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o®cc, No. 51 Clark Street.
tzbhb or nn: cmcAGO Tnicujrp,
Bally, ddirercd In city (per week) S5
“ M (per-quarter) *3.«S
Baity, to mill anbfctlbeis, per year.......512.00
BrUt, to mail enbeertbens, per Bmoatta.. 6*oo
Tri-week!*, per year .. 6.00
Weekly, ainjne copy ooeyctr 3.50
•• ** • six months 1*95
Club* of four copies. one year 0.00
** ” twenty M “ ” *1!. 40.00
And to tho Utter dob, one copy extra to the per*
•on ordering It. ~~
X3T Money In Registered Lettersmay be «nt at
our risk. ' .
CP" The remittance lor clubs moat, in all eases,
be nude at ora time.
Address “CHICAGO TRIBUNE,” Chteazo. TU.
ari)tcagcr tribune.
Saturday night was “ confusion twice con
founded.” The uuterrlflcd gathered in their
strength, and we will giro them tho credit
of lung power inexhaustible. Tells, ho vis,
ecreams, cheers, groans for tho Tbibunc
office, for which we return thanks, hands
playing “Old John Brown,” evidently not
instructed as to tunes, and when Instructed
switching olf to ‘’Kingdom Coming,” and
letting their loyalty out of brazen mouths,
speeches of all sorts, from bold treason to
mQk-sud-water loyalty, lire work?,'runaway
horses, • pickpockets, eminent rrspecta
blllty In .'white waistcoat and huge
seals saying his speech, and long lank-Bnt
ternut from Southern Indiana spouting dis
loyalty, altogether made up a funny medley.
Go in gentlemen. Hare a good time, ifsirft
ml the nclfe yon please. Crack your cheeks
-with bellowing, butgire us a candidate and
have nothing lo fight against until you do.
Don’t waste your time grosningat the Tai*
a platform ns speedily as possible. We
swe for Us loyalty. That don't scare us
and don’t help your cause' any. ‘‘Sat up
your pins,” we have rolled up our sleeves'
and want to go in. Give us a man and a
platform to light against, and we’ll show
you the liveliest fight you ever saw.
* The Convection of pre-Adamite fossils,
headed by that undent and awful gentleman
■Amos Kendall, who knew Nofhtmd attended
to postal matters in Abraham’s time, met at
Bryan Hall, on Saturday, and nominated Geo.
B. McClellan for tbe Presidency. The side
show was eminently respectable, and merits
our meet dignified reverence. Butter, even
at the present high prices, would refuse to
melt ic their mouths, and we congratulate
the old gentlemen upon their successful de
livery of the representative of shades, v |
Grant, through Ids gallant subordinate,
Gen. Hancock, in utter disregard of the Chi
cago Convention, hoe been winning a splen
did victory. On Thursday the rebels at
tacked Gen. Hancock at Kearns 1 Station, to
loosen his hold nponthe Weldon railroad.
After a moat desperate battle they were re
pulsed with tearful loss, leaving their dead
and wounded in our hands. Averlll also has
harassed the Peace men by repulsingEarly’s
attempt to get over Into Maryland, at Wil
liamsport. Logan also takes a hard in cap
turing a line of rifle-jdU and some prisoners
before Atlanta.
Cot Hancock returned from Springfield
on Saturday, with the Intelligence thatthe
quota of Cook county will be In the vicinity
of 2,000. Now will our citizens make n final
and thorough effort, and fill up the quota,
that Cook county may honor ull calls of the
-Government, and be saved a draft? It can
be done, and let it he.
Gold Is tumbling In spite of copperhead
Influences to keep it up, under the influence
of Grant’s Important victory detailed In Sec
retary Sttnton’s dispatch. It opened on
Saturday ut 253, declined to 250#, advanced
to 251#, fell t0245#, advanced to 248#, and
closed at 247#.
There Is a report which nccis confirm--
tlon, that a commissioner from the State
Government of Georgia Is In Washington to
ascertain what basis may be secured In
which the State of Georgia, independent ol
the rest of the Confederacy, may comeback
Into the Union.
After VaHaudlgham's disloyal harangue on
Friday night. the crowd called upon Hon.
John Wentworth, who was a listener, for a
speech.' The Copperheads around the stand
supposed that he would speak in sympathy
with their views. On the other hand he
gave them a thorough Union speech, and ad
ministered a scathing rebuke to the disloyal
Vailacdlgbozn, exposirg his' fallacies and
pointirg out hU southern sympathies. Dur
ing his remarks an*attempt was made to
inttrropt him. He told the crowd they were
sot carrying out their doctrine of free
speech, and said his voles was stronger and
longer than theirs, and that ho couldn’t be
hissed down. He kept on and concluded
his speech, which will be found iu another
Elsewhere wc print our usual Sunday
record of hours of service at the various
churchts in the city. Democrats, Copper
heads and peace etraugcrs.are Invited to take
their choice. They will find loyal preaching
»t all of them.
Tlic l*cace Question.
(Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Times,]
Washington, Aug, 23.
Much amuFcmenthas been c«used by tbe reports
.In New York ot the appointment of Peace com
missioners by tbe President. Nosuea commis
sioners have been appointed, end tbe Idea has been
abandoned. No advance* will be made at present
by tbe admiobtration tor tbe pnrpoee of securing
a suspension of hostilities, as it Is believed that
any such advances will be rejected by tbe rebel
government, and regarded as an evidence of weak
ness and want of confluence in 4 the Union cause.
At tbe same time there is rea-on to believe that
any proposition*, or commissioners properly ac
credited, which might be sent by the Confederate
authorities, looking to an armistice and a prospec
tive settlement ot tbe existing etffien ties, would
receive a bearing and favorable consideration.
The above la a fatal concession for the
Copperhead cause, coming directly from a
prominent Copperhead organ. The rebel
Government ‘•■will reject any such advan
ces,” that la measures for securing a suspen
sion ot hostilities, bat “there Is no reason
to believe that any propositions or commis
sioners properly accredited which might be
sent by tbe Coxtei)era.te authorities, look
ing to an armistice and a prospective settle -
ment of the existing difficulties, would receive
a hearing ar.d favorable ejiuidtrathn /*’ Mind,
this Is not a Republican paper, but from tbe
peace organ of the West, Now In
the free cf this, what becomes of
tbe constantly reiterated charges that
the Ac ministration will not listen to'
overtaxes for peace? and in view of this
statement thatlbo Federal Government will
cntcrtalnproposhls for peacc,bat that the reb
el authorities will not, mudc by a Copperhead
paper itself, we ask what is. to be done?
"What do the peace men wont done? Wc
liave asked this question repeatedly, and we
have never had an answer. Dare any indi.
lidnsl Copperhead or Copperhead paper an
swer? Until that time, there is no room for
argument, and so sense in talking about
peace. It Is twaddle unworthy of men pre
tending even to an ordinary share of common
0. Ohauceej Brin 1 on Ms Avalia
Excellent Beading for the Chicago
Convention. .
Wcprinl the following extracts from an
article in tlie Old Guard, a Journal veil
known to “Democrat*,” and edited by C/
'Chauncey Burr, a bright and thlnlng peace
light—a man who Is a whole olive tree, her*
ilea and all, in the matter of peace. The
magazine Is the number for August, and the
article is entitled'‘Gen. McClellan’s Availa
bility Examined.” Woprtot It grails for the
•benefit of onr peace friends in itha
Convention aboutto assemble.: Barr
.in bis Introduction {fires McClellan the credit of
being an amiable gentleman and a good general (!)
but urges that he “does not possets the great and
peculiar statesmanship necessary -to bring'our
country out of this gulf of catastrophes.” : Be for
fiber says that ‘ McClellan's 1 nominatlea npou the
ground of availability “ would he a crime aa well
aa a folly.” Wt now proceed with our extracts
from the article: ‘' -'*
What McClellan Must Do —lf Gen. McClellan
is thechoiceot the Convention, and will frankly
■accept the nomination on a clearly defined plat
form of peace and Democratic truth,3*6 shall cer
tainly find no onre to eomplslturf him. We could
not hesitate to support him; bat we speak adrlsld
ly when'we say that nnt&sr be nor any other man
can recelre the support of the muses of 2the De
mocratic party on any other pis tform. 1
We take it for-root'd* however, that the Cbtv
cago Convention will plant too f dimly on a plat;
form of Democratic principles. After, so doing, u
It Is wise and consistent, it will Dominate some
man of ability and statesmanahtp, who represents
those principles. --I* General McClellan that man ?
General McCltUan’a record, and the two or three'
speeches he has made, are in direct antagonism to
the ererlsstlngpiinclplceorthe Democracy.
Barr then refers feo the order of McClellan
to Banks, for the arrest of the Maryland Leg
islature, dated Bept, 12,-1861, and especially
to thefollowlog extract:'*
Gkkkbau After foil consultation with tbe Pres
ident, Secretaries of Slate, War, Ac, It ha* been
decided to effect the fbr the
17th. Arrangements have been' mads to hare a
government steamer at Annapolis lo receive the
prisoners sndcany them to their destination.
