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Convex CotmT.—Tbe County Court has ad
journed until Monday, August £3th at 2 P, M,
Arrorsr«uTs.--fi. Stephenson has bean ap.
pointed cigar inspector for thla District, and Si
mon Quinlan tobacco inspector.
. Hora.Trai’,—'The Clarendon House, oh Ran*
dotph street, waa entered on Friday night and rob
bed of one hundred dollars and a sliver watch. No
arrests. .
State Srsxxr Baraoi —The City Engineer was
on Saturday engaged tn laying down the w Une*“
for the bridge to he built over the river at State
street, *
Soldixes KxTKCTSt).—Two regiments of sol
dier* will arrive in tbla city this morning via the
Michigan Southern Railroad, One regiment t*hi
go to St. Louis and the other to Mil wan tee.
DBorrxn.—' Yesterday morning about two o'clock
an officer discovered a man ehonlccnog a trunk in
a dark alley In the North Division, and rare chase
D. Bradley, a boy six years
old, was drowned while bathing In the harbor near
the lighthouse, on Friday afternoon. An Inquest
was held on Saturcay, and a verdict rendered jn
accordance with the facts.
Gfu.cs Camtor.—By the politeness of tbe Ree
tor and Wardens of Trinity Church, tho congre*
gallon of Once Church Pariah will worship in
this Sunday morning.
Services commence at 10# o'clock.
SotsiZß'fl Hoxx.—The ctaßdrenmcan to sustain
it. A lew young misses in the South Division got
up a (air, which was held on last Thursday evening,
uv the residence of Eev. Or. Eddy, of the AbrfA
vesierr. Adzocaie. Tho occasion was to pleasant
that the neighbors desired its repetition, and the
new and handsome residence ot Ur. B. Claneev
wa* opened, aud the children -had a ertnd time.
Thor have cleared about *4O for the Home. (Yell
done. Let others do likewise.
Smunx or Cioass.—Collector Schneider, on
Saturday, seized a stock of ahont three hundred
thousand cigars, in the store of 8. Leopold, on the
earner of Dearborn and Booth Water street*, for
breach of the revenue law. It Is dee to Mr. Leo
pold to say tnat he Is entirely Innocent of any com
plicity xn a transaction to defraud. Be is actihg
aa agnt tor keycr & Sons of New York, and the
trouble originated there; the goods were seized hr
order of Mr. Briggs, Special Agent ol the Treasure
Department. 4
OtmCirr GovxmntSKT.—A beautiful exempli
fication of the care exercised over tbe sanitary in*
tcreata of ibe city, by those in authority, is for
alsbed in the fact that nothing has yet been dose
towards ftmotlcs the manure from the hydrants,
which was placed aronnd them last foil to kem
them from freezing. Wo have had an unusually
hot summer, and that vile stuff has been allowed
to He there aud rot, poisoning the sir with xta efflu
via. We enppof e they intend tolet It he tb?re now
fax readmes* for next winter. Who is to blame?
Ikfobtast to WBOHXsa.—The Internal Rev
enaeactrequlresthata ten emt stamp shall be
affixed to every weigher's certificate, where the
weight be 6,000 pounds or less, and for all over
that, a twenty-five cent stamp la required. It mat.
ten not what the article may be, whether grata
coal, or hay, Ac. left stated that at several of the
bar scales, certificates are issued without the re
mand stamp.. The Collector of Internal Revenue
desires It to bel Sown that be will enforce the pen
alties of tbe act, where Its provisions are not com
plied with.
Cobsxotioks.—Mrs. Bsyrs, Secretary of the
Board ol Usnacere of tbe Soldier's Borne, wishes
os to say that the man reierred to in her report as
being “ enable to see the utility of snch an insti
tution,*’ is not a merchant, at present engaged in
business, but a wealthy man who has .some time
since r tired from business, and owns a larec
amount ot property. She wishes al<o to state that
the ctcdlt ot turnUhtng the wood reported la
Principally doe to Colonel Anon, of the Michigan
Central IlaltrosU Company, tUapiy delivering 1? to
the ‘‘Hume "
Pmn,-Aflrc l.roke out on Saturday evening
abonthalf tbelager-hcor salooiCand
hoarding bouse kept by Conrad Cohlman on Mich
igan street near the corner of Dearborn. The
building (s » name one and waa first discov
ered to be on fire between the plaster and wood
wsrk utar the flue 01 an ironing stove which waa
ova heated at the time. An alarm was given and
the engines were speedily on tbe spot. In the
meantime (he whole of the forxJtare had been
conveyed npon th© adjacent sidewalk. The builu
taglsonty pwtialiy destroyed, % 00 being tha ex
tent of the damage, which Is covered by iueurauce
Douglas Momrnurr.—The model for the Doug
las monument, prepared by L. W. Volk, the artl«U
baa been lithographed in beautiful style, and cop
ies of It may now be obtained at McNally's,
Walsh's, and O'Brien's picture store on Dearborn
street. Fricesr.Co for large copies, and S6c each
for cartes. The monument will be one hnodred
feet In height. We need not attempt to describe
it. as a Jar morraemraio Idea can be formed from
the picture of this ornament to the State, and tes
timonial oi honorto departed greatness. The
profits on the sale will go to swell the foods of
the Monument Association. The purchaser will
t thus not only become the poßtonor of a really
valuable picture, but aid in hastening the time
when the monument itsdf shall rear Its stately
hemi heavenward and point to all the place where
lie the remains of the ** Immortal Douglas."
Focko.~ On tbe morning of Tuesday last a pre
possessing young lady of twenty. Miss Nellie For
est, left (he house of Her father, on the corner of
Lambee and Sophia streets, In the North Divi
sion, quite mystcnonalr. She had gone ont under
the pretext of taking a drc»s to tie dy era. and
notblne wsa thought of h-rabteoce at dinnertime.
When she fajU-d to return at dar* the family waa
thorooghly alarmed. Tho trek of dl*covmne her
*» skiliral detectives, who searched
toe city high and low, vifUlng the haunts of vice
and dissipation, and acting n pon the enpposillon
that she had rnurcc nae of tbe dene of infamy
with whkb our city aloanda. Their search was
unavailing, and on Saturday their oadesvors were
about t-cing clvcn np tu dlepalr. when information
was received by her parents that ane was la Mil
waukee. Dither they went on tho first train, and
In tbe evening brought the wanderer homo again.
The occasion of her abrnpt deparmre was aUeagcd
fU-trearmest on (depart of her father. &
StnifiTiTDTEs von Tan Navt.—The announce
ment (bat enhstP ai cs enlisting in tho navy are re
quired to enter for tnreo years, while those outers
log tho army as substitutes may do so (oroue, two
prthroeyesrs, excites some surprise, and several
inquiries have bteoadar.-psea lo os in reference
thereto. It seem* probable that tho intention of
the two Depaffuirus wai- w cover the service due
on former calls, *bl<-b were far three years, and
thatltwas nm Intended to apply to enbstltntea
£2 r “en Bablo only «o draft under (bo present es’l!
im *» tooee States which
have fll'sd all previous calls will not be obliged to
aeod sobetltotcß in the navy for more than one
year, while those States which have not filled prS
vlona calls, vhonlu be considered as owing the
balance on those flrvu and be called npon to fIU
them both, with regard to mmberand time. Bat
this Is only an opAion. Pethsp* the visit of Ad
joUnt-Oencral Fn ler, on Monosy, to Chicago will
enable us to answer tbe question anthorltatlrely
aounxns’ Paionm.—Day by day the summer
wears away, and nothing Is being done towards
providing for (be care of soldiers' fimullM daring
the winter, except the weekly stipends paid by the
clly—allowances which, however acceptable and
nre manifestly inadequate to sup
portlifetolhewintereetßOii. WehctrltAUmat
edibal (here »re very many tencemoa In the city
who are anxious that something should he done,
and vc willing to old, bnt no one has yet tnaaea
rated the moromenL (Fe want someoody to take
debt hold and oinere wiU follow.- It will soon be
ncxtioimppsßlb elo brine In tad trom tbe conn-
Hl? Bl P°° r crealare9 will freeze to
ft forgotten that those families
not belonging to Board of Trade regiments have
scarcely anything between them and dewh next
winter, nnleas prorajun be made lor thcm-bciore
the coin weather eels in. ure
Ssorocrr Agaixst Uuuonaia.—There Is now In
Chicago an orgtnfzed gang of burglars, the meat
4>ers of which hitherto have dcQcdac:ectlon, It
probably consist* of Sot more than three person?
Th P »•*» (ore!/ almost «c
--ppß,,ft ~ft, ,ft or «•*«!«« ttumlsaion In
a.he*c hlpoera are ro formed as that
paecao tekehoia of a narroi ol a key left in the
and *nn» U touad It vlther
direction. The poniie has ufccc been warnad
against leovin? ko/s m the door at night; It fr
_ moth safer to «*kutt out, u t&c burglar then in-
CUlrta at least fi key bernre ho can open the door]
But no door should be left now whnonv a bolu
good and strong. Very few locks arsbuicltr
proof. Citizens should ace to it that doors sod
windows are propcrl* fastcaed; while the police
ahoaldete to ft that these depredators be homed
down as rapidly as poss.ble. Every day’s delay
only tncreasrs the loss; a noose baa been broken
into neatly every n»*bi for weeks past.
Gold at SjO-Forclgn exchange 833 and import
duties SO per cent (la golaj, and one would sup
pose that the Jewelry etores would find but few
pa'.rona, especially for foreign watchca and Jew
sttrpnsed to see oar l&dlcs
adorned with dry none, wood and painted ivory
Almost every ronfrh !sdy wo meet W Eew SS
or Chiravo, nas a huge boll in esca e<r, a chunk
on each arm, hßrdrea* baitoueq up and fastened
' 7 ' «"»»! with
. The onJyexreptlon to the quietness among the
lewO'ers I* at Giles, Bro. A Co, who are head-
American w.tches,oad welt known
In New Tort as masofseturers of a fine class
ofjewcliy. Ttiru store it always full, and those
who have been driven to bone and wood hr the
Web prices and Dame Fashion, will find a besntl
fm relief In t r eir stock, which we presume must
be reasonable, compared with the ruling high
prices among other dealers.
IIORUIT iNmuoxxcK.—On FritUj erealnn,
twentj-one men MoubUis tonrion* Uinneeota
. reßtmenU am red at Ua Beet from Ltttie Bock,
Ark., Inch«rcr 01 Sent. F. H. Little. For eome
tune post they bavo been engages in detached ser
vice. chiefly in conveying cocecrMs to the front.
Shortly alter the anirai o.’ the It?t named sound
twenty ove men or the iftih Wisconsin Intinirr.
also from Little Bock, cam* in, under the com*
mind ol C»pu Joseph Prankiln. Fifteen of their
number am on inrloagb*. and the remainder will
DeetfWM In wcrnitinaln charge of a Lieutenant,
Tea men ol the&f Wisconsin cavalry arrived on
iv 1 * ‘ . **«*» 01 Uje ® were substitute*.
They left yesterday afternoon lor Cairo en route
for toe frou t.
Terete men of Tartan* regiments readied the
Beet on Saturday moraine from Oolautuns, Ohio,
an route for tr»o trout. Tne> were commaodel hr
• floral. CO Inman, of the 194 th Ohio volunteer
InlanUTn and left the city last evening.
Col. H. aiaitleoi*, of the M Minnesota, osFri
day telegraphed »rooi Cairo that hta regiment was
... en route for Chicago The command numbers two
1 hundred and thirty men—many or whom are sick.
Di&irrxASAircE.—The citizens of a highly re
spectable locality in the West Division are intense
ly esdted at the mysterious disappearance of a
daughter of one ol tho most respectable and
wealthy tunities of the neighborhood—a young
Jady eighteen years old, well educated and highly
accomplished. Her name la Mias o —-a. We do
not give It 10 full fur obvious reasons. Oaths
S or ““ J * of hrr dfrspprsraaoe, and the morning of
*»■▼« *>ren roamed, she left the
WQKS upon a trivial errand, and np to th» present
not wvmned The city detective*
r - JSWS&.ii2
was distaiefol, and brought about t oleir by naren*
tmllnaaencearo'eaih.miy. Where tho j>Sm on*
tore 1* now rojourning no one Imamovs, u u
feared mat she has become an inmate of one 01 the
. gOtqrtfatees of bell, for which obt city isdhtin
galfbhn, but this Is sltogelber a vutmUe. - Her
throes rar that her pare womanly ntture, and ner
refinedmo»Laen>iUtlt(et, wouldbe ail powerful
' tolsdooeher'oavolosncaa course of uta. We
• trass U may be so, and that the may.aoou ce ve
ctored to bor once b-ippv home. There la a
. tsatnettve moral 10 bttdrawa from tnddenteUce
“ three, which will readily raggest' Itself to our
. readers. ~
A ilHilWliti KetUig »fW«U»K Hu
—A bmalki rf 8*nl»«o-ni
tngvi bj Ike liulu ban
uA Others—Speaker* n -
the Keapege—Cep*
, ' prrj- BewinUeoj *'
■ —1 Few Big*
Bryan Hall was closely picked with working
men connected with the different trades organize
tlonscf tbo city, and here and there a politician
and wire-puller, on Saturday night. In response to
mcaD published in the dally papers. The object
for which the meeting was convened was
not clearly set forth In that calk The
Impression gamed ground in the latter part
of the day that It was Intended to tain
gurat« a political movement ol some kind— anlm
°5 the ,n «f«w>ce lo the pollti-
CB lsJ nU,t "L aDd J Dolietar ycme« of the hour.
. T?° cxerdses were opened with cxcollcntmuslc
T^S«° I rSiSi Mt^, I fe ld W, altcr which Geo. K.
* of tho T> Dographical Union,
aad Trpfldeut of the Trades Assembly, Invited tho
delegare* from each trade* organization toccata
platform, and then briefly addressed hla
M. Barlltt said that a few weeks ago the work
«tlcaSO. then weak and disunited, as
sembled In Bryan Ball to forma Trades Union.
ao no© familiar with the nnmDcrwitb which thev
had began this movement would for a moment
have imagined that it would In so short a time
have assumed such hose proportions.' Tncnnitv
rtS C
whtrti the working men of the city are now wae
iC£r. bad tflrcicecdcc hjs own expectations, aiS
every expecuUon of hla friends. In his opinion,
there wa- not to be found among all the working
men of Chicago a traitor. Everyman was lovii
and patriotic, and anxsons lor the perpetnltvnr
the iiovernaieot, and the maintenance of In 1m gr
at'd institutions. "
One of the city papers had seen fit to dictate to
the working men vho hne of policy proper to ba
adopted. He considered thl* a piece of inexcusable
Impertinence. The workingmen of this city could
not be dictated to bj any man or men on the face
ot the earth,ned could not bo usCd by any party
or any press, while he admitted that all had their
political notions and prejudices, be said that for
the once they were disposed to give them tbe go
by, and drop them altogether. If by so doing they
could bette? serve their interests In this rigandc
war of capital against labor. No party or party
press could assume to speak for them. Thev had
an organ la their interest, audit alone was con
sidered an authoritative exponent of their orin
The expediency of combining all the working
men of Chicago into one great political psrty had
long been dUcuascd in tbelr assemply, and they
had arrived at the conclusion that now was the
time and tho hour for action. The work
w men had for all time been the
too.softhe politicians; cuuxldates lor office had
always come to them just before election, when
they wanted their all powerful assistance to place
them Into power; but once In, they uniformly for
S*? SSK& wh ?£ e wcn elevated.
