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Messrs. Kettenbach and Pearcy have
seut for a new cable tor their Snake river
The suit of Johnesse vs. Johnson for the

ownership of the Pittsburg bar, on upper
Snake river was decided today in favor
of Johnson, at Ml. Idaho.
White Bros, shipped one thousand
dozen eggs to British Columbian points
on Tuesday. They also shipped the same
<lay JOO crates of strawja-rms.
The county examination for teacher."
logins at the court house, Thursday, and
Continues three days. Miss Harrington,
county superintendent expects to have
about twelve applicants.
A valuable coal deposit four feet thick
has tjeen struck on Bear ridge near the
Potlatch. It is said there is no doubt as
to the quality of this coal It is within
four miles of the railroad.
IMegates to the democratic county
convention from the Nezperce precinct
are as follows: J. I) Graham. James
Marker, M. Meltnoe, Charles Workman,
J. R. Crawford and K. L. Parker.
John law less, better know n as Law less
John, came into the city this week with
some high-grade free-gold ore from the
Pierce district. He rejiorts a two-foot
ledge equal to the Lamoreaux find in Elk
Elsewhere in the Tki.i.KR will be found
Ihr announcement of S. S. Leaclunan for
the office of City Marshal. Mr. I.tachman
enjoys the respect of his fellow citizens.
ami should he lie elected will make a
goml and efficient officer.
Woid comes from the Potlatch that Ed
Thompson, who killed Geo. Hectner ac
cidentally a few weeks ago, has Ix-en |>er
suaded that any other climate would tie a
healthier one for him than the behind
country. He has acted on the suggestion
, , . , , , , , . .
and last week left - for father s home in
Mr. Spekker, who has been in the Pot
latch country for a week, reports that the
, . , ,
contmueil rain and cool weather is bay
lug a damaging effect on the wheat. The
farmers there long for sunshine and hot
Weather. The fruit crop is the liest ever
known, the trees everywhere being loaded
with fruit
A grand celebration will be held June
J, 1900, near the labor & Minert sawmill
one-half mile west of Cold Springs house
to celebrate the passage of the home
stead law. A sporting program will lie
provided and various-amusements. There
will lie speaking hv J. N. Stacy and nth
ers. Everybody invited.
Staas Spekker, county assessor, returned
Vestenlay from a week's visit at his ranch
near Lelatul. He was taking a bit of re
creation ufter the arduous duties of com
pleting the county assessment. The field
work was all finished last week, the last
Work !>eing done by Ed Spekker in the
vicinity of Slick poo. Mr. Spekker and
his office deputy, Mr. Mudge,have today
l»egun the work on the county records,
which must be completed ready for the
county commissioners July 1.
The result of the democratic primaries
reveals the fact that Steunenberg has no
following in this city. The did not pos
»esses strength enough to put up a fight.
The followers of the permit man, how
ever, displayed bad temper. They sulked
f y ww'wwvwvwv w wrwvs^wwwvv
The Royal Tailors
*I have purchased the Royal Tailor samples
from Fox the Hatter and will continue the
business of that old reliable firm here. Satis
faction in fit and finish guaranteed. Prices
reduced 10 per cent, a* j* j* j* j* j*
Main St.
R. W. SAPP-The Red Front
«n Men's Clothing
for Saturday Only
See Circulars for Other Specials
Come and be one of the crowd trad
ing at our stoce during this great
two-days sale, Saturday and Mon
day, May 26 and 28.
He Place to Save Money
an<1 would not vote. There is yet no ev
idence that they will send a contesting
delegation to either of the state conven*
tions from Lewiston. When Steunen
l>ergers can not contest they are weak in
deed In contested seats rest> the hope
of the fat permit man. He is governor
now bv virtue of contestants, which were
seated it Boise without credentials from
rt .g U i ar primaries. His «last lingering
hope this year is in the keeping of state
delegates who have irregular credentials
It is surely a sign of critical weakness
when not even a contest is made iu Lew
The ,,„ |a() Investment company's bank
will be opened about June 15. Mr. F.M.
Huntley, the cashier, is here. He is a
hanker of experience and extensive in
terests His wife will soon join him and
Mr. and Mrs. Huntley will liecome use
lui meml>ers of Lewiston society,
It has been learned from railroad cir
des that 80 carloads of machinery for the
Buffalo Hump camp will be shipped over
the Clearwater Short Line in the near
future. This cargo will make 960 wagon
loud* of freight to 1»e hauled as soon as
the road is completed to the Hump.