Some lour or five of tbe chief men in the afibtr
are ts be arrested to-day. When they meet on the
17th, yon will please have everything psapared to'
arrest the whole party; and. be tDrethatuoneea?
cape.- " • > ••••-■■ v
YOL. xym.
grmt mnix m
Hancock Attacked at
Beams’ Station.
The Rebels Repulsed with
Fearful Loss-TheirDead
and Wounded in
Our Hands.
A Fence Commissioner from
Georgia at Washington.
Great Tumble in the Gold
TO 2,000.
Latest from the Indian War,
orficidli BIJLLEm.
WAanmuTOH, Saturday, Aug. ST, 1661.
To Major General Dlx:
On Thcraday, General Hancock, who was sooth
of Beams 1 Station, was attacked several times da
ring the day, hnt repulsed the enemy every tlmf*.
At five and a half In the evening s combined as
sault was mede on his center and left, after
one of the most desperate battles of the war, ro
solled In the enemy withdrawing, leaving bU dead
and wounded on the He'd. Official devils are giv
en in dispatches from Generals Grant, Meade and
Honccck. We hold the Weldon Railroad.
In a dispatch da'cd 3 o’clock yesterday after-'
noon,-General Grant says: “Their loss of this
road seems to be a blow that the enemy cannot
“ stand. 1 think 1 do not overstate the enemy's
“loss in the lost two weeks at 10,090 killed and
M wounded. We lost heavily, bet mostly In cap.
■ M toted. 1 *
Grcaal Grant a’so make* the following report
tfhnmay morning: .
The enemy drove in Butler’s line of pickets.;
Tho guard soon rallied and drove the enemy back*
and re-established their lixie. We lost one killed
sixteen wounded and fourteen missing.- Two
commanding officers and thirty-nine men were
captnrcd'from the enemy,
(Signed) S. M. STANTON.
The following are official die patches from Gen
erals Grant, Meade and Hancock:
Ssth Amnr Co bps, Aug. 26.
The attack at about CSO p. m. was probably In
tended to be simultaneous by Wilcox In the canter
and Heath on tiie left. Tbe enemy formed In the
woods and placed their artillery in position and
opened a heavy canonsdlng, lasting 25 minutes
when they assaulted Miles 1 force. He resisted tel
‘ nacloosly, but the enemy broke bis left. Some of
Gibbon’s troops were bnrricd over to repair tbe
damage, and tne enemy ?golaed a slight foot-hold.
They soon attached the extreme left and drove
Gibbons division from hl> line. His men had
been much wearied iu rushing over to General
Miles and Bonks daring the repealed assaults*
Gen. Gibbons succeeded in forming a strong line
and the enemy however pressing on with great
enthusiasm, were checked by dismounted cavalry
under Gregg, which he handled handsomely.
Miles regained the best of his Intreochmcnts, dis
tinguishing himself. The work was done by such
small parties as could be rallied and formed by his
staff officers. Fighting was continuous till dark*
the enemy being held In check by artillery, dis
mounted cavalry and skirmishers.
At dark we withdrew for (he reasons stated.
Tbe chief of artillery reports that he lost about 250
horses. The enemy made no advance up to a late,
hour last holding aa far as could bo seen',
some of our captured guns with their skirmish
line. They must have suffered heavily. Uy own
loss, Including cavalry, will not exceed I,SOO or
fftOO. •
Captain Brownson, of my staff was mortally
wounded—dying during the night. Col. Walker Is
missing. ’ . ;
Thlp Is acknowledged to^ have been one o! tbo
most determined and desperate fights of tbe war,
resembling Spottoylvania in character, though tbe
numbers engaged give less, importance to it. A
few more good troops would have given a victory
. of considerable importance.
1 forward this morning prisoners from the field
'from Wilcox's aud Heath's divisions. Mij. Angel,
of my staff saw and conversed with two prisoners
of Mabone's division last night. Ido not find
them this morning. Bo said Mabone's division,
with tbe exception of one brigade, was there.
W. 8. Hancock.
The following is just received s
’ Btcos© Conrs, iStCO p. m., Aug. 9h—A safe
guard that was. left on the battle field remained
there until alter daylight this morning. At that
time tbe enemy had all disappeared, leaving their
dead on the field unburied. This shows how
.vcrely they were punltbcff acd, doubtless hearing
of the arrival of reinforcements, they leared re.
suits to-day If they remained.
• (Signed) - G. Q. Mains.
•The fo.lowlng is received:
. Second Anjrr Corps, Aug. 26—1. P.M.
To Lieut. Gen. Grant;
Slice sending my last dispatch I have conversed
with tbe rafeguard referred to. They did not leave
the field uzitll after sunrise. At this tune nearly
all the enemy had left towards . Petersburg. He
enys they abandoned not only tbelr dead, but their
wounded- Tie also con versed with an officer who ‘
said Uhelr losses'were, greater than ever boloro
daring the war, • Lamegnard cays he was over
the Arid and It was covered with the enemy's dead
and wonsded. ‘ Be has seen a great many battle.
Adds bntnover saw such a sight,
.1 Jiave Instructed General Gregg to an
effort to send a party to the Add to bury onr dead ■
■ Frw Yobk,' Aug. 27.—TheJfcw York Timas'
special at City Point says About fouro’doct
Thursday morning, the enemy In' front ol .Bader's
right wing made a sortie and were repulaeo. We
took CO prisoners, including two officers. The at
tack was probably intended *o feel oar strength,
the Jsct. having, doubtless became known tote
there were charges taking place yesterday in the
• disposition of onr troops. On our side the casual
ties were twenty. ■
•Elsewhere in the army all la quiet” -
•The; OmiTterciara Washington special says
General Ban cock reports the loss of two batteries
Other accounts say fourteen' guns were captured*
Captain Sleeper, of the lCth Massachusetts bat
toy, waa captured, after ho was wounded, and elx
tem of Ms men and fifty-four horses killed.'
0 Aug.27.-Paeacn*erß by the mall
Point report that onTbnrsdty a
° r it® *d tbe vicinity of Beams'
S?kti kL«v *o*?**. and' were compelled
fh they aid gnduatlr, disputing
5?0!1^i5 Inch ot ground,and fighttmrxnost
*“•*, pro greasing, but our men had*
P iHaduruwpmdrfSlMa
, or.the'jljhUiii onThtma..
in which Bancock w** engaged with the
Bran's station. If to rtSffiijS
.’dock ho wssTrlnfbrcod from wo nth
lbs oimj, after t mstlntr Krarsl dementoiZS
faults neon air lloee, mi bmjj rmdMdTatiJ'
Ktmtcd Iratlng hla dead atunroutided lu onr
hands. - .
rittaalso reported that ,we captured the gana
taken by the rebels earlier in tbe day.. Th«ebda
lost lembiy in the -battle of Tburaoay. even more'
It Is estimated, than in their repulse of.Sunday,- •
Foszbzss MonoK, August -28.—Tbe attack on
the Sd corps by the rebels yesterday was in over
whelm Irg force, and waa almost upon the point of
overpowiring that.corps, when the6th corps came
_np and the enemy were repiLSed and drawn
from the • field. The.-, loss on -both
sides about equal.' We 800 hold the coveted Wei-*
don Ballroad.• 1 ~ : '
Wabbusctok, Atur. 27.—1t is stated, unofficially,
thatai the time of theattatkan Geo. Hancock he
Was engaged m the work of destruction on’the
: Weldon Bsllrcad, and hla men being scattered in
detachments' along a considerable line,' the rebels
w-Tcahleto dn some damage- before our forces*
could he cocroUdstrd. The rebels made a capt 3re
of seme tuna: it •la ea , d.‘by ths*iM of their,
sharp, .ibooer*. concttied in a comflrid.’.who
■hot the horses and men, and then
mide a rush for tho pons, draggtnr them in
to their cldimleh lines. It isduubUallf tber irot
. soy off the held. There batteries, at organized.
, consist of only fonr pans to each bstlerv, and coo*
(contour lithe rebels had succeeded In earning
oft all the batteries they are report’d to bare held
at one time. It would bare been but sixteen (tods.
Gin. Barlow’s division of the second carpi is
said to have lost considerably In prisoners at the
; time Oco. BUI readable first onset.
Progress or tbe Indian "War—The triis.
sourl Guerilla*—i*arge Fire—Female
• Kebels.
[Spatial Dispatch to ths Chicago Tribune,!
Sr. Loro, Aug. *7,1851.
Late advices from* Port Leavenworth state tha
a largi body of Indians are reported between
Smoky BIS and Saline riven, and messengers
tomed hade.' Tbe Talleys of Western.Kansas
•warm with them. The'red devils hare obtained
daring the[ last sir weeks at least three thoua*
nad horses and moles, besides cattle.
• George Bennett Retch man, at Clmaron crowing
ot Arkansas river, Santa Fa road, lost 189 floe
mules. Tho stock of Company A,lst Colorado cat
airy, was also captnred about ten days since.
Gen. Blunt has arrived.
The settlers in LeJty and adjoining western
co on ties are encamped upon the Republican, thir.
(y miles northwest of Fori Biley. About fifty
families are there.
