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The War in Europe.
The Trench Compelled to Evacu
ate Saarbruck and Retreat
Toward the Interior
of France.
The Town Retaken hy the
*Tlie Great Battle of Ha-
'Terrible Defeat of the
The French Position Taken at
the Point of the Bayonet.
‘The Prussians Capture 8,000
Prisoners, 30 Guns, 2
Standards, and 6
'The Battle Lasts Ten Honrs,
with Heavy losses on
Both Sides.
INapoleon Confesses His
"The French Army Driven from
The Emperor Withdrawing His Entire
Line and is Concentrating for
the Defence cf Faria,
iPruwiuiM Over tlio Border and
Advancing on ParlM«
Paris Declared in a State of
The French Bourse Ordered to be
A General Riot and tlio Bourse
; Sorioas Apprehensions of Further
Purlin, Aug. 7.—Tbe following official de
spatches have i>cen received here*:
*• Mayence, Aug. C— «;io p. m The French
have turned bick on their entire line and com
menced to retreat toward the Interior of France.
The French bad commenced the advance from
Saatbrock, which they bad held since the former
Battle of three divisions against three companies
of Prussians; but having to fall iiack they burned
that rich and unprotected town, and in withdraw
ing spread the conflagration by throwing hot shot
Into it.”
Baarbrcce, Aug. 6—7 p. ul—Tho town of Saar
bruck has Just been retaken by the First Prussian
Army Corps, under General Steinmetz.
Mayence, Aug. «— 9 p. m.—The heads of the
Pro-si an columns approached Saar on the 3th. This
morning General Earners touud the enemy to tha
west o l Saarbrncken, m strongs position in the
mountains in the rear of Spiehrcn, and commenc
ed Immediately to attack them. Following the
sound of tbe cannon, portions of the divisions of
Barnakow and Stnmpnazel came np. General
Ooeben took command, and. after a very severe
light, tbe position occupied by General Froissard
was taken by assault. Genera) Francois and Col
-one! Renter are among tbe wounded.
Mayence, |Aog. 7—6 a. (m.— General Ooeben
reports concerning the fight west of Saarbrncken:
“Mmy hundred prisoners were taken. From
ith ae we gather that tbe Froissard Jcorps was en
gaged. Onr force in action was four divisions.
Night alone put an end to the lighting. Tbo ene
my covered hla retreat by heavy fire of artillery.
General Steinmetz arrived in the evening and
took command. General Francois is dead. Loss
heavy on both sides. The number of officers of
tbe enemy killed Is especially large.
Mayence, Aug. 7—4 a. m.— The Prince Royal
reports, August 6, evening: “In the battle In
which wc defeated MacMahon, whose corps had
been reinforced by divisions from the corps of
Pailly and Canrobert, we have taken two eagles,
six mitrailleuses, and at least 4,000 prisoners.
• General Daze was wounded. Loss great on both
Berlin, Aug. 6, via London 1:30 p. m.—The
French Emperor has withdrawn his entire line,
and is concentrating hie troops for the defence of
Pans. Ills losses have been enormous. The
Prussians overtook the retreating French forces
early on Saturday morning, west of Saarbrucfc,
Dear the Spluhrcn bills. General Homers
commenced tbe attack, supported by
Generals Barnakow and StumpnageL
General Von Goeben ultimately assumed com
mand. The action was severe. A position at
.which the French endeavored to make a stand,
daring their retreat, was carried by the Prussians
at the point of the bayonet. This battle is known
as that of Ilagncnau.
Berlin, Aug. 7.—King William sent the fol
lowing despatch to the Queen:
♦•Good news! A great victory has been won by
our Fritz. God be praised for bis mercy! We
captured 4,000 prisoners, thirty guns, two stand
ards, and four mltralUcnse. MacMahon, daring
the fight, was heavily reinforced from the main
army. The contest was very severe, and lasted
from 11 In the morning until 9 at night, when the
French retreated, leaving the field to ns. Oor
losses are heavy.**
Matencx, Aug. 7.—Prince Frederick Charles is
at BUeskastel and General Stcinbeen is between
Sulzbacb and Saorbruck. The general head
quarters of the armies are now at Karsterlau
Hcltz, Aug. 7.—lt Is reported that MacMahon
was wounded in the battle yesterday. We have
taken over 4,000 prisoners.
Cologne, Aug. o— Midnight.—Thera was a vio
lent combat sear Saarbruckcn to-day. commenc
ing at 11 in the morning, and at 9 to-night still
continued. Our troopa repaired the enemy, who
have abandoned the field of battle. We have con
quered. Our losses are heavy.
[Dorpatcb to tbe New York Ilcratd.]
London, Aug. 7.— lnformation has reached Lon
- don that the defeat of MacMahon Is complete, and
that the Crqwn Prince has advance<\to llagucnau
and captured the place, routing the French. The
French losses are stated at 4.000, in addition to a
groat number of prisoners. Thirty pieces cannon
and six mitrailleuses were also taken. The report
is baaed on a despatch from Baden, which says
that a force of South German troops, volan
tcere, crossed the Rhine and advanced on Stras
burg, while the French army was driven
back, and are supposed occupy a
line between Mctx and Nancy.
Pants, Ang. 7.—The following despatch has been
a-tn.—We may hold our position here. Itlaneccs
«ary that Paris and France should consent to
great efforts of patriotism. Here we lose neither
our coolness nor our confidence; bot the trial Is
bard. MacMahon, after the battle of Kirehahof
fen, retired, at the same time covering the road
to Nancy. The corps of General Froissartl. which
-suffered severely, is taking energetic measures
lor defence. The Major General ts in the front.
It a. m—The concentration of the troops con
tinues without obstacle. All active hostilities
aeetn to have ceased.
6:20 a. m.—During the fighting yesterday, the
Prussians fired upon the ambulances at Forbach,
■and set fire to the town. The Thin! Corps was
■engaged at Forbach, supported by only two div
isions from other corps. The Corps of Generals
Admlrault and Failly were not In the fight. The
©oiliest commenced at 1 o’clock, and at
first appeared of Utile Importance; bat soon
luge masses of troops, hidden !u the
woods, attempted to tnm our position.
At 9 o'clock the Prussians appeared as if they
bad been repulsed and hail given up the attack,
bet fresh corps arriving to the assistance of the
Prussians from Wcrden, General Frossard was
obliged to retire. To-day the troops which got
separated yesterday are concentrating around
Uetrn In another battle near Fretchmeller. Mar
shal MacMahon had the support of five divisions
■of General Fallly'a corps. Afterjthe battle these
•divisions were unable to gain their corps. The
detail* of this battle are still very vague, it Is
said th* l several cavalry charges were made, but
the Piuaalans bad Mitrailleuses KagelapUxen,
which did not do xnneb harm.
Metz, Ang. 7—B a. m.— The moral* of our troops
Is excellent. It is impossible to give the exact
figures of our looses. General Collllers is organ
nteayiTw- The three corps here
•re ittu able to fire the enemy much trouble tnd
■top his onward movement.
(Despatch to the New Toft Herald.]
London, Aug. 7,—Prom official news received
bcre, the sltnatton znaj be annuned np ai follows:
Tbc Crown Prince baa driven XeVabon'a
nnnj from WelMenburg, Lanterbarg, and Worth
and probably compelled tbe evacuation of Bagno
nan and Straaborg. Tbe victory of General
Oeobes at Start ruck add Spieheren, and tbe ad
vance from Hamburg, baa driven Gen. Fro sard’s
corps from Forbaeb and Staveit, and probably
rendered Bitsche untenable- MacMshon’s corps
la at present cot off at Meta. Tbe prisoners taken
by tbe Crown Prince and General Goeben, num
bers, 000; tbe number killed and vroonded ta un
known. Immense quantities of army stores were
captured. There are rumors, which lack official
confirmation of tbe evacuation of TbionvtUe, tbe
capture of Slerck and 11age nan, and tbe advance
of tbe Prussian* across tbe Rhine from South Ba
den. We know, however, that large Prussian
armies are gathered at Saarlonu and In the south
part of Baden.
lUcrald'a Cable 8 pedal]
London, Ang. 7.—Serious apprehensions of dis
turbance are entertained in Paris, and tbe strict
est surveillance la exercised over telegrams sent
from there. Tbe Empress presided at a meeting
of the Council of Ministers yesterday. Tbe Guard
are under anus and street gatherings are prohib
Pabjs, Ang. 7.—The Prt»tt of to-day says at the
Bourse, yesterday, several persons were arrested.
At 3 o'clock, shouts of “ Bas la Boone n were ut
tered by parties exasperated at the dissemination
of false news, whereupon an order waa given to
close tbe Bourse. The crowd became forlorn and
lore up the railings of the enclosure. A force
was brought to bear, and the building evacuated
amid applause from the crowd In the place and
outside. A Judicial Investigation Is now going on.
La LtUrU publishes the following; ‘‘At 1
o’clock, to-day, the Boone was invaded by a
crowd, maddened with joy and enthusiasm. In
stantaneously the windows tn all the streets near
by were hung with flags, on account of the great
victory announced as gained by Marshal MacMa
bon. We managed to get through tbe crowd to
the Bureau of the Commissary pf. Police, who
said he bad not received any official news. A
few moments after, a placard was put up by the
administration, which announced that the corps
of MaoMahon had occupied a strong position, but
made no mention of a battle. Rentes quoted CT
franoc 70 centimes.
The Jout »wi Offlcittn n tbo second edition of to
day, publishes the following proclamation:
Fkkncumkn: To this boor we bare always
given, wltbont reserve, all tbo certain newt which
we bare received, and we continue to do so. Last
night wo received tbo following despatches:
Mara, Aug. A—Midnight.—Marshal MacMahon
has lost a battle. General Frols sard, on the Saar,
baa been obliged to retire, ilia retreat was
effected in good order. All can bo re-established.
(Signed,) Napoleon.
Metz, Aug. 7—8:50 a. m,—My communications
have been Interrupted with Marshal MacMahon.
I am going to idoce myself in the centre of the
(Signed,) Napoleon.
MKTZ, Aug. 7—4:30 a. DL —Major General of the
Amp to the Minister of th* Interior: After a series
of engagements, in which the enemy brought
heavy forces Into the field, Marshal MacMabon
waa forced to fall bade from bis Qrst line. The
con« of General Frolaaard bad to fight yesterday
from 8 o’clock in the afternoon, with the entire
army of the enemy. Having held bis po&ltlon un-
Ull C o’clock, he ordered a retreat, which was made
to good order. Lkbcecp.
Details of onr losses are wanting. Our troops
ore full of elan. The situation la notcompromlsed,
but the enemy Is on onr territory and a serious
effort la necessary. A battle appears imminent.
In the presence of this grave news, onr
duty is plain. We appeal to the patriotism
and energy of aIL The Chambers have been con
voked. We are placing Parts, with all possible
baste, In a state of defence. In order to facilitate
the execution of military preparations, wc declare
the capital In state of siege. There mmt be no
faint beartednesa, no divisions. Our resources
are immense. Let us pursne the struggle w.tbont
flinching, and the country will be saved.
By order of the Empress Regent
1L olutibb. Minister of Justice.
Bess urammont, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
M. Cuevanuin Be Valorous,
Minister of the Interior.
M. SkCßia, Minister of Finances.
General Vincomptb Db Jean,
Minister of War and Interior.
The Journal contains tho following de
spatches :
Metz, Ang. c—6:39 p. m.—No farther news re
ceived from Marshal MacMahon. On the Saar,
General.FrolssorU’a corps alone nas been engaged.
Tbe result is still tin certain.
