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33ataus democrat.
R. C. Rivers, Proprietor.
a'i a 44 St rt
J.UURSDAY, flIAIH H. i, li'lO.
Shuli's Mills Items.
The five, months school, suc
cessful! v tauaht ly the Misses
Marsh, ended early in January.
The Boone Fork Lumber Com
pany, realizing the necessity and
having the interest of their em
ployees tit heart; lias promoted a
subscription school arid same has
been carried along since the five
months school endedw ith a splen
did attendatice. The school will
be continued until some time in
June. This certainly U an im
provement over previous educa
tional advantages for this com
munity. Miss Kate Marsh is
teacher of t he subscript ion school.
We hope to have on eight ornine
months school here next session,
and in the nrar future we will
have an A-l combined high school
at this place.'
The employees of the Boone
Fol k Lumber Company have re
CMitly organized a social club,
k iowii nsthe "Boone Fork Club."
This club U doing a great work,
not only funnelling u place for
th men to meet roiially and
spen I their leisure moments, ei
ther reading, writing or talking,
but. was formed in conjunct ion
with the Bible- CUvs and Suudav
S iliool at the I'rt sby terian chu i h
No one is eligable to join this
cla i unless he is of good moral
character and a member of Ihe
Liile class. The Club gave an
oyster supper for its member?
(n w totaling twenty eight) last
Thursday evening, all of whom,
ol cours, thoroughly enjoyed it.
We hail as a visitor Mr. W. 11.
Donnell of Elizubethton, Tenn.,
who made a short, but iutesest
in i talk nfter the supper.
. The Suuday School at the Pres.
byterian Church is progressing
nicely in attendance and as the
weather is now getting better a
larger attendance is expected.
Mr. and Mrs, Donnell and lit
tle daughter, Margarlte, of Eliza
buthton, Term., speut a day or
so at Superintendent IlamptonV
h me lust week.
Mr. J II. Murphy, Wood's Sup
erintendent, is now lagging up
per Boone Fork Creek and is get
ting out some mighty fine hem
lock and hardwood timber.
The mill is now producing an
average of 05,000 ft. of lumbei
per day and have about four and
a Halt million leet oi lumber on
' the yard, this production will be
increase 1 and n record year s bus
iuess is expected.
Mr. James A. Shupe, former
trainsman for the Company, in
now with the Linville ltiver Bail
way people and was succeeded
ft a in
dv wr. iii;im ward, who i.
' proving his efficiency to hold the
j l and give satisfaction.
Mr. II. Nichols, manager of the
mill and yard, expects his fami
ly, who now resides in Asheville
to join him in our town about
April Hist.
Mr. (jragg, manager of the
"American inoatre , announce)
that he has finally succeeded In
securing a five week (each Satur
day) series of one of the latest
war pictures The Germans Re
tiring beginning on the night.
of the 23rd. See ad in the next is
8'ieoIThe Democrat. "The A
mericaii is givinir us a eood.
np-to-date pictures now, which
is a very aceptable addition to
our town.
Mr. J. II. Murphy, WoodsSnp-
erintendent, who has been hoard
ing at the Boone Fork Campn.
will move .hi, family to Shulls
Mills about' April 1st nnd we'll
oil be glad to have him with us.
Recently quite a few men n-
. . round here seem to have been us
ing a little too much "tea." Mr.
. T. W. Hampton, superintendent
has announced that a reward of
; f 50.00 will be given forsufflcienH
. evidence to convict any person
: Or perbonts tor luuaiug or twiuu
' ... . I . 1
thioirav nrnap inrnr jtnnra in
or around the Boone Fork Lurr
ber Co'u. operation.
The UU-Iiitrus Party.
Haii and farewell to the new
National Party launched at Chi
cago yesterday by half-breed bol
sheviki! Their attack on the
Bed Cross should be all that' the
people of the United States would
want to know about the crowd.
The adoption of Nation-wide
prohibition aud woman suffrage
by the new "party" is but a bit
of political camouflage, of easy
penetration. Its real purposes
are bolshekian and flavored with
a little of anarchism, socialism
and I. W. Wisu. The Red Cross
is arraigned as an agent for the
American Tobacco Company,
through which itis ruining Amer
ican soldiers by seuding tobacco
to them That is their platform
so far as revealed, but there is
nlentv more of ib cominc: for
which, at this writing, we have
no time to wait. This new par
ty represents a mixture of ele.
ments which will please those
who have signed up for it, includ
ing the 100 prohibitionists of
which the National Prohihild
tion Party has been purged and
nobody else. Charlotte Obser
Food Situation
Makes Greater
in Europe
Upon American People.
Every Consumer Requested to
Observe Two Wheatless
Days, One Meatless and One
Porkless Day Each Week.
One Wheatless Meal and
Meatless Meal Should Be the
Eule Every Day 1918 Home
Card to Be Beady by Scbru-
ii.? 10th.
Dr. Alfred W.Dula, Eye
Kilici ifSiii ilCssi IMS' Bonds.
