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Twenty-first Day’s Proceed-;
iegs in the State Trial.
Conclusion of manager Wil
liams’ Speech in Behalf
'of the People.
Opeuins of Mr. Erarls’ Argo,
mem for the Defence.
Asolhcr Order Introduced Bear
ing Upon the Closing
b* c:'c : H.ep. i.zt la The Cilra.n Tribnno.
WasutsoTon, April S 3.
At lt-» rp.-ilrr rf the tfera’c tbi* m?rala?,
xc'i. cr Sna:.er m’. ralttcd an order eon-rSne a
po:nt npo- vrtlch tfc-rt- baa bern cnscldrrtble
cct vc'rntl' r f.ir artmbtrof daj# pa*t. Itpre
kii!- rto <fT c' thit only a m -Jitlty aball bero
«;tn-i-d to 0 .; tre Jt- cn'C*. This goes Over till
a!t>: ib' c'i»c of the nrcutSSLU.
yiirp.r Willsma tfcoa flalched revtflaz ble
Fprcch. It cc.cta:::«id nothing partienltrly nvw
li. jt.Dd hi* apccehcr on Impeachment and ibc
Civ;i Ttnnre bi l la the Uouae. He concluded at
2:4'J, vbeathe Senile »oak
wiihtbc crdCT'Ucdimc that Mr. Evirta would
tstctbi' llaoi at Vj. close. Thla belief cauvcd
ibt Val eri--. io fill up rapidly, and when the
Ctuf Jurtic.- c<illi-d the Seeatora to order, there
vu - larger crowd of F{«;utora than at aoy.tloc
tliCv the brut day of ibe trial.
Brfote Mr. Evans proceeded, Mr. Bnt’ertosk
ooc«.jon, by le-vu of the Senate, to crp'atn tho
lifers S!r. Ntbon bad read in tho coarse of his
?p< rct\ ctnrflof several of the Utnuc.v and
rom ot members of Che Tloiue In tryieg to
l. Qurucoil'e President lb the AIU Vela claim.
Air Cutler-ivalntd thsl be bad, at thereqae-.l
of *_ e of ib= counsel lo that csee, who waa a
ic: iTal irlrnn cf his, written aa opinion in
bn M-». Imr.le sheer, without date, about the
uiiwdic ct Fib:uary, and that It had been
a t tw-rdr c pi-*d qff and dated March Sth,
—D'j the opinlcQs cf others, wnose namea were
a'.tirb«d, bsti beet reparately üblnlned. Mr.
Jj-.ur ctrnfu- that the Pre Idea htd both sap
■ rod ’he T ra b and snn/eated a fa'st-bood to
iit counsel, Mr. Nclrnn, tn U‘» vTnlon given the
iatur ol tho matter, ai.d at tho same time Mr.
iin.ur declaim.d a: y brlicf that Mr Nelson had
be- nsny p-rt- to'he mailer. To this Mr. Nelson
tulCc a testy rep'<y, made cse of ths phrase
buck - jib ten’ll,” at.d salt*, it two palate,
';t tbu test old i cuthern ttjlc, that Le was ready
•la m* ci Uir b-'tf rnb’c Mnoagor rlffwhcre. Oa a
b.c Ld i-eJer.tioii of ttj* kibd Senator Tales
csi.d him to (rd.r, esd be made »n apology.
Dr.h Mr. Grc r «h‘.ck and Mr. Erirts appeared
U.teCy worried Si his pfifonranco. At this point
Mitspir waa about to tike part, whui
th-rE f-o ds objected, and the matter wes
a IjKed.io tast
Tic Üb*tf Jcatic-i then directed the counsel
Ter tfce rrvjtdrxt to proceed, xad Mr. Evim took
the floor. There wa perfect eiUlc-j the moment
ht-fcigan. Tcenrelpart uf fcu epecch created an
'.xutttloa that let object was to setbimaelf
rlf tt letore the country la regard to hie connee
lira with thu c*ee; that tt was purely profession
al 111? pet* edition ol tha trill, m cminclng all
the dipths cf tte government, tbe Hon«e of Rep*
*:e*«-mvJvc*,tLo Seaa:c,tbc President, by coa&sel,
cid the hhnf Justice presiding—was very Im*
prc. ?iee. He then set forth that to fact It m tne
ccrrutaUon on tnal, and depicted the affedion
itu-" ruTcrer.ct; ot the peopl e for that Instrument In
term* that verc both strong and new even here,
wb re the comiltn'nn is so much spoken abont,
The trencon cpci the question whether the
Sts sic wxt a rcarl was mrut fr.alng, yrt offered
tz tr«r^C fi,li CTjt*t«aipnifn9ta court u sfai a
ic'Uulo ai-Q iho &fuaicra headamra. He dwoH
in a loidb e manner upon the changes which
■would o*cur Is case ot conviction, through the
elevation cf one to »he who bad never
rect ived the anffiugcß ot the people; and doted
tor the nay hv devoting quite a tine to setting
fen a the solemn nature of an oatb. Tbla p&rtot
■tb r speech was rarllculirly flae.bothln
dgores used and Ita oratory, bat It was judged by
aoct to contain rather too bread intimation that
ihebckalcrt needed to be reminded that they
vrre utder cath. Tbe speech, as a whola, while
admitted to be a Dee literary and eiocutlonny
has not yet Impressed the Senate ai ranch
the speech of Mr. Oroc*beck, nor as mneb as
cii; expected it would. Ui# cow suppoacd that he
'vrl.l Inch to-morrow.
J: Sta: htry has a lenglby brl-.f nearly ready,
bn k* jetit is tot ccternupeo whether he will be
wd. liver tt, or whether he will read it or
'hj.r fc iiitAa.
Rrpcbhca'S tc-n'uiit sail lee! perfect confl
«ie:ceio cot tic lon, audit serma settled that
ih'ri'wlll berocreatdcUj tflrr the arguments
d-.ee. A de»] ntch sent two Lights ago in this
crrnepc-coei ce, war, by an error rntruumlieion,
mjd“ to ptve ;he idea that the RT a bllcana lelt
tone err.C race cf cotvictton, altlongh the
I’m *«'«*.: Vi 1 1: cn:s wee more aicfldect ofac
qmtul than ever. In:tead cf this, the despatch
rli.uiUtavi rc-.fi, •*r..e Re.nblicans itili have
tL« e -we couG-iei cr m ecnTlclloa. , '
A Te ■. lie: '."lies- e have
urn Mtg oot ot vhat they feared wculd h: the el*
f'C.cf »U cmes.*a that Grant mon acre opposing
i" j ocbme; b*-CBUf> of the supposition that
AD. Ware v.uM eland lo lh« way of General
C. , *■» C*K..go, acu aso that Speaker Colfax
nii ib iric-.oi t*rr«- working against tmpraea
rf, W ran v of their oppoalnm to Wsde. There
I- lo ,_ci' ft'.liig bu.wecn Grant and Made men.
iKibitn ii a.ie ntjort thac to ccarr.e Mr.
<’■ n-,x v»ltt • *iki'gag*tn« impeachment. The
k*. fu* ol »n<i. differrocta ell originated. In the
3 k ic»t-rtr, In D-mocrtfrt ctrc i «, end are part
• cl th;, g,mc to promote dli'jart.
To the Aeeodatcd Prose.
Wasihpsion. Ai»rl &»—wtu-n the C,*nrthta
■h--n o'mud i*. due rorm, kr. hn-aui’r va’a: “I
io Ihe Chair aa am- edment to tn*scrdijro:
•if tnk.w ut-oa tie tnri *.f Impeachments
WhM ’pot fa* been tied, tr Ihcf.i bn anyohje
*i 1 a*h m*> 1 g' over till the close of
it'- and take lie place with other mat*
ti-rs that wit canccpatthit uat." The amend
item -aa rod aa folio -a:
CTnona*, Ilia provide! In the eonsUtn'lon of
the Unx «c States ihu on trial nf Impaacbnent
bv ti c &n.kte, ro p:rH>n fba'l be c-rnvls ed with
out tre cctcmrlcu of iTro-ih.nl* of th.- membera
prc.cnl, br.tSu requirement of tw>ta?M* Is am
-cxUnOfd c> thi Jammed in each trials w&tch
imtl'v subject to theg-neralliw that a m Jorltr
yjtv.ila; IvunfiTr.. to order to renwvj »uy
ci'i't (UetiLpcn. Ordered, that any question
wrtch mat an-c vitn regard to the Judcmeut
•ehali bo diieru.l-.-«! by a m<J jn:j of cue mem*
M . U vis objected, and the Chief Justice said
it will lie r v,r.
Vm at" r Wr.'iavnß at 13:15, resumed hli
Alter Lis poiinou ot
■j- tmiCsj, bv* .uik upltii subject of toe Prcel
d u'r el Ja dQca.ion b» reasonof a:vic«
f vet him b*. i U CaMn,t Dr bc.d lh« President
rr eta ioi kbir!<i htm»«lf ihe opinions of
h,i» MTU'rrdtre*. wLo*efcnnnicatß wer* prompt*
«u bj f,Bi of l.jiin* tb.lrponioas. llccbarse
t- rlz-:o the C.btnet la its newly asinmod lane
lion*, ms s fu'.-'Ot g’owtu, whicn soncht to make
Itself a dir. ctjiy- (le argued r a.-mbers of the
•C»hicet were litinned m adv»«r th- Pre*ifleut on
-q>;.tU >T«ot geccralpolicy, and ahleidhin from
tc-iponslhUity for tie acnone, they would have
bLcnmsdc iLdcpecdentof lil<control. Heclaim*
cd that the IVeddent baa filled to show
niy kofflcient cause (or hia dcalre to
nmnve Mr. Stanton. True, he wav a thorn
ir. hta tide; tut »o «vaa Coiprcan, and so wv*
Gram, aid ev'rry royal man. Mr. Willtmsheld
ti.at the wiD'.oi removal of a mentonons odeer
(nr- tnrlivrs : T per»oail duate was a ruCMonl
vr rrart lor ImpuaChmcnt. Uo tclened to the
i r.ridcn.V. fiitun- to commerce proceed
wpich hv mil Haired wjsud not have «&Ued
h>s purf-oee to h*ve an InUrrctrunm, wherein
hi, own wul won>d besnoreme. He thenvavea
eajiical and tumor.oa Oc-crlptlOA ol the eon*
cna tfGitcra 1 Ihomar ou the iuttnd 331 ol Ft-h
rusry, itctncli.? hj appearvuce at themwqao
rce Wnn n-gsril to tec defence set up bt the
l**o»ident, thrl be Las a tilth*, to reiki ana bring
tc Jnctcia - d;d»i in laws he cou-ldera nacoosu
tnmrii, Mr WiM’.smt ra-Pt»loM ihitnnpro
vt-inr, nf the conxiitanoD give hlmeochapia-er,
•: ■_ i^tl»ifcoc ca*revf ULCOustr.itl'.ocal laws
no: aw/.p0*35-V He wou’.i admit tic
)• bo* firing as a court, but
it w*s a cccr. bolil-g cxrlailve jariidlctioj
■» «tb rt.oid «. c»q« ihi* wno.e malUr accnrdmq
to its own galt’e J, but cot bound, by points
Cf law.
iir. Wiriaoe then arjeed that the enrpentlon
cfMt.Stuiton wi» made under the'tVanrc-o]-
-Office ;aw, wllch the Pn*ndii.t thereby recog
niz-.d. lie theu tsaiLtunea that the averment of
evil tel rt was not necettiry. Io tub* cire, at tn
an ovDCTf, nwaaicTcrreo ir.mtheae: Imilf Cim
pariif; »b*- <u.&ene> rf Hr. Jo&nson with that cf
J:sei 11.. te raid u n*|y n>w rematm-d to ace
vtC»tter the part:icl would be compitts. Hecoc
leLdec trat the *«u-ty «.f ibe people, the snsreme
la a, wav tie o. It la« by whirs ihu c»«c could he
pn-.irij irtm. it nr ociut ed t>y trlvlil tnciia
pjnii-ttl legal techclsa-luea, ana be btaoagbt
the Senate to tike the larger now.
