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The Lewiston Teller!
He Has Commenced
To Make His List.
Making our store his headquar
ters for Fine Holiday
Goods. Toilet Cases, Albums,
Collar and Cuff Boxes, Pipes,
Games, Books, Fine Perfumes,
] .ather Goods, Toys, etc., at
ed Rock Prices. You can
»d him at
Dent & Butler, The Druggists.
Telephone No. 15.
The Standard Brands— A. K. T. V. Royal
nvu and Haviland in choice pieces.
•• 1 . 4 . 41 . -«- ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... m
$12 down to $4.50
$8.50down to $4.50
$2.50 down to 50c
$2 down to $1.00.
Our stock of,
Holiday Goods we
are now placing
on sale. Many
new things this
year. More to.ar
rive in a few days.
©. A. Kjos.
D c cember Patterns and
Fas kion Sheets now in.
^ftnïi M»h
T: Santa Claus
as fa 7»Jred up with an early visit and left
liberal supply of useful
X mas Presents.
The .supply consists of everything from a
Rattle Box fo.t the Baby to a Silk Dress for
vom wife, mother, daughter or sweet heart.
For the Girls' Best Fellows
We have a complete line of Gloves, Neckwear,
in fact anything you can think of for a useful
We promised old Santa we would sell the
entire line at
Jno. P. Vollmer & Co.
Prices which always mean a saving to you.
tnd examine the line.
The Railroad Situation.
The past week h«s not brought forth
many developments In the railroad
situation. At the same time there lias
been continuous activity and a con
flict of flying rumors every dav of the
week. Tüe O. R. & N. company has
been locating lines in and about the
city. The purposes of the company
are yet a mystery. A large amount ot
building material was hurried forward
by boat to this city, but it lies at the
The company bas hud surveyors in
and around the city for a week or
more. They extended a line up Clear
water on the north side. This line was
run last spring as far as the Hdcott
place, opposite the "point," which
was then selected as a bridge site.
Some work was done on the proposed
bridge site Ibis week, too; but the ex
tension of the line .beyond the north
terminus would indicate a change of
plans and a desire to either enter the
city on the west, or extend a feeder up
the Clearwater and build the bridge
for a branch down Snake and to meet
the conditions of the "gateway" bar
The Northern Pacific is actively en
gaged in construction work on the
Clearwater cut off. The contract has
been let for the immediate construction
of sixty miles of road, and a large
number of subcontractors are on the
ground with their crews and outfits
some of them are already at work.
Hundreds of men have been shipped in
over the Paiouse rood for this work.
Ft Is estimated tiiat five hundred men
are already upon bhe grounds on the
Clearwater and on the route of the
l.upwai spur. A force of men began
grading on the Caldwell pboe last
Monday. The conflict of title and land
rights have delayed the work on the
Li-pwai spur. The government
authorities interspreced objections to
undue baste and the railroaders prop
retors decided to pursue u red tape
routine rather than antagonize the
rights of others.
Mr. Greenough the active business
manager of ;he firm of Wien & Green
ough was in the city Wednesday.
He said his company bnd the con
tract for the l.apwai spur and for the
Clearwater cut off from die junction at
the mouth of the Potlatch and the
mouth of the l.apwai. They were not
limited as to distance. They contract
ed to make the gradeit so much [>er
yard. Their winter* work would he
limited by the condBioti of the clim
ate. They hoped t/fiuish the valley
division oil both routes this w inter and
they expected to press on into the
higher districts m the snow disap
peared in the sprtig.
Although Mr. <freenougli professes
to have no definite idea of the business
■ >f lie railroad «ompany it was plainly
indicated by tie condition of the work
in baud that both the l.apwai spur
and the Clearwater cut off are assured
facts. Both will be pushed forwaid
with cousltferable haste, the cut off to
a Montauacnunection and the spur to
Camas pr»irie.
