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The Lewiston Teller.
C. A. Forf.sman, Publisher.
Entered at the Lewiston Postoffice as
second class mail matter.
One year in advance.......................$2.50
Si* months.................................... 1.50
Three months................................75
Official Paper of Nez Perce County
National Republican Ticket:
The I,ewiston valley fair is at
tracting a general interest. The
stockmen are fully aroused to the
importance of the enterprise. The
farmers and fruit growers are pre
paring to exhibit their products
and take a holiday during fair
week. There is a general desire
manifest among all classes to learn
more of the wonders of this great
new district .of manifold natural
There is said to be nearly 200,
000 acres of wheat, barley, oats
and flax on the reservation and
Camas Prairie now ready for bar
vest. It is a conservative estimate
to place the yield at 4.000.000
bushels. It will tax the labor
forces and the machinery to the
utmost to harvest this crop. The
marketing will afford work for all
available forces for half a year and
the railroad will be blocked for six
months, before it can he shipped.
This grain belt is pronounced the
hest in the United States. The
present crop is the largest and
most prolific in the history of the
country. It is believed to be the
biggest small grain crop ever
grown on any equal area in the
world. This assertion may be
considered an extravagant one. It
has been coroborated by hundreds
of witnesses. Many visitors have
gone into this district who were
skeptical after heating this claim;
hut they have all, so far as repot
ed. returned fully convinced that
the claim is well made. The fact
is it would be a practical impossi
bility to produce more grain on an
equal area. The claim is therefore
established beyond a doubt that
thisjs the most productive small
grain belt in the world
The great need of the business
interests along the Snake river at
this time is a powerful little steam
er suited to the navigation of swift
shallow water. The unusually low
water of this year is endangering
many interests. The wheat will
surely be blocked in another month
and there is now danger that the
fruit cannot be moved by .pr.sent
facilities. The country is fast out
growing the possibilities of trans
imitation in all quarters, and es
pecially is this frue of the districts
which depend wholly upon the
steamboats. One or two small
boats of modern pattern and fitted
with powerful machinery would not
only find profitable business on
Snake river, but a great volume of
business would be developed by
attention to this demand.
"We must teach that the citi
zenship of Idaho is as high as any
in'the land and recognize no sov
erignty save that of the state."
This quotation from the Tribune
of yesterday would indicate a re
pudiation of Steunenberg's Coeur
d'Alene policy in advance of the
Pocatello convention. Therp is
no time so safe to hedge as an
early date. This radical state
rights doctrine would not justify
the military interference in the
Coeur d'Alenes. It was feared
that the Tribune could not be
reconciled to a straight state rights
policy ever again, but it seems to
have gotten into the traces, even
without the use of the party lash.
The republicans have abundance
of charity for political outcasts but
as a party they have constitutional
iemedies for political disorders.
The Steunenberg orphans are too
exacting. They do not want a
new party home without the per
mit system. The republicans
promise a complete reformation for
the Coeur d'Alenes, but the or
phans contend for this one impot
ent remedy only.
Since the days of the Idaho
state convention Judge Standrod
has stood for all that was pure in
politics, wise iu statecraft and no
ble in all public and private ca
pacities of life. He wlil bring
more dignity to the executive
chair oi the state than any other
man in Idaho could bringt
Lewiston, Idaho, July 6, 1900.
Notice is hereby given of a call issued
by the president of the Sweetwater Irri
gation & Power Co. Limited, for a meet
ing of the stockholders of said company
for the annual election of officers and
transaction of such other business as may
come before the meeting. To be held at
the office of John P. Vollmer, at Lewis
ton, Idaho, at 2 o'clock p. m., on the
26th day of July, 1900, A. D.
Signed: A. \V. Kroutingkr,
County Treasurer's Quarterly Report.
Lewiston, Idaho, July 8, 1900.
To the honorable board of county com
I herewith submit the quarterly report
of the county treasurer of Nez Perce
county, Idaho, for the quarter ending
July 7th 1900.
Balance cash on hand April 13, 1900 $17,
Received bom various
sources as follows:
Taxes of 1886.........$
6 79
" " 1893.........
" *' 1894.........
42 39
" '' 1895.........
61 80
" " 1896.........
«33 I*
" " 1897.........
2 «9 73
" » 1898.........
348 18
**' " i»99........
3625 5«
2423 67
P. E. Stookev, Co.
1248 18
Sale of books.........
352 62
R. A. Langford,
probate judge.....
255 75
Fines and costs......
103 >5
C. A.Hastings treas
urer fees...........
3« 92
Institute fees.........
