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' Gualtleri Photo
Invitations have been Issued by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Moran, 8r„
of Orandvlew avenue for the marriage of their daughter, Terese to Dr.
Ernest Augustus Breton, Jr. of Danbury. The ceremony will take place
at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament on Monday morning October
28th at 10 o’clock. Miss Moran has chosen, as her maid of honor,Tier
ulster. Miss Ann Moran of Washington, D. O. and the other bridal at
tendants will Include: Miss Ann Bacon and Miss Bernadlne Lawlor of
this city. Edward Barrett Breton will attend his brother as best man
and the ushers will Include: John T. Moran, brother of the bride, At
torney T. Francis Leonard of New York, Dr. Edward T. Coyle of Taun
ton, Mass, and Dr. Francis Helmbuch of Cliff Side, N. J., the latter two
classmates of Dr. Breton at the Georgetown University School of
Albertus Magnus College
Clubs Start Active Year
Many of the student organizations
Of Albertus Magnus college are es
tablishing a new precedent this
year in admitting freshmen to
membership In the first semester,
rtw Guild of our Lady Is allowing
nembers of the class of 1939 to
Join both Its spiritual and social
wrvice groups. As a result of the
Interest aroused by Miss Josephine
P. Bree, Ph.D. of the classical de
>artment, in a talk on Catholic Ac
lon given at the first meeting of
.he Gild, many freshmen have be
come active In both the catechism
ind Red Cross groups. The officers
if the Gild are: President, Miss
Itrmela Perfettl, ’30, of Ansonia;
'toe-president, Miss Grace Blanch
ird, ’36s; secretary, Miss Mildred
Miss Anne Shelley
Guest At Shower
Miss Anne Shelley was guest of
jnor at a shower given for her
icently at the Bcovlll Girls’ club,
he guest was presented with a
nirse. Those present were the fol
Mrs. M. Wall, Mrs. P. Tracy, Mrs.
Tracy, Mrs. A. Healey, Mrs. J.
eeney, Mrs. M. Lawlor, Mrs. M.
>lds, Mrs. E. Downey, Mrs. P.
,ven, Mrs. E. McGrath, Mrs. J.
y, Mrs. M. Kenney, Mrs. M.
Ion, Mrs. J. Ryan, Mrs. M.
lerlck, Mrs. J. Bergln, Mrs. E.
KAne, Mrs. P. Dunne, Mrs. W.
ryler^Mrs. N. Walsh, Mrs. J. Glad
ys. A. Phelan, Mrs. J. Nor
8r„ Mrs. 8. James, Mrs. T.
, Mrs. E. O’Reilly, Mrs. M.
nna, Mrs. A. Horan, Mrs. M.
maid, Mrs. L. Coleman, Mrs.
r. Brophy, Mrs. J. Lally, Mrs. M.
Donovan, Mrs. M. Brophy, Mrs. T.
^OUghlan, Mrs. C. Devereaux, Mrs.
\ Coughlan, Mrs. L. Carrington,
D. Luddy, Mrs. G. Stevens,
J. Brown, Mrs. D. Shugrue.
M. Shugrue, Mrs. M. Ryan,
J. Mullen, Mrs. J. Gannon,
H. Kilbride, Mrs. D. Mahan,
J. Tyrell, Mrs. M. Coyle, Mrs.
ley, Mrs. L. Brousseau, Mrs.
Avoy, Mrs. J. Danaher, Mrs.
.ley, Mrs. P. Burke. Mrs. W.
Mrs. P. Riley, Mrs. R. Mc
Mrs. B. Riley, Mrs. M. Tur
Mrs. J. Norton, Jr., Mrs. J.
:an, Mrs. J. Monahan, Mrs.
lobendanz, Mrs. P. Fox, Mrs.
:cGrath, Mrs. J. Slattery, Mrs.
i, Mrs. G. Phelan, Mrs.
i, Mrs. K. Fitzpatrick, Mrs.
brrigan, Mrs. P. McFadden,
P. Johnson, Mrs. J. McEvoy,
J. O'Keefe, Mrs. E. Shove, Mrs.
ilghton, Mrs. A. Gough, Mrs.