Metz, Aug. c—l 2p. m,—The corps of General
Froissard la in retreat. Details are wanting.
Paris, Aug. 7 Evening.—Official advices from
Metz, Aug. 6, say MacMahon has not had time to
send a report IDs headquarters, be simply writes,
Is a good position. He has been Joined by another
corps, U’annec, from Mutt
The MoniUvr Soir* has the following: “We
hare received a rumor of an engagement by Gen
eral Froissard.’'
It Is reported in Paris mat the Minister of the In*
terlor will resign.
It is confirmed that there Is a heavy concentra
tion of troops of the enemy on the Baden aide of
the llbloe, which the French watch closely.
Paris, A op. T, via London The Senate and
Corps Leglslatif have been summoned to meet on
Thursday, the litti instant.
A despatch from the Emperor announcing Mao-
Mahon's defeat and MparaUon from the main ar
my, has caused the ntmost consternation. Ac
cording to the Emperor, however, all may yet be
retrieved. Tbe Prussians are over the frontier
and advancing on Paris. The French speak of a
great battle as Imminent
La Libertf bids tbe people of France to Use en
nuu*and repel the invaders.
The despatch from the Emperor Is dated 3:30 a.
m., Sanaay, and says: Communication wlm Mac-
Mahon having been scveml, nothing waa received
from him till last evening. General Llgne then
announced that MacMahon's loss was great 1 a tbe
battle, bat bis retirement was effected In good or
der. On tha left the action began at about 1
o'clock In the morning, but was not serious until
several masses of the enemy bad concentrated,
before which tbe Second Corps momentarily held
Its ground. Between 0 and 7 o'clock In the even
ing the masses of the enemy became more com
pact, and tbe several corps retired on tbe heights.
To-night all Is quiet. Igo to the centre of the
La Libfrit has the following from official
sources: “Froissard has only retreated a short
distance. MocMahon fought near Nlederbnm.
ills headquarters were at Ilagncnau, and he has
fallen back to Sk Avcrnc. Thus Strasburg Is
IMvalc despatches are said to have been re
ceived announcing that a corps of Baden troops
crossed tbe Rhine above Basle.
(Cable Special to tbe New York Tribune.]
London, Aug. 7.—Our special correspondent
writes on Friday. Tbe transport licet wilt com
prise not less than 820 vessels, and preparations
for Us departvre will still take eight days. The
government has not more than twenty-two ships
of Its own, and takes possession of all trans-At
lantic steamers. The expeditionary corps has
been strengthened, and will tnclade twelve
Itattalions of marines, each with one
battery of artillery, and one battalion of Toreos
under Qcnetals Uebant and Martin. The main
force consists of forty thousand troops, the lino
from various regiments. General Troohn being
It is well known here that Danish neutrality it
only ostensible and temporary. The Danish Gov
ernment cannot withstand tbe enthusiasm with
which Admiral Bonllt and squadron have
been redelved at Copenhagen, and the known
sympathies of the people. The secret mission of
Count Cadore and the arrival of the French fleet
coincide so exactly as to leave no doubt of the
coarse of events. Not many weeks—perhaps not
many days—will pass before tbe announcement
of an alliance, offcuctvc and dcfcnclve, between
Fiance and Denmark for the war. Meantime,
Bouct blockades the Baltic pons, and, when tbe
whole assembles, will bomoard Hamburg, Kiel
stetten, and Dantzlg.
A service fur re victualling and rcsupplrtag the
fleet Is to be organized at Elsinore by the French
officer* who leave Cherbourg, on Wednesday* In
the ShcrondcUe.
The Danish government is believed to have
authorized the taking of Elsinore as a base of op
erations, an act more significant than any declar
ation of Alliance.
Before entering the Baltic, Bond captured two
gun-boats at the month of the Elbe,
and bombarded Wilhelm’s Haven, but
only to try the guns of bis
tron-clada. No landing was attempted.
Eleven river gnnboats were sent In sections
from Toulon, Tuesday, to Strasbourg. The new
gunboat invented by Farcy was sent from Chcr
boorgh to Strausburg. It u a small vessel In
fact, nothing more than a floating gun carriage,
aud able to cany the largest plvlon gun, though
drawing only three feet of water. As the letter
closed, a greater pan of expeditionary forces
were arriving.
Onr special correspondent writes from Frank
fort Thursday: “The Frankfurters regret that
the King did not come u> receive the manifesta
tions of (enthusiastic loyalty, and to see that
Frankfort is now as faithful u Berlin. The King’s
proclamation ts heartily welcomed.
The Empress issued the following proclama
Frenchmen: The opening of the war has not
been favorable to us. We have suffered a cheek.
Let ns be firm under this reverse, and let us
hasten to repair It. Let there be bat one
party in the land, that of France a single flag
mat of the national honor. I come among you
faithful to my mission and duty.
Yon will see me the first tn danger to defend the
flag of France. 1 advise all good citizens to main
tain order: to agitate would be to conspire with
our enemies.
Done at the Palace of Tolllerlcs, the 7th dij cf
August, ISTO, at it o’clock a m.
(Signed) Tub Empress Regent Evgenis.
La Librrte says special trains left the statioi at
half past & this evening, to bring back the Prkce
The Journal OJBrM says tbe defense of Paris
ts assured. It would require an army of
half a million to Invest Us fortifications,
them, and there are troops enough now in and
around t&c city to furnish a necesaaty garrison.
Then, with sailors from tbe fleet, which cool J be
procured, the Garde Nationalc, Garde Municipal,
and firemen, wonld make up a solid army of too,-
ono. Paris is tree from danger.
Berlin, Aug. 7.—A salvo of artillery was fired
In honor of the Prussian victory.
TheC Ueraid correspondent on the Baltic
YOL. 24.
coast waa arrested at PUlan as a spy. Minister
Bancroft Is laboring to procure bis release.
London. Ang. 7.—The position taken by Eng
land in regard to Belgium Is approved by Prussia.
Quxenstown. Ang. 7— The steamer City of Ant
werp, from New Fork, arrived yesterday.
London, Ang. 7.—Generals FblL Sheridan and
Forsyth are here on their way to the seat of
Special Detpateh to Tb« Chicago Tribune.
Washington, Ang. A—Advices from Wyoming,
and ether portions of the disturbed Indian dis
tricts, bare been received at tbe Interior Depart
ment. They all Indicate a complete cessation of
hostilities. Notice baa been sent to all tbe agen
cies cl tbe action of Congress tn making appropria
tions to cany out treaty stipulations, and It la be
lieved that all the tribes which have been con
templating war, and those engaged in actual hos
tilities, will settle down quietly In their camp*.
The purchase and forwarding of goods is going on
as rapidly as possible.
TBS erases.
The census office now has about one hundred
and seventy-five clerks at work, but in the course
of a month the number will be increased to three
hundred. General Walker ts getting partial re
turns from census whenever posable, so as to
avoid the inevitable rush of a few weeks later, as
much as he can. lie thinks the work through the
country Is progressing reasonably well,, and hopes
few of the population tables will be delayed alter
the first of September.
Tbe dry authorities are getting ready to settle
tbe indebtedness created by tbe late Bowen ad
ministration. A Commissioner bas been at work
nearly two mouths in ascertaining the amount of
the bills, and finds H about nine hundred thous
and dollars. An Auditor and Comptroller
have recently been appointed, and
on Monday they will begin Issuing
certificates of Indebtedness tn payment of bills,
and the new loan of fsuo.ooo authorized by Cod
greas Just prior to adjournment, will soon be on
the market.
Mr. Segar has remained quiet In camp to-day,
but bar issued a proclamation of war in tbe shape
or a card to an evening paper. After explaining
that if Mr. WUlaro bad not dodged behind an
other man tbe blow struck at nls bead would have
left him prostrate, and perhaps dead, and farther,
that his own clothus were not ruffled in the en
counter, nor bis person even scratched, be closes
with the following fearful words:
“ 1 trust that 1 may be allowed to embrace this
occasion to protest against the press in caricatur
ing, by ridiculous ana sensational articles, honora
ble gentlemen who may And It Indispensable to be
involved in personal broils. It is anwortby of a
deceut person or of honorable gentlemen, if there
shall be no reform in this oifer, gentlemen of
pride and honor will be compelled to apply the
cowhide and tbe bludgeon to men of the press as
well as to other offenders.’'
Washington, Aug. 7.—Tha Pension Office has
learned that claim agents in various sections are
writing to their clients wherever tbe rates hereto
fore agreed upon tall below the schedule fees
lately published, assuring them that It Is necessa
ry to Immediately forward a new agreement at
the advanced rates. Claimants should know that
uqlhlug of the kind Is needed, and further, that
the Commissioner revises ail tbe fees under the
new rules and cuts down such as he deems unfair.
The ofllcc lias a list of over flfty firms which it
has detected in making excessive charges, and, in
most cases, tbe money has been refunded. Those
who refuse to repay are tu be prosecuted. A
number of arrests are soon to be made of such
agents os bare retained checks for bounty to the
extent of their fees.
Tbe Spanlsb Minister was over here a day or
two ago. Tbe despatches he received the middle
of last week from Havana reported things going
on well in Cuba. Arrangements are making to
elect Deputies during the fall fur seats In the
Spanish Cortes, and it is presumed they will be
received, as those from Porto Rico were received
last spring. The term of service of a considera
ble proportion of the troops on the island la about
to expire, and this U why more are to be sent
over from Spain. There is no Intention at present
uf increasing the force, Dc Rudss saying u is not
necessary. It will be remembered that the last
session of Congress passed an act naming two
girls recovered from the Kiowa Indiana Helen
and Uelolse Lincoln, and appropriated $9,000 to
support them. They were taken to an asylum in
this District and baptized with their new names,
the cider girl protesting that she had been bap
tized once, and that her name was Helen Kirk
patrick. The family friends have sent such evi
dence here as to fully identify the cnildren, and
they are to be returned, Congressional names
and a h.
A decree waa recently laaacd by tho United
States District Court for tbe Southern District of
Illinois reversing a former decree of the coart,
ordering that money resulting from cotton cap
tures by the Red River Expedition during the war
be paid over to the Navy Pension fund. The last
decree orders the money to be distributed to the
captors; but the Attorney General decides, on Ist
Inst, that as the money had been placed In the
Treasury by the first order, the court has no fur
ther Jurisdiction over it, and it must go to the pen
sion fund.
One of the papers here notes that a gentleman
in Philadelphia has received a letter from Mrs.
Lincoln, In grateful acknowledgment of the action
of Congress in voting her $3,000 per year. Sue is
In Germany, and will remain there for the present.
Her case Is so exceptional In character that the
Pension Bureau will facilitate her In drawing tbe
money when it becomes doe. .'
The State Department, yesterday, acknowl
edged a communication of the French Minister
notifying our government of the declaration of
war against Prussia. It contained a reference to
completeness of our neutrality laws, and an as
surance that tbe United States would exert her
self to enforce all their provisions with the strict
cst Impartiality.
To the Awoclated Press.
Washington. Aug. d.— Under the act of Con
gress approved July is, isTO, increasing the voU
umc of National Bank circulation 5M.000.000. the
Comptroller of the Currency has awarded to
In the States entitled thereto, SI,SS7,S3QI The
amount Issued thus far upon tins award u only
SldX,6nu. The balance will be rea-.y to issue about
the Orel of September. Tbe banks that have
secured additional circulation were all organized
before tbe passage of the law.
The President has reappointed Jno. Eenalcr
Postmaster at Connersvllle, Ind.
