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^ ytiM ionersProceedingg.
jpg«, meeting of the Board
rfjgfö Commissioners, Ne* Perce
1 Idaho.
' dayi January 11—Present, 1).
'White, chairman; O. \V. Walker
j p'Wilkinson commissioners,
Ja K, Barnett clerk,
r ihe matter of the petition of John
H'% . f or a road in road district
* i'and 2, it appearing to the
of the board that the said
was in w riting, and that the
ta* signed by more than ten in
ts of said road district, taxable
7 f ( , r road purposes, and had
Igald petition for the purpose of
rout said road us follows, to-wit:
«ncing at Gie center of the
" foaJ leading from Lewiston, to
Idaho, in section 28, Tp. 36,
at a point 7.50 chains east of
lie. corner on line between sees,
fid 23, in said Tp. and range;
et northeasterly and westerly
chain* to section line, between
22 and 23; thence northerly,
_h westerly (Brough land of J. Risse
Action 15; thence northerly north
fly and northeasterly across the
[i of section 15, through land of L.
fcf j oW ( 0 (ine between sections 15 and
g. thence northeasterly through the
■ f.gec. 14 on pui.lic land, to section
(between see. 14 and 11, about 3»
least from the n. w.corner of
114 through land of H. Beichler,
Kj fomh ltsch and C. Miller, about 80
■jin, to intersect with tlie county
Ejjjit, or near the n. w. corner of sec.
I all |n said Tp. and range. Audit
Ifctber appearing to the satisfaction
Id the board that said petition sets
Ifcfth the necessities for, and advanta
ge to be gained by the construction of
laid road and that said petition wusuc
upanied by good and sufficient bond
f|idouble tlie sum of the probable cost
|«f viewing and surveying said road,
liBCane the prayer of the petitioners is
[lotgranted and that said bond is ap
proved by the board of county cotinuis
Idoners. Now therefore it is ordered
by said board, that said petition be up
proved and Win. Sigler and N. B.
[Holbrook, and W. P. Bell, county sur
veyor, arc hereby appointed viewers, to
view out and survey said road, and the
clerk is directed to notify said parties
|efiuch appointment.
In the matter of tlie petition ofC. W.
I McFadden, et al, for a road in road dis
I Wet No. 7, Nez Perce county, it ap
pearing to the satisfaction of the board
[ that said petition was in writing and
that the same was signed by more than
ten Inhabitants of said road district
taxable therein for road purposes, who
had signed said petition for tlie pur
pose of laying out said road as follows,
to wit: From beginning of what is
known as the Thompson road on south
boundary line of section 16, twp 32, n r
2, w b 111. at 46.80 chains west of corner
«flections 16, 15, 21 and 22, from there
north 10 degrees, cast 18.50 chains and
north 34 degrees, west lit chains and
north about 8 chains to initial [mint, of
theW. V. Dresser road, be changed so
that the same shall commence at the
common corner of said sections 15, 16,
Stand 22, and extend thence due north
M nearly as practicable and a good road
can be obtained along betw eu said
•actions 15 and 16, twp and range aforc
«id to and unto tlie W. V. Dresser
toad at the southeast corner of tlie north
cast quarter of the north quarter of
said section 16, and it further appearing
to the satisfaction of the board that
•aid petition sets forth tlie necessity for
and advantages to be gained by con
structing said road, and that said peti
tion was accompanied by a good and
sufficient bund in double the sum of
the probable cost of viewing and sur
veying said road in case the prayer of
the petitioners is not granted, and that
•aid bond is approved by said board of
county commissioners. Now, therefore,
it is ordered that said petition be ap
proved and Wm. Slavens, Daniel Slav
ensandVV. P. Bell, county surveyor,
•re hereby appointed viewers to view
out and survey said road, and tlie clerk
is directed to notify said parties of their
appointment os such viewers.
