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Cardinal Mmxiui*.
lau 7h? Federal Union must be tnniutained.
'id. Tbe reaerved ri?hti of the Slates muai tie
8d. The deoMoua of ihe Supreme Court must be
,l?k A iminn ol Chtucli Itlni Si Hi tj Inn -1 In' |I.1
vented. ^ |1
6th. The right* of conscience must be guari u- <
teed. ,
6th. American interests must be promoted. j
7th. An American nationality must be cb riflhed.
8th. Sectional agitation must be terminated. 1
9th. Foreign paupers ami ciimiuala must be e x> I
The naturalization Jaws must be amende. (
11th. " .Squatter sovereignty" and alien autti*
must be repudiated '
12tb. Ainericuns must rule America. I
|W To Anv crtihkks.?Our Jenns of adver i- <
sing will be, for the first insertion, five cents p,*r <
line, for each subsequent insertion t tea-arida-hc >f
cents. All who lavor us in tins respect, snau nave i
attention called to their advertisements, and fx in
time to time especial notices of t heir places of I u- i
siness and Block in trade. !
Thm.?The American will he issued twice a
week, on Wednesday and Saturday morning. Ah
soon as the advertising patronage will warrant, it
will be issued three times a week. Price per week,
aa Semi or Tri-weekly, Five OmU.
\jf All communications relating to the pubic
cation of this paper, must be addressed to C. W.
FENTON, Washington, D. C.
This number is not to be considered a f. ir
. specimen of what our paper will be. We have, is
jet, no exchanges, consequently we are deficit- it
in news. Our arrangements are very imperfect,
too, as it regards city news. All these things v, ill
be perfected in time.
/ .
/ 0T American?, our paper is now before yo t.
/ Its regular publication w ill be commenced one we< k
from the date of the piesent number, if, with n
that interval, you yield ua the hearty and combirn d
support which is uooeefuiry for our success ai d
your defence and encouragement, nud which ve
are persuaded ' is in your power to do, and b lieve
you will do. Throw your apprehensions ro
the winds?buckle on your armor, and let your
oppressors see and feel that you are men, word y
descendants of revolutionary sires, and that yt u
are determined that the sons of American father.- yourchiidren
hnd your children's children, and tin ir
posterity forever, shall rule the land your falhe s
rescued from the grapp of tyranny andnppiei
BP" We ask all who feel an interest in the success
of-oui' enterprise to bestir themselves in tin ir
several localities in procuring subscribers and a 1
vertisementa for the American. As it is impost i
ble for us to be everywhere at one and the ran >
art. filial] render ourselves as near \
MWW, ~yB- - _ .
ubiquitous as it is possible fur us to do, we look f< t j
the friends of the American cause, to forward 10
our place of business, which for the present is tl o
office of the late Avuricnn Organ, their com ran
nictations, lists, and whatever else tliey may deem
important or necessary for ua to know or posse* >.
Information in regard to city events, accident ?,
items ?Tuews,. and matters of general in teres ,
k may be conveyed to us, thus saving us much
labor, lime, and expense. Our euccess depends
upon the activity, liberality, and fidelity, of tl c
members and friends of the American party. Tl e
time will come, when you, now persecuted ar.d
oppressed, if faithful to youiselves, will be triumph
ant over your enemies and persecutors. You ate
now undergoing a fiery trial?you are being tried
in the crufrible of persecution?but you shall come
out like gold from the refiner's fire. The cloud"
that, now lour over your political firmament, an-1
discharge their wrathful contents upon your d< - 1
fenceless heads, will brea away, and you shall re- 1
joice in the sunshine of unclouded day. 1
The reports of the city papers, of the examinations
now going on liefore this Court in relation t>>
the doings of " Bloody Monday," sre incorret (
in many re-pects. We hare made arrangements
v to give in a future number a verbatim et literati* i
report of the examinations and speeches made dut ing
the triai. It is utterly impossible to furnish a
correct report for this number of our paper.
; In some of these papers, it is stated that Jud^Ellis,
one of the counsel for the accused, was set
... eral times called to order by the Court, his Hono(Judge
Crawford) saying that politics was out oI
order in a judicial investigation.
The beta are these?Mr. Ellis staled that the
prosecuting attorney had said that it mattered not
whether the Marines were legally called out or not.
Judge Crawfoid said that he did not so understand
Mr. Keg.
This was the interruption.
Before the organization of the American paity
in Virginia, some members of the Democracy, not
agreeiug with the clique who usually nominated
their candidate* for office, thought proper to nom
inate an independent candidate for the Legislature,
who was elected by a handsome majority over irregular
nominee. This gentleman, because he w??
not born in the county which he was chosen to re
present, bat in the one adjoining, was taunted with
wing a foreigner.