The President replied, to • question in relation
to Frclingbuysen, that he would prubablv leave
for Europe lu the latter part of August; that he
bad accepted the appointment, and that his in
structions, though not yet prepared In form, were
understood by Frelingnuyseu, and would doubt
less be cairled out by alia solar as possible, lie
said, **l feel cenfidcnt of that. ** Mr. Frclinghny
eeu Is In perfect accotd with the government, and
will do bis best In the discharge of his duties in
connection with the Alabama claims.
Currency imiauce to-day. *39,103,662; ooln bal
ance, liw,ooo,ouo, including gold certificates. *38,-
249,uu. Receipts of internal revenue to-day.
*913,728; fur (he fiscal year to date. *27,603,623-
Cavanaugh, delegate from Montana, has becn
earoesuy engaged in endeavoring to procure tbe
pardon of O’Neill and others, recently convicted
lor the raid into Canada. He baa hopes of suc
Election in Utah—Progress fftadc
on tbe Kantai Pacific Railroad—
Mining New*— Coach Robbery.
Z Salt Lake, U. T.. Ang. 6.—Tbe election passed
quietly. Partial returns Indicate two thousand
votes lor General Maxwell, the opposition caodt
ante. The Mormon women generally voted. The
entire vote of this city Is abont four thousand.
The Mormon family, with whom Maxwell has
boarded for a year, have turned bun off under
positive order* trom the church, because of his
part m the election.
Denver, CoL, Ang. a.—'Yesterday five and one
quarter miles of track were laid on tbe Kansas-
Pacific track. The gap to fill to complete the
road to Denver Is only thirty-eight miles. It is
vxp«cted that the last rail will be laid next
The city ts overran with desperate characters,
ami garrotmg almost a nightly occurrence.
Business of all kinds very very (rood.
The Denver Pacific Railroad lands sold op to
August 1, foot op 22,20* acres, which sold for
rs.%n«, on which was received HT,035. Average
price, ft per aero.
Reports from Park Lake, Summit, Boulder, and
other minim; counties, arc quite favorable.
The German* of this city meet to-night to or
ganize a society for the relief of the widows and
orphans of their fellow-countrymen.
Co bin NR, U. T., Aug. a.—A coach from Oelena
was attacked by road agents, at Little Dry Creek,
eleven mile* this side of Pleasant Valiev, Maho,
letween 12 and 1 o’clock morning.
Toree men were in sight, ana,
U is thought that othera were in
reserve. Three Chinamen, passengers*#! the coach,
were robbed of £4,200. The treasure boxes were
taken. It Is supposed from the weight of the
l««xrs that they contained between f\ooo and
f«,oca The company offers It.ooo reward tor each
robber captured, dead or alive, and for the treas
ure, oae-lonrth of the amount recovered.
Terrible Accident to a Train on (tie
Chesapeake Ac Ohio Railroad—
Twelve Person* Killed and Twenty
Greenbrier, Wnrrx Scxracß Springs, W. Va.,
Aug. ft.—A terrible accident occurred to-night on
the Chesapeake A Ohio Railroad to the up train,
at Jerry* Run. The next car from the rcarc«ach
was precipitated down an embankment a hundred
(eel nigh and shattered to pieces. Twelve per
sons w ere killed and twenty wounded. The names
of tnc killed and wounded cannot be ascertained
until morning. Mayor Paxton and son. of Lexing
ton, Vs., are mortally wounded. There were
about forty persons on the train.
Allegheny, \a., Ang. 7.—By the accident on
the Chesapeake A Ohio Railroad. Ust night, Mr.
Pollard, a conductor on the road, and family, and
Mr. Uoge. of Staunton, were badly wounded. Mr.
Green, reported from Hanover Conatv, wounded.
Everything jossii.ie is being done to 'alleviate the
sufferings or the wounded. No ladies hurt.
Green Brier, White Sclthcr Springs, Va.,
Ang. 7—Ail tbe killed and wounded by the rail
road accident at Jerry’s Ran are identified, ex
cepting one laboring man. a foreigner.
Killed—Maior James G, Paxtcr. Lexington
Va.: Coioncl William Bolwer, Kiog aud Ooeen
Va.; McNutt Paxton, Vicksburg/ Mlta.; John
Morriasctt, Lplontown. v*.* j. Boyd Uedley, Mor
nriowo,N. J.; N. McNorfleet, Rlcumoad. Va.*
Geo- T. Cobb, ex-blaw Senator, of New Jersey • T
Read, Danville. Va. J ’
WOCNOED-Samuel B. nance. Prince George
County, Md., severely, bead; Ever IL Evrlr
Charlottesville, badly bruised; Robert Ford.
Hungary Station, Henrico County. Va., badly In
bead and left shoulder; Isbam Ford. Hungary
Station, dangerooily, bead; John Green, of King
George County, Va. seriously, stomach and back:
Tboa. J. Winston. Richmond, Va, slightly, back;
Wm. Clements, Henrico County, Va, severely;
head; Edward Harris, Hanover County, Vv,
slightly; Charles E. Hodge, Stanton, Va, badly;
W. Crump. Richmond- Va., seriously; John Pol
aid, Montgomery, seriously, not dangerously;
Colonel Jordan, Railroad fiupertntent, Mobile,
Ala., severely, cot dangerously: Mr. Kelley,
eta an ton. Vs., internally, badly; George Do re,
slightly; W. A, Havele/Baltlmore. M<L. slightly.
Tbe accident was caused by the hind truck of
the coach next to the last running off the track,
after passing over a trestle work and curve in tbe
road at Jerry’s Bon, two miles from Alleghany
Station, ana eight miles from White Sulphur
Springs. The train was running only six
mile* an hour, and up a very
steep grade. The conductor discovered
-car off the track and palled the alarm bell, and
train was broken op in very short space; but the
cartbatwas off the track went over a bank. It
ts supposed the accident wav the result of a
sudden breaking of a wheel. The killed will be
transported to Richmond in the morning, except
Paxton and «on,who will be sent to Lexington.
Tbe railroad officials bare done everything in
their power for tbe wounded.
BpeeUl Despatch to The Ghkise Tribune.
GKJUtAN ncrosns.
Ssw Tors, Aug. 7.—At the time of this writing
there are accounts of a great German victory on
the Rhine. If this tnms out to be confirmed, the
gold market will be likely to open weak to-mor
row. A Prussian triumph means ease tn the Ger
man money markets, and the retention of our
bonds in Germany; while a French success is
likely to withdraw German capital tromour bonds,
and send them back to ns in great numbers, no
far there la no indication that American
securities are to any extent yet on their
way home, while, at the same
time, the drain of onr gold to Europe is prodi
gious. It averages 10,000.000 per week; the total
shipments of specie since. January 1 have been
$37,9)7,911. Anything that looks like a pratenc*-
turn of the war will be regarded ben as an indi
cation of the upward movement tn gold. Not
withstanding the reported German victories, those
who profess to know the French people best,
thatthey will not be cast down by the reverses,
but will continue the war to tbe bitter
end. The results are not obtained lu
a day. Since the Introduction of
anna dr pm&fon in modern warfare, battles are
matters of weeks instead of days. In old times,
the fate of empires was decided in a single col
lision. Now, the roe oil depends on a series of en
gagements, as in onr own civil war and the Sa 1-
uwa campaign. No utter destruction of armies is
possible; bonce the weakness In gold which may
be developed to-morrow or this week will not
necessarily prevent a snbseauent very heavy rise.
Thu chances are for a very lively gold market dur
ing tbe coming iwo weeks.
Western Jobbers, wno were smart enough to
come to town and lay In stocks of woollen goods
mlllmory goods, and bosieiy, bavo stolen a march
on tbe alow New York city operators, who bare
been staying away in their usual rural blunts dor-
Ingtho summer solstice. By tho 15th of this
month these pleasure-seekers will all bo on the
market again, and, it Is believed that goods which
have advanced so far but is per cent, will be run
up 23, SO, and 35 per cent; for oven If tbo war was
to stop to-morrow ■ the consequences of
the Interruption of so great a trade cannot
be checked before November and December.
Such Western merchants as buy early will do bet
ter than those who wait. I give you »hu aj the
opinion of the best Judges in New York.
The funeral of Real, to-day, was a great politi
cal demonstration. There were 100 carriages and
nearly 7,000 persons in the procession to do honor
to a murderer. The political significance Is im
portant and represents the excitement again of
the anti-Tammany Democrats against Governor
The belief among Republican politicians is (bat
the recent action of the Saratoga conference
foreshadows tbe nomination of Greeley for
Governor and William Borahelmer, of
Buffalo, for Lieutenant Governor. The latter Is
United States District Attorney for Northern New
Sheriff O'Brien la in the field as anti-Tammany
candidate for Mayor. A coalition with the Re
publicans or a local ticket is rumored,
There is much excitement in the city over the
Prussian victories of Uagnenan and Worth, and
the German resorts are crowded with enthus
iastic assemblages. Prominent military critics in
New York consider the present battles as but the
beginning of a series which may extend through
the week with varying resalts.
(To the Awocuted Prcea.)
New Tore, Aug. 7.—At a meeting of the Ger
man veterans, held last night, an aid society was
established, in which Generals hlgel, Weber, and
Bendlg are prominent.
I 4VU . lUVfi.
Great Interest is felt In tbe International yacht
race to-monow. Business among brokers, etc.,
will I* largely suspended. Popular feeling seems
to bope for the success of tbo old yacht America.
The immigration last week amounted to only
3,631, showing that the war Is haring great effect.
Samuel Blatcbfurd, under Indictment for draw
i»ack frauds, has been reappointed to a position In
the Weigher’s Department of tbe Custom House.
Theodore Cook, a young merchant of this city,
was drowned while bathing at Brldgehamnton.
Long island.
The United States revenue officials have com
menced suits against one hundred grocers In
Brooklyn for salting packages without stamps.
Mayor Kaltiflelscb, of Brooklyn, has refused to
sign a warrant for *20.000, presented by the Fire
Commissioners, for the payment of out receipts In
the sale in their department of real estate, lie
contends that the money Is security for bonds
held by the city.
Anni * oa*.
Steamers Idaho, from Liverpool; Columcla,
from Glasgow; and yacht Sappho, from Cork.
The French International Association of Work
ingmen. last night, passed resolutions protesting
against the Kranov Prussian war, and urging all
workingmen to unite in the cause of labor.
New Constitution-Accident—Craw
ford county—Educational.
Special Dm patch to Tbo Chlcaxo Tribune.
Springfield, lIL, Aug. 7.—ln honor of ths new
constitution the national Sag will be displayed on
the dome of the State Hoose to-morrow, as well
as other public buildings, and tho occasion will
doubtless otherwise commemorated by State offi
cers and citizens.
Joel Ballard, formerly a resident of tbls city,
was killed at Independence, Kansas, last week,
while working In a saw mill, by falling
against a saw, his head being nearly severed. Mr.
Ballard leaves wife and fonr children.
Crawford county has returned her assessment
list for 1870. which shows the value of
personal and real estate to be *i.36t.-
70S, being *191,443 less than the
assessment of iso, and $347,331 less than the
equalized value, os Hied by the State Board of
Equalization. There are under cultivation, wheat,
Inl4B bushels: com, »,7T3 bushels: other pro
duce, 12,940 bushels.
Hon. Newton Bateman will leave here to
morrow for Normal, where the annual ex
amination for teachers’ State certificates Is
tne University, on the 9th
and loth tpet. The examiners’ board consists of
the following gentlemen: Prof. Wtn. M. Henry of
the Industrial University; James U. Blodgett! of
Kockford; H. L. Baliwood, of Princeton^ eT C
Hewitt, and J. A. Sewell, of the Slate Normal Cm!
vcrslty, and D. WUUarJ, of Sprlngaeld.
