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; CM so, «» «» C'Kreo*. •
( ygy-y-% O* TI3 CPTC**'ft *PTBIW>,
Is*“ff ß * 4 to 'i^Sl
I tnllf. to "«]i *nh*crlb r rt, per
mUt, to mat) fub»c:I hp J - ®» pw v months -®.OC
i tv weekly, per yciz S»iK ;
F»rirl». pirrlC CODJ OOt J «* * %St
tT** *r « *ixmonths..*.* l-tf.
iub* of four copica, one year 0 Of
/ •* “ tei . *> ** *O.«C
•» “ twoti*! •* “ .... AO.ftf
gjn& to the Jattcr dub, one a®* «rv» to the pt?<-
►>D ordering It, , : -
r risk.
0T The rroltleacc tot club* in all c&sct.
in xxuute at on Use.
SAdxcec “CSICAGO OWctec, 111.
Cljica«c> Cnbnii£.
There Ms been a lull in s/ms. The rebel
, 'wan and desperate, ba* leaned breath*
_s on its lance, wilting, hut scarcely hope.
jftX for help to coiue to it from a source for
which these Icng months pet it baa prayed
is pirates pray, oed thlcveslmplore Mercury
for aid. Northern allies of the rebellion bare
premised that the busies of the North
should sound a recall on the Bth of Novem
>cr. The pctl that rings from Maine to Min
nesota means anything hat that. The din of.
will cow awaken afresh, for it la the
sole appeal of the leaders of revolt Their
ippeal to the people of the North has failed.
And the next news will be stirring. It has
already begun.
Atlanta has bee*. evacuated and given
to the toich. From a rebel city, full
cf elements of strength for the rebels,
t was Aral reduced by Gen. Sherman to a
simple fortress, barren of tokens of civil life
ind now the fortress has been destroyed
3en. Sherman has begun a feat of military
amjnVaerostaUm, as the gymossts call if,
bich will send him In one broad, bold
wing, clear across the rebel Confederacy,
restarted! ju* the strong loop that held At.
nia to Chattanooga ler military purposes,
ad the loop has been cast aside. The giant
: in Ihc air. On Monday the railroads of
'lnch Atlanta is tx.e centre and the*city it*
eh the point of convergence ol the
Uroads, was destroyed by the
Jng consent of many men
orklrg together, and the grand, zoaguifl.
icnt march of the Army of the Cumberland—
re very flower of our boys In blue—com
need eastward across the yet uhvfslted
’xd territory, carrying the flag, ringed In
•;d shod with steel, to plant It where the
ighleucd rebels will see it outof their back
oore at Charleston and Savannah. Of the
*rce—it ie enough to do the work. Of the
.d- r—Le knows what he is ab-ut. In his
”n recent words: “Hoop has cbosseo
on Tekhe&see. Geobgja akd Sourn Cab
una ake ax MY MERCY, AND I SHALL
Ths region now startled by the tramp of
human's men is the last refoge of the re
ellicn. It is the piled treasure house of Its
maksing riches, the inner sanctury of Us
idler. It holds the consolidated Southern
mef, and the last shine of the great fetish
the South, Slavery. The flash of fiber-
ads steel will send horror and trembling
rc-Uih tbla whole heretofore protected
isitcr, and tte x>hrase “terrible as an
my with banners” will have strong slgnifi
nee where Sherman 1 * columns pass. He
>mcs to crush the rebellion, to puul&h the
emiffi of thie Goyemment. In the names
Liberty and Union he will strike rude and
Hire blows, and If the rebels dUlte his
they bare only to end It by laying
,n Uiclr arms.
The blow comes suddenly span the South,
) the last moment the aspects in Atlanta
: rc those of occupation—the tread of the
titty, the heavy cannon in the shears, or
inning out of a fresh embrasure; the
lartennastcis* hammers'were kept, busy ou
track?, as if for winter quarters. These
e septets of the night before. The morn-
■; iXiii looked upon & scorched and black*
cd wante, the deserted cimps of the eol
:rs, on whose bayonet* it had already
itccd miles to tbe eastward. As for the
rresete region, and the rebel nmac§
Gen. Sherman has Ifrft staunch
tom&s and the Army of the Tennessee to
.cud to Hood and Beauregard. Cfiattanooga
iitpn gnablc, Nashville and Memphis
1) defended. Troops are swiftly conceu
;lir gtomect every emergency of the eitua-
>n. It is enough to s&y that Gen. Sherman
i the work behind him in goid bauds, asd
i North west if called on for minute men
U help out the scheme of cuttiog the Con-
leracy in twain and securing what the pen*
2 ardently desire, " a cessation of hostZUkeJ'
nl mm, lathers and
otbeie of the Republic, it Is coming. Gad
n»c dlrtnrbance in the atmospheric world
t night cute short our dispatches, besides
taping them at too late an hour for the
ceolidation and comment that we could
ire, to moke them intelligible. Enough
ill appear, on the most casual perusal, to
ow the friends ol Union and Liberty it is
1 The pore the Northern allies of
Eoellion study them, the less they wHI
them. They secure ns four years more
lie treatment to which the rebellion trill
eld long before that time. They secure
oor States loyal Governors,, convey
c Horatio Setmonr to tbe bell
lost politicians. They secure
Jlbcrti loving Congress, who will
Un to jmt Slavery on tbe block and re-
ICC it to s historical preparation for tbe fn
-c study aod wonder of Christian men.
nv secure ns In Illinois a reformed prac
-e'of voting In a registry law whteb ahall
mt tbe door on floating votes oi the sixteen
irr* lied kind. They secure yon, reader,
bit If yon bad lost It would bare mort
,-tdycut citizenship, and ailed yonrlease
“life with civil commotlona. They secure
nr flag honor and respect. They seenrens
Country, an Union, Peace perpetual under
iberty. Friends, was not this a good day e
; k?
Tvo years ago the Presldcntof tbe United
tatea decided that the neefnlnesa of George 1,
. McClellan aa a Major General bad ceaaej.
Tie decision waa not arrived at suddenly,
, nt after long trial and repeated disappoint-
Qen t The people bad reschedule same eon
lusion some months before, but the Pred
ent bad struggled long In the face of public
pinion to find come military meritlnblm
reliable for tbe crisis in which we were
laced. It was of no use. The thing was
iot tb*re.
-Cen. McClellan took an appeal to the peo
ile. Gen. Fremont also took- an appeal to
tec people, ’the latter, upon receiving a
—.lnation for the Presidency, had lbs grace
to T( eign bis commission In the army. This
was manly. Gen. Fremont would not place
■ - L ,if i n the attitude of one who beta,
mads I win, tails yon lose.” Hewonldnot
-y to tbe people, “elect me President if yon
•booee—elect me Major General If you don’t
ebocee.” Gen. McClellan, true to tbe in
.Uncle nblcb led him to 6 notion a ten cent
subscription for bla benefit In tbe Army of
the Potomac, and to accept a mansion from
Tiotlowand Belmont as a reward lor doing
thing baa dune to bis MajorGeneril’apij
with a tenacity which nothing could shake.
Hia appeal to the people has been rejected by
_ maiorlty of hundreds of thousands. Will
Le row resign his Major Generalship* -Wc
rj resume not, Tbe person whe could feel no
[tame In organizing a “mite aod sty” lor hla
own benefit among soldiers receiving thir
teen dollars per month, Is not- likely to see
* v impropriety in drawing all thousand
dollars per yeanrom tbe Federal treasury for
do wfe E ay t ddfberatcly that It is tbe duty of
the President now to mnstcr Gen. McClellan
ont ol the service, If he shall not have the
sensibility to go ont of his own accord He
became a candidate on a platform which de
clared that the oar hal I*** a/iutere. What
7„r else he may have repudiated, in hia let
tTof tfeeptS be did not repudiate tub.
jTthe war baa been a failure, be. George B.
McClellan, has contributed more thau any
“tteer man to make it so. Th? people have
decided that the war has not heat a failure
bnt that Gen. McClellan has. Among the
S^in l^fett h erarpUn%=Copperie.d
open to hta for carrying bi. ta
jdon lio c&ct. and that is “
''- * • ' j ’ -r. .* w ‘ .■ l-
, yol. xyiil
eahry to the .Government to which he cm
rerder no corresponding service. Ifheeba'l
not do eo, we trust that the Provident wll*
adopt that much of bis creed, and “ restore
ecotomy In the public expenditures* 1 to the
extent of SO,OOO per annum, while' at the
•site time mat tup a vacancy, in the grade of
Major General In tte regular am*, lor some
officer like Steridan, Hancock, or Meade,
who has earned it.
THE lifcTß VI CCOttY.
