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The LewtMon Teller.
—BY —
C. A. Forksman, Publisher.
Entere«! at tlu !
.i-Ktîtcœ IkKtn&C as
*econ«l class mai! ui
Six months.
Three months .
................ *5
Official Paper oi
N'ci Perce Coaotv.
Lewiston's street light system is
a snbje- t ab->nt which the public
is in the daik
The sen! ; m of patriotism and
the realization « f general prosper
ily will l>e ruing' ! at the Thanks
R'ving th is yt-.r. _
Aguinaldo ami hi-soldi.-t.s mens
nre their patriot!-ui in bribes
Whi 11 they an-civilized they will
realize that true- lilK-rty is without
price _
Thc output ol gold in the Trans j
vaal for the month of August was |
over J8.ooo.ooo. This item makes
strong Euglid» argument for an
, .
The P. I. .Sc N. mail now
built up the Weiser river to the
Seven Devil- is to be a r>art of the
.. . ,,, ,
O R & N system I*, will Ik
& X system I*, will be
•extended down Salmon river and
Snake to Lewi-ton and acros
Camns prairie and to Missoula
This, in connection with the Clear
water Valley road, w ill complete a
grand system for North Idaho.
A study of the home market
reveals a shortage of many farm
products. Pu .lit ; y meat ami dairy
products are extremely highland
many of the fruits and vegetable*,
for which the soil is well adapted,
are imported into the city from a
distance. Complaint < f the tie
liiiquencics of our farmers a> i
illustrated in >htse instances is
repeated annually.
t, ____: ...I 11 .1
1 here 1* probably nothing essen :
lially significant in the lesson of
the Novetnlier elections, which oc
furred yesterday. New York and
Ohio gave majorities for the Re
publican- that are assuring horn
the standpoint of national |x>litics.
These States are pivotal in the»
importance and the returns afford
healthful endorsement of the policy
of the administration.
The Lcwislotr public has been
unduly excited over the rumors of
smallpox in our midst. A mild
eruptive contagious disease is
abroad in the land. Lewiston has
been the destination of all the
transient people of the Northwest
during the past summer and this
disease has b.rn brought herefrom
various quarters, but it has not be
come epidemic here. The afflicted
visitors have Ikcii apprehended
and isolated whenever discovered,
and the contagion is and has been
at all times well under control ol
the city health officers There is
no present danger of its spreading.
The city Board of Health must
have Ikcii Influenced by the exag
gerated stories afloat alan» small
pox when the order was made to
close the schools, and inhibiting all
public meetings. Smallpox is not
epidemic in this city. Dr. J.ihn
son, the health officer, and other
well under control and there is no j
occasion for alarm, ax there was no !
justification for the action
Board of Health yesterday.
m. . , „ !
officials, ns well as the practicing I
phystcans. are all ,^itive in their
assertions. There are only *ix '
maea in t.;e isolat, on hospital, and;
these are convalecent. There are [
only four cases m the city which I
are quarantined, and they too are I
— The contagion is
.;c r .1 , . ' j
justification for the action of the
Tire success of the Lewiston
Mercantile company in this city is
an effective object lesson. Thi- i
company is distributing an im
niense amount of merchandise
throughout this district. This j
illustrates the uaturil advantages
of Lewiston as a trade center and j
a distributing point. This natural
adv.autage guarantees our future j
im|x>rlance as a metropolis. If a
wholesale house can command the :
trade of so extensive a district, so j
cm the retailers compete success
fully with the merchants of the j
interior [icinta. It is no trick of
trade that bringä the inteiior |
m rchants to Lewiston to buy at
wholesale; it is the saving in !
freight rate* that brings them j
to Lewiston.
————— !
Every circumstance points to the j
early renewal of work ou the O R I
& N. rad '-claret r. L *
R'partz C. ; ' Wai.r r,
of iv av agent. «as in Lfc'
»e-ck Rem
lions rf title and dels <
for- of land for too . - -
grounds in Ibis dt-'.r. !.
the ct-mjdelkm of '.he i
right of way not only
i-ion hut beyond on the l
and on the reservation !
Canyon rout i. It ah««
the Northern Pacific Rj
is buying right ot tv.