In the name con ty, since the organization of the
American party, a highly respectable gentleman,
all hia life a resident of the State, except a abort
period (pent in the service of Government, ?nd
who returned to'.lis native State immediately upon
the expiration of hia term of service under Government,
bnt not to the county in which he was born,
was nominated and eh?cted to the magistracy, oyer
some of the would be exalted ones. After tin
election the hua and cry waa raised from one end
of the cotmty to the other, 11 Who would hav.
thought it-that fellow elected to fill su important office?he,
ooe of our court, perhaps, to try our cases
He has been with us only a little over two yaars
Jnst long enough to get a residence?and now hubeeti
taken up by the ' bloody Know Nothings,'
and placed on a footing with our best citizens."
" nnaln<nrv thou art a ipwelThe Vi-rv
men, ? abusive of those who voted for these gentlemen,
are now the hitter opponent of Americans,
because they are determined not to have the acuui
of Europe to reign and rule ovor them
Flour ia quoted at Leavenworth, Kansas, at
>4,00 to >4,60 per hundred, with a downward tern
A case of honn fidr yellow fever oooun ed in Philadelphia,
on Monday last The victim wan John
?aria, mate of the bark E. K. Kane, from Havana,
who died in that city, having the bletk vomit, and
all the other indications of the disease.
? ?
L. '
W>- lay before you, this looming, feiiow citizens,
the first number of " Thr JwwWissm," u
per designed to prunidU' (lie inLicttis oi I he
American party kntii in doing so, the beet interests
of our country, tor ho believe them identical.
L' """tltu ii vvfiu kniimincvti) that u
paper was about to be commenced, bearing the
sunt' title, tuiJer the conduct of Mr. WaUou.
This pioject, alter much delay, wun finally ubauJoned,
and a clear field opined to the euterpiise
rod industry of any one who chose to. occupy it.
At the solicitation of many friends of the American
cause, we have been induced to occupy the
position thus abandoned, and the sheet which we
to-day spread he fore you is the result of that detet
We ht-lievc that a paper devoted to the American
cause can he sustained at the scut of Government,
and we know that, it i.i of the utmost importance
that there should be an American Journal
emanating from the metropolis of the nation, and
circulating throughout tiie length and hreudth of
jur vast republic.
The position of (lie American party of WashingIon,
hemmed in us it is between the General and
Municipal Governments?its members peiscented,
reviled, imprisoned?denied the means of earning
bread for their wives and children?shot down in
the public streets by United States troops whilst
iiannouhlu loooinKlaH f/i utrilttt-.ua ant) uf titanic
K. ?VVUUV u.a,V ?v. ..........
presence at the polls on the day of election?denied
even the poor satisfaction of an investigation into
the atrocious conduct of the Mayor of the city on
the first of June lust?the country flooded with
statements false and unfounded, charging ujjon the
Americau pa ty the causes which led to these disastrous
results?helpless but not hopeless?imperatively
demands the publication of h paper whose
columns will refute the slanders of its enemies,- mid
defend the principles which animate them to perpetual
vigilance, and which will certainly lead
them to assured and complete triumph.
Such a paper, Americans of Washington, is now
offered to you. Will you support it V The success
of the enterprise depends upon yourselves.?
If you prefer the present state of tilings?if you
are content to he slaves?if you are willing to
kiss the rod that smites you, and ignobly submit
to insult, abuse and oppression, so be it. We have
only this to say?that you mil be r'xjhtly nerved,
and we do most earnestly hope and pray that your
oppressors may increase in vindictivenes* and
cruelty, until you are roused to resistance and defence.
or are. as vou will deserve to be. utterlv
prostrate in the dust, with the foot of tyranny upon
your necks.
But you are (he sons of Revolutionary siies?
their blood courses through your veins and will animate
you as it did them, to deeds of noble daring
and heroic action.
The scenes which have been enacted among
you during the past six weeks, are doubtless
graven upon your hearts, and lioni the tablets of
your memories may wever be effaced. They are
recorded elsewhere, that American citizens abroad
may know, and feel, and sympathize with you.
Courage Americans! Trust in God ! Your cause
isjust. This is your native land! Your fathers
marched through blood and carnage, fighting to
the death for freedom. They obtained it, you
must maintain it at whutever cost, and to this you
must pledge, as they did " your lives, your fortunes,
and your sacred honors."
Who has not heard of the "Buckshot War*"
the designation given to the attempt of Governor
Ritner of Pennsylvania to preserve the peace and
protect the Legislature of that ^>tate against the
fiendish assault of an infuriated gang of rowdies,
brought to llarrishurg from the outskirts of Philadelphia,
who were a disgrace to the humau form,
and w hose conduct more resembled a horde of demon^
turned loose from pandemonium than human
Governor Ritner was compelled to call out some
companies of milit'a to enfoice law and order
und protect the persona of Legislators. The Democrats
at the lime raited the hue-and crv againBt
this proceeding and denominated it "the Buckshot
War;" that hue-aud cry is indeed kept up to the
present day. But though some companies of volunteer
militia (not regular 17. S. troops) were
called out at that time, wc are not aware that they
were ordered to fire, even upon the gangs of rowdies
assembled at Harrisburg who were threatening
death and destruction to every Whig in eziatcnoe.
