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Chicago tribune.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 21. 1804.
Interesting narrative of the Mis
sion of Messrs. Jaqaess and
Gilmore to Richmond.
Interview and Conversation
with Jefferson Davis.
The following narrative Is from an article
in the September number of the JJJdnib
IfontMv, entitled “ Onr Visit to Richmond,”
by J. K. Gilmore. Mr. Gilmore accompa
nied Col. JaqneiS, and gives a detailed ac
count of their journey, treatment, and what
they saw and heard: • .
We went there in an ambulance, and wo
went together—the Colonel and X. That we
got In was owing, perhaps, to me; that wc
got out wee due altogether to him; and a
man more cool, more brave, more self-reli
ant and more self-devoted than that qniet
♦‘western parson” it was never my fortune
to encounter. «
At 8 o’clock on the afternoon of Only 16,
mounted on two raw-honed relics of Sheri
dan’s crest raid, and armed with a • letter to
Jett Davis,awhile cambric handkerchief tied
to a short stick. and an honest face—this last
was the Colonel’s —we rode np to the rebel
lines. A ragged, yellow-faced boy, .with a
. carbine in one hand, and another white
handkerchief tied to another short stick in
the other, camo ont to mcetus.
“Can you tell us, my man. where to find
Judge Onld, the Exchange Commissioner?”
“las. Him and t'other ’Change officers
is over ter the plantation beyont, Miss tGro
ver’s. Tc’ll know it by its bcvln' nary door
nm winder, [the mansion be meant] They’s
all busted in. FoUer the bridle path through
the timber, and keep poor rag a flyln’, tor
onr boys are thicker ’n huckelherries in them
woods, and they monghtpop ye if they didn’t
Thanking him, we turned onr horses into
the “timber,” and, galloping rapidly on,
soon came in sight of the deserted planta
tion. Lolling on the grass, In the shade of,
the windowless mansion, we found the Con
icderate officials. They rose as we ap- '
preached, end one of ns said to the Judge—
a courteous, middle-aged gentleman, in a
Panama hat and a suit of . spotless white
-11 Wc arc late, but it’s yonr fault Tour
people fired at ns down the rirer, and we had
to tom back and come overland.”
“ Yon don’t suppose they saw yonr flag?”
“No. It was hidden by the trees; bat a
shot came uncomfortably near ns. It struck
the water, and rlcochettednot three yards oft
A little nearer, and it would have shortened
me by a head, and the colonel by two feet”
“That would have been a sad thing for
yon; but a miss yon kndw, is as good as a
mile,”' told the Judge, evidently enjoying
the “joke,”
“We hear Grant was In the boat that fol
lowed yonrs, and was struck while at dinner,”
remarked Capt Batch, the Judge’s Adjutant
—a gentleman, and about the best looking
man in the Confederacy.
“Indeed! Do yon oelieve It ?*’
“I don't know, of course;” and his looks
asked for an answer. We gave none, for all
such Information Is contraband. We might
have told him that Grant,-Butler and Foster
examined their position from Mrs. Grover’s
house —about lour hundred yards distant
two hours alter the rebel cannon-ball danced
a breakdown-on the Lieutenant General’s
Tin: rebel officers.
Wc were then introduced to tbe other offi
cials—Major Hennlken of the War Depart*
meat, a young man formerly of New York,
lint now scorning the imputation of being a
Yankee, end Mr. Charles Javins, of the pro*
Vost-guard of Richmond. This latter indl*
yldual was our shadow tu Dixie. He was of
medium height, stonily built, with a abort,
thick neck, and arms and shoulders denoting
great strength. Ue looked a natural-bom
jailor, and much such a character as a timid
man would not caru to encounter, except at
long range of a title warranted to lire twenty
shots a minute, am) hit every time.
To give us a moJiiligbt vi w of thc-Rlch-'
mood fortifications, th«j Judge proposed to
start otter sundown; and as it wanted some I
bouts of tbut time wc seated ourselves on 1
the ground, and entered into conversation. :
The treatmtut ot prisoners, ttatus of
black tioops and u".7.-combatants, and all the
questions which have led to the suspension
of exchanges cud teen good-naturedly dla-;
* cussed, t-hen the Captain, looking up from
one ot the Ncrtnem papers we had brought
him, said:
“Do yen know, it mortifies me that you
don't bale us as we bate yon? You kill us
ue Agassiz kills a fly—because you love ns."
“Of course we 00. The North Is being
crucified lor love of the South."
“If you love us so, why don't you letua
go?" asked the Judge, rather curtly.
“For that very reason—because we love
you. If we let you go, with slavery and
your notions of cm Dire, you'd run straight
to barbarism and the devlL"
“17e'd take »bc nsk of that. But let me
till yon. If yon «r« going to Mr. Davis with'
any such ideas you might as well turn back
at once. Uc can make pe*ce on no other ba
sis than iidrpet-detice. Recognition must
be tbe beginning, middle and c&dingolrll
negotiations. Our people vill accept peace
* on no other term*
•'I think jon arc wrong ibere," said tbe
Colonel. * When I was here a year ago, I
met many o! your leading men, nod they all
assured me th*-y wanted peace and reunion,
even at tbe eicnfipp of tslavery. 1711010 a
week, a man -on venerate and lore has met
me at Baitiiuor**, nod besought me to come
here and oficr Mr peace on such con*
“Tliat nmv be. Some of - our old men,
who ore week in the 1 cnees, m*y want peace
on any terms; bu* the Southern people will
not have U “ii'niut independence. Mr.
Davis know? Ihetn, »md you will find he will
insist upon tint. Concede that, and we'll
not quarrel r.bt»nt ml-ji»r matters."
“We'll not quarrel at all. Bat it's sun
down, and time we were *on to Rich
“That’s tbe TW.uue cry," said theCav
taln. rising; “ aud I hnrr*b for the Tribune,
lor It’s boi'cst, and—l want my supper."
We ail lautrben, and the Jndgc ordered the
horses. Aa wc u» rc about to start, I said to
“ You’ve fo»gnttco our parole."
“Ob, nevermind tint We'llattcnd tothat
at Richmond."
Stepping into bis carriage, and unfurling
the flag of tin:*', be then led the way by u
“shortcut" acrosf the cornfield which di
vided thelucreloo fr**m tbe high road. We
followed In pn nn.buiancc drawn by a pair of
mules, our shadow—Mr. Javins—sitting be
tween ns and the twilight, and Jack, a
“likely durky." almost toe sole survivor of
his master’s twelve hundred slaves. (“De
rees afi stole, Miefu—st.jlc by jou Yankees,’*)
occupying the trort scat, and with a stout
whip, “working onr passage to Richmond."
* ♦ * At ten o'clock that night wc
planted our flag (against a lamp post) in the
vt-ty bean of th«* tmsttle city. As we alight
ed at the floorin'* of the Spots Wood Hotel,
the judge said to ’.he colonel;
“Button your on>s»de coit up closely.
Your uniform must not be sesnbere."
The colonel did ns be was bidden; and
without etoppli-g lo register ournanicsat.
the office, we fob owed the judge and tbe
capUlnupto No CO. It was a large square
room lu tbe f -urtii story, with an unswept,
ragged carpt t, amt hnr a white walls,smeared
with soot srd tobacco juice. Several chairs,
a marble-top* table, aud a pice washstiud
aud dotbespres* struggled about the floor,
and In the corners were three beds, garnish:
cd with teltcr.-d and covered
with white ccunt« -pa <w, grown gray with
lonclcg lor soupsnos and a washtnti. Tne
plainer aud buuibb r of these beds was de
signed for the furl. Mr. Javins; the others
bad been made jroadj for the extraordinary
envoys (not envoys extraordinary) who, la
defiance of ell precedent and the “law of
nations," hart jnst thru. “ taken Richmond.!*
A single gat* jet wu» burning over the man*
tclplece, and above It I saw a “writing on
the wall," which ioplled that Jane Jack*
son bad run up n washing score ot fitly dol
lars! •
IwaseongrttnlaUng myself on not having
- ■ lb pay that woman's laundry bills, when the
judge said: _
“Ton want supptr. What shall we
“A slice of hot com bread would make me
the happiest man in Richmond. 1 '
The captain thereupon left the room, and
shortly returning, remarked:
“The landlord, swcira you’re from Geor- '
gin. Be says none but a Georgian would
call for corn bread at this time of night.”
On that hint we acted, and when out soo
ty attendant came In with the supper-tbiage
we discussed Geonna mutes, Georgia banka,
and Georgia mosquitoes, In a way that
showed we had been bitten by all oithem.
In half an boar it was noised all about the
hotel that the two gentlemen the Confedera
cy was taking each excellent care of were
from Georgia-
The meal and a quiet smoke over,
our entertainers rose to go. As the judge
hade ns good night, he said to na:
“In the morning you bad better address a
■ noteto Mr. B-njamlc, aeKlcgthc Interview
With the Presided I wiu ©all at 10 o’clock,
and take It total"*;** *
“Yery welL But will Mr. Davis see ua ou
Sunday ?” ,
“Oh, that will o.ake no difference.”
The next morning after breakfast, Which
we took in our room with Ur. Jarlcs, wc
Indited a note, O' which the following Is a
• copy, to the Confriit-ra*** Secretary of Stale:
SrorrswooD lluubn, Ric3iaonz>,Va~ i
V July 17, iSSJ. f
lloi£ J. Benjamin, Secretary of State, etc.
Bsait Sir: Ttwcnl-nlgoed respectfully solicit
an Interview with Prcslueut Davis.
* They vMtßlchab.uo omy aa private citizens,
sad have not official ch«racier or authority: but
they arc acquaints i with tbo views ef the united
States tioTtromcnt. and with- the sentiment! of
thcNorthmj puoi'.c relative to. an adjustment of
the differences exlr'loi; between tbo -North and
the Sonlfa. see earne*:!. that a free exchange"
of views betwo«u Daria and themselves
may open the «cy *o vuch official n-collations as
will result in reetor.ucpeice to the two sections
ofonrdhtncted cunntrj.
They therefore a-k an lutemew oilh the Presi
dent, and awaitinr- y*>ur r«f>ly, am ....
Trolv and respectfully ypors.
This was signed by both of ns: and when
tbo judge calico, os ne had appointed, we
KntU— toeetbir *Uh a commendatory let*
ter I had received, on setting oat, from a
near relative ut Mr Divlj—to the rebel sec
retary.. In hall tt’i hottr Jadge Ould return
ed, saying, *• Ur. Benjamin sends yon- hU
compliments, aod will be happy to sec yon
PECRSTA.nr nßKjJLarnr.
We foued th«t ecen-tary—a short, plnmp,
• -oily little man In Mark, with a keen block
* 4-ye, » Jew free, njellow «Kln, curly black
I hair, closely trimmed black whiskers, and a
I ponderous cold ■watch chain—ln the north
’ west room of the ‘'United States' 1 custom
house. Over the door of this room were the
.■words “State Department, 1 ’ and around Its
walls were hung a few maos and bittie plans.
In one corner was a tier of shelves tilled with
books, among which I noticed - Headley’s
“History, 11 Lowing’® “Pictorial History, 1 *
Parton’s “Cntler.” Greeley’s “American
Conflict,” a complete set'-of the JiebaUlon
JBrrord, and a dozen numbers and several
bound volumes of the Atlantic Monthly, and ,
In the center of the apartment was a black
walnut table, covered with green cloth, and i
filled with a. multitude of state-papers.”
At this table sat the secretary, fie rose as
wo entered, and, osJndgo Cold Introduced
us, took our hands and Bald—
“lam glad, very glad to meet yon, gentle
men. L have read your note, and”—bo *ing
to me—“ and the open letter yon bring from
and sympathy. Pray be seated. ” *
As we took the proffered ficata, the Colon
el, dr&Kisgoff bis “duster,” -anddisplaying
Ms uniform, srid:
“We thank yon for this cordial reception.
Mr. Benjamin. We trust you will be as glad
to bear ns os you arc to sec us.”
“No doubt I shall be, for yon come to.
talk o! peace. Peace is what we all want.
1 “It is indeed; and for that reason wo are
i hero to sec Ml? Davis. Can wesee him. sir*”
“ Do yon bring any overtures to him from
! 3 onr Government ?”
i “No, sir. We brine no overtures and
have no authority from onr Government.
We state that In our nbte. We would be
■ glad, however, to knowwh-t terms will be
scccptiblu to Mr. Davis. If they at all har
monize with Mr. Lincoln's views, we will
report them to Mm, and so open the door
for official negotiations.”
“Are yon acquainted with Hr. Lincoln’s
“ One of ns Is, fully.”
“Did Hr. Lincoln, in any wjy, authorize
yon to come here?
