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Cil.'OA«H) Titl.3lJ.NE.
office. >" <H *-)nrk street.„
Dallj, delivered In city »p*r «eck) ag
“ a “ (;»* Quarter) 63.25
Duly*, to null *ob-crib«TH, *«ar sl2 00
Uailjr, to met] ru»*c'ib<4v7|*r 6 Saouths;. 0.00
Tri-vrrfily.jwyenr..WjL-■ o*oo
Weekly,Biojrlecopy yv\f *: '•'2? so
_ ** ~ 44 4 * »ix month* 1,25
Clabt of four copie*. one veer . 900
“ . ** ten * “ *» SO.oO
“ M tw-viiv 1 ' *♦ M 40.00
And to the latter das, one c »py extrt io thepex
sen ordering It, *>?-• '•
C7~Moncyin Bcki«t*r'»<i i>tt«*amfljbos«ntat
oar risk.
fc*T~Tbe remittance io? cine** mn?t, in all[cases,
be made atom: time.' ‘ . . ... *
Address “CQloa<;o r;:i»trNn.” Cmca2o.m
Chicago frlbmw.
THE Bi» f C & n i; \IoN DI>CUIIEST.
j Let the Polyglot Dnufjoacv npeak lor them-
' r
Will be issued *•*.* liv.iry in five days, in
a neat pamphlet at t-ix'.r.a concise com
pilation of , v , ,u• ...
The lreu»t.nab!e 'and utterances
cf the speaker*, and ciJmpf'G „r the saint of the
occasion, mutinied ny Valiandie
lAm, Cox, Tlarrie, WicU- liU-% and others. Also the
Let Union menctrcuiau-* Li everywhere, espe
Orders eccompanied by tbi- <-xto will ba Ullod in
the order in which the* arc ijr-veived. - ■
Audrcsc Cmcacu '■ libckb Coxpzair.
Ti»fi Kl-Ws
It will beii jlttlc 100 -:uuch to expect ft
very devout observance by adherents of the
Peace Ticket, ot UcClellu'u and Pendleton,
of the request of Jhe JVvaioent oftheUnl
ted States tUal Public Tn-r»66glvlDgbemafle
in all cur churches and pl%ce« of worship on
Sunday next for the c»piur*> of Atlanta, and
brilliant successes bi-»ow Motile, ‘What
hove Copperheads to be thankful for? And
yet wc mistake. They cau t>« and doubtless
arc grateful that’Dood aol away with Us
ansy, and that Richmond still bolds out
Lojal men n;ay mcauwnile rejoice andde
f. voutly accord praUe.to the-Giver of victories
for the elgual successes to our arms. The
strengthaed force* of ti urebelliouaro being
etctdliy nsi eurcly‘Wrm a«iy. Their cri-”
lorccd and plillcaa cooscription does not
make good the numbers of their losses, while
it tills tbtir ranks nth boys-aud old men.
Steadily the eucoeees of onr arms restricts
the xcbel territory, open fre-h drains on
rebel resources, and ricJit- n the steel grip
about the scats of Itu i«>ai life. Thank God
for this. Thank God that our boys in blue
axe still carry logthe flag onward. The mas
terly strategy of Gen. Snrrmao, the splendid
achievements of Admiral Farragut, have 1
brought btill nearer to tu vitals of the rebel
. government the tightening band of oar army
lints. A little further, a briuf lurther peri
od of daring and sacrifice, and the
rebellion will fall. Its ranlo stay is now the
Peace faction of the Northern States,"Who
arc redoubling tbelrexer>iociß anxious to in
terfere snd tiay the pr. ureas of our arms
that the Confederacy may not fall, and that
slavery may be saved. Lel.ns be grateful to
Providence for Hie pr*-w-.» t promise of the
campaign. A fulfillment of present auguries
will be the utter dlrron.tiiure and ruin of
all the open and secret enemies of the Union
within the next few u-or.-t.JiB. Wisely does
the President remind the .propleto Whom
praise is due for fencc.bpabd Its auspices, and
loyal men will have but illy profited by the
f lessons and sacrifices/of this ‘-waiylf the
Proclamation he no*, faithfully observed.
National salutes were yesterday fired, in
accordance, with the P»eMdent*a orders, In
honor of cur recent victories.
One-btlf of the lC*b corp*, under Gen, A.
J. Smith, arc on board of a fl-.ct of steam
boats going up the' Mi-sit»e!pp!, Ohio and'
Tennessee Hivere to reiti'orce Gen. Sherman.'
They may stop bytbe way.to clean out the
raiders under WbeeKr auo, Roddy, who are
destroying the rui!r*>ad between Nashville
and Chattanooga. This‘timely reinforce-;
ment of Un or twelve thousand men, will
enable Sherman to-extend hts operations
and strike hcavi-r Mows at the enemy.
• They had oguori time at Galena yesterday,
where Dick Ogh/eby a«d OoL Carr met a
glorious rally of Union-men. and curried for
ward the work of the campaign in Illinois.
The Jourr.nl of yesterday refers to, without
otherwise giving, a it states was
paitluDy M<gii-pbcc from Ne * York yester
day afternoon, annoui'cmc the arrival of the
sUumcr City of Wubhmgton from Europe,
bringing the intelligence that one of our
cruisers had captured tbe reoel pirate Geor
gia, in the British Ch übtl That ahehad
the British flag flying, turn her captain enter
ed a proU-et, appealing to the British Gov
ernment lor protection. VVe nave no further
particulars, and no oisguteh ref erring to tbe
subject reached us ov«r lue wires last eve
ning. The foreign outlces of an earlier
date than the 'Vasulogton’s, If that
steamer. arrived yesterday, reported,
on the etrergth of a L-ebcu telegram of the"
17th, the federal frigate Niagara was In the
Tagus. It Wiis said tnat her mission was
to intercept u steamer bunght at Liverpool
ostensibly for D-nuiUnm between Lisbon
aiid Liverpool. Tnr. rorngucao papers fur
ther asferi that the hltanier in question
would not sail, as the intention of tub feder
f ale had become knowar Phis doubtless re
ferred to tbe steamer Georgia, which had re
ceutly b-.lt Liverpool fur Lisbon. It is cer
tain that our naval' ioicc abroad Is strong
ai d ou the alert, ea_-cr to reproduce aud em
ulate the exploit ot the H-Awarge, but we
arc yet in a mist as to ’* bother any event of
the kind has yet tr nepln d.
The rebels confess a seven* repulse in the
vicinity of Allan**, end too loss of three
Generals, Amici too, IVttn, aod Hardee.
A disastrous lire in Milwaukee, oaSandsy,
destroyed the Black. Warrior Elevator of
Messrs. HuguninA: Co., ft loss of $15,000,
with aloes of CIO.OOO in lumber to the yard
of Messrs. Jones & Co., adjoining.-
Advices from £ou»h America say Chill re
lates to recogbit-e the bogus Emperor Maxi- I
milmn, and stub: that 6’ ronacr relations are J
promised, for mutual de r ense, between the
South American Republics.
The Englibh railway murderer and fugi
tive, Muller, has been formally surrendered
at New York under the, extradition treaty,
and Is ere this oo his way home to London
to mcettbcgravc eonecqnmees ofhls act.
A dispatch from Washington yesterday un-1
officially speaks o: the pceip -uemeot of the
draft as necessary for a few dnx s to complete j
tbe adjustment of State quotas.
Goldycstciduy wus.uoserU d, bat clcsing
ot an advance of nearly. 6. cents, at 341*'.
By the burning of the' store ship Brandy
wine, at Norfolk, the government loses over
one million dollars instore* and clothing.
TLc other half of.the 16th corpa,.we pre
sume, will remain in-Western-Tennessee,
with h< adquartcre at Memphis, for the pro
tection of that district Only roving bands''
of guerillas remain cith-.rin West Tennessee
or Mississippi. Every available - rebel'
been sett to Hood’s army. .... •
As WUI be seen elsewhere, tbere'is a elm
lar error as to the time of draft --There I.
an error riding tic. time of thedratt as
1 « 1 °T? : rT? 6 P /^ Henrfl proclamation says
after the sth of September the drift is to
commence in places where the quota is not
filled; counting correctly fifty toys &om the
date of the proclamation, which was Julv
18. The official edition of the Laws of Cone
grecs, however, says sixty,(not .fifty) days
So if that be followed,-the 16th of this
month will be the eubbtituttd time for th
The news from Gen, Sherman is contained
In his official dispatch forwarded through the
War Department, and elsewhere given. It
had been detailed by interruption of the
wires. Atlanta is ours Vot Indeed with
the rumored heavy capture of prisoners and
guns, but as the result of a grand strategic
movement aud with great loss to the enemy
in material and munitions, enhancing the
blow Inflicted *y the loss of a positions©
long and strenuously defended.
It was by an apparent retreaU-one of
those masterly strategic movements lor
which fbifl General £tu been so noted—that
Sherman was enabled to achieve so brilliant
a result. For some’time post Jt has been
apparent, nut only to-Gen. Sherman but to
the majority of bis officers, that the position
could not he taken Jiy/fiireet. assault. The
works which Johnston was enabled to build
‘ around Atlanta during the time he occnpied
.Sherman’s attention by bts alow retreats,
were of the most formidable character. < aud
atreugth. On the other band, a complete in
vestment of the place was Impossible from a
want of men—Gen."Sherman's: army .being
too small to establish the line acottrd the.
city as strongly as would be necessary to
.preventsuccessful sallies of the'enemy,
. ; The purpose of Gen. Sherman in the more*
menl which began on the night of the 20th,
was to deprive the rebel coram&nier, Gen.
Hood, of this strength, and of. his protection
ollha works at 'Atlanta. In other words,
Sherman hoped by flanking and
cutting off bis Enpplta to force Hood out to
fight, and thus, with his largely preponder
ating force of veteran troops, to whip him in
ah open field. With this view Soerinan moved
on the night in question with twenty day’s
rations, and all bis army, except the 12th
corps' (Slocum’s) which had been withdrawn
from the front of Atlanta to Chattahoochee
bridges, there to remain a* a corps of ob
servation, and to beenpv Atlanta in the event
of Hood abandoning It.
- The result la briefly and succinctly told by
GeneralShtman. Hood, finding hehadloet
the only road that could supply him, and
between him and a considerable part of his
army, blew up the magazine in Atlanta, and
left in the night . The 20th Corps, General
Slocum, took possession of the city. So
Atlanta is oars, and fairly won. And the
capture cl Atlanta secures the possession ol
the whole State ot Georgia and readers the
condition of the r.bei leaders more desper
ate than ever before. Great gloom will fall
cn the rebel leader* at Richmond, folly
shared by their accomplices in the recent
CoivcnUon in this city.
Little mac.