But we live in nn age of progrett; note a government
thinks it beneath its dignity to call upon the
militia to enforce order; nothing short of regular,.
United States troous-?all or nearly all, foreigner*
to b<? 'tire,?the " Pretorian Guaids," will do; and
when called out there must be npsham work about
it,?t > fictitious "Buckshot War," but a real bona
fide one, and the people must he made to /eel
and know that when the Mayor of Washington,
backed by the Federal Government, orders
oat the United States troops, it is not for a gala
day parade, nor for nothing. Xo! having loaded
their muskets with one hell and thiee buckshot
each, and inarched out, they arc not to march back
again without making themselves felt, nor are so
many balls and buckshot to Ire put into their mua
nets merely to tie tuKcn out again. ino, no, neither
the Mayor, the President, nor the "Irish
Brigade" is to he thus balked, anil therefore,
though the Pretoriau cohorts found all quiet and
peaceable at the polls, the muskets inual be fired,
and somebody rnuet fall; and fall they did.
As to the result of this " Buckshot War," the
public here aro pretty well advised, notwitlmtand
ing the anper-huinan efforts of a packed Grand
Jury to cover everything up but the terrible
" Plug Uglies,"?rhooe five hundred "men in
buckram,"?and to throw dust in the eyes of all
who desired to get at the real tacts of ihe case.
One or two American* were killed and wounded ;
all the rest, ?dght or ten were Democrat*.
We trust a true and faithful history of the
Washington " Buckshot War," (In which the gallant
acts of a drunken Mayor and a ladoutable
Captain, since bievotted a Major for his heroism
on that trying occasion, shall be duly chronicled)
will in due time he given to the woild ; it will bo
nn 111 V ( 111n I iln aPfillikilSnn tn nne l.latAt>S/>fil lifnra.
The Coroner'* Jury investigating the facts connected
with the burning of the Bteamer Montreal,
running between Quebec and Montreal, have rendered
a verdict declaring that the boat was not
equipped in the manner required by law; that the
owner and master are chargeable with the crime
of mannlaujjhttr. They also recommend that it
be made imperative upon ownera of steamboat* to
have the encasements of boilers constructed ol
iron instead of wood, and that the law regarding
the inspection of Imilers be rigidly enforced.
The main line of the Pennsylvania cangl
has become the pioperty of the Pennsylvania Central
Railroad Company.
* " '? ... '.-/is*?: -* I
The calling out ol the regular troop (Marine*)
by lL>- 1*1 eaiihnl ot the I'uitcd Slater, and their
abooling do? u unoffending ciiiacnH- boy* and
children?ut an election pull in the city of Wattliington,
uh was dune ou lite lot of June, atrikea the
people of England and France?tluxe monarchical
countries whose auhjeciion to the military power
we ao much deploie?with utter astonishment.-\V
tint would have beeu tin iudigoaut and donuncitory
uiittllieiuuB of the America Democracy, and
the " Irish Brigade" against the British Queen
or the French Emperor, had either of them culled
| out a military force, and ordered regular troops to
tire into h peaceable crowd of people attending
the poll-tin Loudon or l'uiis. There would have
been a united hurst of denunciation swelling up
front every city, town and hamlet of this country,
and the warmest sympathy would have been expressed
for the oppressed people thus subject to
at biliary and tyrannical power; large meetings
would huve been held, windy patriots would have
poured forth scorching diatribes upon monarchical
governments, flaming resolutions would have
been brought in and passed by acclamation, and
" the poor dowu-troddeu people" ol France or
England would have been iuvited to leave their
accursed country, escape from the grinding oppression
of the arbitrary and tyrannical government
under whicb thev were born, and come to " the
land of liberty and equality," where the inestimable
rights of man are known, recognized, .-eapected
and protected, and where men exercise the right
of suffrage without the fear of the bayonet or the
bullet in the hands of regular trained bauds, household
trooDS. or iinnerial truards.
By the luws of England no regular troops are 1
allowed to approach within four miles of any elec- <
tion poll while an election is progressing; such is '
the jealousy with which the people of that king- I
doni gun id the freedom of elections; and yet here, 1
in this land of liberty, at the seat of Government, 1
what have we seen ? Regular troops ordered to *
the polls on the day of an election, when all was 1
quiet, uud ~the voting proceeding as orderly as 1
could be desired, ami these " Royal Guards" or- '
dered to lire among those gathered at and in the I
vicinity of the polls and passing at the moment.