“No, sir. We came with Ms pass, but
not by Ms request. We aay, distinctly, we
have no official, or unofficial, authority. We
come as men and Christiana, not as diplo
matists, boning. In a frank talk with Mr.
Davis, to discover some way by wMch this
war may be stopped.”
“ Well, gentlemen, I will repeat what you
say to the President, and if he follows my
advice—and I think he ViU—ho will meet
yon. He will beat church this afternoon;
so, suppose you call here at nine this eve
ning. If anything should occur In the mean
time to prevent ma seeing yon, I will let
yon know through Judge Gold.”
* * * ♦ so
After a day spent In our room, convening
with the Judge, or watching the passers-by
in the street—l should like to tell who they
were and how.they looked, bat each Infor
mation is just now contraband—wo called
again at 0 o’clock at the State Department.^
Mr. Benjamin occupied Ms previous scat at
the table, and at Ms right sat a spare, thin
featured man, with iron gray hair and
beard, and a clear gray eye fall of life and
vigor. Be bad a broad massive forehead,
and a month and chin denoting great energy
and strength of will. IDs face was emaciated
and much wrinkled, bat his features were
§cod, especially his eyes—though one of
jem bore a scar, apparently mode by some
sharp Instrument. He wore a suit of gr»y
ieh-brown, evidently of foreign manufac
ture, and as he rose, I saw that he was about
five feet ten inches high, with a slight stoop
in the shoulders. His manners were simple,
easy, and qnite fascinating; and he tbrew an
indescribable charm into his voice, as he ex
tended Ms hand, and sold to ns:
“lam glad to see yon, gentlemen. Ten
arc very welcome to Richmond.”
And this was tbe man who was President
of the United States under Franklin Pierce,
and who is now the heart, soul, and brains
of tbe Southern Confederacy! .
Hl® m&nncr put me entirely at my case—
the Colonel would be at Ms, U he stood be
fore Ocsor—and I replied:
“Wc thank yon, Mr. Davis. It isnot often
yon meet men of onr clothes, and onr prin
ciple®, In Richmond.”
“Not often, net so often as I could wish;
and 1 trust your coming may lead to a more
frequent and a more friendly Intercourse be
tween tbe Nortb and the South.”
“We sincerely hope It may.”
“Mr. Benjamin tells me you have asked to
see me, to”—
And be paused, as If desiring we should
finish the sentence. The Colonel replied:
“Tee, sir. We have asked this interviewin
Ihe hope tbat yon may suggest some way by
wblcb this war can be stopped. Onr people
wont peace, your people do, and your Con
cress has recently said that &oudo. We have
:ome to osk bow it can be brought about.”
“In a very simple way. Withdraw your
armies from onr territory, and peace will i
:ome of itself. Wo do not seek to subjugate
t on. We are not waging an offensive war,
except eo far as it is offensive defensive—that
is, eo far as we arc forced to invade yon to
prevent your invading us. Let ns alone and
peace wul .come at once.”
“ But we cannot let yon alone eo long as
you repudiate the Union. That is the one
tnlhg the Northern people will not surren
“ I know. Ton would deny tons what yon
exact for yourselves—the right of self-gov
“No, sir,” I remarked; “we would deny
yon no natural right. Bnt wc think Union
essential to peaco; and Mr. Davis, could two
people, with the same language, separated
by only an Imaginary line, live at peace with
each other? Would not dispute® constantly
irisc, and cause almost constant war be
tween them I”
“Undoubtedly—’with this generation. Ton
ti&ve sown such bitterness at tbo South, yon
Ui»ve put such an ocean, of blood between the
two sections, tbat I despair of seeing any
harmony in iny time. Oar children may for
get Una war, but t« cannot.
“ I think the bitterness yon speak of sir.”
said the colonel, “does not really exist. We
must talk here as friends; onr soldier® meet
end fraternize with each other; and I feel
sure tbat if tbe Union were restored, a more
friendly feeling would arise between n® than
h&s ever existed. The war has made ns know
aid respect each other better than before.
This is the view of very many southern men;
I hfive had it from many of them—your lead
ing citizens.” .
“Tbt y are mistaken 0 . 1 replied Mr. Davis,
“They do not understand southern senti
ment. How can wc feel anything but bitter
ness towards men who dt-ny ns oar rights ?
If yon enter my henso and drive me oat of
It, am I not year natural enemy?”
M Ton put the case to strongly. But wo
cannot fight (oiever; the War must end at
some time; we mast finally agree upon
something; can w&not agree now and stop
thefrigbtmlcarnage? We are both Chris
tian men, Mr. Davis. Can yon, as a Carla
tian man, leave untried any means that may
lead to peace?”
No, 1 cannot. I desire peace as much as
you 00. I deplore blcodsned as much as
yon do; but X feel that not one drop of the
blood sbed In this war is on my bauds; I can
look up to my God and say this. I tried all
in my power to avert this war. I saw it
coming, and for twelve years I worked night
and dsy to prevent It, but could not, The
North was m&o and bllcd; it wonld not let
us govern ourselves; and so the war came,
ana now it most go on till the last man of
Ibis generation lolls in his tracks and his
children seize his musket and fight hla bat
tles, unless yon acknowledge onr right to
self government We are not fighting for
slavers. We are fighting for independence—
and that or extermination we will have.”
“And there are at least lour and a half
millions of ns left; so yon see yon have a
work before yon,” said Sir. Benjamin, with a
decided sneer
“We have no wish to exterminate yon,”
answered tbe Colonel. “I believe what 1
have said—that there is no bitterness be
tween the Northern and Southern people.
The North, I know, loves the South, when
peace comes it will poor money and means
Into vonr hands to repair the waste caused
by the w*r, and it wonld now welcome you :
back and forgive yon all ihe.loss and Mood- 1
shed yon have caused. But we most crash*
year armies and exterminate your Govern- *
ment. And is not that already nearly done ? ;
Yon arc Wholly without money, aad at the i
end of vonr resources. Grant his shut you '
up ic Richmond. Sherman is before AUm 1 "*
ta. Hud yon not then, better accept honor- !
ablo terms while yon can retain yonr pres* j
tiac, and save the pride of the Southern pco- j
Mr Davis smiled. I
“ I respect 3 our earnestness, Colonel, bat \
you do not seem to understand tbs situation.
We are pot exactly shut up In Richmond. IT
yoor papers tell the truth, it is yonr capital
tbat is Id danger, not ours. Some weeks ago
Grant crossed the Rapldan towhip Lee and
take Richmond. Lee drove him iu the first '
battle, and then Grant executed what yonr
people call a ’brilliant flank movement, 1 and
longbt Lee again. Lre drove Mm a'sccond
time,and then Grant made another ‘flank
movement;’ and so they kept on—Lee whip
ping and Grant flanking—until Grant got
where he Is now. And what Is tbe net result ?
Grant has lost 75,000 or £O,OOO men—more
than Lee had at the outset—and Is no nearer
taking Richmond than at first; and Lee,
whose front, has never hcen broken, holds
him completely in coeck, and has men
cnongh to spare to Invade Maryland, and
Uneaten Washington I Sherman, to be sore,
is before Atlanta; but snppoeehe is, andsnp
pose he lakes It? Ton know, that thelar- •
thcr he goes from Ms base of supplies, the
weaker he grows, and the more disastrous
dcfcatwillbe toblm. And defeatnuip come.
So, in a military view, 1 should certainly .
say onr position was belter than yours. •
“ as to money, we are richer lima you arc.
Ten smile; bnt admit that onr paper Is
i worth nothing—it answers as a circulating
1 medium; and wc hold It all ourselves. Ii
every dollar of tt were lost, we should, as we
have uo forehm debt, be none tbe poorer.
Bnt It is worth something; it has the solid
basis of & large cotton crop, while your* rests'
on nothing, and yon owe all the world. As
to it sources, we do not lock for arms or am
munition, and wc have still a wide territory
from wMch to gather supplies. So you see
wc arc not in extremities. Bnt if we were—
If wc were without money, without food,
without weapons—if onr whole' country
were devastated, and onr tnnlea crushed and
disbanded—could wc, without giving up our
manheod. give up onr right to govern our
selves? Would you not rather ole, and (eel
yourself a man, than live, and be subject to a •
foreign power?”
‘|From vonr stand-point, there Is farce in •
what yoo say,” replied the ColoneL j“Bnt •
we-dld nut come here to argne with you, Mr. ,
Davis. We to find some hon
orable way to peace; aud I am grieved to
hear you aay what you do. when I have
cecn yonr young men djiog on the battles <
field, and yonr . old men, women, and cfall
dien starving la their hem**, Thxye fdt I
conld risk my life to ®*ve them. For that
reason Xam here and lam grieved, grieved, i
tbat there ta uo hope.” • ■ |
“I knew yoormorivea, Colonel Joqncaa,;;
and 1 honor you for them; bnt what can I do
mote.than lam oplrg? I would give my j
poor Jiff, gladiy, If U wonld ‘bring peace and
good will to the two conntri'fi; bnt It weald
sot. It i® with yonr own people yon should :
labor. It is they who desolate our homes, j
born onr wheat field*, break the wheel, of
WBKOQB cunlng our women ana cbll*
em>, and deatroy supplies meant for our sick
and wounded. At your door lies all the mis
ery and the crime of this war—and Uls a
Icarfhl, tearful account.”
“Not all of it, Mr. Davis. I admit a fear
ful account, but It Is not all at our door.
Tbo passions of both aides arc aroused. Un
armed men arc banged, and prisoners are
shot down In cold blood, by yourselves.
Elements of barbarism are catering the war
on both sides that should make ns—rou and
me, as Christian men—shudder.to think of.
In God’s name, then, let us stop It Lotus
do something, concede something, to bring
about peace. You cannot expect, with only
four and a half millions, as Mr. Benjamin
sa}fl you have, to bold out forever against
twenty millions.”
3 gain Mr. Davis smiled.
“Do you suppose there arc twenty millions
at the North determined to crush us ?”
“Id o—to crush your govern men L As mall
number of our people, a very small number,
are your friends—secessionists. The rest
differ about mtasuresand candidates, but are
unitcdint.be determination to sustain the
Union. Whoever Is elected In November, he
must be'committed to a vigorous prosecu
tion of the war.”
Mr Davis still looked incredulous. I re
“lt is so, sir. Whoever tells yon otber
v ise deceives you. I think I know northern
eentiment,and 1 assure you it Is so. Ton know
we have a system of lyceum-lccturlng in onr
large towns. At the close of these lectures
It is the custom ol the people to come upon
the platform and talk with the lecturer. |
This gives him an excellent opportunity of
learning public sentiment, Last winter I j
lectured before nearly a hundred such asso- j
elutions all over the North—lrom Dubuque
to Bangor—audl took pains to ascertain the |
feeling of the people. 1 found a unanimous
determination to crush the rebellion and
save* the Union at every sacrifice. The
majority are In favor of Mr. Lincoln, and
nearly ail of those opposed to him are op
nosed to him because they thick he does
not fight yon with enough vigor. The
radical Republicans, who go for slave
suffrage and thorough confiscation are those
who will defeat him If he is to be defeated.
But if he is defeated before the people the
Bouse will elect a worse man—l mean worse
for you. It is more radical than he is—you
can see that from Mr. Ashley’s reconstruc
tion bill—and the people are more radical
than the House. Mr. Lincoln, i know. Is
about to call out five hundred thousand
more men, and 1 can’t see how you can re
sist much longer; hut If you do, you will
only deepen the radical feeling of the North
ern people. They will now give you fair,
honorable, generous terms; but let them
suffer much more, let there he a dead man In
every house, as there is now in every village,
they will give you no terms—they will insist
on hanging every rebel south of . Par
don my terms. I mean no offense.”
** Ton give no offense,” he replied, smiling
very pleasantly. 1 wouldn’t have yon pick
yonr words. This is a frank, free talk, and
1 like yon the better, for saying what yon
thick. Go on ” .
“I was merely going to say that, let the
Northern people once really fed the war—
they do not feci it yet—and they will insist
on banging every and of your leaden.”
44 Well, admitting all you say, I can't see
bow it affects our position. There are some
things worse than hanging or extermination.
Wo reckon giving up the' right of self-gov
ernment one ol those things.”
“ By self-government yon mean disunion
—Southern independence.”
44 Tee,”
“And slavery, you say, is no longer an ele
ment In the contest ?”
“No, It is not; it never was an emntidl
element * It was only a means ol bringing
other conflicting dements to an earlier cul
mination. It fired the musket which was al
ready capped and loaded. There are essen
tial differences between the North and the
South that will, however this war may end,
moke them two nations.”
