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Lewiston teller. (Lewiston, North Idaho) 1878-1900, December 24, 1897, Image 1

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The Lewiston Teller.
MB 22
In bulk, and put up in handsome boxes from 25e «
U p to $10.00. They make an elegant Xmas «
present. Other Christmas Goods in abundance. 8
o I
The ©wl Drug Store. 1
Vail order* promptly «».tended to. Telephone No. 44. $
The Eleventh Hour |
Of the Last Day. ^
If you still want something tor the Christmas =3
Box; Tree or Stocking, a wedding present or a |
Birthday Gift, call at Bazaar. 31
Mornings Î
do not worry a man who has one of j
our new air tight Heaters. COLE'S Jj
HOT BLAST is the most perfect heat- 4
er of its kind. Economy and comfort j
can be had at surprisingly low figures. ^
riie pii'cr-Ooddard suit in the Pro- !
ate millt was settled this week by j
roinprimiise. i
,, ....... .. , . . ..
Mi-, ki t" 1 Abend arri ved in the;
Hv Wclnes-piy troin I**' est Drove, I
!.. he present nl l ie Hallett
.ill Isay Wl ddi: a next w
TI» Harrington crew will he down
aday with (he second of the large I
milers lor (lie ne « saw mill. This one I
« hie larger of I he two, weighing over I
m |»t"hds. j
Poys Given Away . . . .$
Friday evening, December 24U1, between 9 and
10 o'clock, we shall give away free all we ♦
have left of our Toys, to parents too poor to buy
presents for their children. Come and bring
your little ones.
...The Fair...
The Place to Save Money.
Christmas Novelties...
W ork boxes,
Manicure Sets,
Glove Boxes,
Handkerchief Boxes,
i'icttire Frames,
Trinket Sets,
Doll Carriages,
Whisk Brooms,
Candle Sticks,
Ice Wool Shawls..
About thirty-five imported Ice Wool Shawls.
Manufacturers Samples, worth from !>2.<X)to 55 -®®
Choice, as long as they last.
$ 1.50
! a Surprise Wedding.
j ----
i Leon Porter and Miss Fannie Marek,
two of Lewiston's well known and
mailur young iienple are to he married
I r||| . jst niü« ,f ,v, at the Presi ylerian
( .| |un .|, Then* will lie n quiet family
wedding and the iiimouiicemeiit l* a
complete surprise to their mauy friends,
I ■ -■ — —
I Janies Conley has Ins'll appointed
I administrator in tlie estate of Cather
j j ne Conley
Perfecting Arrangements.
I lie railroad is us*ured for Lewiatnn. 1
1 he txiud whs slotted lust Friday by
N }- **el( on llie part °f (he company
amt Jmo. P. Vollmer, 1) M. White, B.
F. Morris. J. B. Morris, L. A. Porier
amt I). 8. Dent ou behalf of Lewiston.
This bond certifies Unit for the guar
antee of the rii;.ii-of-way til* Northern
Pacifie will build its Polouse extension
into Lewiston by December 1, 1898.
Work will bee in by January 1. C. C.
Van Arsdoll of Vitielutid who hud
elitirge of tlie wont whan the brunch
was projected ill 1890 has received the
1 appointment of chief of construction
and left Tuesday for headquarter* at
1 Tacoma to receive definite plans and
sfieciflcaiions. Mr. Van Arsdoll under
stand* the matter in detail and under
Ills efficient management the work
will lie pushed rapidly. Word comes
from Kendrick that a contractor in
that locality lias received orders to
supply '200,000 ties and that 00,000 of
these were already to move from Bear
Creek to the reservation line.
Everything is moving to perfect
plans and remove all obstacles. Last
id-hi (lie city counsel in extia session
met and passed an ordinance granting
the Northern Pacific the right-of-way
through the city. The committee lit
charge of subscription to secure the
$5000 necessary have signatures for
$450il. The rest is assured and yester
day was spent In arranging for deeds
of conveyancing of the properly.
New Light and Power Plant.
D. M. While and 8. H. Reed, presi
dent and secretary of the Lewiston
Light Co. are working now to perfect
plans for a ucw organization to operate
a light and power plant to I*» located
on Asotin Creek, above the Vineland
water ditch. They have filed u water
right on enough water to generate u
1000 horse power, and expect to
transmit the electrical power to Lew.
tston, to he used in lighting and oper
ating mills ami other machinery. The
distance from Lewiston is eleven
miles, and the estimated cost of erect
ing tlie plant $20,000. Pro . E. Darrow,
of tlie Pullman Agricultural college,
an electricul engineer of prominence
and experience is to be here next Mon
day to look over tlie proposition and

