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Clcopztry's Idées.
Tammiitiny Holler P. O , April -6. '
Mr. Tkm.kr Man:—Ive lieiu Htinkin j
fur ni t< o a munth ab 'Ut state taxes,,
fur the tribune figer? things out ru ri us, i
and bel» » widder with 7 childern too |
feehe tax en ts u mity hard thiiigfur me i
too raze. It duz see me too me that us ■
wimmln ort too hav a chans 1 rs» no !
the trooth about taxes t)efor we vot
next elexabun. My John wus a
noterai horn ponalist and he dident
like too fuze with the demykrata last
(awl but be sed hem Hint the demy*
krats wazln fur reeformeund ekouumy
and lu tuxes he thot Hier waztit. no
barme in fonzen with sueb entiers
jeat fur wuust fur to git In taxes.
Rut law ui« when be red in the
pappurs that the legislater waz a pi'in
lip moar expetieeys Ilian Maekkonul
ever tbot ov, it kinder made him feele
a* iho populists and demykrats wa/.ent
enny U-tler Hiuii guide bugs und purty
aoone lie Jest dide of on aekount ov a
broaken barte fur he tbot if populist«
«n ient lie trusted then nobody cud
and lif wazent wurlh livin no longger.
Ho me a widiter and them tuxes must
be razed.
Now llie pappurs alius the/.« lingers
534,547 dollars ov expenceys fur the
last legislator and 498,277 dollurs fur
Maokkouuls last extrawgint sit ov
golde bugs. Too he fare I nocked of
4500 dollars ov a misstxk that I waz
told the pappurs made in flggnmi out
the expencyes ov Hie guvvernus ophls
when Maekkonul wa/ guvvernur Hie
pappurs sed 502,777 hut I say that
496,277 Is neerer rile.
Now Jane, thaïs my yungest gurl by
my furst busbuud, she gos too skool
down to the skiMil bous on Tammauv,
and alles a site on Aggers, she sez the
last legislator made 30,270 dollars more
•xpeuoeya than the other one aud she
Aggered It out by the Aggers ahe seene
In the pappurs. Fur the land ov
livin! How can Mlaster Alfurd looke
ouest peepul in the las and say that
the totetul savin by bis leggistaler waz
150,000 dollurs or more, and him the
apeeker at I hat. Well Jonn uzed to
nay. John did, thut you oouldent he
leeve uo demykrat no bow, und John
waz neerely alluz rile, John waz, and
partiokerler when he sed he hooped
tlie Lord would furgiv him fur toozeu
too git lo taxes. Now, Mr. Tki.i.ek
man, Jane sez that the puppurs sez
there uint so much proppurty in Idaho
aa there waa aud that the vallewashun
ov the atate haa fell of ui onto 5,000,000
dollars sens the last golde bug leggls
later met now if Jane Is rite It seems
too me that alios in that the expeucys
was no bier than they waz befor, then,
the taxes must be bier ton raze the
same amount ov expencyes; hut when
the ex pen eyes is 30,270 dollurs moar;
für the land ov the livin! cant a horn
tdyut see that taxes will Is» kleer up
too the last notch. Tuxes ' must be
bier they cant help hut lie. Im« shore
Ide hav In sei tbe rone knw fur the
taxes this y ere and let her brindul
yerelln liepher go with her too make
op fur my part ov the 36.270 dollurs
extry. John he sold the old brokkeu
back ntiur last yere and that paid the
•eeeasur hut then there w'uzent no
extry then on ackkount ov fonzen for
retomie and ekonnumy and lo tuxes.
But the last leggtslater dun won
thing that shode It did have a llttel
aparke ov seua left, they give over 30,
000 dolla's moar to the Insane assilum
than enny body ever give befor. That
plaa must be kep up or els we wont
have no plus fur peepel loo go too that
git crazy a thinkin how thay ca i raze
lotaxe«. Aud lur the land ov tbe
Itvln! what rezun Is there fur so much
more expeneye. around the penny
tenaliery iluiii Hier- yoused to be?.
