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Oold closed in Xcw York yesterday at
The latest advices from 'Wisconsin pul the
majority :t Jroai a>x lo seven thou
sand. Tbo Legislature i# flronely Republics.
Minnesota elects the Republican State
ticket by about five thousand majority. ThcLcg-
Islature is Republican.
The North German Parliament has pasred
a resolution calUnz upon the Federal Chancellor
to intropnee neqt tension, a measure relating to
trade, based upon free trade principles.
The Albany Argus, the Copperhead organ.
ss>> tbc Copperheads have carried New York by
• 4iUX>O majority, and that they have a majority iu
the House and fifteen out of the thirty-two Sen-
Wm. Richardson, of Paulding County,
Ohio, is IP4 years old. He Is the survivor of five
wives, and is now living with the sixth. He Is
father of twenty-five children by two of hi* wives
—twenty-one arc living.
An old man in Maryland, who had reached
tbc age of 102, was married a few days since to
Lis third wife, who is seventy-five years of age-
Immediately after the ceremony the happy but
decrepit couple started on a bridal tour.
A Washington special to the Cincinnati
• Enquirer stales that General Logsn had a long
interview with General Grant on Saturday, and
says the General is Radical enough for him. lie
thinkx there is no donht General Grant will be
nominated by the Republican Convention.
Samuel Downie, Assistant United States
Assessor at Leavenworth, Kansas, who was ar
rested for bigamy, and gave bail tn SI,OOO, failed
tn pul in his appearance at the time fixed for his
examination, and forfeited his bonds. The Wis
a cousin wife, which he deserted for the second
one, was present.
The first session of Ihe first Parliament of
the new Dominion of Canada wag opened at Oc
yehterday, by the Governor General, with
due ceremony. M. Car .non was elected Speaker
of the Senate, and Hon. J. Coctburu Speaker of
the Honge. The Governor General will deliver
hi* speech from the throne to-day.
Al a farewell service given to Rev. Mr.
Fullerton, a Presbyterian clergyman, at Sandue
ky. Ohio, the service# in the Episcopal, Congre
gational, Methodist and Baptist churches were
suspended, and the clergymen of each taokpart
in union services to their departing brother.
The English papers say that when the de
grecof LL.D. was conferred npon the American
Bishops, tea in number. Bishop Lee, of lowa, had
a liberal shara of thundering cheers from the Un
• dergradnates of Cambridge. Bishop Lee was to
sail from Liverpool on Saturday last. He will re
ceive a hearty welcome home.
Boston is sulTcring from a lack of dwelling
houses, and a Boston paper nays that eo great la
the demand that when a wheelbarrow of bricks
passes along lh«- streets the progress of the ve
hicle is checked, until a corlons crowd has
t-oeited from the proprietor thereof where the
hoc-c Ip to be built, and its probable rent.
A young lady in Armstrong County, Penn.,
has developed wonderful powers as apedcstrenne.
la arec?r.i race against time she made miles
in seventeen minutes and she now cr-llenges all
Clarion County to match her In a race or from one
M five miles at 52ft a aide and the champu.nahip.
We arc fast becoming a nation of champions.
A patent has been granted to a Maine me
chanic for an invention for rnnnin ? shafting at
rijht angle*. or at any angle, without tltcueo of
•.■caring or belting. The idea is entirely novel,
:ind werks to a charm. A *Udc-baris placed in
the angle, and motion transferred by the action
of a double crank on each shaft. The machinery
runs without the lca e t noise.
In reply to a statement in the papers that
ho wished to dispose of hie interest In the New
York Con.u.ircidl Aihertiter, and go to Wash
ington to live. Thnrlow Weed says, in Lbs last
i-tue of that paper, that he will be quite ready to
* dispose of hie interest in the Commercial Ad
:-rti*cr when General Grant shall have been
«•}•■(t<*d President: but the going to Washington,
••except to get away by the first return train,*’ is
the last thing in “our thought*.'*
A blander suit—damages s2s,ooo—is on
_ irialln the Fiord County (luq.) Circuit Court at
New Albany. The parties arc Mrs. Tracy vs.
Granville Bealn end others. About cue hundred
witnesses, divided between the two parlies, arc
in attendance. The slander consists in reporting
publicly that the plaintiff was an unchaste wo
man. The suit excites much Interest, and, as
. usual In such issues, the ledy baa the sympathy
ot the community.
Weston reached Sterling TTill, Connecticut,
at C a- m. on Saturday, hut was obliged to He by
lor several hours on account of injuries received
at Pawtucket, whore he was roughly treated by
the citizen ß . On reaching Plainflc'd, Connecti
cut. he found it neccsnsry to stop until la-t night
at 13. Up to this time he had walked sixty-seven
miles in sixteen hours and forty-five mhiutes, ac
average of four miles an hour.
The Social Manufacturing: Company of
Woonsocket, K. 1., has just completed a model
boarding house for its operatives, which ha* com
fortune and spacious sleeping roams, reception
* mkl reading rooms, and full and complete ar
rangements for providing a genial, healthy home
for its hundred and fifty occupant*. The mills of
the company produced last year 7,300.030 yard* of
cloth, and it deserves success for the humanity
aud consideration with which it treats its em
The German Minister of Marine at Berlin
has decided that the German federal fleet shall
consist of ten iron-clad frigates, tea iron-clads
for the dcfcnc * of the cosets end harbor- 1 , eight
t-rrew corvettes of twenty-eight guns each, six of
sixteen, four steam despatch boat#, four trans
port.-, one frigate, two brigs and two training
ships. B yond the cost already incurred, the
construction of those vessels will require a fur
ther sum of Thirty millions of thalers.
The Spanish Government has made Its an
nual estimate of the rex-enuee of Cuba; In other
words, the estimate of bow much Heeding Cuba
con stand tin* year. It is taken for granted tbit
the island will produce $1,103,653. while the ex
p iiditnr'a will he $25,559,834, leaving a snug
little halanr- of $3.502,811*, The total revenue
from Tul a Mid Porto Rico Is estimated at
s>4.rs»V : ’3, and total estimated surplus at
TLe-e are tnng little figures for the
Spaniards to control.
Returns from two hundred and forty-nlne
towns in Massachusetts give Bullock, for Uorer
* nor. 63,623. and U 2.556 for Adam*. There are
obouj one hundred and sixty towns to hear from.
Ol the Slate Senators elected, so far a* heard
from, twenty- laht are for license,and six for pro
hibition. Out of one Lnndrci and ninety-five
IJi-prcseiitatives In-ard from, one hundred and
City-five :ir*- for licen-e. John (Jutticy Adams,
who was the Democratic candidate for Governor,
is elected a representative from iptincy.
The Louisville Courier, of the 5Hi, savs
business was brisk the previous day at the Louis
ville branch of the Krecdra«-n‘s Saving# Bank,
on Saturday Ja-t two companies of the One
Hundred and T veuty-fiflh Kentucky, colored,
♦ just returned from service in Texas, were paid off
.at Taylor Barracks, and Monday they were maktn«*
their deposits. A crowd were in front ol the
branch hank during the day. Thl* free.lmun's
savings batik system Isa most excellent one. By
its regulations a certificate of deposit in any one
«.f the branches is payable on demaud at any
oilier branc}i in any State of the Union. The
system has eo fur worked admirably.
The Bloomington Pantayraph has heard
little about the corn crop m that (McLean)
county, but from neighboring counties the com
is taming out much better than was anticipated.
Though the slocks are not large, the ear* arc of
fair size, and the grain Ip so large, plump and
sound, that ;t will overgo In weight. The crop is
said to be a splendid osc in quality, and the
large area planted wilt make it average in
quantity to those of preceding years. It is pre
sumed the same thing will hold good in that
county in all respects, a# McLean County la not
wont to be behind in respect to corn crops.
The latest intelligence from Florence says
that Garibaldi has been arrested by the Italian
Government, ami that voting in the Province of
Koine in favor ot a union with Italy had been dis
continued. Advices from Paris say that the
French troops will retire from Home to Orvllla,
pending negotiations t'ctween Italy, France and
Rome in regard to tho existing difficulties. A
brief account of the battle of Tivoli will be fonnd
in our caM-: despatches. Garibaldi and bis two
sons are prisoners. lie lost 9CO men killed, 1,000
prisoners, and a great many wounded.
Advices from Havana, ot yesterday’s date,
hays a terrible tornado occurred on the 29th of
October at St. Thomas, destroying, beside* an
immense amount of Jives, all the property of the
Royal Mail Steamship Company, Including the
steamers Rhine. Wjc, Conway and Derwent.
Two other st-amers wore dUmastcd. The town
is also in comp'd-i ruins. Fifty other Vessels arc
ashore.* The los- of life Is very great. All the
. officer- and engineers, and nil others on hoard the
Rhine were lost. Of the passengers on boardthc
regular steamer for Southampton, which had
sailed with one hundred and fifty passengers,
only twelve were saved.
A convention of the various Christian as
sociations has been called by the Young Men's
Christian Association of New York, to be held
in that cilv on the Kith ir>L, at which various
topics connected with the progress of Christianity
will be discussed. It is announced that, among
others, the following gentlemen havebeen Invited
to be present and take p;irt In the discussions:
Hon. F-T. Frollnghuyscn and General Runyon,
New Jersey; Henry F. Durant, Henry Wilson
and Joseph A. Pond, Massachusetts; O. fe. Kerry
and Lafayette Foster, Connecticut; Iru Harris,
Albany; Prof. Cyrus Northrop, Connecticut;
General O. O. Howard. Washington; General
Clinton R. Fisk. Missouri; George 11. Stuart anil
Judge Sh;;rawood. Pennsylvania; D. L. Moody,
Illinois : Chief Justice Chase, Washington, and
Governor Dillingham, Vermont.
A new literary project has been started at
the South. A picked corps of the fighting soldiers
in the late robed army is organized for the pur
pose of exposing the shortcoming* of the leading
rebel General- and others who were Id authority
They Intend to prick many a bubble reputation,
to show Low (Juartermaktere and Commissaries
• plundered, how Generals exhibited the utmost
favoritism, bow the Southern armrwts weakened
by absenteeism, and how high ofleere sheltered
themselves In bomb-proofs. It Is said that the
projectors of this history are ” thoroujb rebels ’*
but they mean, nevertheless, to expose in the
most unmerclinl manner the way in which certain
men obtained positions of honor In the army, and
their behavior when they had pot their places. It
will be “ spicy *’ reading, and if the work is done
thoroughly and no favors arc shown. It will be u
volume of considerable balk.
The Bloomington Pantograph learns that
on Sunday evening tw o additional arrests were
made of parties charged with being implicated in
Ihe bank robbery at Trcmont. With one of them
ivrie found SIO,O>J In bonds of the amount stolen
Tom the safe. Also $15,009 of property belonging
0 the safe that was broken open In Eureka, dur
ng the fnmmcr,wAt> discovered at the same time,
'tic steel box thrt wes carried off. was alao found
1 Mackinaw River, containing the county bonds.
Licit the thieves could not make use 01, and the
>ls used in committing the burglary. Some
P°* of the robbers arc at large, bnt It is thought
thcy,m j )C arrested. U has beenaecertlined that
tool# for the purpose of breaking open
the #ai such as wedges, drills, etc., were made
Coi *•«- in Blooi,.g toa _ Tte person who got them stated
,'l^««»* notber P nr P°* c altogether. From
T -cTpanf* * e Ter5 ’ cv ‘ <ient there was an or*
ns^» D pp f ,^r,s„ Ueie burglars, who have been
“ b -r^SetdeS? robbcriM tban the °oe which
toiheirdetectJo. arreeu
Detailed Account of Gari
baldi’s Disastrous Defeat.
