
reason in the world why a complete
system of surface drainage should not
be made at once. No city ever had
better facilities for cheap grading and
drainage than Lewiston. Gravel in
abundance is in a stone's throw of the
Main street, and the streets can be
easily graded to drain iuto the river.
One Pure Baking Powder.
Like Telling a Secret.
A story is told and it is a true story that over seventy
per cent, of all the baking powders sold contain either alum
or ammonia, and many of these powders contain both. The
ill effects upon the system of food raised by alum or ammo*
nia powders are the more dangerous because of their insidious
character. It would be less dangerous for the people were it
fatal at once, for then such food would be avôided, but their
baneful action because imperceptible at first and flow in its
advances, is no less certain.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is declared by all
authorities as free from alum, ammonia or any other adul
terant Its purity has never been questioned, and while it
does finer and better work, it costs no more at retail than
many of the adulterated powders.
Parents fake Heed.
Must be Strictly Enforced to Ensure
Good Government in onr
Public Schools.
So much trouble has been occasioned
by the misunderstanding of the new
public school rules, that it is thought
necessary to make this publication and
explanation of them. Parents should
study them carefully and help the
teachers to comply with them In all
particulars. Parents are too quick to
lay all blame upon the teachers, when
they themselves are wholly at fault
The teachers are goverened by regula
tions and seek to carry out their In
structions in order to preserve proper
discipline and to promote the best In
terests of the schools. The sections
of the rules relating to the duties and
obligations of pupils, read as follows:
21 .—Any pupil who shall be absent
four times, four half days, or tardy four
times in any consecutive four weeks
shall be suspended unless valid ex
cuses have been accepted by the teacher.
22.—Any pupil who shall be absent
from either session must bring a writ
ten excuse from his or her parents.
23-—'The only valid excuses for ab
sence shall be: (1) sickness of the pu
pil (2) sickness of some member of the
family reqiring the attendance of the
pupil at home; (31 some urgent cause
rendering attendance impossible or
extremely inconvenient; (4) the ob
servance of sacred days.
24.—The principal alone shall have
power to suspend a pupil; the board re
serves the right to expel. In case of
suspension the principal {shall Imme
diately notify the parents or guardians
and also the clerk of tjie board.
26.—Pupils suspended can only be
reinstated on such conditions as the
board and principal may determine.
A second suspension during any
term shall he equivalent to expulsion
for the remainder of the term.
28.—Pupils after enrollment shall be
furnished with a list of books and other
articles required by the course of study,
and a neglect or refusal to suppig the
same within one week thereafter re
quires the pupil to discontinue attend
ing the school.
30.—Pupils breaking glass carelessly
shall replace the same immediately, or
stand suspended until the rule is
kl. —No pupil shall be permitted to
retire from school during a regular
session unless a request from the proper
parties be made either in person or in
writing stating the reasons, or unless
some urgent business-or special reason
be known to the teacher. Teachers
must not accept frivolous excuses.
32.—Id ease of suspension under
these rules, offending parties shall pe
tition the board for the 'restoration of
their children or wards.
32. —Pupils who continually fall to
perform their work may be sent to the
next class or grade below. ,
33. —Pupils guilty of truancy may re
ceive corporal punishment or, they
may be suspended or expelled.
The Allottment Almost Entirely
Ed »on Briggs, surveyor In chaige on
the allotment survey, Was In town Sat
urday and gave a very encouraging re
port of the work under his charge. All
lands to be taken south ot the river
have been allotted and the surveys
closed up. There stl il remains a few
families who are yet to be assigned land
back on the little north fork of Clear
water. The enumerations and the al
lotments show that there are ftally 1800
Indians on the reservation. But there
still remain, when all lands are allotted,
frilly 600,000 acres of the finest agricul
tural and grazing lands In the north
west, to be thrown open to homestead
ers. By the law the Indian lands can
be leased under certain conditions, and
It Is to be hoped that the day is not far
distant when actual settlers will be cul
tivating and rendering productive these
broad acres so long looked up In the
unused public domain. Now that the
allotment has so nearly reached its
conclusion, the citizens of this section
of Idaho should make some kind of
united effort to cause congress to take
action in opening the reservation this
session. *Vhe gain to the panhandle of
Idaho would be great and to the Clear
water basin Incalculable. It Is time to
act on this Important question.
