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Slow Progress in the Douse on
the Tariff Bill.
r :'v
.vV I
Proposed modification of the
• Act Relative to Tonnage
Prorisl*ns *f Ihc Scw Postal
Treaty with Worth Germany.
Dr. Hayes Appears as Hall’s Com
petitor for Arctic Honors.
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
abctic explorations.
Washington, April 7.—The question of sending
another expedition Into .the Arctic regions has
taken a new am* unexpected turn. Captain Hall
has been here two months explaining bis views
nnd plans. He asks nothing for himself, but wants
the government to furnish a vessel and pay the
men who will go with him, and has made ar
rangements with the Coast Survey and Smith
sonian Institute to take two or three scientific
.gentlemen. Ills seven yean* experience in the
Arctic regions, and the success which has attend
ed his labors, pat him in the front rank of
explorers, and point him oat as the
man to take charge of an expedition, if
one la sent. The Senate Foreign Relations Com
zntttee fully considered the matter, and agreed
unanimously to the passage of the bill introduced
by Hr. Sherman. The House Appropriation Com
mittee had also considered it Informally, and fa
vorably. At this moment. Dr. Hayes drops down
here and proposes to avail himself of what Cap
tain ilall has done. He asked a hcarlngbcfore
the Senate committee to-day, and, of course, got
It. Ho made a speech, in which he set up that be
was the original Jacobs of Arctic explorations,
and that he, and not Captain Hall, ought to be
put in command of .the proposed expedition,
lie has had three years’ experience In
t&at kind of work. He nas begged the Appropria
tion Committee to hear him, and Monday next Is
act aa the time. How things will come out no one
can guess, but there is a good deal of comment on
the manner in which Dr. Hayes has thrust himself
Into the matter.
The joint of order raised by Mr. Cullom, of TUl
jjol*,UMlaj f IQ resari to tbe duration of the morning
hour, will, if sustained, have an important effect
upon me business of tbe Douse. Mr. Culloro In*
sis led n>ttt u was only through custom that the
morning hour had come to l>e 'regarded as only
sixty minutes, and called attention to the language
of the rule and me parliamentary rulings and prac
tice twelve and fifteen years ago as proving that
The intention of mu rule and former action under it
was to continue the morning hour at each dally
session until Interrupted by a vote of the majority
to take up business on me Speaker’s table or to go
into Committee of the Whole. The Speaker, while
disposed to decide In favor of Gallon's position,
was desirous of baring the views of the Douse on
no important a departure from a custom of long
standing, and it was finally agreed to postpone
jetton until Tuesday next, and men the Speaker
trill probably uphold Cullom, and let the Douse ex
press Its sense upon the subject by an appeal.
The effect of me new ruling would be to enable
the Douse to go on throughout the day if it choose
ami finish any Important matter reported by com
mittees, and if necessary to continue through a
second day also, thus exhausting the whole time
allowed under me rules to each committee, and
enabling It to work through a great deal of its busi
ness without the interference of other subjects.
The general opinion is that me work of the Douse
will be greatly facilitated by such interpretation of
the rules.
Among the bills favorably reported to-day in
the Senate was one giving S«,I2S to Cowan A
Dickerson, of Knoxville, for 266 bales of cotton
seized by General Burnside In November, I»C3,
and used in making defences about Knoxville
against Longstreet.
Cleveland can have Us water works, as the Sen
ate Committee on Commerce to-day agreed to mo
Dense bill allowing a crib to bc.bullt In Lake Eric,
and It will go through as soon as It comes up.
The Ways and Means Committee to-day agreed
to bring In a measure for the relief of the shipping
interests. It repeals all tonnage duties on Ameri
can vessels engaged in the coasting trade.
Butler’s Joint resolution for me annexation of
Nan Domingo was against the wishes of me Presi
dent. Butler went up to the White Douse two
weeks ago and offered to Introduce it, but me
president urged him not to do so.
Quite a etlr was created In the Douse, to-day,
by Butler, In the course of tbe five minutes’ de
bate In me Committee of me Whole, suddenly
taming to Schenck, and s*.ying that he desired, to
retract me charges he bad made against the
Chairman of me Ways and Means Committee, at
of this Congress. He bad promised
to investigate Schenck, and had dune so, and
found him innocent, and be desired to make a re
traction before me House. Mr. Schenck seemed
puzzled at this offer of a certificate of character
from such a source, given after R lung and patient
private Investigation of his affairs, bnt at me close
of Butler's endorsement, said be accepted the
apology in the spirit In which It was given.
WAEniNOTOK, April 7.—The Committee ot Wavs
wad Means to-day agreed to recommend the fol
lowing additional section to the Tariff bill: That
me act Imposing a tonnage duty on ships, vessels
or steamer* shall not hereafter be construed to
apply to any ship, vessel or steamer belonging to a
citizen or citizens % ot the United States trading
and arriving from ports of the United States or
trading from one point or port within the United
States to another point or port within the United
the Richmond mcnictpal imtooqlio.
Hou. James Wilson and Judge John Meredith,
in behalf of Ellison, and ex-Governors Wise and
Wells, in behalf of Cnahoon, have arrived here, and
will argue the Richmond municipal case before
Chief Jostle* Chase in Chambers. The question
turns on the Jurisdiction of Judge Underwood in
the premises, and affects relatively other parts of
Senator Fenton and Representative Van Wyck
liavo been before the Postmaster General to ob
t«in an increase of pay for mall services by the
Erie Haiirrqui Company, noon their own applica
Brevet Brigadier General Sidney Bnrbank,
Colonel United States Army, unasslgnod, having
served over forty consecutive rears. Is, by direc
tion of the President, retired from active service,
to take effect May i.
The Senate Naval Committee have agreed not td
art on any petitions tor the restoration of naval
officers from the retired list'to active service,
unless on recommendation of the Secretary ol the
BeJorc leaving Washington, this morning, the
president signed the joint resolution directing
the Secretary of the Navy to investigate the Oneida
The new postal treaty with the North German
Union, which takes effect July i, reduces the sin
gle rates on prepaid letters via England, to 10
rents, and m Bremen or Hamburg to I cents;
onprepald letters pay double rates. Newspaper
rates are unchanged, but must t>e prepaid.
Captain John E. Blaine, of iviinwlvaula, brother
Of Speaker Blaine, Is ap]«oluted Special Agent of
the Treason DepartmenL
The reports of the National Banks in I espouse to
the recent coll of Comptroller Hubbard, came in
slower than usual, owing to the change in the day
of the week upon which fhev are required to be
made, which u Thursday instead of Sattmlav, as
.After the adjournment of the Supreme Court,
Chief Justice Chase gave a bearing to the counsel
in the Richmond mayoralty difficulty. Judge Mer
edith, of the counsel for Ellison, moved to dissolve
the Injunction granted by Judge Underwood,
against Ellison and bis associates Ex-Governors
Tv ells and Wise argued on the opposite aide. The
argument was continued by Mr. Nelson, of the
counsel for Ellison, and other counsel already
named tor the rival Mayors. The Chief Justice
took the caw under advisement.
General Butler endeavored to get In a Joint res
olution, to-iay, to annex the Republic of Domini
ca, but objection was made by the Democrats,
The Postal Committee of the Senate decided to
dav not to act on bids for subsidizing lines of
ocean steamerß|except where it related to carry
ing the malls. The bill for a tine of steamers be
tween San Francisco and Australia, which waa be
fore the committee, was referred to the Commerce
Committee, in accordance with the above decision.
General Fremont made an argument before the
Senate Pacific Railroad Committee last night in
favor of the'Transatiactlc Railroad Company, of
which he la Provident The committee arc rather
favorably disposed towards the road. Inasmuch as
it does not seek for any subsidy.
tux lame Exrrrmos.
Dr. Hares, the arctic explore”, had a hearing
Ijefore the Senate Foreign RclatlonslCommlttce In
faror of striking ont the name of Captain Hall
from the Joint resolution appropriating 1100,000 for
an Arctic expedition, and tearing it to the person
•who flta out the best and earliest expedition for
the voyage.
The House Commerce Committee, to-day, heard
Den. Boiler, and others, make arguments in favor
appropriations for river and harbor Improve
ments. liter also agreed to report a bui creating
San Diego, Texas, a port of entry.
. thk rcNDWO aru
' The Committee on Ways and Means wiu, to
morrow, consider the Funding bill
The House Committee on Commerce has agreed
to report favorably the bill authorising the es
tablishment of water gauge*, and the taking of
dally observations at principal points on the Mls>
atosippl River, and six principal tributaries.
General a H. Lee, of Wyoming Territory, made
*n argument to-day, before the House Committee
on Territories in favor of the resolution endowing
the Big Horn mining expedition. Charges have
been tiled here against the official integrity of
Church Howe, Marshal for Wyoming Territory.
Wash uteres, April 7.—Mr. KELLOGG intro
duced a bill to secure a uniform and more perfect
system of levee for the reclamation and protection
of alluvial lands In the Mississippi Valiev from
overflow. It provides for a grant of public lands
of Mx sections per mile of levee constructed to the
Mississippi Valley Levee Company, on condition
that the states of LouAana, Mississippi, Tennes
see, Arkansas, and Missouri, or either of them,
contract with said company for the construc
tion of leveea.
The bin extending the time for the completion
of the first section of twenty miles of the Cairo A
Fulton Railroad was passed.
A concurrent resolution, directing Inquiry trite
the effect of the Fifteenth Amendment upon In
dlana, was adopted.
Mr. DRAKE introduced a WU to confer jortsdlo
tlon open the Court of Claims, to hear and deter
mine the suit of the city of Carondclel ts. the
United States.
Mr. CHANDLER, from tbe Committee on Com
merce, reported farormbly on the bill declaring the
con*3toiOonffrea# to the erecUono! acrtbln
Ertrtf the city of Cleveland for tbe protec
tion of &n Inlet (or water worts about to be con
The joint resolution authorizing the Northern
;'rci2c CospiV U»e caasirac^un
ifrtfltiri T> *T fay JTith U 4
Meodmeoti of Hr. Wilson, fixing tbepnoe of ad
ditional lands at tuo pc t Acre, andrestnettag
-tann to actual mettlera. next op.
Hr. HOWELL argued against railroads monopo-
Item* Unis, and Hr. Btewart defended the nll
roadA and land grants as conducing to the pro**
peflty of the country.
__ wumm tu.
Without disputing of the btn, the bill declaratory
of the meaning AOd tntynMnyt of frtvtlßg ■ UWI
relative to the Income tAz wu taken op co motion
•of MLBhemiUL Al amended by theFina&oe Com
mittee, the bin continues for the present y»ar the
taxon salaries Aad.diTtdeQdn, and omiu All rerer
ence to the Income tar. It refers only to dirt
denda, salaries, end interest paid by corporations.
Hr. SCOTT offered An Amendment to obviate
wh*t h« tensed the injustice of the tax collected
through the banks of dividends to persons taring
less Income tbsa a thousand dollars, which Hr.
SHEEHAN opposed as likely to creAte confusion
la the azecQtioD of the present laws, tad wu re
jected—lß Agiinst M.
Hr. SUMNER spoke against the re-estabUahnisst
of the income <>T
Hr. conktjno hoped the present bIU would be
the finality of the income tax. -
Hr. BHEEMAN considered it the most lost of an
onr taxes.
