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V- V.-..r.-
KG. 44.
gtd medltrtn tor lherdlwiaoe.
ItoniwA mv mh ftftarhs tsd iDfaft .
fiw with doctors. Itlaallthomed
MARTIN, Psjkereburf, W. Vs. .
If your liver doet not set reg
ularly go to tour druirgist and
ocure a package of Thedford's
Blaok-Drupht and take a. dose
tonight. This great family
medicine free the constipated
bowels, atin up the torpid liver
and cans a Withy accretion
oi one.
Tbedford'a Black ' Draught
will cleanse the bowels of im
purities and strengthen th rid
nevs. A torpid liver invitee
coldi, biliousness, chilli and '
fever and all manner of sick
ness and'eontapion. Weak kid
ney result in Bright'i disrase
- which claims at many vict'inn
as consumption. A 25-cent
package of Thedford's Ulack
Drauglit should always be kupt
in the house. -
"I assd Thedterd't Black
Dmnght for liver and k'ixtej oom-
Rlslstii and fonnd nolMu so exool
. j."-wUUAli COFFMAS, kar.
blekead, 01.
Mutches are not all m a d e in
heaven. Somcf are made tn Soutk
Dakota. If V" !
Kind Yaa Hw Unjt BagM
' af.
' BOONE, N. C.
Wiirpractioe in the courts
of chin and surround ingronn
ties. Prompt attention giv
en to the collection of claims
and all other business of a le
jral nature.. , . , 6 12
Will Practice Regularly in
. the Courts' of Watauga,
6-1. 'Q3,
Attorney At Law,.
Careful attention given to
collections, '
89"-Specia1 attention Riven
to all business entrusted to
h;s care.T8ai; .. . ;
v,'" 823, 1900.
-a twrney a 1 la w,-
Prompt attention given to
all matters of a lepal nature.-
tSTAbstracting titles and
collection of claims a special
ty. ; '
: . 23-1900.
. Caiicer Specialist,
Ao Knife; No Burning Out.
Highest references and endors
ments of prominent perBonfi euc
eefisfully treated in Va.; Tenn..
and N, C. Remembei4 that there
la no tjme too soon to pet rid ol
a cancerous frrowtb -no matter
how small. JEjamination free,
letters anstTPird" promptly,'' and
ja-tisfactton toaranteoa.
nj"n i ii mi I ipaiiii. j
- mriii i ii i 1 1 -. . wjr
" ' i i ,i t, ,
Prom ur legaltr Ojrrf jo'lent.
"A Htniiil effort ih nj)par
pntl.v beifig ciiad tuminn'piH
Hnt t lit1 position of Df-mo-cratic
Sen:itors and place
theiij in h wrong attitude
wi th ref)ren' to thin mat ter.'
This 8trtttriifnt was mad hy
Senator Sn demoi-rat
troiu Missouri in Hpi'.'ikinu of
the attitude of his purty on
thequentioti of latif.vmtf t h
Pannnia canul treaty. He
continued: "I lflifv I would
he absolutely within the
lines of accuracy to sav, that
with poHisibly three or four
exceptions every dcmo-rntic
Senator heartily favors th
proposition to construct an
isthmian canal. Rut there is
d widespread belief, shared
hy many Senators, that, the
part taken by our govern
ment in the insurection or
revolution in "Panama was
not honorable and therefore
that the treaty itself is tinct
nred with dishonor. Wba.t
Senator Gorman is seeking
10 do, is to hay the Presi
dent and Secretary of State
turnisb the Senate; with the
facts showing the connection
of this government with the
transactions out of which the
republic or Panama has
grown. They insist upon hav
jog the facts that they may
be better enabled to deter
mine Intelligently and satis
factorily what their duty is
in the premises."