A fellow named Peter F. Waleer has been arrest
ed by order of the Provocbßanhal, on a charge
of enlisting men as sohstltmes for Ohio and other
States, and released pn giving bond u the «ww of
$9,0C0 for his appearance. - -
Ten female secessionists gathered up at War*
renthorp, aod other portions of Gen. Pleasanton’s
command, reached the city last evening, by the
Pacific BMlroatk/ They are set'down for trial on
various charges. ■'' *
The.first broad-gunge train ot tbe Atlantic and
Great Wes tern Railway, containing the officials of
the road and a few Invited guests, arrived here this
morning, dinet from New York, without change
of care, in forty-four hours running time.
A fire this morning on 10th street destroyed three
buildings and nearly all their contents. Low
$22,000; partially Insured.
The guerillas,ore leavin' Platlc, Eay and Clay for
the south side of the Missouri Hirer, as fast as po*.
«b!e In the vicinity of Boone and Galaway. They
are crossing Iron the south side to ths north.
Fean are entertained that a large force is now In
Missouri, and but await concentration to begin
tbeir work. Hceldent rebels themselves are be
coming alarmed for fear of ihelr own safety. They
say there Is now a foreign force among n« and that
they cannot control or Inductee it. Active mcas
nres arc being taken* Jo meet the fiends at aby
point, and should an outbreak occur, it will be
ahortacd decisive.
Great Union Staos meeting—lmmense
ltiiioni»tasm--FmeenTavn»nd for*
nuns Present.
[Spedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Auboca. lu,, Aug. 27.
One of the greatest uses meetings ever held lo
Hone county came off to-d«y. Ftliben thousand
people were present on the grounds from the va
rious towns In the Conner, and the utmost enthu
storm prevailed throughout. Wm. Bros*, Esq, of
the Chicago Trunron, oar candidate for Lieute
nant Governor, opene- the meeting r wlth an effec
tive and eloquent speech, followed by the gallant
Dick Oglesby, with one of his best efforts. Gen.
Ben. Fxcstlce and Clark S. Carr also elo
quent speeches. This cVfentag the ground will be
brilliantly Illuminated, and speeches will be mode
by Gen. Farnsworth, Dr. Forrester, E. A. Starrs,
McLane and others. The Lombard Brothers fur
niched some magnificent music. Eane county is
wide awake and will roll up a terrific majority in
Attempt to AssaiUnate an Editor.
[Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribunal
Bt. Paul, Minn, Saturday, Aug. 37.
A desperado named John Pendergast, attempted
to assassinate Mr. Otis, local editor oftbePJwwr
on Friday evening, by shooting him with a revolv!
er. Mr. Oils received two or three painful bat not
serious wounds. The provocation was an article
reflecting on Pendergtst’s conduct. Tbe latter
was arrested and held to ball in the stun of six
hundred dollars.
Important from mobile—lnteresting
New Orleans mad memptiis News.
Catno, Ausust'Sfi.—Tbe steamers Continental
and Leviathan No. 2 have arrived. Col. Dwight,
Commissioner of Exchange, corrects tbe state*,
ment published In the New Orleans papers con
cerning the exchange of prisoners st Tyler, Texas,
and says that no rigf.ls have been waived tempo
rarily, leaving all matters In dispute where they
stood before. V.
Tbo next steamer for New Tort, tbe Fung
Ebung, would leave on tbe Slat Inst.
A communication, dated Blockading Squadron, •
Mobile Bay.Ang ;6lh. Bays: A naval rcconunols
ni ce, towards Mobile; on tbe ifitb. fonnd lormld
able bat not inenrxnoantab'e obstructions, be*
sides battcncs, rams and sunken vessels. There
is a very strode catenated fort, mounting 10 guns
is all tbe spaces between batteries and vessels,
and on both ebons piles are driven, ttto tops of
whicharesswedorjastbdowtbe surface of tbe'
water,and bare heavy iron units in them sharpened
at tbo upper ends, so as to tear off tbe bottom of
boats passing over them. Men are seen working
on two cmlosslooking contrivances. Tbe'wbarvcs
are crowded with steamboats, among' which are
four Encllab built crufts, probably blockade-run
ners. The streets of tbe city arc deserted, and
tbe rebels completely cat off riverward
The general health of tbe army and navy Is good.
Tbe fleet» still pounding away at Fort Morgan
with considerable effect. No casualties on ourefde.,
Information from the Bto Grande says the rebel
Gen. Ford occupied Browner! lo two days after our
forces evacuated It, and proceeded to rent ont tbi
.property of tbe Unionists, but the Mayor of the
aty continued to rxcrdso bis lancUous. Ford
bad only a email force, and evidently is prepared
to make a rapid retreat If necessary.
Gen. Wash nurne has tr sued an order permitting
cotton now at Mempuis to be stopped North *
Alio, an order establishing supply stores in tbe
district of West Tennessee, stating the amount of
supplies which may be imported to such places.
Memphis is limited to ten millions per month;
Paducah a hundred thousand: Columbus thirty
thousand—the same to be sold only by loyal mer
chants to loyal persons residing In tbo flmlts of
tbe district. Tbo order alaa provides that no con
traband war liquors, drujis,medicines, salt, cotton
cards and gray doth bo Imported, except with tbe
approval or tbe commanding general. Merchants
atMetnphls bsvlcg cotton cards or gnv cloth are
ordered immediately to chip them to some layal
Estimates place onr lots In the recent raid on
Munnbls at 16 killed, CO wounded and IJO mlnsirg,
tbo latter includir-c 89 citizens. Tbe raiders ate
said to have bad 225) prisoners at Hernando Sun
day night. Tbe rebel loss was 50 killed. 190
wounded and 80 missing, Gen. Washburn comm
plimcnts tbe officers and men of the Memphis
militia lor their prompt and soldierly conduct In
defense of the city against For<e-t.
Tbe Government transport «T. O. Hiller was cap
tured, horned and plundered ontbeStb, In the Ar
kansas ri% cr Between Fine Bmff and Little Rock,
bygntrillos. All tbe persons aboard, including
10 soldiers, wire taken prisoners.
Great- Democratic Peace ITXcotlnc—
-20,000 t«» 25,000 People Present—
Ihc AeaolatSum* Adopted.
Dubuque, lowa, Anc. 25.—The great Democra
tic peace meeting .n this city to-aav was the larg
est and most enthusiastic oee ever held in tbe
Etate. Tbe procession was half an boar passing
one point, it was addressed at length by Henry
Clay Dean, John F. Dun combe, O. A. Mabony and
others. Tbo crowd numbered from 20,090 to Sj,ooo. '
Another meeting was held la theovening, watch
was'nearty as large as that of the daytime. Tbe
grounds were briuiantly illuminated by thousands
ot lights. . .
' Resolutions were adopted declaring for immedi
ate peace; refusing to support any man or set of
men who are to favor of a cantumatlon of tbe
war: dedaring the conscription act unconstitu
tional and illegal; anoplacing the responsibility of
whatever cnls may befall tbe country by arbitrary '
attempts to enforce conscription of white men to
give their lives for the emandpatlon of slave ne
groes, on the President and bis partisan advisers.
Tbe day will be long remembered by the democ
racy of this section. The Northwestern Democra
cy are a unit for peace, and that is what they will
declare in the Chicago convention.
General Lonn Captures Bebel Bids*
Plla-Uebel Deserters at tbe Bate of
100 m Bay—Gcncrus Dodge ana Ban*
IOD, &ۥ
Cxsohsaii. Saturday, August 27.—Apriratc let
ter from an officer in General Sherman's army, da
ted August 18th, says:
General Logan aavanced yesterday and took the
rebel nfle-plis In his front, ane about fifty prison
ers. Large numbers of deserters are coming into
the 14th corps. One hundred and elaty-five cams
in yesterday, eighty in one body. Wo mnst be av
eraging 100 deserters per day from the rebel army.
The-' doasrtcra give rather dubious accounts of
sbort.rauons, etc. • . . _.
General. Dodge, commander of the .18th army
corps, having been wounded. General t. E. G.
Hansom has been assigned to the command of tbe
corps. General Dodge waa wounded in the bead,
bis scalp being torn up to tbe skull, but no bone
fractured. Be will probably bo laid up for several
CuciKkATr. August 27.—The OazetU'i Atlanta
dispatch says: “Kilpatrick destroyed the Macon
Bead at various p)*rrs fbr a distance of fourteen
milefl, and ctpinred and homed trains at route tor’
Atlanta. On lit return he met the rebels in strong
lores, and totally defeated them, capturing fbsr
stands of colors, six cannon, and two hundred
prisoners. Afterwards ho met another force,
which pleased him to heavily, that he was obliged
to abandon all hot one of the gonsandmoatoftbe
prisoners. Be made an entire circuit ot Atlanta,
and reached Decatur with the lose of one hundred
men. Severe damage was done to tho rebel com
munications.”. ...
Terrific Tempest in Ohio, Indiana and:
Bcntncby-A Vroin blown oflT tbo
- *1 rack—l*s»scoscra Injured—Damage'
toßaUsingi,&e. . ...