After farther remarks by Mr. Davis la favor of a
poll tax, a carefully-adjusted property tax, and a
revision of the system of taxation upon whiskey
and tobacco, the bill was amended and passed in
shape to construe that the income tax be collected
for and during the year IS7O in the manner now or
hereafter to be provided by law.
The bill authorizing the Northern Pacific Ball
road to Issue Its bonds In construction of Ks road
wu then proceeded with and discussed by Messra
Harlan and Howard, the latter mining that the
cry against subsidizing railroads came not from
honest settlers, but from land speculators.
Mr. HARLAN delivered a lengthy argument in
support of the views of his colleague (Howell), op
on the necessity of a modification of the policy of
railroad land grants so u to secure the rights of
actual settlers.
BUSINESS rs order.
Hr. MORRILL, of Maine, gave notice that he
would, to-morrow, move to take* up the Legisla
tive. Executive, and Judicial Appropriation bill
Mr. RAMSES said he would Insist open the next
special order, which was franking.
revenue coupon coots.
Mr. DECK, from the Committee on Appropria
tions, reported a resolution In reference to the
coupon books used in the Interna] Revenue service,
concurring wltn the Commissioner of Internal
Revenue In tals opinion as to the form, size, Ac., of
the book adapted to the business of the people.
Mr. MUNGES offered a resolution directing an
Investigation by the Secretary of the Treasury into
the condition and management of marine hos
pitals. Referred to the Committee on Commerce.
Mr. POLAND, from the Committee on Revision
of the Laws, reported back the following bills: To
extend the time In which certain offences may be
prosecuted. Passed, it allows prosecutions for
forgery, perjury, ere., hi the matter of claims for
pensions and bounty, tc be Instituted within four
Authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to ap
point special agents, not exceeding fifty-three m
number, for the purpose of making-examinations
of books, papers, and accounts of collectors and
other officers of customs. Referred to the Com
mittee on Retrenchment
Mr. FERRIS reported a bill to perpetuate testi
mony In the UnlUHLStates Coons. Passed.
Mr. JENCEES reported a bill to regulate the
exercise of Admiralty Jurisdiction in United States
Courts. Passed.
. At the conclnslon of the morning hour, a point
of order was raised by Messrs. PAINE and CDL
LOM, as to the correctness of the prevailing prac
tice under the roles aa to the morning, which,
after an explanation from the Speaker, and con
siderable discussion, went over for farther con
Me. DAWES, from me Committee on Appropria
tions, reported c bill appropriating fi06,3.3 to sup.
plv deficiencies fur salaries of United States Minis
ters abroad, for the fiscal year ending June 30,
IbTO. He explained the cause of the deficiency,
and the bill passed.
The Douse men went into committee on the
Tariffhlll, ihe clause under consideration being
mat of taxing cigars and cigarettes 12.50 per
pound, as agreed to yesterday, and as per cent ad
valorem, the pending amendment being mat
offered by Hr. Strong, to Increase It to CO per cent
ad valorem.
Mr. SCUENCK, acting on instruction of the
Committee of Ways aad Means, moved to strike
out of the bill all relating to cigars, and leave the.
law as It is at present.
After considerable discussion. Mr. SCUENCK
withdrew his motion, and Mr. MYERS renewed It,
and the whole paragraph was struck out, leaving
me duty on cigars as under existing laws.
Mr. BROOKS (N. Y.) moved to amend the sub
sequent clause relating to cotton manufactures so
as to read: “On all manufactures of cotton and
on all other officios manufactured of cotton, the
act of Marews, IS6I, is hereby restored." After
discussion by Messrs. BROOKS, KELLEY,
ELNBURG. the amendment was rejected.
Me. MARSHALL moved to substitute 30 per cent,
ad valorem for the taxes provided In the paragraph.
Mr. WINANS offered as a substituted for the
clause, one on the same subject, contolnci in the
Act of March 9,1601. Rejected.
Mr. ALLISON moved to amend by striking out
the words “ and. In addition thereto, 10 per cent
od roforrm,"
Mr. BUTLER opposed a change of me present
law, and Mr. Scnenck defended the action of
me Ways and Means Committee.
Daring the discussion, Mr. Butler said It was
due to the Chffirmatfof the Committee of Ways and
Means, as well as to himself, to make a remark by.
way of personal explanation. In the commence
ment or this Congress, he had, Tn the Jbeat of
debate, stated substantially that he intended to
investigate me course of the Chairman of the
Committee of Wavs and Means. At th—, time he
had many stories broached to him “eh had
forced themselves on his mind. He hi !nce in
vestigated them and bad found them, ■ every
Instance, to be of that class of -iders
from which every public man suffc.. . In
me same place where he had mule the x-, tlou,
he felt It doe to that gentleman (Schcncl), a* well
as himself, to make, as far as be could, repara
id r. SCUENCK said he accepted the reparation
In me same spirit in which he believed It was of
fered. He had felt perfectly confident when he
challenged the investigation, long ago, os to what
the result of any Investigation into anything Im
peaching his Integrity would be, and be was glad
that, tn the same place and by me same gentle
man by whom the Intimation against him bad been
thrown out, mere was now such retraction made
as would go out to the world.
Mr. nTTTT.KTt moved to strike out the clause.
No further amendment was offered, and the par
agraph as to cotton manufactures remains tn the
bill as reported.
The next paragraph was as to common spool
Mr, SCRENCK moved to amend by changing 19
cents to C cents, and 800 ranis to 100 yards, so as to
read: “On spool thread or cotton, e cents per
dozen spools, containing on each spool not more
than too yards of threat, and, for every additional
100 yanu or fractional part thereof in excess of
100 yards on each spool, tt cents per dozen spools,
and 90 per cent ad valorem la addition to the above
”m£ ALLISON moved to make it 8 cents per
dozen spools and said the present rates were from
ea to 78 per cent on the value of the article. Ills
amendment would reduce it to from M to CO per
cent, which he thonght quite high enough.
Mr. BROOKS, of New York, moved to reduce
the rate to 4 cents per dozen spools. This was re
Without disposing of Uic other amendments, the
committee rose, and the House adjoqjned.
Accidental Shootinjf Case at Lima.
Special Ihspateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Lima, April 7.—A very distressing acci
dent occurred here to-day., Mrs. Meliy,
wife of I. SL Mclly, Esq., Probate Judge,
while removing' some clothes from a bu
reau drawer, In which there was a loaded re
voUer. caught it In the clothing In such a manner
as to discharge It The ball took effect In the left
lung, passing entirely through the l«rty. bhc U
now lying in a very critical condition, with Uttiq
hope of recovery.
n«dy of Suicide Found*
Fprelil Despatch to The Chtcaco Tribune.
Rocumxß, Pa., April 7.—The i»o«iy of a woman
named Polly Ram bo, a single lady m yean of age,
was found In the Ohio Hirer near East Liverpool,
Ohio, this evening, where It had caught In some
brushwood. She has been missing from her home
In this place for the last ten days, has been de
ranged fora year past, ami had made threats that
she wonld drown herself. She escaped from her
home through a window in the latter pan of the
night, since which nothing had been heard of her.
Wagon Run Over and Occupant
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Ckjstune, April 7.—The Eastern express on the
IUL Road, which arrived here at c o'clock this
evening, struck a wagon crossing the track near
Carr's Station, thlrtv-flve miles from here, killing
one man instantly, and seriously injuring another.
Seriona Carriage Accident in Oincln*
nati Religious Items Printer**
Cincinnati, April 7.—Henry W. Sage, a promi
nent business man of this cltv. waa thrown from
a boggy to-day. and seriously hart. He suffered a
dislocation of the shoulder, and fractured his right
Rev. Francis C. Montfort, son of Dr. Montfort,
of the Herald and Pretbylerian, was ordained and
installed as pastor of the Orchard Street Presby
terian Church this evening.
Thr Cincinnati Pioneer Association celebrated
the clghtv-second anniversary of the settlement of
Ohio, In the Council Chamber, this alternoon. A
very interesting address was delivered by George
William Johnston.
The Young Men's Mercantile Library Association
inaugurated a coarse of public lectures to-night,
the first by U for several years.
The Cincinnati Presbytery dosed its session this
Over forty compositors in the Cbmmema; office
are on a strike this evening. Mr. Halstead says he
win have no trouble in holding oat against the
Escape of a Noiorlou* florae Thief
from Kenosha.
Kenosua, April 7.—John McCann, the notortons
hone thief who was arrested In Chicago * short
time ago, for feaimp horses from this city, and
brought here to be tried before the grand jury,
next week, broke Jail last night. Every effort is
being made to recapture him, and It is noped the
raacal will be brought to Justice.
Don Carried Away at Janesville,
JAbtsnujt, April 7.—The Monterey dam has
Just broken. A heavy corrent of water has turned
Bgalnnthe pier of the railroad bridge and woollen
mill. The damage is already great
Columbus, April 7—The Senate spent the day
on a bill to prevent railroad companies from
running can over their tracks when they have
not been fenced. The bill tailed to pass.
The Douse to-day passed a biu repealing the
Visible Admixture law of last winter.
Harrisburg, April 7.—The Legislature has ad
loomed *ffu die. The Governor has vetoed the
Bond Transfer bill, which was to take bonds from
the fond and transfer them for aid to cer
tain railroads.
Arrival of General Thomai’ Re*
mains in Troy.
t»ot Anrii 7.—The remains of General Thomas
arrived' thS morning. The funeral twin was met
at Schenectady by a committee appointed J>y the
rituensofTroy. On its arrival here the remains
were laid In State at St. Paul s Church. Gerais
McDowell, Sheridan, Sherman, *e«de. Hooker,
Hawn, Newton, McKay. Grpger. and otter dis
tinguished officers are In the city. tare
exercise* take place at noon to-morrow. The dooj
will be interred in Oakwood Cemetery. President
Grant is expected to-morrow morning.
Another Claim Against **>° Boston,
llartlord and Erie Batlread< CH
PorcmcirmK. Aran, r.—Sheriff Kenworthy 107
day serred another attachment aralnst the Boaton,
Hartford and Eric Railroad Company to aattffj a
claim of *so t ooa This makes 11.101,000 worth of
claims made by the sheriff.
nemphit Bankruptcy Ca»c.
MtJtfHLS April T.—Tho exiunalve dry (rood
>tou*e Vl liOWclL \»OuJ A ueeu
U*u bj Ul FiUAdclfbU crtdUetfc
j Wfao Mkic&%o
VOL. 23.
The Conscription Troubles in
Spain Becoming Serious.
A Fortified Camp of Insurgents In
the Outskirts of Barcelona,
Eeported Flight of General Jor-
dan from Cuba,
The Spanish Cortc* Advised ol
the Complete Suppression
of the Rebellion.
advance ip tub prick or paper.
London. April 7.—The paper-makers of the
North of England, at a meeting In Manchester,
yesterday, agreed to advance the price of all kinds
of paper 10 per cent, owing to the dearness of rags.
The bnlllon In*the Bank of England has decreas
ed X 393 during the past week.
London, April 7.— I The Time*, In an editorial on
the boat nee, says that “ pluck and perseverance
gavg Cambridge the victory. This u gratifying to
the pnbllc, weary of Oxonian success, which had
become monotonous by repetition."
The Ttt*rrrtph says: “The victory Is Immensely
popular, and the satisfaction genuine and un
It is hinted to-day that Fir Stafford Northcote's
contemplated visit to Canada has some relation to
the Red River difficulty.