In ary former triumph of a politic d party
at a Presidential election, the victors hare
thought It becoming"!© speak gently ot tbe
dead, and to bury the hatchet on the field
.The vanquished with all the grace they coaid
command, have rittjdrawn with the best
possible ordeflß tbeir political rendezvous
there to keep their weapons bright and in
good condition for another trial. Tne Demo
cracy of the olden time never thought their
darter for existence vacated by being bettea
at the polls. The Whigs always had particu
lar and especial pride ia their ctpactom and
well kept armodea, probably fromtha habit
of repairing to them so oft*n and for so lone:
•periods. The living 41 to figbc Another day ’•
was the sure consolation the defeated rid#
always carded away from the scene of their
discomfiture. ;
>*ot so, however, in the instates fresh be
fore the public. The issue with the party
opposed to the Union nominees on Tuesday
lest, was one of life orcsathtolb&mstlvea.
Their life would have been the death ot ths
nation and of loyally. To lajal men belongs
not simply the duty of victory over these
landed enemies ot the Government at the
polls, bat the sharp pursuit and the clinging
to their shattered rear, in their retreat, until
the extermination of the last remaining ele
ment of disloyalty in < the North, ends the
work. Whatever be the fate and fresh affili
ations of its component individuals, the
Copperhead will bsct-me extinct, or only live
like tbe Cow Boy of the Revolution—a name
of perpetual dishonor and reproach. Sym
pathizing rrith the deadly enemies of the na
tion; their efforts have been, put forth to
hamper the power of the Government, acd
the triumph of tbe Government andlU safety
can cisy be scaled when it has driven its ea
tmbs to the wall, and crushel oat thrir oal
life. This rebellion must die. All who have
associated themselves with its fortunes, and
pledged themselves to its success, mnstshare
its crave, and one epitaph will serva for
both. Those who conspire against toe peo
pie mnst perish at the hands of the people.
There win be parties hereafter, as hereto
fore. There will he divisions of'sentiment
on questions ol oublic policy, ana vigorous
animosities, and stoat contests at the polls,
but not as on Tuesday lost, for a decision as
to whether tbe nation shall live, nor
whether a popular Government has powtr
to crush rebellion. The people have de
cided that question, and rolled the stone to
tie door of the tomb of Secession aniUe--
volt. There will be found plenty of materi
al in the ehatteudunddefetrojedpajty.wMch
will seek new and better associations. Many
heerst but mistaken men will gather them*
selves np from out the dust andYuln of that
day, and sadder and wiser get themselves
straightway Into better company. F«w of
ihcte will cot seek to forget tbe vote they
cfst, and prove an alibi in tbe event of ugly
questionings in the future. In a word toe
party beaten in the loyal States on Tuesday
was one wing ol tbe rebel army. Can it be
imagined that when Peace comes back again
through rtstored Union, that tbe hordes of
Price, or tbe armies about the standard of
.Lee, will not have passed away aspart\)f
the machinery of revolt. The scene s'lifters
of history will also roll to one side that kin
dred and useless property in the ended Drama
of tbe Rebellion, the northern treason qf
treating witfi traitor* in arms, '■
AN EliTOdlAhiS TlSfr-
Much that is written before a pending
(lection sees its interest vxplre when the
cent est is over. Of this which has J net closed,
it is true, however, that the issue had so
much to do with the rational life that its
issues cannot be too firmly, fixed la (he na
tional mind- Toe folia wlog from the pea of
Dr Charles Lleber is an extract from a pri
vate letter to Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, and
Introduced by the latter wllh powerml effect
In a recent dUCPurae. P r - Lieber is a P/p*.
lessor of Columbia College, in New York.
He was born la Germany. Having been ex
iled from that land for h*s patriotism, after
spending a year is England, he came to this
country in 1828, since which time he has been
identified with political writings and clvJ
economy. Dunne a considerable portion ol
the subsequent period he was a Professor of
Colombia College in South Carolina, so that
he is conversant with tbe‘ South and its In
elituUons. Leaving his.position there, he
caueto Neir York, and was immediately
elected to the position bs now holds, and
which he honors. He is one of the wisest*
men of the age, and his' writings are among
the most Instructive and excellent political
writings extant. The following powerful
review of the tames of the election Is all the
mors welcome and valuable, now that it can
be read as uhat ha* besn done by the American
people, an accomplished fact In our nationri
history. Dr. Uebsr writes:
“If we elect Lincoln ft will be one of the too* t
remarkab'e facts of all b'Story.. Ispsakrirtadly.
A people baring been engaged forlorn ?ews la a
great drii war ie. In adaltion to all difflcaUta,
called upon to elect a ruler of many mv’Uons, in
the very »ißet of tbia drU war; with thousands or
bold and warm Weeds of the rebellions cnjmy in
tbeverj bojoin of tbe electing people, and with
perfectly tree polls. Such a thing wae never
known.■ Suchtbinc has tot even beppeneliua
common war.' How die Pitt treat friends of the
Fiencb Kebellion ? How did Napoleon IIL treat
tbe people ween he called upon them to vote for
hla preaidcncj for ien year* or for the * Empire f'
Nooiscneeioawu a lowed; no opposition d:ket
conld he Openly polled. I repeat, a« hlsu»ri»n,that
it we elect ana elect largely, the man woo labels
onreanee Nation, Freedom, Coantry, Honor—ln
onr unfinished civU wir, irmuttna under heavy
taxation and hich price*, and mourning uncounted,
thousand* of fallen friends, and eons and fathers,
with an ntltrly bee poll aid press, and with avow
ed conspirators against the coauTy la th* midst
of na, and which 18 well to he remarked, without
any actual pcreozol popo'ail:y of tbe candi
date cnch ae Ban»p»rte or Jackson enjojed—scan
dlca'e who in the midst of war i* not at the h#ad
of-oar troop*, and<ianot he—if we elect him. the
'-thUfelrg historian will put hi* Cnjjer on this pas-
and say, ‘Friends, this isas
j^ndPeg; this is a remarkable people/ 11
S&ietv of the OUT-
In view O' the fad <bat tbvre have been men ar
rested who eame hat from abro id, with as It
aeem* to bt credibly ascertained, the avowed pur
vo&ffr leasing tftenUl it IB a anbjen
lor fonutatwauon by ever»bo6f, tUat their plot
waa n’VUd in the bud. For although they may
not have Intended to irjnre the aty or
there i» notellitc *hat oeeds theirtrsMoub. once
»routed, wonld nave led them to commit. Bnt
af'er all, there is not much credit doe to the
tfaorpe guard” whose borsea* hoofs rattled over,
the streets load enoneh to alarm evil ooxre a mile"
distant. They were aoont ae awkward a squad as
eter paraded all night In a drenching,ram.—
did the. rebcl -onran so fiercely and
loudly diuy ell tb.tlt bss confessed, tefm
the election ! As zoon ns the polls sre closed,,
ft owns up to tbe truth of ill that wss as
serted by the Republicans, In relation to the
presenceMd objects of the invaders. Bnt
bet er late thsc never.
Tke Elect.ml Vole.
As a matter for reterence, wa .re pnhlUh
the following table of the entire Sectoral
volts of the States that took part m. the
Presidential election on Tuesday:
OV4o ----- l z
Indian •* i*
U1h01*.... - *2
lowa 2
Kart a* '—- g
C«U f ornU..... ' »
Missouri J‘
HafMdmsette *«
Y era out
New Hampshire '. »
Lbr.de lelaod J
Malar .V r.; J
WestVlrilnla 5
New TOl6 **
Pences Irania •
Ntw Jcrfty 7
Manland *
Delaware.. *
Kentucky i* l ]
* 2
Ntvnds - *_
Necessary to a choice, 117, and the returns
so fat obow that Mr. tlncolnhaa at least 103,
and probably over 200.
*jlie • Coptwc aT Hi© Pirate
Boston, Wednesday, Nov. 9.-—By tbe cap
ture of the pirate Florida, the bonds of the
ship Southern Blpbta, and, j ether vcaflelfl
cveiheu’cdhT tbe pirate wereiaaKOd.' »Chro
nometers, money, comapocidwee, papers,
The People to the
Army GrceJiag
Sherman Carrying the
Election Returns
to Charleston.
Tbe Last Jet of the Drama of
(he Dtbclllon Brgna
The War Endorsed —The
President Sustained.
Atlanta Burned and Crtcaate4-G«n
ati* rto an marcLlng on Ciiarleatou,
Bomb Carolina.
[Special Bispatch to the Western Press.]
Cescutkati, Wedoeedaj, Nor. 9—Hldal^hL
Authentic intelligence of a startling na
ture Is received from Sherman's Department.
He returned to Atlanta last week, from the
aimnlated pursuit of Hood, with five corps
of his army, leaving two corps under Gen.
Thornes to watch and attend to* the rebel
movements, and destroy the railroad from
Chattanooga to Atlanta. Gen. Sherman baa
set fire to Atlanta: completely destroying
that place.
latcat From Sbvrtdab’* Foaltlon—ln*
- meolato actintr Proedied.
New Yqbk, Wednesday, Nov. 9 —The
EeraVT* dispatch from Sheridan's army, the
Bth, states that Sheridan has received infor
mal ton that the rebels intend immediately to
assume tbe qSecrive. Ewell boa superseded
Early, i'itzHughLee's division of cavalry
was on Monday at TVardensvlUe, oa the Ca
/•anr.TT rive*.
