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NO. 24.
Collapse no the Way.
Writing' in the New York Times
Doctor Ladd, emeritus professor
of philosophy at Yale University
expresses-the opinion that "Ger
many is not far from collapse."
He advances what the New York
Journal of Commerce, a mighty
high authority in'.tjie financial
and commercial world, says is an
opinion founded on a "pretty
solid hasis." Doctor Ladd main,
tains that Germany is in a des
perate condition,' and is in fact
"on the verge of a total col
lapse." He says it is not safe
yet to predict when the vnr will
end, but ''if the Entente Allies
stand firmly to .duty, there are
abundant signs that Germnny's
condition of desperation is so
great that'a peace acceptable to
the Allies and dictated by them
may be reasonably hoped for by
the c'ose of 19 ' 8." The Journal
of Commerce makes intelligent
review of the reasons Doctor
Ladd has advanced for his con
tention of the waning strength
of the German Government, be
ginning with the failure of its
first thrust, when' it was in full
strength and those who it made
enemies were utterly unprepared.
Doctor Ladd maintains a fact
which is of common knowledge
among students of the war, that
the strong and highly trained
Army of four years ago has been
greatly depleted and renewed
with material of depreciating
quality and subdued spirit. It
has nothing lke the vigor and
confident or reckless courage of
August and September 1914.
There are many indications of
that, and that the ruling power
has lost pinch of its ability to
keep up equipment and supplies
and take care of the people at
iome. The Government is load
ed ith debt and the people ex
hausted by taxation, All the
means of pr o d u c t i o n and
distribution are very greatly
impaired without capacity for
renewal. During this process the
outrages committed and the be
trayal of every principle of hon
or or fairness or justice have de
stroyed all confidence, incurred
jutter distrust and intensified en
tity. Still, the old methods of
Ilealing are kept up and thesam
uubition is cherished in various
orm. The design for controling
Jelgium, Holland and Northern
ranee witu a view to domma-
ion over the Atlantic was utter.
y defeated. Then the energy was
irected to earn ing out that of a
Middle Europe power extending
astward to gain control and in-
reasii jiossession in southern A-
laund in Africu. Notwithstand
ng much lack in the resistance
pn.lhat line all hope of succes
.eraetl for the time to bo abaa
oned. Thin camo another turn.
Dne of the bars to domination
Fas the Empire of Russia; but,
Urgely through secret propegau-
anda and subtle influence oytr
iscordanb elements the yower
f that nation was , undermined
order that the course of Ten
WW expansion miehr, tnkun.
orthern course to a new desti
ation. This appears to Doctor
Uuld as "a sign of present des-
ratiou and the presage of colos
I blunder in the future." Ger-
any, ho declares, ' is not grow
g stronger and more to be fear-
as it loads it self to 1 o w e r
pths with this intolerable bur
n." But, "perhaps, the most
miQdiate and threatening form
Uermany's rapidly increasing
phit of desperation," he says.
ucernsits obyious inferiority
ts euemies in all manner of
pplies necessary to the success-
I conduct -ol ,war." He finds
in food, in finance,- in' muni-
M"s of every kind and in num.-
p, morale of its flghtinj force,
An Ode Ta Health.
"Health of itself makes life a
perpetual joy. fliothing daunts,
noiiung overawes or discourag.
es and nothing overpowers the
man and woman possessed of
health. Health means not onlv
vigor and energy oi body but al
so clarity and strength of mind;
puriry ana beauty of soul. The
healty persou dominates life in
stead of allowing life todominate
him. He srarcely thinks of his
body as consisting of parts bras
performing separate functions.