London, April 7.—ln the Douse of Lords to-day,
the election of Lord Lancsborg, as Representative
Peer for Ireland, was announced.
In Uie Commons, Mr. Childers, First Lord of the
Admiralty, Bald Captain Lamberts, of the man-of
war Daphne, now cruising In the Pacific, bad been
directed to use the utmost vigilance to arrest the
deportation of South Sea Islanders.
Moneell, Undcr-Colonloi Secretary, in reply to an
inquiry, informed the House that nothing had been
done about the Red IJJver difficulty since the fcid
of March, when the government sent full Instruc
tions to the Canadian authorities.
The House resumed the consideration of the
Irish Land bill in committee.
Mr. Syrian, member for Limerick County, moved
an omeodment providing thatau evicted tenant
be entitled to damages equal to ten yearn' cent, but
not to exceed XlO.
Mr. Glailstonc opposed this, though be said be
was willing to provide for a free contract after
the provisions of the bill bad been observed for a
given number of years, discretion thereon to bo
left to the courts. Mr. Gladstone proceeded to
discuss and defend the other clauses of the bill.
Mr. Gathome Dardy admitted that tbe most ob
jectionable features of tbe bill bad been removed.
Blr Roundcll Palmer was averse to further
Earl Grey thought the MU an adroit scheme for
extorting long leases from reluctant landlords.
Hunt and Hogan favored seven years as. the
term of lease.
Mr. Synan’s amendment, and several others
were withdrawn or negatived. *
Mr, Gladstone, after referring to the conces
sions already made with much reluctance, said the
denial of all compensation to me dhtgolng tenant,
denial of freedom of contract, and limitation or
damages to fifty pounds, which were proposed in
an amendment offered by Mr. Fowler, were equal
ly arbitrary and nolost. He appealed solemnly to
the committee to accept me concessions made by
the government, already so extreme as to aßenate
many irith supporter*.
The House divided on Mr. Fowler’s amendment
with me following result: For the amendment, SIS;
against, 260. Majority for the government, 32.
Progress was reported, and me House ad
London, April 7 The Globe intimates that the
earlv retirement of tbe present Speaker of the
House of Commons may be expected, and that the
Itlgbt Hon. Edward Cardwell, present Secretary of
War, will probably be elected as his successor.
The Globe also announces certain changes con
templated In me Ministry, among which are mo
following: Lord Northbrook to replace Cardwell
as Secretary of War: A. S. Ayrtoun, now Commis
sioner of Public W orks, to be President of me
Board of Trade, should John Bright wUh.lraw In
consequence of 111 health; Sir Roundcll 1 “aimer to
succeed Lord Hatherly as Lord Chancellor.
Qcbknftown, April “.—A mason working on a
new cathedral hero was arrested by the police as a
Fenian. He had a revolver concealed on his per
son, which, be coming known to me police, led to
his arrest on suspicion. Name withheld.
DexuN, April 7.—The first instance of the en
forcement of the Irish coercion bin occurred to-day
at Dundalk, where me magistrate ordered a
printer to suppress an edition of the Farmers'
Almanae containing seditious language.
The Queen declined to inaugurate the Albert
memorial at Belfast
Madrid, April 7—The popular opposition to the
operation of the Military conscription act has not
abated Yesterday a number of men entered Se
ville from the. neighboring villages of Camas and
Santloonca, with banners flying, shouting “ Viva
Republic,” and “Down with Conscription." They
were evidently sent out to test me disposition of
the people for a general rising. The rioters were
promptly arrested by me authorities. Groups of
people formed around me guard, and for a time It
was thought that efforts would be made to rescue
the prisoner*. They were safely lodged In jail,
after some difficulty, and me crowd dispersed.
The city has become quiet.
Madrid, April 7—s j». m.—News from Barcelona
Is highly important. Advices Just received state
that troubles have broken out there with renewed
violence. The rioter* have congregated a short
distance out of me cltr, and thrown np barrt
rsde& The Captain General has notified the gov
ernment that he Is not strong enough to attack
mem, and is awaiting reinforcements. General
Prim has sent General Boldrelch to the scene to
take command of the national troops.
Madrid, April 7.—ln the Cories, t<Mar, a do
spatch from the Captain General of Cuba was
read, announcing the flight of Jordan, the Insur
gent Commander-In-Chief, the surrender of many
of the rebels and execution of other*, and declar
ing that me rebellion Is at an end. Tbe Cortes
adopted a vote of thanks to the Captain General
I and army and navy and volunteer* of Cube-
Paris, April 7.—lt is rumored that Count Barn,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, and M. Buffet, Minis
ter of Finances, have tendered their resigna
tion!!. It is also reported that the Emperor was
hurt to-day, while mounting a horse. These ru
mors have an effect npon the Bourse and depress
ed rentes, which at this hour arc quoted at 73f 45c.
Pahl«, April 7—ll p. m.—'The Bourse rontlnnes
excited, but rentes bare recovered and are qnoted
73172 c.
Paris. April 7.—The specie in the Bank o
France has increased 5,000,000 francs daring th<
It is reported that the Opposition party will issue
a proclamation concerning the pfefrtactmfu.
Emile Olllvlcr and Jules Janln have been elected
members of the Academy of France. M. Olllvler
takes the chair made vacant by the death of Lam
The medical students to-day signed a protest
against the closing of the Keole de JWinne,
The tihl'tM'ihon a ill be submitted to the nation
after the Senate has voted on the &tu.*ui Cbnaufr
iim, probably about the iz:h of Wav. ir t«
Ij understood that the government will allow both
chambers to discuss the pfrttanttrm before u is
voted on by the people.
The MaTsthnr an uses Rouher of encouraging the
etnke of the workmen at La creuzot.
Havana, April 7.—Ten column* v.
troops left Puerto Principe with tastrn«*u«.ns to
divide into small parties, each column am.:* eeatcu
orders from the Captain General.
The rebel General Agraraome lately hang a man
to a tree on the read leading into Puerto Principe,
with the inscription pinned to him, ** Executed for
trving to hurrendcr."
The towns of Carcorro. Sitianlcn and Guava
maro are strongly fortified by Spanish froopi.
Companies of volunteers are being organized In
those tow'll?, comiKfe-ed entirely of Cubans, and on
soon as equipped will proceed to the field.
Two hundred Spaniards from the garrison of
Puerto Principe marched into the town of Santa
Cruz, where they captured and executed three
rebel Colonels, named Reds, Cuncio and Medina.
Spanish despatches report that the rebel General
Jordan has cmalnlr fled the country, and that the
main l*odv of the Insurgents, conslsttngof soo men.
Is commanded br General Agramonte, These de
spatches also state that the Congress has been dis
Cuban families who surrendered to the Spanish
authorities at Co#pedes had abandoned the region
of Las Tunas, and retired, with about a dozen fol
lowers, to the Comagney region.
Spanish conrovs of provisions now reach the
town of Las Tunas without molestation by the In
A boiler on the Predosa plantation, near Carde
nas. lately exploded, killing nine and wounding
fifteen of the hands employed, and completely de
molishing the boiler bouse.
A duel was latelr fought between the rebel
Colonels Ryan and NugullL Result unknown.
Vienna, April 7 The Upper Chamber passed a
resolution favoring the appointment of a Liberal
Minister, and opposing strong, central powers.
The lower Chamber adopted an address to the
Emperor, protesting against experimental changes
In the constitution.
Arrival ot Delegates from Winni
peg—The I'lowd—spring Weather—
Steamer* Sank by lee*
St- Pin. April 7.—Messrs. Scott and Ibchott
(Delegates from the Northwest Territory to Can
ada), General Dcsalberar, and Colonel Rankin, all
arrived from Fort Garry last night, and left for
Canada morning.
The river here is out of Its banka, and rising one
inch per hoar. Two and one-quarter mUUonfvel
ot logs have gone ont of the Sh Anthony Pond.
The Coon Creek boom contains overtwclrc million
feet, and Is considered in great danger.
The fanner* are already plowing.
The steamer Champion, owned bv parties np the
Chippewa, was cut In two by ice atDurand, 00 the
Chippewa, and sunk, last Sunday. She is reported
a total wreck. The steamer Monitor, lying at
Heed's Landing, was also cut down and sunk by
the icc coming out of the Chippewa River on Son
d Reports from Lake Pepin are Jcssfavorahie, and
It is believed that boats win not arrive from below
before the Wtt.
Delegate* Appointed to Attend the
Final Meeting of the New England
Anti-Slavery Society-Shooting Case
In Jackson. .
MkkfhxS, April 7.—The A cabnfhe't
special says: At a meeting of the friends of w en
dell Phillip*' Antkaavery Society, held here thta
afternoon. Governor Alcom presided. A long pre
amble relative to the abolition of slavery and ute
Anal meeting on the gtt of April was adopted, in
cluding greeting* to the eocletv. Senators Arne*
and Revel* were empowered to act as delegates at
the final meeting. wt „ ,
Jaa Tuck, Chief of Felice, was shot and killed
by Henry Si ter, carnage dealer, this morning. The
affair is shrouded in mystery. Thick was formerly
Orderly Sergeant in the Fifth United Staksa Cav
alry. No one except a negro woman was present
when the shooting occurred.
A motion for the release of Ycrgcr on ball will
be argued od Monday.
Course of the Imperial and Domln*
ion Clorernmcnts with Regard to
the Bed Hirer Insurrection*
Tobokto. Amu. 7.—ln thelloaae of Common*
wtgM. Mr. Cameron asted If the goTemmenl
bad nor further intelligence from the lied Hirer,
end whether they were in position to give any
further information than had already been laid l*»>
fore toe House, and what the government intend*
ed to do In reference to the recent murder at Fort
uai* - Sir John *-Hacdor;dM,"Vd !w could only
1 gt*£tt*ttt«soTcnaaoai*t»iaUy «wva H an*
.appreelste the gravity of their position. He said:
We hare done so daring the winter, sad indeed
orer Ahwe the events of last October, UU now we
understand had fully appreciate the responsibility
that nett upon ns." He added? .“WThare
been la constant eommonicstion with Her Majes
ty’s Government on the subject, and the two gov
erumenta are la unison, and for one object, and
that is to retain that country as a portion of Her
Majesty's dominions, and to assert law and ordo >
there. The line of condoet bu been settled upon;
what it will be most be withheld from the House
at present. Her Majesty's Government, however,
while acting In accord with os, las approved the
coarse we have advised, and la to-opcraUng with
os In carrying out that course." He wu sore that
this course wodld be carried to a successful Usue
at no distant day. *
Qcxbec. April 7—The Trustees of the Peabody :
estate in England have communicated with the
government of the Province of Quebec as to the
advisability of founding a village in Lower Cana
da, and building farmhouses, a church. Court
house, Ac., for emigrants who may be hereafter
Montreal, April 7—At a meeting held to-night,
the Havor presiding, resolutions were adopted de
nouncing me Scon murder, and demanding mili
tary protection to the loyal inhabitants of the Red
Itiver country.
