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Chicagc gtilMutf.
TUESDAY. APRIL 11, 1865.
the news.
The event of yesterday was the great csiA
roßATioif. Oar dispatches give some ac
count of the rejoicings elsewhere.'- If the
demonstration in Chicago was a fair represen
tation of the outburst of public rapture In
the United States it may be safely affirmed
that no such'juhUee was ever before held on :
this continent. Puli reports of the demon
stration vrill be found in our, local columns.
The epontancoueness of the enthusiasm
distinguished it even more than its magni
tude. Time would fall ns to write all the in
cidents which transpired, telling how the
hearts of the people overflowed with sudden
Joy. Grave men ofbuoincaspiradedthe streets
Mowing tin horns. The Board of Trade
eang Old Hundred in mighty chorus, and
followed it with John Brown and all the
dozologics in the hymn book. Light men
carried heavy men on their shoulders. Bulls
embraced Bears, and Bears felicitated Bulls
5n the most absurd fashions. The great
procession come together as by magic.
Prom all parts of the city they came, on
foot, on horseback, and almost on their
heads, with single carriages, doable teams,
four-borse teams, and six-horse teams, a
mighty army with banners. Everybody had
a free rida. Pedestrians clambored into
other people’s wagons and were joyfully
welcomed, and all went forward shouting,
to swell the lengthened throng. At night
the city was Illuminated by miles of bonfires.
Prom the Court House Square to the city
limits in every direction the blazing piles
lighted np the crowds which thronged the
sidewalks, while fireworks fisw aloft from
■hundreds of house tops and street comers,
stud thousands of windows shone with ilia,
urinations. Such a carnival was never before
witnessed in our goodly city.
Gen. Butler’s speech, which is fully report
ed in our 'Washington dispatches, will com
mand universal attention, as it touches upon
one of the vital questions which must soon
come up—the disposition of the leaders of the
jcbellion and the people.
Gen. Steele is meeting with continued sue*
cess in Ills advance npon Mobile and has cap
tured a rebel General and some prisoners, be
sides destroying the rebel railroad communi
cations and with Conby and Granger, driving
Ibe rebels into tbeir works.
The number of men surrendered by Lee to
Gen. Grant is placed at 22,C00. The amount
of artillery was email.
The latest news from Sherman shows that
be has occupied Raleigh, Johnston still re
treating and taking np a new position on the
Tar Eiver, about forty miles from Goldsboro.
StoDcman In the mean time has cut the road
lictwccn Danville and Greensboro.
Yesterday was a day of general jubilee
throughout the North, as is evidenced in our
dispatches. At Washington, the President,
•who has returned, was serenaded, and re
plied In acknowledgment* with a playful lit
tle speech, in which he intimates that to*
might he will say something of importance.
His words will he’ waited for with anxiety
Jiom one end of the land to the other.
Mosbj's guerillas following the example
of Lee have thrown down tbeir arms, and
without waiting to he paroled have gone to
their respective homes. Our Washington
dispatch intimates also that the Trans-Mis
sissippi armies have given up the war, and
that the Legislatures of the Trans-Mississippi
Slates are busy making tbeir peace with the
Government. Everywhere the rebellion is
breaking np.
The Bt. Albans raiders were brought np in
court yesterday at Toronto and discharged,
with the exception of Young, who has been
committed for trial.
Forrest’s cavalry forces have been routed
sit Tuscaloosa, Ala., in the vain attempt v to
head off andlnlercept Wilson’s cavalry expe
dition, on its way towards the Golf to co
operate with Steele’s and Canby’s forces in
the redaction of Mobile. It is probably For
Test’s last battle.
A Washington dispatch Intimites that as
the rebel Secretary of War, John Breckin
ridge, was with Lee’s it is
expected he was among the captures.'
The work of reducing Mobile Is progress
one rapidly and successlully, The rebels have
Leen driven Into their works and pa-t lolly
invested. Gen. Steele has cat their raHroai
communications, captured a rebel General,
mid some prisoners, and is marching on
33iakdy to flank the rebel position.
We struck off, yesterday morning, the
enormous number of 55,030 copies of the
Tribune containing the glorious
news of the surrender of Lee aud the rebel
»rmy to Gen. Grant. This, we believe, is the
la*gtst number of copies ever issued In one
edition by any newspaper in the Northwest.
One news agent took 22,000 copies. *
Poring lost week the average daily edition
•was nearly 44.000, aud we would not be sur
prised if during this week the Tribune cir
culated 300,000 copies, or an average of
!50,000dally. Every body wants to ece the
jjreat news, and everybody, almost, reads the
Tiudune to find it in a reliable shape.
If the Jail of Richmond and Petersburg
produced a spontaneous, off-hand outburst of
rejoicing, the surrender of Lee culminated
that rejoicing, yesterday, with such a univer
sal uprising, out-pouring, procession-forming,
speech-making, banner-displaying, bonfilre
burning, rocket-blaring, day of glory as Chi
cago and its people hare never before seen.
tThcy seemed determined to vindicate the eter
nal possibilities of American progress by show
ing that, whatever had been our previous re
joicings, they could be out-done and literally
thrown into the shade by the demonstrations
•of ycllcrday. As Chicago has been first and
heartiest in war, so is she most gloriously,
enthusiastically in earnest in welcoming the
victorious achievements of the past two
weeks, which are the certain harbingers of*
Ihe return of peace land the restoration of
-the Union. Theproecsalon of workingteams,
carriages, Eire Department, and citl;
zens occupied some four hours in
passing the Tribune office. It was
got up in a style which no city in the world
but Chicago can equal. It was not so much
the length of the procession, though- it
reached for miles, nor the numbers of the
people, though while we are writing at least
twenty thousand people are gathered in front
<*f the Tribune office, but the true Western
heartiness and gloriously irrepressible jollity
which have characterized the whole cbnlli_
lion, tie worth a life time of ordinary exis
tence to witness. But one sentiment seems
to animate the entire people-joy— jot— JOT
—that the war is substantially ended, the
Union preserved, Republican institutions
vindicated, as well against internal rebellion
ss against foreign force.
The proprietors of the snccsU concern actu
ally went through the motions yesterday of
rejoicing over the downfall of their master
Jeff.’s kingdom, by hanging out an American
fibg, and letting off some fire-works from the
roof of their building. This is the sort of
homage that vice pays to virtue. There were
outward semblances of jov to conceal the
gnawings of inwurd -grief. Grant’s great
achievements strike as much consternation
Into Copperheads as Confederates. He has
shivered both wings of latter day “Demon,
racy.” The bolt that shattered the one
knocked over fbe other. In life they wera
united. In death, let them not be divided.
Adjonraucnt ofthe Ueldatare-Prr*-
-Cthbratmc tue Good Mews.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Madison, April 10.
The Legislature adjourned at eleven o'clock
-to-d«y. The usual resolutions of thanks to offi
cers were adopted, and appropriate speeches mads
by Lieutenant Governor Spooner, W. W. Chand
ler, President pro tem. of tiut Senate, and
Speaker Field, oMhc Assembly, that of the Lieu
tenant Governor being particularly feeling and
eloquent. Saturday evening an elegant i-Qtct
•tea service was presented to Speaker Field and
Chief Clerk Dean. In the Assembly nearly all
busineesof Importance was disposed uf, thought
of local bills failed to receive fiatl action.
3h?£propmaon bills all except <30,009
ioT enlargement of the hospitd for the in
sane, sod also bills for temporary loan
Sd* . .ped.l t« or *30,003 for WK
•nnrnosea and a general tax of 1550,000
expenses The bill Increasing the
interest was defeated In the Assembly;
also the bill allowing the Baeme and Ufosltstppi
iUilroad to build branches to Milwaukee and
Chicago. _
Juat prior to adjournmant, the Governor sent
■the following message, accompanying the official
report of Lee’s surrender:
State or Wisconsin. j
Executive Okpartotst, >
Madisok, April 10. J
"To the Honorable Legislature:
To-day, four yean ago, on the day fixed for the
final adjournment, the tiad news ortho fall of Fort
•pumterwas transmitted to the Legislature. To
cay, thank God, and next to him the
•l*rave officera and soldiers of our army
and navy, 1 am permitted to transmit
to you the official iotcrigvnce or the surrender of
■Gen. Lee and hla army, the las* prop of the rebel
lion. Lotus rejoice, and thank the Holer of the
Universe for victory and prospets of an honorable
jicacc. Jas. T. Luwis.
Salutes were fired, "bells rung.' boa area biased,
men Bang end cheered, and there was every dem
onstration of joy over the good news ia»i night.
The University la Illom.nated to-night. It I* pro .
poacd to have a celebration here on Friday.
Lee Surrenders 22,000
BAuaea, n. c,
Forrest’s Cavalry Boated
in Alabama.
Later from Mobile—The Rebels
Driven into Their Works.
Tlie.Great Jubilee-Speeches by
the President, Gen. Butler
and Gov. Dennison.
Expected Capture of the
Rebel Secretary ~
of War.