Senator Hale,', republican
from Maine, condemned the
course of the administration
although like Senator Hoar,
he will vote for the ratifica
tion of the treaty. He said:
"I do not like the situation
and am afraid it will involve
us in an expensive and profit
legs war, but I have seen no
way from the beginning, ex
cept to ratify the treaty and
make the best of it. Our gov
ernment moved rather rap
idly and with some prevision
wIipii the, insurrection broke
it in in the power of tup dem
ocrats to prevent the ratifl
cnt'on of the' treaty, for even
when the two Senators from
Louisiana carry out the in
structions of their state leg
islature to vote for it, th re
publicans are still one vote
short. They wilfully misrepre
sent the democratic attitude
toward'the treaty in order
to discredit the party with
the peoplo. The democrats
want facts p.nd an open dis
cussion, while the republi
can Senators threaten tocon
tinne the consideration of the
treaty .in secret session; so
that the public will not hear
the criticism of the adminie
. General Reyes, the Colonri'
Those who will persist in closing
their cats against the continual rec
ommendations of Dr. King's New
Discovery tor consumption, will
liaV. A Inner ami hitter firrnt with
their troubles, if nut endecf earlier
by fatal termination. Read what
T. R. Reall, of Uenll, Miss- haa to
say: "Last fall my wife had ev
ery mptrm of consumption. , She
took Dr; King's New Discover af.
ter everything ele had failed. Im
provement came at once: and four
bottle entjrly cured her.,v Jjunran
anteeed by M. B. Blao burn, 50c
and $l.oo Trial bottles fret,
Man emmisary nt IViishinR
ton, han presented his note
to Secretary Hay, pr test.
ing niinst the action of the
United States in recognizing
Panama and Is now 'await
irm his aiwuver before return
ing to 'Vilom'n'a to take per
sonal commandjof the army.
'"Be patient" and remember
that the "war with Panama
'means war -with the United
States,'" is the substanc of
1 he cablegram, which he ha
sent to his 1 omit ry men. ndvj
sing them strongly ajrainst
a warlike course v The Gener
al sees the hopclesnnss of n
struggle In which Colombia
opposes the United States,
and he is inclined ,to recocr-
nizi Panama, ntld strive to
save what he can by having
the question of the division
of Colombia's debt referred
to the Hag up Tribunal. At
the same time he is by no
means certain hat his peo
pie will accept his advice, in
spite of the fact that he U
their president and comtnan
der in chief of the army.
Advices from Colombia
show that the patriotism of
her citizens has been aroused
and that men, women and
boys are offering their servi
ces and their money for an
expedition against Panama.
Women and boys however,
are always loudest in 'their
war talk; and this is no unu
sual phenomenon. Itf is possi
ble that their Latin Ameri
ca n recklessness, coupled
with the ignorance of the U
nited States, will lead them
to make war in which they
would get nothing but dvfent
and we neither glory nor hon
or. The present administra
tion may have to answer for
this natural consequence of
its own act.
"Admiral John G. Walker,
who has just returned from
the Isthmian, reports to Pred
ident Roosevelt that t h e
jorc of marines on the lath
mus is sufficient topiotect
Panama, that the health of
the soldiers ;is pood, that
their presence is desired by
the inhabitants, but thatthe
sending of regular troops
would cause uneasiness'
W. I. Buchanan, American
Minister to Panama, is now
on thelnthmus and was ac
corded a magnificent recep
tion at the government pal
ace. He had a body of troops
as a guard of honor and all
prominent ttfflclals PanamesV
and toreign attended his re
Senor Bnnau-Varilla has
received 'news tint Great Brit
am hag recognized the repub
he of Panama and Minister
Qudsnda of Cuba has inform
ed the State Department
that Cuba has done the
same.:', .
President Roosevelt and
A sure sign of approaching revolt
and feericus trouble in vour system
is nervousness sleeplessness or
stomach upsets, Electric Bitters
will quickly dismember the trouble
eome causes. It never tails to tone
the stomach regulate jthe Kidneys
and Bowels stlmn'ate the Liver and
clarify the blood. Rnn down system
benefit particularly and all the uu
al attending RChes vanish under ijs
searching and thorough effectiveness
Electric bitters is only 50c and that
is jeturncd if it don't giffe perfect
satisfaction Guaranteed by M H
Secietaries Root and Shaw
favor the issue of bonds to
raise he money to pay for
the friar's land in .the' . Phil
ippines. They have practi
cally determined to auth rize
an issue of $7,000.000 4 per
cent Philippine bondst'edm
able alter ten and within t hr
ty yea is. Tney ire to tie of
fered for sale e-wly in Janu
ary and it. is believed that a
rea iy market for theih will
be found in this country. An
act of the last Congress au
thorizas such an i8su, and
the bonds ' will lie accepted
by the government as seenri
ty for the deposit of .public
funds which will put them
practically on a par with Uni
ted States bonds.
