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Kay & Osn e.'*, Frop'r*
Lewiston, Idaho.
Pure Drugs, Toilet Art Il le», jai
('on feel ionerie», Cigar!-, Etet^I
Telephone .No. 44
i ____ _ _ a
of Interest
Our Local Round-up.
Doing* About the City and Vicinity
-New*y New* Told in
The Teller
J. 8. Cox deliver» ice to customers in
any quantity as cheap as anybody.
Good butter lias been scarce in t he
Lewiston markets for a month past.
J. 8. Cox pays cash for -econd bund
furniture, harness, saddles, and tents.
All kinds of Sanitary work a special
ty—and absolutely guaranteed t»y C
C Bunnell.
A weekly stage leaves Vollmer's
store at 8a.m. Thursday for Pierce
City. Chas Stenzel.
J. U. Clear, the shoemaker, carries a
full line of Leather and Findings and
Cobbling outfits.
—The Blue Front Cigar Store, carries
everything in the tohasco, confection
ery and fruit line.
—Ifyou don't think that Bunnell
lias the stock and can give hot torn prices
eall and see.
Coburn's harness shop for harness,
whips, lilts, spurs, and anything in
the line. Opposite Bunnell's.
It will save you money to buy of the
Lewiston Commission Company. A
fresh stock always on hand.
Clear & Coburn repair and make
anything in the leather line tor man
and beast. Opposite Bunnell's.
Hasvest is fairly under way in Tum
uiuuy. Jap Mounce, the Idggest farmer
in that district, say» he has only u half
Five acres iu the Lewiston vuiley,
planted to cherrie and berries, will re
turn an income of $ 2 ,OOo annually, at
present prices.
—Specifications on Sanitary work
and fittings given on short notice—
Prices always satisfactory at C. < Bun
Try "Our Cream," Mocha ami Java
Coffee, the very I «at in the market,
10 c a pound, at the Golden Star Gro
cery Cn's.
healthiest fruit, or a cool glass of lem
"bade, can always he secured at the
Blue Front.
—A splendid cigar, a choice crate of
—Glassware given away with each
pouud of our best Japan tea—price !■'>
and fifty cents a pound, at the Golden
8tar Grocery Co's.
For Rent:—A store room, in Ip-iek
building, 30 by 80 feet, best location iu
the city. For particulars, enquire at
Teller office.
A first class stationary store will he
established in one room of the Adams
block as soon as completed, by a 8pn
kane business mam
—Hastings, Smith «V Co. have u lir.-l
cobler in connection with their new
-hoe store, and the very best repairing
can tie had on abort notice.
SrSiäcssj eb iss; i=^=ü
It means that you can buy every odd and end of the
best fabrics in this house for less than fir»t cose to us.
Just think of the chance for cheap.
Fine Challics 4c yard; Scotch.Lawns 5c yard; Fan
c.C Lawns and Dumties 8 1-3C yard; Beautiful Ging
hams iOc yard; Summer Duck, light and dark, 10c yd:
Freuch Organdies, 35c yd; White Lawns and Nein
sooks, 5c up; Shirt Waists at co»t.
Aftnti for Wtiverl) Btcy.
Harry Palmer, an artist of note, vis«
iU-d Lewiston last week and during his
stay painted a beautiful drop curtain
for the Lewiston opera house.
A drove of horses, two hundred in
number, passed through Lewiston on
the trail to ilie eastern states. Some of
them were drowned iu «wimming the
river above the ferry.
C. C. Bunnell lias been awarded the
contract, for roofing all three of the
new brick buildings, which are now
Deing constructed, likewise the con
tract for plumbing the buildings.
The Lewiston Water and Power Co.
have been seliiug garden homes at the
rate of one a day on an average, aud
have prospects for an equally good
average for some time in the future.
It was rumored last week that a
worthless husband whipped a faithful
wife. The report aroused righteous
indignation. Confirmation of the re
port would have caused an unlawful,
but deserved demonstration.
