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The Owl Drug Store.
Ray & Osmcrs, Proprietors.
Prescription« a Speciaty. Telephone No 44.
Dealers in Drugs. Toilet Articles, Perfumes, Rub
ber Goods, Trusses, Stationery, Candies, Cigars, Etc.
Lesson From the Fruit Fair.
Lewiston. Oet. 20th, 1896.
Kmtob Teller— I observed that
Hie prizes for the l»esl peaches, jiears
ami grapes, were awarded to Lewiston,
at the Spokane Fruit Fair. These ure
three of the greatest fruits in the world.
Excellency in these fruits must imply
perfection of Hav.ir as well as the quat
ities of texture and form and color.
The exquisi'e flavor of these fruits is
not approached even by the products
of tropical climates. The grape ap
proaches perfection in only a few
favored spots in all the world and it is
generally supposed to tie growing
nlowly inferior in the old vineyards In
accordance with a law of nature that
lias ever made the end follow the be
ginning of ail things. The natural
pest of the grape are slowly causing its
destruction where it once was perfect.
If in the Lewiston valley there is a new
Held for the culture of the perfect
g rajs*, the value to the world of the
little Eden of perfect climate cannot lie
The perfect peach is not found where
it grew in the past. Perfection was
attained in this delicious fruit some
years ago, and its decadence is now
more than a conjecture of eonuoiseurs.
If the new soil of your fui.i valley with
tin* fragrance ot a mountain atmo
sphere distilled by per|ietu:il sunshine
can produce the perfect peach we are
spared an oilier blessing.
The peur, witli I lie most delicate
11.ivor of ail the fruits, did it ever reach
pcifcctioli in tile harsher or Ironical
climates? All fruits are perfected by I
cultivation and selection of soil und |
Climate suited to the improved variety.
The ; Lewiston Valley is the home of
the |>ear and if the |«*rfeet fruit lias
iievci been grown it may Is- grown
where tlie grand Idaho originated, in
Hie Lewiston Valley.
No oi lier product of tile soil compares
in value with tile perfect fruit. Tlie
market mr (he liest is without limit in
pi'n...... extent. The mines of your
mountains are not a more certain item
of wealth than the orchard lands of
tlie Lewiston Valley. The skill of the
orelmrdist is available to all to stay
the ravages of diseases and pests if
they should not lie resisted by a cli
mate that is congenial and imparts
native vigor to tree and vine.
It was a surprise, when m> con
ditions were not tamiliar , e, to
learn that the mod per. -t |s-urs,
peaches and grapes in a e great
Northwest were grown i o air nos I
unknown little valley. Now that I
liavr observed the verdure that makes
me know that springtime has lusted
nine months without drouth or frost to
check luxuriant growth and develop- '
ment ot perfect garden and orchard
products, the wonder in a measure I
ceasca. Perpetua! sunshine troui a
Exceptional bargains in Mens and Boys
Suits, Pants, Overcoats, Ulsters. Mackintoshes,
Gloves, Mittens, Wool Boots, uerman Socks and
Rubber Goods. We defy competion.
Jno. P. Vo liner & Co.
I that
| wen
ky as clear as tlie face of a polished
mirror, through ail these mouths of
growth give perfect color to tlie fruits
that bend low tin* limbs of all the
trees, and ri|>eiis the fragrance of sum
mer tiowers to wine that flavors tlie
fruits of the Lewiston Valley.
There is vigor and health and life
for mail in tlie atmosphere of tlie
mountains and, rcthied, this elixir
surely extends to tills favored valley.
This climate approaches perfection.
Not only the pears, peaches and grape
excell those of other countries but the
less delicate fruits'are |>erfeet too. Tlie
less relined flavors and textures art* at
tainable over wide areas and the taste
or the prejudice of the awarding judges
may influence tlie distribution of
prizes, but where the finer fruits are
pertect the more common verities can
not lie inferior. Tlie small Iruits and
cherries ot tlie Lewiston Valley are
perfect, too, in color, texture and
flavor, where du re air, perpetual sun
shine and never-varying moisture is
assured for nine mont hs of spring.
Man loves an endless springtime.