8 00
J. N. Harrington,
3 00
Warrants redeemed
as follows:
Current expense
3876 82
District school.......
4366 71
Six months interest
on $85,000.00 re
demption fund....
2550 00
mi 79
City of Lewiston.....
950 00
Countv road...........
835 40
District '• .........
306 84
State of Idaho.......
557 96
General road......
184 61
26 104 74
90 00 14 830 13
11 274 61
Balance cash on
Respectfully submitted,
C. A. Hasttnos,
Treasurer of Nez Perce.
Lewiston, Idaho July 7, 1900.
Balance carried in various funds:
District school....... 5980 97
Redemption fund.... 3153 09
District road......... 1739 92
State of Idalic....... 42659
General road......... 313 59
Current expense..... 60 04
Warrant redemp
tion................... 14699
50 75
Bond tax sinking
fund overdrawn..
354 60
Bridge overdrawn
225 12
Road " "
17 61
• 1187294
597 33
597 35
11274 61
Respectfully submitted.
C. A. Hastings, Treas.
Lewiston, Idaho, July 9, 1900.
Estate of James S. Brown, deceased Notice is
hereby given, that tellers of administration on the
estate of James S. Brown, deceased were granted Iu
the undersigned on the 9th day ot July, I9U>. by the
, robate court ot Nez Perce county.
All persons having claims against said esiale are
required lo exhibit them to me for allowance, at
Westlake posioftice, within four months after the
date ot the first publication ot this notice, or they
shall be forever hatred,
This 13th dav of July, 191»
10b CHARLES flOKLNSO.N, Ciwinistrator
In ihv District Court of the United Stales tot the
District of Idaho. Northern Division In re Harrv
C Baughman, a voluntary bankrupt. In bankruptcy
îhe first meeting of creditors of said bankrupt is
hereby called for the eleventh day of July, 1900, at
10 o'clock a. m. at my office in Lewiston. Nei Perce
county, state of Idaho.
Such meeting will be held for the allowance of
claims, appointment of trusiee and examination of
the bankrupt. »
a Oyted^at Lewiston. Idaho, this 3*>th day of June
J. M. Adams, Referee in Bankruptcy. .
Department of the Interior. Land Office at Lewis
tun. Idaho. June S. 19(10.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Register and Receiver U.S. Land
Office at Lewiston. Idaho, on July 21. 1900, via: Clif
ford Riggs of Waha. Idaho, for ihe lot 1,
ïfarn' -
n, r S w. B M
qr sec
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, via: Harry Dowd. James Madden, Alex. Rob
erts, Richard H. Sleen, all of Waha. Idaho.
79 * J . B. W BST, Register.
Estate of Jesse A. Fryer, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that letters of Administra
tion on Ihe estate of Jesse ^ Prver deceased, were
Î [ranted to (he undersigned on the 2d. day of July,
H00, by the Probate Court ot Nea Perce County.
All peisons having claims against said estate are
required lo exhibit them to me for allowance, at my
home near Cbesley, Idaho, within ten months after
the date of Ihe first publication of this notice, or they
shall be forever barred
This 6th. day of July, 1900.
Bkuce Collingwood,
102-6w Administrator.
Notice is hereby given: Thai on the 30th jf July,
1900. at the hour of 8 o'clock p. m., ai the church
building of the First Presbyterian church of Lewis
ton. Idaho, there will be a congregational meeting,
then and there, of the members of the said congrega
tion for the purpose of voting to direct the trustees
r* tftw First Presbyterian church ot Lewiston. Idaho,
to mortgage the real estate belonging to said cor
poration, upon which Ihe church building of said
church is now situated. In Ihe city of Lewiston.
Idaho, for the purpose of raising money with which
to erect a new church building. Tt Is important that
all members attend, as wRhout a full vote no further
action can be taken.
( L, C. Neal.
Trustees. ■< C. C. Bunnell.
( J. L. CHAPMAn.
Department of the Interior, United States Land
Office at Lewiston, Idaho, May 10, 1900.
A sufficient contest effidavit having been filed in
this office by George Ford, contestant, against
William liodgen, entry No. 5135. made May 19th,
1897, for Lots 30. 31 and 32 . Sec. 2, Tp. 35 N R4 wbm
by William Hodgen, Contestée, in which it is alleged
that said William Hodgen has wholly abandoned said
land and has never built a house on it nor made any
Improvements whatever on said land and never es
tablished a residence thereon and has never been
on said land for more than six months Iasi past, said
parlies are hereby notified to appear, respond and of
fer evidence touching said allegation at 10 o'clock a
m. on July 30th, 1900 before the Register and Re
ceiver at the United States Land Office in Lewiston.
