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■ Ofilcc. So. si Claris Street.
rams or Tire ernotoo irmoxn.
Daily, delivered In city (par weelc) ... 2 j
gffij.»»«biibSrs , sff
Ctab,offtmrcoplca. 9 00
■“ • « it 0 *L* “ “• 20.-0
*- # , tW€Lty“ « ** ....40.00
Afid to the Utter dab, one espy extra to the per
eon ordering It.
ilonry in Bccistercfl Letters may cs sent at
■oar risk.
Tfce remittance lor clubs must, in all cases,
t>e made at ONZtitne.
Address •‘CHICAGO TBlkttvp « ««-■-
lIOKDAY, AUGUST 22, 1504.
Tile XTriklr Tribune.
As will be seen by the tariff ol prices clso
re. the price of the weekly Tuidhke has
been increased to 52 50 per yeir, clnb rates
S- CO. The great advance io white paper as
well os in all material and labor, makes this
increase cf price absolutely necessary.
Wc print upon the second page of this
issue & concise but essentially complete his
tory of the Chicago Tbibvkb, from its first
Issue to tbe prasent number, fresh from the
flics of our new eight cylinder press. As the
Llstcry of the Tkiookk largely involves the
hbtory of Chicago, with allusion to events
in tie past, and w the pioneers of th 2 city,
it is believed it will he of interest to tbe gen
eral reader as well as to the immediate
iricndsol the piper. Our press is nowin
lull and EucciFffu.l opsratl >u, and we extend
an invitation to our frleods ond pitrou*, cu
rious in buch matters, to call and see It
Oaf friends in* the country will find the
latch string out on Wednesday and Satur
day aiteruoons, at which time the weekly is
worked off
Dr. Brown, of Liberty, Me,, was found
guilty by the United States District Court at
Bangor, Saturday, of the practice of apply
ing poison to drafted men,- in such & way
th*t they were exempted for piles and other
diseases. Hit* charge was one hundred dol
lars a man.
The coal diggers of Pennsylvania have
made a general demand for higher wages.
They bsvc for several months been receiving
four, cents per baehul for dialog. Coal is
sixteen cents per bushel In Pittsburg, and
the papers charge the blame as well on the
dealers os ot. the miners
Mrs. Dr. Mary E. Walker, captured in
Georgia, has been exchanged as a regular
army surgeon.
We print upon the third-page of this issue
n detailed report of the unofficial mission of
Col Jognee. of this State, and J. R. Gilmore,
better known as “LdmundKlrke,” to Rich
mond, who sought an interview with Jeff
Davis, In hope of budlng some posrible
cround of rrgotlatlon and ultimate peace.
The account will be read with deep Interest,
erd is especially good reading for C>pper
lieads at d Northern traitors, who arc ctcr
n-l'y prating their sickly nonsense about
ptucc with people, who spam every proposal
for peace, except upon the condition of the
recognition.of their independence There
cun be but on. inference from this interview,
and that i?, tbe absolute necessity of fighting
out the wtr vigorously. •»
Secretary Stanton's bulletin contains the
latest news from Grant's army. On Thursday
morning the sth Corps crossed the Weldon
road, end alter a gallant fight with Hill’s
corps repulsed them, and commenced the
work of destroying the roaL On Friday
Gvn. Birue}’s division, torthof the James,
was attacked, but the rebels were haud
•comcly reunited.
Senator WUson, of Massachusetts, has
published .a card deifying the allegations of
chc Is. Y. iZtfoW, and ether Copperhead
prints,-that be lias been urging the Presi
dent to offer an armistice to tbe rebels.
A letter from St. John’s, N. F reports
very cold weather there. There had been
scarcely any warm weather. The fisheries
Pad proved a failure, and frost had damaged
the potatoe errp.
TV re ore two items of news which need
confirmation badlyj-onc, that we have cap
tured Mobile, coming to us from rebel
sources; the other that hostile Indians have
sacked the village of Uaysvillc, in Kansas.
A Washington disp »tch estimates the en
tire nVI force In Virginia at 70,009, while
another correspondent In the Sbdnandoah
Valley puts down the rebel force in that re
gion at 40,C00 Infantry uni 15,000 cavilry.
Orunting both true, Lee would have only
15,C00 men before Richmond. It is safe to
prc tuu e that neither are correct
Tbe rebel pretes se that they hayc six
months provisions lu Fort Morgan, at the
entrance to Mobile, Is not credited by the
old tai-mandcr, Famigut. Probably long
before this Fort Morgan has h. da taste of
his qualify.
Gold opened in New York on Saturdiy at
fIoTV. closing ht 256%.
Xlie hake ronniy rclot* Convention.
At the Lube County Ui-’on Convention
held cl Libert; vlllc on Saturday last the del
egate* to the Congressional Convention,
which comes effen Saturday text at Elgin,
were unanimously instructed to vote lor
Ilfii. John F. Faenswoutii as Represent!-
■jvc 10 Congress. Tvrenty-five delegates
v. Crt also appointe d to tlii,Convcntlon which
meets iu Cfclcatro, and were unanimously in
structed to vote for Charles IL Reed, esq,
of this city, as States Attorney. We con
gratulate both the Convention and the can
didates. Mr Farnsworth will probably be
nomiu-.ted by acclamation. Ur. Reed is a
promising joung lawyer of this city and
well fitted for tbc office by bis past success
ful experience in the Recorder’s Court.
Should he obtain the position, -he will do
A Sword for Admiral Farragnt.
Tbe members of tbe Union League Club
of New York, holding iu high esteem the
noble s&llor who has proved his worth in
many a hard eca fight, cud who has drarm
to himself; perhaps mere than any other
naval commander, tbe love and confidence
cl tbe people, T-i«blug to convey to him an
expression of respect for him and ap
preciation ot bis many glorious deeds, hud
p.-epurcd and forwarded tn hiui an elegantly
w i ought s»o id.
Ihe Admiral tout the following letter to
tbc committee:
U. 8. IftAGESip Eauttobd, I
WssrGuLFSQUAnnoK, k
Orr Mo-inx, Jane 20,155;. 1
GrKTimtZN: J bav*- ibe Uonor to acknowledge
ttc- r* rtipl uf your coansuuicjtioii or i*croll of pre
with tbf .hword presented me by tie
U: leinL'.cenc tifNew York.
1« as imiTm-d ol itf arrival iu New Orleans by
a most count-ou-ftiid liat'erice letter from Brlc.-
L’Uwer, to whom I etndyoa my answer, re
que-tIL" bliu t<> eo * to tic Union Leasee that I re
celvcoti:erwom with & full appreciation of tie
irtal benor Hips conTorrtd opou me. The letter
-will, no dnibt, t*e laid before von in Cco course of
time, bat it elves me pnmt pleasure toreoeut to
yon, aeutiCiaen, mj etneae tiaaka for tils toati
tnocial of year bli:b nj)prfcliuf>a or my serrises to
tie country to which myuhtlehrc has been de
Ncxttotbe ftcjicg o r harincdocc yourdatyia
that o! knowing thatyoar effort* are appreciated
by yonr countrymen. I receive tils gilt as one ol
those swofylnx evidences, and yoa may rest assur
ed, i CWlCiaeD, that it will be day cherished by
Yonr obedient servant,
D. G. Faubagut, Ec2r-Admlr.il.
To Messrs. nKsnr L. I’xMtsos.TnEo. Eodjevelt,
Fuank E. Hon**, Committee of tie Presentation.
The St. Louis Bejmbliean. thus Insults
its favorite candidate for the Presidency;
It Is wei! known that this journal has. without
being invidious toward? other distinguished gca-
Ucmeuvrbo have b<eu mined for the .Presidency,
recommenced the expediency of *he nomination
of Gen. McClellan at Chicago. But we should be
anrry to be understood as retting his claims upon
his military qualifications.
You would have reason to besor/yto he
understood as resting his claims upon his
military qublificatioi s—still mjre upon his
•civil. What liis claims rest upon arc his dis
qualifications, viz; bis Imbecility, coward
ice, treachery, and syn» pat by with the rebels.
Will County Bounties,
{.Special Dispatch lo ;be Chicago Tribune.)
Jozaet, in., August 23.
The Board of Supervisors ol Will county
have today authorized the payment of a
ccnnty bounty of S2OO to each vtlcrau repre
sentative iccrui*, or substitute famished be
fore tbe craft, who may be enlisted la and
accredited upon the quota of said county
tmderlhclate call of the President for 50 J.O9D
A Speccli by tbs . President.
The following is the full text of the speech
•delivered to the ICith Ohio regiment, by
President Lincoln on the 17Lh:
Soldiers:—Y<-u are abont'to return to
jour houses ui-dycur iriuide, »(ter having,
nal lcwn > lierforuic-‘ln campa comparative
ly ehort term of dm 3 in tuls contest.
X#nJ-gT«ntl» ob'igcd 10 yon mul to all who
have come formatd at the call of their conn
try. I vifib it might he more generally uni
universally. tit»der**tood what tb’ country la
■uowesgeged in. Wo hav-*, *<B all will cnrec,
niree.tiovernmcut, whe-e tvery man has a
wplit to he .equal U’l'li every otter man In
tide great eirusgle, thi* form of Goviymnent
end every lortii ol Ham»u rights U endan
«»ered it onr enemies sneered There is
more involved in this contest teat. U .realized
2iv cverv one. There Is involved in this
Etrufigle tbe onEsllob whether yonr children
■and my chtaren shall enjoy the prlvl
1. ges we have enjoyed. 1 say this in
order to'lmprcss upon yon, IT you
arc not already so Impressed, that
no sn-all matter should divert us from our
great purpose There may ha some inequal
ities In the practical working of oar system
I.t is fair that ci:ch man shall pay uses la ex
act proportion for the value dr hi- property;
but it v e should wait before collecting a tix
to cdjus-t tl:#s taxes upon each man Inexact
proportion with every other man, we should
never collect any tax at til. There maybe
mistakes made toruZNVbcrc; things may be
done *rong while *bc officers of toe Govern
ment do all tbi;j ctn to prevent mistakes.
