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Lewiston teller. (Lewiston, North Idaho) 1878-1900, December 31, 1897, Image 1

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Lewiston T eller.
E 22
A Happy New Year to All.
The ©wl Drug Store.
Mail orders promptly attended to. I telephone No. 44.
murr nr tiiirmmmm-mmimtftmmiriimmittmfK
The Happy New Year
will bring with it other wants and needs. Re
member, always, that we are here to serve yon
with the finest stock to be had in the line of China*^
and household decorations.
iiiiiiinnii iii.iiuuuiiuium«iuiunumiuuiummiinum ^
* A jfW i<lft .A. ^W.A A JU A A A A ^ .
Happy New Year
Watch or dock to-day, 55c.
r *SF WW
©. Ä. Kjos. >
ijr WWW
r *SF
Open House.
< Day, the
• pen house
On tomorrow, New Veil
lie follow hm ladies have
lisir intention of keeping
Mrs. .Inn. I*. Vollmer from 3 to 7 ,......
'si.ieii h.v .Mrs. Babb, the .Misses Ttu
Missis Snux, Edna Baird,
»'llliieisicr ami Gregory.
Mr.-. ( A Hustings,assisted hv Mr«.
'Ills Abend, ami Missies Oreiitt, ,
•wean i Fiaine Rester.
A. C. Coburn is putting anotlitr o'!
"*liaiidsouumoulding and panel in- |
enor decorations in the Owl Drug
-tore this week.
More - Excitement.
Money Saved —
ess is ***
^«_Money Earned
$ 2.00
See our Prices \ Bed
{Bed Springs ...»
All from nice new stock and these are only two
items from an.invoice of tWO CRT loads ot I10W
£°°ds. ■ We also have the largest stock ol Second
Hand goods in the state and nothing is out of our line,
^e buy anything and sell everything.
In connection with our second hand store, we
have opened up a new furniture store, making priCOS
lower than ever before. Call and see. W e take
pleasure in showing goods and giving prices. All
goods delivered are carefully packed.
We are truly House Furnishers,
from Collar to Garret.
Geo. Bremer & Co.
ijr WWW
D-nuis K'tvm mil was brought before
Jmiue Stonkey'•'uesday and on medi
cal I x iminat on by Dr. L. F. lnnian
was declared insane. Sheriff Baitou
lias wired the aulhorities at Blackfoot
and an attendent will lie sent to con*
duct I lie patient to the asylum.
The Woodmen diamatie players of
Asotin will produce the stirring drama
Sunlight or the Diamond King at
the Fry Nell Opera House in Asotin
I'nesdav night January 4 lHliS. The
east con tains smite of the best local
On Wednesday evening the home of
<• E. lUitler, on Normal Hill w.*s the
* I elegant weddings that ever occurred
\9 in Lewiston. It wan the occasion of the
$ marriage of Fred N. Hallett and Della
'Jj "indsuy. The double parlor« of
the elegant residence were artistically
decorated with holly, mistletoe and
English ivy. 1 11 the arch of the great
bav window on the weht wan a dais
where on a bed of arbor vine rested
, two ««tin pillows. Above from the
! corners 01 the window festoons of
ci ~' .......
I center and held directly over the dais
I IV ft Ulllktl' II' I. lé.. __t _
Ranks of
Hair ferns
the coming of
Shortly alter
by a snow-white dove,
hotted palms and Maiden
completed the decorations.
The guests were received In the
south parlor to await
the wedding party.
8 o'clock Miss Pearle Wickershain
sounded the opening chords of the
beautiful Mendelsohn Wedding march
and the wedding party moved from
the upper hull down the broad stair-J
w.n thtoiigh the o|ie.i door to the
raised platform. The clergyman, Rev.
.1. D. McCuukey, preceded the party
to his station, then followed the bride
groom with the groomsman, Thos.
Lindsay. Next the bridesmaid, Miss
Edna Baird, and then the bride lean
ing on her father's arm.
The bride was radiantly beautiful
Over a gown of white satin she wore
an overdress ot chiffon effectively
draped. In her
Bride's roses and
hand she carried
in her hair were
* bite hyacinths. At« elegant bridal
\cil completed her costume. The
bridesmaid was gowned In cream silk
Dimmed with pink ribbons and she
carried pink rosea.