He vrg -
south *tde of So <ce
Lewiston and their c
the lower country T
pr.»ifs are at baud tl
js a re (orma j cc , r .i
an unaccon table ore!•
^roiling executive l.-ot
;ously guards the in
er be
; it tue truce
ipliance with
tr of the con
r-l that z.-ai
rest ot stock
who have cor dieting
interests in this kcal railroad war
Pacific c ast t-usme-s men
are tr mg hard to scrute an ap
ipoiultmii on the I-iteratateCom
j aierce Commission from the ex
| tlenle West. G tieral Ch.pmar.
., n ,j M r Wheeler of San Franct.sc«
. iVe been the favo ite candidates,
bat ;hvir campaign has developed
___________ ___________ such
into a personal contest t<;
degree that both are liable to be
I*o meet this connu
ir ' * ,K;< , ...
gency the name ot \\. Lair Hill o!
7. ; , .
Portland is now propo-ei
right of the Pacific coast business
interests to a local representative
,pj ^
111 disrc S* ,d of lh,s ,ocal ri K ht l!
be a fortunate solution of the
P uz/ ' e *f Hill o! 'l**-' extreme
Northwest should secure the ap
poiutmeut. Hls a! ' !ll, >' reeog
;li/cd over the \\ e-t.
... . .
on this important commission and
..... . ■ • ,
most imiKirtant to this division ot
...... . , ,
the United States has never iKen
.... . j
recognized. It is to Ik- hoped that
, .. , .
persona! contention tor thehouort
... a , ,
will not influence an appointment
, i f ,,...., ,
in disregard of this local right It
, , , . ,
will be a fortunate solution ,l --
Expausion, whether fo jtist or
unjust purposes, has largely Ikcii
the mother ol American greatness,
btcau-e God, iu hi; providence,
ba * OVMn,,ed ,na,, î ' ""J"" 1 ' ;U1
|,ü>eS whelltVer "»«y «ngmau-d the

they catiuot be shiikcd or avoided
No mcipent rebellion against Spain
which hud not ripened into u
government recognized by the law
of nations or by our government
w hen our title- was a« quired can he
asserted against us, 11.cause it
expansion for such purposes, and
given the same ultima» !y to liberty
and the (quality of human rights
under the constitution, says White
law Reid. This fact Mr K id has
shown with great clearness. The
same overruling power sways tin
present hour. The administration
cannot without defy ing God him
-elf refuse to extend the great
principles of equality, law ami
justice to the territory the tit!«
and authority to govern which ]
have lawfully been at quired by !
force of our arm- and by the treaty i
with Spain, the acknowledged
owner for centuries. The re
s|K>uaibilities ot sovereignty have
all uiisen and have attached them
selves to our government, and
tionality when our title* became
complete It was a, m », an « x,-t
ing relK-lhon against the power to
rule the island that has cc.-ed to
exist, and the- lawful existence- of
the rebellion fell with that |«.wer
All existence of rebellion against
the ,, ew gwv „ nment lllus , depend
U(M)11 its col , lim , aiIce lhc is ,- t
in wrongs or |)CIIK . toatiollofolher
audnewwronKS Mr H -id showal
thal nolh| f tlu . killd ls
lended wn b lhe . nti j
ls „ of lhis counlrv o,.r govern-1
mtnl Bhows that ,, scvks (1 „ Iy to
the Philippine
islands such govermne.it of the
, , . ,
jKOjile by the people as shall pro
itct the rights of all.
- - ■■ ■ . ■
- - ■■ ■ . ■ -
The war between the H gli-h
and the B ters is entiiely regretulde.
It cannot be excused by any pro
cess ol rea-oning on the aciepte«!
hues of justice. It is a battle for
liberty on the part of the natives
of the Transvaal and Congo Fie*
State, two independent republic.-,
The origin ol these governments is
•»> episode of history that i
pathetic, and the present w ar and
inevitable result will be a historical
tragedy. Cape Colony was s.-tiled
three centuries «go by peop'e from
Holland with additions to these
number of G.-nn in and French.
They lived the life of j ioncer» in
their new African home, hut th« |
commerce of Englaud encroached
upon tbeir seclusion and the low
of liberty drove them acro-s the
river Vocl. w here they again i
fought the natives and eudured the 1
Tb.y built
try find» g
and g.-ld in the
Th- n came the
in the f ur- mt of
: .:;ur- were not
:r fortune hunting
1. >-.v .e-r never Ik
of these republics,
of the great cons
z. 1::• .ii determined to
er; ment and to
ictatc the laws. This tyranny ;
las resisted ami the gwve:nment
f G eat Bri'.atit took occasion to
: rce the demands of these
-nts ed tie fortune hunters ;
..-y ttirt-'e the native resistance
the coi;
.1'their civil instilu
turns a ; c'.e-xt for war, and the
pie-ciit w r w is precipitated. The
real o'j ct is the po-sc-xion of the
rich Ian.) which th -e B >tts have
made tbeir home. They will of
course subdue the hardy pioneers
and annex the two republics.