The said contestant having, in a proper affidavit,
filed June 19th, 1900, set forth facts which show that
after due diligence personal service of this notice can
he made. It is hereby ordered and directed that such
notice be given by due and proper publication.
<'2 Charles H. Gassy. Receiver
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions of ihe acl of Congress of June 3. 1878,
entitled "An act tor the sale of timber lands In Ihe
Stales of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing
ton Terrilory," as extended to all Ihe Public Land
Stales by Act of August 4. 1892. James Madden, of
Lewiston, county of Nez Perce, State of Idaho, has
this day filed in this office his sworn staiement No.
—. for the purchase of the SE %. NE of section
No. 30, in township No. 35 N, range No 5 w, B. M.,
and will offer proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable tor its timber or stone than (ur agri
cultural purposes, and to establish his claim io said
land before the Register and Receiver of this office
at Lewiston. Idaho, on Saturday, the 18th day of
August. 1900. v
He names as witnesses Mike Mitchell, of Lewis
ton, Idaho, George Horseman and William Stevens,
of Waha, Idaho, and Patrick Madden, of Lewiston,
Any and alf persons claiming adverseiv Ihe above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office on or befure said 18th day of August, 1900.
74-10t J. B. WEST, Register.
In the dislricl court of the United States for the
District ot Idaho, Northren division, in the matter
of Charles W. Booth, bankrupt. In bankruptcy.
To the Honorable James H. Beatty. Judge of the
district court of ihe United Stales for the District of
Idaho: Charles W. Booth of Nezperce City, in Ihe
County of Nez Perce, State of Idaho, in said district,
respecifully represents that on the 12th day of May
1900. he was duly adjuJged bankrupt under the acts
of congress relating lo bankruptcy; that he has duly
surrendered all his properly and righls of proderty.
and has fully cumplied with ail Ihe requirements of
said acts and of the orders of the court touching his
Wherefore, lie prays that lie may be decreed by
the court lo have a full discharge from all debts
provable against his estate under said bankrupt acts,
except such as are excepted by law from such dis
Dated this 2Slh day of June, A. D. I9u0.
By Lane ft McDonald, his attorneys.
District of Idaho, Northern Division, *s
()n this 5th day of July. 1900. on reading Ihe fore
going petition, it is;—Ordered by J. M. Adams, re
feree in bankruptcy for said dislricl, that a hearing
be had upon Ihe same on the 3lst day of July. 19(10,
before said referee at his office in city of Lewiston.
Idaho, in said district, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the
afternoon; and that notice thereof be puoiished In
the Lewiston Teller, a newspaper printed In said dis
trict, and that all known creditors and other persons
in interest may appear at said time and place and
show cause. If any they have, why the prayer of
said petitioner should not be granted.
And It is further ordered by Ihe referee that there
shall be sent bv mall to all known creditors copies ot
said petition and this order addressed <0 them ai their
places of residence as staled.
In witness whereof. I have hereunto set in y hand
this 6th day of July. A. D I90o.
J. M. ADAMS. Hererree.
Department of the Interior, Land office ai Lewis
__ g n
settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final
ton, Idaho, June 5. 191».
Notice is hereby given that the following named
proof In support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before register and receiver at Lewiston,
Idaho, on July 16, Ilk», viz: Eliza H MacKenzie tor
the lots 30, 31, 32, sec. i2, lots I, 2. 3, 16. sec. 13 tp 35,
n. r 4 w, lot II). sec 18. tp 35, n r 3, W. B M
He names Ihe following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cvltivaffon of said land,
viz: John Van Allen. Belle Van Allen. Hannah Mac
Kenzie. Naomi MacKenzie. all of Lanwai, Idaho.
76-w6t J. B. WEST. Register.
Notice is hereby given, thdt the assess
ment rolls of said county for Ihe ytar
1900 are now in my office for public' in
The commissioners of said county will
meet as a !>oard of equalization, at the
court house in the city of Lewiston, on
Monday July 9, 1900at 10 a. in., and con
tinue in session as such, from time to
time, until the business of equalization is
disposed of.
F. E. Stookev,
Clerk of the board of county commis
sioners of Nez Perce county, Idaho.
Dated July 2, 1900. " 100-5.
Taken up by Ihe undersigned, Pzro miles north of
NezperCe. one bay gelding about ten years old, with
bald face and while on right fore foot. Branded "A'
on left shoulder and saddle marks. Weight about
900 pounds. Height about 14 hands.
Signed: W. D. HARDWICK.
