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The Lewiston Teller.
— HY—
C. A. Forksman, Publisher.
Entered nt tin' Lewiston I'
second ('li4--s Mail Matter
< hie year, iii a t'
~i.\ months.......
i'hiv** month*» .
! .an
A Popular Loan.
War has come and with the ao
vent of war comes the question of
war taxes and war prices The
government will have to borrow
money and large sums of money.
It will have to be a heavy Imj rower,
even if the inert-tsetl taxation
which the members ot the wavs
and means committee have been
considering should be imposed ini
mediately. No possible increase ;
in revenue would bring m money
enough to meet the government's
needs while the war lasts, or bring
it quick enough.
Large loans will have to be
made and the question is being
agitated of making a populai loan,
giving the people i chance to aid
the country financially. Are the
I>cople able to negotiate such a
loan? Discussion on
has developed some
figures as to the financial condi
tion of the country. The circtt
lation statement of the
department issued April 4 shows
that we have an enormous slock of
gold in the country, almost £750,
000.ooo. Of this the I'uitcd States
the subject I
astonishing (
Treasury j
treasury holds $175,000,000 in the!
gold reserve, the National banks '
hold £200,000,000 more and the !
people have the rest. Men well
versed in the conditions estimate
that a popular loan of £500,00 1,000 |
cuuld be negotiated among our own
people, a 5-20 loan bearing 2 per ;
cent and the bonds thus issued j
would be taken at par, with the l
best security which can be had in!
any market.
The feeling on the Cuban ques
tion has shown how under a com
ma« sentiment the people of the
United S'ates are knitted together.
The national feeling is stronger by
far than any differences of wealth
or any mere partisan feeling. The
nation is a unit in upholding and
maintaining <*a fixed principle of
human liberty. War for aggrand
izement or for so called glory is
not the underlying cause of this
upraising. Naturally we are for
peace and our greatest achieve
merits have been the victories of
peace. The aits of civilization,
leading the world in the progress
of human enlightenment have been
the great aim of tjie American peo
ple. But the miseries of Cuba and
the baseness and savagery of her
oppressor have swept away all the
restroints that could plead for
peace. This is a righteous war.
The last vestige ot mediaeval op
pression must be swept front the
new world. In all justness and
fairness, after years of patient for
bearance. after having exhausted
all possible means ol diplomacy the
government has declared war, and
publie sentiment has united the
people to carry out the purpose at
every cost. Shoulder to shoulder
the reunited North and South,
men of the blue and the gray will
advance to perform this noble deed
ot humanity, pledging to it if med
be their fortunes and their lives.
Europe's fear that her supply
cotton and wheat frqjn this country J
will be diminished in the event ot ]
war with Spain will not be realized. (
The utea that Spain can blockade !
any American port is, of course,
absurd. It is only by a blockade
that exports can lie obstructed, for
almost nil the vessels which are in
the foreign trade from this country
trelnug to England or some other
European nation, and tlu-se wil
not lie molested 011 the high seas,
except that contraband articles on
them intended for 11s will lie sub
ject to seizure. It is sale to pi edict
that the Atlantic Ocean trade to
and front the United States will not
lie interrupted. The coasting trade
is in American vessels, and these
may be in some dangtr, but the
Jxri! here will probably he siij iu
With Cuba and Porto Rico in
, American hands, as they will be
undoubtedly soon alter war is de
clared, the supply oi o a! ibr S; <«tt
ish vessels on this side nt th •
Atlantic will be cut off. Spain's
war ve"cls and privateers are
likely to be very shy about routine
in 11 » American waters.
flie meeting of the democratic
state central committee at Boise
this week will determine whether
; or not they are willing to lead I In
fusion forces into the populist
camp. Everything points to this
consummation of the populist wish
to make the other parties recog
ni/.e their commanding position
and come to where they have
pitched their camp. If fusion
comes as a result of this arratigt
ment it will come bringing to pop
ulists a more equitable divi .ion of
the spoils. The populist leader
who recently addressed a meeting
in this city said that two years ago
the populists were outgeneraled
because of the superior organiza
tion of their allies but at this time
they were in a position to demand
fair treatment, and th it the call
lor a convention at Muse nv was hi
get out of reach of the jobbers who
infested the state capital.
It is rumored that William Jen
itings Bryan, like another Achilles
is sulking in his tent, because the
people are making too much a
hero ol Fitzhugh Lee. These ate
tile times to try true metal and
the grand ovation of love and re
sped that the American people
tendered Consul General L e was
in consideration of the- manly, con
sistent and honorable course he
pursued in conducting national af
fairs in Cuba. IDs words have
the true ring of American states
manship. He upheld the dignity
and honor of the nation as an
American patriot should and be
lias volunteered to return to Cuba
with loyal men to light for freedom
America is proud to honor a states
man who can act as well as talk.
