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Lewiston Teller.
[Cold Wave Chocolate Soda.
Ice cold at our fountain is a reminder of cool sea
breezes, and is as soothing as the murmur of the wild
waves. If you can't go to the sea-side come to onr
fountain side, and our foam-capped glasses of delicious
cold beverages will banish all regrets.
The ©wl Drug Store.
Phone no. u Deutsche Apotheke.
A full line BASE BALL CpODS^ ^wwt prices
[New Things in this Week, jj
The correct tiling in Summer Underwear and
.Negligee Shirts. Extraordinary values for Saturday
and Monday.
0. A. IUOS.
The Governor's Visit.
I Governor Hteunenberg arrived in
ewiston Monday. He came directly
[rom the pine win ids belt for the pur
eofmilking locations iu the inter
Ms of various state institui ions gen
ully ami tin-Normal schools in par
icular. The time for making tilings
bn cert ni n desirali'e lands would have
[■spired on Tuesday. These selections |
RMtleat this time amounts to 27 (|tiar
tedious of valuable white pine :
There have been 59,000 acres located ,
Jin tint s past in this same district some !
|<'f which land perhaps 20,000 acres are
jvalueless. The fact having come to
■the knowledge of the land board that
the interests of the state had suffered
[by unfortunate locations in tlie past
the governor made personal inspection
[of the lan t chosen at this time. He is
[surely to he commended for these
[efforts in behalf of the s'ate and t lie
state institutions.
There is a large area of valuable t im
ter land in the white pine timber belt
to which the «tute will have the right
of location in the future, anil tlie
governor's visit ia primarily for 1 lie
purpose of gaining information for tlie
future usi> of tlie land hoard as well as
to enable him to select intelligently at
this time.
The governor returned to Kendrick
from Lewiston and expressed the pro
bability of another visit to the white
pine hell as his visit this time was un
duly limit d by the requirements of
his presence before the land office here
not later tnan the lKtli of this month.
He desires to return to gather informa
tion to make it possible to gi e explicit
'»•truetlons to future laud selector
mat may lie commissioned lu I lit*
Prices Reduced.
J^'ructing, 50u. Cement fillings,
„ £' ,lvpr fillings, $1.25. Gold Fili
ngs, $2.110 up Charges for other work
Pmporiioiiately reduced. Gome while
this offer isopen.
Robrktson. Dentist. .
Ladies' Parasols
Shirt Waist Sets, Belts, Taffetto Ribbon.
Prices that will make you buy.
J. P. Vollmer & Co.
Jlgeurt for Butttrick's Pattern*. • • * *
^ ^ V V y y W
Mining News and Notes.
M. L. dray. Managt r of the (ioldeti
(■ate mining company, was in the city
Wednesday, from Pierce City. He re
turns today with his family to Pierce
Ciiy where lie will reside. He reports
irreal activity throiulnmt the camp,
both iu quartz and placer gold mining.
The wagon road from Pierce to dolden
Gate has heen completed and ready for
use within three miles of French
creek. His crew of men are at work
building quarters and working on tlie
opeu cut tunnel No. 2. This tunnell
commences at water level from t lie
creek below the ledge and and will tap
the main ore body at about 100 feet
from tlu* starting ooint, at a deptli of
about 40 feet and will lie the present
ore dump. Home mortar tests of
quartz, rock have heen made at the
camp, from detached quartz, taken
from water level, that goes from $550
to fOOO per ton. Congressman Sweet
from Moscow is iu camp with the
Columbia Milling and Mining com
pany and tile new mil! is ulsiut to
start up.
Mr. Cray was delayed one day at
Greer's ferry on account of high water
in tile Clearwater river. He met 27
teams ou tlie road loaded with men
and supplies going ii.to tlie mining
camps and Nez. Perce Reservation.
M. A. Itolierts reports a good trude in
mining supplies at Pierce. Ah Muck
the Chinaman dealer lias a large store
building about completed. Chew and
Kennedy have started up hydraulic
placer mining on Frcmb gulch. The
Minnesota crew are working placer
grounds on the same gulch for J. N.