He aatd that in the whole history of this nation,
not a single measure calculated 10 benefit labor,
had everrecelved a moment's attention at tbelr
haodt; Their legislation was uniformly o tt tho
aide of capital; legislators were always ready to
cause the drainage of ewamp lands, for tbe benefit
of the county of Sangamon, and to die ditches and
constructhndomnt works that would make the
lands of the rich man Jones more valuable, but
not ap act wonid they be Induced to pass for tho
benefit of the poor man. Their endeavors were
always on the aide of capital, and against labor.
;?» 1118 ob*" o ® J here bad been quite enough ol
this thing, and that « period mlchT ho
placed to these outrage* they had decided to
form theatres in oa great political party that
should be able to place the exponents of their
principles in office. Be said it was not to be ex
pected that in this moment there ahon’d be entire •
unanimity. Some could not get over their old
party and political prgjadice*. bat, tf the working
men did not choose to sanction this movement, ha
counselled them In any event to stand firm to
tbelr eccicty orgtmizuione. The present was a
grave crisis In our nation's history. Grim war
was abroad In onr borders, and the hand or brother
waa ralHd avalnst brother. The present great
conflict was a conflict among workingmen. Th»«©
aretbry upon wtom the Government relies to fill
onr armies and to man onr ships of war. H© re
ferred to the enormous cost of tbe war. and tbs
hardens of foxatlor, ever* dollar of which came
out of tbe blood and toil of the work
ingman. He spoke of the relative posi
tion contractors, capitalists and working
men occuoled tu this cteat national etrogaie
and said (bat while tbe former were rolling in
luxury snd accumulating wealth, the latter were
ridding ap their Urea by connt/ess thousands
The capitalists were taking the depreciated cur
rency of the country, which was good enough for
the working man xo dve upon, and convening It
Into the gold-interest-bearing bomb oftbecoun rr
and when tnis war is ended, aad prosperity ami
peace once more rest upon the nation, ail the real
money of tbe ©onntry will be found la their hands
The sweat and blood of tbe working is relied
nffon to pay the Interest, and nltimately the prin
cipal. He broadly hinted that the remedy for all
theie enls lay fit repudiation. Be dwelt upon
this point at considerable lecgfrh, and his ecnti
mcnU were loudly applauded. Be said that few
wcro “* )le 10 indicate la proper
and fordble laccnave the policy that ehotUd ©hap©
tnelraction, and he had called npon men of mind,
who had consented to frame a set ot resolotlons
and construct a platform for them. Two of three
matter minds would address the aaseoblv th&t
evening, and ho coacfeUed hla audience to listen
to them carelnlly. and uke them (or what they
were worth, ile recommended firmness and nnltr
ot purpose, and said that with these tbe course of
the working men would surely and ultimately tri
umph. J
He then introduced Hon. E. W. McComa*. who
he said, was ihe tried friend of the working mao!
audbe verily believed the choicest spirit on God’s
nssunsß op sox.b. w. w'cojus.
Mr.McCotnas aald that bo had had the nrlvlla™
on a former oecaalon to address them upon ?Se
dignity of labor and the necessity of combining tS
secure a fair price tor a lair day’s labor, Qe aooko
toen aa he spoke now. from tho honest impulses of
hesrt. He recanltnlated (o some extent the
advantages derivable from aeeoclaUre effort
allegations nno arguments need m bis former ad
oress. Be.was glad to know that hla advice then
given had been heeded by the workingmen of
Chicago, and tbatthey were In a fair way to re
ceive the utmost of tcelr demand. Ho proposed
totalknpoQanothcrsabJcet.be said, to-ment—s
eaf»>ct io which they were each nod every one of
them personally Interested. How he would he
able to exert his proper influence In that govern
ment that waa upheld by his efforts waa the
tooocht toatwn* ever uppermost A the hem of
every workingman. Be thought it likely that
map? 01 tno>e present would differ from b'm A
hie ennnd»t<o>s of tho policy,wolchm bis opl'n
ion ehon'd elatethblr conduct, bnt wbctnortiev
thought proper to go with him to tbe extent of
his political views or not, they should Oac aid all
sinno by their society organization. These or
ganizations were of vast Importance to the work
ingman, but only effective to provide agalnn im
mediate starvaion. Uo asked why did tbe
Government exhibit this enortnons tendency
to pander to the wealthy and tho low? The ever
latting Alo.cch of aristocracy—Money— takes bold
of tbe Government, and through It the people were
ground to powder. Tie founders ot this Govern
ment of ours, in that glorious Revolution which
gave ns oor national Independence, adopted as tbe
cardinal prinqnlo of their political mioT that all
men were eqntl In point of law, and that the Gov
ernment Is made for tho people.* tbe poor as well
as the rich. Be referred to the fact that the people
of the country bad branded wltb their disapproba
tion tbe notion of national banks ana high tariffs:
bnt In thin terrible crisis the country had returned
to a bnndred-told worse than their old-time condl
lion. The country waa being destroyed as by tho
overflow of a volcano, lie said the rich were the
real power in the nation, and insisted that the
clergy, toe men of education and influence,
and above ad the mss. were leagued with
the Government to destroy the people. Tho
laborers of tbe country were the harvest whereon
they reaped. He recounted itoe tricks of poJlti
csmmo scenic the votes of the worker*, and In,
titled that the Instance was not on record, whan
ofter election tbev had redeemed their promises'
The remedy fay to tbe peoples insisting that they
should have a band m the construction of tae
Government, Bo advised the selection of canfli.
dales from their own ranks If they could find avail
able talent. If not, they shonld go outride of
tbrrostlveis but in all cases insist noon a Just an.
predation of their rights and importance. Be arid
that it bad beep hinted that he had advocated to
canee oi labor against capital for personal mo.
lives. To this luelnuMiun be gave emphatic de
nib) and said that In no event would he be cmdU
date for offle at the bands of the people.
If ho use ever induced to commit such
foiy. be asked ns an especial f*vop
that toe working men should vote against him
The country was lu revolution, and the people, the
workii,g men, most take It in hand thetn-elve*.
ortbev and their children were slaves lor ah time
to come.
There are now pending results, which nothing
but tbeir non sagacious wisdom con avert. Tb n y
do not viand wht-re they did five year* ago. Tnl»
country was then possessed of every means of
happiness, free »rom public oebtas a nattin, the
home of ihe oppressed of all melons aud iaad*.
Uc would not speak ot any party, but frets must
be lold.lft tbtm cut where they will. Now yon
arc In the midet of a war of a most disastrous and
thus Ur xuinous character. lCou-uetoo.l
For fouryearstuc creat Araericinproole hire
stood steeled against each other, destroying tech
other by »Pe hundreds of thousands. wUaout one
word ot it cor. dilation. Two million? of men hsvc
hecncilhdiotbe battle field, end now the North
cal'? Inr MXIOOO more. Tfir/ were at that point
when every thiutlug man mast stand andovute
nppn the verge uf ram, three to four mMions of
del t accamalattae each day, and thousand* ot
immortal souls daily svctlfieed, and yet
no pause. }<;«•, they had paused, for he saw that
the good old State of Massachusetts was waveriug
In hir enthusiasm. Be then read from the Chira-
EJ* a notice of a meeting between Hon
Dewy W ileon and Mr. Fessenden, Secretary ol the
Treasury, inwhlch it was stated that rbe require
msnlaofthe people deaunded peace. Abraham
fh?. c vi P.'h ro ?J, bt ?? sources had shown
that bo thoogntoftskliiff the same step, and tom
Democrats were, showing that they wore of the
same opinion.
They were told from the War Department when
£!?}ft c ‘ >, i? pl * IDP ' 1 of .“anaer la which this
draft boa beta arranged, that they cannot credit
them on this draft, but trill do to oo (he nert.
ißisses, cheers and the greatest confusion. m*n
from every part or the room questioning tberight
of the speaker to advance his traltorousopmlona!
This step or the War DepmtmeaL he
cottinted, showed that the Governmsat an
udpated a loug continuance of these calls for men
There.therefore.were two things forthem to
safely consider. First, to have peace at any htz
aids, or. secondly, to try If they could not settle
the matter without fighting, {Tremendous confu
At this slice of the proceedings several men
rose from the body of the meetinc, protesting
against (be speaker's harangue. who, among con*
eiderablecrnfotioo. silenced them with eloquent
esrnssm. The speaker continued that be had die*
posed of thl» w»r, laroicc—‘‘Were you ever at it,”
and ootfnalos,! and be wished them to pants on
this mg* or ruin, and see 11 they could not peace*
ably have the old union of hearts. Regarding the
negro he did not wish to see him a slave, and be
liked a nlccer very tnnch is bis place. Whether
they wlltd it or not, the colored race mnac speed*
ilv be free, and the only question waa, what they
should do with him when they cot him free.
He dW not believe the negro waa at
tfood** , bf “ y»* »°w« for h « (the negro) was not
yet dvliiaed. Bnt let him have a chance to prove
his manhood and social stains. He thought no
body knew what they ware going to do with him
or what the negro wa» going to do with himself—
perhaps so back to Africa.
Ur. McComas next adverted to the taxation
qsesUon. Lenbem consider that if ib* war was
to end to-day they won >d hate a debt npon them of
$400,000,000. Joon Quincy Adams waa Qcfeaied
lor Premorat becanae ol his extravagance. When
be spent $33,000,000 ner annum, this debt mast be
paidt with iu interest, in gold, and from the
pockets or the poor man; for every is taxed
alike, rich and poor. If the rich man wot cared
on bis goods, be Increased their price, so that
real y the whole taxation will fall open the work*
logman. Labor then will be cronad down to the
dost like sure*. It was wrong, he believed, to
tar specific articles, for the tax tell equally on the
poor man a*d mOllonafre. Let Congress drop
their expensive discussions on tarifls, and work
jOflJj. They should exempt all form property
aid place a tax on capital. The speaker, at con*
slderable length. abased the present state of
afialrs, arguing throughout, the question
of capital nmi labor—from a lanor
stand-point. In conclusion, he advised the
toendafton of free Polytechnic schoote, and wooed
np by round y abating the laws generally and
xoovtcg the appointment of six to stndy the ques
tion iborunrbiv, and draft mediation! for the con
sidcrarlon of themeetmg. Tho motion was carried
tmamm coaly.
_ . ootoorm ok usomrtovs.
The chair appointed the taUowlsc as the com
mittee: Messrs.Oosbro. of the Coopers Union:
Broaobant, of the Machinists; Xrrtng, of the Cat*
rtage Maker*; Dooley, of the Rakers; Myers, of
tho Cabltet Makers; and Waugh of the Brethren
oi the Foot Board.
esxaeks or xn, ecmAQSO'
B , cl A«er.thacdllor o/ He Otrmtc sap
?r !. h0 'Yarttopron’s Advocate, noxt
iff na - ?• P»*» «< IfnsOi on tbo atl’Ur
I"!™' «,?■; the aicmlocssof tallln* tick
epoa the old political parties, woo. be utd, mo«t
tsis*-„*S tle tseeeelga «ll| of ibe people.
v 8 men before him wn»t do, and
chance the laws lo the interest of the working
c.asses, # A law, ho defined to be the
expression of the Interests of the few. who
, y «ao®eb to make it; corroborating Lt»
tJcws by alouotation From the work of the** great
10 Tbrodoro rerltcr." Tbo Ijleor the tu.
"“J* ““•'Aetedtobotho worklpomen, end In
Mimbllatipg laeensco condemned tbe preecm
SfiS n ’ ne ‘ 1 i5 ~4n* "'P*P < '". endcrery other in
etltnaon. The wet httween Capital end Labor
baa alrradj begim tn tbla dtp, thiraoh tbo ninora
-«.hlraii.o .talc It, Tto. Muir commenSd
"•“> ,*ho Importation of .lit. Belolan S
cblnUta by tbo Illtoola Central Railroad C’omoanr.
Their ignoring the impending contest. Mr
Slater lamented at length, tbo severe taxation or
in© country. which bo thought ground down the
people of this nation Wo ff those or anv other
Ibe qneaUon ol wbo leto pay tbla devolves wllh
them and tbelr do'cnnlood acUon. Atlblapotot
by tbe iatrodnctlon
ol the following
Whebsa*. All experience hath shown, that dn.
ring the Jorg ages In which hnmanfry ft]© been
governed by force, fraud nod money, the undoubted
tendency of ail government, and the govermne
elO'Ses Uto become corrupt, enfeebled aud o£
prejelvc, and to demand radical reform, to mm
aorieFy from decay and death; and ° MVe
Wuxcras, AU reformations which have pnriflod
ftrd given new progress and life totho
nailons. have originated from tho ranks n?
tbe still nucorropted people. And, where.-
we find ourselves acting m the mtdat «
stupendous revolution, fraught with the destfolc
of onr owni Dcimle, uudtn a large degree with this
bop*, of the hnman race—a
slgnlflcflnce, the o’d political nartica seem l?<Sinl e
b-o of upprciUtlog and appropriating—therefore.
Hewitt*, That we tbo true people do hereby In
auacrate a new party, with new a P p&?joa?Visd
new hopes, whose watchword shall be “Labor’'—
whosebasis eha!lbeihOfliHlnncomipted“pcopla>v
and whose aim and destiny it shall be to rnren.
eraip tbe nstloa, advancedv|lix«tlon,eqaaiu2‘tho
lifhtbe fraternity, liberty and prosperity and do
temracd tffort, to Insngorate ihe reisn or min
lortvad oi money, and
VfmmxAS, We arc happy to believe that slave
labor Is, by tbe Inexorable law of events, in the
process ol speedy, certain, and unregretted ex
entwar;Theratbre, tt » «^*ofOmpr^.
Mucited, TMt we accvpl all crest £, c ( iD t h.
grand mnrcli of hnm«imj,.na pledge ooreclv«C
ae intnre event, elietl develop tfaemeelvee, to be
governed br Hie highest prlndplea ot dvlltralien
end rrogresa. «nd ,o .iape onr action ae to so
cere the rtohta and enbaerve the Intereata and
hagplneas or both tho while and tho black ticSj
tt’nrniar, WalvtanalT qneationa aa to the came 1
of one present tronhVca wo and onreelveo to the
midet ol a nnirereal aad ernef war, with mm of
onr own race, of onr own rcllgloQ. and chlcdvaona
ana grmioaona of too gforiuna old revo’oUonleta
wbo achieved onr war which no
amceraanapracefoleffort hna been madetoir.
rest ; a war which baa already coat the moat atn*
pendona and appalling amonnt of mleerv and of
Pnman olood and tieaanrc. of any war yet known
among mankind: a war which glvea no prom
lee of an end to its drafts “ npon the la
boring people, and whoso coutlnnance
mnel add additions] tribntarlea to the
ocean of blood ahead, abed, additional monrncc.
to the milUona already to black, ana additions]
e 1 v I . o ?iiJ!a n JS n . <!T, J o Ule ahaolntely appautng
debt already Ihetened on n>, end whlrti blSafflr
to flnailg eod. cven u we triumph. In common
bankruptcy and rain of both eecttona of the coon
lvSert«»Mm§ r ° lat ’ I ° BTenb!av of onr common
Wnraias, Vopnlar opinion, both North and
South, baa indicated a willingness upon the part
of the people to suspend and accent
les. creel and despeiaie means of ndlnstment in
obedience, therefore, to this humane Impnlao
■Sceolced, That we win consent and agree to an
armistice, and the call of a national convention,
whose dntv it shall b© to peaceably recognize tho
UnUnna rt-csrabUsb the rights of the States
‘v*”? tnanner as shall h© consistent
with the rights honor. Interest and happiness of
Uib -wnoi.x rxonji; and. w 01
WnsnzAa, The revolotlon acblfcved by our
fatLerr, was a signal protest against all distinction
of classes, and jnrtJy and wisely icaogorated tho
rdgn of the majority, lor the good of the greatest
number; and
xixnßAs, Capital and wealth, contrary to the
sptrtiof our institutions, and in defiance of the
plain rights aad Interests 0 | tbe people, have
through their luoasand-iold Instruments of power,
obtalred absolute coutrol of oar Government. Us
offices ana pstrooai’e. and through the agenev al
pur own pretended representative* and servart*
have made It the Instrument for fostering caotaU
at the expense of labor, and of pandering to tbe
Interests ot xnpney while It micrtysncrverts or
1 egiects, the rfobts and interests or men; there
B<M!ced, That we (Ml Insltt open re-torlns
laboring mrn, and toe great mass of the people!
to their Jnst lights and supremacy as the majority!
ata make oar government In fact what oar lathers
made it-ln tluory; and that while we denoence all
war of c'a»t«s except In self-defence, we neud It
»** no war of classes to wrest the control or onr
bapptnesi ana destiny from tho corrupt and selfish
nomination of capital, and to compel tho laws to
ielnrt to labor.