The newt of his nomination reached Little
Mac at Orange, Kew Jersey, where the
Grave Digger of the Chickabomlnyhas a
country stai. Quite a concourse ot citizens
from perts adjacent, beaded by a band from
Newark, paid the nominee of the Peace
Sneaks a visit, which called out the folio ir
ing from him, his first gun for the cam
Mr FiarKUS—The events of the dev are po n?w
•nd of each rluUmpnrtsoce to ns, to oar child
ren and to our coonur, that I esenot as yet realize
them; nor do I yet filly comprehend the position
in which lam Disced. Itbauk yon sincerely for
coming here, rbr I know from daily experle- ce the
fatiguing walk you lavctafcco aad ihe difficult
hill you bare bad to dimu. lam sure that yon
will not expect me to make a t-peerA. It the action
of to-day leads to tb* tt»n ta weal expect, I think
that you will have to esusw to recrec troat has
been done. Host elnccreljdo 1 thank yon, raj
friends and neighbors, fur tine kind visit and these
hearty coc£raluJaUoi.e,
Foreign Sommarr.
The London Cbttrf Journal says the day fix
ed lor her Mrjesty’s departure from Osborne
for Windsor was Thursday, the 25th, being
the day prior to the birthday of the late
Prince Consort. Toe Queen would remain
about four days at the Castle, and then pro
ceed to Scotland. ■
The London Army and Navy Gazette says a
most Important will take place at
Siiotburyuegs—the firing uttbe Warrior float
ing target at a range ol two thousand yards,
by the Armstrong six hundred pounder with
steel slot.
Hrs. ; Telverton hod brought an action in
the Scotch courts against the Saturdayßt
tku for libel in the comments which that
journal hud made upon her. She lays her
dameg* s at £3,000.
• A great fire had occurred at Hull England,
The premises of several large railway car
riers, etc., were destroyed, together with
their contents, aud the loss is estimated at
from £50,000 to £70,000 sterling.
' In the trial ol Rae vs. Cunard, at the Liv
erpool Assizes, involving a claim lor dam
ages against the auctioneer for not having
knocked down the steamship Great Eastern
to the plaintiff, instead of to the new Great
Eastern Company, a verdict was entered for
the defendant, with leave for the plaintiff to
Hiss Kate Southey, the third daughter of
the poet, died at Keswick, Et.gland, on the
15th ol August.
The Spanish Ministry has Issued fresh in
structions with mpect to vessels passing
the fortress of ToriU, to prevent their being
fired on.
, Genual Prim left Madrid on the 13Ui of
| August for Oveido. He was accompanied
i by a numerous crowd as Jkr.os the railroad
I station. *
The result of tbcjgcucral elections in Bel
gium i« a subject or conjratnKilon amoujr
the Paris journals of every shade of lioeral
A dreadful fire broke oat on Monday, the
15th of August, at Limoges, France, and was
only snbduei on the 10th. From one hun
dred and twenty to one hundred and fifty
houses were consumed.
The Chicago Convention—^What i|>©
Kcpobllcai>« I'iUbk and Soy—Trie
Drinocracv Jubllaat—Jle-
Clellao* ana Hla Pruspecu.
[From Oar Special Corre?oondeot.l
‘ Nsw York Citt, Aug. 81,1864.
For the past lew days the news from Chi
cago has been of paremuaut interest to New
I Ycriers. What would be done at the great
Democratic Convention y Would the "Woods,
fresh from their traitorous plottings and gam
bling shambles, rule at the councils of hun
kerdom, or would Dean Richmond and his
; clique curry the day at Chicago? Hen met
; on the streets to discuss themerita ot Hora
tio Seymour and a peace platform or to won-
I dcr if SlcClcHan would consent to rnn as the
champion of an armistice and Northern hn.'
miliation. Two days have passed and we
have heard of the craat : crowd of would-be
president makers which throngs jour city,
find that McClellan hks the ioridc track tor
nomination; lust night we mad Gov. Sey
mour's speech in which he apologizes for the
rebellion and insults the soldiers of the Un
f ion. This morning's papers contain the plat
j form which his been fabricated and adopted
| and at noon to day we learn from the bnllo-
J Uns that General George 11. McClellan was
j nominated as Democratic candidate for Presi
dent of the Unit-rd States on the first ballot.
The news of the nomio&tlon takes no one
l*y surprise, 1 or it has been perfectly evident
tone in New Tutk since Monday that the
hero of-the - spade would be the nominee of
the Copperheads. Rtpnblicans, and It would
seem that all ir geunous men, have either ex
perienced or read enough or McClellan to
! know how little he appreciates the crisis
i which is upon s Lit nuUoo,ac.d howfarehorthe
1 comes in point of ability to the requirements
of the hour, bat the majority of those , who
have felt ohllgtdto deprre tc his gentle gen
crulshlp, as against toe rebels, and to disa
gree With his maudlin political notions, have
hitherto considered him. essentially a loyal
[ man, mistaken, but sincere. The platform
upon which he has been nominated at Chi
cago Itepublicvns in this city assert means,’
If It means anything, an armistice and peace
on toy terms with Southern rebels; and that
If McClellan, in the laic of his past protes
tations and military career, accepts the nom
ination as it. will bp proffered- him
ii him a hypocrite from
the start The Democrats,- or conrsa.
or. Jubilant, and it win require eome
days for a few sore heads to look smiling and
tappy. hut on the Whole the proceedings of
the Convention will be acquiesced in. • The
war wing of the party has been treated to
Just the man they wanted, and the peace fats
lion to precisely the platform they asked
and between tbe two it is herd to tell which
is the happier. Portraits of the untamable
GeorgeG. are vended at every corner and
enormous soles oi McClellan badges are
node by small boys at only ten cents apiece.
'TITtT unwashed Democracy of this city will
be drunker thuu tveg to night. Three hun
dred guns go off at -the City Hall Park in
honor of the nomination, and other noisy
festivities are feared. Meanwhile, the re
clpitnt of all tills honoris quietly seated at
the Pequot House, at New London, Con
necticut, possibfy' drekmlag of success in
his Presidential aspirations, or In case of an
ticipated reverse meditating a retreat or
planning an intrecchment In New Jersey.
It is evident in spite of all the furore over
Uiis nomination llmt New Yorkers have but
ir'J fhe success of the ticket pro-
t -tuocratic Convention Jn the
!^r^A old Wu * l U P tix par cent, on the
news oi tbenoo-inuiiou
-'cw York city will go
• r McClellan; if, is in tlilb vicinity that tis
hut Kepuolicav-s here
P l 6 Unionist^.
East and ftetiln undoubting
?!» K *‘ put,hcja not to be humilia
ted concession to treason, and that
the principles they advocate *iU be vindi
cated in the COtnluu' election. UviOK
Jppr.litndrd lt..l.i*„f„ or , heDrw ,
lc PcaßkTliunla, r “‘
Tbe Snnbnrr-Imerteon, published In North
cmberluid county, ‘Pafcajs : For a 0
time past It his been rumored that certain
dletiicte in Columbia county
mined lo resist the execution of the laws in
relation to the dmlt,. for which the teach
ings or the party organs of that county had
prepared them. It la stated that about one
thousand individuala-T-among them many de
from tbe ranks of tbe army—had as
sembled i in Fishing Creek township, armed
acd equipped for defensein cassof an attack.
They intreiiced themselves on the side of a
mountain, with four pieces of ortillory: bat
General Couch marched against them, with
five hundred end cluhty men, find they suc
cumbed without firing a shot. A lev days
ago a deputy provost marshal was shot by
one of them and severely, wounded, . ■ ..
"War Department Bulle
tins of Yesterday.
A Dispatch from General
with his army.
Proclamation by the President—
ThaaksgiviDg for Late ‘
■ Viotories.
Salutes (o be Fired in Honor
of Farragut and Sherman,
TheDraffc-Its Temporary
Postponement, its Sin
gular; Mistake.
Copperhead Disturbance at Ash
bum—Stabbing Affray,
From Grant’s Army -latest from
Foreign Advices—Enmor
ed Capture of a Rebel
"Was Depab tjcest, Sept, 4.
To' Major General Dlx;
General Sherman's official report of the capture
of Atlanta baa jnst been received, dated 20 miles
gooth ot Atlanta, C o'clock yesterday morning. It
bad been detained by the breaking of the telegraph
lines, aa already reported.
Our army withdrew from about Atlanta, and on
the 80th made a break on the East Point Koad.
and rcaened a good position trom which to strike
the Macon Road. Howard was on the right, near
Jonesboro; Schofield on the left, near Hooch and
Bead*. Howard found the enemy in force at
Jonesboro, and intrenched his troops' within a
mile of the railroad. The enemy attacked Mm at
8 o'clock In the afternoon and was eaaflyrepulaed,
leaving hla dead and wonzded.
Finding etrong 1 opposition on'the road,'! ad
vanced the left and center rapidly to the railroad,
osd made a good lodgment and broke it all the
way Irom Bough and Heady down to Howard's
left, near Jt neeboro, and by the same movement
interposed my whole a ray between Atlanta and
that part of the enemy intrenched in and aroend
At first we made a general attack ou'f’ce
enemy at Jocerbcro, the 14jh corps. General Jcffcr*
srn C. Davis, carrying the works, with ten cans
and abont 1,000 prisoners. The , enemy retreated
south, and we bate followed him to hla hastily
constructed lines near Lovrjoy’s Station.
- Hood, finding me on tbs only road that could
supply him, and between him and a considerable
part o* hi?* army, blew nu the magizine in Atlanta,
and left In the nlcbt The So»h corps, Gtm. Slo
cum, took possession of the city. So Atlanta'ls
cure, and fairly won.
Since the Sth of May we have been in ona con*
slant battle or skirmlih, and we seed rest.
Our losses will not exceed 1,200, and we have
over 800 rebel deed. 250 wounded, uod over 1,0)0
prisoners. W.T. Snrsatax.
A later dispatch trbm Gen. Sherman,'dated on
the night of the cd, at At anta. says: The enemy
destroyed seven locomotives, and eighty-one cars,
loadsd with ammunition, small arms, and stores,
and left fonrteenpiecre ufartllery, mostly unin
jured, atd a large number of email onus. Desert
ers are constantly coming Into our lines.
E. M. Btahtox,
Secretary of War.
Monday, ijcpi. C. j
To Major General Dix;
The President has issued tbe following recom
mendation and orders in relation to tbeTeecm sac.
coeeee oi the United States forces at Mobile and
Atlanta: •* E. M. Staxtox.
Executive Mas siosr, Wasoinctox. I
September 3, Ifilli. j
Tbe signal sccress that a kind Providence has
recently vouchsafed to the operations of the D. S
fieet and army in the harbor of Mobile and tbe re!
dncilon of Fort Powell, Fort Guinea and Fort
Morgan, ana the glorious achlevments of the army
under Gen, Sherman in the State'of Georgia, re
culling in the capture of the city ot Atlanta, call for
. devoutachnovlcdgmeuts to the Snprtme Being in
.whose hands are the destinies of nations. It is
thererore requested that on, next Sunday, In
all places ot worship in the United* States thanks,
giving* he offered to Him for His mercy la presetv.
