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Consideration of the Report of thk
Committee on Text Books.
Changes In the Books How in Use.
Additional Changes Proposed.
Farewell Eemaifa of Doctor Ejder.
Purchase of Fumltoro—Beslgnttloaa,
Transfers and Appointments-
Corporal Punishments Con
tinued—Reports cf Ex
"If rctclar monthly meeting of tbe Board of El
qcvUct. was held last nlitbu Patent— Messrs.
Av.ij, bond, BodsciC, Rrcaiano,
Bilepe, Drcier, Entoir, tluilf r.l. Hun
jsc, tijaer. In kcuro, A aleb. and lit l*r«ddeu».
T7e report «t the Cimmu* on TcrtDwks
u.d Ccuise of luetrucU-D, recum»ecdl:c tbo
chjtnr«• cctitn hfoks need lu prhtlc fchoXf.
avp wLkli wtA uld over at Lbc m»tuij;, wa*
Uk(-B up.
Tic l*r»»?der:t said bsh«d erm tbs
of Rftb«-«V llirlr.nr. and b*d been told ttat the
o» ieotlor-sb’e ic-aiur a m u wrald bo retnjvja b>
Dcceobcr. Ttt l>otk would then be one of tbe
Vitj UfL
Mr. E.sunan moved It at Ore rrppn and the
I for ’be other text books, be poll
i«i,ed for one year.
Tre rontlnn was cot agroed to—yeas. 6 ; ntye,
S—Cr follows;
Av-tt, B:lfgs, Drclar, Eartman,
Rij» yac art! Walt b— 6
Sayt— Mttm. BalUrtyrc, Do?d. Bonflc'd,
IhecUDo, Carter, Curko, Gadlorfl, U/dcr anl
Tir ktaio—9.
Mr. Tinki tc moved to Uke op and consider,
ere bj one, lie icctaacrosUoa* of tbs report
of ibc conduce, .-ad is at the trsl ri*co nound i-
Uwb, that ”to tbe Ul*a feCioo', Q-rkuen’ Lulu
Grammar, Isr’.ead of Atdrxwe’aod Zamptg’, Urn
nix* the ctacce, b. weror, oo that the present
cafe's Bjy c*e fee srahtTir* which la*y caw
lave,ahomiklct it oftlijatcrr only npausuc
e'vdtrcdarrcs acdthorc of tte present c’a*«
who maylMo lime to tine need a a*.* book, to
treat' Grammar," beaao ted.
Itc rccrmtnccdsUon was a Teed to.
JVaj-BantttjLC, Bend. Biafleld, Breattno,
B Iff#, CaiUr.C Jk», IJ.-trlei.O-Uf rO.littjyan,
Rjo«r swiTiatham—it.
•Ysja—Arety. Bsssnan and Wa'«h—3.
Ur. Hrippi mi voj th«t the aecwod recommend
ation “irat ‘fcoi c BlrtNi . i tudroppei” os
adopted, andi: k»s naulmoajiy rt d
Mr. Car.cr acred the adoption of the thirl
r*comtrccda’tpc. “the :truo<jacii"tj of Wa'ton's
I’ritrary Arlfrae'ie •»* WsPoi's Inteil'etaal
Arithmetic, in p'scc of Emcrrcn’* Pint Part and
• Colburn's lrtclle«a*l Arithmetic, rerpe;:-
IT MrJ Bn/rs pmected the foBowIet: letter:
To the Board cf Education of the city of Chlca*
outlsvzb: A statement was made last year
by certain member* of »onr hoard U/lhe eff.nt
tnat tbe “Inpuitnc.U'.e '* of oo.sk amenta were
sot desiredby yon; and, nrcanoltv t&at this was
ice wmUactt ol 5 oar ittirt body, who thus, as 1
scppcKfl, deilTid to indicate the opinion that no
change ol bcoks It onr schools wa» ncieenry or
tfegiraaie. I have rtfra’ned from presetting either
to tbe tenders, tte Ten Book Committee, or to
other ie ember* of the board tic c'nn of certain
beaks repmexted by me. viz : “Kort’a Pirrt
Letters in Grammar” and Rubtoioc's “Table
Book,” “ Primary arc 1 te'leema! Arithmetic* ”
I Law al;o txertid « . at !• Sconce I could against
any charge of l>««ck* in t-or pnbhc schools
it this time. This course on my part
It now zpptwa was a mtst*kio one, so far as tbe
merest of the b.oks Inpre ect is concerned,
lit ly to Kcnlt in it ju*ti« to the books named
above, nal&s ec'lo;. can be delayed till the
tear L-re aid yeorse w* bid as opportunity
to wvnUrst-. «bt* g<v>j qua nice of »h?Bspubli
etkcnr, fcrw*icb icl»im rntrii equal, if no*,
mpeior, to Umlpoifty Ptd by any books of like
c-'*re 10* before you t:r cocrid- rafoc. I would
iortbir snpgeat ibat by adopting thorn, yon
wrnld at eslc one very desirable feature
apparent to a)-—that of uni tommy.
I therefore respectfully request von to
ikltractlon nt«a grammars and anthme’isa till
jeer cut rtcnlar m« leg and in tbe meantime
1 wlilaffjid ihete*cber?, the Text B’Mk Com*
mltlee, and snch other members of tbc board as
caydcsuetT. so opportunity to examine and
judge of tbe mart's of the bo-.ts named.
Ycors resprctlaily,
O. w. Bramcc,
Acent forttepnblirbrrs of Keri’a Grammars,
Robinson's Arlthm tics. Ac.
Chicago. April 23. 1858.
Mr. Bon held eobmiued tbe following letter:
Cnicxco, April 2S.
To tbc Honorable Bosrd of Education:
Gksilc3ie.h : I have thenoner here stth to sub.
m-t an alternative proposition for supplying tbe
echoolacf Uisdry with Walton's Prim try aid
Intclkctnal AnthmsUci, which yon arc at liberty
to tea nt 10 place ol my former proposlrion, dated
March 87Us, lEbB, in case It sboa-d be deemed de
sirable to nave the books supplied, without extra
expense, to sneb papil* as a'raady poises* copies
of tbe locks now aninonzed, enttaole for nse
onrirg tbe next trrm of sch ml.
Tbv prices marked “ Introduction” will be tbc
n-lUtg rate to pupils Utat bare to books to ex*
•- Introdnc*
_ _ , Retail tlon. Exthanjc.
Wsltot e Primary
AritbmiUc, 25 ct*. 15 cl*. even.
Wzjtan'z iLtekctn*
al Arittmeuc.. ,45 cti. 39 ct*. even.
The tune fjr ta!c* at introduction and ex*
tbsnffttwlll be annrg tbs fir«t month of the
trrm. or Oaiirg the entire term ir deemed noces*
isuj by tbe Board cr bnocrintetdeut.
Very leepecUulij, y«.cr ob't e errant,
%t „ . Geo. N. Jacuox.
a.r. Certer said be bad been brongatcoto be
l'eveU.»re waanoanihmeac In me world like
Cobats'i. That was tte onlj antiractic be had
ever rtudled, and he thought tt waa universal
tcislderto one rf thi r-e;* hoik* oa artlnmeUc
rvir trcductd. Dnrtog the pa*t year his attun
tl.r- ban b'.cn called to other antumeucs. and he
hsd come to the cnacnslon that Colourt'a was
vo camp’ickted to be cotcpnbeuded br the
-voar err pnptle. WalirnV antbm tic he thought
was very etmpie, and was wb»t was naedea la the
lower clstfci*.
Tbeyrtewasthfn taken on Mr. Cuter’* a>
t 00, ue to;k t j be fnrbtabcd on the condition*
rwarfl in Mr. .e.ar, and It wajcirned
Mr. BrcLtaoo moved the »doptinn c! the rscom*
mtsdatiocihit **ll3*l»id’e G aimntr t>« n*ed In
the third rod fourth cnn*>, Cer'a to be retained
id the O r\ ai d <h-C3 a rad-.*#.
Mr. BHrc* offered aa an amendment the Intro*
dactun of Qiecn’s Qr-omir, tu place of n il
iac dV Qistamir, to tie t(md and (_nnn grade*,
atO C<y ea* Grannum . tKup-cr grade*. De
was, be said. ucitodz d to aiate tn«t Green's
Grammar wen'd be exchanged *nh lho«e c'as>ea
harlC£Cov)ce\ «-d wooi-> be »old to thsae who
hid to bey them, at talf the wtoWile p-ice.
Dr. Elder said when be tiritbeird wenphrt
eftbe Commutes on Text Bjox«, he was ate
lore to determine at ether he tad ai-andiritiod
nor abetter the* tad entirely misjudged Hoi
larn’a Grammar. Since that tune ae bad looted
over It. and come to the rontlniioa that it was
£»ot the book the committee cad
bedliitvae th'lr Inutttno to mtrodoce a beak
•cited aa an ictrudociorj one. It ».-j entailn
trocactlaototbcstoayofgraazairetall. Itvaa
etapiy in oa line—a to#: of coapeadina or
ijnopalr, axo. treated l*rc?«yof tee whole in’)-
jtc', aodaea ttir-:forc qp.t'e unfit to bensed a«
an mtroenctory Kook. li« would, therefore, not
▼ste tor HoHud's Grtststras a tex: nook. Ae
to Greet’* Gmnnur he thoughtu wu Abetter
Ur. Tlnkhin coincided with the view* of Dr.
Ryder. Dr. Ryder lurtber stated Hut Qollind’e
book did not profcu to be 10 Introduction, but
an otttlifie.
The opinion of Mr. Pickard. the Superintend
ent, wi* called for, and caul ttm be liked U ji
l«r<rs Qrsmau very much. Green's Grammar,
he did not it ink, would b«w«U for children to
lean. If ttetrnciionwa* Imparted onlly, there
wonsd be so seed of an introductory book at tlu
Mr Bonfield thought It wa« unnecessary to
dir cm* the rnbj :ct of grammars. It had been
before the botra a long while, and he felt assure!
that all acre acquainted wl’h u, and had made np
their mtfida which way they wonlo rote U«
weald state, however, mat the intention of the
costnitte-i is recommending Hoimd’s Grammar,
waeUutUwaean outline and would answer the
pnrpcaeforwolchiiwu Intended. Aa a cram*
mar for there commencing the etndy, be tb omrbt
it acood one
The amendment of Ur Brings to ad ypt Greiu’s
Grammar *u lost by the foliowln; rote:
IVcs— Drcler, Eastman, Banyan and tTala'i— S.
.Vays—Avery, Balisntyse, Bond, Boaleld,
Brc&thso, Clarke, Career, Gnuiord, Ryder and
Dr. Ryder moved to lay (he whole iab]rct on
the table, aca It was-carried by tcu loluwlnrr
r«ro*—Artry, Brirgt, Drelrr. Carter. Butmin,
Reayan, HjCcr, ITokbam and Wlloa—*B.
3‘ryt—Ba’iart»ne, Bond, Bonfield, Brmtuo.
Mr. Bond moved the adoption of tbe ro-on
senda'loa that** Aldan's Children'*Maaoaloe
added ae a text book '*
Mr Bonfield st*tedthalUcouttlnela.eecie9of
qncaUooi and answer* on tbeConeutsttoaofthe
Lnlicd Stetee, Inteoded for the District Schoola.
in order tout tne pnpili know eometnlne ab?nt
tbe conatitnUon ot the country u which they
me recommendation wa* adopted by the fol
lowing Tote: .
IVas—ATery.Ba’lantyae. Baud. BoafleM.Bren
tu.o. Carter, Clsrze, ordtr. Oodfiird, Knar an.
Itjcer, Tinkhsm and W*L-h—:3.
JTfljrs—Eatimst and Wsob—3
Ur. Bobflell m .red the adoption of the rtcaui*
merdtuoi; “The First, Second, Valrd and
Fourth B oke ofthe Acilrvcal lUad -n in place
of Parka A Wilson's.”
Ur.Brifgtirtjnirrdif there m suypropotl*
Uon rmi;ar to Use one already had from ths pub
luheti of that wile*.
Mr Bobfleld thus read the following crantnl*
To the Ctalrxsa of tiie Committee on Text
H.oki: .
8m: We notice la tho prcceedlnra of your
l*aia,of Much XL, IMS, mat your committee
rrecnac: a the introduction ot Do*lind'i Grim
mer, ana U o Fjm , necotd usd Third Readers of
the Anatyi>c*i Hems. fer v>hl=b plciw ac
cept nr inerts. We detue to famish
our pnblicsticns st each prices a? will
rclicre ticpabl c of any nnurceMory. expense or
barcttip u» encouraging Western rntnataclares
by Watat patronage. Wc, therefore, propose
lofomeb olof tte book* leeotssiesded oyyoa,
j*«xrtmgcfore:rrapoiidinc boots innse, for
ihtrt}4a]S tftef the eomaireement ol the Call
teia. of oar »c®tol», at oar-as iof tho rboimale
prlcca.a# folloaa: First Reader, cdait. SB coats;
%hol«tile, tl cents; tniroouctlon, 10 cents;
Second_Readix. retail, S.cccta; w6oiesale.X«i4
cents; lur.dncucc, ibct-nu. itlrd Rfiaer. rc
utVWenjir; w boiejiie.Kj4 cen»s; Introduction,
« cats; Fucttb Rcaae-. r ,ull, w ceul«; wool?
(sir. CTh enus; Inircdatrtoa, 5Jc; Gr/m-rur. re
tsli.aocents; abolesit«,3:vjc<ot#; inuodacaon,
Srceita ltfLr*amrrh»3 »l*csoy been pastel
cp.di; toe ectire cast ot farniiatag «li of the pa
ptslo the p-biic icboois m the city with »h*
aborassmed hooka srti he as follow*: Post
n-*derf. 6,50 at 10 cen:», flOO; Sceacd R-Ldsra,
2,«Ulsi J B certs, Wfc; tbtrd Baodtn, As*)*t
SBc. »»i; Fourth Reader*, 1,000 at SS cents, f6«O.
Toui,s3.l<o. IVeviu excuaye boats tor ell
rriifets. siscmm asi tpellrts beioactog to any
of toe indigent fnta. .. BspcofuUy,
Dr. Bid»t ilotwC ihstUeiartner cooalderaslon
of the of renters be indefinitely post
loetd.. ixe motion was lost, bx the following
l\ci—Artry. Bxiyga, Drtier. Eaaimaa, Ran
yas, R)dar ardWalab—l
A’aya—BaUantjte, Bond, Bscfie'A Bmtaio.
Ootilerd ana Titkbiß—B.
Ur. Briggs tsqairad whether tbe firm would
cxebttgo books ares.
Mr. Bonfitln intoned bla ibey would sot.
six Bngg* mored tbe following as ax amend
ment; “irorldiag tbe publishers will ezenaoge
tTcafor oli com;-ponding nnx.bJra."
Mr. Iklgga witiidrew the pro
The Rcomme&dot on was then adopted by the
loiiowue to:«:
reos-flallanttre, B'rd, BjnCeld, BrenUuo,
Bnggr, C.r.ei, Ciatke, Gailioro, Rauysn. Ryder
tnd iinhfcam—U.
Atfjrs—Avery, Drtier, Ei/tiniu and Walsh—C
Mr. Assume moiaa tbe adoption ot tbe
Ord*nd, Ttstcrcrrtoptl In the publicrcboile
who commerced, aid actaa'iy used, bookr, shall
be eniltied to exc&ange them wivn tee pubiusers
ot agents cl toe bock« trie of any charge, ana
tbatibeiald pnblisrers aid agents are hereby
cit* ctee to give opportnmty and bed -ty for th*rty
d.*yi from toe ccmmcncemcni of tov fill term,
fet »nch trae otocrwise toe booksnrad
latt year ata'l leDmc and onuooe in n»e fjr the
tuclLc year, cotMtosuoaicg anything is tbe
votes or prccecdmes of tola board to tbs contrary
tOeet '
ibe order was nnanunonsly adopted.
Mr Cimr mored to trirocnce :be Fifth tad
r .***Af 3 lytie»i Bourn tnioxbe rabliedcboo-a,
,Vl . * publiitcri would exchange wem,
pupita b»d toe cocra
*i'*£Cltg bvoks now innse. From a f *?fH ex-
•tnlemon be thcntbuhe Fifth and b'rlb Read
«n were anpcnbr work*, . ‘
Kr Atwt asked mb:th*r tbo bailee of thk
;<ritn tadMearcwlaed. '
Hr.BoiAe'd s«ia they had been.
Ur.RjdermcTOdtoJai.li.oa iho.taVJß, anjl it
wusoort'ereo: , !
Jrti#— Aetry. Bond. BiUca, Drclei, Kutnun,
Oat iaro. Rncjat, Rj«< r ■% t A'aiob—V. •
JVcyr—BalUoirrc, BonteM. BfraUm, Carter,
CUrkc. and Tinkham—o.
Ur. Bond cffeiod tie following, which was
B 4 it erderfd. That all new bcoks Introduced
shall bofoimihed for thirty dMa»ttb*ratca pra
potLif, when not ezchanceil t*r other books. -
Tbe Presidin’ stated tbit It «a tbs tcteotiotl
oi Ur. Ryder to leave tbe city t-z aooe time, and
l*- draued to «ay b fon be left.
Pnn)'*’!.-’' ws» gr-.r-cd by IV- b ia ;d, eni Dr.
K'tlcr and it was Ms intention :o be ebtenttrom
the ct»j one j car. tils term oi office vad ex
pire in a few d«ye- and trat wou*d bs tbe and of
Ma connection \ lib tne Board of Education, of
which he tad b*es a member for dre yeirv,
3btre were two tbtsrsvbich gave film pleat are
to iefer to. The tint wus mat be bad never
kerwe the subject of eecitmilsm in re'igioa to
be intrcdoced, and no member o f tbe b-ard btd
ever been ao mean ts to endeavor to influence any
member or any person toward tU ova reKgioul
tec&f. lie did cot believe In that respect there
could be lotted a mere impartial company of
get tkmcc than those wto bad sat around to* ta
ck cunre tif knowledge cf Ue Board of Educa-
Uon. lu the second place tbe Board of Education
hadlbcen Impartial in giving cemne»t*« to the
young ecu and women who'had appured before
itim. There bad been no favoritism »bowo, and
those v-bo old rot receive placet were most aa
surcdly cot entitled to ’hem, Wherever he went,
crwlatercr position bo occupied, be would al
vays bavetbe Ictareais of tbe public school rys
lem at bean, and whenever bs could do anything
to aid It be would do it with pleasure and pride.
