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that all contracts not settled on Saturday last bo J
cancelled. The Board could noi atlord to higgle ft
about a few dollars, nnd press each other to ihe c<
wall for that difference, when New York, Ciu- I*
cinunti. Indianapolis. St. Louis. and every other, p
city in the Union was contributing to the relief of n
sufferers here. The morion prevailed by about u II
two third-vote. p
Israel I*. Ituim-cy Paid that the meeting had no b
right to take such action. They represented parties II
in the country, and could noitacnffco the Interests p
of their principals without their consent. ti
Mr. Brine replied that the hoard had no au- c
thority to close contracts not yet matured.
S. 11. McCrea thought that it would be well ti
to delay consideration of the nutter till •
they could see how affairs stand. They >
probably be obliged to come b
to that, and wipe the sponge overall such con- b
tracts, ns Divine Providence has wiped the sponge
over the city. They must make up their minds to b
liegiu again nl the beginning.
•liic last Vi.te was finally reconsidered, and the 1
discussion of Ihe matter* was laid over till 2
o'clock on Saturday next.
On motion of Mr. C. A. Gregory. it was decided Ii
to establish two intelligence office* immedately. 11
and to publish the locations of the same in Tun n
Tmcr.NE of the morrow, so that lost parties may w
bj recovered to their friends. **
A meeting ofthe citizens of Chicago, nnd proml- p
i:ent gentlemen from the countiy for the puri»osc
of consultation with the Governor, as to the call
ing a session of the legislature to lake actldn ns to
the calamity that has just visited our city, was held
at Congress Hall yesterday afternoon. Ex-Gov.
ernor Oglesby was called to the chair, on motion of T
Colonel Hough, ami General M. R. M. Wallace wan
chosen Secretary. . I
The Hon. W. It. Kim:, member of the Legisla- n
line from the Ninety-sixth District, offered the 3
following, winch was adopted: t
/.Wen/, Thai the Chairman Of this meeting
appoint a committee of ihtee. to which the Chair
man shall Ik- added, who are hereby instructed to
call up.ni the Mayor of the city and consult with
him a> to the propriety of at once communicating v
with lib Excellency, the Governor of the State 1 .
to urge upon him the luressilv of calling an extra \
s.-s-ion of the General Assembly to consideiwhat <
steps may he taken by the Legislature to
constitutionally nnd filly, by appropriate legisla- |
lion, relieve or contribute to* the relief of onreity 1
and citizens so severely .suffering from tin; recent
calamitous lire which has laid the city of Chicago t
in jjsl.es, rendered destitute a large portion ofthe
citizens. «ud brought gloom and sorrow upon all. ,
The committee consists of es-Governor R. J-.
Ogleshv. 11. F. Waite, Colonel C. Hough, ned tho
lion. \\\ 11. King.
Colonel R. M. Hough moved that the committee
be instructed to request ihe Major. and net with j
turn, to ippoint a sufficient numl*er of special
patrolmen to completely patrol the city, and Hint
they he put omter the command of (ieiier.U Sheri
dan, after he ban been requested to take • -.»•■ ci-in
manrt, and he eonseu - *-to do.
It was carried uu-uomously, m;d thj meeting
A meeting of prominent citizens of the South
Division wa-4 held last evening at Standard Hall,
corner ;K Michigan avenue mid Thbteeulh street.
t.» lake immediate steps tor the procreation of
property and the relief the sufferer*, until the mil
itary authorities Ceuld take possession of the city.
Mr.* Chaiincey T. Bowen called ihe meeting to
order, and nominated Charles G, W joker as Chair
man. , .
Mr. Wicker on hiking the chair made a brio
speech, stating ihe ohiect of the assembling was
three-fold; to perfect arrangements to dis
tribute food »o the suffering, to organize a citizens,
patrol lor in . m duly, and I - secure tlis immedi
a'e restore:. .of ihe business non urn ofthe city.
Mr. M. A. Mover was elected Secretary,
t’pun mo; ion of Mr. H. W. Baron, the Chair ap
pointed a general committee, wi’h discretionary
powers, to organize an immediate and efficient pa
trolment of the South Division. i>r. Hahn was ap
pointed chairman, and ttm committee at ou-:c re
tired for action.
on moth.u of Mr. Henry I. Sheldon, ll was rc
solved that a Central Executive Committee, with
permanent headquarters, be appointed so provide
lor rim piesi-rvation of order, ihe relief of the
neeuv, and tin; restoration of tlic business quuiicr
ofthe cliv. The Chair announced that. n> this
committee was to he one of great importance, the
names would he read at an adjourned meeting-to
be held at 2 o’clock to-day.
A resolution of Mr. Cnaimccy T.Bowen was then
adopted, that the Chairman telegraph Governor
Palmer to convene »n extra session of tac I/Jgisla.
lure to make provision for Chicago’s emergency.
Stirring speeches were made by Colonel Hough
ami Rev, Dr. Evans, in favor of immediate steps
for the rebuilding ofthe city. Mr. Goodhnrt an
nounced the arrival of his delegation from Ciuciul
null with provisions, tents, aud money for the su
fering. „ ,
Tlie use ofthe Standard Club House was oflered
for the citv governnient mid Ihe President request
ed ro inviie the Mayor to occupy the building lor
the future.
The present organization was declared a perma
neut one with Clianucey T. Bowen as Assistant
Chairman, and Henry L. Frank, and Henry I.
Sheldon, ns A-sistaut Secretaries.
The meeting thou adjourned to as-emhle again
at 2 o’clock to-day at the same plaee. A large as
semblage is then expected.
Notice to all Railroads. General Sheridan has
ilopat of supplies, hv ortler of Government, and
has arranged with the committee appointed by the
eitlzenstoaid them in receiving and distributin':
-applies sent ftom abroad. The several railroad
companies are hereby requested to switch all cars
arrivin'' with supplies and provisions to TOBEY &
BOOTH’S WAREIIOI'SE.at Eighteenth street, on
Alton & St. Louis Railroad, where they can be »;n
--toatlftl with tUfijufch. and greatly facilitate their ;
distribution to the several division depots.
Of Relief Committee. South Side. By order of
the Mavor.