But I beg of you, as citizens ot this great
Republic, tot to let your minds be carried
off from the great wort we have before us.
This struggle is too large for you to be di
verted from li by any small matter. When
you return to your homes, rise up to the
height of & generation of men, worthy of a
free government, and we win carry out the
great work *e Lave commenced. I return to
yon my sincere thanks for the honor von
have done me this afternoon. w
CITU WAR ~ I!f ’
Copperhead Plot-Democrats Alarmed
-Mow the Octbrc&K -was jfoatpuucd.
LCorretpoiidcnce Cincinnati Gazette.]
Fscts just comb to light put a ne*r face on
the Address of the State Central Committee
of the Democratic parry. Its session of two
dajs sea nights w. s one of perplexity and
ptrit On the one baud was the defection of
the Peace wing of the party from its non
committal nominees, wbten had assumed
such alarming proportions that the secret
Order proposed revolution ot once. There
were present at that meetiogof the Commit
tee such CocgKs&mcn as voorhess, who,
more than a year ago. proposed to settle the
issue between his friends and the Govern
ment by the sword. Joseph ILEdgertoo,* of
the Fort Wayne District, was also with the
Committee.. On the Cth of Jane, 18G3, he
denounced the Burnside and Ha-call policy
In Ohio and Indiana, and said; a The eni of
these acts of despotism must come, cither
by Sir. Lincoln's Administration wholly
abandoning them, or by zheir resitianes by the
pcopit cvei> unto death," Such were the men
Who met to squelch the scheme for revolu
tion planned by the Sons of Liberty, who
fixed the 16th of this month for seizing Gov.
Morton and other 001 dais, getting possession
of the arsenals, lioeiallLg rebel prisoners,
establishing a provisional government, and
thus ana} lug the Northwest in rebellion,
Bingham of the &nlind. and Ristins, State
Auditor, were celled up before the Commit
tee, and admitted they belonged to the Or
der, but they were not In the inner circle,
and did not snow of toe plot.
McDocsdd rttoraedfrcmtlie North onSit
uroay. He met the committee, mid 1L H,
Dcdd and J. C Walker, State Agent at New
York, were called before them. At first they
were defiant, but admitted the revolution
had been planned. AUun was to be Provis
ional Governor. The Order was to strike, at
the came time, at Columbus end Cincinnati,
Ohio, and Clicigo, Illinois. They hud
recently met Sanders and Ho’coaibe at Clif
ter, Canada, and agreed on this plat Mc-
Donald ctkedDcud: * Howmmiytroopsdo
von think there are about Indianapolis S”
Ho answered: “Cal: a few invalids and
veterans.” “There are enough,” said Mc-
Donald, -‘to whip joa and cltanoat your
whole Order in ihc State.”
McDonald ano others of the Committee
protested casinst revolution now as mad
ness and prevailed cnDodd to. send a secret
circular, by virtue of his Authority as Grand
Commander, ordering the various lodges .to
dislet from revolution cow The circular
was sent, and thelG.b passed oQ without the
revolution plut-nt d by the'order,
t: This revelation throws new Ihrht on the
advice of the State Central Committee to the
Copperbccdsto form open armi*d organiza
tions, and proves teat the whole intent is to
put, in tLcnameof la*f, arms in the bauds of
Democrats, and then make them allies of the
tea cf order in a revolution which has been
postponed for a more convenient opportuni
ty. Meantime, ih.se Copperheads will strive
for a provocation for civil war.
Right In the face oi McDonald’skuowledge
of the existence of this secret order, and its
intended revolution, wMch at Lis demand is
postponed, be asserts inpablicthithe Knows
nothing about It.
The disclosures also prove the pesce mis
sion of Sanders & Co. a sham, whose sole
object in their stay at Clifton, was to ar
range for a rebellion in tbs Northwest.
1 also learn on uudouoted authority that
one of the delegates to the Chicago Conven
tion, from the Eighth District, apeace man,
states thut terms ol peace from the rebel
Government will be submitted to that Con
v ention.
McDonald’s chf-rcc that the 71st Indiana
took military posheislon of the polls in this
city in October, 1862, is lulse. Tne regiment
wae not in the city, but was lurlougbedhome
to rote.
■ Fortheß-kc of giving colorto the charge
that there wag no freedom of election here,
Uit u» mocnicj uwo iat ine election go by
default.* Tm.-y knew they would tie bnu«.
at. 6so etald .*w&y to eo*er the plea ol fraud
aid force as a JustjficAii. u icrrevolntlou.
C, D.’s Letter t«» tlie Albany fivonla;
Washington, August IL—Tne draft In
Sepumberis nfixidfucu It will be neither
modltcd cor postpou-d. Tons** subject to
it might ae *veJl prvparu fur U—by procuring
substitutes in advance, or by ‘-eeuioe them
bouse monUi” fer departure. It they choOie
to rive tbetrrtreouaJ service.
In pressing ttc draft ut this time, the Ad
znlnistratioii gives the highest passible evi
dence ot stem, inflexible patriotism, for
rotting which they con do will be so likely
to burr, politically as the prompt end vigor
ous CDfi-TC-ament of the draft. It will beused
ly the Democracy to prejudice the people
against Mr. Llrcoln, and to moke voces for
themselves. It will be denounced as a inci
sure of unnecessary seventy, and as intended
to oppress the poi-r to curry out what will
be stigmatized as the utipracticable measures
ofibb Acmlnis«ration Hostility to its en
forcement wnibe Invoked,and (in some quar
ters) riots instigated.
The Administration la not eo ignorant of
human nature, nor eo illy advised in regard
to the unscrupulous character of its political
enfxnics, as not to know all this. They
doubtless realize it quite as folly as tbe most
sagacious politician anywhere; but they dis
regard it, una are willing to abide tbs conse
quences, because what they purpose to do Is
essential to tbc salvation of the country,
and that is worth whatever risks of personal
apgmrcizemtnt it may involve.
While Ijtrtiumc it will, the enforcement ol
the draft should not, affect Mr. Lincoln inju
riously. If we choose to hazard success la
the Hud,' ad to quietly see tbe army reduced
below tbe tUrdsid of aggressive deficiency,
he could and probably would, put off the
draft to beyond tbe election. Bat, tbauk
Providence, be it> no such coward; but is de
termined to do his duty a- hs understands it,
let the c usequsnees to > Imselffce wh*t they
may. While a iew may bold back from him
because of this, tbe people generally will ap
preciate the motive for the enforcement ul
the draft, and ap:land tbc patriotism which
UuorcE self for the public good. So that,
if properly presented, tbe enforcement of
this necessary measure may bc.*fe it should
be, made to aid ratber than*-I a jura
bold and fearless bead of tbe Government,
It is undoubtedly true that a grmt dial of
suffering will cisur from the enforcement
of the ureft Husbands, sons, fathers and
brothers, will be compelled to leave those
who depend upon them for support Bat
ample pecuniary provision will be mode for
- thim—in rr any localities, at least, and there
should be in all; and they will have tbe
proud satisfaction of personally contribu
ting to the overthrow of those who are seek
ing to overthrow tbe government. That is
, something; but ills more, that tbc future
happiness of their children, and their child
ren’s children deuends upon tbe reconstruc
tion of the Union, and tbe perpetuity of tbe
only frte government on earth To have
such a government destroyed through the
want of energy on the part of Its rulers, or
patriotism on tbe 7-art of its people, would
be to infuse jo; and rejoicing Into the heart
ol every despot ou the face of tbe earth.
And they who may be drafted should re
member that It Is the ordering of Providence
1 as well as of Abraham Lincoln. They are,
in the course of natural everts, where, and
just at the time they are wanted. They are
of the age recognized as suitable for the ser
vices they are expected to render. Those in
advance of them, in ace would glafty take
their places If five or “ten or twenty years
of their youth could be given back to* them.
Bnt this cannot be, and those who Blind up
in the lusty vigor belonging to the period
of between twenty and lorry-five should as
sume with becoming cheerfulness tbc duties
and responsibilities of their times. A high
er power then either Presidents or Con
gresses orders cur destinies, «ud he is the
wisest man and, in this case, tbe best patri
ot who “takes joyfully” the burdens os well
I as the blessings assigned him.
The pur* ose of a draft—or Us legitimate
! purpose—is to procure men, not money.
1 with tbc commutation clause In the law, It
’ was effective in procuring money, bnt not
. with a wish loprccuie men. It is now to
I be enforced for men and.notforiDoney;
j and unless negatived altogether, it will ac
com;,) hh its purpose. For every able bodied
j man era*'n u man must come- I-scedifli
-1 cultics in the way; hut It will* I fully be
i Iteve, prove a hundred fold more effective
; than Ue old law. It it does not, the lault
1 will net be in tie law, but in the admlnistra
j tlon of it. Itt purpose may be thwarted in
localities through the imbecility of those in
} trusted v.fth its enforcement, or through
i the connivance of unlawful and unpatriotic
interference of municipal or State authori
ty e. But I believe it will prove JUclt to be
tbe rnly efficient law which has yet been
put in force to till up our depleted armies.
G. D.
Philadelphia, Saturday, August 20,
Secretary Fessenden has to-day orcerei Uni
ted States Assistant Treasurers Mclntyre and
Cj tco to pay the 10 40 and 5-20 coupon 10-40=
cue September Ist, and 5-20 a due November
Ist. •■■•'•
Fire at Wear Haven.
