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Cn.CaGu ■'lUjoUNJi.
o£icc« al Clark Street*
Dsl'y, delivered is cl»\ (p«r wrek) .... 25
44 ** , ** (yetqnwver) : $3.25
Daily,tomtti san-cribora, p-r war.. $13.00
Dblh. to mail eubt-crtbeiA P«t6 nxmlhs.. 0.00
Tri-vScci!),p«.rye*r . 0.00
Witky,tingle cup) -50
_ ** ~** 4- Six month*.... 1.25
Clnl** of four eorlf*. ore y*.»r 9 00
“ “ ton * “ *■ .... 20.-0
41 • 44 tw-ntv“ M 44 .... 40*00
And to the latter doo, unccopf «x»rato *he p«t
py Moneyin RceisU-rofl Letter* m«y be «nt»t
oar risk.
rcmlttscc*. tor c:ab- mo-t. In all cases,
bt made at one time.* .. _
AMrass •■rniOAOO rumr-VE.” cinsuo, TO.
(Ojicacja tribune.
Remember He Do sot
let any light call tavp y**u away, Turn out
and eecthe dmhif flaw'd aui.Nn 'o the town
polluted wJfl'U t>y the t reason utterances of
the past-lew dsy* 2 . Ttr. gallant Drake ot
Mifsouri, and K»s on of will he among
the speakers. . b- u rally ol thou-
Esnds to-night to carry out the purposes of
the oil, as given elsewhere.
The platforms and cao-'Iou'CE are now be
fore the people. The campaign is fairly
open. Chicago readers «r.«J rcad-rs of the
TninnvE abroad willi;ot i.t.ed
under what bDep'ces end attended by what
omrus of wind of speech aud air ot bad’
loyalty this ticket has bec-i ush 'rcd into er-
Bteuce. The et-upiiga doeameut
amongloval u-en everywhere will be that
which cliojrt most cl. aelv to the text of
treason and disunion, p*?«cc showered-on
cvqy hard by opcakrra in a»»d out of the
Convention, who ore now eh mtiog for Mc-
Clellan aud Liberty. It Is not necessary; 1
will bo ehauscfol bee-use Jals«, to conceal
from Bepubllcms that our opponeate have
‘brought to bear all tbe joteed r'kUl of their
party leaders, and rely on all th’lrpaat
prestige of p*rty drill to carry to aucccss tbe
election of what Is from -their stand
point a strong ticket. 1c is never wise
to deceive ourselves- *s to the strength
of our opponents. The w j should
hare tiugbt us that Too discussion of
the “distinctive features of the Calcigo
nomination ol yesterday will bs tue work of
the campaign now formally opened As wc
have supgeeted, they have thermmlvcs far
nlehcd the most, cogent aud pertinent texts
to eho f> h*}si meo should ip November,
ns they will Co, trumj-le m-dtr tbeir feet this
ticket, all tne aspirants nuoer it aud all the
mongrel eh merits whose «?••!* c ‘heslve force
it ft thirst for the epulis, ihe people are for
the war until 11 ends in the restoiathin of
the Ut lon in all its t-treugih aua lategrlty,
purified of U1 lie clea»er.is of we-Jjuess and
diecord—for discord omst rver dwell in au
Union between Blgbt and «?rong.
The ticket cl ywlerdas will be cnoiiiscud
oo to the country os a IcttUm d :-wuof the
conduct of the war, ao easing up of tbs
&g< teles bright to bear f«»r vln» crashing of
the rebellion. Need we say uo man in the
loyal States desires to continue the process
olc moment niter the c-'nclns-ioa has been
reached ? The purchase of oor reunited Und
in the blood of onr brothers is too precious
to be overpaid. And there Is no one who
will willingly shut his e>cs to any token
that the end of the
rebel flog cavnot -puss bull w*y from the
mast-head to the earth •« th«irfl'*a) surrender
before the weapon** of w*r-wlil bt* exchanged
for the implements foi national restoration..
We arc all yence m»*n, hut uot until then*
Fcrbld It II» avin, In the (<Miueut our fallen
beioes and eeurt-d borne?, let not onr sacri
fices have bees In vain.
The people are loyal to the war and the
Union. Need we hesitate to say that the i
only dancerto the present Administration, |
the sole apprehension that has cost it lack of i
friends, is lest the Federal government was !
not going far enough, that there had bees |
tnrdimeu when promptness would serte bet- i
tvr,and clemency when tobetenderormcrcL !
fol was Imperilling the nation ny spurioglts \
worst enemies. Does {ms look as if the pco- I
pie were longing to let. down the war to
the standard raised just in Cbic*go? la
there evidence in tbistba* McClellan stands c
butter chance ot success nt-canse there are
friends of Abrah&m Lincoln who believe
more tenseness of muscles in his gr-sp ot
power would bring about sooner the hour
we ail covet * Can Vaßandigbam aod Pow
ell, and Fort Lofa>« tie mirijrs, these
tokt-ss a proof that the neople will be driven
over to tbc parry that contalo* them, if there
is a itgret that the manipulitlon they re
ceived at Tbs hSuds ot tUi Gove'nment did
not crush then-, instead ofsmscalarizing the
hone rebels.
Let the w.-rk of the -campaien commence
to-day. Let It be entered litw by the Gov
ernment aid by the people. The part of the
former widbctoholdthe weapons of the war
firmly tlroats of tr«iu-rs everywhere,,
to everywhere tighten the machinery lor
cinsblngthe rebdiion; ar.d it will liud the
people at its back. Six months yet remain
to the administration to finish up the
work, and the cnuubihg Confederacy
may be ground to powder in that
time, If tbe process la operation be
firmly sustained. This is the campaign work
in 16G4, and It will not only give ns the vie.
Tory over the rebels in the field, bat bring to
confusion at the vote in November, the ene
mies of loyalty in'tbe N’-rth ‘The people
will eave tbe Government if the Government
does its part only Udiffcrtntly .welL” Let
Firmness and Fidelity be the watchword ol
the hour, tbc former f- r tbe authorities at
Washington, the latter for the people Light
tbewalchfires everywhere. Lee Ejpnelan
swer signal from everv Northern hill-top,
and the answering shout of victory in No
vember" will blend with the* songs of praise
of a ransomed aod rescued people, for a re,
united land. 1
As to tLbt pirt of the Democratic
platform which iuvtdub* against 'arbitrary
arrests.” we will net *urds Every
syllable of U tfils with as o.\ncb force against
their own candidate us agum?t ours; yea
more, lor McClellan arrested a whole Legis
lature without due process of law, abd
sneered at them os 4 ‘our frlunds,”- while
they were •wriggling on board the prison
ship. Did Lincoln ever **o as much ?
Hence we mutt confine ourselves to an
cxemlLullon of the plunk whi;h demands a j
cessation cf hostilUi.s for the purpos? of t
Holding a convention of ul! the States, inclu
ding South Carolina and Texts, with a vie v to
the establishment of peace. If ttiisCouvcn
t|on, drawn from'the throat of war, and
composed ot all the passions engendered by
three years of unparalleled strife— < xtb fierce
determination on one side aud implacable
Late on the other—ehonld not be able to ar
range terms of peace, what then ? Nothing.
The Democratic platform ends there. Two
armits are confronting eacp other. Before
■ the Convention, comes a cessation of hostll
ities. After the Convention —what? Tuc
armies arc motionless. Th**lr . *tatu*
gw Is peace. This impossible Con
vention, presided over by the three furies,
accomplishes nothing bat discord. jVhat
then ? The platform is speechless. It does
not disturb the status quo.* Toe conclusion
is irresistible that the next step would be to
surrender to the South cwrjthing they have
contended for—disunion of the States,
partition of the Territories, aid surren
der o! the very’ sist of Goverctnenr
In which McClellan, if elected, would be
conducting the insant peguilarious War?
The word war jk not fouod iu the platfortn
os a thing possible und*r any clrcumslauces
•after the election. Tbongo be be kicked,
cuffed, spit upon, ihniot out of the
House, ano driven a,fugitive from his place,
Gen. McClelLn can find no warrant la his
platform for drawing the sworu. In the place
where we look for the declaration thit_ln
the contingent of a failure of the
convcntjon to make pcac>, the arms of our
invincible soldiers c.ay yet ne wielded to
save us from utter dishonor and
disunion, ve find the silence acd the
darkness of niuhu - Kwioiog Is said
in favor of an 7*/>t»«/rcWa pea.e. It is simply
peace”—acrawlinc ptuicc,«coward’s peace,
4 disunion peace. A mild declaration cf at
tachment for the Union, aod an abject,
<?jnpty cry fur peace, which every delegate
knows con only be had through the medium
Of disunion, OP of Stern, relentless war, till
the nnnrd enemies of the Union are sub
dued! If this Convention had contemplated
the possibility ot fightlog lor the Union it
negotiation ehonld l»U, they wonld have
Bald so. But they eaid no ench thing. They
said peace, but they did not fay war. Toey
go to the South with the olive branch, sur
mounted by a white feather* They propose
VOL. XVlll
to stake bands with traitor* •• /«*.r «ho graves
of patriots, preparatory 10 dtegmif u»c i;rave
of the Union.
Ltl the word go down to y<»ur »railea that
it is for this they bare fo ,tbt ucii suffered
that this Is the couclnflu- o» nil t*»c‘r toil,
tbdr heroism, their' Victoria—that too - are
.to be ctillrd. by. Uieir ovu G «vc nm-nt to
show tbelr bLcke to their cucmln*, an) ac
knowledge that they were lu lie wrong
when they conquered at Ch*Ma
noogs end the WKderucw—Uiat.they mu»L
abandon their onward march at the m «uioQt
rhen they Etc the fraitum of all lUeir
lacors within reach—aul you will beif
thunder. -Tell It 10 tue N->nuthat
alter hating reconquered thr. Mississippi
Hirer, liter having crimson'd lt« waters
with the blood of her eon*, *bo uia-l saTca
der Jt again to the pirates woo planted tiuir
guns against her comme'ct, and you will
htar the* voice of the tea>pe*i Tell it to the
people tbtt their sacrifices of blood aud
treasure for the heroic idea wbicu Uusaal
mated them through all tneie trying monies
midyears, foMheir beloved UuiuD, tor tbclr
right to a natloTitlityand a ll.g, o-ve
to naught through the count-cs of cowards
at the very moment w'jcu ite eettuy was
fainting with exhaustion, and you wit] near
tie voice of the people, &aic were, the voice
of God.