No wonder the papers iu Europe speak of this <
transaction with amazement and horror. But the '
wonder is that, such an outrage, perpetrated here at {
noon day, underthe very evesof the Capitol of this 1
" grent model Republic," should not only not have '
culled forth a universal burst of indignant condemnation
from the whole American people and the *
American press, the professed guardians of our i
liberties, but that instead of such a manifestation, i
the outrage should excite the plaudits of a large 1
portion of the people, and three-fourths of the pu- 1
pers published in the United States. (
The time was when we used to read in history, '
accounts of the tyrannous acts of those in power in ?
the Giecian, Roman and other Republics, and '
wonder why the people would thus tamely, and '
cowardly submit to such tyranny ; why they did ?
not at once punish those who thus trampled upon c
and oppressed them. Hut since we have seen 1
their history acted over in our own country ; since c
we have seen thousands aud tens of thousands of 1
peopje justifying the most outrageous, tyrannous, 1
and oppressive acts, simply because they were per- *
pctratcd by tbeir own party, and biaause to con- 1
demn the acts of their party leaders, no matter (
how they may outrage the rights of others, and set 1
at defiance every priucipie of civil liberty, would
l?e endangering their power and supremacy, we *
can fully understand why it was that Marios and '
Scy 11a were sustained by their respective adherents '
while they alternately drenched the streets of (
Rome with the blood of her best citizens, and pre- J
pa. ed the way for Cttaar and the Empire which '
was raised upon the ruins of Roman liberty, and (
its foundations secured by being drenched in the 4
blood of ail whose patriotism was a stumbling 1
block to those who had command of the Prelorian c
For the first time since the British troop* wer? c
called out in Boston and fired upon the people of 1
that patriotic city, have hoops?regular United 1
States soldiers?been lately called out and ordered
to fire upon the people in the peaceable exercise I
of the right* and duties of freemen, here in this
city, hearing the nome of Washington. And the '
officer who commanded them, instead of being in- "
dieted as the British officer was in Boston for mur- '
d?r, has been Dromoted from a Captain to a Major. I
Ye (>ods!
It is funny to see the Star and the State* run a <
daily race of adulation, each haatening to go down i
on its knees before the President and civ out
lustily, " Great is Diana of Kphosus!' "great in
Mr. Buchanan, the President! Oh, immaculate i
man! deign to look down upon thy humble, servile, ]
willing slaves and laudators ; permit them to lick i
the dust, from thy Act, to pick a few crumb* from (
thy table, and to pocket a few pennies which our
dear Uucle Sam will never miss from his overflow- 1
ing Treaeury." I
Not an appointment i* made, but forthwith both |
these honest ami disinterested papers go into extacies
on account of the greit wisdom and sagacity
shown in selecting that individual, tbeonly one '
in the world exactly lilted for it. Wonderful Pre*- '
ideiit ! But the appointee declines, and another
is appointed ; And then, tip go the hands, and raised
to Heaven are the eye* of the two editors In
mute Astonishment, that the President should have
discovered the wonderful fitness and splendid qualities
of the last appoitce for the atation to which
lie n?u ot't ii HH.4ignt-ii ?vnarmu : wonun iui i
A renewal of the war in Kansas.
The beginning of a war in the Democratic party
at the South.
Continued anarchy in New York.
A war, or general " skirmage " among the harmonious,
unterrifld Democracy of Baltimore.
Two Conventions sitting in St. Paul, to form a
Constitution for the State of Minnesota ; the Democratic
Convention being led by bot-headed advisers,
have put themselves in the vocative, and
given the Republicans a decided advantage.
The Government troop* in trjiug to catch Hilly
Bowlegs, or aotne other Indian chief and his twenty
or thirty followers, including six squaws, fifteen
pappoosea and two runaway negroea, in Florida,
have been outwitted, foiled, and sent away. Belter
aend them here to shoot down pearcable, tin armed
citizens at the polls.
The Indians threatening to drive off or maasacre
the outer settlements in Minnesota. Government
has been called upon for troops to protect, there
aetti ments, oiu me mayor or >\ asiiingtnn says no;
ihey are wanted here to protect ihe polls against
the awful " Plug Uglies."
The truest Mnitiment ever read at a public dinI
net was: "Hoops! and tho Equator?Crinoline
and the Equinoctial Hne, ftod blew 'em! The
on- encircles the earth, the other the heavens!"