Gold Closed at 144 7-8,
Ficon WASQISCrO.\.
B fj olein ffOver tlie
by the Prwident-SpiifcUw by Gen*
Butler and Gov. Douniaou- TlLlUary
IRatlcrß-Uff lor Charleston*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnre.]
Washington, April 10.
There is good authority for the statement tha
the rebel armies of the trans-UlssisUppi haves!
ready followed the example set by Lee, and sur
rendered or disbanded and gone home. Already
propositions cf members of the Legislatures o
Jrans-Misslsaippi States have been received by
Cover ament for recou-truciion on the basis of the
abolition of slavery*
Up till 10 o'clock to-night no news has been re
ceived by the Government of the surrender of
Johnston's army.
Btonemaa's operations on the North Carolina
Railroad have interrupted telegraphic communi
cation between Lee's and Johnston's armies, and
it may be tome days before we receive official In
telligence of the event.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington. April, 10,1665.
Washington i*. Intoxicated with joy over the
sews or Lee's surrender and the early pros*
prct of peace. The merchants have closed their
places of business and the workmen and mechan
ics have left their shops and are marching through
the streets with hands of music, banners and can*
son. The town te a perfect Babel of excitement,
snch as ha- sever been witnessed here before.
All the departments are closed and the clerks are
participating in the general rejoicing. Several
popular demonstration* were made by the people
In front of the Executive Mansion daring the
morning. The President was engaged with hit
Cabinet and declined to respond to the two Aral
calls,bathe could notreaiatthe third. Jt was a
grand outpouring of the people; they were ac
companied by a band of music, which played.
“Bail to the Chief," 41 Yankee Boodle' 1 , and
“emenca," the people Joining In the itater by
tine lag sly Country 'its of Thee."
The merchants and workingmen of the Navy
Yard, with two cannon, tainted the President
with 100 gone fired Immediately in front of the
mansion. At 13 o'clock the President made his
appearance, and was received in a most enthusi
astic manner, the people waving their hats swing
ing their umbrellas, and ladles waving their
handkerchief!. When quiet was restored, the
President epokc as follows r
lam very greatly rejoiced that an occasion has
occurred so pleasurable that the people cannot
restrain themselves. [Laughter and cheers.] I
suppose arrangements are being na» e for a for
mal demonstration to-night or to-morrow night.
[«;rles of “Can't wait"] i shall, then, have to
respond. I shall have nothing tossy then. If 1
drloble it all out before [laughter] 1 see you have
a band ol music with you. I propose lor closing
up, that yon will hare them play an air or tune
called “Dixie." I bare always thought It the
best tune I ever heard. Oar adversaries over the
way have at'empted to appropriate it aether na
tional air. I insisted yesterday that we had fairly
captured it, and that we are endued to it. 1 asked
the opinion of the Attorney General, and he
stated that we bad lawfully captured It, and It was
onr*. 1 now reqaeet the band to perform it.
[Cheers.] -
The ban# then played Dixie. Daring its per
formance the ('resident remained st the window,
and after the band concluded he proposed three
good, i onalng, hearty cheer* for IneuL Gen. Grant
and all under hi* command. This proposition
was responded to with a will. The President then
proposed three more cheers for oar gallant navy.
The crowd responded a* beartl'y as before, when
the President bowed and retired. The band
I struck np Bail Columbia, and the immense crowd
dispersed, moving awoj in different processions,
to call npon other ofilcers of the Government.
Previous to serenaolng the President, the crowd
waited on Gen. Butler at hi; hotel. After repeat
ed calls the General made his appearance sno de
livered a short congratulatory speech, in the
I courae-of which he made some suggestions a« to
| the policy that should be pursued by the Admiuis-
I traoon In disposing of the leaders in the re bel
lion, and the tre«imea4 that the people of the
South should receive at their hands now that
peace 1« effectually proclaimed by lay isg down of
the rebel onus. Be was cnqaliflcdly opposed to
permitting those who have been active In the
cause of the so-cal cu Southern Confederacy lik
ing part In the administration ol oar State or na
tional affairs, or participating in the councils of
the nation. Be admission of the
ma*s of the Southerner* to all the rights of citi
zenship whenever they manifested their willing
ness to support the Federal Government, and be
was In favor of granting tins franchise to whites
and blacks alike. “1 am for treating all humanity
alike," said he, “and lor d> priviognone of the citi
zen? of the Santb of the fall blessings of Ameri
can citizenship."
Gov. xiennison said this is a happy day to every
frieudof constitutional liberty. For four years
have the enemies of the Government been wag
ing civil war for the destrnctlon of republican
Institutions, supported by sympathisers In the
North and alien: abroad. The power of the ene
my has at times seemed almost too great to he
broken by even onr patriotic armies. We have
encountered every vicissitude of war, ana de
spondency and gloom have again and .again
thrown their shadow over the land; but all this
is now past. Under the lead of Grant and his no
ble subordinate* the rebel power has been bro
ken,Us capital captured, and the Army of Northern
Virginia surrendered. In that army was centered
the,nope oftbe rebellion, and the necessity of its
defeat and destruction engaged the att-mtioo of
the Federal government for the restoration of it*
authority. Xo accomplish this has been reserved
for Grant and his invincible command. The na
tion's rejoicing telle the gratitude tuey have se
cured and the honors they have won. it Is right
that we should all rejoice over the auspicious
events we have met to celebrate; right we should
join our congratulations with lho?e of every loy
al hanrt in the land over the downfall of the wick
ed rebellion thatbas shed so mnch patriotic blood
ano treasure; right we should honor with our
nod fervent gratitude our noble armies and the
navy that have given ns so many victories; and,
above all. it is right, and onr highest doty, to
wnifp onr grateful thanks to Almighty God lor Ills
preservation of ns as a nation, Ihr the strength
I and courage He has given to onr dafenders on
! land and sea, and for the glorious triumphs of our
arms, which have insured the death of the rebel
lion and the frill restoration of the authority
of the Government throughout tbe length ana
breadth of the land. Let us not foreel lu our re
jolclngthat, a* freely at we have poured out oar
treasure ana copiously as has been shed- the blood
| of onr sons ana brotners tn the defense oftbe
I Government, they would have availed nothing
| but for the. Divine favor which has enlightened
i our darkest hours and directed all our efforts to
Hi.« Rre^ t . purpo ? e of restoring the nation in this
hour of triumph; and we can well afford to oe
B ?‘ lct lt I,e carefully borne in
mind that the only-magnanimity we can farther
exercise must be that which will secure to the
nation permanent peace and universal freedom
throughout the land as the batis of such peace.
In the Interests of slavery the rebellion had its
origin and support. There mn*t be no more
slavery on this continent henceforth andforever
We mn»t be a nation of freemen and of freemen
alone. This accomplished, oar* will be the first
power, a* it will be the great eximplar of all
nations. 1
Captain Naughum, of the Ohio cavalry, died at
City Ttdn f , on Saturday, from the effects of
wound? received In the battles of Five Fork?. He
breathed his last Justus the President visited the
tent In which he was lying. The scene was a
touching one, and brought tears to the eyes of all
who witnessed It ,
To-day four years ago Governor D?nnlson called
nnon the President und told him that war was in
evitable. and offered fifty thousand Ohiotroipa
to aid in putting down the rebellion. Governor
Curtin also Visited the President and pledged
Pennsylvania for as many more. Slncetheneach
oflhose States has furnished more than treble
on the Conduct of the War left
to-dav for Charleston, to be present at the cere
monies there on the 14th mat On their return
'bey will stop at Wllmlngtonand Richmond. Hon.
John Good' 1 , of Pa., will accompany tho party.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washisoton, Apnl 10.
Gen. Butler, upon .being called out, spoke in
substance as follows:
Fellow Citizen* :—I am profoundly grate fnl,and
thank yon once and that you hare called
upon me to Join yon in your congratnla
Vena upon tbli great triumph of
our arms, -which conquers and has
snljutatcd finally a most heinous rebellion
aramst the American people. The surrender of
Lee and hts army pats an end to this traitorous
war, waged to overthrow the Government. .Even
sow wbue the heart turns in gratitude to God for
bis good providence, while the soul burns with
tladnees at the - result which, right
ly understood, renews thn life of
the nation, new vital and ontrolllng que«-
rons to be settled in the mturc arise and m ngle
perforce with our joy. There arc four classes of
mer in the re hellions States, what shall be done
with them? What shall be done with men edu
cated in the military academy at public expense,
sworn to protect onr flag, obtaining a livelihood,
honor and promotion under it, children of tho
nation, who without justification, excuse or palli
ation even, betrayed the country, forfeited honor,
struck down the flag, used the knowledge ob
tained in the tatl* n’a.school to break down the
Government that nurtured thefiTand the nation
which honored them, and have now ceased an un
holy itrife which has cost millions
of money, and hundreds ol thousands of llveslost.
oecause they have been beaten, conquered and
eubrned by the valor of our soldiers whose com
rades they nave starved in loathsome prisons ?