CutemjtATi, Aug. 27.—The storm jssterdsy.aft
tenoon was wry severe. Tbe rain frit in
Meompanled,b}jihnnderattd Hghtmor. ’ The To
dlaoapolia asd Clndnuatt train, whlehleft at half
afternoon, waa blown from-the
OTtk, thirteen <rntlea west of Lawreneebarg* aad
me ear* tumhkd down an embankment, twelve
;S®r are known, hut ilia reported
• umt from twenty to thin? persona we*ewouuded.
hone are reported.tolled. Tie train eootameda
sumbtr-of delegates m route tot the Chicago Con-
The atom w*a severe at jpolamhus, uprooting
ttete.and flocdlagstreet* with
1 City Foil of Ds;n«:ruT--Tb« HeCitllau
StorkFaJUng In ibe Market—Oar
. Visitors—Poncul Sketches— .
1 Team'off the Track—
Railroad Totlftg,
Ihelffeniellaa ISru Ont—flfa P.ieuds
Let Oir Pirt*works, undTalk
—Wbnt tliey Sato nxd
Bid-hide snows.
George F, Train on an Independent
The attendance upon the great Copperhead
Notions! Convention la hourly gaining m propor.
Ucnj. Every train that reaches ou«* city ia Isdcn
wl'.h tutbuslastlc believer* In the principles of the
new gospel. If there bs no let op In tbl< extraor
dinary ieflax of strangon quiet peaceable men will
loss their Identity.-
The hotels are full, the streets are folk Chicago
has not had ruch a visitation since—we do not
know when. • The Convention proper has not yet
convened, but the'preliminary work Is in a for
ward state of completion. Caucusing and wire
pulling are-at their culmination and lf*ia the
molUtcde.of counsellors there.is wisdom,’’
then • may the “great part 11 rest secure in
the belief that their wotkulU befroitfoL May
It not bs that too many physicians wiU kin the
The McClellan men were not so buoyant on Sat.
nrday as they were on Friday; nor were they bo
bn'-ysnt on Friday aeon Thursday, In trath the
pertinacity and determination of the Peace men
are telling npon them. Had the Peace men tbe
money at their command which tho Policy men
boast o f , and really have, McClellan would bo no
where. A man of lor more talent and ability as a
statesman, viz: Pendleton, of Ohio, If he had half
the means at hla command that is wielded by Mo»
CleU*jn’s supporters, he wosld dletanee the latter
in the race. •In tact Little Mac la ran by tbe
“bloated aristocrats" ofthedemocrnUeparty. He
|B the candidate of the money-brokers of Wall
street and the great railroad corporation of Now
Tori; and New England. The democratic pir’y
used to tout In Jefferson and Madison's timer,
that it was tho poor man’s party. It denounced
banka and corporations bitterly, and unceastog'y.
Now, how Is the mlgh*y ialien ? It Is controlled
by Ac?uian Jew bankers, like Belmont, and cod*
fleb aristocrats and railway kings, like Dean Rich*
xnond. The glory bath departed. irom it. Never
In Ihc history ol any pvrty in this country
was so much money espened to Influence, hy out
ride prtH>ure.flde.lb*raUvo body ns atthUCon
vsntion. The thins la done, too, onMushlngly.
Thu satellite of the shoddy anavocracv have no
modeely in their demeanor. They are rhamclcsa.
Kadi an exhibition of political debanebtry was
never exhibited. Tbe question arires, howls the
candidate ever to repay bis snpporcra fur the
money ihey arc expensing fur him f If be only
bleeds the treasury in tbe proportion th it Ills
friends Wecc for him, tbe cooieqa-n:es to tbe coun
try will be fearful. Tbe peace men cooip'ainblturly
ol this debarchery of tho patty by tbe advocates of
. McClellan. At the same tune they ace in it a
mease cffurthering their ova ends and aro get
ting terms every day from the shoddy arUtozrats
favorable to their mends of theSontu. Thu utter
Indifference macilested by many of thiMcClclm
men as to whether their candidate la to ran on a
peace plarftxm, or any platform at all, L* a very bad
indication of tbe pablle conscience, Tbe
Democratic party, once so particular ua
repeated its platform, is now reduced
to a mere faction, apparently dependent upon the
breath ol one man (or Its existence. The McClel
lan men, per re, who are In a large majority oot-lde
the delegations, consider the democratic party at
the pretent day entirely embodied in tbe person of
Geo, B.' McClellan. Re is tho party.
A tew foo's on Saturday, of the SVar Democratic
atrJpo (thcro are cuoush ot them in the Democratic
patty to bit a seven hy nine village acbooWjQU'H:),
tboncht that they saw the coming mao in the per
son of Gcn.Dix of New York. God help them,
poor souls; there is os much chance of ms being
nominated bribe hireling peace crew who are
here to complete the work commenced by the
Southern traitors at Charleston. a« ot tbe Angel
. GabrielrcceinogthudUtliiffaitbcdbonor. There
Is too much earnestness In tbe mauner in which
Gen.Dlxla helping to carry on tbe war to please
there peace-makers and paid minions of Jew banc
. ere and railway monopolists.- II Oix gets a vote,
It will very much surprise ns. This Is a peace
coaventlon-a peaceat any price. The word stares
yon ftom tbe Dice «f every delegate yon meet.
It la Impressed on every thing connected with it.
It is tbe open sesame to the bcart of every genuine
Democrat in tbe United state* to-day.
Tbe peace men have not the armistice plank to
start on. This they consider as eqnlrolcnt to rec
ognition. or at least to the abandonment of tbe
war. Stop tho war for a month, aay they, and it
will never be resumed again. In this they are
honest. Thu armUtico plank la tho'plank for
them. Let them secure tma to Jeff. Davis, and be
will take care of tbe balance. Tbe proposition of
Dean Richmond—to whip the South if they could
set be coaxed hack—is Unghed at,* bat Is objected
to as insulting to a great and chivalrous people.
That la the main objection. As a matter uf t ct it
amounts tonothlng, hut as a matter of etiquette
agrsav.deal. They say it is not Gentlemanly, but
ou the contrary the part of a bally to threaten, es
pecially our equals. In fact tbe peace
mand That no threats shall he|n9£d.«Nor are any
terms of rccor sanction to bo deuced. A general
declaration in favor of the Union and Confutation
will not be objected to ta the platform ot Jeff.
Davis* Co. w
The statement in an evfcclnc paper, that Illinois
Wieconein and Minnesota are in favor olMcCiel
Itn cn a war platform, will bo a matter ol news to
the delegates irom these States. Toe first choice of
Illinois is not McClellan. Aa to a war platform
there Is not a corporal’s guard of do.egates from
tbopo three States in favor ot it.
■ The greati>olnt offliQlcnliy to be overcome by
the p:atlorm makers Is Uatil shal not squint at
tho rccocnltlon of the Bomb, at the same time that
It »ba;l not pronounce against It. The peacemsn
ere satiefica if a»I terms of peace are leltto be act*
tied hereafter. Give a* the armletance, they say,
and talk about terms afterwards.
BrimonLofNew York, calls the Convention to
order at IS o'clock, and Governor Seymour, of
New York, will be permanent Chairman. Bishop
Bnpkine, of Vermont. will open with prayer. '
. The Vice Presidency remains as yesterday. It
Is claimed by Kentucky, but £x*Gov, Campbell, of
Tcertssee, Is strongly urged. ....
The loeoll exhibit!on at Bryan Ball on Saturday
was my suggestion. We thought tne old Whig
and Native American parties wore dead and burled
long, long aco: but here was old Amos Kendall
acting tho part of reamrectionlst to them, and
that, too. at.er he bad years apu helped to kill and
lay them In the grave. It was a pnuatly sight to
sco General Jackson's Post Mailer General mak-
Irg over the remnant of the i>artj of Clay and
Bebeter to the minions of Jeff. Davis & Co. Bat
where wssthere evera chance lor tbc old Enow
Nothing party to play into tho hands of the seces
sionists that they did not improve ! True to their
Ineradicable insrincis, they galvanized the old
concern into life (or a few brief moments, on Sac*
moay last, in order cuce more to do the bidding of
pro-slavery man-stcsUrs and woman-wbtppere,
and tboa re-enact tbc infamy of toclr lives long
after they bad given op the ghoet, at least to all
cmwani appearance.
As the McClellan stock coca down the Seymour
stock coos np. The friends oftbw latter arc work
irg qulttly, hut survly. Lot Seymour and Pendle
ton coalesce and they will make a team that can
easily pull either through tho convention wltn
perfect case.
FernanooWood was introduced to the Wiscon
sin delegation yesterday. One of the delegation
remerktd tost wiKonsin was for peace, bnt the
delegation was not satisfied how It could be ob
tained. Mr. Wcud replied, " Gentlemen, we c m
have no peace except through an armistice and a
national convention. Let the Democratic Conven
tion adopt one resolution embracing these propo
sitions, and we will be any candi
date. After the armistice convention la called, let
It decide npon tbo (trmi of peace." This was re
ceived with much favor, by the Wisconsin dele
gates. ’ ...
TLc New York-city delegation 1$ a very strong
one. The following brief sketches are ictendtd
to explain wbo they arc,and how they look.