) .J . j? , II i1 gig
There i? acarctjy a paper upon which we ca-t
our evert that irt hut mute or leiy occupied with
itci'oualn ot iiiuider, a-.^ioiinaiioii, burglary, robbery,
ui-.iuultH with intent to kill, and ttlmoal evety
other crime known to the law*, aa well art with
ilutcmeiita of reditu ance to the constituted authorticrt,
beating und killing the ottitvra whotte duty
it ia to execute the law and pteaerve the public
[H-uce, by ganga ot milium- ami acoundreht unirhipt
of justice, perhaps but lately itnuntea ot
tome peniteiitiary, or lltuttt who ought to* have
At'Cii fciitiio jraio
Id there tuny part of the country where the laws
ne enforced, crime pioperly punished, ami order
jrcHerved, as they ought. to foe and were in the
'better days of the Kepufolic?" If so, we are not
iwaro of it; on the contrary, tVe spirit ol lawlessless
has spread over the whole land and pervades
;very pari of the country?not cities alone, those
esteriug sores of u State?hut even the rural disiricta.
Is this the result anticipated foy our .patriotic
aihers who won our independence, and eatabished
the right of the people to govern themselves,
Relieving them capable of doing so wisely and cfti:it
utly ? If it is, then were they most wofully derived
as to the intelligence of the people of this
louutry, and their capability of governing themlelves.
What true-hearted American is.there who does
lot blush with shame at the light in which wn are
tow beheld by the moral, religious, and intelligent
)ortion of the people of all nations, through the
loings of our courts, and the coluins of our owu
>ub)ic press. Americana residing abroad suffer
he greatest mortification from the accounts with
vhich our papera teem of crime and anarchy, and
heir cheeks crimson at the comments made by
hose around them, and by the foreign press.?
' And this," aay the latter, " is the boasted land of
aw and liberty. Their law is the law of strongest
?of the mob, of the pistol, flic bowie knife and
he rifle; and their liberty is licentiousness?the
ight to do as they please, to set at defiauoe all
egal restraint, to respect ho rights of person or
jroperty, to run riot in anarchy."
If the lawlessness which now pervadeH all parts
>f the country, and which would be a disgrace to
tarbariaus, is the legitimate result of the u great
!xperiment"our fathers commenced, to see whether
he people were capable of self-government, then
t baa been tried and found to be a failure.
But we contend that this is not the legitimate
lolution of that great ptjoblem. We believe that
f to "American*, and American* only, or Amercans
and such intelligent, moral, upright, orderoving
and law-abiding naturalized citizens as wo
tave among us, of whom the-e are not a few,-were
ommitted the destinies of our country?^Tthe
vorthless vagabonds poured out upon us'by tens
if thousands from the prisons and poor-houses of
Surope, were excluded from the polls, especially
ti our large cities, where, by acting in a body together,
and aa organized cohorts oflocomolive aud
imnipresent voters, they have everything their
iwn way, very different*would b the character of
mr country. We canuotgo into extended remarks
tpon this subject at the present time, but we apleal
to the recollection and experience of every
touest American of forty years, of age and upwaid,
f increase of crime and lawlessness in our
souulry has not kept pace with the increase of integration
J'hal the root of the evil isi in the fact that foreigners
and not Americans rule our country, we
tave not th- least doubt; and if we are correct in
his opinion, and we know many enlightened Dem
>ci?t8 wlio concur with up in this view of the Fubect,
then iDere can be no cure but in eradicating
L Like a cancer, it must be wholly and entirely
rut out, or it will continue to grow and spread unit
it destroys the body upon which it has made its
atal lodgment; this, however, can never be accomplished
so long as the Democrats paity can
Lcqnircor retain power, pelf, and spoils by the aid
>f these "Iaisli brigades" and " foreign metcenaiea,"
and secure their allegiance by upholding
hem in their violation of law and order.
Afraid of the Responsibility.
Not daring to own that they gave the order to
he foreign United Slates Marines, on the 1st of
June, to fire on the peaceable citizens of Washington,
Mayor Magrudcr and Captain?wo beg
pardon, we must not forget tlial he has been brevetted
a Major for that gallant action?Major Tyler
got a packed Grand Jury to slip their heads
out of the halter, by declaring that neither of those
Aintinguithed. and gallant officers gave the order
to fire!
For what, then, was 0 tpisin Tyler brevetted f
If neither he nor Magruder gave the order, bow
came the foreign troops to fire so regularly by
platoons, and why did not Captain T. stop the
firing? That wont do. Th(*blood of the murdered
men is upon the heads of the Mayor or Major,
and " all great Neptune's ocean will not waah
that blood claan from off their hands; rather will
it, the multitudinous seas incAtnadine, ma king the
green, one rod."
" If there is any difference betweeu the native-born
American and the naturalized foreigner
In regard to voting, (which includes the ruling of
the country,) it must be in fuvor of the foreigner."
Thst i? to say, until all the foreigners in the conn
try who claim the right have voted, the nativeborn
American miW stand back, give place, and
wait until every kineruit bogtrotter, and ?very
pickpocket, burglar, robber, cut-throat scoundrel
who ha* been kicked out of his country Into thia
Botany Bay of the worW, ha* matched up to the
ballot-Ian and deposited hia vote, though not able
to apeak a word of our language, or read or write
his own, and who ha* not a dollar's interest iu the
countt y 1
Ho says Judge Crawford, whfl seems to be ambl
tious to play the Rpanlel to all the outcasts of the
ptisons and poor-houses of Europe.
