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The Weather
Showers for Tonight;
Probably On Wednesday.
i '• W 'SfPPIffl
Final Edition
Closing Stocks
• Late News Flashes
ESTABLISHED 1881 VOL Llll. NO. 218
i ' i - ,
Michael Salerino
Given Sentence
To State Prison
Two to Four Years, After He Pleaded Guilty to Break
ins and Entering—He Became a Father While
Awaiting Arraignment
Michael Salerino, 33, of 5 Fleet street, was sentenced
to serve from two to four years in state’s prison when he
pleaded guilty to breaking and entering charges before
Judge Newell Jennings at the opening session of the Sep
tember criminal term of superior court this afternoon.
Salerino, who became a father while awaiting arraignment
in superior court, was accused of having stolen $2,000 worth
of clothing from a store on North Main street and clothing
of similar value from a firooKlyn
cleaning and. dying establishment
In June.
Salerlno was bound over to su
perior court when he wan arraign
ed In June and not being able to
furnish bondu he was taken to the
New Haven county Jail to await
arraignment today. During his so
journ in the county Jail his wife
gave birth to a baby.
Officer Whlston Finds Break
Early in the morning of June
18th, Patrolman Jack Whlston
came upon an open door in a
ladles’ clothing store at 276 North
Main street. He noticed, at the
sam etlme, an automobile pulling
away from the curb. He blew his
police whistle and the car stopped.
Upon examining the contents of
the car, the officer found the back
seat loaded down with all sorts of
ladies' wear and a cash register. A
jimmy used in forcing entrance to
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Attempted It in Store of
Howland-Hughes Co.,
But Is Nailed
Police believed today that they
had nipped a clover scheme for
passing wqrtliless checks in the ar
rest late yesterday afternoon of
Joseph Blechell, 3p, of Stratford,
while allegedly attempting to pass
a fradulcrit check for $45 at' the
HoWland-Hughes Co. store on Bank
street. Blechell, who was arrested
by Detective Edward McEIligott.
was ordered held under bonds of
$600 for a hearing tomorrow when
arraigned In city court today.
Detective McEIligott stated that
Blechell. when arrested, was at
tempting to Impersonate Horace
Mallette, chauffeur for Miss Eliza
beth Boughton of 40 Hewlett St.,
and had signed Mallette's name to
the cheok. When arrested Blechell
Insisted that he was Mallette, and
admitted his own Identity only
when Mallette was brought to po
lice headquarters to face him.
How He Works Game.
As analyzed by Detectlvo Me
Elllgott, Blechell works as follows:
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Sanusky, O., Sept. 17—(UP) —
Armed with sub-machlnc guns and
shotguns, six masked bandits to
day tied up eight employes of the
Wtldock packing plant, blasted
the safe and escaped with several
thousand dollars In cash. Tho raid
was completed In less than 20
minutes. The gunmon entered
through the engine room and tied
up Engineer Conrod Kllegcr
Then they held up and bound sev
en other employes and locked
them In a room. Going upstairs to
the office, the men quickly blasted
open -the safe, and quietly left
with the loot. Exact loss could
not bs determined until plnnt om
elets made a check of tho records.
or local politic* at a dis
tance la the theme hong
"By Way of No Harm"
on page • of today's
Democrat The allusion
baa to do with the recant
departure of P0BU8IIER
PAPE after the pre-elec
tion atace had been act to
his like for Canada and
way station* while hie
AGENTH carry on where
he left off. It is an age
old custom, which In thla
Inatancc receives today
the full floodlight glare of
Mr. Fltsl'utrick's prolific
pen. For today’s election
-turn to page a
'.As’ ■' ’i M I'mlt'-t.
10,000,000 OF
Men, Women, and Children
to Mobilize—Italian Le
gation Very Uneasy
(Copyright 1985 By United Press)
Rome, Sent. 17 — (U.P.)—More
than 10,000,000 men, women and
children awaited to-day Benito
Mussolini's call for a test mobiliza
tion of the national strength de
signed to warn Europe that he will
brook no opposition to his ambi
tions in Ethiopia.
Gigantic in its conception, the
test Is the first of Its sort In world
hlstpry. It is to reveal the com
plete regimentation of a nation of
41,200,000 people in the 20th oen
tury "Totalitarian” state.
Nearly every man and boy cap
able of walking, and hundreds of
thousands of women will respond
at, some moment wlthlir the hext
few days.