A rumor current on the streets yes
terday of a shooting scrape at Floren *e,
in which several lives were sacrificed,
is without foundation of fact. Tele
phone advice from Urangevilto says
the report cair.e from an idler's mind,
A pari of the system of general im
provements contemplated by the pro
moters of the new city of Lewiston,
Washington, is a bridge across Snake
river, below the junction, to accommo
date travel to and from the great
wheat districts of the Pa louse country.
The water from the big ditch was
first delivered upon the cultivât' d
lauds of Lewiston Flats, Iasi Saturday.
The dream of years was realized in
this consumation of tins pudltc im
provement. The last obstlele in the
way of the redemption of Lewiston
Flats has been removed.
Independent rivermeil have rafted
into this city this season two thou
sand cord* of wood and have another
thousand cords banked. The big drive
is in tlie river consisting of two mil
lion feet of saw timber ayd fifteen hun
dred cords of wood. These figures give
some idea of Ilie local trade in timber
Prof. Matties, of the Normal School
faculty, lias «ritten to Hon B. F.
Morris that he will depart from his
fowa home to Lewiston in a few days.
He will lie accompanied by his lather
and mother, who will permanently re
side here.. Prof. Matties will immedi
ately begin the erection of a residence
on The Hill.
Elsewhere in this issue api>ear* the
j of , he Vaslion College, Washington.
This college is located at Burton, on a
beautiful island of tlie Puget Bound,
near Tacoma, and of the foremost edu
cational institutes of the Pacific Coast.
Correspondence will he entertained by
(lie faculty from anyone desiring infor
mation about tlie school.
J. H. Clear and Ransom Coburn, tin*
j leather men, are now eomtortably
! Ideated in new quarters in tlie Lind
; sav building on Main Street. Mr.
! Coburn will s .on increase his slock
with a complete lins of leather goods
and will lie able to meet al. demands
of the harness and saddle trade. Mr.
Clear, the shoemaker, will add a fine
stock of leather and findings in lus
line, and will make Lewiston a general
supply point for that claw» of goods for
1 the interior count y.
Mr. P. 8. Kennedy and wife, aecoui
pan led by their daughters, Mrs. C. A.
Foresuian and Miss Ora Kennedy, ar
rived in Lewiston on Monday's boat
from Boise City. Mr. Kennedy and
wife are from Craw fords ville, Indiana,
and are visiting relatives in the west.
While in Lewiston, they will be
guests of Mrs. W. C. Foresuian.
Tlie Indian celebration at the Nez
l'erec reservation will conclude tills
week. For several days ilie visiting
tribes have iieen returning homeward.
It is estimated that the Nez Peree en
tertained 3000 visiting brethern during
tjie festivities. The gaudy parades
and big night "pow-wows" have now
given way to cheap horse rares and
"seven -up."
Lot Wiggin suffered a stroke of par
ulysis Tuesday und ts now confined to
bed at his home In this city. His health
has been on a decline for several
months, and during the heated term
he fans been visiting at C. E. Faunce's,
near Lake Walia. The doctors pro.
nounce his affliction not to he serious,
and at present lie Is resting very
Curtis Thaeeher and Fred Kling
have purchased the stock of the C. A.
Thatcher book store and will hereafter
conduct that business. A new supply
of late literature will be added to the
already large stock of hooks and per
iodicals, and the new proprietors guar,
antee to satisfy the tastes of Lewiston's
literary people.
The Inland Telephone Comdany has
been making material Improvements
in their lilies. They have increased
the capacity of the service by doubling
up the wires in qse betöre this date.
The improvement* will he extended to
ail points where increased facilities are
needed, and the repair cÄ'W will go
from here to Palouse today.
