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Fatthiut Eveniro. March IT, 1960,
We referred yesterday to the fact that the grain
wareboure receipts were generally signed by clerks,
nnd rarely, if ever, by the proprietors or )es«ccs of
the warchotucs, end pointed out the risk which rii
incurred in consequence by over-issnee. 4c Act
ing on iheTcißO'K'e eugeetlions, the bankeraio
dsyiutve Issued the following document:
Chicago, March 17,1966.
UtmcE.—'We will no* advance upon, or accept na
collaterals for loans, after the Mdiintt, any 4 ware
house receipts lor grain, Ac, not ie*ned prior to
that date, winch are sot signed by the actnal own*
cr* or lessees of the several elevators and ware
house*. (Signed) „
E. Aiken. Pree’e First National Bank.' .
W. P. Cooll«ngh, President Union Nat. Dink. *
C.B.Wah.Pres’t Merchants’National Bant
T. V. Tallman. Cashier Traders’ Na’ional Bank. ;
Ira Holmes, rubier Third National Dank,
b. Sinrges’ Sons. .. • _ .
Geo, Sturres, Cashier North vre?tcni Nat. Basic
A. t\ Badger A Co. , , _ _
L. J. Gage, Cue bier Merchants' Loan and Trust
Cashier Second National Bank.* :
J. Vouur Scanuuoo, Pref’i Mechanic*’ National
l>. J. Lake, Cashier Jlflnnfiwtnrcra' National
Robert Bnd, Acetil Bank of Montreal. •
Joplab Lombard, President Fifth National Bowv
Tile nill settle Uiat point satisfactorily to all
concerned. If the wnrehonfcmen wiQ now ca to
work and pet their receipts engraved on a steel
piste, end lure them printed on paper expressly
manufactured for them with a water-mark, there
Mill t*cbm little dancer.oi tnelr being counterfeit
led. The safety oi the public demands that this
should be done Immediately. The expense in
•enrred will be very lip lit compared with the advan
tage gained.
The money market to-day wns reported to be'
closer than yesterday.' The bankets aw etilJ losing;
currency in consequence of the light supply of ex
change. and the low condition of the deposit
accounts. The demand for accommodations, bow
ever, is only moderate, and there is no great pres
sure. Bates of discount are steady at JO per cent
per annum at the bunks, and 1&3 per cent per
month on the street.
Eastern Exchange If fcarce and finn at par bur.
inc and 3-jO premium Belling. Konnd lots are sell
ing am one lumkere at 70c premium per thousand;
but tbc leading lamks ore cxpre««lng currency al
so oft dally to meet tbeir drafts in New York.
Tbc following table fbotv? the clearing* aod bal
ance* at tbc Clearing House Is thu cltj daring U>e
v. eck ending t oda/
Clearing. Balances.
.$1,'>01,C!*1.43 fi iu.oio.bo
. 75T.517.1G 61806.81
. ti85.1M.09 150, SI (5.40
. 7a0.1W.07 01702.57
. 871.U58.U7 193,757.62
. 788,19575 140.816.45
.f5.014.517.17 f787.690.87
. 5.971.551.02 830,09196
March 12.
March 1.1,
March 14.
March 15.
March Jfi.,
March 17..
Totals ..
Last Meek.
—The defeat of tbe I/md BUI In Congress. yester
day. doe* not surprise ns. Apart from the objec
tions which were urged against the hill, as to iU
confurlng too much power oo tbe Secremry of the
'JYcesury, there was a healthy opporHon to the
lorelgn loan clause, which would of J’fcclf have de
feated the mcoMore. The alarm felt in commercial
circles during the oast sixty day* regarding the
course which hir. hlcCulloch was likely to pursue In
•carrying oat his policy of ‘‘contraction v mas to
Bring the country hack to specie payments, has evi
■dently been appreciated in Congress. Wo trust
Congress will now speedily pass a bill which will
plainly indicate what course is to be pursued in'
connection with tbe national finances, so that bnsi
nees man may know definitely what to roly upon.
Tbe uncertainty which has esis'ed In commercial
circle* for three month* past Is neither beneficial to
the Government nor the people.
Thli allemoon the telegraphic despatches Inform
tis that a reconsideration of ihe vole by which tbe
Loan bill was defeated is contemplate In our
opinion, the Committee of Ways and Means had
better frame a new bill entirely, rather iban attempt
to get the old one through both Donees. We have
xeaton to believe that It will be longfat strenuously
both In <hc Douse and tbe Senate.
Gold opened is Ucw York to-day at I30”j sod
closed at 119#. Hie following are the quotations
telegraphed to James Boyd & Brothers, gold bro
kers :
Ift9ya.nl ]«% IWXI
30:40 a. m 180** 3*15 p. m l»)3
11:W a. m 130U shoo p . n> l*)u
31:15 a. to lait* &00p, 1-Su
31:80 a. m isny iisp. N.i 121114
31:45 a. m JByjJ
' How the cold market opened cl 120 and closed at
320. Silver was dull and nominal at 1*00122.
Go vein men! Securities were flra at fonnerprieea.
„ Bnyme. Selllmr.
T3.S. t«. ISSI IWU iw«L'
U. b. WM*, lEC2 103? 103?
V. 5-S<t*, 1064 103? lOW -
V. b. 8-«)e, lbC5 103? 103fc
VT.b.lWl* VO?*
L. S.t-SOe, Uieune? .99j£<it«V JOO ft ..
U.y.7-:ajb, SaMne* MfrfftVJH WJ^Sioo
t;. «*. T.!kte, 3d Hifies. DUiitlOO
l.ti. Comp’d lot. Rotes,
dupc,l«K livjv 10SU
L.h. Cooip'd Int Rotes • *
July.isw iutu jQf jn
TJ. b. Comp'd Jut. Rol«,
.An?.. ISW IDCfc 107k
C.s. Comp'd In?. Roles,
October, ISW 105y iOC«
d. b. Comp’d lot Note%
C. Coiup'd Int. Iv'oics,
Mar. IScas 1022 i iwv
U. ». Comp’d Int. Ko<ee, *
*C5 3UIV 3 Q2
Local StocLa arc la rood dtataan «nd firm. We
hzymp,. tjclimc,
Illinois War Loan 05
Chicago Cuy Sevens....... S3 ’*OT
Cook roomy Sevens 68 85*4
Cook County fcrlp, Old.ms O.Vt in 6 «109
Cook CotuuyScrip. ©lO3 101 ©lO6
Chamber Commerce, old. . fts gg.
Sattbpat Evening. March 17.
Y*.S.6f.’sl mifj \ U.b. XMC'e
v. &. &■s!'- ’C2 ing»fn. 8. :-ar- An-r.... j»«
11. tt. &-2u’t’M HfIJiJU. 5.7-30’6 June... Ifev
U. S. 5-2U® 103* I 0. S. T-Su’fe J01r.... «U?
30:35 a. CJ.. ...130*{
. ISO* 111 a.m...*.*.,
New York Stock Market*
Clofld£ price* for c«h. Starch 17. lv>i, received by
Joseph M. LyoD'.Commiynoc Stockana Boadßroker*
and GotliTia UovenuDent Beccriun. 80. S6CUrk>n*
Chico po
in F'd M n-d i in va 3d iPd
K. V. Ccc*..... SBJ| I C. 5.C f> cent ,
me (conj’n).. Kf KJV ! MOeoafKHu,
31. S. <Jj. ..>*» >SI 16W 1&X ...
C. & J'UU. ... 7S« M 0. s.t T- cc tt
itock Wand..lDS* 10*,»1 S-VOconpor.*,
C. &N. v s;v 27S Inewl 1*«...1C5J< .
C.ArN.lV.nref WK MSi 0- S. S Vceut
3‘.,Ft.W.4C- Vik 10-10 90X •
o.iM.Cfn’i .... 7... Tn**'y Koie*.
C.AAicom) 7*l£ liin-
Bor.&Q 11l ri« 7>X
ill.cent u; H;k 0. S. 73.1D.1d
Ul.CVci.Ww «n«. ...99*
Loao hondf I*, S-ld/ad
U. 6. fi Vnut | s-rtei- 9?V ....
nocCi. , fa...iw,v .... lAio.ucia iw* vox
"C. fc.c V«m 1
5-sPr,mp, , «;? I(PK ....I
iiarkei—lst Board f.cady. Sfl Board gtetdy.
SiTCBDAT Bvtsixa, Slsrch 17.18GG.
Tbe receipts end shijßDcai* dartne the past
ttveiitr-fonr boor* compare with those of the cor
responding dete last ycaras follows:
. «,090 L(TM
. 7.553 4,700
. 1U,U15 10,23
.. 1,150
. 1,600 ....
. 15.8 ft) 150,117
.110,173 160
riour. bri--
Wh«at. bn
<X)ro. ba
Oats, bn
Jtyc, bo
itariPf, bn
Gro*c trod. 11*..
Brootn Coni, t>*.
Cured Monti, ibi.
Beet brlf*
Pork. brls.
lira, £)*.
Jiuttcr, E»j
11. IlojN N0...
Uve IlG'n', No.
Cattle. No
411,663 66,619
Bidoe-. lbs.
ilighcvinca, Url?.
.120,100 49,U0
Lumltcr. fott.
Khtncic-. tceu.
latb. pcs.
buuhekts pact TWraor-rouß noesa.
Floor, brl*.
'Wheat lin.
Com. bu..
Oats, ba.
. 27,183 L 730
. 49.920
.784.(175 986,905
. lA6I
, 9,190 072
.167,0G1 157,610
. 99,000 • SA3O
„ SIS L7<M
. 1,473 609
. 63,396 16,106
. 209
.. 630
..957.000 951.000
.657,000 1,333,000
.IW.OOO 151,000
982 1,963
Hyc, bn
Barley. bd
Broom Com ....
Cared Weal. Tin..
Beef, brls
Pork, brls
Tallow, lbs
Live Boss. N0...
Cattle, N0.......
Illdee, Ib*
liighwluei, tele.
Wool, be
Lumber, (t
hluuglce. N0....
lAtb, prs
Balt, tele
The general markets 10-daj ruled firm, but not
tut active. The speculatlve demand has /alien ofi
rery materially within a fcw days past, and quite
a nomlier of grain operators have cuareJy with
drawn lor the present.
The Provide® market ires firmer, bet there was
little general activity. Under s more active demand
lor Ilea* Pork, the market ruled firmer, with sales
of about 2,000 brie at lor Mess, and
925.60 for M. O. Forte. Polk Heats were quiet,
with aales of 70,W0fi>s Shoulder* at packed.
English Meats were In better demand and firm,
with sales of 200 boxes Cumberland Middles at 38£
C34c. Extra Hess Beet was in fair demand, with
sales ofSOObrls lo lots at fIS.OO. Extra Prime
Pork wa* sold at 910.00. Esrd was to good demand
at 18)4 c, with sellers at 38J4C.
Blghwincs were dull and nomina'atg22l6&SL
Biassed Hogs were dull and unchanged, with
light sales at 10J*«2,10Jic,
Tin* Floor market was dniL Buyers Investing cm
a concession oT IS&SOc, winch liolden were very
unwilling (o grant. Sale* were made at [email protected]
for W late Winter, and 700 £5 tor Spring Extra.
Tbc market for No. 1 Spring wheat was quiet
though price* were ff shade inner than at the close
of' Chance yesterday, there was a flair business
dqne in No, S Spring at a'dcclinc of Ic. The sale?
foot np 114,000 at LMfcdLSSJi for No. 3; 12C©
1.28 in Northwestern; b6©l.ooforNo.2and66K®
78 for ficjoctcd Spring; closing uth huj'crs ofNo.
J Spring at 1.25 and sellers at 1.25^.
Com was less active, Lm the market was without
any deddod change. Sales were made at 40®41c
for No. X: Sector No. 2, and BCa»tfc for rejected
Xn store. Por future deliver the market was very
doll, and quotation* are entirely nominal.
Oats were quiet but Ann, with sales at 21325 c for
jtfo. 3—the Inside figure lor winter receipts—and
SI for No. 2 in store.
Bye in* doll. neglected and entirely, nominal at
DSfifcMc lor Iso. 2 lo store.
Barley tns doll and nogiccledi A-car load of
malt wa» fold at fLOO delivered.
bccde were quiet, with ii£bt talc* at $5.C0®2.90
for inferior to prune Timothy, and stj.Ts lor choice
Clover teed.
Salt was in (air and firm, tvllh fates of
3,900 brl« fine domestic at $2.10 delivered at'lie
Tallow was quiet with sales of country at 10*®
Jlc. packers'lf licld at lltic. '•
There was only a moderate degree of activity in
proccriee and the market was steady at our quota
tion of yesterday. * q •
The folio wing despatches were read to-dav on
_ • »- Ucw Tons. March 17
Flour—Wheat and Oat? easier. Pmis.
firmer at S2O M. Jjjid deafly and qoicu ivhutrv
EliaAr. ciold, vain. . t;
Dour heavy at S7JS®SIO. Wheat easier and
nominal. CorctinvyatCT&TSc.'Oataheavy; new
Ü[email protected]: bid, 53®Wc. lore quid. Whiskey quiet
•1*8.98. /H •
Sattboat ErctiKO. March XT. .
Oulcadlnjnobber* report a UlrW’acUre trad* la
Dir Goofla dnrins the r**t wk. hot tte market baa
ruled very trrepnlar and unsettled on all Domestic
pood a. There la an aedre competition among nor
Jobbers, and rales afe-freQoenUy made at a concession
oooarqQuiaihjnsr ■Prlnta bare ondercoecao decided
chance alnce onr 'ftrft. Shecttnga are v<jjc lower.
Medium and low gradea of Reached Goods hare dp.
timed 162 c, bnt on the finest grades there has been
no chance.' CamMee ale 132 c lower. Deolmi are
casier.-wltha decided decline on acme brands. Ticks
are SVC lower on Axnotkeap. and one or two other
brands. Oomt Jeans are J33c lower. Brown Drill*
have declined IVdSVe. Delaines axe unchanged. We
quote doting prices as follows:
memmac W; a Amoskeae v
gocheo Uuchestß is i
Paci0c.....—.......w Mourning. . is i
*£“?«» Allens .................17
ppraroes is Prortdmce, —l7Vi
Bmmeira X7V James Handera 13 !
Manchester. I7w Gloucester. i6»f
Lowell i; W.WJreemau & C0...t5 .
Arnolds ic Union 14V
Larcastcr. .18 Wamsutta 14
Bclaaond. J9 Columbia. :i
. _ ozxuiues.
Clinton. 26 ] niai.row 25
Lancaster. 27 ißoanoke -av;
naowx sattErncoa. _
Klnnekenlck so iPcppcreilN 20v
Lavrtsce 25 * O'*.—... S!v
Stark 4-4 2<V Great Falls M...... a?
Appleton..-....4-4 a .•* .8...... «
Medford 1-4 23V Indian Orchard. C 34
Nashua •?>» “ N 21
Indian Head....l-4 25 M BB 2tv
Cohort. A 4-1 gV ' “ L J»V
Atlantic...—..4-4 -85 - ** - • W *o.v
AmoskcsC.. ..4-4 25 Boot, MDIS, H.... IS*
Salmon tails. .4-4 3 ** 0.,.. •
Acawmn, F... .4-4 si M 5.... S3
Appleton D.....4-4 22* Dwltht, 1....
Ulluoliß » ** A - 23
Kwin Hirer....4-4 20 PorUmontb P...„ 15
Feppcell B. 28 Napoleon. SO
- B 3IK Quaker. 15
K.YtMIIU 4-4 51 Ucd Bank—..7—S SO
Wanmma—4-4 47V **’ ......4—4 23
Jintce j—1 47)4 Lonsdale. 36
While C0ck....4—4 37* Cosureas. .2-8 S3 ,
lIUl* .....4-4; «7 - 4-4 2jV
“ .7-8 SI J. &W. Slater.4—l a
Wasonvllle.—4—4 S7V Canoe -S—l is
pay Mills ...4-1 KH SUtorvtlle 7-8 21
Andrv.cogjdo. 4—4 »«V BJackatooe » _
*• ..7-8 MV fUnr, A . f *
Lanpdon -7-« 27V Ballou 4SOU..A—I 80
♦* -.4-1 at " —.7—B 26V
Lonsdale.—.——a I English. -|j
V Cambrics 1«»80 j
Amoskea* -s*h 1 cotmeeUent. .a v
fork AO . Washington A3
-Manchester «0 IXlllfordtaproved ..,.js
frxftjrd —BB . jauc nm..v. ASV
Union «5 t Corn CUy 27
Haymakers 47V Pawnee ...as
- stuped amuruios.
Amukcog— —43V I Whtueaton, C. Jt7
York 40 I A. ju
American .55 lT7ncatrinc....A Ai
Falls ~.35 I Thorndike.... a
Roanoke JO (Shetncket ......27V
Amodccag, AC A 77V Tark,S34oen.... GO
“ A ...S3V HBznllloa, resnlar S3
“ 8.. 47K “ I> .45
w C 4?V Pemberton E -35
•* 1) .«v ** X. -37 V
York. SLlnch ..—.SO Swift Silver .85*
Albany -it* Star Miu*. si-lnch to
i ** asttnch ....so •
cosset rßAva.
Araoikwvg. ..AO | Indian Orchard ti
Lac0nia................80 I Androacoecta —2IV
fiatca .23 I pepperell ..At
Naumkeag ..-a (Globe. m -
Boott. .35 | HammeloO. ...96
Loeonu .A 1 pipperell .27
Mancbqjter. 33v i H«mllton_ —Wv
Poclflc. I All wool eviw
Rockland » t Franklin, .35
RastlUon A7K 1 Globe MU’A A3U
Petnber.oc, C S7VI Kaon keog, —....35
Nscbua .80 I fUawrrllle. extra. 35
l*Knbrok£ l O 80 I Pembroke, O .38#
BAimoEAn sxtem
Gilbert’s AS2S ( Mf"Tan 4; MtUfkea SXO
Wllcoz...- 8.75 Kallecht 100
PcWooenc....%3Aoe4Ao J Rmer U0
Weahloetos UIHa .. 3.73 I National- S.CO
LOWBILSpIy- .f2.ilV superfine tLS&ISS
** fupjr L7?h Orocsiey’s Fat. Tapes
- f. L«v „nnwßrls .L»V
nartfbrd,extraAply 2-25 New Fnrlaod Fat. ..Lhl w
• “ lmpl,Sply 2JO EmplrcUUls; .IAP
** super. X.7TV Betsrmde-...—.....1A0
** ■ Medium... lAty
For the Week Eodios March 17.
omo orTaciuiLTTjtißcvs.)
Saturday Kveninr. March :r. J
Hie tollowlng table shows the dally rccdpts anfl
shipments oT Reef C*UJe during the week to.
day. compared with the receipt* tad shlpmeatsof the
corresponding week last year:
e . .... * JSGC, tfW. 1*65, 1665.
Socday and Monday. ko Uis 2.29J CH
Tnesday „ 233 &6 fiii i,;«j
Wednesday 1,133 .... jti ....
Thursday, ,xsu 63 *77
J«d*r ~v» fas 455 «2
' Total ..,.9.011 7.137 t437 ijji
Seine time lot weck....iWU .... Kw ....
Wctk before last _ 7.OCS .... j.72)
week, at compared
trlOi thepTfcecw* week.were md follow*:
Eecelpu tea tins l&st weet, „ i*a
SUljaumu more UiaiiUM. week- m
As compared with the corresponding week of lasi
yeer, we find as follows:
Hecelpt* thu week. sx!l
IJeeetptefor corresponOliJs weohof 166S ! 7,tST
lieedpu more UUi week v .
Th* ralfc* of freight oc lire stock East were fixed os
ud alter VTodncsdar. October IStU. iso. as follows:
satis or FEstauT os im srocakaar.