War Plana Speed On
Preparation for actual war con
tinued- on- Its recently stimulated
basis. Fpur steamships sailed from
Genoa fbr EUat Africa early this
mornipg. taking 4,200 men. CO offi
cers, materials, and mules. Three
thousand FasolSt militiamen are to
sail from Genoa to-day.
The call will come by bells from
towers of civic and Fascist bulld
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Factories Engage Over
500 More This Month
Than in August
The total number of persons em
ployed regularly In Waterbury will
have shown an Increase of more
than COO over August by the end
of the present month, according to
present Indications. Factory pay
roll lists arc showing the great ma
jority of the gains, as they did last
month. The lncrensc of more than
fiOO this month, coupled with the
gain of approximately 050 during
July, will mean that by the end of
September the employment list In
the Brass City will havo registered
an Increase of more thun 1,000
over the figures for the end of
More Developments
Several out-of-town develop
ments yesterday shed further en
couragement on the local picture.
These Included:
1. The price of copper ad
vanced a hulf-cent a pound, go
ing to nine cents.
2. Kennecott Copper, of
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Washington, Hept. 17—(UP)—
Hope that tho republican purty
would "dlucover the constitution"
by next year wuh expressed today
by Secretary of Interior Harold L.
Ickes; Commenting on observance
of constitution duy. Inker Ironically
observed that the republlcnnH nre
"Just. rc-dlscoverlng the oonslltu
‘I coniinend the constitution to
the HerlotiM coiiHlderatlon of the
republican party. When It wan In
power, II did not seem to regard
ull Its clauses equally,” Ickes mild
He singled out James Heck, for
mer Pennsylvania republican con
gressman, and other republican
spokesmen for his attack.
"They seemed to pick out those
clauses dealing with some of the
rights when they were In power,"
Ickes said. "I have not heard any
of them say anything about htut
portion of the constitution re
garding free speech and assembly.
Mayho they will get down to thut
1 ntime for the celebration of con
stitution day next year."
Manila. P. I., Hcpt. 17.—(UP)—
Manuel Quezon, president of the
Philippines senate, polled the larg
est number of voles among three
candidates for tho first presidency
of the new Phllj,b*lpcs republic In
returns from *0 precincts to-day.
The count gave Quezon 3IH0 votes:
(Jcneral # IfimUlo Agulnuldo 1373;
and Bishop (Jregorlo AgUpay 4<3.
Nazis Parade Reich’s New Official Emblem
Auguring the elevation of the Nazi swastika banner to the distinction of being Germany’** oflielal na
tional flag at the apeciul meeting or the Reichstag, Storm Troop No. 1 la pictured ua It pnrnded the llrst
swastika banner of tliclr party throngh the streets of Nuremburg at the opening of the national aocinliat
congress. Known a a the “blood flag’’ beeuuao of the atrlfe that morked the early hiatory of the Nazi
movement, the banner become** an hlatorlc treaaure.aa a rcault of the Ilelchatag'a action.
Citizens and Manufactures
National Bank to Peti
tion Court Friday
The Citizen* A Manufacturer*,
National Bank, receiver of the
Merchant* Trust Co., itnce Dec. *4,
1931, -will a»k the superior court,
on Friday for permission .to be
discharged from further' control
of the affaire of the cloned bank,
in ord?r that the receivership edn
be assumed by the state bank com
missioners’ office in keeping with
a new act panned at the last ses
sion of the legislature.
In addition to this request, the
receiver through its counsel, At*
torney William K. Thoms, will ask
the court for an allowance for ser
vices rendered during the last four
years; for approval of the orders
passed in superior court chambers
and for acceptance of the receiv
er's final report. Attorney Thoms
will also present an application
asking for an allowance for ser
vices rendered as counsel to the
State Aides Working Here
Members of tho state bank com
missioner’s office huve been work
ing on the accounts of the Mor
hcants Trust Co., hero since last
Monday and will attempt to have a
report embracing tho present fi
nancial picture of the Merchants
Trust Co. Tho commissioner's
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Final News Flashes
Geneva, Sept. 17.—(UP)—True fame has
come to the emperor of Ethiopia: A drink has
been named after him—the “Negus”. And the
man to bestow this signal honor is an Italian,
Carlo'Beltramo, proprietor of the league of na
tions bar. Asked to explain the name of the new
drink Carlo said: “Take three of them and you
roar like a conquering lion.” (One of the titles
of Haile Selassie I is “Conquering Lion of
Judah”.) The “Negus” is composed of the
French aperitif picon, orange and lemon juice
and soda.