Ivin, Mrs. J. McBUlgott, Mrs.
illey, Mrs. J. Downey, Mrs.
ley, Mrs. P. Kane, Mrs. A.
’, Mrs. L. Zell, Mrs. L. Bes
Mrs. B. Crowley, Mrs. H.
, Mrs. T. Delaney, Mrs. N.
ham, Mrs. Klerce, Mrs. O.
Mrs. G. Strokalaltls, Mrs.
Ivin, Mrs. J. Morlarty, Mrs.
itxmaurlce, Mrs. F. O’Reilly,
\ Phelan, Mrs. M. Shelley and
Isses Anne Wall, Agnes
Marie Lyons, Mae Rlelly,
it Brennan, Julia Brennan,
Mansfield, Anne Gladney,
cAvoy, Agnes Wallace, Mary
Mary Shelley, Anne Dunn,
Fhelan, Dora Phelan, Helen
Helen Cronin, Evelyn Brous
Mary Gladney, Mae Lally.
Tolly, Helen Brown and
ad annual Hallowe’en
dance of the Casper S.
Jr. Post No. 13fl, American
will bo held at the gymna
‘ the Sprague Grammar
Saturday, October S0th at
Prizes will be awarded
Host attractive, most orlg
most humorous costumes
and old* time d^pftpf
O'Donnell, '36; and treasurer, Miss
Beecher, '36, all of New Haven.
The Olee club has admitted the
following members of the class of
1929 to membership: Misses Bar
bara Bear, Rlgna Chambers, Effa
Chestney, and Angela Marlani of
New Haven; and Misses Catherine
Conger of Poughkeepsie, Alice
Flynn of Meriden, Katherine For
an of Hemden, Shirley Orock of
Branford, and Catherine Rochon of
Waterbury. The executive commit
tee which consists of Miss Marlon
McHugh, ’36, of New Haven, presi
dent; Miss Irma Chlapplnelll, '37
of Providence, vice-president; Miss
Elizabeth McKeon, '37 of New Ha
ven, secretary; and Miss Mary
Meehan, '37, of Waterbury, treasur
er, Is now busy at plans for the
first public appearance of the club
which will occur early In the win
ter season.
The Dramatic association Is al
lowing freshmen applicants for
membership to assist on stage crew,
and business committee arrange
ments for Its first production of the
year. The officers of the organiza
tion; President, Miss Margaret
Hunt, '36; vice-president, Miss Ei
leen O’Neill, '37; treasurer, Miss
Margery Ross, '37, all of New Ha
ven; end secretary, Miss Colleen
Murphy, '37, of Bridgeport; togeth
er with the following advisory com
mittee: Misses Angela M. Culotta,
'37, of Waterbury; Miss Beecher,
'36, and Mary Goode, '86, both of
New Haven, will assist Miss Mary
Flint Coy, on plans for the Fall
production, the title of which will
be announced in the near future.
Although the Modern Language
xlub has not yet accepted freshmen
applications, It is plannihg to enter
tain prospective members at an In
formal social after Its first meeting
of the year, this evening In Rosary
hall. Miss Grace Blanchard, '36, of
New Haven, will be the official hos
tess. During the formal meeting
plans for a visit to the Metropolitan
Museum of Art will be discussed.
Misses Bette Ford, '35; Mary Har
kin, '35; and Eleanor Jordan, '35, all
of New Haven, are expected to be
among the alumnae who will be
present at the meeting. Misses Mary
Mullen, '36, president; Ruth Swlr
sky, '36, vice-president; and Phllo
mena Carangelo, '37, treasurer, all
of New Haven; and Miss Ellen M.
Ward, '36, of New Rochelle, secre
tary, are now at work on plans for
Informal discussions programs to be
conducted In French, German,
Italian, and Spanish.
The many freshman who are in
terested In political science, history,
and other social studies, have not
yet received admittance to the So
cial Science club. At present the
organization Is formulating its pro
gram for the semester. Several
well-known persons, some of whom
are associated with Yale university,
and who are prominent In the
world of International Relations,
will speak at open meetings of the
club; a series of field trips to points
of interest, such as the state capi
tal, will take plaoe during the win
ter months; and a group of infor
mal discussions by the members
themselves, is being arranged, The
officers of the Social Soienoe club
are: President, Miss Shirley Johns,
17, of New Haven; vice-president,
Miss Olio Flanagan, 17, of New
burgh, N. Y.; secretary, Miss Kileen
O’Neill, 17, of New Haven; and
treasurer, Miss Anne Mooney, 17,
also of New Haven.