Slrlckrn with Paralysis—Political—
Shot in an Affray, ric-
Cincinnati, Ang, 7.—W. R. Pearce, a prominent
wholesale dry goods merchant, of this city, was
s’ncEeh with paralysis yesterday, and is now m a
dangerous condition.
There Is a strong disposition to renominate Job
Stevenson for Congress in tbe Second Ohio Dis
trict, notwithstanding his letter of decimation.
Henry Barnhart, a member of the City Council
of Dayton, Ohio, was shot and dangerously wound
ed. yesterday, by Thomas Atchison. Jealousy in
regard to trade appears to have moved the latter
to commit tbe deed.
The French citizens here ait taking measures
to provide for the wounded of Franco in the pres
ent struggle.
Cincinnati. Ang. S.—A fire broke oat at the
comer of Walnut and Front streets, at 1 o’clock
this morning, destroying the bonding occupied by
Achtenner A Co., bakery; Barney c. Corbett,
spice mill, and Jewett A Adams, paper bag manu
Proceedings in the State Leg Ula.
Special Dcepateh to The Chicago Tribane.
Lansing, Mich., Aug. ft.—The Senate has not
been la session to-day, and the Boose has devoted
the day to efforts to pass the Senate propositions
reported by telegraph yesterday. Absentees were
brought in last night, and a thorough canvass was
made among the wavering and doubtful The
first teat vote was taken at noon to-day. and 63
affirmative votes were cast, four leas' than the
necessary two-thirds. In t&* afternoon a second
attempt was made with the same result. Two
more votes could have been obtained If they would
have carried is, but there is no future prospect of
The House adjourned until Monday. To-night
the most strenuous efforts are being put forth to
see if the necessary votes cannot be raised
Cincinnati, Aug. ft.—A fire this mortng at about
1 o’clock, campletely destryed a four-story build
ing on Central avenne, owned and occupied by
Albert Kraeger A Bnx. manufacturer* of furni
ture. and Shroyer A Ca, manufacturers of seal
tggwax. Damage to the building, f 10,000; in
sured for $4,000 in the Eureka Insurance Company
of this city. Other loos from £15,000 to £3O OOO*
no insurance. ’ ’
Providence. R. 1., Aug.— a fire broke out last
night in the workshops of Smith A Co., on Foun
tain street, and destroyed a planning mill owned
by C. S. Briggs, and occupied bv himself and John
Carper, and the shops of William Sweet. flair
builder, and Israel Newman and Geo. F. \nkox.
caipentcra Loss about £sl,ooo.
Republican Couventioa lu RicUland
Srwnal Despatch to The Chicago Tnhaae.
Mansfield, Aug, 7.—At the Republican County
Convention held here yesterday, all bat three
townships were represented, C. F. Marsha!!. Esq
was made Chairman, and B. R. Galley, Secretanr.’
Tee following ticket was nominated: Clerk of the
Court, John Rice; Commissioner, Wm. Newton*
Coroner. Dr. P. A Carpenter; Infirmary Director’
no nomination. No resolutions were passed thus
leaving the Richland reform platform of last rear
undlstuibed. The following persons were elected
delegates to the State Convention: E. L. Austin.
Captain Joseph Brown, J. W, Myers, D. DWam!
J. 1). Walker, T. IL Wlggln, with a full set of
RALEicn, Aug. 7.—Qeo. W. Brooks, Judge of
the United States District Court, has Issu-ri a
writ of wro* for all citizen* now held by
Colonel Kirk, under the order of Governor Holden,
to appear before him at Salisbury, where he opens
conn to-morrow. The United States Marshal
leaves to-night to serve the writ.
JThe Tennessee Election*
Memphis, Aug. ft.—The election returns for tbe
First District show increased Democratic gains,
and the triumph of the Democrats.
Benton Crisp, a policeman at Bolivar, Tennes
see, was murdered on the day of the election by a
desperado named James Graham, who escaped.

at * RLZE)r
f™ 2 %/
/>AMRZ/S | 1 \£m
JW yTV/ onew korhbach onj., eB i
pfpBZABE RN m ' J g*
FR f 1
The foregoing map shows the localities of the recent engagements between the French and
Prussian forces, as detailed in .our telegraph columns. The fighting commenoed on Thursday
last, at the French town of Weisaenbnrg, where the Crown Prince, commanding the Prussian
lift wing, defeated and killed General Douay, capturing the place with its fortifications. It
was resumed on Saturday, at Worth, a few milos southwest of Woissenburg, where the Prus
sians encountered and defeated Marshal MacMahon’s army, driving him to Bitcho, some ten
miles west of Weiesenbnrg. This movement leaves Strasburg uncovered, and a moat impor
tant line of railway to Lnneville and Paris exposed to the Prussians.
Simultaneously with this movement on the 10l
Saarbrncken, which had been taken by the enen
French retreated to their own territory, and wei
Prior to these late engagements, the Emperor
short distance southwest of Saarbrncken.
Kcwand Interesting Developments—
strange Story of a Newsboy—Judge
XSedlord to the Grand Jury*
From (Ac .New York Timet, Aug. 0.
There wae£ renewed activity, yesterday, at
Police Headquarters Id tbo investigation of
the Nathan tragedy. The publication in the
Times of the offer by tho family of the mur
dered man of additional rewards, brought out
some new phases of the case, new. however,
only to tho public, for they have been familiar
to tbo detectives from tbo beginning. The
reward of SSOO for tbe appearance of the man
who, on the morning of the murder, picked up
a piece of paper from tbe top frort step of
tho Nathan residence, refers to the most in
teresting and, in ono respect, the most im
portant of those developments.
It appears that a newsboy has long been In
the habit of folding bis papers on wet morn
ings on tbo doorstep of tbo Nathan bouse,
which is always dry on account of a broad pro
jection overhead. Friday morning being wet,
he went there for (hat purpose, as Uouai, and
bad got only to the bottom of the steps, being
yet on the sidewalk, when he noticed that the
hall door was partly open. This was about 5
o’clock in the morning, but the boy, suppos
ing tbe servants were np unusually early
and wore abont to wash the steps and
pavement, went to the stops of the
next honee and folded his papers there.
While he was doing so he noticed a man
in laboring dress, with a dinner-pail in his
hand, suddenly pause as he was passing the
Nathan boose, and then going np the steps
pick up a Urge niece of white paper from
the top stop and walk away. The circum
stances did not at the moment seem impor
tant or singular to tho boy, bat when the mur
der was discovered an hour afterward, it
seemed both singular and important, and he
at oneo sought ont tho police and told bis
story. Search for the unknown laboring man,
this minnte and undistinguisbablo atom in tbe
great mass of humanity was at once instituted,
and a great deal of the time of several of tho
most oxperienceddetectives has beeuoonsnmed
ever since the day of themurder in endeavoring
to trace him out. It has all been entirely
wasted. It is deemed most singular that this
man has never voluntarily come forward since
tbe announcement of the murder with what
ever information ho happened to pick np in
tho dawn of that tragical morning from the
steps of the Nathan mansion. It is supposed
that his non-appearance is due cither to the
fact that what he picked np was a bond or
something of value, which he dceircs to keep,
or tbit he has never yet associated the house
where he found it with tbe one where the mur
der was committed. It is not probable that
in casually picking np a piece of paper, if it
seemed to him of no value, be noticed the
number of the house, or he may have for
gotten the circumstance altogether. The
etory of the newsboy, if believed, and
there is no good reason for doubting it.
settles beyond dispute a most important ques
tion in tbo case. There have Hitherto been
two opinions as to whether the front door was
open or shot on the morning of tbe murder,
but there can be but ono now. We have now
tbo concurring testimony of young Mr. Na
than. of General Clair, and the newsboy, that
the door was open, and against it oxdv that of
Patrolman Man gam, who persists in declaring
that it was shat. The patrolman has a very
strong Interest in sticking to his story, for he
admits that be passed tbe door a little before
6 o'clock, when it must, according to all other
testimony, have been sufficiently ajar not only
to be noticed by tbe newsboy from the spot
wbero the patrolman stood, but by General
Clair from a distant window of the Hotel oppo
site. If the patrolman were to acknowledge a
dereliction of duty so gross as tbe neglect to
notice so obvious and important a fact, it
would subject him to severe punishment, If
not dismissal from his position; and it is not
surprising, therefore, that bo stordilv insists
thawbe looked at the door at o’clock, and
saw that it was closed. On tbo otherhand,
the newsboy told his story before be or any
one knew that tbe point was in dispute
and at all events had no interest in telling
anything bnt the exact truth. The concur
rence of testimony not only establishes tbe
fact that tho front door was open from 5 to C
o'clock, or for st least an entire boor before
tho discovery of the murder, but throws con
siderable donbt upon the assertion of the pat
rolman that ho tried both the basement and
front doors at 4j£ o’clock, and found both
fastened. In this case, also, be was
np a case for himself against the imputation of
carelceeDces in the discharge of dnty, and it
is so improbable that any policeman, un
der ordinary circumstances, would take the
trouble to try both doors of a private resi
dence after daylight in tbs morning, that tbe
t-Utement is received with many grains of al
lowance. In his examination by Superinten
dent Jonrdan on the morning of the murder,
Man gam said that he began, at 6J* o'clock, at
Seventh avenue and Twentv.secood street, go
ing through Twenty-second street to Fourth
avenue, np that street to Twentv-third street,
and through the latter to tbe house of Mr.
Nathan, tho doors of which ho tried at 4>£
o'clock, and as be insisted, also, that be tried
every door as he went, be was claiming that
he bad achieved an impossible feat, Superin
tendent Jonrdan, at least, thought so, for be
told Man gam at the time that the thing coaid
nut be done, bnt the latter not only persisted
that he bad done it on that particular morning,
hut that it was his rim* for going over
that portion of his poet.
Tbe general effect, then, of this last devel
opment has been to remove all doubt on one
point of tho case, hot So increase them on
another. It can no longer be denied that the
front door was not only unfastened, but par
tially open at aa early as 5 o'clock, and the
important fact of whether it was fastened or
cot at an earlier boor is pal in great doubt.
In other respects the new offer made by the
family gives new facts and affords larger
scope fur the exertions of tho detectives
There was an old-fashioned cold watch, which
was in the safe, also taken by the murderer,
which not only gives another' possible cine to
his detection, bnt establishes the important
fact that the safe was rifled, which was before
left in doubt. In one respect the fact is of
little value, as the watch, although an old pos
session in the family, had been noticed so lit
tle of lat c yean that no particular description
of it can be gives, and It may pass without
discovery from hand to hand.
Superintendent Jonrdaa was kept very busy
all of vcslerday in the investigation of the
care. The detectives were constantly taking
persons into his private office, where their
statements were taken down verbatim by Mr.
ilellisb, the stenographer of the Pobce De
partment. In addition to this work there were
several important consultations daring the
day. Mayor Hall, Coroner Rollins, and As
sistant District Attorney Fellows called at dif
ferent times, and baa protracted interviews
with Superintendent Jonmao. Mr. Cohen and
Hon. E. B. Bart also called on behalf of the
Nathan family, to make final arrangements
fur the issuing of the areolar announcing the
rewards offered by the family, as published in
the Times yesterday. Bat there was no tan
gible result from this activity and labor. So
far as the public were informed, no progresa
whatever was made In solving the problem
which thus far has baffied tireless energy and
on equaled ekflh
Alter the grand Jury bad finished the busi
ness cf the term at tbe Court of General Ses
sions, Judge Bedford addressed them as fol
Hr. Femur axo G*nttjd«n of t&z Giukd
ft, the right wing of the Prussians moved upon
ay a few days before, and routed them. The
re followed by the victorious Germans,
r Napoleon's headquarters wore at Forbacb, a
•Imv; I learn this moment that yon have com
pleted jour lalwra fur the term. Permit me in all
sincerity, in behalf of the law-abiding citizen* of
this city, to thank yon. not only fur the prompt
and rapid manner In which you nave fulfiied your
duties, but also for the sound dlAcretlon which has
guided your action, promptly discharging when
there was not sufficient evidence to warrant find
ing an indictment, and as promptly tcdlcnog
when there was sufficient to have a item Jury pass
□pon the ease. Whenever a grand Jury have
completed their labors, they are discharged by the
To-day I deem It my dnty to make an execution
to this general rule. There i* going on in’ this
city an Investigation, tbe object ul wnlcb is to lay
tbe Iron band of tbe law ou tbu murderer of a re
spected and honored citizen. Happily for the
ends of Justice 1 am satisfied that Super.mendcai
Jonrdan and the District Attorney and bis asso
ciates are doing everything In their power to
throw light upon tbe, as yet, shrouded mystery.