Kew Haven.- Conn., Aug 20.—The large
four story carriage manufactory of Durham
& Booth was destroyed b v Are this morning.
Lees £40,000 Insurance $15,000. West &
Soal, machinists, also sustained a heavy
mm m TEtfiWH
Attack Upon General Bimey
• North of the James.
Lee’s Virginia Forces Esti
mated at 70,000.
From Washington—ln
teresting, Military and
Financial Matters.
55,000 Rebels Reported in tbe
Shenandoah Valley.
. Wab DrrAunniNT,}
Washkgtox, An#. 20—8 p. m. f
Major General Dlx:
The operations of Gee. Grant’s forces arc
detailed in the following official dispatches
received to-day by this Department:
City Podtt, Aug. 16—8 p. m. —Gen. War
ren moved w itli his corps this morning to
and crossed the Weldon Road about, one
mile south of tbe head i-orks; He met
nothing hut the enemy’s pickets. He ad
vanced from this towards Petersburg. Meet
ing the enemy, he had considerable fighting
during the d>y, suffering some loss and In
flicting a loss on tbe enemy. I have no dis
patches showing tbc extent of damages.
City Poxst, Aug. 19,-7:80 p, m.—Our
troops are firmly fixed across tbe Weldon road
There has been little or no fighting to-day,
either south of Petersburg, or north of the
James river. Warren represents that the
enemy’s dead in considerable numbers were
loundln his front nnbnried.
General Blrney telegraphs General Butler
as follows:
Head QUAntees 10rn Asitr Coups, Aug.
19.—The enemy attacked my line In heavy
force last night, and were repulsed with
great loss. In front of our'colored regiments
eighty-two dead bodies of the enemy are
counted. The colored troops bchived
handsomely, and are in fine spirits. The as
sault was in column, a division strong, and
we could and would have carried the works
if they hnd not been so well defended. The
enemy’s lose was at least one thousand.
(Signer?) D. B. Bibxey, Mcj. Gen,
We buve a jrreat deal ol rain this wack
and a very grtrtelul change in the tempera
City Poctt, Friday, Aac. 10—9 p. m.
The enemy came out tbls evening on War
ren’s rlctt, driviegin the pickets connecting
between him and’the left of cur old line on
tie Jerusalem Pi auk Hoad, and forcing them
August 18—Evening, f
This mcmlng at 2 o’clock, tbc sth Corps
started cu an expedition to cut tbe Weldon
Railroad atßelm’e Station, taking four days’
rations. This corps was withdrawn from
the left frost some days ago and has been on
the reserve since. They reached the railroad
about 7 o’clock, and tbs Ist division being
in the advance, had a skirmish with a force
of the enemy stationed there to protect the
road. They fell back rapidly, however, and
the loss on either side was light. After
piscina the troops Inline to meet any attack
which mgibt be made,the work of teariugnp
tbe track was commenced and prosecuted
with vigor for several Lours, but about noon
they were Interrupted at their labor by tbe
appearance of tbe enemy, who were advanc
ing along the railroad from Petersburg in
line of battle. They proved to be Hill’s
corps, which had been‘lying in reserve for
the past few days, and advanced at double
quick, as soon as they became aware of our
intention. Tbe 2d division, Gen. Ayers
commanding, held the advance on tbc rail
road, tbe 3d and 4th divisions supporting on
the right, while the let divhlon was
placed to cover the left and prevent any sur
prise in that direction. Tbc attack on tbe
2d division was very determined, but our
men met it sallaolly, driving the rebels
back in handsome style, with heavy loss.
After repeated attempts to force our lines,
the rebels finally, after two hours’ Laid,
fighting, gave up the idea and fell back some
distance, keeping up a lire all the afternoon
from their Lotteries and skirmishers.
The 15th New York Heavy Artillery par
ticularly distinguished Itself In this engage
ment, Its commander was severely wound
ed. The movement was a complete surprise
to the enemy, tbe rebel pickets stationed in
tbc vicinity being so astonished that they
had hardly time to escape. Some few pris
oners were taken, several of whom Vers*
‘ The track is torn up for over a mile. Oar
troops still held the position at dark to
night, and to-morrow they will completely
destroy the tics and rails of the railroad, un
less the rebels shall visit the neighborhood
In too strong force,
Tbe loss on our side was about SOO, among
whom was Lieut CoL Pierson, of the 39th
(Signed) • E, SL Staktos,
Secretary ot War.
New York,- August 20.—Tbc Post has the
following special:
Wasbskgtox, August 20.—There is no
news of importance from Grant. ThC'ticw
movement on thenorlherneide of tbe James
lU«r is progreEeing favorably, find gralify
ln K xcEulte are confidently anticipate!.
S'rw Tons, An?. SO.—The New Tort
Trluiu't correspondence dated the IStb,
Item Grant’s siraT, says: The Indications are
that there Is to to on Immediate action on a
croud scale somewhere along enr strategic
lire. The marehlnl and countermarching of
divisions aid army corps are such that it is
impossible for anybody but Grant to tell
sTtoiii sx. ions.
Guerilla Operations —The lowa Bor
der Ihreaioi.cd*—lTlarysyiile* Kan
gar. Hep or ted Sscksdbf ludlans.
ibpeclal D.epatch to the Chicago Tnaune.,-
St. Louis, Aug. 23.
A gueriU® ccrg lins ermmenced deprada-
Hors in Scotland county near the lowa line,
under ihe lead of a brother of the ■ notorious
J. Porter.
Itbas trflrsi.lred that Edwin Price, son of
Sterling, reported to Rosecrans that Holtz
claw and.other guerilla leaders exhibited to
b!m their commissions signed by Gen. Price
empowering tbem to carry bn* the war In
Missouri- There/ls. reliable evidence in the
hands of Gen, Rosecrans' that Pike dis
banded six regiments «lth orders to return
to the State and make se much trouble as
possible. ’' * . ;
Several more guerillas, tried by court-mar
Il<i3 have been sentenced to ba backed.
Their names are Stephen C. Smith, Wm.
Moore, Joseph Johnson, Ghas. Brownlie and
Jessie Cooker, all residents of Missouri, and
severally sentesced to be banged on the 0:h"
of September. Hosccrans is the first depart
ment commander who taosexecnte-l snenllas
Gen. Fisk reports the Union men of North
M iesonri - anxious for the extermination ol
the rebels.
St. Louis, Aug. 20.—Capt. Wo. J. Living
ston, C. 8. A., convicted by a military com
miction of being a rebel spy, was hong in the
jaU yard here icstcrdav.
Llent. CoL West, 135 th Illinois, has been
dismissed from the service by Gen. Rosecraus
for gross neglect of duty.
The militia of Carroll and Bray conn! les bad
a fight with Bill Ardcrton’s bushwhackers on
Suncny morning, killing five of them- Five
militia men were killed.
About 2CO guerillas crossed the Missouri
Ewer, golnnsontb, on Monday.
The St Joseph of yesterday.says
that news has reached there of the Backlog of
Marysville, Kansas, by Indians, bat no par
ticulars are given.
St Louis, Aug. 20.—The St. Joseph, Mo,
papers say that Marysville, Kansas, nine
mlies west of St Joseph, was completely
sacked by Indians on Sunday last. This
statement Is quite doubtful. The rontefrom
Fort Kearney to Omaha was not molested,
and the ovtrland m&U is forwarded as for
mcrly. ,
Gen. Fisk h-s levied an assessment of $59,-
COO on the secessionists of Shelby county,
and SIS,GCO on those in Monroe county, to re
pair carnages to the railroad.
fro3SSxv Paul.
Tire Indian TPar-A Proposition for
(Special Dißps■ eh to the Chicago Tneans.)
Sr. Pan*, Minn., Friday, Aug. 19.
Dispatcbec just received by Gen. Sibley,
from Fort Abercrombie, dated August 18,
state that a scont of tbit post has just ?c
--turned Irom Fort Wadsworth, the new Fort
near James River in Decatah Tcriitory, and
reports that u messenger bad arrived there
from Standing Buffalo, Chief of the SU-Honp,
bringing a proposition from several bands of
Indians to make a treaty of peace. They siy
they are bunted do wn by the Crp wsand Black
ftet, who will not let them come near their
bunting grounds. These Indians are now
encamped, to the number of 509 on the Cm
ce«u Le Prairie.
There arc still wild rumors from 'the late
Indian raid, but the Government scouts, re*
port positively that there arc. no Indians
within oar line of outposts.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Peru, led, An?. 25, ISO!.
At the Union Convention held here to
day Jonas Dconcr was inominated for the
State Legislature, O. P. Webb for County
Treasurer, and Wesley Wallack far Sheriff.
Schuyler Colfax made a lengthy and able
speech before a large audience. lie rcvic ted
tbe pcsce resolutions passed by the Valpa
raiso Convention, and defended tbe Admin
istration with ability. He also 'denied tbs
published report tbat be had declined a joint
discussion withTurpie. Heis always ready
forsucb .debates, and will always accept bnt
never give a challenge.
I*i ogress of tlic Slccc of Atlanta,
New York, Aug. 20.—The rebel paper
contain tbe following:
Atlanta, Aug. 15. —At a late hour yester
day evening tbe enemy attempted to drive in
onr pickets on the centre. After a sharp
skirmish they were repulsed. There was de
sultory firing along the line throughout the
night, nnd to day net a few of tbe shells
thrown into tbe city had scriptural quo
tations in Hebrew pasted on ttem..