French Troops Took no Part in
the Battle.
laliiin Troops Recalled from
the Roman Territory.
Garibaldi Confined in a Sar-
dinian Prison.
He Claims that He is a Citizen
■ of the United States.
Bread Riots in Exeter and Axmin-
stcr, England.
Aflaln In Italy.
New York, Nov. 6.
A cable special from Corrcec, Pontifical States,
November 3. evening, says: Daring the last few
davs General Garibaldi has concentrated Ms
forces around his former position at Monte Ro
tondo. Yesterday afternoon Signori Corte, Crispl
and Scvardcnt, supporters of bis esnse, formerly
a deputation from the Revolutionary Society,
begeed ufbim to withdraw, as tbc Italian troops
bad crossed tbc frontier. Garibaldi refused, say-
lug he did not value bis life in such a cause, and
that a soldier ought not to coonttbe number of
his enemies. Signor-Corte replied: “A Gen
eral should.” The deputation then left tbc
This morning Garibaldi, with about ?,COU of his
ccmmand. having two guns, moved for Tivoli to
join Nicotcn, one of his officers. In the mean
time the Papal Zonnves, who were advancing, bad
taken Tivoli without noise, at the point of the
bayonet. Garibaldi’s force did not know this,
and were marching toward# the ssme point.
When they arrived at Metona they were surprised
by seven battalions of the Paps! army, supported
by twelve guns, who attacked them in front and
ou both flanks. The ground was among bills.
with a country road running on both sides.
Fighting continued fiercely for over au hour.
In the hottest moment of the engagement
Garibaldi had to be dragged uway from the
battle. His troops suffered much loss, and re
treated towards Monts Kotondo, pursued by the
soldiers of the Pope. Here the fight was re
newed and continued for over two hours, when
the Garlbaidian retreat become an utter rouu
It is believed here that General Garibaldi bad
9WI men killed and 1,000 prisoners, and a great
many wounded, ilenottl Garibaldi was wounded
slightly in the leg. The loss of the Papal force
wot not so heavy.
Arrived at the Italian frontier, the retreating
■nribaldians gave up their arms, except the
.capon* which were their own private property,
u the Italian regular troops.
Florence, Nov. 6.
On Sunday Garibaldi, with 3,500 men and two
canuon, left his camp near Monte Kotondo and
advanced to the attack of Tivoli, which was held
by the Papa! troops. He found the latter, to the
number of C,oto men, posted in a strong por
tion and supported by artillery. The Pontifical
troops Immediately fired with their batteries
upon the approaching Garibaldians. A desperate
conflict ensued which lasted forty-five minutes,
when Garibaldi retreated. The battle was
renewed at Monte Kotondo. The insurgents
fought with great obstinacy and kept up the con
flict at this poiut for two hours and a half. When
exhausted and overwhelmed they gave way and
vrro utterly routed. Four hundred and fifty in
surgents were hilled, and niuc hundred taken
prisoners. No idea of the number wounded can
be ascertained. The total los-> of the Papa! troops
was two hundred killed and wounded.
loft this morning by a special railroad train for
Florence. He made no parting address, and
looked baggared and disappointed. The in
surrectionary movement is broken down ult over
the territory.
There were no French engaged in the fight,
n ith the exception ol a few who went in as vol
unteers, although some of the Garibaldians, de
ceived by the resemblance of the uniform of the
Papal soldiers to that worn in some of the French
regiments of the line, say they were beaten by
French soldiers. The Italian troops stationed on
the frontier behaved with great judgment In the
emergency. Many of the wounded Garibaldians
are here, and some few at Moute Rolondo.
Tcnsi, Nov. 4—p. m.
Hundreds of wounded men arc arriving here
from the scene of tl’c late engagement between
the Garibaldians and the Papal troops. They arc
conveyed by special trains. The Italian regulars
act in a wry kindly manner to all, assisting In
carrying them from the station to where they arc
laid, weeping like women on beholding the end
-pectxcle. Father Gavazzl has charge of the
Tivoli, Nor. 1.
Wien General Garibaldi reached here this morn
ing on hlsway to Florence, the Italian officers in
duty, told him he must go to Spezzio. Garibaldi
drew a revolver, saying he would not resist the
officers, but that he would not go willingly. The
Italian soldiers then stepped forward and lifted
him into the car. His sou* would not go with
Paris, Not. C—Evening.
One division of the French troops which en
tered Rome lias already been withdrawn from the
city snd returned to Civiu Vecchla. and the rest
will goon follow. The whole expedition for the
relief of Rome will then remain at CivitaVecchla,
and there await the action of Italy.
A call forn general conference of the Europe n
powers will soon he issued by the French Govern
Florence, Nov. 3.
The English Minister and embassy here have
requested King Victor Emanuel to treat Garibaldi
leniently. It is said there will be no collt*ion
between the French and Italian forces. Italy is
There sre rumor* afloat here to the effect that
Garibaldi's mind i» affected.
napoleon's ultimatum.
Paris. Nov. 4.
jMPrttii of this evening says the French Charge
•rAJtaires at Florence w*s ordered to present,
on Sunday, to the King, Napoleon’s
n’tlmatum, IDat Italian troops which bad been
marched into the Papal territory should evacuate
It before Thursday evening. November 7.
Florence, Nov. 6.
The Gcactta announces that Gatlbabli has boot
anvaled by the Italian Government, and that thf
vote in the towns In the Province of Rome It
favor of a union with Italy has been dlscon
Florence, Nov. 6—Evening.
Garibaldi is now in prison at Vigevano, in Pied
mont. He claims that he is n citizen of the Uni
ted States, and demands hi* rights and privileges
a- such under the law of nations. The American
Minister, lion. George P. Marsh, left Florence
fer Vigevano, to visit the General.
The Italian troops have been recalled from tin
territory of Rome.
Florence, Nov. ft—Evening.
General CLddiul is in command of the Italian
farces acting as ac army of observation on the
Papa! frontier. He ha« located his headquarters
at Pita.
Great Britain,
Exeter, England, Nov. 4—Midnight.
The bread riot which commenced hero has ex
tended to Axminster, situated twenty miles cast
of Exeter, where the premises of the corn dealers
Lave hem burned. Axminister contains thewell
known carpet factories, with buildings for the
manufacture uf woollen cloth and gloves, and hie
a very determined population of workingmen.
The local militia hat been called out and placed
unccr armb in Exeter, and reinforcements of the
regular troops have arrived iu the city from the
naval station at Plymouth. Several arrests have
been made. Special constables have been sworn
in. both at Exeter and Axminslcr. The Mayor of
Exeter has made a speech to the people, lint the
mob is still in force, and great excitement pre
vails in the street* even at this hour.
Manchester, Nov. c— Evening.
Of the prisoners tried before the Speciil Corn
mUsion yeslerdayand to-dty, Nugent,
Fciitherstonc. Coffey and Martin have been ac
Paris, Nov. 6.
The visit of the Emperor of Austria to France
being ended. His Mijesty depart id from Paris
yesterday on bis return to Vienna.
Tlic Cretans Preparing for a Winter
Campaign Against the Turks—Politi
cal A Rain In Greece.
W'asrinoton, Not. ft.—The latest accounts
from Crete confirm the report of the total failure
of the ii.is, ton ol* Alt Pasha. The Cretans are
pn-paring j of a winter campaign against the
I urks. declare that they will not lay down
their arms until the Nland is annexed to Greece.
iA, ,rot » Athens announce tho nomination
, ~7, Ir * President of the Assembly
With a > tr °ue Ministerial majority, which is con
mmlT4rio,m i “ Uvc <>' the "stability of the ad-
meeting of Pnrllnme n ,_o rllan , zl „| 011
and Opening
Special Despatch to The Chic*.,, Tribune.
OrrawA. Nor. 6.
The second event of importance inthehlstorvof
the Dominion of Canada took piacctiu aSon
at 3 odock. The first session of the first Par
liament was opened by His Excellency the
Governor General with due ceremnuv
Some snow had fallen the
YOL. XXl.*£rr
night. and this lent a wintery
aspect to (he scene; bat apparently it did not
dcmj*n tbo ardor of those inking part In the
opening. A guard of honor ol 11)0 men or the
Fi at battalion of the Rifle Brigade was in attend
ance witb its fine band, and as the Governor Gen
era) drove through the files of tbc guard, arms
were presented, and tbo band struck up tbc na
tional anthem. At 2V» o'clock tbc appointment of
Mr. M.Cancbou as Speaker of the Senate was
read in that House, and then the Chaplain read
At 2:40 Sir John A. MacDonald appeared in
the House in uniform, the only member not tn
plain dress, while M. Cancbon, the new Speaker,
took his seat on the right of the throne, dressed
In gown and lavender gloves, with a three corner
cd bat under bis arm.
At 2:50, Ills Excellency, tbc Governor
General, came In, attended by his suite, and took
bin (-eat on the throne, while tbc Commons were
summoned. On tbeso gentlemen appearing attbe
bar of the House, tbc Speaker addrexaed them,
and they left to elect a Speaker of their House.
On the Commons being assembled. Sir John A.
MacDonald moved, und It was seconded by Hon.
M. Cartier, that Hon. J. Cockburn be elected
Speaker, which was declared carried, nem. con.
Tne House then adjourned until 2:30 to-morrow.
The House# were nearly full, but some mem
hern were absent. The first three scats ou the
government side were occupied by Sir John A.
MacDonald, Hon. G. E. Cartier and lion. Mr.
Tilley. The first three seats on the
opposition side were filled by Hon. Mc#ar*. Howe,
Dorion and Holton. The clerks of the Senate and
Common*, the Usher of the Black Rod, and the
Sergeant at-Arma have been appointed to-day.
To-morrow the Governor General will come to
the Senate and deliver the speech from tbc throne.
The Russell Honsc.in the morning,was crowded
with Senators and Commoners from all parts of
the dominion, and among the arrivals arc United
States Consul General Averill. from Montreal.
Total Number of Deaths in
New Orleans from Yellow
Fever, 3,006.
The Disease Declared to be no
Longer Epidemic in that City.
Proceedings in the Alabama Con
stitutional Convention,
Dcalli of i) Prominent Citizen of Nash
ville—Discovery of Extensive Frauds
on tlic Government*
Sjiecla! Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Nashville. Nov. G.
Hon. Jno. S.Bricn, a prominent Conservative
politician and lawyer, died at his residence near
this place this morning.
The United States District Attorney has in bis
Secession forged vouchers amounting to S2S,(J'JO,
earing the signature of John M. Kills, Lieuten
ant Thirty-first Volunteer Infantry, with the
forged approval of Brigadier General S chaff.
Kill* has been arrested. Parties in Chicagoans
i-aid to be implicated. There is good reason for
believing that frauds amounting to $150,* 00 have
been committed by Kills aud Ula associates.