As I have reason to have great hopes that tho
guilty ones wifi b« brougnt to justice in a few
oar a, I deem it out prudent and wise not to dis
charge you, but to ask yon all to hold yourselves
In readiness so as to answer at once any summons
which may be Issued for your attendance.
Proceeding* of (tie Republican
Congressional Convention.
„ . . TOLONO,IIL. Ang. 2,
Colonel J. A. Conolly. Chairman of the
Central Committee, called the convention to
A. Goodell, of Iroquois, was chosen per
manent President, and Wm. J. Usrev, of Ma
con, Secretary.
M. C. McLain, of Coles, Dominated Dr.
Franklin Blades, of-Iroquois.
Mr. T. Beaty. Chairman of tbe Iroquois del
egation, took the floor, and, on behalf of Dr.
blades, declined tbe nomination, as not sought
by him, and made without consultation with,
and again*! the conscot of, the Iroquois dele
gation. and that Dr. Blades would not consent
(if nominated) to run.
An informal ballot was had, which resulted
as follows:
Champaign 9
Coles. I
Cumberland s
Edgar 8 8
Ford. 2
Iroquois. «
Macon 7
MoaUrie «
Platt. 3
Douglas 3
Vermillion S
Total 40 l«
A motion was then mado to proceed to a
formal ballot. Carried.
General Pugh reviewed the action of tho
convention four years ago, and begged for
Champaign 3 r
Coles 7
('umttcrland 8
Edgar 8 3 .
Ford g
Iroquois 7
Macon 7
-Moultrie j
llalt 8
Douglas 8
VemUllon 8 o
_ 1« 40
On motion of M. Jones of Douglas County,
Geueral Jesse H. Mooro, of Macon Countv,
was declared tbe unanimous choice of thl*
convention, as tbo Republican candidate for
Congress of this (Seventh) District.
Uj>on motion or W. J. Carey, of Macon, the
delegations (mm the different counties re
ported the names of their Central Committee
men. The committee-men retired, and
through their Chairman reported the follow
ing organization:
2. Beaty, Chairman, Watseka, Iroquois County,
H. Van Sellers, Secretary, Parts, Edgar County,
tt Clay Wortham, Charleston, Coles County,
captain PhU. Wilchamer, Neoga,- Cumberland
County. Ilk
J. P. Middleeoff* Paxton, Ford County, nt
J. J. Pcddecord. Decatur, Macon County* Ilk
A. P. Green, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Ilk
W. T. Foster. Monti cello*.Platt Coustv* Ilk
Wm. H. Lamb. Tuscola, Douglas County, Ilk
Colonel W. P. Chandler, Danville, Vermillion
Coontr. Dk
J. H. PickreH, of Macon County, moved
that the Secretary of this convention tele
graph to the Republican Congressional Con
vention of tbe Eighth Dutrict, the action of
this convention, and recommend that the
same harmony characterize their action. Car
ried nnanimovoly.
General Moore was then loudly called for,
and in respome briefly addressed the conven
tion. tfaankmg them for tbs honor conferred,
and also reviewing his past action in Congress.
Tho speech of tbe General was an eloquent,
patriotic extemporaneous speech, which elicit
ed frequent outbursts of applause.
The convention then adjourned sine die.
Riel in Beaten-
IVws. Aug. 7.—Last night, between 9 and 10
o'clock, in the South Cove District, near the old
Culony Railroad depot, there was a disturbance
which threatened to become a serious not.
Policeman Clayton arrested a young boy named
Richard Pike, when the crowd collected and an
aitcmpt was made to rescue him. Tbe officer fired
tour shots into the crowd* all of which toot
effect, wounding seriously Hugh McShane, 7 Tears
old. In tne back of the neck; a bov named Raves,
la the thigh; Tho*. Driscoll, is jewra old. tnthe
leg, and a little boy. name not knows, in the left
breast, a very large and excited crowd rushed
io the scene* and brickbats and paving-stones
began to fly pretty freely; bnt a force of podee
arriving, tbe crowd dispersed.
Another Bank Defaulter-
Poems-, Aug. 7.—William C. Coffin, Treasurer
Of the New Bedford Savings Institution, has rc
k<gued and fled with about lio.ooo tn fnndA
American Dental Association-
N’inni t * Ang. fl The American Dental As
sociation has changed the place of the next an
t uai meeting from Atlanta to tbe White Sulphur
Springs, Virginia
Foreign Tlarkrte-
London, Ang. ft—n :ia a. in.—Consol*. 39 q - .
Consol* on account* 39*;. United States 5-20*, *ftL
S3V,;'6SAS3; ’ftls.SS; 1(L405,51. -
London. Ang. fr-Bvenlag.—Consols for monev,
S9‘.; for account, American securities
quiet and steady: United States 5-20 bonds, '63s*
S3tt: Yse, S 3: ‘ft7a, si; KMOs, sL Erics, 13;
Illinois Centra!, loi; Great Western, 19.
Mocks Arm.
Pams. Aug. c.—The Boone opened flnner;
rentes, 6Tf 20c.
Liverpool, Aon. 4—lists a. m.—Floor, 3£»3
S£s«*L Winter wheat, loa 7d@loa Sd; red w&ear,
WSd; white wheat, its W 3113 so. Corn, 82s 3d.
Pork,i22*s. Lard, Tia.
Liverpool, Ang. a—Evening.—Cotton dal); mid
dling uplands, 7,Vd; Orleans, Sd; sales of 10,000
California white wheat. Us 3d@lis 4d ; red
Western No. 2. 9s Sd; winter. 10s TdialOa s«L
Western floor. SSa. Corn—No. s mixed, 32a Sd.
Oats, ss 5<L Barley, as. Peas, 395.
Port, 122? Gd. Beef. 113 s fid. Lard, Tts. Cheese,
C3s. Bacon—a>s for Cumberland; 64a (or short
rib. Tallow, 44s 90.
Turpemine, 32s Sd. linseed ol), 325®32510d;
cakes, 11S01UW.
London, Aug. s.—Tallow, 44s ad. Sugar, sis Sd.
Frankpobt, Aug. s.—United States bonds closed
doll at SS I*. 1 *.
New Topic Dry Goods narkcl*
Nkw Tore, Aug. The cotton goods market
continue* Inert and rather depressed, especially
for wide sheeting?, both bleached and unbleached,
for which prices were Irregular, some leading Job
bing bouses demanding a difference of 2xsSc,
anaeveD7j4oona yard, more than other bourea,
and on brands tike Androscoggin, PeppereU,
Pcquot, Ac. Bat ai the highest figures are above
above the market, and charged to those whs re-
outre extended time, tt ts very proba
ble all cash buyers will require a settle
ment tt ® ,ow .?« current prices, which
at® S9J*c for 8-4 Androscoggin; STttc
for 9-4 do, and 43c for ICM do bleached, while the
same brand is offered In the brown at Myc for
9-1, and 57xc for KM, but at these prices the
goods are very cheap. The clothing trade -ha*
been moderately active recently, and tbe shawl
trade will open next Monday in good mw-t, at
{■rices that will Invite custom. All grades offlae
oug shawls, m the choicest designs, wtu open soe
lower. say S7.SO for best makes,
teas discounts, and beautiful goods will be offered
as low as SAOO and $3.50, while misses’ shawls will
be offered In choice and handsome designs trout
best makes at STjtfc to SLOO. Wonted stuff goods
for ladles wear are opening In greater profusion
c&an ever before, and being offered at prices that
will drive foreign goods from our shores, under -
the present tariff and gold premium: but of all
goods offered, white sheetings appear the cheap
est, as compared with seven-yard print cloths at
• cents per yard.
.mention. Sir Knights
Of CHICAGO COMMANOERT No. 19 K. T. and ri»-
iton Id ten dine to participate in the excursion to
riymouth on the 251 h inth, are noticed to be preaent oa
MONDAY EVENING. Aug. 8. at o’clock. FOR
DRILL, By order of tbe B. O.
JOHN WHTTT.Kr. Recorder.
Has taken more First Premlumsat
State Fairs than any other Stove,
and, with its recent Improvements,
has no rival. It Bakes beautifully,
and Is unsurpassed for economy in
For tale at retail by
8. It. HAGOAKD A C0.,39 Wnt Lakeat.
SOKDP A BRO..SS* Milwiukei-av.
E. SCULICK A BKO„ *st North ClarkaL
98 and 100 Michigon-av.
Wholesale Arcdis for the West.
Treia* will le*v« depot. corner Canal and Klnxio-«U.
commencing Tuesday, the 9ih:
A.M P-.UI P. M J -t)
P. M 31>01 P. M 6JU
Leave Camp Ground for Chicago:
A.M 6:551 P. M Us«
A. 31 9:15 1 P.M
Tin-ftJl p m. train will stop at BrirVtun during the
nutting. T. O, HOAG,
Chairman Railway Committee.
Xotrc Dame, Indiana,
Under the Direction of the Sliten of the Holy Crow.
Thl* ioctilution i* *ltu*ted on the St. Jowpb River,
eighty tulle, cut of Chicago, vim Michigan Southern
Railroad, and two toilet from the flonruhlog town of
South Bend. The «ite I* unparalleled In iovcUnen*
Eighty ktw tre l»ld out in tine picture ground*. The
eoune of ttudy it very extensive and thorough, ctnbrac
iog til tho tranche* of t (olid tnd refined educttlcn.
The thirtieth wml-imnutl *e*cion open* on Monday,
September A 1870.
Furcaulitgue tddroM Mother M. ANGELA* Superior,
StM.ry V Academy. Notre Dame P. 0., Indiana.
Northwestern Female College.
Thl* popular Initilution will begin ita Fall Term
B*j tember 5. A full corps of able Teacher*: a thorough
RoeUth Course of Ktndy; a thorough Clawical Course.
Superior adrantaret In Music, Painting, Drawing.
French, Gentian, and Italian. Addre**,
' W. P. JONHS, President, Eraniton. Ilk
Frrneh and English Boarding and Day School,
Will reopen on Wednesday. Sept. 91. IS7O, at (9 MADI
SU"''NEW *YORK U and Twenty•ninth*
Addre** a* above.
French and Rnclltb Boarding and Day School, for
young Ladic*aud Children,corner Park-av. and Thir.
ty eighth.* u. New York, will reopen September 3J, 1870.
Andre** as above.
RirtKKNCKs: Bight Rev. Bishop Potter, of New
T ork: Hon. John V , L. Pruyn, Albany; Jamc* C. Far
go, Ksq.. New York.
Buardlue and Day School, for Young Gentlemen. One
Hundred andSeventfetb-ft. mod Kins*bridge Road. N.Y.