Ing our National existence against themtargent
rebels wno have been waging a cruel war agatusL
the Government of the United States for its over
throw, and also that prayer be made for Divine
protection to our soldiers and their leaders In the
field, who have so often and so gallantly perilled
their lives in battling with, the enemy, end lor
blessing and comtort from the Fatherof Mercies
to the sics wounded, and pr soners, and to tbe
oipbsss and widows of those who have fallen in
tbe service of their country; that He will continue
to uphold the Government of (be United States
against all the efforts of 'public enemies and ee
cret foes. - ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
Executive Maxsxox, j
Saturday, Sept, a, 1834. f
The National thanks are tendered by tbe Presi
dent to Admiral Farrs gut and Major Gen. Canby,
for the rtJll and harmony with which the recent
operations in Mobile harbor and against Forts
PoweJl, Gaines and Morgan were planned and car
ried into execution. Also, to Admiral Fsrragnt
and Major Gen. Granger, under whose immediate
command they were coadopted, and to tbe gallant -
UprunancArs dn sea'-And land, and to the pallors
and soldiers engaged in the operations /o? th?
energy and courage, which under iKe blesalfig cf-
Providence, have been crowned with brilliant suc
cess, and has 'won'for them tbe applause and
thank* of the nation. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
. •_ Executive MarrsioH, Wasoixqtok |
: • y"' | " , Saturday, Sept. 8. * f
The'N&tlonal thinks ue tendered by tbo Pre*{-
dent to Major Gen! W. T.. Sherman, and to tire
gallant' oScere and soldiers of bis command before
Atlanta,for tbd distingnisbed ability, courage and
persevefußoedstplbyedin thecampates m Geor-'
pis, which under Dlvrcs yowerrssclttd in the cap
ture cf lhe city of Atlanta: The marchea, battles,
sieges and other military operation# tbit have
algnaliredthia campaign; must render it fomentin'
the annals of war, and entitle those who hare par
ticTpatedthertiu to the applause and t&aukaor the
nation. - ; AbiUHax Lincoln.
War orders.
ExEcunm Martaioa, Bept. B,IBCL
Okj>?bsd: A3r*f, That on Monday the 6th day
toepumber, commenclDje at the hour of IS o’clock,
ihfierixoll be given a salute of 100 guns, at the
veenal and uavy jard at Washington, : and ou
Tuesd*y, fab oi.^ept, or on the day after the re-
Jv p f»°?. f T I S order « * l each arsenal or navy yard in
tht United Stales, for tbe recent brilliant achieve
mcnteolthe fleet acd jand forces uf tbo United
e J ,arbor of Mohl'e. The Secretary of
War and 4he Secretary nr tbeNavy wi.l iseae the
n^!T E r r7 .? ,rcctio, ’ ft 10 their xespeciive depart
©• this order. *
-d. That on Wecnesday, the 7th diy of Septem
ber, a- the hoar ol m o’clock (noOo),
there chainbe fireoa salute of lOOcuns at thear
ecnsls at Wa.hjLfcion New Yore, Won, Phllt
ddjibla, Baltimore, Newport, and 8b
Louie; and ot New OrJcaLs, Mobile, Peosaeoli,
llilion Hrod and. Newbcrn, the day afttrtbere
ceiptor this order, for the brilliant achievements
of the army oncer the command ot General Sher
man, in the S:eleof Georgia, and the na-.imv of
Atlanta Tbe,BeoetervorWar will issue d?Kw3ons ‘
tor the execution of this order. . -.
(bigned) AncAnAn Lctoolx. ’
Grand Bally ol Loyal Bou-8»«eeli«»-
• bj Hiclc Offlotbj and Col. Carr.
[Bpedal Dispatch td the .Chicago Tribune.] -
Galxka. lIL, Monday, Sect. 6, 1834. '
A Isrse and enthusiastic Union Mass Meeting
was held in this city this'afternoon, at which spir
ited and pcrwi-rful addressea were made hy Gcn
erolOgleabr and Colocel Clark E. Carr, of Gales
burg. Like »Il ( ‘tho meetings so far belfida the
northern portion of : the State, thlg wasdistim
finished for Us patriotic fervor, and for the interest
manifested by those in attendance. Every loyal
utterance/ and particularly inery • expiecsloa of
determination to ens'ain the gallant soldiers in the
Ct-ld, was received wita demonstrations of eitis
faction. CoL Carr opened the meeting in a brief
tied e oqnf:Ll dircoaeion ot the issues Involved in
lb* present canvass.
Gtternl Oclesby reviewed at length the poUcy
nzio plai eot the Copperhead disunion p-race party
us embodied in the nominee* and platform of the
late Chicago Convention. The General's exao.*!-
tion of the ambiguities, sophistries, abinrititlea
aid heresies of the Copperhead declaration of
principles was complete, aud the arguaieolß he de
rived tbertfrum his audience conld not gaicaay. '
Both speakers were loadly applauded. To-mor
row the same speaker* will address the great
mtellcgaiPolo, in Ogle county.
fejOm spaiaGFiEEo.
Ihe Drait-The roppcrbend Rtatj Con>
vemiitn—the Cast ot oanoidaiea '
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribute!
SpatsoruxD, Hu, Monday, Sept-6,1861.
The difference between the Governor and the
War Department respecting the quota of the State
Las not yet been adjusted and the correspondence
still continues. ;
The train from Chicago to-day came down crowd
ed with delegates to the Copperhead State Oonven*
Uor from Chicago. Dick Merrick, S S.Hiyes,
Dave Gage, Dan o'l2ara,.BUl Daniels, JUseErana,
Mr. Vaughan and otters put In an ap
pearance ' from ; Will county. Mr. . -Ackers
Sam . C-oriyi* ; partner, and . others from
Logan County, Dr. Wright, and others at the
Pccrta -function, Wright, ol the MaU, and several
others Joined the party, as the .train came towards
Springfield. An enthusiastic Copperhead flushed
with the excitement of getting into such a crowd,
or with the bod whisky he had drank, -proposed to
take a vote. r . •
He went through the cars accordingly, and the
. result was, notwithstanding the fifty or sixty, or
seventy delegates on board:.McClellan, 91; Lin
coln, 76; Fremont, 8; Fred. Douglass, 1.
Theito'were no cheers at the aonouucement, and
the Cops, consoled'themselves by saying there
were too many soldiers on board.- •
The Cook county Gtlceatioa goes for Ben Ed.
wards lor Governor, the Waba-h.-Goody and M-
W. Fuller portion having been cleaned out in tbe
Convention by.Cage & Co. It looxs now as if Jim
EoMm-on wns ahead, although the friends of
other candidates.claim that tbe Convention will
be about equally divided between Dickey, lid
wards and Hobtnson. If there -should be no
onion eflected on either of them, Anthony Thorn
ton,'ot Shelby, may be tiken upas acompromUo
candidate. Fur Lieutenant Governor the candi
dates are BUI Hacker, ol Alexander, Barney Caul
field, of Cooc, and——Judd, of Fulton. The first
two ibe policy, tbe last tbe peace moo. Storey, of
Cook, has no chance. If Ben Edwards Isreaomj
naud, bonever, a Conk county men mvypetttfe
Lieutenant Oovernorship. but it will not be Storey*
There ia a great deal of canvassing going on to
For Auditor of State the cadidates are John
Ilise of LaSalle, Wenter of Tazewe'l, Varae'l of
Jeffcrton. Sham on of Randolph, Focke 0! Lee,and
Atmstrongof Qrondy.
tor Secretary or State.the candidates are Tar*
neyandGeo* Jodd, both of Sangamon. Starnels
the only cat dldato for Treasurer. 1 venture to
make up the loilowlnd vote as tbs result of the la*
bora o! the Convention: For Governor, Junes
BohinvoD of Clare; fur Lieut. Governor, S Corn*
lug Judd ct Fulton; for Secretary of State, W. A.
Tome} oi Sangamon; for Auditor, Johu Hlse of
LaSalle. ■ • - -
For rrfaeurer, Alexander Starne, of Pike; for
Congreteman at large, James C Allen.
Friday. Saturday and Sunday were the warmest
days of the reason here. On Frid ty the thermom
eter was 69®, on Saturday 103®. aud on Sunday p.
Three companies of tho new organization regi
ment were swore in at Camp Butler, by Colon cl
Helftrtoc, ye*terday Gen. Fuller will organize
the remainder of the regiment to-morrow.
l)lsa»trous Flre-Bnrntpg of a lsare*
bouse ana Lumber Yard.
[Special Dispatch to tic Chicago Tribane.7
Milwaukee, Monday, Sept. 6,1861,
Yesterday, (Sunday) morning about hair p*st
two o'clocE. a tiro broke oat In the balding known
as the Black Warrior Elevator, sttaated on the
south side of the Menomonee Elver, near the
bridge. The lire spread ao rapidly that tbe-whole
building was soon ecve'opedlu flames. -
The bolldlng was need as a warehouse by Da
genen & Co., and contained a large amount of
wheat, com and oils—abont 16 000 to 20.0&-
bushels wo undcnslaid. The office of Qagenln Si
Co., on Heed rtreeL was also contained.
The fire extended to the lumberyard of B. B.
Junes, and tfuont SIO,OOO worth of lumber was de
•troieJ. The iot>«rauce on the lumber we bare
not been able to ascertain. 'Xhc Insurance on the
elevator end Its cont» nts, as near as w«r are able to
ascertain, was about $15,000 on the building and
Us contents.
The draft, which was set for to-dar, cannot take
place/or several dajs. Enlistments are going ou
The glorious news from Sherman gives a new
impetus to tin* department. A mime was fired
ed ou fiatorday, aimongh. the news was notfaily
Itiwa State Political Intelligence.
[Special Diapatcn to the Chicago Tribune,!
BzsxoiMts, lows, Monday. Sept. 5. U&L
The BepuUicans of tUa County on Saturday
nominated Harry H. Griffiths, late, and. for three
yosw, Ceptain of the Flirt lowa Batte;j, formerly
Clerk of She District Cost?. The Cops, had, on
Saturday events?, a ratification meeting
in the Court House square. The meeting
wae a complete fizzle so far as McClellan, Pendle
ton and peace enthusiasm was concerned. The
news if the defeat of their party at Atlanta, bad
been received here is the aiurnoon, and \ras a wet
blanket os their shivering posts. ■ The crowd was
bored as long as it remained, by three or four old
lost spirits- of some prsradamlte period in the
guise ui public speakers of the present time.
The liepobiicane ol the Sixth District have re
zomisated lion. A. W, Hubbard, for Coueres*, and
11. C. Ilfcsdereon, of Marshall. for District Elector.
All of the old memocra of Congress, irom this
State have bees re-nomlnateo.