Hoc*. B.
Mich. Cent, sid M.B^Jarpeean..»s^^^tlo
7C.« axo 15c
to cm-a loos nrarrxßios name*.
Mich. Cent, and iL a, Urjre cats, .iexo mo Tfc
c»rf of jtir feet iM.fio 7jc
Mieiitna Central, *m»U can mux> 190.W 'i*
FoHV, aytecanfflifeet. ia.cc USJO 70c
to Pirnsraoß axj> klud.
• .* .MMiM.CS MV * Mini
f-. f.y. &C„cara of 221 1eet....120.00 11D.CC 67cV
Mich. Southern, largecan mj» IHUO u«e
Midi. Southern, can 210 feet. 10S.W 1004» 6IKc
Usies to Dunkirk, I3AO V> earless than soßoflalo, wwea
shirred by ralL
Rates tol>cnkirk,2XclW fit less thus to Buffalo, srtsea
«hlpj«l hr ralL
I>infn..VAt fs.fli. m.l. r ..i . , . s..
The market for tbe we*k Ja*tcioard bu been &irty
active and mnch more favorable for drovers than coold
reasonably be expected, when we take Into considera
tion tbe drooping character of the Eastern markets.
Ibo uph prices ottm . and second class Steers have
suffered a decline. It has been less than most dealers
looked for, 1c new of tbe gloomy ebaractw of tbe
KewTorkand Albany markets.
The demand for fatrrongh Steen, Pittsburgh stock
and pactorg cattle, has been good, and prices of each
have been generally well sustained.
Of the really pmne grades are bare had hot a limited
supply* bot quite enough for the demand, as shippers
of this grade were doing comparatively little. Medium
Steers, butchers’ stock, good Cows and Oxen aro In
good request, and holders hare realized very nearly as
good prices as last week.
Packer* hare been rather retire and probably one
halfof the total purchases of the week have beep
made in these Interests.
Qtlppcn, tor ibe reasons atm store, bare been less
acuTCiiiaiila»tweet.indsaehetocklj4ojjsoci> 100
c-s lover than at the close or lut verb's market.
CLoenro of tss atuerr.
To-day—Ffttcrday—trade was aolet. and price* ol
first-class Stem bare ruled a shade lover. Other
endec are vltboot esacstlal change. Packers bare
been tbe principal operators.
Tbe day closes vltb bat a limited number left un
sold. 'Wcquotctbeclosia^pricecaifolioTß:
Extra <■*>•*—Fine, fat, treiMbnned, 4to 6
yean osfl s taera, ana averastoj; V3U) &i
and npwurtU. $6400640
/V(nu -£<•«* a—Goofl, well-tatted, fairly*
formed 6tcera.averaclsc tram MM to MOO
Firtr Grod**—Fair bteera. In fair dealt, aver*
a*taßl#)WiH,M»*vat &.008S.V>
Hrdiuta C3<m*—Medium steer* and gno&
Cotts, Cl for city alancbter, and arenieloe
Huet'Al tta.aU 4.0381.75
Sroct Cuttle— common Cattle, to decent flan,
average/WfeWOO fta, at 8.5085.03
inferior— > light sad IMc Cov* *w> Stem,
roach ted coarse, amazing ea*.<3) j&a,
at..'. ~ MOaSJS
Conger ft Bros, sold AdasuSOfaead lair Steers, arer
•jnee uw ®u, «t f 5.75.
Mcbolg 4c A. 901 a Cross 71 bead comnton stocluarer*
agiii|tl*»Sß».at*i£s; to Cole. SI bead medium Steers,
avcnplce 1,112 be. atfAOP; to W/x>ster. Hough ft Co-
SI l ead, averaging 1,118 »i,od p. t; 66 bead, averaging
1.1-ST fts, 00 p. U
Conover told Kent 73 bead fair Steer*, averaging
I.ol7ne,at |SJC.
Wall work ft si. sold Hubbard 30 bead median Steers,
arenulnc IJjTB ba, ai 13.00; S3 bead do., averaging 9CS
ba. at *545.
£>« 972
Mchcut* A. sold CotelJ bead fair Steer*, avcjaglng
902 bs.ttfsso.
Pcaaier sold Star! SI bead XbtrCom and Steers, aver
a; inc t*7S bk. at FU**.
Conover sold Howe 17 bead fair Steers, averaging
LKU*a,et 95.75.
6traderfcOldKeot*Co.4sbead,averaglng U*J7 &><
Crcscry and H. sold Jones ft Gifford 10 bead fair
Siccra, averaging 1440 C-s, at 13.15 x to Itosendorph, 17
bead good Steen, averaging 1415 b*- at CATS.
Cooley ft EldrWge sold Jones ft GQlford 51 bead fair
stock, evcraglnp 1.108 be, at fSAO.
Adams ft P. sold C. Adams U> bead cood Steers, av
eraging 14*0 b*. at $6.00; to O’Uaiey 20 bead averag
tns LOC3 ba, at I ■ ■ ; to Sbelble, IS bead, averaclng
Lix be, at I—.
KS 67
522 2.053
I.W) 3,»S
1.188 1,300
Proto UIC retorot made to the Board of Trade
vc fleet the receipts and shipments for the week are
at folk)we
Sunday and Monday.....Lca ITOu I.7SS ....
Tuoday..... 6C2 135 239 ISS7
Wednesday. ....
Thursday I,T» 310 49;
l-riday. <SO S2 <29
batnrday 022 XOsl its 1,161
, Total. .Ml W» XM2 4460
Lest week*...... 9,316 .... ».©4 ....
Week Before last 0X493 .... i>4o ....
Is the table or receipt* above, the given receipts ol
Sunday and Monday are rreliy those ol the Saturday
previous, and those elves lor Saturday are really those
of Friday. Omitting the flcures of Sunday and Moo*
day, and addin? the actual receipt* of to-day, which
are 900, we Usd that the actual receipts of the week
are CQbB bead.
The total receipts and ihlpmeat* of live cad dressed
Bog* lor this week aad last compare as follows:
.. „ Eecelpu, SUpm’U.
live Hops... ",*i ajss
Ureaied Host 1,090
Total thin week. 8.111 LS&
Total lust wcii ...14.9JJ 2 js&
Tlictntrtrt for ibe week bas been quiet, and tbe
roi>plf Hebt, lallio; about S.COO below tbe receipt* of
last week.' mrcc bare expert ecceo e tllfbt decline,
on <3 clotciSfeSOc VIM tta lower than ta«t week.
I'schen bare been the prjncljial operators, shippers
having done het little.
To-day (Saturday) trade Is quiet, bw there Is a firm
er feeling In ptlces, though no qnotable advance.
The sales were M 7 head, averaging from |S.'J tar com
iloe choice. The day closed wllbfew un
sold. The market does st thefollowlnrranpe.
Till* week. Liutweek.
Extra Coe* „,..|aJ6aMO t».»aMO
Prime How. 9.15® 9J9 S-ZSMUO
Fair Doc* 9.00® 9.13 9JXX&9.23
Commoc JiO£F... ...... 6.73® 903 6.73£9£0
1100 SAT.fiS TO-DAT.
- 2io. At. Price.
Prown to Quinn .. 38 IT7 13.73
Gregory to yc1a0..... 19 23$ ....
Uoctft to Ctarln &Co CS WO 9,3
-v*rt to Cticln
Adams * P. 10 Cragln & Co.. 53
Cocker to Cracta * CO M
'oscer to A: Co.
Geo. AUudi to Quinn ex 259 9.12 V
to Gracing Co ....Cl 213 9.19
■ "la A Co
Gordon toCragtn?Co 224 5!65
BJIERP—Tbs nuvd 1m been ooientdf utln,
bnl price* have suffered acOLildernble decline. Is.
ferior grades here been almost meal shift
The market cloiea at the following range:
I‘lrst ClM* Sheep, per 100 »i „...f5.50a313
Second Oau Sheep, per 10016 , S.OCttSJi
Inferior to cctrmoc.... 4£S*4.is
_ _ Eatpcoav Etextso. Mareb 17.
TREHJUTS—Art nnwtxlcQ and nominal at Oc
for jourin elate audriaojor Floor to Sew York, and
<oc i«r foortii class and tIM for Floar to Boston.
. i'liOVll-ltecrtifefl.t.MOtaH; ablpped, 5.W4 brts.
ilaifcct dull—bayen and sellers being some 15320 c
apart. Foies *crc: TVum'VVxKTrE-Mbnsat 111.50;
51 brts ataiOiO; wring Errt*.-50 brU at 7.75-, Spcixs
i*iiu--»l«jai|7.as; iOObrUnt 7-00; Bn %loub~
iii •>> u ai tui
_.'VllKAT—Received. 7,SS3ton: shipped. 7.R8 bu.
J*o.l bprtng qoleUiuta sUade firmer: Ko.l bprtne
Valc» ym-: nS* *mKo. I{K.W.) fresh
25,000 bud« at f I.C3K : SXX bo do at tUt5 l ife tfeJWbo
dofltfl.VS;ls,'tti bn do at lUT-tstCObo No. j (KAT.)
at D£c; 1.2U) bu doer. AT.) atS3c: 3,Wobu <S. s.l at
-fiSlitOUttfitnidofttSictMObu Rejected at nc;S(»bn
doatCß}»cs4Wbofloai ;ac del—closingalibbaven
of No. 1 cl WJS aed »cllM*at tb»)c.
CHlUJ*'—Kecelval,lLcu)bu;»bio?ed,2jubn. Mar
ket qoleiimdbteaar. bale*were: wObuNo.l attic:
- lAOO bn do at 40c; toObu 2*0.2 u 37Uc: S,COOba Ue
iectcdai»Kc; J,flMtmdoat SCj*c; l.CkObu ooatSCc.
Tor ftotorc. nothing dolt*..
OAT**—lU‘ceiv«Llo.ol#batfhlpped,l,lß6bu. Mar
treunrletand Ann. *ales were: J.uW bu No. IFreah
■I W?{£<*s bn do WlnUxet 2ic; s.9Xbn No 2at sie.
■tvP—Received, l,«c> bo: shipped, none. Market
dollandCßUielj pootnij -»t S^.McXur.No,l,aaa
Eeeetrod, 1,00 bat shipped, none.
Market dullaadeotlfplrDomiaai. ■
BAuLEY MALT—Sales were; 480 oa at fnoo de
llrcmj. ' , , .
A LCO 1,0 L-Tbe market is qntet and nominal at
BEANS—Are In moderate request and steady.'
Sales were: is bus nnme at KUO. . , *
BRAN—Sale* were: 10 tool la bulk et|7.S: »
loot li> hfltrsat ♦TiO—both on track. - 1
UtftlUtt COKN-Tbe Birtci Ii T«ry QoHitad
price* art* nominally cachancetL Wo quote common
to fair 140.00.'* SO.OO : fair to Rood fKJJOyIiOJhJ; eood
to prime #120.003160X0; prune to choice
XCO.OO. • . i
«<KEt*WAX—The market U nominal atSgltc. !
BUT I’Elt—Received,as; »hlppea,none. The
dmand active, and price* Una and inching
free. TVcquote: •
Choice Deny Q3| «
GoouTuh . ct26 t
Common Firkin ©•* c
►ale* wrrMSkccsat 21c. >
BABKI NfS-Tbe martet exhibit* a tittle more ac*
Uvliy today. ihcarh on Lincoln A* and 4 bu BorUo*
we note a allcbt redaction. >Ve quote: - - •
Chicago XV* on sewed tinea kjss
“ “ “• - 0-3*
“ {«. " “ «L 63
■Norlhweitcrn B. 2 bu, *ewedlineujTV.’.V.V.’.V.*o’S
“ I::”;:;::;;:;;: Si
Llnootn A, s bo, wtamiflu linen. oaS
KKteilA, “ -. “ O.U
Delon A. ** *a
Ma«a*ott A. *• " " j-j
Coro Exchange. - *
UtmpdcnA, • q.65
Mark A, , •‘ cotton. ...I' 7voj
Lewiston A, •* *• -5M
American A. ** ** ~** M
PearcrMills,2bn.Beamless cotton !**"’’
Cotton k brlaackt..... *** ' * •}«,
Onnclr»3X bu. Jl no
Gminlefi4ba ........... i.w
Woolsacks .;V:V .VV l m
CIJ EE^E—TVlib a moderate demaaa prices are
steady aao nncliat ccd. 'We quote:. • . .
llambonu; ........ . AiaMr 1
wSSSf-SS? I, -? * |
western rnctorr..... . iitaiflr
Western State.' ...^..V.V.Vr...V..”...i:1i5c;
The Uarkctu steady Jaad taclumged.|
Tbe-market exhibits bnt little acthltT.!
Pnct* remain steady at the JoJlowlng onotallout I
irar—ProoVUeld an oo!
do. Ormny *ll*.oo'
CLmtuuo>—Hrltr. n«M
~ do Mineral nidge .. io.Sji
do WiUowUaaK. io.coi
do Tonncd ■ • 9 m
a "»g-gl
Lackawanna, prepared. a'S)
facraston... --
doonuaci. S.WaftAO;
E(»(>9—The demand la tnllf equal to the supply.|
usd oa frcah lou *v cote an advance of l©2c V dozen,
><rrseUi&cas !9®ac, th£ bulk of sales being mada,
i-JtClT—There vaj considerable artlrUy In thei
market to-day. Green Apples particularly were in!
good demand, and prices were firm. Small Dried
FrclUalso were la active request, and firm at a small
advance. Wequotet * 1
Green Apples. Ulchican. |4i» ftSJO ■
GrecnApples,Kcvrork.... 5.00 &1M '
J-cruras .1. 7.00 gtao r
urances. 7JO ®9.m :
Drteo Aew York Apples. *ls © tsyT
Dried Ohio Apples 11V<9 11 1
Mackbetrtea.yft <5 © 48 J
FifehM, 9 lltf© jg ;
Fetches, uopared. new. 23 m jo •
Cherries ® a 62 v I
Italcißs layer* LBO Cfc4i»a
gwrtßfcMJt 1.65 eiirs .
TnrniiJi Pntnst mi a* m
Tttrkndi Prone* *■& ®* K
FlSH—'The market Is quiet, and prices’* I! ttTc tm>
Fettled. On Mackerel we note a reduction of 25c. and
Ueorce'«V>askGodflsbsoc vioo a*, other ocacrto-
Hons are undonecit. TTe now quote:
WhUer.sh, No. l,s tori ,t SJtfA k,7J
AVhiteflsli, Ko. i, X tirl '. ».73® SJ»
Tront t Ko.l,Xbrf «.7S* 7XO
Trom.Kp.2,Xtrl 6*53 C.75
Mackerel, No. 1. X tori, new W.M*10.23
IKckerel, No. 2, % tori, new .9.25® 9.75
Mackerel, iarjrefan'Hr. K tort, new. BJi'< 6A3
Mackerel, extra mew * £f tori 14.50(«1S40
Mackerel, extra must, VaU 5.73® i.oo
Mackerel, Xo. 1. kits, new 2.704 s,so
Mtchen I.Xo, 7 *xo
coflO.-li, Cirnua flank, V 100 on 7.90
Codtlah. Georte’e Hank. V 100 at 9J>JA 0.53
Ucrrlato, Ko.l. pickled. brl 8J0« s£o
llctrlnpi,dried, |) box ©<s to
ncrrloesaea’ed. . 714 a?
lletriogN l.akp, V bri. Ko. 1 4.sflg} 5.00
Harlups, Lake. |» bri.Ko.l
Kcw Labrador Harriett, a brl lOAQail.oa
Kaunond. plckicd,kits , liit SXO
J’ollocU.HOoa*. <JOa SJM
Hake, V 100 Its UOft 6.00
UaMliQt }sat |6
C!ItItAJ»R-Marketrteady and quiet* Sales to-day
\f~tv : jj fes l cllotr Urcrse al liWC; U tea scorched
L*rdail>ic. We quote:
Vcllow Create.
prr.wn Grew. liftll c
iIIGHWINES?—Mtrtet qalet sad nominal at
tS.nfe3.:o. Ko tales vrertreported.
HA V—The market It decidedly dnll. and under a
large » apply, price* are depressed. IVcQaole:
Timothy, roller and better pressed........flLOTaitSO
Timothy, loose pressed... ICMXXILM
ITnliie. loose. SJO® 9XO
vn*. n uaiiip.
mi rim fci.
Tlmolhr, ro!lcrflC(J beater pressed flS.rft3lß.oo
Tlmothr, loose preMed... 15.00316.00
Timothy, ipose. lx«>*i4.oc
3*r»lne. roller and beaterprcMed. 17X0aiW3
mine, loose, on waaoo*. delivered........ B.WXIIJXI
lllD£>—Deceived. 49 r TQ »»• shipped, SS*B Bs.
TJic marlret U gtuet and prices a little weak. On Green
Salted, Gr»»en ]jp and Dry flint, we note a slight do
rime. Weqnote:
Green Country. TV« TVe
orpenFutchcnv.; *•«& c c
Green failed, tmemed .fa Bjfe
Dry Salted, trimmed .......UitfkH e
r*ry Flint, trimmed .....U dllVc
Kip. Green, salted 12 ais c
ui<£**ed non>-r.*ccirra. i«; Bbippcd.
cone. Market dnii. Sales were:
1< ~ SCO “ ~ , .1(130
8 r MO- *
* “ 200 “ 1(3.50
IRON'AND STEEl*—Tbcre it so cbaogets ibe
market alcce our last. IVecoaUooo to quote:
Common liar. . 8 a 6V
rJcr»e>bth‘Jicn yya sy
Me*>y ’jn<£ id
Hoop sod Ucht Band ,t. <ya uy
RotmdDLd Sq&vc. Cu** 11 v
Oral 6?i« tv
Half Oval «>d Hart round 7 S 6*
bbett Iron, common .. py» lo
Sbreilron, K»lrani7fd, 2f1i26. ...90 <9 U
btrtx* I{ou,cbareo«J. 11 « ny
Sheet Iron, Juniata.. l?ya Uw
Sonny Nall lines n a u
Vtovbue',Ufnnaa.. n
I’lovSterl.cut. 17 ©is
snnncasd TueSui i.£sgiitti 11
To«l C*st Steel, ordinary tizfi S4 a SO
Tool C«t bteet, American......... 13
blister Steel
Rd#rt», Nos. 9 and 16.
Rada in quality, f Ml,-.
Rorua, An-lHqnalliy. V soeet
Russia Am, W quality, V M 1....
Rsvtla Ma, 30 quality, 9 sheet!
Hone Shoe. V keg
iitTAICSEIIt Arc,—There U an active demand for
SMrpleß, widen arc scarce and firmer. u
s'eaJV, with a (rood demand for the upper qualities.
at. t&ouasoAC
SpcorflC.far. l.lfc, l* *nd3ln.... M.00^55.00
Third Ciear. IV. IVaodSto 45.00r450.00
Third Clear, inch 42^itt*t5J0
rirt-t and Second clear Flooring to
gether.rough—thesaoe a* aeoond'
clear, wide .. ....