--The members ofthe Chicago bar are requested
to meet at 51 Canal street, on Thursday morning,
October 12. at 11 o’clock, for the purpose of taking
action in regard to courts amt the necessary legis
l l --Ail Good Templar Lodges suffering in the late
calamity are welcomed to Warren Lodge Hall, iu
Masonic Tempi**, corner of Randolph and HaUted
streets. , . „ „
—Member* of the White Storking Base Bail
Club are requested to meet this nltemooii, at 2
o'clock, in Bachelor » Hall, on State street, for the
transaction of the most Important business.
—AU the executive officers of the City Govern
ment ami the Aldermen are requested to meet at
the corner of Ann and West Washington streets, at
Kia. m, Wednesday. October 11.
The adjourned meeting of the citizens of the
SI-I-* will h<* held m the Standard Cleh Hall.’
—,»"',4 > * r ‘"'’igan avenue and Ttdrteemli street,
at 4 o'clock l!il> arreßaS 0 - t-JWte
immediate rehuildingortiWou-iness ponton itnlie
c„ U th Di-.tr-b.n. .-ome of our most protmncl
1 Ml ritlzer.p are requested to exercise Croat
.•vi’lo’i in tin* »;>e of tire in :heir dwellings. ami
imi iii'ii'i' kerosene light* nt pres. Nt, as the city
« 111 bo without a full supply of water for probably
two or three days.
The following bridges arc passable, to wit:
AiTbridges Van ituren ami Adam* streets
li. m l-.de * -trot south, and all bridge* over the
'-’ortU Uravt-b .1 the Chicago Kiver.
:\ Ml jo. d citizen** who arc willing to serve are
it to -.-part at the corner'of Ann and
vViishhor *- ■! -;r->-:s. to i*o sworn in as special
‘'c'mi** u-iih-st.-d to organirea police for
...... ,-nv J..i»t t.n-eoil tci>«rta Ot tllch
~r- t.Vi!.- I'-'ll.-e bejal.pmrlei*. comet of
« o:’rii‘:;n’i \’v'i Medium street-.
All pi-r-on- ::< r.1.; .'o.»d will be relieved by :ip
plvjjii: :it :h'* folb.wiiia ph.ce*:
At r ',C i AA\S!M!':I' ;ir-V' v ' , ‘'' , ’'' >:, '' ,K
I'.. , r >' I:, t’auai Street depoV.*'* U ‘
St. 1.. A A. St. It.—\.*ar MxteemU street.
r. N. V., K. !».—t'.-rner of Kinzie ami I'an.e.
All -be jin '■ .;«• >cl; nlhon-e*. ami .-,t nearly nil the
•I. Cni.v: ■ ''■'avoiilpas.-lngtlirongh
the Ivret i •. : • wall* left
uiftn • »f < n*.i, ; x nSo
. , • -iiiTi.ii ;
1., '.I .Tn* SHil * !i;*t I.i
{ f’ll .7',*
»: w i,’. I
r w.-,-
•r i.;.’. |i .1 •: .*iti . i..
Ti-<* rii\ *f'iVi;lll
ti-.'if ;v
... 1 11 huiunu 'iu •
T«um* will c.irr(ib;ir..u* U; • • :!irra. ami.
}! r t.-ifi'. »\!>t ;U, si.y In UJ" V.l
so iKt tv* ilu:> "«Ii f'iH ;.’' -
I o{ Ookuith at lr:v»! couipl-ti* ;.'..-;raits
.. { Ms’.tet* lir.\«.* luvu w («. r ;Iu;
i»cui Cnm.iTou Co*.uic;l. ihuil,
fluent BonrJ cf Holiw. Ah Un lKil.- J*t h, t'»- \ * ni
B, MASON. M-.vo:
Pv 'll. U. MAfOX
C. l». HOLUKN,
At. a meeting of the Chicago Typocmpblcal
•Union", hold at 15 South Cau&l street. President
John ‘M. Farquhar In the chair and Mr. E. J. Irftf
feny, temporary Secretary a■ Relief. Committee,
composed of Mr(**rs Van Dozer, Streat.TJocncr, C.
Philbrick and S. McNamara was ap
pointed.- Morgan U. Mills, the
regular Treasurer, urn* appointed Treasurer of Hie
Ueliel Funds. A committee of seven to assign and
f procure \rork for members was appointed, as fol
ows: Messrs. J. Kearns. Isaac Walker, M. J.
llnrlev, M. G. Mason, Albert Auer and W. Nims.
President Farquhar was appointed as a commit lee
to secure transportation for members leaving the
The Financial Secretary wa< instructed to issue
traveling ranis free to those withdrawing.
• The headquarters of the Union areal 13and 15
North Despfaines. where the officers and the mem
bers of the committee will meet daily from Ua. m.
to (Ip.m.
The President was instructed to Issue the fol
lowing telegraphic dispatch: __
Chicago, Oct. 10,18*1,
To the Subordinate Unions of the International
• Typographical Union:
The disastrous fire of the past two days
has totally destroyed every printing estab
ll-hmeut in this cltv, throwing out of employ
ment over eight "hundred printers. \\ e
want immediate pecuniary relief—all von can
spare. Remit to Morgan G. Mills, care American
M. U., or the United S;:tcs, or tho Adams Er
press Co.s, Chicago.
Pres’t Chicago Typographical Union, No. IG.
The following has been received by Mayor Mason:
I am authorized to tender the m*e of the lloly
Family School Building on Morgan near I2ib street,
and also the baxTnt ni of their church on 12th cor.
May streets, with fitch na.-I&lnnco as may be
The public arc camioncd not to make uw of
water closet* in houses, or allow night eoll to be
deposited In lioums drains, as It nil! Iw dangeron*
to health, and water from the will !>c
distributed a* far as jK)sslhle on the West Side.
'ilte water from the South branch may be used
for cooking and dri..kh g: water from the North
branch should no - lv .* eel for cooking otTlrinklng.
The churches af.-.l school houses are open for
shelter, where food will he distributed.
Office of Board of Health at Laclede House, cor
,;er of Madison and Canal streets.
The I’o.-t Office ia in Borlliiifton Hall, at the cor
ner of State and Sixteenth streets, and all the
mailsare taken there.
The Telegraph Office la eltualed in the same
building. , ~
The public schools will nut bo opened this
The headquarters of tho City Govcrunu-rt ore In
the First Congregational Church,cornerof Annand
Washington streets. •
All the United Stale* Government offices—Mar
shal, Assessor, Collector, d:c.—are at Congress
The County Relief Headquarter* are at the cor
ner of Randolph uu.l Jefferson streets.