- Our citizens who ere oppose dto the su ; nen?ion
of hostilities until Ibelm-t urmed foe of the lie*
public 1* driven from the field, are to grand
rally tit front of the Savery Bouse to-nlght,to ceic
brale the triumph of our army at Athnta.
Copperhead Shturbancc end IfiVay at
* aibkum-rvitmaater tabbed.
By a passenger on the Illinois Central EaUroad
•yesterday. wo learn that on Saturday night an
afT«ir took place at Ashkum, In Iroquois county,
which Is a fmh proof of Copperhead malignity,
and the wisdom of Union men in being on their
guard at ail times In such n elghborhoods. On the
night In question a man named Lynch and three
of Lis neighbors, all hailing from a place called
Prairie Grove, and all thorough fhcvg friends cf
Jeff. Davis, called on Postmaster Slrlngham juit
as he was shutting up his office, and demanded a
letter for Lynch. Hr. Strlugham replied that there
was none, as there was not. This did not satisfy
the men, who grew abusive and noisy,' and finally
made such demonstrations as induced the Post*
master to call In' some of his ncii;h.
bors. Before these reinforcements the rof
dans retired, hut Lynch , forced Us way
back voafcraUng' that be would kill some*
bodybtfcreheleft, To make good his intention
hcurcwakniionnd inflicted a very dangerous if
not fatal stab on Mr. btrlmriiam, cutting a fearful
pash in fate abdon en near the leit groio. wounding
the intestines, dels scarcely possible he can re
cover, The Union men then rallied and seized
the desperadoes, bolding them to bo 'deliverer to
ihenuiljoritics. The copperhead residents of the
neicb’>orbfod spoken of. where the prisoners re*
sided, cnmetip fn force to rescue them, but being
warned In time the Union men were : out in snen
strength and SO well armed that the cups, thought
better of it and did not make a rescue. -Every one
of these disturbers of the peace endorse the Uni er
go Piauonn to tbe letter.
fuo iri niiiisipiiis.
Arrival ofGea. A-X Smlth’H Troops.
[Special by Eqpress.l ,
• Canto, Sept. 4.—The telegraph line has not been
working to Chicago since Friday moraine,’and I
bare therefore been unable to announce to yon
tOOLtr that Gen. A. J. Smith and C«n. Grierson
v lib iceft Staffs and troops, have rcachclMcmphia’
and are now eh ioate up the river. They are to be
paid off h<rc. Their dcfcl&atlou is of course con
traband news at present.
° General Military and State Notvs.
2vew Tons;, Sept. 6.—The steamer Oahswba..
from Jie?r. Orleans, 28sh amred this morning.'
iLisoog the passengers la Gen. Batlej.
GfslCeripn had returned from an expedition'
to Bedrood, gerenteen miles Irom Baton Eomte,
ou iho CdutOD Bdad;where ?e I'ftd a fight with
the extern;, Inflicting c Jo*b of 150 men. besides
destroying a large amonot of ctorCs. Oar lose
kbs about SO killed nr»i wounded.
An erchanpe of about 100 prtooneftf recently
terk place nearßatcn Poone.
Ctn. Granger b<a Issued an order of s'cknowfc
edymeute to tbe army for tho'part they tortr ip'tiio
reonction of forts Morgan and Gaines.
There was sot a single one lost by onr forces in
the lost miecten Fort Morgan.
Tbe army worm is making sad havoc in'cotton
near Eaton Benge. ” ' '
The rebel commander. Jack Scott, has hla bead.
Quarters at Clinton, La. lie commands shoot a,OOO
cavalry, and la supported "by three baitenee, two
of four jtlhs and one of three.
W. I). Mann has betn nominated lor Congress
by the Free State Union Association at baton
About 4,t00 volume ofthe last works of the State
Library have been recovered from the place where
they were secreted.
Gov. Bain returned from tha North on the 26th
and wse warmly ncclved. • •
Fltoai J.OUISVSsLS.E'.
Guerilla Items—Prisoner*: and J*o»
Loutsttuz, Sept, 3.—Two hundred and forty*
three • deserters trom the rabefarny yesterday
'toot the uaJh of £mnc*iy,- and werft sent north of
the Ohio river to remain during the war. They
are representatives of nearly every Slate In the
. Southern Confederacy and: deferred -Hood's army
at Atlanta 'lndiana Is the favored, snot chosen bv
them tor a future home _
Two hundred and elpnty-eeven rebel prisoner* of
war were yesterday sent north iron*- tbeMUltary
Prison In this .cltf-twenty-one comtrtsaionedor*
fleerstaJpbneon’s Island, and two'htddnd and
rtxty-fix enlisted men toCSmp'Cßase. Tndywero
r portion of tbe tive hundred received frdm-Nash*
title on Thursday.. •
V GncriPas entered the little town cf Concordia
By., on Wcdnesesy night, and robbed the cllteens
of.tticb arbelea aa they desired. ‘ A-conHtlfctmbla
forcowaa actioned at the month as
the Tana cos caac np; tad tiia-hoat-didtxvUetd
tliere In roneeqoaice. All w« quiet at Oweas
boro on Tiiiu-GsyL Goenhas 'still hoveraroaad.
Bewlemtc, uteamg money and ,horses, and com
miuitg other outrage*.
The Evansville Timet of Thursday, haa the fol
lowing: The steamer Eureka wi9 overhauled a*
the first lock on Green river jes erday, by a band
of tuerilbs, who came on board and too£<s3’i3
(rom th>-captain. • Ait*r which theyaUowedihe
br.ar to return 10 EyansvUe, threatening to burn
her If she went anv larder op tb M river. The spe
cial spire teems to’bo that me Eureka earned Fed
eral uoops.
moat the SnOMHOAH
litxlcat from Sheridan’s Artny-neay;
M&lj ml*Xala.£ Couilfetit*!
Baltimore, Monday,' Sept. 6.—The following
sdecla) to tlie American Is itirnished in advance of
publication: ‘ •>
Ueadqdautzhs Middle Militabt-’ Drvtnox.
Keak Bkkktville, Sunoay. fcept. 4—7 a. m.—
Gen. Torbm's cavalry corps, which had enrampsd
at Hippon Store, on the Charlestown and Berrynllo.
Pike; left camp at 0 o'clock’ Friday nnd pro*
cetdefi to Berry vtile. rescuing there at night, then
wet t Into cao-p till daylight next morning, when
they moved out through BerryviUe, ou the V7iu-
Chester Pike, taking the road to the loft, about
seven miles beyond berry ville, and' were still ad*
vaucing wh-nJast beard trom at 10 o\*ioc.r yester
day moraine, meetine Utile, or no opposition. ■
The Infantry, consi&tltg ofCrqok’a commands
the Oth and :6th Corps, broke caoip at 4 o’clock
yieurdoy m orbing ana . moved iu three p-tral;el
columns towards BerryviUe. Crook's command
was on tbelett, the 19th Corps on CDocemrc,
the Cth Corps oniiheneht Crook reaentd Her
•. ryvllle nrtt, about S o’clock in the morn'-nr, and
•rested to lice oi battle, with Aims stacked, for a f
.couple cf hoars, while pickets, were being posted
on the different roads leading from Bcrrwule.
TbeiSd Ohio was s?nt oat .on Snicker’s Ferry
road, asd the 38 h Oho on the Winchester nlko,
running to ihenehtfrom BerryvlUe. - *
■ Crook’s command went into camp, and had just
finlehtopltchlrc'belr tenta at about two o’clocc.
when a ekirml»hiDg was beard on the picket
line. The whole commandrspioly turned out, and
was formed, and marched to the support ot tbo
pickets who bad been driven from beyond some
Intreaebmi Lt which they had occupied; The 33th'
Ohio ond Oth Virginia were formed and charged
the rebels, driving them ontoftbe IntrencbmeDta,
'A desperate struggle ensued, the rebels being de
termined to regain posetaalont of the intrench*
meats. With this object they ma-sed tbolr army
into two divisions, *nd huil<*d. j witu tbelr accaa
tomed ferocity, awinet ourilttlebAad, which was
Euppottcd by bothDanvell’a and Tborbarn’s u|-
vi-lons:' They were handsomely repa’secl every
time; -The conflict lasted tUl.ioat; after sun
down. • ■
The whole army hae'boen nursed all night dig
ging iElrtncbmenioßDd-tbrowiua np hresacvnrk*
nod bow occupy amroog poi-Itiun Tbe whole or
tboflgbtiDL' eo far, has been done by Crook's com*,
irand, which captured liny prisoners and a a'and
ol color?. Oar lo«.«s Mill amount to about 3i)3 killed
acd wounded, while tbit of the enemy 19 at leiat
one third more. Heavy Orta? was heard yesterday
id tho vldnlry of Banker HIU, supposed to bs
AvctlU advancing.
THE ISltil’T.
ICE Temporary Sla
gular JHetnke.
New Tonic. Monday, Sept. s,—The Coamar
oof’s Washington t-ptclal eat e it will require seve
ral days to arrange Urn credit ou quotas ol the
several States, and therefore the draw cannot take
plnce lDimed:ately. j
New Tots, September 3.—The mistakes in
taicula’loi., which caused so much nneannees
smonc a certain class ol neople, is at last explain
id. It seems that the official coition of the laws
of Congress, patted at the last session, and pub
lUVcd by Little & Brown, of Boston, comalm the
following passage Irom the law relating to the rais
ing of soldiers by dralt;
That In case the quota, or any part thereof, of
any town, township, word of a dry, prsaoctor
diction district of any county not so subdivided,’
t-ba’l not be tilled ui«uin tho space of sixty d*js
aPcr each call, then the President shall immediate
ly order a crait for one year, to fill each quota, or
any pan thereof whienmay he unfilled..
The words •*sixty ca.s," instead of fifty days.
Is undoubtedly a clerical error, but as the nw his
been declared by Conraess to be “ official,’* as
published, limnst, ol cotme, be decisive.
No orders have jet been received by Gen. Dlx,
cor bat Supervisor Blunt received any auawsr to
h>s report- It 1" reported, however, that definite
cewa will be received from Washington to-day.
The Operations - against Petersburg
and ftlcnmoad)
New Tons. Monday, 6ept. 6.—The Post's Wash
inplou special says everything was qmet in front
if Petersburg up to yesterday morning. The reb
els are erecting strong works opposite ours on tbo
left. The woruoulhcßutcbOjpcanalapproachea
(Jen. Lew Wallace, In company with General
Grant, visited Gen Warren at the front yesterday ■
Humor gives Gen. Wallace an Important command
in that department.
the pATEnanuso court of irquiht. i
HBAnquAETEna Before Peters bubo, August
Sl.—The Court of Inquiry concerning tue unsuc
ccealuiat?aaH on Petersburg on the oOth of July,
cootltiUcO its Investigations to-day. lasing tun
testimony of Generals Ferrero and Wilcox, com
mandloe divisions in tbo9tb corps :Oen. uampti
rejs, chief of stair, and Gen. Heat, chlei of artilley
of the army of the Potomac, and Llenu Benyurd, of
the engineers, Thetr testimony had reference to
the m< «ements and conduct of the troops on ihat
occasion, the manner of their withdrawal Irom the
enter caused by tco explosion of tho uiiue. the
preparstlonß for the dehonche at troops to {taka
part in the assault, and the probable chances of
success it other dispositions and arrangements bad
been made
Tlie Hurt-Ins of ilift htore*lilp Brand y
wiaeriosii nee Jtttiiiou—Bxeb>nsc
ol iPrkoxiets,
Fortress Moneor, Sunday. September!.—The
tlc.mer Cambria, from Washington, bonnd to
New York, put in heto to-day disabled. She mil
be detained but two or three da*n.