Horrible I'nagrodjr near Colona, Hen
ry Conntj-A Farmer and hU Wife
Olnrdcrcd in Xbelr Bed, and a Lit
tle Cbild Terribly Beaten—sixteen
Hundred Hollar* Secured by the
Cambridge, April 7.—One of the most brutal
murders that has ever i*ecn committed in this
county was perpetrated dear Colons, 111, on the
Glhlnst. A. K, Slumlord, a farmer living about
three miles west of colona, bad Just sold his farm,
intending to move West, two ruinous, attracted
doubtless by the money supposed to be in the
bouse, effected an entrance while the family
were asleep. A little boy was ly.
log awake in a trundle-bed and saw
one of them attempt to reach under the pillow
of Mr. Mtunford. and gave the alarm, which awoke
Mrs. Mumfonl, and she screamed, awaking hor
husband, who sprang up. Both were Immedlatelv
knocked down with a club. Mr. Mnmford'a head
was completely severed from his body with a knife.
The Uuicboy was then Knocked down and left for
dead. The ruffians then left, after securing over
11,000 In money, and some notes. In the morning,
when the deed was discovered, the spectacle pre
sented was an awful one. Mr. and Airs. Mumfonl
and the boy all lay upon the floor, weltering In
their blood. The boy was found to be
alive, and was restored so as to
relate the dreadful occurrence of the night; but
the parents were both dead. Two strangers, pre
tending to be cattle buyers, who had been hanging
1 about the neighborhood for several days, are sup
posed to be the murderers. One has a light com
plexion, bine eyes, light hair, large features;
weight, about 175 pounds; dressed In dark coat,
and bad on a black felt hat and leather shoes. The
other was tall and sUm, with dark eyes, black hair,
pale complexion, and nervous temperament; wore
a blue soldier's coat, and thick boots. Intense ex
citement prevails in the neighborhood, and If
caught there the ruffians would undoubtedly be
lynched. They traced one of the remans some
two miles over fields, by blood from the wounds
which he had received in the tussle with Mr.
Mumfonl. Every effort is being made to arrest
the murderers.
Railroad Organization—lVcw State
Home Iron Contract—Springfield
City Politic*— Personal.
Special Dcerstch to The Chicaxo Tribune.
SriUNGFIKU), 111. April 7.—An official certificate
of the formal organization and election of a Board
of Directors of the Danville A Indianapolis Rail
road Company was filed In me office of the Sec re
tail of State, to-day.
The contract for famishing the Iron work for
me new State Douse has been awarded to Messrs.
Hall. Klmbark A Co,, of Chicago, their bid being
$60,000 Se&s than an? of the seven firms competing
witn them for the' Job, and is less by at least
$20,n00 than the estimate of the Chicago architects.
The BLate House Commissioners are very much
pleased at me figures of the contract, which will
he promptlv and faithfully carried out by Messrs.
Hall. Klmbark A Co., who are well known as one
of tne most reliable and enterprising firms In the
The Republican Cttr Convention for nominating
candidates for city offices was held in mo Hall of
Representatives this morning, and was very har
monious and enthusiastic. Tbe ticket nominated
Is a most excellent one, and one that will be
elected If the Republicans do their duty. The can
didates tor the principal offices are: A. M. Sims,
for Mayor; VaL Hummel, for Clerk; W. W. Lee,
Assessor and Collector, and Noah Dlvelhlls, Treas
yrrr. There will be a mass ratification meeting
Sainnlsv night.
The Elgin Mat and Mattress Company filed ar
ticles of Incorporation to-day.
Governor Palmer leaves for Chicago to-night, for
the purpose of delivering an address at the memo
rial meeting to be held at Farwell Hall to-morrow
evening, in honor of the late General George 1L
Coal yiiacn’ strike at La. Salle«
PpecUl Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
LaSalle. April 7.—The coal miners here, to tbe
cumber of fire or six hundred, arc now on a striae,
in resistance to a change which the coal companies
proposed with regard to the time of payment or
wages. Heretofore the miners have been paid
semi-monthly; but the owners of mines being al
most always compelled to wait from thirty to sixty
days for their pavmenu for coal, proposed to bare
the time for paying miners made monthly. It was
not proposed to cut me miners off entirely from
getting their wages to me end of a month, pro
vided there was a necessity for obtaining It sooner.
On March 26, notice was given by me companies
to thclrmineraand employes that tbe nextpav-day
would occur on Saturday, April 9, ami on
the second Saturday of each month thereafter, but
that money wonia at any time be advanced
during the month to those whose necessities re
quired it, and who hod credit on the company’s
l.ookd. t'pou the receipt of this nottee, the miners
struck, iv.e men were poorlv prepared for such a
step, and me consequence is, mat there Is great
distress and suffering among the families of
miner*. Not a few show a disposition to return to
work, bnt are prevented by those who style them
selves the leader* of the movement.
The consequences of the strike have extended
to the LaSalle zinc works, glass works, and other
manufacturing establishments, which hare been
obliged to suspend for want of coaL The railroad
companies ore also obliged to look elsewhere for
their customary supplies.
iilixieitt and .Hichigan Canal*
HL, April 7.—Since the opening of the
western division of the Illinois and Michigan
canal at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, thirty-three
l-oots have cleared for Chicago, and at this hoar. 3
o'clock In the afternoon, there are no more In port.
At the opening of the canal last rear there were
one hundred and nineteen boots here. Weather
warm and pleasant
Bind Dog Excllrrarut in Aurora*
Aoora, 111, AprL 7.—A mad dog ran through
the cltv v esterday afternoon, biting three children,
a son and daughter of Mr. Wilde, and a son of Mr.
Groesbeclr, besides half a dozen dogs and several
cows. Two ladles had a shawl and a dress torn
bribe animal, and numerous others barely cs
esped. A dog slaughter commences to-morrow.
Thr Rhode Island Election—Largely
IncreaMvd Republican .Hajorlllc**
Providence, R. L. April 7.—Returns from all
the towns except Black Island, give Padelford,
Republican, (or Governor, Pierce,
Democrat, fi.024; scattering, Providence
gives Padelfottl 4.017; Pierce, 1,843. The Repub
llcan Assemble ticket was elected in Providence
bv jsV) majority over three opposition tickets.
’Providksce, April 7—Complete returns of the
Slate election give Padelfonl. Republican, for
itevernor, 10,4 W; Pierce, Democrat, 6,25»; scat
tering, BS2.
Official Vote in the Tenth Ohio Coii-
grckbloiml Oibirict*
Fort Watne. Ind., April 7.—The official major,
ire In the Tenth Ohio District for Peck, Republi
can. Is 2,7r7. Hoag*? majority over Ashley was
?18, showing a large Republican gain.
City Flections.
Fond dc Use, Wia., April A—Oar municipal eled
tlon was an c- dong one. Two tickets were in the
Held. The Citterns* Union ticket was sunported
bv all hcavr tax-payors and our best citizens gen
erally. The People’s ticket was supported by all
the lower classes of the population, ami, of coarse,
cnammbered the other ticket Dr. T. J. Patchln,
the Major-elect, is an original Democrat bat is
now on the fence. Politics were discarded, but
the Connell stands nine Republicans to six Demo
crats. Both tickets put good men In nomination,
and the reaitt U that the city will bo wren officered.
There was an Immense amount of electioneering.
The election has no political significance.
Janestulk. April 7.—The Democrat© have elect
ed their candidates for Mayor, Clerk, two Alder
men, two Supervisor*, and s«chool Commissioner;
the Republicans, the Treasurer, Attornev, Police
Justice, Justice of the Peace, and ward officers.
rxxis. HL. April A-Yestcrday will long be re
membered in Pekin, not that It was almplj the day
of ejection, bat that It waa the first day that the
colored mao was allowed the privilege of voting la
this part of the conatre. We held our township
election. Ail passed off in a quiet manner, which
resulted In the electing of the foil Republican
ticket, except one Justice of the Peace Rad one
Constable, captain BUI Tinner, —a Democrat, a
man who boasts of hi* Democracy, a man who
might during the war have been called a rebel, —
who was running on the Democratic Octet, was
the first man to go to the polls arm in arm with a
negro and see that be deposited his ballot, th&t
precious privilege so long denied him by the party
who are now the first to steal their votes.
Cincinnati, April T.—The official count of the
Tote at the recent city election shows that Fisher,
Republican, is elected he a majority of 4.M&.
Average Republican majority on the ettr ticket,
Slid. Official returns show that WUU&m Stoma Is
cctcd Alderman in the First Ward.
Official Dental Concerning the Re
ported Application for a Receiver
of the I’nion pacific Railroad—
Personal military' Activity—The
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribane.
Ox aha, April 7.—The officer* of the Talon
Pacific Railroad deny the statement* contained In
the telegram of the 6th. from Cheyenne, In respect
to the 1111T1 11*11 of creditor* for a receiver, la the
courts of Wyoming. No creditors of the company
have given satTinotice. The company owes no
authenticated or ascertained debts In Nebraska,
Wyoming, or Ttah- It ha* paid and continue* to
nav all indebtedness when due. Davis, who Is
alleged to have given such notice. Is not accreditor
of the company now, and has suits in Nebraska
against other parties for the claims referred to.
The companv claim* that these proceedings have
been instituted for the purpose of blackmailing the
corporation under the law* rorrepUUouAly put
through the Wyoming Legislature *r its recent
session, which Congress U about to annul
jesae M. Richards. Esq., President of the Chica
go Board of Trade, and wife, have been spending
a couple of day* In our city. They go to San Fran
cisco to-dav, to start on »trip around the world.
Yesterday, about noon, a painter, employed to
nalntlng a building on the northeast comer of
Vanffiam and Twelfth street*, fell from the ladder
to the ground, a distance of about ten feet, in a hi,
and was Quite severely Injured.
Great acllvltv prevail* In military circles In this
department troops are being rapidly pushed
westward to all Important points.
Chief Justice Halien, of Colorado, la In the city
tnjiiT m rxruif westward. t
X Captain J. C. Meyer, late of the First Nebraska
ravSrv and a well-known ctituen of this place,
died very suddenly, at an early hour this morning.
O, Kcw% X7 from the West KMay ahnw a heavy
enow-storm at Cheyenne and Corrtane, and west
£d north of the WU'ljto.
—unication is interrupted. The railroads are run
ning all right. The river continues rising, and, as
5S It* banks .* ** ***** « 80
«-fi) overflow the bottom lands.
The /SroifT* Watur, Neh.. letter say* : David
jlart, Wm. Falticr. and Elmore Blake, In attempt
fLzfil the river on Sunday afternoon, to a
JSr“SS “45 .“d .ore precipitated &> tile
water and drowned.
A Chase after Indian .Hnraudert.||
Barax. W. T. f April 7.— Two hundred and fifty
men left Atlantic well moaawd and
annctC to pursue the I ~' |l '--i , - l Util L>{c wn’■ leu
euscers near Attaonc.
Testimoay for the Prosecution is
the McFarland Case.
The Defence to Open Their Case.
Preparation* _ror the Execution
of the Murderer Reynolds,
Bpedal Deepitcb to The Chlcaco Tribune.
New Yoax, April 7.—The gallows for the execu
tion of Reynolds, the murderer of Townsend, was
erected to-day. The execution takes place to
morrow morning, Governor Hoffman having re
fused to reprieve. Reynolds was visited to-day by
hla brother and slater from Massachusetts, and by
his counsel and several othcriC Qeshowsnotrept
datlon at his approaching execution, and evidently
entertains hope of pardon.
Seven! clerks In the Custom noose hare been
removed under the new regulation* against
perquisites. By the new role they are required to
make oath every pay-day that they bare taken no
fees or perquisites during the month.