Confessedly at the head of the city delegation
stones the name of August Bohn out.- • He is a Gar
man by birth, but many years a resident ot New
York. Be Is a'binker, fcclcnps to aclasi of weal
thy and liberal aemocntv, and "shells out” liber
ally whatever party exigencies require it. He ts
msdemachof by LaifreMao, and in-the event or
bU election; wunM receive the tender of a first
class foreiptfmifslon. Be 1? sn early and fiuthfol
adherent of Little Mae's cause. Mr. Belmont is a
email, dark-complexioned man, with Jewish cast
of features, speaks with a decided German accent,
and limps from the effort of a wound received in a
dud tome years ago. Be lathe chairman of the
.National Democratic Committee,; appointed in
.. V Jixn n**jjnjx ••
is a livery stable keeper, an ’alderman, and an
Irishman. Be la forty j ears old, dark complexion
edvmcdlum sized, and a rattling, rollicking son of
the Green laic, lie controls the Mozart Ball wing
of the Deooaa'ic party of the C’.tv of New York.
Be U a man ot decided talents, and a canltal lodao
of bone flesh.'
: ' 1 V' •
la one of the War quadrupeds of the old Democra
tic Party, and baa eat by the Conceit Fires of old
Tammany from time immemorial. He u a well
•preecevcd,* fine looking portly gentleman, sixty
years old. within fee* as toned at an apple, and a
cherry blooming countenance, onewho dees not
evidently lctlbcfplntinoTtitrthe : fleßh. He is
a capital office bolder, and has been the recipient
of < ffirial favors zrom the people for the latt thlr*
S year*. 1 Until recently, oebia beldthe office of
ly Inspector of New York,trom which be was ro
moved hy Mayor Opoyke to make room for Ex-
Aldennan Boole. Mr. Oclevma la now one -of tae
ateeseora in the Tax Department of city.
- ; • tosATica xxxxir. •
.' This delegate Is a M tavern keeper?* and holds
forth In an'ioctlretlbn that has been for many
> ,or tbo Democrats
ofibeNlnUi Ward ofbenYork city.. H« Is said
to be active, inidlicent fell of business, don't wear
whiskers soodpautred, abont forty, and wields
considerable influence aim.ni the aboaldcr hlUtrs
and roughs of the crest m taro noils. Ignatius has
orrerbeid an office to onr knowledge. He la
above the average, of VCaid politicians, and do
serves, and expects to get one from Little Mae.
He belong* to the Mozart wing of the party, bat
bates Fernando Wood aa the devil is said to bate
holy water, /s. -
This gentle man. as bis name Indicates, U a Oer
mamand the editor and proprietor of the German
'WarDemooatlc daily, the St >aU Zeitu -g of New
York. Hta personal characteristics are thus de*
rstrihed: Bob a tall, slender, angular man; with a
pile lace ahdltgbt hair, amTia perpetually accent-
Sntcd by a cane ana a cigar. Bo swears by St,
rnnunv, snd be tass supported with all .bts energy
the war for the mbjagauon of onr Son them broth*
ten. Tbla gentleman and August Belmont are the
. only German! on the delegation from the State of
JohnKelivia ex-fcheriff, and cx-Mcmber of. Con*
steea, an Irishman, abd a reusable mas, as New.
York politicians go. He began poUUcalllfe as an
alderman, axd baa moon ted - the feddflr step
by ' Hep, tmtU * .be hsa secs red ‘the power
todedse what - farther political. bon ora be will
take, and tbey.wHi.ba tendered him. Re Is a
atontij built, powerful man. of between fifty and
»Wy; cordial and sincere, and a WghrepaUtlon
for honesty,
This gentleman is so ex-Judgo of lb? Ooart of
Commm Rime, ted was fjrmeriy a law pai tner <»r
tbs late Greens C Brt>PK»a. lic it a Urge, heavily
bollt gcnt'.emao, and genial in tics and auunm.
Judge union belotigato tie McK-on unMnizatloa.
although anJkc McKean be Is in fav«*rofa war
This gentleman was one of toe speakers from
the Sherman Bouse balcony on Friday tight. .He
is State Senator from New York city, ana aa Iriwa
man. lie Is forty yean oa, and accounted a fair
r*-pre»ematlve man. At present be is Prosideut of
the Ycnrg Mcn’a Democratic Assodniloo. Mr.
C< mar » v. Morarter, but like many or taat or
ganisation opposed to Fernando Wood.
This Irishman was once a Judge fa N*-w York,
stands six loot six la his stockings and weight
three hundred pounds averdnpola. His Woods
call him the “Big Judge- 1 ’ He Is a mar. of u:!;ll-
Ing gooo nature, fttc and shrew J commas *cnse.
lie is extremrly popular among hu Irr»h fellow
dtraens, and waa mt Call re-elected Police Jostle:
lor etx years.
John McKeon a as formerly member of Congress
and District Attorney, both for the State of New
York, dnriog the administration cl th* the uli
Public Ptmctior-arT He is a fiorld, active, gt
ahead. Impulsive Irishman, an ardent partisan,
and a Catholic. He belong* to the urra disunion,
pi&co fhct'OD of the party. Mr. Mckean is flf;y
years old, but he looks no olderthan thirty.
onjto.v J. TtTOSKIt.
• This gentleman Is a well knows knirbt of are
scissor*. He took bis first It esons of Edwin Cros
well In the Albany Arfftr*. whence ho came to New
York, and started me Dally JTewt, now edited by
Ben Wood. Mr. Tucker was Secretary of
State In 16C7, and is now Surrogate of the
the county of New York, He U an
ultra disunion peace man. Ia person he is U1!
snd active, courteous in his manner, a nd poss**?-
es cocfiderame intlaeoco as a party leader.* He 1*
mphallcaUy an antt*Wood man.
Mr. Tilden Is a lawyer ol prominence, caoU de
liberate. and quiet In manner, and a man of un
bounded influence In the Democratic par-y. Re
is fifty jeers old, email and delicate in personal
appearance. He was a prominent member of the
yen Boren party, in IStS, and after the fusion ot
toe Hanker and Barnburner factions, waa the
“eoa 11 candidate Jor Attorney General oi the
State in 1896, but waa defeated. He never held an
Tnoiios xcsnooK.
f This gentlmnsn was fonnerlya st-idoner and an
alderman. Be has been for many yeir* an active
ward politician, and belong* to tbe McKeon Gene
ral Committee. He la forty-five years old, smalt
In stature, quick .and impulsive in charasler. and a
man of considerable local Influence.
szsTiKooieiieo ARBtvau
The following additional distinguished arrivals
are reported at the Tremunt Bocae:
Ex- 3 or. Pratt, of Mari land; John B. Stiles, of
Pennsylvania; lion. Thomas J. Compan. of Mich
igan s T. A.llcndricie,prL.ahni: Bills 6. Schua
bcl, of Pennsylvania; J. L. lildddL of Louisiana;
Gen. Daniel Snyder, of Ohio: ExGov. EliSacia
bnry. of Delaware; J. J o’Fhßoo, of St Loala:
Mosers. Matthew Bale Smith (“Burleigh") and
Stephen N. Stockweli, of tho Boston Journal.
Bon. C. L. VaUandlgham hae been crucified
* anew, if we may oeiteve the report that clrcmaus
quite optnly npon tne r tree la ot oar city, it is
said that tho proprietor of an yohqaldatcd hotel
account for s!L|jOu, contracted by the distinguished
exile while sojourning in the Queen's dominion*.
Is in town, ana that thebt 1 has bceu placed in the
bands of an eminent legal firm. We cannot vouch
for the correctness of the luaior.
On Saturday friends Introduc'd
hits to Dean Richmond, aau the former while urg
ing his clsima open the party, alluded to bis record
oaring the yi.-ara.U6? add 1563, when the Beta cut
him short ny baying—“ Damn your long record—
no man now needs a record mure loan a wset old.”
Val. subsided.
TLcwhisky market U dreadfollv excited, and
fashionable arlnks at popular talooai are going op
with fearful rapidity, ffo quote nr*ndy enuahes
and sherry cobblers at thirty cent?, and firm.
By Monday two drinks for a dollar
will be the' tariff, gentlemm. It
is consoling to know, when we reflect upon this
repla appreciation In the prices of liquids, that
there rebellious-disunion-penct-whlsky-driQk-.ra
arcconiribntlbg their money to pay tbe interest
on tho public debt, whicn by and by they propose
to repudiate.
Thehene sympathize nlthtbia appreciation in
the price of liquids. Kcsa and poultry have ad
vanced fifty per cent. Tho former took an ouward
jump of six cents a dozen on Saturday, and the
last an advance of a do’Lir a dozen. Are we to be
afflicted with famine as well as tfac National Con
vention? Won’t Col. Sumbaugh, of Ohio—tne
man who proposed to impauel n jure of nerroes
in Chicago, and make the editor of this paper tbe
foreman thereof—please turn bis distinguished at
tendon hen-wards?