A body of tbe enemy’s cavalry dashed' in
to Decatur teis evenieg, and moved In tbe
direction o! Cobb’s Mill. A small force of
infantry Is reported at Decatur. Their ac
tions indicate another movement on our
Lively skirmishing is going on on our
centre tLI» ovezkingr. . - -
The ISchel Army Reported 55.000
Baltimore, August SO,—Wo bare noth
ing definite from the Upper Potomac to*
night The rebels are understood to have
occupied Martmßbnrg in email force. It is
not proper to st.ea'k definitely of our posi
tion, but there Is good reason to hope that
Sheridan will prove more than & match for
rebel strategy In that quarter.
* New York, Aug. 20.—The ilorli’a Char
leston. Virginia, special, 18th says: “Most
of onr araij passed through Winchester on
Wednesday and encamped on the 18th be
tween Cliiton and Charlestown. Theene
et’e force Is estimated at 4'J,000 infantry
and 15,000 cavalry.”
New Yore, Aug. 80 —The New York Tri-
Ikhc has the following:
Baltimore, Aug. 19.—1 have just arrived
from Harper’s Ferry. There were reports
that a portion of tbe Gtb Corps was attacked
lust night, but nothing confirmatory has
been received. It is stated that tUo rebels
arc engaged in destroying the railroad, near
TheiTcrcWVWashington dispatch says:
11 The reported movement of Sheridan in the
valley Is not regarded as a retreat, but a
manoeuvre for an advantageous position,
commanding all tbe avenues of approach to
the Potomac A reconnoissauce, now being
made, will Immediately develop the position
and strength of the rebels, and enable Sheri
dan to move against them with entire confi
Wasuiegtoi:, August 20.—Reports from
tie Shenandoah Tolley intimate that Sheri
dan is watching the movements of the rebel
column. He was prepared to meet them at
any point
New York, August 20.—The Herald's Har
per’s Perry correspondence, dated the 19cb,
soja: About three hundred prisoners arri
ved from the front to-day. Some of them
belonged to Lo&gstreet’s corps. Several
hundred head of cattle and horses, captured
in the Valley, also reached this point Our
armv la so disposed as to cover the forks of
the Upper Potomac and approaches to Har
per’s Ferry,. Quicker’?, Ashbs’s aod
Manassas G.*p?, at d to prevent any fljßk
movement of tbe enemy. '
Inspection of the Washington Fortl>
ficatk‘2i« Interesting Monetary
New Yoke, Saturday, August 20.—The
Con.ifiircicl has the following special from
Washington: A thorough inspection of the
fortifications of Washington was made yes
terday and proved entirely satisfactory. If
the enemy should come down from the Val
ley against us be would find the city in a
more effective state ot defense than ever be
Reports that Republican leaders hare made
an impression upon the President In lUvarof
an onuiEtlcc until after election, are unfound
ed. “When tbe President will not even change
his Cabinet with the view to Improve his
chances for re-election, it is idle to suppose
he would adopt a bold peace measure.
The JP-*t gays Mr. Fessenden intends to re*
turn to 'Washington this evening. The terms
ofthe new loan are not yet decided. It is
reported that the bonds will be 5*203, which
are extremely scarce. No bonds are at pres
ent more actively In request, both in foreign
markets and by onr own citizens. The demand
for the new 7-80s is not expected to be dimin
ished by the Issue of these gold-bcaringbonds,
as the latter will be absorbed by a different
class of investors from those who subscribe
for the former; moreover, the debt certifi
cates whose low price has checked the de
mand for 7-EOs, will now probably rise in
valne, os It is proposed to accept SOper cent
of the payments for tbe new bonds in these
securities. Theairargementa for the pay
ment of this and future loans, will bo such
as to disturb as little os possible the move
ments of the money markets.
Gold is drooping In consequence of the
payments of interest from the sub-treasury.
Opcuitg price 2573£; closed st 250«£ bid.
Exports of specie to-day, $34,150.
New Tore, August 20 — The New York
Tima 1 Washington dispatch says:
The latest advices from our forces operat
ing against Mobile, show that Fort Morgan
is closely invented, and at lost report an at
tack was on the point of being made. The
statement that tbe fort is provisioned for six
months Is known to he all nonsense. Intel
ligence from our blockade proves that Fort
Morgan has been In tbe bablt of receiving
supplies fer only t fortnight at a time. The
fall of this work may therefore ce looked
for at an early day, even If no attack should
be made, and tbe garrison simply subjected
to the starvation process.
Cairo Organizing tor Offense^
Cairo, August 19.— The meeting hers on
Wednesday night, called for the purpose of
organizing a Home Guard, was largely at
tended and much enthusiasm was manifest
ed. The following resolutions were unani
mously adopted:
Whereas, In the present unfortunate condition
of imr country, it becomes necessary for every
community, to devise means for protection and
self-prcrervation, and erpecial-y against those
banc? and rbbbws by which the bor
gers of our vicinity Is infested, and
Whereas, The dty of Cairo presents unusnil
inducements to those robber?, owing to the large
amount of Government stores, with her basks
private wealth, and
WnrnEAß, Frequently our military force would
be inadequate for the protection of our dty;
’ £tiolted % ifurtfort. That the protection of this
dty, cur fomUlgg. and our property, is an Interest
In common, without any dlatlnc'.lon or piny or
politics, aid in walch every man w.'o i* not a re
creant to bis God, hla family and bia country, 13
equally Interested.
Bttolvtd . That in order to effect a proper organ
ization for the prctcaloo of onr city, oor families
and enr flipsides against auy belUgereat attacksof
tnrpnse.ihota committee often be appointed,
who'eball he empowered to act as a vigilance com
ialttcc,atdwbosedatyltsbalibe to coaler with
the Commandant of the Poet, and such other au
thority as they may find necessary to effect such
organization and to carry ont the
foregoing rceolutiona foi our mutual protection.
Short and pertinent speeches'were made
by Col. John Dougherty and others, advo
cating th* necessity of a thorough military
organization, and nrdnff the importrnce of
immediate action In the matter, and snygest-
Imthc enrollment of the cl;izeos without
These suggestions were acted upon, and
-thrte companies were instantly organized.
Three companies have also bc-n organized
at Mound City. '
FAr.niEr. Point, Aug; 20;— The steamship
Pi ruvjau from Liverpool 11th, oia London
derry 12th, passed this point at sp. m. Her
dates are fivedays later. News unlmuort
Liverpool cotton market was irregular,
and prices bad declined. Breadstutls firm
but sready. Provisions doll. Consols
£9 l*4uS93 o for money.
Three men had been tried In Liverpool
for enlisting men for the Confederate
steamer Rappahannock They were found
guilty and lined £l5O, and warned not to re
peat the offense, and then liberated on their
own recognizance.
The little hrig Vision, bound from New
York to London, was spoken on July 20th
in latitude 45 deg. 10 mlu., longitude 33 de"
west, and supplied with provision? and wa
ter, when she continued on her voyage.
ThcDano-Germon ■question continued to
excite considerable discussion.
Mr. Bateman, father of the American ac
tress, Mies Bateman, bos been brought be*
fore a magistrate id London charged with an
assault on a lady growing out ot a theatrical
scandal. 'Ehe case was set for trlab
Animosity between Prussia ana the small
er German State.'shows token of increase.
It was announced Iq Parts tbit the French
Government bad entered a protest against
the extension ol Prussian territory except
under the consent of the French, who origi
nally traced the boundaries.
Pams—Bourse firm.
Loxnos, Arg. U.—Bank rates remain 8 per cent.
Market exhibits rather morn ease. Consols yes*
letday firmer. Latherthwal.’a circular says that
large amounts oi 17. S- Bonds have been import
ed from America, and last week’s prices depressed
ful’y 8 prr cent, but the news of higher prices in
New York continued tbo continental demand and
the market rose and closed strong at 4l>'(fh'l2,
We nctc more disposition to take these bonds In
England during the pact week.
Ifl.nois Central la in good domed, bat at lower
Litzetool, August 11.— BiiEAnsTrrrs—Floor
dull, but steady. Wheat quiet; bat steady, at 7s.
Cd(2Se.4d. for Red Western. Corn firmer, and ad
vanced GG'Jd. Sales 29s Cd££29s9d form'xed. li?cf
quiet. P*>rk quiet bat steady. Lard quiet, with
cionnward tendency. Sugar inactive. Coffee quiet
rd steady. Petroleum firmer, at2s. Id.ftSa. 3d. for
Wiivat— Dn.l, an? declined I(22; perquirier.cl - s<
ire it atlrcr-
S* oau—l'r.ll.
Ct yras—Eceitr sed ?ot to firm.
7ivcFrooi..Ang.l2(by teiesiaph toLon-.ondcrrv.)
—Coitok— Bales icr thßweeu.S./jDO&iiaf, Market
Ir efula - , ana doted dull at a oecliae of" if
diitl. ToiUv ice msrket closed firmer,
but at u:changed quotations. The fl.
levies aro the authorized qoctafon*. M(*-
middling Orleans SO’fd; do. Mobile CO.^fu: do.
uplandsß o. Th** stock in port is 218.000 bal"S of
which 14,£C0i9 American. Breadstuff- quiet hut
steady. Com still advancing, mtsed 30s, Pro
visions dull wito a downward tendency
London, 12tb.—Contois 89K©89# for money.
Blinds Cerlral shares [email protected]« discount; Erie
t bares 19(242.
London, J2lh.—Consols 69iffi£S9J£ for money,
Illinois Central shares 45(0*44 discount: Ene
shares [email protected] "Bullion In me bank of England has
decreased £299.000.
New Your, Sunday, August 21.—The steam
ship Ecdar, from Liverpool on the 9cb via Queens
town 10th, arrived this evening. The news la gen
erally anticipated.
Lord Palmeretoo has made a speech expression
Jiopes of an early peace in America. Ho thaagat,
however, the interposition of Engl md at present
would be worse than useless.