UcN-pedibst nhosbc remand he should flud
rOetlcznen comi-oricc tbe Board of Education as
ccr.pt'crt as tbosowto cow compare It.
Mr. Ryder moved that fail oerilftctte* be
granted Acsaß Clark and Flora 8. Tallis,-of
ttr Jeter School, aid It was so ordered. !
Mr. Balljntyte morel that w&cu lbs bbird ed
rutr, It be to the 7ih of May, usd tbe motion
»r spired to.
Mr BrcntßEO moved the adoption of the iv
•nciilaticn of the Committee on Text Bj<
** itut Ucrkrcrs’ First L\Uu Book bo ilror
from ttclist of text'boofcs ui be osed la
Clrfc ScbooV’ scd it was agreed to.
2ur. BonSeld m \ed ttic latrodveaao into tbe
icfcools cf IhefcncTrlc* German bo <ks, as roc*
exmseoded at the Im racoon# by Mr. Dtekr:
• Cttcrbell's eow.tiennsn Court e," and ‘‘Goethe's
EfcicoLt." He Kid tnefjllowmr Utter:
To tic Chatman of lbs CoitaUtee oa Text
bn.: If yen desire to lntr;dnce nynew Qer
nan Coarse into the schools of thu city I wiil
c«c*c copies to beforebbtd at thu introduction
ter thirty at sixty ce.’tj each. The regular retail
price u f 1.83. Very re*pectlnijT,.
Ttcmctionwaa unanimously .d inted.
Ur. Botfleld acred tint the “Analytical Spell
tt" he mirodaccd into the icbso.e nadcr the
Citoltlora ol 3r. £aaimai'c order, aid the coat
tot to exceed ten cuits back.
The motion wrs arreea to.
}<e<—Artrj, Bidaity e. BohUtl-*, BTD'ans,
Clatkr, Drider. Carter, Onufjra, Unojan
»td iiskbtm—u.
Hoyt— Bond, Eiatmaa and Waist—3.
The fol ovlne tex - books were proposed foj
co:ncfr«rtrn at the a?it mtettn.*:
Mr. Bngi*— Rcbirson’* New Uctyerslty A'ge
b a, ti> place rf Ray's.
Mr Mond—Tbti “eocg Garden” la plicj of
•‘Jleirj Ctlmta.”
Mr. Per/?<■ id—Davie*' University Algebra.
Mr. Mrtffjt—LiOiDUi > Alrebra.
They acre laid over aider the rales.
conroßAt ro.Miianx.vT co..tisc*n.
The Ccmnutceon Rules a-.d BcgaUitons to
whom w:s refcited tho rcsolutloa of «r. Brec*
Uno abolishing ecrporsl pnrrtjtmcm for gjls,
and for boys nidin*.-® yteie or age, and that no
pnnlrhttcci be Inflicted nolew oy one cftcePrin*
cue's, relunco u with the recommendation tbit
it b« rot adopted.
It was laid over snd made special order for the
next mteULR.
rcnxmrtK ron schools.
The Ccmirluco cn Appirstns and Farnltnre
reported ttst the fnmitare of the Ooid< n and
C.ipcriur Schools waa np in order, aidrecom
ocidcdlluttbe balance one tie cjctrattors be
pill. Tec report concarrea in.
The rame committee recommended thst tbe
CEmmou t'uncal be reqacetcdto aaiborize tie
Board of Edeention to aovurtl*e fir bids, and
pnrcbase.&t7 trammar ard lutermolit’e desks
lor Ilkyee bebool, and 18 tables for the teacbcre.
ibe report was cottoned in
nee iQSATiohs, .Arrontnmts and ihakitzrs.
Tbe Committee on Exsmlnauon ani Appoint*
ment of Teachers reported tbe fuLowing rerigoa*
ticn*. which «*-re accepted:
Atna A.L'cht, D.irbam School; Benrletti
Washington,Kelson.School; L'arle J.Nichols,
Newoeny School; Mary JlcNlcl, Newberry
hcbcol; Harriet M. P.<ine, Uaven tebool; Sarin
£. Satgrr. Cottage Grove School; Hattie A.
hindicy, Elizabeth Street Primary School: Eliza
beth Williams.
Tbe tame ccmmittcc made a report rocom*
met ding tbe srantinc ofnartitl cemac*t?« to the
following persons: Ella J. ilore tn, Hama Cham
berlain, Maria H. Lsyntrd. Miry E. Haihoi.
LanraA.R. Pennell, Meta W’eii«*,Soohu Uu*
pin, Jsre E. Cnspm, M Luceits Bnifell, Annie
A, Palmer, Dell* (iuicktuhneb, Minnie F
French, AUle M. Dicker. Carrie W. Grave*. Kite
11. Smith, Jennie A-Grivei, Sne Bras*, Lialio
S.Conl*, MaggioV. O’Brien, Jennie Q. Print*.
Mary Templeton, Helen K. Dihl, Almira Old?!
M. P. vannevoxt, Laura A. Buge,CarricE. Sims.
Tbe repott waa concurred to.
The came committee recommended that thi
foliowlxg Bppomtnienu ana transfers be made:
B'becca O. Das cl tire, aasutsnt In Dearborn
School: Mary B. Me'thewv, aatistant in Beam*
mon School; WtryE. Hnzbes. assistant Inßta
jic School; tarah J. Clark, a‘eliUnt in Kmzb
School; Grace Bhenvood, arsls’jitt In Foster
School; Ella Patfenoc, arsistaat in Newberry
School; Alien R. Smith, asrlstant in Newberry
School: Laura A. R. PenneU, temporarily aeeiit
cut in Skinner School; Luniee StowelU aaalsttnl
In Haven Bebool; Ella C. BroomclLarststantin
Cottage Grove School; Henrietta A. Freeman,
aerietant In EUraVih street Primary; Vlreln't
Basra, atsistart la BolllteMiU Scbooi; Oarinde
Eddy, assistant la DeKoren btraet Primtrr;
Janet. Chatln, Sarah E. Com«tock, AnnieK.
Crc.wcll, Snren E. Klrk. Meta Miller*. Emma
Chamber lain. Mans B. Seyw-rd and Sophia
Ctapio, aseutante in 0 irpenter 9choo», and H
A. PhlLipe, aeaiatant In Holden SchooL
_ _ _ .unimiu,
Cbailotle P. Pinm*r, from Klnzle to Haven
School; Adelaide Bniterffelo, from DeEyren
Str»aPnma.y to Coxsgo Grove School; U. L.
Pmsaorc, Horn Ne-bcrr» loCarpcnur bcaooi;
Mary A bpvtco, fromNewb-rry to Ctttrrator
Sctcol; Aa-l.ide Fav.r, Lizzie Haver, Alice 8.
HateeanuCsirioA. Moore, from Washington to
Cirr-onUr fcchrol. *
* These wire concur,ed In.
Ibe nine c-mmlttee recommended that the
lulicwlsc acting teach-re be co.flrracd as aesu
latte: Acte* A, Guile. J. A. Walab, £>li M.
Gcorce. Sarah S. Reared ana E.ApoesSl*U,of
the Scemman berool; E. P. D.Lnce end Prm-
Ci-liaCo.by, of iheDoreHebnol.
Iho recommend, non wu concurred in.
Mr. BiUee mevtd, end U wae ord*Tea, that the
Boato imrcien to <h« ejection of e Principal for
the Ilolatila SchocL y
Mr. Rnnyin tomioaiod Mice Lander, reca. and
eke wa* unanimously elected.
Mr. Bilgce mevtd Mr#. Charlotte C. Plummer
be tranaierrea from Klnxle to DtKoyeo bchoo’.
en*t It war so ordend. '
Mr. imln* morco that Mis* Better Soncne be
rriLtrd a fall certificate, end that the be elected
Read Aj*i, tint In Elnz-e School.
thearlflittc wae stehUd, and ebe waa unani
mously elected.
Mr. Erlffe :mtved thst Vtee Dickey be an
pointed a aacbcr In the DcKoren S xeet ScbooL
ana it waa ao ordered. H
lacKzuxn # aia nits.
The Committee on Balance made a resort
recommending that is eU caret where teachers
have ctirkf 01 more than one division thorbe
paid fas in addition to their regular eelary for
It wae an.pted by the following rote:
rVoa-Mrsm. ATery, Beli.ntyno. Binfleld,
Brwunc, Br>«e, Carter, Dreter, Beetman, GniW
lord, BitLyeo, Tiakbam at>d Clarxt— i. • -
, Stem. Bond and Waleh—l.
i A ccmmtmlcaUon wee recetrcd from the Cor.
porationConneeieuilnt thil the expanses tor
beatlrcaxdTumUttae the Cart enter and Do'-
den susoola could be legtily paid toon the |*xu
CCOathoolloan. It»a*died.
Snpcrinleadeai Pickard presented the follow
irpiablf of toe annual eiaminaU-inof first and
third grades of District Schools, A;rl- 8, J 863:
3 Pint * Third Fourth AH To*
J Grace. Grade. Grade, tetber.
I “&Ti ► eT>TI
I schools. ||r| r a r= *
Dearborn 6IJ l7i!e.« 1J- itu u
Joan. rt.o ir SAb lc;,« u
era a bos 73.0 1J[62.9 tf *1.5 dl.O.dsO 5
K|:z)c..n......... TI.S l.’ &t.SS ,o) U7.S? 13
Franklin.. "0.6 2'W.UI 3 23.2 I
Moseley 20.6 dluJ.3l u
lirtwo. H.t ijC.SU t ».l i n,s 6
Porter il.l 510.5 i 1(1 c*.j is
pgdsa. c:6i.» ii n.O a
bruoerry n.t t|o.a I m.iti
Wnu '.9.« 3!6- , .l n OA h;
Lainucr 16.9 ’ , 67.3 6 (T’.tU, 4
STaven. 54A U u|7j.l i 9
Couajte Grove.... T 1.7 15)0.1 IS ;ci.( lis
Bnoarport 78.1 S «7.l 7 70.« 5 0.9 8
Bolitvfo H. 6 1C 62.1 is !»i.o i«
tVabhStrcet 5.6 .& iss.i [*>
Dorr ,65.107 5 i«.l ho
LolUtgMm. I ltt.6 t| I»4.« |u
' Buperintehient Plctird rtpoi
enrolled acboUra u 20,37% the
telongtse to the tcbooU u IT
cent cl oaliy attendance at ftJd.
The followlES comommcaUsn wat receiradi
Chicaoo, Apnl SSlh, IsBB.
To the Board of Education or too City of Chi*
i ctfo:
>rted the catcher of
e swift number
7,79:, aid the per
i Gntunn: Should yon, for the take or uni-
Ittmlly, deem u heat to subastvto the National
Fourth and Fifth Readers for Willard's Fifth and
Sixth Beadtrs, the pnbllfhtr*, Messrs. A. 8.
Bstuca A Co., of New York, authorize ma to
m»kc the following proposition:
Fcr two mobtha iron use time the change la
duectod to commence, «e will givsa National
Fourth Reader errn lira Wilisrd’s Fifth Reader,
and a National Flf-O Reader even for a WU art's
hlxtn Reader: thus making u.e books a uniform
mica without expense to tee pupil.
Very BesoectfoDy,
. General Agent ter Barnes A Co.
• The Teller wu laid on tee table.
; Ur. Brtfss presented the petition ol many p«o-
Ilr.se n me Cottage Grore Sttool District,
atd whose children t'lended that seboal, asking
that Omnn be tsnjbt th*re.
• Eenosedtbstthe study ofGtmtnbe Intro
dne d in that tcbcol wncnenr the Committee on
Gr min can fine a snluble teacher, and u w*j so
' t BonxSAAixs or etarenu scaoot.
lOn notion cf Ur. Rnuyso. it «s» ordered tbit
the western boatdntles cf tbe Carpenter School
ilutriet be fren Amour toFmt eueel; Iran
Noble street to Kmm ton road, end from Brans
ton road to the titer.
caumcatss atm.
Certificates were siren, os follows
•MataiSdioci— Usne Reader
JCiPtit Schnot—C. M. Beta, F. E. Sterens and
Mr*. C. F. Flnamer.
JJTfii scA«>i—Jeailc Wolnwnjbt, S: R, Wil
ton and 11. H. Watte.
£Mng JWff fittoc*— K.Thomp*onand 8. Wood
>lTesAlffofon Sctoet— Mra. UcQee, Mary L.
CCkiae and Hr*, b. Gib bo.
TTotsA Strut tidkooi—L. A Locke and A J.
Xovtrf Echo pf-'L. A Buckley.
£h.r* beftooi— A A Bigelow, A. B. Andertoa
ina H. Humford.
Peanmon Bdutot—S. Bderards and H. Walker.
iJixaUU 6tn*i School —Clara Wlagan and H.
fbe beard then adjourned.
• Tbe Ezedslor Grinder.
We wcnlC caHeepeoal attention to Keßon A
Desna's tdrertiremcßt of tbe BxettHor Orlodkr,
la another column of this paper. It 1« nnneees
nay to dcicrlbe toemacaite bate, as it Is folly
dene to tbe adrertlMßent. We hare carefully
examined the and hare seen it at ware
grlzdlng tbe cnticn of respioff ana mowing m
ctlms. It die tbe werk perfects, and in the
m:nccr detolbtd in the adrenuemenL The
ciftxtwete ground to tbe naaal
time: the length ot the teeth was pres erred,
any desired nerel or angle was elm. It only
tot k one man to operate the machine, and a boy
ceulo hare done it almost u welL itie machine
Is temarkably simple In Its coastruclou, is
strong, aid cannot well get oat of order. Haring
carefully examined U, we would aay it appears to
oo joatwbat Meesra. Melles A Donne claim for
1l It has been examined by many persons
familiar with each lb log,, end tntir juagmaxt baa
ntlrmally been pronottLCed ra itsisror. As
eooßasaLimer sees It working for firs mmntee,
he sees it is jn»t toe thing fer theparpoee.
Measts. MeDan A Doane desire to close eat the
csiire right for the Northwest, and will sell tig Ms
lot States and for liilcol* counties at oaUeCactary
price*. Ttey will pay the expenses of any per
ron who cernes to Ibis city for tbe pnrpoee of
parch sain* rigufs under this patent, sad wso doe#
ioi find all their statements rotardirg tbe mi
rkloetrur. Their ofics is rodm Si Rejnoldi'
Block. .
Xoar.—Wm- Doloer, a of stoteen or
fclcbicen i<m. btlUar (tom F&llaecdphu, was
lo>t »ce& at ita C AN.W. MaLzoad D*poU Wu*
csßiln DiTWKHh L.i<n«tag io iox« the ttcalac
train on April «U lor OUUon Jnactbm, thw
t» Ha nnete. Ibo*. Enwntn, tlTtng at Rockßirer,
1L -Hotel on a nark brown small
ionsd feitsm, small, sperkllarblack cyea, short
l-'tck hair, and had tn bia poesesaloa a pui from
Jitiabnreh to Chicago ana retain, rood tin iba
l tof Jut. Be wa» iT sletder bnild, and cboet
£r- feetbLb. Any inf rsatlua reranlinr htm
vill oe thankfully recslrca by Liwton Brn«, A
h*ti', cotcmhtioD merchants, 193 Booth Watet
etrtet, Chicago.
Ibe Poet Potent Combination XXfids&l
Teeterday afternoon ft teetofthe Poet Patent
Corblnslloo Bridge took place at-tbe yard of
L B. Boomer, No. 7*2 State itreet, to the prte
n c« cf« cumber of pnnntueci railroad
atvotgwbom were Mr. Paine, of the Michigan
►re ban. Mr. Jobraon, of tne Keek I«*aod, Mr.'
Barn*, of the Chicago, Burlington & Oitncy.’
.Mr. Moorelou;c-and Mr. Kslloyg, of the llUaos
Cssteal, end Co.ocd Mason, late of tbe Illinois:
Central. Tbe stiuclnr., wnicb was »upp:rted by
p «nk» placed or.e above tbe other, ban a imo of
ISO fe<t is tbe dear; from centre to centre of pies
n was 1W feet. Toe width waa lourteen fe-t be
t«re'au.e posts, it belt* but for a alagle track.'
Tlriewcie twelve panel* of twelve rtetnme'
inches each. Tbe true# was a panel and a ball
In Untrth. Tbe top eberd and etrnta were
cf wood,-but all tbe parta of the bridge Intension
ruabewere of wrought iron. Six locomotives
wercpliced on tbe structure and the deflection,
was a JltUfl Ices than an Inch and a quarter Bad
It ban at. Iron bridge tbe deflection would bare
been much le»r,ae wood la very flexible. Tbe
bitege prilled a Utile, owing to Its cot bclug sup
ported by abutments; bad it been tana sup
ported, ;hla wtnld have been avoided. The
t. ft uavc central satisfaction, however. Mr.
Broir.cr la ttc owner cf |bo oe’.cntfor thuOlautc
of Il icolf and Wuconblo and all State* west of
tbe Mi-sistippl. 11c is one of the oldest brMo
builder* in the United Stalls. T&csc btldm
esc bo built of word or iron; with tbe former
they can be made BCC feet in length, and wltb tho
l-.tt-r, 4CO. S. 8. Pott, tbo weilxcownengineer,
is the investor.
Toloptnw Supreme, (ho Latin phrase
express, ve of the climax ot volnpmous
may be justly applied to the fragrsnee of Paa
lo;'sncw perfume.,*‘Flor de Mayo,” the oi'i
luxurious and permanent of floral odors, bold
by all dtnggUto. - ...