In the matter of the report of the
Viewers in the A. O. Christenson road,
in mad district No. 3, Nez Perce Co.,
••nie was approved and April the 13th
1892, named as the day when all par- j
he« in interest in the matter will be
heard, und the clerk is hereby directed
to uotify all parties in interest of the
date of said hearing.
In the matter of the report «I A. J.
Glass, over.-eer of road district No. 2, 1
the same was read and approved, us |
•Iso his petition for re-appoi ut ment as |
overseer of said district, and tlie clerk
!• directed to notify said Glass of such !
•Ppointment and of the filing of his :
In the matter of appointment of W.
W. Jonhsoil as Justice of tlie peace for
Big Potlatch precenct, tlie same was.J.
passed upon ami he is hereby appointed
•» such Justice of tlie peuce to act until
his successor is appointed and qualified.
The following bonds were duly
Passed'upon and approved. Bond ot
George L Kirk and It. Buddy covering
license to run a ferry on Snake river,
Bond of Oriel Dumbauld as road
overseer of road district No. 4
Whereas the Supreme court of the
•tote of Idaho by its decision rendered
aud filed in the case of Sample °" v
the State Board of Equalization filed
therein, on December 12th, 1801, aid
adjudge and declare the action of the
-"I Sta , te 1W,ri1 of Equalization in
their orders of (September 18th, 19th
and 22nd, 1891, illegal and void, by
which said orders tlie assessment valu
ation of railroads in this Nez Perce
county was raised $10.00 per mile, the
assessed valuation of acre lands was
raised in this county by adding twenty
Per cent, thereto, and tlie assessed
valuation of sheep increased by adding
$1.00 per head, and by said orders the
same has been placed U|sm the assess
ment roll of this Nez Perce County.
Now therefore it is ordered by this
Bourd that all eliunges made in the
assessment roil of this Nez Perce
county, by reasons of said orders of
said State Board of Equalization, be
disregarded by the tax collector of this
county, and the county auditor, is
hereby directed and ordered to credit
tlie account of the said tax collector
with all sums with which said tax
collector lias lieen charged by reason of
any or all of said orders of said State
Board of Equalization, all taxes accru
ing in this said county by mason of
said orders being hereby abated, also
the county treasurer is hereby ordered
to turn over to the tax collector all
moneys that nmy have been paid over
to him or received by him under and
by reason of tlie aforesaid orders and
said changes made in tlie said assess
ment rolls thereunder, and it is further
ordered that tlie said tax collector do
return und pay back, to any and all
persons, from whom lie has collected
any sum of money, under and by
reason of .-.aid orders of tlie said State
Board of Equalization, any all
such sums to the person or persons by
whom the same lias been paid, and it
is further ordered that in all instances
where the tender of taxes has been
made before delinquency of the full
amount due excluding the changes
made by said orders on the assessment
roll in Ibis county, that said amounts
tendered shall be received in full and
all percentages by reason of delin
quency in such cases and costs accru
ing by reason of such supposed delin
quency, shall bo and are hereby or
dered credited liy said tax collector.
In the matter of the resignation of
Elmer 8perry as constable, the same is
hereby accepted, and E. C. Roby is
hereby appointed constable for Big
The hearing in the matter of the
Armstrong road is hereby postponed
until January 15th, 1862, the parties in
interest making no appearance at this
The following bills were examined
and allowed, on current expense fund
J. M. Eakiii, f.
$132 70.
81 20.
Same 49 90
Same 29 65
Same 4 90
Same 45 00.
Same «« «5.
Same "4 85.
Same 35 85.
Same dl 43.
Same Deputy 225 00.
Same For boarding prisoners 237 50.
C. C. Bunnell Mds. 37 17.
1). S. Dent, 25 60.
Same Fee's 303 08.
Dent & Butler, Mds. 7 50.
Jas. W. Iteid, legal service, 2-5 00.
Lewiston Water & Light Co. 8-5 00.
J. H. Evans, redemption of land 14 25.
S. G. Isaman, Fee's 4 00.
Same ®
Same balance due on mnxumum sal
ary for 9 months and 26 days 386 16.