From Grant’* A»niy— natters In tho
New York, Aug. 2L—The Sunday Herald
dispatch states tbat the recent movement
leaves only tbe Danville road over which the
rebels obtain supplies for their army and
- - .aaispatcb fromSberlflan’scommandtome
Utrald., Gated Saturday, August 20th, states
tbat about 3,000 rebel cavalry dashed into
Marticsburg on Friday afternoon, bat cap
tured nobody. Sheridan expected an attack
on Saturday, and was folly prepared. Averill
bad n smali skirmish with rebel cavalry nsir
■Banker Hill on Saturday. .
A Harper’s Ferry dispatch of tbe 18tb
states that when onr cavalry were evacuat
ing Winchester on the 17tb, tbo citizens fired
on Gen. Wilson and onr troops from their
With the exception of the above, the pa
pers contain nothing additional to the dis
patches of last night.
Headquarters army of the Potomac,
Saturday, Aug. 20— C a. m.—Yesterday was
the quietest day wc have seen In front of
Petersburg for a month, scarcely a shot be
ing heard the entire day.
On the Weldon Road, where Gen. Warren’s
corps had taken position, considerable skir
mishing, with occasional discharges of artil
lery, occurred, but nothing resembling an
'engagement took place.
In the afternoon the enemy moved a force
from near Petersburg toward enr left, and
made an attempt to force onr line near the
Jerusalem road, but fiudieg the road was
not so easy as they anticipated, they aban
doned It. * They took a lew prisoners, how
ever, before they fell bock.
. The number of casualties in the sth Corps
on Thursday was about 450.
About midnlghteome batteries in front <f
the 18th Corps opened, and also on the left a
sharp engagement was kept up for several
hours, with the result, so faros conld be as
certained, of nobody injured, and at this
hour not a cun can be heard.
The roads are becoming bid in conse
quence of the rain which has fell during the
present week and still continues.
Fort Mokroe, August 19.—The following
deaths h&vo occurred in Hampton Hospital
slice the last report:
- Wm. WUdbams, 142 d Ohio; Samuel Gar
wood, 183 d Ohio; Mark L. Wilson, lu3d
Ohio; James M. McDouuell, 143 d Ohio;
Wm. Read, 184 th Ohio.
Fortress Moxeoe, August 20, via Balti
more, Sunday, August 2L—From City Point
we have intelligence that thcfitli Army Corps
had a severe fight with the enemy, yesterday,
on the Weldon Railroad, but succeeded in
routing the rebels, aud'fiually advanced aod
occupied a position on the Hue of the Peters
burg and Weldon Railroad, and at last ac
count we still held the position
On tbe north siso of tbe James River onr
lines, up to the latest Intelligence, coutluivd
unchanged, notwithstanding the reported
efforts of the enemy to dislodge us.
The canal is progressing lavorahly at
Dutch Gap.
Later—4:3o p, m.—The steamer John
Brooks from City Point has arrived and con
firms the success of our movement on the
The sth Army Corps still hold their posi
Our position on tbe north side oi tbe
James River Is not materially chmged, but
the 3d Corps are making an important
BALTnonz, Sunder, August 21.—As fir as as
certained there hie been no encasement on tbe.
Upper Potomac yet.
Tbe rebels are believed to be in force beyond
Haoerstoww, Aug- SI —Gen. Averlll retired
from Martineburg on Thursday evening with bis
main force. To-day tne rebel pickets were ad
vanced to Falling waters, but were driven bock
by a detachment of the Sd Louisiana Union cav
That Is the nearest point to this place at which
they have made their appearance. Gen. Averlll
now has fall possession of the lords along the
river, from Shepardstown to Williamsport, and
'any attempt of the rebels to cross wul be prompt
ly met. ■
den* Seymour on the War.
New York, August 20.—The Tima has a
long letter from Brig. Gen. Seymour, lately
prisoner at the South, upon the present as
pect of affairs bused npon his former knowl
edge of that section and his recent observa
tions. He states the rebel cause is fast fail
ing Irom exhaustion, and all we need is men
to give a crushing preponderance to our
armies. Tens of thousands of lives are
Ics*. because our array of strength is
go di a prqport!onate against that which we
battle Everywhere we meet on nearly
cqu&l terms, when we might as well have
four to one. Tbe coat to us In blood and
treasure of a prolonged war can,hardly be
foreseen. The South will fight as long as
tbe sttuzgle is equal. It will submit to
such preponderance as we should show In
the field.
Senator Wilson and the irais-
Boston, Aug. 20—Senator 'Wilson pub
lishes note dtnyieg all the reports to the
cliecf that he Is nixed up Tilth any proposi
tion f**r an anniellce with the rebels. He
ears no pnblic man connected with the Ad
ministration is In iavor of an armistice. I
personally know that President Lincoln and
all Ihe members of his Cabinet have uudoubt
td faith in the success of oar arms and the
complete triumph of onr cause,. and with
this belief they will pursue the most vigor
ous measures to raise money end men to
carry on the war. ■ •
Stamped Envelopes.
Washington, August 20.—The price at
which stamped envelopes are furnished per
dozen 'under the recent contract, being
largely in excess of those heretofore made,
the Department has issued a circular to
various edicts, announcing a corresponding
advance of rate at which they are to be fur
nished to the public. The increase in the
: price of the letter size is about 17 per cent.
from Paducah—The BzacdUlou et
den, Palns-flattors at Ulruipbu.
[f peclil D’spatoh to tbs CaUago Tribaae ]
Cairo, Sunday, Aug 21,13& L
Gen. Paine returned to Paducah to-day abort
noon from his scoct into Kentucky alter Adam
Johnson's raiders. lie did not meet their force
I understand, but succeeded in cap‘.oriugalarge
cumber of cattle, hordes and Bait which they had
taken from the country and were making off with.
Qen. Paine's forces are expected back to Padu
cah to-morrow coming across the country.
Cairo, by late orders irom Washington, has
again been made part of Gen. Waahoufa’s com
mand, reporting to Gen. 'Washburn at Memphis.
Gen. Borbridgc will command in Kentucky, but
Gen. Paine retains his position as commandant ol
the district of Western Kentucky, where he la.
doing an excellent work.
The state ol leellog among citizens of Kentucky
and Mkeonri since Gen. Meredith has been in
charge hero has nndergono considerable change,
and a change for the better. Two Vbtca for Union
to cue that would have been received three months
ago will now be cast in comities adjoining us in
that State.
The best of feeling prevails amoeg citizens, and
they are fast coming backtothelraiieglai.ce. A
series of barhicnes and public meetings will soon
be inaugurated In Ballard county, wbicb Gea.
Meredith has expressed a willingness to attend
and talk to the people, explaining the policy of
the Administration toward the citizens.
Scch conversations would undoubtedly do a
great amount or good.
No news from below.
(.Special Dlipaich to the Chicago Tribune.]
Paducah, Sunday, Augist 21,1
Via Cairo. Sunday, Aogaat 2i. f
On Wednesday morning Gen Paine, with a com.
mand of l,€Comen, compoied of the lUst and 13-id
Illinois, 34th N. J., detachment sth Ky. Cavairy
anc Btb tT. S. Cavalry, embarked on the steamers
Colossus, Fisher, Gem, Lawrence and Areola, for
an expedition asainst Adam Johnson.
Ecarrivedat Uniontowa, Ky., a noted accesh
place, at 5 o’clock a. m. on Thursday. At this
place the General arrested several prominent rebel
sympathizers, confiscated CO hhds. tobacco, 74
barrels whisky, about 120, barrels salt, 100 head of
catlle ard about 73 horses, bringing away
seventy-four bales of hay belonging to the Gov*
We left Ucicntown at 2p. m., and marched to
Morgan Field, a distance of eight mile?, arriving
ihcrc at Cp. m., formings Junction with Genera]
Harvey with a force of 7co men, and Adam John,
eon was no way to bo heard o£ having skedaddled
towards Hopkinsville,
On tho morning of the 20th we marched for
Caeeyville, Ky,,'a distance.of 25 miles, arrived
there at 7p. m., and arrested sevjra! more citi
Our expedition from Caseyvllle, Ky., to Smith
hnd. Col. Davidson commanding, Ist .brigade
Ljcut. Col. Moore commanding 2d brigade, the
General and staff, with pare of command, embark
ed on steamers and arrived here this a. m.
No news later than nine a, m,, 2lst.
Como, Sunday, Ang 21.—Tee Memphis Bul etln
says boats from below arc obliged to pass Gaines’
Landing by night with all lights out. There was
a rebel battery there at last accounts commanded
by Capt. Pratt, consisting ol four tea-pounders,
two twelve-pounders,supported by Colton Green’s
brigade of Marmaduko’s division, Gen. Walker Is
Dick Taylor’s forces are reported menacing
Morgaczla. 9
From Sliawncctowo-ifTalrs on tlio
'•tilo—llHooltf dUilmry and General
[Special Dispatch to the; Chicago Tribune,]
2£w- SpniKOriELD, Sunday, Aug. 21.
I have just pained the following interesting facts
from a gentleman who jnat arrived from Shawnee
In Union county, Ky., there arc at this time over
1,000 guerillas armed with rifles,
Ac, All the people of that county are intensely
disloyal. They are embittered against ns on ac
count of onr loyalty and because their negroes
have come over here and have not been returned.
Col. Adam Johnson la in command of the gue
rillas, and they have a line of pickets from°the
llobaah to the Saline, twenty miles, or ten above
mnJ ten biilnzr. Their picket* are all tho time in
eight along* the oppnrltc chore. They have re
peatedly come-down on the'bcach and fired at the
town. Yesterday there was constant firing from
both sides-of the river, they at ns and we at them
until we drove them away with solid shot from
our canon.