Mlas Deborah Greaney enter
tained the members of her aulitlng
club at her home on Middle street
recently. Lunch was served. The
guests included: Misses Mary
Byrnes, Hazel Young, lleanor
Lynch, Deborah Greaney, Mrs. Leslie
Brown, Mrs. William Brennan, Mrs.
J. Hlohard Brennan, 3rd, Mrs, Wil
liam Lambert, Jr., Mrs. Edward
Lynch, Mrs. J. Greaney and Mrs.
Alvin J. Turner. y
Arranging Holiday Dance
—Thomas photo.
Miss Walsh of Merrill street is chairman of the committee in charge
of the arrangements for the annual Thanksgiving dance of the local
chapter of the Alumnae of the College of New Rochelle. The affair
will be held November 39th at Waverly inn.
Charity Ball To
Be Held To-night
A large number of local and out
of town guests will gather at the
Country club this evening for the
anhual Charity ball which Is being
given to raise funds for the Junior
Republic. Irving Hall Chase is
chairman of arrangements for the
affair and Is assisted by Mr. and
Mrs. John M. Brodie, Mr. and Mrs.
Frederic R. Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs.
Bartow L. Hemlnway, Jr., Henry
Taft Snowden, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin
8. Hunt, Jr., and Miss Nancy Buck
ingham. Included In the list of pa
trons and patronesses for the affair
are Mr. and Mrs. Theodore I.
Driggs, Horace D. Taft, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles B. Buckingham, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles A. Templeton,
Isaac P. Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank K. English, Mr. and Mrs.
Rowley W. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert L. Coe, Mr. and Mrs. Roger
8. Sperry, Dr. and Mrs. Charles L.
Larkin, Mrs. Robert F. Orlggs, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles H. Upson, Jr., Mrs.
Hobart Bronson, Mr. and Mrs. E.
O. Ooss, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney
Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hemln
way, Mr. and Mrs. 8. McLean Buck
ingham, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney
Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C.
Northrop, Dr. and Mrs. M. Hem
lnway Merrlman, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Shirley Fulton, and Mr. and Mrs.
Elton 8. Wayland.
Recent Bride Is
Tendered Shower
Mrs. James Cavanaugh, the for
mer Carolyn Schleffer, was honored
recently at a miscellaneous shower
given by Miss Julie Cavanaugh at
her home In Oakville.
Among those who attended were:
Mrs. Catherine SchletTer, Mrs.
Frank Rotella, Mrs. Joseph Byrnes,
Mrs. Margaret Oreaney, Mrs. El
len Ryan, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs.
Floyd Lyttle, Mrs. Hugh Oallagher,
Mrs. Elizabeth Missell, Mrs. Edward
Shea, Mrs. Leslie Brown,, and the
Misses Tess Schleffer, Ann Schlef
fer, Julia Larkin, Florence Kane,
Mary Byrnes, Marguerite Oreaney,
Rita Corden, Peggy Carolan, Made
line Missell, Charlotte Missell, all
of Waterbury.
Mrs. Michael Carroll of Bridge
port; Mrs. Folsom Cromwell, Mrs.
Armand Richards, Mrs. William
Russell,, Mrs. Louis LeRoy, Mrs.
William McOowan, Mrs. Thomas
Gibbons, and the Misses Marlon
Cromwell, Ann Cromwell, Con
stance Gibbons,, Julie Flllpone, all
of Oakville, and Miss Catherine
The second unit in a building
program which will give Mary
mount college a new administration
building and dormitories, construc
tion work on which was begun In
July, was ready for the laying of
the cornerstone yesterday at which
Monslgnor Michael J. Lavelle, V.