J. II. Coleman, while engaged in the
Small & Emery millyard, was caught
under a rolling log today and quite badly
injured. One arm and one leg were
bruised and lacerated in the mixup.
S. S Leachman wishes to announce to
tht ' voter * of U,e cit >' of ^wiston «hat
* K * s a candidate for the office of city
n,ars ' !a L subject to their franchise,
Baseball Schedule.
Dr. Salsberg, manager of the Lewiston
Athletic Association, announces the fol
lowing schedule of games for the ball
club: At Lewiston in the new ball park,
Sunday, June 3, with Colfax; at Lewis
ton, June lo, with Moscow. At Spokane,
June 16 and 17.
, ,
,, ..... , „ ,
Katmah, beginning June Sand conUnu
Camp Meeting at Kamlah
A large camp meeting will be held at
ing until the 17th. Able speakers will be
in attendance and ample accommoda
tions will lie provided for all. This is
, , ....
not an Indian camp meeting. AH those
, , , .. . , , .
wh° desire a delightful outing should
visit the Kamiah vallev during this nieet
ing . A daily train service from Lewiston
w ju accommodate this and other points
: a j ong t j„. ]j ne
------ - _
Visit From Capitalists,
Charles Sweeney and his associate cap
jtalists who arc operating the Big Buffalo
and other properties in the Hump were
in the city Saturday night. These capi
, talists from the east are said to represent
$40,000,000 of wealth. They were very
favorably interested in our mineral re
sources. From their reports the conclus
ion is drawn that there will be no limit
of capital for the development of our
1 mines in the future. The influence of
these men will extend t,p the money cen
ters of the world where there is idle cap
ital at all times,
Court House News.
A U. S. Patent was filed Monday by
Wm. S. Smith.
A marriage license was issued Unlay to
John Hagen of Wurdner mid Mary I>es
Cliamp, of Nezperce.

[ Saui Phitiney of Fletcher is in the city
Dr. Boles and wife went to the Fierce
j mines this morning via Greer's Fern
\V. E. Childs came iu from the Hump
Saturday and went to Spokane Monday
j Wm. Gage, one of the prosperous farm
er» of the Genesee country, was doing
business in the city today,
j Hallett Aliend left this morning for
! Fred Hallett's place on the Lolo, where
■ he will remain several weeks.
E. O'Neill and Geo. Tannaliill left for
Leuore this morning, where they are en
gaged on opposite sides in the Poppinger
! attachment suit.
j Ernest Cook went out on the train this
; morning,ec route to Kaslo,where he will
; tie married this week to Miss Gantz, for
: uierly of this city.
From Boise County.
j Following are the delegates elected to
j the Lewiston convention : F. M. Shelton,
jjas. MeDevitt, Ed. Straus, S. T. Davis,
I Chas. A. Maulding, A. J. Douglas, John
j Kinkaid, Karl Paine, O. J. Daley, Chas.
! Crowley.
j The delegates to the Lewiston conven
! lion are instructed to vote for James II.
j Hawley for delegate at large to the na
I tional convention. This was a test vote
, to determine the strength of Steunen
j lierg. The convention was decidedly
I against the governor f or delegate at large.
The convention did not formally express
its choice for senator, but free expressions
of the delegates showed an overw helming
sentiment in favor of F. T. Dubois as
their first choice and Jas. H. Hawley as
second choice.—Idaho World".
Nezperce Celebration.
The citizens of Nezperce city and
vicinity celebrated the pussage of the
Free Homes hill last Saturday. Al
though the day was stormy and bad,
about two hundred citizens of the town
and prairie gathered at 3 30 o'clock on
the main square of the little town and pro
ceeded to give vent to their enthusasm
by the firing of anvils and the playing of
patriotic music by the town hand.
When tills had been indulged in for some
time the crowd repaired to the Presby
terian church where the H011. J. N. Stacy,
of Lewiston, delivered an able and
timely address. Remarks were also
made by F. M. Roberts and others.
Much regret was expressed that the
weather was not more propitious for
the occasion.
Normal Notes.
Miss Wagoner, a former student, visited
the Normal tile first of the week.