The mail boat from Cl.y Point. bit evening,
brought down fifteen rebel prisoners, who were
tent to Washington.
The destruction of the frigate Brandywine by Are
■has devolved upon the Government a loss of over
SL,OC4VOOu In naval stores, clothing, &c.- The ori
gin of the fire tuts potheen a«ccrta{ued. ~
We have no news from the James Elver to*
The Has of Irr.co steamer New York arrived from
■Varum, James Itlver, lost evening, wub twenty*
five officers, ten*surgeons, and 416 enllrtcd men,
in cnarge of ilajor MuKbrd, Asst-lant Agent.
They left during the night for Annapolis.
Salutes In Honor of the Capture of
Washington, Mondoy, ScpL 5.—A salute of
ICO guns was fired 10-do> by ordfcrofthePresldaat,-
in honor of the victory at Atlanta.
Thkntox, N, J. Aronday, csept. s.—Gov. Parker
has older cd tbe firing of si enna in houorof tiro
victory of our troops at Atlanta, to-morrow, ai is
'm. One hnndred gOLS were fired this evening by
the loyal d'lztns of this city, in honor oi Sher
man’s victory.
New Yoke, Sept. C.—Ono hundred gnus were
fired atnc.cn ro-day In the City Hall Pafkinhooor
of the capture ol Atlanta. --
(i (fV. PHEi L ANB>, TOE
A Scccah Growler Well Como 17p With.
* NAfnvnxE, Sept. I.—l see by the papers that
Governor Campbell, of this State, while in Chi
cago, at tho CoiiVeiitJoo, complained ih Mproperty
teat guarded by armed tlavts. JIo will nave to
make tbat complaint no luiuicr." Hi a«ked for a
pnarti, and it was sent; it will now be withdrawn,
and be Mill be .compelled to protect Lis property
. U«w falthfu’ly three negroes did Ihdr duly, an
iocioent will illustrate: A body of Wheeler's
men, forty or fifty, came up to sad fired npuu the
pcaid, who drove them awiy, wounding three of
the villains. Hat. as Governor Campbell does cot
like negro guards, they arc tu be withdrawn.
jfkohi soirrn
Threatened Attack on Charleston and
- Cujpo tilrarticau.
St. Louis, Monday, September 5.—A refKtri wad
circulated on creditable authority hero on Saturday
tbat a considerable force of rebels, turner Shelby
appeared at Chalk Bluff, twenty miles from
Charleston, Mo, Part of tbom were expected to
attack Charleston, while the remainder deoiunstra*
ted against Cape Girardeau, i Lis la doubtless Tom
Freeman's pang of guerillas, making an excursion'
into Mlrfouri, as the last accounts from Shelby
place him in thcvicrelly ot Helens, where he has
been operating for some tune. - -
A New Befccl Inviaioa Threatened.
Nntv AuuNr.lnd., Sept. B.— The Ledger o(yes
lctaay.eFf.nlnß has Information, it deems af
a reliable character, that the rebel General Buford
w preparing for another raid’lnto Western Ecu.,
.uesy.- Tf»e adtatior, £OO mec, made their appear*
snee at Graves, McCracken county, this -week,
causing graatconsterpatlon. A considerable body
of troops arc at Mayfield for tbc protection of that •
part of the country. .The Inhabitants are hard at
worx fortifying the public square, whlca lcclosea-
Ibe court bom?e. it is bellcrfitt that ad attack win
be mace on both .Mayfield and Paducah wlUdn ten
dayfi. • u
? • From Washing-ion.
Washington, Monday, Sept. B.—Accordin’ to
on offieisl statement ihe amount of fractional m,
rer.cy in circulation la $31,000,000, an increase of
nearu S],<HV,OCO within the last month. 01
The Bubtcrlplicm to IhcT-SO loan, as reported to
the Twenty Department to-day, amonuu tn
STI3,OUO/!ind to the HWfi loan $72,000.
WAsmsoTOS.-MoDdity. Sept. s.—Richmond na-'
p«8 say tbat in the battle near Atl«nta oartroons
were at first repulsed, but finally drove the euanv
back with heavy loas, hiduoing three General*—
Andefton,Pattenand flanieo.
From America,"
Nxw York, Monday Sept. A—Advtcca from Pa-
Earns stale tnat the Cbuiun Chamber ofDcpntlea
have resolved tbat the Mexican Empire. uugot not
to be recognized.
The coast traffic of Chill has teen opened to all
natliius. • • • : •
A motion has teen pressed in favor of an offeu.
sive and dtftniflve agreement between al South
American Republics.
Trouble in Sandwich Islancfs.
San Fiukcisco, Sept. I.—King Kamabimlmha,
on the JCih of Aojutt, after an excited *pe-ch
tbe Sandwich Islind constitution of
1E33, declared tbe ConstUulional Convention
Tbla arbitrary act was regarded as a regular
d'sfafbythe king, and if submitted to by the
Hawaiian people, will render the Ungdom nearly
an absolate monarchy. ------ - -
The Presidential Canyaiß.
Wioiingtqn, Brpr. 3,—Campalan documents
ere being sect out by both parties to some extern
thosgfa to this time efforts in this direction do not :
come op to the point which former 'Presidential
csmpfilgttt Wires— rd. The Union Congresalonai
j.- i I
Commll’ce have been getfdiog to the country Jor
the past mom b about SO,COO copies daily, and their
efior»s in tbi> bfoair are to he largely increase-!,
TbeNsiioial CopfcThead Comwltteo in this city
havofentontonljaboul tO.iOOall told. 'Theß;-
publican Committee is being thoroughly organized
bmiK FBOM EUSCO 1»23.
Arrival of.the Ficamer Beigl&n-Var*
Uier. Advicen oytao CaleaoaU.
Fahtiebb Ponrr, Monday, Sept. s.—The «earn
er Bdk'iau, from Liverpool, 25th and Londonderry
26th. paeecd here lute lost- night. No news of Im
portant e.
, .Liverpool, Aug. 26.—Cotton dull and declined
on American, closing firmer at uuchao-ed’
prices: - Brvadwufla quiet and steady. Provisions
dolt. Lara Arm. : - ...
Coneoia c oaed at [email protected]>£ Tor money.
IForther by the steamer Caledonia.]
Great Bbitaim.—'The Commissioners of Cus
toms in. London have Issued a general order to
Collectors, that, in pure nance or instructions Irom ■
the Birds of the Treasury, do shlp-of-war beioag-
Icgto either of the .belligerent powers in Nort\
America shall be allowed to enter any oi Her Ma
jesty’* porta for the purpose of being dismantled
and sold.
A Lisbon telecram oftholSth cays that, the
Federal fncate Niagara is m the Tanns. It id sa:d
that her mission Is to intercept a eteamer boa'hi
Liverpool ostensibly for .navigation between
Lisbon end Liverpool: - The Portugese papers as
sert uat the steaper will not esil,as tbo inten
tions of iheKatjomflp hive become known. Tula,
tloiibtbps, utrtu to the steamer Georgia, which
recently left Liverpool lor Lisbon • •
Prance.—The Ku jr of Spain boa left France for
Spain, lie visited Queen Carietlnaptlor to hid do.
Prince Humbert; Crown Prince of Italy, who is
on a visit to Copenhagen, is sborily'tzpected in
Paris. l
Tbe Independence Beige aon ounces a prospective
marriage between Prince Humbert and the Prince**
Ansa Murat, and says It will strengthen the bonds
between Flancoand Hay.
Advices irom Algeria via Paris confirm the ru
mors of fresh disturbances In the proyiuca of
Oram. ' ■ • . -
GBrjiaST.— I The King ,of Prussia arrived at Vi
ent a on the SOlh, on a visit to the Emperor of
Austria, f '•
■ .The occupation of Holstein bythe Prussians and
Austrians, is said to be decided on
Hcbbia.—Tte Czar has ordered a reduction of the
army, and immediate and unlimited discharge ia
gnntid to soldiers whose service expires on the
itt of January next.
Caws ot* Good Hors.—Dates have been received
from the Capo of Good Hope up to July 13. The
nows is uiamportont. Trade was dull. The re
cent alarm in regard (oa possible Kaffra warprores
New Zkalakd.— A dispatch from General Came
roc. dated headquarters, Auckland, JaaoT, siys*
Dnrim* the next tnree months active operations
wLlhartllybcpracUcabloiuaoy par:of Na-v Zea
laud. A greater port of the troopa hive butted
themselves tor the winter.
Army Contracts.
Barrnioint Sept. I.—Tbe following contracts
weteawatded bv the|Commf?aryol Subsistence to
this Department to-day: 9,400 barrels mess pork
at $45-*B<fc43Aß; 1,400 barrels flour, at $12,603
13.25; S.IKW hags Ho coffee, Bt $43.00(350.01 per
ICO pounds; 500,000 pounds pilot bread, at 59.01
p<no-'ponnus; ]50,000 pounds beaus, at $1,753
4.57 per ICO pounds; 830,* 00 pounds bruwn sugar,
at23#®s:-o*c, •
WasimroTOK, Sept. 3.—Tbe Chevalier Colorado
Jewett la here in cup. He claims that be is the
onl* representative, on this side, of the Southern
men who are anxious lor peice. He applied to the
President today for on audience, bat w*s Informed
that Mr. Lincoln w«,uld not treat with Mm under
any circumstances.
Now York Collcciorsliip.
New Yonk, Monday. Sept. 6.—Tbe New York
Tribune saya-Simeon Draper has been commis
sioned-United -tales Collector at this port, vice
Barney, resigned. :
Tbe ? learner Costa IHca, from Aspinwftll 26th,
has arrived with $850,000 In treasure.
Xlie Gold. Market.'
New Yoke, Monday, Sept. S.-i-Tbe gold market
is unexpectedly Ann. The price opened at 23 i;.r,
and at 10:30 touched 942jg, receding at noun to
241 Jf.
There Is considerable demand for customs,
which susUifoß the market against the news from
.Atlanta. : ! ••
At 2p. m the quotation was 210^.
Our Foreisfn Relations.
Watoihgtojt, Monday, Sept. s.—There la no
trmhinthe published report that an Envoy Ex*
inordinary Irom the Emperor Maxlmilliaa has
arrived in Washington.