(Cheers *nd cries of “Hang everyone ot them,”
••hang them,” “give them a. rope”]. In the fu
ture, danger to our liberties can come only from'
mad ambition of those In the army who may con
spire agalnet the life of the nation. Shall we not
by example treat every officer who deserts the flag,
ibat he shall suffer tho same penalty for desertion
which the Government inferred upon many of
our soldiers fortlie tame crime?
What shall be done with those whom the peo
pie North and South once delighted to honor:
who, with the trnth of God npon their lips but
Ucaecnin their hearts, sat in yonder Capitol In
their Senate, as lawgivers, day by day. and plot*
ted how to dcEtroy tho country, even while In the
name of the Constitution they claim to sacrifice
at the altar her most chemhed liberties? Shall
they ever again hava power, place or vote to de
eirov the country ? [*• No, to; never, never;”]
Shall thev ever again be allowed to have the
love end honor ana glorious privileges now made
•acred by the blood of patriots, shed to save
them from lb e acts of such men that American
citizens? [No more traitors, bang them.] The
soldiers in the rank* of the rebellion, deceived
by false statements, and arguments, and preju
dices, until their judgment! were . overborne,
conscripted and driven until their wills were
overcome into the support of the rebellion, but
who, even In a bad cause have illuitrated the
American race. Are wc not ready to say to them,
father forgive them, they know not what they do,
and to receive them again at brothers of the Uni
vdStates, f” That's it; good, good; that's the
There is still another class who ever welcome
our flan with ttout* and gladness, who never
failed to rejoice in Unon victory, never lost faith
In the Union cause, who always concealed and
can d for Union prisoners, especially irom cold,
sickness, starvation and death, Libby and Ander
t-onvMe, guiding them faithfully by the North
star through swamp and forest to liberty and life,
who have joyfully taken up arms with ns and laid
down lives'in our came. [Cheers.] Whitehall
we say to them? Shall we not say liosrtyand
equality of right under laws framed? [“ Ves,
v(K”and cheers, good.] Then we are agreed—
condign punishment to the military traitor *ho
deserts the flag for rebellion; disfranchise*
meat and safe keeping for a clvllnan
mieg bis perjured place to betray bis country;
rigbtof fellowship lor misguided and deceived
victims of the rebellion, and equal rights for the
black man under the law. ’Ones of “Go on. eo
od.”j Let us also be thankful to the good God
that while this war cost so much treasure and
blood. It has so established on* power among the
nations ol the earth that the shedding ofAtnerican
blood upon American soil may now erase forever,
ano in dealing with the nations of the earth wc
can adopt without fear of war the motto of Jack*
eon: 44 Ask nothing but what is right, and snbmlt
to nothing wrong.” and now good bye. [Cries,
‘‘Dow about Maximlllian f’J Maximlllian—l beg
your paroon, 1 am not jour Secretary of State,
and have no power to direct your foreign affairs.
Good bye. [Laughter and chocra.]
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Ami 10.
A large force of laborers left here to-day for
Aqola Greek to commence replies on the Rich
mond and Frctiencksbnrg Railroad. A military
force accompanied them.
Two thousand wounded, among them SWO reb
els, arrived hero to-day.
The total number of men and officers surrender
ed by Lee is about 22.000. The number of pieces
of artillery captured is small.
Washington, April, 10.— Tho Departments are
all closed to-day, and everybody I* keeping hol
iday. Secretary Stanton expresses tne opinion
that there will be no more heavy fig-bung. It is
expected here that Johnston will surrender.
Special dispatches were yesterday sent to General
Ur. Lincoln has returned and is closeted with
his Cabinet.
There is reason to believe that Jeff. Davis was
at Danville on Saturday meht trying to join John
ston, with the archive- of the lata rebel Govern
ment, and a larcc amount or specie.
jpßvn ciiito.
CorrUla Invasion of Hlckma a, Ky.;
(Special Dispatch lo the Chicago Tribune.]
• Cairo, April 10,
A guerilla bond, under the notorious leader
Clayboroe, made a dash into Hickman, Ky., yeater.
day. when the inhabitants tied. The guerillas
plundered the town of«ll they could carry away.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Ottawa, April 10,1865.
Among ihe motions disposed of to-day was one
to dismiss a writ A error in the old case of Jas.
B. Bees ra. City of Chicago, No. 113, which was
overruled. A motion for a certiorari In the ca«e
ofC. B. McCormick r«. G.M. Badden was allowed.
A motion to strike the bill of exceptions from the
record m No. 69, and a motion for leave to file a
record nune pro oune in No 222, were overruled.
Noe. 42,66,107,113 aod 194 were submitted; No.
185 reversed for non-joinder; No. 79 argued and
taken nnder advisement. The call of the docket
to-isorrow will embrace No. U'9 to No. 132, inclu.
tive. The Gold blit is to be mbmUtcd on an
agreed case, and will not he argued orally.
Tbe Pnnntt of Lee’s Army—Forced
Iflarchn-EnthDilaim of Oar Sol
dlcra—They Clamor to JUarcb All
Nzw York, April 10.—The Herald's correspon
deat recounts the pursuit of Lee's army. The 24th
corps reached near Black's and White's Stations,
on the South Side railroad, on the morning of the
s?h, with Qens. Grant and Ord. The 6th corps and
cavalry pushed on to Jettcrpville, on the Danville
r*Hroad,ard arrived wlthoatauy fighting nntlt the
nlghiof the 4th. The 2d, 6th and7th corps were
following closely in their tear, and by,the night
of tfce sth they were all up on the Danville road
and the 24th corps up to Burkesville Janet 03, It
appears that Lee ordered that portion of his army
thst was cut off by onr piercing tils left on Sun
day, to join him at Amelia Court Bouse, fearing
>lo'nave them attempt to reach Barkesville,
sod so on to Danville. When Gen. Grant
reached Nottoway Court Hon*e. a staff officer ar
nvfd,sta»iip tbatSberidan had encountered the en
efl.y in small forep at JettersvilJc,bad driven them,
and made important captures. Our column had
Intended to go into camp, but Grant thought Lee’s
only hope was in forced marches, aod he there*
foie o'dercd the advance continued. The men,
who hod already trumped twenty mil is, on being
informed of the stirring news from Sheridan,
clamored to march all night, and started off with
cheus. Whenever Grant was recognized, as he
rode along the Hue, the delight of the soldiers
wts expressed in the most enthusiastic manner.
As one Division exhausted itself in cheering, an
other would take it up, and so it went all along
the whole colomn.
Soon another dispatch was received from Sher
idan, and its contents were such u-> to cause Grant
to leave the road and cut across the country to
Sheridan's headquarters. On tbe night of the
sil>; the army lav in Hoc of battle, stretching
across three or four miles of country, and facing
JctcrsvlUe. Custar'a division of c*valry lay bo
the right flank, and McKenzie's on the left. The
infantry was formed with the 6th corps on tbe
ncht, tbe Stb In the center, and tbe 2d on the left.
During tbe night Lee moved off many of his
trains, and it was fearca he would elude this col
umn. Ocd was to march in the morning towards
Lynchburg and cut off his retreat to any point
tonlh ol that. . , , „
Tbe whole army in the morning moved five
miles on the road to Deatonvllle. In the forenoon
the 2d and 6lh corps succeeded in falling upon
Gordon's corps, guarding Lee's army in the vi
cinity of Deatonvllle, stampeding a portion of it,
and making many captures of men and material.
Gordon tome up one position after another on the
hill tops, and succeeding in retarding oor pursuit
to a limited extent. . , , ,
Refugees and deserters stated that the rebel
army was falling to pieces. A refugee al»o said
trains were running from Richmond to Daoviile
all day, and that Jeff. Davis and Cabinet reached
there in the afternoon and were taken to the re?l-‘
deuce of Me* Sutherland. This refugee also stye
Beauregard telegraphed that Stonemau was on
th-j Danville and Greensboro railroad, tearing it
up between those places.
The Herald's correspondent from the cavalry
recount the movements of this arm of the service
m pursuit of Lee. Their rear guard was over
taken, numbering 320, strongly intrenched, across
Namogcne Creek, having destroyed the bridge
and felled trees across the ford to impede pur
suit. On advancing, the enemy opeced lire, which
was returned with vigor. They were finally
shelled from their position, and a number of men
were at once dismounted, the obstructions re
moved. ana the command crossed. The road was
strewn with all sorts of munitions and de
bri" Cannon and ammunition were also
discovered secreted in the woods. Pushing on,
Barringer's brigade of cavalry was soon encoun
tered by our icfbricade. Col vS ells commanding.
The rebels scattered llkea flork of ** ,e . e P °|?
fired upon. In this charge Lient. Cn*tar, brother
of the General, got detached from the command,
but came in with a rebel baitleilag anJfonrteea
Johnnies. CoL Csphart, 3d brigade, about the
e.me time, overtook the rebels near Dnms.ule,
spreading on each side ot the road#
went in under the wildest excitement, General
Cuttar, seeing that unless we covered more ground
with our cavalrr, many more rebels wjUjopj
tent back ana hurried up the
Several miles were then oter,
and manv - rebels and munitions gathered
in. Finally the rebels rallied to make a stand.