Imboden is also reported there with a rebel
force ever 5,000 strong. * Mosby has been re
lifcreed by a regiment of Virginia cavalry,
and on Monday was aV-Perry ville. A raid Is
at tli ipatrd on Winchester.
G» n. : Kelly's command successfully elludtd
the rebel feice and moved towards Moor
• field.
A tent ral engagement is expected in a day
or so. There is much indicitlons that tbe
rebels will attack the flank of Sheridan's po
Early had gone to Richmond,
fboh the south.
Tatemtigg and Important Rebel
New Yobk, 9.—Late
Blctnoud papers acknowledge the d feat of
Gcu. Vaughn losing 4 pieces of artillery and
200 men, and that the attack was a surprise.
The Baptist Association of Georgia calls
for Legislative action to protect the mar
nape rights of slaves.
The Richmond iar«n ? «er has an article on
the scarcity and high price ct bread, bakers
aekix gtwo dollars a pound.
Tbe Er.qvirerh%e an srt'Cie on tl e lack of
discipline in the cavalry, and calls for reor
The Snguiier tas a lorg letter from the
*imy favoring the conscription of-negroes.
It eats tbe army generally is unfavorable to
tbe government, and thinks negroes would
makegood soldiers.
The eame paper has a letter from a planter
opposing the scheme. He says armirg
tbe negroes would be a death blow t9 slavey
rj, and points out the dinger to remit from,
nfgro soldiers after the war. ’ *■'
TieWilmington/tW’VJcZcaiß the Yankee
attack Is postponed for the present
Bi nfal Murder or a Soldier.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane J
St. Face, Wednesday, Nov. 9
, a Brutal murder occurred ab 3ut tea mllea
Horn here yesterday.- Three furloughed sol
fiieis Vere ou their way home when they met
at a hotel & gang of Irish. One of the Irish-*
men cheered for McClellan, and one of the
soldiers responded hj cheering for Old Ahe.
The Irish ftll upon them, heat one severely,
and pursued another three quarters.of a
mile, when they overtook him and delta sr.
atcly murdued him. The ringleaders have
keen airerted.
Additional by tbe City of Baltimore.
New Toek, Not. B. —The following is the
detailed news hy tbe City ol BiUimore:
Bcnc-Kong-advlccs, Sept. 10th, says a
fleet ol tight Biitleh ships, mounting 184
m[a three French ships, and five Dutch
Vtire nearly tctdy to leave lor Japan. A
merchant steamer bad been chartered by the
American Minister to carry the United
States flan into tie acUon in order to be rep
resented. The object ia to toice the opening
cf the Inland Bra according to theitreaty.
rttOM &T. LOUIS.
Tbeßebel major to be Miol—The Be
laliaiorf Uider-arrlf«i of icebel
moneit-Mettem UimoU Fair,
. St. Louis, Mo, Nov. B.—lt will be seen by
the lollcwlcg order, that Maj. E. 0. Wolf,
one of the rebel officers brought to the city
last Sunday, is to be executed next Friday,
in retaliation lor tie murder of Major WU
eop* WolilsEald to be a desperate charac
ttr having since his capture, conducted him
self In an mtolent, defiant manner. We un
derstand that when the rebel General Cabell
heard that a rebel Major was to bs shot, he
rsanested Gen. Eosecrats to send to Gen.
price and require him to deliver up the officer
who was immediately concerned in tbe mur
jh. oi M*jor Wilson, and ibis course being
determined on, Major Wolf was order to: bs
■entin irons to Alton, to await an aaawer
irtiii. Price; bnt it seems this course Was
chanced, audit was decided to order the ex*
elution without coamianicating with Price.
TVc ire not informed how.>> oil came to be
selected whether lota were drawn, or he was
chosen on account of bia obstreperous con
duct. The order does not name the place of
HBADQUAwranfl Dan 1 * or the Missouri. ).
Omcs or Fbovost Mazcsuax. G£hsbai* >■
hr. Louis, Mo, Nov. 7,1853. )
Ercc alOrJ' », ■»'»• ' ■
A bond ant t©» timooy on file in thto office eitib- ‘
ibeiact btyond a doubt ibaral-jurJamei
WiVcm. Bo«av*lc7,M.fi.M.. wbUo a paaoner or
"armthe b»tda ol tbe tnemy. wa» airocloiuly
a wotted lJ tbe aalhcir.j and with the cwisent o
• rebel cowtDardep, lo compliance with Soec'al
Oi<-erp, No. 277, paragraph H« «ated Hea-'qaaitera
D«p»nn.eMol «he Miwotiri, Ottober 6.
m rttalljtlonior the murder of Major Wi'soo. tbe
fo)]o«tag felt I officer. Major Eno:b U. VToiA
ForaV.bd’.tatloD, C. B. A.,-will be ebot to'dcacb
wltb murkeirv. 'within tbe Uauta of’be city of
bc Ltuie, on Friday, tbe lltb day of November,
IGG4. btiwfea tbe boors of nlue and c'c*en a. m.
Lleo'txiant Colooel Ooet. Heimtcbv, diet 'U?fonri
Jniab’i*, SooeiiateoaencaLd loepecterof Military
Pnsoiß, Is ebauea with tbe execution of ibis or
ccr. . JOdGPfl DAUB, Jn.
• Acting Provcst UarrhU General.
• The Democrat pub>hes ali«t of the donations
to the Western Illinois Sanitary Pair rec«**llr n«'d
st Qnlocy. The enterprise was conducted with the
greatest tidritardeuercy,end tre result (m the
shape or about $35,000 pec gain) more than realized
the hopes of those-whose efforts were brought to
Bo_suci-esß'Ql a termination.
Tte Jhmocrat elves a lone list of the rebel pris
oners capimea by Gen. Pleasanton, and commit
ted to Gra'iut street prison on Sunday nUjht Oae
ot item, Lieut Uofifcn, is suppoeea to nave es
caped at Uermann, and another, Abram Kiruy, was
executed a» a epy at Hermann. Kirby wis.ioand.
wimis tbe Union hoes conecnpting men for the
rebel service.
On eeirchlrg Ibe prisoners cu Sunday night,
over $4,000 in mcney was found'on.them la
gretnbustr, and a soiali rum in Co .federate notes.
Ttere are now 3,006 prisoners In the Gratia;
street prison, ctaiiy all of them rebels. .
(.Special Dispatch to tbe We»texnPress. 1..
.. NawTona, Wednesday,-Nor.
Tbe New York Tribune claims New-York,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Mary
land, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wis
consin, Minnesota, lowa and Kansas, for
Lincoln—total 190, independent of the Pa
cific States, which it says have probably
chosen four Lincoln Electors.
It claims the State of New York for Lin
coin by ov«-r ten thousand, and that enotigh
Union members have been elected to Con-,
gress to ensure the requisite two-thirds vote
in the Bouse to insure; the prohibition of
slavery by a constitutional amendment. The
New York delegation stands 23 Union. '
'The World concedes Lincoln’s . election,
claimirgcnly New York, Kentucky, New
Jersey and Missouri for McClellan; and
PecD&ilv&nlt, Oregon, California aad Nevada
In doubt, but most likely for -Lincoln.. .The
Tirr.a claims 133 electoral votes for Lincoln,
with the probability of all the West except
Kentucky and Missouri, with possibly New
Jersey. •
1854. - ISGO.
Bep. Bern. Bep. Beni,
3600 • .... 22C7 ....
Bore a....,
Cook 4’J 0 4743
o{<BO pikn.'.T. .... .. l£oo .... MI- ....
BeKoib.. 2150 .... 2 84
DunglM 226 .... JSO ....
H.my 2000 .... 3490 -rr..
Kme 2SOO .... 2556 ....
Lake 3400 .... 1420
Li Salic...; 1000 .... 30M
Mi'OQ COO 4(
McLeai 3303 .... 935
Ode... 8200 : 1869
Hock 1e’aad........... 670 .... 610'
Bauc»n:on 100 ' ....
Steptcn-oo 675 .... 833
WblWtlfle 1600 .... 1038
16 Counties...'.... .23121
100 22331
1864. 1860
Cities and Totes Bn> Bern. Bep. Bern.
Becatur : 800 .... 120 ....
Lick port.
Mei dots.
SCO .... 223 ....
610 .... 429
OU»«a 226 .... 143
Morris : 1M ... 06
Sandoval 2? ** .... 54
Sterling *94 .... 281 ....
Peklr IIS .... 25
CtebdEse 145 .... 67
Palxfla** 193 .... 122
Wheatland 114 .... 119
Lacon .... 86 .... 21
Ufiry 74 .... 84 ....
CbUllcorhe SO .... 19
BnieaaJocclloa 13 -
S. Ottawa 49 .... • SC ....
S'l-ena X 4 .....
178 .... .162
f?‘ es 'V
Geceva... 148 .... ' 1411
G»l«*borg 1033 "713
Da Kalb 1U .... 103-
ChatDpaian 223 .... 143' ...
Wufleld 160 .... 143
Galen* 11l 81
Oounlanfl 268 110 ‘
Amber.-. 151 133
Dixon. 3:0 .... 800
Frantflo Grove 212
ofcle-filatlon .. 73 ....