B. B. Bnsena!, Minister Plenipotentiary from
Ycotzuella, was to-day formally presented to the
President by the Acting Secretary of State.
Tito CDglish Railway 71 artlerer.
New Toek, Sept, a,—The custody of Franz
Muller was yesterday transferred to the EugPsh
officers, Inspector Tanner and others, In accord
ance with Ink'rnctions received tram tbo executive
authority at Washington, approving the decreton
of Commissioner Newton. The officers will start
lor London to-day with tuetr prisoner.
Bank-Otcssciiger Bobbed.
-BosTOJf.-.Sept. 2,lßC4.—The messenger of
the Bank ot Mutual Redemption called on
the Shoo and Leather Bank this-forenoon
and placed a small trank on the counter, and
vhile be was temporarily engaged the trunk
was stolen. It contained $40,000, mostly in
email bills on country banks.
Xfc&tti ol' n Rebel Prisoner.
Poston, Monday, September T%— Major Eeid
Sasdrrs, oi tbe read army, died m For; Warren
os Saturday, at the age or y? years. Tho deceased
was a aon ol Geo. N. Sanders.
Official bfcliloDsllezattllug Bevsnne
-rrlsuucM, tfeermu, Bounties, Arc
Wasihxgtok, ?cpt. 3.—Under the act of
Congress the previous ruling of the Bureau
ot Internal Revenue under the form?rU?r,
that the tax should be withheld from ell
payments to persons employed by the day
when the compensation exceeded two dollira
per day, is annulled. Hereafter .the tax will
be withheld irom persons who are employed
by the day and pall by the day, no matter
what may be the rate of compensation; and
no tax will be withheld from persons em
ployed by the d»y and paid at the end of the
month, unless the amount earned during the
month exceeds the sura of fifty dollars.
When the amount earned during the mouth
does not exceed filly dollars, the tax of fire
per cent must be withheld from the umouut
in excess. When a person is employed by
the month at a rated compensation exceed'
lug HU} dollars, - the tax must be with*
hud from the amount la. excess of that
rate, even though the payment Is for such a
fraction of a month that the amount due is
less link Jlliy dollars. - Thus, it a person
whose salary Is one hundred dollars per
iLOtlh la employed but on quarter of aglveu
month, the tax must be held upon the sum
uf twelve dollars ami a htdfi All amounts
received by any person la the service or ok*
'p'oj incut of me United States, which are
exempt from every tax under the above pro
vidin', must be returned to the assessor of
the dietrlct In which such person resides, in
the same manner as it it came from any
other source. A special exception to the
rule above established is made In the hun
dred a»>d twenty-third section of the act,
which pibvldes that payments of prize mon
ey ►hall he regarded os income from salaries,
and the duty tnc-rcon shall bu ’assessed and
. collected in like manner.. Tire, tax must,
therefore be .Withheld from all payments ' of
prze money os bere'tofore r nod such pay
ments may be dedneted from the income as
provided iu section uue hundred and-seven*
Tho.Secretsry of War has ordered Com
manders of Derailments to furnish th» Com
missary General bt Prisoners xml rolls of ail
Fcdir-1 prisoners of war received by them,
either on parole or exchange', and alsp of all
.rebel prisoners ofw- £*.■ j tnem ut
„«jpotß, ot whohavbhess exchanged
by them, and whenever practicable, rolls ot
Federal troops captured by the enemy, giv
ing; particulars of capture; etc. • :
With a view to a carcfoTexamination of
every fecrtdtj substitute, etc., received at the
gereral rendezvous established for the rcccp
tiou of recruits, etc.,- berorefor.varding taem
to regiments. In order that all of those un
fit for field service may bu 'discharged, as re
quired by orders' and regulations, the secre
tary cf War directsthafthoSorgcoa General
place at each 'of thu-general retfezvous re
ferred to as/many, officers of the medi&U
corps asmayibe necessary to make the requi
site examitailocs, these medical-officers to
be selected‘so aato glvc eome ol the beat
talent of the medical corps lor the especial
impose orexaminlog reeroitß. The;. Secre
tary 2** War also directs that in fafxlra Com
manders ti! froopa'in the ...field.discourage*
as far discharge of.enllst
edmtn who have pus^ e, l the examination,
for 'disabiifSjexisting at C.he ofeiitry.
Intoecrvlcer ... ", .V
It has been decided that the bounties pttf
vldul ior by the act of July 1861.. tor
enrolling axut callin 9 out the national forces,
though referred In terms f-yvolunteersalade;
who. &IT6II enlist under calls the Fresl
dent is antliorljied to-muke; ire
phcablc to men enlisted In thereguu. r
‘•F the.hfrh .section'; Act July 29tb, -♦V,
*hich .en .cla .that .they shall be entitled: v
the earne bounties in'; every, respect-as those
to The bounties.thus
shall h« paid-in instillments as
fallows? On. being dnly accepCed at depot
SIOO, on the expiration of eighteen months*
service OOOf-vn the expiration of'tfe full
terra SIOO. . m
The Commissioner 61 Internal Rcvecnehas
issued a circular forblddlng tbe apooimment
of deputies by inspectors,'-' The practice Is
general among icspectors.in the. large cities
to appoint otbistaiits .who are arc not sworn.
The OomU'issioner decides that this practice
Is illegal and here ff-er'willhotbe allowed.
The Secretary, of* War -his decided that
aldcs-dc campappointed- under .the . act of
•July 17,1802, whether from, the Hue ol the
army or from cfivil title, be considered, from
tboiaciof their appointment, as officers of
volunteers assigned to doty which- requires
them to be mounted r and os such are entitled
curing the time they, are employed on each:
duty to receive, under the above mentioned
act, txe pa;, emoluments and -allowances of
cavalry officers of the same grade rrsp^cive
without the afimtlonal allowance of s2l
per morth.
Under.'the law, onaod after the Ist of
Beptemberncxt,- tverj/hox, bnhch or block,
of matches, is required tohe stamped before
bting sold, consequently the manufacturer
or any dealer of any* .description must affix
the stamps rbttore sale, other wise be wouid
b&Tlablevto -tbe penalty ten daUixs for
every box.’bunch or block of matches sold
■without btiutf Mumped.‘'lt M not enough to
stamp, thfr of boxes, bunches or
blocks, tor would It avail aojtblag xorthe
manufacturer, nor for any dealer to furnish
the requisite amount of stamps to be aifised
by him. ‘ i ’
tar-est Piilntinp EttabUshmcnl la tlie-
[From the Shdb j (HI.) ITnion ]
- The Chicago Tbuhjnb Company have.in.,
snccterfal operation one of Hoe's cyl
inder presses. This : tremendous piece of
machlcery is capable of throwing off twenty
thousand cepies of the Tribune every hoar.
They have been using a lour cylinder press,,
capable of prihtlogfcigbt thousand conies per
blur, but it bad not capacity throw off
papers enough to supply their Immense num
ber of readers. 1 This Is an evidence of their
unparalleled prosperity. Th° Tribune office
Is the largest, most extensive and complete
.printing establishment west of the moan
taa-B. -And more: the ; Tribune I* one of the
b* st, if not fAc.ne<vspaperin the West. After
sobscriblrg for the wo advise oar
iricnds to subscribe for the Tribune.
Too Hindi for Bnnsby.
JEdtaw Hocas, Baltimore, Sept. 2,180 L
To tbe Editor of the Wor’d:
Yon err. I vote lor a people’s candidates; *plat
foim nncocdltlona l , negotiation unoer which . ne
gotiation tbe Union question decide Lincoln, ilc
'Clellon-Fremont vetes determine nr.der who ‘ tbe
bloody, barbarous and unholy warfare shall con
tinue, reeu.tlrg In European recognition ot the
South and total disruption ot the American He
public. Wm.Cobnbll Jewett.
■Nei» Eifberttsemcnts.
XT OTICE- All Ptiaons hsvijjg
X-V claims aealsit tne County of Cook, will pro.
pent tbo tamo »tue Coua’y Ci« k’a Office, on or be
fore the 12th d*y o' September ms«.
tc-Gq£B-4.w LAUbLfr I*. UILLIaRD,County Clerk.
J.J. otd hand doable Hydraulic Pze*BforprtsslQg
* f great pow*r and Tdiy sap-stioc
woibmsEfh'p. vith tumps and inmes all comoleta
aid It fcoodorcer, wll betol oore»<nnt'}!oterms,
Addms J. W. DOBOUUKdsCO.,
ItCq-lffWtnQt . Cincinnati, Ohio.
Grand Traverse sad Mapl* Wood for
sale by the cargo sad at rv tan »t
A PAttonJE A CO.’S Yard,
rilswortb efreot, bet vecn toli aid Hamaon.
rcC-qtiS:mTPTnASATatt ' VTsststde.
For wozmlsfc Dw«Ultks. Cborones, Seboot House*.
Stores. Ac. ForliurniCk h*ru » r «r>fi no»l >or*A*«
asd put op by BEECHER* PARK ill, 2*o StsdUaa
street. ■ ■ ; ■ saOqiOi-lt
Zi T2KTTON!—There will be a meeting of tbe r*.
mslnre members of ihln.C,UJDanf thi* (vOKaDaT)
evenlrcat thaold Aruiorv. be ores*
cut. T.S. fAU.NiLEaOr, Fre»*c. se6 qilS-lt •
J?J 157 Lake tlreft, the popular re»ort for all.
Fcotoarapus < 1 every atscripuoa taken at the
above Gallery at zea*ou%btu ra^a.
WM. tl. EVEBITf, Pfoorl'tor.
BAY NIAS, Operator. : ael-qUS-lt
il one month old, fall olood, very Urge, and alt
Jet black. Apply to
Just norihof I. C. Sewed House, or asdrm tom tat
1U one Home. - . ■ K.5-q;3l-2met
A Ait'tedcozolftvoof ipbfo Ccmmaadery No.
1 Knl?b*sT-mptw, will he famdat taetr asylum. Ma
sonic letnple. this CJkradaj) evening, Sept, etb, at
TH-o’clork Work on K. C. ,
SiC-titiMt J. A. UQNTOOMIB I, Bfcorder.
Bardie, huleft
nj bed at a boaro, wltbootaDy Ja«t c»a«"or rtoro
c/t.cn; tbnefon) alloer.oni arc forbidden
oi hertcrlwr ßer corny acftooot.as t «rill p »j uoaebts
ofbercoQiractlrg after this oat*
Washington busdqr.
EailvDle» Ecpt. S t 1361.
■jW"OTICE.—A General Ifeetingiriil
X* take place of th« Journeymen Cordvalaers
Association, Wednesday. Sent 8:n, to decide on the
new bill of wsaes,« ball post seven. By or ur of
IhePramtent YAK-ILL. tefl-q4i2U
■pAili FASHIONS FOR 1864.