Onr cavalry formed for a charge, when astrong
force ol rebel infantry was discovered in the re«.
Our men fought slowly, falling hack, when they
were reinforced, acd the rebel? driven fo
lowed clostdy until night set in. The reb»lai had
been driven twenty-two miles, routed at ev,ry
point, and losing wagons, £c. Our
whole los«was not fifty.
On the 4th the march was resumed, ana contin
ued till afternoon, when the enemy were overta
ken and fldrmifihu g ensued, which continued till
night. •
On the Sib the fight took place, which has al
ready been dftailetL
•She Rebel James River Fleet—Six Ve«-
»cl» Destroyed) and Two Onharmcd
Wasqxbqtok, April 10.—Admiral Sorter re*
forts to the Navy Department his recent opera
-one In the James Utvcr. On being aatlriTod that
tbe rebels were about to evacuate 'Richmond, he
proceeded to remove the obstructions la th*
river. and succeeded in getting a channel through.
He then accompanied the President to the city,
when be found the rebel rama and gunboat) all
blown up, except an unfinished ram, the Texas,
and a email tng gunboat, the Beaufort. The fol
lowing vessels were destroyed: Virginia, flag
ship, with four guns, Iron c.ad ; Richmond, four
gcop. Iron did; Fredericksburg, four guns, iron
clad; Nansemond, two gnn», wooden ship; Hamp
ton, two gnus, wooden ship; Roanoke, one gun
and a wooden torpedo, tender, and a school ship.
Some of those may be raised. The Texas and
Beaufort he baa taken fur our use. The Tndegar
works and naval ordnaLce depot were unharmed.
Senator Hunter— Su* day In Richmond
—The Meeting of thr Virginia Legls
lainrcan Informal One-Feace Pro-
posalsConildrrcd-Expectca Capture
of brctkinrldß e.
Wasdisotox, April 10.—Reliable information
has been received from a gentleman who left
Richmond yesterday, that Gen. Shepley, by order
of the President, has given safe conduct to Sena
ator Hunter, to come sod go from that city. He
la supposed to be on hla estate in Essex county,
fifty miles from Richmond.
There were no prayers offered In the churches,
yesterday, for the President, and, of course, none
for the Southern Confederacy. The citizens gen
erally regard the war as over, and further resist
ance, therefore, as unwise.
Thcßlrhmond Whig ofSaturday says: “The
statement that there would be a meeting last
evening of ench member.-of the Virginia legis
lature as still remained In the city was not strict
ly correct There was no meeting ol the Legis
lature or others but simply an informal confer
ence and consultation of private individuals,
among whom were members of the Legislature.
The motive of these gentlemen coming together
was to bear from Judge Campbell the terms upon
which Pieaident Lincoln had expressed himself
as willing that Virginia might return to the
Union, and Messrs. J. R. Anderson, David J.
Bury, Aatbonls P. Tyler, and 11. W. Thomis wore
appointed a committee to Inf;rtn the Legislature
ana Gov. Smith of President ! tacoln's terms,
and Judge Campbell was requested to accompany
the committee, who were to leaVo the city so soon
as passports conld bo procured. Uwassald tohe
probable that they would get off this morning.
Wo prefer not io state our understanding of
Pro* ident Lincoln's terms as our information on
that bead is not official. The only. Information
received In Washington of the President's posi
tion is that it was of a very liberal character.
John C. Breckinridge was known to be with
Lee on Friday, and hopes arc entertained that he
has been captured.
Pollard, who took advantage of the escape of
Mr. Richardson, has been arrested in Richmond
and committed to Castle Thunder for treasonable
Peace to bo Oflered.
New York, April 10.—The CommerciaTt special
ssje: “ Orders will be sect to our Generals every
where to open negotiations with the enemy and
commanders of rebels in their front, and offer the
same terms which were accepted by Lee. No dif
ficulty la anticipated except in Tex»a.
Sow the Good News was Celebrated—
Uoufire*. Processions, SHulc, Can
non and Universal Jojv
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
ik sasfcoum.
Jeffzusok Citt, April 10.
Gov. Fletcher will to day ’issue a proclamation
calling upon the people of Missouri to celebrate
and give thanks for recent victories on Saturday,
the fifteenth. -
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
There has been little else done, talked
of, or thonsbt or to-day than to cel*
ebra’e. business Is almost suspended
and everybody Is congratulating every
body else. Every rag of bunting In• the city has
been thrown to the breeze. Col. Shaw and Dr.
Wood leave here to-mcht for Sherman's army
with ten thousand dollars worth of sanitary stores
In charge.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Louis, April 10.
The news of Lee's surrender caused great re
joicing here to-day, hut the outward manifesta
tions of joy were confined to a display of flairs,
surpassing any previous attempt—ringing of belle, -
firing of cannon, private congratulations, Ac. The
State Convention adjourned and gave nlqe rous
ing cheers. Gen.‘ Pope was sent for to goon
'Change and make a speech, but declined on ac
count of public business. -Very litJe business
was done. A aslute was fired at the Arsenal by
order of Gen. Dodge. The full correspondence
concerning the surrender was not received for the
press, and was delivered for publication this
morning from Gen. Pope's copy.
at sks jcoikes. -
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ]
Das Montis, April 10.
The news of Lee's surrender was celebrated here
to-day by firing a national salute, and demonstra
tions of popular delight were general throughout
the day and evening, up to date.
The First National Bank of this city has sold,
one minion one hundred and two thousand and
eight hoT.died dollars of the United States sev«n*
thirty bonds.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Beltideke, April 10.
The glorious news was received this morning
at 0:90 that Lee, with hit vrhole army, had BUT
rrndered to Grant. Immediately there Wis a'
great display of flags, and ringing of bells, and
firing of cannon. Business was suspended, and
every one drank to the health of Grant, and many
a toast lor the old flag.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Rockford, April 10.
The enthusiasm in this place i> Immense. The
glorions news of the capitulation of Lee's whole
army with himself, was received in this place at
8:30 this morning. Soon knots began to gather
on every corner. All business was closed. The
American emblem of peace and good will to all
men was coon Hunt: to the breeze from almost
every prominent point in the city. As the news
spread, the populace by a common impulse form
ed In an immense procession, and from morn*
Ing until the present moment, have
been traversing the various streets, accompanied
by the Mayor at their head; the different fire com*
panics with their engines festooned with flags and
appropriate mottoes; men on horseback, in single
file; ladies In carnages; brass and imartial bands
discoursing national sirs, frequently drowned by
the loud huzzas from the marching throng. A sa
lute was fired at 3 p. m. from the Coznmaa. The
Vila have been rung with a will all day It being
election day, to some extent the sptrli-lovlng fra
ternity have been deprived of their usual amount,
but It has flowed nevertheless freely.
Cincinnati, April 10.—A dispatch to General
Hooscr, annunnemg the surrender of Leo's army,
was received about 10 o'clock last night. The
news spreadnpldly throughout the city, and im
mense ciowds soon filled the streets. Bonfires
were In at every corner. Rockets filled the air,
and cannon were fired from a‘l the nubile places.
The demonstration continued all nlaht.
By order from the War Department, two-ban
dred guns were fired at noon to-day. The city
Is lively with excitement Very little business u
Governor Brough has appointed the 14th In
stant for general thanksgiving. Preparations are
making tor a grand celebration here.
Btttaxo, April 10.—There is great rejoicing
here and in other cities over the glorious news.
Cleveland. April 10.—A salute of two-bnußrcd'
Sacs is now firing. The town is wild with joy.
uainers is suspended. A procession Is marching
through tho streets. Music and apcechei.
Ottawa, lix,, April 10.—The news of
the surrender of Lee's army was received
by Hon. J. D. Caton, at his private tele
graph office, at about ten o'clock last night. Tho
Jnoge was alone in bis office, bis family and
neighbors in bod. and the city telegraph office
closed. He ran In person to hla neighbor. Col.
T. Lyle Dickey, cilled bim out of bed, ana they
in turn got out Lorenzo Leland, Clerk of tbe Su
preme Court. After a moment's consultation an
illumination was determined on, and in twenty
minutes the residences oi these three gentlemen
and their gronftda were ablaze, and being situa
ted cn the north bluff, made a magnificent dis
play. In a ahoriMime the residence of Mr.
dohnWaasark, on’(be opposite bluff,, waa also
linUantly Illuminated. The news spread like
wild-tire over the city, and m less than half in
hour the city waa alive with the wildest excite
ment and shouts of joy. Every bell in the clt?
was rung, and everybody tried to aec who could
make tbe loudest noise, without regard to its be
ing Sunday night. Bonfires were lit in every por
tion of the city. About 11 o'clock a large con
course ofpeopje proceeded to tbe bluff, and were
addressed by Judge Caton and Col. Dickey in the
moat stirring and patriotic speeches. They then
returned to the city, and the jubilation waa kept
up until morning. To-day business is entirely
suspended, and every one is celebrating. There
will be a general illumination to-night.