I be ceieiuony was the beautiful and
impressive ring ceremony of the
Episcopal service with res|ionse*. The
father gave the tiride away.
After a few minutes allotted to le
ceiving congratulations the company
repaired to the dining room where an
elegant luncheon was spread for the
occasion. The table was decoiated
with ivy and ferns. The center piece
was a bank of chrysanthemums and
above this suspended fiom the ceiling
by broad satin ribbons was the li ide's
cake resting on a tray b.iukrd • i 1 1 1
Jn the uiidsl of the merrv making
the First Regimental baud appeared
and rendered a few delightful felec
tioiis. S ion alter ten tile party broke !
up and the newly murrled couple pro
ceedeti to tlie .Sleamer Lewi-ton ami
on the following morning went to
Spokane where they will remain over
„ „ 3
tlie New i ear. 1
* A Happy and Prosperous J
New Year to All____
See our stock of fine Chamois Skins on display in
our west window'. You will find our stock complete
in every detail and prices right. Come and -get a cal
endar or almanac for '98.
Dem 4 Butler, Druggists.
telephone Do. 1$.
A Favorable Report.
E. Barrow, electiical engineer and
profeHHor ill charge of that department
at Pullman, went with Pres. D. M.
Whim of the I>ewiston Light Co. to
inspect the site of the power plant pro
posed by the company in making ini-1
provenants in their service for next
year. Prof. Darrow was seeii by the
Tki.i.kk after his return and gives it
as his opinion that the pioposed plan
j is perfectly feasible. ft will lie easy at
j a comparatively low cost to get a plant
«ni Asulin creek to develop 1000 horse
j |H>wer. The transmission to Lewiston
; will Is* a simple engineering problem,
j ,-\ Unit ten |iercent of the |s>wer only
: will lie lost by the transmission.
Prof. Darrow exa mined tlie present
I plant and is confident that a complete
! new plant ean be put ill fitted with
the latest of modern apparatus and
j o|ierated with an increase of efficiency
and a decrease of cost that would pay
; double Interest ou the outlay of the i in
vestment. He was present Tue-dav
evening at a full meeting of the board
of stockholders and gave in detail his
1 observations and suggestions He will
dra.v up plans and make estimates for
operating a plant that will supply
light and power to Lewiston sufficient
for present needs and allowing for the
natural growth.
They are all Rigrnt.
The Homers Family that gave an en
tertainment at this place last Wednes
n«y evening are all right. The father
a'id mother are clever singers and the
illdren are a wonder, especially. Mi
-'i-ihe whose singing is up to the high-I
.stonier, and should U- appreciated
'1 yv. er.-\ a I lev I n.ii-i rite, Me
Miunnl.c, Uicjtuii.
Mt. Idaho Stage Held Up.
passenger* were ordered to line up on
{ the ground with the muzzle of a gun
unpleasantly near. As they stood In
1 line one of the robbers searched the
^*° C P*wmj ge
The stage which left Lewiston last
Tuesday at noon was held up at
o'cloek Wednesday night one mile this
side <>f Orangeville. There were two
passengers, a traveling man and
miner. The night was very dark but
the flash of two rifles and the com
maud to halt made the fact apparent
that at least two desperate highway
men were present. The driver and
i They secured about $2ô trom the miner
' ___ » • ■ raft* •
whose name is Oarber. The drummer
was diligently searched from overcoat
to pants hut $80 In currency in a »mull
vest pocket was overlooked by the rob
j bers. They found only a few cents in
i silver in the drummer's |<ockets. The
driver. Allie Vincent, was also
searched. The robber who was as
signed to the work of searching the
pockets hesitated when he came to
the driver. His companion cursed him
aud accused him of cowardice when he
faltered. Alter the passengers were
searched the mail received attention.
A leather sack was tound in the boot
and the robbers evidently suptiosed U
to lie the register pouch. It happened
however that there were several leather
sacks and the one selected did not con
tain the registers. The sack was spilt
open hut nothing of value was found
in it. The passengers and driver after
all the hearty In sig..t was appropriated,
were ordered to take their seats. The
driver was ordered to turn back on the
road and return to Deliver upon pain
of lieing shot. The command was
obeyed so far as turning back was con
jcencerued. but utter proceeding 200
yards the stuge was again turned
toward O-angeville whence it pro*
ceedcd without molestation.