The leggixlater must a tbot that liekos
taxes was lo every one would go to
ataellu ton save what wazent wanted
für tue lo taxes. And, sakes alive!
bow Jonus, tout wus tny lust husband
befor John, would a raved about kut
ten down I he inuntiy that wus wanted
by the old komrads at the Soigurs
Home. Jonus waz mltey set in his
mind atsMit treeien the old soigurs fare
be waz. I waz a lonklo at Ids old U.
A. B. kots with the sieve pinned up
tbat he dldent ha 'e no yoiisc fur, seeln
that be lost Ids arm at Five Forks, ez
1 say, I waz a look in at that this
morntu aud aez I Its better Jonus is
go.» than too bee a livin in a time
when tbe state has too take the old
aolgere peuahuua too ruu the home
with jeat für too keep taxes lo. Ide
rather give roues suekliu eaf with the
yeurelln than to a had the old soigurs
treated tbat way.
Now Ive got to kloa fur Janes goin
too tou u today too see Minster Moris
and some more ov the Noruiul skool
peepul alowt that skool and He »end
llies fu lines by her an as too sav a
stamp. Janes herd the normal skools
mite stop rimnin hecor taxes wax so lo
there wazent mutiny euuf ton keep
the skool a goin, but He wute and see
what Jane ses ubowt it befor I rite eny
moar. Yours in halst,
C'lkopatky Ans Smith.
P. 8. Is It so that laxes is 871 this
yere lusted ov 85 as it war. lust year
für atate taxes.
CT.eopatrv Ann.
P. 8. If you here ov anyt ody a
wan tin to bl a rone knw and a hriu
du! yerelln hevher let me no and lie
Ml ebepe aoaa too raze entif lor the lo
wtm this yere. Cleopa i kv.

Real Estate,
L. J. Hornaday,
• Manager Tannahill Ahnt: act Co. i
Main St. - Dent & Butler Block.
Try the 1 X. I,
ah net- or hath.
shop for a lirst class
! Mrs. C. E. Holt arrived from salt
: Lake on the boat Monday.
1 Pickles by hulk at Hie Russell Casli
I Grocery.
j C. M. Hay was in tlie city from
j Orangeville this week.
—Try Hie (lue *n Restaurant Casli
Cole, proprietor.
A. O. Christenson tlie Itimrnck
farmer was in the city yesterday.
— Acme Health Kolfy, at the C. ().
I). Grocery, Telephone 7.
Dr. W. H. Howard of Nezperce was
in tlie city this week.
—Tlie liest meal in town at Hie
Queen Cafe.
A baby boy was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Molloy lust Saturduy.
—Finest assortment, of paint brushes
ever in tlie city at Bunnell's.
Mrs. J. Martinesarrived in Lewiston
yesterday after visiting lier husband
at Mt. Idaho.
—Puints, oils and glass a new stock
at reduced prices at Bunnell's.
County Commissioner Parke* pur
chased a residence lot in Lewiston
this week.
—You will be cured of that "tired
feeling" If you get your meals at the
Queen Cafe.
Kd Wiggin has gone to Hpokaue
where lie has secured employment for
a few niouHiri.
— Keep down the dust, by use of Hie
new Dustless oil. A full supply at
J. B. Way de ot this city lias secured
a position with Alexander A Freiden
rieh at Grungeville.
—Smokers And tlie best cigars at the
Candy Store—try El Captain General,
Brunshlck Havana, Floral Queen and
Pad Ac.
M. C. Normoyle and family were in
Lewiston Monday. Mr. Normoyle
had business before Hie district court.
—Wlieh you want a deed, mortgage,
lease or other instrument made out go
to J. L. Hornaday, Dent A Butler
E. L Pnrker the county commis
sioner was in the city Monday,
companied by Ids wife.
—Three chairs. You are always
"nexi" at Harvey Gaul's Basement
Burl» *r Shop.
Chris Weisgerber's celebrated Rock
Beer will be on tup at the California
Brewery tomorrow, Saturd y, May 8.
—You Irnthe in porcelain tuba at
Gaut's Basement Itariier Shop.
E. T. Vernon returned Monduy after
a visit to the Hound and British Col
umbia. He reports hard times in tlie
coast towns.