Caroline Gage Company.
Caroline Gage and company of play
ers will commence a weeks engagement
at the opera house on Monday, Dec 14.
This will be the best company that has
ever visited Lewiston. They carry 16
complete set of framed scenery, besides
drops, wings, tormentors, prosceniums,
draperies, borders and set pieces for the
various productions. Six wagons and
twenty horses haVe been engaged to
bring the company, baggage, Boenery
and effects from Colton. On Monday
night they will play the beautifril com
edy of "Our Boys." Everywhere Miss
Gage bas appeared she has won golden
opinions from the public. Bhe is an
artist qf rare talent and Lewiston audi
ences will have a rich treat in the per
formances of next week. The company
recently played an engagement at
Walla Walla, and the following from
the Statesman snows what impression
the charming actress made in her pre
sentation of
Caroline Gage and hef splendid com
pany gave their initial performance
last night at Small's opera house. The
piece, Gilbert's Mythological Comedy,
"Pygmalion and Galatea," was received
with all the admiration and applause
that so good a company deserves. In
Galatea, Miss Gage fills the eye as an
ideal statute, /rom the moment the
curtains are drawn aside where she
stands has relief on the pedestal, against
a black background with the pale blue
light of the calcium thrown on her;
she seems a block of white marble.
Again when at Pygmalion's invocation
to the Gods to give her life, she grew
from the marble slowly into a living
brealhlng woman and stepped down on
the floor, she called forth a burst of ap
plause. The great beauty of Miss Gage,
her finely cut form and features, her
grace and ease win from the start. She
does not overact, making Galatea bold
and forward, but rather timid in her
Innocence. In fact Miss Gage has
proven to the Walla Walla amusement
goers tbat she deserves the econtums
she has been receiving through the
press. The company is above the av
erage and each appeared to slip Into
their respective roles as easily as the
foot into the old shoe. For the lint
time In yean our eyes were relieved
t|pm the monotony of the local scenery,
Miss Gage having all hqr own. We
saw a Grecian play In Greece with Its
marble and statuary and not in a mod
ern parlor. The light effects were
Paddy Connelly, who was convales
ing at the hospital, quietly decamped
Monday night, but was found and
arrested Tuesday morning. Warrants
had been sworn out for Connelly, but
owing to his precarious condition, he
was not molested. It seems that be
had been improving more rapidly
than was supposed, and probably con
cluded that things might be a little
warm for him, he decided to leave be
tween two days. He attempted to
bide himself in a dwelling In town;
failing tn this, he left town by stealing
through back streets, and going up
Snake river took refuge in the cabin of
Dick Green. Here he was found by
the officers snugly ensconced in bed
with the covers smoothed down and a
pillow over bis face. The trick was
easily discovered and Paddy was
brought back and lodged in the county
jail. His trip has given him an un
comfortable birth and an aggrivated
set of wounds to deal with.
Leak's Advertising Car.
Leak's advertising oar has been mak
ing a tour of the Palouse towns this
week. M. Leak has Originated one of
the most unique and yet practical and
beneficial plans of advertising that has
yet been brought out At a cost of
nearly $100,000 he has fitted up an ele
gant car which he sUMSks with the pro
ducts of the country he travel« to ad
vertise, and in which he tourneys from
city to city, stopping for a few days
and exhibiting the products. He dis
tributes also all printed matter con
cerning the country which la furnished
him and on leaving paints huge poster
signs, calling attention to the region
and Its advantages and products. Mr.
Leak's exhibition oar Is 78 feet long
and beautifully finished. The Interior
Is all glass and sliver, with show esses
extending all around the ear. The ex
hibition room proper is 40 feet long.