X_ regard to tee cUvento ante e. te had no’.ths
te»it to dwell ovoc Ihe clrKrac.-f-l conduct amch
-formed itssnbj.ct. Like the Pn'sldejt'a coua
eel who made tnrtri ovi-riu he coaid oily ear
that Kero bddtud while Rase was horning, and
tliet oce cul-ru woniQ find in tne Senile a ceaaur
a more *ter.. than Caio. _ .
l. coaciUtlo., be aald the reault of the trial
wcUiO OcUriciLo who her the P.-rndept crSenvte
would doan; and depleting a renesot levrful
< -c*iqnico.6 list wooid folio# from toe acquit
t»U fc«sco»trailed «ah a glo*uur picture cl tne
ptscr. prorpnlti and bappibpiS tl VCldlt tna
tcc PieeKtht'a cohvicucn.
The Senate tookatveesa.
On msacmb'lwr, Mr. Bailer asked lease to
mate a pera.nai up muoa la regard to tbe
Al a Vela matter, rtferrtd to by Mr. Nelson. Ha
pc; d a written statement in atlco heeoalemaed.
In vety revere Urs>, tse Introduction, by Mr.
Nelior, or inetuou and iastne'uou, ncanp
р. rter. fa? evidence ana irrelevant to (be cue, and
sunt onto re’ate to* drcnutsAnsesof his eosnee*
Uuß »i*h the matter. Re stated tint be cave
Mr bbaffer an ordniou on tie A'ta Vela claim be
lore Ibc impeachment was decided on, or before
tbe iTeriocct commuted tbe acrwbich gave rise
t/, I', and bad never tetri of it after ward, U>! pah.
11 bed is the Nee Yon psprrs. sir. Loyan si«o
eipceou; net other Mifnaiures were alii led to the
cost of ril
Ctrsa to tbe I*r* aSdent. Neither he nor any of tbe
other Ma* agers, bad acy Interest in the Alta Vela
с. Tbt ttgcataie* were acot to tse President
1c ordrr to sopport b m u> d>i c what be baa
eiu-ady dec tree &>» uuoaon of doing. Mr. BnUer
t. cn read U o atOdavit of Chaoncer F. Black
.mu; Mr.!- In-IT.* corr.»bjf*Ußjr these atieruoas.
Mr. Neaor, by pcrolwtm, rolled, asd re
xltiCrd the 6m;w tail <be topic «rs« n>;in-
L'ooucril l>) Lim-ef, and cUlaednebad aii(St
t- vi.diesis tl» client from tbe niperilOU cist
tp"B Urn l<y ttr oth- r side. Be b*J orsasbt so
pccnsHiurs uvsti the Uxcagcra. and c-inwjded
«>rclr tbal tbe ImpQ'a Jju mtls asalo«t blm
>*iacwsr» npJOsdbsVe acn o.trsgesas 8j
fad anproMd that ttc orlginaj opl:,i )u wtt dated
likv lie copy, aid a-ktd why ho bad not been
ci rrtctcd anm ho the letters T ir allowed
1- socid repiodacc them to-sorrow, aad * mid
«tov th.t Uin td<ll*i -nil eiv'stiarea r.ce made
s'icr Ib-*tr-ai hac&>ouß<tic«4,avd were a'Cdby
Judge O'ack toi fiarnce th« Pre«idtat. In tbe
ccmre of bi* n-muka, Mr Kelsos waa called to
or.-crbr ir. Yalee.
kr. Loess stated that tbe e!<o«torej were
r lßxes •■♦rare mpcathTu.at cinctucto.
Mr. Nelaoo said ibe leuer would »baw.
xa. araat’* aaocxasr,
Mr. Krarts tbes, at ££i, n>*e and addressed the
ti oate ird ChiefJestin'in ben’f •Tttt'rrt'U
4‘W. Bit wtbjt iwuita MnMMiictti
grave cc.meter oTUm etaaad cue i aMW M j
iiy cf xaxu pn>deoca fomernu thi tMltd
* men w u d flow from it. Proa ths»e t-n-Wcr
»* on* teiruQta»>treog appeal for circamo«-
Oontldlmputl-llty Inlt-conaLbi-alUm, Briefly
rent wt«j» the few impeachment trie's which havo
iricti pats tu cor coartry, be sp.kv efth-ur
»"•« b>lgulßcanoc m coapmsnt wlh those
now presented, ana said be iniald call their at
trition 10 som* of tne probable results «bieh
would follow the decision eia.r way. If the 1
FieiiCiXt is t cqultud lha cctaitßrat »ill pi >w
M tsfot*.; Cotfrrt*. the Eacce'lv** tad the Jo'll,
e try wfl- ifenm*Ustirir p*rfaictio a. 10-ua
or conviction, disturbances of vanins kl-m
will arise. Owe braech cf the government
will Ip : divested of tta prerogtcvee,
stdthcPreHceutwtllbeaa'f-eedodbysm-taih r
elite vocj Altcii d.-p-.v-i b;*:. tti«, «icm.iu
tamed, vat the tml of the coasiicutiea. Eo-
MXln< to I*c Supreme Coon a< the rvt;i<-CK4,
chm»btd gasman cf the people's liberty, be i’>
Icdiv to Co» prose beyg r •o*ot*y pr.vented the
nvldseoftte rlghtiot JorifaicUoTslc di-f-nco «r
a itcxxd iLxfat; srd Ccnrre-t vaeal-o ait setter
the otter co-ordinate htinece- cf fiegcverrm'nt;
•id ibc t* cnJe-lc-uk-d to bli UU lot a dsculoi
vt irh »o*Ud. rtetlvf-’i that atrVrs*-*l»o bra ch
wltt lr its proper MtnW. iho o*ta nf th- j.
Cent i «.t ißPtylrthwecmgpn oath ftUHaly
dtulca of M* filde. -hatu ta
uadtd tor •'jqoWVedVob l-ne oSilgft'.-JB to per
ic:ic, abd dct<*Bd iCecoQsututoa o( Us
Utuedbu-ee. Ibc people have Ijraitly, aad
will adhere to the dctermictlija that that
o:tb Ktt-i'l cct be takca la Tiia They
»rn conrrita to no- theonee ot Caa
ii.rffl.ina! ntßcfp'rteEee. aad when they b-ar thia
rv oto i Mci(>raehß>9Bl la drawn. Taey wlab to
kcow »Lt bccttoc lo with which the l*r*> *
dCL« li»e wci.cha-ccd, ttd fjr wal:h It is e u : tt
todejo-c him. they ncde.-etaod what trra«a«
end tr lu-ry nrc. In a'l their ramtflciuoaj, oat
cl through v*lth a’j thetr Hit. ttt-y are told
Ur cnmi 1» in navi'-k rrmavcl a member of bn
Cebtuet, trd are told it hecomea a tnae, bccm*c
Conjjrcf*. for toei In tb« Ctatory of tba
guvirtmeflt, ban made u #o. lie nadir took ta
nakcLnad i-.fetun becrctai? of War, and n»w,
*.n cr.tarijieLCe, thcr ar.*lo have ctaJo fjr lh.-ai
as aa Infrrlm Bret Meet. They alio aaeerttU
’bat no (. jc«. wee employed, aid no fmaval was
made, except on paper, ard that fc*r the oaraass
tf prccorug a dcatira of the snpremi Coi/t, to
prevent wh Ch, vtgcr:os action wa« at once
taken by tbo*« who brtne the Rccn«* lnn
In then, ntfl Mr. Evart/, the pe.ipm eec tpat It l«
c qticition of topremacT between and
the conatUcucn. Tier;did hoM the Ides thtttho
coratltmlonwaa made only for oar iclircy. hat
felt that it was to bo ibe cnldc and bond of on
matarcat manhood, aad were «*.• tcralntd that taw
abcn:d cotliaae to be tl>e gcar.tlvn of liberty.
Bctcmuu to tbc position assaned by th» Vfin
aferr, ittt tciatnbm al 1* not a court, Mr. Evart*
aiih inie vai tie errt tune he ever kcew a proa -
CL*or to make the assertion thit hi* case romn
«tr« Judlce. but they probably f--It tbit tbs only
way u*prevent their ca*e ndnf turned oatol
court va. to torn the coartout of thoc&sr. A* to
tbi Engiebpicctdintaodocedto ehawthisbi-.j
U net a ruLit, th** aald Psr.lsmml was the Su
preme Court if that ratio - ', ttd tmpeichme-t
w ( « only part of ve Judiatil function*, wbiCi
v cw to anrpor.cd by aotnonty of Chvccellor
Thcrlow. If thla is notan altar of tit«ilce, it t*
niticly an altar of ecctlflco lie said the Hut
cers had taken no paua *to conceal tta part*
•pint ttd parly haw which tod bnrrl .a throogh
the prcpaian.ua for tbu> prote<lnre« and read
•use dcclamiata on the mice by Ur
kri.t-t-.r- on lie Hoik trial. Ue called att-mtlaa
U' tie *urda of one cf iho Managers, who spite
cfSeuatcra aa beatitmen, standing on the wcif
f.idwlihtteir aworua ready, they having tned
the-culprit on the tight of February 31, of as
i“ rti&ns wllca ha charactenzcd »• losa ting
to the Court, etnei ana anwarrauUhie. fie real
Irtmdrbatefl on the fotmaliou ol the cconlta
icti. to ehuw that the power to impeacn and try
; Ibe Piencectwsa granted with tio-itaitoa tithe
bcthle, and oi’v lrcan»e o a rcliarcc places
ut-on th j r observance nf a judicial oath.
Mr. Evartr then d • e t o • tb ' trnmrcdon* town
>'«i men Ing of th; Mile wonJa troth, oath. In—
'ice. an'y, and appealed to the Senators to hfac
them- elvte, by all ihtlr integrity, trilj and Jn«l y
to ohterre their oaths and pariurm thtir eolom-i
Atlbe conclusion rf bl* e! r qof!Pt cxord'itm
ihc Ccort and Senate aojyura;a at 43U p. m.
Bills Offered in the House for
the Admission or Loui
siana and the
Statistics Showing tho Eeve
nno from Distilled Spirits
for the Past Three
The New Revenue Bill in Print and
in Coarse of Revision.
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribaoe.
WifnrwaroH, April 25.
The Secretary of the Treasury cent to the House
to*dayacommncication giving the ataonnt of
tax collected on distilled spirits In the sever >1
collection districts of the United States (or the
months ot January, February and March.
The whole number ot collection district?
la the United States Is two bandred and fortr.
There are no ntnrns from Delaware, Dakota,
Maice, New Jersey, and Vermont, The whole
smonsi collected January was SyJS,7i2,IS;
Ftbrqjry, SI,SS3,Mfi.GJ; March, th 061.779.41;
lotal, S3,Xt,O(-0 14 The amounts lor three
months, as received from * tons of
tte larger States were as follows:
New York, fSU.7U.OS; Pearsylvanl • $359,411 M;
Jllnols. |i00,.*5 42; Uaieacbaaetts, $80,311.49;
Maryland, sH?,Bh\B*; Ohio, tISt.SVJ.SC.
th£ siw ntvrsca mix.
The Committee of Ways and Meins have their
Ret t-nae bill In print, and are now enraged It
rinsing It la proof for the last time. Tory ar*
; rrgteaiicg wub this revision at the rate of about
laecty pages per day.
Is max Lawns.
N. G. Taylor, Comtslrsinncr of Indian Affairs,
t as left for fbe o«*gt Indian lands, where he goes
r (he pnrpoec of maklnr a t/eatv tor the Qraat
end Little Osage tribes, the object of whlca le
their removal within the limits of the Indian
To the Associated Press.
rnx?>ca xxdals.
Wasttiaoiob. April 23 la addi'lon to the tw >
mi dred gold sr-d stiver medals and diplomas
• wrrdcd ot the Pul* Exposition to American*,
if d now exhibited in the O d (Itil of R*preeenta
liver, onehnidrvd more were received to-day.
nisTnhaticn will be made In the course of the
cobtoubd tSTznxsT nami.
The smoast of compound InU-r»-«t nn+cam*
oimg aid pavab'c ef er Aorll Jat, JSCd, Is stated
t the Trcamry at &1.403.500.
The President has approved the repnrt of th*-
OcTnml»fina«T. that me fourteenth *ecilou t-f
t»eLtv flv- mile* ef the Union Pacific Bal'roid
(HitemPln*!or) te comp'etec, and ordered ih «
issuance of bonds and parent* for lands tharefor.
WAantBCTOK, April 38.
the SPEAKER submitted a cooy of the coo
ttltnllcn of Scnth Carolina rrror.Uy n»»l3cd. He-
Irrred to the Committee an Rtcoasmcl'ou.
BiLLrnnvnk aovissiox or souibzkb itatbs
Mr. PAINE off jea three aeparale bull lor the
tdmUtlon of the States of Son Carolina, North
Cazolrea and Lontflana. They are similar to that
introduce by him yesterday in the cate, of Ar
ktnfßs. Tho Mils were referred to the Commit
tee on Reconstruction.