When in need of a good bath call at
the 1. X. L. Barbel* Shop.
C. W. Van Pelt, the Lvland miller,
broiiirhi Ida engine down to the I<etvis
ton Machine works this week to tie re
—Fresh stock of French Caudles just
arrived at the ('ash Grocery,
E. T. Plait and J. H, GuAuey were
in Lewiston on luisiness connected
with the Bank of Genesee last Tues
—When in aearcli of a square meal
try Cash Cole's Queen Restaurant.
— L. J. Hornaday haa for sale a num
ber of rellllqilialimeiita ot homestead
rights ill the best districts of the reser
The Htar Haloon bundles a choice
smoke—the General Arthur Cigar.
—Smoke El Caplaiu cigars and the
celebrated Gen. Washington, you'll
And them at the Silver Dollar.
—Try the new delicious breakfast
food, Gruno. The C. O. D. Grocery,
Telephone 7.
Deputy M»i-hal Mouuce will go lo
Moscow today with four prisoners who
are awaiting triul before the Cuited
States court.
The best 25-eent meat hi town at
Ca«b Cole's Queen Restaurant
At a meeting ot the la tard of directors
of tlie Golden Gate Mining company
held at Lewiston May 4, slock was ad
vanced to 8J cents per share.
There is no patent on
goodness. But manufac
turers do not make
lea baking powder
coffee flavoring extracts
soda and spice«
so good as Schilling's Best,
because most people like to
be humbugged.
For sale by
J. Alexander 1
—('all at tlie big price-cutter and get
prices on groceries.—Golden Htar Gro
cery. .
slab wood, ready for
secured of Small A i
—Sixicp n-in
the sto\ o, c i n
Prof. \V. E. Mulkey a graduate of the j
Oregon Slate normal ha* lieeu encaged I
as principle of Hie Kendrick public!
school for the next year.
All kinds of Schillings Beat Tea, ]
Cotfee, spices, Soda and Extracts just
receiVed at The Golden Star Grocery,
—I f you want a good cup of coffee a'
a reasonable price call for the Golden
Stars Grocery's tiest blended 25c a
pound.—Tlie (bilden Klar Grocery.
Deputy Sheriff Paine made a trip to
Evan's Ferry Wednesday' to serve a
citation upon Jus. Evans in a civil case
before Judge Pi|>er's court.
—Call at the Golden Star Grocery
and inspect the premium lea. Excel
lent prizes given awav.
—We can supply you with every
thing in the grocery and bakery Hue
Goods promptly delivered. Lewiston
Grocery A Bakery.
C. A. Leeper who has been confined
to his room in this city after a relapse
of a mon tli ago, was again out on tbe
street Tuesday in improved health.
—Just received, a big shipment of
the well known Golden Htar Tea. A
big prize given away with each |»oiiiid
at The Golden Star Grocery.
Messrs Palmer A Lando of Marsh
field, Oregon, have decided to open a
cigar factory In Lewiston. They will
occupy the stand recently vacated hy
Hurbeek Bros.
—It is easy to give up coffee if one
can have Postum Cereal the Food
Coffee. Try it. C. O. D. Grocery.
—Garden hoes, and garden hose,
both kinds are on sale at Bunnell's at
prices that cannot lie ta uten in the
Miss Pearl** Wickersham returned
from Moscow Sat unlay. She was
compelled to give up her studies at the
University for this year on account ot
laid health.
•—'t'lie Rus.-eil Cash Grocery is selling
('aimed Vegetables ul a very low
Fni* fresh grocet u'H of he?t
and low I rice.. Ch.I at rj.
thaler'.? Grocery A Biktry.
—Gel fresh vegeliib e? while you are
getting Pulroui/.c; tlie Nez Perce
Commission lloii-c iu ihij Staiuton
—What is the use of bothering over
the sawing and chopping of wood,
when Small A Emery « ill deliver you
sixteen-inoh slab wund, ready for the
stove, on short notice and ul a low
(impounded Animals.
One black horse binnil.il circle bar
on Hie r ght hip; one black horse, no
brands visible; will be sold on Thurs
day, May 0, 1897, at one o'clock, p. in.