The remainder of the oar is arranged
for the private compartments for him
self and wife. He travels constantly
with the ear and everything is under
his personal supervision. He carries
with him a corps of 25 painters alone,
besides other attendants. The running
expenses of this great advertising me
dium aggregates $4000 per month. He
Is now under contract to advertise cer
tain localititles In California, but hb
contract with them expires the first of
the year. He has received several prop
ositions already to ooutract fin* hb ear
next year. There bas Been sdme talk
of securing the ear for the advertise
ment of the products of the pa nhandle
of Idaho. Mr.- Leak certainly never
had a country to advertise that could
produce such a varied and* extensive
dbpby—the fine ores of the Coeur d'
Alenes, the wheat and other oereab of
Latah and the fruit from Snake river.
This dbpby from north Idaho, making
the circuit of the principal towns and
cities of the eastern states would at
tract more attention and create more
Interest than could be done by any
other pbn known. Idaho on wheeb
could be carried to the very doors of
eastern capitaliste and home seekers
and would demonstrate beyond dispute
the fertility of our soil and the variety,
richness and abundance of our products.
Nothing has ever been offered that
will approach this as an ad verti seing
dodge. Mr. Leak enters Into contract
to distribute all reading matter con
cerning tbb section, furnished him in
every city or town he visits. In leav
ing each place he paints huge signs as
a reminder of his visit, calling constant
attention to this locality, its advantages
and products. It Isa scheme which
takes money to carry out, but It b the
best one ever offered to advertise any
country. It is sure to attract attention
and consequently immigration. The
best proof of the fertility of any section
b a view of its products. The reading
matter thus distributed, falls then like
seed in good ground. It goes to people
who are Interested, who have seen
with their own eyes the products of
the soil, the mines and the orchards.
It is not hearsay evidence. The sight
of the products gives ample proof of
what the advertising matter tells con
cerning the country. Aman sees and
b convinced. He reads and believes«
Of all ways of advertising yet devised
this b undoubtedly the best, therefore
In the end the cheapest. It will attract
capital, it will attract Immigration, It
will build up the country. If the con
tract can be made North Idaho b to
be congratulated. This Is the scheme
of all schemes for Lewiston to take
part In and her citizens will soon be
solicited to contribute to the pbn.
The Fourth Shoot.
Company "I" was treated to a sam
ple of a winter's Campaign in last Sat
urday's shoot. Cold, stinging weather
b not conducive to steady nerves, but
notwithstanding all thb, the scores
were an improvement over previous
efforts at the same distance. A general
desire to hit the target was manifested
by all. Bergt Coburn takes the medal
for the time being. Private Tbatcber's
steady desire to hit the target in about
the same place argues ill for those who
are a little erratic, if he gets started on
the right spot. The following b the
R. Coburn, 2,4,5,2,5, ....................18.
Thatcher, 3, 8, 3, 3, 6, .....................17.
Gordon, 8, 3, 2, 4, 3,........................15.
Boston, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, ........................15.
Thompson, 2, 2, 2, 4, 2, ................ „12.
Ed. Arent, 2, 0, 4, 3, 2, ..................11.
Foresman, 2, 2, 4, 0, 3, ....................11.
A. Powell, 4, 2, 0, 3, 2, ....................11.
Kroutlnger, 0, 3, 2, 2, 2,..................9.
Stein, 0, 0, 3, 2, 4, ...........................9.
McCloud, 0, 6, 3, 2. 8. .......................8.
Kitsmiller, 5, 2, 0, 0,0......................7.
McGuire, 0, 2, 0,8,2,.........;.............7.
Statuten, 0, 4, 0, 0, 3, .......................7.
Wiggin, 0, 4, 2, 0, 0, .......................6.
Lieut. Robinson, 0, 3, 0, 2, 0,............5.
Newell, 0, 2 0, 0, 3, .........................5;
Coral. Robinson, 2, 0, 0,0, 2,............4.
D. Powell, 0, 2, 0, 0, 2, ....................4.
Hyer, 0,0, 0, 0, 4, ........................... 4 .