On last Friday afternoon they ciptured three
steamers and one barge laden with government
fitorce, eight miles below the town. They pre
pared the night before to capture them on a bar
three miles above the town, an 3 had skiffs and
boats all ready at tho river, when our picket
guard discovered their purpose and fired upon
them, thns giving tbo alarm, and tho rebels re
tired for that night.
On Saturday at dark some GDO to 800 appeared at
toe lar eight miles below, and 200 crossed over.
Oar scouts came in and tbo alarm was given by
sending runners into the country. Our men were
put nnfler anus and a party of mounted men pro
ceeded immediately to the place of crossing, and
fired on them and held them in check until about
daylight, when wo had mastered about 200 men
there, whereupon the guerillas re crossed. Oar
force there saved or re-captnrcd from them 200 fit
cattle and a large load of sacked oats, all United
States stores. Cur force killed two and wounded
seven of them.
Col. John* on the other day sent them word that
if they would "not resist he would only take their
cargoes, but iPthey resisted he would plunder and
destroy the town.
They have determined to resist, and evince
great determination in tbelrpreparations, although
they have bet a email force. They keep picket
guards constantly out, and many of'them are ah
most worn out with constant exertion.
The Union men of that section ore loyal to the
core and will protect the place at all hazards/
The State ot Illinois has been organized Into a
military district. Brig. General Payne arrived
bere to-day and will command, with headquarters
at Springfield.
Two hundred and fifty-five re-enlisted veterans
and twenty-five officers of the Cist regiment
Illinois Volunteers, Colonel 8. P. Ohr, arrived in
this city on Saturday night fromDuvall’s DlofT,
Ark., on veteran furlough.
Sixty nou-cnllsted veterans of the 40th regiment
Illinois volunteers arrived in this city on Friday
Wm, C. label*, of Fayette county, arrested on
the charge of assaulting Richard Cook, of Ramsay,
acd taking arms from him for the aid
ing the Southern Confederacy, was brought before
United States
yesterday. The accused waived an examination
and was bound over in tbe sum of §5,000 for his
appearance at the next term of the U. S. District
Court, Paschal Isbell, John P. Isbell, and G.lsbrii
becoming sureties for the amount. Thirty
two recruits and subslltntcafor various regiments
arrived at the Soldiers 1 Homo in this city yester.
day and reported at the headquarters of Major He
(Special Dispatch to be Chicago Tribune.]
WAsmsoTox, Sunday, Aug. 31.
Since the beginning ot the month about 27,000,-
OCO have been put in the bands of army paymas
ters, and a considerable number of soldiers in the
field, as well as most ot those on detached duty
have been paid to date. Tbe payment of Grant’s
and Sheridan's* forces Is delayed by their active
Four hundred rebel officers left Fort Delaware
to-day for Charleston harbor. It is presumed that
tbe result ol tbe movement will ultimately be an
exchange for an equal number of onrown officers,
though they may have a chance to speculate upon
the. accuracy of aim of the retiel gunners for a few
West Maryland farmers report ano'hcr raid
twenty miles Irom this city, which will probably
turn cat to be a movement of our cavalry in that
Adam Johnson tlio Guerilla Leader
Comes to Grier,
Louisville, Sunday, August 21.—Generals
Hcvey and Hughes have just strived with
their commands. They attacked Johnson's com.
nwnd In and about Morgaalleld, completely rout
leg them, and capturing 22 prisoners. They re
took ail the Government property. ’
Clarksville, Texx., August 21,—Major Tyler,
52d Kentucky, attacked Adam dohnaon, near
Princctown, morning, and routed him, killing
totr, wounding lour. Jotmson zs reported mortal
ly wounded.
A party of tbe 83d Illinois, under Capt. Torrbal,
were attacked and badly cut up, yesterday, below
Fott Donclson, byaportionof Woodward’s com.
Capt. Tonbull and eight men killed. •
Clarks tills, Tenn., August 20.—Woodwtrd
died at Hopkinsville yesterday, his command is
separated at Waloata.
Adam Johnson fa reported at Madlsonville 1,200
etreeg. Johnson Is evidently making for the
Cumberland river. Four feet ofwatcrcnllarpsth
Skoals and rising slowly.
Dssrnm, An?. £o—The following from SeorgeW.
Lsce, Superintendent of the Brooch Hint. to rfena
tor Jus, 11. Lane, expresses- the general feeling
here: ,
••GtKmL:-Ihe telegram purporting to be
from the Indian Bureau from Waialncton Is an
outrage on the memory of the nuimedmen and
unoffending women and children who hare been
-killedand scalped by these treacherousderila.
- Ever? head of Indians of any size on the Plains
hare united for the purpose ot exterminating and
driving the white men from the mountains sad.
plains, The only wrongs I know of are, thit these
natural enemies ofproeress and improvement have
beee fed, strengthened, and furnlaccd with arm*,
nndera mistaken policy, to belter accomplish their
hellish purpose. If « o.omdo has any rriemU la
the Slate*, let them prove know. Those who
.sympathize with the wronged tertian* bad better
cut their hair short before crossing Missouri River,
as they are no respecter ol persons or sex.
(Signec) G. W. Last."
All the stores rcmalc closed, aad man are drill
ing and working on the fortifications.
Fsosi moara ciaoMNA.
Blockade Kcitnen Rebel Nava
New York, Sunday, Aug. 21^—Advices from
Roanoke Xsl*nd. August IGtn, v.a Fortress Mon
roe, state thar Capt. Kills, formerly of the U. S.
Navy, la now in command ol too rebel ram Aloo
mnrfe. Capt. Moffatt. the former commander, is
now iu command of the rebel stoimer Coquette,
and ha-jnetruu the blockade at Wilmington load
ed with cotton.
Fl'tcec thousand pounds of sugar were received
recently at South Mills, N C., by rebel agents, and
conveyed to Weldon, N. C„ via Edenton.
Seizure of Arms for' Disloyal Parties
••Sons of jLlberty Arrested.
Inoiak-apous, Sunday, Aug. Sl.—Some days ago
Gov. Morton received s let’cr from the east tinning
that a large quantity of arms were being shipped
to disloyal parties in Indiana. On the ITtbmst.
four boxes were receivedaddressect, J, J. Parsons,
firm of U. li. Dodd & Co., printer*} this city.
Last night twenty-two boxes more to the same
address, were received and draped to Dodd's office
The military authorities Immediately placed a
guard around tbc building and took possesa on of
the boxes. Upon examination they were fousd to
contain revolvers of the beat quality and fixed
j. J. Parsons and Cons. P. Hutchins, Dodd’s
•partner?, and Wm, Harmon, Grand Secretary of
toe Sons of Liberty, were arrested aod placid un
der guaid at tboboK’iera’ Home.
Tbc former were released on taking the oath of
allegiance this evening.
The book containing the list of the Sons of Lib*
city was foiled In Dodd’s safe, including the Sec
retary and Auditor of Slat*, Attorney General and
J. J. Bin* bam, editor of the Sentinel , and names
of four hundred rebel prisoners as third degree
mem her?. ,
11. D. Dodd is Grand Commander of the Order of
Sons of Liberty in Indiana.
Surgeon General Hammond,
Washington, Aug. 20.—Brig, Gen. Ham
mond, Surgeon Central, United States army,
was tried oy court martial at Washington,
cn the 10th of January last, on very lengthy
charges of cScfmudieg the Government of very
large amounts of morey, in the way of con
tracts. to divers persons, for flannels, medi
cal supplies and hospital stores. Tbc’dpcl
slon'of tbe court was tbat Surgeon General
Hammond be dismissed from the service,
and disqualified from holding any office of
honor or trust under tbe Government. This
•.sentence tbe President has approved.
Strength of* the Rebel Army in
New York, August 20.—The New York
Timo? Washington special says: Tbe simul
taneous encounters with tbe rebels on both
banks of tbe James river, and also in the
valley, prove tbat Lee has in Virginia a larger
force than has been supposed, and reports
of bis having sent a detachment to Georgia
ore not now credited. Lee’s total force is
estimated by onr secret service at about sev
enty thousand men.
Fire in Boxbnry, Mass.
Boston. August 18! The Newtown Lubri
cating Oil Works, on Park street Roxtmry,
were clown up and set on fire to-day, by
the explosion of the boiler. A large quantity
of oil was destroyed. Loss $23,000. Insured
for $15,000 in New York.
Arrival of tho steamer* Benton and
Isabella—Navigation In tbo Upper
Missouri—An Attack by the Indian*
—llt« Sttain«r Island City sank and
a 1 oral Loss—News irom Gea Snlif
Expedition—Accident to tUo Benton.
(From the St. Joseph Herald, 16th.]
The steamer Benton arrived at this port bn
Sunday, from tbe Upper Missouri. She Is
the only one oi tbe Mountain fleet tbat push
ed up os high as Fort Benton. She is in the
employer the American Fur Company, and
lelt St. Louis on tbe 26tb of March last, aad
has now been out near five months. After
taking through her cargo direct to Fort Ben
ton, sue. returned to Fort Gilpin, and there
receiving another load, made a second trip
to Fort Benton, She would have made a
third, bnt the water became too low.