John P. Ross, City Marshal.
Thirteen acre fruit ranch, one mile
from city limits, fronting on Clearwa
ter. « acres In hearing orchard, good
house and barn. Price $1300, easy terms
L. J. Hornaday.
A Class Notes.
Our c>ass is very busy review ing the
year'.? work in geometry and Ciesar.
The A class will finish their studies
next week In order to devote the last
week to memorizing their orations.
The nearer the class approach?? the
commencement exercise? the more its
mendier? are Interested in the medal
The teachers have lieen busily en
gsged the last week or two weeks in
preparing fur Arbor day exercises,
which will also Is* paiticipated in by
the Normal school.
'1 lie blackboard lieneatli the program
for the dally exercises has been artis
tically decorated hy Hie class artist,
Mir? Yiiinie White, with the class
molt > " Labor Omnia Viucit" in the
shu|s* of an srch over "Class of '97"
and the class colors.
The following is the program for
commencement exercises which will
lie held at the Masonic opera house,
May 21, at 7:30 l>. m. The public is
cordially invite*!;
Elina Clark................................
Gaining Happiness by Giving It.
Willie White...... Passing of the Herd.
Nettie Harrington............................
Finger Prints on the Pages of Time.
G. Orr McMininy................Lttierty.
Viniiie White..............Our Country.
Flora Hprague......Hope aud Memory.
Charles Ingle.......Home ami Country.
Myrtle Hharrah ........Our Old Friend's.
Otis Monroe........The Industrial Age.
Arihell Wills.................Marked.
Edward J. Boyle...........................
Commerce and Its Infiueiice.
Olive Neal. Ueyond tlie Alps lbs Italy.
Mrs. Dr. Shaft'is preparing the nmsi
cal istrtlon of the entertainment.
"One of the Boys."'
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Sallie Ketten 1 »ach. deceased
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
W. F. Rettenbach, administrator of the estate of
Sallie Kettenbach, deceased, to the creditors ot.
and all persons having claims against, said de
ceased. to exhibit them, with the necessary
vouchers, «ithin ten months after the first publi
cation of this notice, to-wit, within ten mouths
after May 7, iSq;, to said administrator at his
office, his office being in the business room of
The Lewiston National Bank, in the Lewiston
National Hank building in Lewiston. Idaho, the
Dated May 7. 1*07.
William F. Rettenbach.
i K. Babb Attorney for Administrator.
V. S. Und Office.
iston. Idaho. April Mh.
Hogin again*?* Knot» Hertel, for «ban
dotting hi» Homestead Entry No. 4033. dated
December-». 1K95. upon the K hlf NK qr. SW qr
NK qr and SK qr NW qr. section 14, township 17.
north, range 1. w b m in Nez Perce couuty, Ioah<
with a view to the cancellation of said entry, the
saU parties are hereby summoned to appear at
this office on the Qlh day of June. 1S9-, at to
o clock a m to respond and furnish testimony
concerning said alleged abandonment.
B. F. MoKltis, Register.
J jzI^EË _£TEi±J d±ü iäi-1 — jz~J IBM
All Day Saturday!
The Old Corner places on sale 75 pieces (3750 yards) of Elegant
Scotch Lawns, 25 yds for $ l,
Or Four Cents per Yard.
Price remains until all are closed out.
75 pairs Ladies' Chamois Gloves, extra lengths (every pair guaranteed)
75 cents per pair.
A beautiful line of Ladies' Shirt Waists, reduced from $1.25 to 75 cents
Outing Flannels, worth 10 cents, now 5 cents per \"ard.
Our Hosiery Sale has been a great Success.
We have about 10 dozen pairs of Ladies' and Children's fast black
Hose left at 5e per pair.
Ladies' Zephyr Summer Corsets, full fashioned and real boned, for 50c
a pair. A bargain that will be appreciated on sight.
«T. Alexander.
Old Corner—Lewiston. Ii|
Give me a call for legal work or
business correspondence. I am
prepared to do everything in tbe
line of Stenography and Type
writing. Work guaranteed.