The money market worked easily throughout
the day, with C per cent as the ruling nue on can
loans. The gold market continues dull sad steady,
without special features. The railway market was
strong, and higher on Lake Shore, New Jersey
Central, Reading, and Northwestern, with larger
transactions than yesterday. -
In the case of an appropriation by Congress for
another voyage to the North Pole, It is probable
that a large subscription would be raised here to
assist the enterprise. The Geological Society will
hold a meeting on Saturday to consider the sub
ject, and will appoint a committee to examine the
plana ol Hall, Bent, Hayes, and others.
Father Stans, Vicar General of thdState of New
York, said to-day that the Pope bad not Issued any
bull against the Fenians. He says some of the
Irish and English Bishops presented a communica
tion to the Holy Father, and this purported bull la
simply his answer to thexm Had it l/ecn official, it
would necessarily have been read In every pulpit,
but u la optional, and rests entirely wltn the Bish
op's discretion whet, er he ehrii use it or not.
**«»*• ur m
Tore, April".—The real work of the Mc-
Farland trial commenced this morning, ami it was
evident from the deep attention with which the
audience listened to the proceedings that the fact
waa duly appreciated. Tho prisoner, however,
E reserved the same calm and composure which
as marked his demeanor since the beginning of
the trial. As soon as the jury roll was called.
District Attorney Garvin proceeded to open the
case on the part of the people, and charged the
Jury that unless the prisoner can show that he was
}ostilled in hts act, he was guilty of morder in the
Bret degree, and such shoold he the verdict.
At the suggestion of the defense, the District
Attorney ordered all witnesses for the prosecution
to retire, except the Brat one to he called. The Bret
witness, George M. King, was called for the prose
cution. The examination was begun by the Dis
trict Attorney.
1:30 p. m.—The witness. Ring, was employed in
the Tribxint counting-room; knew Richardson and
McFarland; his testimony recounted substantially
farts relating to the shooting of Richardson, as
they have frequently been given to the public.
Sir. Graham conducted the cross-examination,
and a diagram of the publication office of the Tn
lune was exhibited to witness, and he indicated
the positions occupied respectively by hlmscU, de
ceased, and the prisoner at the time the shooting
occurred, lie could not remember having seen
Richardson making any motion that imllcatod an
tmendontooscaweapoD. Saw Richardson's pistol
afterwards at the Astor House. Never heard
Richardson boast of his skill with a pistol.
8 p. ql—The next witness, Daniel Frohman, re
counted the circumstances of the shooting sub
stantially as known. Knew that Richardson was
armed. Saw a revolver at the Astor House, after
ward, which Richardson had. on his person- Did
not see a pistol in Richardson's hand at the time
of the shooting.
Edwin Carver was the third witness for the pros
ecution. He was one of the TVilmne mall clerks,
and his evidence In the main was a corrobatloa of
that of the two previous witnesses.
A recess was then taken.
2 ao p. m—Tpon reassembling. Daniel Watson,
mall clerk of the TVihune office, testified to hearing
a pistol shot and seeing two men leave the office.
Did not see Richardson or McFarland.
Captain Allaire testified to arresting the prison
er, and to Richardson's identification of him as
the man who shot hint. Dr. Swan gave evidence
as to the character of the wound, its treatment,
and to the death of Richardson.
A question i>elQg asked bv the defence If witness
was present at the marriage ceremony, objection
was made by the prosecution. Mr. Graham. for
the defence, claimed that they had a right to show
what excitements deceased was subjected to that
accelerated bis death, withwhlchhls client had no
thing to do. He would ahiwihat they called a blas
phemous ceremony to their aid, not tor a mar
riage, but that they might secure the
property of the dying man. That desecrating
proceeding was hot the culmination of a con
spiracy organised by the Infamous gang who first
sowed the painful seed that resulted In such a fear
ful occurrence. They could show that Mr. Beecher
had Id his possession a copy of aa Intercepted
letter which should have put him on his guard
against acting the ran he did. The prosecution
mast prove that Richardson was sent before
his Maker by; the act of McFarland
alone. If Dre. Beecher and Frothlngham
bad done their duty that blasphemous marriage
ceremony would neverhavc take place. Richard
son was unable to determine about taking that
woman for his wife, and they took* advantage of
his weakness. The question was excluded.
Mr. Graham then showed a photograph of Mrs.
Richardson to the witness amt asked to have It
shown to the Jury. Objection sustained.
Mr. Graham then asked a number of questions
relating to Mrs. Richardson, which were ruled out,
as not pertinent.
The District Attorney then said his side rested
their case.
Mr. Graham argued that the prosecution bad
failed to show the death of Richardson was solely
caused bv the woand be received at the hands of
the prisoner; that the Court Instruct the Jnrr that
II the prosecution failed to establish the averments
In the Indictment thev hast failed In an important
brancD ol the case, and that therefore Us client
was entitled to an acquittal. The Recorder stated
that in his opinion there was enough to go the Jury.
Mr. Spencer sold be did not anticipate that the
Crosecntion would close their case so abruptly, and
ad not profiared for opening the case for the de
fence. The court granted him until to-morrow to
prepare bis case, and adjourned till to-morrow.
BUhop Ames presides at the sessions of the East
New York Methodist Episcopal Church. During the
present fitting, Rev. Horace Cooke, the eloping
parson, will be tried on the charge preferred
against *»w. It is understood that Cooke win make
a defence of temporary insanity.
The Methodist Conference East has appointed
committees to prepare resolution* condemning the
divorce laws of Connecticut, and against all efforts
to give a sectarian bias to the management of pub
lic schools. -
gnrr-owNtns’ rßort-r.
Ship-owner* are signing a petition to Congress
furalipd the MU providing for subsidies to certain
lines of American vessels, as Injurious to thegeo
eral shipping interests.
During March, 11,7 w inuolgunta arrived here,
Itclodlce a,»s« Germans.
A wallet -containing com, Mj rmaablc
t apers—value, rv«\ was foun-Jpaa stdeof an
eld building on the corner of Third avenue and
one Hundred and Thirtieth street. It Is supposed
to have lain there for years, and is the proceeds
of a robbery.
Some twenty five officers of the Array of the
Cumberland, including Generals Barna*, Ledue,
Long Thompson, andN. Sanderson, awembled
th*« afternoon, and left in a body for Troy, to at
und the funeral of General Thomas.
Judge Bradlcv, of the L'cJted States Supreme
Court, has returned home from on a temporary
visit. A dinner in his honor is proposed before*
his departure for the South.
It bating been announced that President Grant
would attend the obsequies of General Tnomas, at
Troy, Governor Uoffmah addressed him a note,
extending him the hospitalities of the executive
residence as he passed through Albany, The Presi
ded replies, tbanning him for his courtesies, but
says that his stay wui be too short to accent, as he
has arranged to attend the Army of the Potomac
reunion, on Saturday, at Philadelphia.
James Depcjftcr Ogden died to-day, aged 90
S. S. Randall-for thlrtv vear*
of the Public Schools, in this city, is about to re
lettbbs to ncrmocs rnugu
The rostmasttitt of this city and of william*-
burg are defendants la suits brought by fictitious
arms and persons, to recover letters delxlneti by
order of the Postmaster General.
At the Congregational Conference to-day dele
gates from an the chnrches were present Henry
Ward Beecher spoke on applying religion to busi
ness and social life.
Proceeding* of the Convention ot
Young Men** Christian Associa
tion*, at .ffsnhalliown.
Marshalltown, April 7.—Yesterday afternoon
the address of welcome was made or Rev. A.
Goodall. Response by the President of the con
vention. Rev. A. L Hobbs, of DcaMolnes follow
ed with the annual address. The work of the
Young Men's Christian Association wai his
theme. It gave unusual satisfaction to the Urge
audience who listened. Reports of the work were
read from Cedar Rapids, Marlon and Council
Bluffs, all ahowing excellent progress, and much
good accomplished. In the evening the discus
slon was on “The Work of the Young Mena
Christian Association through Spiritual and Secular
citv was selected fcr the meeting of 1571.
Hers. N. Fellows. Amos Biatt, and J. U. Sanxay
were appointed Executive Committee.
mss oral
Terrible Railroad Accident Jfear
Breckinridge Engineer Killed—
fflany Pauengen injured.
Orwcr. April '.—New* ha* fast been recelred
here ol mother umble Tkllrond tccUeat on the
Hannual ± Si. Joseph Railway, at a point three
tnQcs west of erennw,
at A passenger and freight train collided m
* abort curre. each miming at a rapid rate, runn
ing to the tilling of tie engineer of the freight
train, tad badly injartng terenJ pwenger*jon tne
passenger train, though we teem of none being
Itltiij aa We did not learn the name ol the en
gineer. He Ifres in Bloomfield, and has a wife
and four children. Both engines arc a complete
wreck, a* well aa the cam The trackte tom np
for a considerable dUiaace, arnl an extra tract nas
to be bttilt around the wreck.
Accident to a Hirer steamer—Emi-
St. Lons, April 7—Tbe steamer ttichioondt ran
into the bant, opposite Knshtowt* Bend, twenty
live mliea beiow neie, at night,
1 and Captain Green was throwing freight oyer
board at last acconaa, to keep her from sinking.
The Bismart h&a gone to her assistance
The tide of Immigration from thenj*■ *f*
In, and a large number of tgimlgraata are ammg
byrtreraial talk Some three amred
yesterday by the Ohio A UissimppJ
hound for southwest Missouri and b*n«a, »nd
about fifty excursionists from Ohio an* l Kentucky
passed through to examine lands in Kiss—
Carondrlct Becomes a Part of the
city of su Louis—Hortlcttlturtal—
Steamer Wrecked.
9T. Loate. April Formal r -oasftsslop was taken
tO-d*y by the proper aethiattl Ot CaroodtWi »•
centiy annexed to St Louis by legislative enact
ment, and the records of the Cttv Council anfflimer
Baects were brought here. Caroadeiet is six miles
south of St Louis Court House, has about KJ.OOO
P£Phj*uon, large Iren furnaces, marine ways, smp
-? 1 ? Mississippi Taney Grape and Wlne-Orow
enr association c’osed.s three days session here
uua afternoon. Members from Illinois, lowa, Mis.
BtJLte * were present, and much
Information lam before the association!
Aothlng further has been heard from the steam
r. /VJhmond. a wrectng boat went to her re
lief this noon, and probabilities are that she will
ne saved without much damage. The boat is
valued at tiso,ooo; Insured In Louisville and Pitts
burgh offices. She bad about eighteen hundred
tons of freight valued at near HOO.OOO; insured,
follows: Pacific, of California, li,000;
Globe MdtaaL of St Louis, fsjioo; Citizens' and
J£?H5f n -5’ S£ Su eac * l IL000; American
central, |S,ooo.
Two ntllien feet of jLog« Carried
® Ter St* Anthony Fall*—'Temporary
llama Swept A\* ay—XXio TuOncl
Full of Water Ajniin.