The Yellow Fever In New Orleans De
clared no Longer Kpldcmtc—Total
Number of Deaths, 3,00 G.
New Orleans, Nov. o.—Thu Board of Health
last night declared the yellow fever no longer
epidemic, aud that the city is free from ail epi
demic olscasc; that citizens and strangers can
return at once without apprehension.
The weather has been very cold for several
davs. with northerly winds.
Tola! number of deaths from the epidemic to
vcstenlav morning, R.OOU. The Board of Health
pats a high and deserved compliment to the How
uni Association, saying that their success has
hern wonderful.
There were six interments from yellow lover
Thclheatrical season has commenced.
Proceeding* in the Alabama Conslltu*
tlonal Convention,
Montgomery, Nov. 6.— The Deconstruction
Convention to-day passed resolutions authorizing
the raising of proper standing committees, and
to memorialize Congress to remove political dis
abilities of all who materially aided reconstruc
An ordinance was introduced and referred to
restore all property sold by executors and admin
istrators during the war for Confederate currency
to Utc legal heirs of estates without suit in court.
The Slate constitution will probably be mod
elled after the Vermont constitution.
Conservative Convention at Colum
bia, S. C.
Columbia. Nov. 6.—The Conservative Conven
tion met to-day. Eighty-six delegates were
present, representing ten districts. James Chest
nut presided. Committees on business wore ap
pointed. and the convention adjourned uuni to
The Yellow Fever at Tfoblle.
Mobile, Nov. C.—Weather clear and cold.
Heaw frost this morning. Physicians eay there
ib no 'danger in visiting the city. Yellow fever
deaths io*daj, 11.
Meeting ortho fin nd Division SOM Of
Temperance—ladtieatiouul— Aid % oied
to the C'rawfordsvlllc Railroad,
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Indianapolis, Nov. 0.
The Grand Division of Sons of Temperance
met in anna'll session in Tomplnr Hall in this city
yesterday at two o'clock p. m. The session was
opened in due form by Wm. W. U. McCurdy,
Grand Worthy Patriarch—all the officers being
? resent, and K. J. Morris, Past Grand Worlbv
’atriarch. of Cincinnati, Ohio.
The afternoon session was devoted to the recep
tion of delegates, the initiation of new members,
the reports of officers, and the appointment of
To-day was devoted to Hie general business ol
the order, the reception of the reports of com
mittee*. tlie election of officers, etc.
The Good Templars will hold a convention at
Anderson next Wednesday, Thnrsdav and Friday.
The night schools have ovened very favorably,
there being alrcadv two hundred ’and thirtv
The Roan! of County Commissioners to-day
voted fifteen thousand dollars in uid of the Craw
fordvillo Railroad. Thivfsecnrcs the early com
pletion of the road to this city.
The Indians Quiet in New IWexlco
Progress of Fnlon Pacific Railroad-
Arrival of Indian* at Laramie*
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Omaha. Nov. C.
Colonel Lane, late commaudci of Fort Union.
New Mexico, has just arrived. He reports the
Indians very quiet, and apprehends no trouble
this winter.
Centrals Harney, Terry and Augur leave for
the North Platte 10-nlght.
A man named Soubester, running a hargc.wbllc
loading Irou th’s morning, was drowned.
The Union Pacific, again under the efficient
management oi.T. U. Durant, will reach the sum
mit of the mountains in thirty-five davs, weather
permitting. Next reason three hundred miles of
trrek nil! be laid.
Salt Lake stages will run from Chevenncnext
Colonel Powell, just from Phil Kearucy.bronght
five Crows and two Arapaboes to Laramsc~to
await the commission.
Hostile Indians—Alleged 111-Faith of
Sioux and Arapahoe Chiefs—The
Peace Pro*pcct*.
St. Lons, Nov. fi.—Omaha despatch*** mention
reports that 2,oitfi felmix and Arapahoe Indians are
encamped at the month of Rig Horn Hirer, wait
ing for the Mackinaw boats, which are descend
ing. Chiefs Red Cloud and Lone Horn are with
them. The former would meet the Peace Com
missioners at Fort Laramie, and it is
said would pretend to be for peace in
order to obtain blanket'* and aramunl
•ion. while Lone Horn would go to Fort Sullv for
the ssimu purpose. It is understood that tber
will only make a treaty on condition that life
Powaer River country be surrendered by the
whites. If this is not donewarwili commence
again with the cry of extermination.
Information from oilier sources indicates that
there will be no trouble at Laramie, bat, on the
contrary, favorable treaties can bo made with the
No rurthernew* from Kansas tills morning.
A Political Squabble—Tho Feeling In
Favor or Grant Tor the Presidency*
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Lawrence. Kan., Nov. C.
AVtrcet altercation ensued this evening between
General Tom Price, one of the managing directors
of the Kansas Branch of the Pacific Railroad, and
John Speer, editor of the Tribune, growing out
of an electioneering article calling General Price
the rebel General Price. General Price was a
Brigadier General In the fetate Militia of Missouri,
and is no relative of the rebel General Sterling
Price, now dead. "
At a street meeting held last night, the editor
of the Stole Journal nominated Grant as the next
nominee of the Republican party and the next
Pic»idcnt of the United States, which was greet
ed with load cheers. Radical Kansas supports
General Grant. Senators Pomeroy and Ro«s.
Representative Clark, and Governor Crawford
have expressed a preference for him.
Probable Hlnrdcr in Iflassllon) Ohio—
Finding of tlic Dead Body of a Boy
Under Suspicion* Circumstances,
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Massillon, Ohio. Nov. c.
This morning, as workmen were engaged in
digging gravel from a pit near the railroad sta
tion in this place, they came upon the body of a
boy buried about two feet beneath the surface.
He was identified as the son of a man residing In
Massillon.who was missed from home some three
weeks ago, and regarding whom nothing bad
since been heard. The po-uion of the body was
one very natural for repose, and it was at first
supj»oted that he had fallen asleep and been cov
ered np bv the caving-tn of a b au k, other indi
cations, however, seem unfavorable to such a
conclusion, and there are strong suspicions of
evil connected with the affair. Theconntv is
without a Coroner, which has delayed the investi
gation of the case, though steps will be token to
discover the truth.
Riot In Brooklyn, New York.
New York. Nov. G.—Quite a riot occurred in
the Fifth Ward, in Brooklyn, last night. A can"
of rough* attempted to tear down a fhed at the
corner of Johnson and Gold street*. The
officer who arrested one waft stoned hr tij t
crowd but not injured. The use of his revolver
bad no effect on the mob, and the prisoner finally
escaped. One of the rioters was subsequently
Hscapo of Prisoner* from the Schenec-
tady Jail.
ScnsKKCTADT. Nov. C.—Five criminals escaped
from Jail Inst night, including Frank King, uudet
indictment fur murder.
Colonel Forney’s Papers to
Advocate Grant’s Claims
to the Presidency.
November Statement of the
Public Debt
Thc Question of the Disband
ment of the Colored
Militia in the
General Emcrj Decides that Re
Das no Power to En
force the Presi
dent’s Order.
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Washington. Nov. 6.
There has been almost as much talk here to
day about the disbandment of the colored militia
as about the elections. It appears that some ten
days ago the President's attention was called to a
paragraph, sent from this city by a sensational
correspondent, in which it was st itcrt that the
negroes were arming here to aid Congress and
the Radicals In their attempt to sus
pend the President before impeach-
menu This naper Mr. Johnson sent to
General Grant, with an order to report the num
ber, chancier and object of the negro militia.
The Secretary of War called on General Emery,
in command here, for an answer. He investi
gated and reported that there were about 400 of
the troops, of whom half were armed, and that
while there was no expre** authority for their
organization, they were permitted to meet and
form in companies by the city govern
ment. This report was forwarded by
General Grant to the President, who
returned it with a peremptory order directing
the disbandment of the negro militia. This or
der passed through General Grant's hands to Gen
eral Emery, who therenpon notified the officers of
’he colored troops not to parade any more in pub
lic. He did sot at once order their breaking up
fur the reason that be could not see why they
•huuld be disbanded when ail other clashes
of citizens arc allowed to organize
in military companies. This morning
he returned the President's order
with an endorsement in effect that.ns martial law
no longer existed here, he was not able to find
by what authority he #ould order the disband
ment of the troops. This endorsement was also
forwarded to the President by General Grant.
What further action Mr. Johnson will take is not
known. Ihe colored men have been collected
about their headquarters to some extent thl
cvcnlnp, and they laugh heartily at the fear with
which they have inspired the President.
District Attorney Chandler, in an interview thi-
•veiling, authorizes the statement Hint he will he
ready for the Jeff. Davis trial on the 25th inst..
;nd says he has so notified the opposing counsel.
Ithas not been learned what response was made
by Davis to Chief Justice Chase's proposition to
begin on the 13th, but it Is evident that 1 the gov
ernment, as represented by Mr. Chandler,
hns no intention of commencing
at that time. The Supreme Court opens in gen
eral term at Washington on the first Monday in
December, and, therefore, it is not probable that
Mr. Chase can be at Richmond on the 25th of thin
month. The story that the trial will he put off
till next May is said by the District Attorney to
be without foundation. The Chief Justice left
for New York to-day, and will be gone four or five
wn* put over from yesterday till to-morrow, when
it is expected that Robert J. Walker will make a
long plea for Bradley. During the trial of one
cate to-day, in which Bradley appears as asssclatc
counsel, the other two attorneys on that side both
risked the court to suspend its order and allow
Bradley to appear for the day. Chief Justice Car
ter said, however, that this could not be done,
and the matter dropped.
The board appointed last year by Secretary
McCulloch under an act of Congress' to revise and
codllylaws relating to marine, made a partial
r.f ort in the spring by way ot a bill Introduced in
•he TTnuse by Mr. Eliot on which, however, no
llnnl action was taken. The board did not finish
its labors, and one or two of the members will
probably resume the work in a short time.
The President of the National Labor Congress
deviates in a speech here that ho is sure of being
able to lay before Congress this winter a petition
bearing five hundred thousand names in behalf of
an Kight-honr law.
Thirty members of Conercss arc now, or have,
within a fortnight, been in the city, making ar
rntigemei.ts for the coming session. An unusu
ally large proportion of them expect to keep
The government clerks arc holding meetings to
arrange plans for getting an increase of salaries
irrm Congress. They also propose to become a
chartered association.
To the Associated Pres«.
Washington, Nov. B,—The following is -isia'c
ment ctf the public debt on the first of November:
Five per cent bonds $i9?.54 ,! ,.T>0.00
Six percent bonds of iBC7-(i5.... If.GD'i.Ott.SO
Slxiter cent bonds of ISSI 251.67M0000
Six percent 3-20 bonds 1,567. fi < i?,loJ.oli
Navy pension fund 13.t'(t\OOO.CO
Six per cent bonds $8,042,000.00
ihrec year compound interest. h,5,v5,940.(i0
Three year 7-30 notes ... S 3 »,607.700.C0
Three per cent certificates 11,500,009.00
Total S42C,7fiS.CI(J.OO
Three vear 7-SO notes, due Ang.