Heroism an Humble Plant.
At the ricent battle at K and's
Lasgto the fire of the British grew
too ho. for the B vis. Eight Boers
suddenly ran forward out of cover
and coolly, opened fne on the
Imperial light horse, evidently for
purpose ol drawing the British fire
while their companions changed
their position. Seven of the eight
men were instantly killed. This
was as pure heroism as anything
, , s
that has been recorded in the
, ,
authentic annals of ancieut or
j modern warfare, and yet it was
not more heron: than the conduct
of \\ arreu G mon, the hero ot the
U indsor hotel fire m New York
city, whose mother, sister and
helpless brother have just been
presented with a house bought for
the family with the tnouey con
tributed through the New York
Evening Rost tor their relief.
Guion had been the elevator
operat. r in the Windsor for many
5 cars Oid outrons of the house
grew to know him well, and on
the day of the fire 1 tie stuff ol
wlii it this young man was made
was put to a gte.t trial, which was
met. tor he stayed in hisele
la ' ur « "'i"' 1 k it up and down to
save the- gnes-s, until he himself
to death
It is always so
disasters on sea or
pteace There is ;
1 " ' al * K
s cut ob fr« • tri escape and burned
land h« ts always a hero of
tiny, eouinion life; some sturdy,
in these great
and; in war or
ilways a hero,
uranlv fellow, who never read any
poet«c iiibutcs to heroism, never
made any heroic speeches, prepared
•«» a public occasion, or saw heroic
dramas on the stage, or fed heroic
literature of any diseription. These
heroes of every-day lilc are as un
'conscious of their heroism as :
u»» 1 of real genius is of his ex
pi ion a I power. A genuine hero
nuts.; he does the
jorntor would have borne himself
bravely on the battle field.—
j heroic thing at the right time and
place, n*>t because ol vanity, seek
ing praise, but spontaneously, be
! cause he cannot do otherwise.
No man is lx'rn a soldier; he
1 must be trained to the military art;
lmt cve t T >' rt al hero * that tvcrv
wh ° ca P a,,lt .' ,l »»«at kinel of
1,1 >,ncniKt ^ ''" eb lisks lile
'F ll,s K l, ' ,rn not madc -
\ ,un,, K 1,t " s wel1 «I*« a >
i' ioU,Kr lo lea,i ' l1 ' " 1,at *
U ' ry as *° l S > cct a ma "
who h:,s bet " land trained
"> heroism b> reading heroic
''Urauue or wiiting heroic poems,
,,la>s " r *P" ches -
kreat orator can ii.se- in eloquent
sp.:tvh to the level of heroes who
0,1 * K ' l>aUk fkUI is •">»
sl 'ghtest assurance that the great
Republican Prosperity.
ph.cv of w, ;k which ought to
^een done by -onie person or
i' , c rso,|s has been done well by the
American Protective Tariff I,'ague,
> That IkmIj- lias compiled a talile
showing the changes which have
: ,K ' lt t brought alxiut in the condi
<><>» of the wage tsmiers of the
« ountry in the past few years. By
1 :anva-s which it has made
among 1957 •«»siness establish
«»«its of various -on- it Ir is l.ra.iA
that the number of woikers cm
\l'>edl>y them iu Much, iSy^,
«9«.73E which !i tx h.-en increased
10 267.486 by M uch. 1S99 This
w'as a gain o' 10 50 »er cent in the
! >ur years. The wages paid by
these cstab'.ishinetits iu March,
«895 was $6 308,04453, which
had grown to $«>,859.280 38 in
March of this year. The increase
in this
ase was 54.09 per cent.
; < a gain in wages : n
March. 1S99, as compared with
that month in 1895, o! 1049 p*a
cent per season.
