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T eller.
I allegrettis Candies.
|| We are sold agents for the Famous Chicago
^ Confectioner, Allegrettis, and our first shipment is
£ just in. Try a box.
f Ray & ©smers.
T Agents for Gem Cameras.
The Owl Drug Store.
I Shirtwaists ...
In Silk, Satin or Cotton.
They're New.
They're Neat.
They're Seasonable.
They're All Sizes.
tt t t t t tt tt ttttt tt f t t t t t t t t
% Special For this Week.
Ladies Sailor Hats and Shirtwaists.
See Center Window.
Watch for our Saturday's Special
Small Figure Sale,
The like of which was never in Lewiston.
©. A. Kjos.l
John I.anc. John A. Brown. John Green.
Lane, Brown & Green,
Attorneys and Counselors
at Law.
Lewiston, Idaho.
Stute and Federal Courts
Lewiston's f
Largest Store.
Hereafter our Store will be closed
all day Sunday. To enable our custo
mers to make their purchases, we will
keep open Sat. night until 10 o'clock.
We offer many Bargains for Saturday aud
Monday's sale—Bargains in Shoes. Hosiery
aud Underwear.
We have just got in the sweetest line of
laby Shoes, all colors, ever shown.
Jno. P. Vollmer & Co.
N. B.:—We carry the celebrated "Thompson's
j« Glove Fitting" Summer \ entilatingCotset,
5 June Delineators and Butterick Patterns
3 now on sale.
And Embalmer.
A Fatal Accident.
Wednesday William Khatiglc was
latallv iIijmvil in un accident that ,h>
i iuifil just below tin* Rimrnck on the
l 1 iianitown hill. He was hauling
lialetl hay foe the Btirnlmm & Griblile
commission house. Hi' started from
ijfwiston furl y in the morning and ex
liei'leil to yet hat'k with Ins load about
ilie nii'lillt'of thf afternoon. It was
alioiil ;l I ». in win -11 In* reached tin* ton
ot the hill and 1Ö minutes Inter hi
mangled bohy was resting on the road
side while life ebbed away.
tieo.S. Hinkle who was bringing
down a loud of bay for the O. K. feed
yard was about a hail mile behind Mr.
Slianglc w In n the accident bn|i|ieneil.
Ha was at hi-side in 1 i minutes and
remained with him till Itis death. His
account of the accident is as follows:
' .Slut ,«le was dm in« down the «ratio
with his foot, in the brake rope when
the brake block slipped out mid tin*
wagon lurt-iied forward iipui the wheel
horses mid the whole team started l'
run. Hhanglejumped hut the brake
rope threw nim haek initier the wagon
on his faee and the hind wheels passed
over t lie small of his hack crushing
him." Tilts is the story Mr. Khangle
to those who gathered about him. He
He lived about an hour anti a half
alter the accident. Mr. Hinkle and
others carried him to the roadside amt
brought water tc bathe his head and
<|Uetic|i his thirst He suffered great
lain hut was conscious and talked lively
about the accident ami about his wife
and children. lie mounted greatly
because lie hail to he taken from them
leaving them among strangers and
alone. He was free front pain for t In
half hour preceding his death and the
end came easily and ijuietly.
The deceased is the son of William
Shangle, of Cassia county, Idaho, a
very prominent, cattleman of that sec
tion of the state, and he has only been
here about two months. The father
was coming here in a few weeks and
together they were expecting to locate
their cattle upon some of the ranges
here. The wife of tue deceased ami
lour small children are in the eity.
They live in one of tlie small houses
along the dike. «
Coroner Strong visited the scene of
the accident directly alter the news
reached town and brought the hotly to
the city. It now lies in his undertak
ing rooms awaiting news from the
father who was telegiuphed the partic
ulars of Ills son's sail death.
'Not How Cheap, but How Good.*
We are
Agents for
His Candies
Try Once
And You
Will Buy
Some More.
And Carry
A Full Line.
Dent « Butler, Druggists, telephone Do. is.
Monday's Election Defeated Free
Silver Fusion and Resulted in
a Glorious Victory.
The state election in Oregon Monday
resulted in a victory fm the republi
cans. The completed returns will give
the republicans tin* state by nearly
10,(Mil plurality. T. T. Geer will he
the next governor Tojigue, repuhli- j
mu, carried the first district by at.out. j
2Ö00 and Mootly, republican, received
over fjOOJ plurality in the second dis- |
The legislature is republican by 44 j
majority on joint, ballot wliieh will in
sure the election of a republican Unitcil |
j Slates senator lo till the vacancy now
I existing, flic legislature will stand is
! follows: Senate -republicans, 44; op
position, in. House—republicans. Ilk;
; opposition, 22. In t lie eity of l'orl land
j \V. S. Mason, republican,
mayor h\ 2öott.
cl, , led
Governoi Jno. R. Tanner, of Illinois,
ainla pally of Chicago capitalists ar
rived in *ilie city rucfd.ay evening
j direct from Warrens when* they have
heeu examining same mining proper
I ties. They own (lie lo!a mine in that
I camp The partV c.nne I y i rivale ear
to Weiser and went into Warrens over
that route and returned via Lewiston
hi Ripina where their car will lie lo
! meet them. The capitalists of the
party were Jno. W. Gates, president of
j tin* j llinu's Steil Co, Will I'tiimer,
vice-president and .Juo. A. Drake,
treasurer of the Illinois A Indiana
j Railway. All members ot the party
have tlie highest praise for the great
j mineral reruns of Idaho that they m
j speeted.