Asthma. Strong Ewldence. Sach
names BhJJr. O. W. Holmes, Waituosion Imcg
and cx-Prcstdeit Van Buren, bare bsroe re«a
mcny to the efficacy of Whitcomb's Aatbma Item
-07, which la for sale by amcrlata.
“Sure, there Is some woader la this
handkerchief,” Mid Desaeoraa. Can it be thu
she Dad a prophetic smcl; of the “Flor del El
plrttn Santo,” that cxqniaite perfume for the
by C. B. Woodworth
4 a-n, llcchesicr, N. Y.
Or. E. B. Foote, author of (Vedleal
Coamo- t’mte. nuy ba coneulbid by let* •-in all
ca*es of difficult chronic disease. Cor tat ton
free. Address l)r. K. B Foote. 110 L Jigtoa
arenne. New York.
Juniper Tar Soap—is a certain core
for chapped bands and all ronshceM or Irritation
of the akin, ectami, ringworm, ultrbenm, pim
ples, and all other enuneotu affiKtioo*. making
the skin soft and smooth. Uanofactnred by Cas
well, Uazard A Co., New York. Bold uy all
Oolsite it Oo.’a Prazrant roflbtSoapi
are prepared by ektUed workmen from the best
material*, ana are known as the Standard by
dealers and coatomera. Sold everywhere.
CastorandCod liver OH, etc,, wt(h<
ont tiate.—Dnndas. Dick* A.Co.'a Soft Capsules.
Tbc best is use. Use to others. For sale by all
first class druggists.
Paper Bangings and Window Shade*,
all efibe latest. Faints, Oils and Glass, at F. E.
Riobt's. 89 Randolph street.
Quadruple Combination.
A Bplrndld Circa* 1 A Great Menagerie I
The coit Astonishing, Wonderful, Beautiful, Bril
liant. Attractive, Startling, Comprehensive, -
mud altogether
Ever offered to pnblle view.
City Dot, Foot of Randolpb-st.,
Peribmaaceat 9 and 8 o’clock.
ACmUJlonMoenta- Children 35 cents.
tF“ Splendid sight upnn the pnblle streets Monday,
at 10 a.o. a drove of Dromedaries, most nuurniS
cently decked, and harnessed wun the teas of Ele*
pbants, will draw the maaelve Chariot ol Imllero.
oonwining wither*’ Cornet Dsni bearing at a proud
altltnde tbe Golden Steed of Agricentam. the dens ol
wild beasts, display nr home, cars, wagons, car
riages, ponies. Bag*, banners, aud entire CUons re
tinue, forming one of tbe greatest spectacles of the
Offer bach’s Operatic Extravaganza,
miß. LAMBELE as the Grand Dscheis.
The GRAND DUCBESS can only be prcMUted tor e
United number of nlchta, as the ParUlan Company
. ait actlrcly enyared In the reheemla ot Offenbach's
Which will be Produced Shortly.
Enj**meotof the Popular Eccentric Actor,
; Supported by C.T.PAIWLOILJt.. who will sppca
tntbegreat Five-Act comedy.
Bans Mr. F. 8. Ctaufrau,
■Dick Mr.C.T Paraloe, Jr.
; ** All (bat aort of tbi&r. you know,** and “Hoop u *•*
. Flidsy. Benefit of M'. F.B.C&ANFBAU.
1 Saturday, Cbanfrau Matinee
In active preparation—THE STREETS OF SBW
Tbit (Wedcesday) afternoon, April 29. at the Grand
Matinee at X 1 aat 9 o'cKek.
And the
j Intbe erenlcr, ata before a.
One of tbe Maaenm*t famed ixciaidea; and a
Betnrnlsa home to CMcaco after a mot! tuecenfo]
ulp tbrooab (be East, wtD opes to
On MOAOAT, May 4 th,
For a tbort aeaion, prior to opening In KEW AR
LISOTOK nAU,nrS*r Clara a*«d
AdmlMlonlOccno. Rctervrd 6eaia D eenta.
Door* open at 7A3; coß>tnenc«at kms.
J. H. HAVKRLhT, Manater.
D. B. HOPOia. AgfaU .
Corner of HHwa*kee-iT. •oftSeeoßtat,
April 37, 38, 29 fit 30.
pHIT.DREK’B party!
All or my former setiolsn are most respectfully
ItTittd lumtH my present pupils at Crosby's Basle
Sstaiday, Bay Sd. M_tS p. m. I wwb to see
all pro the Math. West and ho Mb Side, also from
HjcePart. Aiiarercunestadtolarlts their Oleod*.
Patrons and Utcix {Headsare larUadla the ermine.
auction Sales.
v 21 6TA.I E-ST., between take and Randolph.
On at 9* o'clock L0,|10,090
Medium I Fashionable Faralture,
i OoetUUnc tn part <M .
Parlor Suiter, Chamber SaU, Dialog end
Kitten Fanitnre, Book Oamo,
Writing Said, Mirrors,
Bedding, Ac.
The oboe e is the entire stock of a fin. minor from
ba< bets, and laetaacaeTVTttinx nsnaHy fonud u a
first-class rural to re Establishment.
Mle posltm aad wlUoat men.
nr tu trade ara n spretfolly lutlred.
ti. wT BXCETOEU. Auctioneer.
C 111 ®? L.to E.. Wpi.
Os FRIDAY. Hay I, at lam eafi special
Forelgi od Dmestic Dry Gssdi,
Oeoto* FtralaUit Goods, Notleao, Boeu
•ad Bkswi Ac.
Aim, a tine of FIRCS GOODS and CLOTHIffO.
tale poddre aod wVhoct rraerro. ,
e. w. ££C£.roED. Auctioneer.
No. 18 South Watoxat
Tore Deers Rlchmead Hesse.
We wflj oSCrto tbaTrada,
On Wcdncday, April 90,
At %X o'clock, prompt.
500 Cases. Bools and Shoes.
Sold for aseeaut ef Haaofoetarsra.
Bezant Parlor «nd Qhamber Cdti. Oarpsta,
Chiu Wars, Atcu, A.c n
At Anctton, oa SATVBDaW, May kd.
o. rmaßU A Aactiooeera.
tO The caUra stock of a .
QoWagocx.at ADCTtOb TgP PAT, at Id man, 7
a riu ”2csie*i
gattiau gates.
Wit A. r BUTTERS :fc CO,
CUeaco, lIU. .44 ft 40 Ban4ol»liMC«
New T.
r ork Ogee.
Auction Sale ofloo Village Lots.
WEDNESDAY. Aartl UltblaaUwlU be sold at tbe
efice of WM. A. BD nKKs * CO- 46 Qiauoloh-iL,
St 7-J9 p. a, 100 LOl-8 15 TUB VILLAGE OF
ATJbTTN. These Lou all Ivy on tbe lUd/e, with good
firslnace. and la third block trom depot, which Is six
mlios wvet (roa four! Dona* In Cbleara, os Lakvst.
Louwfp-be-aoldat fCAtf no blrberbid. Lets the
lame distance to tin Bouts Division of the cltr are
reitlcg ftr about the nae price per foot, (rots which
ptice lam drductUoa non be midr.orla'geaddt"
uons to Weft Blue anburbui rraparty..as the differ
ence does not exl-l, Wet Bide most soon have Us
turefor advance la real estate, and there li no more
»»tf place tolavrst. For farther particular! of this
tale apply al the office of Wm. A* Bullet* A Co.
Wilton and Brussels Carpets,
Horses, Cazrlogc» &. o*.
On WEDNESDAY, April », at Ift o’clock, at the res
idence of M.D. Oilman.
WM. A-SUTTEH3 AGO., Aucaoneen.
On WEDNESDAY, AprD 9, i! 11 o'clock, at onr laics
rooms, 44 and 46 Randolph-at.
WM.A.BUTTEBSACO. Auctioneer*.
linen*, Hosiery, Floe Clothing, For
-alshiag. Goods,- Cloths, Oassl
meres, Ac.
On WEDNESDAY and TnURSDAT, April 29 aad 30
at tJi o'clock each morning.
At Oar Saleroom, 44 and 40 BaadoJpb-*t.
WM. A. BUTTEBB 4 00.. Auctioneers.
At 2X o'clock, at Store No. 49 Dearborn-tL, under
the Tremont Bouse.
The entire fixtures consisting of Gian Side Cases,
Connters, Tablet, Desks, Gas Pl-ram. dc.
.'WhLA.BUTTEBSACO., Auctioneers.
Genteel Ho&so Piano Forte, 3cc.
On SO, at 10 o'clock, at dwelling
home 80. 491 wabuh tae entire household
effect*, consiausc of parlor, chamber, kitchen and
<Onire-roomf&rcitere. velretandiegmaiarpets.
Alio, aUno-to&ed plaso’forte.
■ WM. A. BUTTEBS A CO.. Ancfs.
On TnrUSDAT, April 30, it 1! O’dwt,
Atonr.aalurooms,44and4o Bandolsh-tt,
■ W. ADC ITERS A CO-Auctioneer*.
ThisWEDNESDAY) erralcg, at7N oVJock,
Of Claaric and Historical gahjceti. in Bronze Flznm.
Florentine Mosaic, MaibU Btatnary, Vases. 4c~
saltcted snd Imtorted from Enrojte, during tbs last
summer, by sicnor P. D. Pandalfin.
Among tbs Carrera Mtrb eglatnsry will b* lonnd—
Th« Veiled Bnat, by Fraazort.
The Bast of Lincoln, by Prof. Fedl.
The Bast of Madonna, by L Baratta.
A splendid Marble Figure, renreientlng Summer.
Groups Guardian Angela, by PersteLl
Ccanty. after Barlolful.
Innocerec. by Dool: Goddess of Water, ami Tbe
Player, by JTaachl, wltbagreat variety of valuable
sob) ect*.
Ebal Florentine Mosaic Gold Gilt Table, Jewelry
Cases, Albums, Ac.
Large Bronze Statuettes, arranged for burning gas.
Alabaster smeary, consisting of the Three Graces,
nopetpnpld aud murnnh or Lore, toe Birth of Ve<
no. Highland Mary, fiercul-j repotins, Caoora't
Three Dancing Girls. The Four Seasons. Cleopatra
and Susanna, ana a crest many other classical and
historical subjects. - - -
A splendid asMitment of Marble Vases, trots four
Incbre to six feet hlrh, richly carved In alto end has
screllevot card Hecrlvees. of dlOcrent sizes and pat
terns: Pompeii and Ucrcnlanenm Urns, a splendid
assortment of Animal*. and an Immense variety
of rare and valuable Ornaments. .
Also, will be added to the ssle.alsrre assortment
of fine Ellver-Puted Ware, such as Tea Sets. Coffee
Crus, Ice PUchera, Table and Wine Castor*. Butter
Bowls. Fruit stands, Coe Table Cutlery, in cases snd
sets. The good* will be on exhibition on Monday,
and Tuesday belore the sale.
Lao In and gentlemen are turitel to examine the
goooi. Many of the arilc is are Horn tbe Pans Exhi
bition. Such a sale of Italian Carrera Marble statu
ary. Ac, was cerer made in this city. Tbe sale will
oe continued until every article li sold. Ladles are
particularly invited to attend the tale,
Second-Hand and New Furniture,
Carpets, 4 £liow*C*»e», Chamber and Par*
lor Bete, Fine Parlor Etacere,
AVaut 6 crates »f Sew Crockery, In o;ea Lots,
. Ob FRIDAY, MAT lit. at 10 o’c’ock. a. m_ at
ftor SalMTTom*. its and 120 SUle-.t, la Potter
Patmat new bniUor.
1 GILBERT A SAMPSON. Anetloneara.
McCardle House,
On Wednesday, Anrtl 29, at 9V o'clock, we lhal] aeR,
altbe McCarole Doaae, on Dearborn at, between
Lake tad South W»ier*«u, the Furniture, Carpets
sad Household Good* of the above Rouse.
GILBERT A SAMPoOX. Auctioneer*.
•Sole Leasee and Manager
MJosmd to Baj Sad, 1868, at 12 H.
C. S. Clock and Brass Company,
. Bltnaiedat Auatla.4 mil** went of Chicago,
indacleg the factcT Lot sue BoUdlax*. Machinery,
Tools, gtoekaiutnafioUhed Cloaks, a Aw Lou asd
Teoimest Booses. Also,Horae.WsaohaudUarnesi.
For dtagrstnaoc partleulart apply to W, A GILES,
Bccrctary. • GILBERT* BAMPSOK, Aue’n,
A Larce Anortment of
Plants, Flowers, Stirnh and Fruit Trees,
Joat imported from Franco by A. BONNA-
Ancnbaa, Artitolocbea, GUclnta. Blenoulat, Bbodo
dendtnms, Peonla Trees, Asphedeum, etc.
100 Vaxietiei of Rose*.
Grapes, Wine*. Oaf ns. Baiba. Beota. fte. etc. Will
be deled out WEDNESDAY. April iM, at W o'clock
a. m. at No. 13 J south ciark-su. by
J. B. Auetloneer.
A.T AtCTION.. . 1
Km. SO tad SO West Madison il, WEDNESDAY,
April 9, at »K o'elsck. the cadre
ofthe tome, lads'is Bedsteads. Birre«tst,TrMtuUa&sr
Commode*. Wardrobes. Centre Tables. Quartette*.
Lcobcts, 6ofs*. fiuAre and Extension Tables, chain
and lb-chars, Mlmn, Bees, Msttresaes, Carpets. Bed*
ctßc.Tabe uaen, CrocKtry,Canary,Oeokaaa Par*
lor Blares, bad maty other article*.
B. X. USE. City Aneqonesr.
TBrBSDAT.Apm SO. at 9 W etoloek. the entln stock
to store, conawtlag of teas, angora, coffee,
coed and canoed Cratocsadtai and candy Jars, plat,
firm and counter scales, skew case, counters, shetT
tug, Lasse and wmp», ana soar ether ortidas.
- !>at. April SbopdO. at 9)sa.m. each eay.
Dry Cwii, Obths, Hosiery, Selins, It.
■ .. .. .Aactloeeert.
19; at Ua. m. ea tbe premises,
Uetween Unoola and Boory, ail lbs HoaseboM Par
altura, tsdadlac Mttor. Kitebea and Bedroom Fab
aUarc* all but pew.
BABIEL SCOTT A Ancttoacers.
; At DAKTEL 6COTT A CO.'S, 4S Bsadolpb^C
200 Own Boots and Shoos.
‘ OAF DSL SCOTT <T Anetioneert.
IT • AueitooeerilTO South Cfark^t.
Ceoatyomcrta aoticited. Outatde aalee promptly at
tmdet to. Will eell at aoetioa dry roods, boota.
ahoeo, bats aad com on Wednesday, Aprtl 9ib.att9
o'clock a. m, it oar atlesrooßa, 80. 171 Soatb
XA Dset,at9H a. m,oa the premises corner Elnzte
sad % Wcat Bide, opposiu the Northwestern
i>f pot, m - • • -* •
Cendstirg ef Beds, Rom Csrpets,
Ckatio, Bureana.Cn>ek«Tr w«r» «m Lenpo.
; . W. B» lAKtiUT. Asctioaeer.
VJf Cbombcn, Auottoaecx. AM23A Weat Madlsoa
»U ea .....
Wtdncilaj, April-Klh, &t 10 a. a.,
Eltebea, imlor. tftaluc aadebsmber faralture. crock
eiy.cook ana parlor aisrro, aar«*.ctialii, fin* carpwt,
bdraaaitrassra, aaaAr-top ebambei Mi; Uabort,
c eniaiagta a fliit-don h:a*e. tram basement to
ituc. J. P. CHAMBERS. Aaetiooeer.
WEDVBSDit, April 20,
At9V o'clock, Ou «j ora-made CkrtWajr.Pleee Goods.
Boots aad bboea, FontehtacOoods sue gottaas.
gWEcad U roar goods it you want them sold, om
past* moral
Ift Depnjaler-at. Home containing 9
• v rooßt.no. voter, end baU> room. bara.&fWoi
lot. 8u liue twi. Apply to F. MUQSNT, 131
I*7 South May-«t., near Washington.—Ten
1 r rooßf. both room, celltr saltern. Yen d*«ra
l>v location. ifrnv |‘co p/r annum to good trust.
apply »t 178 at ob water-»t.
OJ Sllvent. between Harrison and Qnrley
ix eta, «ao block west of Dabted-st.. and Pins
I*laad«r.—A good cottage of«rooms, Inonlre os the
OK Cottage Qroye-ar.—-The upper part end
kitchen of a boose.eonsltUag n? rooms, from
May Ist.
OD and S 3 Walunt-et.—Uouacs. Two houses
afkP on Oaklsy-aL. for *39 a month, each, between
washtnrt'SMt. and Part-av. Cottar* No. 671
Ritaied-iL, far|Uam*n»h. JOUNF. STARK.
1114 East Baadolpb-st. Boom No. 1.
7ft Loomis at.—Tho two-story flume from
• "Mar Ist. Alto the fine marblo iranUdGO W-»t
tvashlnetoa-at. Inquire on the premises or at 78
7ft North Dearborn «t, comer Dearborn—
I \/ Con'alMog 14 tnUttol* faraboardlnr
hoc**. OGDEN, FLEETWOOD 4 CO. 131 Lake-»t
77 North Morgan st.—From May lat,a two
-1 I etory h»nse. cootalalay s roiai, closets ana
Matrr.tD cool order. UeaiJW. Also.acsttire on
CAjrJil-su s rooms closeu, css and water. Bent
*O. Xaqnlre at tt46 Carroll »u
QO Docgias-piacs, Cottage Grore—Ne»r
soo bs&ement bouse, 10 rooms. Water
auo gas. Apply nextaoor writ.
11 K noync-st., near Madison—Nav house,
.i al S?P roTeiaeil *b aa% Water. 4c. li-nt
7*iYT' r lneowntr wlir board with
ft2. u fs If dealrsbK la P> | meat of real- R. K. u AM
i}-Tu-S. Boom 23 Jsajjr mock, corner LaSalle and
117 South Hark et,—From sluv Ist, part ol
kki afn.Hshedfrontoffise,on flritfloor. Large.