The headqcartcr* of. the New Jersey delegation
ff e A l J n ?, Tremoilt Honse, It U well understood
that this State Is un independent Nation, and cele
prated lor Us peaches ; anaiwater melons. Its lo
babltants believe in the predestioadon of the
Camden and Amboy Railroad, and tha ImmortiUU*
or Cummodore Stockton. Notwithstanding It be
longs to another age and a more ancient genera
tion, as it always votes the straight “Democratic 11
ticket. Its delegates very properly have seals in
tbe Democratic National Convention. Oce of
these delegates oxated at the prospect of losing
ms whisky rations, delivered hlfiiaelf of a violent
and characteristic speech to -c^ admiring crowd,
at tbe Tremont Honae. yesterday. It ms about
11 o'clock, when tho "delegate’’ entered the rotun
da slightly “elevated”—a little chap, lour foot and
a ball bign, with sandy hair, asndy bcird. and a in
dy eyes, and wearing hi« hat on tbe buck of bis
heao, ai an angle of forty-five degreer, more or
lese. Elcvatirg his hand, and striking an attitude,
the “Jaiecy” man said:
“By G—d, gentlemen, Tm from the only
elate what never has given a Republican
majority,by I’vobeeainthoLrgisiuter.and
nevtr voted a man cr a dollar for ibis d-d Aboli< lou
war. I want McClellan nominated, and by O—d.
and ill never vote for no peace m*n, and tbe inde
pendent State of "Jersey” won’t vote for no peace
G *«htlmeaie ail the time, by
This'gentleman, once a member of Congress
from Virginia, la mid to hare arrived la this cl it,
m bearer of prepositions trots tha Virginia rcnc'ia
to th*ir Nuitbern allies. It i-s »ald taas for two
doy» be hasi been ciomted with the dc’c«atioii«
from the western States. The proparitiocs he
oahf®?rc.: Ist, A central armistice for 90 d»ys;
Sd. A Aatlonal Convention; 3d. Toe nomination
of Millard Fillmore. He says that if tftc*e uropo
tlUoM wc needed to, Ueoreia, North Carolina
and Florida will come back into the Union witutn
ninetydaye, and that they will be speedllv follow
ed by Vireiniasod Alabama. Be says the Sooth will
not mat with Lincoln. He and bia friends are
agnh.it McClellan, l ut If Fillmore cannot be nom
inated, they will acapt him. provided t'aey
to an armistice and a National Convection. Me*
CKUan has the reject and gratitude of the South.
The following correspondence from Albino.
Mich., indicates the way in which tho undented"
get np the euaza on them travels:
‘‘Tbo great suns of the Chicago Convention
have inn passed through, and as the train stopped
for dinner, did ns the honor to explain to us their
views upon momentous things. '
Secessionist-, Eemi*ecce?sionlsts, (or Copper
bead- in lit lit leal slang.) nnh many Republicans,
composed the crowd watch met to see the assn in
lion's skins.
Gov. Seymour first appeared, ond looked like v
man about fifty-five years of age, wltn bald head
and lorcicao, aid keen dark eyes. Bis speech
was to tbo efllxt that he was going to Chicigo to
preserve the Union, restore the laws, send the
sons oi Republican as well as Democratic mothers,
to their homes, stop the bloodshed which ravaged
the South, and let cur brethren in anus lookagila
upon an undivided land. That the Ust four years
of tyranny, raj ice and bloodshed, should be re
membered but a? adrcadlul drtam, and the old Hag
would float ft'l ot joy and peace irotn the moun
tain b ol New England to the Golf ofMfexico.
A g* ntietnan by the name of Sanford Church was
to have spoken, bnt was supplanted in some man
ner by that remarkably, uncommon idiot. George
Francis Train, who informed the people tout they
bad caikd tor a CViurcA but bad to take tbc TVotn.
He sprang up like a showman or auctioneer,
screaming and gesticulating.
Most of bi« speech ;waa In doagrdl rhvme, and
so rapidly delivered Urn it was dllhcnlttu com
urehmd It, but It ended with a parody on Sir
John Moore, and Informed the pnblle that
-‘Not a freeman discharge a tareweil about
: ' O'er the grave where Old Abraham we baried.”
In appearance he is short, with around, rather
good-looking lacc, and a mop of cnrlv hair that
looks self combs were its natural enemies. He
might pass lor a Cishlosahle aaloon keeper, abll-
Hard proprietor, a fancy steamboat clerk, or a ho
tel runner of the dandified swell order. As bo left
he raised his bat right regally, bused bis hand and
bowed bis acknowledgments as It the small crowd,
atd still smaller canon, were in his honor rather
than • cymour’s.
Whaice has to do in the Convention has not yot
appeared: whether be travels with the arcus or is
oily a side show.
A rote was token on the Burlington train that
airived on Saturday evening., I'he train mj
largely filled with Copperheads coming Into the
McClellan.., 65 P1m*.......,
Yallandigham........lS JrfilDiTto....
Bontlo Seymour 85 Lincoln..
Tboe.B.Seymour...; 5 Fremont.,.,..
Fillmore.... M Butler
Anti*McClellan Cops. 85, majority for kite. S—
dost nipping. '
nowosoncx t. wadi was diuoatid to tux
czncAco cosnstws.
The “Democratic’ Territorial Convention of
Nebraska, among other ee ' e one
Blcaev, a German, to go to Ch.cago. TUckey sold
blemoiy to nmeittotlnOm.il* Drthonjme of
Mcdeatn. for ten dollars hot J. Sterimg Morton,
ar other Sel«*cate, had promised Hickey a proxy
S OTP. Traln—McGeath refused tirireway, and
to Train was sent fbr. Morion leltllke accom
mooatiseTratn, beause
me a luce number of IrLh In the Territory
to work on the eastern terminus
Hailrcad. ana thus aid the party McGcathtoeid
ottLKd wala*t resort George Stands earn “he
be d-d U they should have a tioole
lees he was sent lo TBle pmmre was
too creafc—McGeath cave way, and that is how
GeoroVrancis Train came to Chicago as a dele*
gate to the Copperhead Couvratton
a max sraroro. _ ■
'Alter careful Investigation, the TBtninnt Is sat*
Irfied that there is no unto to tb ®
amphitheater was mine* «»d «“?*
powder, ready to he blown up tanghtro«al style
aflir too fashion of GoyFawke% Ac. Thede*
motney need not rated the reporter
yesterday paid a visit ol
►nrrmnidtnes. He la confident that from the lake
chore no rochwork has been pMhcdnor from toe
open ground. The sap. If any, haa run from
tome neigh hot log cellar, and'«aavfce oar “ mte*
guided brethren” to appoint a special committed
to Infinite into the laflplty of their neichbora to
tte“faith.” WoehoaM nesonytoaeeanezplo.
slon - The gentlemen will W °w enough
wiihont getting Mown up
would bo-nutting some of-their cars lantenis’
to the only use of wotch they are euecepUKe, to
send themon a voyage of discovery in toe cellars.
The Tnutnits is however cispocad toward too
whole thing as a ctxanrrf cct up to frighten toe
tor.* its Wbr ehonid thcj be MraldJ llio
wicked flee when no mnn pnnurth. Mime light
eons are bold as~alion
- ThoDazocucyTO. JoWleiit ra _S.tard.T CTt.
nit ft and ezcetuingly loqoMioos. It vu talk, on
the strode, talk In every ball where ttey conld
gain an entrance, talk_evco where._ There ■ was,
somet ody to talk to.'' The streets at least wen.
felV There was plenty of noise. ' .
tr’rrwit SSSQSSTUTIOS. :
TbeTrltnds andadmtmv o McClellan—thegrave
digger—bad rather the advantagein point of po*
eiUon and did their beat to taka nm advantage of
It* They met In the afternoon In Dry an Hall, and
ancmtlcd tohominaUng him .mtstnt. opposition
ThV we# • neces-arv step, or be would hero bad
so nomination at ail- Friday ihelrchancea irro.v-
Isg “small by detrees, ssd bcaatimily Ism.’* they
dedded on taking lime by tbe forelock. and hold,
lug a road latlflca ion meeting in advance; that
la ratlftlngfArircboiceaao preliminary ta cram*
mlng tlm down ibe tbrnats of taclr brother toe-
Uoriiftr. That the attempt was In bad tute, need
excite no esrpnec, since the cextltmen cf the prr
ly bare H'.vtr bevn remarkable for the display of
good score. Even their martyr, Vallaadigbim,
cad cot the sudaclty to come tor word till fairly
draped forth by bis friends.
The McClellan men gathered In considerable
cumbers in the evening. It was evident that they
had detc nnioed on mssinr a grand edfart at ellect
itg nn imposing detnor Stratton—one which should
arc the opposition Into submission. ThU Is their
forte—the teadi/.g idea Itnpmsed upon them by
tfccir btlf-wethrrsa Ibe only chance qf susseas. It
remain* to he ascertained how far they ere able to
cccospllah the garlic™ object of their ambition.
-l I e demonstration was Intended to bo a mag
nificent one, end it succeeded In this: that if any
oce were In the dart a* to tbs result of the eon*
inn convent'on, tney threw hght on tbs subject.
The Court House railings, Inside the square were
sledded round with flics of thoMcCle'iaa gens*,
each one ecnn'icd with an oil lamp, the contents
or whvh might erccea the wheels of tbs presiden
tial car on its peas'ige to the White House. The
north section of the squire was fitted with what
waa 'ntccdcd to be an Imposing galaxy of light.