The headquarter* of the General Relief Commitf
tee are at tlm Congregational Church, corner o-
Washington nd Ann streets. AH of the I üblic
School bul :• gs.as well ns the C’hurches.are open
for the she.u-r of persons who do no: find other ac
< o.: modatioh-. When food is not found at fetich
build...g- " ,- e provided by the committee on
appllcai. . . '• (Uartors.
■ : \SON. Mayor.
*. McAVOY.Sonth Dlvlson.
N. K. KAIRBANK. Smith DlvUlon.
W. B. BATEIIAM. West Division.
ORRIN E. MOORE, West Division.
M. A. DEVINE. North Division.
JOHN HERTUNG. North Divison.
General Relief Committee,
C. T. HOTCHKISS, Secretary
CniCAuo, Oct. 10,1FT1.
Depots have been established at the West Side
Rink, corner Ada and Randolph streets, at Nos.
50 and 52 North Canal street, and also (probably)
at Senvcrn’p warehouse, corner Chirk aud Four
teenth street a. for the purpose of receiving and dis
tributing provisions, clothing. and other necessa
ries to such as present order* from the Relief Com
mittee. Versons In pressing need of food need not
necessarily present orders. By onler ofthe
The homeless and hungry' ““ And food and
shekel and au nhundaucu of water, at either of Ihe
public school building*, aud at all the churches.
Tin* Jesuit Church and college building nnd school
hou*-e, on South Morgan street, have been ojnsnod
fur the lodging of those unable to find other ac
The Cathedral of SS. Peter nnd Paul, comer of
Peoria nnd Washington street*; the Congrega
tional Church, cornu of Green and Peoria street*;
the Church of the Redeemer, comer of Sangamon
aud Washington, nnd Congregational Church,
corner of Ann street, are ail open to the homeless
for food and shelter.
Tho old Soldier*’ Home, on Douglas place, is
open lor the reception of all who may bo homeless
in the South DivUiOu.
Au intelligence office fur the lost U to lie locat ed
at 7 o’clock this rooming at the corner of Twelfth
aud State streets.
All organization* may. through their restvectivo
committee*, draw for supplies on Ihe committee In
charge of the same at the various depot*. They
will please advise said committee of tuo name* of
person* authorized to draw supplies.
The general headquarter* for supplies is at No*.
50 and 52 South Caual street.
A committee of the citizens of Cleveland, consist
ing «»IN.B. Payne, W, T. Warner. Colonel W. H.
Maynard, David Price, Mr. Mason, Mr. Alford, has
arrived In Chicago, bringing with them from fire
to eight car loads of provisions.
Three car loads of provisions, from an unknown
source, arrived ou yesterday, on the Michigan
Southern Railway.
At a meeting of the Board of Trade of St. Louia,
held at noon ou Monday, $10,0,0 were subscribcd-
The Merchants' Exchange subscribed SIOO,OOO. and
the Common Council baa voted $50,000. Ton cars
of cooked provisions arrived here yesterday,
twenty more came in last night.
There— tv.mc hero during the lljs*• mroe steam
••jTiginos from Cincmn.au, 'iriXVi! nrmeO m a n. m.,
one from Dayton ut the same hour, two from Indi
anapolis at 3 a. ro., two from Detroit, one each
from Aurora, tiuinev, and Milwaukee, the
latter arriving early Monday morning,
Provisions have been sent from Toledo and De
The city of I’ooi'm ha* *ub*crlbed $lO,O X) for the
relict of mflVren*.
pittsbi non.
Plttabnrgh bus su’-sc ibed $100.ov»,
Detroit ha* subscribed $75,W0, and the amount
l..,.rfll,l«c™.l g f s!clsKATI _
The Committee of Citizen* and members of tbo
Common Council of Cincinnati, arrived in thia
city at the Klnzlu street depot at 5 o'clock last
evening, with eleven car load* of supplies, con
sisting of bread, cracker*, cheese, coffee, ew:., and
4,000 blankets, together with $15,000 in cash.
Two car loads ot provisions nnd two steam Ore
engines and equipments from LonSsville. arrived
at the same hour tnd at Ibe same depot.
The Cincinnati Common Council, at a meeting
on Monday nlternoon, appropriated the sum of
?lL0.i)O0 tor ■ relief of Chicago, and will increase
the amount to SSOU,UOO if needed.
The committee from Clnclnna* 1 "'bo came
with the provision trap- yesterday are
,1. L- Keck, chairman ; <-*• crane, bccr«tnry: 11.
W Brown \V. 11 Harrison, Richard Smith, o. i,
Talbot, Hugh Meiilrncy. F. t». Smith. Alf Cutter,
S. D. Lehtner. A. I*. C. Bonto, Tbo*. V. Shaw. I*.
CtJiahau; frank K. Nevins. Kuqulrer; J. W.
Mlb» r cointierdul; \V. I*. Perkin*. Vhronklt;
K. lion* -. B V. itrookilcUl; Charles Sehlen. Ttlr
graj>h; Fr*nk Foetwan, Sorgeam-al-Arms; Win.
Folger, CtyAudiJor.
'll*. . <»! iIT ‘lilt's?. Ai>i> Til i; t*r It.
U-.- vn.
. Hi:t: i<‘ ••a-'-*
I rbi'-a-.- s.MI lla-ir!.. •
n-> - l, 1 •: .1 Iw
j i o N'
■ r-k'.
>' *(i!l if
* r<( nf i.'wr-T }n.-!ului •
j CB-UiMCI-.t! n. nr.U-.Chrl..
- iitu'Uiou. 1.-* In 1.-
; hrn* ivsord of
. cccilii.s;*. ai'.i! 1 1»t pari'.i- ,iriv
: !«■;n ! l «a'C,l f.i' ii’i -r. to if <;i.
, «7-;t*i|uh! v hi.vo ?.l ilji-Ji . u*u
of C.« * - tUI ;ou*>, jmlos r
' \vhii*!!. • f"v» i
! \uiil. :; up i.i-:!.
! 11; i■ ir map
• f.li.'ivfru'u-, fto.
( i,r.: fiuir l) -iik of Krl-tr.nl iv.ti'U
tin- < j.lr~ i-f absuraci-t:*r> Juiva
■.,* .1 '
a : :*> r...u'
m.UM'.u sy a*
.'■iv.-J tlii-ir i-r.r,* Uok«, -kowliit:
I.iii tlr-y hh\.» !'*pi p
uia-. Uj«m uiil r.ut «
i W.