WCxitZAs. The present war was not caused by
the laboring men of the North, nor fought under
tbclr direction, nor continued for their Interests—
tbdr only part being to bear Ita burdens and shed
their blood in ibo ranks, and Y
wtional bonds at* almost en.
Ilrcly held by oar o« n citizens of extreme wealth,
and constitute A their hands chiefly profit#, re!
Mlrrd by them during, and trom tho war, olten
fracdolent, and always enormous and extort.onatel
and when even held by the fairest, hare been unr
ebaaed at Uflo ow one-lhlrd of what the bonds
for In cold; and
Wnannas, Wr recard It shameful, to transmit a
Ices bright inheritance to our children than were,
cclvcd trom onr ancestors; therefore
Jfcsc/r«/, That labor Is unatl* to psy, wilboni
utter enslavement, and ought not to be compelled
to nay the wardcbtoltbe nation; bnt that capi
talists, shoddy contractors and speculators, who
bare cere growing fat on the people's nun, shall
bo taxed to pay both debt and Interest; and to
forestall the certain attempt to bo made by them
to indirectly recharge the taxes back on labor, that
tho wealth hoarded A government bonds should
be taxed *uch percentage as will certaraly and flu
ally psy off the bonds, and sock tax shall stand as
a credit on the bond itself, and to that extent er
tirgnish It. And,
\\heicas. Au taxation has heretofore been laid
to conserve the interests of tne rich, ana la such
manner that labor not only fouuht the battles and
performed the work, hqt pain directly n moat In
iquitous proportion ot tho taxes, and Indirectly tho
whole; and
Whereas, Every man should contribute to the
roalDtunaiiCO of Ws government oat of that which
be has. end in proportion to his ability; and
Bbcrens, It is but just, that while the strong
arm of labor Je compelled lo flcht the battles nod
do the drudging toils of life, that capital should
pay!lß money; and
wucnni.fi. All rtamp dalles and epedUc tuxes
on article* of cotisumptfon which are used alike by
the poor and rich, are nnJuat and oppressive to
the last degree, and hare been devivwl solely to
cover up itir d*-s*en to favor cashes and sections,
and mate labor bear the hardens of government
oat|of tbi ir bard earned pittance. Therefore,
£etuted,' That ail raze* of the general, gorern
ment should be levied by way of per cents, o oo
wealth ana Incomes, these being the tree elements
indicating a man's ability (opay: and that tbar
ebailocso Wd as to give no advantage, prefer*
ence*. or notxoty to ono section ofibe coantryover
. other; and that, as ams ter of policy and in*,
ticc, all fanning lands, and the bumble '‘states and
incomes ot ihtpoor, sbonld be exempt from tax
ation by (he central government, And,
Wnra»*». It I. the htebM : duly ol onr no,cm
meet to alleviate, edacato and enlighten onr mass
es: therefore,
That it Is the imperious duty of onr
Slate Governments to establish polytechmcVchools*
to every State for the free and practical Instruction
of onr children, In farming and tbemechaaicarts •
and ’
Boohed, That it shall Ire tha express atm of our
party to c«tsbil?h the dignity and respectability of
labor, asm to so legislate as to protect laboring
men, bj Jaw, from the canning, oppression and
gmpitg exactions ol the rich, and. as farts oo«-
Blble, rtsSc the test of respectability *■ Manbood
and not money.’* Among the many reforms need
ed, w« propose to mom, at the earliest poMble
momcoi, to a cold b«el? for wans: lb prevent all
unjust cornpcminn with honest mechanics by con
vict labor; to shorten the hours oI labor; and to
secure, by law, preferenci- for alt debts contacted
foriaoor>n eveiy case of bank or individual in
£(solttd y That we will at present pm n n candl
cates on onr Presidential ticket, bat shall organ
ize ana rnn opon onr platform, until wo can’s'-
certain who will prove most ioyai to onr interest s
slo most acceptable to the people; but that wo
will promptly place our candidates in too field for
all other offices nltlun norcift, In ord-r to secure
om propoeed,rck»nns at the earliest possible mo
ment. .
Kttolrtd, That weshsll stand forewarned by the
expericLCcofall rbe past, thatcupi al will array It*
money, its newspapers, and surh oi Us public
tpcasersaed clercyaa it can subsidize and con
trol, to vnscr at our eOar's, to traduce and elander
ourftletd?, to belie onr irerltlon*. to threaten and
overawe the na»k.sn.-ed,to wcotdle and seduce >he
ratn, to purchasethe eorrapf, to eubsidizo trie nc
ctsvitonis and to throw dUcnrd, jcalonsy sod bus
f lcum into onr rank*, by every means, fair and
i<nl, wUhVD their powvr. But thvt evrry true von
ol labor, scornioc alike thetr bribes, their blsn
disTnuni?, and tbcfr threats, will defiantly stand
flag of labor, and the toca who
Jkrotrtd, That we appeal to all farm, mechanic,
and other laborers, and vhe true friends of labor
equality, Jneftcc, and a higher drillzirion every
where whether in the ranks ofournaiUut armirs.
U the shops, or in the field, to orgsnlze for toe
contest —tooreaofze?poutaoe<m«ly and at once*
to cart aside ever* lev!m" of selfishness and Jcal’-
on-y, and respire to triumph at every com and at
all hazard, and make one grand, united efion to
MTelaborfroin degradation and enthralment, and
onr glorious country from ruin and slavery.
Tncee resolutions received nnammoua confirms
lion. After a song by the Glee Club of the Oer
man Asroaauon. given with excellent effect, Mr
Sctalager resumed his remarks.
Be confined his remarks eolelyto abusing- the
present» Ucago papas, and seemed to think that
the best manner to annihilate them wontd be to
tmow than Into the street, and elevate the pancr
of which bo was the humble editor, which paper
bad already m*d« every paper Id Cuicaeo tremble
In their hoots. TWe political capitalist pap* re
tad led them astray for thirty inn.
hut he had Jos; struck rfr&t tS£
and ho wished them to follow it!
Be wished them to send worktngmea to Congress
and to turnout the politician* and those paltry
newspapers, those * l vecal presses”—the Sioalt
Zeitvngtkv6 T»ism. Be then adverted to the
conduct of the different papers regarding their
meeting, and again advertised bU own particular
sheet. They had better free themselves now, be
fore the cloud of national bankruptcy bad hunt
upon them, and before they were drafted Into the
army. ✓
Too President then read to the meeting the fol
lowing resolutions;
Etscire >, Thattht Trades Assembly be directed
and empowered to take all suitable steps to organ
if w par*/’ andin*nre its euccets, sod
that all frne sons ot labor will stand by them to
the la*t hour of the fight '
Sooietd, the proprietors of thj Working
ilen'r AdcocaisAetcrrc, and shill bare both oar
svmpaihy and support os long as they conuoaeto
devoteihelr enereles so nobly to tbecause of
working mep, aid that it Is the duty ofererr
laboring manto read btsown piper and no other
Hoc red. That In the opinion or this meet!nr
Abraham Lincoln and f'e office holders of the
country sbonld shoulder the musket.
The whole ot the resolution* were carried noon),
mouriy, when Mr. McAlplac, 80. StSYanßnren
street, arose and rronmlgated a challenge to Gov
ernor Tate? to enter the army with him as a pri
vate. *
The meeting then adjourned.
Webavejostawordtoear concerning this dr*
nonstmlon. It any peraoc supposes that the
(■ctngeoosottertiioeeorMeComa* and hit man,
Bchlager, 01 the ftiton, are the sentiments of the
workingmen ol Chicago, they are immensely mis*
taken. Th«e etntltmen are warflypoUw3J Backs,
who. despairing of advancement at the baud* of
their own patty, have taken up the labor question
Jo the bone of rtdlnp into potter. We mj mu. in
the face of Hr .Comas«dfrciafber of any ulterior
personal motives. Be u either instncoce »the
positions be takeSrOt he Is an eoormooa traitor.
The Union working men of Chicago will not and
do rot endorse his treasonable utterances Tbe
ball contained at least five hundred men who have
no Interest iu tbeqoesrlon. They were tbe aseof
cotrien or tbn scamp* who will attend
tbe great Copperhead 1 Convention tu this
city a w*ek from Monday, - We do not
vtler to tbe member* of that convention, but to the
gamblers, the sbonloer bluer* and the rUlalas woo
hope to reap a rich harvest out ol the crowd that
will be in attendance. These aie the men who
pocked tbe hall on Saturday sight and to
dictate to the workingmen of Chicago a olatfocm
of principles, HeComasand his aseodate wire
paßers behind the scene* have committed an im*
(loos blunder. They are holaed by their own
pi-tard. They dlgyed a pft|for tho workingmen, I
and have fallen Into It themwves. They bavo
thrown »ttetinred lutojbs • Mdloe «nd 1
all will be coi'flaiucd. Thera aro nnnoreaa or in cm
now active and Intloeullal mombera ol these■ dif
ferent asiocfat lona, who cannot bo cajoled by the
Bontheo tamer, or onv other mao. to turn their
societies into hotbeds for sprouting treason,
and be may as well * understand this
Ant ea last. The President of the Trades
assembly, a weak man to bo sore, put of somo in
fluence became of his official poflUoa. appears to
have entered Intotblscrosd conspiracy to copper
hcadise the working men of Chicago with infinite
real. He Informed onr reporter that to avoid
giving offense lo any member of tbea»BOdallons,
he hnd selected one speaker from eacn pi the great
political parties—McComas and SdUacer Too
lt!cu that (ho Union party had rewescntalioa In
either ot these gentlemen, is decidedly rich.
Tbe Order to Increase tbelr Weekly
Mlpcnd—Tlre money not Fortn
The Tmncxn office waa visited on Saturday ofl
tsrncon by an Indignant crowd of soldiers' wives,
who complained that those wbo have charge of
the disposition of the city and county bounty,
have cot paid them tbe in*, reused allowances they
were led to expect from an article that appeared in
our columns a day or two ago. They farther com
plttacd that, upon their remonstrating with the
officials, they treated them* rndely and offered to
turn them out of the room wlthontadima. For tbs
credit of onr common humanity we are willing to
believe that these poorcrea'urea are laboring under
a mistake in respect to tbo latter complaint. As
to the former, tbe officials know best If there
were any grounds for boding oat hopes that have
since ptotca to he without foundation.
The qcest'.fn of tho support of the families of
those who fight oor battle* for os, baa become a
very sericn.* one, and those who know the misera
ble stipend tho.' receive cannot fall to winder bow
existence can he kept upon so ncappreciahle an
amount. Think of it—one dollar a week for an
adnlt sod tween-fire cents lor a child. One of the
women who called upon us. whose husband Is
now sleeping by the banks of the Ten
nessee. and her two children -receive
the tremendous amount of one dollar and-fifty
cents per week, ttiose who earn a weekly salary
of S2S. and still find it difficult to get thnmeb tbe
week without running in debt. wQt open wide
tbelr eyes «Ttb astonishment. This magnificent
tom will buy five pounds of poor sugar; or one
* sixth of a cord ol wood; or one-tenth ot a ion of
coal; or one-sixth of a barrel of floor.
It Is a horning shame that such pitiable allow
ances shall be doled out to these people, and wa
trust that some means Will be devised to Increase
the amount paid.
The Tonne Men's Bible Claaa meets every Sun.
afternoon at 4 o’clock In room No. 15, Method
difit Church Block. Strangers are Invited to at?
, Re J’ Sf’ continue. Ibis evening,
in the First Congregational Church, comer of
West Washington and Green streets, his account
of his recent visit to General Grant's army,
and of the work of the Sanitary and Christian
CommisMons. J aa
The Sabbath morning service of the First Ban
tlet Church will be held, until lurtbep
the lecture room of the Unitarian ChurdbL on
Wabasb avenue, comer ot Hubbard CoutL Sab
bath school at 0 a.m. Fablle worship at Mfcßfj ».
m. ard liUp, xm every Sabbath. Preaching bv
the Pastor. Dr. Everts. The prayer meeting U
rriday evening ata quarter before eight
, A meeting will be held in Bryan BaD, this even
tag for tbe purpose of awakening an Increased in
forest in the work of tract distribution In the citr
Earnest and interesting speaker* will bo present
and address the meeting. Rev. C. E Cbaner
Rector of Christ Church, E. 8. Wells, President a\
tbe Tonoff Men's Christian A«eoclatlon, Mr Rock
well, and others, aw expected to speak. The nub
ile is invited. v
. of Grace church will worship
In Trinity church to-day, and next Sabbath. Morn
tag service only.
ElderJ. S.bweeney will preach in tbe Christian
Church, situated on Monroe street, between Aber
deen and Rocker streets, atlOtf o’clock a. m, mfi
at 8 p. m., Subject for forenoon and even
ing, “Isms In Religion serve only to give aid and
comfort to the enemy of all Religion.'' In the
morning Unlvemlism and Motorialbm will be ex
amined. la the evening Calvinism and Sotrlt
naltsm. y
Rev. M. Schofield will preach in tho Union Park
Congregational Church this morning at loitf
0 dock, and evening at 7?f. Sabbath School and
Bible Class at 3 o'clock.
Rev. Dr. Raymond, of-Evanston, ■accessor to
Dr. Dempster, will preach in tho Jeflersoa Street
31. E. Church morning and evening. Friends are
Mrs- Aldnda WUhelm, H. D., of PhHadriphla,
will speak on the subject ol Spiritualism in m£
tropolUan DaU this morning at 10# o'clock, and
in the evertag ac J# o’clock. Subject for the
evening lecture—“ The rmlnsooby of Death.'
School for children at 4 o'clock In the afternoon
There v ill he no further services lo the Bereau
Baptist Church until farther notice, or until re
pairs are completed.
Sendees morning and evening in the Jefferson
Street M. B. Church. Preaching by Rev. Miner
Raymond. D. D.
At the Wcs'nunptcr church, filuated on tbe cor
ner of Ontario and Dearborn streets, there will be
be preaching at 10# o’clock. Sermon by Rev. Mr.
The Sunday afternoon sermon and service In 8t
James' Church will be resumed to-day atho'clock.
Service also in th© morning at 10# o’clock.
The Church of the Boly Communion will be
open for dlvlno service at 10# a. m., and IK
o'clock p. m. During the absence of the rector;
Rev. E.W.nager, the Rev. A. E. Wells, of Kewa
nee, will officiate.