We havo noticed what Is lo thcpUiforoj.
Let us tee what is not m il. Thcruisnota
word againrt emancipation, nut a word
against confiscation, (the rreaum'era did
better than teat), not a word -g*Uist negro
soldiers, not a word against French u-arpa
tion in Mexico, and not a Jrffl
Jmi*, It Is only against tbe war. In ttielr
zeal to condemn the war, aud to demand !'a
tirmluatioc, the convcmiuu n<*t oaiy
all their old issues with tbe Aiiumistratioo,
but all the issues of their country
with the rebellion, of
all they lorcot the dr*<t! Not a
£' liable can be found on the t-übjer.t Wa? It
because Gen. McClellan propped dratnng a
year be/ore Mr. Lincoln dtemed it
When tbe next detuagoauc comes eioagaud
tells the people lo vote for MeCb lluu'ior. ibe
j.uTpose < t getting rid of the draft, tsll nioi
be Is outrunning hisplartorm and heljiughis
The attitude of the. Democratic
party before ' the country .is fail
of contradictions. lo -• addition
to those wc have already noticed is tuU capi
tal one that In the first resolution ther go
for the Constitution, at 3 In the second they
po fur a Convention to change the Constitu
tion. A Couvtiition of tht people h»6 no
other fopcltoii but to change the Constitu
tion. What then hecoutvs.oi the ‘ Constitu
tion as it was?” In fact the party have de
clared themselves unequivocally in favor of
but one thug aid that is u*st>-ui2t*aual p-asr
Two years ago they carded the country dj
crying for a more vigorous wTosccutioa of
the war. They cannot 2arfi »f now by cry
ing for a tta-aunalioli of the Wat at the cost
of a dissevered Union.
HON. I. D. TT4>D.
It will be received with uoftigned regret
by many of oor readers, the
* elsewhere made in this Isna*, «f tun retire
ment of Iloa. J. D from th' candidacy
for Member of Congress troa tbU District
at tbe forthcoming tomla -tlog Convention.
It Is not too mnct> to say th«t i>U coanectioa
with tie canvass in such rciutbm tnus far,
ht*s largely added to tbc number of his
friends, ny bringieg more to tne knowiudge
of his Icllow-cilixeus, his atu/llog qualities
of herd and-heart. That Mr. Ward is happy
In the possession o! a must attached circle
of friends, is evident from the vigorous re
moistranccs in the lace or whicn h. b»«
pushed his declination. lie states briefly,
1 and with characteristic ir«nkacss, tie
j reason whi.h actuated his choice,
i a Ceslre to secure tbe harmony 6f the
! party. It is handsomely and generously
done, how generously those will best de
; dare vho bett know Mr. Ward’s slren^fi.
| He has done yeoman service to thec*a'e of
1 loyalty and Union ihns far. He hts, we
I trust, still apart to play in the general can.
i vass which Itw speakers In the S'ate can
I make equally effective, zealou*, loyal to the
' corf, a square, straight hitter out from the
1 shoulder at treason and its refuges. Mr.
I Ward both in the campaign, and in his
! piece in tbcStatq Senate lor bis un-.xpired
j Urm will yet reedtr sterling aid to oar
holy cause, and carry forward a record well
tamed and most happy in its auguries for
; his future.
It will be noticed that by au error in nek
icgnp, a Iragment from au aaiclulromthe
first page, rppears itself ou the second
It is given in its proper cunncctiun ca the
first page.
lEpctJa' DiejiatrJt u> the Chicago Tribsne.l
Ntw Tons. fTetilerday, Ana. 31.
Notwilhstftbdlug the fltmlut- ad»«rt sea&nts,
the driig of guns and brilliant fireworks, the Mc-
Cldlan ralif cadon was a dead Ikiiare. Noc over
two or three thousand acre lu atienomre. No
cnihnilfifin for tbe nomination and plaiforal was
shown by the loyal Bemucrais. Th j Tea:e men
say the nomination is the weakest that could have
been made: that tbe plaform is josYas exhaled
by them; hnt they emphatically declare success
with McClellan imposelb.c.
tAssociated Press Dtspatch.j
New Took, Wednesday Aug. 31.—At nooa a
salntc of 10U anus was fired hen. in lioaur ot Me-
CleUan's nondnaiion.
tinld at 4:15 was littV.
TneMcCle’lan rauilcitloo meeting was held at
5 o'clock p. n.mawar not attended.
At ItDfiiUu.
Bcttalo, Wcdncsaay, Aug ill.—The nomination
of McClellan has been received wbh
by tbe democracy of this and otaer cities ui inis
biate. Gnus were fired, sut'cches made, andJlie
works set otT to celebrate tbe event.
'ibis evence eruads are parading the streets
LciCtd by bonds, bonures are burnlna, uud a
mcctiup m liar’s square is being adarctsod by
democratic speakers.
Jfrum Fblladclplno*
PraLsnzLrmA, Wednesday. August 3L.—A spe
cial tu the hvlUxin buys:
Washington, August 31.—Reports here place
Peiitisyivabiaiu the load as to me number of re
emits raised under ihe last call.
Rdulorccnitiit& hate been Ro*ug forward*to the
Aiiuj of the Potomac ut ihu rate of uOjli4'Joo per
tvttk, bird ibis Raount uis expected will be Ixige
lyLLoturcd before ihbfiih.
From i/’au’o
Cazso, August ai.—The steamer Baatoaa from
Muxiphib 29ta, bruits a number of
from CaratLerevlilc, Mo. Taegomlius are very
active In that riemity. . * *
The steamer iienum, from While River, broaght
£0 bales and 15 hacks ol coimuto -teoipais, aod
tuxall timocnte are CQEitiuualiy arrinaa by
t(X) bales were shipped Worm ou the 2Ttu. Slock
on band baits.
■ Official return! Ihe Provost Marshal’* of
fice hhowb that l&c Thirteenth Hls-nct -*** a sur
plus ol upwards of 4 AU> over allodia, Sumepre
cixicis are, however, behind, whera-Chedrafc will
be made unless toe quota la diied.
Alexander county, of which Calrdds the coupty
pcEt,ls over two hundred ahead of ill cs ls, and
Cairo lUtll baa a fcorpine of nearly ouc hundred.
b|rcnuooa efforts are betug mauu to fill the quo
tas ul delinquent prtducU, so as to avoid the draft
tbionghoui the district '
YcatciCaj Llm. Col. Grab't#!, 1 ih Ky. cavalry,
wa? captured by Cap;. Foreman’s gnerillaa.
when returning from bis borne u> tola ei*.y, aud
parolea to co to T4y lorvilie to procore the release
oi two oi Foreman’s cane, conflocd there in ]aJ.
The men BLCumpaoyinc Graham were alto cap
tured; one ol them, mimed XL Whits, ta a Um«a‘
man. It is prueumed they will be mot. Jesse
lu? pubieiy acclorod m&\ be will shout all negroes
When be captures them.
Tbe War in. Kentuclty,
Locisvnox, Ang. ffij—Jeseee’s uane went into
Ghent, Kv, on Monday mcht,' after hiving shut
three negroes in tbe sahurbs. .
The V«vay(uid.) Home Gtards sbclled the reb
els out of Ghent from the opposite side of the
Jake Bcnnel’e squad of seventeen men went In
to Owensboro ou Saturday afternoon, captnivd
and shot Copu Walters, of the 5d Ken tacky caval
ry and captured ten negroes, shooting seven of
them: lb* remaining three concealed ihemaeives
In a wharf boat. .The rebels -et the wharf on ore,
and left the dt.zens afterwards to uxiingnieh the
fla, Fw»»ty guerillas, under Captain Pratt, attacked
T«vH>»vilieoD Sunday night, ?md were repulsed
byahe Anderson county Home Guard-. •
Last TuMfrya ?maii band of guerillas robbed
David Ernry’s bouse, tear Braadborg, shot Mr.
Retry, and demolished bis furniture.
From Vtosblngion, ,
Washington, Wednesday, aua. 3u— the Secre
tary ol the Treas-ary Ua- dedded to offer the bal
ance of the 0 per Ceuta ot 1331, amounting to
about £31.500, UjQ, to public competition. Bide
will be opened by ihe Secretary of me Treasury at
WasbiLßton, on Bej»t, 9ih, t nd pjyuj'-nts will be
required, one-ililrd on the i«ib, r onf-thlrd on the
i mb und or.c-tbird on tbe V.kb of chat month.
Tkvpo*a*s, Fining *be uuioatat ot premium
may be addressed to the eecreterv of the rraosnry
ai WashfoßUn, or will be received by the General
Asrifctaut Treasurer and at the d-uoriroriea of
public money, and by the national depositary
From >ew V«rk
NewTokk, Aug. 81 —it Iseupposed
tbe ship destroyed off Labia by tbe Florida was
tbe Nicholas .Bidole, from Calrnttn;for New York,
The Soldiers Can Tote.
Cojtcoed, N. Wednesday, August 3*.—The
Judges ol the Supremo Court of Kuw li :mpi*bire,
to whom Ihe question wa= tefurrcc. hare affirmed
the constltdtioxudity of tbe bul allowing eoldien
to vote.
Readxrq, Penn;, Wednesday, Angnst SL—At
the Berks county Democratic tfunventton, Hem.
£. 8. Con was re-nominated lor Congress.
'news by meaem
Ritrn from firapt, ftbcrraaet and th«
Washington, Aug. SI, JBM.
To Major General Dlx:
This department has reccirod froa Oca. Grant
a rebel account ef tbe surrender of Fort Morgan,
taktn from Richmond paper*.