The significance- of this great
increase in the wages ot workers
will appeal to every intelligent!
j*r-<in. At the time for which j
the first set of figures are compiled j
March, IS95, the Wilson- Gotmati |
tariff was in operation. The se j
cond set of figures are for a time
neatly two years after the Dinglcy
tariff went it to effect- A great
war had be-eu waged in the in-
terval, and, in one of its manifesta-
lions, that conflict may be said to
ne still iu operation, yet there has
been a sweeping gain all along
the line in the number of persons
employed and in the wages paid to
each. Such an increase as this
has hardly ever taken place before
in the United States in the same
length ol time. Every person who
wants work has it or can get it
and alraost ever > lxxl > - who has h
is getting more wages than he re
ceived four years ago One of the
great causes of this immense im
provement in the condition of the
country is the change of tariff,
republican act which is intelligent
ly protective to all branches of in
dustry that need any protection
having displaced a democratic law
whic 1 exposed the American pro
«lucer to the ruinous competition
of foreign low- priced lalror.
Republican prosperity has taken
the place of democratic adversity.
The entire country feels the efl.-ct
of the change in coutnl of the
government and the wise legisla
tion which the change has brought.
The party of calamity has been
. 1 1 . c ,
superseded by the party of good
times, happy homes and general
progress. The reports of the great
gains in the output of the iron and
steel mills and the textile in
dustries, the vast increase in the
bank clearances and the immense
expansion in th railro-rl trans
portation are here explained. The
wage-workers ol the country are
busier than they ever were before
and they are getting more money
for their labor. A s the masses re
ceive more money than they did
before, they spend more, and thus
this short distance.
claim the showing indicate n vein of 12
This cqol is pronounced a first-class
.^4 : 1 .,*,. » . • .
article. I he location is only 25 miles
from the P. I. & N. railroad which is
bei in? built from Weiser to Seven Devils.
The field is quite extensive, extending
over at least .t thousand acres. The bed
Iks almost Hat and extends under a hi*h
mountain, and It underlies a blanket
lead Of cinnabar of high grade.
Tins ,s surety an important discovery.
Fakt 11 in connection with the smelting
ores of thi
to work nearly all winter in the develop
ment of their property.
1 new impetus is given to the
wheels of industry in all fields.
The intelligent wage-earner, when
asking the cause of the great im
provement in his condition, im
mediately finds the correct answer.
It is all due to the overthrow o
the dimocratic party in i e g6
Here is one ol the reasons why the
prospects for the republican party
in 1900 are so bright.—Globe
The Rapid River Coal Field.
Mr A. Schielie of this city has receive«!
from his aswKi.ttt s s.amples of tlu* Rapid
River coal, with Utters stating that a
3° vein had l»cen found in a drift of
25 feet. This coalbed has grown in thick
Idaho's Fish Law.
The provisions of the Idaho fish laws
arc very plain and no out- need he ile
ceived thereby in the least.
The net was approved March 13th,
1S9S, and all nets and parts of acts in
force relative to the protection of fish
were repealed hy it.
, , )v h , ,
S orthU two a fini
The 1,lw
c ' crKy,mn -
According to this law anv oerson
* ' t

cmu>ht catching any tpecies of fish
oc-pt for breeding, Ktwtcn the first day '
of November and the first day of May of
«he succeeding years, shall' upon con- !
viction be fined in » snnt not less than ten
nor more than fifty dollars, together with
, ,
costs of suit, for each and every offense. '
It is also unlawful for any person or
in-rsons, agent or employe of any as
sociati«<n or corporation to liny or sell, '
or to expose or offer for sate, any of the
animals, birds or fish protected by the
act, at any time of the year. It is un - j
lawful lor railroads, express or -tig.i
companies to rccene or have in their
possession f.» tnns^.rtation any fi-h
of not less than twenty-five dollars and j
not more than seventy-five dollars !
Iocs not exempt ju tges.
li-»tel kcejK'rs, newspaper
in or any class of people from prose
«" «M -I— »■ o. a-. ;
Any person having fish in his p>s
session between the «tatet within which
killing is prohibited—it shall be «lecmcxl
prima facie eviik-nce that such person
lias Violated the act — Hailey News
Ulc will send to your
friends in the Cast free,
postage prepaid by us...
A copy o{ our handsome
illustrated new pamphlet. |
It gives actual experiences j
of Vinelanders in their
own words, with photo
graphic illustrations of
their homes, orchards and
gardens. It tells all about
the prosperity, climate and
healthfulness of Lewiston
Valley as compared with
conditions in the regions
east of the Rocky Moun
tains. Call at our office
j , , ,, .
and leave the address of
your friends and we will
send them copies of the |
pamphlet as stated.
Lewiston Water and Power Company.