New York, April 10.—The announcement of
Lee’s surrender last night created tho greatest ex
citement In this city. Impromptu illuminations
of many private dwellings quickly followed.* The
streets were filled with people hurrahing, singing
and dancing with joy. We have today received
dispatches from almost every city, village and
hamlet in the country, showing tbit the same joy
prevailed throughout the land.
Deteoit, April 10.—Business to-day la entirely
suspended throughout the State. The demon
stration In this city is the most enthnslaattc and
joyous ever known here. At three o’clock thou
sands of people assembled on the Campus Mar
tins. singing theßtar Spangled Banner and other
patriotic sirs. Two hundred guns were flred by
order of the military authorities. To-night tho
city is moat brilliantly {Humiliated.
littWAUEEB, April 10.—The city isperfectly
wild, no market, no business and no nothing but
rejoicing, processions, music, bonfires and illu
ruinations. . Everybody I; intoxicated.with joy
and other ingredient?. An effigy of Jeff. Davis
was paraded through tbe streets hanging to a
“aour apple tree.” The crowd Bang “John Brown 1
aa it passed. The Third Warders, who made
themselves hoarse in November hurrahing for.
“Mick Lellan," were loudest In their cheers for
Old Abe.
Tbe Sinking of tbe Milwaukee —No
Lives Lost—Flie Rebel Garrison
Driven Into Tbelr Works.
Wasotkoton, April 10.—The Nary Department
ha* received the following:
Comhaudant's Omen, Navy Yard, I
Pexsacola, Fla., March 20. )
Don. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy:
Brg. Gen. Aabotb, commanding the mriitary
district of West Florida, ha* just Informed mo
that Maj. Gen. Steele, commanding the 15th army.
corns, had met with decided success, having cap’
tured on the 25tb Inst, the rebel Geo. Clanton, woo
ii» mortally wounded, taken SCO prisoners, seized
two railroad trains at-Evergreen, ten miles above
Pollard on the Montgomery Railroad, and bad
torn up and destroyed the railroad track both at
K Mav r Gen latest advices, Sunday
20tb, was marching on Bnrksley.
• • Commodore Commanding.
Wisnreoios, April 10.-ThcNary Department
hi nSsp.tchfro>” Uie commandant ot tantivy
from which it is ascertained
that do Urea avereloetPy the finking ot the mon
rebels, and drove them wto their work*.
The Closing Operations
of the Army.
Sheridan’s Brilliant Movements
and Captures.
Moeby Disbands and does
[Special OUpatrh to Western Associated Frees.]
Nkrw York, April 10.
The TVi&unc’a Washington special says three
companies of Moaby’a guerillas disbanded on
Wednesday, at Culpeper, and dispersed for their
homes. Moseby has less than 800 men, now
-mostly operating on the neck of land rnnmng
down to Aqula Creek and Fredericksburg.
Supplies. *
The HeraliTt City Point special says that sup
plies tfere taken by railroad, yesterday, aa hr as
Sntbcrland*Station, 10 miles from Petersburg.
The different corps trains were all taking loads
last evening, and will reach tbe army to-morrow.
A large force launching work on me track, and
expect to reach WellviUe to-day, and Burkesville
in iwodaysmore. The - alightcuangeorguagore.
quired retards the work, but all is going on finely,
btraiglenand Deserters.
The Herald'* xud corps special of-the 4th eaya:
“Largo numbers of prisoners, stragglers and
deserters from the rebel army have been brought
In during the day, and it is enid the woods on the
tlanks of our column are filled with them. Forty*
eight surrendered themselves toon orderly rid
ing uiong the road. They-appeared with a flag
of trace, and sluing down under a tree discussed
terms of enrr ndcr. They were gnarranteed pos
session of their private property with the excep
tion of go'd watches. As toey hid none of these
no difficulty was found in arranging terms. 1 *
Scarcity of rations fur the last forty-eight hoars
has caused a good deal of foraging. With this ex
ception the inhabitants are well treated. The
hoops arc in exuberant spirits and confident of
an early termination of the war.
ebrrldnn’s Operations.
The same special, at JctirsvUie the stb, says
General TShenoan. with the sth corps and cavalry,
reached that point, two and a half miles from
Burksvllle Station, lat evening, and foand the
enemy in hts front. Ue immediately telegraphed
to Gen. Meade that he wa< between the rebels and
Lynchburg, and requested that troops move
forward immediately. The 2d division of cavil
ry, under Gen. Crook, has been fighting the ene
my since morning. Oen. Crook struck the ene
my 1 * train, destroying three miles of Wigons and
Ji ir contents. Officers report that with another
brigade they coaid have captured the entire
train. Two thousand prisoners, a battery of
Armstrong gnus, and six flags were captured.
The 2d corps was placed In position under direc
tion of Gen. Sheridan immcalaely on its arrival,
a-- be was in momentary anticipation of an at tack.
The Sd and 3d division* arc on the left of the sth.
The Cth is rapidly moving np.
L»ee Outgoncralled.
Lee has been outmarched, ontcoueralled. and
his golden • opportunity has passed. Had be
brought up bis troops so as to attack the sth
corps yosUrday evening, or at an early hoar this
morning, he might, by a bo’d pash, have broken
through and escaped. As U Is, his retreat is cut
off. It is not improvable he will risk everything
on thechances or a areas battle, ratling in wmch,
his surrender or dissolution of his army will be
• matter of necessity.
Bow a Hebei General was Tattea.
Through the adroitness of one of Gear Sheri
dan's sconlflpGen. Barringer, who commanded a
briyadoln Wade Hampton's cavalry, was cap
tured along with his at aff, Thu scout offered to
put the General and his aids in the way to avoid
our troops, but instead brought the a within our
The Ninth Corps.
The Herald's 9lh corps special, on the sth says
strict orders have been issued for the prevention
of home burning, ana thm far very few have been
conslgntdto the dames, and nano la which the
original occupants were still remaining. Neither
Is destruction of other property indulged in to
any considerable client, though we find that the
inhabitants are nearly destitute of provisions.
The South Side Railroad Is appirenlly in need
of very alight repairs to make it available for
transportation. Unless some largo bridge has
be* b destroyed, It is more than probable the road
will be in use next wees. Tne immense trains
that are moving under convoy of tala corps are
retting over the ground amazingly well. They
find the roads tolerable and dry.
The Times' correspondent ssya ho has had free
conversations with some of the most thorough
and radical Union men In the country—men of
wealth ami pontiou, whoso faith has never wa
vered for a single Instant, and who. slaveholders
as they are, demand that Virginia shall be taken
back into the Union under the Emancipation Pro
clamation; that no vestige of the rebellion shall
be tolerated, ana that the usurpation of the State
and Confederacy which have wreckeaVirgtnla shill
not be recognized in a emrie respect; that tbe
State government be organized anew by a Con
vention of tbe people as eoouus that convention
can be properly effected, and the State and its In
habitants thoroughly purged of treason in every
shape. Union sentiments in this strong form ex
ist hereto a for greater extent than has yet been
conceived, not alone among the poorer classes,
but in wealthy and Influential circles, where may
be found men who have never lo*t faith in the
Union. There Is an absolute majority of strung
Union men in Richmond.
Butler on Reconstruction,
Washington, April 10.—Among those who dc
livered speeches to-day was Maj. Gen. Butler.
Dia remarks were principally directed to the fu
ture disposition by the government of the partici
pants m the rehe floo. He recommended that all
the leaders should be disfranchised and disquali
fied for holding any office under the government
bnt that the people should have their rights lot
citizenship. Tho address was loudly applaaded.
At its com laslon the crowd dispersed. Very lit
tle put lie business was transacted to-day and even
the courts adjourned.
Robe) Prisoners.
Within the past two weeks over 20,000 rebel
prisoners have been i»nt away from City Point)
and large numbers still remain there.
JMT, Davis at Danville.
The Xational Htpvlliran aaya: Parties have
arrived from Donvule within oar lines, who re
port Jeff. Davis at Danville on Monday p. m. last,
and that he was accompanied by two or three
members of his Cabinet.”
The President's Speech.
Washington, April 10.—SovtraT hundred per
cent' gathered before th<* Executive.m:m«loa this
afternoon at &80. Frequent calls were made for
the President, who appeared merely to soy If the
company bad assembled by appointment, some
mistake Imd crept iro their understanding. He
had appeared before larger audience* than this
one to-day, and he would repeat what he then
said. He supposed it was owing to great good
news. He would prefer to speak to-morrow even
ing, when he should bo quite willing, and be
hoped ready to say somethin?. He desired to bP
particular, bt eanse everything be said cot into
print. fLaocbter Occupying the position be
did, a mistake would produce harm, ftnji therefore
be wanted to bo careful not to make a mistake.
The President was greeted with cheer;, and alter
biddtrg the crowd good evening, retired.
Rations for the Richmond Poor.