SALS or 1808-CLADf.
Mr. WA3RBUBNB, of Illinois, offered the fob
:*ing rcrojuiton:
Betoletd, That the Joint Committee on Ko*
trtsebmert shall Inquire lU3 ihe alleged fnnln-
Icrt etle by Uit-N-.v; Deportment of the iron
etads Sncto and Cstawha, to Alexander Swift A
Co., aid rrpert tie f*c*s and cu-camnincei con
tectec tcerewllh to Coneress. Acreed.
Mr. PIKE introducvd the foUoenng joint re»o
inUor, which waa referred lo the Coatn.Uee on
Frrslrn Affilrj;
.Bt it moietd, dc n That the President ho re
quested to a snfflcicot number of vuasclt ot
w r to the fiabicg grounds In the Gulf of ttt
Lvwrcrcs adjacent to the British Provisoes for
the pnrporc of protecting Amencan vessels In
:h--. cxetclas nflfco'r nchtv aa rccormsel la the
u-sty cf lISS. TTiiMa one minne league of the
tin* r s it follows the Indentations of the caaat,
•-r d also for the purpose of takln* care that tn*
vs’uibie property in snip* tb«ll noi beeanfisened
f.irt'lercd infractions of provloeUl rights onf.e
flrhJug iiroo&dt. and that wh&tcre.* poouhaeni
for trejpaai la Icfiicted shall he lo proportion to
tte p'cuclarytnjnry occirloted by the cffi^ce.
Tie Hcom then accompanied the impeaciment
Uanagvrs to the Senate.
Call for a Convention of Soldiers and
»aid Sailor*— Delegates to be fiSleeted
In the National CoDTentton to be Held
tn rhleago, nay lOita—lmportant Be*
clmlod in a ntcolaon Pavement Case.
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribane.
Maduojj, Wla.. April 83.
A caT itsned today, signed by a large nnmhsr
cl tc ldltrr, officers and privates, in dtfferent parts
of the State, for a convention in Milwaukee on
tie l&b of May. to eject delegatee to the National
j-oUitx*' ConvecUoe, to be held to Cmeago May
IVita. The following language » need In thr
M STe cordially tcvi’e the co-epentlon of all
those who are mil ready lo sustain those nrinci
plee cf liberty and union for which we fought,
*bo deetre to keep the sceptre ot power in loyal
handr, and who are willing to unit* netrtilv wita
at: fnccds of freedom and Janice in ena
a nlrg those where bands tnoaised tne
ccnLtiy In tnaL cr whoso ha*ru
beat true to the music of the Union. Animated
by no fict-ous tpinf, nor by any desire to fore--
men or mcunrei noon the country, we wish atm
r ly to take such artion aa snail unite ail tree di'-
ttrdcra of the dag, and Induce them to ca !y
round cur late leader, Gccril Grant, and inch
oiler dlktlrcnlehtd and tried patriot aa aha 1 :
have proved Mi&te'if tree beyond per adventure
to our tlme-bonsred and blood-fought pnncl*
let us kindly renew the patriotic fires of
iSfil, and agam ral'y around the flag.”
Ihe Grand Amy ol the Rc&nnnc, te whlrn
moat cf the rigeer* cf the ca l holong, bai i.t'OJ
somber* in this Slate.
Tbe Superior Court net to-dar, and announced
revcial Csclalota, among them ooecf sons imoor
t«sce on (be Nlcolioa Lavement aaesUoa. ,
Mtttn. D«ib A Mull aiked the Circuit Coart for
an Injunction against the collecUoa of ttz for
■aju'K tbe Nicol eo pavement m front of tbrtr
iota. wbleb wai refuted. and an apceal was taken
to trc bnprcmc Gear. fbo latter. Chief Jj*uce
Dixon, diarcaUrc, reversed the dcC’iloa of tbe
*o * tr coort, and remanded tbe caw with a direc
tion to exact* perpetual Ir] a action os tba grmud
teat tbe city charter, requiring an contract* to be
made with the lowest bidder, a contract canid
loi be made for a patented article In wn'ct there
la a monopoly. Tbe decision involves masr
ttouiand dollars here tod elsewhere, and a too
ups lor a rehesxlcz win be mads.
lll’l. IVi A iUiW.4h. Mi'. -...M
Bids werropen'd to-day far tbe School Haas
for the S'j!dser£ v -Orphxn*-’ Hose, but do bid bi
mg within the appropriation, no contract ws
made. .
The Georgia Election,
Bava>waD, April 96.— 1 be total vote fir the
new conttuntxon la 9,8 M «emtn«t 9.81 ft. Bollocr,
f r Gcvcrcor, received ; Oordoed.Gß : Cit t,
Brpohi cao, for Courct* i. 6 C; Fi*c&, Demo*
era', 9-tVI ; Bradley, colored, Hipßblieaa, for tbe
htvietiacatc,k,TS3. and Lester, Democrat, re
ceived *.€VT.
AroCiTa. April 99— Fonfflctal ac~mntt of
sti tty counties, fives Bullock, UsdxV, 9.sr<6
mjafity. lb ere aro forty-two counties still to
hc«r from which 'HI prohihly lexica B Ulockt
c-tjrrity, and leaves tbe rvenlt of the olecUon
Tbe Brie Caoxt,
April 93 —There an two hundred sod
elrhty-six boats in tbe Ene Cacat between H me
•al N*w London, bsneaetst. They commroe**s
movirg jcitcraay monung, Narigauaa u go>d
all aiotg tbe ilc>o.
n* u> —* baa.
Bcrrann, April 93 -The el'jjotel to-d» r , 'l
« small n'jamy. to loss AMKMW la binds to Che
BoflaloA tVashlngtoß BaLroad.
Farther Debate in the British
■ . Parliament an the Irish
Chnrch Question.
Trial of the Fenians, Burk-?,
Casey and Shaw, Pro
Farther Adrices Concerning the
British Conquest in
King Theodoras, Becoming Bis
heartened, Commits Suicide.
Great Britain*
tns ihiih cncßcn bill ik tbc nocst or loeds.
Lcndox, Aprli 33—Mldn’ght.
Is the Tlrnrc cf Lcrda to nljht Lord Derby
tu-<3e a rrcech In which be attacked the reaolrea
cf Mr. O’adftoneon the Irlah Chnrch, and ac
ecsrd 1/rd Rnaaeli of vacillation of pofinon on
ttnqne'Uen. He Hid the resolves adopted by
orly one of the nooses of Parliament were with
out binding force oo the Crown, bnt If the hill
w-.s I’nly parsed it wonld then be obligatory. He
criticised Lcrd Russell's altered views on the
‘Dhj- ct, and hoped by the defeat of thin scheme
Xrulsnd w cold be saved from discord.
I4«d Uo*aell followed, tic said be was
anezed to see Lord Derby opening thla question
‘•ere, while it was yet pending In tho lower
Pr.nfe. He declared with onch that
the peace of Jrrland wa* the atm of his HfJ. He
r> f«i drd his course on the ground that tneossls
len“ylnttie meani was not lecomputlblc with
c csbtency in the ecd songlt to be attuned. He
•ekrowlsdccd that he preferred nis own plan for
lie rolmcn of the difficulties in Ire
line*, bnt accepted the plan of Mr
(>!ai!itoco as the moat praeuchio antler
thn dicumstances. If the resolutions pasted
the Hcuae, be should eat mlt an appropriate bill
which he believed wonld be sustained by the
Commons trd by pub Jc op'nior. and wonld,
vitbcot donbt, command the aseent of the lords.
He hoped the Ministry would not attempt to In
fluence the Crown, as a commission between the
Crown and Commons would be most deplorable.
IWradf, hi SESvffrtie aqneitios tar the Oppo
sition hTChci, l&ld the Ministry wlahcd for the
tail'd dheuMan of the Irish Church question.
Mr Gladstone hoped the debate would
Isy ibe butinrsa of the Iloaae, and In that light
deplored the time «uuil last night.
Losdoit, April SS.
It (• said that General Naqle’a trial li annotated
for Stay olh. All the Clerkaawtil explosion prie
onetr, except Barrett, who waa convicted, btro.
been act at liberty.
The trial of Botke, Ca«-y and 9hxw commerced
to-day. Justice Bronwcll presiding. The Court
Hcvse was full, aid great InlcrcM waa aanl r o«tcd.
The conracl for the Crown were the same aa in'
the cate of the ClerkcnwcH cxplocionlata. Tboae
tor the prisoner! were aa follow*: Eraeat Jones
and McDonald for Bnrke; Liwls for Caier; and
Paler for Slaw. Mr. Jorta aikcd for a mixed
Jury for Bnrke, on the ground that he waa an
alien. The conned for the Crown objected.
Upon tbta proof waa offered la the inane of a
pamort, aimed by United Side! aii-I-JCT
Adam*. The Talldlfy of the prOof waa argued,
whrd'ho Conn overruled Ua admlaaabiUty, and
desire the motloß for k mixed Jury.
The counsel for the Crown sold tbecase against
the prisoners was of felony. In making war
asatnet the Queen, which, under the set of IMS,
Is punishable by transportation for two to terra
years. He then .proceeded to open the case for
tbe prosecution.
The counsel for tbe Crown said fbey shonld
rest their case principally upon the testimony of
Delaney and Master.
Cogan an sworn aud testified as follows:
Knew the prissarr, Burke, In the United State*.
Burke was sent out from tbe United State* to boy
arms in Eoglard for the rising In Ireland. After*
wards caw Hnrke and Shaw la LlverpooL Met
them at Fenian meeting*. Waa with them when
the attack on Cheater Castle was planned. When
tbe Ireamctlon broke oat in Ireland the prlncl
pal English clues were to be fired and destroyed.
Delaey give* acorrohnraUos.
Uaseiy testified thil ho saw Darke commie*
closed In America to ral?e an Insurrection In Ire
land. Afterward* saw Barkc In London and sent
him over *olreland.
Ccnrt adjourned until to-morrow.
Loxook, April >T.
Tbe London Timet' telegrams state that King
Tbredcrc made an attack on the British advance,
\.n the JOib of April, when he was repulsed, bav-
tsg been deserted by almost all the r.mtindcr of
hu trospa. The King then retreated inside
the fortress of Magdala, where supported by
force few devoted followers, he nude's desperate
rcatftance to the English. Bat finding hia cause
.made hnpaltse by the aaaanlt of Kapler's storm*
err, ha committed suicide by a pistol shot is the
British approached his last stand-point.
Bbbub, April 38.
Tbt Diet of the Zellvereln, eowln seatlonhcrc,
bis ebeset Seoortitmpeoß President and Prince
Hohreplo Vice President.
msTEKiors occrßmcE.
A BTnn Bnppoaod to have boea ZZnrlod
OfT a Sridgo into tho Bivsr
- Drowning of tho
Shortly after 10 o’clock last right an affile of
alike alatal and amjsteriona nature occurred on
Van Boren street bridge,' and, from all that can
be learned regarding it, there la reasonable
ground for suspicion that a murder wai commit
ted. At the t<me mentioned tvo Germans,
where nationality was known from thetr
convention, were reen to cross
the brldee. from the West Dimion
A man walking a few yard* in their rear over
htsni item cot verting te a loud lose nf voice,
their irregular gait inolcatlog dranaenneis, and
nycnreschnig a point about the middle of the
bridge, heoheetved that ose ol th: couple bad
dir appeared, thv otbi r st the time hutlly maalsg
b;i* way along Ven Burra street,
bima'lsneoas with this ' dlecoverr he
beard cries ler help proceeding
from the tlver, and turnlre about r*a to the
bndct-tetdrr’a nouie std called for aa istance.
Id a wry lew mlnntet a boat was tent from a via
rel moored nrarbr. and, a* the occonants were
sbest to throw ropes to the -drowning man, ho
aatfc to the bottom. An effort wsa at ooco milu
to recover bu bodv, hut tho dark*
Lets of the night precluded the
1 o+flblLlty of finding lu The police were soon
notified ol the strings oceom-nce, but nothing,
ot ernrte, could at once be dune towsrd solving
the mystery attending U. A grave anaplclon has
arisen thit the companion c( tee drowned nan
deliberately hurled him lota the river; aa there
la bat alight possibility for a man to
accidentally fall into the water, the railing« the
bridge being four or five Uelin height An la
vr*n~atira iniothU.asiet, inta&Bihle occurrence
may bo bid upon the recovery ot the body, wh ch
la hoped for to-day. when men will be engaged to
drag the river.