May 19, 1900.
Btn Silverman q_.
Imported and Domestic'Stiitings in bolt
Best of Workmanship Guaranteed ..
Vonr HotKefi Every suit of clothes
xour v-iomcs m€
Pressed Free ! 3*" a * 1 and pressed
i rcsseu 1 Tee . Free , . f charge during
the lift of the suit
This is a yearly saving or from $i0 to $12.
All other repair work £t v'|V lowest prices..
No stingy samples to se'ect from. The en
tire bolt is on hand for inspection and ab
solute lit assured.
^ aaaaaaaaaaaa
eweler and
Next Door to Post Ooffice
eæææeeeee eeeeeeeeee^l
First class work at reasonable
Office Rooms, Vollmer Building.
Hours—Eye, Ear and Throat, 111 to 12
m. All other cases, I to 3 p. m.
E O. BROWN, M. D. V. D.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office Main St., opposite Teller of
fice. Special attention given to the
Eye, Ear, Nome and Throat, and
chronic diseases.
L. F. INMAN, M. D.,
Homoeopathic Physician
Surgeon and Specialist.
Chronic and nervous diseases of both
women and men. Electricity used in
all of Its forma as medicine. Office
two doors east of the Bee Hive. Con
-ultatiou free.
Attorney at Law.
Lewiston National Bank Building, Lewiston
Idaho. Practices iu State and Federal Courts ot
Washington and Idaho, and owns complete
Abstract Books of Nez Perce Co
McFarland & McFarland,
Attorneys • at - Law,
Lewiston, Idaho.
Will practice in all Courts.
Attorney at ' Law.
Probate matters and settlement of
estates carefully attended to. Office in
Adams Block.
Attorney at Law.
Legal business of ail kinds given
prompt attention. Lewiston National
Bank building, next door to U. S.
Laud Offlca
Attorney at Law and No
tary Public .
All business carefully attended to. Will prac
tice in all courts of Washington and Idaho Of
fice on Main street, Lewiston in Dent & Buffer
Daniel Needham, Ray D. Walker
Late of Wisconsin Bar.
Attorneys at Law,
Lewiston, Idaho
Will practice in all state and federal
courts. Office, room 2, Lewiston Na
tional bank building. ,
Frederick D. Culver. timer E. Halsey,
Late of the Minnesota Bar. Lite Receiver U.S. Lend
„ . Office. Marquette Mch.
Miles S. Johnson
Formerly of the Colorado Bar.
Attorneys and Counselors.
Office in Adams Block.
Lewiston, Idaho.
U. 8. Land office and Department
practice. Title litigation and Probate
matters. State and Federal Courts.
ernest McCullough,
Deputy Mineral Surveyor
497, Main Street. LEWISTON
Cable ' Mio.ee.' Code McNeil
Corner of Fourth and Main Streets.
LEWISTON, ******•*••• IbANO.
D 1 R 6 CTORS.
C. C. Bunnell, W. F. Ketten bach,
J. Alexander, R. C. Reach,
B. F. Morris, George H. Rester,
Grace Kettentmch Pfaffiin.
Ê Ä R3 US ü R3 dj
Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities of the United Stat
and Europe. v es '
_ : rSs'fffi
< 7" ^ ^ . Capital and Surplus
Strongest Bank in Idaho || "
Fire proof vault tor the use of customers for safe keeping of valuables. Burglar proof steel
protected by Sargent ft Greenleaftime lock. Correspondents in all the principal cities of ihe
Buy and sell exchange. * w

< *

4 *.
FOR SALE : Fruit and Vegetable Lands in 5-acre lots or hss
two miles from town. Also the best Fruit and Vegetable Rauch
in this valley To Rent to the right party, containing 12 acres,
full improved. 2 lots in city, Main street.
The Boss Meat Market.
8. J. Fisher, Prop'r
(Successors to Dowd, 8hnw A Co.)
Fresh Meats. Sausage. Fish.
Cured Meats. Lard. Oysters.
Poultry. Game. Kte. Etc.
Nothing but the Very Best Kept on Hand
Adams Building. Main Street.
Morrissey & Baker, Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Brandies and Cigars. A club
room in connection. Clark Building, Main Street.
Traction or Portable, Simple or
Compound Wood or Straw
Bumers c* dt c* **
Automatic Stackers, Wind «
Stackers, Horse Powers, vtf «
Threshermen's Supplies of all *
kinds vie d* ^ v* v#
OSBORNE Binders, Mowers and Rakes |
1 »
• a
The Nez Perce Implement Co.
* ^ A. I). GRITMAN, manager
. »
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