The seasons of the year are silent re
minders ot the progress or life. To
prolong tlie flowers and (lie verdure of
the new year is like {prolonging the
days of childhood and youth. All
men feel an instinctive longing for a
lovely home in a climate like tins of
tlie Lewiston Valley where the beau
ties of nature can he engaged in such
a perfect degree—where fruits and
flowers, green trees |and grassy lawns
are for tlie poor as Well as tlie rieh.
As the ai l lent elvesjwho had bowers
ivere supplied with ambrosia
ovieit so will they he in the fu
ture wno have homes in the Lewiston
Valley. So.lol'KNEIt
The Lew iston Foot ball team will or
force of men at work this week, repair
' ing cross walks and otherwise giving
needed iinprovemini *" ll,p ^
! Two Nez I'erce Indians, who lulled to
I flne3 f()r drunkt , nues*, are mein
t».|s of the gang.
ganize for the season's work lo-ntor
row evening, at a meeting ended fo
the purpose at the ti. A B. Hull
Several practice gallics have already
liceii played, and Hie isiys have taken
up the work of preparation with vigor
and spirit. The team will Is* a strong
one and during the season games will
be played with Moscow, Pullman and
Spokane. The lirst games will proba
bly I«. played with the Moscow team
during November. The "eleven ' will
lie selected from tlie following splen
did material, with position*}« follows:
Center— S. C. Masters, A. Binnard.
(Juards—A. Binnard, A. Madison.
Tackles—C. Lydoti, W. F. Ketten
bach, C. Knight, J. Harringt on.
Emis —W. White, A. Kester, A.
Benson, J. Wiggin.
Quarter Back— W. E. Bunnell, H.
McConville, W. While.
Half Backs—T. Klttsmil'er, L. N.
Full Back— Feld Ross.
Street Commissioners Frost lias a
For Good Gov
Speech Monday Night.
(irccted by an baihuilatllc AsSlesce—He
Defloes the Poaitiaa of the
Troc Silver Maa.
Hon. W. B. Heyburti, of Sho
shone county, accompanied by
Hon. Jas. Slioup, brother of Sena
tor Geo. L. Shonp, of Boise City,
arrived in Lewiston Sunday and
remained until Tuesday morning.
These gentlemen are just complet
ing a tour of the state, having de
livered addresses in nearly every
county in the State in behalt ot the
republican party. They report the
outlook very favorable to the elec
tion of the entire State ticket.
Monday evening Mr. Heyburn
and Mr. Shoup addressed a large
audience at the court house, on
the issues of the campoign. Mr.
Shoup's address, consuming one
hour and thirty minutes in its de
livery, was a masterly effort. He
covered in detail the material issues
presented to the voter, and pre
sented them in a forcible manner.
He presented convincing argument
for the lertoration ot the business
like policy of the republican party,
which gave confidence to the busi
ness man and prosperity to all.
Judge Heyburn lias long been
recognized as one of Idaho's bril
liant public men, and his reputa
,1 ES.
tioit was sustained in his address
Monday night. On the tariff ques
tion, he delivered a characteris
tically strong address, drawing
vivid pictures of the sad effects of
tbejopposite policy of the democrat
ie parly. Mr. Heyburn has long
been recognized as a leader in the j '
fight for silver, and he stated Mon-!
da>f that his convictions on the
subject bad not been shaken. He
was still a bimettallist, he said,
but not of the Bryan sort. He did
not Ixdieve nor at any time con
tended, he said, that this nation
had the power or moral right to '
v i ll- ev
dictate to the commercial world its
financial nnliev To open our
hnancial policy. to open our,
mints to the free coinage of silver, i
and to thrust the product upon the
world at an inflated value would
be assuming the position of an un
qualified and tyrannical dictator,
and would meet with the resent
ment of all the great commercial
nations. Disaster, unparalled in
our nation's history, would follow,
and national honor and commercial
standing would be sacrificed. The
republican party has been, he said,
the unceasing, untiring, consistent
friend of the white metal, and to
the wisdom and patriotism ol that
party, which has filled w th sacred
ness so many important trusts,
tie would entrust its welfare and
that of the people.