L... innt.in i r-Ali.
(Formerly under the direction of Mcmi*. Lorplnaue
A Prevo*t>. will rvytvu on Monday. Sept U». V. PUR.
YOST, Principal. Circular* at oTLessanaite'e, 25 Pine
•k, New Tort
AT AUBURNDALR, Mart., ten mile* weit of BoitoQ.
Instruction thorough, careful, complete. Advantage*
for Malic, Painting. Preach, and German, tuvurpaaed.
Particular attention paid to common and mII<I branches.
Teacher* cbiwen with great cans. Number limited to A).
Next year begins Sept. 15. Adder**
Principal *nd Proprietor. A wide-awake, thorough*
going School for boy* wishing to be trained for Business,
for College. or for West Point, oi tbe Naval Academy.
Rngllsh and French Boarding and Day School for
Young Ladies and Children. SB Wctt Fortv-sevcnth-st.,
near Fifth.av.. New- York, will reopen Tuesday, Sep
tciiiln-r 2D, IsTU. Circulars may lie obtained by applica
tion at S. C. GRIGGS A CO. Mr*. GarreUoa will be
at borne on and after Sept. 1.
8 S
Men’s Furnishing Goods.
Latest Improvements and Newest Styles
True Pit
PiUeai Pantaloon Drawer**
Übmlro tlracr*,
Importr’* Kid Glove*.
Neck llrrmliam
House Garment*.
AS White—»t.« New York,
8 8
Wc ,haH sell 03 TUESDAY *nd WEDNESDAY
next, 9th and loth ln*t, at 10 a. m. and 7 p. m.. at the
. OF
Comer Clark and Van liurcn-«U., the whole of their
forfeited nledeec to date, consisting of
Of rariou* make*,
Diamond* and Gold Jewelry* Silver and
PlnledWare* Cutlery* Firearm** Hook**
Picture** Ladies* and Gent** Cloth-
Ins* etc., etc.*
Positively without reserve, for cash.
NOTlCE.—Private entrance on Van Boren-*!, open
daring th« sale for the nmal lm«lnc»*.
Bteora Seal-Weekly to *sd from
New York, Queenstown, Liverpool,
Londonderry and Glasgow.
Ticket* *oU to from ENGLAND, ntgt.tvn
the Ooatinext.
RmCibfa. to Urcrvool or Qa*eu«tewtf-Ooia. wy«
Steeng*. to Liverpool or Qaeeiiftowtw—Currency. ...SM
Romm ticket* at reduced rate*.
B For further information, apply to F. O. BROWX.
Agent,at lb« Company'* bfttcre.M SouthCUrt-*L,Chi
mu. where eabta plan* can b* *ee* and room* *eecn*
»• r aar *te*ip«r or dau. Sight draft* on Great Britain
and Ireland for tale.
Orient Manufacturing CA
Bokloir Powder* IVuUag Cry*tat,
INKS* etc.
L. J. lIITZ & CO.. Proprietors,
M! SUfaxL. Chicago.
TTx osdenignrd hs* Invented s new. eeoaomirsk
sndfuperiw method of manu/srturing white lemdbv
Which S 3 article of tbe finm qualityteorodaccd la two
week*. Addn-M JAMES CUDDY,
sa Carr-*t- St. Loop. Mo.
trice of board wmbe
84perD»y. SIMEON LEi-ANn
IS North Clark*«t. itut arrived from Germany. hu the
power to mx-itat/' all pain cf the teeth, wfthnat canjln*
any pain to the patient. In a few minute*. So money
paid without cure. So charge* to the poor Office houn
from 9 to 15 a. m- and: toS p. m. Converge lo Eng
lith. German, French, Swcdieb, and Dankh.
Ladle* and children can hart* mrdical treatment bv
an fxprricocrd Udv rhyiiclan (graduate of >'-w York
ud FKUadelohla Collet••* of A f-w Udy
patient* can be accommodated with a pleasant and
quiet home durinr treatment. Charge* reu-mabla.
Tribooe office.
For LETTERS, RECORDS, it. He most
bfxntifnl and durable la use. 021 EXT
aiixmcirscvc co M ui sute-st.
FRUssnra’B cider vineqae.
Celebrated for Its purity, strength, and palatahksM.
JT 1 3 Fin* wemima awarded
J* *b® ,U* S. Fair, the DUpoU State ratr.and Caileaft
Cityiak. IfTOBt work* of the kind to tfa* United States
MtabliabedlMA OHA&. a FKUBSCfO.
, . m end Ml Obfcsio
Ask joar pocec be rmetart Vtsegac,.
Chicago busioess Directory.
flame, Bnsinou, and Location of UeJleading
Busineu Homes of Chicago.
Cuf fL* Li%i ouf os a Rt/erene* vhm ruifirw/ the city.
The Haute* are ttrirtlg FIKST-CLXSS.
AgHraltaral Warehouse.
H. A. TILTON *OO, WLakfret
Agricultural Implement*.
FUBST 4 BRADLEY, 66 to Tu North JefTenoo-*!.
Apeihrearifa and Ctaemtott*.
BLISS A SHARP, Itt Lake and 125 Twenty-second
Artists’ and Painters’ Mrterlal*.
JEVNB A ALMINLIS2 sod 1M Clark-*t
Awning* Tents, Ac.
GILBERT HUBBARD A CO.. 2C5 and Oil So. Waters I.
Belting Maanfactnrers*
W. XL WHIXMABSH, 199 U ke-rt.
Bcltltur and Robber Goods.
Boots and Shoes (Wholesale).
C. M. HENDERSON 4 CO.. 76 and T 3 Wabash-ar.
KIRTLAND. ORDWAY 4 CO- tM Wabash-ar.
LYMAN, PAGE 4 CO- H Wabash-ar.
Bools and Shoe* (Wholesale and Retail).
BULLOCK BROS.. 66 Latest.
Blank Books and .Stationery*
WESTERN NEWS CO-12 and 123 Statist.
CULVER. PAGE 4 BOYNE, 149 Latest.
RAND, McNALLV 4 CO.. 61 Clart-sL
Bank Bladen*’ Slock* Arc.
CULVER, PAGE 4 BOYNE, 123 Late-*-
JOHN AMES 4 CO- » htato«t.
COAN 4 TEN BROEKK. 07 and 69 Adamaet.
HENRY WILLETS. corner State and Twelfth-Na
Chnimos Eustarlngti, nnd Pnunn.
MARTIN O'BRIEN. 61 Stated.
Clorks, Arc.
C-lothlDß, Ac.
G. T. BELDING 4 CO- id and 91 Randolph-*!.
H. IS3 and 111 Raudolpb^t.
CHARLES E. GODFREY 4 C0.,9u tad 93 Dcarixxn-«t.
Crockery and (MaMtrarr (WboloealeX
KKTOUUM 4 MARTIN. Ij Randolph-*t.
Crockery* CJIa-aa, Are. (Wboleoale and RetaQ).
BURLEY 4 TYRRELL, 43 and 46 Latent
IRA P. BOWEN 4 CO-107 Wabash-ar.
RATON 4 BROWN. 71 Randolph-*!.
A. PICK 4 CO- Th Latc-ri.
JOHNSON 4 ABBEY, 21 and 31 Hirer-*!.
Conrb am*. Saddlrn Ilardtrare.
HAYDEN 4 KAY, 45 and IT Late-*C
Drnsnleti) (Wbolcaale).
FULLER. FINCH A FULLER, 3h 34 and 13 MarkeUL
Lakes L
IlmaKktVtila.'v.ware. Arc. (Wholesale).
T. N. HoLDKN, 43 South Watcr-eL
Drv Rnsda (Wholesale).
BOWEN. HUNT A WINSLOW. H and 17 Randolph-*.
JOHN V. FARWELL A CO.. 1(6 to 112 Wabaah-av.
CARSON, PIE IE A CO.. US and 12) Slate-aL
Dry floods (Wholesale and Retail).
J. B. SHAY, 112.114 and 116 Lake-ec
Klgr Stitcher and Turk Marker,
JENSEN A CO.. 66 Uadi*on-<L
( Fancy Dry floods and Notions (Wholesale).
D. W. A A KEITH A CO.. 70 and 79 Wabash-av.
Farm Machinery.
ATWATER A BARSTOW. 176 Bandolph-cL
Farm ami Freight Wagons.
BISHOP A FKINDLE, 12, It and U South Jdfenvn-st
File Manufacturer*.
Fire Kxtinsniataem.
F. W. FAR WELL, 122 Washington-* t.
WM. W. STRONG, 203 Randolph at
GILBERT A SAMPSON, 1U and 116 State-iC
H. 8. CARTER A CO., m A 197 Lake-*I.
H. UKBKNSTRIN A CO. 167 andl-4) Randotpb-eL
J. DKXEBSDORF, 173 Lake-sL
(Irocrtins WldcsAc.
JAMES B. HODGES, 41 Stato-eL
Ulom Shnilra and Wax Material*.
WEST A GO.. 110 Lake-«L
flan* and Sportlns flood*.
Hosiery, Notloa*. Ar. CWholeaale).
Hardware, Are. (Wbolcaale.)
MILLER BROS. A KEEP. 56 Stalest.
Hardware udMi'tali.
WM. BLAIR £ CO, ITS and 131 Raadolpb-st
Hardnood Lumber.
HENRY IV. HOLDEN. Markrtet, cvnicrJtekNO.
Ilnta. laps itc, (Ifholmle).
KEITH BROTHERS, 68 and 70 Waha*h-ar.
Hut* Capa, «Vr. (Retail).
Hot Air Fanner*.
M. W. LESTER A SON. IS. 17 and 19 North Stalest,
Iloß.nr Fnrnialiimr flood*.
J. C. CONSTANT £ 00,13 and US State-**.
Hard anil Salt Coal.
B. HOLBROOK. 194 LaSalie-st.
Hotair NiUU Manufactory.
5. VT. MANF’G CO, 68 Wert Van Bnren-it.
Iron and llrary llanlwnre (Wholesale).
HALL, KIMBARK A CO,H) and &4 Michigan-av.
KIRK. COLEMAN £ CO, 18 and IS Well Mt.
Leather, Finding*. &o.
PAGE BROS. £ CO, SO Lake-ot.
Lacr*« Embroideries &c.
R. LONGMUIE.S3 Statist.
TU. £ G. MCNOELSON. 109 Stalest
-1,1 fe Inanrnnrr.
CHARTER OAK. I Tribune Building.
MUTUAL LIFE, N. T, 17 Clirkat
T/OoUlng (.lawns Fnues Etc.
H. A. FOSTER,6S Adans-tit.
W. T. NO BLE £ CO, 120 Sute-it.
Machinery, Arc.
J. A. FAY A CO, 133 Lake-et,
Hlarfolc and Granite Works
CHICAGO MARBLE CO, 197 Wa*’..ington-*t.
JACOB S. SCHURKMAN, comer Clark and Adam*
Map PablUhrm.
GKO. P. CRAM A CO, U» Lakc-sL
Orgno* and MHodeonw.
W. W. KIMBALL 63 Washlngton-st.
GKO. A. PRINCE & CO, !9 Wwhington-«C
Oil., Paint.. Color**. Arc.
CUASK. HANFORD A CO, 51 South Watcr-st,
C.T. RAYNOLDS £ CO, oP Mlehlgmn-av.
PAGE & SPRAGUE. IS and 14 Dearlwrn it.
LEW IS. HAM £ CO, M and 5S Madison-sL
Paper Rnxew.
D. P. BOWETT £ CO, Hu Lakt~t.
RITCHIE £ DUCK. *8 Mlehigan-av.