Cmr Poikt, Aue. so.—Tne following is irom the
li'chraouQ JZnfJircT of tul*
Moelli;, Aug. £C, IS&l.—The flag-ril trace boil
returned lart evening
1 he Yankees say that Fort Morgan capitulated
at £ o'clock last TupkUv. On Moml’iy af ernauu
they concentrated their fire ou the Tort, wacu tua
ho&b*rdc;ciit whs ramard In iU-j
•tceaptime tre eicmy succeeded it gudli.g their
howitzers into position and the line til sk.mlsh
eis along the glscea of tbo fort, uud opened a
heavy tiro -cu our gone and guuour*.
aid, with the assistance of the
mortar fleet, succeeded in damagia* ecteral
vun carriages. The fort did not fire. Oo Taev
da) Otn. Pago dctlroycd evitythluic iu tlie tort
and eplkeo hiaganß. nnacd *heg>rri-ori, number
ingCSittcn.were sent to New Crleiu*. Sevea*-
tecn wc-ro tUicd. woaaocd Is ud
tnown. None of tbe non-combitants were alwuvd'i
tOTiauthe city. The enemy ba*e a siri.u?uuco
of4,CCOon tbcmaiu latidatGrant’s Pas 4.
Nonu% Aug. £B.—There is no change of. affairs
at this pviut. All Is quiet.
Signed U. S Quant.
Unofficial reports represent Forres, Wneeler
and Morgan as having joined their forces,'and
opcnltnc sgair&l Gen. Sherman’s coimnum&ttlous
Vetwecn Chattatooga and N»*hvilie, bat no report
bar been leceivcdtromOen Bbermac.'
Gen. Sbtridm is still with bis force a: Cisrlss
ton. No operations have taken place since my
last telegram in front of Fetersburjr.
(Signed,) E. M. Stanton, Sec’yof War.
Augnutsa—p. m.. f
Instead ofalose of 5.00 by the Qth corps from
tbe bstrU-s o( the ffith, 19th, aud il is now de
floildv ascertained that it docs exceed 3,800, end
as siracslere continue tocumo in, it may be far
ther racnc* dto S.&CO. Toe loss of tbe 2d turps in
Thurrcuy's fight may not exceed l£oo.
Thu rcliels were slid to be transporting their
supplies In wsgenafrom below Ream’s Stttioa to
Fctmbcrc—& tedioue and danccrous busloess.
New Took. WcduPMisy, Aim. Cl.—The New
YtirH Tribune's Wabhlnirtuusuejial rays: *4Parra
rut is to remam at Mobile, as his worn Is not done
withthecnptcrsol FortMnnran.
• Ai iiDporiaoia* tbceaplureof Wilmlo/ton, N.
, rtonld be, it w»>u;dreqairw a comoinea aaaclr
f-HhPsnn»- andr-avy. and Grant cod Sherman
have neeJ of every available man.
RiC')QKm* { nac*<'rao( tbe SS<h admit a lo?« of
hesrlv 4,oU«ilu the attack at Beams' Station. Pris
•Herb er.y ibeir !«•.<** is ovtr fi,o-0. . Another atrz.!K
le t-xpected, Lee hunui; recalled the troop# irom
tfci* SlucaT.doan, fonhat purpose. The inlicatl m*
nrethat a heavy battle will ins Alima,
cn the >*accn raiisoac, before the clode ut ibu ore-
CtPt weCV.
Ti;t UtrrJd'e army of the Po*oanc correspond
ent ease.: •
♦‘The number of otr missing from the battle at
Reams’Station Is* bcluc rapidly reduced by arri
vals of e&tdit-rs vbo bad been scattered
me wood-.”
Tbo Herald's correspondent with the ISth corps
tsys: .
The canal is still in proerreas, and the working
party it frequently ebtticdbyihe rebels, without'
HitTiMOBE. Wednesday. Aug Sl.—The A«n*ri
can tas ibelolloalug:
August £O. f
Tbe potion ofonrarav since my kil-r vft?ior-.
6bj ientice onclmnped. There wait very spint
edcavalryfiEhtyielerdsy at jmlthflcld. 0?rloa?
!□ the whole afiolr, U eludin'- allied nod wounded,
vlit rot exceed one huuilred, while ihscoi the en
emy must have bees much greater, as wchrdtna
atfvautcjic of pcaltion.
“ A rcconhoitsance deve’oped ths fact beyond
doubt that the enemy still have a heavy fores in
cur Iron*, and It ie oelbved they arc concentrating
at Bunker Hill. C.onds of dust were dl-tlnsMy
seen yesterday rising from the roan between Bu>
kirllili and Wlnrhest'-r.&appostd to be caused hy
the eneny’e wiuio'n train going up the Valley.”
• Xsw York, Wednesday, An?. 81.— The Ucral'Ti
comrfpoudeiit alrcs the following accoint of the
fli htisgm the Snesandoali Vail y;
“Goa. Mmbt’a dlvielou of Torbett’a cavalry
wot tehtlnj; Bradley Jotr.fcn*? cavalry, aod one
division of Early’e Infantry all day yesterday
: (Lr'ih). fie came upon Johnson’s command on
Euiday, and the country beloi: open, the Ist and
Cdrcctdars met them »»y a counter chaw £*»
collision of the two column* «•»•* retail, a c.d tti.ro
wn? tonro «hrvca*e«a=Ui»lJ MS been aeeubfeora
rnnaa ti»« «■ »r. Johnson was driven from Castles
town, through and beyond SmlOideld, and
Merritt's division occapled tba Tht*
morning (23th) they hjocgbt a division of Ictaoinr
oorcavalry, ana the flrhUog continued
briskly null about three o’clock, when Sierldia.*
who bad gone to the front, sent to WrLrht, of ;ho
6»h Corr?« for a division of hie troops, lie at once
diicctcU Sickttts to advance with ti*e 2d dtvbluu.
ElcktlUmadcar pld march oltwa tnllea orinur*,
and relieved Torbeti’s cavalry, whi had fought
w.c*t splendidly fill day. Among the rasaaltle* is
Br. 71. il Buleson,. Medical director or the rav
airv Coma, who was -bnt throagd the cheat while
nuirg with Torbctt. He 101 l o»er. simply es
claicunp, *' It’s no use doing anything for me, 1
an> killed.** and died Immediately.
HlckeU’s division cavauced nearly a mile before
1 be fouiid ihe enemy's line, then a ekii'mbn ea- ■
I'sccd of about five minute?, and the enemy fell
ha- k lor the Light. •
Keab iLomseßro/Va , Wednesday, Aug. 20.
Gen. ' tx-st'jr >t eterday crossed the Gcaquan in the
direction ot Bunker Hill, bntoncnccaiiterlng two
nlvMon? of ItrcckiLndie s corps retired, ae U
was not intended oe thould bring ou a general ec
A detidnncnt of Averin's command U.-t niebt
succeed tbe enemy ou the Gerrardetown road, and
took some prisoner?. Avcrrl i* ro-day engage! lu
t3i.ksl>gitCr.U)o:fcstDCo»«r the cnemy’d force, in
tfe ne'tbborliood-tffjlunker UM this mornin/.
New York, AngastSL—Th* New York Harold's
Harper’s ferry correspondent says: “A eeotle
xnon well posted Informs him that he believes a
mvat battle will ho longbt near Harper's Perry,
and that tte rebelshave not rdisqoientd tbiridca
(Mac invasion ot Pennsylvania autlAlaryland.” ■..
monk n’AssmLLF.
The BebrlK Aiming ft Blow at
man’a Commaulculloui.
(Special BUpatch to the Chicago Tribune]
Xasnvmtz, Wednesday, Ang. 31,1351
OfSdal news from ChAttaooopa states that
Wheeler crotacd the Tennessee River, on the 23 r b,
at Klnjrsioo, movirg towafds Sparta andMcillnn
vllle. • .
On the 25tb, Colonel DeßrUi,of Wheelet’a com
mand, attacked Major Waters, of the .Mix Tennes
see, who fell back to Tallaboma. after a sharp*
fichi of three hours, r with the loss of twenty men
kilred t-nd eight missing. \
Msj. Waters was followed only a few miles. A
citizen of McMinnville caw Col. He 8., who* told
him that Wheeler was moving toward Nashville.
Not much creder.ce Is Riven to thls.buxit’U ex
pected that Wheeler will strike the railroad be
tween Murfreesboro and Tnllohoraa.
Itoddy, with 3,(K0 men* and 0 pieces of artillery,
is across the Tennessee river, near Moulton.
His force consists of two brlgadea, Patterson
and Johnston’s. ■
Conscripte coming in report that Roddy vi j
shoeing his horses and celling ready to novo He
has a force bat no small bouts In Big Lance Creec,
hut hopes to cross at the shotls.
» Forrest wLbes Roddy to delay a few.days and
join him in as attack on Decatur.
A dispstch from Gallatin reports the rebels are
l,soottrong at Lebanon.
On tie 80lb they sorrosnded the plac-v and CapL
Rath’s East Tennessee cavalry were oiptared with
Gen. Mlligan. But few men escaped who report
the capture.
Nashville, Ang. SL—The art icklog force at
Lebanon numbered 20 men
•Gen. Mllikcu wa* ht-id several hours, but re
leased. Uk was at Gallatin last night. Accounts
sVt* conHlcllng regarding toe nuniocr.of Wheu er’s
force. The htghert edimatc is’6,ooo. Whee*er’s
main body is in the vicinity of Dechard and Tab
lahtime, lorcavcnioc the railroad bridge? at' Elk
acd Doric rivers. lie has undoubtedly divided hid
force with the ultimatevlew of crossing into Kcu*'
tccky •
Last night SuOof Wheeler’s men drove in Van
Clevc’s tconls at Woodbury, A. rebel force wa«
*»lto seven miles east of Dec* River bridge. The
rebel force at Woodbury was under DcLrilL. whoae
brigade occupied McMinnville on the evening of
the 29th.
A telegraph dispatch from ihe commanding of
ficer at Duck River reports that at 7 u. m. Ust
night AfOO rebels were advancing upbn the bridge
by the Manchester and Wart race roads.