A huge gallows was erected, and there
on was twined coil on cml of gas pins,
with jcu forming tbo name ot McClellan, tfh
nounctnc that help “oar only hone,**and other
verbal tokens of abject eabmi*slon‘to the coming
one. Then the fireworks were admirably symholl
cal of tbo pa»t progress of the grave dtvger, wao
“went op like a rocket and came down hire-a
stick 1 * remaining In 1 ignominious darkness till he
ftrock a “blue l*gbt“ in the publication o! his
pterionshatoryot H.B. Hegelian and als won
derful misdeeds. They woo d hare done well on
the raas jets, only the figures refused lo be
exhibited. The gas would not barn, and tbo no
terrified were forced to content themselves with
the aforesaid rockets, which, itwasobssrvcd, were
largely of the serpent kind, and filed the night air
with aery Images of the Copperhead. Tae failure
of the jets was, however, compensated by an ad
duloral supply of gas of the windy kind,
the RHaktng being resumed when it was fonod
thiit i fcclr light waa gone out In darknes-*—a truth
ful loreehadt wlng of their defeat in November.
The crcwd waa decidedly an enthusiastic one.
There was a continuous shooting kept op through
the whole time of the moenng. Questions were
answered before they were not. and the applause
cecercllr came In at the middle of the sentence.
Bat the audience was satisfied. That was a great
thing to be accomplished. Well it was that so /If.
te a thing should please them. Would that their
desires were always as easily satisoed.
It is singular that tauen as the crowd proless to
bate Abolitionism,' it coold cot set along wunoat
Abolition music. “John Brown’s body * was the
first tune ptajed by the band, and “ Kingdom Cots
lugll followed. W*? condole with them In the pov
erty of their musical repertory.
cnoosroo A CIIAIBXAX.
Dr. Stevens, of N. T„ called the meeting to or
der. and said he bad tbe honor of introducing
.Mayor Sherman, who. woald preside over tho
muting, nod sased those in favor ol his nomina
tion to cay aye. The motion prevailed. [Some
times men arc chosen first, and nominated after,
Mr. Sherman called tbe meeting to order, and In
trodnccJ General Leslie Coombs, who spoke sub
stantially as follows:
I'd-<no Citisens cf Karth America : I hope fora
few momenta only to have your ai'eotlou. An old
roldkr a-ks this of yon ad. boys. I ask it in tho
name qi an old toldler, and I have a right to call
myself an old so diei. Eichtyews ago I hid the
honor of addressing yoa In this cl y. D-mg as
was then 000 ot your great loaders. [Cheers.)
• Uc spoke of tbe gnat progress that bad been*'
made since his firs* rbit. when Ibis country was
tided wi'fa lydlM.s.'ond of tbe marie rapidity with
which Chicago bed become agrcaimstropnis. He
raid he bad lived to too great changes, ta: tho tat
groit&d change was to see thetuad of brother
drawn against brother. Oar Southern
brethren, order the lead of a mid
ambition, aro now endeavoring to dissever this
Union. leaw long before It cimc the Inevitable
rernitof thcmadlanaticismoftbe North. I told
the people here eight years ago that civil war was
coming upon us. It bus come, I have se?n the be*
ginning* and I expect, to rce the end I shall live
to tee this strife ended, and the bonds ol fraternity
cementing us again. It can only be done by the
reunion of all opposed to this mail
administration, After the election of Lin
con I went to Washington and I
told him I would support him though I did not
vote for him. if be wonld be governed oy the Con
stitution. He said be would, bathe baa not been.
Two of my eons-in-law have been engaged in thU
war. I bare mrnlshed my fall supply ol zutnaud
means, laxntlreoof tuts war. We know noth
ing about tbe war here. Had yoa seen what I hive
seen yon wonld know something about it.
1 have held slaves, but eight yean ago 1 emanci
pated them. I would not allow any other man to
emancipate them for me. (Cheers.) I left my
family under the protection ot an emancipated
slave Thcro is a class of men who call as Cop
perheads, because we think the white man as
poed as the negro. (Laughter.) Docs anyone
doubt that despotism has taken charge ot tho
country ? Do we not see them undermining the
tower of the Temple of Liberty? Ido not come
here to advocate the claims or any but to
■peak against tbs despotism of any or all men.
As to myselfi I am an Old Liao Clay Whlsr. I
was lorn a Whig, and am eoiug to die a Whig.
ICbccn.) I never voted for a Democrat, bat if
yon nominate the right kind of a man, I aa go
ing to votoforhim. (Cheers.] I have been asked
if we will have an election in Kentucky. I have
told them yes. Are yon going to vote? I told
them yer, that I had a knife in my pocket, and
three score and ten years behind me. and that I
was going to vote; or die. [Load chcerd.l And
Kentucky will vote, and will give fifty thousand
majority. [Renewed cheers.l
fcpeakinp of tbe negro ho said: A negro will
work for half as n nch aa a white man can afford to,
-ind whenever there is any stnae, !f you don’t
watch him, yon will flndhtmlayingimt. [Cheers.]
We must have a restoration of thiega us they were.
Each man must be allowed to kiss his own wife,
but to other man’s wife. And each woman any
whip her own child. Bet no sun mast kiss
another man's wife, and no woman most whip any
other woman’s chila. 1 mean no Statemnst inter
fere aith the rights ot any other State. [Cheers.].
Bmcn or o. e. Fxnniss.
O. E. Pmlne was next lutrodaced and spoke as
follows : Wo aid not come hero to speak to men
by the acre, bat one would suppose that this was
our mission. V» r c have met hero to consider the
condition of oar cmntrr, many of ns from that
section divided by an imaginary line, knows as
Mason's and Dixon's line. We have come here to
consider whether wc have a coamry, and rights;
whetberwe on Hit np oarvolcct for constitution
al riehts. All parties are rallying tor a common
croc try. Tbequcstionlstobodetcrmlned wheth
er we are tocxercl-c our rights under martial law,
or at the point of Mjoutts. 1 think we
are to have free speech, a free press
and a free country alter the next
election. [Cheer?.] Wo wilt grind down all who
would trample upon oar rights. We will support
the Government, bnt we will not support Lincoln
end his administration. [Loud cheers. 1 Wo ere
colng to let them know that while *we submitted
to the suspension of the writ ofAataz* cirpui and
the nmzriirp of our presses, wc did it because wc
wtre told that the object was the restoration of
the Union. But wd have been deceived. Our ene
mies have unmasked themselves, and wc are going'
to take the government out of their hands. We
arc going to elect another man, and that man will
he Qforgcß. McClellan. [lmmense cheers. Whoa
he is elected we will go to our erring brethren
with the olive branch of peace In one hand and the
implements of warimho other and will propose to
take them back and give them all their Constitu
tional rights. [Loud Cheers.] We, the people of
Iholsoitb-arc coins to nctorl the banner which
has bventhe cloud by diyaiid the pillar ot lire by
n!ebt;nndwe will bar* a fair election ora free
fight. (Load Cheer?.; The noblest place (or a
man to die is when be dies for man. He wald they
were tol dtbat thtro was a cilals in the domocritic
party, but said the male was with the administra
tion party, (and that the shoddy contractors bad
better look to themselves. The mats Is with them.
Come up and pnf dr.wn the rebellion. rive oar
t cuuiry, and let slavery take care of itseX [Ap
plant C.J
Let cs say to these State*, come back with s'!
jeer rights, and not ray to them as Abraham tho I.
and Abraham the last [cheers] has said, tail
ynuean come back If yon will rive up your stave#.
[Cheers, Wehare been told that the aoathtnfd no
resources, that their soldiers are naked aue unfed.
It they fight so well without anything to eat or
wear, what in God s name will become of us if
they ever get anything to wear and eat. [Loud
Be said that Lincoln already felt insecure, and
that Mrs. Lincoln made him sleep on tnc hack side
of tee bed against the will, for fear he would he
gobbled np—[cheers]—but Mrs. Doris let Jeff,
sleep on the lore side and ran around loo*e.
[Laughter and renewed cheers l W*e o*k that the
people shall bow down to the will o! the people,
ana they have willed that George B. McClellan
shall be nominated and elected. (Immense cheer*.]
Then we believe, one by one, the stars will come
back npon our banner, and believe that that can
cera at Washington will be buried. .[Cheers]
VTe are going to come out here In Dlinota and an-,
furl onr banner.'and ask the people of Illinois to
' wipe out the stria of having helped elect Lincoln,
and consign "him to the shades of Springfield
* A (?rjr. Bamnso Nourox, of Texas, was the
next speaker. Be would only detain the meeting
for a few minutes, and In those few minutes he
would epeak of the man ot the people's choice, the
only naan wno to-day had any claim on the popu
lar heart—George B. McO.-eHau. (Cheers.] It
would have gratified hrm much npou any ordinary
occasion to address them upon the political issues
of the day, and especially > upon- that gravest o!
