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V7atauja Democrat
Robert C. Rivers, t
Thursday Jan. 7,-1904.
Thi Coit ef PenaloM , "
Pittsburg Pot. " .
What Garfield en id cn tbe
floor of the Hoiw less than
twenty-five years ago about
pension payments is an old
tory, butjt.is particularly
pertinent now. When a bill
carrying an appropriation
of thirty eight million dollars
for pension payments was re
ported Garfield defended it
on the ground that the pen
sion account for the civil war
had then reachedjthe highwa
ter mark and4that from that
year it would constantly ie
cede until.it disappeared a
comparatively few years, See
retary ShawVannnal report
shows that the payment on
account of pensions was the
.greatest iridiyidualitem of
cost ol tbe goverment 'ofthe
year over a hundred milUons
more than it was when Gar
field declared it had reached
its bigh wo ter mark. Against
pensiou payments of $138,
425.000, for the yeorthe pos
tal servicecost 1134.224,000
the civil and miscellaneous
account was $ 124.944.000,
the War Department, f 118,
619,000; the Nayy'.f 82,618,
000; tbellndiana,: f 12,935,
C00, and interest on the na
tional debts f28,556 000.
But tbe pension payments
-this year shows a decrease of
several thousand ovei those
of the precding year. It is
doubtful however that this
decrease 'will be continued.
Commissioner Ware has
made himself extremely un
populat by closely scrutiniz
ing pension claims and he is
slated to leave th office be
fore the Presidential elec
tion is held.
"I stuck to my engine, although
every jount ached and every nerve
rvnn racked with pain" writes C,VV.
lietlamy a locomotive fireman nf
Burlington Jowa. "I wan weak nnd
pule without any nppctite and ull
run down ' As I wa nhout to give
up I got a bottle of Electric Hitters
- and after taking it I felt us well as I
ever did in my life." Wenk sickly
run down people always gain new
.life strength andlyigcrfrom tneirue
Trv them. Satisfaction guaranteed
by M, B. Blackburn.
An old Revenue officer of
GeiHgia who has served in
this capacity for 25 or 30
years expresses the belief
thnt blockading or illicit dm
tilling will ever be stopped.
There is such a big profit in
the business that ns soon as
nne is cougbtnnd imprisoned
Hnother falls in to take bin
place. o it will ever be:
ffcaHttlrfrrf ttrlst.'
As to the exact date olt'hrfat's
hirth we are in total darkness
even tbe month In which he vwns
born has been lost. 'Tis strange
that the most important event
in the world's history that one
link of the chain is missing. Why
we know not. Some have said
that an all-wise Providence so
ordered it to keep an idolatrous
people trom becoming "day-wor-shippers."
One up-to:date writer
says that Dec. 25 was set as His
birth-day to break up a heathen
festival held at that time centu
ries ajro. Why should we care to
Know? It may come to light yet
hidden away on stone or papyrus
it may be waiting the right time
to come to light. 'Tis nice to Keep
one day in memory of the King.
If we never flud out in this lile
perhaps some time on some sweet
isle of rest lashed by the waves
ol eternal Peace, I can tell you
when it was and you can explain
to me the mystery ol "The morn
ing star first san g together and
all the sons ol God shouted lor
joy, We now see through a glass
Ed Henderson of Anatin
Texas will bring suit against
the great northern railway
in his district court for $5,
000 damages for "mental
anguish" caused by white
men compelling bim to dance
at the point of a pistol and
then made him get off the
On Christmas eve a farmer
living at Hollonvilla N. Y.
killed his three motherless
children and then killed him
self. An empty purse and no
way to get Christmas for bis
children was thought to be
the cause.
The family of Mrs. M. L, Bobbitt
f Bargetown, Tenn., saw her dy
ing and were powerless to s.'ive her.
The most skilfulll physicians and
every remedy used, failed, while con
sumption was slowly but surely ta
king her life. In this terrible hour
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption tnrned despair into joy.
