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You Buy Furniture
Stoves, Carpets, and House Furnishings
Where you can get them cheapest
IWe Buy sn Carloads
And as our freight is less than half what
others pay, we can undersell, and
we have the Goods.
;J. S. Cox Outfitting Co. 3 P
!.. R. Chapman has been in tin city
for n week.
Mnlcable Iron beds from $5 up Anne
A McOllvery.
A shooting gallery is now (ho at
traction of the city.
White enamel suits from flfl.rW up
Aune A McOllvery.
P. M. White has hern *ick r,.i
several dayH.
Elegant cut gin«, in new
ih-thel the Jeweler«.
Vau Hâsbrouok tviurind today from
a two weeks visit to the elites on the
e Ȋst.
Fine iinu, I » „«»- . ,,,,
* ue lamp , a new litu to. tlie Mom
day trade. Bethel (lie Jeweler.
We have everything t<< furnish your
hou»«. Aune A McOllvery.
Tom Oliver, postmaster at
was doing husines« in the
it.V vester
Heu Bethel's tli. « s.lvetWHre tiefere
making your Christmas (election*.
The Jullaotta tramway was sold la-d
week by Mrs. M. K. Hallett to George
Tiebsaof Sjiokane.
Finest line of chairs in tlm city
Ann« A McOllvery.
Furnish your home with go >d furni
ture on the installment p an. Anne A j
Th« plasterers will complete their !
work on tho new *uh station of the i
electric tight plant this week.
There Is nothing nicer foi a holiday
Bit* than one of Bethel's gold watches.
Newt Bibbs offers the liest un lip
proved orchard-garden farm-home in
the Lewiston valley for $30 an acre. j
M. L. Goldsmith who has been
Hoed to his borne for several days
able to be out yesterday.
Th« press despatches elate that W.
A White of Pocatello has been appoint-,
ed to succed Hazen Squier a* clerk In
• I , r ..ri.» _ i„„ , %, a , ,
Hie Lewiaton land office. Mr. Squid
was not eligible under tlie civil service ,
Santa Claus'
Von will find in our place almost every
thing that is manufactured in the line of
goods suitable for Holiday Presents.
China Dolls.
Jointed Dolls.
Unbreakable Dolls.
Patent Washable Dolls.
Papa-Mama Dolls.
Crv Baby Dolls.
Kid Body Dolts.
Muslin Body Dolls.
Sleeping Dolls.
R ig Dolls.
Dressed Dolls.
Undressed Dolls.
Dolls with liisijue /feuds and natural
hair, Dolls stuffed with cotton, hair or saw
dust, in fact, everything (hut is made in the
line of dolls.
1 he biggest hue of good huts you ever saw,
from lo to $3.50.
Don't fail to see our immense line of me
chanical and steam toys and magic lan
Don't overlook our /incline of fancy goods
consisting of Toilet n„d Manicure cases,
Work Boxes, Writing Desks, Smoking Sets,
Sharing Sets, Cuff ami Collar Foxes, etc.
We also have n very large line of useful
Holiday presents, such as Linen and Silk
Handkerchiefs. Silk Mufflers, Silk Cmbrel
things too a u nie rou.s to men lion.
Don't, above all, forget oar line of Fancy
China and Glass Ware: it is the biggest
and best we ever had.
The Fair.
Santa Glaus' Headquarters. ^
! b

Combination book and writing desks
Aune and McOllvery
Jacobs A Richards purchased the
(. »Iden Slur Grocery yesterday and
I take possession Jan. 1.
l airburn Bros, («night out the C. O.
O grocery last Monday and took stock
Monday night.
We have an elagent line of side
ourds, Aune A MiGilvery.
A half bourn walk upon the hill now
any day will convint e the most skeptic
I,lut ,l "'desirable residence por
Ii " n of l *"' c ' t >' ** the iiench.
An elegant hardwood bed room set
only $18 Aune A McOllvery.

Full regular made Haxony wool and ,
t'anhuicre 8ox 25 cents per pair at
F ix's, II .tier and Furnisher.
Charles Duley, who represents the
Oregonian Century Club Is in the city
lle is canvassing fur the Century F,u
cyclopedia dictionary.