Rev. Dr, Tiffany, of Evanston, will preach In the
First M. B. Cnurcb ofthi* city, this owning.
Rev. Mr. Truax will preach this morolog, and
Rev. Mr. Mtilard, from Qnlncy, In the evening,
at Edwards’ Presbyterian Churcn, located on the
corner oi Balstca and Harrison streets
Rev. H. N. Bishop, Rector of St.John's Church.
Union Paik, having returned from his *uc\mer
tour, wl'l occupy tbe polplt of the church to
day at tho usual hours of moraine and evening
service. *
Tbo AdTtntJets, Her. J. N. nimes, will wench
in room No, 17, (ap bulm). Entrant
between Nos. 77 and 79, Dearborn >etrccL
Service W ball b&st 10 a m, and half past 7 m (he
twcnlns* Mr.Himc* will atve pomo account in
the mcmlne aervlce ol the brcaldoc up of Ms
meeting cm Btate Have itoMtant*
rlebta In Chicago? AH Interested are invited , J
Tbo atn.ua> camp-meetlmr of the Cnlcaso dis
trict whl commevea on Wednesday next on the
old wonnds at Desplalnce Station, about sixteen
miles from Chicago, 00 the line oi the North
western railroad. It will continue through till the
following Toer-day. It is expected by the friends
tbetibealtcodiQcowin be fully ennal to tbit of
any preceding year, as the greatest interest Is be
ing taken in the matter by the members of many
of our city corprcfatioDs. ArraßSomonta bare
been made for beaming visitors.
The regular monthly meeting of tbo Chicago
Sabath School Union wW be held ou Monday even
ing, Aug. S2d, in tbo Second Pre-byterlau Church,
comer cfWnJm.-b avenue and Washington street!
commencing at a quarter before eight o’clock. On
ritg the evening the following question win ho
prevented lor cbscnesfou; 4 *Uow may wp b»>at
take care of the converted scholars In oar Mis
sion Schools!” Music for tijo entcrtalnmeot of
the Union will he furnished by one of onr leading
illtsrion bchools.
Police Cockt—HoßDCHrES—Tho attendance of
prieoncreat tbe Police Court on Saturday was
even more scanty than on any o'hcr occasion dur
ing the week. Seven or eight eiupld drunks and
two or three Instances ol vagrancy met with their
nenal meed of punishment. There were two cases
©J robbery on toe dockct-
D. \V. Hurroagh*. John Brown, John Farwell
and John Taylor -were charger, vriih having robbed
a eoldler named John Carpcnrr of *3oi> The
defendant raid he bclom cd to tie
3d lltreouri cavalry, and arrived in
the city the prevu.ua night, from Madiftou on
• bis tray to the from. He hid enlisted In Milwau
kee about a week since. He took aupoer at the
Best, after which ho strolled around tho town, and
when opposite the saloon of George Jae*er on
the corner o( Weds and Van Bnren streets, about
one o clock in tbe morning, he was set npoa b»-
Borrows, who rnebed out ot the saloon, and
dragged him Into an adjacent alloy, where Par
well lo lowed and lent his assistance In
. w>o other prisoners
watching tbe transaction through the window
gome parti-s who were on the opposite side of the
suloicr tor help, and obsvtv ug the transaction,
went to the re»cne. The police were summoned,’
and tbe font pilaonew were arrested. Auotnw
m»r, namrd Jerry Monroe, was aUo known to be
In the saloon at tbe time the soldier was robbed
but be effteted his escape. After a patient tnre«l
tlgation of the ca«% which was somewhat mixed
Justice Stiller thought ihere was no evidence to
joaufy him In holding Brown and Tailor
Tbe lorzncr was diechamd, hat Taylor who
is known to the notice a» a consummate
Iraler »bd dlsorderlv chimcier was scot uu lor
sixiy dijs. BmTonvbs who is the bar-keeper at
the >flloou, and taroell, wore in default of nail In
SBX*X) committed for trial at the Slower*?
The soldier being unable to give bill In
lor Ha appearance as a witness, was detained
The missing money was not (ooud, bat £55 was
taken from tbe person of Burroughs and claimed
to belong to tbe owner of tro **loon.
William ilcGarry, residing at No. IT? Illinois
tlNct. charred Dennis Drew and Bareev n.iinn
with bavlnc robbed him ol pa wbHJ h£w« iVIS
ou a iHuch in front of McUraWs taloonf ou
North ft ater s’rcct, at So’cJoca on Saturday more"
li c. The complaining witness said ho was oar
ilal y ai-lccp at the time »bc money was takvu. bwt
fcelli.p some m-rton withdrew bis liand tram hla
pocket he awoke and Kire chase to two men who
were nmniug away as ta-i as thev conl-i Thn-r
wtmt Into a bonre, anu obialning toe aid of ani
licemav, be followed and found both the accused
paulhUj nndrerbod In one of the bedroom* Mr*
Brew swore that ndtbw her sou Oenuis nor BDlon
had bteo out of tbe boose ouring the nl'ht, where
upon JusticeMcßonne’) ordered both DriaancrH m
be discharged The man Drew has been In the ar
my, and only relnraed home from .Memphis, on ac
count ot ill health, on Friday evening.
SinsWtnsLSTZAVta, “ iliLwacscx.” a Tes
pc I is now lyin? at the wharf of Mr. Spifford, jn?t
below the north end of Both street bridge, whose
advent Into the waters of the Chicago river makes
a little epoch in onr commercial history. The side
wheel steamer “Milwaukee" has been for live
years past plying between Milwaukee and Grand
Hatch, on the Detroit and Milwaukee Railway and
Steamship Line. She has now abandoned thU
line of trarel, and will henceforth make me trio
from Chicago to Grand Haven three times a week,
connecting with lines to Sasinaw and ucmnsr and
tte Grand Trunk and Great Western RaOroada.
She Is a splendid boat, SSO feet long, St feet beam.
60 feet over ell In width. 17 feci 4 inches deoth!
and has an ecelne of 1,050 horse power, carrying
htr through the waterat the rate of fourteen mllca
an boor with tweptT*Jhxce pound* of steam. Her
tonnafie is 1,D39,«nd she can comfortably sleep two
bordred and fifty passengers. Her arrangements
(or the comfort and safety of quests are all of the
Teiy firstda»s; epadona. well fitted stateroom*
sod cabin. Commodious dining room aodnonmr.
life preservers, and fire engine and hose, wnichls
laid on each mcht, ready for any emergency. She
it* boll! very slroogiy, sod it is difficult to conceive
of a era strong enough to part her. She look* and
Is btnUmore like an ocean steamer than a bike
end. We advise those of our readers who wish
to see a really fine Tassel to look at her aether
cross Rush street bridge, and if they wish to uke
passage, they will ficdth>-tn>rlTes suited. Czptdln
wamee K. Trowel! Is loocaod «ell known to cun
nectlon with her, baring railed with the " Mllwau*
lee*’ since she waa lanncbed, in 16C9, and com*
msttued her for focr years. The other officers are
t*rt»r Marray. Engineer; Alan. Q. Muir. Parser*
Wq. Kirkland, Steward: A. Black, Ist Mate* all
A Fjxi t -“Tfccatlent!cn of ifajor Telyerton. of
the Central Police Station, was last even Inc celled
to an accident which had occurred at the corner
of Ciarkand Randolph streets, and which it was
thought had tt-minated fatally A' man named
John Donnelly, trom Genera, w bile etacdlmr near
Smith * annlon store made a talssreo and foil into
the arc* of the new huildtcc now betnr erected oq
the site of the old “Justice’s Corner ” A ladder
was proenred and the man taken to the Central
Police Statiur, where it was found that he bad
heto mearij stunned by the fall. Uls la-*, which’
bao hern badly cut, was properly aitended to. and
be was In the tonne ofa short time enabled to
walk to Ua hold.
~FnoßAßns Tatai. AoctDEKT.—A lady seventy
yean of age* Urine on Harrison ilmt, met with
ip accident on Saturday evening, at the corner of
Detnlslnee and narrlson street*, which U U feared
may terminate fatally. She was walking on the
Imperftct sidewalk, her dress became entangled
and she fci, hreaktns her collar hone. The lady
was taken to Reynolds' drag store, and was con-
TOjed thence to her home.
Natal Chaxgzs.—Surgeon S. J. Jones, of the
Naval Bendesrons at Chicago, has been detached
from dnty, with orders to report to pum.
gnt tor doty la the Golf Blockading Squadron.
Part Assistant Sorgeon Q. 8. Beardsley relieves
him at this post.
An-Cftfin feATS.
The past week hat shown no diminution of in
terest In the attendance at the different places of
amusement In onr diy, though at a ttme when the
fashionable world rolca it to bo vulgar to patron
ize the drama, The (bet Is. that tbo people of
Chicago care very Utile (or the dictates of fashion.
When they find a really good thing they are willing
to express their aumlmion, whatever tbo season.
AtMcVlckcr’sTbcaicrtbe “Seven Sisters” hss
had a most successful ran, the hoaao being p*r.
lenity crowded at each representation. Thu piece
baa clcaed its career lor the present, hut we shon’d
not wonder to see it revived before long, especi
ally if consistent with the engagements of He-
DononghandLottfl. Chinfran opens on Monday
cretins with •“ Our American Cousin.*'
. The Lecture Room of the Museum is closed for
a brief season, those who hot a “little while ago”
walked Its ftindb being scattered to the loar winds
ofhesven. They wPu however, soon reeathcr,
and with new attractions again draw crowded
hone*** nightly. The Has cum Lecture Room has
always been a popular place of resort, and them is
ro reason to mppora that It will lose any of Its
i-rtiUQi by the vacation. The Umeam proper,
wl*h its one hundred thousand curiosities, sights
and tounos (tide the invisible lady) la still open,
ard is not forgotten, a t its drily receipts testily.
The Varieties is drawing largely. The manage
xnent has secured Mr. W. J Thompson and ms
dog Hector, who will on Monday night open with
“The Cattle Stealers”—the first time In Coicoco.
The piece wa» composed for the purpose of show
ing the wonderful tnlnlpg of tho dog, Thompson
as Antonia, tho thief. Is attacked by the dog, and
shoe's him: tbo animal Is dragged irom the
but afterwards revives and. enacts henotirnUy the
part ofa wounded crca'ure. In the second vet
supposed to be laid at as interval of five years—
the dog recognizes the thief and kills him. We
doubt not that the piece will he an an eminently
successful one.
\BRkfiT£D.—On Saturday evening Captain Nc
»on. who had inspected that two men named
Qforgo Eager and James Holland wore coccerncd
in the rebberv of tbe soldier named John Carpen
ter. retorted in another column, accompanied a
detschmmt of bis f< rce to a barn ■on Van Bnren
street, where tbe men were thought to be secreted.
Tbo officers succeeded In capturing tbe men, and
a portion of the missing money, to the amount of
ninety dollars was found noon their persons.
A Seasonable Family Remedv—Chole
ra Morbus, hammer Complaint. Cholic, Sour 6tom
acb.Bisrrbma, and all affections of the bowels In
cident to childhood at this season of the year, ore
cored at once by Dr. Jayne's Carminative Balsam.
It allayfi tbo irrlta#bh and calms the action of the
stomach, end being pleasure to the taste. Is readi
ly taken by children. While it may be given with
entire safety to Infants, it yet acts promptly and
thoronchlj, when sdffllslstared according to di
rections, to either children or adults. Sold hr
Druggists everywhere. ao£aa-pBB9-3t-m w 9
of the Rorvone, beminal.’Dmiary
and Scsmii Bystems.—New cal reliable treatment
—in report* of the Howard AfiaodiUon. Sent by
mail in sealed letter envelopes, tree of choree.
Address i>t. J, Skill on Homthton, Howard Aa«o
daUoa, No, 8 Sooth Ninth atreei, Pbl£ulel|hla.
pB~ Home and Sim Painting, Caldmlathg,
Gluing and Graining. Paper Hangings and Win
dow Shades aelUncai wholesale and retail at Now
Tort pricer. F. B. Eiubv, 83 Randolph street.
Box 6988. liSl-MSS-lm
ffletrcpollt&afeiaU to This Hail
J« to rcct lor all the porposes for which eacfchaUe
are ordinarily u*es, Terms moderate. Applica
tions can be msdoal the oZce, adjoining theea
trance to the IcJO-iiWO'tf
markets by Telegraph.
(*t. LonU market.
IBpccial Dlrpatck to the Chicago Tribute.*
Bt. Loms. 9 atarday, Angost 29, ISW.
Todicco.-Acjltc, Bales ottKbhds lags at 113.00
«ITJSO; ccmmon ehipp'cs l*af H8.«V8?5.(0; median
do 1?5.tC®53.00; poed do ssooats.oor eommen and
medium mannfdctnrlig do IJ7 00Q15.00; rood and
H»odo|<s.CoaUoJo. u
Tu;cb—Active. Sales of*oo brl« city'.dsnble extra
aI»n.W;2W brls city doable extra ICO brig
doable extra *1010; brla doable extra |lO 25.
ZOCbtlsdocbU extra ro 2fc; so* brU doable extra
to SO; I.oCCb.ll exiia |9.;5, inspected j2oobrJi snnet
fine 99 so.
Bale* ct 100 sacks choice at
ft.oo; 400 tacts prime to choice a: 1U&32.M s 730
racks coed at HJM; 1.027 tacks lair and goo i fair at
Slttaua. Corn—lnactive. Sales of 169 tacks white
at f.«; I.SCO sacks reilow an 6 mixed at ft to
Otts-Hlshix. Sales cf 182 sacks at sSc; g.w at
S7SC. m etote; 660 sacks at 81c; 7:6 sacks at 83V
hj&—Sales > I DC sacks musty at fl.lfi. Barley—
-8»le» of n sacks, new crop, at |US.
Vuiant—if inactive. Salescomprlre 2t brla a*
9i.76ai.KftsX7slirleatn.TC. *
PBoviato>s—Bacon—Sales ef 19 casks bacon
tbonldete at 18c. SCOtlerc-i prime kittle lard at 3ic
*o ilercee prime fct«Kc; 800 Uercea prime at 20c per
Milwaukee Oarhst.
tßpetial DL-patch to the Cbicico Tribune. 1 *
Vttw*uiiß. Samri'af, aq». 19.
Later market firm lots evecltur. Sales bus
No. 1 wetat at |197®l 99j< on the tpot, and 200, ony.
er*s option, next week.
Illinois and (UchlpiQ Canal,
CBpeciai Dispatch to toe Chicaew moucs.]
BanxixpoßT, Saturday, Aug. 20-1 p.m,
Clbasso-J. Harrlt gton, Usrselles, 2,000 ft lam*
her, ID,> 00 bhingles, 2,0C0 lath, 10 hns salt: S. F. Gale
Athens; Resolute, Athens; Adraace, Athens; W.S.’
Gurnee, Athena; Neptune. Auona, 5,0 J) br’la sun*
dries; J. U. Preston.Morris; Onward, Joliet, B, OW
ttsempty barrels; AllQnlppa, LaSalle. 81,793 ft lum
ber, 2,CM lath; Caroline LaSalle, 72.733 ft lumber
12.550 lathi E. Enruham, Prison; Erwin, LaSalle!
W’JW ft Inoiber; Lcgranx, LaSalle, IK brls salt,
ha sundries.
Absitxp-J. Mecard, LaSslie, 110 teas coal: tz. G.
Looml*, Athens, 90 yds rabble atone; 48 yds olmea
site stone; Conveyance, Athens, 48 yds olmcnsion
stote; D, Hess, Athens, 45 yds dimension stone; Lady
Franklin, Attaen«,Bo yds nibble atone; lovcittgator.