O. will preside. The speaker for
the occasion was Sir James Duross
of Tarrytown. All Will march In
academic dress through the campus
from the adjoining building, Sacre
Coeur, to the site of the new struc
ture. There, • Miss Molly Lane,
president of the Student Council,
formally presented the box which
was enclosed in the stone to Mon
slgnor Lavelle, who, following a
blessing Inserted It In Its place. The
building harmonises In design and
materials with the recently erected
Science building being constructed
of Indiana limestone and tapestry
brlok with serving and molded
work In limestone. It occupies the.
Site of the old Butler Hall on
Marymount avenue, formally Castle
Ridge and overlooks a broad ex
panse of the Hudson and palll
sades. In addition to the Colle
giate administrative offices the
building will house special Alumnae
quarters, a chapel,- dining rooms,
kitchen, lounge and large reception
The first meeting of the "Oarme
Une Club,” named after Its originator
Carmel Ranaudo, was held last eve
ning at the home of Mary Longo on
Burton street. Elections were held.
Those elected Were: President, Car
mel Ranaudo; vice president, Lena
OaposE; secretary, Jo Polaella; and
' .tali '
Wearing a matelasse lame gown, I
patterned alter an old Italian style,
a family veil of rare old lace, and
carrying a shower bouquet of val
ley lilies, Miss Clare Connor Smith,
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. George
Milton Smith of Pine Orchard, for
merly of Waterbury, became the
bride of Sidney Webb Noyes, Jr.,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Webb
Noyes of Dobbs Perry, N. Y., this
afternoon at 4 o’clock at the Smith
home at the Anchorage. Pall flow
ers decorated the home for the
ceremony which was performed by
the bride’s uncle, Rev. Herbert D.
Gallaudet, former pastor of the
Plrst Congregational church here.
Her cousin, Mrs. Richard Fabian
of Windsor Locks, the former Ellen
Gallaudet, who was her only at
tendant, was dressed in a gown of
aquamarine crepe, a brown hat and
brown slippers and carried bronze
chrysanthemums. Mrs. Smith’s
gown was of antique green with
trimming of Imported lame. With
this she wore a green velvet hat. A
gown of blue duvetyn with a hat of
the same shade and material was
worn by the bridegroom’s mother.
Milton Pierpont Warner of Eas
ton, Pa., a cousin of the bride, was
Mr. Noyes’ best man. A small re
ception followed the ceremony. Mr.
Noyes and his bride will reside In
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., upon their re
turn from the wedding trip. For
travel the bride Is wearing a dress
of Florentine red cloth with a
matching coat trimmed with natur
al lynx fur.
To-day’s bride, a member of the
New Haven Junior League, Is a
granddaughter of Mrs. A. M. Young.
She attended Westover school and
made her debut In 1931. Mr. Noyes
was graduated from Hotchkiss
school In 1939 and from Yale In
1933. Ho Is now with the Manufac
turers Trust Co. In New York city.
The wedding of Miss Bernice Lee
Hurlburt of Revere’ street, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hurlburt
of New Haven, formerly of Thom
aston, to Elvin W. Plerpont, son of
Mrs. Frederick Plerpont of Dela
ware avenue takes place this after
noon at 3 o'clock at the home of
Miss HurlbUrt’s brother, Reginald
Hurlburt and Mr*. Hurlburt. ,
A wedding of local Interest is
taking place today in Jersey City,
N. J., when Arthur O’Leary, son
of Mrs. Hannah O’Leary of Ho
boken, N. J., formerly of this city,
is married to Miss Mary Stegle,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Stegle of Jersey City, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes of
Park Terrace announce tne engage
ment add coming marriage of their
daughter, Alice Dorothy, to James
Henry Dlllane, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jeremiah Dlllane of Summer street.
The wedding will take place on
Thanksgiving morning at 9 o’clock
at the church of the Blessed Sacra
Mrs. Patrick Porto of Hill street
was hostess for the weekly meeting
and bridge of the Orchid social
clrole on Wednesday evening. Plans
were made for the fall and winter
activities and the following officers
were chosen: President, Mrs. Thom
as Oolosanto, Jo.; treasurer, Mrs.