The first bottle brought immediate
relief and its continued use complete
Jy cured her. It s the most 'certain
cure in the world for all throat and
lung troubles. Guaranteed bottles
Joe. and f 1. Trial bottles free at
1 B Blackburn's .
The burning of thelriqnois
theatre in Chicago III. result
ed in the loss of 600 lives.
The morning of Dec. 31st
witnessed a horrible scene in
tbe beautiful lake city. It is
stated that tbn fire started
from the bursting of a cnlci
11m light apparatus. . ThU
fearful holocaust must be the
worst of modern times. There
was h theatre burned in Ri-'h
raond many years ago in
which many celebrities of Vir
ginia perished.
Prof. Joseph (J. Ettel or
Yale College is insane ut
Raleigh snlorifs'dosed their
doors at midnight Dec. 3lst.
Eighteen thousand dollars
worth of hoozt ie now ready
to be . handed out from the
dispensary. Of the23 saloons
none have any stock worth
speaking of now.
It is exceptional to And a family
wnere thpre are nodomestic ruptures
occasional! vbut thesecanbelessened
by having Dr. King's New Life Pill
around. Much trouble they save
by their great work in stomaeh and
Liver troubles. Thev not only re
lieve you but cure. 25c at M. B,
The Ashville Citizen says
that Spencer is repotted to
hive said: that Judge Itohin
son's refusal to eat with tbe
negro, Jmlson Lyons at Han
na's banquet will come up to
haunt him yet.
A peacock owned bj a Mr.
Rukerat Green Hill N. C.
died recently aged 50 years.
It has furnished fly brushes
for three generations of the
Ruker family.
Every person who differs
with Kilgo nnd Baseett are
not enemies to Trinity Col
lege hy anv means. The opin
ion ol these two men will not
affect the Collegein any way.
War between' RusMia and
Japan seems inevitable. Per
hnps Japan won't nnd it as
easy to whip Russia hh it did
China some years ago.
Everything is in the name when it
comes to Witch Hazel Stive. B. C.
DeWitt & Co., of Chicago, 4icov
cred some years ago how to imake
a salve from Witch Hazel that u
a specific for piles. For blind, blee
ding, itching and protruding pile,
eczema, cuts, burns bruises and all
skin diseases De Witt's Salve has no
equal. This has given rise to numer
ous worthless counteefeiters, Ask
for DeVVict's the genuine. Sold by
M.B. Blackburn.
Thomas L, ditcher,
Is now equipped with a new
And makes a specialty 01 snr
ye.ving and mapping home
mineral and timber hinds. Al
so surveying rondsand terra
cing ditches.
The Board of State Mis
sions of the Baptist church
at Raleigh appropriated 30,
000 for State Missions.
We trust, that the New
Year has in store many
choice blessings for all. May
this be tbe best year of their
Navigation is suspended on
the lower Ohio River. The
liver isfroz-n ovei ot Hanes
wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a man endu
ring pains of accidental ruttt wound
bruiges burns scalps ho re feet or stiff
joints. But there's no need for it.
Bucklen.s Arnica Salve will kill the
pain and cure the trouble. It's the
best salve on earth for piles too 5c
at M.B Rlackborn.s
Sa't pork is a famous old
fashioned remedy for con
sumption. "Eat plenty of
pork," was the advice to the
consumptive 50 and 100
years ago. During the weeK prior to Christ
Salt pork is good if a man Gov. AycocK issued pardons to
can stomach it. The idea tene mvicts. One of them was a
behind it is that fat is the negro whojiad murdered his sis
food the consumptive needs ter'
North'Carolina Watauga Conn
ty That whereas a mortgage
d eed wai executed to J. 1
Wilson M. L, Norris and other
plaintiff in the case of J. I. Wil
son M L. Norris nnd others vs
Jane and Louis Church and oth
ers t o secure the cost of the plain
tiff in said action! by J. F. Church
and wife and whereas ;said cost
has not bfen paid. Now therefore
by virtue ol the power of sole con
tained in said mortgag ? and by
virtue of the judgement, in said
action rendered at Fall term
11)03. 1 will sell to tbe highest
bidder for canh'at the court house
door in Boone N C at public auc
tion at lo'clock p. m. on the 1st
day Feb. 19(14 the following de
scribed property: Beginning at a
chestnut oak on an east hillside
a little west ol a drainsecondcor
ner ol 100 acres granted to Wm:
A. Lenoir on Nov. 20, 1848, No.
238, and runs with the first line
ofBaid one hundred acres west
1 09 poles toa stake in the mid
dle of said line, corner of 50 acres
this day conveyed by said Wal
ter to Jesse F. Gragg, then south
75 poles across said tract to a
stake in the south boundary line
theneof, thence with said 1OO a
cres east 109 poles to a stake 8.
b cast corner thereof at a chest
nut on a spur of the east side of
a ridge, about 5 polessoulh west
of a large spring breaking out ol
the a. h. side of the said enur,
thence with said 100 acres north
7o poles to the beginning, .con
taining 50 acres mor or less
Raid sale is ti.adcllor the payment
of $78 45, and cost. This Dec.
ThoB. Bingham, C.R. C.
;he AppalacWan TralnlngScliooL
Spring Term of sixteen; weeks begins Jan. 6, 1904. ;
I3"TV puplieSchool branches will be thoroughly taogbt
a"Meihoda of teaching and school management will be
mpbasized. ' ':V
ISTbis school prepares students fur any college In N. ft
Board and Tuition very reasonable.
19 Free tuition to Public School Teachers.
For other.inforraation address
The Secretary of the Faculty.
Boone, N-C.
12-31903. 1 '.
We have a very large lot of SHOT GU;8 and loa
d?d Shells which we will sell Very Cheap forthejnext
If vou are needing a Heating or Cooking Stove
it will pay yon to see our line belore buying.jas we
carrv the best line of Stoves in thin section..
We alfo enrr.v ut all times and in large quantities . ,
DOORS, GLASS and... ............J
White Lead, Linseed and Lubricating Oils.' ,
WTCar. furnish all kimljof Heavy and Builder's H irdware,
Mountain Cit, Tenn.
Kodol Dyspepsia Curo
Dlgssta what you ML
Mr. Whitehead Klntlz is to le-
Salisbury Sun: Hon. R. Z.
Linne.v, who is fn Charlotte,
attending Federal Court says
he expects to defeat th Hon.
K. Hpem-er BlneklMirn for the
congressional nomination. A
prominent Salisbury Ilepubli
can said this morning that
Blaek!nrn hss the nomina
tin ;":,lin-!;' pynt
sbanoNV of donlir."
DeWltVs w.H,.r Salvo
For Piles, Burns, Sore.
Scott's Emulsion is the mod
crn method of feeding fat to
the consumptive. Pork is too
rough for sensitive stomachs. corae one of the Wanhington cir
Scott's Emulsion is the most respondents of the New YorK A-
- . P e . mencan editel by W. K. Hurst,
refined of fats, especially.
prepared for easy digestion.
Feeding him fat in this
way, which is often the only
way, is half the battle, but The Gastonia Gazette has en
Scott's Emulsion does more tered upon its 25th year. Success
than that. There is some-! and lon ,if t0 t one of our
thing about the combination excha"
of cod liver oil and hypophos- ... . ""7.7 .
c . . t r 1 " ,8 possible to raise a
phites in Scott s Emulsion . ,. ,!,,,
fi , ,.r . . cheek sitnout the aid of a
that puts new life into the
weaic parts and has a special
action on the diseased lungs.
V Be surft to put it 1904 mty be
-by v.iJ tbne the nnv yftiv In!
fioiivhnun3 iv.,. !jzt iLat ir .
Ik lw
A sample will be
sent free upon request
B. tur thai Ihta plctart la
tlx lona r( Ubel i. on lh
wrapper ot every bout !
EmnlMoa too buy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
' 50c. and $x; all druirts.