Tin* steamer Almota is iiowiruiining
regularly between this |K>ilit and
Rlparia. Tlie Almota was brought
into service to meet tlie demands of
tile wheat traffic.
Wheat up amt >-ilver down. That
tlie price of wheat aud silver go to
gether, still afford*a mammoth doubt.
Lueious McGuire is visiting in Hpo
kttne this week, the guest of tue family
u| Mr. P. H. Winston.
—First class Dressmaking opposite
First National Bank.
Mus. Belle Ciia m hkks.
H. Hoyt visited a few days in Port
land last week.
Ed Wagoner is out front the Salmon
ltiver Mountains tills week.
Mr. lister Coffin and wife are visit
ing in Oregon.
Will Foresnian returned last night
from Boise City.
Mrs. Oscar Bunnell returned by yes
terday's steamer from a two month's
visit on the Puget Sound.
Rev. Hibbetl will next week visit at
his old home at NVatervtlle Wash.
R. Schleicher, M. J. Weasels and L.
A. Porter have returned from the
Spokane Fruit Fair. They pronounce
the Fair a grand success.
Invitations issued this week un
iiouneea soelul at the residence of Mrs.
8. Ö. Larson, to be given tomorrow
evening by the Christaln Endeavor.
The Lewistou Normal School lias
received several new students during
the past week. The mendierait Ip now
numbers over 80.
AI Creel man, the genial Cotton
woodite, passed through Lewiston last
week on his way to the (fraud Lodge
at Boise.
A special session of the county com-
missioner* will he held on November
Oth to cauvass the election returns and
to transact such business as will come
liefore the board.
- -We ure closing out our line or
Racine Hoad Wagons also Plowt and
Harrows of all kinds at cost. Cofflr
lteligiou* services will lie held next
Httuday afternoon at the Irrigation
Co's, office in Lewiston Wash.
"Epistle to the Ualutians", and
"Christian Holiness—how lo obtain
it," w ill tie the subjects of discourse at
the Presbyterian church next Sunday
at the morning and evening services.
Several Lewistoiiluiis attended the
Republican Ratification at Spokane
Monday night. Hon. Ren Huiler
worth delivered an address to flv
thousand |ieople al the Auditorium
and thousands crowded tile streets out
side the building. The street parade
and demonstration was tlie grandest
' yer K iv «'* Wpokane
L. Rowley, Kay L. Tompson und
Harry Lydon are attending tlie (fraud
Lodge, I. O. O. F., which eon veiled at
Boise Tuesday. Mrs. L. Rowley, Mrs
Kay L. Thompson and Mr*. P. M
Davis are attending the Rebvkuh
Assembly. The party will return
The race meeting at Tin* Willows
ha» attracted „ fl 1M> class of horses and
ev «y day an Interesting program is
curried out. Tlie horse* are the liest
from t,,e Northwest circuit, and on
Monday and Tuesday fast time was
made. Yesterday afternoon, Manager
Klnostra bad the entire stringof burse*
on parade and made a splendid display
Tlie admission is only in') cents, and
I lie meeting is deserving of patronage
Tlie Portland Linseed Oil Works are
ottering ^$1.20 per 100 |s>uuds (pure
hasis)for all No. 1 Flaxseed, delivered at
Portland. Tlie freight on (!ar-loads
from Lewiston to Portland is 23 f cents
|>er 100 pounds, so that at tills price
Flaxseed will net the farmer 96|
cents per 100 pounds, very nearly one
cent a |K>uud. If tlie Farmer has not
enough Keed to load a ear (24,000)
|M)unds heran join with 2 or 2 ueigl
hors and make a car-load; or Heed can
be shipped in tlie same ear witli wheat
or other grniu, in whieli ruse tlie sacks
must he marked, showing who they
are from. U|miii arrival in Portlund,
tiiey will lie carefully weigiied and
tested, and checks mailed to euch slilp
lier on day of arrival. Pure huai*
means tor actual Meed, tlie dirt, oats
and oilier foreign seed lieiug removed.
Ttiis deduction amounts to from 1
to in pounds on it hundred, according
to tlie is.nditioii of tlie Heed.
Any further information will I«
gladly furnished by the
Portland, Ore.