Louis Siglliano; secretary, Mrs. Pat
rick Porto, Mrs. Amodlo Pelosi and
Mrs. Mollie Ciprlano will teaoh tat
ting and embroidery. Two new mem
bers were admitted, Mrs. Leslie King
and Mrs. Paul Salvatore. A social
hour followed. Those attending
were Mrs. Thomas Oolosanto, Jr,
Amodlo Pelosi, Mrs. Mollte Ciprl
ano, Mrs. Carl Ciprlano, Miss Joan
Ciprlano, Mrs. Paul Balvadore, Mrs.
Leslie King, Miss Beatrice King and
Mrs. Patrick Porto.
treasurer, Angela Marciano.
After the meeting a light luncheon
was served and an enjoyable eve
ning was had by all.
Those present were: Jo Poise Ha,
Carmel Ranaudo, Marie Ranaudo,
Lena Capossi, Mary Longo, Stacla
Laseskl, Luc Miele, Peggy Olrtello.
Angela Marciano, Nancy Longo and
Pat Budlrls.
Dance Chairman
Miss Murphy is chairman of the arrangements committee for the
Thanksgiving dinner dance to be sponsored by the Waterbury Cath
olic High School Alumnae. The affair will be held at the Club Paree In
Hartford and will be one of the highlights of the holiday season.
The marraige or Miss Lila B.
Morris of Lakeville, Mass, formerly
of this city and James D. Murphy
of Myricks,, Mass, took place this
morning at 8 o’clock at the Holy
Family Church In East Taunton,
Mass. Miss Bertha Krulish of this
city will be the only attendant of
the bride and Cornelius Murphy
will attend his brother as best man.
The bride wore a gown of mid
night blue crepe and a velvet tur
ban of matching shade and carried
an arm bouquet of yellow chrysan
themums. Her maid of honor wore
a gown of petunia crepe and a tur
ban of matching shade and carried
a boquet of bronze chrysanthe
Following the reoeptlon a dinner
was held at the Taunton Hotel.
The couple left on a wedding trip
to New . York and Washington, D.
C. and upon their return will re
side at 888 June street, Fall River,
The bride was a former employe
of the RRevere Cooper and Brass
Company and was graduated from
Leavenworth High School and the
bridegroom Is affiliated with the
New England Transportation Com
The wedding of Miss Ruth Clark,
daughter of Maurice Clark of
Bronxx avenue and the late Mary
A. Clark to Leslie A. Schofield son
of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Scho
field of New Haven road, Nauga
tuck will take place .on Monday
morning at 9 o’clock at 8S. Peter
and Paul’s Church.
Miss Ruby Charlotte Swanson,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
Swanson of Cooke street, will be
come the bride of Raymond Edward
Meier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Meier of Hill street, this afternoon
at 3 o’clock at the home of her
taKUri of the Amerlcap Bridge l-earne
Analyze Your Hand as Soon as Dummy Goes Down, to Pro
vide for Needed Extra Winners
Secretory, American Bridge League
Do you know that a great many
contracts are lost simply because
the declarer falls to count his tricks
as soon as the dummy hand goes
down on the table?
Let’s look at today's hand. The
contract Is six no trump, which
menas the declarer can lose only
one trick. In counting up his sure
tricks he says, "I can win three
spades, five clubs and the two red
aces making ten tricks In all. Two
more tricks have to be established.”
Now you can see that if you ana
lyse the hand in that manner, the
finessing of the queen of diamonds
is of no assistance to the hand.
You can see that the only possible
chance to make the hand is to find
the heart honors divided, in which
case you will be able to make two
more heart tricks, giving you the
needed 12 tricks.
To take the two heart finesses,
however, you mus watch your en
4 A 8 4
V 8 5 2
♦ 96
4 K Q 10 9 4
♦ Q 8 3
♦ K 10 6 3
48 5 3
V A J 10 9
A Q 7 4
A J 7
Rubber—N. A S. vul.
South West North East
IN. T. Pais 2 4 Pass
IN.Y. fas* 4 N. T. Pass
• N. T Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead—4 «. M
Alumnae Dance
Thursday Evening
Many advance reservations have
been made for the supper dance of
the Waterbury-Naugatuck Chapter
of the Lauralton Hall Alumnae.
The dance is scheduled to be held
on Thursday evening, October 24th
at Barney Rapp’s Pavilion Royale
in West Haven.