A Srntal Soaband Uaarly Sorders
HU Wife—HU Arrest and
At tbont altalght a tnurderotw ttM&lt m
made upon a woman named Mrs. BUea McCarty,
by ber bs«batd, a brutal character, asd the cou
qneacet cf the dircmefal affilx will, probably,
picto fatal, the woman having been terribly
wc ncdf'd. Bcrecint 0 trrltv, white wa'ku g ce»r th«
corarrol Won Ktnne and QalatedatreeU, I "heard
cxln of murder proeerdi; g from an alley near
by, tod, cote* to the spot, found Ibe worsts
prorate In tar mad ana teniclcet, and her hus
band tending over her with a hue oak cmb.
wi?h which he bid paundeded her featntes Into
»n nirtcogi txaole Jelly. Qe at once took the
fellow into custody. and, calling for
aulrtasee, in a abort* time procured
the atmeee o> Dr. Jtarrfbloe, who, opto czvalc*
log the wound* of the wamtu, pronounced aer
at wire in a very critical condition, her aka 11
barirg beta fractureo, and eald that had ae not
arrived at that time the wos'd certainly bare
died tn a few mtantet. The nne.maaoos
nctlm «tt rnnorM i*to her baste in
the rear of No. ISS K-nxle street, asd
her erne) knabsud ni lodged is the Uaioa
Street Police Station, chanted with ateaslt with
a deadly weapon with intent to hill.
TxsOpxba Hers«.—Tbe rsla last debt left
bardlj morepcc-pletntbe Opera Hos'etkantbe
delagelcflln Noah's ark. tat the petfdrcaßce
was tbe meat tsjrjablo j« siren of tbe Dacbeta.
It la a remarkable (estate of tbts troape. that
tbetr besteflbits are clrea to tbe amalleat bonaea.
Tbe appearance of empty beaches has no dbet
whatever apoe tbe rptrlt of the artlrta. Notbiny
bnttatremehs&orardcznberasc Jollity reigns
la tbe coart ot the handsome Hecbees Tee opera
f tets of Chicago UUle kxow wbat they araloslag
o not aUmdl&k tbe repretesutloa of Offaabacn'a
j-illy opera It v-Ul be repeated tola evening.
NcviCKk**tTHaat*»—Mr. Cbtcfraa it still
coin* and Mr. Ptrsloe, “/bet,” at Me-
Vickrt'e T&«atre to idnurtng crowds.' Apart
from Mr. C.’a admirable oereontMoo of the eccen
tric snob and Mr. Paraloe's lively representation
r.t -iVI - ,” with bis ••hoop-la." tbe cist uso
stiocy that la almost every to** the per-
LsDacct- la one of the brat ever given of tms
play at McYUker's. It will be repeats! this oven-
W roc's Mcsrex.—Considering the weather.
Mt Dillon drew a good boneo ’ast evening, with
U.e eame I 111 is os Slcmday evening. Dil oahav
never pHyed belter than daring the preseat on
rayrmret. Let lira coatlone to do so an! he
will tit only rrtneve pait dUappouitmehU, bat
wcbkvc a ancctas wntta wlnolnc.'
Tbs Cißcra —The wvt wesiber yesterday wa*
no drawback upon tneaUeada-ce at tnseirea*
either ateinoon or evening. There uachma «a
me ettens which never fails to attract. Tnssam;
• xMnu:analn a balding b«ve novtbatebarm
Tbe atwaoet rig, tbe amphitheatre OJ back
bretkl&r srwls. the flip of the ciavut, tbsa**
wah the I mocade; ana tbe man with ta-* candy
ardonnr<mthe (tm>le ainatreW. the fit man
awt the fat •cmao and the imnmi “t« tn# ad
joti-lnj; pavilion, ** *re absolute essentials to ant*
lo the irteew circoa th-r arc uoiotroa*
atir cticnr. There are Bchi* 1 n, an exce lent
iNrbeck ildcr.erd »Uv!fe, vita Whom •• pos
nm on horseback u Lnpo «-a h.f
•i*’*r did m Unoiae? the • . »u».- c L*i
J. North, wto baa r«ac- ed the inevitable roil of
ali vt wran circa*nder*— trained horeo; Uj j*o
a yount lad, a f erIHM Hole f- • w, who airplay*
6r»e - pi'BlM* In-.b ocmatahlp nd
•>; Nile WaUon, a t nder; KiaCeVe.
who if a* c'saticaa tubber in the4oß«r«saU t*a«i
le** 5 Reynolds, a claws woo can really site—a
murnaiVracautoogeiowcs; the M!a:oßroturr*.
who arc «en retcsikanle ua the borlz ratal bar
and tr«rcze, and nary others who make op the
ettk ate fLe-a-1 rood In their Hart. Not the
•least Inter »Un*j part of the ahl'dll-ra
la the me&apirle. which. though small,
t j reiy cho;ci. It ccuf tus a Yak, a lioncie aau
foa* whelp*. * Urge :ni imi. e’.ephiut, pia
• u-i*,lf'p;ri», cauiU, an Emn, two lioaa, a
by«oa, tn > mot-Kcvs and bl*di lo pnfasion. The
nuns* »xd her tittle on*» are worth a mil
to-be circus. Colour! Goshen, who wan for a
erg time coo of the aUrvctlrras of Wood's Mo
»eus>, d the Circitslsn 'ate of Btruua'*-
Mne'oro, ar*» ob eihlb-tlon a!eo The <roipe
niahe their second this uoritn? ihrooga
1 1<_ rnneipai auetta of the Notlh Dlriaion.
Republican County ConTentlon,
A It-ptmlican Convention lor County
will beheld in the Rcecrlcr’d Coart room of the
Court IT cnae, tn Chicago, on the S:thof April
Inal., at 2 c’c ock, p. m , to ehet thirty-nine del
egates tn the State Brpsblicaa CODTenilor, to be
held to iHiorU cs tb-- Olh cf May next, and to
trarr:ct eoth othci ba.-iacai as may cuae-bcfore
aaidCoonty CuDTcnttor.
The bael# ofrcprt acntiUoa will bo one drlcgvte
for every one bundled Bepubltcm
Co* greetmtn at lorfem ISCS, ata.one delegate
for every fraction over flity.
The several warda and towns *lll be entitled
to the following number cf delegate »l
FlratWard iQ E*a Oeove 1
Second v*ard 2 Uaxovcr 1
• bird Wufl 8 Hyde Park 2
Fokrlj Ward,.,,. ..-Ifi JrSrnoo 3
Flub w«ra 5 Lemant 1
a«x*h Ward 4 Lika l
S*Tent*) Wert....... 6 Leyte" l 3
Eighth Ward 8 Lite View i
Nlelb Wart H Lyon* 3
r«clhW«rd 10 Maine 1
R! -Tenth Ward 8 Nile* l
T*o‘lth Ward. S NiwTrier j
rilrtucth Wart.... 5 Nortbfleld s
Fourtrortn Ward 6 Orlind l
P'fi»«sth w«rd 6 Pi'atlae a
S’xwttb Ward “ P..;o* i
Birrlirton a JVotUo i
Rjo'm 2 Rich I
Brcmm 2 Schaumburg 1
Ctloact 1 Thornton....*. 1
C'cere 1 Wrrtb 1
Eraiatoc 3 Wbeeltnp 2
Primary meeting* In each ward to tbo citr *ll'
be bwd on Wedreiday. April 29, from 4to
wVicck p. m.. aa foU-jw»:
First Wo/d— At toe Conn House. Inspector*—
J. C. Ki Ir-kcrSoeVcr. J Pfl,nm, B. B. Tattle.
Second Ward— Comer of Vaißnren and State
meet*. Itrpcctort—W. T. Hancock, C. Shell,
Jo** oh Bn*’cr.
T\ird Wort—Corner of Twelfth and State
atreeta. Inipcclore—Louis WabL Oeo. W. Gray,
P. Welt
Fourth Ward—Buel Hooac, corner State and
Twenty-eecona etroete. Inspector—J. K. Bar
ker Jiech Richmond, George Darlirg.
Fifth Word—*2s Archer arenae. larpecton—
P. t. Reflect. Junta Ftnnean, W. Homer.
Sx:A Wort—Comer of Canal and Maxwell
etreeta. Inspector*—B. O. Oill, IL Klemeyer, A.
Seventh Ward— Corner of Twelfth and Union
rtreete. Icvpccton—A, Brnoing. J. J. Gillespie,
P C. Fewer.
KinMh Tfarrf—Corner of Centre nvenne atd
T*caihiUecU, Icrncctgra—W.B.Friable, latte
Wert«o(*b. Looli hoertol.
SitJh Hard—Kngme House on Wc>l Lake
nnet. Icipcctcm—O.McCottcr, Q.B.Eoox.K.
A Fllktna.
TWifA Ward—Engine betxre corner of Weat
WajllngUm and Clinton atreeta. I»«pector»— A.
O. Lowe. J. R.Caydai. Joseph Wllch.
Eitunih Wort—Corner of C*nil and Rallied
almtr. Itepectore—la. Drcbaton, ©.Dealing, H.
fteetfth Ward— Corzcr of Milwaukee and Chi
ergo LTennn. larprcton—J. Schdvnwald, L.
bcMilm, J. Banmrarua,
TntrTMftA Ward— Engine hon«e on Larrabee
itrteL lupectort—’Jonrad Pjlx, P. M&br, Q. D.
Fbxuieentk Word—North WVU * and Deaton
•trrelr. loapccUrj— P. fifdLmo-lar, F. Wllh.il.
P. Berber.
Fifteenth Word—Tnrrrr Hall. Inspectors—A.
Ne>on, J En«n,J A N'e^oa.
Sxletnth Word—North Market Hall. laapec
icr»—F. Bn»re. G. F. Ray, W. H. Eunp.
John L. B< reridge A. J. Galloway,
Animtna Bmarnj:, Phnp Wadawcrth
Hiram Kermcotl, B. F. C. K*okke,
II *». R_xf:tc, J 8. Homiij,
Goatar r«uif.
Cook C< n ty Rcpublkii CommUlee.
Cstcaoo, ApillM. 868
Elxoixt Vues up SraroAßT.—Every per*
sen who Is dctlrous of teemiog an elegant oral*
ment for pirlor or chamber should attend tbe
•action sties of the rich aiaomaent of marble
andalsbaater etatnary, vases and fancy articles
which are held at Gilbert A Sampson's, Nos. 118
«rd Stale street, at half-put two o'clock this
•Iternooa. and at half-past seven o'clock to-nignt.
Vis ts tbe finest arsortment of this kind ever
tffared fo: sale In *hi» country, and deserves an
immediate examination.
Thb Molixb Plows.—Messrs. Deere A Co., of
Mo'lae, tbe manufacturer* of these celebrated
plows, bare frond It necessary to Increase by
rnltv one-third the capacity of their present cx
•cnrivo work*, and they are at tbla moment mak
ing preparation* for the extension. Tats snows
ie«T plainly tbe opinion which tbe taraera of the
West have of the Moline Plows, which have lo
ured become mere and more popular year by
Fabbatii School ExrxaTAiuxßVT.—A Sab
bath School entertainment will be given
at Junction Grove, Cook Connty, this
sad to-morrow crenlagi, at a quarter
to eight' o'clock. A special train, orcr
he FcrtWajce road, will leave the Modliou
•reel depot at a quarter past seven o'clock to*
morrow evening, stopping at all loteira*dt*ie
.ulnta. The exerctsea will be of a very Interest'
«rg nature, and the proceeds are to be applied to
the purchase of a caotnet organ tor the school.
Cbicaoo Tbbolooicsl Sxxtbajit.—The exam*
Inationof the senior class In Homiletics will
uke place from 9to IS to-day. The address be
fore the Rhetorical Society will be delivered by
m e Rev. Dr. Bnahnel). of Hartford, at half past
seven o'clock, in the First CorcrezatlTcal
Church, at the corner of Qreeao and Wort Wash*
l-qlon sircJia. The ttrging will be by the choir
v.f the b« coed Freabytrrlaa Cbarcb.
Dxlsoatss bsob Cicbbo.—The BepnbUcina ol
the town ol Cicero yesterday ejected Messrs. B.