I iluir ja; ki ofr.-corii. Ti:v;.- vajlti.
ti- ,i'.' il*,': '.li'-i'.i*
1-i. a:irl Hi*-
•|v,. •• v •;Mnrc.
u--. ami &il
Acting Sanitary Soperinlendenl.
J.i»: ui'coitus
l.'t.tv the C...1M
tiv j'.tli
~f 111 > i
A ►.jun .1 •■■<■
>;■ .i i* r f•• Ivin 1
;-•/ •> ; t C’o-k
.l.iV ’•
.:A :
building item to have held thelr’own. If this
prore-tobc so when they art opened, there will bo
found complete records-of all property in Hyde
Park. _
\ Beyond Ibis .there was saved a record kept bra
reporter of thlf’ papef, complete,’ of the suits
brought Id Chicago since the 11th day of December,
ISGT, almost to the present date, with the circum
stances of its bringing.
In respect to the records of the criminal trials,
acquittals, and convictions they are of the lost,
excepting so far as the extracts which bare accom
panied prisoners to Joliet verify what was of re
cord. It had never been deemed necessary by the
county uQlclals to place these records in a vault.
But the pending Indictments arc preserved.
These were in a safe lately provided.
The thieves . and other preyers upon
humanity may have escaped for Uie time being by
reason of the calamity which baa fallen upon the
city, but they had better taka advantage of that
Ill>crty, enforced upon the people, to leave the pre
cincts of Chicago, for the crimes against them arc
still of record in that vault, which » safe, and lu a
few days Juries will return, at least, to the duty of
enforcing the criminal law.
Of the United States records not a aerapla known
to remain. The only clue to the records of these
courts will bo, as has been elated, for the Cook
Countwrecords, to be found in the abstract makers*
tKXJks'whlch bare been preserved.
In the midst of all the blank wonder with which
the people of Chicago—noted as they are for energy
and hopefulness—were forced to stand and gaze at
the havoc which the elements wore making with
their properly; In the midst, oven, of the sorrow
that the calamity was bringing to every hearth,
one might often hear this apparently frivolous
utterance: “Well, Chicago has always been bent
on boating the world la everything—the has done
t again now. She has bad the most destructive
fire ever known. 1 * Tills Is unquestionably troc.
The Are which devastated Chicago on Saturday,
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Is unquestionably
the greatest fire’and the greatest disaster, so lar us
projwrty is concerned, that is known to history.
The principal conflagrations which have happened
In America, after that of New York (noted below),
are those of Charleston, S, C., in 1838. which de
stroyed 1.158 buildings, and extended over 145
acre’s; those ol Quebec, in May and June, 2845,
which, together, destroyed k.BOO buildings and
manv lives; that of Charleston, S C., lu 1645,
which laid nearly the whole city in ruins; and that
of Portland, Me., in the following year, whichi al
most toTa'.ly destroyed that beautiful city. The
damage in that case amounted, howcver.totcarcaly
more than one-tenth ot that which Chicago has
now suffered.
The gn-al Loudon fire, which we often hear re
ferred to o» the typo of destructive conflagration?.
raj;ed four day* and nights (viz, from Sept. 4to 7,
1666), burnt over-130 acres and uestroyedflve-slxthH
ofall the city within walls. But the Loudon of
that day was a town ot only 200,000 Inhabitants,
and having beenalrendy devastated by the terrible
plague of 1605, had doubtless been abandoned by
mane of Us wealthy inhabitant*. .The value nf
buildings, moreover, Iti.those days was exceeding
ly small when.compap*d to our times. About
seventy-five year* ago the principal portion of
Charleston, .S. C., was. destroyed by fire and large
.numbers ofltspeople rained. Compared to the
great Are ofNew kork, in 1635. it was larger in ox
ten:. though probably not destroying so much
property. Other historical fires aru thOfO of Mos
cow, destroyed by mililary orders; of Canton,
China, about thirty year* ago, when more than t
mile square of the most densely populated portion
of ibe city was destroyed, and of Veddo recently,
about which little is known. The great
lire of New York. occurred on
the 10th of Decamber, 1835, and destroyed CIS
stores, and many other buildings. In the best built
quarter of the city, but the total amount of dam
age was estimated at $18,000,000, against the $125,-
u/i.iXXJ (some set it higher) which (be devouring
element has (matched an ay from ub in Chicago.
.Mat London was rebuilt in four years, and New
York, though also scourged terribly by cholera hi
1832 and 1834, arid visited in 1837 by the financial
crash of that year, increased her population more
than 50 per cent daring the decade of 1830-40. So
Chicago, aided by tbe sympathy and already ten
dered assistance of her friends in other parts of the
country, Joined to the indomitable and elastic en
ergy of her own jwople, will be bnilded again, sol
emnly yet determinedly, upon the still smoldering
ashes of her late glory, ana become known an the
Phcenlx City—an appellation to which her some
what obsolete one of Uatdou City will readily give
Tuesday Erxjiiso, Oct. 10.
Tbe great fire has prostrated basinets. There
was no buyir.g or Belling to-day, except to feed
the hungry. For the information of our readers In
I he country ho give a synopsis of the produce bust*
ness on Saturday last.
Uighwiucs weak, closing at 92c.
Lake freights quiet, .on the basis of 1454 c on
wiicat, and 13|;c on corn, to Buffalo.
Provisions dull, closing as follows: Meta pork,
$13.00; do seller January, $13.35; Lard, 92£ c; do
A cller January, sweet pickled hams, 11©
12c; green do. 7»4c; shoulders, 6c; short ribs, 62£ c
short clear, 7}{c; boxed meats, J£c more than loose;
mesa beef, $9.00; extramesi beef,sll.oo. Tallow,
B*-*®S‘jc. Tbe shipments of last week wore: 393
hrU beef, 2,474 brls pork, 806,938 lbs lard, and 1,048,
599 lbs moats. The stocks here last Saturday were
15,500 brin pork, 7,000 tes lard, 3,160,000 lbs meats.
1,235 tes hams. About two-lßlrd* of this stock was
destroyed by the fire.
Floor quiet at former prices; about the same at
a week previously. Slock then 20,000 brls; half
burned up.