I Miss Galloway entertained the nor
mal seniors last S tlirday hv giving
j them a straw ride. The \17 grave
! seniors with their teacher a- chatieroti,
j perched upon a rackload of new mown
j hay made a tour of the town and drove
1 into the country to enjoy an elegant
j picnic lunch some where in the
jsuhurlis. The class yell was very much
j in evidence in the musical part of the
! program.
Tuesdav the first door of the new
! Vollmer .dock gave way under the
! strain of several carloads ot merclmn
discaod the entire north part of the
door with its load was crushed into
the cellar. Toe wreckage was cleared
away Tuesday night, and a new floor
was put in and more securely brae......V""-.
than formerly. The damage done wn
comparatively light.
J. M. Harrington is seriously ill with
neryous prostratiou.
Latest War News.
Yesterday's oispatches bro tight very
little news from the war centers. There
I was a rumor to the effect that Manilla
had surrendered to the Americans for
fear of falling into the hands of the
insurgents. At Santiago the lteets still
continue the bombardment, following
up the advantage gained by Hobson's
famous deed of daring, of which a full
I account is given elsewhere. Tomor
row General Mhafter anil 27,000 troops
will land on Culm—infantry, cavalry
j and artillery. These will co-operate
, with tlie fleet and the insurgents for
the immcdiaic occupation of Santiago
; de Cuba.
Arrangements Perfected.
The committee having in charge tin*
arrangements for the Kointti of July
are making rapid progress with the
work. Fully ,i7ôl i has been already
subscribed to the fund. The committee
on fireworks have ordered from San
Francisco an as-airlment of set pieces
with rockets, showers, and all accom
paning display valued at $5tH). These
will in all probability he displayed
from the island in Snake river while
(lie crowtl view tlie splendid scene
from the brow of the hill. The athletic
sports will he well represented with
prizes that will tempt tlie best contest
ants in tlie country. A grand bowery
dance eontinuiug throughout the day
will he another feature of tlie program.
The general committee will have an
other meeting tonight.
Council Proceedings.
At the regular meeting of the city
council Monday night two ordinances
were passed one in answer to a petition
lor « losing certain business houses on
Sunday and the other reducing the
license on wash houses.
The petition for closing business
houses was circulated by the clerks
and it had received the signature ot
nearly every merchant in the eity.
This js practically the same ordinance
that the iadies of Lewiston sought to
Icive passed some mouths ago and its
passage ut this time is probably due to
their silent influence, which as it nears
election time is becoming a more po
tent factor. The ordinance will tie m
effect Sunday, June 11), but some of
Hit* merci units will begin next Sunday
lo observe tin* obligations Imposed.
, h . I
j colle, *te,l
*'-'*" s ; Ù' 11 "' 1 .
| gave Ills final ligures on tin
The second ordinance amended tlie
ordinance licensing wash houses; hith
erto tliey hav i paid ÇH per (piurter hut
under the amended ordinance til *v
will | ay hut J>2 Ô0 pur quarter. The
petitioners uskeil for uspicltie reduc
' lion in favor of the Soper steam lutiii
] dry hut the attorney decided Mint no
! disci luinations would he legal and
that the only thing to do would lie in
make a reduction on all wash hon -es
This was done.
The treasurer's report showed .$:!74t> -1
ho on hand Irnm last mouth, î'Stil 22
leceived, ÿ.IS44 til* disliurs.'d, and ÿ7U"» •
ÔI on hand al tue close of the month,
The marshal rep Tied III arrests, ôj
horses and 7 cows empouuded and
to tin* amount of
ninm i"i' nier Mtiler
d; J V Kluirrali ÿStl.ôii;
s::ôd; I It. Miller Kit);
lli<* work on Mam slreet. He says
that II cost S.'i7ô |.| complete :t|:! feet nl
the Work oran average of *1 7 | |r
linear fool.
Following are the hills allowed: Jno
I*. Rocs s'il ); Win Denny $le; Tioi.i.kk
f-7 7U: Tribune 7(>; J. I*. R ms $7 ÖU;
L J. Hornadav î.T.: J. W. I
Light Co. Slid
.1. N. Sliarrali
IM Stin«on ÿô; F. G MeMinuomv
fit .Ml: Lewiston W. & L C... ïtli.lf;
S- S. Leach nan -VI; .1 no Kidd $ti.no;
Wade F.insler ï4 ntl; C. L. Parker
Sfi .'ill: Jus Cox ï'i.Ud. M. Lvdoii $.'!'i;
T. 1». Cooper rl 27; James Cox $:!:!; S
S. Leaehman ÿJ.iHt; James \\ csderv
$11 öd; J. Tnomnsoii »Ö7 12': Mike
Michel î 11 Ud; Win Cii'icli ï 2 Cd: K
Curtis f-iiJUT; Andrew Ca-sid v sis öd;
Jno NorlMTg $20 nil; .|„s If. Hulchill
son$7.(Kl: ( ici. It. Frost Js|2.dd.