A telegram from Tnilalioma s.ijs that 1,000 of
Wheeler’s cavalry came into Jasper at 1 p. m. yes
terday and noon ttvday. *
Thu wires wto down between Smyrna and
Hecbard. . . , ■ *
There arc no reports since, and no trains south
to-day. -
Tne river is 4*tf feel and rising. ___
Grind Tslon Bully at TVoodsiock.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tricune..
Woodstock, Mcllenry Co,, Aug. 31,1354.
A rousing Union meeting, attended by over
tbr&e thousand of tbe voters of McHeary wai
heldlnthlfl place to-day. William Bress, Union
candidate for Lieutenant Governor ledoi‘ wlthan
excellent address devoted to a review of the con
crnl ißEues'bf the day, and was followed by Judge
Miller, of Woodstock, In the samevuln. Gen.
Farnsworth then served up Little Mae lu well
c.-oktd ebcee.,and Gt-u. Ogle?by put on hi- wir
hoots and triew his hand at the rebel Copperhead
National Convention p.atform, trampling itdnto,
the finest fniinlers. • . , . . * .
, Thire is quite a Copperhead element in Wood
stock. hut McHenry will join her si-lcr counties in
Noillicm Illinois in November In showing that
with them she is tree to the Consiitatiou aud the
Union, and that she spits upon and spurns the
ball-Lorpchalf-alkator affair adopted at Chicago.
The enthusiasm exhibited to day was imineonv
and the best result* may be esi*c>w from tae
meeting. Gen. Oglesby and his associate speus-rs
nre doing an excellent work in taia portion of tho
F»«M fwX. F«»uaS*
Guerilla flluner»,ii*inis Bonr *
[Spsclol Dlspatcn to the ChlcagoTnbuio.l
Si, Lena, Wodnea'day, Aug 81.
The nomination of JlcClcilaa was announced in
the Merchants Exchurge, by President Rlches/jn
at 11:£0 to*day. The announcement was*>cspocd
ed to by a very tew public voices W> wcat a
scared? lo'hc heard, * ' ‘
Accent of lhc3dil!6w>niirniii!llnencountered
hard of guerillas at Bic Hirer MiUe. SL-Frmcols
county*.at dojilght’yesterday* hilling two and
routing the remainder.
New Toes, Wednesday, Amr. 31.—A telegram
received beteyesterday from Saratoga, contamo
the painful istelligotce of tbe ddath of •A. B
Smith,' Esq.l Prealceot and Gtxm-ral Saperiaten
eem of the Wisconsin, State and Minnesota tele
gnph lines, after a very brief Ulness*
tsisb mv& mmm
'“fee PetygKot' l&cmeemcj
Id-tie Field!
The Vote? by States---The
Result of the Several
, Ballots. ■
the wiawAra.
A Ees-rnna of the : Con
vention— a Political
The . Platform—Batiflcation
Tbe Convention hse come and gone. Its page
in onr political and-munlclpal history is froutla
picced by s vast wigwam, whose brief bat import'
ant f.rrnclnnl mission ha? ended. It has been. In
a civic end' general 'point of view, an entire sac
cose. For tbe enke of Onlcago, we are prond to
cl reside it. Jt la a fresh proof that Chicago
baa ft way in such matters Uni la very
satisfactory to oar visitors sad a scarce of
fast Pildo to onr realdentf. We know how to
attend to crowds. Onr capacities are vast, with
the utmost elasticity. Wp can always accommo
date a few more. Chicago holds her lap, andher
railways pour In (heir teeming thousands, and we
dm iced, lodge, and care for them. We have dons
it the past week, and every citizen of Chicago,
loy-jl' or Copperhead, has the right to con
gratulate IrmeelJ and the city on the manner
As to the Convention itself, it.wvsa Political
Fair, an occasion for entry nnd exhibition, of com
p€tiiJon,of hnctsterirg, of swaps andbirtcr. It
vr.a a great match for principal prizes, a scrub
j-rco for contingent* mltor offices. The ei tries
comprise a ran.'C ib'c remembrances of the dis
tinctive characteristics of which, will be permanent
with our loyal citizens. We - have called it a Fau
lt v, as more. It was a Pon ecosL We do not like
travesties of Scripture, bnt if our readers wll
tarn to tbe Ads of the Apostles, chapter 2d, with
a slight verbal change in the first thirteen verees,
the Chicago Convention of 1831 Is set down to a
dot. The one accord was tbe cohesive desire to
get at tho public crib. Tbe one place was Chicago
and the wkwam. Tbe “wind” that filled Ulus
been. Indeed, rushing and mighty, and has whist
-- d, shrieked and bellowed on onr street corners
at multiform and multlfarionsplace of concourse.
The multitude has been aa various and motley as
that where gathered “ Partblans and Medea aud
ElarnUct 1 , ai.d dwellers in • Mesopotamia; and in
Judea and Cappadocia, in Pontu?, and
Phrtcla and PamphylU, In EGYPT, jn parts of
Lybia about Cjrene, straogets of Rome. JEWS
and Proselyte?, Cretcs and Arabs.” .
And were unt th*;® ®u n«c r. smooth tongued
Copperheads from the East, who believe damming
the Government ns cheap and salubrious an oc
cupation as scolding their spouses, aud equally
sure of ft make-up at the close. Plug Uglier
from the a urns of Eastern cities, with the scent of
negro blood In their garments, and a keen *eu>e
bf*tlxe affinity between cudgels, brickbats, rotten
egg* and Abolition meetings. -lsaiah Ryudcrs on a
free speech mission, Henry, City Dera of lowa
berowtng for toF-mloa in differences of opinion,
Mh-fonn bushwhackers with weapons within call.
Gentlemen from “Egypt” tresh fromj’.he shooting
down of our’hoys In blue. Sons of Liberty stock
holders in the grand Joint scheme, badly luter
tcicd with by the Federal author
Wes for shooting Provost Marshals
Wickllffe of Kentucky showing how much
mere odious, Innate spite aud venom against Lib
erty and Loyalty may become by eoleg thoroughly
to seed. Garret Davis, dry and weazened, the very
ptmmican ol Kentucky dl-loyalty. Auguste Bel
monte, representative of tho Bothcbilds, financial
agent ot 014 World despotism. Fort Laiaj’ette
martyrs. The cheap Dooge of lowa, Dr. Olds, Cor.
micbael, and Harris of Maryland. Smug ana brisk
young Democrats from New England, who
“don't believe civil war under our
icHiiufiors possible, sir. 1 * Dick -Merrick on My
Maryland, Vullaudigbam omnipresent, glinting
his while teeth from every little coterie, puehlng
everywhere with a ripple of, cheer from too rabb.e
preceding him. |Deau Richmond, ampUtudiuoai,
vast. schemlßg, with Sam T ldeu,.et Id omnegenua,
cf being able to run this thins like a railway
train, with a man at every break, forgetting that
strong break* do not strengthen weak oridges, and
do not atone for rickety “ lies” (like those con
summated yesterday.) Fu.-ell old Whigs, shells
aid nothing e se, like lobsters three years gone to
.’“Erosclytca,** sojeheads lapsed from loyally.
These and more, too numerous to enumerate.
Tammany found rcprefenUlioc, Democratic
caucus rooms toned representation. Every New
England Hard Shell UnvS or county “ Old Line
Democrat” clique was represented. Tbs handed,,
traitors of Kentucky, the lurking home rebels of
the Nor.hwe»tern States, tbo rattier* of the
peace of troubled Missouri were all here,
and the closest parallel of the Scriptural still re*
mains, for the crowd of lookers oa and iUteuere
in the Convention, formal or perinrbe., in t'.e
streets nolcy, In the saloons holster jus, on the
street comers blatant,-whether the listener was
War Democrat, Peace Sneak, or rebel “every man
hfflid them speak in his own language.” It was
left ler loyal men to bo “ confounded” and to fulflj
Scripture by-saying, “Dehold ure nut all these
who speak, Democrat*?" If “others mocking salo,
These men are Tull of new wine,” the error to be
noted would he In-the style of beverages. The
vintage of the North Branch Isn't wine. Dot
really thla-Pcotecostal figure Is getting to he a
heavy contract. Let us close' by adding our sol*
emn conviction that more than the Pentecostal
number of conversions, to sound loyalty were
made by the exhibition of this “ untoward genera
Uou” miscalled the' Democracy. 'But let us
from the Acts of the Apostles to the deeds of the
Democracy, ' -
The Convention originally came together pre
destinated to nominate Little Mac. Alt summer
the scheme has been ripening, despite the labors
ot the peace men and tho horocr State
GcvernoxSeymour hsdun amblilon that way, the
longing of a lifetime, now passed forever. Oh 'to.
ratio, ua a man in a rapid cordite gra e p? a: a cov
eted projection ou the shore, misses it, to be swept
down,.to land thereat never. We v*ve yesterday a
hint at the petils through which tbe platform was
forged. Forged la*tbo term, and the forgers will
"L* sentenced in November. We reserved for to*
.day to tell how with matchless trieccry, and a
purpose tbatrghltered llko a stiletto la mooulizht.
the President of the Convention threw over from
the second 'a session of Tuesday the nom na
tion cf George B. McClellan, which was at his fin
gcra’cnda aH throuAh Tuesday aftertoon’s session
yet postponed, _ pushed on and on through
tbo tardy minutes, until darkness fell on
the assembly, and sunset (not Coz) overtook Lit
tle Mac. True, It did not win. The delegations
were proof to all overtures. Tbe caucuses were
a dead failure. But Horatio Seymour coveted one
night more to work out his own chances, and got
it. It did him no good. The so.c result was a
fuithcr tumidity o{ the hold bills of the delegates
at four dollars per diem, except those who stopped
at the i loncammel or Kilmarty House at aa many'
shillings. .All each exerts of tbe jast.sum that
ihouldhave accrued, holders have, a perfect right
to {tend, for the office ot the
Chief Executive of New YorlL
Oar voluminous reportF.boih on the outside and
the inside of this Ufue, arc the word photographs
of tbe Convention.- The grand match was easily
won by theChickabominy hero, whose harness Is
claimed jointly by his partisans, one side claiming
boasting of *• traces ” .that draw in the direction
ol restoration of tbe Union, the others exultant
in the “breeching** tnat will bold back the
wheels of the Government from crushing traitors.