Richmond paper 4 ol Saturday.feay the Christian
Commission tuned 1,700 ration; yesterday, chiefly
*o the suffering poor who were burned out by the
Wa*eingtok, April 10.—The President has
leaned a proclamation closing the following ports
untilfonherorders* Richmond, Rappahannock.
Cherry Stone, Yorttown, and Petersburg, Va.,
Camden, Elizabeth City. Denton, PJymou'h,
Washington, Newhern, Ocroeoke, and Wilming
ton, N. C.; Charleston. Georgetown, and Beau
fort, 8. C.; Savannah, St Mary’s, Brunswick, and
Darien, Ga.; Mobt’e, Alj. ; Pearl River, Shulds
bon, Natchez,'and Vicksburg, Miss.; St. Augus
tine, Key West, St. Mirk*, Port Leon, St Johns,
Jacksonville, and Apa’a'chtcola, Florida; Teche,
Franklin, La.; Galveston, Laz-lle, Brazos, DeSap-
Ugo, Point label, and Branchvillo, Texas.
The Operations of tbe 7cb«,
The Korl(Ti special of tho 7th givea details of
the -operations of the army. At daylight this
morning our army poshed ahead from tbe field on
which’it had encamped last night, two milea south
of the Appomattox, and without encountering
moth opposition drove tbe enemy from tho strong
fortifications which guard the approaches to the
magnificent railroad bridge spanning the river at
this point Tbe bridge Is upwards of one hun
dred feet from the water, supported by twenty
pillars of brick masonry. The bridge ts
?,(Xioleet long, and was partlallly destroyed on
Uie enemy's aide of the river. A little foot
bridge was also fired, hut our men smothered the
flames of the. larg- brHg“. Three hundred
eet wire turned, while the small one was saved
from any muuage whatever. The en my
had strong and well stocked forts onooslte ui.
Hard fighting was apprehended, but we were sur
prised to find scarce ony opposition to our cros
sing and securing the works on both aides o' the
river. We captured eighteen pieces of artillery.
The enemy fell back still farther to toe rear and
took a position -near Farmervine. Here they
have held us the enure remainder
of the day," notwithstanding* attempts
were made by the 2nd corps to
drive them from their naturally strong position..
The enemy tried bard to cat his way through our
lines, hutwllhalways fatal results. During the
day the 2d division wa; detached and sent down
the railroad to seize Ptrmenmlle. They accom-
Ellshed this very quickly. To-morrow we will
sve more work on this front, unless tbe enemy
determines to evacuate during the night. A por
tion of the 24th have been maneuvering for a sur
prise which bids Ihlr to be enrcesrinl v Mahon’a
rilvM n forms a part of tho supporting party in
frontoftbeSd corps. Itjwas supposed be uad been
cut off and was still on this side.tho Appomattox.
The captures will amount to 8,&00 men, all who
surrendered. . „ „ .
What Lee Wanted.
In sp(#kjng of the‘rapid decline of the rebel*
lion, Ewell remarked, that Lee wished long since
to take all his troops westward, and there disbtnd
them that the* might all-go to their homes. This
proposition Jeff. Davis would not listen to.
.Sheridan Mill Poshing. , v
TheTTorW’r Burkesville special says: “Yes
terday General Sheridan discovered a force of the
enemy and a large wagon train pushing toward
their main army. He immediately pushed ahead,
and discovered the enemy tn strong position be
yond a range of low hills. • From this po
sition the enemy were only forced alter
hard fighting and cunning - movement?.
Once the enemy forced a portion cf oar lines by
stnkicg both flsnks.- The Irregularity of the
country presented formation of the brokenlioe.
Hence frequent gap* were found In iL On execu
ting this Hank movement'enemy hiving
moved from his first position, tho ovalry again
attacked him. Thl? time he was found in a line
of woods, along which trains had*been pissing.
Intrenched behind a l>arricade constructed of.
rails and debris. From hero ShenOan could not
budge him. But aid was soon at. hand. The 2d
and IClh corps were brought on the field, the
former on the right and the latter on the left,
resting against cavalry.
■ Early tn the morning Sherman anticipated the
retnl'-, and bad’ sent Costir down the road to
words Bnrkes.vil Id, with instructions to move up
■the road towards the enemy's locality and barn
ade the ps&sagc. The formation cf the W and
4 O’CLOCK A. J/.
Union Veotlmeot,
Forts Closed.
01b, and the remainder oftbe cavalry helng'ccm
plete, an srtrtnce was sounded and the enemy's
position ch: rged. The enemy fonght desperately,
and fora wai’c hammering away with moskotand
cannon, succeeded in holding our troops, hut It
was only for awhile. Anothordiacharge sent him
flying from cover down the pike, where
he was tnet by Gen. Costar. The 6lh corps,
changing its direction, followed, until the enemy,
ill ding he could not get past Cnatar, tamed upon
then again. It was the enemy's turn to charge
row. lie mnttbreak one of the two line* or per
ish. Bis attack was with Infantry, who, recover
ing from the slight break In their line, first re
pnlaed the attack and then countercharged. The 1
enemy were ta no condition to resist the onset,
and, seeing no hope of escape, raised the white
flag and surrendered.
Forrest’s Forces Routed by Wilson’s
Cavalry—Gen. Hatch’s Command.
Canto, April 10 —The War Eagle has the fol
lowing specials:
“Paducah, April 10.—The steamer just in from
Eastport brings the gratifying Intelligence of the
complete rout of Forrest's rebel army, io a recent
battle with onr forces. Particulars will be sent
as soon as received.
' “Latbr—The fight took place near Tuscaloo
sa,Ala. Forrest wan attempting to head off Gen.
Wilson's cavalry from moving towards the Gulf.
The enemy were badly beaten, and many prison
ers taken.
“General Hatch commands at Eastport Buford,
with a small force, is near Coiiufh. Toe garrison
at Eastport is more than sufficient to take care of
Reported Evacuation of Raleigh—
Johnston’s Rebels Fortifying on Tar
River—Hla Army Demoralized.
Goldsboro. N. C., April C.— Deserters and re fa
gees report the evacuation of Raleigh, and that
the enemy were throwing np works on the Tar
River, atßocky Mount, about forty miles fron
here, toward Weldon, on the Weldon and Wil
mington Railroad. The enemy are burning the
hrlogcs find ties on this road, and carrying oft the
rails. lti« thought Johnston wil go to tne relief
of Leo. Bis army is much demoralized.
Philadelphia, April 10.
Forney's Press baa a report that General Stone
man has cat the railroad between Danvillo and
Greensboro, and that Sherimn- has occupied
OPli© Prealdent’a Interview with Judge
Campbell—*A Proclamation Forth
Washington, April 10. —The National Intelli
gencer of to-day says: “We learn from a reliable
source that Juoce Campbell of Alabama, formerly
of the United States Supreme Court, and one of
■he Hampton Roads commissioners of the rebel
Government, called upon the President nt Rich
mond and urged him to Issue a proclatn ition of a
conciliatory character, expressing toe belief that
it would have at this time a most salutary effect.
The President was, however, not then prepared
for this step, and it was reasonable to suppose be
wan'd decline action upon this subject while
Grant was pressing upon Lee's retreating forces.''
That the President will now adopt this coarse,
the Intelligencer has additional reasons for be
Fnon >EI? I’OSE. V
The Great Victory—lleqnest to Sasperift
tlio Draft—ltelisloas Services, &c.
New York, April 10.—Tbo Chamber of Com*
mcrco bos adopted resolution embodying the
sense of the Merchants on the great victory of
Grant over Lee. They were adopted, and a com
mittee appointed to act conjointly with the Com
mon Connell m furtherance of the celebration on
The Board of Aldermen to-day voted to send a
commute* to President Lincoln to suspend the
draft for sixty days Col. Dodge, Provost Mar
shal of this city, states in a published note to-day
that the Government will exict of New York the
whole number of men featured hr the* draft.
A grand Te Drum Laudamus will he celebrated
In Trinity Church in honor of Lee’s capture.
The steamer Oceanaa, with a large number of
citizens of Brooklyn, sailed for Charleston to-day.
Tlae Good Aews on ilae Way to
New York, April 10.—The steamer City of
Dublin, which was to sail to-morrow for Liver
pool, was dispatched this afternoon at four.
o'clock, In order to take out the news of General
Lee's capitulation. She {■ in light trim, and will
undoubtedly make a quick passage.
New York, April 10.—The Commercial siys:
“The surrender of Lee hascauicd considerable ex
citement In the gold market, hue no panic. Gold
opened at 144 and went up to 1151.
New York, April 10.—Gold to-night 145.
The St. Albans 9 Raiders*
April 10.—The raiders were brought
before the court this morning and all discharged
except Young, who was committed for trill.
In Ititit city, April oth, !>«,», MAIIV HENDERSON,
**Fnncral fnu’n the family residence, No. SJ West Lake
fclnrt, at 2 o’clock to-day (.Tuesday.)
In this city, AprllSth. at the Adam* House. JANNT,
Infant daughter of J. I. and Margaret K. Pearce.