Atbeat.BOyda rabble stone; Chaunatcn,Kankakee,
2,(0 bn corn.l.roobn rye,s,?oi on oata: Dlrexo, J.i
1et,25 yds dimeaslon atone, as yds rnbbla atona; -9.
Eomrup,E^iaon,Boyoarabblestcoe; Al.laroe. Ot
tawa, 2/00 bn corn, 4,0(0 bn oa a, 5,900 &s aeds: Morz
lOßLUbt.Lasallr, C.C(O tn oern.
BaiDoaroKT, Aee.2o. ist4-d p. m.
CtBABM-praUU Ko«*.La Salle, 9J.0 0 fuomber;
PI»LC», La OdIUS ft lua;ber,f,f(o leih- invaitt
gator. Athens ;D.Utaa,do; n G.Loctau.da <lon-
Ttyance.co; Jobtnowp.La Salie.sobris hydllmo
ft- machinery; Monitor, La Salle, 9., CM « Iqh!
her; At lea, La iaile, M.cCO ft lumber; Contest, Mor
ris, BS.KO ft lombe: 1 Lady Franklin, Atbsca.
AhKiTBD Pclar Star, La Salle. Ut tons coal-
Mcnaicb, Micooka, 8/00 bn oats, 67 bus beans.
feweii vaiied Ueiroli.
[Special Dticatcn to Uia Chicago Tribuaa j
Dbtboit, Sttnrday, aumatvr.
Up—Bark Dobbins; schooners Eltda, W. r Allen
Lively, Dickinson, Merer. Queen of the Litts.
Down—lfcne. Wind north-east.
New ‘Vorti narjeou
Yoak, Bitar Jay. Auatx*»Jo.
Cotton—More ac'J vi* ana b:\ter «t kujatsi
—ciotlng nt Mkrd lonaiddlitp npUnoa.
Maieato VfeAetn naiOc b-tu-r* *:oi<y*
1C.15 fer extra »ta«e: JHKiyatOJU rr ,-x ra ronoa
tcon Ohio, and »« v lor traaa orensa—closing Urnf.
WnisKT—Firmer; w*vwrn at si BJ-clo#lcg wl.b
free sellersat thlsqqotatioa, and State Si Si.
Gdalk- OaiTallirnesnitnlr
off* riba at ft 15-S 2 ST. lor Chi-aeo saMnc • «M7a?M
for Milwaukee Club; a tot winter red wes?
Cuav-A flrmtr at «t WH®ls3 for muel
west err, atid SI 8€ lor bich tolxeo;
OAte—hoatr a> PGdi'Tc for western.
Wool—rl ro, wlihafairbuttncss.
GBocanw-H-nffeearm: Ucaatsd forTtio■ Suvar
qu’ev i oi Urm at for Cuba doty raid; 15V3
beensh frr o<> Id bund. ** *
Vartmuapw-CJcsai ‘firm at 5103 c tor crude; £•*«
S.c lor reflttd in bond, »nd Bifcß9cfur refined ic*«.
a®' la jtop.\ demand.
•S7Ji{-.8T50 tot mere; »59h934".25 now ro
cu»lngal »
prime net*. Alao ?O,M;a t,,jj new men, for aqc. r,uy
t » ODTI:u,a.SJ(J.‘ttA4OAB.%tdXO.OO >rUdo for J.-o
--t-mher, iMni op Pecfduil. Lard
atm-226:CSc; alsojppi ba* forlnt b*:fof g»ptewDer.
ceJtr’s opJloc.ataSjfc. ffawer sw-aay.
Fkiladvlpbla >**arßct-
Batordar, August2®.
FLom-Steady; extra lamtly |U&ev?> knoct
3tJf- 11-C,
S^s? ; 2. w
J 75: white- srjtres.co. Corn firm; Tellow *l.7o,and
mUeo «I.M*i6s. Oats higher; ucw *.<£&c:uidtfe
* Pm’vr^toK!—Mesa pork jjcw, |t3.cf. Lard firm,
at ‘a }re.
P» rnotmi—ont'.t; end* 4KKt:e; reflacl la toad
SSftEtc. neebtefeSc. K*{.tbs dull.
BaQaio tnaraet.
Bottaj.o, 6»torJ*/, Ac& SO.
Ftcm-tr* chanced.
Gbats—Wbea* unU, with only a limited rfonfPt.
SAieeci No.schlcacoeprine ax itTWoa.Wh old red
»interat t2.-i’X. t-on. qnu«. at »187-j.l.Sd lor No. t.
0» a bt*?i to'' beld at &}eß2c*
C*»A« FBMOnrji—■ToHeTTo:k:mer,Kßl'.«C!
r«tß.ms ofct»,j2H<2 ita»c.
L'K* iMroit’s—Ft;nr, 4,6CS brfs: wh»at, 57,536
bo; coin.vs?,i.£?ba.i
G.'SO- Exnara—
to: <ci n, 61',9t0 bo; oats, tt.9.“0.
Mott kork money and Stock market
KowTobx. Saturday. Aujj.’JO.
Mcceyatilve sod Arm tt7 p*x ce-t. Btssine Kx
ck«iftrcllftilibx. Gold warcelrso Q nJ,ommo<
al2s6J£ *OV*£CILR to «7X- Of Cl'tit C 10 SWV{. art-
TEcaos U> il‘.H.»iid clonus qoietai 337 Total «x
oot-i ot too* le to-dty. »?4.wJ. Govcrnis*ut lUOSs!
fieooy. XJ B:6s. K8»f; cooperu, :*®o
c jot on», iCSS&USS.
Oswrn Slarhet.
oswioo. Saturday, AustulM.
Ptoct—Bnter demand, at sir.J'tSlC 50 for Ko 1
eptin»: t>P.73 fortes winter: for white:
*US» ciU-35 tor doaoln extra
OhAix-.wii**t quiet, ptttlM ceeerall? ao%r». Corn
dull: Dliftfisll.42K• K**i locisnat .UH9U&. Ko
grain 1 f tii.'r dttcriptlont iu tnariet,
Caaal F2»ionr»-yuttt._
Sonoa Cattle Uarteb
Atrambrtdee and Brtsbtoo, for the weecondlss
The rcOowire is the amount of stock reported at
Cattle, Sheen. Fat Boss.
ThUweek. i£* Ko
htllVMk... ... ... S.ltS S.TOB ECO
OteytarafO(Aug.l?)—..A«S 9Ali Tto
rns cx*.
BttT3»-F.xtn.... Per 1M si on the
latqnallty ,J.««12.;a \ total welguiorblue,
vd do tallow. uj Oreaaed
td du 8 »3J beat.
Stem— shoat*. wheieaale, retail, tfeallc
per s.
Itaxaixa—'The M halaiceo f power" in the Boitoa
Caro* a»n rheepmarkttjaLolobythe Aeit. At the
»oah,r«lr-ouLaa-cUonit tell. «u fail the
wictaor beef*nojanvoD*t-ambrtdieuad ineat
oti. itA»rda> mo
“cnly:»o wt»tenu“ Tnu was ecoa ne«a w» tee
hciiherncrov<n. whohope* tope noie o advance
price ot thetj n e«. And on the belter quatmt*
the* Btre able to ro to ; bat 10 i»*£e a por*l->.*oC f-e
r.fcheaoorar iboßrnberuraata wata.» thin, tdar
“•Ur-pen " ittjtf.« a: the r.otcters «w oa-mimc to
payan> nor*ioithUsttjdth»n t&tT have done, u
tteyaKj|idac*i/rT»’*tisf»ct.cn to thrlr nutta*
<r* StiiLwe thi.-k,all grade* r.t c*-.t2of-el he la
flnihfe, |?.»Brf»ter ( o*ci*r, rf mt a nail aem
b*vndhiih co*» of tbi wriico cattle, l«o
croT»r* U) eo ,* from T-e toll •10 ft». mote than
traiwcek. a co-opart of the weatera were bauaht
oh tcnra lafsoo.acn «ot «hxh, it t« a- 11, • 111 coic
&<■* ©. in«B'-taC-<» l '’R oter last week, the aj
dual lucbtr or w«tt nts fSV . ....
tt e make 7,0 Sahn pane of whi*h';Koa?e
western ce'WMirrnen’ m:»u on eomsitfSioD.
The Northern and Kirtrm wc aMe tvf the heed, at
•Up’ic*e,no3 *i :a to acfcrrtoj to quality.
B ms abbot the rang* of IW* wetW, but on the wha r e
r»eonnt tne drexe • Tne*e are more than te-ie* a«
many »hct.o led lambs thU tree*.as Uat, andboteif
eracxpUH fears cl ascltorOrea* downof price*in
Par the Week Ending Adauat «0, IStfl.
Sattopit Ktuxiso, Aop«t i\ iSW.
ThatecoptMjf Iw»l cattle »<l L'« Q«w « tAa
t*j!oui yvtli in tue cJtr. tor the »eic etdlnc to
d«;,ecߣputr u foUo« vl’Ji t&« pterion# vsekly
rcctl t>t« uoce JnJy 3. ‘
EMTM. 800.
C" Fo.
?WX«dIrRA.US,W P.«l JS.^3
' etkeutfiM !■"?• 2*Jl
3*e*kMtftn» AW.J.- U ®-5m
?KkM(ucJo)TS>.o»»** ;** J»*xt
W.cktnoto* jniT
JJwk boflUvc Ja v ».«••
%«eft «X»dl&s jUV * •*• VW la,US
uni or niicsi os - wnnocs yux cm cuk to
• Cattle, Hops V
Mice. CenL and hflca.B» litre cars., na ec sac
isnattu torn sac
feufelganc«Btrsi.m*Qc*rs. - 50oc tee
V«4uCmt.asdMieh esc
Oars of sis feet... . WOO 9s
HichMMLt Central, amaa cart.. .. .. bit me
fort Wayne can, SMicct. tLM SU
&? t S*W Ft -.y #7,i ? AO ‘ c,kr » o f a MfMt..|BoXo 650
-Mich.Boatbem, large caw.,„. # „„„..7Mjß ?£!
do cm of vXi feet &i 5» 55c
“SSWSSS g-SJf <0
“sasnssss^sM" 88 * >* “■“•oB-.iuo.
BERT cattle.
T6e low receipt, of Beef o»ule st the rertmu
J.:C. in the my. tnrus the „ert cndlnj il.r
according 10 the dally mure, po,tea Qn •OhMm
•tncrant to MU heed. Thtf U I.M heed otcco then
»«re reotltcd tut week, end t.ut tjeed more then
the tecFlpte cf the correepondiDs week ot tut jeer
The cefly recetpte et the Tannin yards compete
as louowst
Tuesday... ~...V.*.V * t£s
■Wecnttf’ay.... I Hs
Thursday 251
Friday a ?k
Saturday .V.V.V...V*.V.\V.V,Vi iw
Total.. 9.0U
The receipts during tbo week haya been unusually
Isrge, amcnotlng to 1 early double our re rentsorply
The qnalily ta* besn below tbs nsnsl average, con:
slitug chufly of mecioni grade* of stock, with vary
few droves mltatle for tha-Eastern markets. We
here tad an active demand for army cattle, bat with
adecllsnof 250 on medium grades, and of ton per
ICQ As cn other dualities.
The following are tho closing quotations of the
market this evening, and ccmpared withhut week.
This week. Last week.
Prime to extra qualities.. ..ffi.oja 7jo S | iAo(A7so
hleolom to prlmo
Common to medium
Sa-ztrBDAT Srwnso, Ang.So.—The receipts ofßcef
Cattle dutlcg toe past week have been nnuioalif
large, and plainly enuce the Inereaslag reaottrees of
the country, despite the prognoctics cf thrvarlaas
speculaton upon the ehertnesa of the stock available
Arthccurrentwants of the market. We hove, how
ever. bad few of the old-fashioned prime grades of
stock. The supply has been almost excmuvelycoa
fined .to medium grades, the demand fer which,
ou army account, has been very active.
Our tnadpal operators, Weob & Solly, have
bought for me Potomac and Cumberland av
mier, chiefly for the latter, over «,C6obeed at prices
varying irom U. 2336 to per HO lbs. Rasters shlpp r«
have been very quiet, owing t<? a restricted supply
and the quietness wbirbhas bci j prevalent in tna:
du ecUon for the last fortnight. The following ara
the principal sales daring the *eek: WsUwork and
U&Lcry to Ruble & Co., 71 bead steers, averaging
1,311 lbs, at fie-SfcOhcrudorf to D. Wsixcjl, 22 head in
nolssteen,averagingi,titiha,at Sptazua to
UviogttCm & Co., 93 head very extra grades, averag
ing),! 51 lbs, at $S 35; Sprague to Ruble.S6 head extra
steer*,averaging lbs, at |74S; J. Grldley to
Qnltaler.Uhead extra steers, averaging 1.f33 iby.at
*745; Ctamtr to Eonaely, 3t bea a good Illinois steers
averaging !Ab9lbs,at t&62K:ffaliworka&d Ualla
ry to Zeigler, 35 head prime steers, averaging J,tr\
at *543.
There were to thayarfs this morning abont 1,000
head of steex. Tbe day haa been marked with a
fair degree ol activity. Tbe receipts as during the
pzevicus days of the week, comutod of fair medium
cattle. There has been no disposition to concede
higher rates, and towards the afternoon sellers were
deposed to make a concession rather than bold over,
for the demand which may exist during cho enmtng
days of another week. Entered sales amount to 831 X
beat, leaving about 700 beau unsold, at prices rang
ing from |9AO&UC t ehitfly at *«.4s*UQper iqq ins.
Seller*- Borers. So. At. Price.