We republish the platform from cur previous incite
to give the handl» orkof the Convention complete.
The record of the votes on the candidates we
give votes ol States oral cast was
entirely complimentary’ save where the Peace
Sneaksvoted tor Tom Seymour, of Connecticut,
and for .McClelijq. It will be seen
that when tie change began they went through
with a rush. The cheering was immense. Tae
convention went off into estades, and Governor
Sej icon? with a look on his fucetho beaten jockey
wears ai< he rides back to the judges stand, aa*
nonneed the result. The episodes o
the convention were many and ic
tercstioc. The : ancient and. shaky
WlcMiffe was unusually active, and often on fats
weak nins. He moved, and it was carried that the-
Democracy do not dissolve, thdr convention, bnt
hold it ready to meet on any occasion, say at tbe
senile shrieks of Wlckllfib prßsvls. Then rose &>
gentleman of the German persuasion, with a mild
mi liary flavor, and the title of Colonel, and a
name eo long that we should' like to see
him take it with - him on horseback to
rifle through’ a -thicket. He pledged
and made over to the ticket In fee simple,somehun,
,<Jred thousands of his countryman, with an unlun
iled number “to arrive.” ' The transaction re-
minded ns of, noUilog more forcibly than'the at*
tempted real estate operation of. the Father of
Lift when he offered foe Saviour ol mankind ati
the kingdoms cf tbe’ world Jor ft coas.defft ion.
well knowing be did not wn on iocli of the pro )•
cr yin qaeatiun. ?7e should doourGecuiiu raid’
ers it jus’lcc not to attempt t f e lype-B'.rftluinsj «(*
TectofeivJnjnhc osne Co! Lio-gcu-stliW'iz
be thJi of their couuiryinau to tvhum they are to
look for exemption from hla eluDendous'y leapt*
draft oo German loyaltf to the Union.
Pendleton, the second on the ticket, is tha peace
element of the concern, ft young mao of brains wio
tfasgone' into disloyalty and treason sbriekioj*
shrewdly to make tt pay. Ho Is stronger Wan
McCTcUaa in precisely the ratio the krogiroo
is Btroocest behind, The abort legs In front or*
simply for dispensing, sufi prasplng not letplag
The anti-wur men,propel the ticket. Alter a lulls
further business, the detail of which is set down*
the Convention adjourned, retaining Us organiza
tion. The rest of the proceedings of the derate
set down. For the proceedings of yesterday In
the Convention we refer to the inside pages Hero
fol.owcth the reprint of the platform of the Con
vention, and we leave'the reporters to (ell thereat.
• ""i hc Ratification.
Preparations had been, made in advance tor a
grand scries of ratification csremomes befitting the
magnitude of this issue,’la anticipation ol tbs
numisalibn yesterday. Aixancemcnts w /re per*
lecled tor processions, Illumination and speeches,
and several thousands of toichhgbtawrre got
ready for the event. A nnrober of fireworks were
also picpared and. bunds and marshals ware en
gaged ad libitum for the procession.
At eight o'clock the preconcerted signal for as
sembly was tolled ont from the bell of toe Court
Houbfe,aDUonilaieof fiity guns w«s fired by tbe
J ear born Light Artillery, under command ol Capt.
James bmiih. Tbo proceseiou wns Armed In
ihreo separate division*. wtuch under the head of
the loilowlng Marshals formed’ftt-the places Indi
Chid Marshal—Choa, WoLU.
Assistants— c, C. Marsh, C. JS. Moore, Redmond
* Prinolvliie.
Chief Marshal—lsaiah Ejncera, of New York.
Assistants—wm. McCaudlcda, ol I’enunjivunia;
A. Unacrwood, of Mossauboacua.
Chief Marshal—Juba ftrmlv.
Atrsietauis—Juhu P. Campbell, Michael Zvaos,
Arthur l ampbell, Mark Sheridan.
Formed ou Clark street, with taeright resting on
Chief Marshal—JosepaSbetwin.
Aesistants—Ma com McDonald,* Henry Achoff,
B 8. Dobii, D. W. Quirk. , tt '
Formed cu Washington street, with the right
reeling uu Clark sir et.
Ch'c* Marsha!—W.T. JUiufeldt.
• Armanis—John S. Quinn,«nnk C. Greene, C.
B. J. Miller, «iohn A. ll>uer. . .
Formed on LaSalle street, with tbe right resting
on Waabiuuton street.
At about nine o'clock tbe procession formed,
numbering lUGB pen-one ad told—exclusive of the
musicians— and a great proportion ut the crowd
were buy?. The order 01 procession was: doatn
on Claik street to Harrison, cast to Michigan are'
im«% i hence to Lake street, uence to Market street,
thence to Randolph street, thence to toe Court
House, 1o listen to tbe raliU cation speeches.
The procession was preceded by an ammunition
«euou, drawn by e:got wnlic horses,aud prefaced
by an Illinois Central .’rent light. from wmeb, oc
ca*ionaily, Kua»an cacdio-* and other innocent Ure
worts were oispcnsed gra’la. Distributed amongst
the crowd were some two tmndrei Coin-so lan
terns, and a few invincible transparencies, bearing
am« tg others, the following-inscriptions: “We
ire coming Father Abraham;** “We Use the doiu>
nn»;“ “Stare Sovereignty ami National Union;"
“Let Tyrants Tremble when the Peupio Speak;”
“Tine Democracy an unequivocal peace plat
form;** “No War, no otait;** “Toe Northwest
is rot In market, and shall not be sold;'*
-A tree ballot or aireefi-ibt”; “TheCoustltouju
salt is, end tbe Union as it was.” A transparency
nearing lie words “Democratic Platform: Tuo
Ualot and the Constitution—Republican; The nlg
j.er, abodoy and Abe Lincoln,** was left in the
Lands of a boy who said be was promised fifty
cent** in advance lor bis trouble as a torch hearer,
but cb he had not been paid ho would notmrve
another inch. Toe plucky youth was the centre
or attraction lone niter the procession had moved
on, and fliul'y tbe transparency was given to a
colored lad, who said It wonhl make s first rale
Long before the proceselou formed, a crowd
c&ttbitd uroond the Sherman House, aud caked
for speaker'. None were forthcoming on the bdl
con), and a few ambitions individuals commenced
tu the assemblage from varloon points on
the stduwulk. It stems not to bare been **'>»•“•
teniiunol it® “dncciurb’’ of the movement, to
ptimU laikluc before the procession had ccaaea
Its ptrambniauoDß.hut tbe pressure was toogreat,
ana they finally succumbed.
A peniletran from Now York, whose modesty
forbade the announcement of his name, op-rced
th« regular proceedings by what be was pleased to
term a “ logical 1 * harangue. Tbe day past bad
been cue frauubt with momentous lasne?. Upon
it depended their very national file—’he preserva
tion of tbe nation—and he was happy to say tue
remits were • qual to the emergency. The great
convention, upon wtlcb so much depended, was
past, ihe crisis was over, and it only remained
wiih them to tally round, the nomine*** and place
thuu triumphantly in possession of the reins or
tbe nation. Tbo platform wclcb bad b-itn aiou’-cd
was a good one, and excellently reoicseuted thn
views cf the masses of tbe people. £Cbecri.l
Limoln. at tbe outect ot tbe .troublesome times
which tor four yearshave caueed tbe nation to be
dcinsvd with blood, acted iuamauucr dlrectl#
aniat-onisUc to all reason, inaugurated a system
which could sever product peace. Da
ring those iosr years bo ha* heeu
working against the common gjod and welfare
of the people.' Tbeyaaw tho c#Us of the locum-.
bent dynasts', aud mm-t labor wltuont ceding to
overthrow it and bring about a remedy. Tbo
Demociatlc L'onvuution just eoncladcd has noml
nn'evd an excellent cacdluate and adopted a
planorm. This platform woild raise tbe couiKry
Horn ha depths of roLcr?, ana place it agtln upon
a sure foundation. How did tho country-now
• ami d other than sunt far, »ar oelcw the arere.;-
ot its uat ocal standard? The administration h «d
--lost all sense ot honor, and nstd nil means, Jn»t or
unjust* to teccro Us own corrupt cuds, Lincoln
bad forgotten the wants of the American people
and tomed a deaf car to their cry for peace. Tau
pedole wanted peace, pcrmanect peace, and lie
Krvcntly believed tbat that desideratum wuu-d be
attained by the Democratic party as soon as they
got In power. He knew that toe South wautud
peace andwould accept any hooorable'propoil-
Uots. They could not, however, accept
the peace offered by oar present
ruler?, for it was a dishonorable one.
Lincoln had laid down a few unjust atbltraiy laws
or rnlts, and had declared until tbev were com
piled with, tLc dcvatiailug baud pi war should
continue to ruin onr lovely conu'ry and blood
fbooid cobtmoo to flow in an unbroken stream
otir the plains of this fair continent. Such wis
Ms policy, and such was the policy wtdeh had ever
matktd bis administration and caused all tbe eviU
which tbe people now feel so keenly. Hetacomos
of cil'-ant oeod were tbe movements which ebar
«c erized the exceeding great lore of Abolition
Lincoln for the nigger.
This state of affairs must be- altered, they most
regain their former national prorperity, and to do
it. must trample under tout too Iron despotism at
Washington. Tbe Democratic party offer the
remedy, and It :i*-e with tbe people to accept their
proposition Tfceir plaltorm oreyostfd jusclce
10 all, to preserve •' the honor of
the North, but to ■ treat our enemies
as brethren, offer them the right baud of fellow
ship. They a ill hold out to tnem the ollvobraucb
in ote bnnd and tbe Injured constitution. In the
other. (Aiplause.) Tbe country, continued the
speaker, has been minrd, -the people almost re
duced to poverty, their Innas mortgaged. If th>*y
reelect Abraham idncolu.'tbey wilt show their
approbation o* this condition ot thlo£i. and ig
noring the con-titnUun and the nghr» of the groat
American people win endorse every act of this
corrupt aomi: Jstrniion. (Faint oppUa-e amid
which tbe unknown withdrew.)