Wright's 8am.ary Australian wool
tloeeid t'ndei iveiir fw? fiô ôer siilt "ev'
tl t l lei wear $.1 UO |>er suit, ex-;
elusive with Fox, Hatter and Furnisher
John Estes, a waiter, was attested
last night by tlie police officers on a !
ebargeof selling aliiskey to au Indian. 1
Fle lias a hearing before Judge O'Neill
t his afternoon.
Curtaiupoles, white reeded, oak and
brass extension. Anne & McOllvery. I
Newt Hibhs will sell bis home place
Hie best gardetl and orchard laud in
tiie Lewiston \ alley, within one mil •
of the city limits, river front, any time
within ten days f ;r $30 an acre.
Fibre carpet, all patterns, t'arpet
Hint is cheat» ami wears like iron,
Aune A McOllvery.
Martli Jacobs of Kendrick was in tlie
city over Sunday. .Mr. Jacobs is a
banker and be aeeompan'f d Mr C. B.
Francis who represents an extensive
wheat inteiest. He is a Hpokane man.
~'i''' 1 ,'. 1 " 1 ', T u Constmki:*:—
Dm't torget to call at our i thee on or
, ll|V tlu . 10th , U!(t . and save 25 cents
i-y psylng your water runt,
I.KwiPTON Watkk a Lioiit Co.
Onr all wool Covert l'loth Mackin
toshes for $8.50 are th:; best bargain
"On Earth." Fox, Jlatter arid Furn
Frank Pavla a aolid young farmer
from the Kendrick country and Mise i
f !a Ilarriaon from the same district
were married at the Presbyterian
church Monday by Rev. T. E. Sher
Second hand coke and eoal stoves,
half price ot new. Aune A McOilverv.
Mrs. Betty Strong lost a povketbook
containing $7 20 with au O. A. Kjos
penny on the street last Monday. Tire
tinder will be rewurded upon delivery
of the same to the owner or at tire
Teller office.
See the Show Window of "Warm
Things" at Fox's, Hatter and Furn-•
An incident rumor in connection
with the fire Monday night at the
depot that gives zest to the occasion is
to tile effect that a carload of glaut
powder was stored in the warehouse
at the time awaiting trans|iortatio(i to
a safer storage next day.
—Special sale on Raitjust arrived
50 pound sack Wellington Dairy 47f
rt * P" ** ek ' r, ° poond "* x xx
Dairy 45 cts per sack.
Jno. M. Fix.
Our Line of Gentleman's Simes made
by Peters Manufacturing Co. to our
order have just arrived. Those waiting
KiK i others can now call and feast their
eyes on the most superb stock of Oen
Semen's Shoes ever shown in Lewis
ton. Fox, Hatter and Furnisher.
Hon. J. J. Bennett, of Hilver City,
who was representative from Owyhee
county two years ago and Is senator
elect from the same county, came to
Lewiston from Moscow after spending
*'> me ,lm< ' *» Fierce City where he has
c " ar *° of fiome nilui, >*
Mr. Bennett is enthusiastic over the
future of Lewiston. He says there can
he no doubt about a rapid growth
this city to first Importants» in all llie
"»»vrior northwest.
Miss Katie Brew and A. C. Russell
of this city were married yesterday a t
'Ha. m. at tlie Catholic parsonage,
^'her Mycr officiating. The «mt™t>
""i Parties have Iteen in the city but a
h , .. . .
v\ w ' > ' Uh ' , 1 - v ,,aVL '
friends here. Mrs. Russell is an a „.
complished lady and Mr. Russell is a
r e 3 oeeted business man, the manager
0 f ^e firm cf Cussick Russell A Co
p rte l.appy couple departed on the
morning train just after the ceremony
jto visit hi Moscow. They returned
this afternoon.
1 lie Itmge Meat Maiket slaughtei I
house on Lindsay creek \n s burned
down by an Incendiary last Sunday
nigld. The Monday morning supply j
of slaughtered meats, about 3000 J
pounds, was in the house, and was all j
Consumed in the tire. I lie lire occurred
late at night alter ttie butchers had
finished their work und returned to
the city, rhey left no tire about the,
premises. The loss was a severe one to
Mr. Met ta the proprietor of the market.