Wheat was Itfc higher, closing at $1.33 for No. 1,
$1.19?, for No. 2. sl.l4‘i (or No.S, nod $1.07 for
refected. Sel.er November at $1.31. Winter wheat
at $1.25 for No. 2 red, and $1.15 for No.S. Sales,
201,000 bu.
Corn doll at 46?* for No. lor No. S; rejected at
4*J£C. Salce, 237,200 bu.
Oats firm at 30c; cellar November at re.
Jeeted at 27?ic. Total, 135,890 bu.
Rye Arm at Csc for No. 1 or No. 4,
for rejected. Sales, **9,400.^1^-
Barley weak at 55“ i" for So. S, nod 50c for No. 3-
Tho anawera lo replies scut out by Miltrard A
Co. to various points, In reference to the hog crop,
show tbit the general Increase is variously rated
at 10 to 25 per cent, while the British Isles showed
5 per cent Increase over last year.
Catte—Receipts of week, 10.824; shipments do,
7,022; market dull and declining at $1.7505.00 for
choice beeves; $1.2504.50 for good do; $3,750
4.2S fur fair grades; $3.5003.75 for stock and
medium; and $2.0002.25 for inferior.
Hogs—Receipts for week 36,728; shipment*,
3G.2C2; market steady at $1.0004.25 for good lo
medium; and $t.300J.50 for good to extra.
r ; hccpquiet ** $4.2504.75 for good to choice;
and $3.3504<00 for common to medium.
Lumber active and Arm. Tho following wore the
prices afloat: Joist and scantling, $13.50; good
boards and strips, $1O.OU017.50; common do. $14.00
015.50; choice mill run, $18.00022.00; shingles,
$3.1003.20; pickets, $8.00; Lath, $9.12*4. The fol
lowing were yard prices; Third clear, $32.00035.00;
clear flooring,
S2O.iKO‘£J.OJ; common do, $17.00013.00; common
flooring, dressed, $24.00026.00; stock boards,
$23.00030.(0; common boards, joists, fencing, Jtc.,
$15.10; cedar posts, $16.00.
Batter in light supply at !£<&22c for good to
chow; C<?U6c for inferior to common. Cheese,
tor Western factory. Coal at sll.lO for
Lehigh; $3.0.) for Brie *nd Briar Hill ; $5.50 for
Wilmington. Common coffee, 19»*$p90c; Java -to,
*Josi<2.27c. Cuudt... vaxlmc, ll!i<Sl2c; star do,
13.Tf 1 7c. Egg*, 20Cfc2*Jc. Apple#, nn In
' ! !-: • N;.;!-. nuy, per keg, JM.'T-'-j.
: il>- i : V for mined lo.r, and 85&70e f.r
; •I-', v-' Soap, Common starch. ICt
:v,\y-, 2- : UO'.a *M-« iogar C, V
Js;,:iv tern-. WV.VMS; K'K
TVu.iy i - w.»f <
•llf-I.M '* .V
Vl..?r.* wAre i>rt*:;Tcai y a. ; r-Cflp*, .iu»i sMj •
:.I- »:.* pro;!un* I Ml*; of M-M-rJar, except t!.at
•n!hil.y:b> eJm iraMc in i> he: cill*’?. A feu car
Ie t!ic rr> . Tb- l»r-'b:i!n’Uy is thM oO pnr .'nt
of ?ll t’.io .-cco’.mtfl t<r iran>ac:io;j* t-Q t ;c
(Iv'Tovfd ,t!v- jt is Jo -.vim*, Lf
,o (uturv u)i;:'c of rr.-iOe. Il no‘» probable
'-}* -.M.-sl'.lfifl ;vt IV* ’.iir.tf of tin 1 3m.
uJc will U*t r»ftior on th.i ir.nUct on
- n -xi. Tin* Iv.ar*! »vi?» iu oriV-r for bail
l.iy or i'\o. in Mw.r now quarter*, on
■ 5 f?rc<iu nr U»o Wuhiiijf.otj Mrvvl
iiacJev.v.ns riajahn.is; anl.arnot! will
.. i‘ivf mui r!tip grain. Tao Steel:
: nj in 1. tad ll.o puciiin?
■r .Mrl. lit* * u*.?*»vlf tc;; ‘•l.n.-lr.C!' 1 '
"'icri' >' r-fvlly : oiliin; to hirub
unJ j'towpinr.e. ci<*oj.: it.tr
mmol no i*v t. .'lbow ci
r.n*. 10-ij.u will jirotftl'V
f:t? Ui. asui
\ '
■ A
Tub CuicxooTaißUXE baa opciit-iHi? olMcca ai
No. 15 Sooth Canal street. West Division, oml the
paper wiU heruoftcr be icguLirly from that
place till further notice.
In the midst of a calamity without
parallel in the world’s history, look
ing upon the ashes of thirty years’
accumulations, the'people dfcthisoncc
beautiful city have resolved that
With woe on every hand, with
death in many strange places, with
two or three hundred millions of our
hard-earned property swept away in a
few hours, the hearts of our men and
women are still brave, and they look
into the future with undaunted hearts.
As there has never been such a ca.
lamity, so lias there never been such
cheerful fortitude in the face of deso
latioiuand ruin.
Thanks to the blessed charity of
the good people of the United States,
we shall not suffer from hunger or
nakedness in this trying time. Hun
dreds of train-loads of provisions are
coming forward to us with all speed
from every quarter, from Maine to
Omaha. Some have already arrived
—more will reach us before these
words are printed. Three-fourths of
our inhabited area is still saved. The
water supply will be speedily renewed.
Steam fire engines from a dozen
neighboring cities have already ar
rived, and more arc on their way. It
seems impossible that any further pro
gress should be made by the I. antes,
or that any new lire should break out
that would not be instantly extin
Already, contracts have been made
for rebuikling some of the burned
blocks, and the clearing away of the
debris will begin to-day, if the heat
is so far subdued that the charred ma
terial can be handled. Field, Leilcr
& Co., and John V. Farwell & Co.
will recommence business to-day. The
money and securities in all the banks
are safe. The railroads are working
with all their energies to bring us
out of our affliction. The three
hundred millions of capital invested
in these roads is bound to sec us
through. They have been built with
special reference to a great commer
cial mart of this place, and they can
not fail to sustain us. Chicago
We do not belittle the calamity that
has befallen us. The world has prob
ably never seen the like of it—cer
tainly not since Moscow burned. But
the forces of nature, no less than the
forces of reason require that the ex
changes of a great region should be
conducted here. Ten, twenty years
may be required to reconstruct our
fair city, but the capital to rebuild it
fire-proof will be forthcoming. The
losses we have suffered must be
borne; but the place, the time, and
the men arc here, to commence at the
bottom and work up again; not at the
'cat-torn neither, for we have credit in
every land, and the eNjaiiencc of one
upbuilding of Chicago to help us.