A. Coburn, 0, 0, 0, 0, 8,.....................3.
M. Arant, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, ..........;;.........2.
Item that will Please the Readei 1
from a Business Yiew.,
—Geo. H. Lake, Jeweler, Lewbton;
—Belting and lace leather at Bun
—C. C. Bunnell selb the Charter Oak •
—Black board stating; all you Sràiii
at Bunnell's.
—Goto Bunnell's for glass, putty;
paints and fixtures.
—A oomplate line of Xmas cards, all
new, at Dent A Button.
^alr cutting 25c at Simpson's, the
first class shop of the city.
—E. O'Neill has money to loan ml
best toms and at lowest ratas.
—C. A. Thatcher for Farm
Réal Estate, Books, Music, etc.
Beigainsl Bargains! Bargains! at
Louis GroeUan't novelty counter.
—At the O. R. N. Exchange yon can
get "Moore" Whiskey. We
~sase Moore.
—Bunnell can frtrnbh anything in
the hardware line at prière that defy
Christmas novelties at Louk Gros*
tain's. Come early and secure the
best bargains.
—Dent A Butler are agents for the
femous Jtadd Electric Belt Complete
line In stock«
-Jrere Mgore Whiskey, of 1888, for
sate at the O. R. A N. Exchange Can
In and sample It
—Before purchasing railroad and
steamship tickets, consult agents
Union Pacific System.
— Milk —A few customers e ar* be
supplied with milk, delivered et my
fro»»- J.M.Hown.
—The Union Pacific System have on
sale excursion and single trip tickets of
ell derere, to all points, which are add
at reduced rates daily for regular trains;
—You need a new cook stove. One
of those new Charter Oak »»«g re at '
Bunnell's Is about the figure. Neat;
complete and exceedingly cheap. Call
and examine.
—Fruit and Vegetable ranch to rent;
three and one-half miles from Lewiston,
plenty of running water. Abo form
lands for sale and rent. Apply to »«nil .
A Howe. tf.
—Union Pacific Bystem offers un
equalled facilities to tourists en route
to all points east. Vestlbuled Steepen,
Diners, Free Chair Cars through to
Missouri River and Chicago wlthont
Dent A Butler have on hand the
the choicest selections In holiday
goods. Christmas candies in finest
assortment, and novelties of all de
scription ean be found In their store:
The best is the cheapest.
Louis Grostein has just received a
choice selection of Christmas goods,
consisting of toys, plush goods, albums,
manicure sets, etc., etc. There wltt
be sold out at a low figure. Call s"d
examine before going elsewhere.
—Do you want to save from 25 to 60
cents on every Dollar you spend? If
so, write for our Illustrated Catalogue
containing illustrations and prion of
everything manufactured In the Uni
ted States, at manufacturers' prière.
10,(100 Illustrations, all lines represented.
Catalogue mailed free on application;
Address, Chicago General Supply Oo.;
178 West Van Buren St.; Chicago, IlL
Every case of diphtheria can be
cured by the use of the Biochemie Rem^
©dies. For sale by Mrs. M. A. White.
All parties indebted to A. Leland A
Son, are hereby notified to call and
settle their indebtedness at once. All
accounts must be closed that the es
tate may be legally closed up.
Chas. Leland, Administrator;
Take Notioe.
Notwithstanding that I am'going to
Moscow to do business, my home and
interests are in Lewbton, and my shop
will be run for the accommodation of
my friends and old customers re |Mn »* ■
W. A. Simpson.
Every case of diphtheria can bé
cured by the use of the BiochemkJ
Remedies. For sale by Mrs. M. At
For Sale.
I will setyor trade for horses sente
full blood stallions weighing from IfiO
to 2200 pounds, from 3 to 8 yean old.
Abo some good'Kentucky Malta—
mammoth jacks. Call 'on or address
Dr. B. Williams, veterinary surgeon,
Farinera' Feed stable, Moscow, Idaho«

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