The developments contemplated
by the Clearwater Improvement
Co. will be greatly forwarded by
further aid from congress to im
prove the river. In the last con
gross our representatives were able
to get £25,000 to expend upon the
improvement of the Clearwater.
This has been used to remove
many had obstructions and lias
materially aided in the navigation.
Our representatives this session
will be greatly remiss to our in
terests if they neglect to have an
appropriation made for continuing
the work , already begun. The
Clearwater taps a country rich in
great natural resources and the
development of a vast section of
the- interior will be greatly retarded
if this natural highway is not
opened for traffic.
War is upon the nation and in
these trying times men show their
true colors. The gold bug has been
generously slandered >e* the test
of the times does not show him
deficient in the truest heroism
Vanderbilt will build a warship,
Gould has tendered the use of his
vaciit to be fitted as a cruiser, or
W.mamaker will raise and equip a
regiment and go with them per
sonally to the field. True patriot
ism is willing to make sacrifiées
These tnen are patriots. A cotn
ofjpauy ot millionaires sons has been
J recruited 111 New York to go to the
] Iront, and tlu ie is every evidence
( that when du times demand tin
! plutocrats will make as willing
herns as the nation has.
Havana papers speak ol General
Lee as "a Yankee frightened out
of Cuba " It Spain holds th • hut
till the hoys in blue get in action
down there with General I.ee well
to the front she will discover that
there are others, not Yankees, who
will be frightened out of Cuba.
The crafty politician who ha-*
announced that his candidacv is
now in the hands of hi-* friends
very much mnoyed to find that
1rs friends arc just now so busy
looking attet the Cuban qui-dton
Jty the a iv. when all the gre.it
J men are ring their services toi
mtry^in the spirit of pat*
' rioti in, devotion to honor and de
fen .• of the d ig, where is William 1
i fenuings Brvan?
j It is hard to keep political booms]
j warm in the midst of these trying;
j and troublous times. This proha
j blv accounts for the silence oi Fred
' T. Dubois.
It took Congress just a minute
anil forty-one seconds to declare
war. Spain will find the people
just as rear!)- to fight.
War has been declared and the,
American hulls and bears will now ;
charge upon the Spanish toreador. >
Notice of Special Election.
'\ h-ivas t he B >:iril of I'Uui-alion of
I mlepeiident S -I.ool Distrier, No. 1 , of
Lewiston, I lalio, did at 11 it-gulur meet
1 ne t lieti-oi. Iieliion the 2 in! day «f
April lsii.s, u 11111 motion duly made
and earned deride that it was m-eessai y
to repair and enlarge the present school
huiidinu, situate in the city of Lewis-j
ton, Nez. lVrrc county, Idaho, and !
that in onier to make siii'li repairs and ]
eolaiv-meol it would he heres.sarv to!
t xpeml Inr siii-h purposes an annum
......... y not to exceed the sum of
Fifteen Thousand (fiô, 000 . 00 ) Dot
l:os, and WInieas tin- constitution ofi
the state of Idaho, protdhits the ex- .
I'l-oditon- ol swell a sum of money 1
" illnui li -1 suliiuitting the same to !
•he qualité d electors of s lid school ;
hist riet.
\v then
re »
otiee i
* here
iy sriven
re w
1 >0
1:1 ft
iiehl at ;
*. of
1 mle
ne m let it
1 1
-1 No. 1
ot 1.
1 .ial
* 1 i
a » : .
of M
iv, IMIS,
i..-t «
f. ;
t lie
of out
<:k |i. in.
* iv
in. of
1iy, tor
t In
) >11 r p> >
mi!. mit tin«
to the
s of
1 >i-t
I- till"
mil of
K In
on, of
•1 shall he an
/. •.
in r
>11 1 ><>;>
s to 1 he
of !•'
'i llOII
HO) Dollars, fur
fm-egoirur pn-tuohle s|
repairing 1 le* present
pinpnsi-s to the
eilied, namely,
-(•hoot hmldimr
to) ei-'-etiug an addition thereto, of
I In-follow ion demeiwloiis, to-wit: A
two story hiirk huililioy, fo-ir rooms
in each story, size of rooms, ,'!0 by MU
leel, with stone basement.
I hose fovoiiinr such expenditure
ami the Issuing ofsiteli coupon bonds
f " ill votq for hoodinir "bonds yes"
agaiust homlimr "bonds no" ) i'olls
will he open at the hour ol I o'clock
p. in. and close at tin- hour of U o'clock
I', m. L. Bow Icy, judge of election
and Jim. L. l hapntan eb-rk ofi-leetion
Ity order of I he Board ol Kducatioii of
I-ideiiemlenl School District No. 1, of
Lewiston, Idaho.