Wren AGreenough will have general
supervision of the work. They have
let out sections of work to subcontract
ors already and will sublet all the work
in sections. The subcontractors are
already on the ground. The com pan v
has been delayed some by the fotnai
ity of securing rights of way from the
government over allotted lands. This
It is believed will be regulated soon.
The large force of men now engaged
will oe greatly increased as soon as con
ditions will permit and the men can
be secured.
Five railroads are rushing toward
the Heven Devils mining district.
This great camp is one of the items of
of wealth of this Empire of which
Lewiston is to be the gateway. The
O. It. & N\ railroad is one of the roads
that is reaching out for this mineral
district aud their policy of dowu grade
hauls will bring the traffieof the Seveu
Devils to Lewiston. This down grade
principle is a factor in transportation
must he recognized. This principle
makes Lewiston a natural gateway
equal to Ogden, Denver or Kausas
Already laliorers are coming into the
city with complaints tiiat they connut
obtain satisfactory work with con
tractors on the rail road. The wages
are |1,75 per day nud board is ft per
week. The old complaints by the old
plaintiffs is now heard. The board is
too high, wages are too low and work
too hard." The city as a consequence
is filling up with dissatisfied men.
The contractors advertise for men and
say all can get work, it will be well
to receive this assertion with allow
ance. There is evidently danger that
too many laboring men will be
brought to the Clearwater basin. The
roads mav work thousand^ but at the
irate they are now oomingkn *•----
I A nds will arrive that can tj «
lore thous
od work.
The Cat# Stealing Case.
W. H. Brockt nu " and William Ronke
were before Sweet's court lust
week and wi* committed with bonds
fixed at ssoi'*' 1 ru, ' tt ay of tills week.
Thev wereSralgned then and finally
hound ova» to the grand Jury with
bonds It OP"*"*! 1" Ï2000 in each ease.
It was (glleved tiiat the Imnda would
be given# the flr-t named figure and
an effort was made to give tlie larger
amount. auimlsed, however,
that otter charge« w. re formulated
against** 1 *? prisoners, and that they
would !*° rearrested if released on
Tbk case is being prosecuted with
a gold deal of energy. I he Indian, j
hay« «»gaged special counsel and they
will spa re no expense to prosecute the
m«n whom they charge with stealing
tb«lr stock. It Is claimed they will
piefer other charges it by tecblnacll
tfrs or otherwise the original eases
■bouId be defeated. There were cattle
Belonging to several different Indians
in the Dowd & Hliaw delivery last
June and it is the intention of the
prosecutors to make a separate case 01
each Indian's stock.
It is generally believed that one or
the other of the accused will confess
and secure the legal abatements getter
ally accorded for states evidence. This
inducement will doubtless he held ou
to theee prisoners. There sceins to he
a common belief that an organized
gang has been operating in Hit;
country stealing stock a business.
The stockman of this and Id »ho
county are desirous of breaking up the
stock stealing business and they would
be glad to have the thieves who con
stitute the gaud identified. While
they do not generally believe Brock
man and Rooke are the principals in
the crime they believe they could
furnish the information that would
break up the organization of rusth rs,
aud it Is hoped they will tell all they
The Benson-Wiggln Wedding:.
Miss Uussie Benson nnd Ed Wlgçln
were married at the residence of 1 lie
bride's mother, Mrs. Collins, Wed' es
day evening. Though the wedd >n
was no surprise it was a quiet one
Oulv immediate relatives were iuv t.od
except Wallie Htaintou and Mins M try
Clark. Uev.J. D. MeConkey solemn
ized the contract.
A wedding supper was served
immediately after the ceremony
Later the Lewiston hand seremi ed
the happy couple.