__ iVotn IktMirmtnjwlU TViiuiw, April 5.
The moth dreaded ice baa gone out, and al
though.it went very suddenly, and much earli
er than bad been the amount of
damage done is not near aa great aa many
feared. The lumbermen were busy up to the
last moment, cutting a channel in* the ice, in
Si to coniine the rush from above to the
o of the river, and could they have had a
day or two longer, thev doubtless would have
accomplished their object. Aa it wastho warm
weather of last week, melting the snow and ice.
f-wepod the river so rapidly as to bring
the Ice down with a perfect rush on Sunday af
ternoon, carrying awav a portion of the boom
Umbers of tbo St. Anthony boom, and filling
itto the St. Anthony mill pond, where a solid
jam was formed against the mills, and in its
jnasage sweeping away a portion of the tom-
Starr dams, built to protect the work on the
aneL The ice which had come down in solid
calcs of from two to four feet in thickness,
was piled and jammed up promiscuously
against the mills and bridge piers, and for a
time both the bridges and the mills seemed in
danger. The jam of ice in the pood caused
the water to riuorapidlyandto a great height,
overflowing Boom Island, which ia just above
Nicollet Island, and covering it completely
with the floating ice.
The word soon spread through the city, and
hundreds rushed to the bank of the river and
Nicollet Island, eager to see the grand sight
of the ice moving out. Many thronged the
bridges, and at one time quite a panic arose in
the bridge between Nicollet iwiarul md St.
Anthony. The ice began moving, and it was
coins to be carried out, which caused a rash
for the shore. Tbo alarm, however, was but
temporary, as the bridge stood firm. But at
about 4 o clock the pressure from above was so
great that the jam of ico gave way at the mills,
passing out over the dam, carrying a Urge
quantity of logs with it.
The amount of logs in the pond is supposed
to havo been from three to four million feet,
of which between two and three million feet
is estimated aa having gone over the falls,
leaving about a million feet still in the pond,
jammed op against thepiers,where they prob
ably will be secured. The logs carried away
l«clonged mostly to St. Anthony mill-owners,
although some few belonged to Minneapolis
mill men Among the losers are 8. W. Faro
ham 4 Co., Butler, Mills 4 Walker, Captain
Martin, Tidd 4 Gorton, and others.
When tho ico camo down it is said to havo
forced tho water into the tunnel with anch
force as to throw the water in the air to a
height of fifty or sixty feet. The temporary
dam around the tunnel, which was commenced
last week, was in an unfinished state, and.
when tho ico struck it, it was swung around
against the l>ank where it now hangs, appar
ently uninjured.. It can easily be swung back
into position, and, as soon as the ice and rub-
Lirh can bo removed, the dam will bo com
pleted as rapidly aa possible, and the water
cleared out of tho tunnel at once, so
that tho work of closing it up can be
pushed forward without much delay. The
tunnel now appears to bo full of water, and
of coarse will remain so until tho coffer-dam is
rebuilt, which perhaps will require a week or
ten days. Tho mill company are making every
effort to push tho work forward, in order to
prevent any further damage.
During Sunday afternoon twotnen, who hap
pened to bo on Boom Island when the ico
came down, suddenly found themselves sur
rounded with floating ice, with no possible'
means of getting off. The ice had ail sot in
on tho Bt. Anthony side, and the j&to at
the lower end of the pond backed up twrffater
so that tho island became overflowed, fearing
no means of escape, and. for a time, the situa
tion to them appeared rather dubious, and
they were preparing to spend tho nicht there,
when tbo breaking of the lam at tho lower end
of the pond, let tho ico down, and came to
their relief. Taking advantage of an open
space between tho floating ice. they launched
their boat, and hurriedly rowed across to the
bead of Nicollet Island, which they reached in
The water yesterday waa falling gradually,
and in the null pond, on account of the ice and
logs Jammed in the pond, it had fallen several
feet. The river'la now supposed to be clear of
ice up aa far aa St. Cloud, and with tho water
falling, no further damage or trouble is antici
pated by the mill men. They expect to have
the dams completed, and the tunnel properly
protected, so that tney can start their mills
when the logs come down.
From U.e Minneapolis Tribun*, April C.
The water baa raised some since Monday,
and TcaterdaT morning tbo St- Anthony mill
pond became' filled again, which broke the jam
of logs and ice at the lower end, and carried
off a portion of the logs that were not carried
a wav on Bandar. Ko change has taken place
in the tnnnel. the situation remains the same,
with a foil head of water still rush*
isg through, which will doubtless
continue until the coffer-dam is fin*
b-hed. Workmen were engaged yesterday
in strengthening tbo dam on the outside of
Sicollet Island. The work on the cofferdam
from the island to the mills will be pushed for
ward as rapidly as possible, and unless the
water should continue tcit high, wo may ex
pect to see the tunnel fully protected again
within a week or ten days.
Tbo owners of the logs that escaped over the
falls, have made arrangements for picking
them tip between hero and Lake Pepin, so that
the actual loss will not fall very heavily upon
individuals, as it is estimated that one-naif
their value can be realized below.
The Colored People’* Jubilee—Golla
day’* saccrmor,
Loctstuxk, Ky.. April 7.—The negroes are mak
ing great preparations for the celebration of the
Fifteenth Amendment to-morrow.
A Democratic convention, to nominal* a candi
date in place of Golladay, was held in Russellville
Yesterday. On the fifth ballot General Joseph 11,
Lewis, of Barren county, was nominated, his
competitors being Golladay, Halsell and South.
Lewis was a Confederate General, and haj his
disabilities removed recently by Congress.
Proms, April 7.—A fire In Tates City, between
*2 and i o'clock this morning, destroyed the gro
cery of O. W, Pitman, the grocery of'Roberts*
Anderson, and the shoe store of I. C. Long. Total
loss, about ft,WO. with but slight insurance. The
loss Is severe on Yates Cliy, as It include 1 some of
the principal business houses. The origin of the
fire « unknown.
Eimy. ill, April r—There wm a big fire here
yesterday at 6:20. The fire broke out la the dis
tillcrr. One building was nearly destroyed; no
Insurance. The hlghwtnes were saved. The alco
hol apparatus was ruined. Total loss about tea
thousand doiiara. The steam Ore engine did ex
cellent service.
Trie Welland Canal.
St. Catharine?, Ontario, April 7.—'The Welland
Canal will be opened on the 90th last.
An Important Purchase.
We copy from the Tolland County (Connecticut}
Jfwmel the following In regard to the firm of
Belding Brothers A Co., silk manufacturers, of this
We are glad to learn that the well-known
silk manefsetartng firm of Dcldlng Brothers A Cck,
New York, Chicago, and Cincinnati, have pur
chased the Sac bock edifice on Mala street, to this
Tillage, known as the •• Rose Silk Mill,* with all the
premises and appurtenance*, and, further, that
the work of refitting has already commenced,
preparatory to immediate occupancy. This
very first class-the structure
g wen originally completed about three
tear* ago, with all modern Improvements anl con
veniences, at a Urge cost. The power is la a 33-
feet breast wheel, with ■ fall of water sufficient
for all the aachinerv the building Is capable of
containing. The mill proper Is 190 by 44 feet: the
dye-houce and wheel-house adjoining l*elng tit by
70 feet. It Is Qbdersuttd'that the price paid for
the whole property la l-iljMOfior about one-third
Its original cost.
The new owner* are now rapidly Increasing the
amount of their machinery, and will shortly have
In operation an aggregate of fully two hundred
per cent more than thev have heretofore run.
This will require a correspondkig Increase or op
eratives One hundred additional hands will be
employed at once, with a prospective increase of
two hundred. The consumption of raw Mk will
henceforth t*e from one hundred pounds upwards,
dafiv. it will thus be seen that the silk business of
Rockville, through the enlargement of this firm,
win now be one of oar most important branches
of manufacture, immensely increased even above
Its Daintiest day* of Its past history here.
we congratulate the Messrs. Editing upon this
new acquisition to their manufacturing facilities,
and upon trie increased success which this im
portant purchase Indicates. Some time ago we
took occasion to allude somewhat in detail u> the
history of this firm, and to apeak of their extensive
business In the various cities East and W cst, where
their branches are locateiL We are now gratified
to learn that since that time their operations have
been cm further materially enlarged, until they
are now probably the most extensive manu
facturers of sewing slits in the
This has been accomplish cd by an
untiring determination to maintain a hteh sand
on! of excellence for their goods, as well as bv the
energy of individual members of the firm. Their
name is their trade mark, and constitutes wherev
er their merchandise Is used a sure guarantee for
Its Ugh quality.
Reekvme is pie ase' to number such men among
her citizens; and as this purchase of real estate
fixes the firm more firmly within our borders, It la
a matter of public congratulation, as well as a
pleasure » ns, to record the fact. Long may they
COTR-Ob Saturday, Sd hwt. Madame Ad'ete Oota,
eoona to Joeeph Dtiwt, of Mdwaukeear., of a eaa> U
BASS—BCTxIkMY-Oa Sotday/AtcQ kk by Bej.
TL.il. Haa^Jd-DJ).,Mr. Walter Basa and Miss US.
Bellamy. aS c 7 thl* city.
COSBY—6CHOCK—To thl* city. April fib. Mr. O. U
Co>by to Mtea Henrietta Schock.
__BA£--At SR W«t Ktoxteit.. Chiearo. DL, Nellie
Tfcomieon, the belurod wife of T. C. Bae, much re
. CUNNINGSAit-Thc tmni of gaaioel C. Caanlßg
ham win take plane at 10 o'clock a. cu Saturday, Aptu
?th. from No. !&i COttaga Grorear.
E. C. L. FAXON i CO.’S,
74 AND 76 UARE-bT,
WI Gili
Row Exhibit in their
(.lOx ISO fect)
The Largest and Choicest as-
sortment of
In Victoria £ntnt, lin
ens, SifAd, Alpacas, and all the
novel materials ever opened tvest
of •Vcir I’orA*. J/so, a superb
assortment of
•fforning Gotrns, Chemises ,
Dratcersi Corset Covers, Skirts ,
Infants' Robes,
Etc,, Etc,, Etc-
Our entire stock being bought
by mtmberS'Of our firm in per
son, after tteenty years* knotel •
edge or the wants of this section,
and ror cash in thebesVjnarkets
in the world, 'we wilt always
hare in store
“The Largest Assortment,”
“The Best Styles,”
“At the Lowest Prices.” •
Our Bress-JVaking Depart*
ment is note reorganized under
new and thoroughly competent
management , employing over
two hundred of the most expe*
rienced workwomen, many of
them in our employ for years,
TW*e trill guarantee- the best
work, the best styles, and the
lowest prices in every instance.
The latest Paris, London, Pirn*
na and Berlin styles of suits
and dresses received weekly.
Ladies? and
Of every description, made to
order at the shortest notice.
106 & 108 STATE-ST.,
56 and 5S Wasliingtoii-st.
Spring Novelties in SI 7 PER
SILK, as well as the various
Slvles of 3 STIFF and SOFT
(The Ittdin: Halters of the West),
Have the Largest and Best Stock of Dress
and Business Hats and Caps in the City.
SPRING in our Stock, now.
Corner Washington & Claik-sts.
Paper Hanging
E. C. L. FAXON & CO.,
ri’AMI 711 IAKK-ST.
And Other trading Lake Superior Port-,
The Slnonch I'pper-Tabln simmer
will ltjive ron
ESOAHABA, connecting triih Peninsular
Eailioad for Marquette and other
Forts on Lake Superior,
1, joon m the Ire will permit leu er »biat the 15tb ln»t)
Due notire will be siren wf day.