.we HUhtedaadCep:r»L Inquire at Boom 8-
11Q Wabash-av.—From 31 ty 1. tSCS. Ad
• 1 st tb« office of MATTOCK'S 4 MASON*.
K 0.9 Dtegry's Ballcinc.
14ft Maxwell-at., near Canal.—A cotlatrt
i^.V^* ll^*™™l ***** closaxs. inquire st 303
,6onth CanaleU
iCQ Park-ay.—Story and a half cottage, ID
±\J*J rooms, water and cat. Potsrtsloo Ist May.
.Inqnireon premises or IHJ East Washlngton-it.
17Q North Stato-fit., corner of Sap&rlor-et.
•1/ CO3 Ulcblzaa ar.—A very plea-ant and de
•iranie twoetory and burmuit bonso io complete
order, with good barn. MEAD 4 CUE. 94 Lshsile-sL
tQft North Cortb-aL—“ Content Cotuge”
ivv rntUrsicottaceaßdeneapeat rentlnt>hl
cago. New, neat and elegant.
9ftQ South Peoria-flt. New dw2lllng
“VU bouse cental nine lOroomisod bithryym.
Apply above number.
OiQ Sooth Aberdcen-st.—Cottage with ten
ArlU aO) roems, clouts. *c-snlUMe for one or two
ftam«a. Apply Id C. BttADs.3l6 West Randolph-
9AI Sooth Clinlon-gt,—May Ist, cottage of
*vl 7 rooms, p>-ntnr. c:o»et* sni wster, JliOner
year. Inquire at 3t Hrown-at. 1
04 Q Schlllcr-st.—Pram j dwelling, eait of
«TU Deatbora-tL, containing it rooms, with r'md
“irola rear. Beat,|l3 per month, laqture at23o
he tmii r-st.
OtA North Wells-st.—Lower part of house,
iu" 6 room* wlibsai ud water, barn if naedrd
l»V»« «J*o. 114 WtatMt., between Wells and
OftO Wabash-av,—Three stories and basc
meat brick dwelling bouse. aoimeasi.il
rooiza, b.land crjd wat*r, modern eonTrnlecces.
Appiy to J. E. CTiS, 6U iliUUoMt-, Boom 0.
9QO West Harrison-st., near Blue Island*
ar-cart—Cottage of 6 rooms, good yard and
tnm May lit. Apofy to W.
DLSO.v, 174 s.-oth baceamon-rt., liter 7 o.m .or to
W. U. fcAMPSOX, Library liali Dali-itng.
Qft7 West Jackson-st.—A coolce residence
vv I In tood ortfer. from May lit; rent £>o per
* TUfU. Boom 3 Lombard
Meek, IQ7H Monroe-st.
Q 1 A West Lake st.; for one year.—House :
wiw sew and spacious. Adapted for business asa
residence combined. B*nl*soa moots. ApplytoE.
PBUstilNOjKo. 6 Larmon Block, conbeait comer
Clatk and WaaMcston-ca.
OlQ&nd 831 South Clinton-at.—T wo new
aJIiJ two-storr boosts, » rooms, water op and
down stain, HO per month. Also a good barn In
rear of 313, «n &ebo:-«u, soluble for four bones.
SlCp a year. Apply to JSO. BANHLN, 177 Baal
OOD Wert Madison-fit.—Tenement over
•Jyy siore, has 8 rooms, bath-room, closet. Ojc r{
thcflceet locations In the city. Apply at Boom 19
cretby opera Bocae.
QCA and 366 Ohlo-st,—Suites and single
rooms, famished or aefarstibed, taltsbleior
gentlemaD and melr wlret, and slneia gentlemen.
These boases bare b sen thoronihty repaired throagb
opt, and are now ready to occupy. They are rery
pleaasnUy located near tbe lake. Anyone wl*blng to
took at rooms in said honsei can do by cslllnr be
tween the bom • ot 10 and II a. m. ana 8 to 9 o. m.
Beforence giTca and required.
11K West Madison st.—Four rooms for
Titl hotiefcaeplnr. f?r small flsinily, wttbont cbll
dren. Price tJ per month.
10 Q Centre-si.—House, close to .Lincoln
h n fellroad. conlatntng * rooms,
Sapfe»“*e? a Uu * 14 pwft:t ° rier - Apply on
110 West Washlnffton fit.—Twx>-story and
■7TU bfS'm'nr.wllhFrench rocf; beantlfjlloes-
BBAULET. corner Lake and Lai
1 K 7 Hubbard-fit,—New cottage of Brooms.
I 473 West ItdUaa-*t-. 3-atory home of 9
rooms. Irqatre.ofW. WALLEB, 101 Washington
lb, room 7.
100 SUtc-fit.—A pied tenement of 7
rooxa, beside* c’oiata and pantiles, to a
reliable party. Inquire an the prsmties.
West Monroe-st,—Brick welling honse
U yu containing 11 roams, with water, gaajnb cellar
and alt -modern Improrgaanta. Inanlre on the
«JvO »t 3 Wabaib-ar.
100 ft Wat>asb-ar.
1470 Indlsna-ar.
Apply to J. M. MIBSKALL
ft PC ft West Latest,, near Union Park—Fine
UUV large ■ tore,with good dwelling abore of six
re oms, water .ns and rood yard. Poasealoa Mar
at. j.ii.m&Lfiß, lab south cunST • 7
ft 73 Carroll at,, corner of Lincoln, West of
V/ I*l Colon Park—Kast cottage, t toodi. pantry
*nd closet. southeast front, at 83 per month. Apply
on the pi makes. '
7AQ West Washlngton-st.—House; lot CO
• it front. bUparmonUu iDqolreatßoom 16.
Ko. 80 LaSalle-st.
7A7 Weat Washlngton-st.—Flue new two
• stcry frame dwelltnc. with brick basement,
Urooa sscl-'sets, water clusrta. bath-room, hot and
cola water, etable toe font bones, and carrlace-hocie
•tUt water In rear. Apply to AUTHOR C. DDCAT.
corner Randolph and L»8alle-tu.
7QI West Lake-at.—A good two-story
«Ul bobsp. 8 rooms. 331 Calumet-ay. Hens-, u
rent all or part of this home, mCE *
CADwKLU 128 LaltUe-sL. Room 7.
,000 Prairio-ay., near Sixteenlh-et.—Nice
airy rooms, soluble for a mall family. on
tag lake shore, inquire on the presmscs.
Q 99 Mlchlgan4v.—Furnished home, with
. «/XX an modern improvements. Real reasonable.
Inquire on prealsca.
199 f Mlchlgan-av.—To tent or for sale—A
• • new 2*torr and basement brtci house of 11
looms, ns, water and all modem Improvements, The
owner can be seen fbr a lew daya pa tbs premises.
IJfiT Icdiana-av.—Prom May Ist, near
A T Union Park—With carpets on floor and
part of furniture to remain in honse-A two
• tory name dwelllnr, with all the modern Improve
mentalarptroeoda,Ac, Apply n>u.H. QAMLIN.
oeiwceailt s.m.aod t p:au, seerm«»» .
A GOOD two-story and basement house,
U rooms, water, mlh room, closets, Atn near
'block &omstre« Wfc 2 w E
at," 34 Chamber of Commerce.
. A Large flue house on Hnrlbnt-ei, north"
Xa. east corner of Llrdro-n.; ti rooms, bathroom:
Unrthne shade treoaj iJ» frot front yard. WHippi.rf
AT BUS, Boom 8 Lombard Block, 107 K llonrooet.
A Snug two Btory brick stable, rear of No.
«fliThlrd-av. win accommodate from 1 toS
corses. Harness room and wtter. Apply at the
borne. Or at 103 Wa«blmt3n su Boom it.
A Two story house with five rooms and
thne closets, and water with tL Alto, the sec
ond ttory of a two-etory boos* with seven sr d
■ bree cloaets, and water np-sttlrs. Anrlr at Jia. IdO
between fraakUn aaa Surket-ju_ m
arooery store.
Alsrrc brick house In best part of West
Division. More than half De rent can be n»«d In
beard cfamUona tf mataatly arreeable. TTIL
LAEI> A KED2UE. 83 W*«Ptottan-au
A9-itory frame house. 11 rooms, good barn,
earrltfe-bocsg, Jarre yard, shade tree#; location
near C» lon rark. Would bo*to with parties tf acree
*We. cal! at M Booth Eranthnit,
frame dwening-house on West
Randolph*!., rood utistborhood. hnus-ta
t fCe l«^ Bt P" 1 »cnih. Apply to C. E. HOLMES,
>o.4P West Madlaun-tt.
Aflrat-clasa house on Wabish-ST.,near Tan
gamut. Itgalfß at Room 3 Larmon Block.
A nice cottage on Sonth Sangamon
■ft- near Uadlsc n, with yard In front, with (rero and
shntbery^foTrent or «*!«. apply to L.W.SMALL.
79 Booth Waier-sc, Boom 3. .
Anew two-story house In West Division.
In first-rate neighborhood, five mlcot-V walk
from Brown School Boat*. Rrat cLmo. Annlrfron
L to 12 a. n. at he. 9 Cnatom Boose. M
A good house of 10 rooms, centrally
located andplesctnt. Bent low, a bargain.
Call at JEREMIAH PRAtT’S vij MaSen^
sL, Booms.
DOUR marble-front houses on West Wsth
-- laclAß-tts east ofpwf, with batenent. three a to
ilet and French root. They areas nod bnUdlnss as
ibm are ft the cut. with «li the liw modem lm
re-oremcm*. with urxe brick bun ted tsb-eoIUr,
from os* to three fan. Air peieon euhlit to rest
. » l D ' COLK ' aott '**
pURNISHED House of ten room*, on Wa*
Ji bt»b-t»,»ear Dan<f*aeonrt. ACarai “it H."
moose tOee.
HOUSE at Hyde Park, and fomUore for
sale. Baa a targe lot of lindane bare. Frosts
We Late, tad taose at the most denrable rnldence*
1 Offer to rent two of the finest new three*
nary and basement marble-front mldcaea Is
uk ocr. cltsetea an SUcUctc-ar- fast soath cf Tjbis
ittath-at.fareoe or more yean, to pud teeaata. oa
easy Unas. 1). R. BBANT, 147
TtTEW HAVEN. CONN., one mile from the
PortOOca, la the beet part of the dtj. a larre
bcn*«, fany (BrahWfLwlth IS son of crooed. yneu
hew. ertperT tod bare, far one or more rear*.
Knu,teJ«. Apply to aouss UOSQAK. So. 3
*ew Hayes to ProL BO:B
--WELL, Ko. 07 Proapco-at,
XTEW house ermtaiwing is rooms, with
J-N marble manft'a, hot asd cold watrr, bath-room,
wttwcbaM.aoa in aodhra tratnjTementa. App&
U 1144 Qelamet-T^oratHo.SMetropoiiuaß'oclL
/!\NE two story and one one-story cottage
V of 19aod5rooms inp«cUTelj, laaalrs oatbe
pranlaca, Ke. 34 near A»eb«Moao
atalr 5h0p.50.833
(\S Twenty-fbcrUi-Bt.. near Wahaah-ar.—
\-/ Bfatfrroam cottaca. afro. Oa flee
rmWnce. with coed b*m, sm«. Oc luiUimt,
eerrral good booses. ISAAC CLAFLIH. IST Madt-
KX St.
'rw O-STOEY house, west Union Park, one
A block from atrcei cam. wUh larye yard. o*ea.
cfD|f, he. Rent cb-arv, u coed tenant.
Uqulte of JOBX W. BLA. ISa&arfc-KrHooml.
npWO two-story bouses, nearly new, on
Prtc* N 6 per month. laquU* of WTC, & bmith,
Boom Ho. > Masoulc templm.Ba Poarbom-at.
■ 11) BENT—The two-story frame dwelling
A bouse. 933 corner CtKttaaL
TDH.UMaouth wsto«.
TWO Isrgn-hoßsea, with, stone, baaements.
A with moderate tmmovejmata, ob tkaejawa
andK. rU> Frwrklla^r
TWO Brick honsea, two-story and basement,
X 10 rooms each, caa. water, and *rwer.aUta*o>d
cocditloo: reut,fuam9cth; Sedrwlek-cL.aearDi
Tftlon. Also, two-ik aury, «a6edewtcs
C _5 J Li22 o *2* JVWPPAB A iCUK. Bona 3
Lombard Block. IA7.S iLmrot-n.
wiruM pun and to atcaurra Mttro. | maal
ttbrktofthckftdtntheClttßdatstaa. COAd-O. B
PSCbiiIKQ. 338 and 341 etathdL, VUcacu.
So Itotjgtoteß, ©ttttes. &t
*1 Kingsbury-*!.—Store and baaemeat, «ad
X fb» *o «n« id Boor. nlU&io Cor a boards g-h*B*«.
J. H. pABKKB.ir«» W* LaWl»*t. ■
no Klver-st.—Warehouse and dock. Po*»
£t£d given Immediately. Apply to S. CLE
WENT. 34 nirsr-«t..qp-italfa. •
QQ tad 40 -LaStlle aL—Offlcca oa second
OO and third asd sleeping rooms oa upper
floors. Apply to WM. C. POW. lTsLad*no-it.
19 South Water-«t,—30x140, fire stories end
tJ basement, on* of tho largest and best storos on
toe street, 10 booth dara-eu, whole of id floor. n>
nr*mc 5 rooms. *rtth nice mat office. Apply at 101
W aahloglon-st, Roan a. * .
•'ft Slato-et.—Throe-story and basement
0U uorr.kuietjn todlMtniaßt atorelßO Late*
rt-.comer Weas.by I*. QKOOES, Room 7, No. 43
C C and S 7 South Clark-st.—Four suites of
C«1 office* on Sd floor Inquire oa XI floor.
QQ Lnkc-st.—Store'opposite the Tremoat
OO Roue. laqilreatNos. 31 and-3C Lake-sU
[ -f sod 115 Randolph-sL, under Wood’s
111 H&acua.—J. M. fAKSEB. No. 8» Lasalle-su
mLnko-st.— Part of third floor. Room
awijltcht «ni tn cood repair. laqalre at
i 9ft Kmzie-st.—From May I—Store. Ap
lOU ply atlh* office Of ItATrOCKS4MA3OS,I*o.
9 Dickey *s Ball ding.
-j Qft Lake-st—Second, third and fourth
1«/ U floors, with broad entrance, suitable Car a
jobbirgurllxot manalscimtar baslnex.i
OAQ Yanßurcn-st., comer of Franklin—
£\JO With ftesa power, good Ucbud rooms, suita
ble for any ktat of maootactanoc.
019 Lake-rt.—A dry cellar, 130 feet deep,
with good front office rooms oa seesad floor.
QQA Eandolph-st.—Store, and fixture* tur
ij£i\j sale, a splrmlid stand lor etocery buslaeaa.
Apply to STAyLv, 3 ‘Z'i Kandolph^s.
797 West Like-st.—Small store with
IO I rooms In rear. Nearly naw. Flxtares In
cluded. Gas, wster. etc. Uojd loesUon for bail
pus, inquire 00 premises. w
A Nice, Iljht, dry basement. Apply at
MAYNABD 850T118E13.84 Washtmton-aL
A Store on the comer of Harrison and Des»
plalnes-sts. IcgnlraatlClWest tlarrlson-st..
A first class grocery store, with fixtures,
now djliu a cood trade. Gallon premises, cor
ner Green a&d Adams sU. . ■ •
A T IS4 Clark-st., Room I—Front offlica
xjl or rsrt of office, or desk room. Bent tow. Loca
tion desirable aud cantral. —«a
DESIRABLE btiilneis offices, in suites or
slody.ln ihc non bend of UeUeynclds'inueK.
E. 6. UAWIXY. No. 7 Reynolds* Block.
T ARGE room tni basement, m the rear of
JU the Unseam Building, on Rtsdotpb-iL, intub'e
(or an eautg boost. J.»L PAUSEIi. No. 8J La
&aUe-s‘. ■
of the beet basements on Dearborn
\J <U In a good locilliy near the Post Office, St fret
front bv 90 fu-ct Qi-ep. I'lenty of air and light and
vesßntior anv kind of bonnes*. Apply to OE'J. W
h EWCOMB. 82 Dearborn-st ItoomH.
PART of largo office io Larmon Block, 2d
floor. Icqnire at Boom No. 9.
'T'O RENT—From May Ist, store No. 245
X South-Water at. Arply at Boom Ko. 1, ilsrlne
Dank pnlltllct. 134 Lske^t.
®o ISentemooma.
2W«Bblngton-st.— First class unfurnished
moms, wTikuut bnard, to gentlemen, it tbe Chi
cago CurUlUn Union Rajms.
i/* Mercantile Bnlldimr—Bo im, and faml-
XU ton lor talo cheap. Apply at room. Immedi
££Madlson*st., with outfit for sale—The
ul) flneat slmptn? apartment Is tho city fir two
jwmg men. Lease for any period. Apply at Boom
»*Q South Green-fit.—A suite of furnished
I O rooms, with raa and w*Ur. Also single r»»ma.
QA South Peoria st„ between Madison and
a/v Monroe. —A front room, ftirnUbrd, to a Rood
bouse, floe tjciu >a. Iteot moderate. Fifteen am.
utes* walk from Court Boose. -*w utt
ini Washington rt.—Two large, erelWlght-
IVI ed front rooms, ns fiftb floor, Alt's**.era!
ileepLns rooms, s*rr.e building. Apply at 101 Wash-
■j iA South Clinton-fit.—Furnished rooms
1“" for lady, or gentleman, or soluble tor house
IJQ Thlrd-ar.—First-class sleeping rooms,
ITU furnished or unfurnished. Alio, a nice barn
In rear of the premises.
■(£*7 Thlrd-av.—Second floor of house. In-
XU I qnlreot M83.-WABD, Xo. 19 Polk-sL
■J Q/? South Clark-st., near Monroe—A nice
lOv lyfurnlsbeite front and baekrat lor on second
flocr, bedroom attached, foltab.-a ror ctatlcaica’i
lodging roomi. .
tft A Tbird*av.—Two furnished front rooms,
for one or two gentlemen. Inanlre on the
piGmi (f. • ■
OQft East Madifion-rt,—Nicely furnished
AieJU front or back ronme.