HENRY SCHULTZ. 151 Stalest.
Paper Maaafaelurers.
LA FUN, BUTLER £ CO, 114 £ 118 Wabaih-av.
BRADNER. SMITH £ CO, IS Sooth Water-st.
CLEVELAND PAPER CO, H Wa*hlngton-rt.
Piano*. .Horde, &r.
LYON £ HEALY, Washington-et. cor. Wahaah-av.
J. BAUER £ CO, C 9 Washlngton-it.
W. W. KIMBALL. 65 Washington-*!.
Picture Praxnr* and .MooJdiajp*.
SAMMONS. CLARK £ CO, 164 Lake-rt.
Ural EMaie and la>ob Agent*.
BAIRD £ BRADLEY. 90 LaSalle^t.
8. U. KERFtXIt £ CO, 71 Dearbom-st.
M M. D. KKRIDOT. 99 Washington-.!.
C. B. HOLMFS. 181 Washington-st.
HITT, HARDEN £ HITT, 10 Tribune BnlUtcg
SAMPSON £ DREW, 3 Metropolitan Block. '
SNYDER £ LEE, 4 Metropolitan Block.
Kegiotm and Ventilator*.
BANGS BROTHERS. 158 Slate-«t.
Snfew, Lock*. Jtr.
S. H. HARRIS, Maaafactnitr.6s Sooth Cinal-st.
PRATT £ COVERT, 88 Wa*hlngton-st.
TKRWILLIGER £ CO, 84 Washingten-st.
J. M. TER WILLI GER £ CO, 96 Washington-st.
Nolt, Omrnt. and *iturro.
Scale Manufacturers.
FAIRBANKS, GRBEN’LF.AF ft CO- 13? ft 139 SUte-iL
CHICAGO SCALE CO- 34 and S 3 We*t WaahlagtOD-it
School and Office Furnitures
A. U. ANDREWS ft CO- 111 State-, L
HENRY M. SHERWOOD. 105 Madlaou-rt.
Slate and Marble Mantel*.
KNAPP. VAULL * CO., IST Dearborn-et
Servian Macblnre.
WHEELER ft WILSON. ll« Lake-it.
SINGER'S, 111 Stalest.
GROVER ft BAKER, I 0« Waihlayton-it.
M LIPTIC, 121 Wabatb-av.
WILLCOX ft GIBBS, 1M Lakc-et.
Soapstone Stoves, dkc
Stoves, Fanarn and Rouire.
BARLOW ft WELLS. 168 Lake-th
Steam Enstaes &e,
AMES’ ENGINES, 70 South Canal at.
BI ANDY’S ENGINES. fc South Canal-sL
RICHARDS* ENGINES, 49 to 55 South Jcfferson-rt.
Stove*. Hardware, Etc.
M. U. MORRIS, 218 lake-ct.
N. SHERWOOD ft CO., 21 Wa*hiu*ton-*t
Twine*. Cordaar, dtc.
GILBERT HUBBARD ft CO-2Csft 3J7Soutb Watcr-i
Tloetrar Works.
C. G. E. PRESSING. OS and AH Statc-at. '
Watch Materials (Whole*ale).
Watches, Jewrlry, ftr« (Whole*ale).
B. F, NORRIS ft CO- 123 Lake-it.
GILES BROS- 142 Lake-it.
COGSWELL ft CO-144 Tak» rt.
QUIMBY. STORK ft CO-109 Lake at
Watches, Jewelry, Ac-, (Wholesale an d Retail
GILES BROS-142 Lake-tt.
A. H. MILLER, cor. Clark and P-andolph-ita.
RODDIN ft HAMILTON, 126 Lake-it.
R. J. MORSE, 120 Lake-it.
W. M. ft J. B. MAYO. 130 Stated.
NOWLIN ft McBLWAIN. 122 Lake^L
Mlnrm Uqoor*, ftr M (Whokul;),
CROMMES ft ULLRICH, 146 South CUrt-it.
Ynatbn’nnd Boys* Clolhla;,
Ti*y-ARp powder co- a sut*«t
AdvertULb< Axrsts.
bTEKLE ft HITCHCOCK. 10 Aruade-court.
Bridge!, Roofs, Timing Tablet, aid Pilot
Bridges, Vroight iron Colunu,
Heavy Casting!, aid Geieral
Iron and Foundry Verb.
For KiSwaf and Road Bridge* Company employ
the following welleatabli*hediy»tem«, Tic.:
Poet'a Pabst Diagonal Iron Trail,
Plate and Treated Girder*.
Poet'a Patent Diagonal Omnbtoatloa Tna*.
Howe'* Patent Tnua, and any other deaurd ayrtont*.
Paetnnatie, Screw pQea and Mssocry.
Descriptive Lithograph* fursUbcd upon application.
Plana, specification*, and estimate*. together with prt>-
poeal*. will be made and aotanitled when deelred.
Cor.Bganand I Boom*l,2,mods,Andrews*BuQdtog,
Stewart-ava. 1 137 LaSaUe-*t- eor. Arcade-court.
The American Bridge Company,
157 laSalle-st, Chicago.
L. B. Booms, Pnst |L C. Bomans, Gen. An’t.
U. A. BUST, vloe Pres'L |M. Lasaio. OenT. Sap'L
W. K. Gilman. hec’y.
Chicago, July 90. lc'o.
Referring to th** above card of “The American Bridge
Company.** it Is "'-——<r»need teat the nnderelgned,
hitherto rcng>. i Bridge Building,
4c.. under too r » of L. B. Boomer,
and Boyncton Mi_., -ay sold and trans
ferred to the said Anrrloa ..., - Company, all the
property, consisting of real estate, buildings. tnachln
err, tools, cars. r«»»«-U, titurwu Ac- heretofore cm.
ployed by them In the pr-eocuoon of their said bu*i
ncM. as also their tocumplctcd contracts, which enc
nut* will be executed by said American Bridge Com
i* R UST, Is hereby terminated.
and facjlitlcs ailorJed hr
thb const lidahon of iuterret*. we bespeak for the
American Bridge Company the continuance of the pat
ronage of ourpatroo* and friend*. and we promise that
the reputation as to characteroi work, and promptness
In eicratoo. earned hr ourself ra. shall, brVbe Amcri
can Bridge company, be maintained and added to.
I* B, BUtiMER,
I- C. BOVINGTON.) Late firm of
_ . B. A. HCar. ) Boyington 4 Bust.
Chicago. July 30. 1878.
Hurlbut & Edsall,
(Saecessors to J. U. RSKD 4 C 0..)
32 LAKE STREET, Chicago,
Pure Drugs,
Fancy Goods, Pure Dye Stuffs,
Window Class, Glassware,
Soda Ash, Caustic Soda,
Japonica, Paints, Oils, Abe.
Special attention given to
Manufbclarcnt* Supplier*
We are Agent* for
Slorsc’s Sodn Fountain?,
Fire Dngs! low Prices! Quick Sales!
Call and get our price before purchasing rh, where.
t&~ Order* fay mail will be priced aa low a* if bought
in perron.
(Organized under the General Banking Law ol
the Slate of New York.)
tray, comer ol l'rdar-«t.
O. IL SCHREINER, Cashier, (Over fifteen yean Cub
ler of the Chatham National B«nk.N.Y.)
EMIL SAUER. President
commence liusinea on Monday, August {.HID. with a
Coali Capital 0f51.000,000, mhject to IsataM
to dia.uw.on}.
Chaunrey T. Bowes, of Bowen Brother*, Chicago.
Adolph Fnitler. of Kremelbcnt A Co.
Ceotgr Frit*, of Stnubunrer. Fritz A Pfeiffer.
John R, Gardner, of W. C. Piekcregiil A Co.
Marcella* Hartley, of Schuyler, Hartley A Graham.
Wilson G. Hunt.
Gerhard Janercn, of Jasesen, Schmidt A RnpertL
Frederick Knbne, of Knauth. Naehod A Kahns.
Alexander Klingcnberg, ol KUtel, Klingcnberg A Co.
Leo Lehmans, of Bodge, Schiff A Co.
M. H. levin.
Frederick M. Mat*.
F. Meissner, of Meissner. Aekermann A Co.
Edward Priebs of Baoeedahl A Co. •
David Salomon.
Emil Saner, late Kamtah. Saner A Co.
Joseph Srllxman. of J. A W. Sell groan A Co.
L. J. Stiaatny. of Banendabl A Co.
W. G. Taaki. ol Emitter A Taaka.
Frederick VDlrnar.
Account* of Wmera Bankers and Mer
chant* am wollrlled, and prompt attention
will hr slvrn to all bawinp** catenated to ns.
Family Flour
From cither Winter or Spring Wheat; delircrod free ol
cartage in any part of the city, and
warranted to unit
C4totr Ulchlfu and North Dmborn-sts.
J. D. COLE, Jr., Proprietor.
Three and one-half mile* from Western av, onC.fi
N. W. K. K. and Lake-.!; titteen niiuute*’ ride (rum
Wellwt. Depot These bit* ate within one block of the
Aaitin Depot, and are well located for suburban ml
deuce*. being, by actual survey. ri(ty-»lx feet almve the
lake, and beside* have a complete system of drainage
bv cement sewers. This. in connection with the pure
air. pure water, and convenience of acce**. make*
them desirable. Street*, sidewalk*. and tree* all In
good condition. Price tU) to *ls per foot.
No. 7, W Clark-*1
Value from HJfX> to dlffiow.
A great bargain. 16'} acre*, ouly per acre, for tbe
BSofWHof N, R. of Sec. 3.41,13. Thl* propertv
is tear Huuit-otdt Park and B- ul.-var-l. Must be sold
this week or the price will be raided to what it Is worth.
tis Urariwm^t.
Stores on flladlsoai diid Dsar
boni4U., Tribune Flro- Proo:
Balldlng; Stores on
it.; a few very deslr&ble offlcoi
In the Tribune Building, to Rent
lUPTilro Of
Tlie large *tore room and base*
merit, \o. 93 Dqurborn-*!. Pos
session {riven about August 10.
Can be had on a long lease If de
sired. For particulars inquire or
Wm. W. Stroks,
903 Randolph-*!.
IIP Lake-at.
__ MRS. (Cures Colic and Griptns in th*l Prfe*
WHITCOMB’S 'Bowel*, and facilitates the* 23
SYRUP. fpmeeee of Teething. ) Cent*
MRS. (Sulxtae* Convnkicni and/ Priae
WHITCOMB’S «overcome*all diaearc*incident* 3S
SYRUP. (to Infant* and OhlWren. ) Cent*
MRS. (Oares Diarrhea. Owentety)
WHITCOMB’S «and Summer Complaint la> _■
SYBUP. (Children of all ««. ) 9 eat *'
It i* the Great Infant*’ and Children’*i Soothln* R«oa
dy in all dbordera hronfcht on by Teethin* oranyothm
C *Pre*pared by the GRAFTON MEDICINE CO- at
b£ DroetUtt and Deates la Medidne evo>
where. • ’
mrm widely and favorably known, more than ®) be Ini
Incas. Al) warranted ntfsfaetorr. or no saK Deactiy.
tire etrrclan *ent on aapUeation. Addresa
uis a Uwreaee. Via
Seven Per Cent Consolidated llort^
The Like Shore 4 Michigan Southern Ra
way Company, for the pnrpoae of providing for the na
meet of its icrHii mortgage debts as they become da
baa executed a mortgage to the Union Trust Cota pan
cf New York, aa Tm» tor, open the whole of it* railroa
asdhraaehea.payid«)e on the Ist day of July, is tl
year one thousand nine handled.