Dated Apr.I " 3 , l.stt.s.
Il K Uaiinktt, Clerk.
F. W. Kettenbach,
Lewiston, Idaho.
ffa rtihiQhdh farù*
Tr 7 T T T T 7 TT V ~ 'W ST TT
t IDAHO. £
& This
f Townsite
«$* is
«j» Now
. Päütted.
^ l.n-aled midway between
ffa J il liât ■it:» unit Leuistnn, on
i line of Lewiston extension of
''v.'* N. I*. By., nt month of Lup
LL wai creek. By heing twelve
j._ mill - nearer t lie rich grain and
stoi-K lands of tin- K--ervation
^ and l 'amas Prairie and mining
X c.mntry south, with no heave
grad: s toelimli, it lias natural
resources tor a trading point
1 x that has No Equal. <let in
IMS* on tile ' :,i'"iimt floor." Buy
] ^ a lot white pi n es are low.
j T t'dl on, or address, The
"•S* Spaldinq O»., Lewiston.
' *t.
John Wilkinson, Pres.
L. A. Porter, Sec'y.
st.* |A» ,*,Ts r&t gtg gt/s kb -'t'l JO
• w ÄL,
e. G. KRESS,
Jeweler & Watchmaker. ^
Main Street, Postaffiee Bln.k. Jt»
H. M. White, President
j. Alexander. N ice President.
Geo. H. Rester. Cashier.
W. 1 ' Kcltciihaih Asst Cash.
9 « e e
[i'^v il v i
Corner of Fourth and Main Streets.
LEWIST ON,.........* '
! 7 „TfîSÆCü'/ A
Air-. Sallie KetU-lit-a.-h
.1. Alexander, I* M
B. F. Morris, W I
II [tester*
iV.'wiiu"!..... .. : [ R- Ay Ki [F D Kl ©
F. Iv-tteiiliaeli, i " „
Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities ol the United States
and Europe.
• John P. Vollmer. President
k Vollmer, Vice President.
• 1 . W. Haves, Cashier.
Strongest Bank in Idaho
j mfi
^ Capital and Surplus
Kiri- proof vault loi the use ol - «Storni i - for safe keeping of valuables. Burglar proof steel safe
protected to saraent -'s >. ienle.i: oiie- ... k Coric-pomleiitsin all the principal cities orthc world
Buv and sell exchange.
Fresh Meals.
Cured Meats.
sms to w. I*. Hum)
Lard. 1
Etc. Etc.
Dealers in ail kinds of Live Stock.
Adams Buildiiuj, Alain Street.
^Mallory & Lydon Livery Stabled
(Marlin Collin's Old Stand)
Lewiston, Idaho.
New Rigs, New Stock, Everything up to date. Calls will
receive prompt attention. 'Phone No. 17.
The Lewiston Dray Line.
S. D. Shurte, Proprietor.
Anything in the way of drayage promptly attended to,
with reasonable charges. Household goods a specialty.
J* W. Davison Sic Co.. Proprietors.
Lader new management. The travelling public will
hud that the proprietor will spare no pains to eater to the
public. Free Bus to and from the boat. Fine sample rooms.
M. Donzac «& Co, Proprietors.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fine Wines and Liquors.
Schlitz, Milwaukee Beer. Flor de .luliana, Armoim, Grand Director
v Drais. ( ourteiiUH truat mon t
The Secret of Success • • .
111 cooking bread or pastry lies in the quality of the
flout used. Users of our High Grade Patent'Process
flour have no cause for complaint on this score.
The demand for our product is daily increasing.
\V e have on hand bran, also shorts and chop.
»»«.*JM,^k? w,STON milling co.
THE MINT ,4 ,4
J* P Walker & Co., Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Brandies and Cm-u-c a 1 ,
rexan, in connection. Clark Building, Main Street. A Ulb
Range Meat Market.
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and v*
Sausages and Kauov Meals
Ik- pleased to reecn-e a portion of your patronagc _
—----^tj^street^ LcwUton. Idaho.
Lewiston Tailoring Establishment.
Fine Tailorinq a Specialty
ocu.id «
F R a\ K HaeKER, Proprietor.