A Pleasant front sleeping room, soUablolbr
ccnUemcn. Good Incailon; two minuter walk
from Post Ofllce. Call at 2»6y blatent.
One floor of seven rooms, and Are suites of
from two to four rooms each, at from |tsto|M
S*r month, require at 83 South Claxk-*l- third
xr, opposite the Cenrt Boose.
CLEEPINQ rooms for single gentlemen
O only, to McCarth»*s Building,K.E. cor.Dear
lK»m and Boom So. 11. oOce
hours—lo a. m. toB p. and6 to 7 p.m. *aaMl
33oarlrms anb Eob^ug
6 Eldrldge-court.—Elegant suites of nnfur
nhhcdruimito rent, with board, to permanent
parti.w. Eilhergeatlemenaod ibetr wires or stagle
gentlemen, who wish to lire in good style.
Ift Van Bnren-st., between Wabiah-av.
TT«/ and Btate-«u fioard aid a nice Ifge unfamUh
m front toon snltabte for two pensm; also one
furnished. Heferancr* exchanged.
i ft Sonlh Franklin st.—Two nr three gen
"tv t)cm*n can b« accommodated with pleasant
rooms, ftirLlsbed or nnfßinlsbed, with or without
board at moderate rate*.
(* k Park-nv.—A Ball* of unfurnished rooms
Vlx to rent with b'ard House bis modern Imorore
■ ments. Location very pleastnt.
QQ South Desplalncs-eL. 9d door south of
o*7 Msdlson-st —A front parlor, with closets, unfur
nished, with first-class bjatd.
11A Wahash-av.—A few day boarders can
11V be accjmm Mated.
110 Cottage Grove-av.—Desirable suites and
11<* one single room to rent with fint-clm board.
■jin Mlchlgan-nv.—Famished or unfurulih
lIU ed rooms, with hot *nd cold water and an
modern lmpr.>v meats, with botnj. Dst boarders
alto acommodatad. inferences exchanged.
197 South Hslsled-st.—Handsome, unfar
.lXl ni*h«d front parlor, and * pleasaut room. far
nl'bvd, tunable for s iru \nd wtfe or stable gemls
mvn, wtta SntOass board. Octets, gu and bath
,107 West Mocroe-st,—A handsome front
JtM room, with large closets, farnlahtd or other
wise. lighted with fas. Sew bocse and flnt-class
1 Qft-Ncrlh State-st—A gentleman and wife,
1«/ U ortwosinris fgbtlansa,can and a pleasant
rtoausd board in a pnnu family.
9A7 Mlchigan-ar.—Board, with, suite of
id\J I front tooma,neatly iamlsb«>l, for two cenUe
menorgnmmab and wife. B«thrtnce» eicianted.
91 K Indiana-st,, North Bide, east of Clark—
•At/ Two torlv ftirnWred rooroe to nnUemea. with
or Jsl ßon * Fkatlly prints. References re
haired. • ■
9ftft West Bandolph-st.—A pleasant parlor,
*<yu famished or aafamlshed, to rent, with board.
BrftrcncM reunited.
277 West Randolph-sU—Board lorgcnt and
I I wife In a prtvsufimlly. where there are-so
ether boatders. Front parlor, and bedroom OIL Terms
9QA West Washington-st.—Pleasant suites
X»*/v of nofnraUbed rooms to nnt, with beard.
900 Fnlton-st.—An unfurnished suite, snd
~*JxJ large ilerle room farnlaasa, to let with board,
•49n Wabaah-ar.—To rent, with board, two
tsidKf »lgtantfnltw.l*re« treat rooms. Konebol
(Lose wlibtnx nrst<la»s sceommodstlon. and wllllnsr
to pay a lair pile*, teed apply.
t»9-< Madlsou-al.—A nice front room
•£>«-> and bedroom with board, for centleman and
wtU or two «U fie genUemen, la a prtvats lamlty.
09ft Wabash-av,—A large unfurnished
Oid*J front room, with closet, suitable for a venLe
w.*r*'dhUwlfe. Also,tornJihea tln*leroom fora
Qtl I Waba* h-av.—An elegant suits of front
tJtIT roomt, with two close!* and hath room. In a
private family, famished or nnfamiahed. Also, a
good bam to rent. Apply at 346 Wabash-av.
OQ/J Wabash-av.—A suite of unfurnished
yuv rnnms in a pleasant locality, where then are
oat D wboarder*. Alio, a hanos-vmely famished back
earter. Uous* contains modem Improvement*. Ref-
O7A Btatoat,—Two gentlemen who will
tMu room tccether can find a pleasant front room
wilhflrst-ciaas board on moderatetmma. Also, soma
■mailer rooms for gentlemen.
£79 Stnte-Bt.—Gentlemen and wives, or
VI ti singe genUtmen. can find a omtoruble
bcardmg pnee in n prime family. Seatonah.*
fiAft Wnbash-nv.—Boom to rent, with
OvrO flnuiin board, Ist of Msy. Beferences
siren and required. .
69 Q Wnbaab-AV.—A large unfurnished
<*7XO suite of rvoma. with boari-. Hot and cold
water. A!so. a large single room, furnUb*d,saltshie
far gent and lacy, or two single gentitaiaa.
CkfXO Wabash ar.—A largo nice room,
vuU handsomely fttnftbed.-callable tor two
yten* ymccmcn. Reference* may be •***»• Wp-i
A anile of rooms, nn*
vAu famished. ene lane room tad single room,
with bears, destrabJe (or faatiei or gentlemen want
as a permanent place. good barn.
QO7 Wab*sh-rr.—To rent, with board, a
• stile of parlor* oa first fl -or. Also, one lane
rocra. «Qluh.« fU graLemaa and el*, or two slaela
D OARDING— For gentleman and wife, la a
±9 wlrttefhmnT, wtthUree dm door room, tad
prirllecerffdmtobed parlor acydsla*. ueodloca
ft* on the Horn aids, and wiiha tea taiantn’walk
s^lbe CoartHoaao. Aodrtas “Bl A,” Tribune
TJYDK FAKE.-—A nice, large, tmTornlshed
Ai. room, with board. Address “U W O," JAfii
booth Waters •**’*
'DOOMS to let, with or without board, at
AL Collate SUL 1C milts oaU oa Galma Diniloa
f. * Jt. W. Hallway. Train* tea to accommodate all
Uwh ef tndfieM. Apply at Boom 4, Ho. 010 Soeth
palm-at-, trta 1 103 p. m. ’
TVTABASS-AV., wUhin ten mlnntes* walk
f f of the Poat Oflfte—Two reaUetnaa darirtar
home comfort, eice room, exaenm board Ja
ISoath eetannh.
DOARD—First-class, with famished room.
X> by two yoaac Ben, betweea H oncaa-et. asd Catsa
Park, tooth at ucc-ev H> atteatta* win be mid to
terms on stated. Addnsa^wrP.o.
DOARD—By two young men, in a prirate
JJ fkmfly, arlihla two btoeka of Pack-court, east of
htateet Terms, f 9 per week. Beat of nfareacea
fcWB. Auarm*cC?*Tribßttsogee.
DOARD—By two yopng men, In a prlrato
JJ fiiaStr OwJirftiwaHwa. >ililiim iiaitm
terms.locamy.Afc.-B AH,- tnauaaofflea.
DOARD—By a gentleman, and single room,
X> ft s prime family,vn«r«frworpoolherboa-d
--m, South Sid a. betweeu 6Ula sad Lake-ata. n>
famd, ooumiKai to Court Dome. Reunaeca ex
oflaased. Addruaa *B a B,** Ttibapt ofaca.
DOARD—Front room* and board for gen*
JL> Uetnaaard wUh; ftfXuumlaatea* walk of cmrt
Utuaa. Xcweaead •eeworexew ataaac koeatny ana
t-rmo. Aaarcac-BWB." rrtbnoa office.
DOARD—By a young mas. a famished
JL> toom apdDoardinaprtntethmlyouiheW-n
*a< w rnk-u Part. AddTCM UUd, (It) West
DOARD—In a prirala fhmUy for a gnatle-
D man and w-f» ft a sood locaUan. Addrew "JR
DOARD—By a nhyddin and wife in a
D smuta 'aaUr of eultarn BtfamcM glm.
Addnaa “PUYhUJIAH," post Offlea, ataaig verms
aadtootlaa. . ■- • -
DOARD—for genUeman tad wife in aprl r
D Tate fhmtly, wlhln Bflcen auntea* walk or Che
court Housa. Tmmu meat M wanou. Ha ilka
'tlaa ulna Klee. Ac. an stated ta
uU. AAdnm aa caAßLßA* , TtlbaMottce>
Meal ©Btatr=«slts.
F)R SALE—By Goo. V. Walls & Son,
Boomostttaadji. OrtanUl BnUntng.~ll>3 La*
bane-st. .
JloetuMtonboutoß Hyde Park-av.. attfHfd*
r*rk depot, with two lots, latzlM, Improved with
TwMtol7boßM.wlthtwelßtt.tui woetof Wood
tiUetogou atacvalc tuul( pad too promtsaa to
Ooe aud oae-ftmrtn acres ol land last ooath of Osh*
woods .CemotocT. van good boom; «UI be sold
* our acres ofbeaautal bnslßi Laos, near Caiamst
River. with twni ry hnoM. nearly completed ; wIU
besotdehtap putoo lima.
The finest sooie asd lot at Eaowood Station; fronts
ml on Krf e Pan^r, u was la two blocks of tho
<ifi r r. In 7UST. Imprt Ted by ahsde trees, etc. lioosu
wasballt Imiprtnc.
Uobm aed lot at Kenwood BUUna, comer Wood
Lawn-av.asd F-rtj.eial.Ujit., with tot UOxStt fret,
lying very baM)*om>. wiu-ast rront.
EJcjaat newbnte at Hyde Par*, near the depot.
Jmt com pic ted—can ho had at a Otsralu fora f w
day*. Lot uizMe. covered with beaaufttl oaks, east
Newbon«eonEetn-ar.,near the church, with tot
lioiffl,tots-foot alley, limse Is ox4l, contains 10
rooms, water asd cm pipes la
Two coed new hratee near the Hyde Park depot,
on lots with rear to railroad.'
We can sell to pvtles a fine new cottase, to be
rotnnleud by M*t Is*, or at any time deslr-o. wlta
lot lixlCS. tJAiv-ISfO cash, miaoc-* In nonthlrniT.
menu. Ibis Is a One chance to amre a sabaibu
Four lots atWoodtawn, hl 4 h and and wen 10.
cated. sidewalk to depot, lots aSiITT. WevUl are
very easy terms.
Lou In Walt 4 Bowen's fnMMilan, at Woadlawn
aCJblnl&gUie raa>oea.atfl*m to fsco p . r t tl
etch lot S.tISJ. W« are now worclnr the strcots
Cali at onr office and eet a plat, and go and s*e the
Two lota SOxKO feet, froQtfae oa lb* p»r*r at Qtde
Park. Just tastcl Mr. Boot's*resM*nee. th-ss lots
are vety choice, and will only be m market for a tew
Klrht ecres st WoodrlHo BUtlnn. snl Ijnini the
railroad. Very handsome fir sabdlrtdlng. Tnoland
U un the wrst side o> the railroad.
fli»crr»onea« side of railravl, Ore red with a
hrsntUnl prove. Tnree minute's walk Rom Woo
At Utde Park we have *ome very choice lots. As
we bare no boards oa enr property, parties ahonid
cal! at oar office Cor dtscrlpUoor
Keowtod 1* sbe most beanofal of all the sabartin
plsccalntbe W«.st, with all ibeaccomsoeaUiUisof
tralns.ete.andoo the lake sbor*. Go aalaeatha
fine resldeneee being bom. and selcetalotforshome
We hare aomacr tbe Ooeet lots at this place.
wWoSi WArra * MW.ISW LaisllesL, Beal
acute xsrekers.
FOR SALE—Dwelling Houses- One three
f7 0DC 110,7 tonie ' pressed nnex front, on CemroAT^
ime*three-story *nd basement msimle-front house,
solidly bollt, sad first class; on Sheldon-su. near Union
Pari.HXWL 4«.ODOcansusdflreyears,aiejgotpe?
Four contenlrot and elegant two-story and base
ment itsrble-front homes In Onion Park 11 AddtUon
with grounds in front and at slae, now balldioc
These are tbe only bonits orthcstyls la the city
my ctmpJete.andat moderate prices.
Also, choice bul-ain i lots, with Has shrnbbery.near
Union Park, o&ly for brick or «mn- (mat ball linn
a. 8. U AYE % a I LiSaliXSt.-
Tj'Oß SALE—Two cottages on Rose-st,. near
A Cl-leago-sv. SL?ooandllSLO. Lounzlfi.
MxiO fret on FranktlD. between WMblorton and
for tnvrsimenu It Is a g.x>d one.
, Twurtv tlxih-vi-, tvoatory honiAiroom*.
lot unm fret. Fr ee li.OCO-half cash, bslaaSTone
ard two years st 9 per cent, —. oos
24—On Twenty-Mxth.»L.two-storvhonsAU rooms,
lot siSxl»,ionth front. Price SLMO-hag cash, bill
at ce os lon* time at is D*r ccsl
Very ale* cottste ands ro*-s sautre of ground. In
the CUT of Wantegas.niled wttbr.nlt and anrnbberv
A splendid residence. Price |tAtio-h(ii{o sA*
•nee one and two ves*s.
5. FCLLEit, Beal Estate Broker, llfly LaSalle*
170R8ALE—By Johnston* Co., 141 Modi-
X ten-tt, Uoom I Pupr’a Block:
9 cottage*, wi h lots, at Cottage Grore. 13 '
Icnttaces, with lots. on West Side. *
fine h. uses, wltb lou. la different parti ol the
mjou iotttb of city, from |IU io tlflo per Jot.
20 fine building lots oa West bide,
|X)R SALE—By Chambers <t Lancaster
X 147 DearbontHL- *
Brick boose and rati depth lot, an Mlehlganir..
pear £lstecttb-*t .all modern ImproTementa. at the
towpnesef |il.t(u. ‘ *» * l “
A tew u.rw*atory brier, with modem Itnprore
menu, on £lghte»ntn-*t., for t&£o3. *
Tbrec*ltory and basement brick boose, oa Miehlxm-
near Tatcij'lhinJ-su, atl modern ImtiroromesU.
Very cheap, jfl jco. Lot 1M feet deep, east frost.
Immeolatepoee-ii >n-
oa Wabash, Michigan, Calnmet and Kaaksieo*
17 OR SALE—A superior, well-built, new
.* S2t?i 0 i315*®5 dwelling. containing doable pir*
lorn, duang room, kltcbm. pantries, a chambers, mar
ble manteu, water and gas, situated on Sontn Peoria
•t.. near Adams. • Lot Suite feet, well lain out. with
;ra*s plat, garden, shrubbery and aoade tree*. Price
|*i?fß^pe r »ea»b. balance la three yean. Apply to
s J3r Block, comer
F)R SALE—A-flne lot for manufacturing
narpof cl with building,suitable for planing miif,
Dan factory, sc. *
to^rt0 C it 0 .l O e a . t^ah«c Ill,u torou ‘ b ,ua9 ***
«6slMf-er.rn.mannfocturlng lot,onßeeelMt.
House, 1203 .between Kobe* ana Lincoln
WM. AAASDHOCDn A CO., 90 Washington st.
pV)R SALE—The elegant and very desire-
A. bio marble-trout. Frennh-rjofr two-storr and
banmeLt owilUng, So. 193 South BanganmniS.,
corner of Vanßureo.haylng 18 room*, is Urge et^nta
B-*. bath-room, marble mantek. Am, oppoelte Ex
syor ntlnea* and Eran place. Tali bouse is not
snrpsiscd 1c its sppolntnienta act location by any
resldctce In the city now lor isle; and rcry caeatk.
Price |i\soo. BOVPto A KELL&Y, 13*JLi^«i|"-«t!
T7OR SALE—A house of 9or 10 rooms, with
X Sycata* laaas of lot, 11,03; sls\ a two-story
boose, to bn mowed. Aoply to K. F. BOBLBT, bouse
aoT*r, 117-Weat Wa*htogtoo-at.
FOR SALE—Honse and lot, No. 1039 Wa*
bash-armoath of Twrnty-tnltd-it. Possession
men May Ift. PrteefSjfO. Ttaß slTcnonfiOcOof
the purchase moner.' QEOBOE W. NEWCOMB, B*3
fharborn-st.. Boomß. • —row
FOR BALR—Cheap—A fine two-story
honse. keown as 1730 PraHeniT.. with alt
An, ' ,u
T7OR SALE—Or To Rent—l 269 Indlaua-av—
"• a* i°°?V**_ t f r . depth lot. TlUe
T?OR SALE—A good, large two story frame
A- boose ol U rooms, wjtn closets and P4nuie*.
bTlckbasexeot«faroaer, m lad wafrr, lot tmw
• large gvoen. barn In rear nxfi-'. good pi.nk aileron
side and war. M net wide, >V 14 surer si, one
bixfc from boras cars Miner of Balsied and llarn.
ton-sts. Appj a; 33 and 35 Mlonuaa-ar.
UOH SALE—Or To Rent—Tbe three-fitory
X ELgUsb basement bouse, No. 960 Wabash-aV.
between Iw«ty-flr« and Twenty .second-sis, well
wranged, with ercry conTenience. A.J.AVBBELL.
Beal Estate Agent,- 7 Metropolltao Dlxk.
FOR SALK—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate
Arcots.RoomltO.4 Metropolitan Block, a two
story name bornenflt roo'ra, modern lmrrovem*nts«
sod lot 83 by lit fter, wita biro, norm vest comer of
LaSalle and Illmdilt-m. wmer or
T?OR SALE-Or To Rent—l 333 Wabash-
JL sy., between Thirtieth and Talny-drst-st*.. a
nrwtwo-«toiyfr.me rouse. neatly completed, with
• 1 rotfern Imprnyearnu. water, pas, Ac. Inquire >t
til#a Twenty-afib-st.