Let us all cheer up, save what is yet
left, and we shall come out right.
The Christian world is coming to'our
relief. The worst is already over. In
a few days more all the' dangers will
be past, and we can resume the bat
tle of life with Christian faith and
Western grit. Let us all cheer up!
One of the points of gieatcst inter
est is to know the condition 6f the
banks. On this point it is well un
derstood that on Saturday night the
twenty leading hanks of the city held
an average amount of cash means,
viz: currency, bonds, and New York
exchange, equal to 35-per cent of
their aggregate deposits. We be
lieve, after a careful examination of
the bank vaults, that nearly every dol"
lar£of this will be saved. Tlirce.of
the National Bank vaults w c opcii,-
ed yesterday, and everything found
ncact. 'i he most important point,
however, is the “bills receivable.”
A earful analysis of this item gives a
more cheerful aspect to affairs than
might lx expected. Of the aggre
gate lotr.s, nearly two-thirds were
trade to lumber, gram, and provision
dealers The provision and lumber
dealers have lost comparatively little:
and as far the grain dealers the entire
loss of grain will not exceed $2,000,-
000. "l itis loss would fall mainly on
about six leading “grain banks.”
The greatest loss in the “ bills receiv
able ” of the tanks will be on regu
lar mercantile paper. If this merca 11-
tiie paper is worth even 20 cents on
the dollar, tbrre is reason to hope that
the banks will ultimately find
that their“ bills receivable” are worth,
. ,i! ; ,i; average, 60 cents mi tke dollar,
and, perhaps* considerablymorc. It
will take time to make this available,
but we believe that some if the hanks
will old.-lately pay the -whole of their
deposits. They must, ofcourse, have
some money to begin business on, and
for tbi - reason -will not be able to pay
anything very soon - There is to be a
meeting of bankers at the 'Vabash
avenue residence of C. T. 'V heeler,
.t aVuv
:!.«• jjir -ncvan
c';jißdi*o w** irindp.-iI
.M rrurod
Biilr uiarU
nsly to tb»* f.t
.hant.*£c<f t!jo *1:
lircad. nud
tract tbi Un}»cr.-
j>rc>ct.i uaj
.u Ji' l.fri’, '* h<)
Esq..' today, at 2p. m./ when uni
formity cf action will l>S 3 S rce, l u P on
in regard to the poslf.<>
should tike in viev of aV the e.r-
r a frw fPDtI ill
will b.ivu lew.
;rs *!. l lake
liJ »»;»*rC oat
on ihis^tf
ctimsinncds- . t .. ,
Tile avings ikmks, it is ie\e ,
will ulti vately ugroit proportion
• i iimf tujfori
f ji tb« terrible
of all {.heir liabilities. They
some* money-loanedon real estate,
which will not be. available foradong
time, but they also have a large
amount in government bonds and
other; securities. The greatest thing
in their' favor is that thev have no
mercantile paper.
The banks have taken temporary
offices, mainly at two points, viz.:
Burlington Hall, on State street, and
on West Randolph street, near Jefl'er-
The records of deeds were burned
up in the Court House, hut the in
dexes were saved, and the abstract
firms, Shortall & Hoard and Chase
Brothers, have saved their abstract
books complete.
Trains arc arriving almost every
hour laden with provisions, under
charge of committees from neighbor
ing cities. There should be sub-com
mittees of our local relief organiza
tion totficct them, and direct the dis
position of their supplies. Otherwise
they will go roaming around in vain
in search of the proper authorities, as
the Cincinnati committee did last
We understand that all the rail
roads take passengers free out of the
city to the neighboring towns and
country. The more who avail them
selves of this opportunity to get away
for a period the better. The wpi'U
of feeding and otherwise caring for.
the destitute multitude is necessarily
immense, and anv relief that may
come hv a removal of any portion to
other localities, where they can re
ceive attention, will he very great..
The scarcity of work, as well of
provisions, make it very desirable that
the unemployed should seek work
elsewhere, and they should he urged
to avail themselves of the liberality of
the railroad companies.
The ibl’owing is the detailed ac
count of the subscriptions as made in
St. Louis :
General A. Galevy, 4200 ; G. L.
•Toy, 4100 ; ffm. L. Ewing, 4230;
J. S. Green tfc Co., 4100 ; a gentle
man whose ollering is 10 percent,
of what he owns, 4300 ; Taussig,
Livingston it Co., 4100; E. J. Ken
ned, 4100; Samuel Pellz, 4100;
Laveille, Warren & Co., Southern
Hotel, 41,000 ; Capt. Peter Conrad,
45,000 ; James A. Brawner, 4500 ;
Gerard 15. Allen, 41,000; S. C.
Davis & Co., 41,000; George
P. Plant, 41.000; Waller
31. Smith, 4500; James Ilobb,
41,000; Erastus Wells, 4500;
Appleton, Noyes & Co., 4500; Hud
son E. Bridge, 42,000; E. O. Stau
ard, 4500 ; American Wine Com
pany, 41,000; Isaac Cook, Presi
dent), Crow r , MeCerry A Co.,
4500; Marcus A. Woolf, 4250 ;
Anne L. Hunt, 41,000 ; James
11. Lucas, $i,ooo; Hitchcock, $500;
Geoorgc Knapp & Co., $1,000; 11.
B. Graham, $200; James O. Broad
head, $100; Murray, Nelly & Co,,
$300; More Co., $200; Joseph
Laikius, stoo ; Horae Mutual In
surance Company, ,4100; I). A.
January it Co., 4250 ; Joseph Gar
ncau, 1,000 pounds of bread, 1,000
pounds of crackers, or the equiva
lent in money ; Hossay, Shirmer &
Co., 450; Northrop & Co., -4100 ;.
St. Louis and New Orleans
Packet Company, 4100; Derby &
Day, 4500; Johannes Ludwig,
4100; Keach it Wilson, 4100;
I>. 1!. Obcr, 4100; S. G. Scan
lon, 4100; St. Louis and Peoria
Packers Company, 41T5 ; H. C.