Funeral htvlocs will 1m- held ty-day at:!o’clock at
the Adams House. Friends of the family are Invited
to attend. .
Krto Etuertisements.
44 down with the trai-
lieving that the capture of Gen. Lee and Ills army vir
tually closes the war, I have determined to sell all
kinds of
At such prices ns will make It an object for all to give
me their t .itronage. I have the largo-*! stock In the
—Uniforms. Swonls, Itelts, Sashes. Snoulder-Strap-*,
Hats. Caps, Gloves, water-proof Talmas, Revolvers,
Cartridges, ami all kinds of trimmings, wholesale anil
retail, cheaper than the cheapest. -
‘ nplir.-ttV-gt net No. *2O Clark st.. up stairs.
Sons of temperance.
Garden Cltr Division No. 122 meets every TUES
DAY EVENING, at the northeast corner of Clinton
and West Randolph streets. . _
apllrUTMt WM. D. MATPWELL. A. S.
W- KING, Commis-
of Deeds for ALL the States and Terri
tories. U. R. Commissioner. Mtomey-at-Law and No
tary Public, has REMOVED Ids office to
108 East Washington Street,
Methodist Church Block, Chicago, 111.
upUriil-ll &IMEON W. KING.
Dock property, on the
South Brandi, with the most desirable RAIL*
KOAl) CONNECTIONS. suitable for Lumber Yanis,
fur sale or rent by the Chlr.atjo South Brandi Dock
Company, tioni No. 4 Cobb's Butbllnir, ItlOtf Oear
born street. A. J. KMbEIA • Secretary.
ftpllrliS-tOt tl'-tas net
T No. 157 Lake street, recently, for some Cartes
dc Vlsltc. which were so elegant that nUiilflt for them.
XU FOK 82.00.
tVM. M. EVEI.ITT, Prop.
npU-riy> It
XX Temperance and the Lesions of the War arc now
in Order, I'rofeuor CLAItKK gives
Lectures and Headings
On tliwc subject* oil reasonable term*, ills nddre*; Is
comer of Superior and Market streets, Chicago.
apll-iTCMt .
Dr. LUDLAM lias removed his residence from the
Sherman llou-c to
Second door west of Wabash avenue. npllrlTl-Ctnct
The Election of the Board of Trade for one of the
Committee of Appeal; that was to have taken place
•yesterday will lake place TO-DAY, at the Rooms.
TolU open from ten until one. .
The meeting of the full Board will take plus TO
NIGHT, at 7>?o'clock.
By order or the Director*. J.V. SPADER,
apll-rlsS-lt AiVt Seo'y.
I have for sale one of the finest Suburban Residences
In the village of Evanston, wild two acres of ground,
bnmtlfnllv located on the Lake Shore. In a high state
of cultivation. A good barn, gardner’s house, nail
choice fruit trees mi the place.* I''reunion can Iw
given May Ist, 1565. Apply to L. S. TAJ LOR. Loom
17 Cobb's Block, 12C Dearborn street, Chicago.
npll-r157-2ttict • "
Tla« Removed to Washington Ptreet, over Smith &
Nison's Marie Hull, Rooms 9 and 10.
m? rvDFRWOOD testablished in Chicago nine
operates succ.-s?fully for Crosi; Eyes. Cataract;
vv. I .inii n-iiif)vn all Diseases of the Lye and Ear. with
totii’i wn"h of Human skill. Office So. 144 Ikimlolpli
street, Chicago. apll-rhri-ii
Parties engaged or
wishing to engage in the
WAV business
Ml the above in tip top order and located at Ashkun,
mine it I!.. T2 miles from CMc«o, Hie Boat ap
fitfl Prairie lUr reentry In the rtnte. Inqnlre or or
ajKjJjfrO u6VT.]yci«rk,t. . .panal-tMt
Petroleum Found.
s£c e s hive liIXENTLY I b&?fS W to"light m'lh'
IwthwSt? A company U now forming to
bobs fob oil.
lint a t.
cago, 111. i
put on your doors and windows. 0
All order* promptly attended to. •
E ALLEH, 84 Dearborn-st,
Clutfled, in HME, amt tdMOle or EI3TODniTH .
aptpmwinet --.Ko. inßenin iTiiiwt
Nrto AfcbctUsmrnts,
Corner State and Rasdulph-sts.,
(Successor to BeOrofT & Fools.)
All Qualities aad Style*.
PANTS and vests
Spring Over-Coats.
The largest assortment of
All of which will be sold at present
value, regardless of profit.
Rive you beard of the wonderful Gift Sale Store,
South Clark street, No. one eTghty-two and fonr.
Where the price Lj One Dollar for everything sold—
Tea Sets of Silver and Watches of Gold?
Have yon Fcen the vast crowds that do throng there
each day.
Have they shown yon the prizes they carry away,.
Comprising most everyth log useful In art.
That pleases the eye ami gives joy to the heart?
There are grand Pianos from the best makers.
Sewing Machines—Howe's, Singer's, Grover £ Baker's-
There arc rings for the fingers, with setting of pesvrls.
Designed for the lover to preseat to his girl;
Pins set with diamonds. Jewels for the hair.
The latest style tar-rlhgs, with rubles so rare.
There arc good Lever Watches, as true as the sun.
And by watching tbo maiden’s heart soonest la won;
There are chains to link hearts firmer together.
There arc charms to bind lovers for aye and forever,
• As elegant Bracelets os ever were marie.
And Tea Sets, the best to be found in the trade:
There are Castors, Egg Stands, Wins Sets, Butter
Just such os all husbands shohld present to their
wives; * •
.There are pens to write talcs of affection so pure,
JmA the kind that young gentlemen like to secure.
There are trinkets for little ones, curious games.
Fine Steel-plate Engravings, rosewood and gilt frames-
Photograph Albania for all your friends’ Dices,
Work Boxes. Writing Desks, and neat Dressing Cases,
All these have been purchased—selected with care,
To be sold at the Gift Sale, os free as the air.
With thonaanda of others not herein contained;
How many such presents have customers gained,
Who bought one chance, and, to their surprise,
Learned they had drawn it most beautiful prize!
A lady dropped in bat.thla morning to look
‘At a Photograph Album, abcanlifol book, ',
But, “too expensive" she said, starting to go.
When the clerk addressed her—“ita’dam, do yon know
That this 1; a Gift Sale-each one that {Toys ;
We charge but one dollar, whatever the prize ? "
So she said that her Inck for once she would try,
Wien she learned, If not suited she need not buy;
And luckily got a choice Silver Tea Set, k .
Pure solid silver. “Sir, I Intended to get „
Precisely that pattern on this very day.
For which fifty dollars I expected to pay.
And now ni try again one dollar more.”
And she got the finest Album In the Gift Sole store.
And so long as she lives she ne’er will forget
The Album she got and the choice Silver Set,
She says site’ll advise her friends all to go
To this wonderful Gift Sale of DUNN A CO.
And now, gentle reader. I’ll bid you adieu.
Hoping soon to see you at One Eighty-Two;
The location is central. When to po.-«t you go,
Remember to stop—comer Clark and Monroe,
aptl rIS-lt .
45 per cent.
And AMERICAN GOODS below manufacturers quo
tation-!. Complete lines of Table and Pocket Cutlery,
bl oons, Razors, Flics, dc. Buyers are invited to calL
o*7 Slate street.
apllrlTO-lti Sign of the Golden Jack Knife.
“ All hall to thee, thou grand old flag
Still floating o'er the free.
Now soiled and torn by traitor's hands,
Thou'rt double dear to me.”
Seng and chorus, called
Price, SO Cents.
Pnbllebed t>y H. T. MEBRIUL & CO.,
f»l Washington street. Chicago,
•Wholesale-Agents for McPball's star Pianos.
apllrlVO-lt N
apH>r27-3tnet 34 andCG take at reel.
This New Bouse be rent from May Ist.
• 11. in, THOIttPSON,
aplorSg-3t net 99 South Water street.
All claims against any of the Dcpartmcffts of the Gov
ernment prosecuted and settled. Approved vouchers
cashed. Officers’ pay accounts, pension, prize and
bounty money collected at this Agency. A special
partner at Washington assists In settling all difficult
claims. ' ISAAC R. HITT,
•* u. S. Government License Agent, 65 Clark at.
April 11th, 13G3.
National Bank
154 - Lake Street 154
W. H. BROWN, Pres’U CHAS. F. GBBY, V.Prcs’t
D. J. LAKE, Cashier.
For the sale and purchase of all dcicrlptloaa ot
No. 1G Deazbora-st, Chlc&o, 111.
n. a. auxwxLL > „
j, a, rauxix. f apGpTIS th saatu net
Power Corn Sheller and Cleaner.
With this Machine four horses will easily gh*n and
c e.n irora three hundred to four hnndred onshe’s per
honr, or, two horses caa shell one thousand bushel!
ter oat. It lathe cneapest, simplest ».nd most durable
n'sctxlnelnnse, and does l a work Brrrxa than any
other. AU mach'ms warranted to ctve satisfaction,
"or particulars address F. n SCHIuVKOEB, Box
5133, tbicago, or call atSSiKinsde str-'etand exsmlne
Reduced in price 20 per cent
At the Manufacturer's Agency.