BtailjACo Zelxler 19 912
O. Adams do 30 IDS) 4M
00 do S3 1121 4.: a
00 do £3 nag 555
00 do 24 IC9? 433
Steel ..... do 188 1045 4.T3
Pikeman. do 17 1034 sjm
Btaoiey ... .. TOUauoo 29 920 3,70
WallworkA M...O’Shea ........ 15 Bu> sju
lUralltcn ..... O’tiready. 10 883 seo
Beetle* A Hard ,WeM»*KeUr....ioi ](n« 42s
Q.Adam*..,... . do ..... ... is 1353 4AO
OO do IS 1006 4,50
do do 53 1155 5.00
do do S3 IM2 5.25
do do 1248 SJX)
J. Ortdloy.. do . 17 l'C7 4.75
do do IS 1013 C 75
do do 8 1003 4AIK
"Ward tt Co do ......... 17 978 4,75
J aridity do 45
do do SI 1051 4A}
CO ........ do 87 1100 4A3
Sweety... do 138 icso 4.73
Conner do ......... ZS 1080 SCO
McOAT&m. do Si It© 5,00
I>4TO& ......... do ......... 31 *lo3} <73
do ......... 34 lost 4X3
......... 00 33 i2SO 5.90
JGnUlej 00 20 1040 4,10
do do U llij 4.25
1J0n»eJy........... do IS 1050 4.75
Ksfcrlefit do U XOtS 4,25
Frye &Co do .........101 utd s,w
CcoloyA Eldrldco do S3 icio 4,59
do do . do &t 1013 4^j
do do . do SB 1131 5.50
Gregory..... ..... do i>7 1011 431
GO do £6 933 439
do do 19 923 430
Hall 00 47
Bcaart do 99 ft-i 1/0
0 Adftma.......... do 62 11« (.25
do do »7 COJ 525
do do 73 1073 . S.iA
do do ...42 1119 aOO
dO OO 56 1063 s.<o
do da ......... 70 9.4 4.75
do 00 18 1057 173
dO do 21 951 4.25
0. Adatna do is 1100 475
..do do ......... S3 112 a 515
do do 50 itfn 450
1. do is 1(35 5.00
do CO 12 10(9 4.23
QO do ......... 12 9?s »75
do . do , 89 916 4^50
do UomsfiCO 59 fco 9;>5
do do do ,'45 TCSO 5,37k
do do do ~39 i«o a..<7k
do Mil’a fci ivo 6.2k
do ferni 10 909 4.00
„ «° -—WdU 85 Jo« t.OG
Cooley &Co Locate.. j8 831 F. 75
do do GlbOs 23 010 453
MunUUft Co....Caraeion itA uso 700
CObklln .... .~D WatXtt1.,.....,. 70 ITSS 6.01
Gregory & C 0..., Daote is on 3.00
co do ....I) Watxal.., so UTO e.23
do do ....Fran* .....85 969 85'
Road ..Enwrlght if 110 a slss
Ho»d Moore 43 951 I^o
iVbltliß Well KB 1020 5.10
Ptrsder ...Clarke 20 lino 475
btetent J«c*b«. 18 12C8 6.8)
Balov to do ... ...... 17 990 5.W)
E&»r)*Z>t. Clark 15 1018 4.10
H.I). Potter I). Walxei 49 1(39 6.2s
Btraccr .....ciaeh 21 910 s.co
Graham J.scbaa 17 895 3.21
Boltteo.. Fooeet. 35 SflJ S.BO
Mooie ....Steele ~,,.,82 IM9 4.00
GtaD-r.. „ do, ~..87 lU3 4,!0
ffact....... ....Ferrla,... 9 me s.ss
1-Tlee Clerka 19 1071 «..*)
do dn :t jog] b oo
lIolXD&s CtftViey so l«)l 85.00
Tbe total receipts ot Bogs, daring the week ending
tc-day, accorolnc to *>be dally ratoren poa'ed on
’Cratce, amount to 13,7;3 head. Tola u 6,7:2 heal
non* than receives last week, and
lucre <hab tku receipts of the corrcepoodlng week of
TtcoailyrecelptsattbeTdrlona yarda compare as
Tttfi is.?*
a lft T ce turply daring the past Wftftk.tbefobas
nttbeenacorrespondlng degree of activity la the
market, Prc«ph»vc contcqacrtly declined
npcnonrprcvious quotation#. Of Me weaklysop,
piycv«'r2,C 0 head remain In the yur-s tuls evenng
TUr follow ice f.ro tbe closing qaota'.locs ot the
m»;kctttis eveulsg and compared with last week:
Ttlt wfrflE. week.
.. As>-'gi 9.'0 9.0. M 9.rn
P;lmft to extra . ...
Wf«ilon» toprtme.- ,
Crtim.cc to mtdiotn.
hanntDTT Kvaif tso, Aug. 20. 'ue sapply during
the pest wees, has been In excess of M« a«i»l supply
Ihetubasb-ena lets degree} ofJaCMvlry lathe mar*
ket. bhiptcre sio Influenced by tbe nufaTorable
coJdtt'orol the ffaitotn markets and farther by the
less that may he sustained In sblpplog
dnrtoK the present temperature of summer.
The ktft of tha sopply of hogs being
cxhinMea seems as remote as over: although
the cosUinauco of dry weatocr U acting uilavorahiy
nton oar cum crop, tbas inducing farmer* to scad I;
stock that was Intended fbr the antumn supply, With
tbe larpe supply of tbe week there n«s pe-.n fair ac
tivity, hut at a dtcllne of 5DQ*5c f uobioi tne quo*
tailorsoi last There were la the yards
UUmortlug,including the recilptsol today,
SSMhoee. Entered rales an-.oatt to 3.3JS bead, at
$3 StQlOgO, chiefly at »9X0a&.80 V 10J tbs. A large
quantity remain over unsold.
Scllfn. Bnjen. No. At. Pries,
O. V 4. oj. * u005...., -u zii <lO 25
Kaetca. do .... it igi a.flij
v»nbt>ll d*> .... 4; ]|3 w.o
<>~lk ... do .... 51 712 kC.’J
<o .... do % .... M 152 9.01
J. Gtluey W. M. TildtD 8l 9^*3
Cf* do .... 60 I*7 9.‘ii
S«cnp do .... 53 21 9.5.
.... CO .... 51 136 9.0
BfLtitr&K'.... S. FitHlef 48 9.U0
G. Adams A'icrtcn SI 163 87i
i.o .... oo 107 i<w Boi
do do .... 61 153 96m
do do ifis iss y. ,i\£
do CO lan i.%6 5.75
Bmnstt... Phillips 61 204 U a
... OM .......... 45 I!." I iO ca
CO ... A!ie*ton >» 191 9.J5
■l*> .... do X*>« !li B.*2X
BMJlky&Co..,. eo 34 liS 8 87s
Kid« ......Phillips..... tf» Z.H lO.ij
\OKSi rto 51 Wl lO.:*
Ball LStiUfleW W 172 9.nj
co .... * . do 151 S.;o
n»yis . ...... .Darnell*.*.,... . fs 131 a.oi
J. 0»ldl?T do 57 1-rt «.•»!
& Cc... M‘ttioaeiT., bs-i li 9,-zs
J, GttdPy... Phillips ...... d 3 sna s».so
J.AOMn*. .... blotter EC WJ 953
Co»>}&Co.. d 0.... 55 lit 9.(id
Bcg*tt. Bard .. .. 67 I»1 B.*2b'
du Alexander........ C 5 9.73
CO d 1 51 15S 8.50
Co C*o«ley .. 161 *6B -it.ss
co co us t»s 9.3s
<0 de 5J 13! 8.73
SlinEF—The market during the week has been very
quiet Rccalfti small inn prices tolerably arm and
aillms. Buyers. Ko. Ar. Price.
Goodman St I.ls aa.so
tn*dcv M i>atbT ■» its e.ru
Shctmaon A F..O'Brien 14 tas s.;o
l^ovto aim f a theatkb.
Bciigrmrut otihe popular Comedian,
Who will apoearle hiir-anwned eharacte>*of LOBD
ABT n« ht« BBOTHBK SAW, In the cele
brated Atmrtean Comedy of
ora ABtwm corsrs it hove,
»i lately acted by Mr thaatrau six eoasecutive
wteia. m the city ot Ktw korc, witn onbonafied
Afternoon* Grand matinee,
Fee 115 and i) 7 Dearborn street,
c. if.CWV’WI 3K SCO, Droptietcra azd Managers.
T.L. FITCH deling aid fttaee Manager.
£e-*pieaiaace of the old favorite,
arjiftS CLAfiA BUTIiKB.
TfiPf SPAT EVBWI«G, August 18,
Fj:« appearance cf
And hla wonderfully
Eoorf cppc : Cnmia met At BJ< c’cloct.
Scut* or P%icx%.*-Peronttte, 3* cent*; Drewind
ruEl'T Circle. f5 cent*; PrlTtte Astee, «1; fclflgle
P*«»* IB Bcje*, S6 cent*
COL. J. a. wood * co. .prosrittart and Hampers.
* pow on exfefMtien, Piute's Court, or the Ikial oi
Cfcxuu coeaanai o*
ysost pad ah TrsAtm'a onxt oaxxaar. tosxxm,
or The Great M ait nm.wilhm ver muse cnrt*
cut***! Tht IsrisiD'eLadyl the Baoimons *w>ii.
cas Gi«*es-‘: GUht Feet hithlano wamble* over
90> Poona* I win se«emr day and nl U. Sira Atser.
a Tesreoi'-.an-'SOltitheaßuhimefiscKrcnaaLady
m tie wrrt«.
TheChteae- Beauty, taezacttKe-alzedrepreeeaca-
Cob is was <1 a Lacy nowr«*lalnr to tits clty.aade
at tb« ceupra *a ratandV OaUery, io London, win
sh£*U be on « zhlhlUvn in the lares Moatnm Saloon.
The Lector* Koom w?u be clos'd for tw% weeks far
aiutattosa The splendid star company wm open the
9th W l&t* OOfith.
aamlMtoa to Uuseaa, » cents: chfldrso, U cents,
XJ Sliver Plated Ware, Watches, Foncv O-iodJ,
Ac* Af jm CTIOw, on WaonsoaT, Ancoat ztta, at
9u o’clock, a* Battuta* Auctloa Bern in Portland
Block, corner of Dearborn and Washloston streets.
auli*pM7 4t Auctlsmen.
. on WETBEani?, a^rSTnara'x o-clccf et Bat
ten* Auction Booms in Portland Block, corn-r ct
Bcsri<orn and'W&tblQgtoD stßPts
salS pIIS Ut WMe a. DUrtSRS A CO., Auc”:i.
lots in the West Division
CnTHUBSOAT, flept. Ist. at 2 P, 0: tho crsm'sHi,
S« shall Mil to tho highest bidder, several desirable
BtrU ln« Lots in Picci* No &a dis,iontn of Twelfth
street,- between Morgan, and Walt-r, in Brand's Ad
dition. One ngbth cash and tbebah-nce mreal-an*
ooal pajnceots. onesjehtn w|t*i n mi cent Interest.
For par iculori see mA, BUTTERS A CO-
on TUESPAT. Auenst M. at Sjjo’c'oct.at our
Salesrooms, conilrjag in part of
With Since Arm Chairs, In gr*en rrpo and fcalr
cloth. Marble Tcp Tahiti to Mitch. E?sy tthairr witn
snnnz bac;». Tete-o mes, d»t rre*» withmirfle
shelves and draweis. Ship Whatnot, f)ar:pi-ndtd
oak ano walint iideocards, witn martua sod and
™°*? «xt>» rlao ulhinc table-,
with scroll legs, fall leal walnut to . pi*m can co.,
IWricrßockln* chairs. «.camber chair* Oak Omiur
£hMis. tana Ben? ardE. C newtng Chairs. lv*Han
ReftesbmcntTahtW. C«mp Chair*. Marhl- Too Drras-
Itg Burtatts,Withstands, French and Cottagaßid
flttaca ~
Elegant full, b»l' a*d quarter marble ton Chamber
suits,in rosewood. o;l walnut and umhccaov extra
Adah,and warranter, dm-ctuswork.
A»*o. a large arasrtroe.t of solid and Imitatra
Cbeunut Chamber Cu.ts, with and without marbio
Alro two Bnxitela and VelvetEnillih Carpet*, o.lv
usedafewmortn. ’ '
TTie shore gords were msaafsetored erureselv for
trade t can be examined oaMcniay.
Also,onoMcGesCookS'ov-.used threa months.
„ QiLbEirr & sAMPSay.
igggt ssfitstr-ettg
"OOR SALE—A Eire Chanc.-.
A five years'leara of the lot opposite the Nor*h
jsitein Depot. A choice plteoiura small hovel.
For particulars Inquire Of PttlLlß CO *LB7» Sv. \7
flon'.hCiatkatiaov audipitatc
FOJ* SALK— House and Lot on
Park avenue,near Hf»Tae street For term?,
inquire at Sherman Hoase Exchange,
aoM-pse-it fc
XT'OR, SALE -Dwelling for Sale.
A A two story frame baltdlac, sUastid ou Wolco t
Mree*, on fra riertb Side, conummc three e -tofort
able hedrcotni on npper flocr, and three oa the lo r
<r. a good attebea, and ever* ccnraoleaco requisite.
Term* easy. Wools erehsnxe 'or »roceHes »i4c!.
dr**« for a tew day*, M J F," Chicago Post office.
anvi-pStf-rt ~
I JOB SALK—We offer tor sale mi-
JL llUkpt-l.atab&isa'n.aheanUfQl prime r»«i
deuce, with Inserts of la-jd.ac HarUm.ontheGa*
I eta r*l’rctd, only vS mmotea tide from Chicago, and
only ibtet nnnnles "waiX n«m Harlem UspoLand
near ore ox the beat school* la coofrcoanty. So
piece oat of Chicago offers so greft: f&cimiaa to a
porton doing loiineaa la tea <aiv. blovillßs*
fiABTEY, Ho. 9 Telegraph Balldlcg. aulVpS3l>iw
X?OK SALE—A beautiful Lot on
X PielrleaTesae.betveenSißt andwdstreet, or
Mnjryoio place, near the naideone nl W. t. Tosseri
Eaq., Baatport—flO*eetfront by i>Bde>p.
Lot on tomb aide of coaaer;e or ifist street, be
tween Wabash »»d MlcbJrso areaaer.SO feet front
by 300 ieet deep, at f TOper foot.
Beal Estate Agent, Ho. 4 Mouypyijun alocr.
jfJIOK SALE - Near N?w Bohrc’ of
5r Trade, on Wasblcgtonstreft, 60 f-et frar.t by
iSOfectdeeo. A, J. AV^R^LL,
. JReM Estate office 2Co. 7, Metropolitan mock.
FJB SALE—Lots wit of tTaion
Park, on Madison, 'Warren, Washington ttrceu
and Park avenue and Boyne »v. Os,
Ecal Ettale office No. 7, Metropolitan Block.
FOE SALE.--Great Bargain. 150
feet front cn Park av; poo at thirteen do I&ra per
tcot. Title petted. Alau 3. acresn artne Lake shore
Benin bide, lor fifty collars per acre—*coutls acres
or umber ip this trect. a.*sa a park pac-tim s*iuo
lishmecr. Ground *oxl9o jeet with ooUdiogs -nd
»te=r. cn Monroa si ee* for tfi.CCQ. a» bi jvs
let great bargains. ISAAC £. HITT &CO . «:i vx
•tietv an»W6s-3t
C'OE L-ALE iOl *525, a ba.wWc.l
cottage, 134 Booth Morgaasixeot, of sixrooxs
Poesff*Jot given on purchase. Lcaso of grocod /or
five years. an-t»piy?.ay
SALE - Two rtory
X Boose 460 atates’rert. WiU be sold rewmn
able. Apolyonthe premises. %ni*-o0‘» <iw
CH>H feALE. We oavt> lur oaio
X maty very desire Me residence lore, foots ov
Chicago Avastra and east of Laraobs 3Tr««t bcu
In tee vicinity 01 the North dfanrh Os'.at aouanle or
morrime oweVmaa. Treaa lota are u***» C-osbs’t
dtstiierv ane Ellers tannery. We will sell cboaa or
leuie tor a term ot years. QQDKN, FLBUT ' J coo*
CO, au9.o!AC-inT
*fOto SALE -TT. 8. Marine Blospv
3- tal at Chicago, In pnt«i»nce of she act ctcon>
jerws. approved Jure Jtfa, IMI. awbonrtog v&etait
of the 0 A Marine Uorp'tal and eronons at Cblr.a<'o.
Liiublt, tUnaf-d on aicnlgnn avenue,between south
tb!i Chicago Bifer, loccb ti hereby
*mnu>attbfabove property win be sola at pn:ji?
anciioo. cn the sib day 0* B«pi«moar. JMI at W
° clpcka. a . by tb- coneetor ot tbs I’ort of
at taeOuftom Ilonrem that aty. The terms of the
*»Je are for resdemoaer f7prn ffie receint rf ttr
porchaeemoacy in full, too Breretary of the rroaenry
e * r.i d delUftr to toe onrrh-*»or
e'eed for the nremt'cs,
te<iß??tem > ? ltbl> reßt ’ title f ’’d lnte?»T o cho Cm.
inacrordai.ce with the act anitortzirE tea pan-,
p - cf lbs B.'ld Dosjltal and yrrnre.a win bf
retained, until tfospit*' to be built order
prcv*«ionß ,f the act Bb« l In; felly eompk er and
ready for nse
Urvierc a »Att»fa'lory b’rtfh=*ll be thc-aV
win i>c Mstocnea. t.