Concord, Washington, and Lewiston,
>f the Second
«t Mali«, in
In the Di-trie! Court
Judicial District, State
and for Nr?. lVroe comity.
Rachel ». Stout pl'iutii!
M Stun! defendant.
Tin- slate nf I latin sends snetiuj;:
To James M Strut, defendant.
Yell .are hereby summoned, and re
quireit t 1 ap|K-ar in nu action lironght
acainst m u l>y said plaiiilitr, in Hie
-al l District (x ur: and t>> answer Hie
coinnlaint of the ats.ve named plaintiff
ti!ed iheiein, u ithiii f .rty days (exclu
sive ot tile day of service) after the
service 01. you of this numinous.
rills action i« brini^ht t»i dissolve
, he , lf limtllnK „ iy
pliiiutltr anil dcfeiiilaiit, U|sm
groond of wilful neglect and fail
lire of ilcfciidui t lo-U|>i*irt said plain
t ll auit their family fur a |u-riixi of one
year and for the custody of il ici r minor
ctiililr.ii. And you are hereby noti
fied that if you fail to appear and an
swer said complaint ns above required
the said p'aintiff' will apply to said
ix-urt for the dissolution of said lionets
of matrimony and ttie custody nf said
minor children
Attest my hand and the Seal of the
District Court of the
Second Judicial Dis
[s.iai.J t riet State of Idaho, in
and for Nez. 1 Vive coun
ty, this Hill day ofSe|e
tendier, IS99.
I*. E. Stookky, clerk.
Ctrt.VEu, Halsky & Johnson,
Attorneys for 1 'lainliH'.
Ik wiston. Idaho.
ay of :
, - probate court of Ne*
Wah "
r»*.juirlj t„ exhibit ut è m ' " ! ? mïu? r S a 1 u^a n c t' 3 at the
courthouse in Lewiston. Idaho, within four months
^ f,er u * th'* notice, or they shall be forever
Ihts 20 th day of September. 1899 .
j Howard Howe.
United States Land Offic
ih.i in co. P „.n«.ah , he
P rt,v,k, o«* **• »he act of Congress of June 3 . 1378
sSi«x 7 |'«L.i^
.? e 'T frte - Su " ' ,l »»ho. h»s
Contest Notice.
I)«*pt liment of the Interior. UnileJ States LanJ
Hit ce LevMston, Maho, October 19. 1899
A sufficient contest :»»tiJ.ivit having been filed in
thee by Hugene Bartlett, contestant, against
made M;i
e y t , sec TO. I V. N, Hi
which it is allegeJ that
(ieorge W lk>
«8%. tor s ^ s w %,
W, B by contestée,
said George W Heaver has wlurlly abandoned satj
homestead s-nve October. lH'.to, and has never re
tie land Once, and has failed to cultivate
• s required by law. said parties are htreb>
not m-j to appear, respond and offer evidence touch
ing said allegation at IU o'clock a m , on December
4. 1899. before the Register and Receiver at the
United States lanJ othce in Lewiston. Idaho.
The said contestant having, in a proper affidavit,
filed (Jet. 9. 1849. set forth tacts which show that
after due diligence personal service of this notice
ade, it is hereby ordered and directed
«lice be given by due and proper publica*
J. B. West. Register.
Notice to Creditors.
that «;
Estate of hoben Moses, Jecensi
Notice is hereby given that leti
»»n on the estate of Robert Mo«
Notice tor Publication.
Idaho, Sep
t th
more valuable t
cultural purposi
land before the neg
at Lewiston. Idaho, o
vetnber. 18 '«.
He names as witnes
office his swnrn statement No.
hase of the s \ „» Lot 19 .if Section
35 N. Range No. 3W.. H. M..
ow that the land sought is
its timber or stone than for sgri
d to establish his claim to said
ter anj Receiver of this office
Monday, the 20th day of No
L Hoi
>unty, Idaho.
-, /-......s claiming adversely the above
«Hs.rtbed Linds are requested to file their claims in
IS» 0 *'''* ° n ° r b€,ore !,3,J 3wh da y November.
J B. West. Register.
Cenfeat Nolle«.