Yaeger it Co., 4250; Frank W.
Beard, $25; J. 11. Lewis tk Co., $100;
Merchants’ Southern Line Packet
Company, $100: Hallman it Bros,
(liquors), SIOO ; J. M. Polack,
S. M. Edged, SIOO.
• OSHOUN—In tins city. <m Monday ovenin::.
ElizaS. wife of Wm. Osimm, ayed fA years nod ll
Funeral from her latr* residence, No. 11 Soutli
CariKMUcr-*t.. Wednesday. Oct. 11. at 11 o'clock.
Remains will bo taken to Ror-chill for iuiefuicnt.
t. o. o. F.
I. o. o. x\
All Odd Fellows arc requested to meet nt llio
hall nf Fort D *nrln»n» Lode** No. 214, corner of
llalsted «n.t this (Wednesday) mnrn
in2, at JO o’clock. J. G. ROGERS. li. 11. SHER
1.0. O. F.
KsceLior Lodge. No.SJ, will meet.at Tort Dear
bom Hall, cornerof Madison and HaMvd-sts., Ibis
evening atT 1 ; o'clock.
I have removed my real estate oftlcc to No. 11
South Canal-st-. neat door to Tribune ofllco.
Dow, Moran & Co.,
Produce Commission Mer
chants, and Dealers in
Cheese, Flour, etc., Do. 70
West Lake-st., Chicago.
Our warehouse oo tho North I’ier. with onr eu*
tiro stock oT ttovc?, \ni? saved from flic. ThuJnas
of our sample room will not interrupt our business
in the leant.
We can till order? foranv kiivw without ai y de
A liberal reward will be paid forthu return of
the following baggage taken Monday, from llarri
j*on*st.. between State and W«ba>h-av. to Lake
Park, by two young Germans: One brown leather
trunk, spring lock, name of owner on plate in
fraut; oue sole leather trunk, with tamvaas cover,
marked W. C. C. G,, Chicago, ou cover, and one
black Russia leather valise, with two locks, very
larjru slue. • \V C. C. GILLI9PIE. 1
•173 Wabash-av.
A.. -Xi. XXA.JL.Xij
& BROS.,
10,12,1W16 CAHAL STREET.
The Chicago
illsiii is! fillip
51 53
OAK'i.,l ST.
will c-3 i.--nisei regularly
this efts'. son and liere
afcer, at P r - and 97 yv r est
Randolph -treet, cornsr of
President Pest Printing
■Co npany.
Manufacturing Co.
'lO North Jefferson-st,, Chicago,
\V«* nr.* happv to inform our many fripnda ihat
wo have nol Ivcu hunted out. Wi* havo n lanro*
store. ami are prepared to extend our tu-nal f.sclli- ;
tii*# to shipper. Wo Mill at old prices. and do not
take advantage of people's m-ecfsltlc.s to pu; a lew
dollars in our pocket*. tw wtmu dealer* are doinj».
G. P. Conisioch & Co.,
£pp!y our friuml;-. with our ro-ulur go.M s | Commission Mo«iant s ,
Oar properly was spared by tlur (enable
conflagration which lias just swept our
city, ami we are therefore prepare*.! (with
increased facilities tor manufacturing) to
\ tt . receipt of orders.
PUMP;-, P" ISS OOOIIS. &c,; &c.
R. Ji 'RANE, President,
Wc I)J;' L* :v.- iv •motlnco to our old
cr« and the lt-a.l it uv expect to lv ablclo re
swrac <i. .oiir twnal stork, r.tul be aljlr
to till all orde •;» i- • ’unit two week* from this date
Ouro.T:e-i* n! .tat
d .
Our V'V.rrlt.- : o 0:1 tl»e Xorth l*|cr,
with our . .iiut* utock of Stoves, tvas
IVc cnii fill 1.1; orders without any de
lay. Tlxc 10..1 ->t onr sample room-will
not " ‘’l om* IntsinoK^.
olliers & Treyser,
iL.uo ia • .na-tway. ajul Callahan A
Bill Posies and Distrilmlors,
13 bar i Canal Street
F. 11. lira.d' v -v. M. 1). Rrmulw.ty.
• A. Trey.-er.
In the Dus-i.
)R!ee of THE EVENIN'*
(Direct.;r of Chicago Academy of Mu.-ie)
May be found. f<>:• Cm - prmi.ti. at r.lO Mirhig:in-av
will rcsmite at .‘Jt Cannl-si., in a few
REWARD A lii-eral reward will be
■ paid for the return-of the following bag.
gajrc, taken Monday from between State and Wa
ba».h avenue, e;» Harrison sued, by two young
gentlemen. to Like Park, one brvwn leather
trunk, t'prhig'lock, with the name, of owner on a
plate In front, one Mile leather mink, with canvas
cover, mark d W. C. 0. G.. Chicago.” on the
corer* and one black Riismji leather vali-e, with
two lock*.very large rize. W. (*. 0. GILLESPIE,
4?R Wabash avenue. ____ 10101*
FOR LrAI/h —Nos. b.» tint! (>.■) Ctuml
street. Iluilding 40x150. four t-tores and
basement. lot -UPcir.i. KERR & DAVISON. No.
t", up ftalr.-. 1010.-
J. O'Connor wishes Information of hi? rc’a
lives. Mr. Frank Waddock and Mr. I*. J. WaMi. lie
can ta heard of at the Jesuit Chnreh.
Board and nice puunisiild
rooatsalNo. Twenty-sixth street.
TICK owr EvtiiVdrug store, turner of St: to
: : THE OFriCK OE c
MY,"AM & eop
& tel ’ ■ K'!t! j:lii av„ fl»n«
uLiira uk-a*c aiUlrcsirM c^niimn/f
- Uu \ i.l-mic Ui.-j:
Ihom-i'lw:* at omv. i : 1
Slationcrs, Printers, ami lUaitU Jlooli
11, 111, and 1.) Norlli rc.-*plaiiH*.s->!,.
We are retailing choice fain-,
ily spring aucl w.liter floor at
last week's pric-s, ctc'i rered
iree to faniilios. •
SOSTOM & to, :
Oriental Mills Flour Stoic,
?*adisoc.-st Bridge '
62 South Cunal-st
SKIMNU Kl.ool!.