Salvador Marian, wood
p. M. Davis, telegraph,
H. T. Madgewiek work,
Josiah Englis, collecting tax,
Same, postage,
H. K. Barnett, balance on sal iry of
deputy for third quarter, 75 00.
Same, Judgement, 149 35.
Same, salary of deputy 4th. qr. 300 00.
44 10.
3 95.
4 00.
13S3 74.
3 00.
Same Fees,
E. O'Neill, legal service,
J. A. Wilkinson, Fees
G. W. Walker,
D. M. White,
Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Co,
S. G. Isa . an, Fees,
C. F. Leland,
212 25.
40 36.
32 65.
54 00.
77 00.
48 40.
12 00 .
3 40.
14 65.
1 « 00 .
Wm. Paul, witness,
Henry Risdon,
L. Grosteiu, Mds.
J. I). MeConkey, Fees,
J. Alexander, Mils.
j pioneer Biudery,
g (j. ]*tman, Com School Sup. 229 43.
1 ^
| fj,. or go Young, night watch,
| ^ ^ qqtfin, witness,
jj ( , nrv Spangle,
! j ^ Winkinson, witness,
: ^ witness
John L. Harris, fees
; \ V . A. Saunders, witness
| F. M. Pugh, witness
\V. Poe, legal sen e
j Eimer Sperry, tees
, Charles W atson, wi
! A. I*. McCoy, fees
j W. A. Shaw, witness
Fred Curtis
j. M. Howe, judgment
k. J. Crockett, judgment
R. G. Isaman, fees
j E. O'Neil, ^ sen ^
. D. » » ' ' v j e wer
"j^ h w £ r , J vieW er
I \\. T. >\ n c uL vrw
6 00
• • tut
6 06
3 00
133 23
8 00
194 00
165 00
150 50
78 00
30 00
19 00
6 58
28 00
5 00
55 00
72 50
1 00
34 25
8. C. Hale, viewer
Horace Nelson, labor
A. J. Glass, overseer
Ed Smith, labor
Robert Anderson, labor
Ira Small, labor
W. P. Bell, surveyor
Wm. Sigler, overseer
Daniel Siaveus, overseer
M. L. Goldsmith, overseer
Oriel Dumbaued, overseer
Louis Oldag, overseer
L. A. Porter, lumber
J. A. Wilkinson, work
J. A. Terteling, work
John Speck,
J. Lee Kelly,
J. D. Rester,
L. L. Strong,
Latah county, making contract
for bridge at Keudrict 38 10
L. A. Porter, lumber 7 05
J. A. Wilkinson,
8. G. Hayes, examiner
5 00
Items that will Please the Header
from a Business View.
—Geo. H. Lake, Jeweler, Lewiston.
-Belting and laee leather at Bun
— C. C. Bunnell sells the Charter Oak
—Black board slating; all you want
at Bunnell's.
—Go to Bunnell's for glass, putty,
paints and .fixtures,
—Hair cutting 25c at Simpson's, the
first class simp of the city.
—E. O'Neill has money to loan on
best terms and at lowest rates.
—C. A. Thatcher for Farm Loans,
Real Estate, Books, Music, etc.
—At tlie O. R. N. Exchange you can
get "Moore" Whiskey. We mean
Jesse Moore.
—Bunnell can furnish anything in
the hardware line at prices that defy
—Dent & Butler are agents for the
famous Judd Electric Belt. Complete
line in stock.
—Jesse Moore Whiskey, of 1882, for
sale at the O. It. & N. Exchange. Call
in and sample it.
—Before purchasing railroad and
steamship tickets, consult agents
Union Pacific System.
—The Union Pacific System have on
sale excursion and single trip tickets of
all classes, to all points, which are sold
it reduced rates daily for regular trains.
—You need a new cook stove. One
of those new Charter Oak ranges at
Bunnell's is about the figure. Neat,
complete and exceedingly cheap. Call
and examine.