Common Flooring, rough- Sl.<Uft*S.OO
Matched aoo dressed com. flooring. tg no
Matclied and dresicd, 8-Inch com.
flooring S3JOA3SJD
Tim and second clear sldhia to
cetiur Jtooaa.to
First common dressed «atn;....... aa.t*>af-V4q
TVagoo-box boarda. select, 15-Inch
and upward 3WHft3s.eo
A stock board*. 1* Inches 25.0 tea 00
U atock board*. 12 Inches C OCU&DO
Common boards, joist. fcanUtae.
fencing, and small timber, Uto 16
Xoei lone 17.fl0aiS.00
Joist and scantling. 18 to SO reel..*. aioaa&OO
do do S3. SI &Wiert. «UQ
Small timber.:*) feet and over. 20.00 ft SS.OO
Snctonas—A.or star Shaved Hhlngle*.... SAQft 600
A. or star Sawed ShlsgKs . SJOft 5.25
No. l hawed St laden a vw-, 5,75
H,No. 1 Saved Shingles 9.75 ft 3 75
Tj carload br Northwestern Railroad, deilreredln
ony } an! where cars can be switched, or any depot;
A, or star Shaved Shingles, by car
load on tract -. M 0
A- or star 6»wed Shingles, by car
load on track CSO
No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by ear load
on tract M 0
E. So 1 Hawed Shingles, by oar
load os tract. 223
Oreshliiingaddedtoabor *—-
price* are unsettled. We 1
. Hon* In ourcDoUMoruaj fc
City Oaraeu, P
%■ fO.ia^Ml
Ootmtry names# o.sn*o.<o
Uoc * P> 0.4100.13
p> . .
Cn*r, v a ojy*d.«c
cocntr? Upper. .tc.r.S(£C2i \
FJaoffhtCPSola.. O.SIaO.SI french CaK, 31
Haroee*. V b.... (UDdMC ' ca C.OOaiJS
Upper 0 SS£(UK French Calf, SO
idn. Eo. i. me- usoasxo
a Inna. KI&1K20 French Calf. L*>
Kip, Ko 1. hcary OAul.lo moine»,*aoz.;3Jlo®S3.oo
Ca it, extra French Calf, Le-
Frescb Kin, flat aoinea, eeo
rholce. IJO-lUW oads,fidoz..J(Lo»96SJlo
French Celf,
be.- 3.SS&MS Boatu. B doz,.lU»@lsAo
51 ETA LS—Arc steady and unchanged. We quote:
_ TO. I XtKO.
BoxTlo Plate, I C, I lat quality, caak...„..iCtf
ICzli... .....tl&OO I lat quality, ebcct 17
large Plea II blab U
f-na'i I*ir« 0 ■ DKionrwiKx.
Bar Tin. «Jlto«
ooppu. 1 7. Band 11..
Metallic AV Beta.... SI UaadlJ ...
Copper Bottoms—.. 65 U..
Boh Copper. cs iSandll.
Brazen, ito 10 wa.« 58 15 and Is.
Klieaibloc.il to 16oz 58 17
Turned co 19_
BABBITT wstau 19.. ..11
lit quality ss an, ,zi
Antimony ..... 90 Fence .lev
Fine Solder. SC fence Staples IS
NAILS— Are tmcbanccd. We quote ;
iadU)t«cd,p keg.....f7.'.si9dfineoioed fiauOO
M.. B.»lld .1045
Gd. 645 ltd floe blued. JIAO
4d - &50 Cut spikes &oo
80, SuCO | CUncti (net; 10A0
OILS-Tht market continues quiet, with prices
comparatively steady, at tbe following quotations:
Unsetd OH,*** 4LISGS ....
do boUetL. xioS
Olive on
mute 00. w. d.
lato Oil, extra
do No. I*.
do Ko. 2.
Bask Oil. round lota
Machine Oil M
hpmnon “ 250 VbrtS.W
Lubricating OH ** 50ft I.SO
Castor OU *• «.;5» 8.81
UU 0.04
Black Lubricating •* <3» SO
Keatr-foolOll,extra" i.vfo 1.60
Keatefont on. com ** 1.15 ft 1,50
(lARDOK Illlr— I There u little dotne. We note
a decline 01 Icptrpalion, Weuowouo'e:
Carbon Oil, V car load. 96o—f) brl &Tc
Benzol* ~...40&4.5e
“ ** " itoSbrls- ?»carload.... oc
POTATOES—SaIe* were; ICO Peach Blow* at Ote
dfllvrreot m itatsai ftseoe trace.
POI LTKT—Market nominal, at tIXOCdXLOOfar
Turkeys. and rSJjftasro fur Chickens.
F«OVJBIOSp»—The receipts and shipments dur
ine the ptut Zi hours were as follows:
lleceints. Shipment*.
Cot meats.... 191,173 - 2«4»
Beef. XVI
Pork 251 XIW
The ccnrial market Tor Provisions to-day ruled
firmer, bat there ni but little activity. Sellers were
generally holding tbdr stocks above the views of boy*
ftiofM Fork—Market finatrand more active. Sales
were: l.W)brU Mesa Pork last olstit aad 3uo brls to
day at SS6XO; SOU brls do at »».ts; 100 briril. O. Pork
at_|394o—tbe.market dosingfirm,.
0. «4J«W—IU,«MW*CkUVSMIA 01 Hi*
Extra I'Hrnc Pork-M brl« at f 19.
ISnlk ilcaia—7D.oU) lbs Balk Shoulders at lOVe
Knell*]] Slmtft—Market firmer. Sales: 110 boxes
Cumberland Middles at i3kc; 100 hxs dost He.
Street Pickled Hams—lo. tres Sweet Pickled
Ales* Beef—SCO brls Extra Men Beef In lots at
»i«i K> f
Lord-Market rery dm. with buyers at Ifi'fc, and
sellers at Ufec. Sales 29 tres country steam tart at
SUGARS-Tbemaiketls steady with a moderate
(temaod. weooote:
Cuba. ....13 ftllKC
FortolUco. W <*tS*c
.... „
uid~GnLS oik tIS! * *ITX»I7 Vc
•mine a - «*ei6*e
CtrcJe A. .!6*®i6Ke
« *« «*i6 Qe
THiltoß :.IHf«M*C
Extra c- .»*a»*c
TdlowC. US*U*' e
Partißfid **„. UVAU c
*4VttCPS-^ Me tmboat any esientUl cfiaage la
anotation*: ..
Kew York Bynzpa •••••• 59® L lS
Yellow IMpa -
Cub* MoUraa....- g® g
Porto SttH*
Kew Orleans 5S L 42
90 ' JJO
ißee n*^.V,V.'.V-.V.V.V.—. .V. .V,'. oa a
Chicago CeflDoTt Amber.........
Co Co G01den.......... MIAS
Co Co Bnnr Hctom 7x* 6
SODA AND SA6ERATIJJ*-A« firm and la
f«lr demaao. The anjiplyiaaUll light. TTccaote:
iiabbm’i Medicinal....... .3. .« «MJfe
ao Pore. c
DeluCa Chemica1......... ......... JI^SIIH'C
do lleoUbj 15)f%14 C
. do Pore. .ttHfel* c
Amcrlcaa IU-cuD. Soda. IS ®lS«c
JaiplUJjj. i 4 &uue
&A I«TJ-fiMpKd, aa bn*. iUrket find. 9aft*
VWbrUTlteoitUO. There are bnrprt UfS.a
eflootlbrUjeopealnjrornovJretlon. Weaoote:

C«ne.- iV - ...SSt
Ground Atom, * at«n
Talk's Island 1A&2.1.50
**YED*—Received. ts,*; shipped. TUBS ft s.
Timothy l*ecd—Market quiet. bales vers: 97
baas at ISJii t » bags at f 2JU; is bars dirty at ti.6o.
Cloverteeed—sales were: is hrls Clover, beed at
TA I*l,o'W—Recalled. 4.305 ait-shipped. 163.454
ftr. MarketqUet. bales were: SO brls Country atUc;
TEA**— Are steady *ad unchanged. We nootc:
Tonne Hyson, superior to line, V & fl.liat.4;
oo extra to choice. Vs Ixa4t.gr
Impertil, Superior to floe. * ft Intake*
do extra to choice/* ft— 1.T029.13
Gunpowder, superior to one, 4
00 extra to choice, * » uCfM-t?
Japan, natural icatflne to extra fine, ft ft... ■
do do floeto choice, * ft—... l.S3at,sS’
do colored * ft.... r...;; , tXtfia.'vl
TOBACCO—The market continues aoUye, "Were
vl*e our fist ellahtly. Wenow quote;
Fn*a Ctrt CnrvrtHQ— .. _
I . choke, uwa^ia
.I**l3 c
20 ® »
Falklngbam tors Kansan .T p mrs
Farrington mrs fox Kettle B miss
Fsrr Hannan mrs * Fox L W cum
Ferns C 1) mrs Fox Libby miss
Perris Charlotte D mrs 2 Freny Dorris art
Felken Aoblo 0 mUs Fraanberg F W mrs
FUch Mirths mbs French I. Notts
FWher Flora Stars Fuller Jestlemrs
Filch Cars FrjMsryaUs
Klevcll Margaretmiss FrldeckKelilemUs
Flint Atm M art Foot ion Marie
Flare llantsab E tors FnllcrSrlvUJmrs
Fora Minnie mrs Fisher Flora S nm
Furry EUaa nuil Fry mrs
Giamore Annie mbs Gordon Alvins
i dates Annie miss Goieran dr
i Gates P C cub - ■ Groves Cordlnfene mU»
Garnett t> ass an Grahsm Mary tars
Garrett May GrlsbyTcuipioEmlss
: Gavin Catherine art - Green uoneatmrs
Garvey Kellie mra Gieeo Harleue miss
Geacan Belle Gaits Green Tlatmsb L mrs
George Carrie mbs Grliho I! E tors
GiillckAnntemn Gregory Laura mbs
Gillette MoQle S mitt Green alary .lace an
Gilksoc Dart Gone Lucy M mbs
GtDis Maggie miss Groves Annie an
Glass Kate mitt Grooms Banh E miss
Goodrich Henry M mtt Graham Mary IX
Goodfellotr John an God fry mrs dr
GoodmanUattlemiss Mary J miss
Ilslcy A lire alts Holds worth Louisa A an
lid et Abby K an Holt Libble mtss
Halsey Ann miss Hooper Marcaret n Tn™
Hs-1 Parthenla mn Houghton 8 A alss
Hoi i LUtamn Hotchkiss M V ton
Hall Geo C ars Hopkins Polly mn
Had Alansos mn Hotchkiss Mattie miss
Hall Sarah A Houghton Jennie a mu
lialbtoa Harriet Mart Howard Emmsnrt
Hamilton Übbie an Howard uzzlears
Hanrahon Margaret an llotrud Helen mist
Herrington Msiiah tubs Howes Mary an
Hartapeo M F an Hushes Maty P mtn
HarrlfOn H an Unbhard Itcuey mn
HfltrltOD Jennie miss Hnicblnsan Sophia miss
Hardin* Fred an Haamlogtoo Joliamn
Haves Jolla Fran Hntlard Mary mn
‘ llsyes Jane miss Hyoe HUUoI, mra
Drane Marcm Hyde Lucy A mbs
HenncMr Mary aUs Honter JohaCmra
Hendec Martha EuugeforJ Charlotte mn
Hendrick Charlotte an Hunt Atm E
Hfll Mattie mitt Hnnt Lizzie L miss
Hyland Sn&aa ' Howard Carrie Emn 3
Hinson Louisa miss HobbsL It ml**
Htnchman Kate & mist lltllMara EJmlsa
Hill Amelia mn Hsnion Katy 11
Hcgna Mtryaret mist Holcomb Laura H tan
Jackson Kettle an Jones H H mrt
. James Matilda an Joses T c mn
Jackson Locretla mrt Jones H £ nn
-acksoo Nettle mra Jones Mary Ann mn
Jackson lietsle mb* Jones Ellen miss
Jackljn Alls miss Jones Man O mist
Jack Helen M miss Johnson Harriet nut
Joalys Sntan art Johnson Hewer miss
Judd Etta alas Johnson Kettle on
Judd Came mist Johnson Mirr E tslss
Jordan C M an Johnson George an
.7amines Kellie miss Johnson C n miss
Jones Kellie mtss Johnson LUltbmbs
Jones Nellie miss
Kelly trailer mrs Krill Minnie miss
Keyes Hell miss Kingsbury C Amn
Kctb'ey Maggie mm Kirby Ann mrt
Kent Jennie nut Kins Rachel L miss
Kemper Cade miss Knight Pblla A miss
Kidder Mary mis# Krobte Jolla miss
Kimball Hattie W miss Knapp M □ mrs -
LaChailton Amelia miss Lewis Janemrt
Lane Caroline Flan •. LesurMmls*
Lanceen Ltcette mn Levi&gtoa m Amue miss
IsosJllmn Lindsay W Cart
lander Frankie mrs Litton John mrt
LawrcnceLmlss Lockwood R 6 mn
Lava Mary mbs Lombard Ada Q min
Lawrence Catherine 8 missions a mn
Lawrence Adeline Emn Long A E mrs
Lavryet Jennie miss Lons M J mrt
Lawton James mn Lonbe lonise F miss
Leavenworth Jessie an Lowry Maggie FaUs
Layan lone miss Lowry DK miss
LeltDd Vlrslnlt mrs Luolow C A
Led cm: an Clam mra Leap Emma miss
Lee Uattle mia Lyons Bridget
Mack Kate min Mitchell Mary mtss
UtmJPnts Mitchell U Lmrs
Mtkeme Annie Amiss Monroe Bridget miss
Main Agatbomlss ’ Moody Helen alss
Mans Mary mn Mooney Fannie
Marsrair Elizabeth xnrs Moran Annie miss
Marla Ellen mra 3 Morgan Lana 1) mt«a
Marta &amnel D nm Moran Mary miss
Mason SamU T ran Uoriey Ann an
Matthews Harriet l> an Atone mn
Mason Tmrs Morton Samantha
Mtyhew Emma mbs Morris Lovma mn
May Ida U miss Mortimer Edith mtss
Matteson Cbloe miss Moore Hattie £ miss
Midrll Mtrr mist Muiyl Mary
Metcalf Gilbert mrs Moirey Maria mn
M ercdllh I'aullce miss Morpby Cstherlnemlis
Mil!* JW mra MorphyCoineliasars
Mlilrr Wm H mrs MytnAMmra
MitchrilSarabAaimn Myers Marla L mra
reprices when transferred.
:et continue* Inactive, and
make some aIULt altera*
collar, f ft «uia&»
Plancbier Sole.. 0.4230 IS
Sl&ocbter Sole,
Bocno* Ajrea... 0.1190.13
Orinoco 501e.... Qju9o.ll
Orinoco. good
damaged 0*339041
LSOft 1.0
1.70 a 1.13
IS& 1.60
LB>® 1.40
PaineUzzlemlu Philips Geo Con
Palmer Margaret miss Philips Victoria ori
Parker Lonesa miss 3 Plraney Geo W mr«
Partridge Kate miss Phelps Celejtlna ton
Paitosa K elite mlaa Phelps Ceieatlna la mrj*l
Parson* A H mra Pierce Rattle E miss
Pearsall Annie Bmra Pomroy Jamie mrs
Petrie Marr mrs Porter ffp F mrs
PcihEHmr* POTijrdlEooeliemJa
Peter* Lncymls* Pratt Pa rid mrs
Phillips Sarah U miss Prescott j E mrs
Pike Josephine xnrs Pratt Hannah mrs
Phillips Sarah mrs. range Mena E P miss
Phillip* * crab J miss Price Wary mlai
l*lke bßmnelmi* Price Euea mra
Plunkett Mary mill Pryor SasaaM
Plato E L mra Pryne Battle II mrs
Qnirw Blen Amiss
Hand Harriet mra Reed 0 torgeW mn
Kawson George mra Rice mra
llano Thomas mra Rice Annie C miss
RayAmdeEmlae Richeson Nancy
Kay Elite Amt** Robies Mary mlsa
Rirr Madeline miss Rogers hclfle miss
Ray mond Flora madams Eockwood Lydia mra
Helen mrs Rood Amara mrs
Belton Jennie • KoUsJeamic
Uenth Man K tors »>y«n Lncy U miss
Reynolds Baltic miss • Rpby Wbhy
BadMaiT miss RyanSarahmn
BrtneidCSmrt ByanUixamrs
Sanborn Abba E mrs . Sltaghlff AtrdeMmrs
Sitborn Mary mrs - • Sloan Edward mra.
Sanford Josephine mlea -
Schultx Came ml« <*'£KS£R£!S|H?S^..
HrhvaMßndecttnlss Bpnrrwsroitnel tntas
' Snnnetr Henrietta C miss
SconEllamiss -
ScLoles R M TOTS •• BlacK Marr mm .
Bcoul'botbe miss Sun too Wand raui 2
, Bears Loalsemlas • S UrtWCit ha- Mary C mra
Seymore Hleaheth mrs Starks Sarah mlsa
Seeley JM Rennet mra- Starr Emma mrs
Seebie Kate tnlas • Stanle Rosalie tolas
Shannon Cmm ' •• • Btach Mary mrs
‘ Shape Louie miss ••• SWChCmm .
Shepard Eliza miss • smartSahiemlaa ...
Shook Raney mra •• Stewart victoria miu
BhirtsnaAmn • Stewart Kittle miss .
Shmnway ilair P mra Stereos Mary. U.xart
siaaUbblerout ... stereosCJ mrs• ••' •••
bimpaoQlda mU*. - , 1 -gUosoa Eaa^later
‘ T Medina). T....'. Ka. S|
• - 0amm00"..;.;. 4 ..:......;,..... * 03 ts
SitoriKo Tobacco- • * t
- Ch0w..j. : .,.-.,,,,1.„ yv* 4b
Medium •.. *»' so
common Stems... 2ra 2)
Px.ro Tobacco— ;
Ka1nra1Dfat........... usaLSl
Haif-bricht :i.oo£i3
. 1 Choice Pleck, round. ;.... 75®, FJ
Medium, guaranteed 70® sa
- Com men. tog' 67
-WOOD—The market la fairly aettre and prices oat
clanged, We quote: . \
Maple, V cord, delivered j. fIS
Maple, * cord.la yard 1i.M3U.00,
Beech, p cord, denrered n.»ai3.00
Docca,.» cord. In yard a 10.50312 00:
once at Chicago, state of Blinds, on,the
Marc a. l>+s.
t3T To obtain any of these letters (he applicant
most call for • Advertised Letters.* give the date of
-uuaUst, and pay one cent for adTerttitng. * -
If not called for wl thin o,v* aoiTix, they will
be Mot to the Dead Leaer Office.
dr “ Letters are not advertised until ihcy have re
mained In the office one week, and on Fridays and Sat
urdays letters to be advertised are In hands of the Tran
scribing Clerks.
“ L DIISF.CT letter* plainly to the street and number,
as well as the Post Office and State.
“V. HEAD letters with the writer's Post Omcz and
Stitt, street and etukeb, sign them plainly with mil
name, and request the answers to be directed accord
*• J. Letters to strangers or transient visitors jo a
town or city, whose special address may be unknown,
should be marked, tn the lower left-hand comer, with
the word ‘Transient.’
“<- place the postage stamp on the cppeb moirr
Itaxp comer, and leave space between the stamp and
dlrcctloa-for post-eaeeixo without interfering with
. “K. H.-A BEQUEST for the RETURN of a letter to
the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or less,
written or printed with the writer** same. Tot Omci
and Sr ats across the left hand end of the envelope, on
the facoalde.-wHI be complied with at the usual pre
paid rate of postage, payable when the letter Is deity
eredto the writer.—i Sec. 38, Law oft'SS.V
CST" Free delivery of Letters lo any part of the city
cen be secured by having them addressed to the street
and number.