Prttloila...; '.... 168 ....
Connell DU) 79 .... 92
Cherry Talley. 165 •••• 814 ....
Ntra 73
We*t Point 05 .... 72 :...
Scale* Wound 7 .... 8 ....
Rockiotd,..: ......... 1050 .... *• 816 ....
ro;c .. 7. SST ....
Savannah J 122 .... 106 . ....
Homer ISO .... lU7 - ....
DousUr, 27 .... ....
Auburn 'TO- .... 40
Worcfrlde -ilB
WUliatneville 71 *.... 79
Cha'fcam 74 29
E! Paso 1&4
Ltrie 97 .... 90 ...
Chemung 224 .... 193 ....
Huntley 96 ...; .... ....
M*receo 293 262 ....
White Hock 99 .... 71 ....
Reynold* 47' .... 29 ....
Wii ow Creek 60 .... 68 ....
Bock leUnd S9. 4 ....
Cordova 43 .... 53 ....
Moline 830 .... 255
Perl Bjron. — 45 .... 49 *....
Hampton. '..V'.... J8 .... 18 ....
canoe Creek...;.. - ;... 5 .... ’ 1 ****
Sycamore 223 .... 199 ....
olTk. 175 161
Sls22hna 164 .... 150 ....
Malta 52 80 ....
Milan 89 , .... 28
Sqoaw Grove I*B .... ?5
Franklin ... 139 183
Tnfcola 40. .... 45
Okaw *1
District Holding over. Elected, Bep. Dam
1.. Green..:. • ’ - 0 1
a,.;. JohnW. Weatcott..O 1
8.. --Darnel Relly 0 l
4.. _B.Btevenßon ,0 1
6.. -A W. Metcalf. 1 0
6.. 9 1
7 H. 5L Vatdemr. 0 1
:8. .. A.J.Hantcr .0 1
9.. ..Joseph Peters.... J 0
10.. . Isaac Punk 1 0
11 ... Doubtful 0 0
12 , J.P.Rlchmond.....O 1
18.1.. Scofield • \
14.. JamcsßUata .1 0,
16.. A C.Meson , 0 }•
IB JohnT. Llndiay.. 9 1
10.. 0
18 A.W. Mid 1 0
19.. BE. Allen 1 0
2n**"Deiilel Bich&rda... J "
31 Allred Webster 1 .0
22. "’John H. Addonis.. ‘‘l 0
23.. Lominn „ i X
34 F, A. Eastman 1 0
35.. J. D. Ward 1.0
Ti c Slth District, still in doubt, conslsti
of the c-nnties. of Sangamon, Logan and
Tazewell. The candidates are Geo. W. ML
nier (Btp.) and John B. Cohre (Dem.)
[Special Dißpatcb to tbe Cbleaco TrUJune.l ,
Mtodlbpobt, Iroquois Co, Nov, 9,1864.
.Fourteen towns gives 843 Union. The
remaining towns are Union,- certain. Our
majority will not be lees than 900.
... [Special Difpatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l
Nafzbvzllx, 111, Bov 9,1864.
Tte official vote ol Dupage county is 1,043
Union majority.
[Special Dispatch to the Chlc«bTribune.}
Batavia, 111., Nov. 8 ,1801.
Batavia. given 157 majority for Lincoln.
Number of votes cast 431; Union 294;: De
mocrat, 137,. .
[Special Correspondence of the Chlca--o Ttibens.l
CAsrror, Kane Co., 111,, Nor. 9,1831.
The result of the election in this town is as
follows: 'Whole number of votes'east, 180;
for Lincoln,’ls2; McClellan, 28. A gain of
24 votes for Lincoln on the vote.of 1860,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.],.
Bunuxb, Ira., Not. 9,1634.
Onr (lection yesterday resulted as follows:
Whole No yotea cast, 843; Union ticket re
ceived Sib; Democratic ticket, 63.
Special coneepondence of the Chicago Tribane.]
Tbestok, Nov. 9.186L_,
■ The vote of this township, - Selby,
yesterday," Was as followsDemocratic,l2o.
Republican, 105; Dem.m’j , 15.
The Republican State and Connty ticket
was 106. One Lincoln and Johnson Elec
tors Icing scratched. This Is a Republican
gain since last spring of 10. . . ,l .
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tnboce.l
The majority for Lincoln and Oglesby,
In DtKalb county, is 3,100.
Ottawa, Wednesday, Nov.-7.
In LaSalle county, 27 towns give Lincoln
34a majority. ' «.
Six towns to hear from which will increase
the majority to" six hundred.
4 ' [Correspondence of tbe Chicago Trlbane.l
• p iyr pxw Qnovs, Lee Co. Nov. 0.1854,
Onrretnnis for this town of Wyoming
Lee county, ID., foot up aa foUo via : Lincoln
171* McCldlauTT. f Majority forXiacola 91.
[Special Dispatch to the' Chicago Tribune.]
Fbsstobt, IIL, Wedncaday, Nov. 9.
- Stephenson county gives Lincoln 675 mv
jority, Washbnrne 671, Bnrchard 635,
STOSarretD, 111., Not- 0.-Sangampa
ciantj gives McCUUas 381 majority.
Lcg»n county gives 350 majority for Lin
Tbe Democrats claim one candidate for
.Reprerettative. Tbe other is yet doubtful.
The Legislature is still in doubt, with the
probabilities in favor of the Republicans.
Brown county gives 603 Democratic ma
jority. A gain of 131 since 1860. •
. Montgomery count/ gives 700 Democratic
‘ Fulton county gives 773 Democratic ma
Macoupin connty gives COO Democratic
majority. !
Clinton couutygives 123 Democratic ma
jorlty. i
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
’• Atkoiboh, Derry. Co, Hi., Nov. 9.
The vole In this town stands 09 for Lincoln
and tbe Union, to 15. for ,McClellan and Dis
union peace. '
PeosiA, * Wednesday, Nov. 9—Returns
for Peoria countp are all in. McClellan has
101 mtjorlty; Uoion gain 0 oyer l§?Q t
■ the A«soeiated Frees.]
Napehvuxb, Not. 9.—Whole-vote in 1860,
469; 1864 wb devote 453; 1860 Republican
msjorby 131 ;*IoO4 Republican majority 187.
Town of Lisbon—lß6o whole vote 270; 1834
whole vote 879; . 1860 Republics majority
00; 1864 Republican majority 07. .
Thornton—votes polled: 312—Republic in
180; Dtm. 20; Union gain of GO.
McLean ccn&ty gone Lincoln by 1,750 ma
jority. Republican gala la Bloomington is
175 over 1860.
; Haevaud, Nov. o.—Town of Chemung
224 majority for Lincoln. '' ' *•’
Bristol, Nov. 9 —Official returns from
four towns in Ketdall county glvesa 733 Un
ion majority; gain of 137 over 1860. *■
HtraTLET, Nov. 9.— Lincoln" 9B majority;
gain S3.
Maeekgo, Nov. 9.—398 votes polled; Lio>-
ccln 348; McClellan 60.
Latte, Ogre Co., Nov. o.—White . Rock
Township gives 99.Union majority; gain 14.
Lee' c:unty—Reynolds Town, majority for
Lincoln; gain small. WUmotCreek,'GO ma
jority for Lincoln. . •
Champaign connty—all the principal towns
heard from give large Union gains; Union
majoiity over 1,000. '
Douglas county—22s Union; 861 gUnover
..Whiteside—l,Boo Union; 580 gain. Ster.
•Ing gives 184 Lincoln majority.
L-.gan—3oo Union; 251 gain. *
P, o ia count; —ICO Democratic majority;
Union g&ln 2£5.
Ftona city gives only 161 Dem. majority.
Ginndy—Coo Lincoln majority; Union gain
of 209.
Lee county—Dixon, 220 Lincoln majority;
Amboy,' 151 majority; Franklin Grove, 213
Dr Kalb county—Town ot Somonauk, 305
Union majority ;*Tictor, 123 Union majority;
De Kalb, 101.
La Salle county—VTendofa, 209 majority
for Lincoln; gain of 50. Ottawa, 236 Demo
cratic majority; £ari, 00 Union,
Henry county—Henry, 74 Union; Galva,
2; BUhijj Hill, 338 Union; Genesee, 280 ma
jor Ity; gain of 110.
Lake countj—l,o77 for Lincoln; galneo
far of 00.
51 ....
... 219
Carroll county—Savanna, 123 Union.
Kmc county—Union majority 2,800.
McLean county—Union majority 1,800.
Macon county—4oo U ion majority.
Bureau county—l,soo Union majority.
Sangamon—only 100 Democratic majority.
HAIR 13.
Portland, Nov. 9 — One bnndrcd and
eleven towns give Lincoln 29,791, McClel
lan, 17,075, sho -ring a Union gain of 734 over
. the September election. The Union major
ity in Sei tember was 15,813. Tbe same pro
portion of gain throughout the State will
give Lincoln aoout 18,000 majority.