Fcr further information, freight yw at
oßice. T. G. BUTLL.N. »up t-
lake Navigation Open.
The rtaoneb upper-cabin iteaaer,
ST. J O S E P H,
wm leave Goodrich’# Steamboat Landing, below
Ruah-.L Bridfr. for
Bulat. Sllwaskff, Shrhojxin. Manitowoc, Two
Elvers, Kewaunee, and Ahnepee,
Friday Ertwlng, April 8. at 7 •‘clock.
seed time is at hand.
Arc AUvuvh Sure!
TV- eart i-rtnnefy fn erirtenfe. BlaetEyr. Marrowfat
U«»rf Bloc Imtrrial. Tuts Tbvnb, Champion of Be*.
Und. and inifie(Hto»»fWfA _ , _ •
r-ndrrth*! Piwalau Flat Dotch and Drumhead Cab
hafp. Plant* from oorSeed NKVKB fall to head
jfu the meet appr’Ted varirtie* of GARDEN SEEDS.
(Fcnnertr wife D-Lasdmh £ Ron. Philadelphia >,
w I**« Kaodolpb-a..
Near Wpga-at, opy- Bruus House.
Onion Sets! (Moe Sets!
109 So nth. ffateAtfc
Al*o, Fca» (black-eyed marrowfat. p«a and field), for
lota to , "^4-t >EEW OOD, BURTON & CO..
IBS Waahls<tea-«t- Chicago.
Wasted. to purchase a ItaaKtynrd t where the sujtfy
la obtained at Chicago.) on the line of rai_L-oad.. Now
Bcrd an>l T without there Uan opportnnltT of doinga
rwd tnitibm. Addrwa, elring mtt particular*. H.C.
WBF-gi.gß. 14 Portland Block. Chicago.
To rerscnn tooUcc cattle p*»tired the corning mwa
YKR. r.areD<T.jn : _^___ — _
ihia (Friday) E renin*, foe work on
]LM. desrre. '
By order ofthe n - jbgy WHITLEY. Secreta?.
rmnor. »t 7S o eWk. f°r work .m the Third ai
Oriental h-u, 13 1 YUlton cordially mrUed
to attend. E. y. TUCKER. Secretary.
(Friday) Evening, at 7W o’clock. Work on tha Order of
K.T. rccrteou»lv!aTlte.t.
By order of 6,0, J. O. kecootef.
A. t,' STEWART & CO,,
The Fashionable Sovelty
granted me. ►enirln* the aliove design, each garment
will hare the letter* •• T- IK’* in monogram on the
ticket, and marked Patent Pending. or Patented March.
1J?0. Any garment of Dili style, without this ticket, 1*
an Infringement. and 1 will i rowcutc all such to the full
est extent of the law.
THOMAS DOLAN, Manufacturer,
Oxford. Hancock an ! M veher-ct*.
April 20; until then the trade
can have my Notions and Fan
cy Goods at cost. Country
merchants can save by this
from 20 to 50 per cent. Call
and see at PEUGEOT’S Impor
ting House, 99 and 101 Lalce
at., up stairs.
Store* on Mndldon nnd Dcar
bonivsl*., Tribune Tire-Proof
Building; Store* on Wn*liiuglon-
M. *, a few very desirable ottlccs
In the Tribune Building, to Rent.
Inquire of
116 I^aSalle-*t.
The 5-ptory double »f>re on the norl!iw.*t iv.rnrr of TaVc
and Franklin-* t*.. now occupied by Fairbanks, Greeuloaf
A Co. From May I. Apply at
la Xrw Lumber llUtrirt.
One thousand fret.if Dock Property to rent on Su-t
►n * Canal, cast of Lailinau in lota to ill! t, fur a term
of yian.it moderate rate*. Appt.'Ao 0 iusoN
11 Dlek.-T’e BnildiTie.
Svnthwftt comer Late and P.'arlioni-'.U.
C-. meriting Ocncrator*. 1 .'ur.tain*. B-ttllr.s n<-D.-b».
Martlr ami Slln-r DrancU Arr-iratn.* and fixtures
Bottle Corkers Srphoo Bottle rilWa, all <1 our onn
mann/arturv, and warrant'd.
tienerator* and fountain* K.‘-Lined and Be-iinnrd,
and all rrpain promptly - attended to.
iMVin .if. pnuiK
Mto<C W—t nn<f<* (*lintm-*l.« (‘‘ilea go
Tre»t«Uv DU. STEPHENS, KCUrk-it.
Feet treated annually ft-r fK'.iVi emslo cum, 50 cent*.
Co it* Cot*. Wound*. n-MlK*. Scald*. R::mt, Boil#, and
Sjlv of all kind*.
Ri-I .'TI- C’.ifT* »n-l Bunion*. For *al«- by all dniggiiu,
Si etc. per bo*. Manufactured hv
K. K. STEPHENS. Chifpydßt
CvKlimte-I f- r it* p ir.ty. «tn nrtb, and palauvMeLo**.
Warrant'd rr. «--v. 11-a, P:f J t rrentiani a'va-ir-1
at (lie U. a. Fair, th« Hbu'Ct State Fair, and Chicago
City Fair. Lamtl work# of the kind la the United Sutra,
329 and .HI btate-eL, Chicago,
fy A«k vr-itr cmeiT for I*ru»ain«*« Vinegar.
103 Wfl1)n«»li-Itv. 103.
Flnt-claM California Wine* and Rraadl.^.
• FRED Mnih.
For ail <!i *ciirtl-'B» of old. broken 'also good) Watehe*.
.lewrlrv, old rtf-M and Silver. Cun*. PUtnK Plate.
Coin*. IhiritwUlfa, &c-, at BARTLEtTS,
leri SlabueL.
P. S.-fice Watehre, Cl<<ks .Jewelfy, 4c.. for aale.
OlJWatcbf* or any of the al.-v-r-*U Uk-n In e xchanae.
Deeirou* of retiring from ha»iae*a. I otter for mJc my
entire itock of
Forcisn and Domestic Liquors,
rtmurnißE ard hxtoreo
Of the well-known and off e«uM!«hed rrrm(*cs now
i<cupir<l by at
.1-1 and 40 La9allc-«tw
T«*rth»— with the of the hn«fry-*«. If nM
ajpeaed of by the SM lc*t. I wi« then arrange w »H 1
toVwne at PUBLIC AL*LTIO.S. eouinwarin* on the
2eth Init, in let* to reit purebawr*. Particular* and ca
N B.—The Iwmac of the aliove prvmiw* can be »ecnrtd
fwm the l«t «>f Miv.cn faroralitejermt;
C-mpletF Seta of Kitchen Fnrnitarr. laclo.
dlof *»t«»Tc and Ware, for
$55, $75 and $l5O.
DAITOH & CO., 71 latent
rarCaD and art Price-Li tt. _
E. C. L. FAXON & CO.’S,
rt AXD ?B i.akk-st.
The Unqualified Success of the First
RsUbthß* the fart «f a in*t arprrcittion by the pcbKc.
■jTjc «ev«o4 Bomber w.D be tm ea>e by «J 1 newsmen ua
Thnreda*.3*t Muvh, and wQI contain Sparkling Aril
da ani Brilliant Qlnitntiun*. all oaJGtsaU prepared
wfilappear renlarir every Thursday,
A. rprdmrn cc-pr test, poit-paid, oo receipt iJ tea cents.
Subscription price. CUp-~' 3 tar.
BoxSSh, S 3 Xw«b«*>.. New York.
Maple Sugar.
TOWLKkVweIXS. of Sew York, have opened an
ia r*rw«n Hall. Room* 10 rereJ IL., f
exuntrationa, wlthwan* and full written
•* Uharuta. day and wrealag. I«r h ahiat Ui\.
manufacturers of and Whole
sale Sealers in
4 & 6 Lake-st.
We ask the attention of the
TRADE to the largest stock
in the West.
87, 89 & 91 STITE-ST.
'Factory M tfii! 93 Wetf RAadolfh-rt.
Tl UAtE&mioT,
Manufacturers, and Wholesale
and Retail Dealers In
lO.li, I 1.& 1G \orlb Canal-st.,
the LOWEST PRICES in the
(Snerr««orto Schomnan dr Mrllck nwl
jifbiirrnißß, Sharkey «.V iHrlick),
Importer, Manufacturer, and Dealer
Corner of Clark &. Adams-sts.,
Dealer In WVvfcriy, Qnlnry. Scotch. and Richmond
Cronin*. The wholt of the U-autilul Monumental and
Mantel «tork. erwnc-r of State aad Madieanela. qu.l be
removed by the Ist of May.
The attention of partly* ihsiring Mantel* or Mota
uuctaia particularly railed to the advantage* noiro/-
fercd psTchtaen,heavy reductions haring be*"a made la
order n-dtiev butt 0f el.'ck t.> LwilftaV th.- removal to
tile eld fetaMl»hm«-Bt. Piifiler of Clark and Adaw«-«M.
Hew York, Queenstown, Londonderry,
Glasgow and Liverpool
Cabin pasta** to Liverpool or Queenstown #HI e ld
ilicfnav ©o cm-rvuey
For puu,v apply tod. BRYCE, PasM &Rnr Agvnt.
ft. UOWE, General Western Ap-ot.
Tfn. 3 Lakr.*t.. omcr Mlrhicnn av., Chicago.
Steam Stiui-Wr, kly to and from
New York, Queenstown, Liverpool,
. Londonderry and Glasgow.
Ticket* sold to and from ENGLAND, UIKLAND an
the Continent.
RarxorrasuoEDTTnc Sattssat'i Srtaxtß.
Finv Cabin, Liverpvd or Quevu»town—Gold JW
Steerage, lJv<ri->.i ■-rQtic.-n«tiwn, furreno- ©3
RITFHDT Tilt Trrjtl>Al’« Stxwkb ri«* FT\Liy*z.
Liverpool orQiiecanown, Geld #*o
faverpoolcr Quevnitown.—Currency &U
For further Infcntiation, apply at the Company'* of
flceo,,imiNG. DALE. Agent, L. Ilm?ilwav.>‘, Yt. or to
r.e. BROWN. Agrnt. X Sontli Clark*:.. Chicago
* li> n* rahin , lal;< can )/>■ rcvli and room* uvurvd lot
any itcanitTof date.
AIM. for carpenter** trork. Inchrdiaa rooflar. painting
md alarlng, pu flttlaf aa! plumbing, and Iron work.
AU proposal* moat be accompanied with a bond •(
three thoayod dallara to the State of nttoAi., with »
twcntj-Cre cent tweone ftamp affixed, conditioned that
the person or peraoaa makina tlie propotal win promptly
onW Into contract fur duina the work, (a esie the taaa
•hall be awarded to him or them, aad no bida will ha
DAVIS &■ CO conaidared which do notcon/orm to ihe above require-
No. 17 Wall-st,, New York,
R*vcWe Dei* fit* to check, alt’w ir.tmit OH
ttaci!lc*acd tcmivfmiy bidaarcr.tn.! mak- cdWti-'H*
ct all acccielblL piinta. Ould.ctwdiabdU.ada bought
and Swld atrirtlv on commluloa,
Fcr 30, 60, or 00 days on all GOOD
We WANT SIOO,OOO to loan in sums
from $5,000 to SIO,OOO on City Real Es
tate for a term of years. Cali, or address
5 Otis Slock, cor. Madison and LaSalle-als.
Ad' iPCi-d < R chert t’tve, p:.y taxi erjTTr any I'pit
frrafi trade, af l • i n - Her?-. Ira.**-.._M<~ *e«n*yj
of Ueirp. ' ‘iL K.‘bWirf and D. O. HAMILTON. Ttna
tee*. V? S'nth Clerks.
rou A FEW DAY!? only,
63,000 to 610,000
T” i ‘“ fc, “‘'r“^“KfSiHkYJfA'£gfe.