................... ......
Slucy with good prospects. John A.
Clark is working on the Monte Cristo
ledge adjoining. Johnson Pros, are on
the wav to French crceK to erect a new
saw mill.
—A 64« acre lurm tor sale eneaper
than reservation umi and only lour
miles from town, .-soiled for mixed
farming; wood ami w .o ir lOOaeresin
wheat. Fine location ;*>i nuit. Will
divide the tract. L. J. HoKNADAY.
Thomas Aram Drowaed.
A Iriglitfiil accident accurred at the
Clearwater ferry yesterday. Thomas
Aram, a stock grower from Camas
prairie lost his life. He was a passen
ger on the bout when it sank from au
over load of cattle; and becoming dis
engaged from tlie eraft lie drowned iu
mid stream.
The unfortunate man and his associ
ates were transporting a shipment of
cattle and tlie last tsiat load was a
large one. Tlie stock tiecame restless
and crowded to one end. sinking it
under water. As tlie boat sank Mr.
Aram jumped off on tlie upper river
side and grasped one of the heavy
ropes. He had evidently calculated
that lie would lie safe if lie held to the
line with a liriti hold. In this lie was
deceived. When tlie wire cable t liât
spans the river gHve way from tlie
force of tlie current upon the sunKeu
imat tile line to which the desperate
man was clinging sank to tlie bottom.
He let go ot tlie nqie and tried to swill
hut tlie current bore him on. He
struggled liant to keep a flout hut be
fore help could nrri vc lie sank t> tlie
lint tom.
Soon after tlie boat left tlie shore it
became apparent that- tiiere was dan
ger of its sinking. Mr. Brown the
ferryman coolly warned those on hoard
to hold to tlie boat in case of accident.
Mr. Arum discussed tlie subject
and did not seem to display any ex
citement,. But when tlie boat began
to sink lie deliberately jumped off. He
evidently had calculated that he would
he safe if he secured a hold on the
bridle rope which extended from tlie
cable to the boat. This would have
iieeu a safe position Had not the cable
fallen and carried tlie bridle rope to tlie
bottom. He was seen to grasp tins
rope firmly und apparently deliber
ately and it is believed he had planned
that movement to escape possible dun
get from tlie overturning of tlie boat.
Rut when the rope sank the man was I
without any support and when he |
\ HEARING-K verybodv exclaim at the superior quality of
Soda Water. SEEING—The crowds who congregate at
our Fountain and TASTING the exquisite Flavors and Fruits,
made into bright, clear Syrups under our own supervision,
mixed witli Soda, which lias a snap and a sparkle. BELIEVING
with us, that the Soda Water business is an art not acquired in
a day, and that experience is tlie liest school. Our Ice Cream
aud Chocolate, in fact any of our flavors, defy competition
Yours for a refreshing drink
Dint it Butler, Druggists.
Celephone Do.
Hi. u
arose he was far out of reach ot the 1
bout. If he had been a good swinttm r
lie could have caught some Hunting
object or |>eriiapg n horse which swum
by. While lie could keep himself
afloat he could not pro|>el himself in
the water. He flouted 300 or 400 feet
in tlie swift current liefere lie sank.
He became exhausted in tlie cold
water and sank without a word or a
cry—sank to rise no more—with a
hundred friends so near and yet pow
erless to aid.
Mr. Arum was 38 years old. He
leaves u wife and two children at
Grungeville and a father and mother
in tills city. He also l as other rela
tives some of whom were dependant
upon him for support. He was an ex
emplary citizen und neighbor and n
kind und good son, fattier, husband
and guardian. He was well known
throughout this and Idaho counties,
and all who knew him honor his
memory and mourn his death.
Mr. Jones, tlie partner of Mr. Aram,
offers a reward of $2oo for the recovery
of tlie drown* d man's body.