On the 10th of Jnns she started from F6r£~
Benton on her homeward trip; 40 miles be
low she met the Elbe Deans, which steamer
bad concluded to go no higher. The two
boats kept company as far down as the Lit
tle Marie river, where tbe Benton laid up,
awaiting the arrival of a barge, while the
-Elbe Deans came on down. Finding that
there was no prospect of a rise in the Mis
souri, the officers of tbe Benton decided tbat
navigation lor tbe season was ended, und on
the £>th of June [started for home. Some
sixty miles below ebc stopped to wood,
and while tbe bands were chopping,
a party of twenty Sioux Indians came
up in a 'friendly way, greeting them
and at the same tune with tlit-ir usual
“How, bow.” When they bad got within
twenty steps of*tbe woodenoppere, tbe sav
ages drew their guns and fired, wounding
cue man In tbe arm. The woodeboppera
throwaway their axes and fled to tbo boat,
enther loose and she floated oat into the
channel. In tho meantime the engineer
seized his gun and fired upon tbe advancing
redekins, evidently wotmoing one of them,
ns be was seen to throw away bis jmn/bo rr
and arrows, and bulEilo robes. . The crew,
getting their carbines, poured in a volley
which scattered tbe foe. The boat then re
turned to the landing and was not disturbed
Below the mouth ot the Yellowstone the
Island City was found sunk in two and a
half feet of water. Half of her cargo was
damaged, bnt the other half would be
saved. The boat is supposed to be a total
At Fort Gilpin it was learned, that a train
of emigrants had been gone several days,
and sconts had just come la who reported
that the Indians had attacked the tram but
w«re repulsed, with & loss to the emigrants
of four men and a nnmber of horses.
When the Benton arrived at Fort Union,
she found in potf, loading Government
freignt brought from Fort Sally, the follow
ing named boats; U. S, Grant, Atone, Chip
pewa Fall and Bell Peoria. After remaining
there a few hours, the Benton eime ou down
to Fort Rice. At this point couriers bad just
arrived from General Solly’s army, who
reported him getting along well, and that
he was within eiguty miles of about
4,000 Sioux Indians. It seems that Gen.
Pope had ordered Sully to take his
.command and escort an emigrant train, con
sisting of 200 wagons, from Wisconsin to the
mouth of the Elk Horn river, In Idaho terri
tory, and'that te Is not now in- pursuit of
the hostile Indians. Gen. Sully and his com
mand, it is reported, arc greatly dissatisfied
because they ore not at liberty to clean ont
the Indians; but as soon as the emigrants'
get to their destination, Gen. Sully intended
to give his attention to the redskins.
Tbe first evening after leaving Fort Rico
the Calypso was met, getting along wel'.
The steamers Tempest. Sam. Gaty and Mar,
cells were loading at Fort Solly.' At Sioux
City tbe Benton caught up with tbe Isabella,
and found th» J. H.'Lacey in port. Soon
after leaving Sioux City she broke two of her
rudders and had to lay by twenty-four hours.
Thirty miles below Sioux City the steamer
J. C. Irwin was met, bound tor Fort RondulX
with Government freight.
The Benton brought down 100 boles of
buffalo robis, and quite a number of Idaho
passengers. Also, the venerable Mr. Daw
son, a member of the American Fur Compa
ny, who has just retired from the company,
and Is now on his way to his boyhood home
in Scotland, to spend the rcuulnder ot his
davs. We were sorry to notice that he was
afflicted with paralysis in his lower limbs,
and that he bad been In that condition tor
two years. He bos been among the Indians
nearly thirty years as a trader, and now re
turns with a large fortune.
The steamer Isabella, one of the mountain
boats in the employ of the Government, ar
rived Snndavmornlng from Fort Sully. She
was released, owing to her disabled condl
tlon, having met withau accident below Fort
Solly, by picking up a snag, making a hole iu
hcrhnlL See had a large number of Idaho
cmlgnuts on board. She reports the steam
boaters are greatly dissatisfied with thetr
long stay on the Upper Missouri. She re
mained at the wharf and left for St. Loui?.
■Nete Sn&mismmts,
Sanitary Commission,’
Parties In tha country hsvJrt round lota ready for
tnntceztwzti oilss, delivered at re*-"-
cct Railroad station, packs res to
auZC-p&l St sc. treasurer.
■yiKELAND LAND?. - •
To all Wanting Farms.
laracaadthzlvlr?«eU!oao:t, alii aud h-alth'ul
cLu-»ve.2omiUaiciuhcl Th. la-ieipkla by railroad,
rich coll which produces lame crops, which can sow
te zrcwitx Tcr.twemr or fl.tv acre irasis,
at Item j?3 toiSOrcr a-jr«,payab'ewl*nin four jsatj.
Ocodaus!m»opcnlssß for-aanufactorics and others.
Churches, Ecucch aid R-cd society.
It Is cow tiio mojt Improving Place
£»st or West.
-Tbabfsutj wllbwtlcbtbo place \» laid oat Is na«
curcuma. • Aertrrj ncawerea. Papers girl.*? fnd ia
nmaticn will b-t rert free. Aadra*s caAS- K.
1AM513, Vineland Pcet Office, CxunbirLina, Kaw
Fsosi Rsrorror f oncwEoatjrß''s , ,AQUtcin.TmAn
EDITOR QT THM insure*.
M It 1b one ot the most exit mire fertile tracts, la an
slant level portion* and •ultaolo condition /or
•pinssatfemin*. that we know of tUssifleof the
Wt»lwnpisrlta * eatfa-pCJS-lW
iNEin auberttsemnus.
•M’icusGak i-a ;=f.
JLtjL Alortrcm 2'^e.j
feet front, on iilcblOPivcaa'i o«iV-'n wn«:o*;*j
ico fctr*t!t aca dalle plic‘. Torcu cs np:>ly ta
J P. O-1.-GEB, iieai £9tit3 Bcoi*n*. J3 CNrlcs’ ,
roimKe 9. au2*-;a ; »-?tn-s
eJatitnatlonM NfgaMvi or P/loter
aco Trter, In a flrat c as* Q-li«r?, by ono ci:avc of
t-»lciru cLsrseoftbebaMce-a m all of l:» biuifb?*..
Beat of rif re- ee« blt*h if required, Ar-jresJ ‘•JP
G,** Bex la, Aurcra. ll’. * an, v A
CKAPWAN* nOTC=IKI?S. Porcb-Jin? Area’s.?*
LaJoitrett.npbiiUs (d.o. Box 2150). rsa get joa *
bargain 1-
NEW mCfllGl’l BAV€.
&t5?.p557 :s
A tefcljby lco>llty,b!snirul resloSuC". ample aecom*'
tcooa’.lcD* «sxp»n*,neea debt's, mti-t *•»**» pateraal
goseroce t.lrwjßrccai’U? esosnssi. Colssojarr
coma«urr»£eps.inler.«. for caUloauo.
au22-pis?-3:-siOi. n*t Al>All3.
BA jS t K 1 ST fT~ b~F F I C E
*W wR. ST T 33 r> ,
P»«1p« a«tirg pioorny sal »lile 'or a Bmfctaz
ilocjr.Tlinlcq to wil onezi rhs s.im*. moyaicr »j
P. u. hex FO/8, rtatlrg locattou. prr-.e, and osoei’a
can-e. sr:l9pe.s.ime6
At f 't MARKET FRIOS*. T.vp gale by
a021;.M5 SOUat GEO. tt.POPE. 1219. Clara It.
Teaciem. try is. Sieger?, try it. It u new gotnsr
Uicngr Kb tntrd rmtioa, whica fact atone is woof cf
in exciienc?. Ten win flu? a mppiy at Kiior A
CADY’S iaulc Store, at s:n pei dos. anU-p350 timet
Ek gush — asd Jimrcff
HAT F BOS 8, la plain a:d mixed colors. ol ex*
ciUect qualities; also. SiUr and Lino Tbrsm and
Bleachsd Gotten, together wltb tta raal Enalisb Ba>
Prirrao K?lt Ho-a Onr stick of goods la tbtslins la
inU and de Irani*.
Jelb23l«rnet 9 Trtmost Bto.K.
-Cl. Heatqnirten of the above dab arc’at No 10
Metropolitan Block, and are eeastauS'? open to all
Helen men, who are ocoossd to tbs to nomination ol
laaar fl. Arnold -
Entrance north stairway on LaSalle street.
_ fyercerof ibe Executive Com musc.
The next msetme or taa C ! ab will be n»w on Man*
day evtclng. Ancnst J2d. at 7)5 o’clock. Gooa speak
era will re la attendance.
aedotber first elate Dnnce«s and > property,
unbracing a l«%rge udid-* flat fore^aia
. ansl p3.'«in2t Deal Estate OClce, Brjan Hall.
sal* izv.3.^. BßYrN’B PealEataleoasef
INDIANA corner ox Wic street
WABasH AVENUE norm of.r'Qbbord court,
NORTH LASaLLE SIEKET-mccaat Dwel'mg,
PARK AVBNUT—Five Itjoscs. onluysirs’ icaia.
CA lilte 11#c cf toe beat Lake Sbcrf* events lots, and.
otbflE 1c all rlnea OlvUlCns ofthe city.
lUERDiX, AUGUST 23, 1804.
Con leave Wells ftrest Depot, at 815 a.m. Will
itcpac gangsmen etrte?, to acccmmodate West Si*
Gcievalalandlsabeactlful spot, and tbeexenr
stan promises to be a very larro cn-.
can be obtainre on (be gronca. Tlctsts 73 cast.
Cniieren4o cents. CarsrtturnlLg leave twosva at 5
p.m. an2l p4tA2taat
J3l AH3> ALIEfB.
100 Substitutes Wanted
ran Immediately and obtain yonr monsy. Tbe
very bl*best premiums will be pan yon by gtylar us
a call, ibe bisect rtflrcrceguea* Afierronoare
cany alien tha city ccme over ana see as and get tba
Highest Premiums
P-M yon at
Kcxt do:r to thsProvcct V-rabal’s o£ce, 134 Clark
street, (cp stairs) Bcom 6.
aug?3 it.
For Sale.