Irororter of Ta*hlor s, 143 Lake (t„ up itUrs, can sup
ply’ Ena isb. French, and Carman desuos tor
Ladles’ - and Calldrenis Gostnmes,
Eitht-rslre'corbythe eet,*tNewYoripricea, All
oreett promstt* executed, when accoupinlod by the
ensh. or collected by Sspreia on deavrry. Adir'ss
Mrs.D.A.JACKSON,rO.Boxfe7S,Cmeago. sef q4 ; .7-,t
C. H. DE FOREST & 00,,
Manufacturer! and Jobbers,
(See GILT SKIRT, opposite Tremens Bouse ) ’ ‘ "
Offer to fba trade a large itcekol their *irn manu
facture. Webava also a large slock of "
Hosiery, Yams, ■ Corsets,
awd onns
Havfnz purchased' early, we Offer Inducement! to
Cishßuyers. ■ sei-qUMweet
Si ßadg - er. State,”
, At Seven, O’Cloclr;
From lier dock, foot of North Laulle
For passage apply to B.EOWE, loot of state street,
or £ 0. S £ data* House.
J, W, VUTUE, Agent.
»ee >1513-11
HONES. . 1 -
Knobs and Hardware Trimmings*
Tnos. G. SMITH & CO.,
3S John street* Now York.
Sugar E¥iiiis,
, 'Wboles&le Hardware Dealers.'
Lptral dl cocnt to’betrade
. latt* n’.ieSi-rci s TUS43AT net]
Mr H. W.lUcb Is t{>fa day admitted a member of
one firm. BOWASfiUKRKUIAif.
Tbirmdetalptied will vw.iuub the manufacture of
Bolts,Nuis *jrz> '"ASUBCH, and General Itachlnerv
at Nos. St tnd £6 West Washington eiraat. uuse* ibi
etyteef nowira.niCß a co. •«w«» ; »o..e? tae.
Oideisfor our manafactuea tollcieJ.
- - i ' EOWAKP E.BOWSS, •
Chicago. Sept. ;i,lgSt« KSqISS-jtQ-t
A s/nall Fackfnz House, situated within the
City Limits wMco baa faeUUie* for Haoebienogaad
handing tour bundred bogs par day, For farther in
formation ipply to - > ... •
sci-giCf-tf in ba£Tract* ■ ■■» l&0 30. Water’street.
£¥£;^ ; -EAB
DR. UNDERWOOD, - author of a New System o r
treating diseases of the Eye and Ear; inventor of new
lnstrum»ntß »nd new op-»atloa£ for cross Eve, Coia.
ract. ArilUclal PnoU., dc.firaiuateof iboOpathU
ro.cColieg»,New.york. conttunea «a famine year*
: p>flt lo renKive.aU.<ieea»es of the Ey. and E»r witTm
It e reach of human still.. : «efl cil37 Stac t
SB.OOO §15.000 and $30,000
- To Loid, on Jt.as.iuWe Jems, t .
. Also, come iDffiller'&nms.
.... ’ PAIRD * FP.ADLEV.
.Corner cfLaae and LoeaUe stxecta.
. ciE-qiie-St-ma ynßasxrnet .
.1 B' at their Coal i>w
hundred tons of very mpenor . . "
v COiL, .
* bajfd,LEHIGH COAL, and ifiS vT'
Tlilß CO A*. ’ *?? M*«ILUW COAL, wMcn Wl i bd
fiCiCciedaoo t. Qj JecrneTofldUn e, ,* tta /r { wires,
■yaifl at torthft ad Kmwunry
streets, norm t>r- w oppoahe
frelat* of C.& tt ' W. J.. ». __, M _
- ce6 qt;s aw i.LKO & LITTLE.
, One M-Horre Power a tatlon»r7. w?l*» Tabular Boil
er. Kun Out six months. GoodaasJw;
One ot Portable.' '
-. Cu3 Locomotive BoUer.
L . * .J. C. BICQAEbS; .
, sit*q:i&€luet ; ‘ SO Washington itrept;
KJ Qt'OYES, fee general use. Also, the
For dnvlnr—a rlcn arrißio.frr laotnir uie-tf'
. . .v’- • • and Gent’s .Outflitef,-
Jsl-hfSl-gmnet 9 frinjon: UlocJd
X ISTS’UATSBIALS !n ,hr Wfit cm bafsaiun
j£u<e a luira, “ .
m yaiklßCtoi Btu ’ '■ ■ :: au3o.qU-7tee» •'
TIISaOLUTION.—The ctt-partnftr-
JLw tiup r &(weto<eT«>xistlßC.«Bder tno firm H
iSfclo, aubnltsments.
Tuesday,. Sept. 6,1554-.
Pane and «*a&e3,SICO, for txo-yair olds', dait ol a
. mUe. v
J. C. SIMPSON’S eb. U ByEalorjer, dam Jenny
Had, by Beaton.
ED. THOMPSON’S b cV* Henry Ward Beecher.”
by Lexington, cun Belle Levis, by Oieacce.
j.r.KELLT’Sbr. c. “H’njht of 8\ LouU.” b.'_
Kilstt cf St. Oecxi e, dam the dam ol BUwaiba. -
Cs'pt T. G a.oORE’3 br. f.. by Lexlnftoa, dim
HthLle Farrow, by imp Shamrock.
Farce, SKO.mlle heats, Best three m fire.
. i •
ED. THOMPSON'S ch h, “JlnmT Kely.” late
Bowen, by Vandal, dam by Bravaer’a Ecipse.S ye»H.
VOR'OUk SIMMS’b. m.“BrmoaShr.’* by imp,
ScyihiaQ.damPiuueJa, oyimp
A. CHAPPEL’S b’*. h- **Eook Maraada,” by Lex*
loaton, dam Olio, by Oliver, 4 years.
Horses a’.art at 3 o’clock precisely.
Adaption to <he tree* i |l.<M
Qnazter Stretch Fvcm lor the cAetiae* 10.00
Qnatter btraten Lally Bacse* 2210
Cartlarra will con*»ey nanensera bom the State
eaia to the track, at Ouch's uoctU
Fas been eagaged.^
aeS qs!2lt_
50 X*alce street* Chicago 30
Hats, Caps, Fssrs,
Buffalo &c.
I offer to country merchants a large and atU'acUra
elect cfiooda u> tb<s aboya Una.
tti qtSl net-tf IQ Latest, Cbtesgo»
rare, Kellogg & 00.
aros. s* & so ime st«eex.
Furnishing Goods,
Ladies’ and Gents’ Fnrsr
Skating: Caps, Enclislda Goods,
And all the now styles of
Ladies’ Straw, Felt and Beaver Hats
We hare sow tnstcre the LA83831 and MOSI
ATiRaCTIVS I’ocfc oi aoove Goods ever brought
to Ibis mars*t. and wi:htim adr*n ace of tori? par*
chases joi cash before tfie recent advance, we are
prtpaied to offer* ods at prlcua that will daft com.
petition. £ast or West-
Oat Glove-and bitten Department has had-ouj
special attention, and comprises an UliiGdPAaSAIi
artfitmeMorßnrk. panaaid K:u,
All dealers la enr line will fi d V for their latcrw
to ei amice onr goods and prices before purchaaiai
tr Pion.pt azd personal attention given to orders-
fai«iV & co„
45 and 47 Lake-st, Chicago,
' ■ a 026 py>9 XCtnat
Country dealers will u&i it to tcelr Mvintage to *r.
amice our stock of .
Nob Bcidy t&o rail Trade. *
It iru puicb ased and xnanuf Rcturedbefsrs the
advance In i.-eatner, anc we can aitjta to tin »
PAICK3 BjJLOW tFiEnhUr'KA-atfliKN U033.
Our stock la the Uig-st in toe West, conalitti
mairly ol the beat, wart*>.tea Work.
We maculae n e m Chicago to» those who
Western made Bcota, and guarantee lathtnctKui 1
all who my otu*. _
We have a Uwa stocks ot BOOT PACKS,
Call and examine at
29 and 31 Lake Street
Corner Wahasn Avenue, Chicago. .
tmclsa-sctnet £QG9BTT.DAaaSTT A HUM.
■al. TEE’S OFFICE, Hock Island. IQ., Sept, Stb,
w ßt*aled Proposals In duplicate are Invited and will
be ifcelvsa by the QQdersisDjii at h'j odea in
lUand.ll! ,nnul rue*Cß?,l2 tl ,Itin d« of
b«r, laift.ioriarßinnmmccercon»%»- ocg.aa.
■ Cftftt l/cn PiD«s fbr Wai«r
tUckJie»eoira*vif cs.vls:
‘ -8W l&obeitbiek.
itfn ** 6 “ •• •* h »• U
,150- “7 •• •• •• 5 .V «
V est with aula and fe
male JclLta, to be of the belt gntl.tyot cjsunr and
W»ter debt,snbject • o csrrfnf M “
To be delivered wtate tinny daya*rmn *ha dateor
ctfiervUo oultum by tins Quarter^
‘ other proper aathamr.afi Koc*
lal»cd.l< laou.lrceot charge, at-:—blanxcanuncr
ponnd lor the entaeqoanmy reqalrcdT
b:aderft wid bo prepared *o enter Into
Wlttl suod and aouicleatteeariiy,
Immec lately on the sc eptarcs of their bldr. ■
£aca bldmuitb' la tiro.• olio waxz tors, U_-
the boieby pr v pH« to fatnlfto and de
liver to t; e Onlied Btatv a at uc Qa.'srternjnatdi’ftDo
pot at Bock liiand. luina’a, agreeably to the term*
of yoor advernsement i&vl Inu oruai-dtiafor A»mr'
Supplies.caled September tio'ollowlnr aiw I
deles. vl*j— .—'■ .and
. pletfs; ——— to eater Into* written contract w«r
tie United States. wHb good tad approved recorfc
tio*.witMntbeapajocf ttye day* afUrbtlss notified
that tbe bid bar oeen scceoted.
We, thetmdemrned, reltovaof——.taste
somty of , B late of -thereby fotadr and
severally conrenart »l*b. tba Uilied. States, and
guarantee mesa* tbe fcrre.juabld of bo ac.
cept«dtb&t be ortbermir«maia dan after
tba acreblarceb/tae laid bid. execute tbe contract
,iar tbe.tame wltbsood us iaffl:ient sure la.la.a
.sum equal t<j orc--clid oltbaramonn, oj tbe coo
- tract, ta perform tbe work or nsm’ab tbc articles orc
-pered Jn-ee&ionxntj to we tanr-aof atlvertUernent
dated tba IMJ, oncerwntcb *bs Diawssmadej
And m, case shat) fm to enter into a
contract at a'onnld. we guaranty to male rood tbs
< mennee. between tbe offer by the said —• and ‘
tre seat lowest responsible bidder, or tba am ana to
whom,the contract may ;e averted.