A man, unknown to lame, hullin': fram some un
known locality, attempted to enlighten the audi
ence upon the pen dint: questions -of the day, bat
be in! Ed to ot tain a bcartni'. Cries fur McClellan
Tellaridigbam, Seymour and others, drowned hie
Weak auo husky vuicc. and at or vainly oaravln:
to get In his “ eay 1 ' he retired lu disgust and mala
theebtereo* the iiudicnce.
Uiram Kelchenn of New T<rk city was next In
iredneed and wsa well received.
Herald be oidcotrociu to Chicago to make a
speech, but he camohtro with his wnole heart and
coul ciillttbfl in a elusle cause for a single object,
eto tuat tbe nomination of Gooerul George B. Mc-
Clellan I rejoice that wc have’succeeded, and
that in addition he standsupona pla-.fonn which la
tbe vtrv embtidimeitt of pmriuvsm aodhoaor, and
which all can endorse. This day will .be notable
in onr history as the anniversary of the. r*t )rn of
coDsUUtlonal liberty and emeral peace. Our chil
dren will recur to it witUprlda and it will be tbe
. acme ot honor wben a m*u can say 1 was a mem
oir ot the convention which nominated Gen. Geo.
B. McClellan. (Qcrc tbe crowd became so bolstor
ons that tbe epeaser's voice was entirely drowned
and it was five or ten minutes before he coaid pro-
Cfc 'Xhtrc are men, he resumed, who affect to doubt
tbe sincerity of the platform we have adopted to
dflv. Disappointed and dnuallefled themaclve&
they are etrinng to sow the seeds of anarchy and
dlfsenalon. and cope to band as over again bound
butd and foot to our enemies, (Hero there were
vociferous for Vatlandlgham and Se> moor,
which completely silenced him.) Yes. says Mr.
Kachum, that nob e leader of New Yore, who
tsrnuah ite o urkc&t hour ol our country stood true
to our flag and firm by the faith of Democracy, we
all love, and 1* am sure you cumot pay him
a higher • compliment than by voting
f.>r General McClellan. Yes, bo .to year
hemes In the country labor with a zeal Sudan
tnercy you have never shown oefore. You strac
cle fur no ordinary cause. Top h-,pe of our coao
trt hang upon your oc : Ion».Do not, oh do not
siappiSnt ua. rrom Kow Torkwo promise jou
s,i iM.ltO msloiltj. iten or the W«t, wo
rely oooimon for ea enmd'y heerty responßO. Let
tbe prairies blerc With your watcMrei, and ihs
l.coyene ilOKwllhyonr rkmtaol victory, aed on
the 41b ol March next I hope to moetyoa al atteo
inauguration of our nominee Georze B. McClellan.
Poring tie nrosrefß of lie epesiing, an tee
credible cenilcman, standing In a room to the
iLlrd story of the Sherman House, stmied tie
ciowd bv announcing In tones greatly resembling
those of Bully Clayßcan: Gentlemen, I htve
creat pleasure :n announcing to yon that General
Gcorve B. McClellan has arrived in town. He is
too mneb.tattooed to speakto-niebt, hwtbe desires
me to soy that be Is entirely sill-fled with the
“lallorm *• (Cries of “Dry up, you fool P “Hing
Speaker was not to bo choked off in that
summary manner, ana shortly after appeared at the
window.' “Gentlemen,” said h«.I have the
honor to announce taat General McClellan la «n
--nn-ly satisfied with the platform. He also an.
iionnce® that to-morrow momlngnt half-past nine
o'clock be will address yoo from this ba'cony, and
distribute all the Illinois offices at half-past two In
tne allernoon.”
Following Mr Setchem esme an “unterrlfled”
from tbe woods of Wisconsin, with a voice of tbe
“horse addle ’* order, and screached for abonc ten
minutes, to the intense delight, of the -audience.
the fan had proceeded far enouahhe was
choked off hy the crowd, and Dick Merrick took
tbe stand. BpEECIIOP MK jcEnmcs.
He thanked God that be was permitted to stand
ac am among the gallant democracy of Illinois. He
•was nrond and happy of the occasion. This is not
a time to argue, not he could not repress the
gratification no lelt at the prospect ol a
plorloua pesurrecnoa or Democracy and Democratic
Principles. Wesre.for the whole country and our
filonons old flag against sectional madness and ru
iTjpus war. We are to choose soon between a
- statesman on tbe one hand and a senseless joker
on tbe other. Joses cannot in any event save oar
- country,. A statesman may. Toe son of promise
Cbntaued on Fourth
KlctD aubcrtisemenxs.
Government Secitriliss.
We arehnjmg endsehlag all kinds of
Govci-oment Stocks and Bends,
- 5-20’s, 1881s, 7-?0s,
Quartermaster’s Checks, &c.
Gold Coupons for Sept, and
Hot on KHdO'sand s»2O’s
at best rates.
SatiscriptSons received to |he
7*30 and 10*10 Loans.
No. 1 €I.&6S STSELT,
Cotnsrcf Son'h Water.
EOlqtJlU "
JO hKHTAIIYKSicr the Array or Navj forahhel
at the
lowhsT mips
For one, tvo or three years Apply to
*epl qIKMt-net f Court House Square.
It/SASOiSIC There TtiU be a rc»n
*XuL lar ecuTCCatlcn o> Van Bsswotsu. Sr., Lodae
of >pnectfotr« at We lissome Teaple tali (Thutsd .y)
eveolig, at 7J4 o'clock,
s;pi qn.-ll JAMES H. MILES,Qr.Ses'y.
ajOTIOE Having told onr ttock
i_* of Beady Made Ciowlnr to Messrs, kino,
hhlloGU* CO ,oi tb 8 city, a 1 pars jU icdebua
t: os either by rote or Bcrcmn, &xe r'Qoerted to pay
tbe same to them at Eos. 24 ana 2d Lake a:.
Ctlcsto, Augusta. IBC4. Stpl-qr.l-2tw.hr
51: 18a settled fact that Gen. McClellan will
be the next President, bat It is a certainty ihac as dae
c*n be procured at Bvciltt's Gallery, 151 Lake street.
a«.c*n be found tn We West
TVM. M. EVARirr, Proorio*.nr,
UatKiai, Operator. . sehqlPS-it
kj smceiiica B tch!«*a best cawed chlrz os. dore
cie1 * < nthe c»i»,a» {CCi per m. AsoiGfcH fencing
n jvu cry commeu board at St 2; ary puned Uoor
Ire at no, ted all other zlrdsot mmoer »nd Utb as
low a? any 5 aid In town. Send year orders to
C. U BitEKD. .
lei-qWI-U-D&W W« ISth itreet, teat bridge.
° Waba b svetne. The seventeenth term of tots
irstl;u*un opens rnMocdar,toestb syof Seottsni.
her. 'her* are lour DBp*rtmeo»s— Prt<na-r, loter
meoirtte, adrarceo sod C.lUstrie. Circular# ran
oc obutnrd by addrtiSjLg the Principal cr coiling
at tbe Academy.
w. D PALMS It, A. M, P: luclpal.
stl q’C6-2t-in*AßATntt
JL Tho splendid packet
01 th»roaul&r Kmltoml lice, will be oLatched from
C«irofcr New.ori3*ns uod ln:eraectk*,e porta oa
Bnn4ay Itiernlog not, tbo 4th or Sept,
The Illinois Central Brilrovi train, leavtoz Chlca
so ti&t&a. iu. on the 3j. will connect wttia
her. tor ireJshtaLdp^sareapplyto
* JAS. W&iSBAitE Aga-.t,
53 Diarbo.nstree-, Cbbviro.
Dan'Asl>& Co., Ajtta , Cano. bel-qltS-i: net
have cn hand a goed Eitlre and a Superirr
r.col'Jri'apple Fresh Appl*■ recured dvlj. awcas
Potatoes an Onion# on hand.
JCo.’T' IVlarlcKt Ntrent
eel-ql>Mt Republican Wlswatn Bufidiugß.
ST A svall Pecktur Bouse, situated with'n tb*
City Limits vtlcu has facilities fur glauahienojknd
handing lour hundred hoes per oay For further to
fom.Uc.ppU to AKnJiHnRLB!rP4CO
- BAftTUPfet 166 So. Water street.
* I ail nt>eratvifa of photographs taken at CUtX
Terms reatonahle. sel-qllO IV
ÜbUch*sßlcck,Berth v*ltrk stxest,CMcaso,Dll£oli.
n. P. BETNOLDS, Mr D.,
(Foimnty of London, EbeUu-lJ Sorzeon. Oculist
sucAurlst. Soccesifu'Jr neats *ll car»ote diseases
ot the Etc and Ear, wuethrr laterr.M cr extern«L
'll reneical opiradocs tbillfally periormoi. Arti
ficial £>’•. ACjlortned.
V». bSYKi ina will warrant all cm«wbc'e the
orsant are perfect in tors.au -n, £z>mtn«Uon and
opinion free. P- O. Drawer Ois. ael-qt.O-lt
hard and to arrive, a superior arade of
Wbicn wa offer to the trade In lot* -o hud.
B. Bd. OUPEh * CO ,
eul qin-:str s*T 1-4 Bomb ff&tdrstiest.
Sruihwest corntrofSu’e and Kandoinh striti*. Is to*
T'bt, at a rep-eanable ra**» Af*ply at us Waihvw'ca
atre t,i - j rIEBD
Box 4olL Cbleatfo au3l bMi<aet
AT A BAKftAXiJ - .—A Retail
Family Grocery, on State ifrefet,
Grod Iceatlon and doing a tbruine builoets. T*ie
owrtr on account of tit health bos to pl«e upthi
Aodxes# PostOXce BoxlU). or i»iUua
Siate street, in tae store, Chicago. aa3i-q9t-«tu^t
TJmisdiy, Sept. Ist. 1884.