The members of the Senior class have
chosen the following representatives for
Commencement day: Margaret Scully,
salutatorian; Edward Doyle, valedicto
rian; Elizabeth Martin, Lulu Showalter,
Olive Neal, Inez Spofford, Julia Greene
and Bloom Taylor.
The work in the training department
closes next Tuesday.
Knight Reid lias returned to his home
near Sprague.
Tile program for Commencement week
has been arranged as follows : Bacca
laureate sermon, June 10; Class Day, Julie
11; Senior reception, June 12; Alumni
banquet, June 13; Commencement, June
—Wildenthaler's, headquarters for all
kiuds of Schilling's Best goods.
Insist on getting Century Patent of
your grocer if you want to make white
bread or fancy pastry.
—Wtlilenthaler delivers fresh bread
I twice a day all over the city. Leave
j orders with the delivery man for
Why devote all your time reading
about tile Boer war and the gold fields of
Alaska? There are other matters of vital
lportance. You may make a trip east
and will want to know how to travel. I11
order to have the liest service use the
Wisconsin Central Railway between St.
Paul and Chicago. For rates ami other
information write James A. Clock, Gen
eral Agent, Portland, Oregon. 47tf
At the solicitation of friends I have de
cided to liecome an independent candi
date for the office of City Treasurer. I
shall feel grateful to all who may lie kind
enough to support me, and promise, if
elected, to perform my official duties
promptly and faithfully. Respectfully,
Miss Mary M. Dk.nnv.
May 26, 1900.—72tf
Notice is hereby given that in pursu
ance of a resolution adopted by the Board
of County Commissioners ol Nez Perce
County, at its regular meeting on April 9, j
1900, Holding 1 >oiids of the said county to
the amount of $55,000.00 will lie issued |
under «late of July 1, 1900. One-tenth of !
the said amount will be made payable j
July i, 1910, and one'tenth on July 1 an- i
nually thereafter until all are paid. The j
said 1 Kinds will bear interest at the rate I
; of five per cent per annum, payable semi- ;
j annually 011 January 1 and July 1 of each j
! year, ami will he made payable at the !
office of the New York Security arid
! Trust Company, New York. The said
bond» are i-sued to fund and in exchange
for that amount of outstamiing county I
warrants. Bi«ls for the said IkiiuIs iu ex- ,
; change for such outstanding warrants will
j 1* received by the Board of Comniission
; ers until July to 1900. at 3 o'clock p. m
j Lewiston, Idaho, May 21. 19c».
Attest: Chairman.
P. E. Stock kv,
—Cudahy's Celebrated Rex brand of
hams and bacon at Wildenthaler's.
—Gold Medal lea. the choicest blend
ou the market at Wildenthaler's.
Just received, a large consignment of
codfish salt mackerel, herring, and sal
mon. Also smoked bloaters, rolled Hol
land herring, anchovies, caviar, French
and American sardines at Russell's gro
cerv. 44-tf
Ruv vour home-made Bread, Doughnuts,
Cake, etc., at the Woman's Exchange, tf j
A front office room in the Wildenthaler
block. S. Wh.denthai.kr.
House and lot 130 foot front on Snake
River avenue. S. Wn.DKNTHAt.ltR.
Eleteher Hotel. Doing a fair busine
rood reasons for selling. Address
John Biki.hv,
Fletcher, Idaho,
• Houses tor Sale.
Large modern house. Lot 1110x400011
Main street; also large house, and lot j
aliout 100x125, near town. Inquire of
James E. Babb, Lewiston National Bank ;
All fixtures and furniture in the Boston
Oyster House restaurant, consisting of I
one 10-foot range, cooking utensils, table
linen, etc., for sale. Everything in read
iness for business. Enquire at No. 51, |
Second street.
631 f.
Dr. IL C. Littooy has moved his dental
parlors into the Grosteiu building, for
merly occupied by Jas. W. Reid, opposite
the White Front I.ivery Stable, where lie
will lie pleased to meet all those requir
ing the services of a dentist. On the
ground floor 62
The Prescription Drug store is now lo
cated at the place formerly occupied by
the Fashion. Captain Schattner, well
known as a competent and thorough
pharmacist, personally compounds all
prescriptions and private recipes, thereby
insuring that thoroughness so essential in
all prescription work.
j Sealed bids will be received by the I
j undersigned for grading the racetrack iu
j Clarkston, Wash., up to seven o'clock p. I
j ill., Thursday, May 31, and then opened J
1 by the Board of Directors of the Lewis- j
j ton Interstate Fair and Racing Associa- [
j tion, Limited. A bond will he required j
j from the successful bidder to an amount j
j equal to fifty per cent of tile estimated
cost. No bond with hid. The right is
j reserved to reject any and all bids.