Gtren aeder car bases aoo seals > ’ r»«ar..i *
tbta—-darot ifM. .v f - -
•Theoods#a gaedreserves tba rIJbS lo telsitany or
all bicaifdeemea unreasonable. * ■< .*
Plds-wllltf entertained tor tbe entire anantl’y re.
qtl ed labeitnnJshcd otly. - ••■•■■
. Frjiasnt bo trade at such tloetaad la «oeh
far-da aa m*y be provided by tba repsrimuat.
nnu ba endors'd * Prorogate fir Ca*-.
BBEO.A. Q iC. at3 \ L i!lvs;«,in n-K_
Any luithfrlafcibJu’ion dtetr-d wlllba promptly
klt a on application to Bp. ftepo.
ecfrueSi r. , - Capt*A.Q,M.
TT’*a;uqtjarteb3 Koam
COLTJTBC9, O , Anz. 27 15fll
General Or<’4n STo. ft'.
- Donna tbs assume us# ds>7.no fire anra, powder
or ammunition ol any Mad * sil V received, traps
.jKTkd.or deiirerxi o/any tfinirJ\d,*:xpfaes,or ether
•yciwardiag coajpmrj.wi'aia tba a««e» corurl-ed
> tibin the Uatta or te>B Dsparmiyri?..-nz: Ohio, la
dlana, LUr oia. and Mobilizin' wUbo-it ec ynzmizuom.
tbfee EVadonsners, trom General A P. Sore?, in
dianspclisi ftdlara. Gercr.l n. B-
lolnaa. « ;Ijeßi*naa: Co.or.el B. U.-Hil, Betrcr!
al'cfalKan.aouiß ebipasd.bror fltirvßel i> an an.
itcilscd offleer of tbcfUnlted statea GoveroaenC
Dealer* la tbcaoart.tles.or o:b»rs h*Tm* la
will in no a ran: be pennltied to nU
, cr denser them dories that tuna. -
•It la tbe duty of slllMintary Cooim»a4en and all
PrcToetUarahalaardthflrSMiewitacoaeetbat tbia
irtie all mtb articles aa
may teciantb»ttn«ly loU.akppel or dsUyered.li
eraslcncf It, Soeb nrcpertr-arlil atones bareooxc.
sdtoTbsssßeadanarti rater tbe deefttonof tbs com.
mandesa*toUa cuposttlos. . -i.:
. Porwardlsr,ae.ntaz tr *ncbartlelas da.-
rick, this tin e. if nov in tr*Q»i;a, ib*t thn»
taij ts ftft«*def-c«e* B«l1roadT»*
now bare tbamia poeae*abis.£3r lataArtains
be,coßMdetriancy*»lnsol.lbla Order.
iw> toiwartisg wrilUbs reperted to IVa/jSek-
Qnarser*. •. • . i , :< ■^rt'rc
By rsmwsnd of MaJ* Cyrrs’ Wsff u i^a» y - j .
■ 7-30 ’itO '
Second National Bank
- is*attoMx»dbyih«SiesMa.f of tarTroenfyit
The Notes viHbslifßedttr dresßinascat or MV*
roc. too, r#o *n ini-nm m asnurf
TMt P»B CKST.or OAK <387 W 4it 0D tied MA« :
payable acmMncnally,
Tteyw.ll be dated'Ao*Vt 15,lBSI,aad will Mm* |
able it the end or.ttoroeyaan, la nmeetfoaM, Of
cor v> table tn*o Five Twenty *< A fB« <3*l
9assMe» tad uue: eac. Is Qdd..
On aii naymeatsnade prior fo An.mt Iftb. isan>
eitwlll oe allowed. andarer tiui dateta erc«tv!£; s
be charted, :
Literal unweiects wta c«
ardßanlera.an<*B:n4aiorwerfi'd L-iacf cia?» m
yclnta on Baiirotca in. Illinois. Indiana Michigan.
Jcc* and Wisconsin.
\n»a bo eemmusion la allowed, ;KtiKci en Be
KSt by either expte» company coder on; ooetraw
Lte of e&are*.
Cb'ct fO, AU2Q#tl. IrU, V. • .
ans-o3rM:s aa.mAKmwt
For 1864.
Anew sadrreati'T«nttoQtaßoo£9xlr»f,
J. I. Jt J. O. WB«T,
97 Chambers Street, New lork.
Are the owner? of the parent, and exc.Uiive mane*
la tra-tract tri*.
TlfsißTectiontorii.tto; Dnotcx (5t two) Slilotto
Bt*.ei Springs, intencns-y trrauo* vigitj. tna army'
tr. e her eacetoed.e. asking tae atuts
ela Uf, flexible an i anraoic »prl.* ever aaeo ena*
bi i< ih*iwfarex. In ejnseqat-aceoim ie»=elu lcl
ty ato iltxibleoa**, to place ana Ida >*e#Kirt ween.
It nso us tali j end with tie Mine canton cote aa a
i;Jx cr o-aslin it nH eir our a e» ana <i>e«eea
tceoflyqojfct'ocjto oop axirts vti: toe annoy
•tee to toe wearer &i welt aa the pnbl c, «apenauyia
crowdedavatmtiilia etßixti,i«uw«ac*r*. euaretr
ce«i.or laser crowded piece, frominecim-trut.- of
cistraciise thi-ru To lamil B|.3'ir. fMt
entlrtly ren ovesite difllcnit*, wnua «ivu».f inhale*
the omul inl» anc #jtomi*nc«l form. »»*t is <ha light*
ef>c.»nc a cot aryit-h aeo t:acetl appa trance for the
t’*e*t, epera. prcintnad® or bona- • a lacy
■bav s» eajoied tae olvuJarv. contort *b<l great eoa»
v'tltnce ol wranod 100 Da?laz SUiotiC Ho time
Skirt lor ua*tsle day, w 11 never alter ward willingly
o apesiewnh «ba etaerthem. ihes a<o th-» n«as
Seat.iy in every part,and or lar t&aluntaet moat
nrtblt, coirtertenla and iconmmeal ak rt made.
Mejcboou wlibe ropoLed aa abov-, and laclst a
tnwt oiar*el»?B mailtcoreslnthL cujasdthzottrh*
ootroe digrtect States.
C 7“ Inonlr* ler the
Meat Popular acd Flexible 1a mo
R:l 3 d & GO334QT,
167& Hjlaseaueei, CUca»«.
Coffibiniss«>e»&re.tl<btDe7«. oo'mfart bad eca»o- :
my. »ad oxanwtioubli tae moit aesirable artlcla
made. fotiUaby
Vdr* foMed ■wb®n 13 um>, tn occupy
a 9c*U mica, m*aiac the icosc agreeable aklrt wcra.
Jor tale by
Lase uC, ulucigo.
Most Practical aad Desirable srtfele mtde.
K5 LaSa itraet, (New Store.)
The aie«to. t us provetnaat tva hay* erer s*ea raLft
dlß*a Skirt?, ana ac a»tjc)e of *noarfor exeeiieoee.
Fli££D\l*f* A 6CO>>KINI>,
. ' 1W Eaka itreet, COJeare.
ao3o pS'SISt-TTTZB TnsASAT-net
Three tnndred boxes Sett Thomas
Clocks; 500 boxes American Clock
Co. Clocks'; tv large assortment of me
dium class Jewelry for conatrytrade.
Plated Spoons, Porks, Castors, eta ;
in fact, the largest stock and best
variety of all kinds of Goods in our
line west of Btw York.
American and Swiss Watches, Dia
monds, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Fancy
Goods, etc, MaJSON & HOES,
11T Lake StnMe
Order* for Snbatltutc* will be recall*
ed by mall or telegraph up to tlie day • *
the Draft actaallr ukea place* We
will UaxnM lb«ai - a*r>
bet price. In everr casesend osnaae
la fall* residence. ase« tod place of' ■
r&UT&t] ; also ala to If married or ila- r
Cf rtlflca'.ca cf Exemption made out her®, and sank
to the Principals toyman, without dtlay. V
■ 65 Clark ft tree*.
Hie Serretary cf theTreasuryhaa issued prooonle
for a loan c t ■, .
TMrty-CM HUilons V. S, B’s cf 1881.
Interest payable eembaatally la GOLD.- r
winmcln<*eln its bid. tree otchvre. all orders
for »bii loan, That may boreceivedby in no to bjob
ofWedz>rsoa*,aep>einn6»7,ißß4’ a. deposit of two
pntOTHTcfiheamoaaturenmrel oy the tsrmaof
the Dioposalsj >
Ul-qJCHt Eet ISAAC 6; LOMBARD, CMhlsr.
Open and Top Suggies,
Esst Style and
Equal to any in the market.
Manufactory naa Salesroom,
Cdrxtry of State mnd Twelflli Streets.
A flae let cfs»atoned (tvo years old) rel oaX
machine Siaves and Headtcg, made erprauly tor
molasses barttls. Also flour barrel- slaved and head
ing. olsuperior quality,toraslj..-
Comer Henry and Maxwell streets, on Plrtsoura Rail
r:adtr»cX Chicago, P.O.BoxSiiS. sci qKS-itaet
4,00© MI3JST
WiLLlAit KIRK, 51 Market itreet.
■; • iVletnl "Warehouse,
aa23 p3ft7 react IS9 AMI Randolph street, ctleagow
nrpoiTSßa ojt
• AadPcmlcr» la Tlanefs* Stock.
las * sol Randolph-ar' chtp i
4QIB-|lß6S.aitt<lt t-iUCAQO.
For.sale at tbe IT; ■ •-irutrr oais.
133 Heuban street, etrsar of nitdi* •
son*.. OrdciaCrona giami* -- j
llfllkd* Ou all braeiii of Fifty OfUonL
and opvssrdam tlseooQi wii) k««Mlaa ■
P. O. Box2oo. ‘ -
• geS-qSSS-atnet " ! TT» 9, Assessor* ' ‘
TOtS, _
VICTOE CASB Mil L 8; WeateraDaoat mjo A
West Lux? « a eeu Chiesfo "»P3t -IS. faazulSS
asa-trae;- 7 PA3THS a oimmqm. *
r * atacis iff
ajid LAirp gooivv or ztsst oxscaipTiow
aPIS-pai-JSmet rj* 85Baadclpb iSreat. ChtV*^
D.S.MAfc?il> Gj -ODH.—Hats Gk-u.
aa Binasr sooi. u —
: ***** STOCK. 19 VBK WBSIV
»^JMSJOa«__QEO.,. r0?x123 tSuSSt*
J*NG!NK.-'We are aiT
IkJi tlcilMd 10 »ril • yilmble IP sat Bturtae. cnUr«tw
nsw aediready-fcr.immedtats y—, • Capacity talxtf
bOiia_tQ«tr. P&TQanieniwrinptr to
r ' ‘ iL, HALL* POPS.
• Mercbanta. 9i Booth Water ■trtxt. ,
* A-". wBT sen * s tew bondred toe* oc sood ooland
prairie Hay. Beater Primed, de&mabls m UUsaig
oactss ob cr betas* Jiortqdier. lu aext• aoXx, . ,
006® of South Wairl' • ‘

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