Winfield Harper, laic city editor of
the Pendleton Tribune, arrived last Fri
day from Lewiston. Mr. Harper is a
brother of the News man and will
spend a short time drinking, in the
beauties of Nez PerceNez Perce
News. The News man should he more
guarded In his statements. The use of
liquor on the reservation is a oriiritaal
the j
Bhelton Hiclitel, of Puiouse, was ar
rested tor blackmuil and arraigned last
Monday liefore Commissioner Pis- up
on complaint of U. 8. Attorney J. H.
Forney. Mr. Bichte! and his attorney
George Washington Go. sie promise
some revelations at the preliminary
next Baturday that will publish the
secrets of Latah county nodal and |x>
litieal circles to this peaceful city.
Surveyor Muxon returned from
month's official work on the reserva
tion, this week. He reports 110 damage
to tlie growing crops of the new home
steaders from the effects of drouth.
There will lie sufficient feed grown to
supply tlie demands of next winter.
The gardens are good all iver tlie res
ervation. The people are possessed of
plenty ut present and are happy in the
prospects for the future.
The Bteamar Lewiston will make the
iun to tlie Annie Mitctiel mine on
Snake river next Saturday, to receive
the first shipment of ore made'from
that property. Passage can be secured
for $1 for the round trip, and a large
number of Lewiston people will accept
the privilege of a day's outing. Prof.
Boos, witli Ids magic how. will accom
prny the excursionists and assist in
embellishing the pleasures of the trip.
Tlie contractors who ure constructing
the Beach block had some had luck
tliis week. The Lewiston mill ditch
passes under this structure and tlie
water being turned on before tlie mor
tar 111 tlie foundation hud hardened,
caused the rock work to sink under
tlie walls. After the brick work had
been oracticully completed tlie work
men discovered that the walls had set
tled out of plumb, and it became nec
essary to pull tlie building down to re
pair tlie damage caused by flooding
the new mason work.
YV. H. Reed, of Tacoma, passed
through North Yakima from a trip to
Asotin which he reports Ls prospering.
New buildings are going up and new
business bouses are opening. The im
proved condition arises from th«* In
vestment of about $ 125,000 iu an
eighteen mile irrigation ditch by a
company of which Charles Kraneis
Adams is president and E. H. Libby,
formerly of North Yakima, is
ger. 'I he « «111 puny has sold about four
hundred acres >>f land for oue liuinlreil
dollars per a«-i>*. Mr. Reed rtates that
there is an opportunity for irrigating
a tract of. twenty-five thousand acres of
land in Asotin county at an expense
not to exi:ee«l $ 25 , 000 , and the land
can he bought of the present ow ners al
alsjul five dollars per acre. This ap
pears to be an excellent opportunity tor
Spital seeking investment -Yakima
i capital
, Herald.
The rural newspai ers are publishing
the horrid story Hint a "sweet girl
graduate" in a neighboring town re
esntly took the teacher's examination.
Here is a portion of what she wrote in
answer to a question in physiology:
"The body is divided into time parts
—the bead, the chist and the stum
miek. The head contains the eyes
and brains, if any. The einst contain#
the lungs and a piece of the liver. The
stunimick is devoted to the bowels,
winch there is five—
sometimes w and y.
e, o, ii, and i
rhese also ure
divided into a number
of ulimenlury !
Andrew 8tone, while camped on Ilie
hank oi Clearwater above this city last
week, found a piece of gold bearing
quartz iu the root of a urift log from
which he crushed seventeen dollars in
gold. This bit of rock was clamped in
the roots of a cedar which bad been
washed into the river by the flood. It I
was a piece of a ledge that would assay
more than $ 20,000 to the ton. The
tree had grown above tliis bonanza
and broken oft a bit of the ledge when
it was up-rooted. The man who is
versed in wood craft might be "able to
find tlie Immediate spot from which
this tree floated. If so lie woulb doubt
less find a fortune.
W. H. Bmethursl ana O. A. Farrau,
of St. Paul, Minn.,are in the clfy.