.$100 KEWRP $1Q0.
The readers of this paper will
be Dleased to learn that there is
.1 i j:
Watauga Louniy
linn, offers fifty thousand I hagbeenabie to cure in
000) dollars uooa jujiuh uu- - - d thatigcataiTh
5 per cent, semr annua interes , anus ge influenced
rial issue five o thirty years. gSfit, 0Oiditi0DJJ re
Sealed bids April 1, 10, . h-1": J)irpe constitutional treatment
lift d check vouched f by al juiw fc
bank, one per cent of bid re uir- through tho
ed. For iuformat in w" .el ' ! ilinnd on the muscular surface,
a"' ? ZT. of the system therebystroyinf;
Clerk to the Board of County
Boone, Monday; Tuesday and
Wednesday, March 25th, ,2Gth
and 27th, first three days of
t r i ii I I
court, at uiacKoum nuiei. wiVTP.n A horae three or
Blowing Uoik, lnursday war,;. olJ nit.e 8tyie aill
28th. innro hut. with little or no per-
Pract icing for 20 years in Wa-'cheron blood. Prefer black or
tauga, I point with pride to the1 dark bay. H. Neal Blair, Boone,
Baptist Sunday School Institute.
There will be a Sunday School
Institute held in the Baptist
Church of Boone March 28 31,
1918. The purpose is to gain a
greater degree of efficiency among
the Sunday School workers, and
stimulate a greater interest in
the work in general. Every pas
tor, officer, teacher and church
member should attend, as lec
tures will lie given each day on
vital subjects of tie work by
such men as State Sunday School
Secretary, E. L. Middleton, Dr.
E. M. Freemen, teacher of Bi
ble in Meredith College, and Uev.
M. A. Adams. The Institute o-
pens on Thursday night, March
28th, with a sermon by Rev. J.
I. Farthing. There will be a
morning, afternoon ana nignt
session on Friday nnd Saturday
and on Sunday a sermon by Dr.
We are very anxious for every
Baptist Sunday School in the
County to send representatives
to this meeting.
I. O. G Ricr.it I For Boone
W. R. Gkaoo ) Sunday School.
Raleigh- If the American people
are to fulfill their duty to the AUlei
by supplying the armies with food'
tuffi, and their duty to humanity Id
sarins the Uvea of ai many starving
women and children in Europe as the
crippled shipping facilities will per
mit, they must reduce their consump
tion of wheat at least 30 per cent from
today until the next .harvest, reduce
their consumption of pork in the same
degree and economize rigidly in the
use of beef, fats and sugar.
Intensified Food Program.
To meet the demands of the des
perate condition that exists in Europe
with regard to the food situation, the
Food Administration has announced
an Intensified food conservaUon pro
gram. The 1918 home instruction card
which will be available fer every
household in the State within the next
two weeks calls for:
Two wheatless days In each
week and one wheatless meal
every day. The wheatless days
will be Monday and Wednesday.
One meatless day (Tuesday)
and one porkless day (Saturday),
- and a meatless meal In each day
of the week.
Terms Explained.
On wheatless days and in wheatless
meals no wheat bread, crackers, pas
try, macaroni or breakfast food con
taining wheat should be used beyond
the amount necessary to thicken soups
' or gravies or bind together corn meal
1 or other substitute cereals. On meat
I less days no perk or beet products of
any kinds or mutton or lamb should be
served, flsh, poultry and game being
i substitutes. On porkless day and on
1 a 1 M
! other days mutton ana iamo snouiu om
used In preference tojbeef. .
best people of your county that
hive patronized me. Ask your
bist people about nie.
I am the only .Eye Specialist
t'mt has ever practiced in your
c unty that was licensed under
fie original optometry law, that
VJlnntunly took the full exami
nation before the State Board.
'ensed and pronounced compe
tent to test eyes and fit glasses
by time State Boards, N. C, S.
and Tennessee.
Training School Items.
A roost unique exerciso took
)lace iu the Truining School au
ditorium on the evening of the
8th. It was advertised as a
"Community Singing," and it
well deserved its name. A largo
crowd of citizens together with
the entire student body of the
Training School was present and
entored heartily into the exerci
ses. The progranimo was opened
by throwing on tno serenes a
number of slides of interest.
Then followed the main part of
the exercises, which was the mil
sic. The songs were patriotioand
religious, th words of which were
thrown on the screen and sung
by the entire audience, and those
who were so fortunate as to be
present say that they never
heard th gongs sung with quite
so much enthusiasm.
After this part of the exercises
nil went to the gymnasium and
Blowing Rock: Every Sunday
morning 10:30 and 11:
Boone: First and Third Sun
day 4:30 p. m.
Shulls Mills: Fourth Sunday
4:00 p. m.
FOR SALE: Two work horses,
two milk cows, and two brood
sows. Call on or write Will IT.
Hayes, R. F. D. 1, Boone, N.C.
Having qualified as adminis
trator of the estate of Lewis V.