Mr. Thomas, who livesoti Enterprise
bar, lias been a victim of thieves re
centfy. One iiiglit last week two fat
hogs were stolen from their i-en. They
were taken alive to the river where tlie
thieves had a boat In waiting. Tlie
hogs werv evidently too big for the
laint. One of the hogs was tied and
left on tlie beach while the other was
being ferried over. The one left behind
escaped from the thieves with the fet
ters hanging to its feet. If returned to
its owner, next slay, hobbled ns It was.
Another tire oecured Monday night
at 11 o'clock. Tiie depot building was
set on fire by the aplication of tlie in
rend ary torch to a pile of shavings
under the building. Tlie blize was
discovered by one of the employee* of
Hie railroad company and tlie alarm
was sounded by the blowing of whis
ties and then by the tiells. The tire
was extinguished by some ruilroed
men before the fireman arrived. No
m deria! damage resulted. It wis evi
dently a deliberate attemp to burn
down the railroad building.. No
clew to the criminal or the motive has
been discovered.
W. S. Brockman and Will Risvke
wbo were committed by Judge .Sweet
last week secured a reduction of I »il
on the original charges of cuttle steal
ing and they were released upon bonds
Siturday. They had been arraigned
on anot tier charge each, a new phase
ol the old case in the meantime and
that case was postponed for ten days
with bonds fixed at »1000 The first
b inds lieing reduced to $1200 * Lund
for $221*0 each was given and tlie
young men returned to their homes on
( amas pr.iirie. The father* of the
accused came to their relief and tiy
providing bond* brought almut the
release of the young men.
The city is being canvassed for ae-
coiiiiuodations for tlie members of the
Sta'e Teachers association. This mat-
ter should receive s|>eciai attention
from all puhlie-spirlte I citizens. Lew-
iston inn advertise her advantage* a*
ai eclu -ational field very effectively
through tlu* medium of a mid-winter
teacher's meeting here. To make tlie
most of the occasion we should afford
a welcome and above all comfortable
quarters for the sojourners in our
midst. It is absolutely necessary for
board and lodging houses are over
crowded at ull times. Without con
certwt aid the visiting teachers
ii rtiMl Htd tl,*-vibitmg teacher* would
juffi rgr^u„convenience and annoy
Clusing Out Sale.
Having purchased the *to,-k of pro
vision* of the Nez Fenc Commission
location for
on prepared
. ham and
Co. 111 Older to secure (he location for
another Hue of liu*ines*, I am prepared
to make some spei iul luirgalus
ae!l Hour breagfad bacon
apples at coat- Phu tr
Ah Ordinance to Provide for the Construction of
Sidewalks on Fourth and Fifth Streets, along
weit side of Blocks 0, 10 and 17, in the City of
Lewiston, Idaho.
The City of Lewiston does Ordain as Follows:
SECTION 1. The property owners on the East side of Fifth
Street and the East side of Fourth Street, and adjoining said
streets on the West side of Blocks 9, 10 and 17, of the City of
Lewiston, Idaho, are hereby required to construct a sidewalk in
front of there respective property or premises, and have the same
completed on or before the 10th day of January, 1899.
SEC. 2. That said sidewalks shall be of uniform width and
not less than eight feet wide, constructed as follows: There shall
be four stringers not less than three inches by four inches, or two
inches by six inches,laid parallel with the street and same crossed
with boards not less than two inches thick, and not less than four
nor more than eight inches wide, nailed to the stringers with not
less than thirty-penny wire nails, six nails to each board.
SEC. 3. That said sidewalk shall be constructed upon such
grade as shall be designated by the street committee.
SEC. 4. This ordinance shall he in force on and after its
passage, approval and publication.
Passed by the Council December 6th. 1898.
Approved by the Mayor December 6th, 1898.
T. B. COOPER, Mayor.
Attest: J. W. POE, Clerk of the City of Lewiston, Idaho.
The City Council Meeting.