The»*: gentlemen have Just received
from the publishing house, a descrip
tive pamphlet and business directory
ot tlie country tributary to tlie North
ern Pacific Railway system, and are
circulating them throughout tlie
Northwest. Lewiston business men
are represented iu the hook, and it con
tains an excellent article on the city
and contiguous country. The wide
circulation gfveu this class of literature
will undoubtedly have a beneficial re
sult. Mr. Farrau is a capitalist of St.
Paul and Mr. Sinethurst is a journalist.
They arc much impressed with Lewis
ton's bright prospects and signify their
Intentions of making a business v. 11
iure here.
C. H. Kistler, the defaulting sewing
machine agent, ilroppod out of sight hh
I f the earth or the waters had swallow
ed him. Hewassliort about $300 in
his accounts which money lie had
doubtless squandered al the gambling
table and the dav of reckoning was at
hand. He left Moscow ostensibly to
Visit Pnllman, one day last month.
He hastened to Lapwai where lie sold
his team and wagon for ten dollars,
and liefore the trade was completed,
took fright at tlie appearance of a team
from Moscow aud fled hdfore receiving
the pay. That was tlie last seen « f
him. The sherd# <>r three counties
have been looking for him. A canoe
was caught adrift in tlie Clearwater iu
which Kistler had Itecrt navigating
that stream. Iu the canot: was an old
duster in winch were a lot of Kistler's
business cards. This men, who was
ruined by the passion of gambling, left
an interesting family in trouble. He
was a good business man and had
many friends. The money was forth
coming to balance his accounts w hen
he took firiglit and lied.
A general demand is made by the
pe »pie for a reduction of public expen
ditures. Tlie salary of all officers of
the country arc excessive when com
pared to tlie wages paid lor like work
in private life. Nez Perces county lias
always been in good financial condi
tion hut tlie time lias come when some
balances should be drawn and the les
son of tlie comparison should lie
heeded. The extension of county jur
isdiction over tlie reservation is a suie
ject for further apprehension. The
additional expenditure resulting ir<m
litigation relative to tlie Indians now
confronts the taxpayers. There will
tie n«i Increase of income from the
reservation to meet the expense of en
forcing the laws of the state over that
extensive district. The present sal
aries and fees of officers are fixed by
the constitution and cannot is* re
duced by acts of the legislature. The
only hope seems to he iu the exercise
of economy us far us practicable and j
then fie pen« l upon the increase of!
weulth to redeem <>ur county bo .Is in
the future.
Mrs. (Tomer, u restaurant
j a j ert lo locale the source of supply
| which ususnl drunken«**» among the
1 f or a week or more Is-fore tin
j arrt .»ts, and a suspicious box w as ob
Lapwui, was arrested last Friday
introducing wliiskeo upon tin* reset va* j
tlon. The peace officers were on the
sei veil in transit from I>*wistoii to
Mrs. Comers restaurent last Thursday
1 curtK j all d the: box was found
, w hlskey. Flannery w u
j rested and 111# whereabouts i- a mys
M r . . r wa „
»t this time. Mrs. Comer was
at j
f,, r |
night in charge oi Fat Flannery «if
tiiis city A search w arrant w a- se-'
! brought betöre Judge P>.e ou Baturdij
and lier bond was fixed at $100 which
was provided. The woman pleads lu no*
eenee and says she did not know the
contents of the box which Flannery
delivered at lier house at night. On
the other hand it ts claimed that
whiskey had been sold on the prem
ises at $0 a tKittle. Tlie ease will conn*
up oefore Commissioner Poe tomor
row, at which time the case will be
developed on legul lilies and the blame
placed where it belongs. An Indian,
John Levi, was also arrested for the
same charge on evidence connecting
him with the same case. An Indian
dams: had been planned to take place
at Levi's house on tin* night following
the arrest, and it is believed the
whiskey was to lie used lo enliven the
natives on that occasion.