W. A. Austin, Secretary. I
Main street, Lewiston, Idaho.
I Specifications on view at office.
Notice of City Election.
! Under direction of the City Council,
notice is hereby given that an election :
lor the following officers of the City of j
Lewiston, Idaho, will be held at the sev- !
eral polling pinces on the second Mon- !
I day of June, to wit, June it, 1900, viz.: '
! One Mayor, one Marshal, one Treasurer, i
I one Alderman in the First Ward, one 1
Alderman 111 the Second Ward, and one
Alderman in the Third Ward.
Polling places—First Ward, at City
Hall; Second Ward, at hose and cart
building; Third Ward, at office of Small
& Emery.
I Judges, First Ward— B. F. Morris and
' C. C. Bunnell.
Clerks. First Ward—Miss Maud Benson,
C. P. Coburn and Miss Maud Stowe.
Judges, Second Ward—Haven Squier
and L. Rowley.
Clerks, Second Ward—Miss Maud War
ren, Mrs. Viola McConville and Mrs.
F. J. Edwards.
Judges, Third Ward—J. N. Lindsay and
T. B. Cooper.
Clerks, Third Ward—Miss Ada Hough
ton, Miss Maud Perkins and Mrs. K. L.
Polls open at 12 o'clock jt. and close at
6 o'clock p. m.
67-tf J. W. Poe, City Clerk.
In the probate court, in and lor Nez Perce county,
state ol Idaho. In the matter of the estate of George
W. Thomas, deceased. Pursuant to an order of said
probate court made on the 24th day of May l DUO, no
tice is hereby Riven that Wednesday, the 13th day of
June. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of Maid day. at the
court room of sa d court, at the court house in Lew
iston, county of Nez Perce, has been appointed as
JJ* U nie anJ Place for proving the will of said George
W. Thomas, deceased, and for hearing the applica
tion of Charles F. Thomas and Levi I. Thomas for
the issuance to them of letters testamentary, when
and where any person interested may appear and
Contest the same.
Dated this 24th day of May. 190'J.
K. A. Langford, Judge.
Estate of Sylvester Biggs, Jeceased.
Notice is hereby given, that letters testamentary
on the estate of Sylvester Higgs, deceased, were
,he "«Je^igned on the 19th Jay of May.
19UU, by the probate court of Net Perce county.
All persons having claims against said estate are
required to exhibit them to me for allowance, at the
law office of Poe & Anderson, within ten month*
barred ,blS n0,ice • or they shal1 forever
This 19th Jay of May. 1900.
69 G BORGE D. Riggs, Executor.
Esuie ul Sarah A. H Waison, Jeceased.
Notice is hereby Riven, that tellers of administra
turn on the estate of Sarah A R Watson, decease J
were granted to the undersigned on the 17th Jay of
May. 1900. by the probate court of Nez Perce county
All persons having claims against said estate are
required to exhibit them to me for allowance, at Lew
iston. Idaho, within ten months after the date of the
first publication of this notice, or they shall be for
ever barred
This 17th Jay of May. 1900
Charlks Watson, Administrator.
p»»»*»»»»»;» »»»»»»»»!»»»**
Jeweler and
c* Optician
Next Door to Post Ooffice
Morrissey & Baker, Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Brandies and Cigars. A chit
oom in connection. Clark Building, Main Street.
^^^Largest Flour Mill in the State
Mjiuifactures CENTURY 1900 PATENT,
Whole Wheat Hour made on hurrs. Keed
of all kinds in stock. All orders promptly
* 44
Traction or Portable, Simple or
Compound Wood or Straw
Burners ^ ** ^
Automatic Stackers, Wind
Stackers, Horse Powers,
Threshermen's Supplies of all
kinds e* ^
OSBORNE Binders, Mowers and Rakes
A. D. GRIIMAN, manager

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