“ Yon ask me to say what 1 think. Will
you allow me to say that I know the South
pretty well, and never observed those differ
“ Then yon have not used your eyes. My
sight is poorer than yours, bnt I have seen
than for years.”
Thc.laugh was upon me, and Mr. Benjamin
esjoved it.
44 Well elr. be that as it may, if I under
stand yon, the dispute between yonr gov
ernment and oars is narrowed down to this:
Union or disunion.’ 1
44 Yes; or to put it in other words: Inde
pendence or subjugation,”
“Then the two governments are irrecon
cilablv a part. They have no alternative but
to fight it ont Bat it Is not so witn the peo
ple. They are tired of fighting and want
peace; and as they bear all the burden and
suffering of the war, Is it not right they
should have peace, and have it on such terms
os they like?
•' I don’t understand yonr. Be a little more
“ Well, suppose the two governments
should agree to something like this: To go
to the people with two propositions; say
peace, with disunion and southern Independ
ence, as yonr proposition—and peace, with
union, emancipation, no confiscation, and
universal amnesty, as ours. Let the citizens
ot all the United States (*s they existed be
fore the war) vote 4 Yes’ or 4 No’ on these
two propositions, at a special election within
sixty days. Xf a majority votes disunion,
onr government to bo bound by It, and to let
yon go In peace. If a majority votes union,
yours to be bound by it, and to stay In peace.
The two governments can contract in this
way, and the people, though constitutionally
unable to decide on peace or war, can elect 1
which of the two propositions shall govern
their rulers. Let Lee and Grant, meanwhile,
agree to an armistice. This would sheath
the sword; and, If once sheathed, it would
never oi*aiu be drawn by this generation ”.
44 The plan Is altogether Impracticable. If
the South were only otc State, it: might
work; but is, If one Southern State ob
jected to emancipation, it would nullify the
whole thing; for yon are aware tbo people
of Virginia cannot vote slavery out of Sonth
Carolina, nor the people of South Carolina
vote it out of Virginia.”
“Bnt of the States cm
amend the Conititn’ioc—let it be done in
that way—ln any way, so that it be done by
the people. lam not a statesman or politi
cian, and 1 [do not know Just bow such a
ftlan could be carried out; bat yon get the
dca—that the people shall decide the ques
44 That the majority shall decide It, you
mean. We seceded to nrt ourselves'of the
rule of the majority, and this would subject
But the majority must rule finally, cither
with bulieta or ballots.”
44 1 am not so sure of that. Neither cur
rent events nor history shows that the ma
jority rules, or ever did rule. The contrary,
I think, is true. Why, sir, the man who
should go before tbe southern people with
such a proposition, with any proposition
which implied that the North was to have a
voice in determining the domestic relations i
ol the S;>nth, could not live here a day. Ho 1
would bo hanged to the first tree, without .
judge or jury.” !
44 AUow me to doubt that. I think it ;
more likely he would be hanged, Uhe let the ■
Southern people know tbe majority couldn’t
rule,” I replied, smiling- •
“I have no few of that,” rejoined Mr.
Davis, also smiling most good humoredly.
44 1 give you leave to proclaim It from every
house-top In the South.”
“But, ecrloubly, sir you let the majority
rule In a single state; why not Util rule in
the whole country X”
• 4 Because tbe states arc independent and
sovereign. Tne country Is not. It is only a
con'cdtrutlon oi stale*; or rather It was; it
Is now vwo coulcdeifcllous.”
“Then we arc not a people—we arc only a
pollucairar ?r » rsMp?”
“Ttmt is all ”
44 Vourvery name, sir, 4 United State,’ Im
plies that,” said Mr. Boujimlu. “But toll
mo. are the tern's you have named—emanci
pation. no confiscation, and universal am
nesty—the terms which Mr. Lincoln author
ized you to offer ns.”
“No, sir; Mr. Lincoln did not authorize
me to ofieryon any terms. But 1 think both
he and the Northern people, for the sake of ,
peace, would assent to such conditions
44 They are very generous,” replied Mr. I
Davis, forthe first time daring the Interview
showing some angry feelimr, “But amnesty,
sir, applies io cflmm.ls. We have commit
ted no crime. Confiscation is of .no account
i unless von can enforce it. And emancipa
' Hon I You have already emancipated nearly
two millions oi our slaves, and if you Wi\l
take care of them you may emancipate the ~
rest I had a few when tbe war began. I ■
was of some use to them; they never were
of any to me. Against their will you ‘eman
cipated’ them, and yon may * emancipate’
every negro m the Confederacy, but we will
helne! \Ve will govern ourselves. We
will do It if wo have to see every Southern
plantation sacked and every Southern city is
44 1 see, Mr. Davis, It Is useless to’conUauo
this conversation,” L replied; “and you will
pardon us, if we have seemed to press our
views with too much pertinacity. Wc love
the old flag, and that must be onr apology *
for intruding upon yon at olL”
44 Ton have not Intruded upon me,” he :
replied, resuming his usual manner. 44 1 am
glad to have met yonShoth. I once loved the
old fiac as well as yon do; I would have died
• fer it; bnt now it Is to me only the emblem
of oppression.”
44 x hope the day may never come, Mr.
Davis, when I say that,” said the colonel, j
* A half hour’s conversation on other topics
—not of public interest—cusned, and then
wc rose to go. As wo did so. the rebel Pre
sident gave me his hand, and, bidding me a ;
klncly good-by, expressed the hope of seeing
meegalnlh Richmond in happier times—
when peace should have returned; but with
the Colonel his parting was particularly cor
'dial Taking his hand in both of his, he
sold to him— m . ,
“Colonel, I respect yonr character and
your motives, and I wish yon well; I wish
rcu every good I can wish you consistently ;
with the good of the Confederacy.”
The quiet, stialghtforward bearing and
magnificent moral courage of our 44 fighting .
poison ” bad evidently impressed Mr. Davis j
very favorably. _ .. _ i
As we were leaving the room he added: •*
• 44 Bay toMr.'Llacolnlirommothatl Bull.l
; • at any time be pleased to receive proposals =
• for peace on tbe basis ofonr independence.* •
• It will be useless to approach me with any ,
otbcr.” ’
When we went ont Mr. Benjamin called .
• Judge Ould, who had been waiting daring -
the whole Interview—two hoars—at tbs oth- ;
• cr end oftho hall, and we parsed down the.;
•J stairway together. As I put my arm with! n.;
r that or tbe Judge, heeaM to me;'' "* |
44 Will, wtat is the result?”
. 44 Nothing bnt war—war to the knife.”
!* 41 Ephraiml» joined lo hla Idols—tet him
alone/’ added the colonel, solemnly.' ... j
•i. . A Jtmoß of ‘ Pork.—“ No man,” aays ;
M». Partington,' 44 was better calculated to •
•• judge pork than my husband was: be knew
. * what pood boga were, he did, for he bad j
! been brought up with ’em trom childhood.”
Sxtussat ErCrao, Aug. 30, l£Bl*
' The money market to*, ay was again very active,
mainly owing to tho Increased demand tor produce
from the East, an 3 the general bnoyaney of the grain
markets. A very larre amount of ehort Budilo and
Oswef o paper was tab cn to-day, and the bankers re
port a healthy and brisk trade. Dhconnts are scaly
at io 9 cent: hot Jho closenees of the money market
has driven mere trpecnlatcrs to the street brokers
who charge IHO3e 9 cent a month.
Eastern Exchange was Plenty acd easier t>3ar,
hat rates are uichanged-X discount buying and H
dir count to par selling.
Gold In Now Tort to day was easier. The follow,
tag are the quotations teemed by James 3oid, gold
Pro ter:
11A0 mm.
GclilP till market ruled steady, as 35iK3tK*
EllTtr. 2KSSIS. Plrc lC9L3y.HKtfli 11 OK
ailing, Setca turtle*, IC9 baying and UIK selling.
Krtr rtik. Saturday, Aqs.M.imi.
The following is the r»ow York Slack Market &a
received by F. O. daltoutall & Co., stock broken, 21
Clark street: .
Htß'd.Sdß'd. litß'd- 3dBM.
K.T. C 13*K . . QQ!ck«Ovcr... SSK
C.&K-W. t«K .... c.♦.T» U;*(
(pfd). 90 .... Hndaon Btrer.lSt*
Eric (c0m;....113V .... IU. Cent »CS
t-rlo(pld) 110*.... 1U.6 $ cent war
C,«j?. 112K .... iutui booda
it. s. (com)... soy .... U. 8. 6 9 cent
M. g. (gta)....113 .... 5-W eoaponi.lMK
P.F.W.* 0..1 UK .... U- 8.6 * Cent
M. C l&K .... bonoe 1831...1C8K
C.& A. (com.) 11.6.130 Orrea*.
C.& nry bott» ..IfOK
R. 1... ...... .1«K .... XT.8.1 yrcertf. 91^
ni.CenUiexlp.l3lK .... AmerlcaagobLZSSK
B.&Q ..123 ....
Market—Ut Board tall.
Sold Board Saturday,
BaTtranar ErXKUto, August 2#, IBCI
The receipts and shipments dories the past 24
boon were as follow*:
BZcxiPTB jso empMxate tob nr* past 2« notrsa.
ficcnred. Shipped
Stoom Cors~.
.. «t,459 47.33
.J5J.559 BJ^2i
.. 9,971 35,753
.. 4,911
.. 4.963 16,433
.. 8.15S
.. Kjm **.154
lifts 15|«5
Ciued Ueiii!
10,130 07.90
IC£M W.«. 0
. *,911 5.1.3
. a,u3 lju
.IW.IM eiJis
There waaa luge attendance oa 'dunce to^Uy,
sndntderabrlsk shipping and speculative demand
icr produce, the general markets were active and
There was a good Inquiry tar Float, hut the supply
isvay light, and the market was quite hare. The
rales,therefore, werelight, amountingto only about
3300 htU at glitO for White Winter to arrive, and
|01(01029 lor Spring extras-an advance eqaal to
ahont 35c on yesterday's quotation.
Wheat was excited and active, owing to an In
creased demand by shippers and a fair speculative
inquiry, and we note an advance la prices of 638 c
per hn on winter and 405 c on spring grades. Ahont
17,0(0 bn winter and 2C0.000 hn spring wheat changed
bands at 01002.13 for Ho l Bed; 13.C5®2/S for Ho 3
Bed; gun for Btjeeted Bed; SU3 for Ho Grade
Bed; 918602.00 for No 1 Bprlne; SU9IOI.M for Ho *
Spring; azd 11360133 for Selected Spring—the mar*
ket eloalog very firm at |l3B for Ho S Spring, and
923T02.C8 for Ho 2 Bed.
Com waste lower, at which there was considers
hie activity, with sales of U5.H10 bushels at 9139X0
ISf for Ho. 1 Don, fi36#ol.Sß lor Ho. S corn, and
fl 21 for rejected Com—the market closing 11m at
9'37f0rH0.2, at which price the great balk of the
sales were made.
Oats were In lair demand and active at an advance
ot Kept bnehel—with sales of 239,000 bnihels at
fi7eCßcforHo.lOaU,Uxeß>KelorHo. 2 Oats, and
62c for reject cl Osta-tte market closing firm] st
6jVc for Ho. 1 sad (5e for H0.2.
Bye was dull and 203 c per bushel lower, with sales
of only ahont 7.0C0 bushels at 11350139 lor Ho. 1 and
tl 85 lor No, 2.
Barley was less active, and buyers held ofl for a de*
eilne-cfTerlng only %i 40 for No. S In store, at which
only cue carload changed bands.
Ulgbvlncs were quiet at yesterday’s advance, with
sales cf ocly SM bbls at tl 73—closing doll.
Tbeie were to sales reported of Provisions and the
market la nominal but firm.
Timothy Seed Is active at 15.C0 05.25—principally a
the outride quotation. Flflx Seed la firm and steady
at *3XO.
The market lor Wool is again excited, and we note
a further advance in prices Of 2(33; V b, with sales at
&raLgecf9CcQClo7l) ft. TbeadvlceslromtheEast
are of a buoyant character.
Grain Freights were dull, with light cngagcmsnts
at fifcc for wheat to Buffalo. _
The Grocery market has ruled considerably firmer,
owing to the advances which have been made In Hew
Fork. On Rio Coffee we noto an advance bsre cf 1c
per ft cn previous rates. Sugar Is held firmer Dot
without any quotable change.
Wbltefltb are In smaller receipt, with a fair demand
at pn vloue rates. Trout are In large supply, with a
limited demand. Market firm and unchanged.
Dried Apples are in email supply and rattier quiet
at previous rates. Pried Peaches are very scsece
Prices firm with an upward tendency.