Adrian R. Sweet.
Main St., opposite Raymond House.
The surveyor's chain made it, tlie
shortest transcontinental roule.
•It is tiie oiost modern in equipment.
It I? the heaviest ratted line.
It lias a Rock-Ballast Roadbed.
Items es no Hand Deserts.
It was built without laud grant or
Government aid.
It I.? noted for the courtesy ot its em
It is the only line serving meals on tlie
a la Carte plan.
Through the grandest scenery in
America by daylight.
Attractive tours during season of nav- !
igatlon on Great Lakes via Duluth, in |
connection with Magnificent Passen
ger steamers Northwest and North laud '
For maps, tickets and full informa - 1
tiou call on or address or O. R. AX.
agents, or
C. G. DIXON. Gen. Agent, j
su B, ÄZ M wSh*"'" 6 "" ,1 !
F. J. Whitney, O. P. T. A., St. Paul
Notice of School Election.
All election of seliool directors will
lie held in the public school building
on the third Monday in May (May 17,
1897) for the élection ot two members
of the iMiard of education of Lewiston
Independent School District No. 1, as
follows: One for a term of three years
Irom July 1. 1897, to All the vacancy
caused hy the expiration of the term
of J. I). McConkey, and one for the
term ot one year from July 1, 1897, t< »
fill the unexpired term of R. J. Monroe,
deceased. Polls will open at ore o'clock
p. m. and close at 6 p m.
L. Rovvlky, Judge.
J. L. Ohapninn, Clerk.
By order of the hoard.
Dated Lewiston, Idaho, April 23r.',
H. K. Barnktt, Clem.
You can have
tea baking powder
coffee flavoring extracts
soda and spices
on trial.
Your, grocer pays you
back your money in full if
you don't like Schillings
For sale hy
J. P. Vollmer .S: Co.
Campbell'« Addltioa to Lewiston.
This t*io|**rty consists of 18 loin, *i*e
50x194, » good new residence with
olio r improvements which have cosi
$1500 and is for sale at the very low
Drier, of $2000 Mr Campbell is raiding
on the properly, ami will tuke pleasure
of sin.a mg it.
H. K. Bakxktt,
Real Estate Agent.
The Best is Always Cheapest!)
That is why users of High Patent Flour prefer it
to all other brands.
furnish the careful house wife with flour for the finest pas
try. Call for our High Patent Flour.
The Lewiston Roller Mills.
Benj. Booth, Proprietor.
First Ht. and Hnake River Avenue.
i The - Silver - Dollar. •
Sixteen to One or any other Ratio,
is current coin with us aud worth its full value for anj
goods we handle. Choice old Ryes and Bourbon Whiskies
lighter drinks and fancy mixtures. Cigars and Tobaceos
a full line of the finest brands.
Out For Your Trade.
j has opened in the Kettenbach block with a full line of Fine)
! an( J St; T le Groceries. A fine line of choice confectioneries]
' and tobaccos always in stock.
John E Akins.
F. W. Kettenbach.
Fire Insurance and Loans.
E. L. Russen, Proprietor.
I'inc Teas^and Coffees a specialty. Fresh stock c
and Fancj'Groceries. Fine line of Confectioner
Goods promptly delivered. Your patronage is solic:
Is Still in the Ring at the Old Stand,
With a clean fresh stock of Staple Groceries, Confect
n 3 rr lUd ' Can au< ^ sell as cheap as anybody. Vegetal
California and local fruits in season.
You Like
Fresh Vegetables?
Of course. Everybody does.
We keep the choicest from
the garden, fresh and crisp
under our cool, refreshing
spray. Seeing is believing.
Call and be convinced.
The Nez Perce Commission House.
Thus. ( ierf, Proprietor.
Stain too Building, Main Ht.
lia: Brawn
Chris Weisgerber. Prop r.
Beer hy the Wholesale ami RH®' 1
For Sai.k— Dwelling lions« a" 1 *
lots, pleasant location near Hit*
house for $000.00. One half < ash. °*
half on time. Room 2 over Lew** 10 *
National Bauk. J. N . StaC»'*

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