To him the body is but one har
monious whole. He is a unit, a
being, a mnn;complete,.vigorous
perfect. To such a man work is
a joy. He hardly knows what
weariness is. He never experien
ce8 exhaustion. Merely to grasp
his hand is a pleasure. To gaze
into his eyes is a joy. To hear
his voice is to feel a thrill pass
over one. To peer into his mind
serves as a stimulus to higher
achievement. Health supplies the
courage, the aggressiveness in
life. Without health one is bank
rupt regardless of whatJiisfinan
cial capital may be. He becom- s
a cipher in the world of real men
and women. If you have health,
thtn, friends, cherish it, guard it,
and treasure it as you treasure
lit'.-, for out of it are the issues Of
Bad Taste in Your Mouth.
When you have a bad tast in
your mouth you inhy kuow that
your digestion is faulty. A dose
of Chamlterlain's Tublfts will u
sually correct the disorder. They
aNo cuius a gentle movemnnt of
the bowels You will find this to
be onn ol the best medicines you
have ever brcoine acquainted
with. Adv.
"now distinctly inferior to the
Entenle allies," while the gap be
tween them is widening with ev
ery day of the continuance of the
This muchjiaving been said,
and said, as The Journal of Com
merce holds, upon "a pretty sol
id basis" of fact, Doctor Ladd
presents three three enemies who
are to be dreaded more than our
desperate fo a in Germany. One
is "a divided Govvmment." That
means our Congress which seems
unable to shake off politics and
which is being held to it under
the leadership of Penrose and
"The Old Guard," and a fact
manifested in the persistent fight
agninst giving the President full
power to select men for the co
ord muted departments for the
prosecution of the war, and who
are d -ing m uch in encou ragemen t
of the enemy. A second element
is the workmen who, shortsight
ed and selllHh, are thinking more
of their own gains than of bring
ing the war to an early and sue.
cwtui conclusion, a mini is me
faint-hearted pacifists whether
they belong to the Bolshevist
crowd or to otherassociationsor
e.en to some religious denomina
tions who are advocating an un
fini lied work, just approaching
completion, or nbove h11, tho bri
bed pro German crowd who are
doing that country's dirtv work
no less effectively than the.v for
merly did by arson, Inmb-throw;
ing and bomb-placing and by
diplomatic iutrigne against us in
foreign countries."
Doctor Ladd is correct in his
estimation of these home ele
ments of obrtrnction, and we be
lieve he has made an approxi
mately aecurate forecast of what
is about to happen in Germany.
That tho Kaiser will drop his
sword "by the close of 1918," is
a contention which, in recent
days, bas been drawing a troop
of supporters. Charlotte Obeer-vir.
Mori U-Boats Destroyed by Entente in
December thai Germany
Was Able ta Build.
According to information that
has reached Washington, more
submarines were destroyed by
allied and American naval forces
in December than Germany was
able to build during that month,
this fact developed from a state
ment made to parliament by Sir
bricC. Geddes.fi rst loid of the
British Admiruliry thaUhe sub
marines were being checked.
Although it is not known that
succeeding months have shown
a net loss iuGerinansubmarii.es.
it is believed that the anti-sub-ma
riiue campaign has proved so
effective that increased efforts
this spring will see a steady de
crease in the r.umber of U-boats
available to prey on allied ai d
American shipping.
American naval officials seem
satisfied ilmt the weapons are
forthcoming with which they ex
pect to crush finally the subma
rine menace. Some of the agen
cies upon which they count are
increased numbers of patrol ves
sels of various types, appliances
and devices to make them more
effective against underwater at
tacks and the increased skilll of
navy personnel It has required
much time to produce the wea
pons, but they fare becoming a
vailable now.
The advance guard of the Am-,
erican destroyer forces aided by
the allied navies have held the
enemy aud are now destroying
one out of every four or five Ger.
mnn U-boats that put to sea.
America's real contribution to
the naval waif ire is about to be
felt, With every parsing week,
the strength of the force will
grow, for it is embodied in tlx
most extensive construction pro
gram ever undertaken tor the
navy of any power.