Timothy Pay is in better supply and the market is
less active. We note a decline of 13.Ciei3.00 per ton
on pterions rates.
Dry Flint Hides are In fair supply, and leas active*
Previous quotations are reduced 'c V tfc.
Llcseed Oil Is lees active, with a decline of 13: V
gal. On Whale and Elephant we note a decrease of
Sc V gal. Slsrtet rather qnlct a* previous quota
In the afternoon very ntLe holiness tm traasac.
ted. only a lew thovean4 hnshela No 2 S pclnc wheat
havltc changed bane's, a( f 1.93H01.C3, tbs market
cloiloc steady hot qolet. Con waso-elected. Oats
were steady, with sales of Ko 1. for delivery on Mon
day, at t“Hc. HJShwlncs were quiet.
He&vy Shipments ofPMrolonm.
Inc'nded inilie heavy domestic procnee cxpoits
from New Voik el last wesk are I.UJ.WO callous of
Petrclcnm-the heaviest shipment in any t taste wee-t
tine* :t» duc&vcry of the woedexfal ell weds in
Five-Twcmlc* In Germany*
Five-Twcmics In Germany*
Tbe London Times, by tbs last mall, reports that
U»t Getman demand fr>* tT 8. 5-sCs at Frankfort
broke cot slrctb, after a few days' depre:sloa on the
worslntws from this side, and tbe price recovered*
y CC rr. The Times, on Us Frankfort mvlcef, esit*
znatet that of these bonds have already
been taken In Holland and Germany.
SaitmnaT FTXKiyo, AumstSO. 1561.
LTJMBEH-KccclplssCiterday, 01,5300 lest lumber.
Tbire bss been mile doing in Uto market to day,
owuy to an almost uomlnal supply. Pncesrale Arm
an: unchanged.
811 INGLES—In nominal supply. Market rery firm
with an upward leniency.
LATH—lice»Kod yesterday, 155,C'0 pcs. Prices
rule firmer but with O'* quotable chante.
CABOO 841X8 70 DAT.
Canos* hr Frederick, from Grand Hirer, sold hr
tetsb ft Fuller, 9C.IU lets ccmmon lumber, rafted, X
ftrlps, at 117.75. Lcth at *4XO. Pickets, packed,at
«n oo
9 The’fclicwirg are tbe yard prices:
TrYinc-firnt Clear. M
Second Clear. V it
Tutu (Hear, ¥ 5t,,,,. .......... ...(510.90
Stock Bo»ros. .
Bos or >eiect Boards sl*9°S^s
common Doaroe
Cull notrrte - ...(4'fi.ro
FjntClsar Flcortne, rough <fCC»V'.w
Be-rocd Clear Flooring, rough
Common Flooring, rough gsjstevro
Sir tog. eichr, creesed
( second Clear I?*<o?ltoo
i common do jH&iffi
fj,jp .T0iM5............................ <3 P.QIB CO
; Shared awn See, A,» M
! gharedShingles, No.:
: Stared sainvlei.Star., SS®5*!S
Ceoarghlcglos.... ?tSS ?•<&
■ Bawe-i Shingles, A 52® 52*
bawcdShltglca ho. 1. S.W
1 Lath.IJJCOpCS 4.5*0% 5.C0
&oo~V. jwsssa
Picket* - l,Wa«)iO
All sales of Grain reported in thumartet report
are on a basis of & storage per buttel, unless
otherwise stated. Flour is sold delivered unless
ofheruite stated.
Saicboat Kvbbtko, Anz. 39. ISM.
FKEI«StII s'-Gkaw Fusion's <uil. the eu*
ga«mt&«swcjc; To Bcvranot schrKste Hlachmio,
with wheat, st SJaC •
••Lab* axp IUil” FBEianra. Tj;re is no chaieo
inraies. w« Quote:
Flour to Poe-OT.tfcKe ana ran 115*9
Floor to Xe» Tori,.lJisoanc rail I.iS.S
pr--ruioestoHevr Tort, lake andraii.F
UK r»s 5V*....
ProriUrtstoN T.aU water, *> ICO &...... JOr-a
F3cnr»n at.-mtteal.ail wa'.-r 60.*....
Ptrkw* Mint'*'.Lull water F*** 35
K curt© MctutM.viaSsmia ...
P«rk to Montreal, via Sarnia 10-0 ..
Flour tc Portland, via Sarnia 1.3 <4....
r*cnr to Barton. rU sanua. . L&X>| ...
Fleur to BnlMo aU lake tVd ...
Uailuoas Fatioare.—There is no change in rates.
We quote. Fourth Class, Flour. Wool.
. ToKtwFcrk.all rail ON) i.fiO 3X3
. *• rati and Lake Ene..0."5 IA3 ....
i Tc Hcetoo, all raC, . tf AS 1.19 3.8*
M rsilaaclAka Erie.....CAP ifA ....
ToPortlaad.au rail 0.85 1.10 3.95
To Montreal, all rail OX2M 1,75
To Uutfalo. all rail o««K OAi
. rail and Lake Ctle oxi£ 1.15 ....
To lialtbnore,aJ rail 0.11 lAO Lie
ToPhliadelpnlval l rM1...,.,.„.,.0.1S UW .. 3.70
FLOOR—Received to-day, *4io brli: shipped,
3dttflbitf. Offnlrg* very light ana market firm at an
aryance of 55c. Bales to:day were: Wnni ?nrrii
—Ext jiAS—loc brls g-od white winter to arrive at «12.
8?»nco ExTßAa—ilO btls “Lillian," tM brl«* Oral*
• well "3f«brls* I'm Sound." and iM prls"Adams ft
Co’s XXXX” at SUMS; 1,000 brls ‘‘Adams ft Op’s Do*
lon’*atfirjrj!tObrUcood spring extra to arrlre at
*9.IS« t \>rla*‘runict"atMli; SMbtUgoodertraat
*9.50. Spbibo BUTBS-a* brls ••flacteyo" at *J.t5;
Si mis spring snperfltie ot «9 »: 31 bn* do at f9A . ,
xv iiisAT—Bteelred todar, bu; shipped,
41,6 ap Q Market atUrc ard buoyant at an adrance
cl ease on-winter and 4as lor spline grades. B\lei
to-cay were: wisirn wnrax or smu-w b»ND
iTtoat |d.to:4ootm doat*U3:4 0 hudoat*‘,\S;l.o
bn ao 3 red at *3 C 3: GO o bn do at 1500 bo do at
*3J)l:lOU)buCoat*LW;3otO bu do OX) bu
tejntrdrertatja.sOtKtobnno grade red at *1.934
«tk> bu do nt tiw. sruoro WnaAT ur broxa—
fctebu >o i Sprine at *1.83:4. 00 bu do at *3 C 3: 31,003
tm Nox&pnseal *t 91: 19.(40 Du Oo at *1 9H: SV
• He bu do at el 931 i«£Lobudaat*L9l£: tojbo^budo
at *IX3: 10,000 be do at Si 93H.: «).ctObndoat*lX(t
: ADtc do lisjacted Spring at sLBfl; 4lCQooudoat*tJQ:
-K»buCo at **^s—the market closing firm at *lo7ft
2.19 fer No3Hed.andSi.93for Soo&prtsg.
COttN—BccdTtdto-d»T,CI4 a bu; *hlpp*d, <IXIS
bu. Market lower Sacs onuy were:—Cork ik
SroKx-l,*oa »n no.i Corn at *IX9K:>CO nudist
■ *1X0: IWOODuNo.3 Corn («Ar)y> «t St 33: U.u» bu
do at ItxlH: <A.toobu do)st f XI: SM bn ds at
' 2,CfO bu Rejected Com a; Sul!— T h» *rarke: ciosiuc
firm ai-*l.si:crXo.3 and tt.ms for No. lOora m
I liATts—Hecelvcd to-day, ISS,XS9 bn; shipped,
56.R4 pu. Market active and aevsnee» He r -a.
• BaUi to-day_wcm t uatb in stobx-S./OO mKxl
cat* at 67c: 95.000 bu do at GlHcs ’O.cfO
budo at live: vtyiOO bu do at OSe: 3,000 bu
No. s oats st eiKc: iO.CCObu do at esc; 6.W3 nu aoat
; &o-th- market clcslng firm at 61Hc for No. I and
SiC ftrr Ko- J,
Ukß-Recelved 10-say, 9,111 bu; shipped, 85,7-0 ba.
M&rkex hull and 3&Oclower. Salesto-asy?-38<0bu.
No 1. Byetn store at *1.33: 2£> bn, co at *LS):
j.'OObu. ho.Sßye instore at |l.Ss—market closing
otlct At|l.Psa»i.a ler No.l. ,
ItAUtt t llecclvtd today, 4911 bu. Market
onut not firm—boym and tellers sp»rt. sues t>
flav—4ouha. No.aßarierlu store at *3.40; 4Mbu.
Keltcted Hatley by simple st fi won trsek.
A iXdHOL'Mra) a.
to-day. iWU »•: *blpped,
aj tpi. Harkrt active and very firm, we quote:
Pnc* Dairy, tn nocks and tube .«l&n
Ehipplrg Butler, In firkins t««iio
Orw.#** Butter - SicadS
To dm the sales w*ra; t54 firkins In two lou at «oe;
i ISfirglosatWkc: A* firkins and 140 firkins medium at
: SCjN fi*Mn«ooatSSHC;lSfltkmsatsßc.
i ngAMs*—lo bass rood at *3.78 4* ba. . .
BAUielKD—Hdrsfit modcratelr actire.aad in ■
< lair vupply.’Cotton bare are Tcnr fins wbh an m
: wsrflleocency On two bus Gunpt«awa note aa al- .
• ranee of sic on previous rate*. Other descriptions I
fim and uncharged we quote $ _
j Stark,A. |US ■
. Monitor W#
HaT&pdtn&seaxnlea ™ ■
i WarcdyA. teamless,,, 2XB
•. Chicago A, seamless. 8a ,
; L-tgwoed A-. .... 90 i
i A,sewed Babb.... li® I
•. C.*mß3chann A.tewod 2
I Rstra heavy A. « .
: KasleA..... “
i Kxctfelor 2
| lunpueCity.MwcdUnen 2
Garoen cny,*«ired Hues --.... 2 !
Hu»iape,tnnrbn—|* i
IGuntAt*.nvabu.... w ...... « I
“ Rmr btL... . S i
“ two bn. J*
ncnTbaci>,Hbxla cotton, £1 ;
, *• •* k Itxtn.
i - “ a “ .S»;v.r;™;.~".‘.S£sS^
IN •« Dw* •* ................ *
“ •• id*" *• H9
t Wool Backs, l
VUfcEsK Is amausupply. t'/ices flrnandiu
rba&Kca. Weqaote: „ ~.
IKmnurf C
u #ll c
CorFKE—Therehssbeea amore »:tir* inquiry
1c themar*c%*nu inconseaurnceof an advance m !
hegTorkonßio,priceshave nded firmer wi.n as
lacr»6Btcl Jc ¥» on pterions qnotauooi. Java i
firm and unchanged. Vre quotes
Cape, Mft. ..... 5“ C !
•T va, oG, in mats e 1
c i
Ric.«ood to prune., ••*•£»
t.OAL—laiaa-ftmandfPiic'O weaierba.with* 1
ontkty quotabif* change. wequoie. .
Eaig-Btcokneld. - —•• «?M
do Ormsby * •
CiATrtAun-QnsrßtK...,. 18.W
co Mk>er«l Ridge l«.w
do Willow Rank. u* J
Blcsshor? *• ,
Lams Leoiib ~...,,...22 ti v 3£?.co ;
Leckac-m*, prepared. ■••’ *-$0 ;
5c«ptea...........«.,7 mm... £.« ,
rmston—• M.oo
r-hn i» ecaaicco 1
»liU3~Ja fh* supply, end co«d demand ai ivtisc i
ptxio2. StifsladtTSpfc{f 6 V lsc P" isrut ,
iSc Ik r t 1 0; * i Irli at Uo pe> du. ...