Governor Taft has inform
ed the War Department that
the contract for the purchase
of the lands has been signed
and that it stipulates pay
ment within six months. The
friars will leave the Philip
pines and many American
priests will take their place
It is believed that this will
do much to settle the relig
ions difficulties iu the is
lands. Rear Admiral Evans, com
manding the Asiatic fleet has
been ordered by the Navy Du
partmeut to proceed at ouce
Irorn Honolulu to Chines
waters. Thisorderhasciused
much comment. The com
mercial treaty between this
country and China hasyetto
be ratified nt Peking by re ceiving
the Imperial Seal and
State Department officers be
lieve that Russia is secretly
opposing such ratification,
as the treaty opens to the
United States the Maneburi
an ports of Antung and Muk
den. The Russians are said
to fear that if the United
States acquires such an inter
est in Manchuria, it will op
pose the permaneut beenpu
tion of the country by Rus
sia and will perhaps pecome
involved in the Russia u-Jn
pnnese dispute. War between
Japan and Russia is rgaid
ed as wltnost certain bv the
St ate Department and it is
thought advisable to hnve a
strong American flVet in Chi
nese waters to protect Amen
can interests. .
The Lone Star State.
Down in Texas at Yoakum, is
a big dry goods firm of which
Mr. J. M. Haller is the head. Mr.
Haller on one' of his trips East
to buy goods nnid to a friend
who was with him in the. palace
car, "Here take one of theselittle
Early Risers upon retiring and
you will bo up early in the morn-,
ing leeling good." For the "dark
brown" taste, hendncliennd that
logy feeling De Witt's Little Ear
ly Risers are the best pills to uae.
Sold by M.B. Blackburn. .
Those who pursue happi
ness are fortunate to catch
up with content.
. The pleasant to takeand harm
Ipbs One Mintite Cough Cure gives
immediate relief in all cases of
Cough, Croup and LnGrippe he
cause it does not pass immediate
ly into the stomach, fait takes el
feet right at the peat ol the trou
ble. It draws out the inflamntion
heals and soothes and cures per
manently by enabling the lungs
to Contribute pure liie-givingnnd
life-BUstaiaig oxygen to the blood
and tissues. Dr. Armntrong of De
ha, Tex., prescribes it daily and
says there is no better couirh ve
niedv uri 'i- 3mM bv f Tt I'.hicV
Bslalod RigtitsoiisiiDSs.
News ord Ubservei.
Oa' of th'1 funniest jf went
proceeding was held at Man
Chester a few days ago. The
cotton manufacturers held a
"mass meeting" and adop
fed a resolution strongly con
demning ' international cot
ton gambling," which they
hold responsible for all the
ills of life. The meeting also
"invited the government to
icceive a representative depu
tation with the object of urg
ing pleasures toprevent gam
tiling in cotton."
Those nice old EiglUb
grannies ttlio have' been lin
ing their pockets with mon
ney by getting American cot
ton at about the cost of pro-dii'-tion
are in great state of
mind now, because they tire
forcpd to pay what it is worth
and in their wrath suddenly
become converted to the ter
rible sin of "gambling in cot
ton." If they cm make the
world Helieve that "'gambling
in cotton," ani not a saiall
crop has put up the price,
they' may press it" down to n
lower figure. See?
Isn't it strange that the
conscience of these 'English
spinners was never aroused
against "gambling in cot
ton" -when they were paying
the farmers only five and six
cents a pound for their cotton?
Digests nil classes oi food; tones
nnd strengthens thestnnluch and
digestive organs. 'Cures Dyspepsa
Indigestion, Stomnch Troubles,
and makes rich red blood, health
and strength. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure rebuilds wornout tissues pu
rifles strengthens, and sweet ins
the tsomach. Gov. G. W. Atkin
son, of VV. Vs., says: "I ha vp used
a numbpr of bottles ol Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure and havefounpir
to be a very effective and, indeed
a po werful remedy for stomach
nilmcnts I recommend jt to ray
friends.'?. Sold by M, B, Black
burn. ,
In the city of Washington
there are 13,000 Browns,. IS,
000 Smiths. , 14,000 John
sons, 1,000 ioneses and 100.