T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate
-1. a seats Room Ito. 4 Metropolitan Block, a two
story frame tuxnc of 8 rooms, water, tu, Ac. and 1.-. t,
ho. GO9 West Adams-»u near Wood. Price gf,33e.
part on time. Immediate possession.
rUOR SALE—New cottage, 6 rooms, fiye
J- years* lease of lot at |« per year, on fnltowt.,
near Kenbea. Pile* 11.300—half cash, balance to
nottblr payment!. K.8.F01.94 Washlngton-st.
TC'OR SALE—At Union Park, a. two-story
X name bonv, 18 rooms, all modem Improvements,
lot BTXI3S, goed barn In r **r. Very cheap and on
aviaat. Appliu '“
FOR SALE—At Hyde Park— A beautlfhl
- mldmcr, fronittr on the park and lake, within
luuvlewrf theeity. The borne Is wvTl bo lit In all
respects, and provid'd with modern Imp ov aub.
Inqnlrenf GKo. W. WAIT A SCM, 139 LaSalle tt*
or of O. C. I’EARSOS. on premises!
T?OR SALE—Or To Rent—On Wabaah-av^
JL northof new two-«tnry bonse.
rilu - ?*"■
T?OR SALE—The splendid marble front
X' dwelltae. with Preocb root two-story and base
meet. No. 190 South Esomnon-sU 11 rooms, 9 iaree
closes*, (taa, hath room, hot and cold water, marble
oopoett* Kz-M»ror Halner and Knn
pltee. The best JocsUodid the West Division, race
only lI2JOD. BUYDES A KELLEY, 133 l^auZiL
F)R SALE—Three hooses on West Uadi
»on-*U.cOb»alclnr l rooms snd I pantiles.nearly
new. J*rlceKyrO-oag-fonrlh esah, one,
1?.°. , R (l i?, , r ! J eM » tgperceil ‘ l=»ere«u
WILILSUITO,Boom9MaeoaIe Temple, 88- Dear-
T?OR SALE —On West Monroe-sL, near Ab*
X erdrep. a two-story itsmehooce, brick b-uement,
wllbUmel't. A.J. AVEBELL, Beal Esuu Office,
7 lietiopolltan Block.
FOR SALE—Cheap—A first-class cottage
cfTlsn-e room*, besides pantry, bath. eloa<U,
80-feot comer lot. Terms eaiy. inontra on premises,
I7OR SALE—A new house of S rooms, bo*
A* sides clc«et». pantry, bath, Mt sad paid water,
33-loot lot. Inquire on premises, 303 Warren-sL, be
tween Leavitt and Hoyte.
F)K BALE—By DUler, Stedman & Chand
ler, Boom I}.No. 138 Dearbom^L:
Brick bouse, with lot iizUC, on DcsplainenL. be
twwii W aibtazton and Madison.
72x13 fret on Honorwfa between Monroe »"«*
UxrSfert on Adaas-st, north front, between Bo
ni rg snd Lincoln.
98X13 het on Adsms-afa, sonth boot, between fio
note sod Lincoln.
125x13 i«*-t sonthweat corner of Carroll and Adaws.
123x13 faet northwest corner Fulton and
very choice.
B*cr»«lethe wv n MjfnMof nwwßee.U.SS, 1L
Also, a gnat variety of Improved and unimproved
It ta In every r*rt of the etty and sobnrtn
Vtry choicertfldesce property at Waafcvraa. coo
riiUcy of larce brlct boose la good repair aid thirty
ewe acres of land, highly improved fruit treea and
sLmbbtry, grapes, Ac. Will be sold at a bargain.
170 R SALE —ByJ3. E. Gross <fc Co~ Reel
20 fret on near
ifitt flee oa Mtehtgawav. nartn of Douxlss-slac*.
SC ft*t on near Tblrty-sroond-sl.
l# urn ix miles south of city limits, tun ner
18 acres opposite Bock Island Car Works.
JpOR SALE—Bj J< n. Bees it Co., 99 Dear*
S aata.with a bonus* at detect, on Wahaab-ar.
AbcatSecm,«ltbafrectue of 5M feet, oa For*
eat-ar. BotL imti wuh ct WikjiUMbeT,
Aboell sena, with fronts** of mo met, oa Calc*
taft-ar-comnenaas coroer of Doariw-plaeu.
lit feel on Wabash- at.. la Weatwcrth tract.
TX)R SALK—By Whipple & True. Boom 5,
X Lombird Block. 107* Monroe-et.
A Baa tract of {rood farming land, lees than tea
mOes from UeCaait Bonae,at adeddnu bamtn: will
guarantees to 50 per cent asraaes wlJOa eat rear.
AUo,u!arg» camber of choice lots to all puts of
tie etty. oa escy terms.
A bv Coe reode&cm offend at a aaaifiafcta ftw
daja. Call asd tee the list
T?OR SALE—Tweniy lots, at 1109 each, on
A easy term*, doee to MUrtatn-ar. Car* will ex
tmd to them thta summer. Call at Boom 9 Psrdae’t
BaUdlßC.northwtat corner booth Water and WeCa>
DOR SALE—On fall depth lota
X oalvrsperroof,far a (hort time. Oa ICima
•t. aßdw«atwortb-*y,Jou, cheap. I&AACCLAF*
F)R SALE—Lots on West Jackson, Van
Bawa, Tyler aae HirtWMaw HP la Mos
leaatlma. TOeali afaw tots wlthoat ptwwt pay
rrsji. *<«■ “ »
T?OR SALE—I2O feet IronL corner lot on
X Vaaßarta-U. Addrtsa,‘‘AM,’ , lKbaßeaflke.
TTORSALE —Cheap hewn es, hal taar lota, on
X Wm Side. pearHuvaakee flaak Bead, far 1100
each, ta oaO requited dovm ISAAC CLAFIJH,
ITOR SALE—Water lot No. S 3 Kinrie’s Ad-
X dldoa. roMlnt Cioiaicalo rlrtr ISO fact io rail*
road, vttb CO fast ItoaC IL H. HOSOBA, 3T Dear*
F)B SALE—Hyde Park lota, at a bargain:
3 lots la moc* a. M fact frect oort.QOS per lot; >
kta la Block rs, post Wocdiavn. at tin each; Inal
•bs-st.. psur Dmlta, S acres enoloa land. J.D.BAB-
F)R SALE—Lots I Lots I Lota I—On. Wa*
bub tad State aad Msaoa-tta,
cear Cceklaland ahepa. X hare only a ftw dmtrahio
aabdlrlstea, near Bock fawnf
. J.P.BAgygr,7BL>Ban»«t.
T7OR SALE—Lota for S3OO each, conrcnlent
X to hrr*e ear*, churcbe* asd school, and more
than a mite lusMe city limits. Ain, Jots farSIOS,
ex - ** to the cvw Rock la tad car wnrts, ou krtf tuxfc
J. F.BTAan, 134 Bast BauoolpbwCßoom 1.
F)B BALE—O choice acres, sonth of limits.
In ten lota or all together, this property la n>w
oflkrecutwtthaathe marcst valaf. sad M a run
chance tbr tboaewbowtoh to laiwt— Ilia cleraat far
■aldlrlftos trains p«tvl&t
aally. BU3KACAOWDX,ItBXA3aUeht,Boom7.
T?ORSALX—7SxIS6 onWettworth-aT M near
X Tilrtr-SnUlbrtLm. A cnaa U la
worm ISI awk. Mut be said bemra Mur let.
BlC* A CABWIiL M 8 USaUaet, Beoa 7
lamitnm etcpt*.
TIHIB BAL*-Chtap-«t«v» Mm. Steam Dry
X 1 How. Ac.. Ac.—A valuable property l» !>«»«*.
wtMrart*.bsQt expire* y tor gatfiat rat orarevara
•cock Thie propertyl* eomputainSa tu rarta. - rh*
moet tnuroved maehiß’ry la therm!! for sawing 109
and Harrs; a splendid iiesoi dry boose. with »►
(btscryfbr dtteilar.lriallscrad oqisltang ivrct; a
oock, at which Tctsria era load for any of toe teax
Sen*; a I axes barn, hanscrad oOeo, wlu land agon
ir storage. There is aalnexhaoauhleeßraly of the
beat white rag red oa* to tan Tie* nlty* ud »o eompw
ttoatafenytas. Thestare min owre a magnificent
water power, latter than eaa bo need at the lewetf
•tacoot water ever koowo to (bat country Dntl
w agrowirc rUla=e, wins same S.CO6 labaMtanu. o«
the >onhwrei»fn Boad, Ox tallea from Qreea B«r,
or it eaa tHttfe rioe irom Ctlcaw. Address U2T
DKKWOOD ACO.Ctl«to.in.
F)R SALE—The Marcher House, the only
betel OusrgSj UL. a also lowa of XJCB inh^Mt;
U'OR medium-sized tannery, de-
F drably located, sad to tip-top renalng coe-liUon.
It (im c| the heat arranged In tho city. AddrtM
FOR SALE—A neat retail drag stor*. In
tbr Cltr ol Cedar Rioldt, lawe, on tba direct
U&e to Omaha. Btr«kendflatßr»«.a&»ntsa,o3o. For
pUaie addreet P. O. Box IS, Cedar Hap- 1
TCVIR SALE—WeII-assorted stock of jewel* -
JC tj and p'aicd-war«, IJille** &*Xe; two esanteia, 1
WUleollal a sac
rifice. Can at 009 Sorta CUrk-at.
FOR SALE—A boarding bouse and saloon,
one of tbe best loeaU-'uontb* North Side. Hoom
tbrlßboaroera. laqntroet TM3 lUlnoU-et. .
TTOR SALE—A wcll establlahed store, tin
J 1 and hardware bctloesa. In the West Otrtalon.
Coed rmtem «nd rcasonab'e rent. Cipital
ftem f IJ3X. to f3,0C0. Trib
ute cGiee. •
FOR SALE—A drat meat market, in a.
cood neighborhood, dolcz a good btulncM, Will
b* to d ctuap, and men be sola la a few days. In
gage at 370 West Madlacn-U.
FORSALE— Drug store, In good location.
Good reason for nlltnir: terms easy—or will
trade lordly property, local re cf BUBMIAIIS A
VAN fcCHAAvK. 4. asC fl Itantlo?ph->t.
TT'OR SALE—Boarding hona®, 20'boardcri,'
J. central location. 9oT<r on accoacl oftlckaees.
SHM orfriQ worth of fhnitnre for aAle cb-sp. AbMt
to PELAMATEtt * JACKoON, jg 1 Soatb Oark-et.:
T?OR SALE—Rare Business Chance—A very
JE7 ‘ food Rochester window shade facta-r. wttb or
without »10CT. Inquire of 11. H AMMER, Notary Fab
lie. 181 East Waantaxton-et.
T7OR SALE—A good chance Is offered to a
J? good buslnrse mao, baring about $3,030, to take
the manofactarisx tslwet la a sooa payisg baslaess.
Tbe cash net required aetll tbe ptrtyu misflea with
the UTeelment. Addres“o S," Tribune oQc«.
Tj'Oß SALE—A drag store. In a desirable
J? and yrowlag locality, to the boil dint corner of
Thirty-Out and Ctaic-sU. icqqlre at tae store.
F)R SALE—a bakery and grocerv, at a
bsrsain. Good store aad am. barn, searly an
acre of land, aad all tbe meoells netdea for carrying
ca tbe bajiairs, having a foil stock of good* aid a
yoodtnd®. Tte beet of reasnoslor ►<■!!!=*. Inquire
rn the prcmUrs, or by malL VO3KPUWALLS2.
Wllmtiuion, ILJ. •
TTOH SAXE—A dye house, with a good ran
JO ol custom. Reason lor leUlngi ticknua, Apiiy
at 4SBK soath State-st. J
T?OH SALE—A first-class dental office, newly
JO furnished. IkSt 130 per mouh Good location,
ardtbeTerybc*tpro»D«ctaf.r»zool barines*. Uu
been In ou-rattoncße year BfCriptß,|t,«)P. No be*
los, I wish 10 retire, oo account of a olißcalty in my
•ns, Adoreat, with tree name sad sdaress,D£h*
TAL," Tribare offire.
F)R SALE—Dental rooms. In a good loca
caticn, to city. dolor a first-rate SallncM sod
veil •sUhnatfd. Good reasons tor telling. Price
11.0 CO. Addrpt ° PPSTIV," Tribsao office.
VOR SALE—A good established trade and
-C stock of ha’dwsre, stoves. tinware,and bniidla*.
la the Ibitvtrg city ofOvstonna, Jam-Tion o! two t stb
rnacu. Forfnuher particular*, address THOMAS 4
'WHITE, Owatonna. kina.
EOR SALE—Lease and fixtures of a well*
established d*ets and shirt suklor store, so
South &Jd*. Soslt amount of fixture. Inquire at 1
Lombard Block, Uoaroo at
F)R SALE—A retail meat market. Will be
•old chub. If dhoceed of wttbln a tew days. Ad*
drasa “ £ B,** Tribune office.
T7OR SALE—News depot and bookstore,
J? 414&late-«t. ThU U a rare chance, aa It U one
of <he bc»t paying nandt In the city. •
T7OR SALE—A new and second-hand fbrnU
X 1 tnre store, stock w»U se'reted, and tilae C3tat>-
Uihcd. ArplyatyA West Madlsonst.
P)R SALE—Grocery store on West Side.
A rerv ckesp hirraln. Three rooms and store
rent tor |» per month. Price |iSO. Call at 97 South
T?OR SALE—At a Great Bargain—A saloon
J? andirstaaranUlnoneot tho best locations la tho
city, if applied fi>r ’re mediately. For parttculirs. ad*
Httii r.o. Box 130 X
IXtal ®statc=s(Cotwtt3».
F)R SALE—Houses, lota and forms, at
Rißndale.l2trillretrointheeltv.oQ C.. B. A Q.
ÜB. Best (Qbnrfian location oot of Chlearo. In*
(jtnre at llfi Clark*»u, or Hinsdale, of O. J.SToPoa.
F)R SALE—3,OOO acres fine forming hod In
Floyd Co., a «peeulatlTa price. Matt be
MMatonce. W,jTbaHKBY, Bo. 15,at85 Wash*
T?0B BALE—Karsaa. Lands —40,000 acres.
1 with wood and water, la aatonl Anna. eMeeird
three % cart aro. Prtc ■ rery law. W.J.8AK587,
Ko, 15, at 85 Waahlngton-M.
I TOR SALE—Iowa Lands—Boo,ooo acres,
- all orer the State. Well selected, prices low and
term* fsroraWe. - lists **nt to applicants. W. J.
BAbyEY.ffo.-lfi, at»s Wath!nsma*«t.
T?OR SALE—A neit house of six rooms, In
X conplet* order, with rood rurden. 4c , Is fifteen
miles vest onQslens Hafficid. U near the lUtloo,
Accommodation trains running to Chicago. ILfiM.
ISAAC CLaFUN, 137 lUdUomt.
TjVDR SALE—At Cottage Hill, on Galena
JO Road, 43 ttlnotes* ride Chun Wella-at. Depot, a do*
•liable 1 K itory boose, with lot H sen. located pleas*
antlr near the depot. House contains I rood roops,
anu ha* cellar, well asd cliiero, ail la first-rate re
pair; lot la tu beat state ol Improvement, bearing
cb'rry. pe-r and plan trees, wltb plentr of rraoM,
i>"ail fruits and it rubbery. IpqalnofJ. T. READ,
40 CIuHU third floor, or-Z. A. TBULUSUtion
Ayrat, Cottage HIU.
VCR SALE—In Anrora, 40 miles from Chi*
.E 1 b'« 10 acre*Ps*lth coed bouse, at the low price of
fSO per actr, halt down. Will doable within a year.
Address No I6'J Lake-st, Boom 7. Chicago.
TTOR SALE—Fine small fruit farm in Ber
. X rt'B Conrty, Mlchlesn, lo eomp’et* order. Price
law; *nd r»rma essv. W. JTBABSEr, Boom
13, 80. 83 Waahlngfoo-st,
jFot SaU.
P)K SALE— Seasoned oak lumber, 1W
and IK inches thick. JOHN PHILLIPS, Chair
1 Factory, horth Urcea.aear M’cntoHt, .
UOR SALE—Baralow cook stove, with fur*
;i? allure and pipe. Cost ; been carefully n*ed
otf_ye»r: will sell fbr fo3. Ai«n uarlor stove (Empire
ga*surn*r), two bedsteads with mat'd etaes,two wash
stands, ewvr sad naaln, bat rack, drop Ugh**, i« box,
chairs, and a few other articles, Calt on Tuesday or
Wednesday of this week, si 1116 Wabash-av.
TTOR SALE—3OO Lomhady poplar and 75
i? I aim of Glilald annerr mown ornamental Unde
> ms, 10large poolsra, finches In dlameter.3) feet high.
Call cm T. r. BALDWIN, on U*nroc-ct_. between
Troop and Lootals-su. north of Jefferson Park.
F)R RALE—A black walnut counter, C feet
lotuct aUo, oak dtntn* chain, tooting range,
crockery ware. For sale cacao. as ay lease expires
Way Ist. Apply at HAZEi/T iS’S Dining Booms,
109 Monroc-st, Lombard B.oek.
ITOR SALE—Crockery ware; also, dining
-T chairs black, walaat ceoatcr, cooking range.
Sold at a bargain. Apply at-tho Bestanraot, I#9
Lombard Block.
|?OR SALE— Cheap— Cooking range, black
J? walnut counter, dining chain, crockery ware.
Most be sold before Jisy Ink as my lesMcxplrea. Ap
ply at 199 Mearoeek, Beetaarant. Lombard Block.
F)R BALE—Furniture of room, nearly
nearly new, at 40 per cent below cost. Will rent
mem to rrmlmaa of goodretermee. Ftnc-clssslo
cation. Address **A C," Post oaioe Box 133.