Cokcobd, Nov. o.—One hundred and ten
towns give Union 22.305, Democrat 90,291 on
iheheme vote. Tue soldiers vote will largely
increase the Union majority.
New Hampshire is r-ported for Lincoln by
2,500 on the home vote
Cobcobd, N. H., Nov. 9—o a. m.—The
vote of 132 towns foot up, Lincoln 25,745,
and McClellan v ‘23,C87. This indicates a
b&iideome majority on the vote.
Montpelier, Nov. 9—The majority for
Lincoln in Vermont will reach thirty thou
zaud. •
Boston, Mass, Nov. 9.— One hundred and
zeventy-eix.towos give the Union ticket 99,-
CCO, McClellan 86.631.
In the 3d and 4th districts Rice and Hoop,
er, Union candidates fjr Congress, are far
ahead. Boston gives Lincoln 5,000 majority.
■ Harttosd, Nov. o.—Connecticut claims
20,000 for Lincoln. Hartford) Democratic
jnejorlty, BS3; Bridgeport, Union majority,
93; Norwalk, Union majority,.7oß. Thirty
one town?, Including the cities of N6V
Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbary,.
Norwich, and New London, give Lincoln
lj*s9 in bJ Drily.
Habtfokd, Conn., Nov. 0 —Lincoln’s ma
jority in Connecticut In all bat 13 towns Is
23,94 L The etorm will prevent early re
turns. ;
- New York. Nov. o.—Tbe total vote of tbe
city of New York Is 107,777; total for Mc-
Clellan 75,319; Lincoln 30,448— majority lor
McClellan 5G,887.
Albany gives 2,476 Democratic majority,
Seymour’s majority, 3.403,
Troy gives 753 Democratic majority.
LUtle Falls gives a Democratic majority
Of 220. . :
Niagara Fall?, Democratic, majority 83.
Hornellsville, Democratic majority GO.
Schenectady, Democratic majority 239.
Hudson, Democratic majority 317,
Herkimer give Democratic majority 134,
Lyons, 94 majority fbr McClellan.
Rochester Democratic majority—a
gain of 290,
Ams>erdam'gives 139 Republican majority.
Saratoga gives 231 Union majority. -
McchanicsvlUe gives a Union majority
ofl. . -
18 • it.
Tabor, Dem., Is elected In tbe Seventh
District; Budford and War
field, Deme., in tbe-Tenth and Eleventh Dis-.
tricts, Bubbel and Goodyear, in the Tenth
and Fourteenth Districts. The present Con
gietsional delegation stands, 15 Union to 10
. New Xobk, Tuesday, Nov. 8—
-The election has passed off quietly. No
fights were reported in any part of the city.
The vote' of the city was unusually large.
Tbestos, Not. 9 —Essex connty 150—a
Union gain of over 1,000. Legislature, 6
Union, S Democratic.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.]
. Rttbbubq, Wednesday, Not. 9.
AlUghcny county gives 8,500 majority for
Lincoln. A ’ , , ..
Philadelphia gives 10,000 Union majority.
Scattering retains from the Bute indicate
a Union majority of from 15,000 to 20,000 on
tie home vote.
Philadelphia, Nov. 9.—Returns front tho
State show almost invariably majorities for
districts, of Westcheeter borongi
show a Union gi*in of 46 over the October
election. Spri&eld, 351 majority for Lin
coln. - **
Whauscton, Nov. 9.-Tho majority in
this city for Lincoln is 800, a gain of 500.
91 AR V I* AH D.
Baltimobb, Tuesday, Nov. B*—Tho city
gives 12.C00 majority for Lincoln, a gain of
4 300 over the October election. The State
has undoubtedly gone for Lincoln by a con.
siecratlo majority on the home vote, and
elected Sw an for Governor.
Wraxuso, Wednesday, Nov. B.—Returns
from nine counties show a large gam over
the October election. It is believed Lincoln
carries the State by a large majority. .
Col Phelps is elected la the 3d Congres
sional Dietrich of West Jlrglnla.
IScecial Dlepa'ch to the Chicago Tflbone.]
I&peciai ul 'T jHCna , ATIi Nor. 9.
Hamilton county glvea 5,000 Union ma
-30 Eatterir g rctnrnafrom Ohio show Union
bi»leb everywhere. vVe estimate Ohio good
for forty thousand majority on the homo
j i - ■- . .. - .. r -
vote. The gain in Hamilton connty, is live
(Special Dispatch to the Chicaro TrUnns ]
Clsyxiand, Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Returns idicate an Increased Union major
ity over tbe October vote, ia Ohio, ol about
10,CC0 to 15,000.
[To the Associated Prtaa.l
Cincinnati, 6,000 Union majority; Colum
bus, 4WJ Democratic majority; Clark countv,
1;5C0 Union majority; Green county, 2,000
Union m»J"rlty; PainesvilW, 385 Union ma
jority; Hamilton county, 7,000 Union major*
ity; Steubenville, 506 Union majority»
Youngstown, 20 Union majoiity; Urban*,
ICO Union majority; Springfield 612 Union
majority; Chagrin Fills, 121 Union majori
ty; Akron, 703 Union majority; Ashland, 8
Union majority.
Ohio State is estimated 75,000 majority for
Toledo city Lincoln 343 majority;
Oberlin, 431 majority; Tork township, San.
dosky county, 163 Union rrujority—gain of
SO over October election; GeiAva, Ashtabu
la ccunty, &$4 Union majority; Janesville,
Mnskicguni’connty, Union majority—gala of
26; Grafton, Lorain county, 63 Union ms*
jority—gain of 10 over October; Soloo, Por
tage county, 108 Union majority; Windham
181 Union majority; Warren, 294 Union ma
jcrity—agaln ot 10; -Wlllonrhby, Lake
county, Lincoln, 239; Ferry, Lincoln, 123;
Elyria, Lincoln’s majority 330; . Union
majority- in Yellow Creek, Columbiana
county. IC—gain 23 over October; Palnes
ville tosvEihlp, Union majority, 333—a
gain of 40 on October; New London, Huron
connty, Union majority 195; Vermilion,
Erie, county, 57 Democratic majority, again
of over October. Coneant, coun
ty, 584 Union majority. Newburgi'Cayhoga
county, 358 Union majority, a gain of 89;
Cuyhoga Falls, 204 Union majority, a gain of
47. Plttefield, Lorain county, 65 Union ma
jority. Bern a 189 Union majority#’ Wash
ington township, Wood county, 97 Union, a
gain of. 47. Gilead township, Wood county,
145 Union majority; Cordiogton, 314 do;
Maeecllor,' 104 do. gain 43; Mansfield 00
Union, gain 23; WiUiogton, ICO Union, gain
18; Johnstown, 46 Democratic majority,
Democratic gain 9; Sandusky City, 29 Ualon;
Newark, 239 Umon; Defiance township gives
114 Dtmocraiic majority, Democratic loss 13
since October election. *
Columbus, November 0. —Indications are
IhLt Lincoln will have 85,000 majority on the
home vote. Columbus city—lst Ward, 73
Ujjion majority; 2d Ward, 218 Uolon; 3d
Ward, 121 Union; Bth Ward, 13 Union; gain
in these wards 40 over October.
Returns from Southern Onlo show Union
gains. Ravenna, 110 Union majority—Dem
ocratic gain cl 12. The following are Lin
coln majorities in Ohio: Hamilton county,
5,C00; Clark county, 1500, gain over Octo-.
ber 200; Green county, 2,000* gala 300;
Ashland county, 200 Union.
Numerous scattering returns show heavy
Lincoln majorities in the Northern counties,
and especially the Western Reserve. The
Buckeye State Is good for Lincoln for 40,000
on the homo' vote. Toe soldiers’ vote will
make It ICO,COO. Beat that who can.
Isdiasatolis, Wednesday, Nov. 9.—Re*
turns from Indiana lud’cate a Union majority
<1 35,0C0 In the State. Large Union gains in
all parte of the State over the October elec- 1
Indianapolis givse 0,000 Union majority.
Wabash county gl?ta Lincoln 630 ma
jority, gain of 125.
Elkhart county, Lincoln 300 majority.
Noble countj, Lincoln 500.
Union county gives Lincoln 83 majority.
•. The returns thus far received show large
Union gsius over the October election. Lin
coln’s majority will not be less than 30,000 In
the State. .
Detroit,' Nov. 9.—Toe Republicans claim
to have carried tbe State by 15.0 DC majority-
Returns are meagre.
Monroe county Democratic majority 140.
Coldwater Union majority 06, gain 06.
Adrian, Union majority 65.
Madison, Union majority 05.
Fairfield, Union majority 86.
Bltesfield, Union majority 79.
Franklin, Union majority 118.
Ten towns and Adrian city give Lincoln
CG4 majority—the county will give him 1,200
majority, . * .
Wayne county 2,000 Democratic majority.
Detroit about 1,000 Democratic majority.
Hudson gives 243 for Lincoln.
Hillsdale county, 15 towes, 1,500 majority.
Juckeon county large Democratic gaUs.
Lincoln will undoubtedly carry tbe State.