000 (I rafters" is the way the
Greenville, S. C, News gives
the latest census of tue na
tional capital city.
is the value H. A. Tisdnle Smmer
ton, S. C. places on DeWitt's
Witch ilnzei salve, lie says "1
had the piles lor 20 years. I tried
many doctors und medicines but
nil failed except DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve. It cured me." It is
a combination of the lion ling
properties of Witch tfnzel with
antiseptics and emollient; relieve
and permanently cures blind.bleed
ing itching and protruding piles
sores cuts bruises . eczimi salt
rheum and all ckin diseases. Sold
by M. B. Blakbu n. .
Charlotte New!: Senator
Overman has replied to the
Wilmington Chamberot Ci
merce declining to con mi t
himsejf to voting for the poo
ama iniquity without further
light. ;Good for Senator Oyer
man. . And the Senaior would
do well to heed the advice of
the North. Carolina rjev.spa
pers that are standing oat
Airnmnt Southern find D.'tn i
,. ... ' .
cfatlC complicity With the ID
iquity. .
"h! E!jn:t!ro ll On ercry hoi ut Ibo jenuls;.-
ijiwiiivQ Brom.o-Quinine t-i-
"I was given up to diet with
quick consumption. 'I then began
to use Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I
Improved at once, and am now In
perfect health." Chas. E.. Hart
man, Gibbstown, N. Y. , . ,
It's too risky, playing
with your coughi
The first thing you
know it will be down
deep in your lungs and
the play will be over Be
gin early with Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral and stop
the cough.
TtrstilKii 21c, le., tl. Annns.
Conr.nlt yonr doctor. If h say Uk It,
thnn do si he sayj. If h toll, jron not
to take It. then don't uk It. He knows.
tji.ua It lth hlin. Wa ara wllllDC.
J. V. A1KM CO., Lowell,
The Wasiilngton'tar Bays .
that, word has been sent out
from the White House that
the President would be pleas
ed to see the appropriations
of Congress cut to the bone.,'
They wish to make a show,
ing cf economy in the com
ing campaign. 'Cut to the
bone' means that the Appa
lachian Forest Reserve. and
the Inland Waterway must
wait. News ami Observer,
The Cheroke Indian was h ..
riginally apolytheist.Tohim
the spirit world was only a
shadowy counterpart of this
one. He had no great Spirit .
no happy hunting ground.
no heaven, no hell all of
which ideas were first intro- ;
duced to the american abo
rigines by Christian mission"
aries. Consequently death
had for him no tenors, and
it- ri n n i i r.i i i.iikt iiir v n nuic riiii
with no anxiety as to theiu
ture. All his prayers were for
temporal and tangible blest
inge for health, for long life,
for success in the chase, in
fishing, in war and in love,
for good cropsi for protec
tion and for revenge. -Ex,
Lady or Gentleman to manage
bntdncss in this County and ad
joining territory for house ol D
num-ial standing, f 20.00
straight cash salary' and expen
ses paid each Monday direct from"
headquarters. Expense .money
advanced: position permanent!
Add rest Manager, 605 Monon '
Bid-, Chicago. - ...
A joKe that requires an cxpla
catiou, is no joke. . . , '(
Thousands Ilave Eldney TfoatttV
and Don't Enow it.
How To Find Ottt.
Fill a bottle cr common lass with yeo
water and Jet It stand twenty-four hours;
aedlmtnt or set
tllnf Indloatea as .
unhealthy condl-;
tlon of Iho kid.
neys; If it stains
your linen It Is
evidence of kia
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass It or pain Itj '
the back Is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and bla&
der are out of order.
Wiat to Do. '
There Is comfort In the knowlsdr St)
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills avery
wish-In curing rheumatism, pain fa In
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects Inability
to hold water and scalding pain In pesslnf
It, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant'
U.. - .... . ..
ux.Baau ui uo.ng compeuea 10 ge OHea.
during the day, and to get up many times;
during the night, . The mild and the extra '
ordinary t(W( cf Swamp-Root Is soosi
roaitzed. it s'.artds the hlrhest for its won
j Herful ciires of the most dstresslng cases,)
i If you need u medicine you should Cave tbW
beM. Sold by drucL'ists In 60c and St. alaaeJ
j You may have a samplo bottle cf tola
t wondertul discovery
... I. k.iL. .tJlU.'
u:wiuieiy ireo umail.
adoress Ur. Kilmer Sx nn if iisliit
Co., Blnjhamton, N. Y. When writing men ,
tion reading this generuua ctier In this paptsV .
- : . .. ,;' ' ..''

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