T?OR SALE—A nice lot of furniture, with
J asyardiofnewßrnaMkcarpeklortaleatabar*
lain, as the owner U aolog East. Apply at I£4V
Clark-sUßoom 2.
P)R SALE—Cheap for Cash—A No. X boo*
ond-band *et of tinners* tool* and machines. A
aoodbsmts. wnibealvenfoa porchsser. who wui
eaU soon, by applying si 138 Btat»tL. Chicago.
P)R BALE—A Job lot of millinery goods.
Alio, a targe pier ates (French plat«\ with table
to match. Inquire at 336 Statist.
‘C'OR SALE—Cheap—Oqo glass partition,
X one wooden do~ on* cmnter and one large ilh*
Apply Immsciattly at 19 IwSalle-it. *
F)R SALE—At Ne. 879 Wahaah-av., parlor
suites, easy chair*. Brussel* cirpeti, mlrrors/dlu
tag room yet, Morn, kitchen property, borae, bogiy,
Careers, die. Will be arid low, fomuy bresatog up
bousekerptsr- Canueiera tom S to 13 a. mTand
frcmito<p.m. One extra flne parlor tet.
F)R SALE—One Herring s safe, two o Alice
“**??• * wo tables, letter pre**, one bard e-al
Caa be seen at 68
and 90 Korth
F)R SALE—Cheap— Wagon Material—
LOCO seasoned wMmctrees tad neck-yokes, by
or cotta. Inquire at More, 3<hlg BsuthWa*
Morses, carnages, Kt.
TXTANTED—A hone, harneaa and light
TT three spring mm wagon, at once, cheap.
l?OR SALE—A cood work horse. Apply at
J 398VanBnren-st-comtrofFraaklla.
T?OR SALE—Carriages.—A good asaort-
X_ most of Eastern csirtis** aodbugria at reasou*
ibfepjlce*. Tlcturtaa: hamuriirs pbsrtans. ftc.; two
second-hand bucjtes cheap, sea. 83 and 84 Mar*
kei-su H.B. Uul. *
F)R SALE—A raall pony for a boy. WUI
work to harass*. Apply So DOME'S Livery
•kM*. fimut.
TTOR SALE—Horse—sfy soirell' saddle
X horse •» Ben.** Belt sonad, safesad ver* stylish.
A d*t?rsble ham Car e lady. cTw. ngt.ngy 1 ; s©.
Itfl Lakwst.
TpOR BALE—tlis vQI bsy one of the best
X rtrsta the oty.pooy.boscyaMbt’am. Man
bs *AM Cnmeclitrly. Apt ly at WEIGHT BEOS.* Sta
hl*, Btote-tt. brtflja.
pOR SALE—Cheap for cash, a flrit-rste
X* bcrzr*bssm sadstatlaharsms. Apply st**Bor
dry Clmase Worm” 44 AosaiMt.
Co XeasessHtal Estate.
TO USASE—3OO feet of dock north dde ol
X Stoweli eilr. Btilnad lbelim«e eon id no. is
rcod order afiarUsy X. 8.8. BAVSH, 14 Lamas
r> LEASE—4O lots on Twenty-flfth sad
Banaldo«tA« tor else yem at low rater and tree
rfUae«.wlth!a ooeblncc ot SUt^tLcara. laqolr*
JBICa * WAZSBMAS,94 Waahlsctea-cL,Soon
TO I£AB£-100&eiof dock, South Branch,
jk^a?arV>aßmr*«it.artasa. ApplyacMSSVas
TO LEASE—IIS feet liter front. West Side,
X tear T velßh-tt. brldea. a ray deal table locattoa
tbrhnatwryird.fwwhl«iithaa t>«na*ed Aeood
oOe« os tb* ernaad. and iblpptae thcLlUea
BABTOH A JDSE9. We*t eadTweifthat. bmje.
Eost, Xott«h. £t.
T OST—|5 Reward—Esrly Monday morn-
Xd tag. on Stsfrai., -n*ar tM eorur of Madt*
wa, a lady** rrttea. Any om moraine the »»m« to
Boon So. B, o#*<*dlaj"*t,win metre the shore
reward. MKS.C.XC.
T OST—HO Reward—Tosterday, from the
XJ Brltxs Boawi a black acd tan flat;Sad aboat
her arck a foliar, also maste oa* with tae aaote “ 0.
Traaermea.** Vbomv wt i reura her to ts»tir4wgm
Uooae wtu receire the ahore reward.
T7OUND—On Monday night, on State-st.. a
X btymare; Tbe owner c*a bare aaM mare by
ealtte* at ibe rroeery store at the comer of State sad
CHJ^COS^^. 711 * mr * Bimaa ****** P«?ertT.
T7OUND—A Gold Ring, which the owner
X em tare by praetor property, by canine oa SEa*
GBAM rol*atiheßniea->UFolieeSuUua.
pE RSONAL—WiII W. V. B, write to his
X teaTy a Daldmrre to re&ere their aatneat*.
aadatwfof nofcey. If te wants it. J.W.B.
ifo Eeaa.
TO LOAN—SI,SOO on cUy ml estate for
WUWttesjlUlr Jltlf. |
TTTANTED—An experienced carpet dales
> ■*» w •■— bib, par tort art earttealare address 0
TTT ANTED—A good nlcsaian to tell to the
tT trade (grecerice aad tarcwartK' a era and rata-
W* article. naedby evety booeekoepor. It t« a creed
IbbwtbiwT oft similar wiiek* la coomoa Baa.
Address oreell ca BQSFA2U) A CO.. 133 CUrk-tu
Chicago* ZB. _7
TC7ANTBD —A good emart roan. Miut be
»» a good grocer. Oiethathaa ltT<d laSagland
and rpeaie German preferred. Address “a c b>7
TTTANTcED—lmmediately, by Glencoe Land
tT Company. M U o'err, nt Uiccco'*. Alio. a few
brick makers. Apply at iba taepot, to F. jp.saOM. .
TTrANTED —A young man of good addreai
Tl and barineas ability. Address,withfanaema
aaa references, Brewer 6010. .
TT/'ANTED—A good bookkeeper. A young
* * tnra with pm habits mar 6nd a deslratue sita
etloa by tda rsunt **o H, n ttl43. State a;e,
salary. aad such oioer Ictormstion m yoa pleatc.
\\/ANTED—A competent' gardener, who
▼»_ eaa also take care of hocaea. Address B. S.
i\/ ANTED—A emart, active boy, as entry
TT clerk la a wholesale honeeoa Lske-et. Ose who
reitdea wlib bta pareata pref«md. Address, la own
baadwritte c» “tiß li,” Joamal afflea.
TVTANTED—A smart, active boy, 14 to 16
» » year* cf ace, as copyist in aTracspomUoa
Office; moat write a quick ana rood Used, and lire
aUhhlstareste. AddressP.O. Box 1999, tn oira
banc writing.
• TI/’ANTED—'Two experiooced waitera. No
*T oihtre need apply. QUANTA SOS'S Borisa
rant, 148 Pearborn-st.
TT7ANTED—A Arst-elnaa vinegar manufac-
VV turtr era find a stc.dy •Uoarioaaal liberal
wagta by addressing -M a P." Tribane office.
TTTANTED —A min who understands gar
» * oen’nc, fsrta'n?, end takloc care of horse* and
Apply st Eoom 30 Larmoo B-OCk, 99 south
TTTANTED—Four salesmen, worthy and
'tT .welt qualified. fstnlUar with busloeae corrte
pccdence. etpible of supennieadlai tal>*A i.-> dipart
tn®otA and or earning Crem $■ Any to DAM per rear
Also, two inexperienced as taioswua or hookcrepere.
win be ICC*Died on smaller salaries, ta CU placaa of
l»esre*poQslbl]lcr,tf satisfactory menaces are far-
Dlibed. O. j>. OUVIj. ore_r 131 Dtarbjra-st.
.TTTANTED—S cabinet makers and S carv-
V i m. Apply to B. W. BAT&S 90 Wees Ran
\h.' ANTED—Six first-class upholsterers.
at rilLßEfir * SAMF
SQS’g, 118 aaa lap atatoet.
TTTANTED—A first-class carrbgo painter:
f » alro,avodrnakrr. Adornslataertiaiefy.ital-
h t w>c«, *t. C. H. SNEDESEB A Ktaiakee.
.TTTANTED—A firet-elaaa white birber, to
** whom good waxes inditeady employment will
thriven. Aprtt Immediately to PliiUF HOUP.IG,
ILDsGaic. VlcMgin. *
TVANTED—Six good Joiners, at E. Iyer*
« feoD* l ebop, uar Chamber tf Commerce.
WANTED— A good npholetercr, at 57
West MsdUoa-st.
TPANtED—A first-class fine boot maker.
TT Steady employment prea. Fleaseseod tern*.
Best cfteieretce man be rlren. Address
BEOS. 4 CO., Ow stoma. Minn.
TVANTED —A first class journeyman tailor
* T to go l>» the country Ucod wage* will te paid.
App:y immtfllatelr. at 49 Lake-st. op-suirs.
TV ANTED—lmmediately, a good book
TT compositor. Apply toIL A.27BWCOHQ 4CO ,
301 WasLlngion-st.
Entplogitmil apsis.
WANTED— An assistant bookkeeocr, 1
“hipping dork. 5 srdlclton, 1 Mil collector. 2
c*o>?,Spjpcr h»r«cj9,l cabinet maker. I man f.»r
OOT*n.m«t employ, 5 painter*, 3 farm taad» and 50
rail read rren. Aoptr at Great Western Db«lb*h
A«lct, iai South Cl tkst, Boom 5. Bymall on
clceelt cents IhrpartlCTUui. Orders eoUctted and re
eetred dally.
TV ANTED—SO men to work on repairs,
”” frte transportation. Also, cn crade.
tLtS'pwday. Applyali»6Sooth Watcr-at, near
Lako-it, briar*.
\V ANTED—This day, 75 railroad laborers
TT Good wares, atyade wor*. Ttunlarnonihtr bs* .
Apply at 100 kadU'&.iC,
WANTED—This day, 350 railroad laborers.
TT Wages It 33 per day. board SI per week, traa».
ponaUoa tree. Also.l sawmill hands and I Ihrm
hands. KtaployineDl Heada’re.Booa 3 unn^Blocf,
TVANTED—II rafiread men, at $1.75 to $3
T T per day, 5 tarin hands al |SS per m-rath. and 3
cabltwiaakera. QaUat 11 and 13 Sooth Canal-au.
Hoorn IX
Eaar.tei—jFcinale grip.
TV ANTED—A first-class soprano singer, at
’ • a liberal salary. Addrrw, with name. K'C.tloa
aad_rt fercice, "MuaiC CO>aurTEE.”Tnbane office.
TV ANTED—A milliner who traderstaads
T T <ff»wxaklnffal»o. to x>to the eoastrr. Isuutre
ol WALSH dBUTCUiBhOB, 58 and 60 Laseac.
TVANTED—A girl to do the general work
TT of a small famtlr. One that Is a good washer
««« I 2 ner * V 1 ® 0411 Pre food reference. Apply .at
333 Nona LaSalleat.
TVANTED—A smart, active girl, to take
TTcb«rxe of a baby and do second work. Inquire
at 645 Wabuhttr . _
TVANTED—A girl competent to do cook-
TT tag and washing for a aooAalied family, AdplT
aihotaeßo.l 4 ABSorta Stato-st.
TVANTED—A woman, widow preferred, to
TT do secood work and take carrot collirra. Moat
be artlre, end willing to work. t>oeh a person, wltn
good iclenncet. can hate a rood homo near tho city.
Address, wtto 101 l came, ** o A" monne office.
TVANTED—A good girl-, to do general
TT. boasewtrk la a small family. Inoulre until
May Ist, ataw Erie-it.
TVANTED—GirI to »*o general hoosswork.
TT Good waeea paid. Apply at Dr. WATKINS*.
No. 60 Tvrcir-thlrd st- two doors from Prairle-ar.
WANTED— A first-rate femrie cook at tho
PtrawTJ Bou*<Mn OdeILUL, Llrlisiton Cooair.
Tosuch g^od«ut< sad steady empl-.ynsat wUI be
ring. III.
TTrANTED—A girl to do general house*
Tj_wurt, ti2S9 Wabatb-ar. Good references re
q alrtd. • ■
WANTED — A neat and eood-nntnrcd girl,
i* who undent! id* plain cocking, waihlnr ana
Ironlne. to do general tncsewrrk in « »m*ll r-imny,
German preferred. Apply at 346 W. Washlngton-et.
v \j ANTED—In a small family, a second
T” ml, who tsa cord sewer. Inquire »t 83 Oai
st, betweea LaSalle and We is.
W ANTED—A girl to cook, wash and Iron,
** at 619
W ANTED—A good girl Tor tailor work.
wJt •«"* •’ ll
YV ANTED—A girl to cook, wash and Iron,
TT »1 401 WmJsttwpsl. QBM B jf»|wr* , J
YV ANTED—Woman cook for restaurant.
* “ Acdrta*. fog poo week, C. fl. HABiUS, Drawer
41* Ractne. WU.
YV ANTED—lmmediately, a good cook,
▼ T vuh'r and Doner. Prlrtte 'aall r. Referinees
required, Apply at new ttoos«.No.306llllnol»-sL.
between > anal o'clock. •
WANTED—A dining-room girl. Ooe that
. Tv perfectly understands her bosliima.Uß> t brlag
city rtPrenca Anplt 8 and * o’clock, at
bmserneat door, 397 Mjchlsan-ar n for two daya.
WANTED—GIrIa that imderitaud how to
T T plot rac*. • The Wfh* it wage* paid to the tame.
Inqglre »t999South Wella-tL
ANTED—A girl who understands gene*
TT rel booseworfc las small foaiiy. Arrl r?wlth
reJOtace. at 91 Jackioo-u. *
WANTED—A good rirL at U 3 North Paa-
TT Una-au None nerd apply without
Good wages and all f « T " l> y.
YV"ANTED —A girl to do cooking, washing
TT andlroptng.atßlahlfcDdPark, Si mile* oat.
Call at 139 Wahaah-ar.for t irtner ptnlcolara.
TITANTED —a girl, one who is a good cook,
TT wsshoacdironer. German or Amrrtcaa oro
fentd. Apply for two days at 140 Wahaih-ae.
\Vf ANTED—House Cleaning. Ladles, send
TT yoarffrpeta.cartalp».lsees*oUaketa. eouater.
panes, anything you want CleiaM. to the Chicago
.if*?. We have machinery oipreaily for
this kind of work. Tho finest lace, or coarsest car
pal washed without being touched by h***- dmd
your erd<T. We win evil and deliver, free ot eh tree.
fclrvet*<> “CHICAGO gr2&M CQ^ n
acd 94 tTcsiMadlsoowt. nacd.
YV ANTED—Lfidlea ’ and gcnllcmcu of
TT pleasantaddrma. toosll tho oomblool earyet
itmcher and tack-drircr. Call at 381
W*ANTED— A respectable man and woman
T t at Harlem—woman to do second work and sew.
ceucraTy uselui and take c-.r«
wratfovain gentleman. Arl-i.*.. »thati:hrr,»»
\\7 AN ijsu—lmmediately, experienced can*
_» \ Tamer*, t» sell the »lchlr 13 nitrated “Cottage
C*cJopedla, n complete In one large yolame of over
LO® paces, too richest repository of knowledge
*rer brought within ao small a compass. Amlaaof
Inteneetnal wraith; a gem of literature; an tnfilfc
pensable rrqulriie to every ffouly. The beat seiUns
bops in *he tsarket. For terms and terrUorraddrms
OBRJN^GODDEN, PUhlfscrr, 137 acariil-lafrS!
WANTED— Who will sot cosmic the gyo
»r cshalit 7 Die only correct way of teHlas
pin srd ret*re ervnta. B<r rooms ere duty en**"'
with miiarr. Cram every pan. Pastoesos. Jo. 483
TXT ANTED —Farm era Notice—A person
▼T barter e moderate prlerd fkrta sear nltrosd
whodrsirvs to ezrbasye U (ores Interest In-sOm
Tate bottom* tn CUcaco wbleh tin pa* %xa» neat
?«er. may. If be eta dewte bis wbol* U, sd
re»* fest Office B-x 1439, Chicago. - .
EEante3tes®o Kent
\a/ANTED —To Rent—From May LISQ3, a
tv store on or sear Sooth Watered soltabla tot
orodaec-ecmmisstaabctlnfls: woo’d rent part or a
store cow ocesptrd. Address “scorr," Jl Deaf
TT7ANTZD—To Bent—A lady wishes a far-
Tv elthed chamber, or one partly to. Bent month'
tytaadvarce, ifdestreo. Adcrssa. £>r 00a wws*,
mis -D C H," Trlbass office, stating prioo aad loca
tion. .
TXT ANTED—To Kent—Three or four rooms
”T (br boetdtec?!Bc. two la fkodly—as elderly o*>a.
ale. rrosipt-pajlas traant. Acdnn “A B C," Trt
buae office.
\\f ANTED—To Bent—An tznfiirnisbed
vT room la a public block* at hart elaht aioai ea
dftsmncaCoiinEoiae. Addraa* > CQ. n frlbaae
TXTANTED—To Bent—By two tonng men,
*.¥ a Twelfth aad east of
SttiMt (ittUtmn* asd toeaooa to tmn atlas*
Uon. Addwa>*Tti.** Ttlhttatagtee.
1? OB BALE—Engine—Low prasure upright
X- itoam Mictn»i, g-lach bore.Atoot atroha. thoraora.
it repaired lut Jat». and works sow a* weQ u aew.
Also, two team tetlm. taada by Boblaaoa* Baa 4
Uo.h'Tßßtxirx&.each l(e«t lofurTvt toches <o«meter,
fsoneea Ataca aaa m ACnea Sara. HAKkUBS
BEOA* Cayabota FaQa. O. ■ • • •.
FOR BALE—4,6, 8.10,12, 15, SO, 25 and
K-horte power portable steam e&ctaes. the moet
fomptote aaeoiTmeat tn tbeWeot. Also, euttboan
ensmoe, aaa Faye's patent trip-hammers. CaQw
wrtietorcl olata. H.iLAMHi. Sooth Caa»l*>t.