13. I$C7. 1. $3,571,100.00
Compound interest notes, ma
tured dune 10, Jnlv 13, August
15, JBt7 97,HC,H0.00
Rouds. Texas indemnity ac 2,000.00
Treasury uc-les. acts ’of July
17th. ISGI, Ac., bonds of April
IMS» • 57.051.61
Treasury notes March •’!, 16C«3 808,210.00
Temporary loan 4,163,0? 5.54
Certificates of indebtedness.... 31,000.00
Total $133,337.558.8.1
U. S. Notes
Fractional currency
Gold certificates or deposit.
Total $ 102,286.970.00
Total debt 2.623.312.54U.00
Amount in Treasure:—
Coin $115,1:0.513.00
Currency 22,158,180.00 137.9i5.399.00
Amount of debt, loss cash In
Treasury T. 92,t91,050,H5.C0
(feigned) Hron McCulloch,
Secretary of the Treasure,
The statement show* a decrease in tho debt of
$13.t>4,98i since October 1. Coin has increased
$8,211,tr>7. The debt bearing coin interest his
increased $52,91 -|,£so. The debt hearing currcncv
interest has decreased $-13,fi36,0t'0.
The Navy Department received an official de
spatch from Admiral Farragut to-day. announcing
his arrival in England, and giving a glowing ac-
C9unt of his reception by the Lords of Admiralty,
bis visit to London, and his observations upon
tho trial of the American fiftccn-incb gun.
The report of the Commissioner of the General
Land Office shows that seven millions of acres of
public lands have been disposed of during tie
past year. There Is yet remaining lonrteen hun
dred millions of acre# including the recently ac
quired Russian territory.
There are now 37.000 miles of completed rail
road la this country, while the number of miles
in tho course of construction is 17.680.
The Secretary of the Treasure being engaged
m the preparation of his tiuancial report, denies
himself to nearly all visitors.
will contain a strong argument in favor of
adopting a plan of taxing whisker stills according
to capacity.
...m... • a...., Ab nftiunk.
General Grant it hosily engaged at headquar
ters this morning preparing hL« annual report as
General of the Armies of the United States.
Washington, Not. t s .—Former's Pretf and
CDoMe/eof to-morrow will cadi contain a long
editorial in advocacy of General Grant for Presi
dent. It is therein said that General Grant i« in
hearty accord with the Republican partv.and In
proof of the truth of this assertion ifie editor
qnotc-froin the speech cl Hon. E. B. Wasbbnrnc,
at KHzat cth. HI., on the 6th of October, which,
Coloi cl Forney says, may be accepted as alike
authoritative with the declaration ol General
Bawling*, now Chic! of Suff of the Army of the
United States, made at Galena, on the 21st of
June last. As to Gcnur.il Rawlings* speech, the
editor savs. in italics: “It was carefully pre
pared In Washington, after a fall understanding
with General Grant, and was spoken that the
country might know exactly the position occupied
by General Grant himself.”
Another Revolution Looked For—At
titude of tho Government Toward
ForeUm Representative*.
Havana, Nov. s. —Late advices from Mexico
state that it was momentarily expected that a
revolution would break out for the overthrow
of Juarez.
Steamship Eider has arrived here from Vera
Cruz the Sd.
The Mexican Government remses to hold anv
intercourse with minister* and consuls of foreign
governments until the Republic ia recognized by
such governments.
The remains of Maximilian had not been sent
to Vera Cruz up to the departure of the Eider.
Terrible lltirrirauc at St. Thomas
and Vicinity—Great Destruction of
Property—Santa Anna and Wife at
Havana. Nov. 6.—An official despatch from the
Superintendent of the Uoy&l Mail Steamship
Company, at St. Thomas, to the British Consul,
says that all the property of the company had
been destroyed by a terrible tornado on the S‘.»lh
of October. The st* amer Rhyne was lost on
Peter Island, and the Nye on Buck Island. The
Conway went ashore on Tontula Island, and tbc
Derwent at bUTtomas. The Solent and Tyne
were dismasted. The town of St. Thomas is iu
complete rains. Fifty vessels ashore and loss of
life very great and destruction of property im
mense. All officers and engineers on the Rhone,
and all others on board, arc lost. From the
Nye forty persons were saved, including Captain
Taylor and Mr, Hodgson. Of tbc passengers on
hoard the regular steamer for Southampton,
which had sailed with 150 passengers, only
twelve were saved. A French steamer was also
damaged and lost. The number of vessels that
received Injuries is very Urge.
Santa Anna and wife came as passengers tn
route to St Thomas.
Mr. Hall, Maximilian's lawyer, was a passen
ger by the Elder, and goes to Now Orleans.
Havana. Oct 30, na Key West Nov. s.—An
armed expedition of tbcfollowers of ex-Preuldent
Baez, landed at Monte Crieto from Haytun ves
sels, and occupied Gnayabin. They were at
tacked and beaten by General Tolanco. The Do
minicans arc panting to avenge the treachery of
Salnavc, acd could easily march 5,000 armed men
ou the capita] of Hayti.
The Dominican Minister of Hayti has been re
called. President Cabral has gone to Ciboa. He
has negotiated a loan with Loudon capitalist# for
ten millions of francs.
Fair Republican Majorities in
Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Kansas and Massa
Democratic Majority in New
York Placed at 40,000.
later Returns From the
County Elections iu
Special Despatches to The Chicago Tribune.
Madison, Wis., Nov. 6.
Pretty full returns have been received from all
parts of the State, which show email Democratic
gains, except in the southwestern part of the
State, on the vote of 1865, when Fairchild had
about 9.000 majority; but the Republican major
ity in the Slate will probably bo between G,LOI
and 7,C00, and cannot fall below 5,090.
The Democrat* never made such desperate ef
forts. and have brought out every voter whom
they could rally and persuade by every sort of
falsehood and appeal to pasoion'and prejudice.
Very few voters, in spite of all their appeals, have
changed from the Republican to the Copperhead
The Legislature will be strongly Republican,
though we lose two or three Senators, including
one to All a vacancy by a Republican resignation.
The Senate will probably be twenty Republican
to thirteen Democratic, and we shall have ten to
twenty majority in the Assembly.
Dare County complete gives FairchildJUi maj.,
which is somewhat better than the average last
yc-tr, though Hopkins had GCi) maj.
The Democrats elect Habich Senator bv a small
majority and two Assemblymen. The Republi
cans elect three Assemblvmeu.
Lima. Wis.. Nov. (3.—Lima gives US maj. for
Fo.sd du Lac, Nov. 6.—The Republicans have
elected Sheriff and four of the six to the Assem
bly. and probably State Senator.
The county voted $1 W,COOIa aid of the Sheboy
gan Railroad.
" Mineiiai. Point. Wis., Nov. o.—lowa Countv,
Mineral Point, city, 68 Democratic majority;
Woldwirk, 21 Democratic majority: Arcn-il 5
Democratic majority; Linden, Sd Republican
majority; Midlln, Repnbllcan majority ; Mos
cow, 42 Republican majority ; Dndgevllle, 1'.»7 Re
publican majority: Wyoming. 10 Repnbllcan ma
;orlty; Mtmrnl Point, town, :1S Republican ma
jority, Four town to hcarfrom.
siiEßoroAN. Wis., Nov. U.—Sheboygan County
gives 97 majority for Tallmadge. iloti-bklss. Dem
ocrat. clecP-d Senator by 200 majority; W.-dig,
Democrat, in the First Assembly; Second As
sembly District dontfnl. The Democrat* appear
to be fourteen ahead. In the Third Assembly
District, (Irave?. Republican, is elected. County
Superintendent, Robinson. Republican*
Por.TAQE, Wis., Nov. 6.—Columbia County,
town of Lewiston—FaircblUlVmnjorlty,26: Marll
lon,44; Spriegvnle.CS: Pacific, 21; Caledonia. 19;
Scott,s4; Randolph. 56; DcKorra.s7: Lodi, 131.
The above arc all majorities for Fairchild.
Town of Lowville, Tallmadge, 11 majority;
Fort Winnebago, 8 majority for Tallmadge,; Co
lumbia Conntv gives 9Gi majority for Fairchild,
with Arlington, Leeds, Hampden and West Point
to herrfrom.
Dr. Davis and J. 11. Ford arc elected to the As
sembly in the First District.
County of Marquette, tows of Mont illo, gives
D 1 majority ior Tallmadge.
LaCkosse, Wis., Nov. 6.—LaCrosse County
gives the Republican 'late ticket a little over 400
msjority: both Assemblymen are Republicans,
lu the First Assembly District of LaCrosse Co—
ty, John Ulrich. Republican, is elected * . -** u *
jority, over T. Rudolph, Demo'*—' . ■ "T *•* ma r
Asecmbly Dbtrlct, N. P f j“‘j
about 400 mfdorit** •• "aHor is elected by
Republican comity ticket Is elected bv ma
jorities ranging from 210 to 500, except Sheriff,
which is very close ami doubtful.
Milwaukee, Nov. 6.—The net Democratic
rain in the State, as faros beard from, is 2,104.
’the Republicans claim Fairchild elected bv
about 4,t00. The Democrats concede about three
thousand* The Democrats gain sis or eight
members of the Assembly and three or four
LaCrosse. Wis., Nov. 6.—'Vernon Conntv, the
residence of Bank Comptroller Rush, has'glven
between 1,1 Cl) ami 1,100 Republican majority, and
elected ITlest and Chase, the Republican *candl
d;.tcs for the Second Assembly District,by alarge
The vote of Wisconsin for the] past few years
has been as follows,
. _ * Rep. Dom.
.5“3 7U.ftj9 55.54 S
JSW £B,llO 9\SSI
ISBS 53.332 40,3?1
IKG 79,8*3 55,418
from tbe Milwaukee Sentinel, Nov. 6lh.
Wisconsin still stands firm among the noble
Republican States of the Union. "Return* al
r-ady io, which onr readers will find quite fall
from all the town? accessible by telegraph, indi
cate the election of Fairchild and the Republican
State ticket by about 5,000 majority.
, Returns from seventy towns and cities, includ
mg the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Water
tt’wn. Fond da Lac, Racine and .Janesville, and
nearly nil the Democratic atrotghold*, cave Fair
child 1,010 majority. Milwaukee city gave Tali
madgc3,6Ss. and tbe indications are that he will
not go cut of the county with more than 3,t-0u ma
jority. So much for the vaunted 5,500 aud t>,OCU
that we heard of before election.
The ntble old strongholds of Roch, Walworth
aud Racine, send ns th'eirusual grand majorities.
Racine shows a particular good record, having
made a gain of 173 since the last gubernatorial
election. Rlpon. Kenosha and some other Re
publican towns fall to do thelrdnty, though in
most cases the defection is readily accounted for
by local causes.
The towns whose exact vote is reported to ns
show a Republican loss of 1,335 on the vote of
I?KS. The population of these towns iu 1585 was
ISP.i’SI, while that of the whole State was 555.333.
This ratio applied to the aggregate mvjoritvof
General Fairchild la ISGS (10,000). elves a total
tons for the State of -J,fi7d, which, deducted from
in,ooo, leaves 4.451; but, as the latest returns
(those from the country districts) show less
Republican losses thin those first in.
and, as there is every reason to believe,
returns yet to come In will continue In the
same wav. wc have no doubt that the majority of
Genera) Fairchild win sligbtlv overran O.iOO, the
highest figures that the most anient Republicans
in ibis city ventured to place their monev on.