Jy29 nkiflw Secrr-tarv of tbe Treasv,.
?Tfi Si.fr-.-;
...... l, k C>
0 3
... 2.4n
TO JIENT—S ama'd loomt, cpj or
pßTtcfapr.ra** > lictue ■jenth FM’.un'll Ma-» l*t.
G» on itferecte »q»>!iru- Inquire #l*94 Wft turg
it. KtntSlspermcnffu au2i-pUiJ.N
TO .(-ENT- A desirable House ot
nine rcon>?,c!otbfu prt«>iß, irickhwcmeat, &z ,
fltnatfrt rti UrcolP str «% d***- M«dl«oa. liqnre
otM* 6t*lTfl.Sli.alieiUfi<t.Cli|ca«o. au2opsoi.3t
TO F U Wa. ted by a prompt
paying tenant (tn tdvfDM if reqntr-Oi a far-
DUhtd <>r un'tfclrbed h' o*e rontsintn, ecrS'oams,
Tor A family of three. Address F*. O. Bjx 017-1.
flu 20 r-COT-U
TI'RFHT —Tee fcnrtli floor of
tQ-1 lake ett set veil «/Uote«] frr s'.irare or
mscatacinilrg. Apply at 105 Randolph *lrcot.
oa*o pvtTOt
TO KENT - Two mroishod rcomn,
without board,st 13 Randolph street. op xujte
Dearborn Park. aui9.pr;3 4t
TO RsNT The set end sed third
sto-lesoftbe. west store in C.bb’s Block.com“r
oi klfhtgantv*pue %''Q Lake »trret(>. WtlbaciftOy
fr,r rrcnp»nrr Sro'rmbf *• first Apnlf to ft. aB. if
wnmEMt.Bft AGO .37 Lake meet. auT--p;S2 6t
Fi 'K Ir'aLE—A Stooh Farm of 3io
arrej In Llvl&gs ou roontv. ins., itx cilss
frem i*. Mfac, (be county seat, kaaw< as lb* Boyer
farm. Tncreisacos o t o'.e ovcti'-eb a*ncrt><>r
7rooms.and b teaaurbooa u;outbf f 7 .*m:ard wbat
if rare tallioolf farms, pea - ;oo aor*( of tlvp-'p,
A'ft> a stream orw»t’r ? u ringthrereh tne la d. af
fordine abn'dau* at ck antcratan r»ttOis. tcnool
b< u.e ano rostefflev new b«. t pptv io
„„„„ . WM. ‘-AV-! «ROnG'-»,
IOC Eando.ph itreit, Chicago, lils..P (>. Box C 7*27.
JT'e'.H SAW I < ffer for is.ll mush
S bcloxrm actual ralae, &*•:<*■ era *ro*no Seoacrca
of brary picMlme ered l*r«J-ia HanWea. Jitch, to
do*t »i tftate. Cali at &: Sotrii Water J. 'J,
MK&.Q. lU6 Sts m
Ruoics wv.h board
*'*€*•. be cbtslncd at G2 Fourth arenas* Kr?«*r*
t«w required aori-p^U
239 and 925 Rirzi* itrert. Goo<l rooms And
beard a*. 55.C0 *t»d|C,w ptr wtcau rraawtntl!. u
i-ftr oty. aor. pa^t
ftJPOA'bj XNii- 13v » ou-jf
■4 f min on lb* South Hide.,*room, «r;h w orwl.B*
ett board Ail pirirn hiving such can Q:d i
satant hoarr-er. Bf« ? ui tcicuucea c *-. r > I* re
quited Acareze ocx SGOO- anJl-prdS 3t
■pOAKfil- U AI persj. a i„ib.
-I-Fe*iet fnttepneeof beard f.rtte eemta fa’l
acd witter •roil quested to meet at?j W«rfi Oai q
Fall, c& et*tn street, tar 17tit.ee Wedcetr at ere*
mi>r. An/.?*,*! ,k o'clock. Ajtuetal
Isioqutattd. au2l*p3W3t
DOABIXNGt An (unfuruoatd)
A.Pfrtnt or back pa?lo*.cu Wabash avsuna.wiMi
bo*re, can be procured ly aedreuzeg P o. Qjx
3USO. *usC.p3l9-*i
T OST— SCO Rtwara. Loe-, cn
JLi Saturday l*it, a lance black morocco Diary, or
Pccae> book, eocttluiuc three huncran doitantn
Gtt-enbarkf.aada crq«etioo cl accoonti
whoeTM retomtthe r*m«to .he Txzanws
office, will receive a reward 01 fitly d; l.ara.
LOST AtMi wi.nkeed.ptt rron
RTare*xaeee’’ialUalo, ’’huriday aftftnnotj. a
black afcrt ad lace Veil. Tee finder «|l m curablr
rewarded by leaving tt at lb» office of the 9rtc«s
Boute. asn-pnvu
LOST* On tie- 19ih u Bt., on Cl*kk
orßtn J olphstre«>t.aaitvor tobarroßt with
*• Clark BlD*' euerareo on ib* esver. The finder rill
bMnitahtv 1 ewatned by leaving It at this office.
LOT A aemcr.rdnm boot, con
tatclse ezttlcs ot Tx'Bm* inbieii taom. w«*
Icatrn Bi.n«. •aterrreet.rtw corter of *evhom
»U»e* Thefinderwinpe rewarded DjrWvlnrJt at
Ihn office. [Rcit-pOSMi] Q. U. BSACSBIT.
rOeT Ah Env.iofe oontau-ine
J Trcasnzy Kotrs an Billro*d EecatpU. A lin*
eraltevarr will be pair to 'he finder by leavinr it
a» the? f. w.A n. B. R Ticiat Office, coraer o(
Clf t t and lUncoi b s’te 1 ti *ui9 o^lßt
O , ?BA'rKD <iR STOLEN-*l5O
O itevard. frt'Ten from my farm on Tuaidar
c’jbt. ite :«> iriiant a dart 8«y nr B own Mare. i
can' - * biffh, tot r h-avf tall email *»ar‘
d tbr rorihead. and a t-w hur# oi >hn Wt Jaw
and atmall »p»ck tn vs metm. v«r flneityla
aioapnrarasc-wnldattract sr*er«» atirntton. I
«|t' my on* hoi and Oft' df*!lau regard forthn
tt»i# m# coarltVtno! tte*hletn- in or_j» rtUa
10 rl'ber. M L.P. SAJTSE-5.
Joliet .liVuo'J, Aut.M.ISM. auti-pssoit
Sto*e« from
f?e*t Wfjhiii'-ioi»6tr*et,on Frida* rUr'it. Au?.
P*3 logoedflesh,
tail, -wo bled te*»t wbic», s&a-«raa.l »t*y ir r >rfh»«n.
'•hrfl’-esr will be libera} y r»wnr rd bv***ur»lax
hrrto k. PBIPBTI Livery and Bearding a tahte« fra
meet aiity. ansi.psstst
C-TRAVBOD 810Rtwtrd. Si.a-nd
lO jrcttt Itesahvrlher.'omerot Tnroo"* and v*n
Jtnree or the I' d Ip t, cse tar crJM years
rid this i»n, ’4K hands nu&, 3 wetta Aet. has • crack
u* t fo?efoot.white iuul o' aoss-aad
re*U*h«»erar« forthcad Thes*» ▼-r*wsrfl»T«
t>* paid • n dr livery t > me at anoreplace
an7o *- B. KAKHIKS.
TJIOUND on North Cl.tfc ttrvet,
.ft a nta rffßcaer. Any o* e calUae at 249 Kfrj.
zie afreet, prjru c property and paying cha«S.wiU
receive the mcntj. ***** msj pad flt
ANTEI>- To !ay ft few words
te men UiUo t-» draft la cwea*r, Fatter
Abrsban can* for men. and cbir ■. r 0 moat
r.iae towards tßat number, emt of the
men therewin probably bsirom one to two shout md
ab’e-lo ledmetu Xou imderstaid after a man is
amt übebaatheprlvllesaofaettmr orenptifhsM
set liable to oral* or la dbibed; vbca of
coatee ucre most oe another draft. la order
to n.kke op tbo qa ta. In ny upmtr-a, third wi 1
bare to be three crafts hn=ret»ie men are la
th*j field. Now, too trho jjo t* tti. In»'iissceprnec*
tics me col? protectee firem the . resent ara*v—lo &d
djaiUmauft suer tee first one cf c:a ie yoaarelis*
tlc.l/ttieo oiibinayeir. r»ow. U jen i*ndan ac
ceptable Boost Into, you a e exempt as lonr ei too
a no toe cobrUu. e- wtolt**r for one, two or throe
3»tm. »blnartisthJnc ore*. and Da patriotic and
eeca&mic !tr&n*tctirmncbitoreio«auo a man
ft rot r ye*r taan what yon uo pay In* into the Inaur
atce protection. If there (aceut oasiß ten drafted
the intmarce ssent eta afiorc to pay *5 000 ft,r a sub
iMjnte,then a**e tsro. At aorrite, beforeyoa do
clfle tr‘po to tbo terntsree protect!© l *, call a»e aie
nostSa.fQnlbUsrlr street. J. A. COL3T.
an2l pitfrU
WANTED 'devcdxa tat V. f>.
Wf Gunbca f *emce. Afewpcrcyouczmcswaat
ed. Great irrtocraeatsnfftrttfl. Lrcal bonntier dot
paid sec tteh.glirat w<v.o» fivcz. I-Aitiealulzetv
uarecinitßwjli be Über'-Uy r«i«arcid. Call »ü bs
coiner of BarCflpb and LtaaUegtr-e.-s.la rte >
ttent. Atm p3«« It Tf.
■BX7ANTED -To mforn- the pabho
“ v that we are pierared to fursltb rabrsitntcs a:
tbs lewrat price forwfitcb ibey can nowbe crocircd.
Oe>t twp'tj dajß Ufteryaae ntlwcnr i*i» md f«
drcft- Ue!st* «w canorous, ■'frit rasas* fl/n
'VVIt.LSOE & MKKoIAAI. 4S Clark »rr;et*
mil pJSTIt ■
Tt7AHTBD 50 GurboNlman im
T • nrcdlalely. Call ae the of TUn-lolra
asslaianaatrcerr.Metropollumßiock'. la
aent, recruiting omca cf __
■WM. P. MU PifT ft CO.
Call and get the highest boaatypaio in tU'city,
catbiabßfto, * mu p*ai i-«
WAITED Dratted taea c: is-:>
city of Chicago aad Ptato cl Illinois to know
that tbs? c?d te tnynißbediep?«t*ntaiiTr*at tc*nc%t
reaiocaoln tcno> and the acortejt n:rlce, dv nod' <a
Bint Lock Bor Uofi3,cr aopiTifU at Uo corner o t
Emdoipb and LataQe ktrctla, in tte bustr.«n*.
TSTAKT.SD - Sublimates and rea-
T T raseatatlTcs at the comer ot Kanaclpb aca
Lasslle streets, In *te base-rent toll ind settle
highest cash bounty UiaiUnownaW in the city
ao2: p36L7t w. at earns: * co.
T W ANTED Snb3ntntec7 Dear
Wj Stra, after you bum canyaraert tha .-.it? or
Cndttgo.wowoatdLka forjdaM giva n« tb« la;t
call, ana it trill t£?o be tor ton to say if we ca*not
gjye tie largest bounty to Snbrtjtate* and K-r.ro
sentativeacateringttotj. B.aernee. lor aoynerJoa
from one to tfcreeyears. Choice of Mrnm a->d:eel.
nest given. Gunboat nen taken for ona, two and
three year* lx sea wl»b tocora >lc dealing, give nt
> call at ftp corner Of Randolph and str~»t.
3 ** «**• M.UE?ar & co.
T\7"ANTED - Gunboat men. *tfl
T f >l*a men for Tl. 8. nary nmce for one year,
to W*oo will be paid tbe highest eaab boaatr. woetß
ermrnllt crmbs'.ltntpi. ‘TDlylmmeilaialrat the
UecroitiDs Office of WU- SimpST & <Jf> .clirerof
Randolph and I/»*»Uo ManroooUUa
VV -To icfona all tqcti
▼ ▼ that are enrolled la tee City of CWcaro
°r elsewhere, that Automates can - be* IdrcSiSi
at the shertept notice ana at most reasoaaols
wrnn. fonilsh three jWj subsumes irorn
*rtq to ICO t one Tear »nfc?UiQ'e* trem smo to »wa.
Addma tack fox cqss, Catcaeo W., or apoly at the
comer of Baaifolph and LasaM* streets, In the tore*
meat Genera] Bectnltloc Office.
a021p!6|.7l WM.MUBPHT * CO.
VV 7 Altf'l El> - Substitutes who are
•/ sl eas or veterans, over IS ye»ri of are and
perfectly sound. Iv hi p t y. cub in hand. tb» nj*n*
estrcurtyevfr paid in tbia city to accruals re
emit*. who wi\i bare their choice of aerTUCacd a
prrJ) ct-ODfem&fldirc vim ftfelr principal. non.
please canvass the city: men give as a call. Per*
son* who can asntotitUa wjl be rewireed
ffr«*rrJctf. 97 Waatunston rireet. P o
62.14. aeifrp.w 5;
XXT ANTED—1 .000 Amenta vaiueo
»n Fitsot lm« lino pencll.for Uo-
KvSWilfV 0 £ u “ a »«’ «• Stmole. sail
v° ,*3 xiti CCD '‘*« °OB <3ozeo 12.5**, s. r.
i!t hsnwca * wa!fi%caas * rta * " 0I
TX/ ANTED —A gems iu ctua city
~%* to« l .owrJ t 3WB ana county wn; for n?:or>
. tr * *'*-ro ana son 1 bun side*. ana otna.-
Alti'Ptja WltCl itdTOp#, <. t£.
kjgga »Pul)lUoer, ia« Cia-kitreet, Chicago
WAN 1 xD D . - - a g i-Ii ■■'.i: TO
fell the coopt ** Wonitarral Invention o'rtbe
A«’'—at I'.fUQUitjut end 'on mitnet'onaiiv *cich
?-?.V** 0f ien JMcae cantaito u perfect iuuers
•fn*l T**®ci*r'C' , pto' SOcent». A*,cms are ma’T'n
?k °* da r Evcrv family bare or.a aadf-t**
intir own 'lk»r>»bK* <rnvty : lcß'*e ta r
eaj<-. Accrete Vf. DE OSANiViUy Broad**?. >tir
‘ Cr »* .
TXT Agents to tell j? t I
• • Bcm'e howEael-nd Family Sewing y*cci-*e
Th ,v .T 7 i V COU V V m J b0 Sortbwen. a rare ch-.sc*.
IfcccrJy p tfrci cbe«p cewinr Maceluc o-iniifc*.
wiTtLcFFi? r.ci«r,*e ,al complex. Prb?-«c.
*JS?.?. c /r B 'iv Pfißior Ma-bin-.**
ACCcrttf* W.OlL*.HK|s*T, Uetu B X 5171.