Shool Election.
Tile school election Monday de
veloped some interest. Tlie teatuie of
woman's suffrage was new. The ladies
turned out in force and stood faithfully
by tlie lady candidates. There was no
particular issue iu tlie canvass. Tlie
welfare of the district and tlie public
school was the sentiment that moved
the voters generally. Tlie old board
was endorsed by tlie election of Rev.
J. I). McConkey and H. K. Barnett.
Tlie vote cast was unusually large.
The total mi in tier was 850, distributed
as follows: McConkey, 148; Harnett,
180; Mrs. Morris, 111; Mrs. Neal
Krb, 91 ; Lake, S9.
The Fats and Leans played an inter
esting game of base hall last Sunday.
The score was 12 to 13 in favor of tlie
Leans. Prof. Rimih furnished ten gal-j
Ions of lenionail
which act was highly appreciated.
for tlie players,
Tlie steamer Spokane, on the up river
trip Tuesday evening, cut the Alpowa
ferry wire. Captain Morrissey slowed
up and passed under the cable on Hie
north side of tlie stream hut in making
the passage tlie Imat hugged tile shore
so eloseiy that it became necessary to
slow down to gain the channel again.
Alter the stop alsive the wire tlie
the machinery f 'tiled and the boat
was "in irons." When the hell rang
to advance t he engineer could not re
spond. The steamer limited with tlie
current backward till tlie wire was
broken. The heavy new steel cable
dropped iqsin tlie boat and liegan to
wrap around the shaft. Only prompt
aetiou on the part of tlie imat crew pre
vented the steamer being disabled by
tlie cable. In the event of such uu
accident they would probably have
been wrecked, ('apt. Morrissey says
lie very much regrets tlie misfortune
to Mr. Jones tlie ferry man. His Imat
lias been I led up for necessary repairs
for a month before this accident and
and this loss will he fully $200.
A little child of Mat MeGilltck, 20
months old, living five miles from
this city was bitten by a rattle snake
last Sunday. The mother was tempo
rarily absent from tlie house ami re
turned just in time to hear tlie baby
scream from pain. The mother hurried
frantically to the hack yard to find tlie
snake, a large rattler coiled around tlie
child's arm from tlie wrist to the
shoulder. Tlie poisonous lungs of tlie
reptile were sunk deep in tlie tender
flesh of the hand, between the thumb
and fore linger. Hie mother tote tlie
serpent away. Site corded tlie wrist
to prevent tlie |s>ison from going lo
tlie body, aud hailed a neighbor's
wagon which was passing, und was
rapidly driven to town. Dr. Shaft
cauterized (lie wound and uniter his
treatment the child, which was badly
poisoned, lias fully recovered.
Dent A Hutler have added greatly to
the interior of their drug store by plat
in g some elegant show cases for the
display of their stock.
Progressive Euchre.
Mrs. R. F Moriistlirew open t lie spa
cious parlors of her home last Tuesday
evening to enteitain a large company
of lier friends at progressive euchre.
Mrs. Morris, assisted ny Mrs. J. R.
Morris received tlie guests shortly af
ter eight o'clock, iu the tastefully dec
orated rooms. They soon found
themselves in the midst of an exciting
contest marked by spirited paying
and tlie usual run of happy chance
and circumstance.
At midnight the score was taken
and the record showed that Mrs. K W.
Kaves ami L. A. Porter hud secured
tlie honors, tlie tonner a dainty Delft
platter and the latter a pearl handled
poeket knife. In tlie elegant refiesli
meut which followed both winner and
loser shared equally and equally hon
ored the hostess for tlie delightful en
lawyer and would Is- a valuable acqui
sition to the Nez Perce county bar
Hon. F. Danford, for many years a
mendier of tlie Colorado liar, Is in the
citv. Mr. Danford intends to locate in
the Northwest and is favorably im
pressed with Lewiston. Those wh
know Mr. Danford speak of Hirn in tlie
highest terms as a mail eminent iu
tiie civil, criminal and mining law
practice. He was in lHe* practice in
Leadville when it was the greatest
mining camp in the world. II- is a
genial, pleasant gentleman, a thorough
has purchased
Our new senator, Hi ury
Has la-en fairly recognized on the cnui
mittees .if the laxly in which lie repre
sents tlie |a-ople of Idaho. He is on
tin- following committee.«: Agricul
ture and Forestry, Irrigation aud
Arid Lands, Mines ami Mining, and
Territories. The senate committees
have not yet been organized. These
positions were given S*nator Heitfeld
to till vacancies.