And thU majority ha* been won bv a verv desul
tory canvass on the part of the’ Republicans,
against the most perfectly organized and most
vigorously condnct-d canvass ever made by the
Democrats in any Western State! Tbe result
show? our friends what they might do by properly
organizing and exerting themselves, and ought to
show them what they must do to insure the
State lu the Presidential campaign of next fall.
Returns of the votes on legislative candidates
are as yet meagre, but indicate slight Democratic
gains. Milwaukee Is la her dumps again this
year, aud sends but one Republican, who, we are
glad to say. Is the lion. William A. Prentice, of
the Seventh Ward ; though the meagrene-s of hi*
majority Is a disgrace to his ward. Judge Vilas
(Dero.) creep* Into the Assembly from Madison,
but General Bragg, who thought his calling and
election sure, in the Fond du Lac Senate Dis
trict. is deservedly defeated by Colonel Unn
Ilatch. Both bodies of the Legislature are large
ly Republican, without a shadow of a doubt.
$365. 4.00
Special Dctpatchcs to The Chicago Tribune.
St. PaCI.. Not. 6.
The split tickets were so numerous that it was
nearly daylight before the xote in this county was
known. The election in this city was not attended
with much excitement. Fhndrcau's majority is
T-h*. The entire Democratic ticket is elected ex
cept hhciiff. Robertson. independent Democrat.
I« elected Sheriff by S 7 majority. General
Averiira chanc«-8 for tnc Legislature were regard
ed as good, but returns show bis defeat by 48.
The vote for Governor stood, Flandrcau *2.0*2.
Marshall 1,342. The majority against suffrage
MlnncagoUs gives 4SO Republican majority—a
bC 'tt County gives 1.000 Democratic majority,
and Carver County 400. Steele Countv, 3io Re
Washington County Republican, about 130.
Dakota County gone Democratic.
Scattering returns irom towns indicat* Mar*
chair* majority in State about 3,000. The Demo
crats concede a Republican majorltv of 3,000.
The suffnge amendment is probablv defeated
bv a small majority, though some Republicans
lhmk It ha* won.
St. Pace, Hinn„ Nov. 6.—Owatonna County
clmt 156 Democratic majority. This has hereto
fore been a strong Republican countv, but local
quarrels dutrsclcd the Republican strength.
The vote of Minnesota, since ISC3, has stood as
Republican. Democratic.
S'3 19,313
SW a5.««0 17,3T5
SK> 13.&6 15.775
ISt* 23.W3 17.31 S
Winona, Minn., Nov. G.—Winona County-
Democratic ticket all elected by 140 on the lowest
and 250 on the highest. All returns In but two
Democratic Flandrcau carries the countv
by 125 majority. Negro suffrage largely defeated.
Special Despatches to The Chicago Tribune.
Moiirison, Whiteside Cocntt, 111., Nov. 6.
Fifteen towns in Whiloddo County beard from
indicate the defeatjof the Stock law from 450 to
fCO vuu>. E. C. Warner is re-elected Treasurer,
and John D. A. Rey re-elected Surveyor without
Wackxcan, Lake Countt, 111.. Nov. 6.—Re
turnsTrum the different towns in the couutv indi
cate a small Republican majorltv. The Demo
cratic ticket was run under the name of
anti-monopoly. An exceedingly meagre rote
wa» polled all over the countv—less than the usual
Republican majority. The towns of Waukegan.
Antioch, Newport. Fremont, Benton, Wauconda,
Eln, Cuba, and Avon give Hastings and Hate,
RrpnhHcan candidates for Treasurer. 3«iG votes.
The towns of Warren. Goodale, Shields. Ltbertv
vllle and Deerfield give Fairman and Whitney,
Democrat candidates 297 votes, leaving Vernon
to be heard from. This town will perhaps give a
*mall Democratic majority. The Republican
majority now stands at t"9. A few over iwo votes
were polled. The full vole of this county is
Olnbt, HI., Nov. 6.—Owing to a split in ihe
Republican party in this ißlcnland) county, the
Democratic ticket was elected by over one baa
drcd mcjority. a foil rote wan not polled. Li-t
full the county went Republican.
The following towns in this county gave Repab
licanmajorities: Saratoga. 31: NappU* Creek, 59;
Morris. 1 : Wahnansch, 12; Felix, 17; Mazon,
60; Greenfield, 37; Highland, 20; Good Farm, Gl;
Bri.reyli'c, ss. And tue following Democratic:
An Sable, 9: Norman, 3: Vienna, t; Eriauca, 10.
Rockford, Nov. 6.—J. E. Richardson Is elected
Treasurer, and T. J. L. Remington Surveyor of
this county by a very large majority. Both are
Canton*, Nov. 6.— Fulton County Democratic
by five hundred majority. Last fall Republican
hv a small majority.
Pontiac, ill., Nov. 6.—Radical ticket elected
by abont 600 majority over the lodcprndeut and
Democratic tickets. Light vote throughout the
Jacksonville, in.. Nov. G.-Jacksonvillc, Re
publican majority, 10; Alexander, Republican
majority, s*.t; Meredosia, Democratic majorltv.
IP.*; ilurraytTille, Democratic majority. 165;
Bethel, Democratic majority, 13. County about
I,0?0 Democratic majority.
Carthage, ill.. Nov. 6.—Hancock* Conn*y gives
a Democratic majority of 450.
Peoria. 111, Nov.ft.—Peoria County Is Demo
cratic. Shaver. Democrat, for Treasurer, is
elected by 40 minority—again of 437. Spalding,
Democrat, is elected Surveyor by about 100
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Lawrence, Kansas, Nov. G.
The entire Republican ticket is elected in
Douglas County, except one Commissioner.
Sommerman, on the straight ticket, being beaten
by Mr. Griffith, on the people's ticket
Franklin County gives a large majority against
negro and female suffrage. These provisions are
beaten by. about G,ovo in the State. Tho friends
of female suffrage will organize a distinct party in
favor of female enfranchisement
Reports from the West say that theconntles
along the line of the road have gone Democratic.
Wyandotte, Leavenworth, and probably AtchUon,
Bourbon. Monroe and Morris have gone Demo
cratic. The celebrated jayhawker, Colonel
Jcnnlsor. was run by the Democrats in the Third
Ward ol Leavenworth, and elected to the Legis
New York, Nov. G.—The lterate savs: “The
Democratic majority in the State is fromlO.OW)
to 20,0.1]; m the city GO,UW.“
, The World has the Democratic majority In the
StateoverdLfOO. The other papers have the ma
jorities nearly as large.
Buffalo. 'Nov. 6.—General W. F. Rogers.
Democrat, is elected Mayor. The county has also
gone Democratic.
New York, Nov. 6.—Returns complete and es
timated from thirty-eight counties gtvo a Demo
cratic gain over laft year, when theßepublicans
carried the State by 13,7b9, of 44,671 votes. The
Democratic majority in the State will doubtless
exceed •P.crt.
Albany, Nov. 6.—The Argu* claims over 4P,0C0
majority for the Democratic State ticket, a ma
jority of the Assembly, and at least 15 of the o 2
New Yoke, Nov. 6.—The vote for Sheriff in
this ctly was quite close. O'Brien, the Tammany
candidate. Is elected by SSO votes over Connellv,
the Mozart nominee.
The TYiSune concedes the State to the Demo
crats by nut less than -40,000.
vote of yaw toek cm fob the last sevejt teaks.
Year. Uep. Dcm. Total. Ma|.
imc—president sv-vo 6/,aa 93.5*1 as.ory
Injl—Canal Com 26.019 a9jC# J3.SS3 3.T57
lsH*_Govcmor. 2*,SS$ DLSI2 75,C9 31,576
ISCJ-Secretary of State.33,6lS 45.583 W.’iW 13.CT0
1-tl-PrislCoot S-i.Gsl 73,709 110,330 37.0‘S
liCS-becretary of Slate.-28.740 53.1 M 51.568 26.JSS
ISCG-Covcrtior 33.492 51',677 111,109 47.155
vote of new yoke state fob the east arvey
Year. Rep. Dem. Total. Ma}.
isto—President r»?,6ic 312.510 6TM36 so.ias
IS6l—Canal Commiß’r..2?i4i2 193.333 4*3,797 P 7.027
IfG’-Oovemor VX-SI? 306.619 CC2A4S 10,733
ISGt-Sec. Of state 311.347 254.9J2 59».5>3 TUOj
IH4—President 3G5.733 361.J56 7JC.7JI 6.749
1865—See. of State 301,055 273.193 .MI.iVJ 27.-37
IS66—Governor :»50,315 719,193 13.739
The w hole number of voters in the State, re
turned by the census of 1565, was 831,426, of whom
.'S’LS'.M were natives, and 249,*452 were naturalized.
Boston, Nov. o. —'l bo vote of 249 towns give
Bullock, 53,626; Adams, (12.536. Of the State
Senators elected, so far ns heard from, twenty
eight arc license men, and only six (nr prohlbl
bition. Out of 195 Representatives, 155 arc for
John (jnlncy Adams was elected Representa
tive from <2ui nc .v-
The vote iu Massachusetts, since 1563. has been
as follows:
Republican. Democratic.
Baltimore. Nov. C.—The vote of this city
stands: Democratic, 19.991; Republican. 4,SGd.
Returns from the counties indicate Democratic
gains throughout the Stale.
Baltimore. Nov. 6.—Returns come in slowly.
Indications arc that every official position in the
State will be filled by the Democrats. In Wash
ington County the entire Democratic ticket U
elected; It is also bclk-vcd that the entire Demo
cratic ticket is elected liiFrcderick County. Kent
County gives 1,282 DemocraVic majority, and
Wicomico County gtvcsj i ,:yjo Democratic
Comments or (lie New York Press,
New York, Nov. 6.— Thu Tribune ,says; “With
three-fourths of the Republican journals pub
lished In our city cither neutral in the contest or
virtually telling their readers it would be hotter
for the Republican cause to have the Republican
ticket beaten this full, we could hardly expect to
hold our own m State or citv; but
the defection in both is fir * greater
than could with reason have been
anticipated. To let the election go bv default, It
was held and argued by the trimmers and camp
followers, would crush out what they are pleased
to stigmatize us Radicalism, ami render inevit
able tb« nomination of General Grant for Presi
dent. Such considerations and calculations have
kept 50,W0 voters from the polls, and insured the
overwhelming defeat of our Stale ticket."
The 7iwiss says: “On the State ticket for Sec
retary of State thovoteof the State of New York
yesterday went Democratic by an aggregate ma
jority ranging from present figures and estimates
from lS.au to 23,fC0."
Tbe Utrald says: “New Tort, with her large
financial interest, declare? against the party of
debt and taxation, arc! rebukes the attempt to
tlacc the Southern States of the Union under the
eel of African barbarism. 1 *
The T 1 vrM says: “By yesterday's work the Em
pire Slate placed herself at the head of the noble
aimyof the Commonwealh. whose mission ha?
been here and now to ?tay the hands of the archi
tects of ruin, and whose mltsloa will bo in the
year and contents that arc to come to redeem
and restore the Union, and establish peace and
representative self-government througuoat nil
its borders.