Qckre?Has a man who certifies that it wa* his
intention to have voted for the Democratic candidate
lor a seat in the Board of Aldermen from the
Fourth Ward, a right to vote without paying hi*
school tax ? Wonder if the constitutional voters
wlto swore so roomily that they were driven from
the polls, and did not vote on the day of'eleotiou,
but whose votes were reoeived by the Board of A1
dermen, six or eight weeks mh$?/uent to the day
of election, in order to overcome the majority of a
political opponent, elected bv the people, and sc
declared by the proper authority. WontUr if tkey
paid the Hchool. tax f It was their intention to havr
paid it. Oh! well, then, it is all right. O crikey I
A new way to pay old debts I " Conscience, sir, ii
is an unparliamentary word." True, sir Oiles.
The cholera has broken out in the interior o!
Sun Salvador, and urging trtgntrunyeignieei
or t wenty deaths oecurHng daity 11 the town o;
Sonsonste, out of a population of four thousand.
tar The fish erop, cod and mackerel, is likeli
to he as abundant as those of wheat and grass.
II II K*-.. I !
An article appeared in the Star of June 4th,
wiiit-n by a member of the Washington b<u, pionouneing
llui meeting of citineUd held in front of
the City Hall on the Tuesday <veiling preceding,
" a miserable utteiiipi lo renew, at a day not far
distant, the horrible nee lit'a of bloody Monday in
Washington." There never woe a more orderly
and properly conducted meeting held in our rify, .
tlian the one alluded to by the writ* r of thia arti ,
cle, uud yet he unblushingly atiguiaticea it ad an .
"attempt io renew the horriftle ace ties " The fact
in, tha' time the jierpctration of thin "horrible"
deed bv the Mayor of Washington, instigated by
ihu moat unmanly und contemptible motive which .
can animate man, tliere has nut appeared n aiuglf ;
faithful statement in relation to th|t duik irais- j
action in any of the papers published in Washing- |
The Union, the Suicm, the Star, and the Intelligencer,
have given to t he public false Hnd entirely
erroneous atatements?they liave sought to man
u fact uie public opinion. Utterly rcgardhss of the
liuth, they have represented a state of things as
exisliugon that day in Washington, which called
tor and justified the action of the Mayor in the
premises, when it is well known, and has been attested
by the oaths of good and better men than
Mayor Magruder ever was or can be, that there
was not the slightest necessity for the action which
resulted in the death of so many of our fellow-citizens.
The Americau party of Washington, having no
means of getting the truth before the public, have
been compelled to listen to and to read all these
statements and miserable falsehoods which have
been circulated over the Union to their predjudice,
eagerly copied into Demonutic papers with fresh
comments, and added insult and injury, for the
reason that there was not in our city a single editor
who possessed sufficient manliness of character
to say a word in defence of a people persecuted,
maligned and trampled upon by the Democratic
party, unfortunately dominant in city and State.
The people of Washington, including the friends
and relations of the maimed and murdered citizens,
w here anxious to have an investigation into
the matter, feeling that it was due to them as men,
as fathers and brothers, to prosecute the matter to
the end thai justice might be done to the memories
of the dead, falsely accused ol' rioting and inI
citing to riot, and in order that punishment might
be visited upon the perpetrators of this vanity 41eited
Upon the oaths of honorable men, witnesses of
the whole transaction, a warrant was demanded
for the arrest of the author of these murders?demanded
in vain. There was not a magistrate to
be found willing to issue the document. Some
were deterred through fear?others were influenced
by party motives, and thus was an investigation
Members of tho American party have been arrested
on charges of riot, for words spoken in conversation,
and they have been tried, pronounced
guilty, and sentenced to one years'imprisonment
in jail for rioting, notwithstanding there was not a
jot or tittle of evidence upon which to convict
them of the charge. The only evidence against
them was for word* */>okcn. Neither of these
parties struck h blow, nor incited others to do so.