Abbott Alice miu Anderson Atac M mrs
Adams Amelia miss Andrews Ada L mtaS
Allen Amrobus Jennie A mrs
AlrEßOderCordellamils Arnold Mary AmUs
AlexanderCliariottemua Arnold tvilllom i> mrs
Abbey SanhmUs Archpydrmrs '
Allen ftutb mrs Avery Jcmie mim
Alsop Elizabeth M mrs AtwnterTvmb's
Anderson Annie miss Austin Sarah j tars
Andoraon L S mrs An dire £ M mrs
Anderson Amlly miu
Bailey Banuah miss iloubam Louisa F
Bak w Utrid mrs Howen Bridget miu
Baldwin Edward tars Bowden Sarah miss
Bollard Millie miss Bradley June F miss
Ballard Flora mrs Bramhall M A mrs
Ballard AnnaN Bravton W H mrs
Barnes Nettle rars Bradley Unlh mrs • •
Barnard Alive L miss Brenuaa Annie miu
Barr Lisa J Britton Mary mi»«i
Bantm Caroline mrs Brookins Mvr miu
Barton M EJ miss Brownell A s mrs
Ba»sct A J mr& Brown Uo&ella c mlsa
Ba-set Annie S ml«s Brown Jane mrs -
Beach F- mrs Brown Haanymrs
tccketMolllemlse BrownJmn
lean Kate mrs Brown Da rid Kan
scaumotu nudame Brown J M nuas
>ldcnßella Amiss Brown Martha mrs
3cmrb Belle mrs Brown Katie
iennlDElOT Beta tnrf Brown Macule miss
Berry Martamlsa Kronen BjdiaA mn
Bldweli Laura mrs Booker ML miss
BipocoM IM» mra Bnnyca Carrie miss
Blake Kittle mrs Borns Jane mrs'
Blanrcll Chatty miss Bauer Bsmate miss
BlyMAmrs Browning Sofami.a
Blake*! ce lla mrs Boulton D miss
Blanchard Charles VT mrs Butler Mary A miss
Bonne E A mrs- Bow Orassaxnlss
tend Fatnle mn Borllmrame Stella miss
lend Mary mrs Ballard A Gun
toyles Janenrs BUdßmrs
Bowers Elizabeth mn
Calmn Annie
Cahill Eilcn Colton Nelllcmra
Callahan l«n mrs Colby Mary C mra
Calvert Sarah mrs CotmeisDoreodemrs
Cahill Leroy mrs Co anon on Uarr J mi—
Cadvell Nellie mbs Cole David nr»
Calkins Boss mlu Coliioa Charlotte tar*
01 tint Jennie miss Cometn Caroline A. tain
Caiman Wiry mbs Colmts Bridget
Carey Bella miss „• Coler Dora mus
Carter il L mrs . Colton Nellie tsn
Catar.tsctsn Cole Inna tar*
Carr Sarah mra Connety t3lea mbs
Caney Bridget mbs Condlt Mary t> mra
Cailm Koea mrs Conen Margaret
Cattanaeh Charlottejane ConeJalUMmra
Chardlcr Nellie rors Conner Lizzie alas
ChaUToni Sarah mra Corey Joslembs
Chetney Electa mra Cooper Manettembt
< harlesworth AB mra. Cotilns Kale tubs
Charltorton mra Corning Kmma mrs
Chase Lamne! D miss Conieman Lily min
Chnstr G B mra Colton KII on
Church Deborah mra Coi Ellen mrs
Chancy Margaret tuias Covcntos SablsJxnlss
Cleiiecn Jlollle njba Corson .Jennie C
Clapp Nicholas 6 ura ' Corrigan Mary mra
Ciakne Hannah mra Cros* Belle miss
Clarke nus Crcan Sarah mrs
Clarke Elizabeth mrs Cram Annie L mn
Clarice M R mrs Crannell Nellie mra
Clarke Jollctte mbs Ceaeen Thomas mra
Oarkeklsry Crawford Sophronla A.mtss
I Clifford Winnie mis* CrcsUatemMs
Cline GF mrs Crooker Annie tar*
Code Jane mrs Crocker Kettle mljj
Coebnn Mairtaisa' Co»hlnt Anna alts
Oobb Bailie DtnUr Cmmloghani Mary miss
Comstock Martah mrs Ccppy Elizabeth
Daly Mary 5Ua Donoraa Eale mrs
Daniel Sajah mIM Donltn Kittle Q
Dasctt Fannie miss Doolittle Uarreymrt
Pahman Mary Ann mils Domly Mary mrs
Daniels M K mrs Dorccy kf arjarette tola
DaruAblltmlii Mary miss
Daj ton Derry mrs Dorcey Cbariotre Ann
Deere C II inn Deversey Margaret
Dailey Helen mm . DrewLoncera mlsa
JXII KlarpireU mrs Drake Kboda mlij
Dempsey Mary Downs Mafde on
Dcr-riy fllxabethtnUs Dramminz Arese mrs
Devltnd Uaixretmta Doanee Anols mlas
Detn Ester roiu Danaer Juliatnlu
. Da wolfCarrlcnus Dann Josephine miss
De Let MasclemUs Domood E'Uemlia .
Dennis Magtie atu Donlvaa Miry K mrs
PlcklntonuatUe mus Dona DateH miss
DlckormaaCAmlM Duffel! Llczle mta
Dixon Fannie mrr Dytlln Llbhlr mlas
Dixon Martha mrs l»rie Catherine
Dlnrak Sarah mlas Dodee Justice an
Dob'oa EtoUy mrs Dickerson Saran mrs
Dodce Lizzie mrs DonlapCath mrs
Honoran J turn Doyle Julia mrs
Donahoe UarUmUs
Eastman Dorcas F mrs Emaley Rate miss
Edsell 11 artlel mis* Krsklneßebecca Pan
Eddlnea Lurv Eunb Charles mn
Eddy Lida limits Evans John an
Edwards Orlando D mrt Etty M a mrs
EUlnwood Ina
McArdt Lanra mis* McOolre Nellie mlts
McnrierCatherlnemn McGrath Mary miss
McHrldeMatthasophleniissUcßsrrT Mary an
McCabe Emma N miss Mclntyre Macsle miss
McCsnary Jolla miss . Mclntyre Sarah A mrs
McDonald miss McLeod Annie miss
McDonald Bridget mrs MeMellan Annie Matilda
McDonald C B miss McMahon John mrs
McDonald mlas McNeills Johanna mlsi
MoQarrlela Ana mn McNcff Ancle «*>!«■
Mctilnnes& Charles J mrs
Nash Susan miss KltiboltWß mis i
Nanehton Sarah miss Nichols M mrs
Needham Mary mrs Nolan M mrs
N«lon Bridget mlsa Nolanßildgct M
O _
OXongblln May miss Obrlne CQen mis ••
Ogden Annie F mrs Ohara Caibertne miss
O’Leary Bans ah miss O'Conner Marxian miss
Osterhout Nellie miss Owens Jenniex mrs
Other Lam mus
Sinclair Jpfimon cut Stflee J Hmu.-
• RphCn ElUalwUi - r Storer Jlkmri-
tolas Stricklin MarUmrs 5
SlttsJß.njr* stoketcamtmus -
Situ FanokA an*.~ BtrxMr Lizzie miss
tniM Stonehtoa M J£ tars
sinmoMOeoiX® J>tnn Sullirso kUmret
SlnUear Hatocmlss' • -fiQWnarttrtChoiM
Btlnoer Carrie n-’tiS SyKejtcrEremra
SktattMary Amtfß - ' Smith Harriet tars '->
ShieldsKatymiss - • Smit&cnmra - -
Smalley Mary E rnfn ■ • Smith Mary Eml«;
Snow It eUle miss ."EmlthMirlaDißi>
Sloan Florida miss ..
• T ‘ - •’•* '
Taylor George Hmr* Trimble Elizabeth .
Taylor Marvatne mrs - -Trapp LlurJsnemlss
TcbDctn w.w mra Trowbridge Annie M miss
• Tbroop El La Von . - Trego Emeu E miss
Thornton Anomlaa Tyuon Mary.
Thomas Ella miss - Toroor Jana znUa
• Thomas EUzamla* ' Tumler Charlotte
■ Thompson Louisa L ion Turner Nellie C miss' .
Torode Charlotte mrs • »•
. U
Ulrich Celestmiu ■ TTUIn Ana miss 2 "
■ . . V - • ■
TeußurecrMarymrs Van Della Omrs .
Van Ness Mamma Vroy Alice miss
Van Ness Matilda ran - Van Slater Emma mrs
Varscll Laura miss Vaughan Emits
Valentine Loeaamrs Virgo George mn
Vail Charles mrs
.Wachimlth. Hattie G ora White Bridget mU*
WaUiceNoraU • White Margaretmra
Waiser Theoors Wnlte Marrß
Waldo Sarah miss %Thlte Jennie mils
WalkerUarymlaa Wicks Mary miss
Walker Brltiasla miss' * "Wilcox Mary F mr*
Walton Fannie'S mlta '■ 'WUllsOQmn -
Warren WHllnstoo mrs Wilkes Mary miss
Waroock Wm J mrs - Wilder En mrs
Ward il ary G mrs Wuheral M J B mra
Warner Carrie mrs Wilkinson L mrs
Waring Adah mrs . Wilbur P mrs
Warren Photbc mis a Wilcox AblcaH
Wsrlnc M J mrs Winters Mirrllla tors
.Watson A P mrs . - . . Wtaaoo Same mrs
Waterman Elizabeth' Wingate Lncy ml«a
WashTlancah •• • . Wlnilotr Alf mrs
Waterhouse Ella Mmlss Winiumi Simeon Bmrs
Weed licbecco mrs Williams Clara
WcniaterMarr Ann Wilgoo June miss
-Weaver Kl. Mrs Wilson Charles F mrs
W«.eksLTdlaCmUs WilsonMarv Jana mra
Weldon John tors Woodoek T J mrs 2
Wcscott H Fmrs Wyer Emma miss
Weston Svlvlamn Woodman NeHletnlss
WcsiOnZibbicmisa , Wyman M 8 mra
Walsh Gregory mrs Woodruff Albert mrs
Welsh Mary Wood Minnie miss
Wheeler Film mrs . Wood Martha mrs
Khaim May miss WrtcbtCatherinemrs
.Wheeler Ur T mrs Wrlkbt Sarah mrs
White Mirnlemlss Wylie Jessie mlsa
White Lizzie ELa mis*—:
Hlzamrs ‘ BLAinra .•
Abel OrUudo Alexander LucloaAndrews * Berlty
Acbten Tliomas R Appleton S B
AckloyJobo Alison Charles AnpictouXoyes *
AdamsEmora Allen PT : Co
Adams Robert A Allen 6 0 Arbogast George
Adams It A AltenJomesß dr Arlington Civ
Adams RE- .Alien Jno Armstroug C
Adams James Allen W H Armitrotig John
Adams Wallace Allen William Armstrom; Wm
Adams WK Alter UT Arnold Tfl
Adams Cbas C Alvert Charlea Aran von Samuel
Adams R A Amend MH Ash Michael
Addisonß B dr- AmeaNathanP -AshlerH H*Go
Allswortb Chaa AmadcabtephcnCAihton Wm
Aiken Wm D Angle Solomon Athon Thomas O
AldtoJsmee M Anderson £lUck2Atzel George
Albert Henry 3 Anderson A. Atkinson F M
AldJlch Gforreß AndcrsouDC It Augustas Charles
Alortch Edvm D Anderson H A Austin A C
cant Austin Pat
AtkineoD Th WmAustin Q 8
Aldrich DC
Alexander A J
Alexander ChasH F Austin WJI?
AlexardtrGco Anderson ChasQAntcuP L
Alexander Amo's Andrews Geo P Avery WmW
Alexander Mar-Andrews FI Avery 6J dr
shall AndrewsJamesG Audi OP
Alexander D Andrews M
Backus E Bennett ffW., Brices J U
BaKock Harry S Hensley & Aibro Brlnkan Henry .
l abbltt Warren Bentley Geo Bristol Richard
Parley A Denton. Myers * Clark
Hailey J W Canheld Brock wavJerotne
Bailey JameaAl* Bencccn Hdw Bromley Charles 2
bert ' BentyACook Bromley *co
Halley Fdwud Derringer George Hrokenbureh J 8
Ram v? C Berry W B Bronson lUchard
Rain David 3 Berry John T T
Baird Olivers lurry William Brooks Wm
BakerTS Best* Crawford Brooks Cliaa
DAer Peter Bidltr Henry Brooks ChasH
Baker T S Ulgelow Elisha A Broomley Henry
Baker William ' Bigelow Anson • Brower Coneims
Balander W H Bigelow HW . Brown Wm J
Baldwin Henry A. Bigelow Volney ABrown Frink H
BaldainiVmA. DlgaeyTP matorßrown Lewis a
Rail George - BlDiueorcedr BrownKC
Ballard E Amd* Dines Julius UrownFH&co
Ballard HC Blmondr Drown TCS
I'olindJno' Birchert Charles Drown Samuel
BallenlincJames BlrgcWT Brown* Shanks
BaDou U BltnarThos Brown D W
Baibter Frank Bishop E Brown J F
liarten J s Bl sett Andrew Brown John
Barbour M F Blxbj E Brown II L
Bardin Fred Black TP Brown John B
BarhydtEdwardCßlack John Brown Jas L
Barker James S Black Jos II Brown E 3
Barker MO Black Aco Brown TD
Bar bow Ed D Buckler Thornes Brown Georce S
Barnard It Blackman F L Brown C l* ft co
Barnard J J ' Blair Henry Drown Coleman
Barnes FicrtN Blair Chaa Brown Chariot i
Bam* George M Blake James . Brown James
Barnes G M Blakely D Bruce W Q
Barnes & Bros Blakely David honßrunsoa CA co
Barnett S Lftoo Blisdell Edward Brush Wm II
Barmy JW 2 Blare WmJ Bryant Wm
Barney M V & CO Biathervlek Chasßryant George E
Barrett John Blaihenrlck E O Bryant Chas
Barrett ft Barton Bent . Bryant BP
Barrowes J D Dllber William J Bryant Gft P
Barry William Bliss Geo n Buchanan C F
Barry James WopettCS BochauanWOS
Bartlett AC Bloom DayM Buck A A cant
Bartlett U A Bleat John E Daek'ord Q -
Barton NO Boden Edward Baekinrbaqj OW
Barton WUUam Boggs Georgo Buckley T
Bates P P Boggs Francis Buckley Timothy)
BaleaCbas Boise HD Buckley
BaleslsaacprolSßolerChosW-. • Buckley tar
Batlirlck Fow Boiler WllUe Buell AD.
Battles M W Bond Ueory Bunker John H
Baiter J W Bonnlck Henry J Barkan D W
Baxter Danld Booth Edward Jr Bunnell Robert
BaystooJ Borland rapt Burchett W dr 2
BealsJerotne Bo4wrtlß Burger Lew)
Bean Thomas * BothDaol Burgesser Jaaß
Bean BE BowdeuWUlum BnrtbJohn D
Beardsley Geo Bowen Lester W Bnrkam fclreyO •
BeanhleoWmS BowenWn BourtcUW
Beanmnot Jas W Bowen K A Burks MT
Beckman Bcnja- Bowen William Burke Mnrd
; min Bowers &co Burke Wtn .1
tßeelrwlth BcnrrOßoydell Richard Burke David
Beckwith Cbas Boyden tester BurnantV a
Beckwith George Hoyden Henry D Burns william B
W & co Hoyden George EBorst John
Beecher A Boyes T W Bums X
ißebfia Thoma* Boywll John Burr si M
Beidcn William Bradley Lake S Porr SM& co
•Bcldlnc .I*co Bradley 11 Burro ugluAMren
Beldloe Frank Bradley Fredk • DarroushsEtucne
BellFC Brandon D F Barton Mae
BeQ Jamee 3 Brant E Bart Thomas L
Hell John major Braakey J C Bunrell W R
Bellalr baml Brett Joseph L Bunrood John
Bellajney Chas Brcde II Bash WII
Benedict MU Bramao John Bushey John
Deoidlci George Brennan Robert BuiUnel) mtjor
WS BrennanPhUlp - Satterfield Spet-
Betjamin G J Brei'auer Morris 2 cer
BtoJsnloE BrewsierWS Bailer JH 3
ikauictlC Brewster JU BoUerWmT
Brnnmgboff Ben* Brewster TVm Patrick E
ben Brices C Djrae Edward
CadwpllWßUam CblldsChaScapt CootGWaih
Cahill Leroy cast Chllos Charles Cooper John
Cahill Bat Chittenden Wm Cooper K
Cain Join M Heath Cooper WUUam
Csldi rit B Christy OB dr Corbett tVm 'V
Call EC CimrcbCP Corbin ArthurD
CallerderPMeart Church J (? Corbin K Lyon or
Caliecacr Wil Clnner Sllchael CoosuPlokneyit
Calnan John Clancy Daniel CorweU Lewis
Callow Edward Clapp John 7V2 Corwell II
Campbell It Aco Clap John Correll Daniel P
Campbell E Clark If C Gotten E
Campbell Wallace Clark S Cowpsr Edward
Campbell James Clark RO Cooney MD .