Fl*H-ftmT*riaH lascail receipt apd very Crm
atc:«TKn*quotaULCS. .
dull.tot aid no one table chasg*. s'tcsssiL in
mediate receipt aOd Ann * c
Lax* niCKtsos moderately actlTfl ana uncharged. ,
h*Q 3 tnilJiOib.hf tils S-'S WB.2S 1
hoi Trent m torn *•» g'-33
he 3 iront.ht rrJt • 0513
Not Msektrel.new hi Crts *2*** ftiuo
NosWamrel.new.M oris-•-... g.w
Nc3ftockercl,nsw,hft)M»large. Sl’-S 1
Ko iMackcra.new Sits..., |*w ©Si,
ht‘3 -r? er.wj
>ai*llTtil” .. * -Pi &<£>
FamilyMaccer* I,hfbrls f-g ftftM
Cocfieb, George’# Bar-k,«»iM lbs gg ©*•■s •
Co- flih urrnailum.f*lCO »a.. -8.53
hoi ® ft ;
1 Sealed Bentncs. 9 box*- 1
vicMed nmingf.rcund. ip® (f’M
Xo 1 La»a Hernag 5“ «J»3 :
XntuntMlmlcc. ‘V**rAri 0 s i
! FHClT»—Gxrxir Arpi.TS are la «ood rnprly
witn a*ia*r dem«s4- Prices firm a; d occ.aased.
tViionxiXHEEßias in *ino-crate receipt, wi.n a good ,
dsmaid. Pnctf inteflta *tP‘s* 4at . r4,^ a % ,
i »ed Gr4Worßinl»!rijttPiye=do**k a °si~ Touf*
i to*'in good inpply with an active demand. We
I Seen Applet, V SIS
Whortleberries. Vbo
iitni.es,French • box icnrs’‘?2
Lemocs.RicWy. V b0x.... “•kS-ej.tO
ora:sea, ¥ I3 SrS IS -S 0
Tctaatoes.lMifbo box i
watermelon),F ICO l T*«a2 l « ,w ■
Peats. 9 v f r wlfttoo
DUIED FitUlTh— Appixs m modem*inpply
and rood drstaio. Marid arm and unchanged. ;
Fxacnns both pared and unpara} am in gsoo tie* .
ntandVMdvery iearce. hot witabnt any qnotatie
change. Foreign Fmlta are qoiet, and vary arm at .
prenons rates. We quote: „
Apple*, Southern, ft
Apples, Michigan and 0hi0,.... <IKOII
Cherries 90 (431
Bspared Prachee.naiTSß —...18
x and Peaebes &TU
Blaegbe>nes. 33 %u
. To»woy tbitw.
Liyer* * box IS.M a 5 TS
KftUlAfl--H.lt, 601 ®i2s
Carnots, V 8... «
Figs—t-mytna, V a....
Am«.nai,soit.V* ....
Almonds, ham, 9> is...
Prune*.Tursub.» w..
Peart.Bohemian. is.
Sardines. halves.
HAYr-The market Is in better supply, with a
mere limited demand. On pterions quotations we
note a decline ca Timothy and Prairie Hsyof 9LM
03.(0 V ton. Receipts folly equal to the demand.
We Quote: -
Timothy, beater pressed. t&DCOS no
Tlmethy loose pressed isooohuo
Timoihy.loote ncoatfiO
Fraule,locsepreased. 18.00017X0
praulc,locse~ 15.00d16.C0
. amn.raicxa.
Tlmo by.beater pressed...... 114JD025X0
Timothy, loose pressed. « O’dUJD
Timothy* loose £UXtoi3l.oo
Prsmr.ioose pressed. 19 0(319 00
Prairie, loose hxcouoo
GAtnE—Prairie Chicken ate in smaller supply,
with a limited demand. Market tolerably Arm at
Sale to-day: s# doz fresh birds
Received 1P9.1M &i; shipped £8.9»85.
ttlhiair receipts the market is less active. Green
Parted are unchanged. On Dry 'Flint we note a Ce
cil! e of ic, and cn Green Salted Calf oi icon previous
aaotattoDs. Wo quote:
Green Salted, trimmed....,,. MX9U e
Dry Salted, trimmed. J7 »18 c
Dry Flint, trimmed .21 822 c
Hhp, Green Saireo, trimmed ....17 91s c
Calf Green Salted, trimmed... .23 (*S> c
HI GQWI It Ett-Hecelved to dav IS brls; abippad
TZf brli. Market quiet. Sales tc-day:—CS9 b:ls in
lots—all av«l 13-lbe market cDrtfiff dull.
JLiKATHKB-Sole Leather and Calf Skins are in
beater supply. The market Is tolerably active and
a,m at former quotations. Wo quote:
Harness V & 4P6M>c
Une V » Bie!Sc
Elp 9 8.......... 65<ai2t
CaTf* & t1.7?02 2S
Upper P loot S2&SGc
Collar V foot n&coc
Sis tighter, Sole....C3Afac i
Earners, f» t> sC*js3c
Klo, No. 1 c»e
dinm *L9ft»l.9o
c»fr. Extra
French Kip, lit
ch0ice........ ..1t&iM
French CUf, tn
Bs ..34033.73
French Calf, 81
bb ..S.toa3Jo
N\TAL stores^
xmchbcged. W« quote; _
Tar... Wa:.m»Eope Jtß’Jc
Pitch 28.00033 03 Hump ;£dißc
Resin*2Bsits. ...,<<tlo.oo Hih,Y*rn,Hemi»..;i3a:»c
Turpentine Ch 4AO •* *• Marina. <33ic
datum.. Ain.HempKo.2.... GilSc
Itftl.Flaxpactdos EOc HtrUne 823350
Jtsl.UemoDieting..,.4Tc earn cord Kttfso
Am. Hemp Bap „2*c Vanilla Hay Eope..Sl3L2c
Am.Heirp No.l ..23c
OtL-Lxxsiao On. la small demand bet firm at
rrßTl'ioi rates. On Wools in'! KLvrnorr On. «q
nctead'ciioeof 5c per sal. Lonp Oil Is in fairer
inpply, hot wuta a tcdnctlon of 5c on pterions qnoia
tlcna. We quote:
Raw Llrseed 0U....
B Ilea Ltcse<d Oil.
Oltre OH, bn!
v bale 0i1.)WE8....
Bans Oil
Lard Oil. pare leaf.
1 Machine on
Ncatafoot OU,
cuiorou sis «tco
WCltßflsh OU 2J
CAltnON OlL—Market to vary limited lapplr,
w»'bft dir demand. On prcvl'tn qo*t*tioos we
makeamadvanceorscperßal. We quote:
wtmeuil.llOtoßOUtt, bycarload 9-c—9brl Me
Ptlftw OIL . do do 83c— do Kc
Benzole do 6CC— do Wo
ONIONS—In small receipt. Market moderately
acuveat*2.2!£2.so 9b09 . ...
PO'»>TOK9-1q food soyply, nod moderately
active. ■SVern-i.ee pu/yictnl&c per bo,
nndfccpsrbrl. wo quote* .. .. al .
PoatoeaV ' *SSsSSm
i>ntAtrvi a ir1.... .. • • •-• 3-TKJI 00
■Htini.Tlit V—Ghickeisare in smutl receipt with a
lair demand. I’Uces tolerably flrn at IS.V.wiUO p;r
PROVISION'S—Miss PoiX-ITeld at $13.01, with
buv tr.i at SL-0 . at 21Q?;c for it?*m
and kettle. Nosalrartpcrted. , _ . .
&nl/i —Receivedtooa>. 5.199 brls? shipped, 1,136
brio. MsrvPtqmetatdßlcafir. Wcquo.j:
Doxxaitc—New Fine ..... s*.T>
Old Fine «WS
Coatee.... ...
G onnd Solar
r>a ry. with sacks
Dairy, witncut sacks fiO.W
FOBSIOSt—Tc.'E a IsUnrt, y «>nr,c 2,25w2'-C
Ground Alum, 9 sack a.->'ia
Salesto*day were: 3>".obrlsOioad-.c*. and
Grt.aMlSolar at *3.Bsafloat: brlsOnrndaca Hie
at 13.20 delivered on cars; t,OCo sks lost year's d round
Alcmat in store.
Received today. SUM As prr*»s reeds,
S9.Vi«'oazeccd. tbtpptd, 46,152 c.s grass teds. Fi.ax
Bixn—ln good demand; •*ies,isot>u n«w *t «.*'o.
TimotbT—»« 6 b*it* at #5.33.83 bags at (3 33, 11 U»gß
at !3k)2U.Abacsat S3.
r>R—The market is still qoiet and In limited
supply, Bys-vlcu fromNcw Yutk rcflnodSasar is
ben. drtn*-r. wltb an advance ot jfc 9a. «here has
been no change in the previous quotations of ihe
market We quota;
Porto Rico i
A A P«t!snd 22.^023
v Y.reflncd, powdered and croaulattd ....Bi4(43ijf
Wlill» A
Circle A £*“2 *#
White D 4 <3' 4 H
KxiraC.... IS itWK
YelidwC... «VC«.«
SYRUPS AND nOLAfeSE**—ln mod'rate oc
mono apa Arm at present rates. We quo* j:
N.l.Syrops |l,of«Ls
I Cobs Molasses .. 9j®MC
new crop .. 1.15(4 ./I
rhll*d» IthlaFee Siva ... ... ttVqi 0-
qoiet. tat very firm, la ci>»;ms
qoecoe of the high rates of Go d and SichooßO. wj
fljlsolce 9 » •£
S** *\
jYpper 53«S 51
BALHRATPsi—'Verynrm with an upward ten*
dcpcy, Wc quite: -., Ui .
Babbitts rare *n g XKc
do brn .>2 c&i'Hc
pare.. .... I KM’OJfc
do .healthy .. .. . It (Mine
do c'ennc-d ...12
T» A—lt*e market is quiet,-bat with sovices from
.Vt*r- ini-lratißjs % farther advance »n orlc e,
vf f d'archcla'Crracr, bat with no quotable ch use
no twpeficrtoflne, ¥ ft & .is
do vxtia tn rhoi.:e, 9
Imperial, snpttior to fine, v ft. .......i.ts
d« rx\ta to choice. ¥ & 190 3*.‘3
finf >,a»dar. spparmrto flp.-. ft 8..........13
f c extra to choice, 9 D .. ....2.'*3 C2JS
Japan, natnr-,1 Jest, flee t - ex. tl.e, 9 e>.Lit3 9'.50
uo do flneiit tocholc?, 9 dl*3i bIW
Oflorc.infpr..-rtoflne,9 ©.... .L'O (tl?s
uo «ixt,a t» choice, 9tt L-5 (4 frl
Fonrhr»»ss9D i.« <*l^
’IOB • moderat»]y active and very
firm nt i>rcvi<>a r We quots *
Fin* crrcanwiao Touacco—
Exoxino Tonacco—
rrrr moo. stems.
““slSSffli,. waaia
’Cl:Oi<eD*ck, sennd.... S5S55c
Mr- i.. 9 esslc
Cioin.PTi. .............. . t® U
1A» I,OIV CecclVid, 10.123 US. shl'ped, 57.WJ
j»b. Matte: In Idaoeqaste supply, rnecs. rule flrai
azd unebaore,!. We quote:
F;lme cry Fackeia' l?wS:s» 0
Couatry l*>X®l6sfc
Vlra BGaß—ln E OOd demand, with a s>»a; sop*
o!r. Price* am at arcvleni rates, woquo.e:
Pare neer Vineyor. 9 xol •••• 'SrX®
Purtkolt do do *K?3£ C
Com. <o do do 53fe3ic
WOlJU—'Market mote active, with a moijrata
supply. Received ttMiay 1 F.% 0 ® **,"♦
Ouprrvlsus quctations we cole ac advance of»d!c
Meolom Fierce, 9 waRO
Coarse Fleece. 9 ft..,**,
B.'riV iV.V.m
.SSltStS.? r ' o r ™“ 0 VS°“»“'“
&Z A. K, I Xj X ©
AiinirtD. a«. so.
Elmr M»r Qomo. Si«s?lls&ilM.
EQor BtilWßOtP*,Trowel • . Ttiverse. 19# vx
prop AUrcbacTi Bojniot, urano *>• *•*
wpojVia, whim. »«■«•=■ 91 «»““•
PropET«£i«o City. »«“ “**• « bl! ’
esssssi sisi&ftKgsjK&i
ssi«ss?as^iss?«f«i«r.~« >■“■•
to.mtct»!l. Kiumatoo, H «<U
_ . «yd* . , c _..c, cvvhcxES-1 W“ crds wood.
L'K Fli[ T A°'?£iS*™fw™ o««. B> c:d.
Ecow’cf’b. But-.. smew. et.t« auh.sscr;.
CLKABKP Annul 23.
SSJ "““"i*■”
•DQinLCJts* ■ ■ Jonrh-nnitit*.
Blfiato. 13:173 fa
B-rx Bgßiite, HbUq
w.». tw» m
irfSSSv vfpnOMO.
i B^^SbSSg^sssisa^
' Post Office at Chicago, .Stale or Illinois, on the 53th
1 dav ot Austuc,l3 r 4.
eg***To obtain any of these letters, the applicant
i most call tor‘apTZßXtazs zxm&VgtTtf the date
, cf thi»u*t,andpaT one cent for adrerualoe.