J. T. Kills of the Parlor Candy store
new soda fountain
Jitnd is prépaie*! lo furnish the choicest
mixtures iu that liae to Ids j at one.
Our Regular Price
25 pounds Sugar.....................$1 50
1 pound Tea with prize................ 50
20 pounds Crackers.............. 1 litt
1 Keg Syrup............................ loo
3 pounds Soda....................... 25
S3 pounds Yellow Keans......
I box Laundry Snap..........
3 tioz. Clothes Pius.........
3 Cans of Corn...................
8 Cans of String Means.......... ,'to
I pound ofCocoanut.................... 25
10 pounds of Prunes....... ........... 50
5 bundles of Matches.............. 7.1
10 pounds Rolled Oats........... 55
10 pounds Raisins....................... 50
(t bars Castile Soap..................... 25
3 Cans of Tomatoes..................... 25
1 doz. Lemons................ 25
3 pounds Rolled Hominy........ 25
2 Cans Oysters..............'.............. 40
10 pounds Corn Meal ............ 25
1 no
$10 55
Wo will sell this entire hill for $9 75
Try our Old Gov. Java and Mis-hu
Coffee. None liet ler.
John M. Fix's.
Coming ***
1.000.000 Plies.
Keep them out of your house by buying some of
our substantial screen doors and windows. White
Mountain Freezers, Pathfinder Lawn-Mowers, Sprink
ling Hose and Sprayers now in stock at special figures.
The oratorical contest at tlie M. E.
church lust Friday was a brilliant suc
cess. The efforts did credit to all
purt'ctp'intx. Lewiston boasts of a
goodly utimlii-r of talented young |s-n
ple and tills display of oratory was one
of which all should lie proud. Tlie
medal was awarded to Miss Mue
Conner. Her victory was not a defeat
for the others. The award was placed
to the credit of one of many noble and
worthy efforts.
\V. 1*. Bel! was severely injured lust
week Hy a runaway accident. He was
driving along Lapwai creek in u car
riage, when tie was thrown out upon
tlie wheel by coming hi contact with a
boulder mi tile load side. The old gen
tleman was thrown violently upon tlie
ground receiving severe bruises. The
vehicle was wrecked in the runaway
which ensued.
Mrs. Harvey Gaul, held u re a-ption
last Monday afternoon in honor ol
Grandma Kress' eighty third birthday.
Mesdames I tous, Monroe, Kress, Kicli
enlierger, Dose, Heilfeld, Weisgertier
und TTieissen were present. An ele
gant lunch was served. 1'rof. Itisis
furnished music for ill«- occasion.
!.. A. 1'ortcr made Ids (list shipment
of early cherries this week. If any
tliiug wer*' needed to boom Lewiston
Valley as a fruit region, we couid noust
of the fact that we have an early cher
ry tHut c uncs in with the slrawlairries.
This is *| ii I It- an item when the eurlv
cherries tiring t lit- neat price of six dol
lars a crate.
A. A. Kincaid returned from Mos
cow Monday. He reports the spirit of
progrès to tic present in the little city.
Public and private improvements give
tlie city a neat and new np|ieur
ance. The streets arc in good condition
afier thorough and intelligent seasona
ble renovation.
Stockmen from tHe Balloon river
ranges report the presence of stlvertip
bear in large uumliers iu that region.