CampbeHJamesQ Clark D W Jr Courtney £ J
Campbell John S dark I) W Coyne Adam
Cabßrid Edmund Dark C M Orabirce Henry
Cannot, It M ■. Dark KIV Aco 3 Craig C W
Came Timothy D»r<e & sou Cramer ( hariea
Carbrey Patrick Darke F 8 ' Cramer It
Cardtamoel Clarkson s& co Crane KIV
Card Mil DearJamea Crano Michael
Carder Cil Deary William CrowtherOlT
Cardwell w P DclandD' * Crater A B.il 2
Cardy David DclandELdr3 Crawiord A rant
Care John Daasey M B Crawford & Dick*
Carendcr Oconto Clo«?y Dmotby okio
Carey A ClonmiJU Creamer JW
Carey A rev DangbcssyTlm- Creamer roomu
Carcili Sanmulß otby Dews Harry
CareiUOFZ CTowDavld capt2Crow McCreery
carllol‘ll Coates Albert & co
Cartla A J Coats Napoleon Crtxln Gro D
Carlin coohMD CriebtouLewM
CatlMe Wm 0 Cochran Fergus Crichton j
Carlton GL Colhnrn Get) W 3 ctlstmsn Daniel
CarpeatcrCharllo CoiharaWm Crittenden J M
Carpenter 1113 Colburn Marcel- licet
Casa Beniamin • las T Crittenden Feed
Our Darnel Colby Wm „ Croaker Nicholas
Cameo Henry C Colby Janies P Crockett I* 8
capt Cole Mortimer F Crogban B
CairollCbasß Cole Richard Cromwell SII
Carlisle Geo Cole Parker G LTonkinteChasll
CanerOMl Collins brothers Crosby WK
Carter tilt CoUtison James Crmi Diehard
Carter JW 33 Colnon Aaron P Cross Christopher
Carter J C Colvin Matt G i
CaryJE Combs Elliot Cross AO
Cate S C Commons Coo roe Crouch Walter
Cate Eaekett C Connell Henry M Crotnber QII
CaseAUred ConahaaCbaslr Cobbln William
CasileßHcol Cocc&traon Ml- Call Patrick
CaseyThosP cbael Culver WJ
cater 1 bos G Condon GF Cummings Ml-
Castfie Hatncn (WicWJ cbael
CMweULlt CooeJ Cunningham Ed*
Csttlay ft co Conner J IT ward
Cavalier Jovcph Conklin A J * Cmmlagham CE*
Cbace It W Connell Wllllitn Cmron Klcbard
Cb.iddackGeoE Connell Charles Cnrrao James
Chamberlain J G Connelly ftbpears Cnrlls David A
Cham bent John ConnellyJobnll CnrttasGeo U
Chambers HemrAConovcr II II Curtiss Joel It
Champion 17IV Conover H IlftcoCnrtlea WmD
Chandler France] Conrad G J Cortlts A B
CbaplnKD Const 11 CL Caching J M
Cbspmta Dennis Cooke 17 A Cushing John 17
CoarterMW Cook Richard E Coster John
Chase J n Cook R II Catting mr
Chased L CookJß Curler John 0
CbatfleldWamTlCoogeChasßdf Cotton JW
Chichester cau- CookCJ Covey Datid
ford H Cook Andrew Cowles ft Cramer
Childs Tberon T _
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Dackeruiao PhlllpDcmlng Cbas. capt
Dalton G P Dennis Christo-Doncherty Tbos
Oalzell Eobt ft CO pber 3 capt
Daniel Morris Dennis Joseph Dougherty Jaa 17
Dinlels John W Dennison W J Dougherty Phllan-
DarllngUcoß2 DeoslowVß dtr]
DawowCeoH2 Deal Samuel Donlltv Wm
Darrow James Devine Richard DowdwmV
Dart John Dewey Tlicut DownleAJez
Davenport DM Dewitt JN dr Downing T Mills
Davies JnoE profDeltnyTimothy Doyle Hugh
Davies John Mer-DftWolfftJeflerßOoDralce Lewis M
editb -Dearcli Henry Dressel George F
Davis Beniamin Dickenson Ul) Dresser UJ
Davis Thomas Dlcluon Silas Draper Eugene
Davis L S Dickson John Dresser Granville
Davis WmJ Dllian Wm- Jordan
Davis W J DIUoo John R Dromond AlUck
Davis Wm capt Dillon Wm . DryerDavld
Dawson Johns Dlnnon Michael Doamcl Peter
Day Frederick Dbnlnger John 0 Doczett Daniel dr
Day David DltmarsHVZ DnnaganJoho
-Day Wm Dodd j F Dunbar Francis D
Day Harvey Dodler Michael Dnnflcld C J
Dayton Mw Jr Dodge JC DnnhamGeoC
Dean R Dolan John Donbam ft Smith
Dean MS Dolan Francis Danish DA
■ DeanHorlbert Dull Herman DunoOW
' Dean 11 Dolton Andrew Dturning David S
Dean Peter Dona Leroy Heat Donning WC 2
OeceU Daniel Don Carlos TJ Dupre Julius V
Deliaven D ft son Dome Homy Dnrfrey B C
Dchrty Edward Doniln Edward Darke* ft Murray
Delano David Donnelly PetsrP Dnsenbnry JoUnG
Dell M M Pooling Peter Dotton Silas
Dem Prankllent Dorathy Axel Dy&cmanF
DemarestAC Dorr John P
Rail G A Eddy A®
Kastman TlenryF Elder Fllson
Engl cm in Melton
Eastman Charles EldrtdgeCJ Eraklne Parks
Eaton FN Elliot D Erl Joseph
Ebrot Albert E Ellis Charles A Ervin Stuart
EbrotJGA Kilt* George KeherJOrev
Ebrot John B Ellison Isaac Kebyorn Josephs
EckstromAFKestElptltkCharles Evans Samuel
Edwards EL Emmet Martin Evaas Thomas B
Eddy Bnrdctt Emerson Francis Evans Isaiah D
Eddy Albert H Km tv FA Co Evans William
Eddy A rev Emrtck Michael Excell Bohl 3
Fahey Thomas. FigherWU Foote Walter
F airman Geo Fisher Cyrus Font OS
Farmer 8 <fc Co FUher Oscar O FordChasH
Fanis worthJO dr Flake KnlghtACo Ford David Jr
Karnnm V* L Flake Chaa Ford T Monroe
Farqnbar JnomaJ Fink James Font L It
Farr Henry P FlthlaaWE Forrest Edwin
Farrer Georce B FlixgcraiastephenFowman J A
Farrell Frank II Si Forsyth RB
Fairou James Fitzgerald GamtFoss Horatio "
Farwell Jobs B U Fom Stephen L
Far-well Mr Fltzmaurice Pat-Fonett A
Faulks F.d ward rick . Foster O Lonla
Fayette Wm U Fitzpatrick JR Foster H
Feehaa James Hsrr Lyssader 3 Fowler Reuben Q
Fielder O Flannlgan P Jrer 3
Felton OR RattWK Fox*Graff
F treason Daniel Fleming L M Fraser James
Feme George A Flttcber John R Frazier William
Ferry 110 • Fletcher J R Fmier mc
Fled Johan Fletcher Erastttß Leod
Field John C Flood Hush Franklin dr
Field Dnme Flood Wj Freeman It P
Field 8 c Flower W H&D Frink Frank A
rubric John Ddrt- FroitßenryD
Finch W A FlowerH D m d 3 Fuller T W.
Finch WqO Flowers C dr Falter Samuel
Finley Thomas Flowers John Fuller * Myers
Fin naganl.ronurd Flynn Owm .. FnltoaAO
Flnnsganßarnard Foearty James Fnlton Henry C
Flsbback C Policy Harry capt -
Fisher Harry Foote Walter Frostier Edgar
Fisher James R Foote Brer
Gallagher James GltespleP Gregg AHarre?
Gallagher &co GUeepleD Gray William H
Gale Henry GHrsple JohnC Gregory Horace
GaleS y _ Gill T K Gregory James
GallcrberJW Gilmore John J Green JIT
GalushaAP , Gleason Anorew Grover «i H
GsmerCharlesL Glcaion Edward Green Edward
Ganw Jacob Gleeson UsrceUnsQretn Sami S-
GardnerJL GnglePC Greene DC
Garteld JO *• GoiaenCß_ . Greene OD col
Gardeid Fredll Goldsmith H . Greenalch John
Garland JC * GoldsmithPhlllipGreenman Silas
Garland John C Goodlsnd John Greenmiui WO-
GarllckDaniel Goodrich AG ' liamll<
GarraJnmt A„, Goodrich Alpbon-Creeoway Sebas-
Garrison * Blan- k> lian
. chard GoodridgeAO Greenwood Charts
Garrison nO dr Goodwin C P . Greer Wil
Garrlty H . Gonnly W Griffin SB.
Gulin Jerry • Oordan D P Griffin mr
-GasnGeo W Cffidap Joyce • Griffis WmR
Gash Geo B . OoreJU_ Griffith Bock A
'Oaylord'LF - . Gorman Martin QnggsA
Gaylord LF -GomsleyWjUlsmGrtgesCbaaß
Grfi) * Aciennan Gonnsley Jereml-Griswold £ R SCO
Gillespie ah • . Griswold A S
Gentry R GonldFW Grossbeck Jonah
OctWnWTHism -GonroaFrankn -G
Gchen * Warren Gowaa Jas Edr Grover capt
Gibbs GW capt. Graham John M Groves Allen
GlbcosFobtcapt GrahamStepheallGroveston Wta n
Gibson Jon M- GronawO • OonieFH -•»
GlbMm'WilllareCOrmtDQßald QnlltrerWmC
Gilbert FamlU Grant James M- OnunWJ
< Gilberts 6 • Graves EH: :• OunSoySß
GQbert William CGray R 8 Gone Oeo W i
. Gilberts John ; Gray Joslah GucLavM •
QUesßenryß:-GrayUlchadß QuioamaXa
Haddock Chi* '—nJfTTgoli - *
Hawley prims .. «*JaadJta»« ■
HidleyLT -
Hslch-Henry - Haword AlerJ Holbrook D• "
Halner F • Hayner Amasiab /loWen Ipsac B .
Halcomb Geo B Hays John L HdDlchfdr ' !
»*Je Jerome • liny* 6aml D HolildayAdam 1
Hayward Aeo : Holmes A B . .
Hayward SH ■ Holmes Albert ;
2 « n? ,ri Hayward rllcoy Holmes Lewis .
Robert Haywood»H BoltChasF v ••
* v Haywood F 3 Holts A Field* •
HtwdEJl • -Holton George i
fj"! l *?* Arthur Healy LncltuM Remans SB .
Uamblcton Chalk-Hearns -Then HoDrylßmT
_J°y • Heart D ir. - Hooo Georaoß j
fiSgfgo” JSyS'iP SSKSSi
{SSafiii “SSSiS.TO. llSSLiu' ■ I
Hammer Geo capLHenrlejrsou HcnryUorn L J
HanmieabefßGod-HearyJ A -• HornerJotoW {
* Hcnm Alenao BomerJohn- I
HailockJolm Uevelim Michael HortoaLßS :
Hammond OG Herman P Hooker J M ;
Hanjoond RaUj-HcrbirtonDanlel Hoatner LFL •
ealelK Ilcrilnc mr Howard JJ i
HerabeyJs Howard Frank W
Haran Albert Hesemer Daniel Howe Tobias 1
Handiest JameaHHetherineton X AHowe Joseph «
. HetzcilJ Howe Jabez C
HatecjkCbnaA Hewnt>*eary Howesjobn •
Hannifin Michael Hldiard Wo H Howland Hiram
Haubnnr Wo Hibbard George SHoyermsnioo }
Hanson John captßlckeyEdmond HoostonAO • I
Hansen H Hickey Thomas Hoyt Warren F- ' I
nSW^* 1 • P 1 . 0 * s * l dr ' HobbardMrin >
Bare! A H H leans mr Hubbard A O
Uarklo Daniel HljacanaChartes 3 Hnbbara Walter
Harms ebas AHl*etasmr HubbsrdJobnß
-WPt . _ Blßnußlnott Hubbard K 9
Harper JJ! HiKleraraescaptHubbwdjp
Harper toward HicblMelleoC HnbeU A
llaningum Char-Hill Henry Hnet J P
He. _ IHH Thomas C Huff cant
Hants Thomas Hill Kadr 2 Hushes Patrick '
Harrison 9 J Hill FA Hughes John 3
Harrison Thos n HUIEDcoI Hushes James 2 :
Hairlsoa John 8 Hinckley SL - Hoftha oThomas
Hatrl»on John Jr Hinckley P&CO numphrcyWmU !
HartXewtonF limes A HomohrcrCH <
Hart George A Hinton B ‘ , Handley R v
HartCbaa -. • Hlpsou Delos BcntJas
HartGustami Hitchlns Henry HunterEG-
Hart 1111 &co , HoarlandAndrewilmitinatoa Law-
Harvey James Hodge Wm C . son G
MaliesoQ Hodge Edward HoritmtßH
Harvey Fiank Hodge Albert Hnrd L) 2
Harvey &HawßOnllodpemaaChasF Hurthat W 3
Harvey AG Hoey Michael Hussey Jas
HafsWm Hotfcapt Hussey JokO
Hastings mr Hotßntn Michael Hatchings c F
Hatchueorgo W HolftnanChas Hutchinson K K
Hatch John H Hoffman Clms A 2 Hutchinson Adam
llaroy Patrick - Hoean Patrick Holton N m
Hawes Eirtland Honan John 2 Hyde AP •
HawklnsoD&Ens-HojMnPatrick Hyland JJ
berg Bogle AM
• I
IbbotsonThomas Insraham Wo B Ivpi B F
Ilsley J R Irvin Robert
Ingham HB IvtaGtoA
I vis David
Jackman William Johnson S B Joaos Wm E
Jackson Jas A Johnson Sontord Jones VH
Jackson James R Johnsoaßlch’dM Jones Patrick
Jack&on Frauds Johnson K M Jones Thomas
Jackson AW Johnson cant 8 Jotea Thomas '
Jacobs Morris Johnson C U Jones J C
James .Too H Johnson CT dr Jordan James 3
James Thos B JohasonAiexandr Jordan Charles P
Jenesonßj Johnson AW Joy James F 2
Jenka Howard Johnson TJ JovcoJ H
Jecnluea bamnel Johnston Wm S3 Judd Levi
JecntngaPW Jones James H Judd Henry P‘'
JenulngaJD . Jones AKP Judah Charles D
John mr Jones XD * Daniel
Johnsou John Jones BL „ J odioa E iVlcaf ow
Johnson Bam!
FtamttKdM KeDyRF Kimball* son.
Rasson James S KsllyJohnA KiaeadeJ * ,
Hasson Catvtn U Keilman U KtadrickStephen
Kates Geo U 4 Kendall L dr Kug William
KavanachDadley Kendall K 0 King Jallaa a -
Knurr F Kennedy Huab Kingman K BY*
Realty James Konncoy Owen Kingsbury O 8
KvtmyJameaS Kenkei Henry. ElnneyAJ
Kcsrnrvl’at KeiaJ KlnterßF
Keene Edward Kent John - - KlrfcWm, .
Keen. Mi'S * co Kenyon David B' Kirk * Haines
Reese W R Keyes Irving Klrkman MM
Keith C w lUbbicr Jacob Kirkpatrick - Mor-
Kdihcapt ■ Kldston Alex rtt
KcUhNR Kiefer John KUlredge IliraroC
KcltoggJolisLdrKleleyßobertT KnowlesDi!
Kellogg 3 F Klldcrß W KuightUenrycapt
Kellogg Dan H . Jiillca WmJ Kalght Philo W
Kelly ASS r
Lacy Frederics LcacbAS LltchflcldTE'
ftmrgcr Joseph LoeEA Lober Charles 0
Loin Robert LoomAJor Lobeaj John
LambWT Lee Wiu L Locke N 8
Lamos Clmr.cey 2 Lee IIS Lockett Jcjsc -
Tamjcn WUlardlll.w Charles I/OckoyJames
Lar outer Kim LeeRA Lodge Geo R
London Join Lefleo Charles Logan, Uncock
Laudoußll Legs ffm capt &co
Lane Ben LesgJamcs Lombard WmC 3
Laae Albert C Lvichton F. W Lombard hro’a
Lace £ Lemmon Lee Lonertran Michael
Lane Thomas LemmD Aaron LongWmJ
Lane .las C l.cnaoa Patrick 2 Lone C F
Langdon Wo H Lennox George Long & Dwight
cant Levcne WL Larch L
Lance Leonard A LevettWm 8 Lord C F
LanfelPC Charles Lewis Fred Lovell FndS
LuiirmsnlJF Lewis EUR Lovelesi Canny
LatneEll Lewis It K Loaghr*n Patrick
La'tCha* Libby Daniel Low James E
LathropC AS UcbtcOberittrCTLow WII
Laihrop Li-o R Llrtrymr LowcWUl
Latimer JC LUUejr Matthias Lowell LL
LawrcnceTJ -Lloerencapt Lown Robert!
Lawler Fenton Llnirren SP _ Lnnd Joseph N
Lawless Patrick LBiklafter JO Lundy .fames
Lawrence doctor Lino It Lyon W •
Lawtlier James E Jjvcrpnol OeoW Leuley A Camp*
Lawtber F-mmet idtsetulen Stephen bell
Layton UP -
McAlUfaJaraesMcDonaM JK McLean William
McAndrtwj WB-McDonald P -McLanaMA
' Ham ’ McDonald James McLrau J D
' Mcßecn Chas 3 JsmcsMcLrio Dwlcht
McCabe John , McFarland JS MeLlndcn Ajrthnr
McCall Peter McFnrde Mr . McLoou Robert L
McCarthy DcnnU McFtllom John McMlli-u K J
McCarthy Joha McGUUcu.ldy JaiMcMUlm fiaa
VcCarthjMichaeJMcGraw AudrcwMcMtllcn Flnylni
: McCarter Sir capl .J
WcCartr Dennlt McGraw nenryMcNamara WJI
- Edward McN?oce John
McCoryUß Mctlwalae.l S McSaoght Doah
' Ncfawiey James McKenna I*atrlck F 2
; McCclllgott l*at AlcKi-azle John SlcNuUyTcrrcnce
McChetocy cant McKay Gsorgo'UMeNmtyJ
McCtrmon John S cast McKetlec Duncan
JilcClrtlaa J NMcKUIIp D D McN'nllP John
; .Ueut McKmdlsy WU-McltayFrank
iMidevey Robert Uao . WcsweeneyJtmes
McCloudsC ' McbcauOthoL McTlgue Sllchael
• McClntcAC cenMeLarcn John XlcVeauftCo
'McCreery Bobt McLaughllu JobnMeVea Samuel
iilcfune James'! McLan«hlloJ . McWhtrtrr David
'McCtmirJohn MeLouvbllnFraD-MeWililams Ba.
• McDonald Mr cia _ M.D. ,
McDonaldMatbcwMcLoogU'D PetcrMcUc try J B C
;Slack Jeremiah Mat Meson John Mitchell Mlebaei *
\ Mackey AO MaUhrwThtodofeMJroerJobn ■
Biscv bflvsntu MsttbewaJG M<iboney JD C
Mad’duck £ N Wattbowsoo Fiel-Morlzan, Ueade
Mxenon P ll' den A co
Mahon Francis Matibewson Wm Mollonoy Patrick ■
- Maitland Jos 11 Matterd C F Monroe li f cant
.Matcombstephen May AD Montzooery Guo
Maloy Patrick Mav F Moalgomcry Eil
Mancticeter B O MnyThom.l3 Jamis
1 Mender John j MayoJ'B MoonJW
JlejmFC Maypole Frank Mooner Dcolsjr
Mofinimy B1 Ctpt UWnißokrt
Manioc James Mcacbuns Keyes Moora Daniel a
Macseli J II Mend Edtrcrd Moore Abner
'Macsoo'O MtadWmG. Moran Kmll&co
■MantlUeChesP JU-astr IMV Mnran Edward
, Man warning John Msan.LW Monm Kmll
iMapreJohnll Mm* John w Momm James
Maple, IF. vcldelJ C Morand Joseph
March Geo L Mthodyl* II Morganaeo
MaraltsGco M:c«on Frack A Murmur Naihan
Marlon B M-rgao Charlie
,Marte‘Dick MrikaifeUeoW MoreheadUeoß
*Matianir MerlenJcha Morley Robert W
t.Marlln .1 D Merrill Oilman Morris A*co
Marho Room L Merritt N T Slorrli Krao
Marsh V B a ro . Merritt A co Morrison tVm M
.March Perry U Mens Maurice A Morri-on a J
Marsh Isaac sen Morrow n it
Ma«eb J P3 Metcalf Clarence MorseGeo u
Ma:»h J T II Morse Wo’
Marshall David MmsarOeoA Money <rn n
MartinWm&P Meals OU . Mould It K
.Martin James Michel* DU Moor Stephen
Marlin W&co MlddtlJC Mulrheod George
Martin S E2 Miller CT- MuTenjw
Martin George H Miller Charles Mullock* Mason
MarttnGeorce MUlerCiman Malvina John
Martin James Miller wnilam W MundlnAlcxnnder
.Martin B|del M'llor M M Monger A A
Martin ML Miller Leo hoa Manger John M
Martin 1,11 Miller John Muon *aml
Masher Thomas Miller Alfred MunnCharloi
Mason All Mll'-aMT Munson CK
M;snnAß . MllllkaxJH Munson SD
Mason A Brow* Mill* Wm It ‘Murray James
neH 3 Miner S R • Murphy 1*
iMa»nCn Mtocr Daniel P . Murphy RG
.Mason Hit-hard Mincle Joseph Mnasclman Hiram
MrsouTbomas . . Mlntr James U ilymED
Maaon mr Mitchell Erode* Myers A D
MatheneyWM rick Myers David
WaiiKTtromet Mitchell Henry- Myers H
Malbcson Alcxr ilitchelLlcrotae Myera James
Kale John rev Newsome KphrimNoble J C
Neal David A •-Newton Khan a Koeklnj
Ne&JL«.h»mes Newton KW NolfUAlleat
•NeUI Edward Newton Eddy Kuonao Patrick
•Kelli JC Mcklln Samuel Norboo L
Ndton David TV Nlcholt K n capt Norris ffm
Nrlscn Ffttnncl Nichols Wm D Kortham W?