• c2r*‘lfaot for withinion mosts, they
• will be sent to tho Dead Letter OmcJ.
ty‘Letters arsnot adv»tlsed ontll they hare r«*
1 “l. DIBECT letterspilbay to the street aadnaa*.
i her. as trell as the post office and State.
1 **2. HEAD letters with the writer’* Post Omen
1 and SraTx, stmet and ittnrcca, aisn theta plainly
with fun tame, and request the arswerj to be direct*
: 6'" scccrdlariy.
t “3. Letters io strangers cr transient visitors in a
’ town or clt».whose Freciwladlrtss may beuutnown,
; Bhonld bctcarke'l, la the lower left-hand earner, with
■ tfcsword'TrAß'lcni.* *
“ l. t’racn the postage stamp on the uppan xioirr
i usx&iTS spacsbetween Ljc stamp
1 aaddiprctlcmrorPOoT-MAfiKEto without lateritrtng
1 ’ “*k'R ” KHQtTE ;T for tbeRETUJtS ot» letter
' to (be writer, I?nnolaltned within 3J days or less,
written or printed with toe writer tost or*
pick acd Stats. acroiS the l**f( hand cod of the cn*
1 t.nlWjttb.lW
n.tuilprcpsldratenf plibje, Pf.""“P.ISV,
to the writer. —Stic.M, L-wof IflK},*
Ar’aanlywie Vtsia Annl; Christine
Adams Frai-E nua 4 tars
At ait intarntlii andareon it Earn
Altrca IKryAmrs Aader.on mrs
Aleou Fannie tales Anderson Jennie miss
Alt’ 'OfuLE mrs 2 Andtrson Mary mr*
APenF Omra Acdcrroa Msry S xnrs
Alica Knteml** Arn'M Jane "Iw
Ail n Ba»ea»a J mlts • Aiolnw*li £ellle mrs 2
Ambrcse A B mrs- A»hhy Alice
-imtrcie Uirr mn Aspln Nancy mrs
Arm*trore ChiresF ion AverilU Mary A
AirrcwaGeor.Uu-i Avery Pbeoh? miss
Andrews Carrie miss Airier Cams miss
Attdira:r MatclKe srn Ayia Elio mis i
Bailey Eliza J mis B:«s Jennie miss
B.bccc* fcro*!.a S miss Bimoa Johanna miss
Palctnn Caroline mra Bona John mn
Ball E mlsa Bowers Annie mils
Be IceEurtamrs BoydWH Jmrs
B-no Lent* A mlu Bootee Sa"*h u mrs
BfDzvo TbankfolnUi Boyce Emily A znlis
Bsbccck FJoreniemtss Bjclaad Kjtymlas
Bsifeley McUlx Bonmsn A H mils
V.ar’ov u»tv mm Boyle Man* miss
Barnes c D mrs Brady Fannie miss
.lUnardJ hnEmra Brady Della miss
Bsrtett Mastle miss Bralnera B S mrs
Barry Btaauaa Boxy mu!
Barrett T £ mrs Breeee Ida mill
BairyMlebael xsrt Breeee fCmrs
BanlettCnarletSmrt BrieysUßmrs _
Rarilev Mary mra Brunt Mary A nil! 8
Bvtes Elvira J mlts Brooks Ida A mrs
Battenhall Smma mrs Brooks Elizabeth miss
Bench Barab mrs BrookaLlniemlas
Bc?gaa Heater A mts Bronnlnc Marla A mrs
Beaean Nora miss Brosnehan Catnertne mri
Bet* ler Eliza mrs 3 * Bropby Calherlna min
■eV.fr Maccaltna mn Brace Kata A mua
Sell Klla mlts Biown Bertha miss
Bell Emm a mrs Brown Emma p mrs
Bement Psollne mn Brown L O mn
Bentley Jane mrs Brown Mary B mn
Berry Hannah miss Brown Jennie mn
Beavers Lizzie miss Bnlman Eliza mi*s
Bennett Annie mn Bandy Tbertcsmn
BinlumnESmUi Bother Emma m‘.ss
Bentley Mate mlu Burton AC mrs ,
itlxby Mary mrs Bams Bridget miss
> Btsaett Jane Bums Maty Jane miss
1 Biair Jameimn Burn* Mafsammiss
, IPalr Lanra miss Borns Aon mn
■ LlackUrSnsiemlts Boiler Ann KUza
i BUis JtsaveEmie Boadell Mary miss
■ Blackwood Vary miss Byraea Sarah Btnn
< Blanchard Smma miss 2
a »
39 a so
« a a
22 d XS
25 a 37
isxa is
is a so
33 O U
Cady Mary tclts Church Jennie M miss
Celsius R ft m! ss Christy Sarah mlsa
Caltcnn Mary P mra Ciayton Sarah min
carxirr Mary C mm Clancy Cornelius C ]r mn
Cahill Mams mtsa Cleveland Auguita tnrt
Cal ahan Biles U mus Clair Lomaa a mra
Catiahau jobaanamlss CiarkCaw.nmisa
Cahill *iary Clark J Cars
Cameron Martha nn Clark A C mra
Cameron Marram Cadwell Came miss
Campbell Virginia mn Clark Bmtlymn
Camohell Frencts mus cilff-wd il w mn
Campbell Lome Clifford HBmi
Campbell George mra Coffin Annie B miss
CaryMugarelmrs coma Delia mra
Jace L misi Cob»rne Sarah mus
Carpenter Harriet tclu Coaklyy mn
Carbutt J w nn Colvin Marta B miss
(amen Mar met mils Colby Acca L mlta
Carry Margaret mus Colburn Hester O miss
Carter Claris mra CoDcity Mary Ann mra
! c%r(onCorneliamn Colgate Mattie A mrs
; Cortot* Msrymn 3 Colc-teHearyCmrs
i CModler Chare* mrs Conners Ellen miss
1 Chapin Warrant H xlrj Coohey Nellie urtsa
I t'bapmahMwlora 8 roU* Cr;oa-jyMaryAmlsi
i Cbroikopt Johanna mlas Committyßiaoranmlss
Ccdlmlq Jnlt i ii i<a Crandall a L mw
1 Ccoied'BF Ellen mn CrawlordMarcmrs
i Cccscdme AnntsMmrsS CncUe Anctr D mra
l Cooley Rave Creighton Kata mn
Cooper Helen mn Crindall Ann mra
Corner Ellen mn Cioas* James mra
CookDOmn Crosby s&nh mtn 3
I ccoKEßmia Crowloot Mary mra
1 Crutcllo VaryAralss Crowfoot Jccjaailnmrs
; Costello Marta mlts Crowley Erteo
i ccrtenSyb.lml£S Cromla E-lon Fmn
[ Cn-ronnMarnarttmUs Crooiey Chart** mra
I Coroott (alias CunyiMar.crnssmaa Adotemrs
I g,ret Cromta John mrs
! Cornell Fredertck ten Cronin Morv mn
, Coax* no Annie tnUs Cr< BbyHCmr»
CerteMJ Margaret Colrer Marta Emn
Cornell UPmn Culver JM mra .
Ccrd Samnel mn cniv* r Cath*rtua mn
■ co'berFPtrn CurninghamMsrgaretmm
I Cowl-is Salllfc D ml;s Cuoninth&m Marta mUS
CorlfeU Joseph E Carter Louisa mrs
i CrackslmW Mary J miss Caib'on Bridget mils
> crahbKoro;sn(Lcaua)mnctinctniUam MarOu Amn
1 °
< IlHpfbrth K mrs Dixon Elisabeth mn
naaeberty mra picjrteilaymtai
Dale Virginia Ukkmtou May K mlsa
■ Dultcn t> n Digmau Margaret miss
Dsrrab K mis* iK*ue L o mra
Darron Marv J ran Docahoßiamamsas
Daylfi F.llz«b«Lh mrs Doatua Katy mtsa
Davis M ra'fls Dannal Ellon mist
Davit C H mra Douty A B rars2
DavlaLncymUs , Dow-a Mary
Davis Hetnettc miss Dryer APmrs
Davis Margaret Dnscoll Hannah AoN
Dans O Wood mra Drummond Kuan P mra
Day C Atwater mn Duul.'p Margurrt miss
Deeaan .lulls mlsi Dugcan Julia mus
Decker Ncllla Lmra Dnnn .iphaac* mn
Deal Man H mn Dunn Hanna mrs
Dean CUfa mw a Dopn Nellie M mis*
Deloc* Engine mn DaneansonA mn
Derit Annie mrs Domain Eliza mrs 2
Dennison Broma M miss Daffy Elizabeth miss
r»H»rev Margaret miss Lu-mage Sarah omn
Dcm-y JnlU iTrs Damcom-e EUzibrthmri
Devo Mary L mis Durand Hattie A
Dent Mary mua Duprez O Knits
Dixon Josephine miss Dorgsn Josepblaemn
DleKson Nellie L inlas Dyer Wm o tun
D'ckcrman Ames mrs DaptoCaiheitcetars
RatonAloMomn Kllagtoa BaUy mlta
i-'at Fibre ok Amoroso rate Kison «.h*rioue mn
E«t S-.rab tnUs Kl lag Bars
1 Bewares Jennie mDs Fibs Eliza mrs
Kcwerds Annie miss Emtnaa Lyman Mmn
! KpglUbKluamrs
I Kg*n Jane miss Knirt Lar.lmo mra
KflrldgeEaiab Mm!:s EvansFlqrlmondS
Elmendcrf Sarah mrs Kwlng Etlzabetn
Elkiu* Lco’se mUs EwiOgcaplmrs
EUrldgo Ada un
Slauebtsr, Bote....K*aS3c
Buenos Ayrfs. buastc
Orinoco, sole 43£3)0
Orinoco good dam
aged 4SStBo
tVcocb Cal/. 55
as v.9x&Jts
Fri-ccli Calf Lo
mdses, f) ioi*
French Calf Le-
ui dj.V
Unices Vdoz.lOXO 4 IMW
Uoaim,s dor..lsJXkd 19.03
[a moderate demand aad
..lies OI.'O
.. 1.71 (91.70
4.29 6*1.26
LSI (91.85
.. LSO &! M
.. 1.73 «1.85
... I.W (91.70
2.8 V <93.00
60 <9 TO
145 6*150
F»ircblK»E!Uafai3 Flemlaeretprmra
Falho.ib Emma Flinncr EPzabilh
Faun M A mra r*orb?< Lillie
Faired Jennie Foo'ner L
FtroataMarr Fox Honors .
Fcnmmc*mcF Ftujfibbons Mary B
Fe cceon Orra Fitzgerald Kitty Jhq2
Fart-nm Mnrr E Fitmorris U »ry Jane
Ferceson Jtnme V Fitzpatrick M
Fell Ate Fv gter I/vonl E
Pm man Almira Foster Jennie
Feir»a Luzlo • Freso-Isabella
Fertrorrnn Alary A Freeman El<no C mrs
Fel&rr Myra 8 Frazer Lizzie
FI; srean Bridget Fallon Mary mrs
HimU’TyAni FarhJnlla
yiuttc»n John mra roller ll?n cca
FiTTDMareret Forth Jolla
Flanagan Ann Fallbrnsh Emms
Oatrlb Sarah J2 *Ooo«lirtD C K mrs
Galilean Sarah Goaioe M*naaao
Gam: Jou«* Godfrey Alice I'.