polls at the ln-ad of a hundred men, which wh3
piovedto be unqualifiedly false. The testimony
of men known to be members of the American
party had no influence?it was cast aside, and the
testimony of their enemies allowed to have undue
weight. Verily, the times of the bloody Jeffries
aie revived in our laud, lor men, innocent oi crime,
save of belonging to the American party, are prejudged,
condemned before trial, and regardless of
evidence pronounced guilty, and sentenced to the
extent of the law by an anti-American jury, and a
Judge whoso proclivities for Iri-h and Dutch are
so strong as to induce him, when sentencing men
for the crime of openly possessing to be Americans,
to take the opportunity to tell the world that
foreigner - have a better right to the enjoyment of
the elective franchise, than bona fide American
The fact is, that it has b? en altogether a one
shied affair. We know some Democrat* who advised
the Major against the use of the Marines,
telling hiin that blood would inevitably be shed,
and that theie was no necessity for them, who,
after the murders had been perpetinled, defended
the action which they before condemned, thus
proving that tinir approval was superinduced by
tear of consequences to that party, and showing
that, to carry out. their designs, success must be
acweve.u at bii nsaarus, rcg.trui. ?h 01 law, uccency,
propriety, humanity?that to inMirp wicom, " the
rn<ljittlijit* the menu*," however much the means
emplo ?>#uiay condnea to the shedding of blood?
the perpelrntlon of murder, or the suffering, of humanity.
We repeat, and it lias been abundantly shown,
that there was no necessity for calling out the Marines
in the first place, and in the second place, no
n> cessity for the filing after they were called out,
as has been admitted by members of their own
party, aud when the affair undergo*; an impartial
investigation, as mod assuredly it will, it will he
manifest that all the arrests which have been made,
have been for the express purpose of giving a coloring
ol necessity to the action of Mayor Magrnrler,
and to hoodwink the public abroad. Who are
the men upon w hoc* evidence before the Gi and Jury,
these men have been Indicted ? How is it that
none of tho Democratic Kmpire Club of Haltimore
wete arrested? And how is it rhsr sll who have
been arrested happen to tu members of the
American party, and that not a member of the itn
tiiaeulrit* Democracy of Washington has Ween found
guilty of an infringement of the peace of the citv
upon election Jar. The whole thing is perfectly
W ho Fired the Firi>t tinn I
In convert tioti with a gentleman the other day,
a man who it) a oomp?rat|ve stranger In onr city,
, and who belongs to that curious race of bipeds
termed Yankees, ho informed ua that, being in
, Washington on tho 1st of June last, and learning
, that the United Stales Marines were marching
with Mayor Magruder at their head, to the polls in
the Fouilh Ward, he went thither, ? totally disinterested
party, for the especial and sole purpose
of noting, for Ids own satisfaction, Wkn fired (he
, flr?t gun, satisfied, in his mind, that the presence
t of United Stales troops at such a time and place,
, must inevitably lead to such a cataetmphe. He
( was present when and before the troops arrived,
1 I.l 1 ...lei, ... .a el it. I 1- _ r . l
, him wihjiivu with *-n%r i hmptuhjii vnp wnwiB Of I lie
proceedings, ami lit- declares that limn* no
i distur' a nee, no noise, no confusion, until aft^r
their appearance, He noticed the cannon in the
market home and .. vers th;\f. those who Imd it in
r charge were boy a, and at the utmost did not nnm>
her over twenty-five. He mv the Marine? when
f they advanced to take possession of the cannon?
he a.rw the hoys fly as they advanced to the
j thtige, and saw tliem fake possession of the gun.
lie Called the attention of a gentleman who stood
by bis hid?, and bade him note the fact that th?.
gun was captured without the firing of a shot. At
thia moment, the gun being iu then- poiwatainu, be
ruw the Marine - laiae their muskets to iheti shout- t
dera and deliberately hi e, famiu ; iu different directions,
at all who wen- walking Or hastening
hwhv bom the neighborhood, apparently, us it
secured, singling theiu out, while another squad
of (bent tired down Seventh street upon on assemblage
of men, women, and children, peaceably
unit quietly standing ut the corner el the street.
Here is the evidence of n man whoso lestiinoiiy,
uuindiienced by parly bias, is entitled to unlimited
confidence, as Iruiu his position in society, molality,
and strict attention to the duties which he
owes to God sinl man, he is worthy of the esteem
and re p el o/ all good men. And what is his
evidence 1
It is conclusive?convincing ? crushing. It
proves ilmr, in the first place, there wus no necessity
for calling out the Marines.
It provca that, after they arrived upon the
ground, there was nothing for them to do.
It proves that all pros quiet until the charge was
made upon the gun Id possession of the boys.
It proves that the Marine* did take poa-eet-ioti
of theugun.
It proves that, after they had possession, they
immediately began to fire upon the people In different
uit ections.
It proves that there was not a shot fired until
the Marines, without a shadow of necessity or
cause, fired upon the people.
It proves that, in applying to the rresident for
United States troops to quell a riot that did uot
exist, of which he was fully aware, for, in company
with one of his aids and advisers, he rode to the
polls on his way to the Presidents, and had ocular
demonstration that, nil was quiet; it proves, wo
say, thai Mayor Magr-der in thus acting, f&as influenced
by motives for whicji the teason assigned
was only a cover.
Supposing, for a moment; that there was reasonaide
eause, (which we utterly deny) for ordering
out the military, why did he not call upon the
volunteer force of the city, or rather why did he
?. OAMVIJUUI v wu am v,?