There is no suddon falling off
of tonnage lossis expected for
the reason that the new destroy,
ers aud other craft must be add
ed gradually as they are comple
ted. High British naval author
ities have stated publicly that
next August will bLuw withouta
doubt that the U-boats huve
been overcome. There are offi
cials here who are hopeful of de
cided results perhaps as early as
May or June.
Norte Carolina Watauga eouuty. In
the Superior court. C. O- Kgau
V8. Pearl lt:imi.
The defendant above named will
take notice that au action entitled kb
above has boed commenced iu the
Niipei lor court of Watauga county to
dixsolve the houd of matrimony; and
the defendant will farther take no
tice that die Is required to appear at
the term ei the xuperior court of paid
county to be held on the third Mon
day af'ertho Brut Monday in March
HIS, rit the court liouxe in Raid dun
ty in Boone, North Carolina and an
swvr or demur to tho complaint iu
paid action or the plaintiff will apply
to the court fori be relict demanded
In -aid complaint. This the 25th day
of February 1U)S.
V. I). FAUtniNG, U. S. C.
A Reward of $50.00 wilt be given to any person
or arsons producing sufficient evidence to con
vict any person or persons for making or selling
whiskey or other intoxicants in or around our
operation. :-: . :-: :-: ::
Boone Fork Lumber Co.
T. W. HAMPTON, Superintendent.
Office of the Superintendent
February 28, 1918.
I II t T.... i. r..... u u...:j
u. a. nuup) luriHict nun mvimg un
Schedule Time. .
From high authority it has
been learned that Troops aud
supplies for Geueral Pershiug's
forces are now moving to France
on schedule time. Whilir figures
may not bo published, it was
stated positively that transpor
tation requirements of the army
are being met by the Shipping
Hoard and the immediate sil tui
tion ns to ships was described as
A substantial American army
already is in in the trenches ou
the western front and Secretary
Baker indicates that there may
beat least a million American
troops ia France during 1918.
The railroad situation during
the past few months has been
such as should convince the far
mers of the Southern States that
they must this year produce suf
ficientfood and breadstuffs for
this section or our people will go
without The railroads of the
country are laboring under a
tremendous strain aud with in
creasingly heavy burdens being
imposed upon them by military
operations, our people may not
depend upon any other s -ction
for any food product which can
be raised at home.
Try This For Sour Stomach.
Eat slowly, masticate your
food thoroughly. Eat but littU
meat iud none at all at sujiper.
If you are Mill troubled with a
sour stomach take one of Cham
berlain's Tablets txfote goinn to
bed. Adv.
There were live sea captains
ohanced to meet, onn Russian,
one Turk, one Frenchman, one
American and one Englishman.
One of them proposed a chain
paigno supper, each one to give
u toast to his native country, or
pay for the wine drank afier sup
per, and here is the result: .
The Russian Here's to the
stars and bars of Rusm thai
were never pulled down. ,
The Turk Here's to the moons
of Turkey whoso wings were nev
er c!iped.
The Frenchman Here's to tl e
cock of France whose feathers
were never p'eked.
The American IJere's to tl e
stars and stripes of the United
States of America, never failed.
The Engliahman Here's to tl e
rampant, roaring lion of Great
Britain that tore down the staiB
and bars of Russia, clipped tl e
wings of Turkey, picked -the fet-
theiMoff the cock of France aid
ran like b 11 from the stats and
stripes of the United SLates t f
For a Bid Cold.
Take Chamberlain's Cough Rem-
dy. It has stood the test if
time arwi can V dppemlurl upni .
Governor Bickttt to local Exemption
Governor Bickett, under dato
of March (, sends out the follow
ing to the Local Exemption
Boards throughout the State:
"I am glad to be able to an
nounce after a careful investiga
tion of the subject that, in my o-
pinion, no farmers or farm labor
ers in the second draft will be
sent to training camps before the
15th of July I am giving out
th is opinion iu order that the
farmers and farm laborers may
proceed to cultivate their crops
upon the assurance that they will
not be disturbed earlier than the
15th of July, by which time the
crops will be laid by.