Chicago, Boom te&x Wa.-hlEy»oa-611 null-pso-ict ’
TX/AnTEI) Ageni-r. HeidqUif
_.J j.. t’« forCampaun Moia’.s ot tba different
®axdldare» lor Preuecnt atd Vise of »ne
raakelwecty-OVB doUars
ce.l'pe them, s?*oplea tent on r*2c*int cf as
ceottf by fall K a LajuJyß Aceat. a»H L»J.*« »t
Chicago, ill. P. O. g ’
"VAT U} a-U b
~t,J.« Bttlia S r,p:jo^t JI c * , ® r?tcr r °* L'ncclc*# Aomin-
S, tlce J«t by cat! on receipt cj
attonnt. TLo aotbonxod te*t boot of tnn cavuAirr
•eliarapwiy. Otter nopaUr worki. CLaSR &. c;i,
S‘2 Wftituwton ati.’-t. • tt
cago. Box 47H t. 603 <.>2rt 30;
T\7 A*' TED tjood Audits m
* , every enuntr lb thcKmc-we-.Cio ir.ll Schan
htrz’i Alla* of Ue WoiW-thehctt Atiar
fortnaoricem *heOniten state*. 'vt*tone *cett
•aye *ho hi»s trim it: fair. H. K. nano >o, Agcat. i
H*tc b«Bn oat ar-mt two wecßs avd i have »r -raa f <•
omecivav SOmo- cf ina AiUi.
iPHFi*'*. Knr teriu nr.d a 6uc*app;?tr
it K LANIioN, »»ensrAl Agent f.-.r ttc 5S
Cake B’rwt, ( hicayn, M. a 33 C s^.’
~WF ANThI:- <Vloith Ac
*Z five and B-iUble Amenta In the Xrmy arl
every wn-ra i»;>f .«n tfc* moct iccra.t -cfc-»ginesr krots-i
r rV^f D , d : rl iV - Adnrra? or apply to r .* n.
GanGdAI 1 .1 111 N. T. V
T\/ A-NT’iiD
~®>a«*eaer3»in* eemUd on a fnr.
loach- * by jehti &atslß. ftK Oao cr
cry old aacr.tr wrltr» r*c: “ft ever tav» a.-»a
o’lo KTttind B'. cir V O Rot *cm* •»•»,•
fo? tinne 4r.,tf»B*M»7Vj. PIKn. «-oica n i fl-’P’
•' *•*•
jtm ssau
008 SaLE M a A
• va llccai€. 4 > P«njl»y Ororery Mari*, cosrJstinc
cl goou flx\u»c*. lva»e. &aa »vaU vooi c«
acr- ,Mitj io- r*ut. »iu. fe a cco* p!«d<l fr ad
pi cfc. i.c ui»d lo Co P r lurt-tr p*rt co-
AJTJ? aTr l B ” if •• ' p ‘>•''o*3*3l. or r+nouttt*
L r - I Vj- f ? , JS* t ' f Cf c,h * brof 4«> r oa.m. a--i 12 uj.At
I*o -t htfiet, 00X26? Cf &QQ.
FOH SA ! E A (-'or table Eultum,'.
Fl*e Imraf rowtr. alf In goo-? ’nr.nlae r.»r
pcg cb«-.p. *\yo d(i large rv:c* Pump*, -wo
doer* wr« nf statemcoi.ua IBJi. ids: by* jW^J.
C'DRSaLE To Tuinbsr IT" a?ers
X *nd cu ci*. Foraale. the ea so of CHsada rry
Do&rde. ot Echaote.- HB-y Grower. now ir.at at
c i.-str c» i»n laxljfl it -*>o
* A> J» 01-ODWH LIK. coiDbr FfaoK.in »ad Ohio
meet*. sum r« alt
SALE A first-: Usa s-coiig
baod Portable Boiler, :c> li-.N*’ powo', jn»t %s
two »*!-•*», inch fire Jim*ooo2J3>rch
r<fD>4> coi-b. 7- feet pva? ute-wa come *i-.i n er-,t'-
V*™- Aerljat K. T. CU&NB & BK04,1«-i Wcit
Lukctuto:. »uio-oits-iw 1
i fo.* ca*h. Gillcr %ddr. *•<«. j
h fobb A reyi iti
J- rcrlpUoi.- Dr 07 5 cre, now ooinc* ccoi ha {-
tces.ard btabicne t*'’lsiiea Dto'>ars.fiT s.’,-. »*.
t» f iOv p:lc- ff ll,*Co ca«h r a rrtiuat Owrer
• Irt tne to retire lt> »om«<3'erce f .f j;« ba»)tb p.r
Jnrbtr talprranon irqotrp rip r- *»•-/’ tf.*.
>vicl«.*»t 'TCitftLl?, !>‘2 and niLan*rtr**c. , t |.
caaO U.ltoJa. sn'.o y't>3 l v
Fi R SAlfe S4 fn (■. A..y ,: r.;
ft«Tirc ibe above atnenat cfca'J c»pii»l c*n
IfCpait; a icftia HCfrl- b Rrr„atiUt; '.j
«flO&rp rriar. »pr. cft?’re* Fcr»^r-
WcoUff A-cTe‘? forciewcti,;*. u Ui>zt>£t7.
hblfi-piiS Iw
SaLE —A w*b b: oZreri firjf.
i c't*» fftidlo rcr-e »fh defartfr) a*'
contieaeot-. Th*- nitrsi is
in rtiTtce, -.to 1> nne rf »b- OtAxt oiflcei’a
hcne» tn the cji? laquira or Q. D.
Tnbnna office. aois pictuf.lt
XpOR SAX g: Xe HcUer two -i'y a
X half rert rtlac.'Ur, n f>et |cnr.:« a-isch Hum.
Ore po Irr JK (tit clairetor, VI st*: witu a
Mtrb floea. Appy
»ifblc«c street. Box lS3‘i anii fSjr^t
pV>K fsftl.E A a”:* c'.ir ■ t (>.<.
nspf nor.-ei,7yr a ra old. Hoß*‘o3 bailiCA-rTw’*
ecd a pair oi Be* Sijrtr %fctn e'i Htror-e Ary
cent «n.«.nd<sUL*c nrf.w ;. icubipi am c ,,a
B€ *m 2‘p tCi= MbriarloffWJi ‘Jis.'iS.
engtee. with toiler and flxturps corpltv ; o<—
bore*- *-onot; oa--> 16 ho*f»* hum-
rne a : ctnd -am copb.zcy, Inna
»• 21J5 & tie rtreet, or ftcdiess p. O. Hoi ‘J33D.
aal? pl.’Htt
SALr. ; - The lit.:itl liale
Prboocer Bit-a Cf»>Ur—rarrl-s 53.0C0 feel ot
inert-r o6ttcr(6i-t w»ttr-c <«»e? A 2 tar. ibrooc
co ci jcr> Inr |f.s'Urakb For fn»tl>o*»irt colft'ft
addara* PcstOffl.e Bcx3t23 Fllsauker.'frw.
I !70R S&LK'—A pUsi£‘g oCG
1 ' n»W.wnbothcryery I'ctlrableattath-recia,
co!c:» tcoatprcfltuii* tmtsets. '-ocau-n 9s<*;eo
WM/nuue city. laqUa&c N0. 7 bo %t or Tads
Baums* _ _ autfpn-iw
LjiOß SAL'S ScenculS&giue* ty»6Q
A. t» hcr*opnwer wlta Jocomo'lTobotle-, oeariy
w wand id perfect croei, J.H.ToX.DOr.iit Son-a
Cl'EWnifrtct »u 7*p£Mf
FOJ- SaLB. Grocery Store and
DW«IIC2 MlO lft«6 01 fTOUpd. WiU be* Old
lor cub or part la rooa naprr. Th» store u com.: n
tnt rim barILCM lecture on the core?;
of Word «.r c bske rtec», or to l-H. O*0ONNOB.i:
Smita #5 PtaskV, 109 Sooth Wouxttree-.
“C'Op. BA-.-B-~Scifcm /Mountg Mill
JL Ti-eoDdorr'oaed offer 'or acre tfc- 3 lares*: sou
but on* ip ih» cltyrt P en*, veil •un&teo. for b q o
ploc on the r»rt.ard nwnw toe strut boat lan'lnz
Tte clJ‘ cortsU* 0»e nm of tee put old sto. s
noon, *s «*t m di*tncm. sad %u tbe n»*oe«?a y
clesiinimsctneryaca -o fine asramn* ouflrr
elan mill. There a - * two-fleed bullets 50fen iei.V
bi*J irece* ic diameter, and %a ennae csds-U ni
orui/s sUflTcraaol atoms at on«um«. canid y
300 tr\» la V t bo«pv lb* mm it - mi* “iw.
bero’dfnro'nrlrfcaliwbai it woo'd unst tohoiW at
tb» ppeict t\l'i«« rot terms ;noa of
Frin£hJ? oli *' D! ~ * <Hu*EST. tJPIMKK %
LO % ctucatc. su:3-o?»-rw
FOR iiAZ/?C Bcardirg 'Tct
lease, flrtom sad fonutare of a
do mI‘EC ti us* tor sal*. Sow do’oes splendid xr »»?
ceta s»*l fio'orY rsiotueireji forselitre. apo'v
ob the pNißiHf, 140 Bute at. chtMSo. ? PP y
ao v>oiri<i.i
F:»p- sale -
as fiocar feared etoia,
1.0 0 BB BOiJar CWrd tbomdCT*.
Dried fl»tf,
. 2CO k« rt kettfa reodeff d lard.
..SiSjSf ol ™® 4 u»4i«ns;
F(?H SAUES --s. Steani 1 51/1-
Tbeiopeoioar ooers tor sale the Yaisabte era.
erty *h Lf ClMn, lows. Keen nea t&e “ ?wns Miur **
TeoTfciton'la’ne, A^b'sC fceT.loar itorui baa
cpataihß'hre* for o< Btooe, nxtv sore*
Qibersectciar/ machaen
Oafcmelct.an' l troobce tee tfuaitfirpinTettis, a
f»D-tto«j Yarsbros*. rSx*i feet, to* *p>. Wr sad »6lp
pmr floor. Tb!« orcomv b> ntcattd ticoa of ft
ben ««ia errwtnp report a tt»e ante, aad ctre
ofcfe ala»e* 10-n trade. ,
It ba dbeet railroad ana <xaaoMcaacr
tntii CLlcaeo and etLoo:amarbetasoraA7 aorrlos.
The ab.rro wi iJ be c V i,^.V-, er
■eaa at*ir «r M«ber. vmas t>e darrM; re TUI be
eseeareed for cood Cblcaco yoperV?. Apply to
DABIiINQTOp n co-Bamio.rt low*.
fjfTnTPMO* ■ _
U>OR SALE 2 large high pn saute
F tank* t i ataain t«?lne. e bone power: i
five floe poller, 10 ttloscbvM la :i two floe bnler,
18 mo «by «to.; i ateama dryer, capacity so t**rcef
-2.100 ft IS * nfl ojtorb wto nan* iroa pipe, kooa'aa
oow ADPIy to rDBSBB ft HIcOIEB. ;U «*oifoa
itroet, CMcucuHl. aotooMl-m
Fi R SALE—Two steam boners.
24 feetlosff, 40 laches sa disaster, two floe# ta
each IS locbr* u. lot.ur, fire treat mta ears,
tmtohttr and more-prpe comp’etp.- Isootre »}
BOBA6BSSO.KO. 97 vwal *T
-PuiMshfid roomy,
beard (ora lady and two
tali of UatVVr»»t C^ T » nilo f ,o v 11,1,e NO *tß *Xde,
and required. ±ca}:£ *aZ T zh*£* :,st9ze ** *!»«*
nttfs jUiwt Acat « Trroaae office,
,s o
#, V. attsi*{tutu
® ne cr two trnat
«S P “ r ' CCra " oLrSf^.;,".
WANTEI7- A Paitur vuh
iXami k^S*”;*?; 1 '• <-«pKie« »
Jtfadj fiaploymeot »tuVf\"v°n A®i?JlV ei ? Hd
aKw«S J • J ,*- 8 «••• T «°“« o®.**“ " a "°-
T\ AHTriU - A ‘ sitcaii -
V * - h*7
Tonocfflas vbo bMiQkt ie«nftßo .Tom \tl rt?
Lao fnrrf*bffic b-w 01 c't« re e-cu--a
faeM-TM d.’-F.U.bosW. ati:r:^'^-
A--- XKu By t. gct«tiian
fits y»fe, asap'ortlrtfa /con,, with o- wi-t.
ccti,o*rc.la *pr*«ae
sctly four rr flvr boo Vf r tn,
He*«. Aaoita"iV’io.l Oihcti cr%*r bv»V
«oa prlco aod IccalUj. aawrMi u
—At 547 ny*.
»\* o« e * wnspe'ett cock, w-tttf.ao.l To-Ip
fwfcrezicca required. auJl%r:
TV r AN-xEi,‘'To~K«t. ~A nr
* n'shidbouaesalUblaforascMl farp.ti r*t.s
bo ehllONp, Best of rcier/n-rei 2 iv«-. vod-V« ,
tins ternuacalocatloa.r. 0. cox * ! '* < *
ANTED—Two ccDtiPircn
» WisWoe t3*l>T#l»a plstjnstrto-c Wl hn-r
taaaeat 00-nf.-wUerewa comKrt* oUhor V“»? w,
ii»d,c*ooOuiQnjcaby»pp)y:ng icic,r.«-tei, vita
iiJUimßrt itlft«aco,-‘U E," v
ANTED- Emplojm ior
V .America®, English, irisa, Gctm'ia, Aco*tc.
tea colored irrr*nts •wits poodclu rai»reac‘s *-v.
p}y«i!saPbil»ce:Oßl» la eUtstncc onicc, wo lab
oootb Uaik uryt ConoTTj orders rroLip<l> at-
PRAiTia ®-tcaaance audreu
Tyith stamp Bex 1639. soil pin it
ANTJi. -A win ok i.idv 38
. f yean of are, wfilisa to corrMoond vicss
S enuenisn,from tt to So eeora ot %t», in tibv t o mat
nmooy. Trifle act In these *T7ia/ uan-a. Smctlr
ccofletraal. Aodiew Mn. Ida M.aP.ayES.ctu
CRROF.O. • «041 -p«7H
CVANTED By a pcntltman and
• wUe.boii*d.«UU »nitotuniisniuhed crfor
roonrt plraract'7 locatte. Afldre*« -ij .1 w.*»
g O.airear 5937. 1
VIT.AKTfiI> ~ Boarc fora
T T man, wife, and little danabter 3X yean old.
In private tomtly.’n tne of siicbuan.
3^aa: wenocLwitb »mt of room* or orelvzs
front 10cm, either roralibed or nnftrotibso. Sooa
* «S8 P«Jft T *°* Ad3reto “W H w Tribune co«,
V\rBTED - Girls 'wacted'imiiie*
ff dlajelT to lean* tohorntsb «Ilt rnMtad ware
AiPjj tcj. rf. bKUCf, 70 Likeitnat,nj ss.hu
. - *>ea«a from all pwt*c: tba iTfat. to ict as
Ke*t»fortt» islb ,'f BuUttlzfe'aP.ittenis ior comae
lacit* , orc!if9aLdßll<m»3 o{c.’o> te. gore to
Jo tTfj ttsl y Kit/* cff-rr 4 (»
arpntt roomie « aturf
>-c. cir.lsk * Bullulne. torn*r oi B«adot»b »na
F 0.C0x639(J.
\\' f AN TJPjL'- 1 --- A Kar-'ishfid House
«, is* cf Octohtr. A comrortßNf
oi it comen’rt l« forejshod tcuta s.va’n nr w«A
prejejieo. P«u.<*R\aatre U> ttl’cqv.Uhbou-*-
in* "J T," r. O. box 5*230.
'f/V? & | V’l'ftD "i? riicaiio ap Bsk
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