Winsted, Conn., Sept. 17.—(UP)—Winter
put in a pre-season appearance in this section of
the state during the night, crops were frost-bitten
and at Danbury, far to the south, a thin coating
of ice was noticeably on small ponds as the mer
cury slumped below 30 degrees. Edward R.
Beckley, 67, a building contractor and candidate
for selectman, slipped on the frosted roof of a
house here this morning while shingling, fell 40
feet and broke his left leg and suffered a brain
concussion and internal injuries.
New York, Sept. 17.—(UP)—Jack Demp
sey, former heavyweight champion, was granted
a second’s license today by the New York box
ing commission. Dempsey requested the license
so that “I’ll be ready to go into the corner with
Maxie Baer when he fights Joe Louis.” Jack
said he would like to second Maxie against the
Brown Bomber, if Baer’s manage;’ wanted him
to. Baer’s seconds are expected to be Manager
Ancil Hoffman, Trainer Izzy Kline and Demp
Tom Mooney Believes
Court Will Free Him
Taken From San Quentin, Under Charge of 10 Police*
men—Will Appear in Court Tomorrow for
Another Fight to Gain Liberty
' V i ‘ * ' }. if
Out in the Open Today to
Show Which Way They
Are Jumping
Stephan .J. Whlston, g. «. p.
nominee for city, clerk, haw linen
endorsed for election by the Tobin
organization, alias the1 independent
democratic pnrty. Action on the
port of the Tobin faction In de
ciding to back up Whlston was
hailed on all sides today us con
cIuhIvo evidence of the fact that
the Independent democratic party
Is the creation and tool of Publlsh
or William J. Pape as the g. o. p.
city clerk nominee is the hnnd
pickod eaiujdlate of the head of the
American and Republican.
Kugene Sheehan, nominee for
city ‘clerk on tho Tobin ticket. It
lias been learned, will lay down uh
far us seeking election to office Is
concerned. He Is urging the buck
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Han Francisco, Sept. 17.—(UP)
—Tom Mooney, serving life In Ban
Quentin In connection with the
191* f’rep^trejjnces Day bombing
Here, Is certain the United States
HUprertie court will vindicate him.
lie said today us he was brought
from the penitentiary for a habeas
corpus hearing in which he seeks
The hearing starts tomorrow be
fore State Supreme Court Referee
A. E. Shaw. It was the third time,
since his Imprisonment 19 years
ago, that the notorious prisoner
was permitted to leave the grim
walls of Ban Quentin.
10 Policemen Guard Him
Under guard of 10 policemen
MopnCy was placed aboard a po
lice boat which brought him across
the bay to San Francisco. He was
accompanied by Warden James
Holohan and was taken Immediate
ly to county Jail No. I. He was
smiling as he stepped from the
"The state supreme court will
never free me," he said, discussing
the habeas corpus petition in
which he will attempt to show he
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Five of Them, Which Will
Cost $1,496,822, Are
Among Batch of 54
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 17—■
(UP) — l<’lve state departments pro
jects, costing $1,498,822.50 were
among a batch of 54 signed *oday
by Stute WI'A Administrator Mat
thew A. Duly and submitted to
Washington for final approval. The
total cost was $2,186,021.01.
The government was asked to
contribute $1,889,801.04 and spon
sors will make up the balance of
The state projects were: Re
novating Ridgefield state police
barracks, $29,400; extension and
construct Ion work by the slate de
partment id' aeronautics at Put
nam, Stratford, Wallingford, Nor
wich, Stafford Springs, Colchester
and Plymouth Tllomaston airports.
$1,076,894.40; enlargement of Dan
bury airport, $148,672.80; Connec
ticut emergency relief commission,
to store, prepare and distribute
surplus commodities, $105,218.50;
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Chicago. Kept. 17 —(UP) —Mrs
Itutb Walgreen Dart, daughter ol
the chain drug store magnate who
charged the University of Chicago
with communistic teachings, was
accepted by .the university today
as a graduate student.
Mrs. Durt's father, Charles R.
Walgreen, withdrew his niece,'
Mtsw Lucille Norton, from the tin!
verslly after charging that she wits
being exposed to communistic In
His charges resulted In a legis
lative Investigation which cleared
the Institution of the "rod"
Lyons. France, .riopt. 17.— (IIP)
—Former Premier Hdotntrd Har
riot was III with gastritis to-day
and was unable to proceed to (Son
ova for the league deliberations.