The l\jft thinks this manifestation of the peo
ple's will a mere passing chortli-cmest intended
to rebuke their faults and bring them back to
moderation, common sense ana policy.
The Commercial Adcfitieer accnr-cs the man
agers of the Republican party of improvidcntlv
and thriftlessly scattering what cost so much
can* and toll to save. But with this defeat our
winter of discontent closes and under better
anspices the npproachinc canvass can be made a
Glorious summer. Shaking itself free from en
cumbrances. the Republican pnrtv, reorganized,
reiormeil and purified, will assert its devotion to
tbe Union and unturl the Grant banner, and tight
out the Presidential campaign on this line.
dinner Election In Detroit.
Dktuoit, Nov. o.—Foli returns from nil the
city give the vote on Slayer a? follows: Whea
ton. Democrat. 4.3*1: Co’dd. Republican, 3.909;
Wheaton’s majority. 363. Wbeatonj ran* tar he-
I'bo In- ticket, and falls off 531 from Mavor
Mill's (Democratic) -lidorltv In ISM. The follow
::.g Democratic city officer- arc elected; Starker.
Clerk, 1.1*3 majority ; Brown, Attorney, 1.0G3;
Lcaubeater, Treasurer, 1.352; Robinson, Sur
veyor. 1.519. L. B. Willard. Republican candi
date tor Director of the Poor, wa? re-wlected bv
37 majority. The vote on Justices of the Peace is
close, but the Democratic candidates arc undoubt
edly elected. the Common Connell will stand
ten to ten. a? at present. In the School Board
the Democrats have twelve to the Republicans
l ight. On minor ward officer*, the issues were
mainly personal and not political.
Scrlonn Collision of Two Trains on a
Uallroad Brldge-Tho Bridge Demol
ished, nnd Engine* and Cars Precipi
tated Into a Creek.
Joliet, 111.. November C.—La«t evening about
half-past 5 o'clock two freight trains, one np and
the other down, on the Chicago. Alton .x St.
Louis Railroad, met on the bridge aero?? Uickorv
Creek. ?‘x miles south of this citv, nnd collided
with a terrible sma-h. The bridge, which was of
wood, new, and Liu feet long, was demolished,
and the engines and portions of the
cars of both train? were precipitated into the
creek. The engineers and firemen of both train*,
seeing that a collision was inevitable, reversed
the engine? and jumped before they got on the
bridge, aud thus saved themselves. No one was
hurt. Tbe blame of this inexcusable accident be
longs to the engineer and conductor of the up
coming train, and they will no doubt be promptly
dismissed. Th»* loss to the railroad company i?
considerable, and it is impossible to estimate it
at present. A force of workmen is engaged to
day in rebuilding the bridge. Trains wfli proba
bly bo able to run ncroto by to-morrow night.
Mitnvrbllc all train? are running regularly,"the
passengers being transferred.
marine Disaster*
Havana. Not. 6.—Stcam.-r Eagle, from New
\ork. freports the steamer Hendrick Hudson
with her machinery disabled, »nd towed her in
one night, but in the morning her hawser parted,
and the Hudson drifted on the coa*t. Tugs have
been sent to tier assistance. She will probably
be got off.
Havana, Not. 6.—,Tu*l before davbrcak the
steamship Hendrick Hudson went ashore on the
Chibo b»-ach, near Moro Castle, having hcen car
ried afbore by the heavy current and strong
northeast squall. She is a total loss. Probablv
no lives were lost.
National Presbyterian Union Conven
rniLADELpniA. Nov. e.—The National Pres
byterian Union Convention commenced its ses
sion to-day. Rev. Mr. Blair, the oldest delegate
present, opened the convention with prayer.
George Stewart was elected permanent Ctialr
mati, and Dr. Archibald, of New York. Clerk.
Over SOU delegates were present, representing the
Dutch Reform Church, tne Old and New School,
and Reformed. United and Cumberland Presby
terian Churches.
Revs. Dr. Hodge, H. B. Smith. Hatfield, Breck
enridge, Bcatty,l)uflield, and other distinguished
dinner, were present.
The church 10 which the convention meets is
crowded at every session, and great public in
terest is thown in the deliberations.
Sale of the Pan Handle Hnllrond.
PiTTsnrn«n. Nov. 6.— The Pittsburgh & Steu
benville Railroad, known as the Pan Handle Rail
road, was sold to-dav on a mortgage by Mr. Eva
lotto, of New York, for JI.WCU Cl).'to the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, w. J. Howard, their
solicitor. Lidding that uuotmt. The next high
est bidder was W. R. Ellis, of Now York, repre
senting himself and other capitalists. His bid
was f 1.955. W . A number of prominent capital-.
Ist* from the East were present, and great inter
est was manifested as to the sale.
A Double IHarriagc In High Life*
SrniNcrtELO. 111, Nov. fi.—There is unite a
flutter in the more fashionable circles of car
city, occasioned by the proximity of a double
diamond wedding which is to come off at the pa
latini residence known as the Mattcson mansion,
now occupied by R. E, Goodell, Esq., to-morrow
evening. The consenting fair ones are the Misses
Clara and Bell JJatteson, daughters of ex-
Govgrnor Ham-son. who returned during
the summer from an extensive tour in
Europe. The former is to be united to a
Hr. Powell, of your city, and the tatter to a gen
tleman named Harts, boiling from Savannah,
Qa. The ceremony will be performed by the
Episcopal clergymen of thU city. The bridal
outfits Lave been Imported from Paris at an enor
mous expense, while the preheats and other ad
juncts oi the occasion will be gorgeous la the ex
treme. It la reported that the ex-Governor has
settled $5,C00 per annum on each of the brides:
A lame number of gnosis from New York and
elsewhere have already arrived.
Ten Buildings Burned In Scranton* Pa,
Scranton, Pa., Oct.6.—Afire in the Fourth
Ward destroyed ten buildings occupied by stores,
saloons and dwellings. James F. Steua, Hyde
Park Corporation Company, Messrs. Walter &
Jorea, H. Sadio, H. B. Powell, M. Licen. and M.
O’Merea, are the principal losers. Loss between
thirty and forty thousand dollars. About hall in
Large Fire In Brooklyn* New York.
New York, Nov. B.—A Are In Brooklyn last
nigbt deitroycd the turning shop of Henry Wer
ner, carriage manufactory of David Dailey, and
last factory of Prentice, White & Son. Loss,
£53,01.0; partially insured.
New York, Nov. C.—lion. Alexander W, Brad
ford, cx-Surrogate of this county, died last night
of typhoid fever.
New Haves, Nov.fi.—Worthington Hooker.
M. D., Professor of Yale Medical College, died
this evening.
New Tork Central Railroad A flairs.
New York, Nov. 6.—The transfer books of the
New York Central Railroad Company close on
the 9th instant. The annual election takes place
at Albany on the llth of December.* __
The Drought,
Ills now many months since the Northwestern
States were visited with thorough and frequent
rains, and a serious drought is prevailing in many
sections. In the central and southern parts of
Illinois the small streams are exhausted, thegrass
is dried up mid cattle have to be driven long dis
tances to Uud water and pasturage, and the same
is true in lowa, Nebraska and other Stales.
If the winter sets In without heavy rains
there will be great difficulty in keeping slock
alive, and the prospects for spring crops will be
much injured. Still there is time enough for the
fall storms to supply the future needs, but the
corn and other crops that have proved almost a
failure in some places cannot be made good.
Chicago, thanks to the inexhaustible reservoir
that lies at her feet, cannot lack for water for
man and beast In any possible contingency,
hat the river, npon which depends
to a great extent onr commerce, is beginning to
feel the lack of rain conslderablv; so much so
that vessels of heavy draught have to feel their
way carefully in the shallow parts of the channel.
The depth is less than it has boon lor many years,
and crofts drawing ten feet have trouble in mak
ing the passage. The propeller Merchant was
detained at the Wells street bridge for half an
hour, yesterday atternoon, by this cause,
and 'a vessel was aground at the
Clark street bridge for several hoars
last evening. The river being an arm of
the lake, however, there Is no danger that it will
entirely drv np and leave its -Oirnyhod to offend
the eye and tne nostrils, it can hardly be much
lower than now, and the probabilities arc that
this remarkable period of doodles* skies will
ere long be terminated by pouring rain? sufficient
to satisfy the thirst of all things, animate and in
bxo two o’ciock > wi.-ru.,
afternoon, John Cadwell, aged twelve years, was
accidentally run down on the north crossing at
the intersection of Lake and Clark streets, by a
horse attached to a wagon of the United States
Kspr*vg Company, driven by an employe named
O'Brien. The boy was endeavoring to cross the
street when the accident occurred. When the boy
fell, the burse kicked him on the back part of the
head, and a cork of the horse's shoe penetrated
his skull and crashed it in. Everything was done
thatconldbcdoneto alleviate the boy's suffer
ings. His wounds wore dressed bv Dr. A. FUhcr,
and he was then taken borne by police oUlcer
Omaha, who attends at the crossing. The boy
was an employe in Fergus' printing establish
ment, on Clark street. He was the only support
of an aged mother. It Is understood that reckless
driving was the cause ol the accident.
At a late hour last night the sufferer's condition
was pronounced critical.
jalastic fgpongc.
From C. IV. Frackcr, Esq., Cash
ier First National Bank,
Marshalltown, lowa.
‘•Mabsii alltown, lowa, Nov. 4.18 n.
“Drat: Sins—l enclose my check, No. 3,1%, on
Union National Rank, for your hill of SUt ult. • •
• • We arc highly please J with the MattrcsJ, and
believe It to be all that you represent.
“Yours trely, C. W* TRACKER.’*
From Thos. H. Brown, Novelty
Carriage Works Manufac
tory, 44 Adams-st.
“ Chicago, Nov. 3, 1367.
101 Lake-et.
“ Ckntlrjien—l have been using tbe Elastic Sponge
(which 1 Lave been obtaining from the New York
Elastic fr]>onge Manufacturing Co.), cushion brand,
for months past, la my finest carriages, after satisfy*
mg myself of its utility, by the most thorough tests.
••Yours truly, THUS. H. BROWS. 1 *
As a result of many weeks ofcxpcrlment, wo are able
'ouee fifty per cent of air, which saves the fuel re
quired to create the same amount of steam, less the
.-ost of Introducing the air, and makes a set saving
of from SO to 10 per cent in tbe cost of fuel for running
;.n engine. Tbe application of the patents of Jno. B.
uwafer. owned by this Company, is made from a
> oiler which is evaporating from seven to ten pounds
of water with each ponnd of hard coal. Itlsan up
right boiler and occupies about twelve square feet
*f room. It is acknowledged by leading New England
engineers to have no equal. From the boiler, and Us
icslccator also,steam, and steam and air, arc convey
cd to the steam chest and cylinder of the engine, in
such a manner as to materially relieve tho back pres
sure trom the air pump, and the engine runs with ease
and energy. The direct steam Is cut olf at from one
third to one-half stroke when the air enters, and fin-
Islet up the stroke with as much power as though It
was running with a full stroke of steam. The air
pomp sends the atmosphere to the desiccator, where It
Is expanded by Intense heat and lubricated by a jet of
steam, from which It la convoyed to the steam chest,
completing the operation, giving a result which aston
ishes all who examine It, and warrants a success wor
thv the time, patience, monev. and thought expended
In utilizing the atm'sphere. This principle ts readily
applied to all engines, and would save a very large
!-um In fuel annually in this city If generally adopted.