Last Monday night was the occasion j
of the regular meeting of the Lewiston,
1 city council. There was an unusual j
! interest manifest by all present in the *
; enforcement of the ordinances oi the
1 citv «<*•> 'h* various officers were jollied
up to the strictest performance of duty
| ill the future. There was a kick regls
of'tered, not vigorous, hut. it is hoped
j effective, about the indfference if not
; tlie neglected duties and city business.
; wasan earnest at least of future vigl
| iRUoe on the part of tlie city fathers'
T,,e sU,e ' valk 'lucstion was fully
H *' dwd V "*?■«? t, "' m ' e, L of
! w " lk8 l< * li,e rMr "' A * r,,uudH The
! east side of each Fourth and Fifth
streets were selected for walks to .......
j «reels were seiei ten ror wnlks to meet
! l, ie demand. It was decided to build
i l,,eHe walk9 " nd ft B|>epial «'feting was
l,!all edror the consideration of ordiu
. ,,nce ' for tha * P ur P'»e which the ftttor
I ne - v WM Instructed to prepare.
The city cemetery was the subject of
j some discussion by the council. The j i'
; sale of lots it seems, h»s been in the
I hands of nobody in particular and K
several différant, ones in general. In
fm-t the ease seems to lie one in which
j everybody's business Is tioliody's busi
J ness and both the city and public In
j terests had suffered in consequence,
i The cemetery committee was ordered
; p, lucid «te tlie subject for the benefit
■ ,,f the council at a future meeting.
J. W. Denny asked for a cross walk a
: on (' street- for the accommodation j
( ,f the business house in tlie northwest
quarter of the city,
L. J. Hornadav, us city assessor and
1»* collector, submitted a report. A
long li.-d of poll tax delinquents was
turned over to the city marshal for coi
lecting. The other matters for adjuse
ment were referred to the finance
Felix Warren's appointment u* dep
uty marshal was confirmed.
There was a fuli attendance at the
adjourned meeting last night. Tlie
ordinance which was prepured in ad
vance for tlie construction of sidewalks
on Fourth and Fifth streets wa* passed
prescribing the usual conditions. The
vexed questions of pavement and
police protection received due uiteu
tion. Tlie pavement matter has not
taken d< finite form hut the officers are
K*l* ,t ' r 'ng dalH^and qualifying them
selves for intelligent action In tlie
premises when the subject Is ripe for
action. The holm issue is ever present,
The stringent measures of other cities
are driving a tough class to tlie green
pastures here. Officer Denny called
attention to tlie fact that the free
transportation policy of the railroad
companies was flooding the city with
holme* and criminal* and he claimed
j the present force was not adequate to
, tlle demands of the city for protection,
Tire fact was cited that the vug ordi
nance, which Is a strong one, was m
operative fmm the fact that lhesi,!»nii.
keeper* suftVrvd whoever might desire
t o sleep. In their places of business
| thus enabling the class which menaces
the |* ace of th
ernlng hoard held a meeting Monday
night. A vacancy was declared on ac-
ri „ t! .
u ' r ' HUd h - p Doris was elected to the
city to elude the offi-
cer* and to defeat the ends of the vug
ordinance. After discussion the otfi-
ceis were requested to give notice to
the saloonkeepers that tlie saloons
would be closed by ordinance at mid-
night, in the near future, unless this
• element was refused lislgement Hierein.
The newspapers were also requested to
publish tills announcement. It was
decided to increase the night patrol
force and tlie vag ordinance Is to lie
strictly enforced as a protection against
the criminal element.
The Lewiston Commercial Club.
The Lewiston ('onmuTcial club gov-
A comiuittpe reported to the club u
draft of a circular letter of general ,n- i
formation for homespekers. Tlie rtqiort
was accepted and the circular
Uavlrt pi - or#rt y at ttle f(X>t ,, f u* n .i '
! u "" lo l, '« standard Oil C.-mjiaiiy lor '
a worebouM looatum
B. C. Beach hs* sold a lot off of the >
A Warren Letter.
Warrens, Idaho, Nov. 30.
j Editor Teller: I have received
* number of Inijuiriea in regard to the
new quartz discoveries ot Salmon river.