Doctors anbl his condition was not
Will Open Wednesday,
October 2—Detroit Is
Awarded First Game
Democrats Nominate
Ticket Unanimously
No Bickering, But harmony in All of Conventions—No
Hand-Picked Affair—Finance of City Better Than
Two Years Ago—All Departments Successful
Waterbury’s finances are better than they were two
years ago despite hard times; the local public welfare de
partment is the subject of praise all over Connecticut;
streets here were never in better shape; tax collections are
going forward in excellent manner; the needy are being
adequately cared for; all in all, there is nothing for Mayor
Frank Hayes and his administration to be ashamed of —
these were the outstanding facts brought out last night
wnen tne acmocraw met ana nom
inated the ticket that will go bp
tore the electorate next month
when the municipal election takes
Unanimous Choice
Mayor Hayes. Controller Daniel
J. Deary and the remainder of the
major officials of the city were
renominated unanimously. Tw-o
changes were made on the board
of uldermenand John T.Derwin was
nominated for registrar of voters
In the place of Michael Slavln.
democratic Incumbent. The nom
inees of the democratic party are:
For mayor, T. Frank Hayes.
For controller, Daniel J. Leary.
For city clerk, John Fltzmaurice.
For treasurer, Edward L. Tuttle.
For city sheriff, William J.
For tax collector, William A.
For town clerk, Dora A. Egan.
For registrar of voter*, John T.
For aldermen: Peter Griffin,
(Continued on p&g* «.>
Most Impressive Show of
Strength Since Great
World Struggle
(Copyright 1*35 by United Press)
l.ondno, Sept. 17—lUP)—Great
Britain was mussing her nuvnl
might In the Mediterranean today
(or the most Impressive show of
strength since the World War.
At least part of the home fleet,
supposedly engaged In maneuvers
off the English coast. Is being sent
south to reinforce the powerful
Mediterranean fleet.
Perfunctory statements to the
control were belled by advices
from Gibraltar. Formdllhlo units
of the home fleet arrived there,
headed by the battle cruiser Hood,
the worlds largest warship.
Athens dispatches disclosed the
Greek ministry of marine had an
nounced that 20 British battle
ships and cruisers, 45 destroyers
nnd auxiliary units would arrive
In Greek wnters between Sept. 25
and Oct. 15, visiting Corfu, Navar
Ino na<l Argostoll.
AO Miles From Coast
Corfu Is only 80 miles from the
Italian const. In thoso waters, the
fleet would be In a position to
steam quickly to the defense of
Malta, Uritnln's Important naval
base off Sicily.
Italian warships meanwhile were
busy In the Mediterranean, espec
ially In Greek wuters. Six Italian
destroyers were reported to have
arrived at the Italian Island of I.e
ros, landing troops who expropria
ted 100 prlvnte houses for hospi
tals, established heavy artillery
batteries and densely mined the
oou ►
Aim For Greek Water*
Athens, Sept. 17—(UP)—A fleet
of British battleships and cruisers,
uceor panled by three squadrons
of destroyers, will arrive In Greek
waters opposite Southern Italy
September 28 for extensive man
euvers, It was announced today.
The ships would be In position
to move promptly toward Malta in
event of any Italian effort to cut
(Continued on Pnpre 4.)
London, September 17 — (UP)
— Fort ythousand picked soldiers
with 300 tanks and great squad
rons of airplanes tonight will be
gin the most realistic army ma
neuvers In 10 years.
For three days, over an area of
100 square miles in southern Kng
lund. the Kastland and Westland
armies Into which they are divided
will fight a shnm war based on n
campaign plan which will bo made
known to them only at tho last
Tho men already were In post
Bon today, entrenched or ready to
move off for the Initial phase of
their battles. Four divisions are
IJkv ths ttullan maneuvers,
those here will demonstrate the
efficiency of mechanised and mo
torised forces and cooperation be
tween land and air forces.
Terrific Battle Fought in
Air—Skull of Player .
Was Crushed
Toronto, Ont., Sept. 17—(UP)—
Threo men waged a desperate
hand hnltle In a pilotless airplane
several thousand feet above Tor
onto early today.
Leonard Koenerke, star out
llelder of tho National Baseball
league, was killed by Joseph Mul^
queeney, the pilot, who said that
only by that means did ho prevent
a crasii and the death of all.