Kelson John Mehols IIJW Northam Cyrus C
Kerlr mr' Nichols Edward ENorton (> A
NeUiMon AmosllSlchols Krasina Norton Joseph Jr
Kfitleton Cbas capt . Norton M
Kevin AN Nichols Naham NoitonL
Newbury George Nicholson SamnclNorwood J
Newell sTIhUm Nipt John Norwood Fred 17
Newkirk George Noble ft Hale . Mottor li H 2
Newkirk liana Noble a Udr
Ohert Edward Otis Thomas C CVCoaacr John G
Olbert Blt bon Owen ftbro O’Conner Tbos
OUphantJohn B OwenJ W . O’flradyJoba
OlrafjneAA Owen Lft C ft co O'Hanloo Doyle
Grndorf George FOT.rtan Thomas O’Hara I* E
.OnlsCI) - O'BytneDanl • O’HarcT
Osborn Jl7 o'CaUahairP ft J O'Kelly Francis
Osborn Irvlile L O’Connell Tbo* O’Neill Matthew
OtbornG IV O'Conner PatrtckO’SomTan J
Osgood SJ 3 O’Conner Wm 3 O’Sullivan John
O’lrandcr John TVO'Connor John O’SnlUyanß
Packard J T Pemberton Wm Pogue Andrew p
l*alne J M Heat Pendleton Joseph Pollock rhlUo
pA-mer William Pcnketh James Pomroy J
Palmer ft Ci&rk Pennell Cyrus H Pomeruv C C mal
I’aJmerNß Pepper Pat - Pool J II
Palmer Charles pepper M Pope.Toha
Palmer A K capt Perage WC PortWß
j'antelen mr Pertain Jonathan Porter Frank G
Parker J PcrklrsChorlcaO Porter Ira
Paikerllenry PrrklnsJohn* PorterlraorFraak
l*arkcr Francis >7 Ptrklns L II Porter Abraham
Parker ft Thomp- Perkins NormnnL Post M k
. ran PerryWmcaptS J’olterSeth
PamlyßD PcirvWmF Potter NaThrup
Parnaby Wm Perry Wm H ft co 2
panotiJ cant Perry ED capt PolwlnWß
'Parry John!* Pcthybrldgr. II p I'ooll M
Panh&ll Jonathn Petlf A capt Powell Geo
Felons Edr 3 Peyton George Powers John 2
Pcrtrick Jamra 2 Phelps Lyman Pratt c Newton 2
pswhallTHowftrdPUetpsN P Pratt E M
Paten Luk« Phillips Cyrus Price J P
PuilckJohn Pbtl'CpaDl* PnccßP
'Patterson btcpbcnPUlillps Henry G Price John N
h PhUUps Walters Price Joseph
PaynoE B ITielpsMA. PriceWUllam
I'ayr.c Kit PlckclChv.es Pritchard Ira
prabodvDO IdcrceThoa Prlndtviae Mar
peach tv B iTerce W L tagh
PealcrJD McicbOW&co Prior Thomas 2
peaiceWL irkeßW Pronafoot p.
; Pearsall R N ITllabuir AN 2 Proutz Charles B
Pearson A L Pjtman Thomas J Prorn J S2
pease H col intts Hiram Prnyn John
pease loiter M Malt W A Pntnsm C B
peck William Plummer HL PotterJotan
peck Wm U
Saeen James Quick Simeon ■ Qnlolan Wm
ulun Frank QalllerThomas
Randall RB RhucerUTcapt Bobbins James
Randall E . Rice J Aico Rockwell Rr 3
RandallAmo* BtceOS Bockwood tl S
Randolph WS Bice 1111 brevet mM
Banner ArthurTVHlce EdwardC RodgeraTvmC
itiinnwr capt nicenm Rodgers wc
Ransom John L lace Nelson .. Rogers FS
RatUeJD Rich Eugene Borers James D
Bay Thai V.ftco Richard Oeonre -noacraWra U
Bar John Rlcharas Horace-Rogera Ariel
Raymond Waller M • Rogers Charles
ij Richards & Pro Rombaner u cast
Baady John Richards IIM Rolooon Robt
Rnuly Michael Richards J AHen Boot George T
Reardon Matthewßichards James RoseCtmE
Reason William Richards JIT Roselle John W
Kadllck Henry O Rlchatd«m A Rosenberg Wm
lleea Joseph ll KlcbtneAlexM Itou Bike Car
Rttd Horace Riswdr Boss Hector
Retd N it IM-««L8 Rowell Jacob
Retd Royal rev IJordao Dennis Rowland J G
ReedFredcrtckL2Rlpley John n - Boyer Sam’! prof
KcedJ P Rlpllng D i • Biggies B M
Beep William luscJames . mage -
Reeve B f Rivers S Rnaloo espt
Reeves Isaac T Roach James Rusco Wm
Reeling George Roach Walter Rushmero Cbas B
Belly Patrick KoaroerChasF üßuss David
Riley Wm lioates Henry Hassell Joseph
Reeter John Roam fcamael Htuseil John W
Remington Sri* Roberta Robert O Russell John
VttierS RobertsJohnF RnuellHu
RcmsworthßF RooertJames3 Bossed Wa H
Rtnno’usWE Robin bsmnel Baasell Abbey &
Kesirnm Pam'l RmblniLH co
Remolds ell Robinson EE RnasellAletk
Reynolds Rlram Robbins dr. Rost UN 3
Reynolds James Robbins M Whonßyan John
RhlneizDflerFTVSßobWns ATV ByanH
Rhode* R ' Robbins James Ryan John TV
Rice Wm BUlings Robbins J K Byan John
7 Bobbins US . Booder U Q
■ H
Pathcre Thomas Sherwood W T Spoo John
SammonsTbomaiSblpley . Samueiepoor Austin W
Sampson K. R2 __ SprlnccS
Sampson Joseph Shire O Springer G A
SsmnelfAlex ShlptouJotan SqolerSA
Anbom Isaac el- ShoHyC da SqnierAT
aer Shuman George Staflbrd, White *
Sanborn G G Shuster Jacob - co „
Sanders C M Shuster Jos Starr C
Sar ders Jeff Sibley P K Stayner Frank S
Sanderson hi t< . .Sickles lohitß Steal John* co
Sanger Chas'H Sickles JR* co Stephens mr
SancerX Simmons Colum-Stephens 1> WC3
Satcbell George bus _ Stephens James G,
Saunders Geome Simmons Wm stem Wm
Baundrrs EdgarA Skinner E a Stevens Qoorgo
garage Henry 11-Slaier 8 Stevens ErastusC
T* . Siatt'ry Mathew Stevens Sn
SaXChcTCdr -ElaugbierAO Sttvens John
Beales Joseph. 8 Sletpcr 8-I StevenaWaiT
Scott W-B-. Elecccr Michael StevcoaL-ieret
Scott G A'capt Sloan George ■ • Sterrts ± Frjet
Scott Cbasß-- Smaa Janes Stewar i Rolun
Scovlllr Joseph.. Smith Jfrtd. Stewart Roys!
ScovUleAK .
Scr.vUUAU . SmUhK F St «vrart II L
Scbixck Scol Smith AlletiD Stlckcey Chtancy
Pchoteld EIW» FmltbVauJ 2
PahtnnauChasF Smith Philip r-. tmckneyAC
St-rlhccrSaxnlK SmithCS Stiles RD 2
Scrthner SA > - Stiles Edward
Beaman Joseph EmlthGO biillmao Frank
Seaman E C .. Smith Peter RfollChai
ISricAlvaP Sauitne . StollA~
ScarsPs .. ‘ sroneWmß
SeaTeyGeorgo TJ. Smith kn BtooeMyronM
' Seeley Moses "• BmllhEß- StoneAJ
Sei:erA.wif • SmtihEO - swweii Henry P
BcverenceGeorge Smith Samuel Stowell John D
■ ii • ...... - smith Sam Straw JC
Beiton.tohn...smtm Ceorgo. StrauonJS '
SeitonA smith Grover Streeter OD
ghaftJiCMr - smith George s StroogwnuftxaS
BhaccrA- Smith-HomerA Bfcrickler J D 4
Sri to non Jobs - ' Smith Beery O • bros ■
SfiaJkPTTTionjM Smith Jacob L StrykerZdwardO
WrtsQ-emithJsmo if- Strjksr step’a pr
FbeahtnJbrtaUhSmtth John Stuart HOiiam
ShesdyWm . - ■ Smith John L- BtnarlDidley I
HidhrDan Bml.hWm StOmre Johns I
SUffpaW Joseph Smith Marshall SSugc * Loxler
SbeparuDaTiu Smith, Dlard * eosntcllife Will
ShepardßeuJamlnSaythe P A »|- Sullivan James
_H , Smlthera Henry SnTUvko JW
Shepard BF& co anmnnicr a q Snltao John
snepwd Nathan Snell AG - Swain Tims
Shepherd Robert SnowwhJteCeMcrSweei j il
Sherman Jallaa Southerlm JF. Swift Chas
xad gouthwlck Jco 5 Swill J f
Sherman Lyco*. Soward JobnL SwlsherAß
_■ Sylvester Geo T7
'heraanFrankDSpaldhagJohn L SvlrcsterChas
ShtnaaaßTbompSpaldlDffß2 . Sweczeißtca
, «ni ' „ ' £P«r Pbineaa Shipley SamuelßS
ShcrvuAH&co Spencer Joseph
" T -
•Tiber J W . Thomas Jam«B TRton Charles i
Talbert tTU.lam ThomasHtcholas Titos A M i
Talbot Jll nrromVA P Tobey Frank B I
Talmage David ThomasCN • ■ -Tobey Cbas
Tacnahlll SamoelThompsoQ Colom-TonipkltM Jaa H
Tan per William -hua-G Topllffcbss .
TapptvCC Thompson Jm- Tonlettj H . •
Taylor Sidney B ‘ mert dr-• •' Tower Cairtn " •
' TaylorLß, Thompson James To wrier Theodor a
Taylor gillie B 2 , . Tracy Thomas •
f TaylorJeapl Tbcrmp?«jM Tracy Oeorcel/
Taylor Dan'l ' Thompson Peter D
Taylor CJ ores Tracy Jo-l ir
Taylor Chas Thompson MarrinTrspnagen P 8
Twior A Thompson AibertTtapp John H
Taylor AC Thompson Oscar TrAyeaWm
Taylor A Thompson JosephTrenlllon John
Taylor Joseph capt • • Trimmer JB
Taylor John &co Thompson SR Trip.ott Tnomar
Taj lor T4 co Thompson Cbaa Tripp William II
Taylor. Sant* CbThomaou A WU- Tripp C C
Telford Alex Hams Tusker ffm P
Templeton GccrsoThomjonSH TockerWm
. TennykL Thorne Edwin Tackett & Pettit 1
Tenor Ames Thornton A P Tackhom IT
Terry John ‘ Thorpe E R Tamer S
TlmyerAß TlmmonEQ TumerGA
Thomas EP - TlchnerACsi Tomer Robert ■
Thomas Edirer S- Tierney Patrick . Tomer tieorcc
Thomas Fred THUngotst Lucian .
Thomas HT -C
UkAB „
Vadcr Wm S • Vllktm David 8 F
Vancecar Israel D Con > Van Doreu A n
Varwall John n Vogtrin George > Van Warme W J
Varney Bowman Von J R Capt
Vest Jack Van Alltn JVaSosdell John M
VeiveerT II Van AllfenJeromcVan i’attcn
VlnemtDW Vanßmon'E - drew •
VmltuGeoW VanßoreaOll VsxSlykeJß
VUitcn A A Sons Van de Laadt D PVau Wagcner Q
Van Wyck Frank
WadsworthLewlsWebster John • Wiley Wm-
L ■ ■* Weed Frank Wilds K F
WadswortbChaAlweers Ceorge H Wiidie William H
Warner Henry Welch PN Wlllets Im £
Wain John - Welch T 8 WiUlamj Ueorire S
Waite ET Welsh Lockwood col 8
Waite Loren T D WOUatnaßc
■ Waite Wayiand Welder Frank Williams B
Waite William Wells W R Wiliams j n
Walie Alonao Wells HP Williams FI L
Walto U W Wentworth H W Williams P
Waite Henry - WernlP - WlUlamaCH
Walce Thomas West Abe Williams A P
Walden BM Weatcapt Williams David
Walker Joe W eat H T 2 Reece
Walker BA Co Westfall Henry Williams Thomas
Walker Christo Wharley MaltfiewWiniaros
_j>h« WhealoaJoiia Wilson* Smllh
Walker Robert S Wheatly John Wilson FQ
Walker Frank D Wbcaton Fdwto WitsonJO '
Walker Francis J Wheeler S P Wilson John?
WsUPmrlck ’Whalen WC WilgoaJoha«
Wallace JamesMWheeler Ktsphen Wilson Andrew J
Wallace Wcant Wheeler James HWiiaonC/L *
Wallace Wm K. Jr WhlslerFraak Wilson OL* co
Wallace W T Whittaker FnnkWutso Martin
WailochL j WmJ w '
W»!1U *Co Whitcomb How-Wlntcr W W
Wallom C ll ard Winters James
Walsh Patrick B WtiUe J A Wlsser Heur
Walters David White JP gen v>utChas
Wutton James DWhlus Joseph Witte Chss
&Co White Moore C Wolcott a
WaLzerJtmeaM White & Thomas Wolcott Chaa
Ward John orWhlieAW Wold John
- Uozb - Wlilto N Frank Woldson John
.Ward Samuel A While John T 2 Wolfe John D
Ward H C WbUthiU George Wolf Robert
Ward batnoel . 'W Wolff John B
Warn KB WhttihonsoWmTWolfTp W
Warner Samncl UWhileman WIJ-Woirord Albert 2
Warner BJ Ham H Wood George R
Warner Henry D Whitman EB Wood T Ban too
.Warren SR WhltmaChasE Wood Albert
Warren C C Whttmar»h LotzlsWooU X D
Washburn EetJbealVhltcey Hoary C Woodward D A
WashingtonLloydWhltney John HWoodward Wll-'
Waterman Jdr • Whittle D Web* Hard -
Watklrt Stephen sler Woodbury J n
WatkinsOT WlbertWm Francis
Watkins A P _ Wlckllffe JosephilWoodman John E
Watts william 5 bent Woods Orceoleaf
Warts John or An-Wlgptns D W - W
drew WrTsht AmbroseSWool D D
Weals George wiTHord lid: col Wootacott John
Wear© John F Wllhanks RAD ZWort GL* co
Weaver NlcholasWllber John, Worth Levi
Weaver Adam WllburJ Wrleht A L
Webber G D WllhUT B F Wright W H
Webber Frank Wilcox Silvester Wright Samuel
Weber Johns ' Wdrox Krastas WymanßlchardF
WebcrTD Wilder CP Wyscott Uemy
Webster GW dr - 4
Tanlcs James A Young Nathan Yoons Charles S
Yates P Yoons W\v 3 YoangChrlitopher
. 7t
Zlnnamon J W
A M Me 2 UAH
: Aeoordla Lodes 977 Howe Truss Bridge Co
Agent Sarnia Line Machinist
American Broom Co ■ Withoa Lodge HO
Blair Lodge 393 Manufacturer or Dealer In
i Btaaey Lodge 271 Deullls
CJC MerchaaMl
Cant Comdg Co B 13th VetPetmlemn Gas Co
Res Corns. Pilgrim
Chlcaco line Co Proprietor Pate bin's Msg*
Chicago Dltchtasr ft Bpa-. netlC Oil
dm* Machine Co ‘ RWA
Chicago Paper Collar Man* Uahtush Lodge Kb S3 T O
nTy B B
Commander of Mil Prison Bed Line
dSSS s S r “’ ncr Loa -' a mr A
Secy Oriental lodge Ho
33 3
Snpt N W Dir National Ex
press Co
Union Neva Co
Western Agency of Kirby's
KdHors Commercial Ad,
Family Gem Sewing Ma
chine Co
GD3 Am Jlanejicrs
Great ‘Western Business 59 Claris «rcet (op Btalrs)
Agency 51 s Water etr
Get! Freight Office . DoxW
Gen Agt Chicago Accident
> aioirhll. iB6O.
775—J Erictsoo
771—Cornelia Qalreraon
775 K Unbolts
776 Kaven Bejseien
777 Kar L Jorgensen
7»—Anton Anderson
779 — Cbrisil&a Olson
780— Tclepb p Wetutob
781— lians Peterses Lev
783—Andrew Tbompson
Rl« •
733—C Asp
7si—Serenn Gaaderaoa
783—Her J Xlveddiog
786-Sreana Mull
7i7—F Corsica 2
'S'—-Mrs Larson
17(0—S Olson
1790-J Leonard Sllsoa
I7sl—Jgehalle Olsen
IVt— L U OluuoO
. 753—.1 Dim L Jobss on
791—Swon Swenson
79*—Jens Halverson
797—«ets5 llilrman
■ 7J9—Mr Olson Ttcbenor
laO-Cspt.tf Wltjerg
March 11,1806.
l lfn-Mannel Arnnur
I id—Xsver Ulerr
: IM—CUas ile Looze
K>>-Msfgr*lh Uefraas
ICC—Jolm Le Grand
WB—T Parse
Prom March 4, to
i— Anders Jor&en Lsd-
"18-AA Sameland
7IS —O Toreten Mokrtbed
75C—Hans Peter Bolllox-
• 731—Anders OHara
: 75J-NG Wilson ■
TSS—A P Swenson
7M—Martha Christensen
755—Benjamin Erickson
. 750—r Jantaon
737—01e Iverson Praste
, • .esarden
73P-A. B Holm
739—T Larieo
"CO—Amt Hnn«on
’ 761—Mela tamlstlaufcn
7SJ—Gertcrr Landgren
7Cs—Karin And‘rjson
7C4—P Am: Code
7C9—J A Swldman
TCC-Jonca A Mar joa
767—J Pederson
7i;<— Macs I’cdcrson
7CJ—Aoz Knbure
7‘.o—CaptM Gunderson
771—Andrew Ancorsoo
771—Edward Enntsun
From march 4 to
153—Mr Labonlhar! I
157—(hretlean Arena pole
liS-Plerre Plettchet I
Iki—Tetopbtr Honda I
iro—Enoere Jontozzt ;
151—Joan Baptiste Fattier I
[ 4 j—John nazjrcnioe
14J— Antnony uvtamcH
U—Joan hiereoa
S3—Klaas Jana IHnztnga
40—Aart Swets
41—Jbohan Kopeumeler
: Htt of to the Ist of
17H p. ro.; trom November
m. illl 7 p. m. The vestF
119 o’clock p. m. Do Son*
—Office open Irom the
KoTc-mber. from 7 a.m. till
Ist to April Ist, from 6a.
bole will remain epeu until
days from 8X a. m. till ION
JDomcstic Sru ©oobs, &c.
384&886 BROADWAY,
Furnishing' Goods,
aim, xonen
We Invite the Attention ol Dnycrs from all
Elections ct the Union* fehl3ml9-l3t-M*ffAr*3p
UHL & 6IHON, Jr.,
380 Broadway, cor. TTliitc-st.,
Domestic Dry Goods Commission Merchants,
Bare now In store the following Goods, viz.:
Kentucky Jeans*
Doable and Twist Cass*
All Wool Tweeds*
Shirting Stripes*.
Apron Checks* Ac.
We have also on. consignment
ol the well known seal of
Elastic Duck*
Brown Duck*
Blouse Linens*
Farmers* D sills*
- Dock Contlng*
Colored Alpacas*
Tjtnrk Alpacas* Arc*. Are*
To which we Invite the attention of buyer *.
fe2l tn&s3l3t Sp
Frrai CLisa2Co.7Jo»Mnrchl.l,ii, iscj.
TO. 10. 21, S5, 50, SI, al I?. R. 1A 01. 13, CJ.
’ Claw Ko 2TO, March ITy^isot.
S5. 01. 17, «, 21. 'A SO, *iy 3C, 7, 22, 23, 58,
mflft 3p
236 & 238 ZaA3tS STHBOT.