—Fruit and Vegetable ranch to rent,
three and one-half miles from Lewiston,
plenty of running water. Also farm
lands for sale and rent. Apply to Rand
& Howe. tf.
—Union Pacific System offers un
equalled facilities to tourists en route
to all points cast. Vestibuled Sleepers,
Diners, Free Chair Cars through to
Missouri River and Chicago without
—Salary, $25 per week! Wanted:—
Good agents to sell our General line of
merchandise. No peddling. Almve
salary will lie paid to live agents. For
further information, address Chicago
General Supply Co., 178 West Van
Buren St., Chicago, III.
—Do you want to save from 20 to 50
cents on every Dollar you spend? If
so, write for our Illustrated Catalogue
containing illustrations and prices of
everything manufactured in the Uni
ted States, at manufacturers' prices.
10,000 illustrations, all lines represented.
Catalogue mailed free on application.
Address, Chicago General Supply Co.
178 West Van Buren St., Chicago, III
Notice of Application to Cut Timber.
Notice is hereby given that tlie un
dersigned will make application to the
Hon. Secretary of the Interior, for a
permit to cut timber—Pine, Fir or
Cedar— on the mineral lands border
ing on Elk creek and the north folk of
the Clearwater river; the timtier to be
cut and the product to t>e used solely
in Shoshone and Nez Perce counties,
I,. B. Chatman.
Scientific American
^Agency for
jnUAA A VA).. «FJ A imUADlv •' » l »
Oldest bureau for securine patent* m Amène*.
Kverv patent taken out by us is brought before
the public by a notice given free of charge in the
Largest circulation of any acientifle paper in the
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r «-id. and iu tfacir
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or nil v
thvinfïitofi« |t
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I 11* » v meut au<l trnch you Mi EE. No aimrc tu caiilain horn. Full
I urùrauiw. kl'.ftk TUIK A I U., lltlsTi. *il>A.
L and upward!
l»h you the enn
h.™. K.»
LookOut! Look In!
And Ijook. Over tlie
Fine .Assorted Stock of Winter Goods,

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John P. VoUmer & Company's.
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' 'Mak-Î j'
for Infants and Children*
" Cast or I a is so vrcU adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to auy prescription
known to tue. 1 ' II. A. Archer, H. D.,
1U So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T.
"Ths nu of 'CMtoria' is so universal and
Its merits so well known that it Meus ft work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep Cantoris
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New York City.
T .»» Pastor Bloomingdole Reformed Church.
Cabum Ha with, D. D.,
Castorf* cure* Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Dlarrhœa. Eructation,
Kiii. Worms, giro* alasp, and promette dl
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" For several years I have recommended
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Edwih F. Pardos, M. D.,
"The Winthrop," l£6th Street sod 7th Ava,
Mew York City.
Ths Cchtaub Coûtant, 77 Hem eat Stub*, Naw You.
The^V sower 'W r Has'
i No Second Chance.
^Qood NDM MTi nick« the MM *f til« fin
trry s S _________
the largest in the world—Merit Tells.
Ferry*» Seed Annual for 189a
tells the whole Seed story—Sent free for the t
asking. Don't sow Seeds till you get it»
lD.M.FERRY & CQ.. D«troit t Mlchj
IS OSS, 'Proprietor,
One door east of Bunnell's Hardware
8lore. All kinds of Fresh and Cured
Meats. A Hliare of your patronage Is
C. E., City and County
Lewiston, Idaho.
Orders left at my office' or at the
j Saddler's Shop will receive prompt
I attention.
Tou Need But Ask
Tlie 8. B. Hkadachk and Liver
Curb taken according to directions
will keep your Blood, Liver and Kid
neys in gissl order.
The S. B. Cough Cure for Colds,
Coughs and Croup, in connection with
tlie Headache Cure, is as near perfec
tion as anything known.