Miss Mary Hennessey of Nauga
tuck is arranging the affair and
her assisting committee included:
Publicity, Nancy Jane Delaney and
Mrs. Jolsn Daly; tickets, Ruth
Clarke, Mrs. Prank Greene and
Mary Foley and reservation, Rlth
Stapleton and Katherine Brennan.
James P. Cavanaugh
Is Guest At Party
James P. Cavanaugh of Coulter
street, Oakville, who was married
this week to Miss Carolyn Schieffer
of Walnut avenue was recently
honored at a testimonial by his
friends and assocaites of the Rey
mond Baking company.
Clifford McHale was toastmaster
for the occasion. Mr. Cavanaugh
was presented with a purse.
Those attending were: Adolph
Reymond, Floyd Lyttle, Patrick
Cavanaugh, John Nassann of Hart
ford, Martin Scott, William Galvin,
Roy Jones, William O’Leary, Henry
Baker, N. Delaney, James Slavln,
G. Mullaney, A. Lavigne, R. Moore,
Joseph Shea, Harry Bagley, Frank
Walcott, Frank Healy, W. Doran,
D. McCarthy, Otto Vestewig, A.
Wooding, A. Crippen, N. Lezotte, W.
Osborn, A. Armstrong, A. Roden,
Theodore Vogel, B. Vallerand, Wm.
Cavanaugh, Frank L. Rotella, An
thony Pepe, James McManus, Mi
chael Stevens, Robert Chesson,
Henry Carbon, Joseph Ronalter,
MichaeK DeVito, Frank Thrasher,
William Carbon, Ike Dervles and
Clifford McHale.
Miss Beatrice Keefe of Vermont
street has returned after spending
several days in Springfield.
Today’s Contract Problem
South opened the bidding
with a spade, which North
assisted twice.. However,
East and West went on to five
hearts. North opened the ace
of •diamonds, and West played
the deuce. North continued
with the five of diamonds and
West played the eight. Should
South try to cash a spade
'trick now, or lead the king of
W i
¥ Q
4 K J 10 9
None vul. Opening lead— 4 A.
Solution In next issue. , M ,
tries carefully. The first spade trick
should be won with the queen. Now
th Jack of clubs should be played
and overtaken in dtimmy with the
queen. Then a heart can be fin
West will win with the king. Now
if West returns a club or a spade.
It must be won by declarer. More
than likely West will continue with
a spade.
The ace of clubs must then be
cashed and a club played to dum
my. The two remaining clubs should
be cashed, declarer discarding two
Now comes the heart play and
the finesse taken. When It holds,
the ace Is played, picking up the
queen and the oontraot Is made.
(Copyright, 1935 NEA Service Inc.)
’ • Lip,' • , . aw. '•Jfnv-v.'t<
4 7 3,
4 K 7 4
4 Q 7 3
4 A K J 8
Will Wed Monday

. v.v/„7rt/iw/Aw:' M*•
—Thomas photo.
The marriage of Miss Cecelia L. Lapman, daughter of Mrs. Bridget
Lapman of Monmouth avenue and James J. O'Reilly, son of the late
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Reilly of Albion street will take place on Monday
morning at 9 o'clock at St. Michael's church. Rev. Michael Heffeman
'of Hamden, cousin of the bride, will officiate at the ceremony.
Mias Lillian M. Judd, assistant
clerk of the Waterbury superior
court, has as her guests recently,
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Swan of Mis
soula, Mont. Mr. Swan Is associated
with the United States' Forestry
Service In the educational field, and
was the official photographer for
that service with the ride of the
Trail-Riders of the National Forest
In Montana this summer.
Harry W. Bartlett, a student at
the Moses Brown school, is spend
ing the week-end at his home. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
J. Bartlett of Wayland avenue.
Mrs. Joseph Plerpont and Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Graham of Ware
Mass., have been guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl MacCasland of Warren
avenue for several days.
Mrs. Ira Dick and daughter, Mar
guerite, and son Harold, of Bald
win street have left for Charlotte,
Va., where they will visit with Mrs.