It is not possible at this early day to
form an v idea of its richness. How
ever, it is probable that it is equal to
Buffalo Hump. Tlie new camp is
easly reached from Warrens, being
only eighteen miles, and if traveled
daily the trail can be kept open all
winter. Hay and grain are scarce in
tins place. Toe stores, however,
are well stocked with a tine assortment
of provisions and miners supplies
There is no rea-on why the trail can
not be kept open all winter if traveled
daily form Lewiston and Boise,
and Weiser. I will not attempt to
give a description of the ledges at this
time. Ttiere are a number of prospect
ors outfitting at Warrens for tlie new
ca, "Pi and when peepie find out they
i' nn *?ct in here, and also to tlie new
camp on snow-shoes, there will he a
K r eat many more outfit at Warrens,
Winter lias tanly set in. Huow is
"bout 12 inches on the level in War
rens and deeper oil the higher m tint
aitts The wind seldom blow's very
hard in tlie Warrens basin, and tlie
snow does not drift like it does in more
exposed places. Tnere is some stir
among mining men in Warrens, with
a very good payroll for the begining of
winter. Tho rich quartz of this dis
trlct will soon attract the attention of
Ellis Church.
..THE... ^
Always to the
front in Bright,
Fresh New Goods.
Fit, style and
quality guaran-
auteed. We aim
to please the most
fastidious. We
would like your
trade. Can we
have it?
C. A. Hastings j
.lewder & Watchmaker.
Main Street, PosioUlcc Block.
' **\ 0 ' , f .'v ian s, , rw ' t ; Ala<> U story houi
' Inquire of'jsmes lj. 'li /id*. 'T,Uq*t'Ân
Natloual Bank building. '
Houses for Sale.
Large modern hou-e. Lot 100 by
20 Per Cent Off
On all Ladies Capes and Jackets.
25 Per Cent Off
On all Trimmed Hats.
They are all good ones. See them before they
are picked over.
New Assortment I!
Of Handkerchiefs, Ait Squares, and Tap
estry Portieres.
J. Alexander
y W»MWWIWWI»WtWM j ( W >W >i WMlW»»WW t
TY£99 eT \ er {
We have a Supply of |
Engagement Rings, |
- *
which you should see, if J
you need anythiugin that *
line. Also the finest line *
of Watches in Northern j
Idaho. ?
----J. H. BETHEL____ l
Jeweler & Optician. î
Range Meat Harket.
• William Kalke Proprietor.
E. Merta, Janaqer.
Dealers in all kinds of Fesh and Cured Meats.
Sausages and Fancy Meafa specialty. We would
be pleased to receive a potion of your patronage.
EasMain Street. Lewiston, Idaho.
******** ****** A** A *.« *.*1«
People. ..
Can satisfy their ap- J
petites with a meal J
made of almost any J
kind of groceries, but J
to really enjoy your J
meal it must be coni- J
posed of pure fresh J
$ groceries. The kind £
J kept at I
$ The Gash Grocery. |
♦ Main St. Cor. 5th Telephone No. 41
r Pretty Teeth ....
^ We Offer the
P» Highest Class Dentistry
At lowest rates. Only the
S higbeiit graile materials u.*cd. All
f operation* fully warrautid. All
f uioileni improvement* enable us
Jk to give tlie best at tbe lowest
C cost.
$ 2 o-Sets of Teeth-5i
Teeth extracted absolutely
without pain. Fine Crown and
Bridge work. No charge foaex
uminutlon. Office open evening*.
H. e. Littooy, Dentist.
Binnard Building, Lewiston,
Schilling's Best tea is
appetizing, fresh, pure,
delicious—* 'just as good"
as Schilling s Best
cofTie flavoring extract*
fiotla and baking poivder
P Ui
For sate by
J. P, Volimer & Company
So does the irate cook.
Save the former and
appease the latter by
buying your groceries
where you can get pure
goods at tue right
1. J. Wright:
Truck and
! All business promptly at
tided to.
lip--..... 1
Menna - Bakery
A. J. Kraudelt, Proprietor.
Dealer In and
Manufacturer of______
rne Confectionery.
Main Street, Lewiston.

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