IholK-t-t ii.il/a:i UrAirf.
N ■. II M- '-'l- bun HI .rk.
Loans on Real Estate.
We are negotiating Loans on good im
proved Chicago Property (or on property
to be immediately improved}, in sums of
32,000 to SIOO,OOO,
At Current Hates and reasonable com
minion, BAihD A BRADLEY,
Pbcrolx Building, SO LaSallf-st.
81,000 TO 850.000
To Loan on City Property.
*2i.(xc::. mortgase*.
C. I*. ALDEESON 4 CO.. 113 Dcurtors^t
Made on Real Estate or good collaterals,
in sums to suit. GEO. H> k~t FSSS,
131 Clark-st.
Pianos and Organs at Gold Prices.
We art also wht l«als a?ccU for the celebrated
Mason & Hamlin Organs,
Fanatic, Metropolitan and Cabinet. fr«a sp6 upward*,
which we #«» la Chiearo rtrirtl* at Ujrtr rtrfuccd pncw.
These Or»»C» arc fc. l< at oner the cheapen aad
th X b T&SSJSSIS& rv*p. St
GAXS and coaiUsOr on hand, winch
we 9co Terr cheap for ca«S
-ROOT A CADY. Chlcngo
household furniture.
The rrhole or part ot the For*
nltnre of an elegantly appoint
ed home -vrill he Mold cheap Tor
ca*h. .Addresn !»• 0» Drawer
We hare a lam it ode of Dir Uppers. an quail
tie* and thidtDceaa; Oar and second Clear Sidfnc
Strip*: aho, a very complete iwomtst of JoUtaana
Scantling; and being dreironaof eloris* np the biisinrae
of the com.era by the lat of May. ve oder the above,
with the ra of a general ttock of Lumber, at red need
Cityasd cocatrvdealer*.tend along yonronkn. and
we nU sell aoythsa* ia our ttock at tatufaetory fijwa
„ Kew Lcmber DUtrict.
We bare on hand a large .amount cf Kaaoatd■ ' -sb
riant Of an lhickneree*,aadl Flooring. 'VArr
kind* of Hud-wood and "biw^oodjLnmber.i /hfcb
we offer for sale at the k>wt*t market prices. » JJrab
nlah biih for lumber oa abort noaco. &
l>tm id to f w per box. uto qnalir,-. We import our
ami guarantee them correct. Our grand
JSoSmafor »pricc md tmamer 0 f .howing .Her-
SFSgfiSraa costum- A B ow for .aleat 30
Warhlßgton-rt : p^^JAGKSOr*^
D. M. Towner, Dentist.
(each) - *55
Artilidal . ( , th that) tfflto i3S
- WW 13
Pure Geld FilLcgi ?*° *
Si’.rcr FKUna 1V» 3
loh -at! IhJ Weal ALtdi-sa-at.
House Furnishing
133 and 133 State^tt^
Cutlery. Plated Ware,
Plato, Planished and Japanned
Refrigerators. Ice Chests,
Clothes Hampers,
Travelling Companions,
Tubs, Pails, Brooms, &c.
Crockery Ware.
133 and 135 State-st.
Fiflh-av., Comer Fourteenth-si.,
Elegant f?oad Wagons
W«* irpnow<ro»t'l*'tirjr oar •Svt For fV «rrtn« a nS
w.mtrrT of l«T0. f*id offer, in the •rwp*t dodros ts.l ol
the m«-»t ilioron*!?«3nstrartloa. *r»ricty ot dcputt
cAniiioT.ETs, victorias.
rrrln.fvcly the of onr well-'ksewn Broomo
»L I'SCIOTW. ißdiidm* thu
Of which SOLE MANTTACrmREA Price#
’■nlform to tIL Ad every rohkte offered on ale in oar
W«ren»nu iaeverr revpnri to thoM bisllt U Um
order nf our tnnij rallied eti.kmieri.
NOTICK.—Wt be* to remind ertremtotadr
that we haT«i.Bo ecnnertloa haterer with atrr joint
stork ccmpanr or lodlriduol. ta York, deiJlnj is
Carriage usder Attune ta our own.
►'ltd ted.
dry coons.
ID Lak<’-sl.
Lange invoices of netraad deainUfe styles of
LadJrs*, NlwwS ud CbtUrro's
Fnrnfshings. Dress Trimmings,
Uosifryand Claves, and Underwear.
Also a full and elegant lino of
Galraldtries, Larts. nindterfhlrfsObf
liarn and Latr Collars and CnlE> Cotton ud
Silk Ttlbblbjss Son CBbrclta, Parvob, Fans,
Jewelry. Hair .Vis. Htlr Braids,
CORSETS, ud fTNylMos prrtahilnr to
We Invite th*» attention of all clcae cash buyers ta emr
sued.* and price*, {crime sure that we can tatlafy LhiM
who call that weaxv below the market on everythin*
«t kII
fW* We offer no “ baits,” bnt place everythin# on It*
u» a merits. __
Fsrraskt (tr*frrrniill*cmnil.
FarCaabio SOdii]*. 3 per rent dl-coont.
10 I-AKK-ST.
! Orders bv mail solicited and guaranteed.
To Contractors.
Omci Board ot Tbmtrm Noarmtsyi
Uo*jtt*l roa thi Ixaaxr t
Eunß. HI. March IT,
RRAI.ED PROPOSALS will be received by th e under
timed at the office of the beard, la the city of Klgta
Kane Cocaty, EL, cntil 13 o'clock m. on the Ifith day of
Aral next, fer the erection ©f that portion of the new
Hospital BuiMing at Elgin, authorized by “An Act tn
establish the Northern niinda Hotpilaland Aayluiu far
the laranc,*’ approved April, 16.1*5.
Propctal# nut tike a turn is croo, for fnraishtat all
matrriala, and data* all th«* work repaired to complete
that part of the bsildtnf now to ke rrrctrri, arcordia*
to the plan* aui! fpreitlratii-n*. cxet-pl tin? arr*t
ratna proper. The walla of tbr boikiia* to be of brick
Prci-crab wfn be alto rreetred for ail work. inrlndin*
material* in the roaeon department, to include atone
work, brick work, and plaeterin*.
The party to wh?m the contract fh«ji I* awarded. win
l«* required to rive a hoed In the .bid of double tho
amount be U to receive for laid work. to be approved by
tin* Icard.
The Trn»t»fr rrwrvr the right to reject any or all pr»-
nwal* which (hey ihaO deem Incompatible with the In
t< n»ti* vt the but*.
Pmpeeal* tnu*t be endow'd in a eealed envelope, en
dorsed, " Pmpciale for Northern HlieoU Hospital and
Atylum for the inaane," and addrewd to
Secretary Board of Trustee*.
Platte and •peHfieatloc* win tie <-o exhibition at the
nfl'rr «.f the tjfiard, in Elgin, on and - after the Sth of tb«
pi fault m Ml 111.
AttMt; R, W. Pan&roEb. Secretary.
Ojtice Depot QcaaTraui*robf
Cmi'A-e*. ID,, April *
Pealed rtrp- #iU will be ree'iUed a: lhi< ofiie- until 13
o’clock tn- on M"Uday, the 11th day of April. I'Tu. for
•upplving the United Stater. *t Chicago. DL, imma
dlab-fy. with, a lanteIante lot- of mlaccilanooog Quarter
tnaattx'* itotea, compelling
Building Material,
Paint*. OUa.
I.hne. etm, etc.
AU<V quite a variety of article* not embraced in alxrta
claw*. Complete list* of the article* can be had by ap
plication to this ofSee. - ..
AH (tore* dellved to be *nb)eet to liapoction. and U
1m- well and teeuiely packed for tranaportatlon. _
Prrpooals will be- aabjwt' b» the imiaJ e<iDditinn«. and
the old be indoned " PropcwaU for Ouartennajura
S to res," and tOAitucd to the oadcraigscd.
U.-. to'l. Ch-t Or. JUL
Brevet Cob and Depot Qr. Mr.
Notice of Special election.
Omn or the Cucns or Co. Com or coos Co,»
Cgtcaoo, April 1. Irtj. i
Pnmiaßt to a rreoEctlon of the Board of dopenrfaof*
of Cook Coonty. parked at the March kmlob. ISTO, no
tice l» Lerwby given that a »p.cial eketiun wiU be held in
the a«v«ral voting JlatticU cf the Ninth Ward of tba
ciy of Chicago, on Tawday, the I2th day of April, A.
D. for the pnrpwe cf electing a ScpjrrUcr of aald
ward la place of J. J. Kearney, removed.
The poll* of laid election will be opened at 3 o’clock fc
n. and cootinned open antn « o’clock p. tn. of laid day!
Said election win be held at the tame place*, and the
tame Judge* win pretlde a* al the lart gescral deetkn.
Given trader my hand, at Chicago,, this Ist day o£
ApriLlCT. JOHN_C;_GlM&Sl^_Clgjc^_
heretofore wkdn« between tba oa-.
('tniiffleo wu dissolved on tls; iklnsc, b»omtta{coa
feet. Mr. Gro. M. How wfTt continue tie bicdne»» of
Oeer*l Cemmiielon Merchant under the n.uiK- and
inle of GfcO. M. HOW t CUw » bereoton.
CHi~-iOO > April ?. 1970.
The firm of Edvard*. CicoD £ Co. 1* til. day di«o!r
--«d bv raatnal eooseat. J. L EDWARDS,
ii'.rch 12. D. B.CA-NOLL.
The firm cl Bri •v t tc£ Thome Is this di r diwolyed by
mateil consent. G. BRICKFTT.
wm pc THORNE.
Thehnrinem «niV continued u formerly by D. B-
CtnoD sod Thome, under dm cstse and *ty»
olCsnoll *“.l»<ne.so.sE)e«bcra-»t 50LL
Chicago. Apn |4.
tii InTfßtor of the eeH«trd Herb Malt Extract, haa
Jr j\ j~ T fd from Germany, and will remain ia tlu» aty
’ or * thort time.
- c.TJUTU. ELLSWORTH * CO, SoUdtart el
ia Patent Canteo. 1C
Laie Shore & ffictiigaa Southern Sailway,
CLmucm. Ohio. March 20.13T3.
The annual meeting of the stockholders ul the Laks
Shore 6 Michigan Southern Railway Company, for A*
electb-n of Director* and the transaction of appro
prirte business, win beheld at the oa«of ihoCompany
b Cleveland. Ohio, on Wednesday, the Fourth day of
May next, between the hour* of eleven o clock ;a the
forenoon and two o’clock in the afternoon, of that
The transfer book* of the Company wsC be cioaed Apeak
3at 2 s’eteek, p. and reopened Mavd. ___
JAMES H. tUxkEB. tfEO.
Superior Frontera Mahogany
For Sale at Auction. In Cincinnati,
Wednesday> April I3 f at 10 a. m.
339 Lon w SWTS A; COS- ft

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