make estimate* and plans for the pro
posed plant.
The present light plant in Lewiston
is now taxed beyond its capacity and
is not aide to supply the needs. It is
lieing oiterated at a heavy expense for
fuel. The cost for wood now is $3500
tier year. This saving alone would pay
Interest, on u $35,000 investment and
allow ample power to light tlie city
and operate its mills and machinery
for years to come.
The hydraulic, plant proposed will
lie of l(HK) horse power capacity. One
electrical machine only will he put in
at first and about 300 hoise power de
livered at Lewiston. The Lewiston
Flouring Mills, the Lewiston Water
Company und others mailer enterprises
have signified their intention to use
the power when tlie plant is put In
■>|iera:ion. Tlie plan sit-ins perfectly
feasible and the needs of the city de
mand such an improvement.
The Night Owl Club.
Home misapprehension lias arisen
over the Identity of the Night Owl
dub. They have tu en re|smed as a
club of roynters. They represent some
of the liest citizens of the city and
wish it distinctly understood that no
dissolute characters either masked or
unmasked will lie allowed in tlie ball
room. The hull will lie a German
mask, everybody present desiring,
whether masked or not is, entitled to
dance Tickets 75 cents. Supper
served at the hull. 25 cents.
15 p - f
Dcst * Butler, Draggittt. • •
A A A A A A A A A A a
Merry * Christmas
To Everybody!
All our Toys and
Dolls to go at any price.
Come and be convinced,
• • telephone Do. is.
[jBaby Rings—
14-K gold filled
ring*, plain and
chased, warranted
! for 5 years, 25C
t ■ Shirt Studs -
ij I'ear), sterling
f J
lia nil gold, with nr
j; a itlmilt setting.
U 25c a act up. I
Cuff Buttons—
Sterling silver,
gold & gold-filled,
link or lever Guar
aiteed. 25c up
Yankee Watch,
Ingersoll* famo's!
Yankee wulclie->|
Nickel ease, war-J
muled I yr 99C
Grangevllle Fire.
Orangeville cm visited by u disaster
Um* tire lust Saturday night. It nrig
iualeil It. a sit imiii opnnsite Ibe Rmk
uf Camas Prairie ami Pree Press I>uil<'
ing, and burned tlie sab on, tin* ad
joining restaurant and photograph
galleiy and the Imtik and newspaper
All tsHiks and papers of the hank
were saved, but the safe and bank
furniture went through the fire. The
safe is bttdlv wrecked but the contents
escaped serious injury. An insurance
of $500 on tlie safeand furnllure fully
covers all damages. A. F. Parker lost
all the tvpe and fixtures of the Free
Press office. Tlie building also .vas
his, ami his loss is covered liy $2000 In
surance. The new power pr, ss was
fortunately placed in another building
Hanson's loss on the photograph gal
lery was covered by a $10tl0 policy.
The saloon and restaurant were not
The Bank or ('amas Prairie is now
located lit tlie building opposite to tlie
Cash Bargain store where it will do
business till It can erect u new brick
building in the spring. F. W. K. tien
hach sent to Orangeville this week the
bank fixtures of the Moscow Commer
cial which he bought some time ugo
and had stored beie.
A. F. Parker has sent to tlie reserva
tion for tlie type of the old Cayu-e
plant which lie will use temporarily
in getting out the "old reliable" Free
Pres*. _____
Smith AI Oeorge of tlie Indian police
force on the reservation reports a
lively skirmish with three drunken
Indians at a point near the reservation
line Tuesday morning of last week.
He held them up and asked to lie
given tlie bottle. They handed un
two liottles of lemon extract. He went
to search further found a bottle of
whiskey and tried to take it when
they began to tight. They had tlie
best of him decidedly when two white
men can.e up and two of tlie Indians
mounted and escaped. The other was
taken to Lapwai and tlie two eaniun d
Monday tried before John L. Blakcs
and fined $50 apiece.
Christmas midnight service liiub
mass will be held at ths Cal holte
church on Christmas day at 10:30.
Tlie subject of the sermon will
The divine child, the foundation of
hiqie.'' Lovely Christmas music at all
services. Christmas greeting to every
.1. M. Harrington is Inking advant
age of the improved condition of the
roads and is moving tils mill machin
ery down from Union tow 11 One of
tlie large boilers was brought down!
Tuesday. Tue remainder will he
brought in as soon as possible.
Dowd Shaw A Co. arranged their
Christina* display yesterday Five - f
thettnest beeves "ever brought to the
block, with a dozen each of sheep Mild
lings, will) tut keys, chickens, fish und
game make up the major part of the
d. splay
Leslie Squier and Van Hashrouk,
twoot Lewiston's amatuer tliespians.
have just, returned from a successful
trip to Geangeville where they plaved
to a crowded house in their new sketch
artist re|K*rloire.
News from Washington lid* week
gives the statement that the appoint
ment of C. E Mmiteltli was con firmed
by tliese tale Mr. Monteitli will pro
ceed at once to Chatham, Caiiatlu to
lake charge of Ills oifioe
Fred Manmng'hn* moved into his
new house, and hi* friends and neigli
Isirs heltted him to celebrate tlie event
last Friday night by giving him a
house warming.
All the
Good Things
Of Earth
Tout is, all the good thing*
that belong In a grocer'*
stock, are here. You will
waut some of them
You cannot Hud a bet
ter assortment anywhere
In tlie United States You
couldn't buy them at bet
ter prices.
J. M. FIX.
One hall of some advertisements are misleading.
More especially in the Shoe trade, because nine
tenths of the people can't tell a Calf Shoe from
a Satin Calf Shoe. It pays to tell your trade
just what they are buying.* Some mer
chants and sales-people knowtno bet
ter. This week we clean up a line
of Misses Pebble Goat Shoes,
12 to a, at 75c. Our Ladies
glove grain and Pebble
Goat shoes at 850,
good values at
fx.25. Yours
S h o e 1 y,
♦ That Sensible and Substantial
! Christmas : Gifts.
I Can be Obtained From the
I Cash Hardware Store.
****** ********************************************
Holiday Gifts...
Kid Gloves,
Silk Umbrellas,
Ice Wool Shawls,
Embroidered Towels,
Fine Linen,
Imported Damask,
Satin Damask Napkins
Silk Mufflers,
Fancy Reefers,
Silk Handkerchiefs.
Emb. Linen Hdkfs.
Table Spreads.
Ladies Capes and Jackets...
All Jackets this seasons goods, strictly new
styles. Regular retail, up to $12.50. Choice, as
long as they last
$ 5.00
Holly • • • •
Makes C hrtotnu a time
accm brighter. Csttat
our store sad get s
sprig. Shop all Too
wont to in our «tore,
700 wffl find plcnwc
looking orcr our etock
of Books* Shoppers of
today a«o c ort oan m of
The Book Storo.
Gel an 1898 Diary.

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