Dick’s sister, Mrs. Albert Richard
son and Mr. Richardson.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parker of
Meriden road are spending the
week-end In New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bengston
of Grandview avenue, who were
married this week sailed on the 8.
S. Qulrlgua for a cruise to the West
Indies. Mrs. Bengston was the for
mer Hanna Budge.
Miss Marlon Conway of Hamilton
avenue,'is spending the week-end
with relatives in East Orange, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Donald
son of Brooklyn, N. Y., are week
end guests of Mr. and Mrs Harvey
D. Patterson of East Main street.
Misses Theresa McCarthy and
Marlon Moore of Baldwin street are
spending the week-end in New
York city.
The Children of Mary Sodality of
St. Francis Xavier church will hold
a cake sale at Miller & Peck Co. on
Saturday, October 26th.
Miss Mae McElllgoit is chalrlady
of the committee and will be assist
ed by the following members: Mary
Campion, Rose Harmon, Margaret
Dillon, Anna McDonald, Katherine
Mullen, Elizabeth Sullivan, Rita
Kennedy, Laura Verrlker, Doris
Braun, Marjorie Malley, Peggy
Doyle, Ann Danaher, Eleanor Kelly,
Helen Shea, Margaret Shea, Mar
garet Shea, Margaret Connelly,
Marguerite Tierney, Mae Reilly and
Julia Brlody.
Mrs. Nora McMahon of West
Main street is entertaining Miss
Marion Doolittle of New York for
the week-end.
George and Arthur Mason of Wa
tertown avenue are spending the
week-end in New York.
Mrs. and Mrs. William O'Con
nell of East Main street are spend
ing a week in Atlantic City.
Miss Helen Greenley of Provi
dence, R. I., is spending several
days with Mr. and Mrs. George
Donlan of Fairlawn avenue.
Miss Rosiland Stillson of Willow
street is spending several days in
Holyoke, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs George Miller of .
Tracy avenue, are visiting Mrs.
Miller’s brother in Washington, D.
C., for several days.
Miss Anna Hayes of Hill street
has returned after spending a few ,
days in New York city.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rlordan of „
Bunker Hill avenue have returned -
after spending the past few days in
Staten Island.
Mrs. Daniel Rosengarten of Mi
ami, Fla., and Miss Mary Frank
were hostesses at a dinner and mis
cellaneous shower given Tuesday
for the former’s sister, Miss Mina
Oanezer, who is to be married soon.
The affair was held at The Colon
nade. Miss Ganezer was the recip
ient of many gifts from those at
tending who included Misses Ann
Epstein, Jean Korkin, Lillian Wll
enslty, Mildred Karnofsky, Rose
Reiger, Ceil Korkin, Sydel Wlllner,
Sara Freedman, Tilda Goldstein,
Pauline Miskey, Rose Levine, Rose
Schryer, Rae Epstaln, Ida Freed
man, Gertrude Matzkin, Ella Matz
kin, Mae Rowe, Ceil Gilden, Ann
Coffey, Mrs. Delia Bennett, Mrs.
Betty Weed, Mrs. Fanny Schwartz,
Mrs. Louis Levine, Mrs. Faye Wil
ensky, Mrs. Harry Gruskay, Mrs.
Isadore Solo, Mrs. Harry Steinman,
Mrs. John Margolis, Mrs. Julius
Grossman, Mrs. J. Ganezer, Mr:'.
Joseph Lubarsky, Mrs. Benjamin
Wertheimer, Mrs. Harry Frank,
Mrs. Adele Montville, Mrs. Albeit
Abel, Mrs. Sidney Yavetz, Mrs.
Morris Ganezer, Mrs. Rodney Pri':
lig, all of this city, Misses Sylvia,
Lillian, Rose, Matilda and Daisy
Kaplowitz of New Britain, Mrs.
Samuel Gann of Hartford, . Mrs.
Isadore Blume, Mrs. Harry Blume,
Mrs. Nathen Hodos, Mrs. Robert
Blume and Mrs. William Alderman
of Ansonla.
AT J P. M.
* By Live Models
Under the direction of Miss
Ruth Persson-Minerva Stylist.
Exhibition and Sale—Chinese Linens
and Hand Wrought Jewelry.
Store Closes Today at 6 P. M.

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