Ki>3ir?*s> stii.isj;, ;
KiSltltO ISI-oifOVi*
Xjocatod at XI2 2vardolpit-st,
11-.itro.-; ami IP.i.mi' to lien:
Hun Towns. • !; i s
Til.*.. Hie* or til.• Union Screw amt Huh Co., chit' j
the corner rf Van Huron am! .h-lien-oii -1-. Lm; :
Screws. 15.ii!,:.* U.dts. Jin;?; Screws- Machine rolls. ;
vfc.. made -ti -lion notice.
Onr l’]mv and Cultivator Works hi Cl»;< Ih -' - !
hur burned wo prop.-s* to coco in the i
cily or country. \Ve wish to invite propo-nls Iron! j
towns centrally located lor inaMifactarh :’ purpo-es
a:ul if MttUcti-nt Inducement* are Otieivd oe v 111. >
m.;ve om woik>ino tin- country, where v.v shall*.
ifive employment to upward of ir.j men. I
Chicago. |
z,ouis xxoitd & go.,
A (frertiiilHff Af/ciiVjf.
is at;' . .. ■ •;
5 9 West Raudolpli-s:.
■ Office of the New York
X'i. (!- South Canal si., sKoinMioor.. |
IVr.u;* Imliilr.t: mir p.dictva who have lost In the
hue lire, nre requested to report to us as, .yhtfye at
once, with n fail record oHheir «: her lii'UrftiicL*,* -■
_ O-.IDKX, sIIBUWX AJ*oVl)l)F.n. Aifmti.,
j*. isr.
May he found for the.presenl at tlu- otllce of the
livening Journal. No. 1J South Omal-sl.
Western Coffee aiM Spice Mills.
A. I J.'THOMSON,, v.
Unmoved lu 29 South Canal Street.
‘ A. J. HANOHETT & CO',’
forr.nissi os .11 =•; k «s \ \ tn.
."5S W«-st
Inu l u livatlnnnt No. tr> mul ;uo i>r.
pared (om-enre coti-irnment-of grntit.
X-.si \♦* OSllee
... .'B7 StTATi:-ST.:. ,
. t s. <jrn£.
The. Wheeler & Wilson
At:r,s West Madi-on-et.
fauuaj: a wheelki:
I *lmll, ill three d:iy«, open n-su-v; *to<-R
(V». in. IS7I. !>. S. COVF.UT...
WILL !’>!•: FuUXI) XV .
1040 South. GSnaJ-st.
iT& 36
All Sizes Scales 1 on. Hail'd.
or: i> scales "
Fairbanks’ Standard* Scales.
IS T o II 8. Coiiul-«t.. • :
faiukanks. c;l:eenli-:a P &V.O.
D. B. FISK & GO!’
Will open u full Mock of
. In the ftmr-sitory building,
57 West Washing ton-st.
Oatho ITiliofr
not incline;! Jo ivsac a noTt* haml-blll sla».*f.
will auvpjnd jmblkvitlou for the present. nml win
bend all ttr* euorviev to pntia£ lit -complciij-run?,
ning- order, which It hoped lo do irmhbol ft iiKbilHr
lit# |l| ecto ry ! 4
§■ '4 JOFJSICri^OF
G${AL & 001$ CO.,
rt "BcjsweiE E&%iliers,
& Sons
MStßif i CO,,
mvv.r. orfri-u-i, nil: si'aiiois
Dopi* to tlio Trhjnno Office.
Alf\l,ftV ,l,, Ml ~..0 ; y tiO-.Tip-
tr r ' |Ui tcliajnlw-i- :n:il Hpum-Liml t w ,ji ] H .
u ruy iinto.
V.VA {Jut-M. UK i»J*
*• f ’ IVrtjirfjtly il> is at
’Ali-aonShit wife, children, anil
’Vlli: I.AKCI'ST S’rotu Or’
aiifl Schoolßooks
■iH 0 : 'y *
■ •*•• ; SH'EET MUSIC
, \ «u>i: t!tii«aisv,
l Wlu»ruta?o as*l &iiatl Hucics. MfSl.’.
• &tytT.K
ii:s:> Wi»st
t I- at hi I a c r.
Will re.-mui • hi} .i;:-.-,-s-* Ne. l.NXorlh .ToiT.-R-.m st.
iillllif & i;
: Will' open with ock "V-P M’iniierv Uoods at Til
Sta-«* st.. v.li;.;a :; week.
-. ' NOTICE.
■ A m«iy,-v.ti.r .>s tin- metnher* ufJhvuh£u will Ik* lu-M
I Ik-ard at
, clojkn^/^•^.^^^^fe^^^co!so^t^ As! to I..ration f
keep.-rs can U* supplied. at
:r> W.d>tr?W<ny»iO-%C', with the host quality m
eheesc*. at tin- lowest price.
In the Plto-ik In-mrune • '..’onipmv,
IV.ipKs* lii'-iinnci;. •.Calirurnin.-which »tv h.n.t
•attjpin- Cana -1..
Ur.nl flqfcr, v.< pur.recoKfc'aWhttriitftlf
-• H.>CTfrTQHfrk 1- Age i
Tie- .y.]^ 4 .Ag*r ■
*S- ~ is.
1 .!«• Hr**. Their a*
:tre4m-#?-i.y»sijws>.o!>. rAfter paving losses the p
ItalwHl ha njVnoß:Ured. Ti:-? :i.ten|s In the emi -y
w in'appreclaie'ffie Here—dty el higher rates, am e
eept u l:.- at ft H.'Uri- ah..ve prevailin'' rites.
f- ‘ ■ ... ; . ftiOft. I>. (ionic.
Cin> .\»nt.‘(icf. t<>. ■• .
* *" '
jQa"a-ers port
, ,* - ■ AN'l>
Wsia.' Sperices*
wish !» infor.is U.*V »hae’ they can 1..-
round- '* ritllyi.' I 13& aiiaiast nl
fully - '
' aiEeV 1 .’ 1 „ „
X at home nf it rooms hi J>*|-
fer?uc. Hy o. .1 CuKSK oc CO.. Uoom il, Yates
form-"; Cana I and Kandolph-sts.
riUMtKNT—HV \v. n. saSipson. ais \VK>T
X Wa>hin;rton-st.—Splendid lull. 50xSo. suitable
lor wholnuiy parrot , in Stan|ey,jWock, No. r.lti
\\vfirwkij.ft \
t j M X lb»KI»
JL r-unua# with of without Luaril. at reasonable
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