Garvin Hannah M Oolosserry mra
G«rrcy Marv Oorbeit O W mrs
Om la Sarth Goal i Harriet U mrs
G*mc«Kaa Goold Lyjla <
GniUi' John tors Q;*hn Mary Ann
Glbaon Ltuinaa Gorman __
Gibson Marla mrs Granger Lncv il ton
Gibs n Maczie Granger Jturs
Oi be Artie Grajr Mart*
Gilbert Marcret Graham Mary Ann
GilfH Jr uptime Grave* Anna Marta
G KUi. ii»rr Green• cod JosUb mis
Oiincao Lizzie C.nflln El en c mra
G'luore CatheXlflS Great aaraifi Bill
GliK ore Qoren Mart s mra
i oiwbrorkLizr.te Greer HaiUe w a
i Glcintn Mnigtet Green Hattie M*
Giee'ra 011‘nrrara Green nivlra mrs
: oireajii Annie Gross Kittle
UoctisU rorahmrs Gimtw Camtophcrmrs
; Goo-wlnFUmra Csrltne
JearW HcoeryAnnaM
i jueertye Matin* mrs H*sßhaw J*«Bmra
, Hailoran Mary Ann mrs Hensbsrr Bridget
Hamilton Ancle Hern Bos*
i iiso eltuj Kate Bennray rtackmrt
: it nnasprMmrs Herbert phsbe mrs
„ llui aln*on Jane mrs flie*ana-»LncyL
Hatley Hsnor* Hlctiy Catherine
Hardy Anemia HtnclDsoo Anna K mrs
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> Hartiacn.lane mrs Hinckley fcben II mrs
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Jol eVarr Job tton LonUl
J^cVnantlanrth Johsr'on n ran
Jonkir Harriet mra Jobnron >ophia A
Jo leffe Catherine mra J hnaon Eann L mr*
Jones Ellen Johnson chanotte h
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Kf'ij Lucy SK/S&t
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McCarthy Fannie Mctniwn D mn
hleCsr’T M»Uie miss McMahon Ca bsnneE
Met aalry Elizabeth mrt MeGMi! Fr«nk m »s
MeCimewnlfsrtmrs MetaueMarr car*
Mecahe B Anna mils McLean fa perns mi's
McCauley Barrel J mra McLaagh'lo
McCarary Ann a>iM MoLsngfaUn Keills E mils
McClellandEUy miss 2 ilcciugbln BiM.et i
McLeHan nnaica ers McS • sen*y Bacnah
Merroene l slice mbs Mcsrcnrtycoi mas
McLellaa Emma mn
Xa<* H n mrs Xerlus Amelia min
Fain Margaret miss Mcrsrsoa M mra
Na*o*'Klairamui XelfonLetlrlatmss
Nirl Lochs ni’ts BichOhmrs,
Newti Mary Jml« Ndes Mary miss
Cbeit M A tain O'Crnno? Honors mm
Oicott Harriet A mils O’Coanor Msty mUa
OetrcmSO mra O’Keffs Margaret mr»
osterhcht Nellie Pmlzs O’Keefr Koramurd
C'Biien Jdary O’KardyTlmothvmw
O'Brfc** Atra mre O’Matlry Sarah E ml;a
O’Brien Mrry J mrs O’UaroXary
Phnurn C.ltir'nt
PiWe Edr*r mra
PUtman ET
PbllUD' iasrastM
Fageit Msrtha
fackaru 6 » mra
Filial nry Abble
Ph-illM Anna Ujara
Pai kermis
Pitt U*ry IDC3
Pierce Susan S mrs
Pollsrd Jerome tort
Parker Jane mrs
Parker L-;nl‘S
PatunonJL Poland Rama mn
Parser? A-'amn Pollards Rmrs
Permittee HP mrs Powers Cells mrs '
Perkins C **’ mrs Phel&nd Kt ty c tan
PtrilasJrneK Powell Mur mrs
Perkins Ml:mri B mn Porter Jennie
I'erry Vchvlo Prentice Mary
Perkier Hate Pratt U*ry K nr#
Perzlis Uzzie Prior Sana tn
P. Matilda Paleal V mrs
Prince Clara tnrs
Price! IT H tars
Parry G°n?ey
Peterson tisbins
Perdte Lotcie
Prtc« Delta
Pealy Ward?
Frierson Lena
Policy Catharine
Pina Julia
QninnVtila miss
Baymotd M A miss - Roblown Era c mbs
Btevey Kate nun - PoeenEanice Dmrs
Riotdan Mary ml»s Roe Carrie nuu i
Rees Nannie A miss Boot Sarah A miss
KtxfoidMmn Itowl Sarah mrs
Rtmood Lncy mrs Rowe Carrie miss
Ketd f anh zsze 2 Roorke Marram tn!ss
Be id Mary B miss 2 Rouuarv min
Kefd Mtry mils RndeLFmrs
UlrharQion Clara mLs Rode Caroline J
Rice Sarah a Ryder Cornelia J mrs
Rlre Mary m rs Ronyon H U mra
Kinffllßmra Rnsiell A M mu s
ratmie Maimac-lss B*aaMarymn
Baberta Hannah mini Koneil Carrie N mits
Kirs Marmot E Ryan Marcarst miss
Robbards Sarah J xrrs Robinson criln mrs.
Robins Caroline mrs
SbepsrdUartaretmt* SntherlacdEllenmUi .
SbepsidSKraiii Smhenaad J llmr*
Shepard Bwila mle* SntherUna Sam mrs
Sherwood Uxzle mrs Smith Annie -"Us
Sherman EUeo miss • Smith K Leslie mn
Shield* «mnalred mn Smith F L ran
BMne Mary mu* Smith Henrietta mlu'
g'urman xa'-t SmitaE Jotepblnemlu
SteeleA*amn - SmUhJWmr*
snow Sarah a mr* : Smith Emma H midi
Smith Mary me* Smith Elisabeth A mist
Slater Charles mrt Smith B H mr*
Stocomh EUa B mis* . Smith Hose mtss
Sisterly Annette ml«* smith Sarah Emn
Sloan A mrs Smith Malta mlu
Sue Wi liam mn Smith Mary J mr*
Slowon Hattlß tali* Smith Mary Jana mrs
Sloan Francis mra Smith 8 D mr*
Sloan W Lrr.ra Smith Maple mis*
Scmhwlrk l.lbble mlu Strnckmao Ustlte L mlu
Sperry Adella mien satterCEtnr*
Spread Hannah mrs Samson W A mrs
Spencer w mn Sackeu Grace A mlu
Spattcrd Kelly mu* sackettß r mn
St Cialr E M mn Sanxer C D mra
St Julian Edmond mn Sam I *** AFmn
Bu«eman Bertha 9 miss Sanxer Annie ml*»
Sterrett Sarah miss Sawy*r Hannah T tori
Ftett Sarah min ScottMaramn
Steffenson Bertha mlu Schoonover Alice mrs
BtewartManewemlu Scott Etna mrs
Stevenson StlnaJ mle* Bchemmerbora Sarah mrs
atcrem a B mn Beau Elesormln
Stewart Alexander an Bcotten UolUe mrs
stewsrt Gharit* mn SchoOeldGea mrs
Stewart Alice mn Sevan Ceua uuai
StevensOHvU Tmn SummetaUarynra
Stspbens Marla mlu Sin on A Wayna mrs
stlies Fannie miss Bell Catherine ,
Scrabble Jennie an Sarlll* M* la mlu
Story n*tu<?.mn Sellar* Uxxle ml«
Stoner Damelmr* Sharey Rach*el miss
Stone Geo W mra Sharoe Caroline mlu
Stotenbur* M»ry Omn Shannon Marl* mrs
Stccxer Zalla a mlu Shafer Kebecca A mlu
Strader Luxla A mlu Sharp w Harriet mn
Btcret Wii’iarmilia mn Slonctt Martha mrs
StronKr Fannie tell* Samuels John mr*
Bradley HsUle tnlu Snltlvan Brtdxn
Stoop* Sltrj mlu Stcrts Uarjasst mrs
Tatt*Sarah Amin ThompsonS mn
Tayior A Della mrs ihumpaou Be'sy miss
Taimsdre Emily miss Tbcmaa John mrs
T*y:o: .leisttlin B Uiul Towle Sarah A mrs
Taylor E T tcra Tocsoa Ellen mes
Taylor Adeliamlsa T.waasnc Rnoia A mn
1 alley Mattie M miss Towlsr Belle mr*
Ta I han*y Arna mi s Towne Msjnie A miss 3|
Taylor Marv Agues miss Tobin Annie mt’t
Tei t Lula V miss Trneidrll Mary C mis.
Tbeaeer Theresa miss Tattle Mary ns
TlUty Matsatct Tucker M J mra
Tinsiey AunleSmlss Tul-eydaiherlaomTs
Thcmpson Mary Pm;ss Tarttn Tnotn*s J nits
Thompson Minnie mis* Todd Mary mra
UpecQ Annie is Isa 2
Veabsughlen Sarah miss Varson tlhhU A mist >
Westc*tt3mr» Wilson Katie Tcrea* i
West Asohne mra Weeds' Matilda J mrs
Westerner* E mra WoonEUmrs
Weston Alice iris* WoodSn«»nna~t* i
Walsh Mary ml? 8 2 WMehtMCmrs
wa-n'vmirrs Wright Janeiro
WaishKate raps Wcol Mallet or Plata mrs
WeltbtfMy wiisLncy 8 mrs
Welch Emellte R W«1 EmmsonS
Wb«*eler M*ry Ann Weller Mary A tars
Whce’erMary O Weil* A lida ml:*
Wheaton Emma Wei»er Panllne nra
Wtmcy E m tire Welt* Marj m w?
Whalen Mery A Wcsten IG mr*3
White HO mrs Wert W^nn
WcnaiLtr J A mrs WaoswoithFrankAmrs
Whitmore Bertha Wakefield Nathan mrs
White John mxa W«jo Ko.maC ml.-s
White Gexet w# ter J M or*
wneoxlimii* Waldo Clara M mrs 3
White Mary mwJ Walter Lizzie L mrs
W bluer Mary mis 3 Wallace Hannah miss
wii«t Canlo Wallace Llzze mis*
Wllfloe Uaca WslKat (tea K tan
Wriuiin Cath Wallace Rilza
W isey Cat h Warner BIU mra
WlcltmwMary Warn AraieM mrs
Wlllet* Krlly Warrea J'll mra
Wlldo Louisa C Warren^ hoe mra
Write Lncretla Warren Mary D mra
Wtaht Ei= la mra Warner Elizabeth mis
Wilcox Mary IS WarrenJ rtnrs2
Wilder J Ward Btldcetmr*
Wick* Eoaen© C Watccman Anna miss
Willett Mary A w*t*oo U A mra
Wilber John tnt* Wstart Elian tales
Wirnctren Charlotte Watson Mollle mlta
WUttell KLmra Waters Hester
Wicne Jn'l* A Wajhlnzt n Melinda S mrj
*r,«.fleld Sarah A Webb vettle miss
Williams Mary A W*-hb Ch*a mrs
Williams IfiiA « co
Williams Mary Woidird 1 anllni
Wilson JUliI. WordcoOtLlsuic M
Wilson I.lhblc C W oo<naff Adelie C
Wllscn limit* Wocd*C*TJllne
wuion IKltie , Wood FB mra
Wllscn EllenE \
• Y
Toacy mrs
Ztlm&n Lonieamifls
MllMnire; ABCmrs.
Abbott A R Averlll Kl'Jab An 'er.iOD JTm
AcccnnnN T Arthur OF Armtt*s« vv {.
AdansAco AtbrrtftnTn-ra Arms william
Atcry Norman All*a Thoa A.lcnWmO
Altswo.tbAF AdatiiTnoa Armelitrn* IV W
Ackerlr AarotiA Alla.; TftH» Anora'S 2.?*
Atidetton Bo Abbott Ueo .\m
AJlei AIDS** ell Abbott wado
ATlwanrl Foilhp Derry Allison ffJ.
Aonm* Charles* Abbott H B Alexander LB
Arda Otari* * Attlnalr* Av*ryMr
AllfiiChfiaK Aedersoa Jo«TI AleoDrl
AldmCD Ada»al««icO Abdr«#sL«i>nld#
Alston l» O Acdro* J I. Aiam» & Snts
Adam* E B Andtr onJS A* tea
Anerfon LU Anderson.! „ Ambro«*&ut.;B
Aiataa Ko'.'rxt Anerson Jao B Ad«ma* MHlef
A«m*Kn»ujut ArpyleJno Aodirw.nP
AUworih Robert Ar.'Q.Tno A‘ion J
Akerly Blchud Andrews Joseph Alexander M W
BarnsrfZF Baker TbomM Benedicts
Babcock Ofi£ BabrockiiU Band
Bate»B H Bs*»eu Hiram K IU oo.rte d
BaktißerJU Balton Deary Blake LF
BacmAH Bald "in HC Ul.crLM
Bber Ninbolaa Baldwin Ha Blocks Eocena
Banet a 1’ Ba.ro* 11 F. Dayman Richard
Berxrt Alfred Burnley JH A He’lGcor*^
BaiacU Aokrew J D B'^I d * ,e 5 R
BakerAßtcT BandJa-esA BldwMlJ*«o C
B«r;ouWUltsA Baker Jaai-a M BentCaG^oC
co 2 Bassinger Jaa SI nio^gsttGajtiTUj
Bam'l’l A T Hates Jodna < B'clcO'orgflH
Bancroit Charles B»rbocr IraCcaotßeach G*ut -ft *
Barlow Cb»» Gt Burrocks James B-trr nnxna* !