Depot qu/Uitermaster j s
OFFICE. ■' _
QBIWGO, TR n March 16th, ISCK. }
Room No. 5 Garrett Block* > i
Southeast cor. Ttaadolph and state si*. ) ■
Sealed Proposals wiu be received until the Sdth
stout* for (he of all. water pipe now In the
ground at Camp Dohxlai and vicinity. Proposals to
state the price pjrninclcejoot. ,
L. H. PkiRCE, Brt, Uent.
mhl'pSHV QaartermMMr t ViSiA, <
Heter.jet EqiHled.-^lokvsoa’i*
EnaujiATjo cojEForje,* la r the. • effectual cnraor
JlbeiuaslUin, Neuralgia, 4c. It Uan Lntbxxaj. R«*
KDT.aod ever; way ropeitor to nay Luft»****.° r
•‘nrmiLßttxDT* ever- offered u> the public.* at
hundreds of persons can testify. We coasdeailoasly
lecomi&ead ft to an atßlcted u possessing great
tiolitir all droottet*.
Wholesale Druggists, 10 Lake-st, Chicaro, and Drug
gists genera ij, - ■■ aM»psw
- ABioken Down System.
,■ There If a disease to which lie doctors give man;
names. bat which few of them understand. Itlsslm
pie ireaboess-a breaking does of the vital fortes.
Whatever lt» causes (and they are lno7aaable>. Its
symptoms are In tbemHa the same. Among tbo mojt
prominent are extreme ÜBStraie. lota of appetlto. lo«
offiwb.acd mattnenialdepreisloa. Indftjrstlon aaa
aSTosucn Corea arc al'o ffPiu'ntly concomitants
oftblsmatrcadura ateofbodys>dofmtm!. Tbeccm*
own remark Id relation to persons In such acoodllton
Is, that they are eoosmapttve. Nov, what these no*
lortocatM reaUr tract Li viooe—txtai/ srnxern; and
as certainly as aiwu succeeds darkness theycia rera
perate their systems and reran perfect henlth by* re
BITTUfIS. It 1* nsclcnrthata llfcrertrlu? Tor-lcb
required In such cases, as that the drier flame ot an
empty lamp requires to be rerired with a new supply
of oil. Pern'll; purr* and innocuous. cmUalnlnr noth
ing but the tnotC genial vezeuble es r nct<, and coni'
hiring the three yrano elements of a stomachic, sa at.
Irratire, and a rbnls! turtcorant. DOS fETTKITB
BITTiOtS are suitable to all constitutions, and areas
applicable to the diseases and disabilities of tSa
feebler sex as to thoacof men. mhlSprtrtWt u tt.»»
HtTlnir been cored of &bennstorrbea by a celebrated
physician. and obtained to* met bun of irsatccptiM de
sire to seed 0 offerers from scir-abose the ueaas by
wbleb they ran be nennane&lly cored. All ccmmonf
cations coiifldcntUl. A<idre&« with aiamo. w.tLrSTAK
: LET, P. O. Drawer 6-1 S3. CKtcago, M. qii
Ur* ISiselow
h ♦heeatrPbraldaa as a Specialist now in thei*r
thatcaa be entirely relied upon.
suffer .Dicease to remain In year systaai7'<l7ilUur7uS s
your faceand body, besides destroyingyonr happi’-eii*
And future prospects In life. Ho has made personal
disease nod nervous debility his study for the lan
twenty years, and Is therefore the person whom sir
afflicted should consult. No one ever beard of a pa
ties: orbU net being cured.since he ha? bees In the
city. Bis reputation. has vouchers la airthdetty pv
pen, hu patients and the medical profession, both here
aod'abroad, as bclßp the most skilled Specialist here,
and a thorough master of hla profession, if cD others
fall, 1 don’t despair rglve him a caD. it Is 0127 a com
mon occurrence with him to core inch cases. Ills
rooms are separate tor ladles and aeattemeo. cod the
most complete la- the city. "Consultations free and.
confidential. ...
Office Ko. 17frSonth Clark street, corner of ifemoe,
half a block from the Post Office. Post Office Cox 13-1
Chicago, El. Office house from 9 u.m. to 3p. m.,
- Send for bis “Guide to Health,” published monthly,’
freeofebarse. /•
Tousg Mbs, P-asrieuiAa Notic*.--Doctor.
Bigelow devotes much of his time to the treatment of
Umsecasa caused by a secret habit which ruloi both
bodyandmtnd, naßtlln* the unfortunate individual
, tor either business or society. The sad effect ofthesa
•early habits, or the stewof ilper year*, is to weaken
ui d debilitate the constitution, destroy the physical
and mental potter* diminish and enfeeble the natural
feelings, and exhaust the vital energies of manhood,
the pleasures of life mc mured, the object of marriage
trust rated, and existence itself rendered a term ;ot
uncrating misery and rezret; Such persons, specially
those contemplating marrispe, should lose co time lu
tusking Immediate application, as Dr. 8., by his new
treatment is enabled to ensure a speedy and perma
nent cure. •
gy Office, 179 South Clxrtr-st,, corner of Monroe.
Dr. Webster,
104 Sooth Clark street, between Madison and Mon*
roe. o<nceboarstromßft.m.toßp.m.' Specialist to
th’e treatment of all private dlseaeei In all tbdr varied
and complicated forms* For the past twenty yean
Dr. W. has made the treatment ot private diseases hts
buslnesrfaad study,'which has enabled him to perfect
remedies which are speedy and permanent, and In all
cases can be used wltlumt hind fence to badness or
exposure to friends. particular attention siren to all
old-standing casea, such as were formerly considered
Incurable. Syphilis, in all forma Gleet
Strictures, slab the electa ot solitary habit both
ruinous to body and' mind, and produces some of the
following effects; Pimples on the free, bodl’y weak,
ness, constipation, aversion to and uneasiness In female
society, tmmanlloess. dread of future -.events, and
finally a comnlete prostration of the vital power, loss
of memory, ringing in the ears, tmpotency— esn be
any restored to health. Dr; 17. Is the publisher of a
new medical work, which should be to the hoods ot all
those contemplating marriage. Sent to all on receipt
of ten cents to prepay postage. Please call; a friendly
coat win cost yonnothln*.
Dr. "Webster refers the public to thofbDowlng physi
cians: Dr. Drtler, Milwaukee, Wis*.; Dr.Peabody nnd
Dr. Kennot, Detroit, kllcba Dr. Price, Grand Baplds
Mich.; Dr. Bowen and Dr. Harrison, fit. Louis, Uo.
Dr. Gaines,Dr. J. Bailey. Dr. James Thorn, Chicago,
Dl.v Dr. Hendershstt, Toledo, Ohio Dr.Dsvti,Ctocto
oa»L Ohio; Dr. Beatty, St. Psol, kHnn. h37i
Batchelor’s Hair Dye,
Thoßestlu the World! Barmins, reliable. Instan
taneous. TheonlyperfectUye! No disappointment
—no ridiculous ttou. Stoned WUllatn A. DateA-l/rr.
MIIXKFLKCBS—restore*, preserves and beaut fie*
thehatr. Sold by all Druggists. de9alS4ly
Your BeetUif
And Future Prospects lo Lift clearly revealed by Dr
Raphael. He wins the affections of the opp:altc sex.
He guides you to wealth, health and happiness. Cal
at DrtgStore 221 Fast Modrioa-sU, between Wells
and Franklin, Consoltatlon fee One Dollar. pi 63
I>r. Foote’s AdTerCiwements.
OLD ETES JIADE KBW, without Spectacles, Doc
tororHedictne. Pamphlet mailed free. Address B.
D. FOOTK. M. D., 1130 Broadway, Naw Vork.
Comlbrt and Cure
FOUTHE IUTPTURSD,*-3ent free. Addruss E. B
FOOTE, M. 1130 Broadway, New Tore.
How It may be easily Prevented; also Cause and
Cure. Sent Dee. AddrCsiE.B.FOOTK.M.D.,Ia;io
Broadway, New York.
Confidential Information
FOR TDK M ARRTED, —Sent free la sealed envelope.
Address E. B. FOOTE, M. D-, 1130 Broadway, Now
Ilfcdical Common Sense.
ICO- paces—loo Illustrations, |IJO. Sene by mall
everywhere, post paid. Coat caw. Tablet sea*. free.
Address the Author, E. 0. FOOTE, U. D„ 1130
Broadway, New York. fr»-g:avPMe w.*'
How to Care I>iplitiicrla.
Tbe peculiar and *o often fatal complaint called
Diphtheria, which Is more common among children
than afflooe urown QDpeople,maypromptly oacn/ca by
■heme of Dr. luawav’a i;ecdy Relief and his Ke-'u
lattng Pills. The Diphtheria U a malignant disorder,
commenctag with sore throat and going on to violent
Inflammation, congestion, and the formation of a false
membrane la tbe throat which finally suflocates lu
victim ano produces death. Diphtheria Is, therefore,
a serious malady. It will not do to treat It win
neglect, or to waste time by applying to ft Incthcieat
remedies. Kveo If an experienced poy»lclaa b* called
In. he will sot promise tbit, with his alt shill, there is a
certainty ofhls sarlLirthn life of the saitaer. That
C remise can only be conscientiously Indulged la when,
ae moment the child or adult is seized wit a mph
thirla. you apply Railway's Ready Cell»fto the throat
and chest, and administer from one to three of Dr.
Hadway'aPuls to regulate the bawds As soon as
you do that ail danger disappear?. You may rely
uponlmmedlaterdlel and upon a speedy care. There
mnstbc no procrastination la tbe case. You mast act
quickly, for Diphtheria Is of so active a nature itself
that, unless speedily and attatked oy a
powerful rvmedy like tbc'Rcadvlliber it sooa pc
quires tbe master and deflei sill medical ability to
dtslodve it. uul Kaaway’s Rc,«iy Relief vanquishes
Itdlrecuy. Tbe throat Jtpcrknces ease itw Instant
the Relief la tubbed upon it Toe false membrane
ceases totem. Tbe tooammatlon abatii. Tbe con
gestion dlißnlsbes. The saffocallnr srmptoms depart,
Tho Rccalatlng Pills.do the r'sl- They expel the
motbtd humor* w&tcb cause the complaint, and that
dlectud, the patient la permanently well, bold by
druggists. Tho trade supplied by Lord & Smith ,
’WootesalcDragstsa.Chlcego, m. mh!3pT)tCtsAU w
>0 Excuse lor. a. Haiti Head I—UPSAM'S
MAKACUELLA causes the botr to crow on bald
beads, prevent* it from tailing out. sad promotes the
growth of tho beard ana moustache. One bottle will
convince the moit sceptics! oi Its virtu*. Soli by
FULLER, ‘24 and Uttilarket-eL, and all Druggists.
The Japanese I3air Stain colors tbe Bair
whiskers and Moustache a beautiful black or brotm.
It contains only one preparation. Color will not fade
or without. Only 50 cents a box. Sold hr LORD &
SMITH. 1»3 Lnkc-st;, FULLER, FINCH ± f OLLEB,
‘24 acd ‘2ti Markct-su, and all Druggists.
Freckles, Tnn and Ffmplea removed at once,
by tbe use of •* Cpham't FrteXte, Thn and Pimvl«
BonUher Price So cents. Sold bv T .ORD ifc SMITH,"
2BMarkct-«L, and all Druggists. rnhSossa am t-sax
A Pliywloloclcal View or liar-
Containing nearly 3DJ pages, and VO fine Plates and
Engravings of tbe Anatomy of tbo Human Organs In
astataof Uealtb&ad Disease, with a Treatise on Early
Errors, lu Deplorable- Consequences open tbe Mind
and Body,, with the Aalborg Plan of Treatment—the
only rational and successful mode of care, as shown
by tbe report of cases treated. A truthful adviser to
tbe married, and those contumplauuy marriage, who
entertain doubts of tbo'r physical condition. Sent
Dec of postage to any address, on receipt of 3 cents.
In stamps or postal currency, by addressing Dr. LA
CROLX,No. 31 Malden Lane, Albany, N. Y.
Tbe anthormay be consulted upon any of the dis
eases upon which his book treats either ptrtmnall’j or
by mail, ami medicines soot to any part of the woskL
Thollew Drag; Store.
HRIACDOLD’S New Store, next to tbe MetrcreUtan
Hotebbss a very lareeassortrocntof Drugs and Chemi
cals, besides befae the principal depot for the sale of
Belmbold’s-well-known preparations. Tbe aulstants
at this establishment are well qualified IciSD the
branches of. their profession, and Pbrslcuiu may de
pend that aHtbelrprescrtpUo 'swiUoecnnte'.csUonaly
componndcd. All varietlu of drags ore -here dis
pensed of the first quality, and at the most resdiviable
rates. In addition to tbo nsnal stock of omes,Helm
bold keep* constantly on haodalarge andicsettsupply
of his celebrated JTeparatloo*. the __
ExruAcrs or uuenr..
and the
The attention mod patronage of the public h respect
fully solicited, and satisfaction u cccfldunUy gu iron
iced. _ PTN0.294 Broadway, K. T. City.
fficnctal ■Notices.
Utah and Montana.
I am prepared to transport- In -Mule and Cattle
Trains Three Thousand Tons Freight to Salt Lake.
Utah Territory, mad to Virginia City, Helen* and
other points 1b Montana Territory. _
Late Orarlond Freighter for Government,
Laavea worth, Kansas.
Refers to
J. H. Britton, President Third National Bint. St.
Louis; Ira Holmes. Cashier Third National Bank,
Chicago; Jay Coot A Co., Philadelphia; American
Exchange Bank. New York} John Andrews.president
state Bask of Ohio. Columbus, o.j tbo Secretary of
War »nd Quartermaster General. D. C.
Leaveaworth, Kansas. March It, IBOS. pß9|
Good Manufacturing Business.
We low oCer for sale a complete set' ol wheel Ma
chinery aru natures, conilstlnff of five SDOke-lalhas.
Blanchard’* patent; two polishing machines, one for
coar-e nurt one tor fine polishing; throating, teeing
andslzin/tnocblti's; one Deantstown rlm-roundcr;
one nobdcarUscr. Fay** patent, moaofactared by C. B.
Rogers ft of Norwich, Conn.; one tuning lathe,
ten feet long; a set nf Jacobs’ patent wheel machine,
ry.compitie; n’io. circular raws and tal-tea-one belt
scmiKvw). one scroll saw and cbc apoho teoconlae
mcchinf.bothiraan acmred by *. A. Fay ftCa.of
Cincinnati - shafting, pulleys, belli' hungers, ftc.
aod all the machinery and fixtures requisite for a
wheel manufactory. The shore machines fciwoboeu
In use about oi e year, aod can be seen, la ptefjet run
ning order, at our factory. any parties wishing to
continue The business can oak* arrange meets to do so
without hslngat the additional ex pease of lilting up a
factory elsewhere, as tberoom* naw oceunled by u*
u« to rrU from May 1, with power, This us u*od
lovwttnrnt for a party acquainted with the business.
For further particulars calf as our office and manutec
. ,bKoj,!M teisy B»aic»u>*ew YofKWty.
Kidney Diseases.
Chronic G onorrhea.
All Secret Diseases.
Female Complaints
If 70VT Apothecary does not hare It TEUi ECU TO
GET IT Of H. 3COVH, ta Chicago, r of D
DAISIES & CO., fa Sew York, or of tin Genera
A*»ntt, EUKLEIGIf fc EOGEiiS, W&oleuft'Snjr
Slats, Boston, Mass.
Or FemaEs Bcgnlator,
Curt Suppressed, Excessive and Pa,V>
fursrensamiV'n, Green Sickness, ffe*
reus and spinal Affections, Fains it'
the-Hack. Sick Headache, Giddiness,-
and all dueaae# that spring {Tom Irreg
ularity.-try removing the cause and
nit the effect? that arise from it. They
are perfectly siffo In all cas.ei, except
when-fcrttldaenby directions, anti am
easy to administer, anther are nicely
snear coated. They should ba In U>a
oc every Malden, wife, and
■Mother In tneUnd.
F Ladlcx'caa address ns la perfect
J cooildence, and state their complaints
Ain full, as we tress all Female Com
f plaints and prepare Medicines satiable
r for all diseases to wblcu tbey are sub
ject. Thirty-two page pamphlet. In s
scaled envelope, tree.
The Cherokee mis are sold by all dmcklsta at |l n«
box. or sue boxes IbrtS; Ortfcey areseot by mall, free
of postage, ta an ordinary letter, free from observa
tion by andreating the sole proprietor.
Dr. 17. B. Mznwrs, 37 r Walker St, 2f. T.
N. B.—Cherokre FliU No. 7 are prepared for special 1
cases, when milder medlclor* fill: tbes» ore sent by
oalU tree of postage, ourecelnt of (s, Che price of cacti
Or - Essence of Life.
• ev'V'Tfirw/rngjr Cores General
Hysterics to Female*. Palpitation
t/ST■ '•£ of the Heart and all Nervous Uls
( fas w&/-. , > eases, it restores new Ufa and
vigor to the aged, canting the hot
■ SEEDS' blood ofvouthtocoorße therein*
• Rafaht-»- L - restoring the organs of ueaera
ua» t\m Coo. removing impoteney and
wi.wv™ t*rn»h£ Debility, restoring manliness and
luU vigor. thus proving a perfect
ana overcome UU- tiuu, inis-Kllllr of Life:" it gives
n> * - a new lease of life, causing the
.weak and debilitated to have new straagtb and vigor,
and (be entire system to thrill with Joy and>pl&wurv.
Price, one bottle $2; three bottles fS; sent by ex
press to any address.
Our medicines are sold nnd recommended by all re*
spectable drugglata to every part of the- civilized
globe; some nnprlndpled dealers, however, try lode*
cclve their customers by selling cheap and worthless
ccmnoonds to order to make money. Ha not deceived
—aak tor these medicines and taae no others- If the
druggist does not keep them, write to osamkwe will
send ibem by express, carefully packed, free frost ri>.
serration, we will be pteaied to receive letters with
full statements to regard to any disease with which
laalesorgealles.eaarea&tlctod. Address all letters
fur medicines, pomphleis or advice to tbo sole propri
etor 00. \v. it. arsatviS,
37 Walker street, K.r.
jaS-cSIS Sm cow 3dpx way
iXoback's Uittcrs.
Fever Complaints,
JOeprcssion of Spirits,
Stultlen Flashes of Heat,
If cm ness of I*ision,
Trouble with the Howels.
Prostration of the System,
Hyspepeia, Constipation,
Side Headadie,
Pain in the Chest,'
Pain in the JBack,
Nervous Headache,
Ililions Headache,
Acidity of the Stomach,
Nervous Debility ,
' roc salk mr 3
DrucKlsts Evoryvyliere.
n3fkW-lsm r.xiwjop
For foie, on favorable terms, one-tbird Interest la
the above mentioned first-class iloiel and its furniture.
This house, which was designed expressly for the
business, Is substantially built, and In good repalr.and
enjoys a fair share of the travel. Its oruln&l cott was
upwardsof*CO,ooo,aadithaslatelybeea Improved at
coDßl't-raolc outlay, by the erection of Hatha connect
ed wiih It, Into which the mineral waxen of tho place
have been Introduced.
To auy person who understands and wishes to «o
ga»e In toe Hotel bUJlnes*. and .who would take tbe
active superintendence of the house. thU offers an ex
cellent opportunity oi embarking in a profitable busi
ness as-year by year tho curative natoreof tbe waters
Is becoming more widely known, end the business
will naturally increase and extend Itself.
For particulars apply to
Messrs. BELL & GUNDRY.
Agents Bank ofMoutreal, 32 Finest., New York.
R. REID. Esq.,
Agent Bank of Montreal. 48-LaSallc st., Chicago.