The particulars, so far as gathered,
indicate the presence of two blgh-wuy
men. They were masked in gunny
saeks and had horses hitched near tlie
scene of the robbery. The tracks in
the mud indicated that the robbers
rode into Grangeville in advance of
the stage. One of the robbers was tall
und (he other short. The tall man
was exceeding nervous and lie went
about his assiiiged duties in sileuee.
The short man taiked a great ileal and
ordered Ihb companion «bout as a tuas
ter would order a slave. The sheriff
and a posse were upon the ground curly
! Wednesday morning, und it is U-lleved
the robtiers will be located soon,
Elmer Waldrlp and wife of Asoliti
ï ew * iwe î' a Christmas present In the
form of a lovely girl baby born Tues
1 day, December 2S.
A Legal Complication.
A very Interesting legal complication
has arisen in the case of the fulled
(States vs Win Joua» charged with in
treducing liquor on tlm reservation
Jonas had a hearing liefere Commis-'
shiner E. O'Neill and was held t > ap
|ienr liefere the federal court at th
next term at Moscow. Hih attorney
applied to Judge Pi|ier of tlie state di«'
Irlct court lor a writ of habeas corpus
which was granted and a hearing
ordered forthwith. The point at issue
is the apparent conflict between state
und federal courts as to a question of
jurisdiction. Has the stale court the Is
authority to isaue a writ of nulieas
corpus in the case of a prisoner held
by the authority of the United State-?
Work to Begin at Once.
Nothing occurs to stop the progress
of preliminaries in connection j»nh the
railroud matters. The committee In
charge have completed all negotiations
with the property owners and will this
week have all the deeds placed safely
in escrow Engineer Van Arsdal left
yesterday for Juliaetta to give instruc
tions to the party of Held surveyors
that « ill lie 1 here to take the field at
mice. He had wired headquarters
Wednesday that everything had I ecu
settled as far as rlght-bf-way was i 011 -
cernert. Dirt will fly shortly alter the
New Year and the work will be pushed
M. C. True and son Harry arrived
. 1 rue aim son narry an I ved in T
the city Monday enroule for Florence 2
but Harry was taken ill with the fever 5
and bad to la* taken home to 1'ullmall
Weduesusy. j
* A A
''jnan'nnlfW WWW)
do not worry a man who has one of
our new air tight Heaters. OOLE'8
HOT BLAST is the most perfect heat'
er of its kind. Economy and comfort
can be had at surprisingly low figures.
Prof. E. Darrow, director of the gl«*e
club of the Washlugtan Agricultural
college, was in Ihe city the first of the
week completing the ai rangements
<>f the club's visit to this city Friday,
muary 7.
Happy New Year to All!
Start the New Year right, and Save
Money on Your Footwear.
Wear our Ladies $2.50 Shoe,
value ever offered.
It is the best
Wear our Ladies Welt Shoes for street.
They keep your feet dry.
Odd lines of Ladies and Mens Shoes to close
at a low price.
Yours Shoely,
Hastings, Smith & Co.
The Shoe Store.
The Very Best on Earth.
For uniformity in baking.
For perfection in roasting.
For immensity in water heating.
For greatness in fuel saving.
For simplicity of construction.
For ease of management.
For cleanliness in use.
For strength in its parts.
For certainty of no repair bills.
Gash Hardware Store.
■MMM »——————
With Your
We appoint you * com
mittee of one to ascer
tain where you can boy
Stationery, Office Sup
pttc% Issfc«, **»*-, with
best advantage to your
aelf. We bctterc that
Inyestigate the
thoroughly you
buy here. Com
pare prices and quality.
The 890k Store.
j* j»
Rubber Stamp Agents
The ladles have organised two bowl
ing clubs. They bave Um alitas on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Haturdays
from 9 a. m to 2 n. m. Mies Ines
Baird has the highest score thus far
recorded, 27.
James Jacks of Agatha ta tn theolty.

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