Quettfons, tne preservation of the American
Union and the termination of the present wicked
and ueholy war. Dot when hs looked around him
and saw so vast a mu titude collected out of regard -
■ for Gen. McClellan, be fell that ho was the man
ot their choice, and in their estimation better qual
ified than any other man to save this Republic. Be
would epeak in reference to that man who, if nom
inated by the Democratic, party, would be elected
when the time of election come round. [CLosrM
The speaker thin expressed his sorrow that he
was not able to vote in. his w»wn State from
which Le was a) present separated; and his belief
that, ss God was Us Jadgc, the election of George
B, McClellan would do more to restore the Union
and give peace to this coon fry. Be then went on
enlocirpjgthe virtues of the defunct General and
would-be Frteldent. who. he sold, would conduct
the affairs of the nation in a way consonant with
the prmdplee of Christian warfare; which was
mote than could be said of manyof tbosewho
had.eagles and stars put npon their shoulders.*
{Applsnte.l •
.. But he was here to tell them some of the frets
connected with this hell-born and damnable rebel-'
lion. Be mss in exile In eonscqnence of devotion'
to the tree principles of constitutional govern
ment. In the olden time wc abided by the laws
and regarded the constitution, bnt now they-had
become fanatical and disregarded the Injunctions
ot. Wss&lopton and Jefferson and Mialaou and
Uourcc. warsnd desolation .bad .been brought
• onFourth Bigt.
• And Dealers in.Tinners* Scockl
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Licet of uo Umber is marked oltb blaekpalat. the
l*n lb asdalze. FOX A HOWiR '.
en»ip7t3l>itfct li 2 aonth Water street.
feT. MO,
The anCertlcred ofTer ior eala the above maatlosed
Silk, ilncblncry, Stock, Ground, &&,
The Lot bM a front cc beventh street of 105 fact by a
Cetibor TlK'eet. Themain nmlCxasulooratorpa
hlith- with * three back and a boiler
breae«Q<* ad’otrlar. For nartlenlars fufCrata
eABEt CHI,HICKS ft CO. ho. (3 second ttr?e«. It.
L«cU, Ho. nacs-fSif-aasoc
A number of superior WILTON and BBTT33SL3
CAKPETs, hot little worn, may hi oarchaiei casap
at private sale, at iss Michigan avenue,
Keep It before the people that Fieh'i patent
13fieoaly article known by which yen can coat
THBKw AB.TICI.KIS of iocd as OS E TtMtS. with
ONB BWBSKU over a common lertsese lamp, nad
not ceit to exceed
to prepare a meal Manufactured and for exlp, hr N
F. Merrill, whole rale and retail Lamp and 01! Dealer
71 A€ 6 Randolph Cbicsgo, EL
Yoitsie them Evcpywhere.
Yon see tliem Everywhere.
Von see tiiem Everywhere.
Fftralehy * F,' TT. PSAXT, 13 La;alle St.
On the CUoayo and Northwestern Hallway.
A Camp Meesm? of the Methodist Volsaopal con*
texence is beta? held nesrOerplitnes Station, on toe
Chicago and >crtlwestern Ballwar. Excuwlaa
Tickets are Inaed aoodtoreinmtoend includlnst
TU3BDAT, Anv.'SStt. Fare bo cenis. _ #
Trail a leave ©(pctcoiierWeetWator and Klutle
streets daily (Btmcay* eseepted> atiOA.bL.SP.U.
■ snat-pttSStnet ' Oaneral Pusanger Agant.
- Patties 1b the country can find ready rale for round
loti by aodxemng
89 Laaalla street, Chicago. XKlaola.
p.o.patacg. anas pawn
»;pIT to A. J. KIIJBXLT, BoOßt NO A Cobh's Batt*
ins, MfK aeait&ot? nrctv - nis-cfl-hutcAWMt
Neto afcbettteenientjs.
51 & 53 Scmtli Water Sir,
Poicngsers of Domestic Spirits are
invited to try my goods; and compare
them with rusts mahufactarediu Cfm
oitneti endehewhere.
“Ceiomhiaa Glsa-”
WASMMiSB to be as pare as
any SBU.3SB GW.
Tic fact of the high price of Im~
ported Liquor? mast induce the use of
Domestic* almost intirely, and it is
acknowledged that Chicago is the
cheapest and bext spirit market in the
Parties who hare been in* the habit
of buying my Gin are warned & gainst
a spurious article, put upon the mar
ket hy Irresponsible person* and re
commended as bring caual tomine.
*nts tsa«t ■ —•
JonßEi:? of
Ladles’ and Gems’ Furs,
SLatlog: Caps, Bnclukin Goods,
Aid all Vbc ccff ktjle* of
ladies’ Siravr, Felt and Beaver Hats,
.We. b»ra sow mttcre tte LARIKSTand MOST
ATtRatiTIVE i’ocU o ar.y# Goc£ier-rbroMfit
to tola an'j »l h tli» lufi-vn ee- or • »-iy per
eh«srs rot eaob. befer- tea r«cect nnrAace. we a-e
pr» pared to «ff»rg cf- atpMcti that w::! dtf/com
p'Hticn. h«»t cr v.’ext
ent uiovo nod Mt'.tca T’-’paTtxrct bag ha.l oar
epetUl attention, md caaprla-a an UKaDdFAaSdD
ae’itmett otF-ufk. Kid.
Al? crates It carljne**lll fl 2!* for th*l» Intoert
t? ertraire cur goody and prices before narenaatac
e!a t wb*re.
pT" Proopt nrd peisoaal attention firm a orders.
KEiTW, FAXO?r & CO.,
45 and 47 Lake-sb, Chicago.
aa2S pt~9lCtnet
At ELY'S.Tailor sad Genta'Oatfttar,
jeMtTH tmaet 9 iiemoat Blocs.
Fainphlct-Prlco 35 cents.
Address JOHN McdAUGBLAN, t:Si Fraokfrrd
avetae, PbUadelrtra, Pa. auT-piSMtoct
Substitutes Wanted Immediately.
WTe can pay Oce Hoadxea Snbstttates tbs btsbaik
W^J'ntytor »-ne jcm, twoye*r». or taree y>ar*.tn
ca.crtb* tTnfpd Butch .ernes, 9no«»i;a is ray
ylcct scy Rcctoett cr Batiery, or may eater tn*
fi»rj If th*y prefer.
Storey pain prempMy »o all who eatut •broarb oar
Ageccj. ApplyatihA w-rOUtmotUceof
is aa.s h. Hirr a co^
- BUiri ilrecL
All perscaa liable to tto draft, cm be fnrni :bsl witk
Thronfbna. flsndtn yoar orfera Lame .'lately fir
One, Two or Three Years. u 3 on nay tl-'-aire.
Substitutes on Hand to Fill Ordeis.
When yon rendyoar order by yao? cane
InrnU.lf m«med or tlnrle, ag-. residence, occupa
tlcn, tad pl.ee of nativity.
.. „ ' ‘ ’ 65 CIATa. Itret t,
Yon who have teen discharg'd after two year's
Kivlceaadwuaioreeiter, canohtalathe
Fargest Bounties
Tbrcoth Uf r by spplylar la pvts-sa or by letter.
Brtcityoorclocbargtß with yna-ro theW.r ctaaa
A*»acy of ISAAC B. HVT f A CO ,
an« 7 pSlttt att 65 Clarksestet.
Oculist* Anrist and Snrjjnon,
cccuenesl irsnccel'fal treatment for Crct*Eve, Cats*
rac*. tarar nlatett Lid?. D-aforw, Btnrtcg Noire da
the Head, IriscbargiDK fan, Ac. Office, 13( Soata
Clack mtet. • ao2* pT!o Staet
Straff hteaed hi cce mtnata.D'nfcrsaaril Pisihmse
frcir. the da-cored, and all clMioca or tte By- asd
> ar centime vs ter ninevoai. pnvr t<;.recrrvi the cr
pfdai alter ttoa ctD3 UNDEhWOOP.Vi H'-aiolna
a rect, Chlcrso. »ct7-pI!M-2:eet
Country dealcra will asd it to their advantage to •£>
sratjeonr stoclc cf
How Head? tar the Fall Trade.
It was anreawed sacma&nfaetnrea Defers tbs racer?
adveree In Ltsiher, a&c we c&a eir?td to ses
Prticss maow tfcEdunr zderzßN cost.
Car stock is the loigrtt In t:e West, caaztts*
msmu cf the best wsrrsrted work.
Wemaanf-e o a tn Chleaco for those who
Western mr de Boots, end gusiaates Mtirtaetioß >0
all wbo r nv ot nr.
WehaveVlvree ftreko ol BOOTPACZ3. VtCQ
Can tad examine at
29 and 31 Lake Street-
Comer TTabasn Arenas, chlcaco.
At fie lowest MARKET PBIRBB. Par salebx
auai-pS4S SOtnet GEO, e.POPE, 122 B. Clara it.
fancy worn? eooM,
iDTltethsattsttlcn of Jobber* to their tnpsrh afr
tonmen; cf
Breakfast Shawls,
Skating Caps,
Balmoral Hose, Ac., Ac.
atd>p4Mstnet -
Wholesale Jewelers,
Would* can the attention of the Trade to the’ttoeS
of Watehes. Opcka. Jewelery and Plated Wa:e, *«,
selling below New xerfc prices.
Asent s American clock Company and* Bogera*
.Smith A Co* Plated Ware, - -
* .. 142 LAKR STB BET.
au2K-pS6-7ttrt - ■
atflS-ptJUßtaat ■ ‘n.&CSß&ndclph street, Chicago.
11 ad wttMnav Gooda at wholaaala and retak

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