Or the Managers of the Bank ol Montreal at Hamilton
or St. Catharines, Canada West. mhi-jpg?
iiusinres erarcs
wTt AT,
For tbe purchase and sale of
Grain, Flogt;..Provisions? &c>
Asents fw J. W. TAYLOR e CO-, New Orleans, La.
19G South Water Street, Chicago,..
■JT liberal adrar.ces on shipments.
Keftrby permission toFoarin Nailcnal Bank. GtW
ca»o;D>roroeicial NulcnalKonk.ChlCAto;Chat.lhui
dotnb, Pres’t Boartiftade.Chlcaao t Homans A Co,,
Bonkers, Cincinnati; J.W.Taylor & hewOrlaus;
First National Bcsk, Decatur, 111; James MluUcco*
Banker. Decatur, HLI J. R. Corin, U. 9. De
catur. 111.; Peddecoid A Biurows, Decatur, UL* R; 51.
Deckle & Son, Pep-63 Maoofs. DecaturJlll. So
mmm and rmbi^g
mum m sicmes.
The uslepdgaed. pioneers In the maaolbct ora ot
Halves sad blttles lor Mowing and Ebuplaj Macbinea
cow tdv-a their exclusive attention lu, (his branch ot
their lormer business,and sol'cit otdora i'icdWmaker,
of tucliliim for cutters of supcrloc.-qualltj and style
of workmanablp, to be executed tV reoMeably short
notice- The merits of these goods, are known by the
leading tetplemert makers of tbe- country, many of
whom nave been supplied by tu flic- tbe past t*n yean.
ftoS-bSll-fm West Mtr-hbarg. Maas.
gabblers, 3Lcatf)er, stc.
Nos. 43 &. 47 lake-St.,
Horse Hollars, Fly fiets,
Spriogo* Axles, aod Carriage Tinker*
Have lae LARGEST and BEST Assorted Slock to bo
found »the West. mhispm-au t>auw ip
gTotacto aah (Cigars.
At the UllDOis Penitentiary Cigar Agency. No. 11
South dart stceeW Chicozcu use* Ohio Leaf and
S3 cases Conn.—all old and good stock—must be closed
om In a few days. Will sell m 100 10 salt pnrcha.«c«.
Jobber* la Osar* will do well 10 call and examine our
goods. No one can cowtwtc with wlp wigs*and
quality orstock. ILENBY A. BALDWIN,
PCS* AgonU
B O -A. Xa a a,
07 aix mna. /&B^v
pc>tb«slj Lftfceit. GUeKo,iQ.^^BßHft'
■iCitg Nofftrg.
Crrr CoujhttdV# . wn. Corrsr >
rn) .. ... . Room Sail, Mareb Utb. isM. (
i*w hwtb * Si’” UL ' : tae following do.
beta placed in a/ band* tor ool
«in^? aU K <ta,ed .*•«* IS«J. Md
collected at the will be
tbmfor. apoue nt person* Ua&le
tuhUpKl lit ** n A.Ii E^LD *
- Ctty Collector.
PwS?SI m F £ K paying
Public Works; at (heir office. unUni
April VU tor curbing, flUlnc and paving, ■mtb M
bu-ck pavement, west Maaisoa street, from tuSSS
street «o the bridge, according to plan* tail iSS*
teattons on flic at said office, u *^ ec *‘
Said JmjTOTencnc-vU) Ire paid for accordin'* to u»»
trnns slated la Mid specifications. HW
Proposals cast be- addressed to the Beard ofPah-
Uc Works. ißdorscd •• Proposal fbrPa-lnc Wwt Uad.
Iseo Stttet, aad be ftccompamed with the tuoai sjdq
dob°» 'fi'h sureties, to tie approved by tbe Board.
1 Be Board reserves the rtsht to nfeet any bid oot to
accprdat.ee with theconditionsoiihlsadvertUetacau
or to refect all bids and no proposal will bo dented
onlw* the party oCertas It stall jjtrp
factory to the Board that he has the nccesrarr skill
experience, cersy and abliltyfordolaftbeworkt.
ti oat worthy, ttd has scfflcieat pectralirv rnwuroS. 1 *
d v O.UU»l>KL£* a *
• O. J. KOSK.
Board ot Pnbllctyai*» t
mb*? P?MC6
Proposals for paying
Tmi Eandolph-st.
Omn i? Ms HoAßit er Pcanc Wqshl >
_ . Starch i:th. isrsT^c
. bo rewired by iho Poardof
ontll H*. n. Monday.
»iSTr ■^;«s < S , r r6ln;rra . , . ll:ie MdPsrrec with woodof
l|a&Uolph-«, from KalstetMU
;S o »p--a=c«tto»
Said Improvement wnt be paid fl:r acec-rUni t« »*-
•• eras stated to faid spertflcaikms. »«wa* «® toe
Prrposds mast beaddrssoa to the Hoard of Pabllc
Worts. indorsed “Proposal for pavini Weit tubT
<lolph>st > '*iuid be accompanied with the Croatian
bond, with mrettes, to be approved by the Board
The Board reserve the rlaut to reject aarMa not (a
accordance with thecoodiiloasof this advertisement.
ortorcjeetsJthltKand oo proposal will be accented
olJsw the party offering It shall rlre erUIfOCe satia-
Pactoryto the board thit bo baa 'heoecesaarr skin
rxppp.rnce, eaercr and ability for dolnj; the wort la
trustworthy, and has jntDclaat reftaalary resoorm
j. g. kixoelk.
a j. hose,
Board cCiMMlc^orta.
Proposals for filling
Omc s or toe Poaed or Prattc tt6sd. f
, „ . _ . cmcuoo» Msrct u % t
SealedProjw-wa!* wuim received tythe Doardot
Poo Ic Works, -st their offlre. onlll 11 au ir., sifaSir.
March mb. for aißnjr.fradlnr. and plankm? thctoV
lowing described alloys, accomicg to cions and saed-
Ccatloc# on fUest.**!*! oEce, viz; cc *
Alte; In Block 3* WolsoU’4 addition.
Part of Alley !a Block IS, Bailer, Wrtsht .* Tfeb«e* # »
addition, _
Alley m Block 11. Wolcott’s addition*
AHeyln Block addition,
: Alley In Block S3, Wb'cott'i addition.
■ Alley la Block s&» WtJcott'a addition.
Terms or payment will be stated in slid spedßca
ttona.bntw(il scnerafly*D«ca*h, 15 percent
aenrcd tmill tbe work la completed. - .
Proposals mnsf be addressed to the Board of 'PnWlc
wojks. Indorsed “Projosalmr placklns alley. Block
s.Tvoiwtt’s addition. , *or’oth“rwl«c.M the cate mar
be. and x accompanied -ritn the nsoal aaoo bocd. with
sureties, to be approved by ibe Board. A orooosar
mayinoind* one or sevewLanert,bat (he CoirdwS
consider the bids Ibr cacbatlny *?p urare<y " U1
Tbe Jtoasd reserve the rteira to refcet *ot bid notin
accordance vUbtbecoQfllQcnor rhlafldverdsemnre
or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accented'
unless i.w party oflerlnslt ‘half jlrvevidencesatiiCio.
Tory to tbe Board that be bn the nrcesjorr skill nT
penence.dncriry ani ability tbr doing tbe work.ia
trostwortby.aud ba» safflclcct jectmliry re«onrccaZ
Fi:tl>. IKTA
O.J. RO9-?, '
of Kn b|ie IVorfcv:
tittohmnnm Sates.
.vA ware. Cutlery, Hardware, Tinware. StoTßac
Range*. PJankcu «te. IVUi bj sold at Mioiion, at the-
Medical Purveyor's Warehoaie, Public Square. Naao
nlle, on Tuesday morning, March 37th. at»
o clock, a large etock of tbs foregoing xrtlclssu in
orluliftl package*. constating In parlor aLom eUxax.
3*-ro Dleto*. 1000 Ptteherv'JCCO Lanten.3, tC o Chambers!
500 Sadtrocs, 1000 Sptttoois, lAOii Eulve* and Forks!
17C0 Carver?, Ac., aJ.CU Spoons. SCO Looking Glasses!
50(i Clocks, W0 Kasor?, 100 Counter Seales AiOO Blank?
<ta.rvC Lcatfier
Pans. ls.u Hatchets, SOOO Gash T>arics; KU) Scroll
pushes T«*a Pots; Tumblm. Cowls, Mugs, Clip*. n*«h
Tubs. Wood Saws. Cleavers. C<ndicsUckß.Cork3Crewa.~
Slops. Prooms, fee Chests, Wat.r Coolers. Stoves
Hanses, Caldrons, and nrlscMlai.eoos tornlvfilng ano
des. „ KooF.nr fletguktl
_ Sa-geon bed Pvt, Colonel U. S. V 015.7
mhisprtt-st iiedtcal Purveyor U. 8. A.
kJ Property at Macon. By direction oflheseo
retaty ef War all thehmidtog Material*. Steam Ba-
Blne*, Machinery, Tools, iron. Copper. Lumber, and
noreK of various kinds, which were collected at at*,
con, Ga.,by the Confederate UovarmeTV, for tneereo.
tlen and permanent operation of a lance Anaorr
Laboratory and Arsenal; md also Tools. Machtodw
and Materials coUecit-d irom Iron Work, and Armo
ries to the b»atcsof Alabama and tleorsta.wUl berolit
•OLlf" 10 Auc«loo. Among the an teles to be sold, are
—9.CU) »s Ccpper, pigs ; 42jjc0 D* Ccpper, round rod;
55' CO ®* Copper, bin ‘IO,IXO Bi < vOd.OOO na
wrooght Iron, bar and rod; Jig In»u; Tiutoae
Cast Iron. nzMirlc*able shells; 31.000 aaLesd. mza*
13.0C0 as ito. brock and >aeet; 1000 a s CTutoVxue
and cable; L>a<o yardsriotn. Cotton. English, B*rgf.
oiled and eLamelicd-.Jao.il as Puwder ; 4.4jJflP«tw
tog, com and leather, sssortod sizes; SCO
Pillls, Plonen, Mining. Screw-cut: tog, Steam and twd
Hammer*, b sides Hararse,Sadulcs.Uor.ehQiilonenu.
ictontry and Cavalry Aceouiremenva. niaakMtsTvVaSS
and Gun CantoLe Irons, si nnserviceabie Caonoo,lroa
aid bronze, SO broken Gen Carriages, Laboratory
Stores and Material*, spare Pans (newilor Springfletd
McsKets nrd Colt’s nevulvera, tutu an uiurtmeDtaf
paints and Oil*. _
The attet Uou of Northern buyers is called to thl*
sale, which Is aiargc one, and ot .aluablc property. • -
Fall printed catalogues of the property to bo sold
taobeouotoed from theCMefof Ordoanwat W*J»-
]Bgtoc,D. and from the Commanding om-yrofUte
Auuusta Araoxal, Georgia. -
The sale will commence on Wednesday, April 4th.
and coitlooe every day until all the property U
i rons cash, to United States currency.
« . « , D. W. FLAGLER;
CapLOrd.Crsv. LU CoU Com. Augoita Arsoial.
\_S tebmaster
, . NoanviLLZ, Team. March M, ISfifi.
I will offer lor sale at public auction, st the Fracr ito
Shops, on the Jih day of April nixt, eurntDeuclug at
1C otolock a. m.. the iciiowmg artirle» of Machinery:
b Counitocs. lor line shaft; | steam Engine, tuxisinen.
cylinder, horse power; 1 Steam Krglne.ltUlnch, cylin
der; i Sf am hnglne. 9s!G Inch, cvlind-r; 23 Joarual
boxes; 1 Centra, 7 feet; a Post fisnerrs. boxes and
bolts: 10 Post Hangers, on (toe shaft; t Lathes. Ko
gtoc, stnslc head: i Lathe, Engine, double inl • ;
Lathe, band, small with Iron shears; t Lathe. numL
imml with wooden shears; I Lath-, patter: maters;
tSlnchrullej s. bored nod torn-d; i atach Pul>r.
bored and turned; i iMnch PuTeyi. bored and toned*
1 if-tochPulley,bored and tuned; 4i3ln-h Pullers!
bored end tnrnnl • s-18-Ineh Pnllevs, bor«l and turnrd
i;o Inch Pulley, horad and turned: c jptncti Pwlptil
borfd and turned; fs&lnch Pulleys, borerf and turned;
ItConePulley*; 1 is-ft Iron iduntr; I fIW ft Plarier:
121^-ftPlaner; 124 lech I‘JanniT; 3U) u-et Lme tiQatt
lci;s_lllictsK Shafting; 61 Ma;hlteTaps; j Prodao
tor Tb. v to 6 Inch, is inch, l s Inch.
Thf* Machinery Is of tbebestpatterosond all to good
condition, Peraons>w!MTto*to o*sm»nc It be*oro the
day of sale can do so by catling st the Fraokiia fibow..
Terms, Cash. Govirnm-rot Fcn>ia.
By order of Cap.. A. E. Juicy, Chief Quartermaster
Dept. Tenn. a. U KUSK.
BiaTorT? 29t BVt Maj,aatl A. Q. M.
MENT MFLER, by direction of L’v’l Brig. Gen.
tNm. wyers. Cbiel Depot o»t, M*r.
There will be sold at public auction, at the Govern*
meat Corral, torth of Benton Barrack'*. St. Louis. M»_
y.OC&Hce, well conditioned Wales.
The sole will commence ou Thursday, tn« UdinsC.
at JQ o'clock a. Nx . and will coaiinue (at the rate of
150 per dav) until all arc sold.
Th/se are ibo pick of twenty thousand or more.
Rfr -d. serviceable mams, and are the soest lot ot mole*
offered for sals by Government since toe do e oi tho
war. They were selected ibr sendee on the putoa.
but are not required.
The Franklin avenue smet railroad cars run within
a abort distance of tae Corral..
Animals will be solo singly.**
leims—Cnrrtncy—D. 6. Treasury sote«.
Capi. and A. o. M
Tbe above rale la postponed, until MONDAY. AsrU
ICth at nme hour and place. JNO.L WOODS.
mhJoltCl.t r«pt. and A, g, u.
UTo Contractors.
bT. Louis Depot, >
, , , St. Mo., MarchVLiSCsA
Sealed proposals will be received at this office until
12 m. Saturday, tbe 3ist day of Marco. IMS, for I easing
the two (2) large Government Warehouses at Cairo.
111.,n0w uaea by tho Called States Qtiorlcmaavw'a-
Departmmt. These buildings will be lens-.d fer the
Krlodof two year?, commencing April lst,lS«4,io tho
shew responsible bidder, thy premises tone return
ed to the Government at the expiration of the lease In.
as good condition aa when taken, ordinary wear and
tear excev ted.
It will bo made a condition of tho lease • that the,
lessee shall nerform all the necessary work which max
be reqnirro in receiving, storing and lorwaidlnz sncE
tmhl'c stores as miy nrnv« -n Cairo, free of charge to
the United States, and shall be responsible that no
dairaee sluil occur to Government property on ae>
const of tbe caro’e»ioe*i.of emplovee, whlla the
ume la itored lu, or being; moved to or from, the ware
TbeGoverrment wßlrcierveihert.-htto terminate
the lease at any time by tho lessee thirty dan*
Bond*, with approved security, will be required tor
the faithful portomanc* »r uw obligations of the lease
on the part of the lessee .
Form of lease and pigaa and speclQcatloot of the,
buildings can bo rcen sfthls office.
Proposals should be Indorsed *• PiTDo*aIS for Lcastnw
Government Warenougt* at Cairo, Ul., n aotkpddraasea
to the uncenlzned.
Btddenarenqaes<4lobo present ni tbe onenloe
Of tbe proposal*. WII, MVERU,
Lrev.BcLx. Gem, Depot Caarterm aster.,
mh17p79115t - -
ll Sealed proposals for thebuiidlhK ot ajaß JCvfJft.
two stories hlzb.'wltb basements, for the County of
Livingston. lIL. will ne rccMveo zi Ibe office or the
County Clerk, In. fondac. In said county, up to 2
o'clock C T IBG6. said btdldwg
to be Joflctstobe.aad containing in ccIU. Con raca*ra
tnfurnlshalftbe msierial and bare the work com
pleted tbijiits*. day of Octotsr next, uader bwada.
tbe ccmmlttM reserving tbe risbt to relict soy or all
bids yiao ud »p*clflcaUoos be teen at tbe odea
of theCoaob?. Clerk on and aftos the Slstol March.
n.F. HOTcngnsa. f Betiding Con.,
RL. March 9.1868. pgl
J_l Tbs Hoard of Sopwliors of Peoria county.
State M Illinois. Laving le ter mint'd to erect a new
JarcsLaJ convenient bnluing for tbo tneof tbe pau
per* otiald county, and having procured.Mans and
spccir canons for sold work, bet cby favtu btulaen to
estimate thoreon.
The jAai* and ipedflciioui can be saen the office
of the Coenty C-erk. 14 Peoria- fri-m Lhe !sth to »he
?Db day of March ncd. on wbleb lance dayall bids
tor tbe work are to b« delivered to the County Cierk.
Ad bids are to Ir cl mis the total cost of IbebuLdlng.
as so bids in detail wHI he considered,
JOHN EMk&T, Chairman,
JOHN C. C'ttlKß,
BnQdlnc ComirJttee of tbe Board- of Supervlaon of
Peoria co^aiy.
Peoria. February rid. pra.
Tbe CcmmltJce reserves the prlvß.'ce to accept tbe
bid which ta-jr may consider Uk ociLa d to reject any
oral! the MJaedered. norU
| UMBER! LUMBER!— 200,000
I.J teat cnassorted Floaria* and Fendsc strips,
from N- Ladiuston’* Mills, m lots to suit purchasers.
tarea of 35JM) i»et Wide Lumncr. from selected
lozs. mil soft plus, cm to 'Mach, IK. IS and i*. The
whole of the above Is Mlil Utm,»n(l piled in Octolwr
Ja*u Ad>tre>9 WM. F.iJJ3, Box 573 l or saLsoN
I.DDfNGTON 4 C.O . Lumber Dealer. plij
Young men, Sited for ColUg* young bull's to
teach. Instruction given In Uu-lc, Drawihgaod rafnt-
Ing. A furnished room for private study aligned t<*
each two Inmate of Use BoarJjnv; Ua.U The mat
tomcominencr«Ap*ll!Kh, a /t.mrj I'epartueot
will he op**ee.i as the same iltrj. for circa,ars ond
additional Inf' rtnaiion ad dr ci » iv- c.( •. A. m onmj."»
Tramming, HI.
2M I ong MUeesrl Green Broom Corn Seed
for sale 13 tots to suit pujohaaera by
JOXK3 A MERRILL, Gcnenl Commvs
sion Msrthsots and d*aj:n la Broca Corn. IPJ La
Salle *««.ci»lcasi. mhtoUlSm w-ya*
j Proposals win be received at the ode? of the
Ctir Clak until the first day of Apt-, tJ* a lot, cen
trally located,of sufficient tiwepea which toenesa
City Dali. Said lot to bavo a frontage of not lw* thaa
UOfeet, with so alley In the rear. Direct p/000-aJ* (o
toeComtatlM oaPubUu Building*, atallsj terms, lo
cality, &*. W M. U. C.VUTBK.■ Chatrmao,
Feo. CrttiflUuwAna
**Malte Vour Own Droama.”
M«la Ctnclnoatl- Ohio- . oMI
hbq receiveb» return mail aaeleewu Photograph
Aibnra. fiolcllrtf ?f pictures. and oonvaluia; tuts Ptiatcu
cnoli* of Hi Colon Generals, or ouicr dlitinrn.Jtied
mSoftbeD. 3- Carery cartful and send correct mi*
dm*. AdorcssUVlMHtO.N *CO.. P.O.
Chicago, Du

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