■ J3iO. B. IS>£SOZ* Sc CO.,
ap&rfrl-Ct statt net 111 Randolph street
Furniture Wanted.
A purchaser for second hand furniture can be tound
by acdictsinz u D,*’Poat Office Box 1.67, Chicago.
H the United States Sanitary Commission. Back
Pav, Bouniv. Pensions, and PrlzuMoney •
Office, So. titi lieynoWs* Block, near tn* Post Office,
Beat born street, Chicago. Box ’
aparitt-fiinet M. D. BATwTLtTTT. Agent.
Eeid, white & CO.,
yo. 1? Lesalle street. Chicago,-near boptti Water- 1
Advance' made on consignments or for snlpim-nts ea
scbktwu®. ▼•T'SffKWSt w«n«.
■ splpSl9 St ea4ttj - i
Of every dvacrlption.
li. DeGraff.
Itfeto SlibertJsemfnts.
Glory Halleluiah!
U, S, 7-30 LOAN,
tf. 9. Depository ss<f Arent for Jay Ccokelorthi
sale oi T-SO Treasury Notes.
The lint series of this popular loin being cx&auatod.
the new sexier, similar in evt-ry rtspect except thr
time of maturity, l> now offered fo- ono’lc sobscrio
tlon. *lbe notes ate dated Jane Istb. lS'-3 payable
three yean irom date, and conrertableet maturitj
Into the popular 5-£0 Bones
Sobsniptxnj promptly ailed and interest to Jom
15ta retuxned to subscriber*. Lloem commlislom
sllowrdty Banks ana Banker*.
ap4pSsß-30:net C. J. CONNELL, Ca«hler.
7-30 LOAN.
First National Bank,
Government Depository and Agent foi
Jay Cooke.
BatucrlptlODf received for this popular loan cci
vertible at the .end ot three years into the U. 5.3 7>
gold barring 6 per cent bends,
liberal commissions allowed to Banks and Bankers
B. B. DB&ISIHD, Casber.
Warranted to care all forms of
Is Entirely Harmlf ss. Contains no Serrtry.
A mrc cure for PR.VIRIE ITCTT. and all forms of Itch
and cutaneous Eruptions Incident to frontier and
camp life. I* five from the objections that attach to
the use of ointments and oilier gummy pnd adhesive
preparations, and acta directly and promptly upon tbo
cause of the disease.
Prepared only by A. PALMER & SON, Janesville,
Wls. Price 50 cents. Sold by all Druggists.
Wholesale Druggists,
apSp363-9ATl2tnct Agents. IB Lake-st., Chicago.
Carbon Oils are being sold in this market that ex
plode readily at Com 73 to 90 .degrees “TasUabaea’*
Scale. Soch Oils, It Is well known, are very dangerous
to Uie and property, and are dear at any price. They
can be sold at wholesale ss low as fifty cents per gal*
lon, according to the proportion of Benzole contained
In them. It Is our inflexible determination to offer
only each Oils to the trade as we can warrant safe and
non-explosive with a test of not leas than 100 degree*.
Such Oil we shall sell at lowest possible rates.
Wholesale Lamp and Oil Dealer,
ap6pX6-10tnet l‘J!j Sooth Clark streeet.
Twelfth Revised Edition.
Much Enlarged and Improved.
Price, .... 910.00.
Persons ordering from oat of city will please enclose
the price with orders.
W. B. REEiV Jt CO.,
Wholesale Booksellers,
sp9rg-3tnet 1-IS Lake street, Chicago.
MHS. H. M. DUNN will exhibit on THURSDAY,
April 13, at her Ih»oma, comer of State and Madison
streets, a splendid assortment of PARIS and NSW
YORK styles of
Head Dresses, Waists, &c.
V The LADIES of Chicago and vicinity are respectfully
Invited to call.
X. B.—Milliners positively not admitted. -
apSpgtt-Bt net
TO be sold AT AUCTION on WEDNESDAY isvim-
DTO. April 12th, at 7>; o’clock. apTp3lS-ltnetnct
48 State Street.
obocbbs’ saas,
t*t*s net u
pleis steam dye works,
(The noat extensive la tha Northwest,}
lO Desplaine« St v
Scccnd door sou'hot IJ.adoph
Ladles’ Sl'k3. Satina, ic , *c„ Dyel or Cleaned la
asurertormsnotT. • _
Gentlemen’s Wearing Apparel Cleaned,Eepatredor
Dieu with neatnr*’ ana dl.p.tcb.
spEp723-2m Tn 9a&tt net
Grand, Zsazgeand medium Scales by
Wm. B. Braobory and other maker*.
An elegant stock on hand. An ezceK
lent time to bny.
apSpSTMtnet 9b Clark street.
The undersigned, at the request of former patrons,
will reopen, at LAKE FOREST, the
pahily scaoos^
Formerly kept at C’eavervlile, near Chicago, on
WEDNESDAY,’ May 3d. Any »pmilc lamtne* will
revelu-prompt attention. W. A. NICHOLS.
sa ttath net
Revolving Hay Rakes.
I.CCO of those extra fine New England Revolving
Hakes, square teeth, bent draw—Jnat arris ln a , for
sale low to the trade by
Dealer In Farm Mftgdnerv v ft^ R^ oop,& MOWERS
. ap?pfSs-2t saxtc net 200 Late Street.
1 On* of iliebcat.
Tn the Korth-arest tor sale at a bargain. A part may bo
Sid in o«h“r property. Inciulro of F, O. box 1084.
or call atß3lt>oaoi WaUT-st. apTprttMtaet
Deposit receipts issued
for special deposits, bearing Interest at
Six Fer Cent per Annnm»
Br tbe Foortb National Baas. „ ....
apTpStlMt net 8. A. BRIGG3. Casiler.
BTeto aubertismunts.
” ' * AND
And all the various styles of
Aizisa 1 ’ &
-AT- ’
Field, Beiiedicl & Co’s,
34 &. 3S lako stroot.
aplOrjm net
A. T j
Wholesale Dealers*
452, 44' and 40
apipU't-St zv •wnDATn net
Tills new inTcntlon surpasses
all otliers for elasticity, beauty
and comfort, and has only to be
seen to be universally adopted
and appreciated*
Wholesale Agents Jor the Northwest,
10, 13 aad 14 . Lake Street.
mb250534.?t SAdfcTTJ net •
Comer of Lake and Clark st&
The Largest and Handsomest Assortment oi
Fine Watches,
Fine Jewelry,
Opera Glasses,
Ihavejustrecclvedalotol the new
- and Jet,
I will remove at an early date to my new Store,
net of Randolph and Clark streets, now being llltte*
no In a stylo unsurpassed cn this continent, which I
shall open with a complete New 3tcck, selectedbj
my*elf from the latest European lap 'nations.
The flnt floor ot the bonding will be devoted to th#
display ot Watches ot American and Foreign Maco>
factore. Jewelry of the richest description, and Mild
Pore Silver Wares; the entire second floor being mad
for the exhibition of PlatadWarea and choice Fancy
Goods, Clocks, Bronzes, Opera Glasses, Opera Fn*.
AC., Ac.
Due notice will he given of the removal andopeap
Ing of the store.
An Infallible remedy for Dyspepsia, Loss of Appo
tlte, Indication, General Debility, etc.
Especially recommended to wea£ and debilitated
women ana children.
For the social circles.
A delicious beverage.
We challenge Use world.,to.prodaee at
genuine araeles as we above
The St. Domingo Manufacturing:
Of the City of Ndw York.
,Jfo* 34 iKy Street*
Six-Cord, Soft Hushed
L Folly equal to the best SnglUh thread.
2. Sold as a lower price, and
3. Tha product «1 American labor.
•T.-OvT. BEEBE & 00,
FOB sai.p; lif CHICAGO BT #
7 __
. *heßo*to* it Chicago
Gold Mining Csmpany,
25.CC0shares to beaoltl and u«ed 'Vorfe n.
No-future assessments. i‘ F T nawktS
Horace C. Lee. ofiioston. C- LeS
Srrtnzildd.Masi, Wm. Gar
J. F. Xnznatu*. Sclh ifSwUM. of Colorado
nett, of Chicago; and '} “*• fu.vi-iornient. 10 Lode* of
?10.W)ttln-a.lycir«n^‘> 1 1^:t C .’ JflsiHfce*. Uflcr* »
act} Owt, and.a- 0 J?.“ a^h A -os ntjo-t*) per share. Top
1!lulled number ?£_« t oclc call as PETROLEUM
i MIN Elio KXLUAJ.uJi, apo-r92-7t net
Temp’ ‘
SaiiP-I wUlß®Htourmer*ln »ac& «ruuitia«
mat. 5.000 tra»ho'« 8orp"»®<l fiumi.
B- W.
for »owin« iai» p b conier CUttlOQ wa Fultoa is,

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