We are prepared to furnish Engines of anv size and do
nil kind of machine work with despatch.
E. S. WARNER. Secretary,
•Til South Jefiersnn-st.
Elegant Furs,
Large Stock,
Great Variety,
Low Prices !
BREWSTEE, Furrier.
Sherman House.
108 eureka. 108
BRAND ha? found It. The most bea-itlf il. dura
ble and permanent pictnre ever made. The PHOTO
PORTRAIT. photographed on canvas and colored In
o|', possessing the advantage over Hie old »tvic ol
port ralt or being a perfect likknrss. Small Plc
rnrc.-cau l*c raised to ar.v size desired, and made quite
equal to llfe-sUtlnp?. For Christina* Gift?, nothing
can he procured equally desirable lor the ?amem-vn.»r.
An elegant ornament for any house. Porcelains col
ored in oil—very beautiful t>r children. BRAN!) is
making the new Cabinet Portrait a specialty, at only
JS.CP per dozen, and he still keeps the leid In those
l-cauilftil Caitcsdc Visile at |ISJ, at Brand's Art Pal
ace, IBS Lakc-st.
To the patrons of this Gallery, the proprietor would
say that any one having Negatives there, would do
well to order duplicates at once, cr to strp la and
have them re-regtstered, w here It Is desired to hare
them kepi. Mr.ce be Is about opening a new record,
and all negatives tot attended to very soon will be
destroyed to make room for new ones.
Beautiful Cartes de Vlslte for <1.50. and tho new
fabled Portrait for <5.00 per dozen, at 113 Lake-st.
fttasonic Notices,
Masonic.-the regular as
SFMBI.T of Vnn Rcc?«elaer Grand Lodge of IVr
.ection, wilt be held at the Masonic Temple,
THIS EVENING, at 7Jf o’clock.
JAS. U. MILES, Gr. See.
Chicago, Nov. 7. IrC*.
(Scucral Notices.
Justly the pride of Chicago. Th* people will pa
tronire, because Ita wonderful ELASTIC bFONoE
CUSHIONS are so lcxceiocs.
Winter Quarters for Horses.
Get roar horses wintered on tame hay, by responsi
ble party. using extra care, at <.'.00 per month. Open
and closed stalls, and extra feed, proportional. Taken
ont and returned free. First lot e"c* this weet.
Address ••SANGER FARM,” Box 1274.
treated for Catarrh, at I<»3 West Harrisou-st.,
upwards of Iwo hundred patients. Let one rone for
ward and rav that thev are not cured. Is there a
Catarrh Doctor In the United States ran ask the
same ? Call between the hours cf 9 HU 12 a. m., and
2 till Op.m. fCat out this.]
Proposals Solicited
For renting to ns ground floor business front on
Lake-st.. between Clark and Dearborn. Address orsec
Flour, pork, lard or other cooda, in the lolt or cellai
of the Cue Flre-proot Brick Store. No. 170 Bandolph
*l., c.nbc had. Insurance low. Apply to
jflorimel of Ib».
A Bath
May be had by using Florimel of
Ivy. A small portion dissolved in
a glass of water produces a de
lightful Perfumed Milk, which
leaves the skin beautifully clear
and brilliant.
Ladies Try
Retail Price
Of Crawford's Troches, 25 cents
per package. Others retail 35
cents. The above articles are
Sold by
Smith & Dwyer, Dyche & Storey,
Bliss & Sharp, Buck, Pope Broth
ers, C. J. Fisk, E. Sargent, M.
Paine, C. H. Gardener, Chicago,
and by all Druggists.
.-{Furniture, Tjc'D'Oing, &c.
87 & 89 State-st.,
(Commission iHetrijants.
Having- a?ms day sold my in*
TEUEST In the business of Hay Si Trego to Me-
DONALD 4 TREGQ, 1 cordially rreutnmcnd the new
firm to the patronage of the old customers of Ray*
Trego, and to the public gei-erallv.
B. F. ItA v. Firm of John V. Fnrwcll 4 Co.
Chicago, Nov. l«t, 156 T.
The undersigned have thU day formal „„„ .
ship for the iraaiot.ti.iu ~r . ' * w,a .a a copartner-
General Commission Business,
TTndor the Cnn name of
McDonald & teego,
OfQre&t Xo. 21 LaSalle-st.
Thankful lor past favor* from onr old friends, we
shall be glad to hear from them In the future, and
from any new ones who may see tit to entrust their
bm»iiu‘6< t<» our care.
We are nrcpamUo make liberal advances on ship
ments and on proper!v beM here. Grain. Provisions,
Ac., boncht and sold on margins,
Chicago, Nov. 1, t.v.T. CHAS. T. TREGO.
Cash advances made on consignment* te out house
la SI. Louis. UEL&UN, TREGO 4 CO.
Mercantile Building, opposite Chamber
Commerce, Cbltuvo*
IF* CASH advanced on consignments. Refer tc
Fifth National Panic, Chicago.
No. 29 Commercial-stay Boston*
Cash advanced on Consignment*.
A day entered Into a co-partnership lor the transac
tion of a
Under the style and firm of
Ats-1 and S 6 l.a?allo-st.. Chicago. Consignments
und orders respectfully soltclu-d.
(ClgUfd) GEO. E. BENSI.EY.
.T. R. URNSI.Kr,
Chicago, Nov. 2, 1 =*T7. D. W. HENSLEY.
Beal instate.
The Union Pacific Railroad Company are now pr«.
pared to sell lots la the Town of Cheycnnc.JDakota
Ter., at the Eastern base of the Rocky Mountains.
This will be one of the most important depots on the
Pai-of the Road; the Company will erect extensive
machine shops, ronnd-hooscs, and will be the chans*
Ins point ot the running department, as at this point
the road commences ascending the mountain*.
It Is also the point of intersection of the Denver
Branch, will he the distributary point for the Colorado
mines, and Is the General Depot for all Military Posts
on the Ft. Laramie. Ft. Reno and Montana Roads,
also the distributing i>olut for all Military Posts
northwest and south. Ft- David Bussell U also lo
cated at tht* Town.
Lota ran be purchased on application to Messrs.
GLENN A TAPLEY, Agents, on the ground.
Chief Eng. and Trustee for Depot Towns.
V_/ MUSIC. 4 Washlngton-st., between Wabash and
Mid Igan-avs.
A New Term commences Monday. Nov. 11. Appli
cations received at the fnn«crrntorv.
Arrangements are being made to study and produce
“Moses In Egypt/’ In the form ol a Sacred Opera.
This will a«onl an opportunity to musical amateurs
to loin In the studv of one of Rossini's ma«terworks.
A preliminary meeting tor the purpose of organlx-
Ing. classification of parts, etc* etc . will be held on
Monday, Nov. nth, 7to 8 at the Rooms of the
Chicago Conservatory of Music. 4 Wa«Mncton-st.
Applications canaUo bo made at the Office of (be
Chicago C. of Music, Competent pupil* of the Con
servatory are admitted a# member* free of charec.
Tickets, admitting a gentleman nnd lady, Id.vO. sin-
Rl Condnctbrs'oi TVeekly Rehearsals and Public Per
tbrmar.ee. Mcgsrß w LCDDEN and R. GOLDBECK.
Wedding Card Engraver,
Bess to inform his iriends and the public that he baa
removed from 99 Pcarborn-st., to
Where he will be pleased to receive his friends and all
in want of first-els?? and artistic work la his line.
On them OF DECEMBER we Shall advance onr
rate on Illinois Coal tog* per ton, delivered. Until
that dale all orders will be Cited at oar
Present Price of $6 per Ton, Delivered.
Corner Archer-av. and Salt-st.
Orders sent to 146 Market-ot., will bo promptly de
JFor Sale
Dwellings For Sale!
Four dwelling houses, two stories, just finished, sit
uated on Forest-av., between Thirty-second and Thir
ty-third-sis.. near the University. These booses have
ten (13) rooms each, exclusive of bathroom and pan
try, and are on lota o(50 feet front. Oxc-half the
purchase money can remain three years at 3 per cent.
Apply to JAMES E. TYLER, of Tyler. UUmMia A
Co., comer Lake and Dearborn s«.
Slavic Sponge.
192 and 194 Lake-st.,
Cliioa~o, 111.
18 Griiffold-st., DETROIT BRISCD.
1U rmu-st., ST. ions BRiXen.
HAVE DECIDED to throw open to
The WuOLE of the
Western States,
in which
Possess Hie Exclusive Right to
Esc and Vend the
And the Goods manufactured
from it—thus placing the whole
immense business on the
Broadest and Most Liberal Basis,
Instead of establishing exclusive
Agencies and benefiting the few,
by monopoly, at the expense oi
the many.
All orders from THE TRADE,
everywhere, promptly filled, at
a discount on bills of from SIOO
to SSOO, and a larger discount
on bills oi SSOO and uptvards.
We arc adding more Sewing
Machines and increasing our
manufacturing facilities daily,
to meet the strong growing de
mand lor the
Those of the TRADE Jim In
the field* in their own localities*
will surely HEAP THE ADVAN
TAGE. There is hut one re*
port, one US.VXIMOL’S voice.
Everybody likes the Goods, can’t
help it, AM) WILL HAVE
TSIE3I. Ao other known mate
rial afford* such EASE, or has
-ITV and cleanliness.
Best FI LL SIZE Hlatlross, S3O.
Far superior to AAV Curled
Hair that CAX BE
HADE, even at a cost of SSO.
SPO.VGE PILLOWS, per pair, $5.50.
Cushions, and all varieties
ol SPOXfiE Fpholstering, done
to order.
SPONGE, for Furniture, Car
riage, Itallrcsid Car and Church
Upholstering, for sale In quan
tities to suit.
TlicM ATTKESSand P11.1.0W
except after manufactured into
Goods, and xvc GUARANTEE
all articles of OCIt MANUFAC
Aihlress fo.c l*uiupMi>tw* Which will bo *eni
FREE lo everybody everywhere,
Double Store*l93 Sc 19-11.nkc-nt.*
•?SGrUvvold-*r.. DETROIT UUANCU.
713 Flftli-Mt'.ST. LOI lS RRAM’U.
D. S.—Among the Directors and Stockholders of the
Consolidated Elastic Sponge Manufacturing Company
of New A ork City and Boston, are:
R. E. Robbins, Boston, also oi the Waltham
watch Company,
F. tjl£\£v;, Boston, President New England
MutuaLLlfc Insurance Company.
P. L. EVERETT, Boston, President Third National
BENJ. STURUES Boston. Lloyd’s Agent.
N. PARKER Boston, of Parker House.
J. P. TIIORNDVKE, Boston, gentleman.
S. B. CHITTENDEN, New York, of S. B. Chitten
den A Co., Dry Goods.
WM. SEARLEtr, Now York, of Wm. Scat lee 4 Co.,
Bankers. Broad st.
JOSEPH WILCOX. Sew York, of WUCOI 4 Gibb*’
Sewing Marhinc Manufactory.
A. S. BARNES, New York, of A. S. Barnes 4 Co.,
Stationers. 4c.