Earthing deceased, all persons
ri a vine: claims against raid e&
tate are notified to exhibit the
same before me on or before the
31st dey of Jan., 1919, or this
notice will be plead in bar of
1 heir recovery. All persons in
debted to the said estate will
please make immediate settle
ineut. This January 30, 1918.
(Mrs ) Nancy Fabtiuno, Adm'r
witnessed a fine game of basktt
ball by the young men of the
Training School. Thus the even
ing passed most pleasantly and
To anyone who doccn'i l:r.w of the
wonderful advances that h&ve been madd
In the preparation of smoking tobaccos
in the last few years it may sound strango
to speak of toasted ciga'.:e
Strictly speaking, wa should sr.7 ciga
rettes made of toasted tobacco; the smok
ers of this country wHl rccojjnbe it more
readily by its trado name, "LUCKY
STRIKE "the toasted cigarette.
The American Tobacco Company aro
producing millions of these toasted ciga
rettes and these ore bein.i" bought in
enormous quantities through the various
tobacco funds conducted by tho news
papers of the country and forwarded
through the Red Cross Society to the boys
in France.
' This new process of treating tobacco
sot only improves the flavor of the tobacco
but it seals la this flever and makes
the cigarettes keep better.
The Red Cross nurse U always glad to
nave a cigarette for the wounded soldier,
.as, in most Instances, that to the first
thing naked f tar. "
N. C.
the foundation 01 tne disease,
giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and
assisting nature iu doing its
! work. The proprietors nave so
much faith in the curative pow
ers of Hall's Catarrh Remedy
that they offer One Hundred DoU
lars for any case mat 11 laus 10
cure. Send'for testimonials. s
Address F.J. CHENEY & CO,
Toledo.jOhio. Sold by all dru r,
gists, 7uc.
North CarolinaWatauga county. In
the Superior court gpriim term lain.
Vernle Smith vs . C. Smith. 8er
vice by publication.
The defendant above nemed will
take notice that an action entitled ns
above bas been coiuiuenced i n the
superior oourt of Watauga county
for r.na rmrnoge i nHviuir m uiir
riatre between the plaintiff and tie ;
lendaut declared void, anu lor u ui
vorce from the bonds of matrimony;
that lie Kaid defendant will further
take notice that be is squired to ap
pear at the next term of the Watauga
Superior court to be held in the court
house In Boone, Watauga couuty, N.
C. on the 8rd Monday after the first
Monday In March MS being the 25th
dav of March 11118. and answer or de
murto the Snid complaint within the
time allowed by law or the relief de
tuvnded in the said complaint will ho
granted. Thin tfth day of Feb, 1918.
W. D. FARTHING, O. 8. C.
1 j.-
Quality Printing
turned out promptly and satis
faction guaranteed or no pay.
BOONE, n. o.
Woolens wortky
of the Born Label
are worthy . of your
confidence for we
can t afford to risk
our reputation on
any fabric of un
certain tailoring and
wearing qualities.
You may choose your
Jtattern new from a line
unlimited in variety of
weave and color.
And you 11 find our
tnoe very reasonable.
(AsaUbnf Born DtUr) .
R. M. Greene
Bank of Blowing Rock
offers to everj busineaa man or
head of a household its great fa
cilities for banking money and
for paying bills by check a meth
od that simplifies and adds dig
nity to every transaction of busi
ness and greatly improves one's
financial standing. Connection
with a Bank proves itself the en
terprising business man's beet
friend. Every progressive mer
chant should make it his duty
to inquire about the advantages
offered by the Bank of Blowing
Always Come
To iny Store for Your Supplies.
and if I cannot save you money on your purchases I will
'. 11 . Ml .,
give you prices mai win maice some other merchant come
across." My motto is to keeD. as near as nnssihlo what
a. w J HVIV TT sai
the people want, and will endeavor in the future as in the
past, to serve them with good goods at a reasonable price
Come along, get my prices, and we are sure to do some
trading. With the compliments of tha season, I am,
Yours for trade,
New Years Greetings!
Farm for bale.
One mile west of Boone, con.
twining 147 acres; about uinety
acres nicely cleared, in grass
and cultivation, balan e in tim
ber. Good 8-room dwelling, two
bams, good orchard, furm near
ly all fenced and well-watered by
springs and branches. If interes
ted apply to W. W. Gragg,
Boone, X. C.
W. P. SPEAS, M. D.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Threat
To my many friends and customers I wish to ex
tend my thanks for their increased patronage through the
year just closed, and wish for them the greatest prosper
Uy possible during the year just beginning. It has b een
my jehcy in the past, and will be in the future, to handle
the best goods I can buy, and sell them at a "live and let
live price." In buying goods, the quality must be consid-
ered always, for sometimes the cheapest article is in the
long run the most expensive.
I Handle the Best
and sometimes the price seems high, but when you con
sider the quality, you will find that my store is a regular
mecca for genuine, money-saving bargains.
Again thanking one and all for their patronage in 1917,
and soliciting a continuation of the same for 1918, 1 am,
Yours to serve,
omen ovir
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