Nashville, Nov, 7, —Nashville—McClel-
lan 21, Lincoln 1,307.
Gelatin—Lincoln 119, McClellan 12.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.}'
St Paul, Mian.. Wednesday, Nov. 9.
The election returns are all favorable, as
far as received. Tbe Union majority of the
State will not vary much from 5,000 0r6,000
This exceeds tbe expectations of the Union
men, as they anticipated a smaller majority,
owing to the failure of the Commissioners
to re»ch five regiments from this State, in
the field. The Commissioners spent several
days within lour of our regiments In Mis
scnrl, but were afraid to go on.
St. faulls largely represented in . these
regiments, and if their vote had been secured
would have carried this city by a handsome
majority. As it is, we elect one member of
the Legislature in the city, and Judge of Pro
Last year, the Democratic partyjn this
State was all tom up, o-riogto au unfortu
nate nomination for Governor, and the vote
then is not fair for comparison, but the vote
of yesterday shows a Union gala la this
county since 18G3, of nearly 800.
Des Moines, Nov. 9.—A heavy storm pre
vailed here and throughout the State yester
day. Nevertheless there seems to have be;n
a foil vote, judging from the returns now
received, which indicates a larger majority
than that of last year, when the State went
Union by 33,000 majority.. We, carry every
Congressional District by increased major
Cukton, lowa, Wednes3ay, Nov. 9.
Union majority, 105; gain, SO;
Masslldn Township—Union majority, 25;
gain, 40.
...Oxford Township. Jones Co.—Union ma
jority, 84; gaii*ffcs., '
Jones Co., Wyoming Township—Union
majority, 81; gain, 17,
Linn Co, Franklin Township—Lincoln,
'297; McClellan, 74i Lincoln gain, 51. •
Ciarretcc—Union iatjority, 83.
De Witt, Clinton Co.—Union majority 109;
gain, 21. __
niSitniißi '
St. Louis, Nov. 9.—Pilot Knob gives Lin
coln 42, McClellan, none. Ironton gives
Lincoln 303, and McClellan 2. Tho soldiers
votolere and at Ironton gives Lincoln 171,
and McClellan 17.
Bt. Louis. Nov. B.—Returns. are. meagre.
The Republicans estimate Lincoln’s majority
In this connty at between 4,000 and 5,000 on
the home vote. The Democrats give him
1,500 to 2,000.
Henry T. Blow, the present representative
Jxom the 2d district, Is re-elected by a large
majority. Lincoln has undoubtedly carried
the Stale. The success of the KTdicil State
ticket is regarded as certain,
WashdiOTON, Wednesday, Nov. 9.—Votes
taken in Alexandria and Washington, at the
barracks atd hospitals show in parti Ohio,
Union, 491; Democratic, 98. lowa, Union,
74; Democratic. 4. Wisconsin Umon, 639;
Democratic, 163. Maryland, Union, 406 ;
Dfn ocratlc, TO. Pennsylvania, Union, 1,938;
Democratic, CCS, . W4 .
A dispatch from Alexandria states that the
segregate vote of the soldiers there, is as
lollowa: Union, 557; Democratic, 163.
From onafi Army*
NEW Jobe. Wedmeday, Nov. \>.—Tlaßi£
old’s Army of Ihe Potomac dispatch reports
that the rebels attacked our extreme left on
Sniday forenoon, but was quickly sent
whirling within their own liuee. General
Grant bad previously issued an order for ex
tta viftilav ce cn all our lines.
Ihe PI: ate Tallahassee,
New Tobk Not 8 —The fler.W’j JL Mon
roe epeclsl B.JB tho Tallahassee was fired ioto
i.m five Ships at cue time, aaa aha ran oat of
W.UulseioD. Five fast vesecla are la par
tmt other.
fiaval Intelligence
Aenftant Secretary-Fox of
poriment vhited the Brooklyn Navy Yard
list w. ek. His errand la said to be ■ onneet
id with the Dictator. Many caofliMlsS ra
poilsarc jn clicnUt’.on, but, tfJ.il bee t;U\
trip ha? taken place, it will be Impossible to
Judge of tbe vessel impartially. Her engines
Writ trim for severs' dajs st tbe dock, run
ning about twenty*two revolutions per min-
Ute. Her carte dc pi.ite Was taken Satnrdar.
As a conacqoeice of the Jailing off la tbe
number of vessels to befitted oat or rep tired
at tbe yard, the vessels in process of con*
structlon are nee Wing more attention.
Tbe WanuaLoag, and Kala
mazoo, ere tbe most advanced, the
first being nearly ready for launch
ing. The Qainebeau and McstmU
have but )Utie more than their keels finished.
Tbe A D. V?Ece h s sailed, having bc f n put
in commission with tbe following officers;
LUut'ei ant Coma ander, J. H. Upsour; Act
irg Assistant Sargcon. D W. Jones; Acting
Attistai t Paymaster, T. M. Brower; Acting
Master, G. CaUrtl; Acting Ensigns, W.
Smith, C. T, Ware, C E. CUrk, W. J. Eld
ridge; Engineers—Acting First Assistant,
D. C Cr ebter; Acting Seconds, C G. S*e*
veep, G. Devine; Acting Thirds, C- B. N»ch
clos, G. Simmons, W. Madden, G. H. Whit
temoro. Tl e arrivals of the week are the
Newbern, G'aucus, Kensington and barque
Horace Beals Toe depmures ara the Un
ion, A. D. Vance, Randolph and Augusta.
Afffelrs In New Mexico—The Protrac
ted laclan vaneloa’s
C«mp«isn-lu tftaniued Ueialta.
New York, Ncv. s.—For many years the
people of New Mexico have been at war
with the Apache and Navajo Indians, tribes
occupying tbe western and northern por
tions of tbe Territory. These Indians, pir
tlculaily the Navajos, have committed depre
d&ticns on tbe Hocks ard herds of tbe Mexi
cans, who have been obliged to retaliate by
chasing them to their homes, and fighting
them whenever opportunity offered. For
nearly two hundred years this warfare has
continued, with occasional intervals of p?ace.
Duritg the last three orfonryeare, however,
it hss been more violent than everbsfore.
From affluence, many of the Mexicans have
been reduced to comparative poverty. Their
'•property enabled principally of sheep,
horsf s and mules. Of the former, it was
estimated three yf are since that the Territory
contained over three millions. At the ores
ent time, the highest estimate is one million
and a quarter; while of horses and mu'es
tbeic are but few left, not enough evtn for
farming.and ether necessary employments.
When Gen. Carteton assumed command of
the Department of New Mexico and Arizona,
be resolved to exterminate or capture the
Indians and restore peace to tbe country. He
accordingly organized a force under the com
.maud of Colonel Kit Csrsoo, tbe famous
guide aid trapper, and dispatched it agalost
the Navajoa. Colonel Carson fought the In
dians is their own way, and succeeded, by
urempt and vlgorcus action against the in
imical red men and by the destruction of
their crops, in subduing the larger portion
ot the tribe. These Indians bad large flocks
of sbeep and droves of horses; and cultivat
ing tbe soil, they bad fine crops to reward
their Isbor and sustain their rude commissa
riat. -
With a view to removing the now subju
gated trite from the scenes of their former
depredations, and to keep them from temp
titlon, Gen. Carleton established a new mili
tary po-t on the Rio Pecos, in latitudes!
deg. north, and 125 miles from any settle
n ent, on a reservation of 100,000 acres. The
post received the name o£ Fort Sumner. Dor
ic g tbe pest spring and summer the Navajos
were removed to Fort Samper, and in July
about 6,000 had been collected there, while
from 2,000 to S.COO more were soon to Join
ibt-m.- They have planted, under tbe super
vision of Capt. W. P. Calloway, of the Ist
California infantry, 3,000 acres of corn and
vegetables, dug their acequias (Irriga’i jg
cauajs),. oue of which is six muea long,
planted trtes and built hu»s, and to all ap
pearances are contented and happy. Of
course they are still Indians, with all their
wild and savage nature; bur with a natural
aptitude for farming and rnde manufacture,
ids expected that they will before long be
self sustaining, and even have surplus crope
to dispose of to the Government or to citi
zens ■
Of the reservation, 13,000 acres aresnltable
for farming purposes. It contains also a tine
cotton-wood grove named the Bosque Re
dondo (round grove) and the remainder is
food grazing land and' will support large
erds. Tbe Indians manufacture their own
blankets, some of which are of .superior
' quality, being water-prool and very durable.
These articles are made by hand on an no
rightframe, and from three to fivsnirnths’
labor on a single blanket is required. They
also manufacture silver ornaments of a very
creditable stjle of workmanship. Toe set
ti- meat is now under the supervision of CoL
Carter, who possesses all the qualifications
necessary for such a duty, besides the expe
rience ot over Thirty years’ Intercourse with
Inclacfr. The fort is probably the best in the
Territory, and the location delightful It
wts commenced in December ot 1-sat year,
. and by this time is doubtless completed.