EUGESE KELLY, New York, of Eugene Kelly 4
CO.. Bankers.
J.O.WHiTEHOUSE, New York. Wholesale Coots
and Shoes.
THUS. BETTS, Net? Tort, or T. Betts * Co, Sad
dlcrv, andother-^
Burns perpetually
Without rekindling.
Heat is mild,
Pleasant and agreeable.
Easily managed.
Cheerful ns an open Fire,
Cime as on air-tight.
Combines Economy,
Beanty, Cleanliness,
And Utility,
Parlor Stoves.
the b:
The Sunbeam Is Sclf-feedlngand Ba*p-h»atlng. ONLY
ONE FIRE for the reason. The ban<lsom?si stove
and THE BEST STOVE In Chicago. Call and sec one
In operutUn. at N 2 MONROE-bT,
Grain Jliaarcljmtsc.
RAILROAD COMPANY hare jus-t compk-ted, at D*-
decaburgh.N. their brick Fire-proof Grain Ele
vator, uith a storage capacity of 610,1X0 bushel?, an
elevating capacity ofir,o<o n-slu’l* per liocr. and a
loading'•anaclfy of 110 car-loads per day. This, to
gelM’r wlif» their old Elevator, will give them a •tor-
rapacity of abont 650,(00 hn ß hels, and enable th-'iL
to dl*ri.ante three vessels at the same time, thus In
sulins shippers and ves*el-c»ners against the danren
of d( tn> heretofore experienced at this port. Hero
after, each vessel, whether sal! or steamer, will be -Us
eful reed In Ha turn as reported at the Elevator, and nc
preference w ill be given except to vessels In dDtrwi
and leaking so badly as to endanger their cargoes.
Ves'el-owoer* cee.» hereafter have no fear of any do
lay in discharging at this port, and caargvnerally dad
return cargoes fur the upper lakes at fair rates of
The additions that have been made to the rolling
stock of the read* tormina the Vermont Centra! Lm?
and their connections will enable shippers to net their
grain, during the Call and winter months, as fast as re
unired. and every ctiort will be made on the part ol
lhi« Companv to prevent the delays heretofore expe
rienced by this route, and to make Ugdensbnrgh tnt
most dc-trable point for New England millers anc
merchants to store their grain la the Dill for winter’*
con-cmptlon and sale.
For further partlcnlara and rates of freight, apply tc
gnpcrlntccdcnt Ogdensbursh <fc Lake Champlain 8.8.
lo- Ogncnsburgh, N. Y.
N. J. HOWE & CO.,
Agents Northern Transportation Co-, Chicago.
xx oma U. S. Co*»issabt or Smsisrorcs,)
Boom it. No. 81 LaSalle-st. y
Chicago, in.. November 7.1977. )
Scaled Proposals (In duplicate! will be received by
the undersigned until - o’clock p. m.. on FRI
DAY, November Slh, 1567, for furnishing the follow-
clear BACON SIRES, In boxes.
pounds DRIED BEEF, In boxes or locks.
S.OCO pounds BAMS, sugar-cured, in barrels.
350 pounds BEEF TONGUES, In barrels.
2.ooopounds BREAKFAST BACON. Inboxes.
10£00 pounds HARD DREAR, la 50 B boxes.
1.000 pounds HOMINY, in barrels.
I.OCO pounds SORA CRACKERS. In boxes.
1.000 ponnds DRIER APPLES.
1.000 ponnds DRIER PEACHES.
All barrels to he tall head-lined and boxes well
Samples of all articles will accompany bids.
Proposals will be subject to all the conditions
tofore published, a copy of which can be seen oy ap
plication to this office. . K _
Bids must state the time when the stores can bo
delivered, maCFEELY,
. Bvt. COl- sad C. S. U. S. A.
Anim, N. Y.. Octo:er23, 15C7. f
Notice Is hereby given that, pursuant to the concur
rent resolution et the Board of Trustees and ol the
Executive Committee of the Merchants’ Union Ex
press Company, all Stock in said Company on which
any calls may remain due and unpaid on the 15Ih day
of November. 1367, will on that day be declared for,
By order of the Executive Committee.
J, K. KNAPP, Secretary.
Elgin Watches!
Elgin Watches!
A ’Western Production!
A National Triumph!
{View of the Factory at Elgin, near Chlcago.l
The “National Watch Company, !?
Americna ramie Fafrter arc now freely ac
comeu a reputation for /real superiority over any
Imported Watches which can he bad for the same
tnoccy. Thlrtoso generally granted that It la only
x ? *°?o°cre that the present General ana
wpTrtfm* l b e p ss l £ , /,? lJents of the NATIONAL
CO* of ELGIN, ILLINOIS, are nearly all
well known as raon who have previously been In the
employ of the largest of the old Compaalea.dealgßiiur
and operating Ita machinery and coctribnttruc mainly
tc its success. These gentlemen have now a Decani
ary as well as a salaried icterrst in bettering fhelroaat
achievements. Profilingby their previous Ursea*
Science. they have, with unstated capital at their
i*ro*al. spent nearly three years In constructing Im
provedmachinery and remedying sach defects In tha
old sa their rlperiudcmrnt has suggested. With these
ractsas abas s the management thing they are not
immodest in maglng the broad claim that the rartomi
grades of the ELGIN WATCHES are superior to all
other* whatever which can he purchased at corres
ponding prices,
Experienced Watch-makers,
Railway Companies,
Railway Officers,
T*ho have examined sad carried them, to be better
drsiened, better made, better finLtbed. sad more
nernrate and durable time-keeper* than others
either American or Imported—ottered La the mar
ket at similar rates.
vm The dial* of all onr crudes are uolfonnlv marked
ty** National Watch Co.” The dtsttrurnlibfnc trsae
\3T mark* are encraved on the upper plates. Iraida
nr the Watchre. and are as follow.*. »lz: “ B. W.
I?" RAYMOND, Hints. 111-”-” CULVER. Etnnr,
CULVER. Elat*. 111-”— 1 “G. JkU
tw WHEELER. Eir.w, -J. T. RVERSON,
tW” Eloix. III.” Other styles 'Will be added from
nr time to time.
. Various Trade* mad prices to salt different
Cull on vaar Jeweller and ask to see these
natcla-s. Men otten dispose of otter kinds and boy
. nicr, ‘ cratltlcatljnof carrying a WEST
ERN-MAUL WATCH.and the enterprise fast be
coming a matter of national a» well as local pride,
nrojlar* rnnialnins nn interestiaa
scriptioa uf the Vartory and it- productions will be
sent r RilE TO ALL on application by letter or other*
For sole by Jewellers and Wntefc Bealerw
throouhout the country. The trade win aaareas all
orders to
The National Watch Co,
Business Office and Salesroom, corner
of Lake and LaSaile-ata.
dissolution Notices.
GEO. K. BENSLEV has thU day withdraws.
fromthefltmof :
C. L. LIXSI.ET and C. H. BLACKMAN* will coaliaaa
the t>u*lne»s an
General Commission Merchants,
Under the same style and lira name, at their former
p.ace o» business.
Ami arc* alone authorized to settle the bnsdneoof the
late Una. C. 1.. LIXSLEY.
Chfr.igo. Nor. 4,1567.
A l OUK existing between the under
the Annul
Is this ilav (Masoh cd he mutual consent, either parly
hu\ res the rtuht to use the Rrn name In liquidation.
Chicago, Nov. 6.1?67,
The hnMncss Trill be continued, as heretofore, under
the firm of
XJ SHU I .—The firm of
Was dissolved February at. lst“, bv mutual conacat.
I will pay no debts contracted In the name of the
above Arm afier tlih» date. LoITS MOSSEK.
The co-partnership firm of J. 11. BROWN 4 CO.,
consisting of the undersigned.-U this day dUeolvcd by
mutual consent, and J. wESZERVELTTOX Is solely
authorized to collect all claims and demands of the
Dated Nov. 5,1567.
Co-Partnership Notice.
The undersigned hare this day entered Into a co
partnership lor «he purponp of continuing the Whole*
sate and Itctall Cigar and Tobacco business at the old
stand, No. 43 South the style and firm
J. \V, FOX Sc CKO,,
and respectfully solicit the ootrocace of the public at
write. (Signed,) J. tVESTKUVELT FOX.
Dated Nor. 5,1567.
XJ —The partnerMiip hereto* ;-*.i • heivec*
the nndfrslpncd In the*’ •- . ■" ~-*veßnat.
ness. Is this uaydls*r’> • rmtr .... .-..nL l.iituw
party Is authorized t * ac r i• ■ u-.u in Uj.
eldatlon. " l’ HT.tiS
Nov.l,lSC7. fi* --
•US. H. BXZS, : «t. Pinto.
tX. H. REI; o & 00.,
Boom 10. Crosby's Open House, 67 Washington-at.
Chicago, Nov. 1,1?57.
Haring removed to Room No. 7. Lannon Block, cat*
ner Clark and Washlogton-sts., will continue (he
Real Estate Brokerage BuslncM
•Banks anh Banking.
The Commercial national Bank
Ro* 55 DcarDoru-st.
11. F. EA3IES
\V3I, 11. FERRY...
.Vice President.
□. F. EAMES. President National City Bank of Otta-
WM. 11. FERRY, Director First National Bank of Uti-
ca, N. Y.. and Chicago A Northwestern Railway.
ALBERT KEEP, Director M. S. A N. I. R. R. C®-, sod
of H. A A. KEEP.
ALFRED COWLES, Director and Secretary of Chi
cago Tribune Co.
P. U. WESTFALL, of Merchants', Farmers* and Me
Chanlcs' Savings Bank.
IT. Z. CULVER, of Culver, Page A Hoyne.
HENRY H. TAYLOR, Farm Machinery Warehouse*
ALONZO CAMPBELL, of Baker, Ulckok A Co.
N. O. WILLIAMS, of Fitch, Williams A Co.
HENRY W. KING, of King, Kellogg A Co.
E. F. PULSIFER, of Pulslfcr A McGee.
WM. H. KRETSINGER, of Krctslnger A Co.
170 and 181 Kandolph-st.,
Wc are now offering at especial rates.
1500 doz. Axes, Hunt’s, Sim
mons’, and others.
1200 doz. W. & S. Butcher’s
1500 doz. Wostonhcl;n*s
Files, wa' arted.
2000 doz. L' -as & Latches,
Ru r -■ &. £-nin’s.
2500 S. a -i j V Hinges.
3500 ke£3 V. ‘-eeiing Nails.
3000 boxes T ! .: V 5 ,ate.
3500 buni’’':s Sheet Iron.
450 bundles genuine Rus
sia Iron.
Tinner** Tools and Machines, Japanned
and Stamped Tin Ware.
A full assortment on hand and for sale by
r>. hill & soiv,
19 and 31 Bandolph-st*
business Caras.
in resuming business, he offers his services upon the
aara regulations and eommlfclota as-are customary
S real estateoflew In the Atlantic cWea, vU-: One
oa all sales or purchases of reotestaie; On*
SSOTtonneirotiatlnsaiortsagesfbrrepeat capital-
RSt^rwoaadOne-hS pvrcentou negotiating mort
gages through bis corrrspondtats In Eastern cities.
Itwtracts of title, complete, must be furnished. aad
Swiorby parties desizisx thm

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