W. Goodhue and J. L Campbell as de.eg»t*B to
.the Republican Convent-on, wnich is to meet to
morrow for the pnrpoceof clertkg dekgabsto
he Peoria Ccnvcntion. rtiete were
matrncted to vote for C. J. Howe (or Lieutenant
Tub Bxnnsucaw Kattobal Oobvtrtt**.—
The ecmmmee charged with the duly of proenr
irgaplace fer the of the convention
yesterday completed their amngemoat with Mr.
Croehy, and the pacers have been aigeed. Mr.
Bovlngtor. the architect, wid begin the work of
fitting up tno place immediately.'
Tbbts Wabs Blxctiob Uttorbs.—A alight
displacement of the election returns printed la
jeatoday's paper, led to an error tn attliog the
majority received by Aldeimsn Holden, who led
hU competitor r>t9 voiea u»:*.«d tS 40d as prert
rcasy ktaied. Hlv ponnluity i» sho*n or th»*
r»ci ihst his n-sjnrty almost eqaalled hU opp>
ocnl'e total vote.
Focbih Wabo Gea>x Club —There will be a
mrttitg of the cfScets and Executive Committee
of this club at the Bnell Uoscr, orn«r cf Suit
■cd Twer.ty-scoond streets, tMs cverlig, at»H
p.m. Bustnna ot Importicce wiU b* Dtonrhi
forwan*, and It ta hoped every member will be
present. £■ J WirruxAD, Sec’y.
Grabs Abbt or an Harmuo.—Peat SC
Tetta athalf-paal seven o'clock tats evening, at
Post Headquarters, on the accthtast corner of
Clinton acd Wen Randolph street*. Comrades
horn other do is are tnviied to attend.
Jabx* R. llitobb, P. A.
Foreien niarßets,
LußDox, April SS—RvcnScg.
Ceraelt atndy at American tetnrmes
quiet; 6-9QS, ?0K: Erls. 47; lllloala Central, MR.
Ttunr obt, April *3—Evening.
United States bauds firm at 75. V.
Lrvxaroou AprD JS—Evenlcy.
Cotton closed dud and a OacUoa lower. Bales
ib.cec baka; considerable dol&s te arrive. Hldcnag
oc apot, 13^0; to arrive, ISXd; Orleans, tSKfI. The
tdvicca from Hanehcater are favorable. Tama and
fabrics firm and active.
BreuiatsCiqnlat. Cornsttady at tSiSd.
Provtatona—Lard acitve and' advancing; tiles
€7v9d Other articles quirt end unchanged.
Produce—Boats kdrtand to t* for common WU
mlnrwn, Pttroienai tell aaddtelmed to is to for
standard while. Olhar articles uchucti.
Axrwaxr. April SS—Evculag.
Petroleum heavy at (Man.
New Vork Financial News.
New Tot*. April 3?.—Mojut -Plenty and easy.
al£4?rereest fsr ctll loan*, mainly at the lower
rate. Trim* oltc nat* per cecL
£rxsLt*o—Quiet, a*. lOtUi'.l# for prime bills.
Gold— Strong, cpesi&g at 123 ana clotlng at USX9
ISS- heart wrrr made at Ljt m cect Cor csrryu*
tim 1 per cent to flat for borrowing. Export to day.
fsot eb.
u< marinom—ln folr draind during l&t moil cf
■beday. and cloeod withle«adsloc and henry. Henry
Oewa 4 Co ftrnlah iba aaaexed:
: Coaposa.
I Coapose l *G...UtksiieSW
lOtCs —.ld
h-su. To7H»l(rtH
baaget half a mlllloa T-50t
Ccapet*. i
coo i<«u. *c.. .iiswua w
CC.aKO>, H
coupon*. *©.. .imt-aucS
Ttw Anliunl TreMom
mi k id |«oc.ftM to rol i.
>TOfn-»>U»M Leary, vtib *r*n OU Erie cerU
r.M im Pacific Mail. TM «ther »)<ira wen lav. bat
us doettiM t»« im maiMO. Ta« mixkrt eluted
530 t. it. QrorxTiajra.
Cosbrrlaitd.., S 3 *• J'V I Wabash.!l (h St
canton « *a «« • PC Paul CSV® <4
Wells Fargo... is a Bl* 6t.Paal.pSl... T* « Tty
American. O aG* Ft, V»TD«....at4 aiw*
Adams kx.... etya at owoAMns... n
Celled States. G «G* Hitt. A file... II a IS
M«r Ui10n.... rit,« a* Mich. Ceat....lUK®llSk
Qolckallwr... 2sya »%' Mich, soa
Maritoa swa « in. Ont tu oust;
lamas Man... *CK<a*OM Pmaosmb.... a asv
Atlantic Mali, r a 51 T-W.i,... wlvtfe
w u.Tel—.-a a«rviTv«i»Ußd... «ka»»C
k.Y.c«t...«irswii:v n.w...„ aMd
Erie. -•a> l ATa£] N.W„pfa Utu .4it
Krieptd. Tikdo ic. a Alton ats«k
nadaoa US U'TSk I Missouri .. a bTj*
Harlem .*at» New Teat*.... ....a 51%
K'aatDt....... »k I _ . •
IPc*it>i* at the MiQ-rrvaiory.tXSSlAlS; pajmtats,
fS.4CT.tSt; balacce. linUSi.'Tl-
Ilxanm Sxuxxa—UalL Gregory. J9O; Smith 4 Far-
Tnrke, TIC.
Cambridge aad Brtebton live Stock
Special Detreteb to Tba Chtcaza Tribune.
CaxstitMarocr, Mala.. April 25.
At Can-bridge aaa Brighton there were t,ns breve
M»r*vt fair: nrlres rrdored y»c.
So tar-SAW-, M Oc&l supply cased an adraa<
Uoua—t,UO bl avt&e cemailarioard.
Hew Torlc Lire Stock market.
New You, April 2t.—lltet—llartet doll and
heavy; urlces vrre kc lover ranttcut *• vkaiSVc.
Bzzr Cart ta—Dali aad nwvy, ai the lit
ttr ac exirtme.
l acxiris— 2Jll cattle. LTS bogs.
Hew York Dry Goods Market,
Saw You. Anri'S-—ThnOry trade ti a lifts
rnoteantßa>«d,batl»(ar l/f-a ac*ire yet Heavy
brownabeettcis stale flmer. Wc quite AQ«atie
A. Appleton A, tßdl.n Read. Oohasset A. p«a (A.
at l»e: Mark aat ISHe: 2f rvraarset B B and Laa*
jelDatUe. Friatlar chi* more active, ai Sse f»r
pour, acd ike tor gosd mnfard matera. oat h-M*
Mare now aariagi cat tn* Kan. Priata bare bwa
ttto via* myre freely, ana tor low aad median grades
tbcmW'lUßrm rrenumaiw brlag tic.aas ail
dxra rtjUaofLaocsiier. Omaial aai other auks
havsbMCtos*c.votaateo bad
. bek.w UdUc, at which price Aaeiteagi, lUchajnds
ana ?pr*«oe»art*,l; i.r. Tb«r«ltuse talk aboa 1
aantetcg prints, bat the demand l* aot astir* e«oo*b
The Produce market*.
... MvW tors.
'>rw Yen, April *».—Corros—Pan and a atsle
Jo*cr. bale*of*,Wo aalee a* xsc tor aUJeUacey
Urd*. chain* with asiaa repnrtea as mutl **.
arwt wmrket.duflaaal'ftik l
LcfX»oob.i* for »Qr*-ajr
« wtfra;rxjftarjr rorrxlraSUUTllt.k’
All o*»r extra We«ea; fl*V©tC Onf;r*hli<*vb-«
«lU»t *ll X^l Uf! tor reaiyl boos OMo; i11.0W15-J0
tor extra he. Loot*; r»d to ehMe* O' l .
CfoO'c dull. Uajlforo t tnary anl drastic*; sales
otLSioaacti at »u.»aiL2»* Ipr floor ootet a»d
firs); salts of IM brb at li£oQ,.D.oa. Cvra mail
w Bwnr- Nominal.
Utata—Wheat— Receipt* JiASdbo: more aetlTe,
■td U*2o tewtr. baits SJ,(OJ ba at |J,» tor sa. i
iprl.-a, delivered :U4jd.> toarnv* ;|LSi £.»r f»j. 1
Co to »’op at Tr«'j • liJfi ~Uohleal>ro;> •* rorlnj, and
ICbci I iccsjlvaUm, oa prune vem.l. Kya nal'l
bs'es 1,5*0 to bt»te at jL'.S. Dailey ctUU Dmney
Ma t quiet. Canada rexs more aciire. Sa«* h.tva ba
attl t;,»aV>oo. Uflceipu, U.s-jj pa: mar.*!
quiet. witbroi dtriiM ch*n/« Sale* tt.'JP be at
far a'V mixed W«*t*sra aflaat; «i.n»l is
ur »lilw Weaiem and Svibem. oat—Hac:lu'»
J.rrOht;-.decidedly loaer. &sl ■ i,*OJbn unset*ti
for K*9tern In ai*ue: rC-jo.hc afl'iat, doting
cotl vltbto borer* a* the los'd' onatatms.
Ur cxm»—tscu Call. Coflee -|l-ibotnnn;»ilf<
tact l.la irpotiol at usj-*, u toll'juti
fm.: u)*-s *f: Vo Jib<*». at KLuilaC Rif ; id*
uuctor I*nrn» ktc>. Molaws octet ;*slet of K tide
fieri—gutfi.' "
PiTtctar*-nrm.lJlJJ»'c f«Jt erode; HJfc fxr «-
Faun-ioss—t*ork firmer and qtlrl; «»>* of fl.tS#
brUat 2940 lor eewtoot.elentnx als9jx>r*c
«lar ;|?7f?<a?7do l fold d - *. closing at 117.10, recaUn
IdsJOcstUO for prime-. f9t.M fur prime m*«-» ;
also, hr a new meia at f*7 nj, borer-fiiret half of
May. and I2J a. i» Her Jon*. Beefatnadyt ealts 'fA~
bil.at|l3C«C«o OOrof new plats tom; S*UtdW4.7l
for n. w ciua e;«i ; ai»o, 150 tree at CJUBWjn fi»t
prime cui»: fit .lfait.tr for India m«u. B*ef him*
nod ;»*W ofttnbriaattJTOO. Cot meat* Arm - nie*
aSSibol:r*ati33l3MC far moulder*; nMIUHMO tat
hama. Middle* uotet and firm ; aalea of aoxea
at on rlhped. m arrlre. at >«c. l.iid eol .t a&d«te*ty»
talrt cf 9. l ir oris at isal^Vc: a:-o. 'AO &rl« new. teller
Jon«,atisc. Onuarqnletat
tor State. Cberve quiet and steady at 1\%17c.
Flotts—dceed dull and sc lover oa commoa and
Osaix—Wheat—Heary and lc lover; holders are
t»>w diipoted to realize. at euvxrev
•Hta-Dah ard rery hravy at fDr Wnte:n ta
note. Corn—Quiet mud brary at|LU(*l.lß fDrred
and white mixed Western aAatt.
rxTOiOsa—Pork—Quint and drra; ami's of SMbrU
new mess st tS.lfataoo e*ah, -nd regular. Beef
qotet and ilrady. Cot meal« vttp miderate
nei.iSß'i. Dscoo quiet and firm. Lard—Flnarr at
ISVftlSfc'c lor fair to pilme.
Lucs-Qulet it zle.
sr. Lons.
st. I-cns, April “ }£.—l e»icc>-Sieac!r; sen«»*
mi>r*> disused to accept bids, bat prices ars on*
Fu.cx—Puia. and dole* and finer brand! 25396 c
blatter; sal»a of extra at t?.3S3V7*; Call daabl* ex
tra, Jto (Wl3fo; oonhlr estia and fancy, fiUAOaIS TV
t»r..*.ia—"heat—Fall Ana, enchanted ; «prtnc Stiff,
h'gter: (2.11&2 3C (or prims to choice- Com Armor.
«lui-(ly better: Oau Hate atlffsp; 71«73Vc.
IVirtry inactive. west; Hve Arm; -c^jsTc.
reoni'owa-Por* easier; cult mesa
—5»l« V.too Si small Too** • boolders,at Barlioat-m.
at line. Bacon firmer: live tor ah"uM-i-*, njfc for
cLan-Hes-both held VChlth*n*»!e*N>.H>j fit clear
»ide*,U«t half May, at Cootca sigar-cnred
banvt. 3C«2lc. Lard firm at isc lor tierce and 19c tor
wrntxrr—Steady at 53.59,
Lr** Stock—Receipts of cattle aid better
quality, ana price* mil, ranging from S£Sfcc. Shucp
steady iitlitaih) per bead.