IIUL fcliVll UHl.l iu J3VI fivvo t '* ?'J "?
not accept the services of prominent men, civilians,
who pledged themselves to maintain order
and the peace of the city ? But pas
by, the Marines having arrived on th d, nil
being quiet, why did they commence disturb- ' +
ance ? W by, ?>y you, to get possession of tha
cannon. Oh, very well. Well, then, after they
had taken the cannon from the boys, and had en- j
tire control over it, was nor that sufficient ? Ought
not that to have sufficed!" Why fire upon the
people? Why maim and murder them? The
cause of the ire of the Mayor and his foreign posse
(the caifnou) hud been letnoved. They had posseseion
of it, and the people unarmed and helpless,
were leaving the neighborhood. Why mercilessly
shoot them down without, the shadow of cause or
the slightest provocation ?
Men do not act without motive. Will it be said
that the Mayor acted in this mutter without motive.
If so, then, in mere wantonness, in imitation
of the tyrant N'ero, who played the fiddle while
the fiames he caused to bekindled were consuming
Ronn?he ordered United States Marines to shoot
bis fellow citizens in the street# of Washington.
Let its look into this a little?perhaps a ray of
light from the fountain of truth may dispel the
gloom in which the subject is nvolved, and make
plain the motives which influenced the Mayor, for
we are wilting to believe that he had a motive, bad
though it was, but as we cannot expect the water
io bp clear and sweet which flows from a muddled
| fountain, so we shall he disapp6inted if we look for f
high and noble aims and pure motives from a cor- ]
...n< u.i,.L...i
After the murders in the Fourth Ward had bcca
perpetrated, the Marines were marched to the
City Hall, where they remained subject to the or?
der of the Mayor. Ah a luatu-r o(? course, citi/ens
were attracted to the spot?they had a Ut sire to
look upon melt in the uniform ot the United Stales
who had juat Imbrued their haudtt in the blood of
American citizens?they were the lions of tho
day. Wan it not reasonable to presume that auch I
would he tho case ? Had tht-y not a right to look I
upon thin band of murderers and their leader f Is J
there any law on the nature book prohibiting cit- V
itens of Washington to visit the Cit.v Hall, or any
other part of our city, where there is anything
which tiicy deem w ot thy of seeing or beuriug*
They do weekly assemble at the President's
grounds and at the Capitol, to ei\j<?y the music and
each other's society. Have tbey not a right to do
so I
There is something in the night nnd smell of
blood?there is a fascination about the presence
of sheddem of human blood?theic is that in tho
countenance of the murderer, however cool and J
calculating and fearf-M the circumstances under /
which the deed wan done, which aitracts humanity
?they desire to look upon the face of the man
who has been guilty of murder, who has sacrificed
an immortal being?sent his body to the grave,
and his spirit into the presence of his God without
reflection or preparation.
Upon this occasion (the lot of June last) the
people were attracted to the City Hall by the pres.
ence of a body of men, fresh from the commission
of a deed of blood at the remembrance of which
the heart sickens There were eoine five hnndred
thus assembled, peaceably and quietly looking
upon thr?o men.
What motive actuated Mayoi Majr? uder to command
them to disperse, or he would immediately
order the Mariner to fire upon them t There wsa
sa much occasion for the act here, as in the first J
precinct, and it it our belief, and not ours alone, 1
for there are hundreds who belt re Mith us, that
he would have given the older, had not the people
gone away, nnd there cannot be a doubt that
the Marines would hare obeyed the order, from th?
alacrity which they displayed in setting their gunn
at the first intimation of his readiness to shed inorw
blood. j
The sntne motive, then, it is evident, influenced
him upon this, as upon the former occasion, and ^
that motive was the one thot has actuated hint in '
all his official acts?J4ayor MagtuJer first, Mayo*
Miigrudrr last. Mayor Magruder all the time.?
Inflated hy his elevation to the Mavoralty, he has
evidenced to the world a littleness of aottl?
a wickedness of a heait ? an utter destitution
of principle ? ft reckless profligacy? a wanton I
perversion of tiulk? an entire disregard of moral I
obligation?In abort, utter disqualification for ihe |
poaition h? holds * m
Trial Mayor Magrurier did threaten to Are upon
tin- people ssm niMe.l in front of ill.) f'ity Hall, tbs 1
following lett-r signed by a leapectable and well
know n eltlzen, abundantly provra:
Thursday, June 4, 18A1.
Sir: In answer to yowr inquiry as to what I
know relative to the deplorable circumstances of
Monday, I herewith give yen all the information
in my power. On Monday afternoon, between
three and fi nr o'clock, I wt-r at the City flail conver?ing
with several friends, and discussing I,he
newt of the day. There were probably Home four
t I

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