During the present season Gen. Carleton
has been punishing the Apaches, and np to
last Recounts, with great success. Ho pro
poses to deal with them in tue same manner
as with tbq Navajos; but as they ara more
warlike and less-disposed to labor, it Is
Szobable that more forcible measures may
e required in their case. The success with
the Navajos, however,' encourages the hope
that at no for distant time all the Indiana 'of
- the plains and mountahs of the West may
be placed on reservations under military su
pervision, and be compelled to work
lor tuelr .support or starve. The
recent depredations on the plUns
fihon’d admonish our authorities that
prompt and decisive action is necessary in
erder that the “commerce of the prairies,”
now rapidly increasing, may be conducted
with safety to life and property. General
Csrletou deserves tbe thanks of the people
of New Mexico, ana of the country at large,
for what be has accomplished in tbe “Na
vajo campaign,” and should he be as success
ful in tbe “Apache campaign,” the whole
efthe Territory ot Arirona, with its vast
mines of. silver, gold and copper, will be
opened to the enterprising and adventurous
miners of California and Colorado, and to
capitalists of tbe East.
Itfeto aibmtsments.
J\ to irfotm tbe citizens ol Chicago an<tTicl n ltT,
teat 1 have tccoctd ay p icei for ARTIFICIAL
TEETH. Upper ornnder sit* on Vaicwt'z'd Bob »ei
atirotn 115.00 to |]\oP. Dr. I>. M. Osnt
l«t,ifi7K D»a bo n street, oppoeite tbs Poet office.
0C27 Tl6-10ITH ai&Tuntt
TO DBXJGGI3T3#—PaWnei w nt
ed to pnrcbrß9h»lfi3terest In a flnt-Hisj dnxc
bnalcttfinat nylcg c t».w«bmfl.t? ci;ea of Chi
cago One cf th o ns eft (torts in »h* W's', aa i domz
a anlencid business For p nleslara i .gatra of or
More** MOST&OWKBV * K&W-T,
D:oc Ufrkers,iß7!ou*.h Wa’.er street,Chlcaco.
>3 THEIR FBI EH 1)3.
the TBcaaPEr of fbggdou,
Contslnltie-fio.dier’B Chorns; Vivi la America;
Mother. When ihe War is over; Monat *o?» M -nut:
Picket Gaaxd; Not a Star from Our FUe; Voioa
i»CfV wjfa• R-d. White and 81ne:T0 CanaaajOo
Tbty Pmj »or Me at Home; Howcoyoa iiseit.Jrf-
Uiscn 1 1: Batt e 8.-mn of toe Republic: Olort Bai
lemsb : GsrihairiHrms. and other nopnur
Hnetta. Ac-vIU h*fect p stpun. *ot sOcentr.
n010.y924 6t imhATATga Boston.
U6 a jih li.ndolph rtreet, eppowte the Museum
Tffnn-fw mon’D SJAO
.Private LeißOas . 1-C0
Comer of South Water,
Formcrl. occoplen *7 meneetrtai firm of Prertoo.
■wniaid * Kean, with fix.ares for saie.enltahe ttr
Ctmmutlos, BroK-raze or Eukmr. Infinite or
nclC-eESI-Stnat « Clara atreat.
Cfflce.KO i Welropo’.Uin Blocfc,nenb*e«t corner of
Randolph and Lts&ila meet*.
H»TinZ fc.rfeveral vearederot'd mv eotlre itten
tiTD totoe ffltlacof R»al EiUte!ctala cltyaaiCia
dcnatl.l trml-froathe valuable acquaintance bc
onlttaifi ttecooiee oi hastate tithe above namal
ci»les fcndeitewnexe.arti srrfc« ««»ntioa to sue ex
clusive DtiS'ncts of eel Iqz Keel Eilat-* toro-beri a*
a i»icoa*b]e conseosmon, 10 merit Md rer>iya»
fare i taro of gatxoafge. njlv-y.-Si-it
Wake Nicodemus!
eoS>v‘sS3 Sfntt
The Prisoner to his Slather.
A r tweet-tr tad cb*nxa. Pibiiiiedby H. M filO
©JNS. 113 R*tCo;pb JJBI. I kinn. tmasi*. tbs
larct et PcbJtbloff and Wholesale Vails Boa«e in Via
norths* it. Frle* Si ctEtt, aid atm post n»id *o any
addrew onreedptof mtrxel price. noiOySTJU
BSWABD OFFS«HO.—I am deihcui of esiab
iifbioff* noon Coaaly Paper, at a-y Cocn'.y Seal in
lowa, Ilhsoia or Indiana, »b»pa only ooe p*j»a* la
row • itaMiibed. The paper it all be a eoodunton
cte-ln eatoott cf Old Aoa Lincoln. -Aty ovraoa
kncwina or insb s cranty, in either of thoie, wlu re*
cHve* anisabis rextra for tranamiit of buJi inier*
p,"iloilCtf,GiUl pans.Ohio.
Eolt-yfeiS-lt ittp
The equitable insue
ASC* covpiur OP CfIICiGO has icmfiT.4
to tteu tewclDce,
Cor. of Randolph and Lstalifrsts.
J. V. FAB3ELI-. Drra't.
B W. Fn:LL:gB, Sgc*j. aoia-TStagmat
-1 PTWfY-Tta Asoml. PreowV-of7 MiaMnc f'r
»beft'ec’*.mof otbc-rr. f c .j.iu r ''S’‘H/!! V n J">
Ball. 133 «r<t)U j#%aeol;ast?e?l.t\t» (THIT«a lYi
*' GKOSIjR ftftjK.
boIC-tCU 31 in BA*ifses
Neie aasberttamein®
Ail Qualities and all Styles!
Superior Workmanship and Finish,
Than tiey eta be replaced at this time.
Is FULL A7D COVPLBTB. ern'raifn;: ALL QUA.
Fearer?, Cloths asd Ca&lmeres
Onr ample faculties render as able to COiIPRTB with
any home EAST or WEST on GOOD DDBI3LS
Aid OH each goods we WILL HOT
Cor. State atd Randolph Sts.
167 acd 169 LfiKE ST.
Ft om Six to T en Shilling!,
At Twelve BhlUlngj,
-nr. a TTVf siXißia,
From Eleven BbllUnin to |3,W.
Rith Fancy SILKS, Btlrcs & Watered SIL£? t
Quite new*
EICH BLACK SILK *. in Armnres,
Barathea, Bep* & Ottomans.
At Tan Shillings per yard.
In all Colors, fioo <1.59 to $i per yard.
Plain and Plaid SIIS. and WO9L POPLIS3,
A soperb araortment of
in everythade,from Bine EhilUnga to S3 pe? yard.
Figured Merinos* all Wool Delaines
ASnperlor assoitmant of American, French
Quilted Embroidered: Skirts.
Velvet rcioaka, Biek *ilk Cloaks, Bnvtr
Cloak,, Velvat Boavar cioaka.
• From 175 to *SOO.
Cloths and Cksiimeres, Glove* and Hoilery.
Knit Zephyr and Wool Q*odl. HnUas, BonUgsi
and Bcsrit, Cnildi en’s Gaiters, &o«
Family Mourning Goods
Of every description at
EOBS & COSS&GFS, 167 k 169 Lake St«eL
ioic-v&:o-it ,
iolo*v9T.-3* in saiiicct C. COLTOS. Agent.
Cf every detcrlplloa at JBVKK & ALUIM'd,
101 TTmsliln&toii Street* Chlesgo, ill.
toS-vSiO-Vinct __
Wake Nicademiß!
ard Hallgaant Tnmora are •nccesa"ul»y enied,
without the me cl the kclle The above diseases are
enteo neon a obiiotoobica' meihid of medical nrin
tice. bv f>r. D. ncRAE.-tste Snrcecn oftheU.S.
*rn.y OfficeatliSSoothClaifc
p. o Box ajs6. no 7
Whcraa* wehav* t)UB Ufonred «h»t injurious
repo'ta laKbtec clrcola’ed aralut tha Uiaretisl
r*ctt Collar man uf4Cfaretb?ai-
AtdwbMfaa webavebeen nnabletoprocure evi
dence ot \MpnbUcapoa of eichromarkj by prißoaa
of^,^t»^nc^rT^? I pe«obi , s9>hnr collar* tcsna
fec'nrtd bs tui that «ra arotnanulontinDg them na
dir t&a p»:mt» Nambcr *3,137 a: A 13.7X1. k ranted
Ant mt 54. i£6l acd that we will protect ano aete a
tbtm mtbe»aleof laid ccUaxa prcvldedlheyinroHQ
TU.Ph. °¥li£eS “." 4 “k!05.
Sis Pearl it.est.
Sole Agent-Atr Chicago, EllioU.
Kew Yoik.KhT 8,18:4. fIOIQ 7513 31 TP SAAHIgt
BEWABD.. Stolln oo the 13th of October. ISM,
j w miiei ootth cl B»*hvJl». 111., ana Ssan of Bar
bents, Barren and Waaan—ona roea or mottle
tsee. d eh crane laden and collar mvka.l3 yean
old; taclrtrar kualtar infacr.mht nod legfrow
pce'cro joint downline? tbtm iho ether.l 6 year!
old: bothbeayy tout, of Canadian cock
Toe ttieli tioau BmoxP GUxa Baa right arm
eff t»Uv the e-cow ana (era la t band;
tpcat 30 juti of ant. dark exlob. media*
the above reward lor return of horesa
aid tiler, or cm hoodraitfol at# lor h.urteafrUiuf.