These ravciiott* leasts are increasing
iu numbers notwithstanding the fact
that s (tiers wage war ii|h>ii them.
They destroy both cattle and horses
this spring.
J. I>. ('. TliC's-en lias completed his
wool clip and has forty tons of wind
waiting tin- top price for shipment.
Tin- sheep men are anticipating agreat
revival n! business under the new
tariff'. The price for w.s»l has already
nearly doubled tliut of lust season.
The Supreme court ot the State eon
tirmed tlie findings of the lower court,
in tlie cases of both Smith and Gordon,
the murderers of Kuimett Fox at Gen
es*«. Smith is convicted of murder in
the first degree un*l Gordon of murder
iu tiie second degree.
Kx-Senator Tenas Miller was iu
Lew iston Monday. He brought some
| lie lady members of his family in
! v „ it p, Lewiston v.dlev, t*. enjoy
straw.>t tries and or*am.
Does it Stick?
Does your muci
lage discolor the pa
per? We are sell
ing a paste that is
so clean and nice—
will not spill if up
set—holds fast and
does not show
through the thin
nest paper. Try it
once and you will
use no other. We
have now on haud a
full liue of Inks,
Pastes, Glues, etc.
Subscriptions taken for all ne\v»pn
pert» ami magaxiiteH.
Col. Henj. Rootli, late of the govern
or's stall', lins u qiliel Joke on the usplr
unis who succeeded to his honor. The
elegant uniform which they hoped to
wear is iiotone of the p rqulsites of
the office. Though deprived ot his
commission Col.Rooth will still retains
tlie handsome uniform which is viewed
with envy Hy other« less fortunate.
A telephone message received in Lew*
Iston about 5 p. in., yestenlay gave lit«
new s t liât a cloud hurst on the Asotin
had curried out Hntli bridges and had
*ton*> considerable oilier ilamuge. The
drift aud wreckage reached Lewiston
iu about half an hour mid is now well
scattered on the road lo the sea.
Judge Realty hu« appointed Judge
Warren.Truett muster iu chancery to
take evidence iu the case of A. A. Kin
caid vs The Northwestern anil Pacific
Hy pot luck Rank, for ulsiut $211,0011
claimed to lie due him as agent for the
Loht —A pull of lady's eye glasses,
rimless with gold bridge and frame.
They were lost tin the sidewalk near
tlie old post office building. A suitable
reward will be paid if the tinder will
leave the above at tin* Tkixkk o Iff ce.
George Flanigan and fattier and
mother, of Moscoy, drove to Lewiston
Friday and visited the family of Frank
Borge, over Sunday. They returned
liome Monday, accompanied by Mis.
Borge and little daughter.
Tlie local bulges of O.M Fellows ate
expecting an official visit from Grand
Master Thompson, of C*eiir d'Alene
City, in a few days— |>erhups next
week. A wann welcome will 1« ex
tended him.
One ot our stockman received a ship
ment of two carloads of hay from
Walla Walla Walla this week. This
hay retails for $20 a ton in this market.
This object lesson calls for no comment.
Mai eus ■ Kurnett came down from
Moscow Tuesday evening on a few
day's vacation, and to lie present at
tlie High School commencement ex
cercises, which occur this evening.
Mrs. Dr. Inman left on tlie bout
Tuesday morning for Moscow, to at
tend the District convention of the W.
C. T. I'.,which assembled m tHtat «-it y
<ni Wednesday of this week.
W. R. Martin returned from Ins
. homestead on the reservation Monday.
1 He has planted his crops fur tlie season
and will remove liis family to their
new Inline next week.
Newton llibtis left the city Thurs
day morning to visit his milling claim
on Ruby ('reek. The spring prospect
ing in that locality has dcvelo|ied some
very promising properties.
Mrs. A. A. and Mrs. C. C. Liewalieii
of Moscow have been spending the
PHxtwetkiu Lewiston visiting with
Albert Benson is learning tlie baker's
tra le at The Lewiston Bakery.

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