Rcranra—Fkwr.LSOCbrli; wheat, 13JR0ba ; corn.
12 'CC bn i < «u. UiO ba; r; e,S3O ba.
Cain has been alts: st c->r>t nt since early morning
lonsriLUt, April 3.—Xv xsoco—Steady at »na
inl>i it rates; sales of 97 bbds loirtto good leaf at
tvrau cc.
* ottojv-DbU at SOVc.
Flora—Fup«rfluel?.T»9.J>; a.
GuAii-WreatgixruJ.TD. OataSoc. Coro9oc. Bye
fiMSkVIS. Karl'x malt CO.
Pcott>io*B—Lard Large »ai<w at ISifc. held at
IS Vo. Me- s noi It held -at Bacon firmer and
adtanclnc ; shoulders lie: C'ea* ribald's 17 wc iclear
aid's l‘vc;bnU sbocicen 13c ; sides lS‘7c: clear
• ld>si7Me.
Wait aar—Nominal.
CLnV r,I.A.>L».
CLXTiLAjre. AptU 3*-—Ftora—Market ateady, firm
and BLcbarcrdtaalra XX aprin< at filo.oorau.oo: XX
red winter at filT.WAil.tat XXX white at f!3 e>«15l0
('•r»l!C-Wbest -Msrt-l rerj firm for winter made*:
Ho. 1 he'd at 12.7C8? 75; No. Ido at fid.sS; Ho. I spring
scarce and iwrn naL Corn In better demand, ana
irartetfirmer and better; sales on spot at 99£99?,
b-’anee of the monlhUtfile. Oats—Market firmer and
Better;No.t Sute 1 eld at Tec. from store. lire—
ecarcran;'firm aifiw tbr Ho. l State and Western.
Bailey In demacd. nut none offering.
FiTrot»ryi—"arkrt steady and unchanged, with
fa'r deraar d tor bonded at TfilCcifrca
55c; emoe finn at LU. -
CntnrsaTT, April :v—FLOU«--FVm. s l7yea *id 7
Gnaw—Wheat firm but qnlut; prices anchanzed.
Corn.actrte ana adsaneed to 95e for «*r; shelled
sold at same rate, Oats acareo and firm; sec for Ko.
). Bye and barter tmehanced anl qnlet.
C«.tpon—DalJradTunttral; VWic for mlddlloe.
Ton.sfxo—ln lame oemsrdaifjil criers: aa’ea of
:to hhc< li:naSMß(39:o. and leaf at file CO*’C X>.
WBitxri— rmgtaar and nominal at
Feotisio**— Gecrrmllv firm, with a strong market;
n<aa perk held st bat without sales: bulk
treat* wrre la cemend at UHc (or ahouUcr* mad Hk
a 15c for bgbtaod h*-ayy ild*,;bat boMrn »ike"t VC
h’.cher Dtcun quiet at ttyfelSko for ahoold'r*;
UVwICc fur aides; UkutlTc for clear rib.and I've
f.-r c;ear; lurce canard tor clear holKiidea to.- future
CeXer.rjrat I7r, hut no •c-ler*. luird ne’d at live,
with buyers at ISVc, sold at ddlrrrru) at Tlich-
lad., andat tic last cretuag. delircrod at Mad-
Bon, Jed.
CBBEsv-'Flnn. at tSAUe for nU. Bom* new Is
raarkM.bst the grade la poor. It bring? 1V313C. ac ■
cording to qnalit*.
roTAiova—Scarce, adraiited to fiLTJ per brloa ar
Otua-retrolrnm advanced to ffV£Kc for refined
free. Llnaeed *.ll firmer, and wiling atfil.lSWl&T.
Lard oil firm at
Gold—lS» p-n ing.
RcrraLo. April 2S.—Ploub—slesdy.
GtAis—Wheat inactive; millers offer at |9S for
‘maillot* H 0.3 spring; tales So. I Milwaukee at
LLdii. Com unsettled; opened wife «alo* of sew
Western at |tjr; la*er a bpat-loodaoM at fire; at noon
WO cr tbtte bnaLlosdi toll at 90c. and were la the
afternoon resold at &a9jc, chaise with no i'-Ilcra at
the last ftgnrp. Oats dnii. and «m»l sale* at 7*c fir
Western. Rye and barley uniitanged.
Dull and aochang'd.
l*i«'Tt»ioK*—m«i pork flnfi; small lota eold at
Ita-airra—'Wheat, 55,W0 bn t corn, 157,W0 bo; oata,
- * - tvi s-'..
mart ABHorr. onir cun or Frank b. uc m.
Ansel P*M»h, * • d 2 ynart tad 7 month*.
runrralfromthelrmMenc* :hl» afternoon <33th).
kl2o'clock- Friends arc Invited.
In this city, April 27. oi apoplexy, EDSON MOORS.
Funeral services will be held at the Lloyd Home oa
W»_o ad-y.tytniraz^atUAia.
IWAnbnm.N Y-Tnepere pleat* copr.
At the mldecco of Ur.,'barles Pars la this rifr,
tl 6 o’clock last evening, IHda MARTHA DJWBRa
Tbe deceased was a sister of Mrs. Charles Faro.
Her tfmal&e will be taken t j Detroit fir Interment on
Wrdcr«daT evening.
Id tbi« city, at tb* residence of hi* parents. SI Ann.
•t-. A: rll VM, of hennrrharo of the lungs, JOHN W.
,vn .*ot un .
nu&lendsaretavUod to attend bis funeral obse
gnß-r. at tae above once, at Up. s. ThnrUsy.
Or Mllwsnkee. Wl» . Mjptceai. Canada, and Lon-
pa,»en plea** copy. -fW
ISO mere.
60 & 62 WABASH-AV.
We have a large stock
of Foreign and Domes
tic Hosiery, that was
bought previous to the
advance, and {which we
are now selling at less
than Manufacturers’
Stencil Inks and Brushes,
(Soecet'or to T. R. ALLEN),
Boom 13< Old Board of Trado Build*
leg, 904 Booth Post
Office Addressy Box 809.
Every d«erlr*tloti cf Steonl work eyreoted In the
heatßsccer. near Brant*.which fjrbescty ofde
aiys and rxceEeoce of workmanship, cannot be <n--
pawed. Therwpenalaiteatlooftf H\i»er« 1» Invited
to tny specimens of work la this Una. amonnUnc to
•everal tnotuand.
irarilcaie Mmcfls ftvrFaitFrctxht 11m*. and Pro
dace Commlslon MuchUlU, cat at abort notice and
low ram.
Patent Cat Dlr*etioa PtancTls for sttprtnr mer
chsadt>e tarnhbrd to order at a fkw iclnnte«* notice
h;ort4l contracts will bo asde at low rate* with
. wbolrnlebooses rrqoinak work nf tbit ela*s.
Country order* prompUr attended to, and asttsfac
tlon cuarantecd la all cam.
Co B.nrt.
yo RENT-
1101 l of Store 03 Clark-*t,
oypewiteibeShimea House. Beet location la Chi
Inquire oo premises.
Ab experienced Job prtster, who thoroughly on
dentud ell ktedsofwock. ceaftada permaaeat.lt
sallca ead good wet«a by implying to COOC, CO
-1.” TLEUAK would Use to become eo&neetea «Ut>
* S:«t» esd Tta Were ectthilibment, or e Japan Tts
Ware estahU*bm*at, eltb&r •• baleaxeuet a moder
ate salary, or at Farther. Caa fuiaiab aome meeaa
cod the ben nf eitr nftiwtw,
adore** ~ HOUION.** TilJune office.
®o Kent.
A Very Desirable Office,
Cuter of Writs end South Water*!*. Apply et So
3 retdet’a Baildltg.
■ end baeetarnt Frame Dwtinat*. hos. MIA end
SOT Wnt Waablnctoa-en Bathroom, martaeman
I'b.mitb’e ea.b-haaia*. tel ess cold water onteeb
flec'r, and all medtra eo&nßleLCCt.
Ul. •*<« auu W 4 UWUI II VM|l-UICLIV>.
A'lr, Frame DwelUar rf 9 room* «nd Sf fort 1 A So.
811 We«t W-wblanca-et. To rent low by WM.OL
LOTT. I WmabU gton^t.
©metal Notices.
I*l iMiem t& Peteote; Anratloa.—J. Beyeorew
Ci bib BaeKwbeei HnlKrwlU be oe eahlbitloa esd
for »al* at Fo*.4lJ) and *230 Waihla;toa-*c. be
t»'>ra ine boar* oflaaai.rjr* few o*j* only. A
r«rr oppcttssUy ocervd t> patoss cf smelt capital.
Tmltoryto amt pnrcbe>er«. Call avs loet tt n
Cblnr. All tetters ed<uet*eJ to J. DiTSOBE. Free
peel. IP.
. Order* for tnoelac Household end Office Farnltnr
left at 49 Sonin Cerk-tl. and SFETCSS’d DOCKS
wUlhepremptlycsaeuMd. J.WALB49CO.
Iflact)inet2, &c.
From “Scientific American," Uaj’S.tSSS.
[Patented February is, ISIS.]
A handy imphaent Ibr grinding the teeth of reap*
l&c and mowing machine*, now so zenenlly used
tbronebootthecoonlry.il certainly a desideratum*
Ula a work reqolrlne ifeta and care to rrtnd these
i trlannhar knlTes ob as crdlaar- erlnd*tone,where
the here! of the teeth mmt be Miami wholly by the
:nre of the workman. Socb a machine U seen In the
accairpanyite eograrthg, where the crlndlcg or
estry wheel it shown by Flg.fi, the frame of the at*
chine bi 1. the abaft npon which the driving wheel
ul grinder U pivoted hr S, and the adjusting icrew*
(or giving any angle required to the grinder by 6 and
9.' Fig. 3 ihotn a screw for adjusting the bsd-plate,
he I ding the t*>tb-pl*te at the angle desired, and t it
screw damp far securing the plate to the bed. ThU
Oerieecaa be tstm Into the field and. operated by
hand, grinding the teeth more perfectly and rapldlr
than by any other method. When enttera are ground
by the old prceece the point of (he tooth la soot
greund off,and the grass clogs between the point of
the Uoth and the fiazsr bar. With t&ta machine
the angle can be ao adjusted as to preserve the length
of the loetb. orercomlnn thudiOcnltr. and the caller
will outwear two ground by the old proeeaa.' It la
cheap In price and simple la construction, and always
grinds the le*tb to a nrifbna angle- It la made whoL'y
of iron, in a snUtantlal manner, and welghs.com>
plete.only about sixteen pounds. Its advantar**
at parent to any one natng mowing machines, without
further description.
From the Janesville (Wls.) Dally Gsz ette.
Tsa ExcxtAioa Qxcraxx.—A cheap, convenient,
portable, practicable Implement fbr grinding the ent
taa of mowing and reaping machine* hulnng been
wanted. We saw a machine for thU pnrpota mi Chi
cago. recently, which we think hat all these points.
Il la called thcExccblor Grinder, and constats of an
emery wheel, to which osaviron gearing?!* attached
in mb a manner that the grinding oi the cutter la
accomplished at a true angle atanydealredborei. It
Is well known that when the enttera are ground by
the old method, the pointer the tooth taground oil
aid the mss cion between lie tooth and (he finger
t?r. With this machine the angle can be so adjusted
sstopresetTe the length of the tooth', overcoming
•tit dlfflcuhr, and the cotter *lll ontwurtwo ground
i j the old process. It grinds the cotter In one-quar
Urcf the Umel and requires only one Instead of two
men, and does the work In a p*rffctraanner, and U
oe of the moat Ingenious and oaafol laplemcnU that
a firmer can bava.
It taao light that It can be taken into the field with
ibeMowlcgMachtnf,or attached tothe aaaq,asdi*
always at hud and mdr for use whan required. .
The retail price of this tmplrmeat l«|lO, and we bo
ll ere It is worthy the auantloa oi cor farmers.
What the *• Prairie Farmer** sty i;
Ezctuios Qxcroic.—AU filers of Mowing and
Reaping Machines hare experienced the difficulty of
grtnilng their sections on acommjn grindstone, so
sa to keep both the berel oi lha catling edge>nd the
antle of tbe knife<n their orlylnsl ships. Tne dim
cnlty la entirely obrlatad by the * Excetstar Grinder.”
The griCfilng U done wltb *a emety wheel, to ar
ranged in a small iron fnta* at to be very easily man
seed, only one person being required to use 1U It
. can be taken to tbe field and mad at asy time with
out tb« Mcesslty of.learlcg tt.