Any JDforaatioa that will lead • o Shnr recovery will
be nbfitlly rtweratd. W. &QK‘j. PO'C-*. H*m-
Tine, lliu. oil. -• n old v&Mt
Headquarters north-
CurcisiiAbi, Ohio, Ucyember &. 1311.
BprcMOfdera Ao. —1 . _ _
Ail ipqmtaitfoni mgda by Colonel J. A. PJttir,
Chief 1 ecot Qoarterwaa’em CbiC«e>,lUtroia, lor
ta'izoai* ca-* car trasfportatioa tor military n-pusa,
or !c» any kind or aarvite lorT'niteo Bt»te« atuoy*
mmem xaUi. wUI be ixmedlauly ud pronpoy
Ailed. „
Ja ease of delay ortaHual on tbepa*tor anyrali*
xcac tt mrafr> lacosdoU with inch o;d«iaorriQaVu'
Of cr.Coioßfl Co* - , si Jaanlhomed to t«ke aasa mca*-
ni»» at mav Mo**ee»t > a , y v* aolortc co -pllaice.
By (OirBKA OJ Major G en tral Hooter
ftiKPea. WM. B, LAWRt.acg f
• Joir-tß.4rt M»jor A A.D. u
M tuadrid barren
VfllTE CABfiO:i Oil*.
I* seed barren, for ia!e ay
a.e.,342 7 aa, ~a. E. ft CO.
SEXRT3.—Eztii in
made to tn; he«- .
-y* e ' spjtciaiXT oi thiibr«ac4 ct onrbntl*
nee j. ELY, TToolen Dr*c«f ani Tafion
Jblh'tain&t 53.3
Large and Ktnctlre Stock.
bails, sivra & n,
40 and it lafce Stow^,
Hare now In Stars a veryextensii*
and well ai sorted stock, embracing
the newest and most desirable styles
and Fabrics in Staple and Fancy Dry
Goods, to which the; invite the attear
tion of their friends and the trait
generally, all ot wnich will he offer
ed at the lowest prices E;St or Watt.
Package buyers will hare And a
Ml assortment of desirable Staple
Goods at prices to suit.
tels-Q9i4-net* 7 thas
40 mad 43 Ltks M<
If jca want io T*pitfni*h r:s*-ila»lc9l Library afi
LUIe ccsr. aoft’t fa.J to parcbisa
TB£ HOnS €l߀££.
(2 Volumes.)
A collection of eboleeplccesforthoPtaao Tbs sse
osc vojurte. in a. ditiou to a ikni* oamb«'olßer
anoiK>eoi»i pi«cc*,ctßt*in* a ana selection of loar*
(I VolumeJ
Acollecilca of select Serge, Dcetfr, Trios, Quar
terns. &e.. within tba compass o» ordinary vo.cer,
ananstd with llano acc.mi a. horns.
(1 Volume.)
A colTectop of tie meet favorite Bones* Ihxetta,
Tito*. QuarutV s, Quintettes, Ac., selects* fromtke
(1 Volume)
A ecll(c*lon of bCiutKul Vocal Oao'.U, by tbe most
atmuta cos paters.
pjlce cf wicaVojtme—’tQtrd La Boards, bw?
Clolb, »3; t!o.b, full gilt, N-10.
Tie above works contain nearly
One Thousand Pieces of Music,
WMeb.attlooicaentHab prices would cost la tHa
•esresa>e. tt pureoasrd aepara ely. at’east the sum
cl *-10. while tbapmeoi ih-wnoca In us present
•nape, la only tiSAo, or abcu'- tbe usual p.*iee of bind*
tea alone. fibber or all of tno sdoti works will m
c.ailta, scst'paio, ob receipt oi tbe price.
Ccr. Clark and Wasllcgloc*B'f, Cbieszo.
Aierc; fcrSteJnwsy’s Planes. do’O-tSSJ IK
Wbolesals and Se'.all*
tolC-TSI'.-Sj-rn sAAxnet
For 1864*
A new snd treat Invention is Hoop SKrtß.
J. f. Sc J. O. WEST,
9T Cbambera Street, Ifew folk.
Are tbe owners of tbe patent, and eze.nilTe mesa*
faettuereoi tbit*
This invention consists or Duplex (or two) BUM*
Steel Springs, uuenioua.7 braided «*nUj ana finniw
toeetber eugetoedge. making tbs toughest, mod
elastic. flexible and aureole spring ever used, eve*
bi ng tbe wearer, in consequence of ua areas elaatut
tyacdfljxibiereas.to pUceandiold lie skirt wbca
Id oss as easily and wits tbe sane eonvemcnee as •
•ilk or muslin <tR» it entirely obwatee and slleaaeu
tbe only ODjeccons to -oop srlrta. vtxr tbe uoc|>
ance to tbe wearer as well aa tbe public, especial!*!*
crowded assemblies earrUgtt, railsoad care, cbazafe
pews, ot in any crowded pate, from to# difficult* os
contracting them to occupying a small space. TVs
entirely ran ovea the difficulty, vblia Una* toe skirt
tbe asuil run and symmetrical form, nnd is tba Ugk>
sat, and irost stylish and grace ral appearance for tM
meet, opera, promnado. or Penas are*. a lad*
bavins enjoyed tbe pieasor*. com/ortaad greateca>
violence ot wearing tbe Duplex -BUlntie 9pr*gg
Skirt for a single day, w U Beyer aitanrard wtntsgty
dspenaewttb tbe uteuf them. They are tbs baft
quality in every part, and by far tbe Ilaetest moat
durable, comfortable and. economical sirt madft
Merchant! wllbe supplied as above, and ladles IB
ae*tfliw*ciMs mall atom la tki\ city aad tbxoxgw*
out tbe oUTf-ient Btatea.
(V* Isuulro for tbe
Combintus elegance, Uzhtnesi, comfort and eoeas»
c?, nnd nraoeitJonably tbs most aealrable arOelt
“**• ? "“ le ' Jr • FOTISBPALIQB.
no. m, m * ns ia abaab utooxs.
“O'* *“'""“•a'ssri aosaara.
167 & 19 La£a street, Chlcas^
net vWWm tc TEaeanet
Wake Nicodemus!
5-20 BONDS
The SrcoodiVatto! Bank,.
5. IT. (ar. of Lake and Clark SU.
Price. 81 per Box*.contstnliu two Bottles.
80. IB Dey street. Hew T«r)b
Airit sots srxrrwHSßS.
HtrBHHAM * vak bhaack. is Lake street
Wfiojeiaie A*entifortbeHtataof Dimote.
et32-Ats6-IS6HH SATSTPaa net
• hat removed bli place of boktaatato
79 310.1 808 STUEET, ~
Third decrease of the post OcQc«. Ton I*too Mi.
place fcrLaale* to get toe«r win er
lire atcciol gsUleiLan’a bscw will be acid at oil
pilcca. QolO v;BS-3.nct
DB.T7WDFB*OOT>. (ei'ab'labed in Chicago nine
yeaxiJOradnaioof the dev Yaric a..ihairotc Col*
fese caenter amctmAUJ? Ibr cro»Ey»a, Catarac*,
*e„ ana removal all uiaeaaea ct t a uvaandßar
wbbm the reach of banian ihlU. Office >o 1H Ban*
dolpi itract, Chicago. ncA-tWI-Stnen
Dfjtfrefr, end the mc*t bop* lew casei of <Uir»ge«e ' <*
the Bio aid Kar trsated by Dr, TBOMSOJf. IMJC
rearboTD niet gene f*r circa ar» Addraaa Dr.-
3U C. THOitaOli. Bax SISQt, Chicago. noftvTSi CtntU
Wrought Iron Pipe
878. T. CRANB Se BKO«
VV Tie naderel' ned lave thts div farmed aC*
pertoeitup mder the name anditjla cf
a. M. SPAFfOKD Sc CO ,
Per the purpose of
ParUxs anil Prod.co Bulsm*.
Cfflce ind H-iir. 313. 51*
».iiimeet,(».«o. KoK.) T. a. «ql.itlßV,
£?!!ynimH" 1 " ‘
3* BilEB ft CO., 00 S iatb Clark B*.
fT «M ASD le6v-Tta Giand Trunk
Cos-paaVa Fart Frorabt Useto BewYtr* B «<«•
Mcatrea!. Portland a d Betr'Ytglaed nvetonth*
lire or the Vtiroom c.tflrai hiunr. m
eazoeo wlthditpaleb icdMirn tabJe
abevo pcinta alao Thioa.hVlfuoareal
lor iiijman-itollveroooi ™ Port “JSj?
cc»an atrrmtlp CobcMl fo eat" l 6****
let imthar paruenlm apply to
MJ 3«3 Kttrt O

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