Miss Benson aud Mr. Wiggln are
native Lewiston tails. They are popu
lar young people in society ami active
workers in llte fraternal orders. They
begin tiie new life under most favora
ble auspices. Temporarily they will
occupy rooms with the Clark sisters,
but by tiie first of llie- year they will
move into an elegant oew home which
Mr. Wiggln has built lor Ills bride
on the hill. No young couple ever
started on tiie journey of wedded llte
in Lewi-tou who took witli them m >re
universal well visiles titan bless this
worthy coup'e.
The Wt Canyon Contest Case.
The important laud contest of Hperry
vs Herres has been in pi ogress since
Tuesday. This suit involves a valu
able town site at the mouth oi Big
Canyon. The settlement was made iu
advance of the government survey ut
tiie opening of the reservation and tiie
varous legal rights of squatters will he
adjudicated in the course of this case
through tiie triburals of tiie Interior
department. The claimants tiuye been
living u|k»ii asperate legal subdivisions
of the disputed quarter section for three
years. Not only the title to the land is
involved but valuable improvements
have been added.
Big Canyon will soon lie a railroad
center. Back of the site lies the rich
est section of the reservation and ibis
will be an important shipping point.
The value of the site wus lecoguized
long before the reservation was
opened, and it is sain tiiat the settle
ment was delihertily planned under
the advise of good lawyers with a view
of making good defenses in contest suits
These plans ware laid in advance.
The nature of the suit makes it one of
Hie most inirecate that ever was tried
before this office.
The progress of the city is retarded
by the shortage of building material ut
this time. The available markets have
been ransacked for lumber. Even the
Coast mills are short of the needed
builders supplies. Large orders have
been placed with the local tnauufact
urers and with shippers, to meet with
very annoying delay.
A Trial
Chase &
No other.
J. M. Fix
f'y y ^j r y y i
Stoves and Ranges.
The Best on Earl
Paints, Oils and Brushes.
LAAAAA A A A-A. jfWkV A-gV j
resets r$"l *$**$'*$* 4
At The New Saddlery Store
You cun find tie very best and latest styles of all kinds of
Leather lino is in our Hue. consisting of
Hand'Made Light and Heavy Harness,
Up-to-date Huddles, Clnipociijo«, Leather Cuffs, W lips, Hpurs, Itohes,
Horse Blankets, Collars,etc Stock Huddles i.nd Ciiapotujos made to
order. Carriage trimming und ne.it. rep* 'mg apectali es.
Corner of Main and Fith St*., Opposite Raymond
l.ewlwtoa, Id ho.
Snake River Bridge.
Active work is now under way on
the Lewlstoi -Vi ed'iiid bridge. The
hauling of tile rock to Is- eril-h' ' ' r
tiie concrete piers *> as lieirun V' >• I *• -
day. It was d* cnl d ' lia' crushed roek
would l>e belter than tiie w isln d
gravel from the bluffs, so il liecume
necessary to quarry and haul hundreds
of tons of tills country liessslt roek
Tills rock will be hauled from tiie
blufff on eich side of the river from
one to three miles distance. This will
give work to a number of teams and
afford a large pay roll to a worthy class
of Industrious citizens. Ho tiie first
profits of tiie Lewiston-Vtiielund
bridge are ut hand.
<« W. Coutts of Kendrick lias iieeii
in the city tills week. He is Interested
in the Sjierrv H ures contest case la*
sore tiie land office.
The No. 98 Wilson AirtL
Call aud see them at
The best in the
worîa —I nvita
tions and Corres
We have just re
ceived a new ship
ment of the latest
shapes, shades and
styles, direct from
I the factory.
I The Book Store*
The stage]
tieen goner
laud and
irait) to Hpt
distributed '
The Mr. Id
a m. and go
in one day
Mi. Idaho q|
stuge days I
past. The
one (liât Is a pii
Increased in iiiq
are auxiliary
are only shadows of
The Kalrburn broth*
Moscow and Wesley ffl
are in tiie city. They bav«J
lug a business investment
will probably become identif
the mendiant He interests of thj
They uro visiting with tbe fatnl]
Gen. Heiner at present.

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