Koen^cke, heart-broken by his
dismissal from the Brooklyn Dod
gers at St. Louis Sunday, arrived
Intoxicated In Detroit last night,
lie chartered Mulquennoy’s plane
to take him to Buffalo und took
Irwin Davis, u professional para
chute Juniper, along as Ids guest.
Over Toronto Mulquecncy felt
the plane quiver and jerk, though
It was a calm night, perfect for
flying. He looked back, Kooneckc
and Davis were flaying one another
with their fists. Jumping around
in tho narrow, frail cabin.
Mulqueoney screamed commnnds
to halt. Davis stopped, but Koe
necko didn’t, ho told police, who
(Continued on rage 2)
Taunton, Mass., Sept. 17—(E'P)
—Gloria. ltego, 16-year-old ‘‘proxy"
bride of Herbert H. Mansfield, Jr.,
21, Providence, It. I. lunchroom
worker, was placed on probation
today until Sept. 15, 1U3B.
If nlie violates her probation,
xhe will be went to the J.ancuHter
Industrial School for Olrla on a
perjury charge. IJlstrlct Judge
Frederick K. Austin tiled a con
spiracy charge against the factory
(Horia has admitted marrying
Mansfield, awaiting action on sim
ilar charges by the grand jury, at
Seekonk June 8 In the name of
Vesta Jean Isherwood, 15-year-old
Atintucket schoolgirl. Manstlehl
$5 to go through the ceremony,
she told authorities, but never
paid her.
Iter father, Antonio ltego of
Providence, said ho had not yet
begun annulment proceedings. T>ls
trlet Attorney William 0. Crossley
said he would atd ltego In having
the proxy marriage annulled.
Chtlsea, Muss., Kept. 17—(CP)
—A general-alarm lire swept the
building formerly occupied by the
Hovere Rubber company here to
day, causing damage estimated at
Aid was called from Everett and
Revere to prevent the blaze from
spreading to other buildings on
the grounds.
Tie structure where the tiro
occurred wtu used ns a storehouse
for paper* und rags by the .North
Short Wuste Paper company of
Chicago Wanted to Have
First Battle But Gave
Way for Reasons
Changes Will Be Made If
Either of New York
Teams Win
Chicago, September 17 —
(UP) — The World Series
will open Wednesday, Octo
ber 2, probably at Detroit,
and will be played without
any lay-offs for traveling
time unless the New York
Yankees win the American
League pennant, Baseball
Commisisoner Kenesaw M.
Landis announced today.
Judge Landis, baseball’s
high czar, announced the series
plana after conferring with offi
cials of six major league clubs, all
of which have been given a mathe
matical chnnco of winning either
the American or National League
Judge Landis’ announcement as
sumed that Detroit, with a nine
and u half game lead over the
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Unconfirmed Rumor That
One Clash Already Ha$
Taken Place
Events In the Itallan-Ethioplatt
crisis moved swiftly towards a
climax In Europe today. Outstand
ing events follow:
The British navy masses In the
Mediterranean in formidable force,
including s6me of the largest fight
ing units In the home fleet and
others from as fur away an China,
Forty thousand British troops,
with 300 tanks and scores of air
planes start maneuvers in the
south of England.
Statesmen at Geneva showed
their nervousness by extremo agita
tion over reports of fighting on
the Ethiopian frontier, although
Romo officially denied the re
All members of the British cab
inet available near London called
In special session.
Premier Mussolini, In an Inter
view with the Paris Matin, charged
Britain with bad faith, indicating
that enforcement of penalties
against Italy might Involve "re
casting the may of Europe" and
hinting that Italy might seek the
support of Germany and other
countlrcs deprived of colonies.
Queen Wllhelmtnn of the Neth
erlands — which has a colonial
empire — Informs parliament that
the international crisis necessitates
“special defense measures’’ for the
(Continued on Page 4.).
New York, Sept. 17.—(UP)-»
Tho ewustlka flag of Nazi Gere
mnny was raised In an American
port to-day for ttie first time ae
the official banner of the
1 tolch. Throe German ships broke
out tho red flag with Its black
swastika ringed by a white circle
to thviiderous shouts of “Hell Hit*
ler" which curried to office work*
ers In the largest Jewish .City, in
the world.
Washington, 8opt. 17 (UP)—Oor*
ernment expenses and receipts for
the current fiscal year to Sept. 14tlll
as compnred with a year agot
This Year Expenses I.aat Teas
$1,491,055,SX0.89 11,1*8,711.001.21
$739,881,054.14 $781,681,177.71
$1,423. USB, 850.31
Cuflh Balmice

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