The S. B. Alpha Pain Cure for In
ternal and external use, in Neuralgia,
Toothache, Crump Colic and Cholera
Morbus is unsurpassed. They are well
liked whe:ever known. Manufactured
at Dufur, Oregon. For sale by all
Main Street, Lewiston, Idaho.
Biaeksinithing in all its branches
will receive prompt attention. Repair
ing carefully done, at lowest living
prices. Horse-shoeing a specialty, ana
patronage of tlie general public respect
fully solicited.
Church«», teeret Societies, Etc.
PtebbyteuianChurch—R ev. Bem
ud Wood, pastor. Services every Sab
bath atll a. in., and 7:30 p. m. BUndey
school at 12 m.
Church of St. Stanislaus— (Cath
olic) Rev. J. N. Guidi, pastor. Maas on
every (Sunday at 10 a. m., Sunday school
at 2 p. m M Vespers at 7 p. in.
Church of the Nativity— J. D.
MeConkey, rector. Services every Suu
day morning at 11 a. in., Sunday school
at 12 m. Sunday evening services at 7:80
M. E, Church, South— Howson B.
Terry, P. C. Servieesjut Upi>er Tam
many every first and third Sunday at
11 a. m., and In Lewiston at 7 p. m. ,
ng at
ag member»
! Larson, N.
Lewiston Lodge, No. 8, I. O. O. P.
—Regular meeting Tuesday evening.
Members of other lodges Invited to at
tend. Kay L. Thompson, N. G.; J.L.
Chapman, ll.Sec'y.
Clearwater Encampment No. 7.
I. O. O. F.—Meets the first and third
Saturday of each month at Odd Fel
lows Hall, in Glass Block. S. G. Larson
C. P.; Benj. Dill, Scribe.
Alpha Lodge, No. 1, D. of IL, I. O.
O. F.—Meet every Friday evening at
Odd Fellows hall. Visitlnji
made welcome. Mrs. May
.; Mrs. J. L. Chapman, Secretary.
G. A. R. Post, No. 2— Meets the last
Monday evening of each mon th, at their
hall. All comrades are invited to at
tend. S. L. Thompson, Post Command
er; H. Perrault, Adjutant.
Nez Perce Lodge, No. 10, A. F. A
A, M.—Regular communications arc
held at Masonic Hall on the second Sat
urday In each month. Sojourning
brothers are cordially invited. 8. C.
Hale, W. M.; J. D. MeConkey,Sec'y.
Lewiston Chapter, No. 4, R. A.
M.—Royal Arch Masons meet in
the Masonic Hall on the fourth
Saturday of every month ut 8 p. m. So*
journtng companions in good standing
are always welcome. C. P. Coburn, Hi
P. ; J. D. MeConkey, Secretary
Comm ander y No. 2. K. T.—The reg
ular conclave of Lewlstou Commandery
K. T., No. 2, Is held iu their Asylum
the 1st Saturday of each and every
month, at 7:30 p. m. All Sir Knighte
in good standing will receive a courte
ous welcome. Benjamin booth, Emi
nent Commander; J. D. MeConkey,
Excelsior Lodge, No. 27, K. of P.—
Meets every Wednesday at Masonic
Hall, Lewiston, Idaho, at 8 p. m. So
journing members in good standing are
Invited to attend. W. A. Fleming, 0. C,
J. D. MeConkey, Secretary.
Clearwater Lodge No. 11. A. O.
U. W.—Meets in the Masonic Hall the
first and second Thursday of each month
at 8 o'clock, n. m. All visiting brethren
In good standing will receive a cordial
welcome. C. C. Bunnell, M. W.; W.
W. Brown. Recorder.
City Council.— Meets first Monday
evening of each month at 8 o'clock. D.
M. White, Mayor; J. M. Howe Clerk.
Board of Trade. —Meet every sec
ond and fourth Monday evenings of
each month, at city council room, at
7:30. Dr. J. B. Morris, Pres.; J. M*
Howe Secretary.

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