Lady or Gentleman to mnnae
hiihinPHS in thH County and ad
juininir trrritory for honm ol h-
!i n' ial h t it 11 d i 11 j;. f 20.'!0
ntinijrlit cash nnliiry nnd exH'ii-
i W'H prtideaoliJI nmnY direct from
lu'adquarters. ExMiire nioiiev
ndvaiKT'l: jM)nition jnrninnent.
Aldivrix M.i)iujer, (i'Ju Monm,
lildg., Ciiicugo.
By virtue of the power of Pale
contained in a mortcnire le'd
executed by John Elrod nnd w ife
on AprP 1st iHS)5 lo U. J.Uottrell
and iiritered in the Recister
fHe o Watana conntv N. C.
in Book No: 2 paye 402, 1 will on
Monday February the 1st 1U04
nt. thf court house door in Boone
N C sell to the highest bidder for
raHh the following; described tract
ol lhnd Htnnted in Watauga pnun
ty N C in Elk Township. It being
the one half undivided interest
pruned by the state of N. C to
John Elrod June the 7th 1893
Banning 0,1 a chestnut oak R
II. Pa 1 krs cortir-rand runs south
40 poles to a- chestnut T. A.
Critcher nnd R. H Parkers cor
ner, thence west 40 poles so a
stake, T. A. Critcher's corner,
thtsce North with said Critchero
line 50 poles to a stake, thence
west 10 polfS to the old ofley
lina, thence North 100 poles to
Elihn Green's coi ner. thence east
i00 poles to a stake in snid
Green's line t tence south with
said Green's and Ervin Triplett's
line do poles to a chestnut Lrvm
Triplett's corner, thenee east 35
poles to a stake the north west
corner of the Jacob Cook grant
thence south 80 poles to a chest
nut a corner of said grant tlnnce
west a0 poleB to the beginning
Said land will be sold to satisfy
a debt of forty seen dollars and
twenty two cent with Interest
and cost of sale. This December
16th 1903.
C.J. Cottrell
Mand Winter Goods Comi&glB.
We now have 5n stock and
are receiving tbc best and
most complete line of season
able goods that we have ever
handled, and are nlmost of
the opinion that, theqnality
considered, the best in the
county. But anyway.
We are still in tbe lead on
Shoes, as the popularity of that noted brand a....
Hamilton Brown's Own Make Shoes..
has grown to such an extent that many other makes' are r
crowded "out of tne ring"
An ePegant line of ladies' oresa goods, un del wear, etc
in stock. Gents' furnishings of almost every description ;
for tbe tall and winter season. Hats, Caps, etc...........
And, truth to HI, you can find almost a nything you want
in our well selerted stock, and at prices that will uit yoa.
Wd'e are alwayt ready to pay the veiv highest market
priceH for all kinds of good country produce. Call on aiand
we will save you money. .. ; ,
Always a pleasure to show goods, whether you buy or sot,-
? Very truly,
Mowing' Rock, Oct. 15.
Dr. 6, W. Raby, .
Blowing Rock Drug Go.
I now have in stocc a splendid
line of staple drngs, patent med
icinesa, toilet articles confetions.
eic, etc.
firepared to examine jour eyes scientifically
Come and see us. Very Truly,
Dr. G. W. RA By. Manager. (Successor to)
I hid also
AUTHOBIZED CAPITAL .....$50,000.00.
OFFICERS: J. Walter Wbight, President, W. P. Dun
gan, Vice President, 1. S. Rambo, Cashier.
R. F. McDape. Ars't. Cashier.
Stock-holding Directors: J. Walter Wright, 1. 8. Ram
bo, W. P. Dungan, and E. E. Hunter.
Non Stoi k-Holdliig Directors: Dr. J. Q. Butler, J. N.
v ills, R. E. Donnelly, anl Dr. J. C. Butler.
Accounts ofFirmo, ( owomthhs, and Individuals
If To Cure a Cold in One Day -fissu;.
I Tela Laxative Bromo Qninino
'f f9) 1 1 c every 11
svCTMmwiwtoMiiiHfc. Tth tiJtf' yjCvvtbox,2x,

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