An old custom was revived by the
Nee Perce Indians and their visitors
during the oelehraion of the Fourth,
I The natives of the local trltie are very
wealthy people and there are design
ins mothers among the aborlgtues as
well as in the diflerent classes of civil
ized society. The young bucks of the
Nez Peree tribe are regarded somewhat
like tlie scions of royalty In matrimon
ial circles. Tlie maidens from all vis
iting tribes were brought to Lapwai to
find husbands. Tlie customs of the
tribes w hlcli were revived for the occa
sion were more effective than the white
Cuphl generally is. The marriageable
maidens were by common accord quar
tered in a selected spot in tlie valley of
the Lapwai. At an appointe*l h«iur
tlie young men who wanted wives to
share their annuities, their liomestenrls,
and the affections of theiV hearts, ap
peared in procession ou the hallowed
camp ground. Tlie hour was mid
night, and scene was in a grove of
trees, made fragrant by the wild flow
ers; and every heart danced to the mu
sic of tlie rippling w aters. Tlie voung
men marched forth and none nut can
didates for matrimony iolned the
march. They were dressed in their
brightest colors of customary toggery
and each carried a white willow cane.
As they approached the lents they
chanted an Indian chorus (hat was
doleful us the song of an owl and kept
time by beating upon the tents with
their canes. Tlie drumming was deaf
ening to tin* distant spectator and
must have Iieen distracting to the
waiting maidens in '.lie tents. At
last (lie singing and tlie drumming
had the desired effect. The iiialdens
came forth ufler u delay Just loug
enough to satisfy that universal passion
of the mind of woman to drive a lover
road with doubt. But the coy maid
ens came fortli from (lie tents, each to
choose a husband. There were more
men Ilian maidens. The former kep
up the march and the music without
a sign «if tlie tumult ot their hearts. The
maidens countermarched on the line
of Ilie same circle each selecting
husband from the line. The chosen
ones hastened to follow their brides
away Into tin: darkness. Tlie utifor
tunate suitors were left, to despair.
Our Floe Fruits
Mr, K. YV. Johnson, who reoresents
Porter Bros., the great commission
house, whose li«*!idquarters are
Chicago, w as in tlie city last Baturday
Mr. Jolnlson is a fruit man of extended
practical experience. He is the liest
authority i.i tin* northwest on the sub
iect of marketing sud packing. His
experience added to tlie success of the
great California fruit growers associa
tion. He lias been engaged for a num
oer of years in grow ing oranges arid
other fruits f..r market.
Mr. Johnson lias a gonil word for our
fruit generally, ami especially for our
cherries. He says our cherries are the
be-1 to i.e found in tlie eastern murk
et». The cherry is now tlie best fruit
ofalitosell. The wholesale prieo for
good quality in Chicago is $ 3.50 per
twenty pound box. Tliis market is a
fixed condition Tlie cherry cannot la*
geown in the south, .«or in tlie north
east, as 11 commercial fruit. Tlie west
ha» tIn- field exclusively. California
cannot -apply the deman under favor
able conditions. In any event th«*
northwest, and especially Ihc Lewis
ion valley, need tear no eom|«ettlton
in tlie liest market
l'he certainty <»f the <*rop and the
make tlie cultivatton of the
clierrv, according to this good author-',
ity, more profitable than orange culture
in either California or Florida. Tlie
yield of the cherry in tlie L-wistou
valley i- wonderful. There are many
instunoei of u yield of five hundred
iKiuiuls cherries from a tree in Lew -
liston. This crop at tlie Chicago pib»
would ts* worto one hundred dollar! to
tlie tree Mr. Johnsou says that a
thousand acres in the Lewiston
11 Id not supply the
first class cherry like tin* ship-,
rom here this season. YVbat|
better out look could there be for th«
fruit business. The cherry crop never
falls in this vallev. The tree* begin to
hear the third year from planting and
should yield twenty box^.st i the tree
within six years.
Climatic conditions and the pesta of
the eastern states coniine the produe
tlon of this finit to a comparatively
small area. The market W extending
every year, as the cherry Is growing Jo
favor with the Introduction of the Im
proved varieties. It Is now at the hand
or the list of the fruits for shipment.