Beat Thiea in Five to Himesa
JO3LW.HOLCOMB'Sb.m. “Lady Sherman,"
JAS, CriNLISK’d ch.'g. " John Morrlssy."
T r.EOAC&'Sb.g.**DavidQase."
gotsen start at 3 o’clock precisely.
There wlllbeaL'cc of Omnlkussea runulagfrom
tbe State street ears to tbe track.
Idlawlld. Panto, Bowes, Aba Beker, Sympathy.
Surprise, MonMCn, anff*several others, the best race
bones in the country are at the track prrpatlcg fo?
tbi* ensuing races commesetngths 6th. It wll. well
retat a visit to the track to witness these One speci
mens of the thorough-bred horse. sslq—lt
Tbo largest Jobbing bouse of Its hind In tbs Treat.
A fall csAOtlment ct
lilts Biff ait Broil Blanks
39, SATIN?, BORDERS, &c.
Also, s foil stock of
In feveiy departmant.
New Styles of Decorations
And a great variety of
E. «. 11. FASO:V,
an3C-pS7B-3tPfct .
CUico and Salesrooms,
F. G. L. Faxon.
hcstcnsiom wcrklnthe city,
- anSfl-lfiTS Sinet ■
Fixtures and TrimaiingS,
£. G. L. FAXON.
au33 pJJI-itnet
i,v noticed toaooearat the Washington RVattn*
Fuk comer of Basdol *a an<i Sock cn streets, from
8 to i t *cloo» every site moon mis «eek (except
Samr. avl, when andwbsre aeceuarypapers will oe
rrrpered sou lixmn; tlo i given, teas 'he names of all
not liable to military duty treyhe atf taken Iron the
enrollment. By cider cf the ward Commfttte
Ch’cacr, Ang. 9.1882. »u3l-qISS-»
nr*Timee. Journal and BUtti Zeltang copy two
ttAM« .
£tfe«> gLbhrchseaiemz
CUSrai-f|AD£ BWS
la the market, are manufactured by
Nob. 4,6 & 8 Labe Stroci,
They tare m stcre the Unseat stcck ot Eastern Wirt
mthe Wnt, b'uiht la «sy an<i June, before
the advance »adwtU *ell tnsoy styles
lower wan Eastern pticea. ~
Boot Koccatains and Shoe Packs fox
aal7-p« vt*k neutf
BEIDING & ۩.դ,
98,100 anil 102 Molpb Street
Boys-. Clothing
- Uniform Prices
FAIR DEA Hilisra-.
G. T. BiLDDiQ & €O.,
Sc 103 Rondo3plt Street,
105 Lake SlrccL
Embroideries, Hodse Fur
nishing Goods,
To be feuad wett of New York,
All at prices dcfjiujs competition* as
they Ttcro alt bouglit preview* to tho
late steal advance*
ffen Tartans and .Finds
In all the new materials of Dress Goods,
Plain Poplin s. Lusters, Empress
Clotlis and Heps,
3,000 pieces new French Merino, in
all tie new shades, at much below
present value.
Prof. H. A. D. Be Mnnn’s
Hair Bestorsr.
I have for several yfarepaat been gradually loflna
iry ralT.mui otlsttttbp'.oocrtnvbeadhaC become
aiirOßt raid, aril the hstr wfc>ca ren-tlned Dad
ebasuti* from ttanaiurai cbV-r to o: no»tiy
to. 1 tbtceeU tamale the acquaintance of c'ro. Ue
Mans, enc on th< svengiho- bis a anrance tn-t a
pibptr Bpp lotJcn ofb < K*tr Sas’ rrrr would give
iceabtaaofEnwbal'.ldecid*)' to make u tlalof
it, acd oafpoUcaticn of rtgrt'wmta. t
have.* crop omew n«4ir, growing aa ilnolynn 1 couli
wnh end of Uie criglL»K« ior. If any iuiv ora*n>
tlen.audeelroi t»bav« ccnLr evld n .rce of t&e truvr
ot the above itateueit, tnsy esa aatMyth«rai*lvei
by eul'd* gratae at xnyoffiea in ih* rovtlmu block,
rtniro tailneffl hmr*, < r «*-. my tesMeu'e, No 619
®Btb utioo street I have fauna tn« aa to *aa
Urirtb of time necessary to prcdacu tie n-wtair,
ato evt-ry fraermi osmcnla* ccoi:C ed with 1% ibo
i’ior»iio>’a statements'at the ouvei hav* cravat
entircl- c*ir«rt Bad tea applies tun pradnc’ttno
ctbrrmati then tbo deeming of mv tali of>as
<>aff«nd every dh*r 'arpnotv common «o istr, Z
an .old consider trwfrtf an ply cfp p-nj«t’a tor toe
conOdoretion psld, sns wnala not cow r>n
C«pMve<» rf rs&telorotm ones too one* chwoi
for it. Ivfler lbi» my testimonial of lie rood effect*
ct> ms o»t bf id that other* may b* he* ed'tsd by Its
are. and unsolicited cn tae pars r 1 Prof. Denman
Q.P. KANDaLL. Arch tecs
Office Portland Dice*. Chicago, fi:., Aar- Ji, »SM.
PrcfiseorDbMurn ran bae-inasltedathu Bra-ch
Ofcft No. 133 Lea’born street, eorntr cf tfeduoa
(np-vtaira.) Consultation free. toi-qSMt
DB. rNDE3 w ool>, Oculist ard Aur!«, Operator
for Cross Eye*. Ac, 12J KaaCo.Db streoc,
Cbfca»o. Dr. C.’Baurs?ry li ihrcn^caf/om
trl rt>ht with p-iilesii* r o;n au parts cl ia-j c n-’rr,
anxlc.us to get an interview. ____ set-qS-S it
Three innrlred boxes Seth Thomas
Clocks; 500 boxes American Clock
Co. clocks;alarge assortment ef me
dium class Jewelry for country trad e,
Plated Spoons, Forks, Castorv eta ;
in fact. tbe largest stock and best
variety of all kinds of Goods in ohr
line west of Hew York.
American and Swiss "Watches, Dia
monds. Jewelry, Silver Ware, Fancy
Bonds etc. MATSON & HOES
117 Lake Street.
I,COO r&ics of clock*, of all kinds.
100 dares of Watches American and Swiss.
50 Cases of Plated Wore.
«And n large and fre»h stock ef Diamond, Gold and
Ivorv.7euelr? t Sllv-pGo:dv.6pe*tj»claß,Gozzle9. <feo..
G3LES 880. & CO.,
an2l-psoo-7ttet _li2 t.apr sTP.EEr,
irill l>e paid lor tbs recoTery of tbs body of
Cm*. P»uick Clancy, loi; overbcvd- Jrom tba
rcHooDer Kacine, off Kewanee, Fna»y morning, Kut.
26.15 W. ■ B. MASOH A 808 9»
'itttS-pSSMtnet CoroTi&iß&'ltOQmna*
■Ntto SUibettißcmEnts.
Cabinet Organs!
Cabinet Organs!
Cabinet Organs!
rmbnco ■ various Patent Improve-
rocni m no otbor
liocd ißiOpmi-nt
Automatic Bellows Swell,
Automatic Bellows Swell,
Automatic Bellows Swell,
Knes Stop Ac.,- &c,,
Rnee rtop, &c., Ac.,
Knee Stop, &c. s &c ,
XTsedbj Gotfc-cbalk in all his Concerts
Us*o by Gottacbalk in all Ms Concerts
TJatdby Gottschaikin all his Concerts
Decants belt adapted to Artistic Rlbcts.
ferenose I e*l adapted V: Artlstl-i Affects.
Bsc*nae beet aaapva to Artistic Etf-cU-
Sec Testimony 0* 3lore than 200 Onanists.
See Testimony, of fliore than 2uo Organism.
See Testimony-of More tbaa 200 Organists.
BeitHced Irstnments for P*ri:*r,Scfcool and ’hutch.
Beit Peed laft/nTnenta far Parlor.Sc* Oftt avt O nrf b.
Dee. Seed Instruments lor Pailur.£cnuul and Chaich.
the Cabinet Onrars (virjlcv 1o M-e,
finltb and price, irom Pita .0 (610) rorflveynin
and RtMntv-e crritet sat-rfaC'-t'o. Wo k«rp -hem
cotstaaUy on band, and teL’, wboltsaila sad retail, at
85 Oars street, Chicago.
Bradbury Pianos,
Bradbury Pianos,
Bradbury Pianos,
-Now in the Ascendant.
Now in the Ascendant
Now in the Ascendant.
Splendid Specimens Styles 5. 6.9-
Cpibiiciii atyles 5, 6,9
Splendid Specimens Styles 5 ; . 6, 9.
Now on' Hand.
Now on Hand.
Now cn Hand.
Other Stales Coming.
Other Styles Coming.
Other Styles Coming.
AH Orders Fitted In the fVderla wMeb sT»c«lTed.
All Orders ‘•'tiled In lbs Order In which Received.
AU Orders filled In the Order la wlucb Received.
comvtantly GSTTDto OTiiSit pixsos m rrCßtnar.
Buy tßiadbcryandyou won’twvat a Chin?",
nny a Br-tocur? and 301 wo'.’t wan? a Chance.
Bn) a Bradbnry and yon won't wans a Chans**
HepntsMon neither Mashrorm or Mcu'dy.
Reputation taiibcr isnshroon or Mould/.
J3T ■Warranted to jtyc perfect aatlsfr.ctlo'j.
Other flr»t-cla»a Pisan* on band booebt at old
DJlcts. A!s", ?hest m oilc, Mu-tc Books aud al
Since of xnantcal mcrtbardiae. at wuoi*-s-»lo and re*
tail. We aebcia itricyy 10 the cHxraic* ar«rs*.
cso.r BOOT.) - ?.OQT A C4.OY,
b. t.doot, t os Qazk street, Chicago.
c. ) aeVgSTStntt
Is a member of Ibis firm on and after this date.
TO. BBUifi & CO.