Coupon bonds of 6UXU each win bo baced. with Into
«"Jat tcrea pareestnmper anornn, payable •emi-anna
the Irt day of Janaary aa <i July.la each ycar.an
Benstercd Bonds of *Luw, <3juo, and dlujjyj eact
without coupons, with Interest at *ercn p«*r centum pe
wableqnsrtertT. on th«t#t day of Januan
April, July, and October, in Mch Tear, principal and ft
terevt parable at the ortlce of the Onion Trust Coapia
In Sew York. v
We call the attention of tovecton especially m th;
class of RetisUred Bonds, which, on account of th- 1 e
rarity afforded again*! tmw by robU-rv. tire, nr --thn
wise, and the payment of Quarterly Intere-L oiL-r a
Investment peculiarly drvirable.
A limited amount of these bonds can he pumhaa-d a
9TX. and accrued interest, upon application u
18 Broadest. , New York.
Capital ..... 5200,00 i
Croenebaum's Bank Building,
• M and 36 LaSalle-st—
Is fnOynrganiacd. and ready to receive dep>»lts. upe-i
which 6 per cent Interest will be paid; subject to tiv
rules of the Institution.
THOMAS UUYNR. Hnt Vice ITvrid.-nt.
CUAS. WIUTH, Vice President.
A. WISE. Cashier.
DIRP.CTORS—Henry Green'baum. Thn*. Hott:-
Chaa. Vfinh, PeterSchutUec. Ptvd. Letn. Ch.v«. M.-l/
Herman Raster. Jus. Uebcnstetn, A. A_ Maucer. Snu.u
Flotshemi, B. O. CanlfiehL Prana Arnold. Kchm
And «4*Trml larxrr*om«* to loan on Improre*
rily property.
Roftim 10 and 11. m South Cl.trk.rt.
Lots at Auction!
A limited somber of Lota in the new town of
Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co., lowa
Will he offered for »*k-, at auction, oo
Thursday, August 11, 187 C
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock p. m.
The 'own of Storm Lako Is beaatifallv located on the
northern shore of the like of the sauic name, and ili*
iniroilrd to make it one ol the mott pleasant an.l at
tractive town* in the State,
The Lake 1* about 4 mik-s lone. and S to 3 wide,
ramiundrd by magnificent rolling prafn--. and it.i Ivan
«y i» scarcely equalled bv anv of the nnm.-n»n lak.-i In
northern lowa or Minnesota. It u aU.i.t I.juj feet
abort the lerel of the eta, and C*-*rly on the amumit ot
the (treat divide bvtwrsn the Mississippi and Muuouix
Tlie town, which ha# Justbocc laid ont by Hon John
I.l'-lair, is on the Use of the loir* Fab i Siuix City
Railroad, which ha* recently been e-'niplrt.-l. and f >nns
a link in the mat line across the Stab- N-tw.-fa Ihs
bnane and Slonx City. It I* 81 tmlm east of Sioux City,
and M miles west of sort IVnt>«.
Tbeiotawitlbc*ol<lf<ir cash. or for one-fourth cash,
and the balance in three equal annual pajtuvnU. at U
ret emt Interest
AD contract* and deed* will require the pnrehaser to
Elant shade trees on tbn street »id.sof the lob. nthin
i months, and they will also cvntain sondrtioa* that no
intoxicating liquors shall ever I«mU on the lot*, ex
cept formedicinaland mechanical pnrpo*,-*. Impr-ive
ments worth from SLOW to giowu will ai*o K- require'
within three yean on all let* ,oli! on certain street*
Fnrrbascr* of l.ois will be rrtarnnl KItER
over the lowa Fall* A Sioux City Kadmad. on 'hawing
the neeipt for their tint vavnicnt to th«-r>::d:ur.‘r-
The trains leaving FL Dodge at 9 o'clock a. m.. and
SloozCitv at Bo’clock a. m.,on the 11th u( August, will
reach Storm Lake in time for the sale.
Lit* in IS other new town* cq the lino of the lowa
Fail* andbionx City R. IL. Inil towns on lows l>:vi*.
ion of the Chicago A Northwestern Bailir.iv, and in id
towns on the Bloox City and Pacific Railroad, in 10-ra
and Nebraska, and nearly two million acres of ch.ncw
lands along the same line*, mav be luul on application
to the undersigned. at Cedar Rapid*. lowa.
W. W. WALKER, Treatu.
lowa Falla A Sioux Cltv Railioad C.’s.
Orrxr* U. S. commimaiit or Sruumoogj
Room No. 36, Merchants* In*. C<>. Building. *
Chicago. Ilk. August i, l»:p. )
Scaled proposal* (in duplicate) will be received I>v I hit
endmisned until 3 o'clcek on Monday, August •>,’ ICO,
for furnbhingthc full.wing »torv*. viz :
5*2 barrel* best quality ni«s* pnrk, rwker’e brand t.*Nj
vtsted. at least 2U6 pound* of meat to be repacked tutu
each barrel
JSIUJ pounds bacon clear aide*. In gnnny aseka.
S..d! poonda breakfast baeon. cauvaa*ed. In gunny
A6dD pound* aagar-cured hama, canvassed. In gunny
barrel* door, aprin* wheat, double extra : n be,
in all rearect*. equal to the standard sample to bo seen
•yt'usa w.srAiß'," ssshfflaeTUi'rr*
round hoop barrel*.
aujjuo pound* of hard bread in boxes strapped, contain
ni 9m b*v_
II.HO pounds of eons meal, kiln dried. In ruund-hxop
»ak barrrb full bsad-Uacd.
ls/u> pounds of choice while bran*, hand-picked, la
round-hoop oak barrel* full head-lined.
«,:» pounds of rpht pra*. In round hoop oak barrets
full head lined.
pounds of rice, in round-hoop oak barrels. full
l,2tv pound* of hominy ilitnl. In round-hoop 02k bar
rel* full bead'ist-d.
17.37 U ponodr of code* (green), Rio, in d'tuble ticks.
J.t»' pound* c f masted coff-v-, m deubti* >ark».
UJiS pound* of “C" sugar. equal in qoalitv (a
Stuart'*, in rontiu hoop 00k barrel* (all hrad-lucd.
trn* gmlluo* of .1 ld*k y vim-gar. »i .trenifth M(n ra<
Si train* of bi-earl 00 ate of pn'ure.a to cu-iitrali/"* «oe
fluid ounce, ta orw. full h<«prd oak barrel* with *ll e
Iran bcip on each end, bead* amt Iren painted,
and bung* capp'd with tin.
pound* rtar candle*, fall weight. In boxe*. .trap
-ILsSopound* soap. la bom. •trapj*«L
W. 673 Spound* ftialt, clean and dry fine grain, hx
fits pound* black pepper, ground, free from adultera
tion, in full weight 4 ounce paper, parked in boxo*.
■trapped.of *5 pound* even.
Blank* for proposal* will be famished at this other.
SampU* of all article* (except men* pork) mint accom
pany bid*.
Proposals will be subject to all the condition* hereto
fore publlihcd, a copy of which can beaten by applica
tion at tbt* office.
Bid* moat (fate ibe time when the (ten-* ran I* l de
livered. H. MACFKKI.T.
Major and C. S, U. 3. A.
The Director* of the Canada Air Line Railway invila
tender* for the conatractlon of their line. Plan* and
specification* for the aectlon tiom Glencoe to Aylmer
win be on exhibition at tb« office of the Chief Engineer.
G. L. Reid, Ek*q, DamOtoc. from the 3Sd Angust nest.
All offer* med be In the hand* of the undersigned
before the Sd day of September next, marked ** Tender
or Com auction of Canada Air Line Railway."
JOSEPH PRICE, Secretary.
Hamilton. Ontario, SSth Jnly, 187 J.
Sealed Proposal*.
UsrrkD Rtaim E-vrirv jam's Orrr-r.'
Mn.w*rmcr. Wf*, Art*, 8. l?h> *
Scaled proposals. in duplicate, on form* fumisiird *> *
the undersigned, will he rpeeired at thi* office until
4 p. m. on Sept A HCD.for removing the rock at liw
entrance of Eagle narboe, 1-itp St>'<riur. *0 si to ob
tain an Increased depth of water in tne channel
It will be required to obtain a thonmsh cut *ixtr (r5Ol
feet in width and twelve (IS) feel In depth. Thi* will
rruoire the removal of about tour hundred and dfty
(4»>cuLieyard* of rock.
Bidders will date the total cost of doing the work.
The United Stale* reserve* the right to reject all bid..
For further Information apply to this office. Proposal*
will I— endors'd on the envelope; ** Proposal* for
Eagle Harbor. Lake Superior.” and addressed to
Major D. C. HOUSTON,
Core* of Engineers U. S. Annv,
Real Estate Wanted!
The nedsnigstd wiD rveafre offer* from owners of
lots, to sell to the dty of Chicago, for the tire Depart
ment. lot* located in the vicinity of Desplaines and Van
Bnren-sts.; also, in the vicinity of State and Twenty*
recondite.; ai*o,in the vicinity of Wastera-av. and
Madi»on-*L; also. In the vicinity of Cottage Grove-av.
and Douglae-place; also in the vicinity of Ward's Roll
The firat mentioned lot *hould he about SOfoet, and
the others from 55 to 3 feet tiont, and at least 113 ti-«t
deep to an alley.
Bid* will be received at the Comptroller's Office until
the Slh dar of August, and will be submitted by the
Comptroller to the Common Council for it* action
thereon. GFO. TAYLUK. Comptroller.
MARRIAGE! married cr those about tc
finmii! Imany, on the phTsiotcocaJ
, V 7 U LAJIU- Imytterlc* and rerdsti.-ai,
with thp late*t cuscoverlei n the *cence o( repn.dactica
and ptoereative central, pnrervinx the eomplexiau. ic.
Thl* 1* an tstcratinx work of 234 pur*. with aumex
on* enrravino, and eontam* valuable lafnnuatim (cr
tho*ewboaremarrledorcontenipiacetz.ama<e: rtiill*
•• a book that ought to be under lock and key. and oat
laid carele*ily about the hsntev
Bent to any ooejfree of ro*ia«) for fifty rent*.
Addrm Dk. BUTTS' DISPENSARY, .\o. L! NutA
Eighth-ct- SL Loot*. Ha
Kotlce U the UUet«4 ud Tafertaaiie-
Before applying to the notation* Quacks wh,* a tv®,
tbe in nubile papers, or uata* any Quack Ucm-Mio,
pernae Dr. Butt*’work.no tnaU«rwh*tyourdi»c*ce la.
or how deplorable your condition.
Dr. Butt* can beeowulted. personally or by mail, oz.
the dl*ea*e* mentioned ta hi* work*. Office. No. U
North Eixhth-it- between Market and Chritnut, SC.
DVil« Mo.
The undewitned will receive, aatil the 15th of A-tcwC.
araled proportion* for lie purchase of the threo-c J-<ted
Schooner CARLZNGFORD. now lying in the furt ot
Milwaukee, in charge of Capt. John B. Merrill. and
ready for am.
Thi# fine vcreelratc* A I. I* about ITS toa» reps/t.-r,
new meararecust; la one year old. carries about 'JCfico
bushel* of wheat on 13 feet draught of water, «a:b well,
tj staunch and rtroug, and in fine condtiua for bun neat
D. P. DOBBINS. Buffalo, N. Y.
By the Car or Ve**el Load, or Bale.
Of all Biioo, with, latest iznpxowemßz.tA.
Tixamfne and Boy the best.
- 1*39 ZjJW'SL, Chicago.
205 and *O7 SSarfcst-ct, BL Lorn*.

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