It Is ju*t as fresh and crisp when de
livered in Chicago a* H U when picked
from the tree, in the Lewiston valley.
With an assured market for this on*
product, orchard land In this valley la
worth a thousand dollars an acre.
RegaMIcaa ClahOrgaaiM*.
The McKinley and Hobart Naa
erce County Republican League waa
organised 111 Lewiston last Saturday
night. About seventy-five person*
were present, representing a Signatar«
membership of one hundred and flttv.
E. Montelth was elected president;
C. A. Hastings and E. O'Neil, vlee
president«; L. Chapman, secretary and
treasurer. The utmost enthusiasm
prevailed, and It was the disposition of
all present toencourrge and inaugurate
a vigorous fight for the supremacy of
"protection and prosperity" in county,
state and nation.
H011. James E. Babb addressed the
meeting, defining at length the peat*
thm of the party In Idaho. His re
marks were recel veil with much en
The league will meet eaoli week un
til after electlou, with permanent
quarters at the Odd Fellows Hall. H.
F. Burleigh will address the league
next Saturday evening.
Rlparia Metier.
J. 1 ). l aw ranee, alias John Dillon,
who killed Jacob Malquist at RI paria
Baturday afternoon, ts now In the Cot
fax jail The murder was the moat
brutal ever committal,In tlie county.
The murderer attacked his victim with -,
a club, horribly bruising and mutilat
ing the body, and ran away, wearing
the dead man's pants.
Lawrence was released tlie day
before from the state penitentiary at
Walla Walla, aud furnished transpor
tation to Lewiston. He was sent to
the penitentiary from Spoken« two of
t lires years ago. He Is now In jail
awaiting preliminary trial before Ju»- *•
tlae Doolittle, Tuesday. He has th*
expression of a hardened criminal, and ,
maintains a sullen, «logged silence.
"Old Jake,''the murdered man. lias
resided at Rlperla for mauy years, con
ducting a saloon at that point. For ;
several years he was In the steamboat
service on the upper Snake, and be
ftad a wide 1 cqualntanoe with steam
boat men and the traveling public.
He was eccentric, but klud and charita
ble, and his sad death will lie mourned
bv many. %
Indignation ran high' at Ripert*
when the murder«*» waa captured, but
tlie prisoner was permitted to be taken
to C*»lfax for trial, where tlie gallows
justly await him. Robbery Was th*
motive of the murder.
That Railroad A|*ia.
The News I* iu receiptor a letter from
Mr. J. Evans, of Tlie Dalles, Ore., re
questing inhumation about Nezperce.
Mr. Evans drops the hint that the
Oregan Railway & Navigation Co. is
contemplating tlie building of a narrow
guage line from Lewiston to Nezperce,
and says that, from reliable sources h*
has learn d that the narrow guage
line between Walla YY'al'u and Dixie
(about 50 miles of road) is to b * taken
up ami made to do service between
this point aud Lew iston, w here the
railway will connect with tlieO. R. A
N. river steamers, they in turn con
necting with tlie main line. The In
forraatimi i# meagre but that some such
act pm is contemplated by th«* railroad
officials has las'll hinted at for several
The YY'alla YY'alla Dixie line i- not a
paying property and it i- no doubt the
desire «»f the O. R. A N. h* tap till»
country before another roati push« la.
The route over which the proposed
j line will run is not known, nut with
out «loubt tlie feasibility of tlie canyon
! route will suggest itself to the official*,
j This is, up Clearwater to Rig Canyon,
j up Big Canyon to Little Canyon, up
j Liltle Canyon to NexPerce.
| If this road is brought in it will pro
J vi»le ample transportation faciliU**
i tlie people and country lor several
vulley^toMÄT «tain and stock «'an l*>»lnpped
demam^^^fcÄKalU cause the count*? to
j more rapidly — Neaperc*

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