.s*iadm. oresexty *a situated on White Lake.
Ausiecon County, Michigan, contains 3,500 seres
f;o' drx£6 a portion cutover—Allii e:t:rely rebuilt
sat winter* u cuttioz twecty-flvp thousand 13
t-»lve hours, ot lortr thousand la twenty-four h'.cre.
Wecnsrantev U lie best eight and the c<r4l£sc mill
intheatnt*. Tbe con'innca ill benita of tne man*
seine j srtner Is the reason we aje: it for sal - *.
teico are offered Address
*uMpC2ira. Miiwaatss. Wls.
substitutes. ~ •
Fct only Ihts. bat all comln« drafts, e»t a substitute
at MARSHALL A CO V.next door to tbe Provost
parrhaTs ufflce.lM Clark street, np-atshs. Room 6.
Ooz rate 1 ara reasonable, ana wo are doing tin
largest buemew of an? Agency In tbs city. Omy
TAN DATS bsfore the Draft. an2i-p123-lt
TV HI leave tor Pock, ibot of North
Dearborn StrceJ,
Tuesday Ere.,Sng.33,at6 o’clock.
For passage tlctsta apply to
General Ticket Agent.
f No. 13 North Wem street,
OFFICES: {no. 53 Bourn Clark straei.
(ilacsasjle House.
»hC£CSZONP ft HANCOCK, Amenta.
Thecrfierslrned. havtJg bten annotated Inspector
of cig&is fox the Fint District of minors.
Hereby gives Notice,
that Ell msnufictuTcuani d?alei» lu Cigars are re
quired to give rof.ee »n the undersigned of any atrcK
tae> mty purch&se or have oa tha-. u aubject to
be aibrnued, tbatthe sfeta- may beatajapco, txndet the
proylslcdb ct the rc? i?rfrns Ecvecae L iw, as a 'oa
sspr.ctlcahlelcr the said Inspector to do«j;tnere
by svoldtrgtbe penaltyaltacntd formasiaff.s-llin*
or buying, without the said atimp being alUxeu as
Tnc lusmcTcj- trustf tbe xrssafaeturera and dealers
will ccrcrly with tte sboye. thereby saving any delay
or nmuaderstanajur.
Chicago, noguatJOih.lSfl.
U. D. Irsprcto?*a: Dtailc; Elioois.
« „ .. omc £. ll . l °* Watw at., up stairs.
N.B.—ctsats Zsltuf-c. TJoicnaad Telegraph insert
three fltrci.aod seed bill as above.
suTl-pWISt *
Intbemsrhet, are mnnnfactnredby
0. M. EEITOERSON’ & 00,
No®. 4,6 & 8 Lake Street,
The; have In store the largest atcck ot Eastern wctk
in the West, lxn<h& In May and June, before
the advance, and will iell many styles
lower than Eastern prices.
Boot Moocasains and Shoe Packs fox
aal7-p45 w-tam nebtf .
Weremind our friends and tlae
trade generally tUat our stock
of Staple and Fancy Dry floods.
Cloths, Cassimcres, Vestings,
ATorsted and Woolen Woods,
Yankee Motions, Hosiery, Ac,,
&c, 9 Is very large,purcliasedbe
fore tlie late material advance,
and tvlucli we are selling freely
Package buyers will find it
much for their adrantbge to ex«
amine onr offerings.
19 & 21 Lake St.
aul7 pUS-w ran set-u
SlHfc ftflflixiWEl***
fIESTOSES cm on fades hms
to i:s natuhai, colob*
Fon TH^rHAm,
j ’ Buely rinSrftiT.
j Jb’OJK THB HAltr,
[ PreTtatttts toning otf.
I FromoicJlS n»tcrsl asd aeallhy orowtt.
to a nu *t hxcrlaa; drcsiar.
Contains M dirty seilicrsnt sobs JiaSctf oir bafars
Is a clear. rrarrparctt fluid—e'mtemf no d7-lsaa%
a dye and S>i ao dekurioaa properties.
IS delUhtfoliy Ferfumrd.atd does cJt turn raacld 35*
vsroi ifeaUiar-
Ucibe only perfect d;?**irr sr>i natorsr of color
solads*a tctlct fßConrgletaVrtbcutlS.
FOR TF?: tl .v.m,
to sdeattblcAHy rr*r are d, srit cz ly llpsr bcttls, xxtf
la turs to give twv.iAcUvn.
TForeelaby rruKjeifto tatteraa«t eo-iatry,
. „ . c. Q diAtiK- Proprietor,
hO*X i silZ»i.. Ctuuao, nu eiateral AgeaU.
ft39ss«-'?St-U ■wAS-net
jobbces or
MTS, JMP3, MS r m,
Are now ready to offer to the trade a very fall ass
well assorted sicck ;or
Fait and Winter Trade,
Embracing all new and caorceerjiej ol
AH of which vjjti t* offered at tbe lowest Kcrtera
p lets. AIL BOYERS are loltcucdto examifilosc
s;oce Cetera tnyire. »af taereb? save mons;.
aaiC-cC6sCtic.t 10. u a-d 11 La2o st..Chlcict
ind Chicago Steamship line.
On and after TBDSBT>AY. Anmat iSta/asd cntll far
ibtx cotiee.tbe splendid ajd«?-wfct*l i-cesmiMp
17111 leave Dec?, east of Rnah street bridge,
Perth Eidr,every
Tuesday, Xlmrsday and Sunday
atßo’clockp. m~ fi*VW*. constetiss
wlta r- all trains for Grand R.ptds, Lansing. Sacnaw,
Drtrolt, and ail nestera pemts.
to J- 11. SPA®TOBD,
Agent,d:-ckeißtof Rnsbitrest bridge. Worth Btder
a w. R. hi DIB. Oen. Sop’t, Da-OU; JOHN CRAMP
TON.Gee.FIfIgb! Ag?ct. iellwaakee; C. D.FALSC*
Eb.oen. Wr<rt Para.Agent, Milwaukee,
-A. XJ G-US T SOth.
Oafls him East until that time.
taul9-p213 Utrci]
And How to Make Money.
To yen tint Tnow of tbe Mrtunes made by tsaan
fsc.nrerßOisocenftte recent inventions—too sew
ing Jtschlne or the Rsa ernnd Mow-r.forlastasca—
and would ills tr> emolvn Uem. we rffdr to s:U dob*
Jec* to a mcclftiale fee) the exclusive tight to
manufacture and stum the Ncnhern Statei.
A Substitute for the Plow,
cn tense that wlta capital end cstersT'ga win Insure
a success heretofore nnlmownin th-iiiLtory of inven
tions. '
Its Dioctlcil value has been folly proven by sale
and racce-pful os? in th» field U-v put two seasons,
creatine actsand vs eraenn.'ao&rrd to soup 7. Its
utility is creater. and the tlald «;<n to id use is
lA'gtr.ilanihstoltlioFespee and M;iwr, tin roan*
faeinre cl t7bi:hicr tbe harvest or IS3‘ la estimated
ty. the Commissioner of Patentu to comber ninety
theueand machines
We win stli as above pic cote-, or sell le?s terri
tory—rot lets than a eiute. WM tro Into a U*m or
Joint stock company, at a suitable point, or consider
czoocsttioaa of asv nature looking to a spiel? estab
lishment oltee minuiac'urao'; asnltibi«s .ale.
Addisse COIIoTOr.K hi GLIDD3N,
au‘<lpss4-4; Milwaukee, Vhs.
fancy mmm earn*
Invite lha attention of Jabbers to their superb as-
Ebrtment uf
Breakfast Shawls,
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Dealers in
205 & 207 Sonth.Water Street
Comer of Wens,- CHICAGO.
We have at all times .the Urges laud best assort*
mint In tbs Wait ox
Tents, Awnlnei, Wagon Coyer*.
Tsrpanlinf, Bsgimoatal Colon, StasdofJf,
Gudosv, Flagy, ftc., to Ordar,
o. nnintßP j.s Ttf*.vrß, o. t. CAsrorraz.
acgtO D3C6-lm
find it to theh *!7aaUze to **•
amlse our ato-rs of
Sow Beady f« tho. Fall Trade.
It was purchased and manufactured before the recast
advance In Leather, aod we can afford to sou *;
Our itoc* 1# the larg-a; In t:u Wesi. cuuaU«n«
maicly cltha best warruiUd wort
Wo cmhuiic nFo in Chicago for those who crass?
■Western made Scots, and- jraarAhtoa latuiacuoA »5
"HffhnVSViStra stccie ot BOOT PACKS, IXOZ
Cs'l and examine a;
29 and SI Lake Street
Corner Wabash Avenue, Chicago
»-7 0430-Xact ECQQSTT, BASSETT *
Damaged goods.-Hata.caca
and HI Bln or Goods at wholesolo and ratai
hJio a large lot ol Pur*. These woodawlH and m 2
ha sold, Purchase.'* will find It to their InUteetW
call ana enamire ibis stent. ™ *
A. J. HS3ZOS, 153 Lake Street.
Dearborn seminary (Bay
SchorlforTounsLadi.t,), at 91 A 33 WabaA
avenue TheMuthyearcfitu* institution epenaoa
ilon«#y.iheisth of September. Thtoa aretnrtodv
oar menu—Primary, ;nt* mediate and roHe»iate.
Citaloaniea can be oblaliod by addreeam* tho Princi
pal or caUm* at tie Semina y, Z. GItOVSB.
net Principal.
tent Portable Parallel Lever Hay Preawt 01.
loYcial sizes,now cs hand and for »*l* at the Chicago
Agricultural Warehouse and ?er-i 9vre.2f4 LaZo st.
Descriptive Circular# and lull
upon aooltcatlon cersonaUj or By to albert
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