For pladlct tbe ccttrta of mowla* ul teiplng mi*
cblct*. Stite ilxhti lor thla machine for aale. ill
ehloee'can be *old for ft? each, and p*f a Isrm
profit. Nothin* In tbe market to csapele with u. A
perfect monopoly. Warranted to dr* etUaftetton.
wui grind in one-foarth the ame of n common grted
•tone, and a boy 15 yean old can operate It. Will
rrtod the cotter at an/ ancle or bard desired. Weigh?
only 16 b». W« wlUpsy the expenses of parties n»lt-
Inc this city who wub to boy rights for thia machine.
If th*y do not find It aslltfactorr and all that It Is rep-
relented. Send forßlostrated and deocrtpttre Circular
to mfi.i fx g DOANA. 33 Reynolds' Block, Chics
ec. HI. Coenty rights for Ullncla by H. 0. ALDEN,
Jr* 33 Reynolds' Block.
Manufactures the REST and CHEAPEST
lb the world, from Band or Gravel.
t w Price |*o, exchalvo of right. send lor Ores-
909 Boa Lb Wsler-«* Chicago.
• •V-, »,
Frrtab’e Steam Ercln'S, lor form and mechanical
rerpose*. They ate ip-elaUr adapted to driving
ihrrkhicc-mvcclaer. er<m-ftk»Uer(. mills oi all kind*,
pMo'lna presses. circular un, wood and Iron lain«*.
p.»c!,ltrn lr. cabinet or wamn shops, boring artesian
m -llr, pan play water. Ac, «kc.
warrant onr engines to be whit we represent
la-as, and to gtie caUresatiifocrion mail re«B«ct»,
Fatoo. Mall»n Uoaniy, N.’T.
Brtach t'fflce.234 Lake-jt* Cbleayo. vita Amail
an gcale Co.
The latest and most Improved
Smut Machine & Crain
Patented Oct. S. lS6T,by W. W. CONNER, of Indiana.
WANTbD—a Partner for their mtnaisrture. ot
will aril Tiltnols and adjoining btatrs.
For patUcuiir* call oa the und*r»lrned at the Me
trepuiuan Hotel. JOBS C. CONNER.
Elastic Sponge-
IttK the same relative pesilloato Curled Ha:r cad
Oa:b?it mat the latter hot* t-ward Hoe*. Halt cad
Tew. f.cocowifal, duretue, prvi'ct tram MOTHS eel
»<sbß#«, newer Tr«ntre* 4 re - MTatiai." Aiao, COMBI
NATION M ATTEfiSsES. (under pert •elect'd Wood
Mote.top ELASTIC aPONQEv bet deepbed -mart-.
Ako, CHTB-'H cad FUUSiTDUB onbiUterlßC 1b
tgumc IST cad 194 Lake st- ciroar W»U*.
talent agcncr.
Das en extensive and reliable
And 9 eosaeeted with Hewn. D«du*9Maßa,ei
Washington,cod Mewre. Holbrook* Dale, Attorney*
oftbl* city, who ere principally eogagsd la tbe pet
<at Uv branch cf U» bmteoe, esd ere prepare to
nadertato asd Mjceeufoliy prosecute eQ inOtage
ttftt and Interference eases. _Air eomwauicetlsna
•diltfmd WGEK.L ATC6C&IS, 13S Dutttre
lU, Chicago, IQ.
We have Stone’! 9otb Proof
Fur Cate, warranted to pre
serve Furs from raTages of
Hollu. For aale hi
LOOMIS. Hatter,
95 Clark-at.
Co loan.
Tra tnocaaad t|lCjDooy dollar* to loaa torhorh
y<ar* on city Improved reel estele, taenasßotteas
Room 4 Methodist Church Block.
(A ftwThooteßdDoQsn to loan oa BeslEtfete la
CfclcscptOrOß FABM9 IN ILUKOIB. aearChlcaca.
88 Deefbon-eL. B«u S>
Org ©ooliß.
23 & 25 Bandolph-st.,
Cloths, Casaimereß,
Jeans, Flannels,
Hosiery, Ifotions,
White Goods,.
Linens, Shawls,
&o«, (fee,
Onr Stock la ENTIRELY *EW. Wsdealre an ta
ipecOon irom all boyers, promising LOW PRICES.
fgr* The Depot for W. B. Borlock
la with us, and we are offering them
Paper Hangings
Choice Styles'of Golds,
Velvets, Tints, & Flow
ered Paper Hangings,
Decorations & Frescoes.
Of every Style anl Description.
Common Wall Paper,
Of every Grade and Price.
fi®* Window - Shades,
ill Lengths, Colon, Style tad Qaallty.
Shades Made to Order. . gFt
Paper Hangings, Decorating, and
Shades pnl np at short notice, in
the best meaner.
All of Bedding
and Upholstery Goods,
Of onr own manufacture.
Lace Curtains, Cornices, Etc.
E. G. L. FAXON & GO.,
74 & 76 LARE-Sr.
Grand Musical Festival in Boston.
The ttm reculkr TRIENNIALFESTIVAL of the
Will be bald at the BOSTON MUSIC BILL, daring
the first week In May, with a Chorus of
ARTISTS OF EMINENCE. both Vocil and Instra
nesul, bare been engaged, and negotiations arepend
tec for otberi of celebrity. The OnAIORIOs and
SYMPBONlEStvleetetfortblaoecailoawill that be
readeren in a man easmtete and perfect manner
ever bef.ne In ibis coon try.
The ft »ttval win open on tbe morning of TUES
DAY. Mar Sib. and tie continued tbroom the week,
closing on Satdat Erenleg. the Uth. Tbe perform
anen will contlft of FITS ORATORIOS and FOUR
B.J. LANG wfll preside atlhe GREAT ORGAN.
, The whole under tbe direction of OABL ZEKBAHN,
Crednctor. LOKINO B. BARNES. Secretary.
Wo bare In Store tbe best
Bank Sale ever tent to €blcago.
It ii four and a bait Inches thick,
made of twelve thicknesses of
welded steel and Iron; weight
10,000 lbs. Bade by DIECOLD,
For sale by F. W. PRATT,
86 Washlngton-st.
IvX PHOOF SAFE has been trued in tbe largest se
el dental fires, and la every instance has
Preserved its Contents.
For rale at the Machinery Depot of S. 11. naßßta,
63 Scnth Canale.
iPot Sate.
At Iflannfacturorß* prices.
Tattle Scythes,
Lamson Snaths,
Hand Bakes,
IV Ohio’s Tateat Btitßraccs
Manafoctarm' Afrnntr,
i 17S Bandolph-st.
Tbe yalnahle aawmm property of tbe lata Vrtnnar
Near Or and .Haven, Hick.,
TO be .old at Public Auction el Oread Seres et
the St:b day of April, IStt, at 13 o’clock, a. m. f«i
panlonUr* »7ply toprcddrece
Oread UcTca. Mtsh,
W Decrtont-aL. Chicago.
The tree# a»d fixtures of the Lumber Terd !*lely
r±rmji*A by Scbbcl D. Clarke, an for aate. The
yard la Mtsatcd on the South Bread*. J«t south oi
A. X. Kent A Co.’* Pectin* Home. Apply to
Axdcßee ef s. D. duke.
Boom 18 Panertoa Block.
| gbottllicr States.
Radical Core of Rapture.
A Trues which ccatd be relied upon for the redlee]
cere of Qsrsla, bee lore been e dcldmuata to (be
Banded Profession. Dr.5.,5. MAES U. of Kew Tore,
be* ootetoed* patent for e Truss la which two oeda.
laeleee of the single boa en employed, oae ts tae
fsta of a riot snmosdisx the etber. which l> ea
leery ben, ibe rtbjj r*ed clomne bolb openings. while
the bad predaees adhesive tafleamailoa, efibctlecetf
bejlaatodeicnre. The pTeecare of the latter U
cradnated by a eenw. Tbts sad all other kind* of
trows. Brace*. Sappcrter*. Eluac Stocking*. tuts
pecsory Bandages. Apparatus lor iWbralße*. 4c_
■tllhlrr applied by MASSE * CO, New T re.
If AKSB, COBUSB A CO., Cincinnati, end MAKSB,
BOWLES A CO- 71 Wcabinrtoo-*u Chicago. adjoin-
Ibk Crosby Opera Bouse. AcompeteaifcmaJeto welt
npoa ledlea. *
arttEti’ Materials.
Of Every l>eecripUoa et
,152 Slid lndlSllor ,R, i«l tfet,
eiTseius/ " "■.'.i;-i..^.£AiT“l
Bn ©oobß.
HD, LEFM & C 0„
Real Thread Lace Points,
Real Applique Points,
Real Dcntelle des Indes Points,
At. Popular Prices,
110,113, ID & 116 Lutt-st.
And OfHco
New and Elegant Designs,
Of our own manufacture.
110 & 112 State-st.
86, 88, 00 fc 02 West Baadelph-st.
r.g.THATM, ratine n.- tob«t. p. j.ruirm
MiasOetanr, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la
Extcsalve aaaortment of flni*clau Goadi.
Great Inducement* bow aflered. Partle*
will cot anil their own Imcmiit hr cxamln*
tat thla attraetlre display* at
87, 89, 91 State-st.
IStal ©state for Sale,
lan rlbufs Snbdlrlslon of a part of See. 3, sot told
at the Auction Sale by Mc«n. Batten A Co. Apill 3,
can be bad at Auction Price* until Saturday, May 3.
They will tltftbe withdrawn. IX unsold.
BANK, corner Washington and Dearborn-«ts.
00 Feet Above the Level of
the Lake,
On Lake Shore, Mil
waukee Railroad.
ELEGANT BUILDING LOTS For aala at very low .
rate*. AI»o acreral fine house* In prpcea* of erection.
Highland Park la connected with Chicago by Bight
Paaaeager Train* Dally. Ha* a line brick hotel. Tbe
taaUlea already locating there wcare .good society.
Church and acbool house* will be erected Immediate
ly by the company. The location for fine lake accaery
.Hvrratty of surface, grove*, ravtora, aad aoll tor gar
d«tnf aad oraaaeaUag parpoeea are snmipMMd.
Parlies desiring * flea location for .realdancv,^*
’ itreble la every may. would do well to can cm the ea
drnigned. who vffl famish an Infbnnatlaa desired
u to rates, Ac.
Excursion Tlcksta wd be fandshed to pergOCgd*
striae I hem, at low rates, on application to
F. P. HAWKINS, Agent,
193 South Watcr-at.
Jctoctf) Olliers ftlcetinsa.
. New Tots. April IS. 1368.
Tbe annual meeting of the Stockholders and Bond*
bolder* cf the Chicago A Nortbwtatarn Railway
Company, for the cltctlon of a Board ot Directors
and tbe traceactton of r?ch other business ns may be
brought before them, will be held at the cffice of the
company to the city of Chicago, on Thursday, the 4th
dry cf Jane cent, at one o’clock p. m.
The Traß«frr Boon will be closed on • ‘ -Utfraeoa
rfEaturdny. the Sd of May. aad rtcpeseu ms me sera
;ag cf Monday, the tab of Jane.
JAMES P~ TOUNO, Secretary.
A ISO ct the StcckbaMen of the OkRDSN CITT
HLASr* ro. will be held at Use office of tb* Company.
No. JOS L*«aJle-al- B-wau 5 and 6. on WMneadtr,
May A. Uie, at u o’clock In tbe forenoon, waea tne
elects on r>rlnrtK-tor»iof ihe ensuing year alll be held.
Byordexof UsePre«Mert.
G. L. HOODLESS. Sec’f and Tree*.
Youablogheay Steam aad Qaa Coals, by the cargo
jambs McCauley,
No. 3 Watt LakfraL
■ The undersigned are this aay ln receipt of a fan
•apply ef both HARD and SOFT COAL, cf superior
quality, which they offer at reduced prices. _
Ctwawßavti so<Lsorta waterats.
hoofing Materials.
Mtau&etoren tad Dealer* la
Roofing Slate*,
Plastic Slate,
. Roofing Pelt,
Roofing Composition,
Roofing Implement*,
; Sheathing Pelt,
Paints for Farmers, r
Coal Tar, Pitch, Ac., Ac. .
Office, 188 Washington***,
SuMness Catto;
80 South Vateresfc,
Wholesale Detier la Xe* York tad Western Factors
Cbmt Alto, for tale, Wooden Wore tad, Matebe*
ofthebettmaonlbetius. Orders toaelttd.