"This announcement, however,
does not include the deferred per
centage of the tl rst quota made
up of colored men. Colored men
w ho were liable to call in the first
draft, are now liable to be called
at any time.
Commander Percy Foote, of
one of Uncle Sam's w ar ships has
made two trips across to Europe
since he was at home in Wilkes
last summer. Each time they
transported five thousand sol
diers and had a crew of seven
hundred. This success is an hon
or to Commander Foote not a
man having been lost. Hustler.
From the Republican, Mt Gil
ia I, Ohio. The editor had an iu
reresting experience some tine
ago, when n onng gentleman
untie to this office and asked for
i eopv of the Morrow County lb
Oiiblii'Rii. He scrutinized it cure
fully when a copy was handed
him, and then said: Now I know.'
'What is it you ar looking lor,'
we enquired. "My wifes ntme
after a l oltle f C' aniberlainV
Cougli Kem d,y, and 1 forgot the
name. I went, to several stores
and the clerks named everything
in the linn on the shelf except
eliawberliiin'H. I'll iry again,
a'liJ I'll never irn home without
Chambeibnii'h Cougli Remedy."
Hie Republican would eugest
to the proprietors of stores that
Kiev post their clerks, and never
let them substitute. Customirs
lose tnith in stoeos where Ktibf-ti-
tuLing is permitted, to sap noth
iug of tho injiiMtiiv to makers of
i?ood goo Is an l the disa ppoint-
merit of customers. Adv.
Valuable Real Eslalc for
Six acres good, level farming
land near stat ion at Foscoe. A
new six-room dwelling, good barn
ind othe' outbuildings. Price
low. Terms enxy. S e. George F.
lilair, Shulls Mills, N. C.
15c a copy
At Year Nwd Uf
Yearly Subscription S1.SO
SnJ for oar ttu) frm eat
ofof of mechanical bookg
Popular Mechanics Magaalno
Willi MMUcaa Av . Chicago
Children" Ory
E Glenn Salmons,
Kesiclcut Dentist.'
Office at Ci itcher Hotel.
' 0:00 to 12 a. iu; 1:00 to 4.00 p. in,
WW Practice llegnlarly in
the Courts ol Ualevuu.
5-1 n
rineolu, N. O ,
Bnnuer Elk, N. C.
Practice in the'
and surrounding" counties. Care
ful attention given to all matters
of a legal nature.
BOONE, n. c.
Will 'practice in the courts o
Watauga aud adjoining ttun-
Wheniiineedof vet
erinary surgery call on
or write to G. H. Hayes
Veterinary Svrgcon, Vi
las, N. C. 6-15-16.
. F..l.ovllJ. W. X. I'.vll
Lovill & Lovill
-Attorneys ATj Law
- BOONE, N. C- a
Special attention given to
all business entrusted to
tFeircare. .. .
T. E. gingham,
BOONE n. c
, an'romptnttention'giwn (0
sil matters of a leuul nature
CollectiouK a specialty.
Office with Solicitor F. A. U0
9. ly. pd.
ll'ANNKItS El.K, N. C.
At Boone on first Monday
of every month for 4 or ft davs
and every i ou i t w-.ek. Oifk-e t
the Blackburn Hotel.
John h. JJfom n
L aw yep.
.BOONE, ... NtCt
Prompt attention givcn'Jo all
matters ofji leejd nature. p0.
lections a specialty. Q:ce with
Lvjmi v Lovill. '
1.1nA a A il-t Si
nnrint m ikiMUtuA
(tnarniiree & a
material need g
Kuaranteod to begenulDe. Kotlmotrg
furnished ou all mail order. Satin,
faction i?mrantaed lo very rtspt-i t
on all railroad watches. Office near tlV
Watauga Oo. Bank.
J . w.n r
(jai'tilf .' n Mfmk

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