Carved With a Cleaver.
On Sunday, R. S. I) 'erdury, a vv aiter
in tlie Royal Restaurant in n light
with James Sllckupnn, stne-k nim
wi li a cleaver on the side of the head
I indicting a frightful wound. Slicka
I poo and some companions ordered
j breakfast which was served them. The
I others paid lor their meals and retired
to the lodging room Slickapno refused
\ to pav, and in the alleren ion that ful
I lowed 1 » said to have made a movc
; ment as if thrcaiening to draw a re
volver. Deerbury seized a cleaver and
stiuck the Indian down. Later Deer
' U ,'j V , VV ^L",»Tr, Vi , .êT TT. i
". >'*;'di' '>;''rder lie was placed
j .. T..!! " 'Vî'''" r >
! hearing was held lie ore Justice Horna
lay yesterday and the arguments of
j *u today,
brae......V""-. hr,, ^ t 1 ,f \ rt T" for
' ^ •'"'Tr" > '*
, " t l*"- aefei.w*.
\ Mrs. R. r. Beach returned Wednes
day from her visit to Oregou.
: Blowing
Doesn't make a steady
blaze of business unless you Î
have a mighty good thing to
blow about. Our agency for
Chase it Sanborn's Teas and
Colleen makes ns leaders In
Lewiston, as Chase & Han
iioru lead tlie United States
in the Coffee and Tea busi
ness. We could have never
built up our trade on any but
Chase & SaulHirn's ini|iortu
tions. The sales on Teas and
Coffees iiave more than
doubled in the past month,
which shows t hat a good tiling
Is appreciated.
J. M. Fix.
Agent for Chase & *
Sanborns Importations -
—"Seal Brand" Cof
fees. "Buffalo Chop"
Fly Time...
Is coming. It is here in fact, and
so are our supply of Screen Doors
and Windows. A car load just re
ceived. Call in and get prices.
A A A tik
A Carl from the Clerks.
To the Mayor and Aldermen of the
City of Lewiston, and to Jas. W.
We, I he undersigned, clerks ot the
Oily of Lewiston, wish to tender an ex
pression of thanks and deep apprecia
te! i to our honorable niavorand alder
men for the passage, also to our fellow
citizen, J. W. R**id, for aasisturce in Ihe
pissage, of the ordinance for tlie closing
of hu-luess lions, s on Hunday. We will
not forget the interest ,\ou have taken
in the cause of humanity, and believe
it for tlie liest, Interests of our fair city
as well as for both employer and em
ployee that we should liuve one day in
the week for teat and recreation.
(Signed) Committee of Cletks.
Subject ot the sermon at ttie Catho
lic church Sunday at it) u. m. will he:
" The C irpus Christi procession in the
Catholic church, its history and mean
ing " The sermon at 7::M) p. in. will
he delivered on "The feast of the Sa
cred Hear', why It was instituted In
Hie Catholic church." Kveryone
kindly invited.
J. M. McGregor, a well know pm
neer died at Genesee Wednesday and
was brought to Lew iston lor burial
Thursday. Rev. J 1). Mct'onkey eon
din ted Hu- burial services and the pull
hearers were Al. J. Collins, F Rons,
J no \\ ilkinson, Kde 11 Mmiucc, C. .\.
Hastings and L L. Strong.
Ihe Democratic ('entrai e niimlttee
met Inst Saturday and agreed to divide
its parly principles with any other
party that could furnish Ihe votes nee
■ saury lo carry the election.
.Newton Hihiis has returned front the
mines to t ike his family back with
him !<• the mountains.
I Carload Standard Mowers and Rakes, in stock
Bain Wagons and Buggies, in stock.
Bain Wagons and Buggies, ext route.
Stoughton Wagous, en route.
Hodge Headers, en route.
Harvester King-Binders, en route.
Russell Engines and Threshers, en route.
Canton Plows and Cultivators, in stock.
Superior Drillsand Disc Har'ws, in stock.
Wagon Wood Stock, en route.
Barbed Wire, in stock.
Iron Pipe& Aermoter Windmills, en route
12 Carloads, at 15 tons each—180 tons.
(Aud more to follow.)
This is one branch of our business.
tc Cash Hardware Store
Are the Wild
Waves Saying?
That is a question;
but it is generally
admitted, however,
among men of sci
ence, and others in a
position to know,
that they say—Buy
stationery at *
The Book Store.
and you make no
An elegant line
of Ladies' hand
turned Shoes and
Oxfords just le
ceived. ' Look at
the E E hand
turned for fleshy
people. New lire
men's goods. La
dies' white kid
Mrs. M. K. llallett has returned from
Miss Lena Rons is visiting friends ill
J. W. Reid and R. F. Morn* attended
the University cuniineneenieiit this
The W. C. T. U. will meet tn the
east room of the M. K. ehltrch Friday
at 2210.

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