September J, 1351. ' sal qiß2 It
parties In the country esn find reijy gala for round
lotsbysddreMics ■
7HO9US & CO.,
59 LseaL’e street, Chicago IClaoli.
Pest Office Eoi2.ts. • s«il»pCTt It
Stewards Parlor Stoves
At J. P. Dalton’s.
1 7 1 S'tiree't*
. rtlql&u . •-
• ibpoxtbsi) or
rrxi<r plate,
And Dealers In Tinners* £tack.
im a 2oi Randolph st., ceicaqo.
tu3-pfc£a auiuct
Persons bnylnc moatrtttlet often tons Ani op
T-«ra can obtain m creation and lean orders at tie
Ofilco Of . HolSFOifO, Elsi BALL ACO ,
ao2B-pSS3-l«aet 109 Lose street.
A.* will sell a few honored tens ot eooa iroleod
prattle Oat. Boater Pressed, deliverable la this nn
oncara on cr before November Ist next fcOTT,
GOSS & CO., IX Clark street, corner of Soath Water,
LwonrisEmlcictj. P.0.80x*917.
auß24-p-j3 limet •
At t fc e UIWEST MARKET PRICtB. Per sale bi
anil-EMs?2tLet GEO, u. POPE. 1« d. Clari it.
ifi. 'VVKIoHT,
[sstibusiizd 16503,
FJre-Prcof Warehouse 136 SJnzle Street,
E&t*crc Wells and Lasalle sta . ..Cfclcago.
X3T Usual facilities extended to county dealers.
«PnrcDtse« for foreign account made at emtomary
rales. • *aJs-p35:-iUe6
“ TRUiSjES,”
The Hai d Rubber Trass.
TM(tTns?*wUl cure Hernia or Fop'nre oftblrtr
y*«ra* btt-Bdir cm b« tta™ trirr o ■ «m
iieTer nut, bre*S. cb»l«, *«!1 «? b latv. ®9
strap*. e~n oe n.fo in Ba’b.Be.acrt .a a'ja
SOog tar«T. Ii as-*i and r«»-aa*ni.M 5 •*« ««
ftomxn,t FltLl’ “
•njenaderiJened offer tor aale tba above mentioned
3511b, JlatMnery, Stotk, Ground, St,
tj, e Lo; bi« a front on Seventh street of tes f«t by a
rfi«fhof CTM’ect. Tbe mam Daildwexe lour itoneg
hicb wtb a three story Back o ..Udine and a boUar
bru% an- stac-c ad'otrio*. For particulars Addrosi
BAKE--CUX, mess rn CO. second street. It.
Louis. Ho. . en-iS-pSJ^^tnet
Tbe best stock of akt.
ISTS’ MATERIALS ta the West can be found at
jdl Ctlcago,
TScto aibrrtiscnxrntß.
HoIMT, B tViS & C4’S
< Unrivalled Pianos.
Tltis Improved scale of Planes. of which or*
A«e ccwt* ate. sal w' i:h here rocctrrdatStale
Fills dorJai u o pm tta jun, over
Thirty Grand First Piemioms uS
Over all eompeUton*~2tawe ntaos hiTe bwe ant.
T*rwHj commanded by the I*RP.-9
S &v&hzwbk&b, ior
Equality, rarity and Liquidity or Tone,
Superiorly of Action,
Solidity of Construction, and
Elegante of Design and Durability.
The cttc.ro Vsieien’s eoimuoadcuc it tt. scidtl.
gaa SWe Mtr in &Pi»tetDbet # **MJ iS/i;
**TLetsaxmfienfi H«H<tarl Davs naao.o'tered
bjW.W. &l»b»li,muo stand cottri* o> attraction,
tons ares ary pLuscaotr* aomeef ta«m >r>m c*«.
br»t»d Denmcioreza. bat «h»srai**a .aore-ne. It
baa dead vedlj rcccmd the P*Bo£ PBdiflDM.’*
Tfc?Beaten TnAV»-LEn raja:
‘'Xbcmannfattcre s eft’eaa Places wo among the
oHcat tub* Halted daUs.aHTamuaa ihavtalcn*
its*. Tn»y luvo m tTcrlie x boameaa reeatui e,
sad bare euemeo to «& osteaatve toretjen aaa eo*
trrtle Decease of t&ttr rspitactoa «ad.
their wealth tbnr eaataite* of exeaileaea whiett
t: ry trve with tbetr Panes ’a vslaaMa. They are la
a potmen to ttche is good ai any moment,”
The Sew Tcrk HUULS s*;st
“Thareualarce t r«ini demand lor th : » 9 lattro
nstnto, ua a ihorjnab appreciation o their bsqt
cxcrliens eaoix artists and amateurs at
btme and abroad.
Frmie«eral tun#red letters and twimoatale the
folio *lrg are continued,:.
M Af ertte mas; sever* t*sta that 1 have given your
iQWomests. I mhmtitnjiy p onjonca uem- ml*
nently Bopeilor la acton, vl»it»ct‘y of touch, n;d
powe* ot tote to anj £ have ever n*«d to t< Uor im
ola country. GUsTaVS SATTbIL’*
M £ bee to express to 30a ra? (atisficVou la
every vrlthtbe superiority of «o*r P>aoo«
•* WU. MA3O*."
- “ I have tested year Pianos *horcmhjy, ant fonpri
th*m to Dertiy superor Instrument*, aid «overftil!r
itcommtnd them noth to amateurs and pro’eeanra.
••L. -M. QOrrSJjALK.-
“Tovr Plantar* Inmv oplatrn the bait Plane*
ever made to the (Totted Bst*s or els“wne>e, on it in
*we*-»ne'e,p'iwe- of ute atdtoUiity ol construction,
leave lothne more to re dtaired.
Diehard Stem vniia last: “The editor of the
Mtjbicai. caa perteDaly recomme.d these re*
markabiy fine iritrununta."
. Harriet Beecher Stowe sen; “ Your Pianossurpass
ii al.< u« oitential 1 eqa ; «trs of a «oo*i Puna, all that
I bare seen or heard la.any country.”
The Patent Steel Bar,
Which Is a dlstintuliblns cbaiaotuisdo of three
Piat os prevents vrarptnp and vetting out ot place ae
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Xhe Patent Suspension Bridge
Is sr piled to these Pianos only- This Is the Improve.
ffiSFaSET” w “*•
142 lafee Sired,
Is Foie Agent for the Pianos In the Noztbwsa', and
util junlsh taem to customers at manufacturer's
Illustrated catalogue seat flee of charge by ad>»
dretalrg W. W. KIMBALL, aa above.
Orders from a distance promptly attended toe
ladies 7 and Gents' Furs,
Skating: Caps, Buckskin Goods*
niLUNm scmw goods,
And all the sew styles of
ladies’ Straw, Felt and Beaver Hat*.
We tare now mitcra the LARGEST aed MOST
ATTRACTIVE stock o' a dots Goods ever srcußht
to Ibis mirctt. ana wt>b (be adv-ui aae of 1 any pur
chases im cash. before to a recent advance, wo are
prtpaj«d«o offer g ods at prists that will defy com-
or A'res.
- Out UiOTtj and witten Department has had our
special sttsiiiicn, and comprises an UNaUdPASSAO
arS'Ttrastt of Bock. Patrt. aid Kid.
All oesiers in onr line will fit 41* lor thoir Interest
to ei suite our goods and prices before purenaain*
Pr fzoept at d personal attention given to orders.
45 and 47 Lake-st, Chicago.
a 026 ptJO ICtnet •
7-30 X.OAW.
Second National Bank
Is snibciitert by the fliere’ary of tea Tteaeury
recU»e enDsCrtplkna ta the now
Tcs RnmwDba mnedls deaimlnaaousof MB.
t'iy; two, *' ,»C0 and Is,<vi>, wvieat at u« rate oi
1 5- t ?4RJ E>T,-or Otlß CSHT par,di? on each 151
payable. £em:>»zinublly.
They wll be tfntea Anrait is, 1944, and will Do paw
able at end of three yean. In current funds, oz
eo.nruble lo*c Flys TwentydiX fEt* 5*M Bonds,
payable, Principal aud latexut. in Gold.
Dp all payments mads priortoAa.net 15tb. mta»
,«twur ne allowed, and altar that date in crest win
tw eaarsed.
literal airanzamecu wtu fca cada with Hash*
aid Canten.sneßendalorvsrd*d freed cba*gQ
pr.lnte on Railrsacs in Blinds. Indiana Uicbizas,
lir»4 andWUccnnn.
When do commission Is allowed, jackSjrci euM
tent bj either express coapiny osier oar contract
free of e&u*e.
Ch*ca«o, Anroetl, la&i.
an6-0J47-lSt ax ntermst
All persona wlshlcs to avoid the draft, can be fnr-
At Asrenev, either for ote»
two or tiiree )«ars*
Ai*s part; wilting from the country must send Uto
place of toelr residence, cccapaiioa, it married
crfl?ale. a:d Place oi nauilty. Ctruflcates of ex
ec oU-m mail tcaaypo'tloo ot tbocooatrr.
Orde'9 should he sen: m aa oooi as p*.isible,aa thw
price cr latmtltutei is Rradoaily r»a nr.
u&ac e. niTT * co. t
6SCIa» street.
WAT. H. &HABP & 00.,
ICO *Washiagton Stre't, Cliicigo, HI
Rock River Paper Co,
Ifaanfcctureis acd Wholesale Deilersla
ss ?iP tA ST I>oiL ® L> IQ r »•** A ] nnimera,
worn 20 to ID- oahsnd or JiANOFACTUUSDTaOit.
JJi.lt, Agents Jur \be
■Warranted B3TTRR than any other* made. CaT and
AU3I qTO-Strict Tf. B. HALE. Agent.
HR. jr. n. WALKER,
Fonadvr*vfweserta'. 3T. T* OPERATING AND
rioScLTfiO •UI.GEON for diMiei of tba BTQ
AND EAR. oace,U7Soni!i Clark street. Chicago.
. atialfiTiMtarn
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Elasticity «f TinS,
TEr 23

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