TyORSALE—New aad second-hand Bteam
A * tsrae lot ol»ll entloea, saw. ahla-le
tad portable borr bU»«, S“eoail.h*ad ttaam baUere
UA Scatb WH. OEkUOR, Aeeat. '
Tj'Oß SALE—6, 8, 10 and 13 horse power
X _ pertalda easlnea, n-wrtr aew; also, tape; in
l*ttbn betsay tad portable tmtmlllx 8. H. SAB
BIS. Mschicor Depot. W 9wtt CaaaW.
l?OR SALE—Three 30-horao portable en*
X slaeajl ■aaQ'rdo. seatiy new. aew ea*
Ktaee aad boQen, at redaeoa price* Wood sad trot
worctCK marMnery. bdUnr, Ilea, tnppttei. Bradley
poR SALE—Portable and sUtirmary ea*
X doss ok aQ dMt also hntsttnt earlsM, screw
eatUar eatlae lathee, tree plaasn, aprtint ortCsi
bolt en»it plum end susctmauaeeiaffiffiia dSS.
aeipratnamsiWlu nndaaM, lUtlle tad saw
■llia, Martena Usirart, laowlw fleam m- pa, re
tary pamje, leßibcr robaer uelme aadwemTese:'
gtttiattom mnm.
stjsbo aai-st
trustworthy and rdUhe person 13 * *
South State-eL, up tuita. p^,a “ a ** *t 4Jr
ss,ff7£ Wj
3.&.Ss^ScuS?g 4S >»*«
fJ.Tr ‘, s n Jf -
Oto eew Is a Ora Ur • ham • »ewi'« h u J y*
CrrUATION-Wantcd-On a firm ior~l
*J boyahoat:3yesriot(j.Bbsratip*inh7., J 1
portomtr to attma rboreb a=a SiVoat'*
SmeE. F. ADAMs, 90 Mar.Uo-. lt , r “‘ ; ' Aa '
act boottecoer in wbulesaie bouse, or iiia
boots In a retail itorr. Hi* aj -4eaf
fer a year or two at a rca-r,r.iM e tiVrv n .-V.^r
tu CLZL!I - P -^ioil."J r.
SITUATIONS—Wanted—For *xr n -j r t, i- J
O prlTatp family. Caa rive a
® r r«a. Al»o. an»stra eood -irT fir
be had at Mre. BAL&AU’a Odee. iflA J * a
CITUATION—Wanted—Cv a G-rram ,-'h
O to eo second work. Coodacferenc ctab*-. .
g t-qnuril. Aitmt noSA. Tr.mlffl"”. =
Wantid—By a widow irvl;
ecaaUT. AiMw.." g L." Tat° £, omS. L
S l 3Ji^I I £ y r Wa^ clI - R y 1 good rel'ib;,
Jr .. rI J* ( 2 ok « w»»ber aad Itoi-er la »
A!j: “
OITUATION- Wanted—By a Gormin a*
O cleiklnareull orwhol»aaiestore. Ujm t-ti
yeare'rxjwtlenwl: any dadof mvil t.-.-j- *-T .?*
Kitegoed rtiemxea. Addreie ‘-G i. - * inuuss jj^T
CITUATION—Wasted—As travelin - cic-k
KJ la some wbole>alr zizeery home, hr a*a W . ,
tWfS4f w la niSMta aad ltii*oari Xis - 7
D. B, SIUTII, Dames Hotel. A ♦
OITUATION—Wanted—By a rf
VJ Ptarmacr.a ittnauoalna a euclt a<>niabv->.
retail or wiolmle. Addreu, M AB. n Trlbaa9on.cr’
QITUATION—Wanted—As bookkeeper, tj
k? ancipctletcJd tceountaat. Flm-clas* fin w
erencce given. Aacrtas ■» M,-1 rlbooe office.
ClTUATinN—Wanted—By a young nun
U (German) in a hotel, oranykfndof cosiness. (> »]
peccmand accoantait. htxaks Kntiutr. Ceram
Jtilisa. Not aaala cf Ado.-,*!
“FJ.”199 Baao-st. ,
CITUATION—Wanted—By a yonttg K >r
wrglaa.wbo thoroushtv oml rataaoi takin?--fe
, Ci nurse* aod cows,aid willing to make biraa-’f *>c
eraliy oiTitu aroao« u»* hone*. Call for c. BJEcks
TOU&ami Hotel. 61 Klstte-st.
• QITUATION—Wanted—As engineer ’>r a
O man of two yeaxVixperlence. AddfrssVj'u-
Tnanie office. •
CITUATION—Wanted—Dy a re*n , *ctaMe
,T®ob* »«*»• »llh reod refereacaia a.i’Ka-lh!i
finally. Jo ukt care ef bones, cow arc ssrJea aa.
dress **L F.** Tribane oillrr.
agents Esasnich,
AGENTS—Wanted—?2soa month undo by
v 2; £££??££' B V e =f,be Wb! ciotu-4 mi.
vfJ&JfH 2 * V.® ctrc-u.»r« adcrwa. vitn stiao
IlcQothes Uac Co-" fla Fraaklort-»t..
A GENTS-Wanted-N-w bosiouu ffirnulc
XI. and female ai-nt*. So corrperlMoa a-4 ijrr
proflt*. Adoraa HENDERSON', a CO
146 Seneca *t„ aevelmd. omo. uatt..
A GENTS—^Wanted— Agents ti-avolli -£- la
xx. «iontry towns can do weft la *rii‘r.* R.:= n’«
B&ovCaros, maon&etnred hr A. STEiITEL.
DearbrrML, Boom 4, Chicaco,
A QENTS—^Wanted —We want first^l-.^
XA arentstotntrrxinceonr SEW ST\R sfii'TTra
BEWIiiGMACHUIK. It mairu thV «onluV I, a*
lliTCff. Price(3 and*4o, hatnnrdlnary iadacea*aa
to rood lalefinea. Further partlcaian ana i»a,a
wASggMyggas w L s - MiTnEil •
A GENTS—Wanted—To sell our Champ s >3
XX PrisePackue. warranted ths be»t la th* -nix
ke*« Address CU.VS. IJKCK/ Wholesale D*il'r a
Cooks. N’oTtU and Stationery, 114 Easi SlaJ;»oa-*L.
A a S'Ji?™?? tel „ _For Howlacd's I.IFE
XX OF OEKKRAL QRiMT, aaa MoLbits u,di
BTATWWaX. Aa •ecurste History of ht» axUtiarv ».J
ei»il career. One Ursa omaeo toI. of c-o para lfi .
lyluniuatod. Asenu «ui find thl* the book to «iil
al (be present time. Tbs largest com-nUaloc rjvta.
We eraplor no icneral ageata. aod offer extra ir. l ire
of dealing directly wttn the pah l»h*n. Fo* rr a
<Lß* BCUB4CO, PutlJa
ers, uaitord. <X
AWanted—To sell card Sxl 1 ) and
XX 10x12 PhotorraaLs. Oxer 500 dicef?ns tta.»
Alhnmsand Cramrs for rack Hie. Al*o »tw : rtu”i-
Tlngs and colored ptetnru. to »ua*rn and o?il f.-»nu»-
anda MTluofso maps and ctsam. coms.-islar ia>
Jal«»t publication* ol the cay. b-ith ora»m>iui «!ti
t.V?^ T ±. Addrt !l SAMIIOHX CLAUB A CO.
i J 5 Chlcao. of M.mu
ina. IlctareFratnuamlLooklag.oiaiww.
A GENTS—Wanted—For the Life of Qca-
XX eral U. 8. Grant By Hoo. ReniT O. Deatnx.
Tne only work of the kind tssard aadrr the
eadhy lbesathorUyofOranthltns»P. Th* anc vrti
wenkErwuaaoueofthemm brlllla'.t wrli«.-* i*.d
eloenrnt ora tors B the eoeatrr. Agenu vm ttr.c
?. X 2 .* °f lalen-Mlae Bl at aptle* c rer pub
ll»t cd in Amtlca, and will meet vlih s >-vit tale.
Fp* partlcaian, address O. F. UIBBB. 138 soett
Clark-tt.. Cntcato; 111.
A GENTS—Wanted—For Clark’s Indelible
XX Pencils for marking
*e Hr* Proetu.o->*ipaid. v-eent*. Si-vl r.ir
circularstoH. r.&iunikv’aNT. Lom&srJ Block.
A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a strias ol orer j
XX smt popular erera-rinx*. In «xlO vs-J 15t12 ots>»
traxnei. >lasuolcand Odd Prilow*' enacts, McK-'-zl-’k
bockrt ten th-mano receipts, Biarsa’a
works, and Dr. Wm.Smitb , » PleMoa*rv nf th- RlVe.
For r*rtjctilars JO UN D. KIES 164 ban
MsduoL-tt .Chfoagc, UI.
fcas sold renal 10 It rtncMh* days of “ Uccls Tom's
C«b!n," Oor s*e-.l rrtons 1j? order* 1■; one wrek;
itolairS'Olna we**. It Bac»!wai:tortav , v-iiawc
rtthly Illustrated trUh naxer.nns ona #t >--1
lays, and* portrait of Use A .ihor tl'en-.rtjs pfr
leal t*mUcM o« acto-nmodved by arphlnr trar. .
alatefy. 12 person or br mail. Terms ama; literal. u
wehave no general armPcbot deal aiircilrwn'
warn. JTa- STODDARD ft CO, Itt* W*»s=g*
ton-iL, Chicago, lit.
A GENTS—Wanted—For the new work
Xi rEOPLSra BOOK of BIOGBAPriT. oy the Its*
tlnroi*h«n writer. Jem * partoa,e atanm? sketches
ot the lire* cl over eighty of th* iao»t eciio*-iper
sow, ceaaa-. worn n.of ait area aat cuairH. a
mndtomA referee of o-«r SO pares, l<trrs
t'»ted. headforclftaTsn. Adds*** it. c.xhEAT.
119 South ClaiWt, Chicago.
x*. Chctloh la prices. Bare chase* for see t« «r’l
la« pooalar napa, chars UlhograoriC tdetur*. pbc
tojrrapha.iflrant campaign »*dtli. a: «i enerjriart
la OTkl Oam*s Ac. Semi for drmlar am svufy
ycuisrirrsthit vetsvenelvrest a*»)rla«at. ctn
,lh» Nst goods s:iC sell at the lowrit prices GE ’il'iK
;F. CBaM,- 134 LaVr-st, Chicago.
XI CO. B, S. GRANT. Chare* A Pan*, iitv
'AmlstantSee, of Wat and *<tllor of Apple* oa'a -Raw'
■Atnertean f.‘yc'rf-j>eUs.” Is oce cf foe most widely
kaf.anci Areencan wiltrn. TheUfeof Gea. i.tact
,bjr«oeb saemlnest rcboiaraao write-,will »und hun
3c Amcrtcsallreratare atd ra*e s siT*»«•. i*. A - . l—*s
CHARLES BILL, 13*4 CAJJXS, ifoum 14, CUCa
to. BL,
• A QlNTE—Wanted—Goodspeed A Co.. Clfi
•xm.caxe,VgwTotkudMeaphlaet.QDt th»lrag nu
by tbeuaeda, scattered from Milne li c.Kf
from Canada to the G&U. greryhotT wants so lmy
person can sail oar State Maps, Charu, nrtiue*. la
oral frames, •qaare tomes Ac Ocr larre «t vj, v'-r
low prices and oromptneai la filling order* plcaie all.
Bow la the golden time. Try ns
' A GENTB—Wanted—For MEN OF (U'K
xVDAT j or the fom and DeM* of Genera
memOratonrsadFotlrtealUadsn now oa the su.-v
of Aclloo, iatiadlnt Grant,. Sherman. Col'mr. =cm
pey* Bfontaa, Sberldan, rafoSCurtla, Traaha'.l. i- sa
tomßacrlngham, wiuon. Greeley. Wade. M-T--B
Pumps. Farragot.-Cfca*s, Lons, Stareoi.
olaers. w«& cr*r Forty Uft-nte Pj'trilu ..i U -■
!ngMen. by arents. Grmu
Bend tor circulars ZKTGLBB, MoCvliDT i f.
Lombard Blocx, Chicago
A GENTS—Wanted—For Dr. Stcwsri t
XI mat work, M TUB AMERICAN FAKMc.lii'
BORSB BOOK/* In Earllah and G-nn i•»
ready, tresttng oh every dise«se t> w,,;r-; ; e
Bone U sabject. with a complete table of*r-;;; i-.r.
It also sorer* the whole jrroosd nf<thekS IM-ri'l
Management. So simple In Pa tta-%>■ r *s
uderataa«lt.an<i»och*aptbst aUcan m:r !t 1‘ *
•'lUsg &*tert&anany ihtwerlptl-r: booil-. rr,
k*t It has la every cai" stood the uaiufii*
eriUeal and Is dally rrcrwir »in r>'Vi sr
favor. For ci.ealan gl\ fog a large namh-r «>' i*rv
tlralTests.with fall pirtlcnlan. term*. 4=.; al-o,
cor foe Poster with 3 HlailraUcns. s-ldre-f J i.
A GENTS—Wanted—ln every to-n. fora
xjl nermareotbotlneif. piylnglaig'rrr>-ri< t’iaj
any oth»r agecey to America, bend n»m f rr- tura
p&aiagf. nr Scents tor M cent nm.-Ie E. W.filAi’-
FELL, 89 South Halated-sL, Chicago.
A GENTB—Wanted—To canvass this city
-XX for subscriber* toooeof toe best wore.
Jest ftem the ptblshcrs. Apniy to WLiislXii b.
STEELE, 80. 144 Bandolph-«L. Kooa 3.
AGENTS—Wanted—To sdl our Champfac
XI Prire Warranted the b r <: ta tr.e
ticket. Address CUAS. RECK, who <•}*!'d*U»: !:
broka, noTelaanasutlceery. 114 East Maalvic-*!.,
A GENT 3 Wanted For tbo FOLSOII
Fee 4, and IntrrmUtßat Cooper Movem'Ut. riw. t'A
tDSO. SPECIALUrFSIfr*-M«ehlß*s oa trial. Sa- i.
wwSnvf sftwa. sw etreclws and t-rms.
j p.Axaloscw.iSA Kawtoipa-su, Chicago, a.
A GENTS-r-Wanted —EnergsUc,. ro-ahcar!
XX Bs.nifad *1 for the r.vrsfcias aad
y?f —~ Co-ta bat Scents a eauaa to
dress BtIAItSKH ClacmaiU.
*L|® t«d—To sell THE LIFE OF
U. 9. GBAST. t>e worW reaa»asd his
■ He*. J. T. a»*m.tr.
a*** *orapapernyi: “Xaoarcoleioa. J-T Q<v)>
ley hat do eqsaUs a mlatsry writer- uVeai wlt«
tr * pablU. la
****** aaa el prices winch will warrant ■iQilbciloa.
t «^?s l *S2S? e * T 5 pUw* wo* m cC oar cei
gjgg**®*; Addm*C.W.LlLLBr, 40 Dearborn*
A GENTS—Wanted—On salary or
XX cftrmuitcp. * nnrya.l to a-n m-ie-aa
ajae. UorotapeUOoß. To tri?n who
■ample and lastmettoaASe. T. CQpyiH.^kfqjxlll
A GENTS—Wanted—To sell a new and uti’* • *
Xx W article, wasted in every £hdO*. Th“b®t
eaont. J. mTmooDi. 133 -
BA gpJaloalyjwnlrtilMJoae arnnM a
pla sed direction* far ula*. Attraii n mit.
kin. A rat. Box | wTudCAra. WLE
partnna HSanteh.
■pAßTNEK—Wanted—Bare chiace for the
X rtahlklad ofamia,with ISt* to Biffeub. y?.r
ItihfaallCßeaDal lAAßanrintpAar .f^gmA.to-day.
PARTNER—Wanted—To take s hslflnter-
X estlnabO'laaathiSceb C3Sto8«?0 per month
CapllU teqoiibdaiaaU. Apply at 106 MadUoatC:
Boom St -
pABTN KR—Wanted—Wl*h tTDO, or more*
X - ta a Bale paytas bulaeaa. U win par a &m>
cUuboalemmac.aad nose other woa reply. Bo
weaece cirhansed. Address “W W** trtbane odea.
PARTNER—Wsa Led—Wi th SI,OOO cash, to
X take aa lateral In a sew iareatloa. Address
M Z AW." Trtbaaa office.
PARTNER—Wanted—With from SI,OOO to
X fi.tOp cash ta head. HoC« other aeedaroir.
ThobcalaeeeMestabtWbed, bat needs xMa ■■noons
meetdemuy'eudt&crecsslts met. Thmusoex
eollcss cbaecefbrs rafß ano proßtahle ‘'rntaiH'.
Addrwa**BCaisHb& A,” Tribaaenffir . "
■pARTNEK—Wanted—A competent cua,
X with SUM caMtaLln a well-esiAMlibc-I nrtctice.
cleared lut year. SStASa e*ab?SsSe tbecom
ißKietsoa byoneof in item temaltla* la office, the
otter make malar proftmioaml trip*. The b«t of
actlce. i>oaortbebea(opportßOiafttoaxood.e'>m*
petCßt man that on be fbnad in this or any otter cut.
OtOB?-jSiJSi.S° e -~ ratiaC1AJ 4SD SC!| -
PARTNER—Wanted—To take one-half or
X whole latereat ta aa old retabnshrd cr>'C*vr
Uoreihat will Invoice i&amt or o*er KI.KO. prpv-
Ucalaii lagalia of or address -OHOCKB," for r«J
at Igaetatfrema basement.
PARTNER—Wanted —The proprietor of an
X <dd mtahlbbed camase thetary* do tar ahoet tae
hrptt haatatus In town, betar wtohftiJ ta extnx*
Mb oade, wocld take ta a pectaor wi*h « etsb car* *
taim aboat Voeeoerker-pnfermd.
eiefljgTßW-eejr repaired. ACanw ‘•CABBIaOS -

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