It will Strike You
At a glance, as lieing the finest, as well as the latest—
our line of Stationery. WC CULL attention particularly to our
Crushed Vellum, Charter Oak Bond, Royal Court Linen» Royal
P Irish Linen and Overland Mail. Also a select and complete
line of Tablets.
The Book Store.

Told in the Teller.
Register or vuu can't vote.
— Rooms to let. liiquire of Mrs. L.
Rooms to rent, for gentlemen only.
Inquire at tills office.
Jack Synhorat has recovered from a
slight attack of fever.
Hixteeii-lnch slab wood, ready for
the stove, can lie secured of Elliott A
Cash paid for chickens, at the Ross j
Meat Market.
Five cent Inter, large glasses, now on
tap at the Palace Saloon. »
Register or you can't vote.
—It will lie hi your Interest to trade
at tlie Russell's Cash Grocery.
For fresh Oroceries and tiest qual
ity and low prices call on 8. Wilden -
thalier'* Grocery and Bakery.
—A flue dinner every day at the
Queen Cafe, for 25 cents.
Mr. C. lllisMett, of Astoria, is visiting
in tlie city.
Machine Oil, 25c I * per gallon, at
Bremer's, corner Third ami Main.
J. H. Cox pays cash for /ecoiul hand
furniture, harness, saddles, and tents.
Tlie Htar Kaloon handles a choice
smoke—tlie Fit Cupitaii General Cigar.
Read the "Lilac Munboniiet" the
latest novel out, for sale at The Book
Register or you can't vote. The
register t»ooks dose on Saturday, Oct.
—Tlie finest liquors on tlie market,
at tlie Palace Haloon, F. Ross, proprie*
All kinds of Mauitary work a special
ty—and alwoliitely guaranteed by C
Tlie publication of tlie county com
missioners proceedings necessarily
limit* our local space this week.
Ed Arant returned Tuesday evening
from Hpokmio where lie has liecii visit
ing for a week.
Call at tlie Golden Star Grocery
and inspect tlie premium lea. Excel
lent prizes given away.
A weekly slsge leaves the French
House at 8 a.m. Thursday for Pierce
City. Chah. Htknzkl.
— Carload of fresli groceries will arrive
liy steamer consigned to tlie Golden
Klar Grocery tills w.iek.
Why don't you subserltie for your
papers and magazine* through The
Hihik Stork?
—if you don't lliink tlmt Ruiinell
lias the stock and can give Imtloui prices
call and see.
—For tlie liest grade of groceries,
und ciiea|H*Mt In price, tlie Russell (.'asli
Grocery cannot he siiriiassed.
—First -eins* workmen, with years of
experience on all kinds of sanitary
work and pi|s> fitting* ut C. C. Bun
—Elliott A Kuierv have for sale lum
ber, lath, shingles, posts, wood, etc.,
in any quantity, and of choice nualitv.
—Hasting*, Smith A Co. have a first
das* cobbler in connection with their
new »hoe store, and the very best repair
ing can lie had on short notice.
—What is tlie use of bothering over
Bie sawing and chopping of wood,
when Elliott A Emery will deliver you
sixteen-inch slab wisst, ready for the
stove, on short notice and at a low
Huzeu Hquler ami Ham Muxuu, can
didate* respectively on tue republican
ticket for treasurer and surveyor left
, . .
yesterday lor the itehervulloii to re
main tor a few days.
That'« what I said We will *.-11 von
I liai * wnai 1 said. We will sell >ou
furniture, stoves, crockery, tents and
hardware sundries, beds, etc., cheaper
tbau any one. A trial will convince
you. Be convinced. J. H. ('ox, the
I-ewiston Outfitting Co.
—We can supply you will every-,
tiling in the Grocery and Bakery line,
Good* promptly delivered. I-ewiston
Grocery and Hakery.
Mrs. Belle Chamber*, the fashionable
dr*-**maker is now located iiermuneiitly
in the Adam* building, opposite the
First National Bank. She solicits flrwt
class patronage.
Àâ lecraaec af lJM Vain.