H. T
-Hixteen-incli slat, w , Hld ~r -
stove, can be seenivd „r d**J f ".
lerv. ' hinan *
* Buying
I Pays at ,*t
Come here ami
lesson in it. We
gi ve you more for your e-a«|, t | la " i
No matter ^
^*t un oljppt
"an Hfforii t0 ^
• -----.... ,
we could lor credit,
how honest you arc, if JOU , ;
on credit you must help 2 i
other people's hills. Buyrti*? '
huy for cash, buy here Vauw <
A ou get best value f„ r your 1
money. } ur <
t Mioice coffees, teas and spie«, 1
A full line of select groceries.
|Thc Spice i
lof Life. .. j
* *
* J
* is in variety when the t
I variety is good. We I
I recommend our line of Ï
* spices, pickles and »
s •
4 t catsup. J
* I
* ♦
t The Cash Grocery. }
♦ Main St Cor. sth. Telephune Xo 41 4
Naliee to Creditors.
Kstate of Polly Thompson. «icceascfl.
Notice is hereby «iveii, tli.it letters of Testa
tnentary on the PNtate of'Polly l'homi^on, dr
ceasetl, were granted to the undersigned a the
Jist <Iay of April, by the Probate Court of
Nez Perce County.
All persons having claims against said Estate
are required to exhibit them to rue for allowance,
at my residence near Lapwai. within four months
after the date of this notice, or they shall be
forever barred.
This 29th day of Apt il. is >>.
I.ixinda A. Bum i.i i r, Executrix.
Notice to Creditors.
Instate of Alexander /achorv. deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that Letters testi menton -
on the Instate ot A lex. ander /achorv deceased,
were granted to the undersigned on the i.sth day
of April iSgS, by the Probate Court of Nez I'ercf
All persons having claims against said Estate
are required to exhibit them to me for allowance
at Cavendish, Idaho, within four months after
the date of this notice, or they shall be forever
This 22nd dav of April. i^» s .
Horace Noble.
Kxecutor of the Estate of Alexander /.achorv,
Notice for Publication oi Time Appointed
for Proving Will.
In the Probate Court, in and f-*r Nez Ferce
county, State of Idaho.
In the matter of the estate of Alexander Zach
ary, deceased.
Pursuant to an order of said Probate Court
made on the 7th day of March. i v G. notice n*
hereby given that Friday the isthdayol ApnL
1S9S, at 10 o'clock a. m.. of said day, at i he court
room of said court, at the court house in the city
of Lewiston, county of Nez Perce, Mate of Ihaho,
has been appointed as the time and place tor
proving the will of said Alexander Zachary de
ceased. and for hearing the application of Horace
Noble for the issuance to him ot Letters ot Ad
ministration when and where anv person nue -
ested may appear and contest the same.
Dated March nth, iNgS. ,, ,
1 *. K Stookev. Clerk.
• Notice of Contest.
IT. S. I.aild Office, Lewiston. Idaho, March to.
I898. (£ , ,
Complaint having been ent ereil nt this omit
by I rank Schenkofski against Martin L'tnie '
afiandoning his Homestead lCntry S<> • ^ .
Mav I s, 1896, upon the Lots .(>. 21. ' « ! '<t ; • •
21, Township 33, N. Range 1, W H. 1,1 * '
Perce couuty. Idaho, with a view to .
ccltation of said entry, the said parties are n ^
summoned to appear at this office
day of May, iS^s. at 10 o'clock a in
and furnish testimony concerning > an**'-'
abandonment. - v _ r
Alfred \v. Kroftinui.r.
Taos. Mullen,
Att'y. for Contestant
Timber Culture, Final Proof. - Notice
For Publication.
United States Land Office. Lewiston,
March 3t. 1S9S. a s
Notice is hcrebv given that i mtim ^f 0 ". ' roc
administratrix ofthe Estate of Ki«' i ,Il! J - ,* ^
deceased, has filed final pro.-t bt t«>re
Land Office in Lewiston, •nt viturdav - on
day of May, 1S9S. oil timber cultttre upp v - m
No. 879, for the K S 1 -'. 'i «'t -ecttoU ad
township No. 35, N. range N«t • ^ ^ \\n
He names as witnesses Link '''/'IV.
liam L'ortlyic. John Pouting, 8.«',niio
all of Lewiston, Idaho H I '''''''
Nolice to Creditors
Fstate of Win. Redding, decca^ril
Notice i> hereby given, that I V*t« r* t
istration on the' Estate oi Wm K '; i j. the
ceased, were granted to tlu undersot* t
/larch isos, bv the Probat« C
jiaiJ eststt
all.) warn'«.
28th day of March rsy>. by the
Nez. Perce county.
All persons having claims against
are required to exhibit them to in* '• "-'VV,', four
at my office in Lewiston. Idah' ' F v .jjall
months after the date ot this notice, o
be forever barred.
This ist day of April

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