Department of the Interior. United States Land
0, hce. Lewiston. Idaho. Sept .*Hh. 1899
, A suftiyient contest afhiavit having been fiied ip
^ "Hie by Thomas »». Darr, contestant, aga.ns,
° n i a î n ' M,n< L n,r V No 6S*7. made Dec. 9th. .8'«,
for south . nw %, sec 31. tp 44 n. r : W. B M by
hlch it is alleged that
V" J Slm ' , n J..hn«,n h,- n,v„ ««uMisiwJ . r „
on said land
d land
without door _____
notified n» appear, r. sp„ n j and^ott r 7ev^rnTe toich'
2* a - m on November
habitable and has never done anything n_
d • -instruct a partly finished cabin
said parties are hereby
- -er-— • •* «yuini and (J*** «•*»•-— —
g said aMcgatum at !9 o'clock _
I 18'*«, btfor. Hi, r.giMtr , n j receiver a! the tinned
^î'iw m?j "tnT " L * wl4 ' ,> "
"led S^i
!£. Î!!*.£!h.TT, K" '^ vu *
Medical and Surgical
r> r , v ydTTV
informs ,he publie Uwtï t^ F Silfl
»"'• -urgloal dis|s iisarv is opened f., r
^J» , l j ,,a «i'u> i a | "l tulvliv to the worthy
nmice be £ivm< by due and proper pubHcainm'
Chahles H Garbv. Receiver
Lewiston Free
lo '*• «<> D
R'cx.mm uctatiima f.imi cliaritahie
fraternal UMliee accepted. '
Physician in Charge.
F ÜD ®
W F. Kettenbach iw "1
J. Alexander, Vice
Geo. H. Kester, Casl,^
Corner of Fourth and Main Streets.
LCWI 5 T 0 N,...........
Mrs.Haiti«- Ketten luu-li, C. ('.Bunnell,
J. Alexander, D. M. While.
B. K. Morris, W.K. Kettenluirh,
George H. Kester.
TR 4 NS 4 KT./ A QHNeigi
B A IM K (1 R]V !
____ _ .BUSINESS, ^
Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities of the United
and Europe.
John p. Vollmer Pr „:,
Vollmer. Vcrp--".^
Capital and Surplus
Strongest Bank in Idaho *»-•
i......° . . . . ... .. rrTrrr7V ^
---------/ SarReiil .Si
B ' ,,, * nd M '" CIChi "" ;
or customers lor safe keeplnit or minables. Buralar nroof 0 ,
. . aftimc lock. Corres,»,,,, tools in all the principal citiVs of thf ,
The Boss Meat Market.
8. J. Fisher, Prop'r.
(Successors to Dowd, Hliaw A fo.)
Fresh Meats. Sausage.
Cured Meats. Lard.
Poultry. Game.
Nothing but the Very Best Kepi
Adams Buildina, Main Street.
Etc. Etc.
on Hand,
Mallory & Lydon Livery Stable.
(Marlin Collin's OI«l Stand)
la-wiston, Idaho.
New Rigs, New Stock, Everything up to date. Calls will
receive prompt attention. 'Phone No. 17.
M. Donzac & Co.
J Wines, Liquors and Cigars. I
(*sf » ■ . — WWW wwwwwwwwww wwww w4
The Secret of Success • • •
in cooking bread or pastry lies in the quality of the
flour used. Users of our High Grade Patent Process
flour have no cause for complaint ou this score,
7 he demand for our product is daily increasing.
VVe have on hand bran, also shorts and chop.
hunt Kt. A Snake Hiver Ave.
Range Meat Mai ket.
Dealers in «all kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats.
Sausages and Fancy Meats a specialty. Wc would
be pleased to receive a portion of your patronage.
East Main Street, Lewiston, Idaho.
♦tttttt+ttttt t •t - t- M -'t-' M -ttt'H'
Lewiston Bakery & Grocery. J
S. Wilden thaler, Prop.
Freak bread every day, our owe
special delivery.
•§• Main Street. Telephone No. 28 . 4!
ttttt+ttttttt t tftttttftttf
Choice groceries, nut*, cindles.
pastry sod traits.
.^iWZ, , *'.V*'mWrt»V«V,V*V*W»VAViIiW*Vf^dWrtïWsW^dVrtWW^WAWrtV^W««W««frtiArï^ÿ
The Sideboard, j
Lewiston's newest and neatest saloon. Wines, Liq- |
uors and Cigars. Your patronage solicited. '•
Morrissey & Baker, Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Braudies and Cigars. A clul
room iu connection. Clark Building, Main Street.
rvvvvwv v wvvv «
; Cactus
The First-class Place of .
the Gty.
. Main Street
•A Opposite Raymond House

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