HibccckCtffciß P*Ue»J K M ock It
B»n ea Patrick Bark lev J W captßstedl Horado M
B-xlerV Ba3gcrJVT lV>br«i»\W
BateJ Pete? n B-.r.-o*s James BcTj J-mC3 •
nnyl-ayid Pann*-nnan Jno B-j.-tan I?sae S I
Bk»niDtlEe DaTld Banon Joba Bt'lej Jauua \
B&rr Enyene Baglay JoiepD B«neitl*a%c |
Bayaley Sden g»ttuts wiiuan Biiwell J U ]
Pam t: Howard Barrow nears JM i
Parufttd E M B*us>RtMUea 1
, Barkerß }.in*. Js« I
! B • t e< Kbeiere* Bps*‘-lev AM H*!l J»e?-2
I B*l:tr RichlMor-mi if cs Albert p«rtlA» Joseph
i risen Blocs A a Planer Jno R
Btr jenham Pat U'ack Jroo
Baca V b Blackwell Cl* Blt»«eo JiiO
Batar'dd Pan uel
Balcwin Sasncl Ileckiord CA W^,
u.ptnt> fittitlk A*i*d’tt B rtrtni *\ k Ham
BrVr Geo Bel w» Dvrld HBUke *F H
lU-nwu PylVffterH-m-ott Frank B Dicker 'N A
Bn*nikster Tl>draßM*d»l. ha K WW.XVmA.
uatowloG F B?MB dim
Etckirmr Br-jtci.Jß B.owa •*£
B«nt.&nAMcb*el Bjorrer JatofSil Brown U a
■BiardvmL BaolcyJN Brownßanw
mi... /t Aver? Bo’.acrt Ja’jres Brown _
Ecwmax Alfen BnrtrrtnMi J*» Brown Allen CH
Brovt-cU As Bile« J 82
BmnC«»<F»rci2Boja Jno B'ownThok
Bm'olWW Bwrr.on 4t.<» Br»dy Barney
BuiUit Au-dlroa Braabotv Jno L pyBI
Brimmer Ai-x Brcossvank Jos Barks Ve*k
BoormanJohn Bockle^KobntH
S»»V-53!?«5..«. SSS-^E«.
rber Brack* William HalprrKdw^rd
Br*dleT C B Bio-naWiiUataS goi.obFran*.
BwdtmCW 80-w» tfilluaiC Burk Chos
Brt«1 Piter BramteU Brown DarllT
Drayton wnnam Uratcn K
DC 1 Bruce William H LJK
RM..K Bfrn Andrew^
FriMtSC&CO Bnnd ffm Bonr*ePatrick
Bilceei T B Brtd'* H Bdrt Ge]*
Bradley Ff*ncla2 ikmia Lvwrtote
Borden 5 P BtjnlouMCac? DardQeo
FA Brio Martin Bcckmastcr Hir-
BrtrtU>oU ?3?k*e«l BsSm Hrary H
BtooktKW c*;t
Hnantfleorie BnetolH W* ccßatct J A
Rrcwmr The* Boyd capl B“5?A w
BrovkaGU Broaa.nnr Boras jn
Bracket UB Pries AlbsrtH BoroaatnJno
Brnntcs Geo Brown £ewis & P^rnsJo^ H
Bradford Hunter Brewn Ben BnrtdiJnn
Bmtt H rn Brcwn Mat Ba'hnell Leaaa
BxacnersJ Jrer Brown CP r
Bo<land Jac*es BrownHaehM " af •“,**_
Bowtnin .lollns Brown FB Boric Jno
Borden J P
CoDßto* QT7 Campbell A SlcoroCcnndl n J
Cue® Partel J C%rp*3-rJmr Corral! DicjM
Cbwe DF Ca£>ill> nr C-ca*»nnsrldc»p
Cb«»e r O Cutin Anjhotjy Jj»M *«<’ *• U
D H Cto* A C RI*
Bc“J Koto Caeby Alexander Oo«*m Pp r
Chaelboura E H t arte/A ■ Co*a»toc£ 3 J
c*«/» v; ,\ Cannvraa Pales Calsate n S
CLfid’ickFA College Dsnrr Cole Sami
CH T k Krai-*: Ctracane’* Dial Coomoo S
<-; Mv ■‘■'rad A Carroll Edmrnd conelaad Goo
C’f.uii Kcany Carejr Richard Cndo. TO
Cm“*£a Carter Roswell Cal-G«o Wins'OT
CpvP r B CarppotprßK Clary Dft
Clvxt. i *F Carw/I! BohH C.olsenO fl
riiuicii Oeo IV Carter HAST Crt'Sy t ,“ r
nxarinM Cai..ph»ll Prank CslTn wal r-r
ntSPIU CalllnTO C*lt-haa Joao
Chall litt-iy B Cihu P B Cnld-r w ™
Climjrt* Uetiy CaayHenrT
Cha*«Rß Car/'ls Ja’nei ‘ *^. u h V,,
sr/iv a;ri S iiiMi
iilatVca JonnQ Ci-nhcr J*me» ECojiigl;
ci«r . SS' .M
a^ssnilH 1
n«t Jiraoß Conroy Wicaal Coaoly John C
i H?-«wS Cohos M John
Sj ccmser Sloaroe Craajto'Jcieph
1 Mibraa Ctra tfarK A CUttJl vCp
1 cmtlsO/ian
riUaCbat rolbarnSß - Ctwhmaa^mW
riSfK C C Ctjt m cham A w
NcwKirx - CrMdellw
Pice Cra»lo»d Allele Orally Livto eapt
rS?ToyP.mck Ccl-a Aaoiow rxQ&««tfatr .
ollltrCM Caiterß K Coolf&ch
CrafcrAC itosw --r. •
' Colby Gro W Craprn; amhroM Croarh Mr Comb
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n«rr CnßWnchamChatCottarTß
. Cc'O Cutmorfc C-iAS Cornell OD
CortJT CcPTnsPt/r Copr.’d Phaff Aco
Ckllit* T t** r H ' Callers &. . Calbaißirr
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CotVtll Jare/a - CnaoiffEttward Collla*'fc*'*
; cfihta Jaxnct P Ca** iff Edward JCorn Doo«l-»44 A
■Safcss.: gs&st|sw
SStltn ■ Cr£°MonTtoa ceftereP^gr
•ggaS*.. SW^./BSiJS^r
Cartea John *• • Cn'tvJJ flcn-T - _ **_ x a «._ »•
•fflS Ji** ‘ CaaaUShM3Seo-^^SSSS P
cS??JSm3 c3n=na«JT OrabjnakD
C3t«<.UT . Cr-nelXenrsl* Cn-bmaa prof
i C; pessno John Cracs j Got
I rr.nn iiTWB •cnitftnJW Cr mwell Tlncey
i Coctl#Wa*oißi:-.CBimßbJMaw • *»«
101 . * - cutler J A C-nck Julius
Cogswell Wn cranr-mes Cook II
(vr.rotPM O reirp'athan JauZCirlcu tar
CoUitillUctpt Cunlssn Jons Ccf ganail CP
tocaMA. Crowley Jos B
Denver PJ Dlellar Dwyrr Eli
Dts»cN)raor Draper I,
Uerbv EtowUcnßester JstnesF Donahue Patrick
*eb BsnzrperJ Draks Cornelias
Efcoiiia Acdosa Del-i.o.Tittm Drucoil Denis
ljo°lr C*)\jq ; D.siic Issuers GrsKfi fl
Wav’s C Wood Degectt Iliac M Dwyer E F
DarjsOß Dl.-hrowJQ PsoU-UsE
Davis CB DiicaJ D DotyMH
Daily pe**p Baltoa J-cies Dnrsee Samuel
Ytemzit R C • P » Dolan Feans
D*it BeWlttCUo Dins man Hliatn Dy» F W
Tea D;.-iow George DjiphSatunel
Dayertortlra DavisT&cs Drom-ndTho? T
Bails tfobt Dcfodea.franS P^-TlicoeaA"
BoHO '*2 erE psuri**! pht II nun
Tilcn’.elj > d Dsor>-oy Prank ’ Dor.ovaa J E
1’ Diseas-nt JnO A Delano Fsl DodJM
Dearborn Jotn J Bate Samuel Dottffail JehaF
D-tueJcb* Davespun&tml DcauonJL .
Di;itnxtfl .John Dexpery SanfordDodge J A
Dreroeiff Jlo M Ds'e 9 A DaU Jones J
Davie JobnW Bar Fred Duia James
BayJcbrO Bavtapon Sami Dcnriaa* Jcseph-
DlktyJchn DcranJoho l. DonerJorn
D'rswten John Dowohur&co Dooorao JobiC
IV lap Joim Bone & Haribori Doner John
Billon John B Dow Arthur DwerJchflfl
Dillon J- 6s Peraleses S: BroD jctas l Vf S
Daltoo * Ilham Dojle & Br.i Dor fee W A
Doo-bert* Owta DuT-«l Wm
Dayldiwn WsUrllDeltz J G Dow L
Davis WocdhurirDonahae F strict Oowas Myron
< Ptl'te W B Dchertv Paine* iv^lirDicb-vel
1 Divius wailsra Dcccaa Cbss Dunlap Mlctasl
: d- jtcyDetrcy Boon* r Patrick Dorey Mv.vuas
Derhanorr B-userFJ 'ur*lnMvroa !£
; lUtih TTm Donahue Corse-800 :bne Mark
Darlirgdr - Has Duffy Martin
DoitresuLtWls jinffy Patrick DaMsrnr
Dcmey mr Z>ua&Cbsr;eaM Delfclf Lswia
Femes OK E««tm->oLtnsy EldrldireJ
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hike tifrea Frost c* 3 «»:yJC
£tr:ebav £ Emmons CM Elliott JnaG
Greeihin Eves 6« Ivtster B Ely Jo -I E
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Gerard Vernon Good EC Goodrich WmS
Glenn Jacob T GuuUr Body J
Gilchrist John Gietne Richard TGnffith W A
Garo J V Gray Robert W Gnon William
Gat direct T Goocaii Edwin Gra'nWmF
Ga esJanca A Gorham JU Greer WllUam
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McGrath William
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NeelyKoMA KonbOJl Nlppi John
NatonßobtA Norton Henry Nairn William
Msley Esaar i Naper Hesry Newcoan Wax
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NekonThcmav Newcomer J Nobis 77m N
Nyronihomasß Noise JboT
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man Olawtead ChungO'Niel Jao
Olcutead £ DRs Otii E u O* oncell John
• ton O’bEcwwrd O’Bnrn Kennedy
> Onderdonk A & Oir Robert O’Foltom Wn
! O'CcmeliratS G'ettl Gs-> O’Conn-n MUhl
G’DctaboeP TbAS Osborn mt
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; O'Dr'tmrli Pal • O’Cren James O’CoQpera Martin.
] Oldfield ObasT o*Nlel Jeremiah O’MsllaMiehl
I O’Gf.tdyPamci O'GraflrJas3
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Reckon Kobert
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Rivers Harry Hoorke Peter Rran Waltie 8
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1 Wallace TO Wilder A I Wood
Walker F wish' £ Simmer Wyntoop ETanclS
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Zimotf man Jobh W
I mJ. E....E(L Western Maoloaary....S. W.-Ac*i«
i.i.itnni works F. W.Lamp and Lantern Mann*
Itclory Dr werhAJ Prla Mr. f las o. Mule....
n. * if.. - H. E- N... Lyoua Lirao aad
fwte C«r.‘ &cnc*y School Advacata * --IJB
i 8 Fra>k Id Btf»et....Propil»tor Boar .Ink House H
w Maduor street.-.. O. G . Srtcte .. Prop. Dean
! Kchmcod—Enkic*erof Propsuer Ottawa.
} Office epec frcm lit of Aorltto Ist of S’ovrm
btr Tom "a m-tHiap.m. From November ut | tiU
I April Ist, from 3 ».m.u.ldp.in,aDt on Baodays
j it umi«ttn> We ■peaJtofW.J'
alciaOß. k
.i'liMt atsaatas. vf*haaiorthepaatlHtecn
J*?L, fll/oic'- bli whole Urns a> d *Uaa 198 to those
whi chhavc baffled tce«fflo , itaer
He ii most tncoeatlol to tbs v«atment
caw* wrich cemstdarso «•
curable. Petatb* poblisber of a n*w Fork ytled
tv • *£itrt*» o» Youth; Oj *1 wee Know thyself,
Li. cb Wt) t« muled to an on receipt o' three eenhi
sa pi e*a«>y po»».*t. as te la most ancons *o do ui
tae rood b3C»n act one may can aad r-celre kIJ
3f.1E.0e apon tboes most critical reagm trt* «
a«np3TS-t*la _ -
• rnnarkathat* 4 * nerMrr* it,
ancmeriTfclWannwalet ttocasn. meu v WBoi .^
tor oia n» clroalarv. n and
to A; Old Old *«wp p«0«f
Ni KTtesr»ta car's.
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