An estimate made from the registra
tion books In tlie various preelnete,
places the vote ot Nez Perce county
this year at 2500. This will be an In
crease over the vote of 1864 of »boat
1300. In Lewiston 000 registered
against 400 two years ago. In the
oilier precincts of tlie old county, no
material Increase is noted, and the
large new vote will come from the
Reservation districts.
An Institute for the teachers of Net
Perce county, conducted by President
Knepuer, of the Normal, and Professor
Cummings of the Lewiston High
.School, will tie held In .Lewiston on
Nov. Stb and 6th.
Programs will be sent to all t eschen
at a later date.
Teachers who have changed thetr
address es will please notify me of the
change. P. E. Btookky,
County Supt.
RegeMteee Speaking.
Hou. James E. Babb, and C. 8.
Monteitb, republican candidate for
State Senator will addrern the people
of Nez Perce county on the poUUaai
issues of tlie day from a republican
standpoint, as follows.
Lapwal, Friday, Oct. 28.
Iceland, Saturday, Oct. 24.
Houtliwlok, Monday, Oet. 26.
Snell'« Mill, Tuesday, QM. 27.
Russell, Wednesday, Oct. 28.
Nezperce, Thursday, Oet. 26.
Cold Hpringe, Friday, Oct. 30.
S'avlns, Haturday, Oot. 31.
Alias Summon«.
In the Probate Court III aud for
Perce County, Rtale of Idaho.
Charles K. Tombieson, Plaintiff, ve.
Thomas Good let, defendant.
Tlie State of Idaho sends greeting:
To Thomas Gnodlet, defendant:
You are hereby summoned fo appear
Liefore me, at my office In City ot
l»ewi*toii, in tlie County of Nez Penis
on tlie Fiftli day of January, IHM, at
in o'clock, A. M., iu action brought,
against you by snkl plaintiff, to answer
tlie complaint of tlie above named
plaintiff. Maid action is brought to re
cover from you the muih of Ninety-six
and 311-1 (JO Dollars on three seoarate
causes of action:
1st: 858.94 of principal and internet,
amount of note executed aud delivered
liy you, said defendant, to one E. W.
Hunt on July II, 1896, for 857.25 due
sixty days after date and heartug in
terest at ten per cent per auuum from
its date until paid aud providing for a
reasonable attorney's fee, alleged to
be 815.00 making in all due thereon
873.94, no part of which lias been paid
and which note for full value has beau
in writing duly endorsed and trans
ferred, assigned and turned over by
auld Hunt to one Robert M. Tombie
son and by hint to this plaintiff, the
preeent owner and holder of said note.
2nd. 15.00 of principal aud Interest,
amount of note executed and delivered
by you, said détendant, to one Edwiu
W. Hunt on July 28, 1896, for 85.00
due thirty days from its date and by
said Hunt tor full value has been
duly endorsed In writing assigned and
delivered Ut one Robert M. Tombieson
and by him duly endorsed In writing
assigned, transferred aud turned over
to this plaintiff, tin* present owner aud
holder thereof and no part lias been
3rd. 817.38, amount of account for
five tons of huy at $3.00 |«-r ton and
sold and delivered at his request to
said defendant by one Robert M. Tom
bleson and by him, while the whole
was entirely due and unpaid, for full
value the account therefor was duly
assigned, transferred and turned over
to this plaintiff, the present owner
sud holder tliercof, and there Is doe
I thereon $17.28, all of which more fully
apiiears by reference to plaiutBTs verf
I fled complaint ou tile to which refer
e,,< * hereby made.
And you are hereby notified to apr
.,ear aud answer a* above required or
judgment will be taken against you
f " r lhe »«»-wit: The sum of
N , ne , y . Mll al „, ;t<Mnn dollars, together
with costs ot this suit.
■ To (lie Sheriff or any constable of
su'd county, greeting:
I ,e * al wrv,t ' e a,,d dUB petur * 1
Given under my hand and officiai
seal thi* lwenty-flrst day of Ocl.ilw,
Jud alld Kglofflcl» 'CteSl'of
of said Court. Q2*
E O'Neill, Attorney for PlaiutlO.
—You can get Shilling's Best Tea.
the Shilling's best Bakiug Powder and
j Shilling's be»t Spion and Extracts, at
' tb - Russell

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