13ase Sail QSoobs.
Cresset, Dtsk Belle. Indian Ctnbs*
10*4 ULK&BT.
€la» jFixtnrea.
[&tcrs*flM ; wtfficcrl Pisx^icts^ta^
gig gooflg.
Domestic Cottons,
Prints, Dress Goods,
Silks, Shawls,
White Goods, Linens,
Hosiery, Gloves,
Yankee Notions,
Cotton Yarns,
Batts,Crain Bags,&c.
Lowest Prices of the Market.
C3T Order* carefully fined, we
15 & 17 Randolph-st,
Teas. Teas. Teas.
The Finest Teas
Stanton & Co.
Have Just received 100 chests' of
the Choicest
Bettor than can be had in the city
at $2 per pound, which they will
sell at $1.50 per pound.
6*^Those who love a fragrant cup
of Tea, can procure the article at a
Imperial Hyson,
Young H;
dish Breakfast,
Proportionately Low, at
Stanton & Co.’s,
135 STATE-ST.,
Transportation Comp’y.
Low Pmaire, SUe-wheel Steusboat LUes.
Tie n»w and fplrj'Ttd eld*-wbeel .learner* MANI
TOWOC and ALPENA will (Dm Uw One, letTlc* CbL
Every Morning (Sunday* exe.) at 9 o'clock,
For Racine, MUwsatee, PC. Wasblottoo, bhtbomaa
. Manitowoc and Two Riven.
6atnrdav*s Boat leave* at S o'clock In the eveninr.
Pnaay'a Boat Hope at Kennaba.Kxwaac’-e. Ahnrpee.
Fate to Milwaukee tl leva than by rail, meal* inclu
ded. Tbe same itcamen leave »tlwante c Ctr Ctkaro
every emrtntaf; o'clock. Ttcsetafroaallrailroads
taken on tat boat*.
The splendid Mde-vbeel Hearner OBION and
propeller TBL'EADELL wlUform Use line, lesvlngCh!.
cago Every Eienlc* (fondap ejc.'.. at V o'clock, tor
Grand Havec (Oranl Rapid.) and Mu»t»*on. connect
ing at Utasd Uavca with eteamen (br «mvball,
gwaf trrti, flLlntar. Ladlntton and Maoutne.
They win connect at Grand Usven wub D-t. 6 MU.
B It and tttrer Pov« far Giacd Bsplda Sarlnav, Ac,
FOROREAN BAY.-Tbe prcpolier OTTAWA »U 1
if.ave Chicago tor Of en Bay and all Intenscdtate
peru every Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock.
FOR Lark KUPERIOU The magtlßcent llle
vbeel itaauer NORTQWKST, elecantlr Stud and
famtsbed throughout, will run between Detroit and
Pottage Late, Lake Superior, leaving Detroit every
Tuesday evening. Returning, wIR leave Hancock and
Uoagbun every Frteay.
For fenbrr Information, InUbt or pu<aza. apply at
tbeoaco Goodrich steamboat landing,
Below Bash at. Bridge. Scuta Elda,
1888 New Freight Route 1888
Between the Bast mad West.
EVANS* LINS RTEAUBB3. to Erie City. Pa_a*d
tbence over tke Philadelphia A Erie Raliruaa
teed by the Pennsylvania Railroad) aed ita connec
-1 uUh.£}t Her York. PnLaaripMa aed Baltimore, aad
: over the Erie A Pittsburg:. Bailrcad, for Pittsburgh
aad vicinity.
. The Acctor Lise (managed by tee Empire Traaa
(pcHatloaCoxea&Dta tbs antbertxed aad exclusive
agtnt of the
For 1U lake fcurtn*ri, aad the advantage ofUi**hort
er take route esd the Empire tvt F-eljM rh; Line,
will enable it to cite greater despatch to freight than
cm be obtained by any otter lake ana nil ronnec-
Uoa, For rates aad through hr la of ladtux apply to
Peaniylyanl* B. B. Offices, J \
Empire Use 0ffice5........ j p^v^U^Sonb'raver,
Allentown Freight Office, No. 2H Broadway.
Trane 4t Ntal (Westers states Use;, So.SWhite*
, hall-tt.
Wj.n_.TT._l lx TT D (M 1... I COT. Utb Ud VUttMtl.
Ptnafylratla R. B. Office*. } co f . utft ud
G.B. McCoTToh. Ag*t Empire line. No. « 8. Flllb-at.
K.L.O’DonneUAg’t mjdre line, Calvert Station,
John E. Paine, Bnn’t. Anchor Ball Une. Erl*. Pi.
Jobs T. Banloid, Ageat Evans’ Uae. Erie. Pa.
D. M. Brigham. Agent Evans’ line, Mliwaokis.
u Western Express Co.”
Thia eld acd popular Fait FrvUht Line—own*d by
the Weetera Tramp, rtailoaCompany, aa-l operated
o»«r the Erie Rsilwar and W. T. Co. Una of Pro
pen ex a—arenowrecelTtcggoodaln New Vorrfor ChV
easo and other Wr-atera port*.
For rates apply to _ _
A. 8.WARD.340 Broadway. N- 7,
HUGH ALLEN, 13 Uld Slip. S. 7.
J. W. TPITLE. Agent. iMeaao.
agnita zaanub.
AGENTS wanted la every town to canvass fbr Hi
•hall'* Great line Engraved Portrait of
Thia Is the oaly authentic and satisfactory Portrait
f the Commander ot our Armies yet executed.
It la commend-d In tbeatroognt manner as u felth
lul Ukesen, and as a wort of art by Senator Simner
Ur. Wtahbarne. General Howard. Senator TnimbuH,
and many others, every way competent to apeak wttb
authority on these point*; and Mr*. Grant baa sent
Ur. Marshal! tbe Allowing letter:
Wa&aixoTow. February S. 196 R.
MinniT-L-lltir I am dclighted
with yoor rpleudld emirarngormy ha*o»nd. 1 can
not iar too much in uapralte A* a ill cues# Ido not
think it eooli be better ,*nl I shall always prigs your
This engraving win be sold only by subscription,
•ad good eaavauexs are wanted to engage In Its tale
For terms addreaa For the Westera States, except
OhtOaad MKKtxso. .
JOBS H. i MMOK. General Azeat,
Waters se»i Co.. Chicago,
isaiiatb ©atlrg.
Fne. 190,103.1*4. IM. 198, 300. 300 tad
304 boata Wtw-*t, Old Board of Trade SoUdlaz,
Solewtaafteturer* la tbe Scrtbwett of
: mut a ooumsfi
Standard Anerical Billiard Tables.
Old Table* cot down, tad refilled with tbe eeia
bntcd|Pbelt3 Combination Cnblos.
CanbtMdOt&lat ase BCrltjdTtDM*.
' piceoato’f, Jeaajr Lind ted Pintle Xtblrf.
■Atto,tatortt cf Bmitrd Materia* eonmatly oo
i Cframpalgne games.
Pint tsTolcet Just received.
40 Hew Torii.
Fornleby allWhoteealeGrocer*tadUoaor Dett>
JPunutting ©nobs.
i- . *
at TOWS BU&,
134 aid 19* D-trtwrMt., of Hew York Mint,
tumut tad -Lcaadale llatUat, vlUi “tticbanl-
ES***we2. n^ eS *“ Itlcea pr ° a * w * 1101 eanASe4
. 1 - VoLsasahta V&svmmsesdn
, paraateed.
Of experience wttb a caaiualiy {nemtlac d«m
fer Botae*** U aaficieat aekoovlaUmM
ofttelr totrhulc merit, ud pi tea* them tbe ran flrrl
In r»Lt tor cniltythe (Damn fnrtrMett they are
Sold toy all dniatxta everywhere.
Ot Cortttpatlon or lie Bowel*. ahoolc always *******
prompt aueatlcn, a* « prv-dl*poae* tbr irnssr to
rue. TtoUaelv a»e of «och valuable cathartlsrem*
cdy u Roback 1 * Blood Ptm ba» .av-C mecb .i>w-
JUfa»« aai ceath, aed many persona to-day ixeia
dcitrd lo ihiss PIC* aloL# fjr tijilr very axi*tctica,as
the certificate* la oar povcistoa will attest,
bold by alldroffcuu everywhere.
AadPrcydral SvtlUrcaaroalwayareUeTcdahdoOsa
permaaerurcarodbr ibe alteratl.-e wbtcb th*
Uiceiy use of Bob-tcb'e Blood Pc rider, whea takes tn
ccpjctciloa wia E-baeh’j Bicod v*-n» t u tore ta
bcid by all dradite, everywhere.
AUperaoaa of btlloo* habit*, alter eattac or drtnk-
In* too freely, win find ercat relief la tbs oie of Or,
Bobach’t Blood PlU*. They aid by attain,
lailae the stomach, Urn* avoiding the pata, y—r
•cur metatloai, Ac., which follow from eattae too
Sold by aQ dnxcttstr, everywhere.
J. H. REED & CO.,
rn DEces, emiras
WseQea SfcasCaetaren’ Sleek,
son, and
To wMthtkeanotlcn ifPfnltra Uln-r**rS
Clori)CH gjHrtngec.
Clothes Wringer
Improved, with RowtlT* Patent DoubTe-gear. Tha
only Wringer wits the Patent “ without
wl Ich cogwheel* will play out of gear, and be of no
use when moat needed. IL C. BROWNING,
General Agent, 3 J Coortland-su Saw Tort.
Sold at Manufacturer*’ ptl'e* by
171 Lakwt., Chicago,
Manufactsrer'a Agent,
y. B.—Clrtbes Wnngeraof all kinds repaired.
Rooking ©lasses, fee.
Mantel & Pier Looking Glasses,
oMircmi POETSirr mass,
Ob and after Maj Ist pror..
Draper and Tailor,
Will be located at
No. 5 Washington-*** betveea Wabuh tad
As eferaat aad commodious OASEMSXT la tb*
above building to rest from May Ist. Apply oath*
144 Sooth Water-aL, Vwaer dark, Office So. L.
' _ Orlßdatimeeefatl tfodr.
Cbiono, Aytll >7.13M.
General Commission merchants,
HareretnoredtolSß WatMegloa-at.
The firm of CALLAGHAN A CUTt-EG baaJhD day
teeadtmetveaby metual eou*at.Edward a Cutler
having sold out tlamt-mtto JameeCockcroft. Taa
butlers* of the flna U to be settled br Callaghan
Chicago. April TTlh. 1868.
88 Uarket-at n Chicago.
The underalyned hare this day entered into ao-
E*ru>rj>hln under the ftnm name ot CALT.AGHtS A
CCKCROFT. and will rrutlree the bnstnma or law
b*»>k tobiiat-vr* and d-al-r*. at tbe old stand of Cal-
UgLaa A Cntler, JrDDeavtoru^t. Chlcaxo.
Chicago. April gib,
Is this day dissolved by sntnal rooaent.
Chicago, April 3L gO. W W. WALKBIL
Warranted equal la quality and lower la price* thax
any ether Brick sold in tbla market. All sixes aad
shapes of Brick made to order.
Commission ißncijanta.
coaautwKm meuchants.
to no. 103 soirra wateb-st.
EstabUsbcd* 1857.
Produce CommUtlan Merebtnc tad WtolenU Dealer
la Foreign tod Uou.e*ucPrulu. loDdit nmuxad.
etxe tad »t Ipub at* frum fruit enjwera mad dealers..
Order* for Orton*. Lemon. or *aj kind at zrast or
dried mm rill recetw prop* r tttcatlcn.
Tie Republic Ins. Co.,
.. or oszoaoo.
Capital One million Elsbty*!**
Ttaonand Dollars.
Flro and Marino Bisks
TttM tl Y*ivnb I* R««e«.
j.v.p*mu.mu i w.r.coouAcoß.Tn«»
H.W.FnmiruT.Pttt. I J.B.PtT*os^aeeT.
X Offer to Sell, to Arrive,
M j spring Importation* ok Scoteb Pl*
SN tens >To. 1 ttdrfiahsrris.
■OP toss no* 1 OoltaesTa
209 tons »•> 1 iumnit*.
.700 toss So* 1 Olsncymocic.
!4M toss j|o* I LaaeiMa*
900 ton* JT*. T
9 Nona mmccms.
«S uimROR tr |p atawa. rr.
IS* i Ml Rmiolp’a-st, Oka
I. T. Whipple. Agenu
Ipl mum
Sp » .
Drugs, jer.
T. 0. BOX 309, CniCAQO

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